Conspiracy Theories

Sidney Powell's Loony Election Claims, Which Gave Birth to the Deadly Capitol Invasion, May Finally Cost Her

Dominion Voting Systems, the focus of the former Trump campaign lawyer's conspiracy theory, is seeking $1.3 billion from her for defamation.


During the January 2 telephone conversation in which President Donald Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to "find" the votes necessary to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's victory in that state, Raffensperger tried to test the outer boundaries of Trump's election-fraud allegations. Raffensperger suggested that Trump's concerns focused on "the absentee ballot process," as opposed to the outlandish claim that Dominion Voting Systems had helped Democrats deliver a phony victory to Biden by supplying them with fraud-facilitating election software. But the president made it clear that he was not ready to give up that fantasy, which is the focus of a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit that Dominion filed against former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell on Friday.

"I don't believe that you're really questioning the Dominion machines," Raffensperger said. "Because we did a hand re-tally, a 100 percent re-tally of all the ballots, and compared them to what the machines said and came up with virtually the same result. Then we did the recount, and we got virtually the same result. So I guess we can probably take that off the table."

Nope. "Well, Brad," Trump replied, "not that there's not an issue, because we have a big issue with Dominion in other states and perhaps in yours. But we haven't felt we needed to go there."

In reality, both Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, have gone there over and over again, promoting Powell's preposterous conspiracy theory in tweets, speeches, TV appearances, and press conferences. Her claims about what she describes as "the biggest crime in American history" were never substantiated in litigation by Trump's lawyers or her own lawsuits. But amplified by credulous right-wing TV and radio hosts such as Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, and Rush Limbaugh, Powell's wacky notions helped persuade a large majority of Trump supporters that the election was rigged to deny the president a second term.

The results were apparent last Wednesday, when hundreds of enraged Trump followers, summoned to D.C. by the president and inflamed by a speech in which he warned that an "egregious assault on our democracy" was about to destroy the country, invaded the Capitol, where a joint session of Congress was convening to affirm Biden's election. Before that deadly attack, Trump told the thousands of fans who had gathered for the "Save America March" that they should be outraged by "the highly troubling matter of Dominion Voting Systems." He claimed that Dominion machines in Fulton County, Georgia, "had an astronomical and astounding 93.7 percent error rate."

At the same rally, Giuliani said he had "conclusive proof" that in Georgia "the votes were deliberately changed by the same algorithm that was used in cheating President Trump and Vice President Pence." Giuliani promised that "over the next 10 days" the president's legal team would reveal "machines that are crooked." Instead, the president's lawyers dropped four lawsuits challenging Georgia's election results the very next day, avoiding a trial scheduled for Friday at which they would have had a chance to present their supposed evidence.

As Dominion's 124-page complaint against Powell shows in great detail, that has been her M.O. from the beginning: make wild claims, insist they are backed up by convincing proof that somehow never materializes, and ignore or dismiss all the countervailing evidence. Some highlights from the complaint:

• In a Newsmax interview on November 17, Powell said she had a video in which Dominion's founder bragged that the company "can change a million votes, no problem at all." She said she would tweet a link to that incriminating evidence. "Powell never tweeted out such a video because it does not exist," the complaint says. "The video does not exist because no such statement was ever made, nor would it be made, by Dominion's founder."

• When Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Powell for evidence to back up her claims of massive fraud involving Dominion machines, he reported, "she never sent…any evidence, despite a lot of requests…not a page." After Carlson's staff pressed her for evidence, "she got angry with us and told us to stop contacting her…so we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority; they told us Powell has never given them any evidence either." Carlson concluded that Powell "never demonstrated that a single actual vote moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another—not one."

• When Raffensperger and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, both Republicans who had supported Trump, pushed back against Powell's allegations, she concluded that they must be part of the conspiracy. "Mr. Kemp and the secretary of state," she averred in a November 21 interview on Newsmax, "are in on this Dominion scam with their last-minute purchase or award of a contract to Dominion of a hundred million dollars." As evidence of this alleged corruption, Powell presented a doctored copy of Dominion's certification as an election contractor, which she described as "undated." But it was undated only because someone had removed the date, which indicated that Dominion had been approved on August 9, 2019, more than a year before the election. And contrary to Powell's insinuation that "Dominion bribed Georgia officials for a no-bid contract," the complaint says, the company was chosen after "a competitive bid process."

• In her effort to show that Dominion was part of a decade-old international conspiracy that started with election fraud aimed at keeping Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez in power, Powell repeatedly conflated Dominion with a different company, Smartmatic, whose participation in the 2020 election was limited to Los Angeles County.

• When Powell actually tried to back up her claims in court, judges were not impressed. A federal judge in Michigan said Powell offered "nothing but speculation and conjecture that votes for President Trump were destroyed, discarded or switched to votes for Vice President Biden." A federal judge in Arizona was equally underwhelmed by Powell's Kraken. "Plaintiffs append over three hundred pages of attachments, which are only impressive for their volume," she wrote. "The various affidavits and expert reports are largely based on anonymous witnesses, hearsay, and irrelevant analysis of unrelated elections." She noted that "the 'expert reports' reach implausible conclusions, often because they are derived from wholly unreliable sources."

• Powell's experts included a failed congressional candidate and conspiracy theorist who discussed locations in Minnesota while alleging fraud in Michigan and falsely claimed that voter turnout in Detroit and North Muskegon exceeded the number of registered voters. That witness, the complaint notes, also has publicly claimed that George Soros, who was born in 1930, "helped form the 'Deep State' in Nazi Germany in the 1930s—along with President George H.W. Bush's father, the Muslim Brotherhood, and 'leftists.'"

• Another Powell "expert" claimed to have evidence of election fraud in Edison County, Michigan, a jurisdiction that does not exist.

• A witness whom Powell presented as a "Military Intelligence expert" later admitted that he never worked in military intelligence. Powell responded by repackaging his allegations as the testimony of a different witness.

• Two affidavits from Venezuelans who claimed to shed light on the conspiracy described by Powell used virtually identical language in describing their motivation for coming forward. (Both witnesses also described themselves as adults of "sound mine.")

As for countervailing evidence, the complaint says, "there are mountains of direct evidence that conclusively disprove Powell's vote manipulation claims against Dominion—namely, the millions of paper ballots that were audited and recounted by bipartisan officials and volunteers in Georgia and other swing states, which confirmed that Dominion accurately counted votes on paper ballots." Republican state officials, Republican members of Congress (including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell), the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, former Attorney General William Barr, and leading election security experts have all said there is no evidence to support Powell's claims of electronic vote manipulation.

In the face of these decisive refutations, Powell has doubled down on her accusations, even after Dominion threatened to sue her. Her tireless advocacy of repeatedly discredited fraud charges has earned her the president's favor. Even after she was suddenly ejected from the Trump campaign's "elite strike force team," Trump and Giuliani continued to echo her claims. The president relied on her advice and even suggested that she be appointed as a special White House counsel charged with investigating them. Powell's loony crusade also has benefited her by enhancing her celebrity, boosting her book sales, and generating contributions from deluded Trump supporters.

But now Powell's ceaseless self-promotion may finally cost her. In its lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Dominion says her false claims have forced the company to spend "more than $565,000 on private security for the protection of its people," plus "more than $1,170,000" to "mitigate the harm to its reputation and business." Dominion says the reputational damage has cost the company hundreds of millions in lost profits and destroyed its resale value. In addition to an injunction requiring Powell to retract her false statements and barring her from continuing to defame Dominion, the company is seeking $651,735,000 in compensatory damages and the same amount in punitive damages.

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  1. First…to say Sullum has terminal TDS…

    1. Seriously Jacob, seek help man. Deadly capitol invasion? I don’t seem to recall you calling BLM riots as deadly, despite the dozens killed and 10s of billions in damage. I wonder why…

      1. To be fair, they did call them deadly after Rittenhouse ventilated a few commies in self defense.

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              1. Sidney Powell’s Loony Election Claims, Which Gave Birth to the Deadly Capitol Invasion, May Finally Cost Her

                Right. All Sidney Powell. Her fault totally for the capitol invasion. Sure. It wasn't - that the left has been rioting for a whole FUCKING ASS YEAR UNABATED! Over 500 riots nationwide. Looting losers. People painting murals of rapist, drug addict, and 72 IQ possessor "George Floyd" whose life was worth less than the shit I took this morning. Over 1 billion in damages from these riots. But no... we didn't standardize riots... or standardize the non-punishment of riots. It's all Sidney Powell. Or... Maybe Jacob "Sullen Dick's" Ass is loaded with TDS jizz! Maybe he's about ready to pop, because there is so much TDS in him!!!???


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      2. “Deadly” is the new Party line, as I noticed hearing news updates on the radio earlier.
        Think the memo went out around 1 or 2 pm.

      3. Well, I think bashing a police officer ro death with a fire extinguisher *is* deadly. Also, I thouight I heard them chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” But maybe my ears were deceiving me and they really said “*Dang* Mike Pence.” You be the judge. The people who are “deranged” are those who use whataboutism to make this no big deal…


      Sidney Powell’s Loony Election Claims, Which Gave Birth to the Deadly Capitol Invasion”


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    3. Still no article on what Cori Bush is advocating for, the undoing over over 100 elections, and now endorsed by Pelosi.

    4. How about you seek help? It’s news. Get over it snowflake.

      You’ve got SDS for real. Heaven forbid you see bad news about your fuhrer and his lackeys.

    5. The miserable POS who wrote the article claims that Ms Powell’s claims were “loony” even though the stupid fuck did not and could not , rebut or refute the same.

      Where is Reason Magazine finding these stupid sons of bitches.

      1. I wish I would have run into Sidney 30 years ago. hell I would bang her now. she is 6′ tall with legs that could wrap around my head twice and has big tits

      2. Is there only one picture of this woman that exists, or does she always wear the same thing everyday?

      3. The author hardly needs to refute claims that have been refuted by several courts of law. Besides, she’s the one making the claims so she should back them up. The fact that she’s presented no evidence is a pretty good indication that her claims are lies or the product of a derangement and delusion.

        1. Quite apart from the fact that she hasn’t presented evidence, there would be positive reasons to reject her absurd claims. Dominion machines were used in many jurisdictions where Trump won. “Dominion Voting Systems works in 28 states and ran elections in Ohio, Florida, and other states that Trump won. In state of Florida, which Trump won by a wider margin than expected, the state division of elections certified their voting systems as safe, secure, and effective. That division answers to the Florida secretary of state, Laurel Lee, who is a former assistant U.S. attorney and former judge appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2019.”

      4. Georgia’s hand count refutes anything about Dominion miss-counting or skewing the count.
        In fact, it take Dominion completely out of the picture.

    6. Jacob will cry all the way to the bank now that some hidden sockpuppet catamite is mad at him for iconoclasty.

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  3. It’s hard to understand her motivation. Everyone first presumed she was currying favor with Trump but her subsequent behavior seems to have ruled that out. It’s hard to believe people can be this nuts while still functioning in an uncontrolled environment.

    the company is seeking $651,735,000 in compensatory damages and the same amount in punitive damages.

    Sure, that’s reasonable.

    1. How can they demonstrate those damages? Lol, they’re headline-grabbing.

      1. Are you suggesting that Dominion is making an allegation of fact that they have no evidence to support? Wouldn’t that be ironic.

        Seriously: for decades attorneys have engaged in this very sort of “court of public opinion” tactic based on grossly exaggerated allegations that range from a work of fiction based loosely on a true story to outright fantasy. The idea is that the embarrassment, humiliation and notoriety will bully the defendant into seeking settlement, and that potential jurors will be prejudiced in the plaintiff’s favor if the case does not settle. Sidney Powell may be an extreme case but she differs from common practice by degree, not by kind.

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        2. Tu quoque…

          The hard costs of increasing security they quoted seem reasonable to me, 5-10 full-time bodies plus other installed measures. Their accountant will provide an auditable record.

          The 1.1MM for damage control also seems reasonable, though I’m happy to be educated on why it’s not.

          If we use the Georgia contract (100MM) as a reference point, it’s not unreasonable to argue that they will lose 3-5 contracts due to the allegations, so the compensatory damages actually seem low to me, if anything.

          As for punitive damages, you might disagree with those in principle, but they do serve as a deterrent for acting in bad faith.

          The good news for Joe Oltmann is that he just needs to produce the call of the secret antifa phone call he infiltrated and his lawsuit will be dismissed.

          And I suppose the same goes for Ms. Powell. Once she releases the bombshell irrefutable evidence that Dominion committed voter fraud, then she can get the case dismissed against her.

          Now, I’m gonna be _that_ guy…

          “Many attorneys use the thread of large financial settlements to bully defendants into settling. Sidney Powell is being sued for a large amount of money, therefore Sidney Powell is a victim of being bullied by fake/exaggerated claims”

    2. It’s hard to understand her motivation. Everyone first presumed she was currying favor with Trump but her subsequent behavior seems to have ruled that out.

      Powell’s loony crusade also has benefited her by enhancing her celebrity, boosting her book sales, and generating contributions from deluded Trump supporters.

      Emphasis added. It’s probably safe to assume that she’s personally profited from all of this. How much, I don’t know, but there’s one possible motivation.

      As for the over the top amount of damages Dominion is seeking, I’m sure it’s just so that they can end up settling for a fraction of the amount. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s SOP in these kinds of suits, isn’t it? Start out demanding some ridiculous insane amount to try and scare the other side into settling for a less ridiculous amount.

      1. In America, all motivation is derived from the need for more money.

        1. In any country, money is how people get other people to do what they want, whatever that may be. There’s nothing profound about it.

      2. I think people always underestimate the value of being admired.

    3. Interesting point here is that Powell can now take them to the fucking mat with discovery requests. If she is convinced that there really is a “there” there, she now has the opportunity to demand everything.

      1. Good point, wrong team. Trump’s lawyers usually fold before discovery, not the other way around. That said it would be interesting to see her cross examined.

      2. That’s a big “if”.

    4. After all the crap thrown, do you suspect it might be a bit harder for Dominion to win a contract with a new or a red state?
      If the contract for Georgia is worth $100 million (god really?) then it wouldn’t take long – about 6 states – to reach that number.

      Don’t worry, if they ever get to that point a real number will be developed.

  4. Discovery will be … interesting, both as to what is discovered and what is not allowed to be discovered.

    1. This. Assuming it ever gets past the pleadings stage.

      I do expect her law license to go bye-bye though.

      1. She has affidavits. The lefties have none.

        Lefties are liars and were before the election.

        1. My god! Affidavits! You don’t say. Shocking really! Let me guess, they are signed as well?! Slam dunk I tell you!
          She is in a hole and in typical tRumptardian way, she wants to dig her way out.
          Considering how unhinged she is, I suspect somewhere along the line she is going to piss off a judge and spend time in jail for contempt.
          Her only, best chance is a settlement agreement and Dominion will want full public retraction of all her comments, there is no way they can accept anything less. If she is anything like tRump (and she is) she will violate that agreement at some point.

          1. Because pissing off a bureaucrat is a crime now. Fuck your government dude, this sucks.

        2. Such astounding logical arguments you make. No holes in it whatsoever.

        3. Here, I’ll offer up an equally bad argument that supports my opinion.

          Grifters and con-men rely heavily on coerced affidavits because they can’t prove their case otherwise. Sidney Powell uses a lot of affidavits. Therefore, Sidney Powell is a grifter.

    2. Whatever it is; It’s nothing a good media narrative can’t CANCEL or FIX. Just look the way they went from GA recount *finds* over 6,000 uncounted votes to painting Trump as a assault on the election for asking the SAME state if they can *find* any more.

  5. “Sidney Powell’s Loony Election Claims, Which Gave Birth to the Deadly Capitol Invasion, May Finally Cost Her”

    If the Republicans had won the senate elections in Georgia, most of what happened in the Capitol wouldn’t have happened.

    It isn’t about Trump. It’s about the legitimate fear of the Democrats agenda, our powerlessness to stop it, and the total contempt people on the left have shown for the white, blue collar, middle class. That is a toxic combination, and the blame for it belongs to the Democratic party and their cheerleaders in the media.

    1. Ken’s talking to you Jakey.

    2. The Democrats show contempt for everybody. The party of slavery, Jim Crow, and affirmative action has never respected anybody.

    3. No, in this case, it’s totally about Trump. These protests/riots were planned weeks in advance, way before the results of the Georgia Senate elections were. Stop blaming other people for what your team did.

      1. “These protests/riots were planned weeks in advance”

        You Really Think Jeff Would Do That? Just Go On the Internet and Tell Lies?

        Trump’s speech and the march were planned weeks in advance and cleared with Hill security. The wander through the capitol building didn’t happen until the police took down the barricades and opened the doors of the building to marchers.

        This was no insurrection you cheap demagogue. Why are you lying so obviously, Jeff?
        I know that you’re lying, you know that you’re lying, the others know that you’re lying, even Sullum knows that you’re lying.
        So why do it?

        1. “…you know that you’re lying, the others know that you’re lying, even Sullum knows that you’re lying. So why do it?”

          Jeff will blame his dark passenger made him do it, which he will claim he did not have prior to Trump.

        2. “…you know that you’re lying, the others know that you’re lying, even Sullum knows that you’re lying. So why do it?”

          Jeff will blame his dark passenger for doing it, which he will claim he did not have prior to Trump. It’s all part of the TDS hysteria.

      2. Mostly peaceful protests.

    4. No one has yet to state what policy that the Ds advocate for that is a) real and b) so horribly bad that it is worth trashing our democracy.

      1. Also, it has to be a policy that would not be considered normal in the rest of the world.

        1. What difference does the rest of the world make?

          1. Because the point of this is not just to say that you don’t like Biden policies, but that his policies are so bad, so horrible that it justifies storming the Capital. So if other counties have those policies already, then that takes major wind out of the argument that they are super-horrible-treason worthy.

            1. You know what should be treasonous, Jeff?

              The use of Reichstag fires.

            2. “Because the point of this is not just to say that you don’t like Biden policies, but that his policies are so bad, so horrible that it justifies storming the Capital”

              I didn’t say it justifies anything. That’s a voice in your head.

              I said that’s what’s behind this, and if that’s what’s behind it, it’s what’s behind it regardless of whether you like it or think it’s justified.

              You seem to be delusional.

      2. Green New Deal

        “worth trashing our democracy”
        Oh? How did that happen, demagogue?

        1. Green New Deal is a proposal by some Democrats (not Biden) that is in line with other environmental polices many other countries are adopting or debating.

          1. “Oh, that’s only a policy proposal by some Democrats. Not Biden, because even though he eventually endorsed it, he didn’t propose it. Yes there is a difference.
            And even though I know I said “D’s”, I’m now moving the goalposts to Biden specifically”.


          2. n line with other environmental polices many other countries are adopting

            And no other country on earth is proposing a $93 trillion dollar remake of their country, you ridiculous clown.

        2. Because you like these policies doesn’t mean other people aren’t upset by them.

          Because you like something isn’t a good reason for other people to accept them either.

          You have a very strange way of “thinking”.

          1. A common theme from the Trumpers is that Biden and the D agenda is horrible, so horrible that it was the reason they stormed the capital and tried to prevent Biden from getting the EC votes. I want to know what policies rise to that level.

            1. “I want to know what policies rise to that level.”

              No, you don’t. You disingenuous troll. The most annoying troll is the one that asks questions when they are not the least bit interested in the answer except to lengthen the trolling.

            2. ANY POLICY that violates the U.S. Constitution — SIMPLE… When this country founded it’s government and wrote the LAW over it’s government it wasn’t a law the government should be able to ignore. As such the government IGNORES the people’s law…

              Democrats have a really hard time understanding this because they’ve diluted the meaning of this country to [WE] mob RULES and popularity contests instead of the U.S. Constitution being the people’s voice/law over a Republican government.

      3. I’ve been screaming about them here in comments, since long before the election. Just because you aren’t paying attention doesn’t mean the rest of us are so ignorant.

        We’ll start with five.

        1) Medicare for All
        2) The War on Guns
        3) The Green New Deal

        All three of those are on Biden’s campaign website(s). If you were unaware of these issues, you’re willfully blind.

        Then we’ll add in:

        4) Adding two new states.
        5) Packing the Supreme Court.

        That’s why people are upset.

        Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the Chuck Schumer could all go on TV this afternoon and calm everyone’s nerves by announcing that they won’t pack the Court, add states, or institute the Green New Deal. They have no intention of doing that because they have every intention of pursuing those policies to the best of their ability.

        1. 1. Medicare for All is normal policy for the rest of the world and not on Biden’s campaign website.
          2. Biden’s gun control polices are mostly focused on keeping guns out of the hands of people who are already not allowed to have guns under federal law and restricting a sub-set of guns. Not at all a “war on guns” Also still less restrictive then many other countries.
          3. See previous comment.
          4. Biden is for DC statehood, but made no stance on PR. Also why are the other 50 states ok, but you want to riot over these two? The residents are Americans also.

          1. For having a phd the concept of Ken’s argument on DC statehood eludes you. If you want a smaller district for DC fine then just make Maryland and VA bigger and associate them with either one. DC is a district for a reason.

          2. Because you like these policies doesn’t mean that people on the right aren’t upset by them.

            If you imagine that other people only think about things the way you want them to, because you want them to or for any other reason, then you should probably see a psychiatrist. Maybe they can help you.

          3. With regard to #4. Washington DC and Puerto Rico each have populations in excess of Wyoming. How do we justify giving Wyoming 2 Senators and WDC and PR none?

            1. PR voted down statehood. Are we going to force them?

              1. in 2020, slightly over 52% of Puerto Rican voters cast their ballots in favor of statehood.


            2. I guess the constitution is dead as concerns DC statehood and most anything else. PR doesn’t want to pay income tax.
              “If you were an ice cream flavor, it would be praline and dick.”

          4. In the mind of the left; If the USA isn’t failing worse than the “rest of the world” just keep pushing it to fail more!!!!

            Well; On a positive note; No one wouldn’t need to worry about the border anymore as no-one would want to live here then Mexico and Canada will have to start worrying bout it.

        2. Thank you, Ken, for keeping that point fresh in everyone’s mind. It needs to be.

          1. +1000000000;; You two are a great asset to the discussion A++

      4. Do these people imagine that the right’s opposition to these policies will go away once Trump is no longer in office?

        Got news for you. There was a right before Trump, and the right will still exist long after Trump is gone.

    5. Powerlessness? Hey dumbass, we HAD AN ELECTION. There was your power. Guess what? There wasn’t enough idiots like yourself to put in power so here we are.

    6. We’re not powerless at all. This could be solved in a week or two if Americans had the stomach for what will need to happen.

      This isn’t a debate anymore. It’s a street fight. Street fights don’t have elections, laws, or rules. Just winning and losing. The democrats have committed to that.

      Time to wake up and take them down.

      1. That is very strong rhetoric just to oppose some policy that you don’t like that would be considered normal for many other peer countries.

        1. What country is on par with the US? Who is our peer?

          1. Canada, UK, EU, Japan, Australia are some for example.

            1. Leftists always seem to forget how the US began. It’s just this annoying little blip in history they try not to think about

      2. See, someone finally admits that they were the one committing the acts of violence at the Capitol building and not ANTIFA.

        Did you come over from an interrupted rant on Parler?

      3. … or you could make a better argument and come back to the next election stronger.

        Try hearing your argument from your opponent’s viewpoint, and see if you disagree with it. If you do (disagree), it doesn’t necessarily prove it’s wrong, but it’s worth more thought. For example:

        Communist Karl from Denver:
        “We’ll never get our views through in this rigged system. But we could fix all this in two weeks if Americans had the stomach for revolution. China is poised to strike – and the time for talking is done. Join us comrades as we take this country back from corrupt powers for the people!!!!!”

        I think most Americans would fight to send Karl. But most would fight you too. You both reek of authoritarianism. Out of curiosity, though, after you “solve” the problem, who are you going to install as the new supreme leader??

    7. The reaction to this is exactly the same as the reaction to Hillary’s 2016 loss: make it about everything else, except what it’s really about.

      All this started in earnest in 2008, when Dems got full control of the government and steamrollered over millions of Americans to enact their bullshit agenda. It started when the Obama recovery took place primarily in the coastal cities, and ignored the middle of the country, who remained jobless and hopeless. Then the CRT bullshit started to rear its ugly head in mainstream society, and they started telling poor, rural, unemployed Americans that they had some sort of imaginary privilege and power. They mocked them for clinging to their God and their guns. Then there was the basket of deplorables. Donald Trump never would have happened but for the progs alienating regular, blue collar and middle class Americans who worked hard and followed all the rules and then just continued to get shit on. He never would have happened if the GOP hadn’t spent 8 years bending over and taking it, even when they controlled Congress. The individuals who gave rise to Wednesday’s events are the EXACT people who were cowering under chairs in the chambers, who had security personnel to protect them and secure places to evacuate to, when the people in Minneapolis, Seattle, Kenosha, LA and Chicago didn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to protect them. The people who gave rise to this are the exact people who locked them in their homes, closed their schools, destroyed their businesses- and then went to dinner parties at fancy restaurants that your average middle class American cant even afford a glass of water at. Their the people who ensured their loved ones died alone, and they couldn’t even give them a funeral, and then held grand state funerals for their own colleagues, and for dirt bag criminals who are now somehow heros.

      People don’t believe the democrats cheated because Donald Trump is some cult figure, worshipped by millions. The man can barely make a sentence. People believe the democrats cheated because their representatives have failed them repeatedly, and their faith in the institutions of government has eroded to nothing, but they’re still forced to fucking pay for institutions that take endlessly and can’t even barf up $2000 for struggling American families- $2000 OF THEIR OWN FUCKING MONEY.

      But yeah, all this is totes because Sydney Powell said some crazy shit.

      1. Quality rant.

      2. Election fraud happened but even if you are not convinced by the evidence, unconstitutional changes of election happened in nearly every state. Without their state legislature approval as the constitution gives enumerated power.

        Of we cant agree to basic rules written in our constitution, whats the point of staying a country? I will never let government take my armored vehicles and arms. Georgia state troopers didnt mess with me at all while parked outside the GA capitol. We were armed and they knew it.

        Democrats started civil war 2.0 and they will this civil war like they lost the last civil war.

      3. Golf clap. Succinct.

      4. This is a great argument. My suggestion to Trump supporters is to engage with more of this sort of thinking, and less of the Dominion-machines-were-hacked-by-military-grade-satellites-from-George-Soros-Italian-hydrogel-lab-run-by-Bill-Gates. Drop Q and Alex Jones. Find a new leader, one that can articulate a rational argument, one that shows courage and compassion, one that’s as likely to demand accountability from their own side as they are point fingers at their opponents.

        I used to be registered Republican, I’m now unaffiliated, but my family are all Trump supporters, that are living the hell you wrote about, watching their small towns get wiped off the map.

        I’m practically begging you to not try to start a war over this… just make a better argument, ditch all the conspiracies, get better leaders. Give me a reason to vote Republican in 2022.

  6. Jacob has lost his mind.

  7. I wanted to believe in election fraud and was open to the early allegations. Why wouldn’t the dems cheat? But nothing panned out and I slowly had to accept reality.

    I fought hard for Trump before the election and I know that while Biden didn’t have much support personally, his socialist agenda was hard to beat. When Trump supporters screamed, “We love you!” they were really saying, “We’re not going to fight for you and we know you’re going to lose. Sorry!” It was tragic and pathetic.

    The attacks on the capital were cowardly and hypocritical. They should have battled online like I did – with the same perseverance that they now claim election fraud. Then Trump might have had a chance.

    1. This sounds made up.

      1. Gosh if only you had fought for Trump before the election – on enemy territory not here in your safe space – with the same persistence that you now imply I am making things up, he might have stood a chance. He lost fair and square. There was no fraud and no excuse for violence. You have only yourself to blame. Now keep proving my point:

        1. That would be illegal because I’m a Canadian, but thanks for concern trolling about Trump’s reelection campaign.
          If you’d been a little smarter and aiming for believability you wouldn’t have tried to sound so much like a stereotype.

        2. There was massive fraud in many levels. Your protestations to the contrary mean nothing, as you are a worthless prog and not worthy of consideration. You people started a war with us. Now you’re going to reap the whirlwind.

          1. I’m a Trump supporter. If only you supported Trump before the election with the same persistence and cohesion that you and your allies now attack Trump’s allies afterwards, he might have won. Certainly you would have learned that support for socialism was much stronger than you imagine. You have only yourself to blame for your loss. Spare us the pathetic and cowardly excuses for violence. Your movement is doomed by its own hypocrisy.

            Each one of you will be asked, “What specifically did you do to help Trump in the battleground states before the election other than scream ‘We love you!’?” You will have no answer.

            1. You’re a robot. Biden is corrupt.

              1. Thanks for proving my point. Please continue:

            2. If support for socialism is so strong, how do you explain the socialist-in-chief, Barack 0blama, losing 3.5 million voters, an almost 2% drop, in his “re-election”, followed by the candidate for his third term, HiLIARy, losing another 50,000, for a total of almost 5% from 2008 to 2016?
              Now we are to believe that Senile Joe, the messiah’s #2 man, attracted 15.4 million more than 2016, with a boost of 3¼% of the voting public?
              Part of the reason we know there was fraud is the absolutely ridiculous gains made by the socialist party, for a supposedly moderate candidate, whose proposed policies were not much different than the last two.
              Where did all those socialist cheerleaders come from?

      2. That’s cause AddictionMyth is one of Shrike’s many socks.

    2. Democrats would never cheat in an election. Just ask Bernie.

  8. And there we have it, The Libertarian Case For Punishing Speech. Who wins the pot?

    1. Probably Tony. He’s been pushing that line for years.

  9. You know what, Sullum? You can pump out a thousand of these lie-filled propaganda pieces, and their still never going to make you one of them.

    No matter how many times you lie about Wednesday for them, you’re never going to join the Nomenklatura. There’ll be no private khrushchyovka in Frisco and no dacha in Cape Cod.
    You and your family will end up in a kommunalki and when you’re no longer useful you’ll end up dangling on the same gibbet as us.

    You lied to the readers for nothing except a shitty little check. You’re not even Wormwood to Charles Koch’s Uncle Screwtape, you’re just one of a million other writers peddling their asses for Brown Envelopes.

    1. Maybe it’ll catch up with him one day

      1. Lol, it’s sarcasmic.
        Never change, sarc.

    2. Cry more snowflake.

    3. Democrats are still crying about hillary losing to trump. Biden will be president for less time than he expects.

      When democrats still act like they lost, they know they lost. All will be revealed.

      1. If the Congressional votes had halted the certification, the theft of the election might have finally collapsed. That’s why antifa had to lead angry, thus easily incited, Trump supporters into the Capitol building.
        They knew this act would steel the resolve of the squishy GOP establishment Congresscritters into not taking the risk, of media opprobrium, for doing what was right.
        The sessions restarted immediately, despite there having been a murder on the scene, whose investigation, under normal circumstances, would have had the place closed down for days.
        What was the rush?

  10. Sidney Powell is a dangerous loon, but I think these lawsuits have little likelihood of success. Lawyers can say pretty crazy shit in connection with litigation and remain immune from defamation suits. It’s called the “litigation privilege” and I’d like to see a serious critique why it would not be a complete bar to the Dominion lawsuits.

    1. Ms. Powell´s out of court comments are not covered by the privilege you reference.

      1. It will be interesting to see if Dominion qualifies as a “public figure” under New York Times v. Sullivan. If so, Dominion would need to prove that Powell knew the allegations were false or recklessly disregarded their falsity. That’s not an easy standard to meet. This may not be as open and shut a case as Jacob seems to think it is.

        And here’s another irony. Donald Trump has long opposed the New York Times v. Sullivan standard. It will be interesting to see if Trump haters now try to argue against that standard being applied in a case involving a Trump ally.

    2. The truth is an absolute defense to defamation legal actions and the claims have been supported by ample truth amd evidence.

  11. Discovery in this case should be fun. Though watch the judge that gets this case, slap everything under seal and a permanent gag order.

    Establishing damages should be equally hilarious. Hell, Dominion’s probably gained sales after this fiasco.

    1. If you’re a tin-pot dictator looking to have a Potemkin election, you know where you’re going to want to shop now.

      1. No fraud found. Maybe they should sue you too you moron.

        1. Easy not to find things if you censor and punish people for looking, Jeff.

          1. Then it looks like the criminals got away with it, huh?

            Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

            The fact that you think this lawsuit is all part of the conspiracy, but noted QAnoner Sidney Powell is credible, well that makes you incredible, I guess.

          2. Trumps campaign provided plentiful evidence of election fraud, voter fraud, and unconstitutional changes to election laws.

            Even the wisconsin supreme court admitted 210,000 ballots cast were illegal but didnt have the balls to reject them. Wisconsin is a relatively small state. Correlate that illegal mailin ballot fraud to all 50 states.

            Millions of ballots were illegal.

            1. I have positively filing cabinets full of evidence that you raped a goat.

              Thus it shall remain so until proven otherwise… by telepathic aliens. No, not a DNA test. Too easy. You’d have thought of that.

              What’s that? Slander you say?

              1. The answer to that would be – let’s see them. Oh, you can’t show them to me because the pictures got some stuff spilled on them and the images are no longer visible? But you have lots of pictures with those no longer visible images that used to have goat raping on them? And you can show me those again? Okay then.

      2. I know you’re being facetious, but if you consider the possibility that they aren’t actually in the business of fixing elections, then they obviously wouldn’t have the ability to service a tin-pot dictator, even if there was money in it.

        Suggesting that they gained legitimate sales is wishful thinking… Do you honestly believe that states/countries would purchase Dominion solutions now? Even if they were convinced that Dominion was clean, they wouldn’t award Dominion the contract because of the 100% chance that the losing side of the next election would blame Dominion.

        Dominion is screwed, no matter what happens with the lawsuit. It bothers me how lightly people take this.

        If they are corrupt, then they deserve to be screwed. If they aren’t corrupt, then the people that dragged them through the mud deserve to be screwed.

        Maybe you’ve seen that evidence somewhere. When I say I’m open to hearing it, I really mean it. But in this case, I’m going to side with OANN, Newsmax, Fox News, American Thinker, and… well at this point, everybody except the people who are also trying to sell me gold Trump coins and quail egg supplements.

  12. Jacob makes his 40th or 50th election related post (not an exaggeration).

    Meanwhile, Big Tech is now going after libertarians (see: Facebook + Ron Paul). It’s only a matter of time before Reason ends up in the proverbial crosshairs, and none of these TDS riddled articles are going to save it.

  13. Statehood for Puerto Rico has been discussed since at least the 1970’s when President Ford proposed it. As anyone who’s been to Puerto Rico can tell you, not everyone in PR is in favor of it.
    I agree that DC is too small to be a state. It should become part of Virginia or Maryland.

    1. DC has a greater population then Wyoming and Vermont. Should they be states also? Are we judging the worthiness of states and if the residents should get representation in Congress based on land size?

      1. How about we merge Wyoming with Washington DC? That way we keep 50 states. We balance out representation for population.

      2. DC can be a state and we move the nation’s capital to Wyoming. Deal?

        1. No more states that are corrupted and cannot even conduct a fair and open election. 50 states that do that are enough.

      3. No Molly. As in the original constitution. Each state gets equal representation from senators – 2 each regardless of population, and the other branch, Congress, is represented BY population regardless of size. That way small states with large populations, like New York, have as broad an influence in the Congress as Wyoming has in the Senate. It was supposed to balance both of those circumstances so that government had some checks and balances built in.
        Oh and DC is to remain neutral since that is where the country’s business is done.

      4. You’ll notice that the Mollys of the world had no problem when Harry Reid, a senator from the sparsely populated state of Nevada, had a vote equal to, and a voice greater than, GOP senators from states with significantly greater populations. But things are always different when the shoe is on the other foot.

  14. What a great libertarian victory! No longer will innocent corporations with government contracts be subject to the unpunished scrutiny of citizens with unfounded yet sincerely held beliefs of electoral wrongdoing! Henceforth, the plebians without teams of lawyers or analysts will hold their lying tongues! Hurrah! Long live the Queen!

  15. Hey Reason. Jo Jorgensen gave the senate via Georgia to the Democrats. That’s something to be proud off

    1. I don’t think Jo Jorgensen was running at the time of the election on January 5th.

      1. Perdue beat ossoff by 80,000 votes during the general election but didnt reach the 50% threshold because of democrat election fraud AND voters voting for the LINO party.

        Runoff election in georgia… democrats implement massive election fraud again and perdue losses to ossoff by 30,00 votes.

        Nothing to see here.

        1. Btw the black democrat candidate warnock got less votes than the white democrat candidate ossoff.

          Nothing to see here.

        2. Most states don’t have runoff elections, as does GA. If you look at the history of the GA runoff runs election laws they were designed to marginalize black voters. Even if white candidates split the vote, they could get a mulligan and revote for a single white candidate.

          This time the system failed them and cost Perdue his seat. Had this law not been in place Perdue and Warnock would have won in November and Republican would have retained control.

  16. It is interesting the way Trump lawyers get into trouble. First Michael Cohen. Now Sidney Powell. Any others I have missed?

    Generally speaking not a good client.

    1. Yes, that is incredibly interesting. What strange coincidences.

      1. Like the Jews in 1940s Germany who always ended up imprisoned or shot. They should have shown better judgment and stopped hanging around such a bad crowd. Also, should have stopped wearing those armbands which would just draw unwanted attention. What were they thinking!?!

        1. Trump is the Jew in this scenario, isn’t he?

        2. ffs choose a different historical event to make an analogy to

        3. Not sure where you are going with this, so I will not try to understand it.

          I have long held that Donald Trump’s superpower is the ability to corrupt persons around him. This seems to be true for some of his lawyers. Part of a lawyer’s job is to be truthful and tell a client when they are wrong. Some have done this, note Don McGahn was a White Counsel who served President Trump but also held the line. Some have not and paid the price.

          1. I was just making fun of you


    But no time here or on Volokh for articles on the tech oligarchs’ shenanigans. I used to think it was the Koch money but increasingly, it look like has to be CCP lucre.

    And no love for an unarmed woman shot dead through a glass door?

    1. As much love as you give to a black kid walking down the street doing absolutely no terrorism at all.

      1. In a city loaded with Democrats.

  18. *Grabs a handful of popcorn and waits for it to finally sink in that you were all conned by an man so famous for grift it’s practically written on his orange face*

    1. You probably gave way more to a dementia addled Manchurian candidate then any of us gave to Trump. So who was conned, again?

      1. You. You were the one who was conned.

    2. Get this Tony; I was against Trump during the primaries. The only infatuation with the person Trump is the left. EVERYTHING is about Trump; nothing else exists beyond Trump.

      That is why lefties who take in their media-garbage pretend it’s some kind of cult. The reality of it is; It’s a cult of lefties who were duped by their own media.

      1. I need to ask you a question. Are YOU a Qcumber?

        1. Nope; But out of curiosity I googled QAnon for the first time since I’ve seen that term before and figured you were name-pecking fun over it and ran across a pew-research showing Democrats were MUCH more aware of it’s existence than Republicans… lol..

          Do I believe the Clinton s are running a pedophile and Satan worshiping cult? No.
          Do I believe anything they claim is CANCELLED by lefty media’s “Conspiracy Theory” labeling-mob; No.
          Do I believe Democrats probably manipulated or took entirely out-of-context (as they do the Constitution) on something someone said and turned it into a media clown-show of fear about “Clinton’s are running a pedophile and Satan worshiping cult”;; YES! (It’s almost predictable)… But I could be proven wrong if I cared to dig deeper.

        2. While we’re on the subject of conspiracy theories; Do you think 30,000 Trump supporters went to the white house in the sole purpose to forcefully take-it-over and install there own government?

          1. It was the US Capitol building and I saw it on TV.

            I wished you were a Qbert. I had an epiphany. I think QAnon is what happens when Boomers figure out how to use the internet. See, my generation grew up with the internet, but we never raised our parents properly and taught them right and wrong.

            For example, don’t give money to Nigerian princes. And don’t believe every obvious conspiracy theory you come across. Use Bing for porn, etc.

            I guess the same applies to you. Republicans have no morals but power, so they were bound to latch onto whatever machinery could easily manipulate the ignorant.

            You see, you people all say the exact same things about Trump and the Clintons, etc., except for a few extraneous details like the pizza sex shop.

            Won’t you be surprised when you wake up one day and figure out Republicans are not the sweet cuddly lifelong champions of freedom Donald Trump so radiantly appears to be.

            1. What did you see on TV Tony? Inquiring minds want to know…. 30,000 armed soldier raiding and taking over the white house?

              So instead of supporting Trump who “appears” to be a lifelong champion of freedom… We just take for granite he’s pretending and support the Hitler?

              Who has a proven record of actively destroying individual freedom by the day.

            2. What are you, 12?
              No, I think 16 is the usual age where kids think they know more than their parents, but you’ve taken it to another level by saying you needed to “raise your parents”.
              If anything needs to be said about things like Nigerian princes, it is that your generation has created such a pack of lying, treacherous scam artists, that preyed on an earlier generation, whose basic belief in trusting each other was something that the scammers saw needed to be exploited.

              1. LOL

                Oldest boomer on the board shakes fist. The guy who goes on about the LieCheatSteal party and the “DEMonCrapz!!” (just as an FYI this one might be maximum cringe) couldnt be a better representative of someones old ass parent that needs to stop reading right wing memes on facebook.

                Really couldnt have been a better person to reply. How’s that arm wresting match between God and Satan going? Did God finally prevail to vanquish Hillary from the earth?

            3. ” I think QAnon is what happens when Boomers figure out how to use the internet. See, my generation grew up with the internet, but we never raised our parents properly and taught them right and wrong.”

              This is precisely right. I have said for some time FB in its current state is what happens when Boomers who dont understand the internet decide to finally log on to see what the fuss is about…then they literally parrot every easily disprovable, BS conspiracy they read on it. Years of interneting has given Genxers and millennials a decent bullshit detector, but when you dive right at the ripe age of 60 and have no idea whats going on, this is exactly what happens. All of a sudden that story from your cousin about a pedophile ring the democrats are definitely running sounds very reputable.

            4. “I think QAnon is what happens when Boomers figure out how to use the internet. ”

              No. It’s what happens when the mainstream media turns into Pravda run by toddlers and the Dems are openly advancing communism. People are desperate for information and hope for the country. So they believe misinformation because they want to believe and they are trusting of others who profess their values. I think they need to accept reality. But I don’t blame them for what they choose to believe. It would be great if someone could save us from the fall of our society, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. There is too much evil (though I disagree with them on the details of the evil) and toxic education of the youth

      2. I’m an Independent (voted Republican my entire life, Libertarian in 2016, and non-Trump in 2020)

        I’m obsessed with Trump too, enough to appreciate that it has grown into something unhealthy for a lot of people, including myself.

        One of the upsides of late is watching people in cults loudly pointing and declaring that other people are in a cult. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. There’s nothing to say that the Qanon followers AND leftists can’t both be in cults.

        How would someone know whether they’re in a cult? (It’s partially rhetorical. I’m Mormon so I obviously know the answer to that one). But I am curious what you think…

  19. Poor unreason commies.

    As someone who lives on Georgia and challenged almost 200 registered georgia voters who moved out of georgia, you are just wrong unreason. You were liars before election 2020 and still lying.

    Georgia had voter fraud, election fraud, and unconstitutional changes to election laws without consent of our state legislature. Most states has this.

    Biden will never bet the legitimacy you want because democrats pulled off another coup attempt of trump.

  20. The video of Coomer telling election officials that you can manipulate the votes is on Gateway Pundit. We know for a fact this is true because they did it by accident in Antrim County. If you can do it by accident you can do it on purpose. Antrim also proves Tucker wrong.

    1. The transcripts of the hearing in which Coomer testified do not support your assertion. This was an error made by a Republican clerk in updating the software. The error was caught and corrected. Coomer noted that this should have been caught in machine audits. That it wasn’t suggests again human error in not auditing.

      Again we have this taking an incident and extrapolating it out with no real proof.

      1. Right because no one lies during hearings. There’s video of Coomer saying you can manipulate votes. It doesn’t matter how the votes in Antrim were moved from Trump to Biden it matters that it can happen at all.

      2. The point about extrapolation is that if such errors or fraudulent actions are possible, that systems need feedback loops to verify and authenticate results. Why do such systems not exist? Why is this process not more transparent?

        1. They do exist in the form of counts and audits. People like Powell and Giuliani try to give the impression that the machines give a number it is written down and that is the process. Machine are checked and audited before and after the election. Hand counts are used as checks. Numbers are checked to insure that vote numbers equal ballots and on and on and on. The process is transparent.

          You can test the transparency by looking at the lawsuits. Trump’s lawyers have access to huge amounts of information and in that information they can not bring enough evidence to present at a single case.

  21. Sullum, aside from the extremely un-libertarian values required to defend a corporation suing an individual into silence for daring to ask questions during a national election, you couldn’t even get your basic facts right.

    Voter fraud has always been a highly speculative issue. That’s because we’re alleging what is tantamount to either a criminal conspiracy or a significant systems error that still becomes criminal at some point due to failure to report it. Demanding a full investigation and audit due to inconsistencies is not going to be some tell-all investigation where we have all the evidence that is necessary to argue a case in court. The point has always been about the complete lack of legal remedy. We need investigative powers to subpoena relevant employees, party officials, elected officials and staffers. The fact that the courts cannot admit that the circumstances are highly suspicious is not a failure of the courts. There is no ability for anyone to contest an election, not even a sitting President. Why is that? Who made things that way? Why have Democrats opposed stricter election rules for decades? Does this not have any special meaning to you in this context?

    Regardless, there are some facts that are easily verifiable, and one such fact is the relationship between Dominion and Smartmatic. You made a strawman argument that Powell has conflated the two companies, when in reality that is not what has occurred. She has highlighted the relationship between the two.

    “Smartmatic has only owned one election company in the US, Sequoia Voting systems. Smartmatic sold the company in 2007 to Sequoia’s management team. More than three years later Sequoia was bought by Dominion Voting Systems. Smartmatic had no part in Sequoia’s acquisition by Dominion.”

    Concerns were raised about Smartmatic and Sequoia long ago and the only way you can deny them is by gaslighting. Reason comments really hate links, so check out Rep. Carolyn B Maloney’s press release on Smartmatic’s sale of Sequoia in 2007. Smartmatic was under review via CFIUS investigation and this prompted their decision to divest and sell Sequoia.

    Elections were rigged in 2004 in Venezuela. Chavez allowed an “audit” of select machines that were set up to pass an audit, but everyone in our IC acknowledges the election was rigged. You can look up Congressional testimony by CIA agents confirming this.

    There’s a great article on Medium by Jennie Cohn explaining the relevance of these claims and why they’re being brought up.

    1. “Voter fraud has always been a highly speculative issue.”

      Because there has rarely been voter fraud of any significant size. There will always be cases of double voting. These are usually found out and tell us that the system works. Any large scale fraud would leave a trail that investigators could find.

      Most claims of fraud are based on conspiracy fantasy that work like Rube Goldberg machine. Allegation that you could change an election with plots that appear to come out of a Mission Impossible movie. The realty is that America uses a very dispersed voting method that would make large scale fraud impossible. That poll workers and election officials are often non partisan who take their job to create a fair election very seriously. The voting systems have numerous check outlined in established protocols.

      1. Well good; then they should have no problem passing audits — Oh wait; they DIDN’T PASS audits!!! In fact I can think of a SINGLE ONE they passed. You’re putting someone’s “word” above actual audit investigations.

        1. Procedure for post election audits including hand counts against random machines is outlined in the National Conference of State Legislatures web page. To my knowledge no state reported a failure of the post election audit.

          Do you know something different?

      2. Do I really need to bring up the subtracting numbers on Live TV and the ‘caught that’ buzzer of flipped votes and the ‘uncounted found’ ballots on recount … Oh sure, sure; It’s so correct and error proof the entire world saw every count change by the day.

        Let’s just get to the beef though; 90% favor in a ‘swing state’ — Give me a break.

    2. I’m interested in the idea of this lawsuit not being libertarian. I can’t tell if you’re arguing that the lawsuit didn’t harm Dominion and therefore doesn’t entitle them to a claim, or whether libertarianism would oppose the idea of a corporation suing an individual at all.

      Also, you said “daring to ask questions”, which (at least to me) doesn’t seem like what she’s being sued for, so that may be where the disconnect was.

      There’s a big legal difference between:

      “These numbers seem off. Is it possible that the Dominion systems produced the wrong numbers?”


      “These numbers seem off. We have irrefutable evidence that Dominion systems engaged in election fraud by flipping millions of Trump votes to Biden votes. We also have a recording of a call in which a Dominion employee stated that he would not allow Trump to win. Stay tuned – this evidence will be released in the next few days”

  22. Are we now in agreement that politicians who make false or reckless allegations to rile up their credulous supporters are acting improperly?

    If so, then based on what I have heard or read over the years, virtually all of Congress should be removed from office immediately.

  23. “Well, Brad, not that there’s not an issue, because we have a big issue with Dominion in other states and perhaps in yours. But we haven’t felt we needed to go there.”

    That’s like saying you have a full house and saying you win, but never showing your cards. Seems to me like that’s proof he lost bigly. It was a landslide and Trump knows it.

  24. the reason we know there was fraud is the absolutely ridiculous gains made by the socialist party, for a supposedly moderate candidate, whose proposed policies were not much different than the last two.
    I’ve seen that term before and figured you were name-pecking fun over it and ran across a pew-research showing Democrats were MUCH more aware of it’s existence than Republicans

  25. Things are going to get really complicated when Trump names her a a special counsel and she has carte blanch to go through their entire company.

  26. It’s just hard to believe that many mail in votes came in for Biden. And 93% of military votes in Fulton Co Georgia? Like only Democrats are considerate about covid spread. I just don’t buy it.

  27. Only thousands of Trump supporters at the capitol that day? Hotels put the number as high as 4 million. Attacking everyone’s credibility but never any discussion of the actual specific allegations?
    I’m so fucking glad I cancelled this POS rag. Can’t believe I supported them for so long.

    1. Sullum is the least libertarian writer on Reason.

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