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  • Were the Cops in the Freddie Gray Case Charged Too Quickly or Too Much?

    Law professors worry that fear of riots could compromise justice. read more »

  • What the Rolling Stones, LeBron James, and Downton Abbey Teach Us About Economics

    read more »

  • The Democratic Primary Debates are a Joke, but Hillary Clinton Should Still Be Worried

    read more »

  • Abolish the Family? Or Just Hobble Parents So They Don't Give Kids 'Unfair' Advantages?

    "Harrison Bergeron" was not intended as a how-to manual read more »

  • CNN Anchor Says Constitution Doesn’t Protect Hate Speech, Try Reading It. Okay, Let’s Do That.

    Spoiler: Hate speech actually is protected. read more »



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  • Matt Welch: There is nothing ‘open-minded’ about using government to punish disfavored views.
  • When Open Government Slams Shut: Failed transparency, from Hillary Clinton’s emails to hidden campaign contributions.
  • Ronald Bailey: New research demonstrates the amazing power of open markets and open borders.
  • Veronique de Rugy: How bureaucrats are keeping people in the dark about the Export-Import Bank.
  • Camille Paglia talks about feminism, rape, academia, and Hillary Clinton.
  • And much more