Property Rights

Malibu Man Fined $4.2 Million Over Disputed Beachfront Gate

Warren Lent is suing the California Coastal Commission, arguing that its power to unilaterally hand down massive fines with minimal process is unconstitutional.

Assault Weapon Ban

Biden's Nominee to Head the ATF, Who Wants Congress to Ban 'Assault Weapons,' Says He Can't Define Them

David Chipman's obfuscation, like the president's vagueness, is aimed at concealing the illogic of targeting firearms based on their "military-style" appearance.


Public schools

Vancouver School Board Is Eliminating Honors Programs To Achieve 'Equity'

"By phasing out these courses, all students will have access to an inclusive model of education."


Health Care

What Free Market Health Care Would Actually Look Like

Dr. Lee Gross' direct primary care practice takes the complexity and unaffordability out of health care.



How Bitcoin Could Replace the U.S. Dollar

Former Google engineer Vijay Boyapati talks inflation, the Austrian school of economics, and his new book on bitcoin.

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