D.H. Lawrence Lady Chatterley's Lover banned book

Lady Chatterley's Lover Case Dealt a Blow to U.S. Book Censors

Up through the 1950s, federal agents kept confiscating books they deemed obscene. But in 1959, a judge ruled that D.H. Lawrence's book deserved First Amendment protection.

Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse-Five banned book

How Slaughterhouse-Five Became a Repeated Target of Book Burners

As recently as 2011, a school board in Missouri barred the book from the curriculum and ordered it confined to a special section of the school's library.


How Removing Toni Morrison's Beloved From Curriculum Helped Glenn Youngkin Win in Virginia

Virginia lawmakers passed a bill allowing parents to opt out of certain lessons, which was vetoed by then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Jazz Jennings 'I Am Jazz' banned book

Trans Author Jennings' I Am Jazz Is One of the Most Banned Books in the U.S.

The book may never achieve the cultural recognition of some other top censorship targets, but the fight over I Am Jazz symbolizes America's trans moral panic.