Free Minds & Free Markets

  • The Bernie Sanders Save the Children Fund

    Why do we need 23 deodorant choices when children are going hungry? read more »

  • This is Why High School Sucks for so Many Kids: 16 Yr Old Photog Threatened by Admin for Selling Pics

    Texas' Flower Mound HS opens news fronts on the war on students and on photography. read more »

  • L.A. Unions Seek Exemption from Minimum Wage Hike They Helped Push Through

    Corrupt labor leader has the gall to call his rule-bending 'freedom' read more »

  • Tomorrowland: 'Atlas Shrugged reimagined by Mickey Mouse'

    Is director Brad Bird's film an "insidiously political" argument for the value of individual achievement? read more »

  • Rand Paul: Blame ‘Hawks in Our Party’ for Creating ISIS

    Calling out Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton read more »



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  • Matt Welch: There is nothing ‘open-minded’ about using government to punish disfavored views.
  • When Open Government Slams Shut: Failed transparency, from Hillary Clinton’s emails to hidden campaign contributions.
  • Ronald Bailey: New research demonstrates the amazing power of open markets and open borders.
  • Veronique de Rugy: How bureaucrats are keeping people in the dark about the Export-Import Bank.
  • Camille Paglia talks about feminism, rape, academia, and Hillary Clinton.
  • And much more