Ninth Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Claim Alleging Unconstitutional Police Mishandling of Rape Accusations

Plaintiff had shown the police cell phone messages in which she “casually discussed the sexual activity that occurred the night of the alleged rape and agreed to meet [the person she was accusing] again for a future sexual encounter,” and “told the alleged assailant that she ‘could make him lose his job’ after she discovered that he had remained active on the online dating website where they met.”

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Judge Limits Discovery of Kevin Spacey's Past Romantic and Sexual Partners

“During discovery, plaintiff shall not inquire of the defendant concerning his prior sexual or romantic experiences ... with anyone unless the identity of the person ... has been disclosed by the [person] or otherwise become public, in either case in connection with a claim, published report in mainstream media, or public allegation that any such sexual or romantic experience or encounter was not in all respects consensual.”

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