Capitol Riot

'Our Democracy Would Enter a Death Spiral': McConnell Rebukes Electoral Challenge Minutes Before Protesters Storm Capitol

The warning came a bit too late.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) on Wednesday sought to forcefully reject attempts to stymie certifying the 2020 election results, as some Republicans expressed that they would vote against making President-elect Joe Biden's electoral college victory official.

"The voters, the courts, and the states have all spoken. They've all spoken," McConnell said, referencing unfounded claims of voter fraud and election irregularities put forth by President Donald Trump and some of his supporters on Capitol Hill. "If we overrule them, it would damage our Republic forever."

McConnell went on to detail Democratic efforts to cast doubt on past elections, including 2004 and 2016, arguing that such efforts to overturn the will of the voters makes them no better than the Democrats they've criticized over the last several years.

Contrast that with Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas), who used his time on the floor to argue for a commission that evaluates alleged voter fraud. The country needs an "independent" body to study the claims, he said, omitting that court after court has rejected Trump's lawsuits, with his own judicial nominees issuing scathing rebukes. The common thread: There is no evidence behind any Republican objection.

Several Republicans joined (or planned to join) Cruz, including Rep. Paul Gosar (R–Ariz.), Rep. Jim Jordan (R–Ohio), and Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.).

"Do Cruz et al. have any specific reason to believe the audits and recounts that states have conducted since the election, all of which validated Biden's victory, were deficient?" asks Reason's Jacob Sullum. "They don't say. Yet they imply that the certification of electoral votes in 'disputed states' cannot be trusted, based on allegations by the same man Cruz has said lies almost every time he opens his mouth."

Some in the GOP didn't have a chance to make their election skepticism official—including Hawley, the Trumpian populist who was the first to publicly announce he would make such claims—because pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol, smashing the windows and pushing past police to overtake the Senate chamber. One woman has been shot.

That occupation came after Trump asked that his supporters move to the Capitol to "show strength" and "fight" during a speech earlier Wednesday.

It should go without saying that Trump has emboldened the chaos in Washington, D.C., today. He did so directly and unapologetically. But so, too, have so many GOP leaders—those who recklessly lied to the American people about widespread election fraud, and those who made excuses for Trump's brazen immorality over these last four years.

"If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral," said McConnell today. That seems slightly prophetic at this point. If only he had found such courage before this moment—in other words, before he no longer had anything to lose.

NEXT: Republicans, White House Aides Beg Trump To Call Off MAGA Occupation of Capitol

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  1. Mitch better have my money.

    Mitch’s only contribution to this was that he blocked the $2k checks, which led to the Dem victories in Georgia.

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    2. the best thing about this Joint session of congress is that democrats and RINOs are admitting that the courts have constitutional authority to intervene in election fraud and violations of unconstitutional election law changes.

      They are so busy trying prevent the EC votes from being contested under the 12th amendment that they are opening the door for the ScOTUS to intervene.

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  2. How many TDS articles can Reason publish in one day?

    1. That sounds like a challenge…


        1. Are you the same anti-social Bill Godshall who got his ass kicked being a jerk at a polling place in Squirrel Hill? Who is supported by his wife?

          Doesn’t matter — you’re a bigoted, no-count pussy either way.

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  3. This is what out of fucking hand. Trump needs to leave right the fuck now. Okay WK, DoL and ChemJeff, I will fully support you in condemning this. Fuck off if you support this bullshit. It’s okay to be pissed but fuck.

    1. Resign, get Pence to pardon, and be done with it.

      1. Yes. Please.

        1. Seriously???

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    2. Civil rights have been violated wholesale for the last year, millions of lives were destroyed, cities were burned down in fits of political violence, extremely suspicious election activities are being frantically swept under the rug, and this is what puts our democracy in a death spiral. Seriously?

      1. Not meant as a reply.

        1. Yes, this is a result of both sides bullshit for the past year but fuck the right for one upping the left. Fuck I wasted ten years of my life defending this country only for the RS and Da to throw it all away over partisanship.

          1. And now you’re cheering for the left to seize totalitarian power.

            1. No, I am opposing the rioters attempt to cease power. Fuck you are the new Tony. Fuck off.

              1. Go soldier go! An HONEST and even patriotic American conservative for once, who understands that democracy means TWO parties, and NOT a 1-party state! You go, Dude!

              2. The rioters didn’t attempt to seize power and Trump didn’t incite them.
                Stop letting the DNC media write the narrative for your head. Do the gaslighting test on everything you’ve read today.

                200 protesters worked themselves up and ran into the rotunda, where a window got broken and they took a bunch of selfies from the podium and Pelosi’s office.
                The elected officials were unharmed but a protester girl was shot and killed.
                There was more damage to federal property over one night in Portland.

                You know better than this. Take a step back and think about what actually happened before selling your soul to White Knight.

              3. Bullshit.

                Protesters/rioters/a mob broke into the US capitol, seat of our central government, and ran around for a couple hours. They didn’t burn anything or beat anybody, but they did scare some of our Ruling Elites and their staffers (notably, at their place of work, as opposed to their homes…) and make the media pee their pants.
                How many people were even inside? Most shots I saw were just people standing around on the steps.
                But it’s un-American to protest government business at a government building?
                These people have the fucking right to be heard.

                “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
                -Thomas Jefferson

                But this is the hill you choose to die on? In the past just 12 months they tried to impeach our president for asking an ally to investigate corruption that was openly boasted about, denied the concept of unalienable rights, destroyed thousands of people’s businesses via edicts the rulers don’t follow themselves, unleashed/funded/spun months of racist rioting that lit on fire and killed dozens, changed electoral procedure unconstitutionally and at the last minute, refused to hear cases or examine evidence of suspected fraud, and voted to send billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign countries as aid for gender studies and such as we’re in the midst of joblessness those same Rulers created.
                But Trump is the problem and must fall on his sword…


        2. Most of the civil rights violations have been by state dictators, but I’m sure it helped feed into this.

          1. In collusion with corporate America, education and hospital systems, public sector unions, mass media, and Big Tech.
            But yea, Trump, the leader of the movement they all work together to destroy, is the one harming liberty.

    3. I’m also worried seeing rushed legislation by the freshman from St. Louis to remove republican congress members for inciting violence. Could we not bring that up right now as I don’t think that does anything to calm down this situation I’m fearful it makes it worse…

      1. It does. Both sides are to blame for today’s violence. Unfortunately, only the right will get the blame. And people like Nardz above claiming I am supporting left wing totalitarianism by opposing the violence proves it is definitely a both sides issue.

        1. It’s not that you’re opposing violence, it’s that you’re advocating capitulation to leftist tyranny and accepting their narrative framing as moral truth.

    4. Heil Leftism!

      1. On cue, Nardz declares his former compatriot a full fledged leftist after one statement condemning violence.

      2. How is condemning today’s violence support for leftism? Fuck this is a stupid take. Fuck now I have to agree with WK you are nothing more than a Trump cultist. You are not a fucking patriot. If you support violence because you lost fuck off. I will support violence if and when it becomes necessary, but preventing the constitutional process to go forward is not patriotic. It is as bad as anything you blame the left for

        1. Fuck yeah!

        2. “This is what out of fucking hand. Trump needs to leave right the fuck now. Okay WK, DoL and ChemJeff, I will fully support you in condemning this. Fuck off if you support this bullshit. It’s okay to be pissed but fuck.”

          This is not merely condemning violence, it’s aligning yourself with the left, placing the blame where the left assigns it, and demanding action the left desires.

          1. You know, there is correct behavior, and there is incorrect behavior.

        3. Damn bro. Now I have to respect you. Well done.

    5. Nice dude. That oath carries weight, doesn’t it? You can feel it after a decade out.

    6. That took a lot of guts. Thank you soldiermedic for that.

      1. It doesn’t take guts to fall for gaslighting.

        1. Yea, but he’s getting the McCain praise now, so there’s that.

    7. Our republic is finished.

      Some americans are upset. Democrats started the civil war 2.0 and war is hell.

    8. What can I say, people don’t like to tolerate lawlessness…such as fake elections.

    1. Speaking of which, where’s Tony been?

      1. He told me I was a ratfucking like 30 minutes ago because I said rioting in Congress now doesn’t validate the burning of businesses over the summer.

  4. Just a minor nitpick, his wording is wrong. It’s “a danger to our democracy”, not “democracy in a deathspiral”.

  5. After praising and defending violent riots by BLM all summer, the Trump hating left wing DC Mayor is now condemning peaceful protests by Trump supporters in DC who are outside the Capitol complex (as the Mayor has no authority over federal property).

    1. The “peaceful” protestors who broke through the barricades, stormed the Capitol and occupied the Senate floor. Those “peaceful” protestors.

      1. Didn’t bolshevik antifa types occupy state houses? I mean this stuff has been tolerated by left wing politicians all year..any surprise it is now in DC? this all would have stopped quickly if in Portland or Chicago or other city if the brown shirt antifa’s where thrown in jail or deported…now this behavior is “normalized.”

      2. Mostly peaceful protestors.

      3. Yes, those peaceful protesters were even more peaceful than BLM; they didn’t even start any fires!

  6. It should go without saying that Trump has emboldened the chaos in Washington, D.C., today. He did so directly and unapologetically. But so, too, have so many GOP leaders—those who recklessly supported his lies of election fraud, and those who made excuses for his brazen immorality over these last four years.

    It takes two to tango – the Democrats are equally at fault for supporting the Resistance. Right?

  7. No evidence? I guess when you close your eyes and ears and scream lalalalala that would make sense.

    1. Apparently it’s ridiculous to form a commission to *look* for evidence.

      I don’t believe they’ll find anything actionable (yes, election laws were violated in favor of emergency rules, but in the end those are state matters.) But why not form the commission? Allegations were made. They should be definitively discredited, if they are indeed false.

  8. “‘Our Democracy Would Enter a Death Spiral’: McConnell Rebukes Electoral Challenge Minutes Before Protesters Storm Capitol

    The warning came a bit too late.”

    1) If our democracy is in a death spiral, it’s only because Biden won and the Democrats won control of the senate. Yes, that warning came too late.

    2a) No one among the protesters gives a shit what McConnell thinks about anything–but I suspect they care more about what McConnell says than we do about Binion’s silly opinion.

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  10. Fuck Mcconnel and Fuck democracy.

    If they burn capitol hill, I’d sleep like a baby tonight.

  11. The left is going to clamp down hard after this. You watch it happen in real time. Rioting will be the excuse they use.

    1. Yup.

    2. Correct.
      This is their Reichstage fire.

      “BbbbUt iT cAn’T hApPeN hERe!”

  12. So apparently McConnell, and Reason, are asserting that our democracy is not already in a death spiral?

    I, and tens of millions of Americans, disagree.

  13. I was really hoping to see the glow of the Capitol Building burning against the backdrop of a dark wintery skyline of Washington DC.

  14. This kind of mainstream media BS is the reason I stopped paying for a subscription. Libertarians have become to willing to exchange their integrity for access to the DC elites.

    1. The commies that staff unreason are not libertarians.

  15. Our republic has been in a death spiral for more than a decade.

    1. When americans dont even agree on how the us constitution is the supreme law of this land, we are a nation in name only.

      The congressmen are admitting on love TV that election fraud occurs… they just dont think it was proven to other traitor bureuacrats who run the courts or was “widespread”.

      These traitors have the nerve to act like they are abiding by their oaths of office.

      Woodchippers warming up around the USA.

  16. Look McConnell the democracy is already in a death spiral and for good reason.
    1) We AREN’T a democracy and too many politicians are pretending that we are. Patriots aren’t going to smile and sit down while Hitler Jr’s gets elected in all part of government (Nation Socialist = Nazi).
    2) Any attempt to authenticate it is getting the run-around. If you want to end the ‘death spiral’ LET it get authenticated by both sides of the isle. Waving your hand around to ‘let the suspicion’ go when there is so much already isn’t going to authenticate it!

    1. Every contested state (Ga, AZ, PA, MI, WI) legislature has requested that their slate of electors for biden be recalled because of violations of constitutional law and evidence of the massive democrat election fraud.

  17. That’s what Mitch wants people to think, because he’s worried about securing his 100k+ paycheck (from our tax dollars). He knows big government is broken.

  18. “If we overrule them, it would damage our Republic forever.”

    Seems pretty obvious that Cocaine Mitch got that backwards.

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