Election 2020

An Autopsy of Sidney Powell's 'Kraken' Reveals Suspiciously Similar Affidavits

Federal judges have been underwhelmed by the former Trump campaign lawyer's evidence of massive election fraud.


As part of her attempt to show that the presidential election was stolen through an elaborate international conspiracy, former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell has submitted two affidavits from Venezuelans who purport to expose the roots of fraud-facilitating software that Powell claims switched Trump votes to Biden votes. Those affidavits include strikingly similar language that suggests they were written or edited by Powell or her colleagues rather than the affiants.

"I want to alert the public and let the world know the truth about the corruption, manipulation, and lies being committed by a conspiracy of people and companies intent upon betraying the honest people of the United States and their legally constituted institutions and fundamental rights as citizens," says a redacted affidavit from an unnamed individual who claims to have served on "the national security guard detail" for Venezuela's president. "This conspiracy began more than a decade ago in Venezuela and has spread to countries all over the world. It is a conspiracy to wrongfully gain and keep power and wealth. It involves political leaders, powerful companies, and other persons whose purpose is to gain and keep power by changing the free will of the people and subverting the proper course of governing."

An affidavit from Ana Mercedes Díaz Cardozo, a naturalized U.S. citizen who says she was "a career official for 25 years at the Supreme Electoral Council of Venezuela," includes a nearly identical passage. Díaz also describes herself as "an adult of the sound mine," while the anonymous Venezuelan affiant uses a similarly mistaken phrase, saying, "I am an adult of sound mine."

Dominion Voting Systems, one of the companies that Powell has implicated in the purported plot to steal the election, notes the similarities between the two Venezuelan affiants' descriptions of their motivations in a December 16 letter demanding that Powell retract her accusations and threatening a defamation lawsuit if she doesn't. Dominion says the fact that the two affiants used almost exactly the same language proves that "those witnesses did not each write their declarations independently" and strongly suggests that the "allegations of a decade-old international conspiracy were written or edited by you or your team—not by the witnesses themselves." The repetition of the "sound mine" error likewise suggests collaboration.

The Dominion letter also notes that another anonymous witness Powell has used in court, codenamed "Spyder" (sometimes "Spider") and identified by The Washington Post as Army veteran Joshua Merritt, has admitted he never worked in military intelligence, although Powell called him a "Military Intelligence expert" and his declaration described him as a former "electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence."

In an interview with the Post, Merritt blamed the erroneous information on Powell's "clerks," who he said wrote the relevant sentence. "That was one thing I was trying to backtrack on," he said. "My original paperwork that I sent in didn't say that."

Dominion notes several other striking errors in witness statements used by Powell. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, presented as a cybersecurity expert, famously placed "Edison County" in Michigan, where no such jurisdiction exists. Russell Ramsland, a cybersecurity analyst and former Republican congressional candidate, discussed locations in Minnesota while alleging fraud in Michigan. Ramsland also claimed that voter turnout in Detroit was an impossible 139 percent and that turnout in North Muskegon was an even more improbable 782 percent, which he presented as clear evidence of fraud. "In reality," Dominion says, "the turnout in those places was 50.88% and 78.11%, respectively."

Powell has submitted these statements, along with many others, as evidence in lawsuits challenging the election results in several states. Although Powell has likened her evidence to a "fire hose" and a Kraken, judges in those cases have been decidedly underwhelmed.

"Plaintiffs append over three hundred pages of attachments, which are only impressive for their volume," wrote Diane Humetewa, a federal judge in Arizona. "The various affidavits and expert reports are largely based on anonymous witnesses, hearsay, and irrelevant analysis of unrelated elections. Because the Complaint is grounded in these fraud allegations, the Complaint shall be dismissed."

In Michigan, U.S. District Judge Linda Parker said Powell offered "nothing but speculation and conjecture that votes for President Trump were destroyed, discarded or switched to votes for Vice President Biden." Parker observed that Powell's lawsuit "seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek—as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court—and more about the impact of their allegations on People's faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government."

Powell filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin on behalf of William Feehan, a voter and potential presidential elector, and Derrick Van Orden, an unsuccessful Republican congressional candidate. But Van Orden said he never agreed to participate in the case, leaving only Feehan. While dismissing the lawsuit for lack of standing, U.S. District Court Judge Pamela Pepper marveled at the remedy sought by Powell, who argued that state officials should be ordered to decertify Wisconsin's election results. "Federal judges do not appoint the president in this country," Pepper wrote. "One wonders why the plaintiffs came to federal court and asked a federal judge to do so."

Timothy Batten, a federal judge in Georgia, was similarly perplexed. "In their complaint, the plaintiffs essentially ask the court for perhaps the most extraordinary relief ever sought in any federal court in connection with an election," he said. "They want this court to substitute its judgment for that of 2.5 million Georgia voters who voted for Joe Biden, and this I am unwilling to do."

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  1. This doesn’t matter. Maybe they were edited.

    As long as both affiants independently signed an affidavit that says that each is swearing that the facts in that affidavit are true.

    I agree that most, probably all, of this stuff is bullshit, but this article is making mountains out of flat spots. You made your point several articles ago. The horse is dead, time to put down the club.

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      1. Poulos lied, and Dominion is owned by Soros. https://bradblog.com/?p=7906 This entire election was a fraud.

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    2. Why won’t Republicans accept reality?
      Democracy dies in darkness!

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      2. Why can’t Reason fathom election cheating went on? There are many verified instances in the past, by both Democrats and Republicans. There has been cheating proven already this election. The question is not if, but how much cheating went on? Yes, mass cheating is hard to prove, and maybe Biden won anyway, but we will never know, because we will never know how how widespread was the cheating.

    3. “This doesn’t matter. Maybe they were edited.

      As long as both affiants independently signed an affidavit that says that each is swearing that the facts in that affidavit are true. ”

      As someone that is neither a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, I was always skeptical of the value of affidavits versus testimony in court, where the witness will be cross examined. (I also don’t think much of the fact that people sign affidavits “under penalty of perjury.” I don’t expect that prosecution for false statements in affidavits occur that often, especially if cases get dismissed quickly like these have been.

      You seem to suggest that it doesn’t matter whether these people signed these documents after writing them (or at least dictating them to someone that types them up word-for-word) or whether they sign what the lawyers put in front them. To me, witness statements that aren’t in the witnesses’ own words shouldn’t be treated as witness statements. Assuming that it would be within legal ethics, I find it disturbing that a lawyer would be able to present an affidavit as the independent work of the person signing the affidavit if the lawyer had any hand in writing it. Any “editing” before getting someone to sign an affidavit should be disclosed on the document, with the person doing the editing having to sign it as well. If that isn’t how it works, then I really wonder why not. Maybe a lawyer can tell us.

      As this is a matter of public concern, getting to the heart of our trust in government as being legitimate, it matters a great deal whether these statements are truly coming from independent witnesses doing their civic duty versus people being used and manipulated by attorneys with agendas.

      1. “ it matters a great deal whether these statements are truly coming from independent witnesses doing their civic duty versus people being used and manipulated by attorneys with agendas”.

        100% agree. That being said, it’s important to remember that legal experts know how to read and play between the lines and flex legality to fit their strategy. It’s the unfortunate side of law and lawyering.

        If we wanted full transparency and our leaders were willing to offer it to us, they’d recount the entire election with extreme transparency and postpone the inauguration by 2-4 weeks to make sure we have time to audit the election and showcase the system working right or not working right. That’s the biggest problem here. We’d have no use for these shadow games and legalese if we’d stop wasting our time and audit the system we’re putting all of our faith into. I know it’s probably working pretty well BUT this one was important for more than just the election of a particular man running for POTUS – the faith in our institutions is at hand and our justices are screwing us over by allowing distrust to be unchecked. It’s not entirely their fault, the don’t make the laws, but there have been illegalities that haven’t been processed according to the law in states like Pennsylvania and it’s why we’re still seeing this kind of wonky legal challenging happening and topping our news feeds. We’d save a lot of headaches if they just went over the results with a fine tooth comb.

        1. “If we wanted full transparency and our leaders were willing to offer it to us, they’d recount the entire election with extreme transparency and postpone the inauguration by 2-4 weeks to make sure we have time to audit the election and showcase the system working right or not working right. That’s the biggest problem here.”

          Counting the votes and certifying results of every election involves procedures with opportunities for all sides to challenge vote tabulations and more. You are saying that there is enough reason to doubt the accuracy and validity of these procedures that we should postpone the Constitutional date of the inauguration for up to 4 weeks. And this is on top of everything already done to check and challenge the results. Georgia did audit its election. Other states had recounts, and nothing has come up that had any chance of affecting the outcome. The only outstanding allegations are the “Kraken” lawsuits and their “fire hoses” of affidavits.

          At this point, the serious doubts about the reliability of our systems to accurate count legal votes are only coming from Trump’s side. And that was never based on evidence of vulnerabilities or corruption, but upon the efforts of the GOP to prime its base to believe that Democrats cheat, thus any victory by a Democrat must have been fraudulent. Trump just took decades of GOP efforts to undermine confidence in our elections to the furthest extreme possible.

          I have Trump supporters as members of my family, and I hear from them the exact same thing that I see in comments on the internet. They just can’t accept that Biden won more votes than Trump or even Obama. There is just “no way” that over 80 million Americans would vote for him, since he is just so “obviously” corrupt and/or senile. It is all motivated reasoning. Any conspiracy is more likely to them than having a majority of the country actually want Biden to be President more than they want Trump to be President.

          1. Conspiracy theories are also (not unreasonably) fueled by so many anti transparency measures taken in this particular election.

            1. What “anti transparency” measures were taken?

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              2. See the PA Supreme Court decision removing the ability of observers to have “meaningful access” to the vote count process (on grounds that there is no precedent defining such a term), and denying observers the ability to audit “individual ballots”. The decision, taken during the vote count for this election, is in the public domain. It means that election officials are legally allowed to keep official observers away from the vote count, whether through distance or a physical obstructive barrier. In other words, observers are rendered meaningless.

                1. It took me a while, but I found the ruling you are talking about. Reading that ruling, there simply doesn’t seem to be any requirement in Pennsylvania law that partisan observers be allowed to “audit” “individual ballots”. The point seems to be to observe the overall process and see that procedures are being followed, such as counting only ballots that were in the secrecy envelopes, that workers did inspect the outer ballots, and so on. It does not look like observers were expected or even authorized to challenge individual ballots.

                  From the Analysis portion of the ruling:

                  “In the case at bar, the [City of Philadelphia] Board [of Elections] promulgated regulations governing the locations in which authorized representatives were permitted to stand and move about while observing the pre-canvassing and canvassing process. The Board’s averments that it fashioned these rules based on its careful consideration of how it could best protect the security and privacy of voters’ ballots,as well as safeguard its employees and others who would be present during a pandemic for the pre-canvassing and canvassing process,
                  while, at the same time, ensuring that the ballots would be counted in the most expeditious manner possible, were undisputed by the Campaign.”

                  A Trump campaign attorney, Jeremy Mercer, was basically arguing that he wasn’t close enough to read the ballot envelopes, but that he testified that he could otherwise see everything else that was going on. The PA Supreme Court ruled that he only would have needed to be that close to challenge an individual ballot, which he was not permitted to do.

                  Is that what you think should be how poll watchers work? That they can essentially look over the shoulders of election workers and second-guess them at any time and challenge every single ballot that they feel like challenging? And would that really be more important to our confidence in the fairness and accuracy of elections compared to things like gerrymandering, manipulating the opening and closing of poll locations and their hours, and so on (see the Georgia runoffs)?

                  1. I cannot post links here I don’t think. Did you read the part where, due to lack of precedent for defining the phrase “meaningful access”, the Court determines that there is no such thing? And that simple access is enough? (In the context of the case, the observers being kept tens and even hundreds of feet away from the vote counting and some blocked by a physical barrier impeding their view?) And the additional conclusion that observers don’t have a fundamental right to auditing individual ballots, in this context doing things such as checking signatures when the outer envelope was opened and the ballot mixed in with the other ballots?

                    1. My link didn’t work correctly, but I’ve usually been able to post links. I’ll try again. Here is the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling in question: Re: Canvassing Operation Appeal of: City of Philadelphia Board of Elections J-116-2020

                      As a side note, if links won’t work, then providing a detailed enough description of what you would have linked so that others can pull it up very quickly would be appreciated. It took me over 15 minutes to find this document the first time because all kinds of other articles about the US Supreme Court’s rulings were coming up as well in searches.

                      The “meaningful access” question was because the statutes didn’t specify anything other than observers being allowed to be present in the room. That makes it ambiguous what the legislature really thought these observers would be doing, doesn’t it? I also note that while this case was being litigated, agreements were reached that did allow observers to be as close as 6 feet. And the barriers were waist-height according to the summary in the ruling, not ones that could obstruct anyone’s view.

                      What exactly is your concern here? You have so little trust that election workers will do their jobs correctly that you want partisan poll watchers from all sides double and triple checking their work with every single ballot or what?

                  2. Regarding the role of observers, the
                    Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) – one of the top entities when it comes to election observation, has a handbook which I browsed. One of the key roles of election observers is as follows:
                    “Is the count conducted in a transparent environment, with adequate arrangements for
                    domestic observers? Are observers able to clearly see all aspects of the counting, including
                    marks on ballots?”
                    This is exactly what the PA Supreme Court moved to suppress.

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                    2. This organization you reference is dedicated to the general principle of democratic elections, not to partisan outcomes. I found this handbook you are probably talking about.


                      Handbook for Domestic Election Observers

                      This handbook is aimed at non-partisan observers, not the observers that represent candidates and campaigns.


                      “observers should also try to speak to any observers present representing parties or candidates; international observers, if present; and voters themselves to assess their confidence in the process and listen to any reports of irregularities. All opinions should be considered as long as their credibility is assured. Ob-servers should remember that some persons may try to manipulate information for their own purposes and should therefore use their judgement to ascertain a balanced assessment of a situation. It is a good idea to speak to a cross section of people from each group wherever possible.”

                      This is an acknowledgement that partisan observers may not be accurate about what they see (whether intentionally misleading or not). That is one of the reasons why having hundreds of affidavits from among the many thousands of partisan poll watchers across the country is not impressive to me at all, in and of itself.

      2. We have a tiny handful of solo lawyers against the largest and best funded monolith of fraud in the country, and Whoopi Sullum write and article picking apart two affiants statements. There have been 923 fact witnesses. Doesn’t it seem to you that a “journalist” might be looking for the fraud, rather than working feverishly like a busy beaver to write an article per day claiming all these people are lying?
        The hate group The Lincoln Project has tens of millions in donations and free lawyers to boot. We are talking about David vs. Goliath. And Goliath is a fucking new age cartel of evil and stupidity called the DNC.

        1. The Trump campaign — which had plenty of cash — and its allies couldn’t find reputable lawyers willing to peddle this delusional rubbish — which is designed to lather rubes and raise more cash rather than to win in court — so it relies on a bunch of misfits, castoffs, and soon-to-be-disbarred slack-jaws.

          1. Plenty of cash? You mean compared to the DNC, Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, the MSM, Hollywood, and its lawyers? In this country, Charles Manson gets a lawyer. But if someone steps up to represent Trump, they get threatened with disbarment, death threats, doxxed by the Lincoln Project, and run the risk of having their oligarch clients fire them.
            If you can’t see that, you can’t see much.

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            2. He can’t see anything. He’s the biggest idiot here. And that includes SQRLSY.

          2. It’s not a matter of cash. Most big-time law firms are controlled by Democrat-favoring lawyers, who have threatened to fire any lawyer that helps the Trump campaign. With the colluding news media, academia, big tech, and now law firms, we have now reached true banana republic-level of opposition suppression. Trump, who is still President, was not shown on any major network on December 23rd, as he laid out his rationale for not conceding and gave detail on how systemic fraud in swing states threw the election. All major networks are now treating Biden as President and ignoring Trump. This is totally opposite to 2016, where there was wall to wall concern about “possible Russian collusion” and the networks still fawned over Obama’s every word. Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of America.

            1. You couldn’t even find his speech on Google. Only on his Twitter feed. Welcome to China.

              1. Oh, yeah? I just did a google search and found it immediately, first page. No problems here.

    4. “The horse is dead, time to put down the club.”

      This horse is actually never going to die. I read an article recently about the people that were convinced in 2004 that the presidential election was stolen from Kerry in Ohio. Most of them still believe that and evidence to the contrary never convinced them otherwise. Even after Biden has been sworn in and Trump has moved out of the White House, there are going to be Trump supporters that will never let this go.

      It will be essential throughout the coming years to never cease debunking disinformation about this election. If the people trying to spread the disinformation would go away and otherwise confine their conspiracy theories to the true fringes, then the rest of us can hook our clubs back on our belts. They should always be at the ready for when the zombie equi tries to stand back up, however.

      1. Not my president

        1. #LeftistLivesDontMatter

          1. I’m glad others are finally coming around to this fact. Now we can prepare for what is to come.

            1. All I want for Christmas is to look out my window and see an Enlightened™ corpse swinging from every lamppost.

              1. I just want to give progressives new homes. Like face down, in landfills.

          2. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas Day, Nardz, full of joy and family fun!

            1. Your passive aggressive bullshit is noted.

              1. I’m soooo sorry that your Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father has been CHEATED out of His Office by evil Demoncrats! I suggest that you might be able to retreat to your safe space… I hear they have laid in a large supply of Teddy Bears. Maybe one of the Teddy Bears will agree to lay with you, and snuggle your wuggle for a while! There, there!

                In a mere few more years, as you are still jonesing for Great White Father, I bet you could persuade Alex Jones to be your Next Savior! Slogan: Jonesing for Jones!

                1. I’m sorry you haven’t committed suicide yet.

                2. It isn’t about Trump being cheated – I think they are both awful, but Biden/Harris are just worse – it’s about voters being cheated out of their vote and corruption of the process. I have think that the people so deliriously happy that Orange Man lost are morally equivalent to the people who cheered when OJ was acquitted. Who cares if the election was not legitimate and, likewise, who cares that OJ actually butchered these two people – our side won!

              2. Ah, Sevo. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, too, but you didn’t make an appearance on Christmas Day!

                Hope you had a holiday full of familial love and good will toward your fellow man.

                1. “but you didn’t make an appearance on Christmas Day!”

                  He’s not a loser like you SQRLSY.

      2. There was massive election fraud, and states ignoring their own election laws. No one should let this go. Especially after four years of TDS.

        The democrat party is an existential threat to the republic and should be destroyed. There will be no peace.

        1. 100% agreed. Zero ballot rejection, millions of mail in ballots with no verification, suitcases under tables, missing hard drives, and Solar Winds. Nothing to see here, folks. Let’s talk about Watergate some more.

        2. Then what are people who lie about fraud in the attempt to steal the election?

          Without elections we aren’t really a republic anymore. Doesn’t that make you the threat?

          1. Shitsy Shitler is a GRRRRREAT student of history! Shitsy Shitler can tell you ALL about how 1-party states work MUCH better than multi-party states! THAT is why Shitsy Shitler is rooting for a 1-party “R” state under Der TrumpfenFuhrer!

            1. Did you forget you outed yourself sarcasmic?

          2. No. Your communism. And your lawlessness do.

      3. Well there’s still the problem of not verifying the results properly. It’s incredible to think certifying the election means just making sure the count is right, not the validity of the vote being checked. I mean, we know dead people are voting and their ballots do get counted, at least initially, so why are people so willing to dismiss the legitimacy? Democrats said Trump was illegitimate for 4 years. Suddenly the system is working?

        No way.

      4. Somehow, I don’t feel that condescension, partisanship, and outright mockery, copied from other people’s research, without a mite of humility, is going to persuade *anyone* of your cause. It just pisses us off and makes us beg Reason to fire you.

      5. You mean go away, kind of like the left did after Trump’s election. Certainly – that is my plan.

      6. Is that in any way, currently happening with the fearmongering, self-flagellating, granny killer accusing lefties who’ve beaten us over the head for 10 months regarding Sars CoV-2? Ya know, the virus with a 99.7% chance of surviving…

        Ring any bells?

    5. You know what’s the definition of irony? The party that has written over 1000 books and made at least two major movies about the guys who broke into the Watergate building to cheat on an election, thus getting a president impeached, have done ZERO investigation into this mountain of election cheating. Whoopi Sullum and the MSM have been saying this was a safe, fair, great, awesome, no cheating at all election since November 4.

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    7. Sullum seems to come out with several articles each day on how charges of election fraud are bogus. So much objection to thoroughly investigating these charges definitely means there is substantial truth to them. Sullum is a total leftist tool.

      1. EVERYONE who doesn’t suck the orangish-whitish dick of the Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father is a total leftist tool! It is known!

        1. Did you forget you outed yourself sarcasmic?

      2. In other words, Sullum’s a communist because he doesn’t worship Trump. Got it.

    8. The dead horse is being beaten because a huge number of Republicans (it is impossible to call them “conservatives” anymore) are convinced that the horse is alive.

      You don’t beat a dead horse because it’s fun, you beat it because there’s a whole cadre of fruitloops out there trying to convince the public that the horse is still alive.

      1. Those among us who have horse sense say “neigh” to the senseless horse-beating that you have described!

        1. Did you forget you outed yourself sarcasmic?

          1. Fuck off tulpa

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  2. Reason Koch inc is really obsessed with this election. And making sure Biden is president. Connect the dots and who’s being paid by whom.

    1. Liberty can take a back seat for 4 years.
      I’m ready for the Biden Bump to my 401(k)!

  3. I’m starting to think Jacob owns stock in Dominion. This is as bad as Shreeka and immigration articles.

    1. I’m heavily invested in renewable, green energy because I believe climate change is an existential threat to human life and the federal government needs to subsidize and support these green energy companies as part of the general welfare of the American people. Corporate subsidies make me proud to be an American citizen (*I don’t mean to imply an exclusion of undocumented Americans).

      1. Without a government run by SleepyJoe, how could we possibly survive?

    2. Merry Christmas, R Mac! Hope you are enjoying a pleasant day full of joy! Peace on Earth and good will toward all!

      1. I had a wonderful day, you disingenuous cunt.

  4. Jacob has an extreme case of TDS.

    1. Bill has an extreme case of schizophrenia!
      Come back to reality please.
      Truth has a liberal bias!

  5. Rhetorical question: had the election gone the other way, and Biden supporters were screaming fraud, would Trump supporters be so interested in proving election integrity?

    1. Biden won by over 7 million votes. CASE CLOSED!
      Nevertheless, Russian attempts at hacking our democracy need to be confronted head-on and with all options on the table, including military action against the Russian people.

      1. Nuclear military action. Get it over with. The pajama class isn’t about to enlist for a nasty boots on the ground battle.

      2. “Biden won by over 7 million votes” FAKE VOTES added to the tabulations by Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software as the votes were being counted in Serbia using Solar Winds servers. The same Solar Winds that Russia supposedly hacked, but Krebs says this was the safest, most uncompromised election in U.S. history. The same Krebs who is now blogging about the Solar Winds hacking…ya can’t make it up.

      3. No he won by 40,000 votes in 3 states.

    2. The real sarcasmic has assured us that any time he’s being a cunty little douchebag that it’s actually Tulpa.

      So fuck off Tulpa.

      1. I will take your personal attack to mean “No.”

        1. Again, the real sarcasmic has assured us that any time he’s being a cunty little douchebag that it’s actually Tulpa.

          So fuck off Tulpa.

    3. So in your universe the Mueller investigation never happened? Fuck off you dishonest cunt. You cheer for election processes and controls so insecure they would make governments of the third world blush.

  6. Trump lacks integrity and his legal team is reflection of that.

    1. Nope. Trump isn’t part of the Swamp. He may be a lot of things, but he’s not the guy with the 5400 page “COVID” bill. His legal team are a few ragtag people who believe there was fraud fighting against Big Law, Big Tech, the MSM, Big Pharma, Soros, the CCP, and the other oligarchs who prefer a Washington where they buy the rules the way they like them. It’s very sad that TDS blinds people to that simple fact. Need proof? The MSM blocked the story about Hunter Biden and the Big Guy being pawns of China. Now why would they do that?

      1. The MSM blocked the story about Hunter Biden and the Big Guy being pawns of China. Now why would they do that?

        The same reason A.G Barr cited for not pursuing the Bidens – a complete lack of evidence.

        1. Hunter Biden is currently the subject of a criminal investigation. As he was during the election. Because there is ample evidence of criminal wrongdoing. It also appears likely he is fucking his teenage niece and has been doing so since she was at least as young as fourteen, maybe longer.

          Something you undoubtedly approve of, you goddamn child rapist.

          1. A tax investigation – you QAnon spouting moron. You applauded when The Con Man said he avoided taxes.

            1. “. You applauded when The Con Man said he avoided taxes”

              And you likened it to treason.

              1. The Con Man may avoid taxes, butt He writes a GRRRREAT mash letter!

                Mash Letter from The Donald to Leona Helmsley

                Roses are red,
                Violets are blue,
                Won’t you come here,
                And join My Crew?
                Won’t you please join My Quest?
                The honest taxpayers, to molest?
                I like to collect babes, as if they were Cocker Spaniels,
                You’d look quite nice, right next to Stormy Daniels!
                You’d be quite sexy, in My YUUGE harem,
                With My BIGLY contributors, I like to share ‘em!
                “Taxes are for the little people”
                For a campaign slogan, it sounds GREAT!
                Won’t you help Me fool the greedy sheeple?
                To their suffering, you and I, we could masturbate!
                Brad Parscale, My old campaign pal,
                Wants to kill himself, what killer style!
                Won’t you stay with Me a while,
                And be My campaign gal?

                1. Fuck off sarcasmic.

            2. As a market centered classical liberal, shouldn’t you applaud anyone that avoids as much taxation as possible? Or is that only for Democrats like Timmy Geitner?

              1. “As a market centered classical liberal, shouldn’t you applaud anyone that avoids as much taxation as possible?”

                As a lying lefty piece of shit, he prefers the younger Biden get away with crimes rather than Trump obey the law.

                1. Hunter is his hero, as Hunter pared his own young niece.

            3. It isn’t. There’s a difference between using the tax code legally to minimize tax payments, and committing fraud, like a Biden.

              Also, you should be tortured to death for raping children

          2. He could be fucking a teenage Satan and Joe Biden still gets to be president, since they are separate people.

            Going after family before the guy is even settled in the White House. You people are just so revolting.

            1. “He could be fucking a teenage Satan and Joe Biden still gets to be president, since they are separate people…”

              Except when droolin’ Joe was providing political access to those who kept the neer-do-well off the family dole.

            2. Hunter is his bagman. This is not like going after a relative who is t connected with the politician’s business.

              1. You need to unsuck your brain from whatever right-wing vacuum hole of stupidity you shoved it in. I don’t know what else to tell you.

                1. Vacuum hole was Tony’s nickname in college

          3. Did ButtPlug really say “a complete lack of evidence” about Hunter Biden? Holy fuck. He’s on video cracked up and having sex with young gals, there is Tony Bobulinski’s credible and informed statements on national TV (obviously not afraid of a deflation suit), there are detailed emails, and there is the FBI investigation into how a jobless clown ended up with so much money and 10% for the Big Guy. I knew you were an ideologue, but not blind as a bat. What “evidence” do you need to see election fraud? Obviously, it would take Kamala saying: Hello, yes, there was election fraud so I concede. Anything less than that is clearly not worth looking into.

      2. “Trump isn’t part of the swamp”

        He just pardons all the worst creature in it.

        1. Not worth the time it would take to point out Obama and Clinton’s pardons. It’s like you don’t understand how it works…

          1. Whhwhhwhhwhwhhwhwhwhwatobout HER EMAILZZZZ

  7. I find it amusing that Reason pokes holes in the rights’ election fraud theory.
    Yet was fully on board with the Russia allegations.
    Strange, isn’t it?

    1. No. Russians actually met with the Trump campaign at Trump Tower to “dig up dirt on Hillary”. Whether it rose to criminality or not was decided by the Senate.

      1. “Whether it rose to criminality or not was decided by the Senate.”

        Uh, Trump was not impeached for that. He was impeached for pressuring Ukrainian President Zelensky to announce that his country would investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

        Special Counsel Mueller decided that the contacts with Russians by Trump campaign figures (including Don Jr. and Jared at that Trump Tower meeting) did not provide enough evidence to charge anyone with illegal conspiracy during the election. Of course, had they actually gotten any “dirt” on Hillary at that meeting, it could certainly be argued that it would have been illegal to have received something of “value” from a foreigner in that manner. But I don’t know that any such charge would stick.

        My view is that seeking dirt on a campaign opponent (that they would certainly know had been obtained illegally, if it was in the form of hacked emails) from an adversarial foreign government was simply anti-American. Not un-American, anti-American. It would have placed Trump in a compromised and vulnerable position relative to Russia’s government to have received help in that way. Whether there was anything illegal about the Trump Tower meeting is practically beside the point. It was incredibly stupid and potentially catastrophic to our national security.

        1. He should have done it the right way.
          Wiretaps. Like big O did.

          1. And then paid a big fancy law firm to create a dossier on her and spend four years trying to frame her with that fake dossier. That’s the way the Left gets it done!

        2. Yes, but:

          Senate Russia report proves Trump collusion was very real.

          Far from a hoax, as the president so often claimed, the report reveals how the Trump campaign willingly engaged with Russian operatives implementing the influence effort. For instance, the report exposes interactions and information exchanged between Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik and then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. According to the report, campaign figures “presented attractive targets for foreign influence, creating notable counterintelligence vulnerabilities.” (Manafort was later convicted of tax and bank fraud.)


          1. Nope. And you are a pedophile who will hopefully be killed by one of your victims, or their family members. Maybe like that pedo in ‘Law Abiding Citizen’. Which is better than a child rapist like you deserves.

            It’s so fitting that soulless filth like you is a progressive. You fit right in.

            1. I like it when you Nazi jackasses wrongly call me a progressive.

              1. You’re also a child rapist. Care to address that?

          2. Yes, but…
            Don’t you have a kiddy to diddle, you stinking piece of lefty shit?

          3. “Yes, but”

            No. Stop lying.

        3. “He was impeached for pressuring Ukrainian President Zelensky to announce that his country would investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.” No such announcement was asked for in the transcripts.

      2. The woman they met with was a private Russian citizen and she wanted to talk about adoptions of Russian kids.

  8. Sidney Powell joins all Trump-Tards as delusional lying nutcases.

    1. More justification for universal healthcare and mandatory psychiatric holds, including involuntary commitment, on the mentally ill.

      1. With doors welded shut.

    2. You rape children. You kill yourself, or die at the hands of your victims.

  9. Just want to remind everyone that Jesus was just some guy, he didn’t have any magic powers. He wasn’t the son of God because there is no God. Jesus was just an ancient version of a faith- healer, a scam artist basically. He managed to fool some ignorant rubes and then his followers made up some shit after he died.
    Just remember that this day recognizes the birth of the biggest scam artist in history.
    Happy Holidays.

    1. But the true scam artists are the ones that have profited the last 1900 years from the hippy-dippy faith healer’s legend.

      1. No, the real scam artists are the ones that position themselves to gain the trust of children and their families so those kids can be raped. By sick pieces of shit like you.

      2. Obamacare hasn’t been around for 1900 years, idiot.

    2. Don’t forget he was the son of a whore who “worked” on the Sabbath with Roman soldiers and her husband, Joseph, was a willing and enthusiastic cuckold.

    3. “Just remember that this day recognizes the birth of the biggest scam artist in history.”
      If that was true, there would be way more progressives who are Christians. You people are the most gullible saps, which is why you continuously fall for the economic system associated with the worst atrocities of all time. But today is supposed to be a happy occasion, so I’ll let it slide. Merry Christmas!

    4. I’m just tired of all the atheists who celebrate Christmas. That’s cultural appropriation, and it’s not OK.

      1. Never has there been a year more than this one where I’ve contemplated the intricate politics of Christmas.

        If the whole month was jettisoned into space forever, I wouldn’t miss it. Fuck jingle bells. I get ptsd ticks whenever those jingle bells and Lexus commercials come on all month.

        So I have to engage in several things I fundamentally object or in order to make my mother happy. Forced gift giving and the cynical commercialism about it. All the bad food we don’t eat the rest of the year because it’s bad. Prayer and indeed the whole religious aspect when I’m an atheist.

        “It’s only until they’re all dead,” I tell myself.

        1. “…“It’s only until they’re all dead,” I tell myself…”

          I’ll bet they’re saying the same about you, you miserable piece of lefty shit.

        2. Christ (happy belated birthday) you are an insufferable twunt.

        3. Or until you’re dead Tony. Kill yourself

        4. So let me get this straight: taxes are awesome, but you fundamentally object to forced gift giving?

          That’s consistent.

      2. Cultural appropriation is dogs wearing reindeer costumes in a crèche

  10. This pattern is common among anti-choice and anti-gun fanatics. A Killeen resident–who’d been coerced over plant leaves, then coerced some more by city inspectors over a fence gate–went postal and shot 2 dozen people at the Luby’s around the corner from City Hall frequented by bureaucrats. An Austin Libertarian wrote the paper that it was “convenient for the murderer” to be able to rely on the government having disarmed all victims. The paper was inundated with sign-and-mail mimeographs saying 2A “would” turn the nation into an OK Corral gunbattle.

    1. It would appear that the 2nd amendment is a new thing for some people.

      You do know who said that, right?

      1. Saint Anthony Fauci, lover of limelight.

      2. Every mom ever?

  11. Look, let’s all pause for a second. Obviously social media dominates EVERYTHING. Today when I go visit my Grandpa (Non paternal) during Christmas dinner I will think about my Grandma who passed away 7 years ago. Part of me feels like if she were around to see how much to shit this country has gone, it would severely depress her. As if her life wasn’t hard enough struggling to have enough to retire comfortable until SSI kicked in.

    Lets all not forget Cambridge analytica, go read into it. The Mercer’s were strong enough to sweep it under the Rug for the most part and get MSM to obsess over Russia instead. Go read the FCC charges/filings against them online.

    The far right and the far left are the same people persona’s online or found in outlets. They’re getting a knee jerking reaction out of everyone who’s never even taken a freshman level political science class to understand government at any level besides CoNsTiTuTiOn or CaPiTaLiSm BaD.

    Are we going to regurgitate the same shit forever folks? So these people get some dumb clicks to sell add space and our society is perpetually dumbed down no matter which side you lean? This is a sad sob story and people know this is what goes on to well but love to just laugh at the arguments, because they understand what polemics are.

    It’s disgusting to laugh at people losing their mental capacity to cope and not understand they’re being manipulated. The political left wing activist outlet VICE news was started by Fox/Proud boys Gavin McGinnies for hell’s sake. Those Edgy blue check mark persona’s on twitter aren’t shit folks. People need their own minds and rationalizing skills returned to them!

    Its not our public servants who are bad, its the lobbying special interest groups who pay them and keep the people thinking accepting bribes/using the government for personal is tantamount to criminal. Biden / Ukraine / China – Trump Russia/Ukraine/KSA “whatever” that’s not historic wrong doing – it happens every day on capital hill and that money is there so bills gets passed with bipartisan support while the Public knows little of what’s in them until it can keep people clicking during the holidays.

    Until we start demanding people accept that life is just unfair sometimes and start thinking about enacting change through incrementalism/electing more honest people out to change the campaign finance system, we won’t see this country start thinking through things logically.

    It is Political Revolution, not religion, that is the opium of the people – Simone Weil

    1. “When we speak of power, we mean man’s control over the minds and actions of other men. By political power we refer to the mutual relations of control among the holders of public authority and between the latter and the people at large.”
      ― Hans J. Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations

  12. Ah, a perfect Christmas reminder that you fucking losers lost, backed a bad candidate, and your coup failed.

    You are failed, treasonous losers. But you wont get statues like the confederacy did. You will be a footnote in history for following an embarrassing cult, and you will be mocked throughout time.

    The traitors on here calling for violence against their political opponents and an overthrow of an election they lost, can get the fuck out of this country. You lost, and Americans will not suffer your treason.

    Take the L, you whiney fucking pussies

    1. You’re still mad about Hillary I see.

      1. Shreek is still mad that the coked up Nazi Bush humiliated his secret crush, the inventor of the internet.

    2. I love that you assholes keep calling using the legal process to challenge the results of the election an attempted coup. It really shows how fucking partisan you are.

      Even better that you’re gloating about Biden winning.

      Get bent.
      Sincerely, a JoJo voter.

      1. Polnareff FTW

      2. I like how you’re defining coup away to mean only illegal processes. They would always prefer the veneer of legality.

        You need to be honest and admit that this behavior is unprecedented, uncalled for, and damaging to the norms of democracy in this country. If you want to ruin democracy because you don’t get your way, just say so.

        1. Thanks HamSandwich I appreciate your thoughts!

      3. I love that after watching heaps upon heaps of “legal process” there is still a giant fucking nothingburger of fraud, and the they “experts” bringing forward this groundbreaking legal evidence have been laughed out of court by trump appointed judges, and mutumboed by the SCOTUS.

        Sorry, you dont get to have your legal process for eternity. You all gave it a great shot. The adults in the room arent going to keep watching you flail looking for “legal proof of MASSIVE FRAUD!” while you can produce none.

        And really the only thing they have to point to is “but look at EVERYTHING we have found so far! we just want a fair and legal process!” Ya everything you have found has been embarrassingly poor evidence, hearsay, and laughed out of court. At some point, the toddlers throwing a tantrum finally need to be told “shut the fuck up and go sit in the corner, mommy and daddy are over your shit now”

        Biden is a shitty candidate. I am elated that the cult and its followers is going down, in the most embarrassing way possible. They are getting what they deserve for backing a child with a 3rd grade reading level with no interest in anything but himself. They get Biden because thats what they brought on themselves.

        1. You tell them Tony!

    3. I hear grand juries indict your kind.

  13. I follow social media. Based on that alone, Biden won the election fair and square. Of course social media isn’t real life. But in this case they won the argument – not on the merits, but because most Trump supporters didn’t know how to fight them. Instead they ran and now blame their loss on a shadowy conspiracy instead of their own cowardice.

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    2. Huh? Biden lost. The media called it for him, true. But buying votes with Soros and Zuckerberg money isn’t “winning.” Trump’s 74 million voters aren’t cowards. They have no way of fighting the MSM, Big Law, Big Tech, the CCP, the Koch Bros, and Hollywood, anymore than anyone does. But history will remember 2020 as the election where Time magazine (such as it is) put two clowns on the cover and gave them an award before they had done anything besides hide in a basement and wait for the Overlords to rig the election for them. WELCOME TO 1984. We finally made it.

      1. Trump supporters like you were too cowardly to fight the enemy on social media. That’s why Trump lost. Instead you try to score a cheap ‘win’ by arguing with his supporters like me.

        If instead you had fought with me on twitter and disqus, Trump would have stood a chance.

        1. Just shut the fuck up Tony already.

          1. You’re the reason Trump lost.

    1. Anyone know the answer to this? “What lies behind the $400 million received by the parent company of Dominion Voting Systems less than a month before the election?”
      Soros gave them the money?

  14. Affidavits are written by lawyers, consulting with the affiants to make sure the affidavits are accurate. Where the affidavits need to cover certain necessary elements, they will be formulaic. Where the lawyers are under deadline pressure, they will seem nearly identical in substance –creative writing style is neither prized nor paid for by clients. Under extreme deadline pressure, the affidavits will wind up sharing typos. None of this sheds much light on the merits of either side’s position.

  15. All I know is there’s an interesting free civics course in all this.

    That aside, Trump’s ultimate goal here isn’t tying to prove fraud, because as you can see Biden could have literally have stolen votes and said so on TV and people still wouldn’t care or say there was no fraud. It’s to tackle the constitutionality of the process and to get it to Pence on January 6. All he has to do is cast doubt on the integrity of the elections.

    As for the lawsuits themselves, they seem to be dismissed on various technicalities if I’m hearing right.

    Anyway. That’s what seems to be his play. But what do I know?

    All I know is America dodged a bullet in2016. But the second one is heading for the temple. Hopefully it can pull a Neo on this one because Biden is an order of magnitude worse than Hilary.

    1. Really? What part of Biden is worse then Clinton? By any measure I can think of Biden is far less objectionable to the right then Clinton.

      And there is nothing at all Pence can do. His role is ceremonial.

      1. This is a big moment for Pence. Vice Presidents have had to do this job since the EC was instituted. They have to be do the task even when their party losses (Joe Biden, 2016) or they themselves have lost (Al Gore, 2000). I believe that Mike Pence is up to the job of being dignified and accepting the results. While I would disagree with Mike Pence on many issues, he is not Trump and will not act like Trump.

      2. Dunno about the right. But Biden is an unreconstructed war monger and drug warrior responsible for destroying millions of lives. Worse than Clinton? Kind of a tossup. As much as Reason continues in their goal to reinvent Biden as evil but within normal parameters, at no time in 40 years has he done anything that could be described as even remotely libertarian. Don’t know what measures you are referencing but it would seem that both you and Reason are imagining a Joe Biden who never existed before Nov.

    2. They weren’t dismissed on technicalities unless you comsider ‘provides no evidence to back up their assertions that would pass the very liberal ‘ if we accept the facts presented as true would the plaintiff win’ standard of initial review’s to be a technicality.

  16. This column earned – JACOB SULLUM – a total of – 98 – Social Credit Points.

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  17. So we won’t investigate possible election fraud at all, but we’ll carefully scrutinize and look for imperfections in any claim of election fraud.

    1. Journolisming 2020!
      Propagandizing without being coerced.

    2. The claims have been investigated by very partisan people and they still came out with noting. Scrutinizing the claims is what illuminates the BS that they are.

    3. You really don’t need to carefully scrutinize claims of election fraud. They really stand out as false, nutty, and conspiratorial.

      The point is being made is that dignified peaceful transfer of power is being challenged and must be defended. The people challenging are not legitimate and need to be called out for the threat they pose.

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  19. There is no goal or strategy. Trump is simply acting like a petulant child who has lost the game so he overturns the board, yells “you cheated” and stomps out of the room. Anyone paying attention to him knows this is entirely within his character.

    Now he is turning on republicans and judges who refuse to do his bidding. He has been doing this all along. Nothing new here.

    1. “There is no goal or strategy. Trump is simply acting like a petulant child who has lost the game so he overturns the board, yells “you cheated” and stomps out of the room. Anyone paying attention to him knows this is entirely within his character.”

      TDS-infected shits are certain about this!

      1. ^ cult member attributes any critique no matter how on point to “TDS”

        also, its snowing in Canada. more news at 11

        1. TDS-infected shit gets called on bullshit, claims caller is part of a cult.
          Fuck off, TDS-infected shit.

        2. You could be indicted by a grand jury at any moment.

  20. And Hackjob Sullum veers straight into conspiracy theory land without a hint of irony,

  21. Looks like Sullum writes for MSN also:

    “Caught on Camera: Trump Spends Christmas Eve Playing Golf While Americans Await Fate of Covid Relief Checks”
    “President Donald Trump spent Christmas Eve at his West Palm Beach golf course while Americans continued to wonder what, if any, Covid relief funds might be coming their way, and when.
    Trump skipped town Wednesday after potentially blowing up a painstakingly-negotiated coronavirus relief bill with a demand that individual payments be increased from $600 to $2000, and after vetoing a massive defense appropriations bill. He began his Christmas Eve with, let’s say, unrelated tweets…”

    Imagine! Playing golf after vetoing a bill! The nerve of the guy! And to be “caught on camera! I can’t even!
    Where’s the fainting couch?

    1. painstakingly-negotiated

  22. Still waiting for an explanation of the Georgia video Sullum.

    1. The one where they literally pull out suit cases from under the table after clearing the room? Or was that Arizona?

    2. The dum dum democrats and their allies had no idea the stadium video was running.

      Counting ballots without meaningful public viewing violates Georgia law.

      The commies and their propagandists used kungflu to keep observers away from the election fraud,

  23. Didn’t you already publish this article several times?

    1. love the comments guys. If the article is about the election or trump, complain that it’s all they ever write about. A political magazine focusing on the most recent national election and the president of the united states is so 2008-2016.

      1. Thirty articles by Sullum in 30 days. But of course nothing else happened. Real slow news month.

  24. What I don’t get is what is in this for Sidney. She can’t believe in the crap she is selling and she is not on the payroll. I guess there is some money in it for her somewhere and she gets PR as the go to person for the winger conspiracy crowd.

    1. She’s a QAnoner. It’s probably a legitimate cultlike devotion.

      As much as it seems like they’re all trolls screwing with us, cults tend to look ridiculous from the outside.

      1. She is also a lawyer. Lawyers lie for a living. Who knows what her motivations are.

        1. Except Lefty lawyers. They are telling the truth.

          Politicians lie except Lefty politicians.

          Give it a rest. You Lefties got caught and Trump is getting his second term as he won a plurality of legal votes in the states that matter.

    2. Well, when Christine Blasey Ford came out of the woodwork to accuse Kavanaugh of sex crimes, the right-wingers around here accused her of throwing away all integrity and deliberately lying and inventing her story so as to become a celebrity in left-wing circles.

      So, maybe that is the case here. Sidney Powell is throwing away her integrity and her legal career so as to become a right-wing media celebrity.

      Who knows.

  25. At this point, I think those who are still on the MASSIVE FRAUD bandwagon need to postulate the conditions under which they would accept an election result as legitimate, regardless of who won. What type of election security would they deem as sufficient?

    My hunch is that they will not accept any election that is run by Democrats, frankly.

    1. Democrats are liars and corrupt pieces of shit.

      Run an election based on the constitutional rules but democrats cant. They lose those elections.

      Americans dont have a constitutional right to pick the president, electors do. State electors are chosen by state legislatures and approved by a joint session of congress.

      12th amendment here we come.

  26. Poor unreason. The commies dont like the constitution and its limitations on commie politicians taking over.

    Electoral college. Judicial enforcement of constitutional clauses like state legislatures have sole authority on state election laws. Private parties can submit evidence based on sworn affidavits and the courts must consider those fact until proven otherwise.

    Democrats and their allies go caught trying to steal another election. This time through unconstitutional Executive branch and election official changes to election laws and election fraud.

    12th amendment here we come.

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  28. I told my friend thousand and thousand that this vote is not real. please vote to Trump.
    other evident please find hear

  29. “Those affidavits include strikingly similar language that suggests they were written or edited by Powell or her colleagues rather than the affiants.”

    The lawsuits are a joke but…no decent lawyer ever lets a witness of any consequence draft their own affidavit.

  30. There have been over 20,000 Bigfoot sightings and around 30% of Americans believe in Bigfoot. There is more evidence for Bigfoot than for this election nonsense. You could collect thousands of affidavits, videos, photographs and other evidence if you wanted to.

    Now prove to me that Bigfoot does not exist. Followed by Santa Claus, aliens from outer space, ghosts, and the Loch Ness monster.

  31. I remember 2016. I remember Democrats saying that Hillary really won the election in a completely unconstitutional way. I remember obsessions with “voter irregularities in Ohio” when Bush won his second term, and “Wisconsin” when Trump won his. Despite Hillary’s concession, Democrats pressured electors to be faithless, invoking the name of pop sensation Alexander Hamilton. People fantasized about Hillary becoming president once Trump was impeached for imaginary crimes wished up moments after his election victory.

    It’s a little too late to tell people what they’re supposed to be ashamed of.

  32. No credible evidence of suspiciously similar affidavits.

  33. If Dominion has nothing to hide, why not be transparent and allow forensic audits of the machines in the swing states?

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