Free Minds & Free Markets

  • Cheap Fast Powerful Gene-Editing Will Soon Change the World

    Bioethicists are again trying to stand athwart progress, yelling stop read more »

  • The More You Politicize Guns the Weaker Your Case Becomes

    For the liberal, every societal problem has a state-issued remedy waiting to be administered. read more »

  • Fantasy Sports League Employee Win Prompts Class Action Suit

    Accused of misrepresenting fairness of competition read more »

  • Television Tackles Invasive Behavior—Both Digital and Romantic

    CyberWar Threat and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may make you paranoid for completely different reasons. read more »

  • Movie Review: Steve Jobs

    Michael Fassbender’s riveting take on the man who changed the world. read more »

  • How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps

    Guns - and the Second Amendment - won't just disappear. read more »



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