Chinese leader Xi Jinping | EPN/Newscom

Social Media

Expect China To Use U.S. TikTok Ban To Justify Crackdowns

Plus: Homework liberation in Poland, Orthodox rabbi tells students to flee Columbia, toddler anarchy, and more...


Appeals Court Rules That Cops Can Physically Make You Unlock Your Phone

The 9th Circuit determined that forcibly mashing a suspect's thumb into his phone to unlock it was akin to fingerprinting him at the police station.

An illustration of a woman and a court document | Illustration: Lex Villena; Midjourney

Police Abuse

After Iowa Police Ignored Her Pleas for Help, Her Estranged Husband Killed Her

Angela Prichard was murdered after Bellevue police officers repeatedly refused to enforce a restraining order against her abusive husband.

Unfinished 155mm shells at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant. | Aimee Dilger / SOPA Images/Sipa USA/Newscom

Defense Spending

U.S. House Votes To Give Weapons Manufacturers $59 Billion

House Speaker Mike Johnson worked with President Biden to push through a $95 billion foreign military aid package—most of which goes to the American military-industrial complex.


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Is Greed Causing Shrinkflation?

Andrew Heaton fact checks Elizabeth Warren's claim.

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