New York City

A Bonus Reason Roundtable. Live From New York City!

Enjoy a special video episode recorded live from New York City’s illustrious Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground.


Last week, editors Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and Peter Suderman touched the stage at New York City's eminent Comedy Cellar to record an episode of The Reason Roundtable in front of a live audience. Topics ranged from marijuana aromas to terrible 2024 presidential candidates, and included some geographical sparring over contrasting libertarian lifestyle choices. It's a lively NYC vs. D.C. cage match!

02:45—A profusion of high-profile firings on cable news

07:20—NYC smells like weed (finally!)

20:50—Why THIS presidential candidate would be terrible

36:20—NYC vs. D.C.

51:14—New York–centric cultural recommendations

56:40—Audience Q&A

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Audio production by Ian Keyser; assistant production by Hunt Beaty; video edit by Adam Czarnecki.

Music: "Angeline," by The Brothers Steve