President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris speak at campaign event | Photo Image Press/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom

Election 2024

Biden's Out. Harris Is In. Everyone Else Is Screwed.

Plus: A listener asks the editors if employers should be held responsible for the speech and actions of employees outside of the workplace.


Biden's Race-Ending Debate Performance Was So Bad That It Eclipsed Trump's Flagrant Falsehoods

Voters should not dismiss the former president's utter disregard for the truth as a personal quirk or standard political practice.

jaleel stallings | Illustration: Lex Villena; Rorem, Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

Criminal Justice

The Trump Campaign Won't Stop Lying About a Minnesota Man Acquitted of Shooting at Police

Jaleel Stallings became an attack ad for Republicans. What they don't mention is that he was acquitted, and a police officer pleaded guilty to assaulting him.

Mike Pompeo, former CIA director and Secretary of State in the Trump administration, spoke at the RNC 2024. | Pat A. Robinson/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom

Foreign Policy

Pompeo Is Selling a New Iran War to Republicans

Despite the party’s alleged turn against regime change wars, Pompeo’s stab-in-the-back myth has Republicans convinced that the same policy will work this time.


President Joe Biden |  GIUS/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom


Plus: Kamala Harris enters the race, unlicensed pot shop crackdowns, Ozempic dupes, and more...


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Have Republicans Abandoned Free Markets?

Reason's Emma Camp attended the Republican National Convention to ask attendees if they still believe in the power of free markets.

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