Free Minds & Free Markets

  • Donald Trump Is Wrong About Sanctuary Cities

    They are as safe or safer than other places and help make local law enforcement more effective. read more »

  • Hillary Clinton Reacts to Gun Tragedies with Old Policy Proposals

    More background checks, more assault weapon bans, more suits against gun makers and sellers, and expanding group of people to whom gun ownership bans apply. read more »

  • The Maddening World of Hospital Pricing

    "How much does this cost?" shouldn't be a stumper. read more »

  • 3 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in Fall 2015

    What’s at stake in the new SCOTUS term. read more »

  • Schools Hire Consultants to Make Recess Safe, Structured, Sad

    Is there a war on childhood? read more »

  • Prohibition Kills

    Four examples of drugs the government made more dangerous by banning them read more »

  • Ending Gun Violence: Common Sense Versus Magic

    The only defender guaranteed to be present at any attack against you is you. read more »



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