Police officers guarding the location of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting


Spurred by Uvalde, Texas Legislature Passes Bill To Finally Close 'Dead Suspect Loophole'

Texas' public record law let police hide records of suspects who died in custody from grieving families, reporters, and lawyers.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Dangerously Blurs the Line Between State and Private Action

Whether the putative target is the "biomedical security state," wokeness, "Big Tech censors," or Chinese Communists, the presidential candidate’s grandstanding poses a clear threat to individual rights.

girl looking at something on her cell phone

Social Media

Childproofing the Internet

How online “child protection” measures could make child and adult internet users more vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves, and snoops.

bright green money with someone on a laptop in the middle on a bright red background

Student Loans

Debt Ceiling Deal Will End The Student Loan Repayment Pause

If the debt ceiling bill passes, the Education Department will be barred from extending the student loan repayment pause yet again.


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