Medicare for All

Kamala Harris' Medicare for All Problem Is the Democratic Party's Medicare for All Problem

The California senator's history of flip-flops reveal the emptiness of her campaign—and looming problems for her party.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Calls for Legalizing Marijuana and Curtailing Asset Forfeiture in Sprawling Criminal Justice Plan

Sanders' plan takes aim at every part of the justice system, including typical Sanders targets like private prisons and corporate "profiteers."



Privacy-Friendly Fashion for a Surveillance-State Age

You can literally wear your principles on your sleeve while baffling facial recognition technology.


Housing Policy

Activists Try To Stop Redevelopment of 'Historic' Business Over Owners' Objections. Again.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is suing to prevent Amoeba Music's Hollywood location from becoming a 200-unit apartment building.

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'One Child Nation' Exposes the Tragic Consequences of Chinese Population Control

Documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang on the horrors of China’s one-child policy

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