Crooks Talk to Congress; Netflix Ninth-Worst Company; Comrade Vlad, and more: Reason Evening Links


At 25, Marilyn Monroe wasn't even famous yet.

Failed New Jersey senator turned failed New Jersey governor turned failed Ponzi schemer Jon Corzine tells Congress he just doesn't know where he put all that money he took. 

Failed Attorney General Eric Holder testifies on the Fast and Furious criminal conspiracy. Claims nobody at Justice lied. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) details the case against Holder

Russian potentate vows to rid motherland of imperialist agitation. Past and future president Vladimir Putin says an upcoming protest against vote fraud is being funded by U.S. agents trying to show that America is the "boss on our planet. " Putin's charge is being characterized as a threat to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "reset" of Russian-American relations – though you may recall that the reset was a flop even before the "overload" button was pushed

Speaking of overload, a moment of respect for Lindsay Lohan. At an age when many performers are still in the first bloom of talent and beauty, the once-brilliant star of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday has more or less completed the starlet-to-gargoyle transformation that used to take decades. With only two acting credits in the past two years, 25-year-old Lohan begins her comeback with an ominous Marilyn Monroe spread in the very dusty pages of Playboy. Will somebody please put this woman in a movie again? 

Apple with a bullet, Netflix with nothing. In 24/7 Wall Street's ranking of best and worst managed companies, the late Steve Jobs' creation ranks as the best. Avon beats out such stiff competition as American Airlines, Eastman Kodak, Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard to take the top spot in the Worst category. Netflix, which threw a pearl away richer than all its tribe, takes ninth place on the Worst list.