Election 2020

As Trump's Election Conspiracy Theories Get Crazier, Some Republicans Are Finally Backing Away

More should do the same.


With President Donald Trump's campaign largely abandoning the claim that widespread voter fraud swung the election's outcome—a claim for which the campaign's lawyers struggled to provide evidence—the president's supporters have moved along to two outlandish new tactics to avoid admitting defeat.

The first tactic involves claiming that Trump was the victim—and isn't he always—of a vote-rigging scheme allegedly perpetrated by Democratic Party operatives and Dominion Voting Systems, a company that manufactures electronic voting machines and their software. Those allegations have been percolating through the right-wing fever swamps for days, but on Thursday afternoon they were given a full endorsement by Sidney Powell, one of Trump's top election lawyers, who sketched out a massive conspiracy that stretches far enough to include Hugo Chavez, the former Venezuelan dictator who has been dead since 2013.

"What we are really dealing with here and uncovering more by the day is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China in the interference with our elections here in the United States," Powell claimed. Later, she said Trump had actually won the election "by a landslide" before as many as 7 million votes were switched electronically to President-elect Joe Biden.

While discussing Powell's press conference on Thursday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the allegations, if proven, would constitute "the single greatest crime in American history." He's probably right. But, as Carlson went on to point out, the allegations are a long way from being proven. In fact, Powell has rebuked his offers to bring forward the evidence of these explosive claims.

Publicly, the Trump campaign has offered nothing that could be rightfully called evidence to support these wild conspiracy theories. Many of the specific claims have already been debunked, so there's no need to go through them one-by-one here. The longer this goes on without Trump's attorneys offering evidence of this huge scandal, the more obvious it becomes that these claims are not meant to hold up in court, but merely intended to create doubt about the election's outcome and to cloud the minds, specifically, of a few key Republicans.

Which brings us to the second tactic. Trump has personally invited some of the top Republicans in the Michigan state legislature to meet with him in the White House on Friday. It is unlikely that the topic of conversation will be the struggles of the University of Michigan football team. As anyone who follows the president's Twitter feed can tell, he's had only one thing on his mind for weeks.

The Michigan legislature, like all state legislatures, is responsible for the final certification of the results of the election. That could happen as soon as Monday. Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, a Republican, said earlier this week that lawmakers would not vote to discard the election results. Biden won the state by about 157,000 votes.

The Trump campaign strategy, then, seems to go something like this: Make loud, explosive allegations about the legitimacy of the election to gin up Trump's increasingly conspiracy theory-obsessed base as a way to pressure state lawmakers in Michigan (and potentially other states too) to refuse to certify the outcome of the election. Since the federal government, thankfully, doesn't have much control over elections, Trump is resorting to the next best thing: unsubtly threatening to turn his rabid base of supporters against anyone who goes along with this "plot" to "steal" the election.

You don't even have to connect the dots to figure out that's the Trump campaign strategy at this point, because the Trump campaign is helpfully confirming it to reporters.


Some Republicans—not enough and certainly not all—have seen enough of this nonsense. In a statement to The Washington Post on Thursday night, Sen. Ben Sasse (R–Neb.) pointed out the obvious disconnect between what Trump's legal team is saying at press conferences and what they are saying in courtrooms.

"When Trump campaign lawyers have stood before courts under oath, they have repeatedly refused to actually allege grand fraud—because there are legal consequences for lying to judges," Sasse noted.

Sasse said the Trump team's "wild press conferences erode public trust," and he called on Trump's attorneys to stop pressuring electors and state officials to refuse to certify the vote counts in Michigan.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah), who has been on the receiving end of a close loss in a presidential election, was even more direct. "Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the president has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election," Romney said in a statement posted to Twitter. "It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American president."

More prominent Republicans should join Sasse and Romney in rebuking Trump's behavior—but, then, how many times in the past four years has that been the case?

Trump's attempt to bully and conspiracy-monger his way to a second term is in keeping with his character, of course. He rose to prominence on the political right by amplifying a conspiracy theory about then-President Barack Obama. He'll ride out of the White House with the Republican Party's defining characteristic being, as National Review's Kevin Williamson put it on Thursday, "conspiracy kookery."

What began in the wake of the election as an apparent attempt to "humor" the president and cushion his ego has metastasized. It's still unlikely to change the results of the election. Flipping the results in Michigan wouldn't give Trump enough electoral votes to win. Georgia finalized its recount on Friday and reported that Biden had indeed carried the state. Pennsylvania and other key states are expected to certify their results early next week.

If Powell or Trump's other attorneys have evidence to confirm their wild accusations regarding the election, now is the time to show it. Without it, they are guilty of abetting a ridiculous scheme to undermine the legitimacy of American elections for personal, egotistical reasons. That so few Republicans seem willing to admit those basic facts speaks volumes.

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  1. “If Powell or Trump’s other attorneys have evidence to confirm their wild accusations regarding the election, now is the time to show it.”

    Stupid statement. The time to show it is to the court or legislature, not to the public. The public is irrelevant at this point.

    It’s simple, really, and your frantic gaslighting doesn’t change the facts. It’s one of three things….
    1) They have something significant and they fully expect to get satisfaction in the courts/legislature.
    2) They kinda have something, but it will be a tough sell.
    3) They are blowing smoke for god-knows-what-reason and it will blow up in their face.

    My opinion is #2, and the press conferences are just battlespace preparation to keep the momentum, as well as to put the opposition off-guard. If they think they have something, it would make sense to keep the dems reacting to them.

    but at the end of the day, we will know in a couple weeks. And you penning mindless drivel and gaslighting is a waste of everyone’s time, and your credibility.

    1. Good summary, and Eric really ought to stop illustrating TDS for his own sanity.

    2. I vote 3 maybe with a hint of 2. Rudy lost a lot of credibility before the election when he claimed he had the goods on Biden’s pay off scandal which never materialized.

      1. I don’t listen to Rudy. If it was just him, I’d agree.

        But Powell and Wood, however. It’s tough to see them going to the mats like this without thinking they have something. Turley wrote yesterday that the claims against Dominion in the press conference could easily be actionable defamation. Seems unlikely that Powell/Wood would make those claims without having enough to protect themselves against a defamation suit.

        1. Powell and Wood are both crass conspiracy theorists. Of course they make claims that are bald-faced lies. They do so because credulous fools continue to believe them. When proved wrong, they move the goalposts and keep spewing nonsensical garbage. The Chavez/Venezuela claim, for instance is particularly egregious. Dominion Voting Systems has no connection to Venezuela. Smartmatic, the company that does, was founded by two refugees from Chavez’s Venuzuela who live in Miami, Florida.

          1. There’s general consensus in the legal profession, irrespective of party affiliation, that the “factual” assertions are unmitigated bullshit, and would under normal circumstances subject the attorneys to bar discipline. And don’t take my word for it—ask any good lawyers you know.

            1. Sworn affidavits are “evidence”
              You probably think that “consensus” is a scientific term?

          2. Do you realize that the term “Conspiracy Theory” was invented by the CIA?
            We just went through four years(and counting) of you leftist’s trying to tell us that the Russians corrupted the 2016 elections and now we are to believe that the elections are incorruptible?
            Four States where Trump was leading and pulling away just stopped counting in the middle of the night.
            And you are not the least bit curious?

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        3. Exactly.
          It is stunning that a site like this with this author doesn’t seem the least bit interested in finding out if this software is capable of changing votes in real time.
          If it is capable of doing it, then every vote tabulated by one of these machines needs to be audited.
          We just went through four years of the Democrats telling us that the Russians corrupted the election in 2016 and stole it for Trump.
          Now they are telling us that our elections are beyond question?
          This is existential stuff here, because if Powell is right and this does not get overturned, then nobody but a democrat will ever get elected to the presidency ever again.

        4. I watched Harvard-educated Russ Ramsland of Dallas illustrate on YT with CNN screenshots something quite amazing: a split-second snatch of 560 votes from Biven (R) which was then awarded — the same 560 votes — to Beshear (D) in the KY governor race. The race is moot now because Biven conceded. I wish he hadn’t, but then who knew? Who would have been able to know?

          I’m not a spring chicken and not easy to gull. But have I been gulled here? Now go back and watch the entire video.

          Now I am convinced that celebrated, believable Lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have reason to be furious and justifiably ready to litigate. tags: Dominion, ES&S, SCYTL, Barcelona, Frankfurt, hacked

        5. Not actionable defamation in the slightest, because Dominion would never, ever want to go through discovery.

      2. Never materialized or was never reported on or taken up by the same FBI that gave Clinton a pass on violating national security? I’m sure the Hunter Biden deals and board seats were just coincidentally where his dad held sway.

    3. Well, they’ve lost something like 25 court fights. Which trial are they waiting to unveil it at. 30? 50?

      Its an embarrassment to everyone involved. And if they’re not careful they’re gonna mess around and blow the senate, at which point we’re actually fucked.

      1. “If they’re not careful they’re gonna mess around and blow the senate”

        HA! All elections are now determined by voter fraud. Period. It’s…done. When you accept voting methods outlawed in 80% of the developed world since the 1970’s, what do you expect?

        The best they can do is keep raising the fraud alarm in the hopes we can get election integrity reform in some of these banana republic states.

          1. No evidence, you dunces.

            1. Do you realize you are just repeating the DNC-sponsored talking points?

              Because none of us know what evidence they are sitting on. Maybe its big, maybe its nothing. Never have criminal/civil cases involved presenting of the evidence to the public. It’s done in court.

              All of us will know in the next couple weeks.

              1. Sounds like wishful thinking. If there’s one thing to there is strong evidence of so far, it is Giuliani’s incompetence.

              2. Just promise you’ll come back in February when none of the legal challenges have succeeded so you can tell us how there is some vast conspiracy that destroyed the evidence.

              3. They are not sitting on evidence, because if they had evidence they bring it forward. Giuliani said in court there is no fraud.

              4. “Never have criminal/civil cases involved presenting of the evidence to the public.” Where have you been the last two hundred years? Every big trial involves either prosecutors or defense attorneys adjudicating their case in public. Sometimes even when there are gag orders in effect.

            2. There was also no evidence that Al Capone ever broke any law except that he didn’t file some Federal paperwork.

        1. Translation: I have no evidence of fraud, but I don’t like the results of the election.

    4. Stupid statement. The time to show it is to the court or legislature, not to the public. The public is irrelevant at this point.

      So, what’s the point of the press conference then?

      1. I mean, I can get behind the idea that they hold their cards until the trial.

        I can’t get behind the idea that they keep coming out and telling everyone about the amazing evidence of a conspiracy and fraud and all – this sort of hype is just marketing hype and is usually done when the product being marketed is actually mediocre, at best.

        That they keep doing this stuff makes me start to think they don’t actually have anything.

        1. The evidence that they (might) have which is not already public (because there is massive evidence we all already have access to):

          1. Affidavits
          2. Data analysis
          3. Forensic examinations

          None of those are very presentable in a press conference. Rudy gave some introduction/overview to those things, which was the stated purpose of their press conference.

          Now why is the left, and establishment, so desperate to not look at anything?
          Why are they going to such lengths to cover up what “isn’t” there?

          1. “None of those are very presentable in a press conference. ”

            Nor any of your comments, neither.

            1. Bye, eunuch

              1. You’re leaving? Thank God.

          2. I get that part.

            I just don’t get the point of the constant hyping of the evidence to the public – especially if the public is irrelevant, per Mike.

            1. I get where you’re coming from, but the public isn’t irrelevant.
              There’s a reason the media is going all in on the “president elect” and “nothing to see here” brainwashing.
              They need a populace that will accept tyranny without a fight.
              And it seems there are a lot of supposed libertarians who are eager to submit.
              But counter messaging is necessary.
              We need to fight for our liberty, and they are telling us there is cause to fight.
              The media, including Big Tech, is 24/7 pushing propaganda designed to get us to accept their dictatorship. Should that go unchallenged?

              1. How in the world is fighting for a Trump win “fighting for liberty”?

                1. The Dems are commies.

                  1. The Reps are fascists.

                2. Agree. Republican dictator. Democrat dictator. We’re getting dicked either way.

                3. If they get away with it once, they will try again, and again. Just look at Andrew Yang OPENLY instructing Democrats to move to GA just to vote in the Senate runoffs and then move back to their CA hellhole.

                  THAT IS FRAUD, and they’re so brazen about it they don’t even try to hide it. All future elections will be determined by who can cheat better if it’s not nipped in the bud now.

                  THAT is why fighting for a Trump win is “fighting for liberty.”

            2. I suppose because, if the Republican base throws up their hands and accept that Trump lost, the courts probably aren’t going to care enough about whatever they present to risk death threats.

              I mean, in theory it shouldn’t matter what public opinion is. If they show up in court with evidence and the law on their side, they prevail. But it doesn’t work that way in political cases. The courts really do not want to upset political apple carts, and they especially don’t want to upset apple carts where it could result in their homes being firebombed.

              If the passion and anger are about equal on both sides, it cancels out and drops out of the equation. If it’s all on one side, it regrettably becomes a factor in determining the legal outcome.

              So they really need the Republican base publicly angry and motivated until the litigation is over.

              1. Yeah, getting a bunch of kooks riled up who are already doing their best meal team 6 operator fantasy impression at rallies is just to help litigation.

              2. Clearly, you haven’t spent much time around judges. They generally take pride in not allowing public opinion to sway legal decisions. And they have no sense of humor when it comes to firebombing (trust me). Judges certainly make dumb decisions for dumb reasons, but those dumb reasons are most often internal (like reading the law to suit their view of the world) than reacting to public sentiment.

                1. Try telling that to the Chief Justice politician, John Roberts. I don’t think he got the memo.

          3. Hey dipshit, read Judge Brann’s opinion issued November 21 (assuming you can read) dismissing the last remaining Trumpista lawsuit in PA of any significance in its entirety and with prejudice. No respectable attorney will touch these cases because they’re entirely frivolous. (Which is why Trumpistas are left with 3d rate lawyers who are on the cusp of being disbarred. Rudy will definitely be sanctioned in NY—about 40,000 of us are about to file a disciplinary complaint.). Of course, I assume you consider yourself a legal expert because you do Google “research” in the course of your Q research.

      2. could be a number of things…
        1) get more whistleblowers/insiders to come forward
        2) make guilty parties react in fear of what might come out
        3) counter the endless gaslighting from the media
        4) fundraising

        1. Definitely #4. Trump is fundraising so he’ll have money to pay off the delinquent bank loans on his golf courses and hotels.

      3. Fund raising.

        1. Yup. And a Hail Mary shot at getting Republican legislatures to overturn the vote results and pick their slates of electors. And Trump’s future as a political media celebrity.

          1. No get the SC to invalidate election and send it to the House.

            1. They are still letting the case they declined to hear on Monday sit there. It’s Friday.

          2. “And Trump’s future as a political media celebrity.”
            100% with you on this one. We should expect a new political ‘reality’ show when this is done….and a book and mech and so forth….Reality ‘TV’ the only business Trump has ever conducted that didn’t eventually lose money or fail. This whole political stunt he pulled being a president was all done to further his brand…and change a few laws that will help him get out of debt in the process.

            The only reason why he’s currently fighting so hard right now is because he likely isnt done changing everything he needs to change to do this.

    5. I vote #3, but this take is nevertheless spot on.

      From the article:

      That so few Republicans seem willing to admit those basic facts speaks volumes.

      Boehm makes me sad. Libertarianism is about individuals, not class struggle or race struggle or party struggle. Individuals. Personally, I think the individuals engaged in this campaign are complete asshats, but they are within their rights. Trying to paint all “Republicans” as being complicit just because they haven’t each penned op-eds is judging a lot of *individuals* without knowing them– very un-libertarian.

      1. Same could be said of associating rioters with Black Lives Matter.

        1. yeah, it’s all those violent commie Antifa losers rioting.

          1. Is it right to judge all Republicans as one collective lump of protoplasm, rather than judging them as individuals?

            1. No, Republicans should be judged as individuals, but liberals should all be judged as one group. Duh!

              1. But liberals WANT to be treated as one big group. We were just trying to accommodate your desire for collectivism.

                Sheesh you guys can never make up your minds!

                1. Please present whatever basis you have for your implication that they HAVE minds . . .

            2. Is it right? no.

              But isn’t that the tribal game the left is playing? Because I can play to.
              As a classical liberal, fiscal conservative, with libertarian and anarcho-capitalist leanings I don’t align with most tribes. But if the left insists on forcing me, I’m going with the tribe that is better armed and most aligned with military enlisted personnel.

              1. Honestly, a complete surprise to me. I would have never pegged you for a “classic liberal’ with “libertarian and anarcho-capitalist” leanings.

              2. Your last sentence belies your 3rd.

    6. Yeah, why the heck would the public need to be kept informed about matters related to the nation-wide election of their next Presidential administration! What business is it of theirs?!

    7. I’ll take 1 I believe in Powell & Wood.

      1. Of course you will. Simple things for simple minds.

      2. Hasn’t Powell been removed from Trump’s elite strike force? Perhaps Trump no longer believes Powell. Will Dillinger follow the lead of Trump?

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    9. Here’s evidence.
      Go to Gateway Pundit for more. The Dems screwed up and the fraud is evident in the data. Things like spikes in votes that are physically impossible and ratios 51% Biden 49% Trump for dozens of consecutive tranches of ballots that are impossible.

      1. Data analysis is so reliable for determining how a “conservative traunch” is supposed to vote. Why even bother with having people vote?

        1. Read my comment again. Dozens if batches of ballots were recorded at the EXACT same ratio. Mathematically impossible.

          1. Why impossible? These are not random events these are votes. There areas that are Trump area and area that are Biden areas and these may have similar ratios.

            1. 56 consecutive batches? Biden gets a huge batch of votes that puts him in the lead then every batch after that he gets 51% to 49%? This is done in several states. Go to Gateway Pundit they have it all.

              1. 56 consecutive batches … after poll workers had “stopped counting for the night”

      2. That “Drop and Roll” video is so cool. It’s cool because it shows how easily people like you are duped. The reason Trump was ahead at first and then Biden surged is logical and easy to understand for anyone with half a brain. In-person voters on election day favored Trump. Their votes were counted first, giving Trump a temporary lead. Absentee and mail-in voters favored Biden. Their votes were counted second, eroding or erasing Trump’s temporary lead.

    10. You do realize that opposing counsel gets access to all the evidence before the court date, right? There is no such thing as keeping the opposition off-guard with hidden evidence.

      1. This quote from well respected attorney Lionel Hutz says otherwise:

        Lionel Hutz: Don’t worry, Homer. I have a fool proof strategy to get you out of here: surprise witnesses, each more surprising than the last. I tell you, the judge won’t know what hit him!

      2. You DO realize that this isn’t a criminal case, right? The rules are different in civil litigation.

        1. Discovery exists in civil litigation, just as it does in criminal cases.

    11. 3) They are blowing smoke for god-knows-what-reason and it will blow up in their face.

      Blow up how? Giuliani will never be Mayor again? Trump won’t be President? Blow up like 4 yrs. of abject nonsense about Russian collusion blew up the democratic party?

      AFAICT, the only downside to them doing this is that the opposition will make fun of them for it and considering they’ve been calling them white supremacist Russian assets for 4 yrs. I don’t see why you would suddenly decide that the namecalling matters. Especially if you’re catering to your base the way Russian collusion catered to the D base.

      1. Blow up how? Giuliani will never be Mayor again? Trump won’t be President?

        Lying windbags won’t be able to land plumb political anchor or analyst positions on crooked networks?

    12. > The public is irrelevant at this point.
      If that is the case then Trump should not be tweeting about it or his D- legal team should not be holding press conferencing claiming fraud.

      1. Unless of course they have no evidence and that is the only thing they can do because if they did it inside a court room they would be jailed.

    13. So far they seem to have suspicions and circumstantial evidence for fraud (record voter turnout, absurd pro-Biden margins on mail-in ballots in certain swing states but not other swing states or even in liberal states), but no actual proof. Along with actual evidence for a few mistakes here and there which won’t add up to enough votes to change the outcome. Game over.

      1. Even the pro-Bidens margins are explained by demographics.

    14. They are literally alleging a conspiracy involving Hugo Chavez. Stop pretending that it’s some measured, patient tactic that just needs time to play out in court.

      1. lol just came back here to openly mock Powell now that her Hugo Chavez conspiracy theory was a total failure

        still hiring “only the best” I see

    15. We have a Depends mishap on aisle 74, next to the Dr Trump Butthurt Salve display; need MAGA wet mops ASAP, also a Platform editor to delete “shoot dogs, black gentlemen and hippies” and “bully pregnant Jezebels”–OH! And rededicate the recycled 2016 Platform to someone other than Qualified Immunity First Responders™–right away quicklike before the Electoral College convenes.

    16. except they’ve been in court numerous times and haven’t showed anything. What was the strategy there dumbass?

    17. Clearly if Trump’s team wanted their accusations to be taken seriously by the media they would just have to claim they had unnamed sources within the administration. Worked for the last four years, why not now.

    18. I thought Reason was Libertarian at least with a small L, but this author uses terms like “Right Wing Fever Swamps”, Debunked and Conspiracy Theory.
      Before I left the Libertarian Party, it was still decidedly on the far right end of a Left/Right political graph.
      Did this guy use to work at Solon?

    19. I know how they did it. It’s as honest as Clinton foundation NGOs. Everyone in a few key “hilliary” districts worked their hearts out swimming in money to “get out the vote” or to “count the vote”. More than nine of ten individuals who were eligible to vote did vote. The only way to see what happened is to find and count all of the money that poured in. Like the 108 NGOs which helped Haiti without sending a person or a dollar bill to the country, while everyone believed they were contributing, the players believe that spending thousands of dollars per vote and being the largest employer is perfectly noble.

  2. I honestly don’t even know where to start with this article… Holy fuck Boehm. This is one of the worst pieces I’ve read on Reason and I’ve read serious fucking trash here the last 4 years.

    1. Please, keep on cryin

      1. He’s not crying until he starts the hashtag #notmymagazine

        1. He’s been alternating between seditious and personal death threats over the last couple weeks. I would say that counts as crying.

          1. I think you have me confused, I’ve never threatened anyone on this website or on the internet in general.

        2. Oh, we’ll see plenty of that soon. The annual fundraising webathon is coming up.

  3. isn’t vote rigging the same as voter fraud so i se no change in tactics

    1. There are other ways to rig a vote besides fraud. Bribery, for example. But it’s probably pretty hard to make a difference in an outcome without some fraud.

      1. Imagine that NGOs make presentations and put on events to collect money for a good cause. Some hiring, more events, more money, some hiring, more events….No fraud. Not even bad intentions, but still a scheme.

  4. Proof will be the problem since if it was a program simple enough to change the program before back before it gets investigated thus proof is lost but also why we shouldn’t rely on programs to count

    1. Wouldn’t change the effects, and that’s all that matters. Vote fraud on the scale claimed is impossible to hide.

      1. It’s impossible to hide…unless you use voting methods OUTLAWED in 80% of the developed world. Then it becomes easy, as we have learned. These tactics have been illegal in most of Europe since the 1970’s when they had an epidemic of voter fraud. Democrats knew this, which is exactly why they instituted it.

        1. “It would be too hard to hide.”
          “This data is statistically impossible…”
          “But it’s too hard to hide.”
          “There are hundreds of people who have signed affidavits testifying that they witnessed voter fraud.”
          “But it’s still too hard to hide.”
          “It’s not hidden, you fucking idiot.”

          1. Bingo.

            They stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and chant the Democrat mantra: “blah blah blah, I am not listening.”

            It’s wilful ignorance.

          2. no one’s testifying they witnessed fraud no one they’ve testified they saw things that seemed odd… God you people are killing me and I didn’t vote for either one of them.

            1. Multiple witnesses testified they were backdating ballots that arrived too late…try to pay attention.

        2. You have no evidence. None. You are just making shit up.

            1. “These Ratios are Impossible”

              So…you have no evidence other than some dumbfuck with a spreadsheet that knows how to highlight a column and claim they’re “impossible” with 0 explanation why. I would encourage you to stop, drop and roll but I think it’s too late for you. Keep on cryin…

              1. I’m no math expert but I believe it’s possible to calculate the odds of random numbers repeating. It’s like flipping a coin and having it come up heads 100 times.

                1. Which random numbers are you referring to? All I saw is an ~ 51-49% +/- 1% difference between the two dipshits….which is what the pre-election polcats were predicting anyway. How the fuck is that “like flipping a coin and having it come up heads 100 times”?

                  1. Not our job to teach you mathematics, diversity hire.

    2. I’d imagine there’s hashing involved to detect this kind of fuckery.

      If there isn’t, none of the votes counted by those machines/software should count. None. How could you trust these things if something as simple as “here’s a hash of the software that was running on election night” isn’t being done? It’s basic IT work for anyone who has even minor concerns about the integrity of their system. Forget fraud, if this isn’t being done the people running the system are so incompetent that I wouldn’t trust the results even if they were angels.

      1. Look, if we were using basic IT security on voting machines, we wouldn’t be voting with programmable general purpose computers in the first place. You ask anybody with a computers background, they’ll tell you doing that is insane.

        You can set up a secure system easily enough. But it wouldn’t involve electronic voting machines. They’re fine for counting, but the actual ballots need to be physical, and mechanically marked by the voter themselves. At least human readable is a close second.

        We don’t have secure voting systems because the people making the decisions don’t WANT us to have secure voting systems. At best, they want the company paying the biggest kickbacks to get the contract, and merely don’t care if it’s secure.

        1. Why did McConnell fail to bring to the floor 3 bipartisan election security bills in the last few years?

          1. because they were all dem sponsored bills the further the exact issues claimed now.

            1. Teams aside, it also assumes that the only way to hack an election is programmatically. If the bill says ‘build air-gapped vote counters from the ground up with open-source plans’ in paragraph A and ‘remove any cofirmation of the voter’s identity or residence within the district’ in paragraph B, the speaker is right to fail the bill.

              1. That’s not what they said. They were going to crack down on illegal foreign contributions though.

                One would require campaigns to report attempts by foreigners to contribute. Another would require states to all use systems that generate or only use paper ballots to create a secure, non digital and auditable record of votes. A third that was co-sponsored by Tom Cotton would enable federal legislators to receive assistance in making their personal and office electronic devices secure from hacking.


                1. ‘That’s not what they said.’

                  No shit dumbass. Did you read the first sentence? I’ll. talk. slower.

                  *Teams aside*… meaning that I give no shits whether McConnell and Trump were on the same team or not…

                  (I know it’s going to take you some time to wrap your head around this concept so take your time before proceeding.)

                  If you thought the Senate or Congress was hell bent on manipulating voting machines…

                  Not that McConnell did…

                  But giving them greater control of state voting processes…

                  would be counterproductive and even Constitutionally questionable…

                  Especially if you thought the calls for such enhanced controls…

                  Were less-than-honorably motivated.

                  I don’t like Mitch but you realize that you’re effectively saying he should’ve brought the bills to a vote because he knew Democrats might try to steal the election, right?

      2. And it would be great to address any such issues before the next big, important election. Voting software should all be open source, too, so anyone can examine it.

        Kinda too late for this election. We’ve got the results we got, collected with the machines and procedures that were in place.

    3. The proof is in the data that was published during the count.

      1. That’s a youtube video.

        1. Wow you figured that out all by yourself?

        2. Are you retarded?

  5. That you can only point to two prominent Republicans willing to protest authoritarian rule does indeed speak volumes, and is pathetic. But you know full well, there isn’t a Republican Party anymore, it’s the Trump Party. He’s the king maker now, and all those GOPers know it.

    But then, he’s always been nothing but a con man, always searching for the next grift. The real concern is the one poll that showed 70% of Republicans believe Biden won due to fraud. And reading comments from supposed libertarians here, about 70% “libertarians” (I use the term loosely) also agree.

    It hasn’t been just a Trump problem for about 3 years…it’s a Republican and right wing problem. It’s just taken you folks at Readon way to long to recognize it.

    1. I enjoy the recent poll that show even 35% of dems think Biden won by fraud.

      1. Of course we all know how accurate polls are

        1. Yeah, usually within 5-10% of the truth. Not good for predicting election outcomes, but not completely meaningless.

        2. Polls are only accurate when they show something bad about the other tribe.

      2. Can you link to that poll?

          1. That doesn’t back up the 35% claim above. That’s the one I was dubious about.

    2. That he’s lefties like you spun up and worried so is hilarious. And remember you got Joe Biteme. Which means more graft and corruption from a long time senate fraudster like Biteme will dominate the conversation and no proggie left socialist programs will get implemented. You literally fail each time you try.

    3. “it’s the Trump Party. He’s the king maker now, and all those GOPers know it. ”

      And they think that with him out of the way, they can take the party back, because they never really let him get anywhere near the level of control a popular President would normally get.

      That’s why they didn’t update the platform this year, for instance: He’d have had some say about what was in it.

      1. They didn’t update the platform because any conservative platform would be used against them as a hilariously obvious example of their hypocrisy. Hard to claim you are for reducing the federal debt or size of the federal government when your daddy king just blew the deficit up for no reason.

        1. The GOP platform is that whatever Trump says is gospel.

    4. “The real concern is the one poll that showed 70% of Republicans believe Biden won due to fraud.”

      You should be concerned by this. It means that nobody gives a shit what MSM, courts, or anybody else has to say. And they will make the lives of Democrats a living hell for the next four years because of it.

      You made your bed, now lay in it.

      1. If you find yourself in court, I strongly encourage you to loudly pronounce that you don’t give a shit about what he or she says. See how that works out for you.

        1. I’m not in court, dumbass.

      2. Yeah, it’s Dems’ fault that Trump started everything with the birther conspiracy and Muslim ban attempt. It’s totally Dems’ fault that he spent more time tweeting and golfing and literally pulling “policies” out of Breitbart comment sections. It’s totally Dems’ fault that Trump filled his positions with people that had to be replaced 4,5,6 times and half of them can’t pass a security check. It’s totally Dems’ fault that Trump doubled the rates at his hotels and then had SS and foreign dignitaries stay there. All the convictions. Etc. Etc.

        This narrative that all this “happened to” Trump because of “unprovoked” attacks is so absurd. SO absurd. He made HIS bed and you should lie in it.

    5. Yeah no reason at all to be concerned.

  6. A. There probably has been some fraud, there always is, but Trump lost by the same margin as he won in 2016. Lucky in 2016, unlucky in 2020. Sucks to be us, but it would suck only a little less with Trump in charge.

    B. Massive fraud requires massive coverup. The coverup required invites comparisons to FDR knowing about Pearl Harbor and actively issuing orders to make it possible. It just is not plausible and requires equally massive proof which has not been forthcoming.

    C. Eric’s rush to condemn Trump is as unseemly as Trump’s rush to allege vast conspiracies. Stuff it, Eric; show some common sense, some neutrality, some objectivity, and some sense of understanding liberty.

    1. “It just is not plausible”

      Lookup why France banned mail in voting in 1975 due to massive fraud in Corsica. Not only is it plausible, it’s been proven conclusively throughout history that mail in voting causes massive fraud. Both Trump and the Democrats knew this, which is why it was adopted this year.

      1. No it hasn’t. You are just making shit up.

        1. Voting Fraud Is a Real Concern. Just Look Around the World | Opinion

      2. I’m sorry they’ve been voting by mail in several states in this country for years. Washington, Colorado, Oregon, none of them have any problem with fraud. You people are so stupid it’s mind blowing.
        are you trying to steal the title from flat Earthers.

        1. Yeah, all Democrat strongholds where they don’t need to cheat to win. People only cheat when they think they might lose without it.

          Try again, Chip Dumbass.

    2. I’ll take C. Boehm is embarrassing himself.

    3. Supposed libertarians eager to trust their rulers might make their cover up a lot easier.

    4. What did Eric say that was untrue or against liberty?

      The most powerful man in the world trying to stay in power despite losing an election looks like the most obvious full frontal assault on liberty I can think of.

      1. Good for you! Admitting your ignorance is the first step toward recovery.

    5. it doesn’t take much to cover up mail-in ballot fraud, if you don’t verify the signatures and then toss the envelopes. ballot counting isn’t the problem.

    6. FDR spent months trying to get the Japanese to fire the first shot, but he intended for it to be against the Philippines. He sent several times as much USN tonnage to the Atlantic during that time as the Japanese sent to the bottom during the first 6 months of the war.

      When the questions stacked up too high for the media to bury, FDR made scapegoats of 120,000 innocent men, women and children, none of whom had been within 2,500 miles of Pearl Harbor during the attack.

      Perhaps, if your goal is to prove that Democrat collectivists would never cheat in an election, you might not want to use Pearl Harbor as an example of their honesty.

    7. Trump lost by a larger margin.

  7. https://twitter.com/EmeraldRobinson/status/1329761612316729346?s=19

    Our media: there’s no evidence!

    Here’s 800 sworn affidavits.

    Our media: there’s no evidence!

    Here’s statistical analysis of impossible vote counts.

    Our media: there’s no evidence!

    Here’s the code that shows how votes flipped for Biden.

    Our media: there’s no evidence!

    1. More like:
      Trumpers: This needs to be investigated, so many accusations.

      Everyone else: Ok. We did look into them. The evidence falls apart as soon as it is scrutinized. Will you concede?

      Trumpers: (ignores truth) No, we can not concede while there are so many accusations. This needs to be investigated.

      Everyone else: Ok. We looked at them again. Still nothing. Will you concede?

      Trumpers: (ignores truth, same patter continues)

      1. Who is the We and Everyone else. Nobody has looked into it. Oh they lie and claim it was investigated. But there was no real investigation. None. Zero. Recounting some ballots is not investigating fraud allegations.

        Are you really this stupid, or just deliberately obtuse.

        1. “Are you really this stupid, or just deliberately obtuse.”

          as the Instapundit likes to say, “embrace the power of “and””

        2. Exactly recounting fraudulent votes is not the same as investigating to remove fraudulent votes. one continues the fraud while the other eliminates the fraud.

          1. Dominion voting machines provide paper copies. That is what was counted. The totals matched. Or are you suggesting that the software counting hack actually changed the physical ballot..are you that dense?

            1. The Dominion machines provide paper copies, but the QR code is what’s read by the machine, not the human-readable vote selections.

        3. We told you your witness recanted, it’s over.

      2. the standard is “the seriousness of the charge demands investigation”

        1. Only when you investigate Republicans.

          1. true dat.

      3. How about providing some links? You complain Trump has no evidence, yet provide no evidence of your own.

      4. Yeah, the law is the law only when it comes to those unconstitutional lockdowns you love so much

      5. Hey Molly…why do you think mail in ballots are outlawed in 80% of the developed, western world? What happened in France in the 1970’s and much of Europe due to that voting method?

        Anybody defending the integrity of this election is utterly ignorant of history.

        1. Much of Europe? Germany allows postal voting. Austria enabled it in 2007, Finland in 2019. Italy since 2001. Switzerland. Spain only allows absentee voting by post. The UK allows postal voting. How many countries do we need to get to “much of Europe”? How about a citation on the “are outlawed in 80% of the developed, western world”?

      6. Trumpers: here is a mountain of evidence, documentation that poll watchers were denied, ballots fraudulently backdated, trucks full of Biden-only ballots dropped off, the list goes on…

        Molly: (sticks fingers in ears and closes eyes, chanting) “blah blah blah…I…am…not…listening.”

    2. “Here’s the code that shows how votes flipped for Biden.”

      lol no code has been provided you incredible dummy

      1. no code has been provided even though vote flipping,6000, has been found but they won’t let them look into the code claiming no evidence of code but the flipped votes are the evidence needed to investigate the code.

      2. I saw a news item yesterday, 11/21/20, with photos of Smartmatic voting machines dumped on the ground by a highway near Savannah, GA. One of the machines was clearly marked “Fulton County.” What do you infer from that?

        Dominion recently tried to sell Texas on Dominion and Smartmatic. Texas refused to purchase. I suspect that if the Lone Star State had bought into that international mess they would’ve gone blue like Georgia.

        Russ Ramsland advocates returning to old-timey paper ballots and blockchain security. I agree with him:
        How about voting in person and dipping your finger in indelible purple ink? This beloved USA will not survive if we continue letting Democrats run our polls.

    3. It’s even funnier when you consider what was construed as “very credible allegations” against Kavanaugh.

      1. And Trump.

        And Flynn.

        It gets way beyond farcical when you can remember Comey’s October Surprise. We have the evidence, it supports the claims that we would normally prosecute, but no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

        1. meh, you can pretty easily indict anyone these days

  8. Good post. Thanks for sharing with us. I just loved your way of presentation. I enjoyed reading this .Thanks for sharing and keep writing. It is good to read blogs like this. As constantly, we appreciate yourself assurance and accept as true within us.

  9. Boehm your blog is awful.

  10. You all say “We need to investigate all the allegations before we can move on.” So the Trump team refuses to show the evidence, and makes up new allegations, ensuring that there can not be any final debunking of the claims. They little “evidence” that is produced is quickly debunked. You are either being played like the fools you are, or are willingly complicit. It is long past time for Trump and all his enablers to stop shitting on our republic and clearly state the Trump lost.

    1. No, we don’t all say, and you are an asshole.

    2. You complain Trump shows no evidence, yet you claim his assertions were investigated and found nothing, yet you provide no links to back up your allegations.

    3. It is clearly time for you to move on. You and lefties and democrats are morally bankrupt poseurs who shit all over America and wish to create a totalitarian one party state. That makes you a traitor and our enemy.

      1. Oh, is that why you have to reject the election and install a dictator For America?

        1. Our electoral process must have the utmost integrity. Clearly Democrats don’t agree, which is why the results must be rejected. We care too much about the electoral process to allow you to destroy it without a fight.

          Implementing methods of voting banned by most of the civilized world since the 1970’s, preventing poll watchers with access (if you aren’t doing anything wrong, what do you have to fear?).

          These corrupting influences in our elections must be stopped, or else all future elections must be rejected.

          1. But you don’t have any evidence.

            Don’t you think you should have to present some evidence before you commit an illegitimate takeover of the government for democracy?

              1. We will never give up, not until the last straw is grasped!

                1. We’re not talking about the Russia hoax.

                  1. You people are strangely insistent that the bare fact that Russia interfered in the election be questioned. Why? Do you not find it likely that they would do such a thing?

                    Or are you a little worried deep down that Trump wouldn’t be there without Putin’s help?

            1. The honest voters: here is ample evidence of back dating ballots, poll watchers denied access, truckloads of Biden-only ballots dropped off.

              Tony: (sticks fingers in ears and closes eyes) “blah blah blah…I…am…not…listening.”

          2. It fatigues my ass to hear Republicans whine about “integrity” of the election process when it’s really just about voter suppression. Photo ID to vote isn’t about fraud; it’s about requiring someone to show a government-issued ID to exercise the franchise. If you think I need to “show my papers” to vote, 1) you aren’t a libertarian; 2) fuck you. Opposition to vote by mail isn’t about any reality-based fraud concerns, and fuck the French postal service circa 1977. It’s about suppressing the vote. The problem isn’t with the process, it’s with a highly polarized electorate full of dumb shits on the left on the right. This is why we can’t have anything nice.

            1. So someone votes for you on Election Day before you get there. Now what?

            2. Positive identification is required for just about every administrative function in the modern world, including entering the Democrat National Convention and the places where ballots are being counted.

              The KKK believes that most black people are not capable of understanding how to get and use ID, so they equate laws requiring ID to be “voter suppression.” This belief is also why they demand that positive ID be shown to buy a firearm or ammunition.

    4. “You are either being played like the fools you are”

      Now Republicans have legal cover to do commit the same fraud against the Democrats. And when you bitch and moan about it, I’m going to laugh, laugh, laugh.

      1. Two wrongs make a right, the height of Christian morality.

        Except it’s one real wrong justified by a fake wrong. Actual Nazi shit.

        1. Yes, but the real wrong isn’t the one that you National Socialists proclaim it to be.

        2. Ah! I LOVE it when fascists and communists accuse each other of “not really” being altruists in their sacrifice of other people’s rights. Please… MORE… with feeeling!

        3. I’m not justifying it, voter fraud is always wrong. But I will laugh at your hypocritical rage when you object to losing by fraud.

          Sin begets more sin, so don’t come crying when you encourage fraud; just not the “right” kind of fraud.

    5. Why do libs think shouting “no u” with fingers in their ears constitutes “debunking”?

  11. https://twitter.com/marklevinshow/status/1329819240053022722?s=19

    1. Sidney Powell’s a terrific lawyer working 24/7 under extremely tight time constraints to gather evidence from hostile, non-transparent parties. There are very serious questions about Dominion Voting Systems’ ties, security, and competence. I don’t have the answers.

    2. But prior to this election, many news groups did stories on the company’s problems, including PBS (in October), NBC, New York Times, USA Today, Canadian Broadcasting System, Huffington Post, among others.

    3. And numerous Democrat members of Congress raised questions about several of these companies. Canada will not use Dominion, even though it’s headquartered there, because it concluded the company’s not reliable. The history of this company is very concerning.

    4. Powell’s piecing together information from various sources and, to my understanding, is using IT and cyber security experts, as well as statistical experts, who are reviewing election activity and results and who are familiar with the Dominion system.  She has no grand jury.

    5. Civil cases are not criminal cases. That said, once you get to court with enough information that raises serious issues and concerns based on sworn expert statements and/or witness testimony, a court will or should decide if the case can proceed.

    6. At that point, formal discovery can proceed and be enforced by a judge.  The difficulty is whether the judge is willing to allow the case to go forward, given the loud voices in the culture and media to stop all of the Trump campaign’s lawsuits.

    7. This issue is bigger than even this election. What about the next election?  What about the Senate election in Georgia on January 5?  What about the public’s faith in elections?  What about all the previous lawsuits by the Democrats that changed ejection laws in the states?

    8. Sidney Powell and the other lawyers are patriots. They deserve our thanks. And Dominion needs to be put to the test, even though much of the media now pretend otherwise.

    1. i like it.

      1. That’s because you two are on the same short bus

        1. Jeez, how infantile. The two reason from common sense. You spew from childish petulance.

          There’s no way Attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, both superlawyers, are putting their careers on the line unless they have bulletproof evidence. No way!

    2. I assure you, Sidney Powell is not a “terrific” lawyer—she’s what we would consider 3d rate. But she’ll keep you rubes riled up, and that’s the objective anyway. And anyone who cites Mark Levin for any factual proposition is operating in bad faith.

      1. I’ve seen enough of her work and her victories to conclude she’s a brain. And an overwhelming winner. And so is Atlanta Attorney, Lin Wood, who represented Richard Jewell who was falsely accused by the FBI of the Atlanta bombings. Remember? Those were the work of Eric Rudolph.

        Some of you hecklers are going to be shocked when GA election fraud case gets in front of a federal judge – and appellate judges – who are not wacks or Dem shills like Obama-appointed Matt Brann.

  12. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    1. “When my orange daddy wins by <100k total votes in 3 states, and massively loses the pop vote, its a mandate and the will of the people! Liberty!!"


      "When my orange daddy loses by even more in the popular vote, and even more votes in the swing states, in even more states, we have to make sure the loser gets instated by force!"

      Keep it up and fuck up the 2a for the rest of us.

      No better legit reason for the lefties to want to take your guns than "if we lose, we will hold democracy literally at gunpoint". Fuckin whiny babies. Take the L you little bitch, and quit threatening treason against your fellow Americans.

  13. https://twitter.com/MissILmom/status/1329829867194642433?s=19

    If the Left has Nothing to hide…
    Then WHY are they Threatening everyone who is Trying to Expose potential Corruption & Fraud?

    1. Saaay Narcs… how’s the televangelism and girl-bullying racket paying off these days? Given much thought to a bag limit on pets and brown people for First Responders™? How long do you reckon before the Republicans will realize mystical bigot prohibitionists cost them this election, pelf, boodle and paychecks?

  14. https://twitter.com/RedWingGrips/status/1329830744634630145?s=19

    Sidney Powell just confirmed on Glenn Beck’s Show that the server recovered in Germany was in fact seized by the U.S. Military,

  15. https://twitter.com/KanekoaTheGreat/status/1329290156579274755?s=19


    Russell Ramsland from Allied Security Operations Group () filed an affidavit today.

    Follow along.

  16. Trump’s final act of reconciliation is to make large numbers of republicans comfortable with his departure.

    4D Chess!

    1. Anybody comfortable with his departure is a fucking moron who can’t read the writing on the wall, and will have no right to bitch when they’re lined up against it.

      1. Nor will they have any right to bitch when Republicans pull the same exact fraud next time. Karma’s a bitch!

  17. https://twitter.com/my3monkees/status/1329813173768232963?s=19

    Dominion doesn’t show up, yet the press has NO QUESTIONS. Incredible.

    1. Stop supporting treason.

  18. This is the most entertaining thing to happen in politics in my lifetime. This is even better than Trump winning in 2016. Keep the tears and wild conspiracies coming.

    1. definitely entertaining.

    2. Indeed. All my tear barrels are already full.

  19. I have no idea what’s going on, and my trust issues with politicians are such that I’m not going to embrace what either Trump or Biden says, but I have just a bit more trust in the courts once the evidence is presented to them.

    Needless to say my distrust of Biden extends to the media as well.

    If the Dem case is so airtight then it’s not logical for them to hyperventilate like they are; the courts will vindicate them and say there was no fraud (or no significant fraud). So if that’s the story the Dems believe they should simply sit back in joyful anticipation of victory.

  20. You havre provided no evidence that it wasn’t stolen.

    1. You havre no proof that it was.

      The burden of proof falls on those making the extraordinary claim.

      1. Technically, anyone making an assertion bears the burden of proof. A gratuitous assertion may be gratuitously dismissed. Pedantic point aside, I concur.

      2. Its an extraordinary claim that notably corrupt jurisdictions (Milwaukee, Philly, Detroit) did something entirely on the level

        1. No, that’s conflating the issue of generic corruption (like self-dealing, cronyism, conflicts of interest, etc., with the specific issue of election fraud (which is rare even in municipalities with well-documented histories of other corruption). Not surprisingly, really, given that major U.S. cities are generally dominated by a single party. Deals are cut within the party at the primary level, favors are distributed, positions filled with cronies and hacks. Given how many elections occur and how many votes are counted, it tends to go reasonably well.

          1. Sure

            Hiring is politically corrupt, government acquisition of goods and services is politically corrupt, approval/rejection of private construction projects is politically corrupt, approval/rejection of special permits to do business (liquor licenses, cabs, etc) is corrupt

            But the vote counters (many of them hired via the politically corrupt patronage system) are honest, and would never ever do anything to taint an election.

            1. And there are many examples of political corruption being successfully prosecuted. Lo and behold, the number of cases involving voter fraud are minuscule by comparison. So the judiciary can prosecute all sorts of other local government corruption, but they have a profound blind spot for election fraud? The vast majority of election workers are citizens who work the polls for a single long day doing mundane work. In my experience, these citizens take the responsibility of working the polls seriously. Unlike many areas of local government, elections are subject to independent review and audit. It’s much easier for a liquor inspector to take a kickback or for a Mayor to appoint a crony than for a candidate or political party to influence the outcome of an election. The system is designed to minimize fraud. Imperfect, yes, but generally reliable. Trump was elected in 2016. Elections systems were improved over the following four years. By most reliable reports, the 2020 election had fewer irregularities. And honestly, would we be having this conversation if Trump had won? No. Trumpistas who accepted the 2016 margin of victory gleefully and without complaint insist that 2020 is an example of massive fraud.

          2. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has overturned a lower court and ruled that observers can be physically blocked (for all practical purposes) from viewing the mail-in ballot opening and counting process, and that observers do not have the right to audit each individual ballot. This certainly does not prove that chicanery is going on, but it indicates probable cause that something funky is happening with how elections are run in that state. Alternately, I could ignore the primary sources (like the PA Supreme Court ruling), and parrot the media talking points about this being the most fair election anywhere, ever.

      3. in court not at press conferences.

      4. Sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “blah blah I am not listening” is not a valid denial of the evidence.

  21. If proven, the allegations that biden voted 10 million times would constitute the greatest political crime in american history.
    -tucker carlson

  22. One thing that makes it hard to distinguish Trump cultists from Russian bots is the weird phenomenon where they appear to have only just learned about how America works like three days ago.

    These frivolous lawsuits are not a normal part of the process. Saying they are is gaslighting. The transition is on hold for the first time in history, in the middle of a global crisis.

    The best-case scenario is that this is merely Trump lashing out emotionally over the fact that his balls are so, so much tinier than Hillary Clinton’s.

    People think this train wreck of a clown baby is some kind of ideal of masculinity. Can’t handle losing, does almost literally nothing but whine, and he spends more time on his face than Dolly Parton. Has done way less to solve the crisis than she has, too.

    1. “The transition is on hold for the first time in history”

      Aren’t 1860-61, 1876-77 and 2000 part of history?

      1. But it was a normal election with a clear winner.

        1. You said “for the first time in history.”

          1. The transition is on hold for the first time following a normal election with a clear winner. The point is not pedantry, it’s gaslighting.

            How do grown-up gray-haired Americans lose so much knowledge of how the American system works? Not just the traditions of the transition, but the very idea that sometimes you lose elections in a democracy.

      2. Aren’t 1860-61, 1876-77 and 2000 part of history?

        I may be an ignorant Russian Twitter bot who never learned history and just recently became aware of how the government works but it’s been nigh on a century since the EC voted before “on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December next following their appointment”. Until the EC votes, there is no transition.

        1. But that’s not how it’s ever worked.

          They should stop trying to steal the election.

          1. But that’s not how it’s ever worked.

            The EC never voted in Dec.? No Presidential transition in history has ever started after Nov.?

            He’s the first President to delay transition this decade is pretty objectively and unconditionally the best you can do. Look, we all know you’ve got conflicted feelings about Trump’s genitalia, but that’s no reason to give him exceptional credit for absurd intersectional first historic Presidential actions.

            1. Aside from an extraordinary circumstance where the outcome was genuinely unclear, we have a president-elect when the election is called. Stop trying to sell Trump’s absurd shitshow as part of normality. I will choose to be outraged that they’re trying to steal an election, no matter how much of a farce it may actually be. His supporters are going to continue believing it was stolen for four years. That’s the main problem. Destroying faith in the democratic process based on lies. I can’t tell you what to prioritize, but even a libertarian should be uncomfortable with basic fascist shit.

              1. I will choose to be outraged that they’re trying to steal another election, no matter how much of a farce it may actually be.


                1. There are deep suspicions surrounding 2000, 2004, and 2016, far more than exist for this year.

                  And there’s the unfortunate reality that there’s no reason whatsoever to believe that Republicans wouldn’t steal all the elections if they could get away with it. Their main domestic policy priority other than tax cuts is to disenfranchise people.

              2. “Aside from an extraordinary circumstance”

                Tony has been living under a rock for the past year. When was the last time we had a presidential election in the middle of a pandemic, with a historically close outcome, using a voting method with a long history of being susceptible to fraud, with brazen attempts to deny poll watchers, back date ballots, etc?

                That’s NOT an extraordinary circumstance to you??

          2. Hillary concede? Izzis another joke?

    2. The biggest difference between DominionGate and RussiaGate is the scrutiny.

      1. Yes, in one case, serious law enforcement looked into Russian interference, found a bunch of stuff, and Republicans chose to ignore it.

        In another, a parade of embarrassing scam jobs in front of incredulous judges fails to overturn the will of the people.

        Republicans could just learn to be happy that they succeeded beyond Putin’s wildest dreams in just four short years.

        1. So what you’re saying is, we have to wait for the investigation to be concluded, showing that Biden has been a Venezuelan asset since 1987? So reasonable and level-headed.

          1. There is no investigation.

            1. The severity of the charges demands an investigation. Don’t you want to know if a major political party stole an election? Where have you been for 4 years?

              1. A major political party is currently trying to steal the election. They’re not being secretive about it.

                1. It’s MuellerTime.

                  1. Well the mouth-breathers already rejected a Truth and Reconciliation commission, since they were too stupid to understand what that was or where it comes from.

                    So I guess it’s LOCK HIM UP.

                    Presidents can’t be above the law. It just wouldn’t do.

                    1. You can’t lock someone up for filing lawsuits. This isn’t Russia for goodness sakes.

                    2. Sowing distrust in the outcome of a legitimate election like a common tinpot asshole is why we have the term “high crimes.”

                    3. Good luck with that.

                    4. If there is no law, there are no presidents.

                    5. Now you’re getting it.

                2. I know, right? Just look at Andrew Yang telling liberals to fraudulently move to GA just to vote, and then move back to their liberal hellholes! They’re not even being secretive about it!

    3. “are not a normal part of the process”

      No shit…because fraud was only recently legalized by Democrats.

      1. Since the only people they can find who actually committed voter fraud are Trump voters… why do you assume that Trump is the victim here? It’s not on evidence, that’s for sure.

          1. Wow, that was even more idiotic than I thought it would be.

            Has Giuliani presented that evidence to a judge?

            1. Your cognitive bias is showing.

            2. My cognitive bias toward the presumption of innocence?

              1. Did you give Trump the presumption of innocence over the Russia hoax?

      2. This doesn’t make sense to me. If “the Democrats” made a particular action legal, I don’t see how that same action could be deemed fraudulent in any legal sense.

    4. Does anyone else notice that Totalitarian Tony and the Tear-streaked Trumpistas are exactly the same? The election is close because both halves of the Kleptocracy are the same: force-initiating looters angling for a hand in the till. And those pesky Libertarian spoiler votes tilt the field so the lice and lampreys have to suck less blood to qualify for first place at the trough. Sad.

      1. Stop it with your false equivalence. If they left me alone, I couldn’t care less who won the election. However, the Democrats and the Republicans, respectively, have articulated clearly what they would do to me, and have an existing track record to back up their claims. I’ll take Trump’s misspelled tweets over President Kamala Harris’ reeducation camps any time.

    5. Thank you for acknowledging that HRC is, in fact, a tranny.

  23. 2008: Republicans declare victory by asserting Obama was not a natural born citizen an thus an illegal president. No evidence of this was EVER submitted, and every evidence provided that Obama was indeed an American was met with howls of derision.

    It’s been a dozens years and it’s just gotten worse. The core principle of the Republican Party is now “It’s not fair!” An external locus of control. It’s not their fault, grand conspiracies were arrayed against them, won’t some strong man step up and save them?

    Like all conspiracy theories, it’s stupid and insane. The only evidence provided are assertions. It has all the hallmarks and characteristics of every conspiracy theory ever. Except the lack of Jews. Just give them time, they’ll tie the Jews into this too. The only difference between Trumpism/QAnon/StolenLekshun and UFO nutters is the lack of blurry photos of weather balloons.

    Jeepers Cripes, even the John Birchers are more sane that this.

    1. Surely you’ve heard talk of globalists, cultural Marxism, and George Soros. The Jews are always there. Always.

    2. You never heard the Russian collusion stuff?

    3. Remember that time Russian Facebook haxors stole our democracy through information warfare?

      I hear bots were even using Facebook in this election, too.

      The real scandal is always what’s legal. How long until we can get common sense first amendment reform in this country? Social networks aren’t people.

    4. Obama’s BC proves he’s not an NBC, born in a country to citizen parents, because his father was a foreigner. Harris isn’t one either. She shouldn’t even be a citizen.

      1. Do you people understand that the law is not whatever you decide to pull from your ass?

        1. Since there actually isn’t any law or federal court case defining term what I pull out of my ass is perfectly valid.

          1. Federal courts have consistently found that, at the very least, being born in the country makes you a citizen.

            But I’m sure you were equally worked up over John McCain and Mitt Romney, neither of whom were born in the United States.

            1. Not true. The Wong Kim Ark case said being born to permanent legal residents makes you a citizen. The State Department interpreted that to mean anyone born in the country is a citizen. To be President you have to be a natural born citizen no case has ever defined the term. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit. His father was born in Mexico to US parents. Yes I was concerned about McCain. His case was unusual in that his father was on active duty in the military and that might have made him natural born.

              1. The reason it hasn’t been solidified by the Supreme Court is because nobody can seem to establish standing, or even describe what standing would look like.

                And some guy born in Queens is perfectly capable of aligning his interests with a foreign adversary while being president.

                1. Just like some guy born in Scranton.

        2. Sure it is! Liberal judges legislate from the bench all the time.

    5. Reason had a picture of an Obama book cover (written by Obama) stating he was born in Kenya. I guess it was a typo.

    6. Are you referring to the Obama birther conspiracy started by a Hillary Clinton campaign operative in Iowa? As for the Jews, nobody’s brought them up regarding this election fiasco – despite Bibi’s backstabbing of his buddy, Trump, who had given him the world.

  24. I’m almost convinced that Boehm is just trolling the “stop the steal” Trumpistas at this point. Didn’t one of the Reason people write a book on conspiracy theories? Walker? Probably worth a read. It’s fascinating to me however otherwise normal people of average (or even above average) intelligence can get sucked into conspiracy theories. And anyone who is a skeptic (as I am about most things) is immediately accused of being a shill, plant, idiot or whatnot. Is it theoretically possible that there was some massive fraud in the 2020 election? Sure, I’ll acknowledge the possibility but where the evidence? The problem with conspiracy theories is that the logic is circular and impenetrable. The “stolen election of 2020” is going to be the Kennedy Assassination or Area 51.

    1. The “stolen election of 2020” is going to be the Kennedy Assassination or Area 51.

      We’ll just not talk about 4 years of DNC Russia Fever dreams because we’re all friends here.

      1. But I do get it, that was a ‘respectable’ conspiracy theory because it was pushed by the New York Times, Huffpo, MSNBC etc. Educated folks. Serious journalismists.

      2. Since I’m not a member of the DNC nor do I really follow them, I really don’t know. As for own part, I do not believe the 2016 election was stolen by anyone including Russian web trolls. HRC was an odious candidate who ran a bad campaign. Trump was an equally odious candidate who ran a slightly better campaign. I’m an equal opportunity skeptic, dismissing conspiracy theories from the left and right with equal enthusiasm.

        1. I’m actually not following the Trump evidence, but given the skepticism from the mainstream media, I have my doubts that it’ll be that serious a conspiracy theory. The scary conspiracy theory (in my mind) is the one that’s pushed by polite society.

          1. Is there a polite society?

      3. You don’t get to commit treason because you refuse to understand what happened with the Russia investigation.

        If the only byte of knowledge you choose to possess on that subject is “no collusion delusion!” then you shouldn’t be surprised when you don’t understand why the world doesn’t make sense. Collusion isn’t a crime, thus Trump is not guilty of it. That’s the logic. Never mind half the West Wing going to prison, the sealed indictments, the facts in the goddamn Mueller report. You prefer slogans dished out by politicians.

        It’s just like Ayn Rand said, all politicians you like are presumed trustworthy, even when proved corrupt.

          1. Alex Jones has never been so mainstream:


            “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with the goals of harming the campaign of Hillary Clinton, boosting the candidacy of Donald Trump, and increasing political and social discord in the United States. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, the operation was ordered directly by Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

            1. You were supposed to show that Trump was a traitor, remember?

              1. He’s trying to steal the presidential election from the people. Does that count?

                1. Just pick your accusation first, and then go bouncing from one event to the next, throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks.

                  And then whine when someone else acts rude, too. The nerve!

                  1. The accusation is treason. It’s not something that’s only possible to commit once, especially when your partisans are willing to excuse it.

                    1. You’re still required to… prove it, right? Or do you just drink cognitive dissonance now?

                    2. I’m watching it happen on my TV.

                    3. If this is stealing an election, then taxes are stealing.

                    4. It’s an attempt to steal an election. I’m watching it happen.

                      Just as bad, millions of Trumpletons are going to believe, without evidence, that Joe Biden isn’t a legitimate president.

                      Hey where have I heard that before?

                      First they came for the Mexicans. Then they came for the Muslins. Then they came for the trans people.

                      And they really fucking did.

                    5. From what I’ve heard before, if it’s not illegal, it can’t be stealing.

                      Please don’t make me pretend that you take this seriously. I don’t want to live in your fantasy land.

                    6. Trump worked actively on the side of a virus against Americans. I’ll take his treason seriously if I want.

                    7. #NotMyPresident

        1. You guys go on and on about how horrible Republicans are, but you can’t get past the first stage of grief over RussiaGate.

          1. It’s not grief, it’s concern about the fact that the presidency has been doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding for four years. Republicans used to pretend to care about such things.

            Putin’s goals were to help Trump become president and turn Americans against each other with internet-based conspiracy theories and political destabilization.

            Sick of winning yet?

            1. There’s just as much evidence that Trump is a Russian asset that democrats stole this election.

              1. I didn’t say Trump is a Russian asset. No intelligence service would hire him. No Burger King would hire him.

                And since there is plenty of evidence that Trump is currently trying to steal the election, since he’s doing it on live TV, I don’t know what you’re rambling about.

                1. I didn’t say Trump is a Russian asset.

                  Well, I’m glad you’re not as insane as some of your fellow travelers.

                  Still, evidence exists: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/democratic-senators-warned-of-potential-vote-switching-by-dominion-voting-machines-prior-to-2020-election.

                  And the lesson from RussiaGate is that serious accusations demand serious investigations (evidence..blah blah blah).

                  Going by the book for the last 4 years, this election needs an independent investigation. Transition paused! Embargo on!

                  1. Guess who blocked investigation into Dominion? Say it. Say Mitch.

                    Hoisted on their own retard as usual.

                    1. I haven’t seen a retard this hoisted in four years.

          2. To be clear, some of us think any member of any political party is “horrible,” just as a starting point.

            1. Unfortunately, and much against the advice of the founding fathers, it’s the only vector for political power in this country.

              Luckily the choice is objectively easy, as long as one’s head is screwed on straight and pointed in the direction of facts.

        2. “Russia stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton using Facebook ads!”

          Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?

      4. We’ll just not talk about 4 years of DNC Russia Fever dreams because we’re all friends here.

        Also, remember all the conspiracy theorists from the 80s and 90s who said the government was spying on us and that there were secret courts trying and holding people without a trial?

        At this point, ‘conspiracy theory’/’conspiracy nut’ is replacing ‘racist’ as a/the thought-terminating meme.

        1. secret courts trying convicting and holding people without a trial

          I admit the legal terminology gets pretty loose and even nonsensical when you aren’t following the legal system.

    2. Democratic operatives did very shady stuff in 2016, which they did not deny (Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chair, after Wikileaks exposed her corruption; Donna Brazile fed debate questions secretly to Clinton; etc etc etc). So there is some precedent to this healthy skepticism about the Democratic political machine. The fact that courts ruled that observers need not scrutinize the vote counting process, as in PA, makes people even more skeptical of the current election process – why would a state go to such great lengths to exclude observers? Statistical irregularities with votes, especially large mail in ballot dumps with tens of thousands of votes only for the presidential election, with no other races filled in, and all for Biden also make people skeptical, although technically that is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt that tens of thousands of people didn’t in fact just vote for Biden and ignored the remaining ballot questions. However, all this allegation of Democratic corruption was not created in a vacuum; the Democrats have shown their willingness to play so dirty (see the Kavanaugh allegations) that it’s quite plausible for then to have cheated in the election as well.

  25. https://twitter.com/JasonRobergeVA/status/1329796961470443524?s=19

    There is no evidence of fraud, all we have is 1000’s of witnesses, video proof, statistical anomalies in the vote counts, bogus vote counting software that can be hacked by anyone, former Dominion employees working for Biden and no auditing of ballots.

    1. And apparently an entire judicial system blind to this obvious evidence because… mind control rays? Galactic overlords? Alien pod people? Again, it is impossible to ever win an argument with a conspiracy theorist.

      1. They’re Dems in Dem run states.

    2. Nardz and fellow members of the Trumple’s Temple:

      “The facts… the facts didn’t care about my feelings. I was right all along… I just didn’t know it would be so… hard. Give me a safe space I need to cry! And stop calling me a pussy, sexist!”

      A good cry would be the healthy reaction.

    3. The only thing in that list that is actually evidence is “video proof”, so go ahead and post it.

  26. It’s like RussiaGate all over again!

  27. Trump is acting as a litmus test for character, if your turn orange when exposed to him yo have none.

    “Honor is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return.”
    ~ Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

    Every Trump supporter has severely indicted their own judgement and integrity or intelligence or both. Everyone else must forever remember this about them.

    1. The irony here is rich.

    2. Biden is the gold standard for bad character. Good luck comrade.

      1. You will find that neither both-siderism nor what-aboutism , even if somewhat accurate, makes an adequate detergent for the removal of the orange Trumpy stain and stench.

        “I want the government to shrink in the wash. I want it both cleaner and smaller, please.” ~ PJ O’Rourke

  28. Nice headline, who wrote it, James Clapper or John Brennan?

  29. The allegation are light years better than Blasey-Ford or anything offered up against Kavanaugh,

    Now, granted, that is an infinitesimally low bar to set.

    Not that that stopped Reason authors from declaring those allegations credible

    Nobody at Reason has any business making pronouncements about the validity of anything other than what they had for breakfast. And even then we are going to have good reason to doubt you.

    1. As I pointed out above, there are several exact flipsides of “Yes, we have the evidence. Yes, it shows the action being asserted. Yes, it’s incontrovertibly true. But, what difference, at this point, does it make?”

      Why *not* pursue this course of action if only to antagonize the people who are nominally going to get away with it anyway? There were plenty of Trump-haters/fence sitters who said as much about Russiagate as a means to rein in Trump.

  30. Yup Boehm. Wild conspiracy theories. Which is why Dominion reps went from walking into the Penn. election commission meeting sans lawyers to suddenly not going to the meeting at all and lawyering the fuck up.

  31. Lol.

  32. It’s quite obvious that Eric Boehm is being controlled with compromising boudoir photos with underage participants.

    1. Wait, you mean to say there is an age of consent for farm animals?

      Who knew.

      Meanwhile, Boehm doesn’t want you to look under the rug, because he is 100% sure there is no pony under that rug.

  33. Finally Some Progress !!

  34. The criminal element in politics and media is worse than I thought.

  35. Sasse needs to start cozying up to the neocons who will take over the party now that Trump is out. And Romney has a personal vendetta.

  36. This is going to be some entertaining stuff in the next couple months. It’s probably going to culminate with Trump ending up in handcuffs and leaving the white house. I wonder if trump will leave crying like a big baby, yelling and screaming as he is dragged out, or just being a man and calmly walking away. I’m thinking hell go kicking and crying like a big baby. That’s gonna be some really funny stuff. Maybe a cop will kneel on his neck for 8 minutes. How funny would that be?

    1. People who know him say his personality is such that he will never actually engage in a confrontation. He never actually fires anyone himself (more fraudulent marketing). He doesn’t know how to handle situations in which he does not dictate all the terms.

      So while I specifically asked Santa for the scene you described, and for it to be as sloppy as possible, my real money is on him slinking away to Florida sometime before Jan. 20.

      1. Or maybe he’ll sneak off to Russia. Hahahahaha

  37. I hope that we will see Republicans come to their senses soon. They gave Trump time but time is running out very fast. If we allow simple and unverified accusations to be sufficient to throw out an election, then we are really no longer a democracy. What election could stand up to this type of accusation? Did Mitch McConnell really beat Amy McGrath? Did Joni Ernst really beat Theresa Greenfield? We really can not say if we accept Trump standard that an accusation can invalidate an election.

    1. I agree. While the sarcastic side of me is more like the comment above yours. The logical and reasonable side of me is the same as yours. If Trump comes through, that would set a precedent of any candidate for any office to protest any race if they lose. That could hardly be considered a democracy.

    2. I hope you said the same thing during the Kavanaugh hearings; or the accusation of Trump colluding with Russia; or Trump being improper with Ukraine. If you didn’t, then you need to shut up now, the accusations of election fraud are orders of magnitude higher than the other examples combined.

      1. Nothing you mentioned was a mere accusation. In the case, of Justice Kavanaugh the accuser testified under oath and cross examination. Same for the case of Russian collusion and extorting the Ukrainians. In all cases, the people testified and were cross examined. Trumps lawyers can not even get people to testify. Yes, I will send a story into the internet but that about the limit. And if you question them then you are unduly pressuring the snowflakes.

        By the way, Trump’s people say to investigate further, well when that was suggested for Justice Kavanaugh we were told we needed to wrap it up quickly.

  38. Can a bar be set to an infinitely low number? Interesting physics question there.

    In any case making pronouncements is what political pundits and journalists do. To say they have no business doing so is to deny them any role at all. They only have one because people chose to click, watch on TV or something.

    Buttered toast, guacamole, and a fried egg. V8 with a dash of Tabasco and lemon juice.

    1. Reply for ThomasD

      1. “Can a bar be set to an infinitely low number?”

        No, it cannot. Which is why the word infinitesimal exists. It is an word expressing the mathematical concept of one over infinity, ie. immeasurably small, but still greater than zero.

        Which, not coincidentally is about where the critical thinking skills and analytical value of Reason authors sits after four years of Facebook hacked elections, Russia! collusion, the Covington Kids, the Kavanaugh hearing, and every other piece of unsubstantiated dreck they glommed onto because OrangeManBad.

        They have no credibility.

        1. Difference with Kavanaugh, Russian collision and Ukrainian extortion is we had evidence and cross examination. Trump’s lawyer have only public accusations, remember in court they have said no fraud.

  39. I think the Republican rank-and-file take a look at authoritarianism and like what they see. They obviously don’t care about democracy. They will make sure to tell you if you ask.

    Mitch McConnell has this weird thing where he likes being seen as the villain. These people get off on wanton abuse of power. It’s all a big psychological shitshow. Masculine inadequacy compensated for by the mindless temptation of the power to bully. All they need is the slightest excuse, even if they have to make it up out of thin air.

    They’re not trying to win an election, they’re trying to make their enemies cry. Conservatardation in a nutsack. Constant fear of the other as their primary impulse in all things. And if anything, talk of democracy and laws and norms is for fags. So fascist. So on-the-nose fucking fascist.

    1. Alinsky is strong in you.

      1. Whoever that is, is your point that he was against authoritarian fascism?

        1. Seriously you’ve never heard of “Rules for Radicals”?

    2. Tony is finally waking up to the way Libertarian spoiler votes cause the communo-fascist Kleptocracy to back away from egregious looting and coercion by ditching cruel laws. If Totalitarian Tony is capable of learning, surely God’s Own Prohibitionists can come up with a platform totally purged of shoot-first prohibitionism and girl-bullying for racial Eugenic nationalsocialism. It’s a New Dawn!

  40. https://www.nationalreview.com/the-morning-jolt/americans-deserve-the-truth-even-if-its-unpleasant/

    “If you put your faith in President Trump’s claim of a presidential election stolen through massive alteration of votes through the use of voting software, and in the legal skills of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, I am sorry to tell you that you have been conned.”

    1. Tucker Carlson’s words:

      We took Sidney Powell seriously with no intention of fighting with her. We’ve always respected her work, we simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sydney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention.

      But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of polite requests. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they also told us Powell had never given them any evidence to prove anything she claimed today at the press conference.

      1. They have no evidence. None whatsoever. All they do it talk story. I’ve never heard of a court case that won by just talking story. This would be a first. Although I do welcome a run for presidency in 2024. It’ll be fun to watch Trump have the RNC take a shit on him.

          1. Ahhhhh, to he old drop and roll conspiracy theory. I wonder why Rudy didn’t just show this video to any of the judges. Maybe he’s waiting to show it to the SCOTUS. Yes, that makes sense.

  41. They’re backing away because they want the dupes to believe the system is legit.

    1. They’re backing away because they want to keep their political career. Anyone who supports Trump now will be committing political suicide.

      1. You’re both right.

  42. The Gee-Oh-Pee in a Dixie cup or get fired party had plenty of warning–4 MILLION libertarian spoiler votes in 2016. The Dems got the message and deleted all their Straightjacket-and-12-Step prohibitionist verbiage. Their platform NOW promises “We will ensure no one is incarcerated solely for drug use” and adds to that verbiage slashing the jugulars of the AMA and Pharma cartels God’s Own Prohibitionists have since 1906 used as perjuring whores to justify prohibitionism and asset-forfeiture looting. Schadenfreude city, sukkas!

  43. Libertarian have gone bat guano crazy the last 2 decades!

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  44. Trumps team is exposing the corruption of the electoral system.

    Vote switching is bought by both republicans and democrats.

  45. Jews say it is all crazy conspiracy theory…..but no one can explain how the voting machines really work…..a jewish contradiction, played out on the goy to protect the terrorist state of Israel.

  46. Morons like this “Author” are why I left the Libertarian Party 15 years ago. They are every bit as delusional y Utopian as the leftist’s are.
    He does not seem to be the least bit curious as to whether or not these voting machines are “capable” of changing votes in real time.

  47. Trump has accomplished what he intended in the court of public opinion; to cast doubt on the integrity of the election, and to maintain the “us vs them” mentality, the idea “real Americans” are disenfranchised by the new Admiinstration. I have read different polls, a significant portion of Republicans and even a minority of Democrats believe there was some election fraud.

  48. He does no longer appear to be the least bit curious as to whether or not or not these balloting machines are “capable” of converting votes in real time.


  49. I guess we all have our own take aways from this situation. This is just more proof to me that the federal government has way too much power, and that corruption goes hand in hand with power. Of course the party in charge wants to stay in charge, and will do anything to keep that power. This is a non partisan statement and will be true in 2024. Maybe we should push for more limited federal government, and diminish the already excessive and unconstitutional authority of the executive branch, no matter who is in charge. However, most of the comments seem like they have made up their mind on whether Coke or Pepsi is better, and don’t realize that they both rot your teeth.

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