Election 2020

Trump's 46-Minute Rant About Election Fraud Crystallizes the Most Dangerous Aspects of His Personality

"This is about restoring faith and confidence in American elections," the president says.


The conventional way to describe the 46-minute rant about election fraud that Donald Trump posted on Facebook yesterday would be to say that the president is out of his mind. But to me, it seemed like Trump was completely in his mind, which is in many ways more alarming. His is a mind that refuses to admit defeat or accept responsibility, a mind that resorts to ever more elaborate and implausible excuses for losing. For weeks now, he has been inflicting these self-flattering fantasies on the entire country, aided and abetted by cowardly Republicans terrified of alienating his supporters, culminating (I hope) in the clumsily edited, scattered oration that he offered up yesterday for true believers, which he billed as possibly "the most important speech I've ever made."

The style of the video—which jarringly jumps back and forth between segments in which Trump is looking directly at the online audience and segments in which he is looking to his left—reflects his disjointed argument, which fires one dud charge after another, trying desperately to substitute quantity for quality. I will not address all of his specific allegations, which range from randomly mailed absentee ballots to a zombie horde of dead voters. But a few of the highlights will give you the flavor of the president's evidence and reasoning.

The origin of Trump's dismay at losing his bid for reelection is also the heart of his argument that he actually won: On election night, he saw his initial leads in several battleground states diminish and disappear as more votes were counted. In the president's mind, such reversals could only be explained by his opponent's cheating, and that conviction evolved into the elaborate conspiracy theories spun by the likes of former Trump attorney Sidney Powell, who alleges a vast, international scheme involving Democratic and Republican election officials across the country, Dominion Voting Systems, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, and China. Although Trump recently distanced himself from Powell, he and Rudy Giuliani, who is leading his campaign's legal team, continue to embrace key aspects of her story, as was evident in yesterday's speech.

By the president's account, Dominion voting machines across the country were rigged to change Trump votes into Biden votes on a massive scale. "In one Michigan County," for example, "they found that nearly 6,000 votes had been wrongly switched from Trump to Biden. And this is just the tip of the iceberg." Trump was referring to a tabulation error that was quickly corrected and had nothing to do with fraud-facilitating software. "An inaccurate vote count in Michigan's Antrim County was never an official result and was due to a human error by the county clerk, not a failure in Dominion Voting Systems software," PolitiFact notes.

More generally, Trump's own Department of Homeland Security called the 2020 election "the most secure in American history," saying, "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised." Trump's own attorney general this week said "we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election," adding that the Justice Department had investigated claims of rigged voting machines and "so far we haven't seen anything to substantiate that."

Trump held up (and lovingly caressed) cardboard charts showing early morning spikes in tabulated ballots that he thinks conclusively show Biden stole the election. In Wisconsin, he said, "we were way up on election night," but "they ultimately had us miraculously losing by 20,000 votes….To this day, everyone's trying to figure out where did it come from? But I went from leading by a lot to losing by a little."

Might there be a noncriminal explanation for that development? Trump does not even entertain the possibility. But in Wisconsin, absentee ballots, no matter when they arrive, cannot be legally counted until Election Day. And largely because Trump actively discouraged Republicans from voting by mail this year, describing that method as inherently insecure and fraudulent, those late-counted absentee ballots were skewed toward Biden, especially when they came from heavily Democratic cities.

"The shift began overnight in Milwaukee, the state's largest Democratic stronghold, which gave Biden a net gain of about 9,000 with its mail-in votes," the ABC station in Chicago reported. "When the 169,000 mail-in votes from the city of Milwaukee were reported in the early hours of Wednesday, Biden led Trump by 182,896 in the city. Mail-in ballots from Kenosha County and Brown County, which includes the city of Green Bay, grew Biden's lead to about 20,000. The mail-in ballots in those counties also leaned heavily Democratic. Trump had held a steady edge before the mail-in ballot tallies came in."

Trump wants us to believe that Biden stole the election through a carefully planned, sophisticated operation that systematically increased Biden's tallies and reduced Trump's. At the same time, he wants us to believe these clever conspirators were so inept that they left obvious, incontrovertible evidence of their crimes, evidence that his lawyers have not managed to produce in court.

"Tens of thousands of times all over the country," the president claimed, eager Trump voters showed up to cast their ballots for him, only to be told that they had already voted. The implication, I think, is that absentee ballots for all these voters were intercepted and filled out by pro-Biden operatives. Or maybe Trump was suggesting that Democratic election officials who were determined to deny him his rightful victory arbitrarily turned away Republican voters. Or possibly he meant that the anti-Trump plotters fraudulently recorded his supporters as voting for Biden by nonexistent absentee ballots. However you interpret Trump's unsubstantiated allegation, it is hard to believe that the sneaky Democrats he blames for faking Biden's victory would have done so in such an easily detected way.

The Trump legal team has leaned heavily on an affidavit by Detroit election worker Jessy Jacob, who alleged several serious improprieties in Wayne County, including voter coaching, failure to check voters' identification, and backdating of absentee ballots. "This is something that is so unconstitutional," Trump said in his speech, "and she estimates that thousands and thousands of ballots were improperly backdated by her and many others." But Wayne County Judge Timothy M. Kenny found that the backdating claim was based on a misunderstanding of election procedures, while other charges leveled by Jacob were so lacking in detail that they were unverifiable.

Trump also trotted out his campaign's claim that Pennsylvania's policy of allowing voters to correct technical errors on their absentee ballots violated the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection because some counties gave voters that opportunity and others did not. A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, in a blistering opinion written by a Trump-nominated judge and joined by two other Republican appointees, unanimously rejected that theory. "The Campaign cannot win this lawsuit," it said. "The Campaign's claims have no merit."

Trump noted that "even judges so far have refused to accept" that he actually won the election. Since courts are the forum in which Trump has to back up his charges of massive election fraud with credible evidence, the fact that judges have been unimpressed is hardly a niggling detail. Again and again, Trump's lawyers have failed to substantiate the claim that fraud accounts for Biden's victory. "Charges of unfairness are serious," the 3rd Circuit noted. "But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here."

Trump suggested that the plot to steal the election (as opposed to, say, the COVID-19 pandemic) explains why Biden refrained from in-person campaigning. "My opponent was told to stay away from the election, don't campaign," he said. "'We don't need you. We've got it. This election is done.' In fact, they were acting like they already knew what the outcome was going to be. They had it covered. And perhaps they did, very sadly for our country."

Perhaps they did? Trump is asserting a massive, easily provable conspiracy that involved manipulating hundreds of thousands of votes. At the same time, he is only surmising that there must have been a conspiracy, given what he views as Biden's suspicious pre-election confidence.

A good rule of thumb with Trump is that the truth is exactly the opposite of whatever he says, and the usefulness of that rebuttable presumption was on full display in his speech. "I don't mind if I lose an election," he averred. "We had a tremendous victory, and everybody knows it," he asserted. "This election was rigged," and "everybody knows it," he claimed. "The evidence is overwhelming," he insisted. "This is about restoring faith and confidence in American elections," he declared. If any of those things were true, Trump never would have recorded this speech.

Trump thanked Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.) for defending him against allegations that his 2016 campaign illegally colluded with Russian operatives. This is the same senator who, responding to Trump's complaints about prolonged vote counting this year, said, "Taking days to count legally cast votes is NOT fraud." Rubio is also the same senator who casually described Biden as "the president-elect" two weeks ago.

Other Republican members of Congress have been more direct. "When Trump campaign lawyers have stood before courts under oath," Sen. Ben Sasse (R–Neb.) noted on November 19, "they have repeatedly refused to actually allege grand fraud—because there are legal consequences for lying to judges." Shortly after the election, Sen. Pat Toomey (R–Pa.), noted that "the president's allegations of large-scale fraud and theft of the election are just not substantiated." After the ruling against the Trump campaign that was upheld by the 3rd Circuit, Toomey said, "President Trump should accept the outcome of the election and facilitate the presidential transition process."

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R–La.) chimed in a couple of days later. "President Trump's legal team has not presented evidence of the massive fraud which would have had to be present to overturn the election," he said. "I voted for President Trump but Joe Biden won."

The same day, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R–Tenn.) offered Trump some advice. "My hope is that President Trump will take pride in his considerable accomplishments, put the country first and have a prompt and orderly transition to help the new administration succeed," he said. "When you are in public life, people remember the last thing you do."

Trump is not the sort of person who takes such advice to heart. But while I have never liked Trump and have frequently criticized him, this final phase of his presidency crystallizes the aspects of his personality that are not merely ugly or laughable but dangerous in anyone who wields political power, whether as the mayor of a tiny town or the head of the U.S. government's executive branch. Trump's utter disdain for the truth, combined with his mercurial nature and complete lack of principles, makes it impossible to have a rational conversation with him, let alone trust him with the ever-expanding powers of the presidency.

When P.J. O'Rourke endorsed Hillary Clinton on libertarian grounds in 2016, he called her "the second worst thing that could happen to this country," adding: "She's way behind in second place, you know? She's wrong about absolutely everything. But she's wrong within normal parameters!"

I did not vote for Clinton, but the last four years certainly have validated O'Rourke's expectation that Trump would be wrong outside of normal parameters. I did not vote for Biden either, and I am confident that he will be terrible, but in predictable ways. And he will lie, also in predictable ways. But I am pretty sure he will not create an alternate universe and insist that all right-thinking Americans live in it to satisfy the demands of his ego. In terms of decency, competence, knowledge, and honesty, Trump has set a bar so low that almost any randomly chosen hack can easily step over it.

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  1. Randomly mailed absentee ballots is a dud?

    Look, the reality is that people have no faith in this election not because of Trump but because there’s an unauditable electronic voting system in place.

    I trust black box software when voting as.much as I trust it in a breathalyzer.

    1. Plus, the idea that the DHS is ‘Trump’s own’ is laughable. Trump was elected precisely because the agencies are operating on their own agendas.

      Even if you don’t accept that, accept the the DHS runs TSA. You know, the agency that fails 95 percent of its own security tests? DHS is the agency that is as ripe with internal fraud and financial misconduct to make the DOD blush. Those are the people who’s word a *libertarian* is giving weight to?

      1. This, IMO, is more key and more critical to the issue. If the lockdowns and Russiagate have taught us anything, it’s that a runaway sociopath/”runaway sociopath” on his way out of office is the least of our worries.

        The Manchurian Candidate or everybody’s Crazy Uncle gaining access to The Button isn’t the greatest evil we face. It’s the concerted efforts of Governors, legislators, lawmakers, and letter-agencies that ensure, legally or illegally, The Manchurian Candidate gets access to The Button… the collective ignorance that Hitler was appointed to the Chancellorship by a democratically-elected President. The result of pent-up frustration with a divided and grid-locked government.

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        2. But it’s easier to make the masses believe in Goldstein than to identify the many faceless drones, and true nature, of Big Brother.

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      2. In other words, 0% evidence, 100% conspiracy. Because TSA.

        1. No. In other words – the TSA means the DHS is not a reliable organization.

      3. The claim is of widespread voter fraud and compromised hardware, software and their operators and technicians and all the rest of the claims that we’ve all heard Trump make, including a four-year plan by the Democrats that covers almost everything anyone could possibly do to disenfranchise tens of millions of American voters and destroy faith in our electoral system by plan.

        So here’s my question: how many people were in involved?

      4. Sullun can’t stand Trump. His essay is a wordy sham. A dead man walking won by late night vote dumps in the borderline states. Sullen, be a man and don’t hide your hatred of Trump under your pretentious belief that this election was fair. You have a contempt for individuals; the exact opposite of classical liberalism.

        1. “A dead man walking won…”

          A “dead man walking” won because the Republican alternative was far, far worse.

    2. Riiiiiiiiight…..sure.

      It has nothing to do with Trump pre-emptively yelling and screaming about fraud and pushing bonkers conspiracy theories for months leading up to the election and for weeks after…

      It was that people had no faith in the electoral system for ever. They just never spoke up about it until 2020.

      Democrats was screaming about electronic voting machines and paper trails since Bush beat Kerry in 2000 (Diebold was a dirty word to liberals and lots of people believed they flipped Ohio for Bush back then) — and everyone dismissed it as sour grapes and being sore losers.
      The difference then was that Kerry wasn’t stoking the flames and promoting that stuff.

      None of these complaints are new….its just that these beliefs have moved from the fringes to the mainstream of the cult of Trump because the cult leader is the one selling the bullshit to a bunch of suckers

      1. Actually I references the wrong year…It was the 2004 election, not the 2000 election.


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      2. if you gonna act like you know what you are talking about, you might want to pick the right candidates who were running in 2000…..

      3. ChicagoTom (lol) has faith in the integrity of our ruling caste.

        1. Sounds like Chipper has a new sock.

        2. Pretty odd for anyone who’s spent much time in Cook County.

      4. I came up with a really useful quiz to determine what kind of crack pot you are:

        (1) What is the goal? +2 if you say “White Supremacy”; +1 if you say “New World Order”

        (2) What billionaires are funding this shit? +2 if you said “The Koch Brothers”; +1 if you said “George Soros”

        (3) What nation states are lending support? +2 if you said “Russia! Russia! Russia!”; +1 if you said “Venezuela definitely and China for sure (using a dark ops computer server in Berlin), and also probably also Cuba.”

        (4) How can they possibly get away with this shit? +2 if you said “Citizens United”; +1 if you said “Oh…and also the postal service is in on it.”

        1. Then you just add up all your points and see if it makes sense.

          1. So what was your score?

            1. Funny you should ask. Sidney Powell and I are petitioning for a recount right now. Stay tuned!

    3. Georgia is having a state Senate hearing on massive democrat election fraud.

      The Trump campaign obtained a video of the Fulton County, Atlanta main counting area in State Farm arena today. Democrats didnt know the cameras were turned on. HAHAHAHA.

      It shows how election officials told observers to leave because they were done counting at 11pm. They pulled out containers from under tables hidden by tablecloths and counted until 1am.

      This is how they injected fake ballots into the legal ballot stream.

      1. LOL. The fact that you claim to believe this tells us a lot about either your intelligence or your honesty, neither of which is flattering for you.

        1. pfft…lame response.

          1. Dear John el Diablo:

            I’m soooo sorry that your Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father has been CHEATED out of His Office by evil Demoncrats! I suggest that you might be able to retreat to your safe space… I hear they have laid in a large supply of Teddy Bears. Maybe one of the Teddy Bears will agree to lay with you, and snuggle your wuggle for a while! There, there!

            In a mere few more years, as you are still jonesing for Great White Father, I bet you could persuade Alex Jones to be your Next Savior! Slogan: Jonesing for Jones!

            1. Sqrlsy dear, take your Adderall, and please don’t nibble on the ficus anymore. I don’t want you throwing up again.

            2. Hey SQRLSY, since you’re a crazy homeless guy, I was wondering, how do you get internet access to post your crazy rants? Does the homeless shelter have an internet lab, or did some good citizen leave their cell phone in your begging cup?

              P.S. Alex Jones rocks.

              1. Dear John el Diablo:

                STOP drinking that fluoridated water, or they will mind-control you and turn you into a demon-rat!!!

                Did you NOT know that fluoridated water is chock-full of tiny little Hunter Biden homunculi (one each per each fluorine atom, with a tiny sub-atomic Hunter Biden working the tiny little brain-control levers, and chucking an evil laugh) as they FORCED tens of millions of fluoridated-water-drinking voters to NOT vote for Trump!

                1. You suck dick for coke, don’t you?

                  I can tell you’re all coked up…and since you’re a crazy homeless guy, there’s only one way you’re getting that blow…

                  1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

                    So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

                    Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

                    Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

                    Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

                    At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

                    Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to ReasonNeedsBrilliantlyPersuasiveWriters@Reason.com .

                    Thank You! -Reason Staff

                    1. Well…you referenced Monty Python, so you might be only slightly less retarded than I thought. Good for you!!

                2. I only drink rainwater and pure grain alcohol.

                  1. I hope that you are also retaining the purity of your essences, and not letting women pollute them or steal them!

              2. Dear John el Diablo:

                In case Your Hero, Der TrupfenFuhrer, AND Hero #2, Alex Jones, are BOTH unavailable to run for “Defunder-Defeater in Chief” of multi-party democracy in 2024, then I have yet ANOTHER fall-back candidate for you! He sounds JUST like Trump! AND He is, yea verily, another “Great White Father”! See below!


              3. He’s not homeless. He lives in a psychiatric facility and earns internet time when he follows his behavior plan.

            3. There was obviously massive fraud, it reeks.

              1. Where is your proof?

        2. They released the video? It’s currently on Twitter. It exists. Do you think the video is a mass hallucination that manifested both inside a state hearing and electronically at the same time?

          1. Yep, video in plain sight. Just watched it. Absolute fraud. 40,000 sworn affidavits attesting to fraud too. Dems and woke idiots are going to lose what’s left of their pea brains.

            1. Any of you dingleberrys got a link to the video?

              1. I posted both farther down shit for brains

            2. To which court(s) have those 40,000 affidavits been presented. How will the affiants bear up under cross-examination?

            3. Trump claims that the Dems have been plotting to rig the election for four years. If that’s true, and I’m not taking a position one way or the other, how many people do you think it took to pull off their plan?

        3. Poor Democrats. They don’t want to admit what is coming.

          12th Amendment here we come!

          Trump wins again! Hillary cant stop him. Mueller cant stop him.
          Impeachment by the House cant stop him. Kungflu can’t stop him. Massive Democrat election fraud cant stop him.

          1. You’re a grade A moron, LovesTrumpsTinyMushroomDick1789.

            1. Why are you so obsessed with eating Biden’s ass? What a bitch you are.

          2. I’ll pile on- you are either a troll or need serious mental help to get back into reality.

            Or just severely, severely stupid. Take your pick.

            1. Jeff calling anyone else a troll certainly opens new frontiers in hypocrisy.

              1. Don’t talk about Sarcasmics new backup bae like that.

          3. Dear lovecontitution1789,

            Q: How many Dems does it take to steal an election including everyone involved for the last four years?

            A: Over to you!


            Reynolds Aluminum

        4. https://www.theepochtimes.com/state-farm-arena-footage-shows-poll-workers-staying-behind-pulling-out-suitcases-with-ballots_3603293.html

          “A spokesperson for Fulton County, in an email to the Epoch Times, did not dispute the authenticity of the video.

          1. Clearly a violation of state law and obviously organized. The media are completely ignoring the state investigations while claiming there is no evidence.

          2. Dear loveconstitution1789,

            Q: How many Dems does it take to steal an election including everyone involved for the last four years or longer?

            A: Over to you!


            Reynolds Aluminum

          3. “A spokesperson for Fulton County, in an email to the Epoch Times, did not dispute the authenticity of the video.”

            Yes, the spokesperson didn’t dispute the authenticity of the video…and the video shows absolutely nothing that constitutes fraud, dishonesty, or even outside of standard procedures:


      2. but if you can’t prove the ballots are fake, it won’t change anything.

        start finding a better candidate for 2024.

        1. Luckily, violating the GA state legislature will be enough to have fulton county results tossed as punishment for election fraud.

          Plus 16 EC for Trump.

          1. “Luckily, violating the GA state legislature will be enough to have fulton county results tossed as punishment for election fraud.

            Plus 16 EC for Trump.”

            Well, at least you still have your sense of humor.

      3. You’re a moron. Read this article. They knew they were on video. They were being broadcast all day long and through the week.

        “We’re going to stay here until every single absentee ballot is counted,” Elections Director Shauna Dozier in Clayton County, Ga., told CNN during an interview about 2 a.m. Friday, with about 3,500 ballots to go. “Whatever it takes to get that done, we’re going to do it.”


        You’re just twisting words to make it seem like fraud. Stop it.

      4. I watched the 30 second video that Giuliani posted to his Twitter account that he alleges fraud. I watched at least a dozen times. No one ever left the room. No one pulled anything out. No one counted anything. What the fuck are you guys on?

      5. lol every election fraud claim is getting the full Hunter Biden corruption treatment

        “there’s no evidence” very quickly becomes “we’re openly ignoring the evidence”

        tomorrow dozens of former intelligence officials will help media assure the public the videos showing mass vote fraud “bear all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign”

        2020 isn’t over yet

      6. “It shows how election officials told observers to leave because they were done counting at 11pm.”

        It shows that the ballot openers left at 11 PM, because their part of the job was finished. The people who load the opened ballots into the machines that count the votes stayed, because their part of the job wasn’t finished.


    4. there was a hand recount in two states that verified the results…… i get that people have an inherent distrust, but there is no evidence that that distrust is warranted.

      1. It doesn’t convince many people because both recounts were just physical recounts and not audits. And even the half assed recount in Georgia found almost 6,000 votes (mostly to Trump). Imagine what an audit might find?

        To me, the media left, right, and center has stoked this mistrust. Just a few stories that say “hey, I know this looks bad but here’s a rational explanation.”

        Instead, it’s LOOK HOW CRAZY AND BASELESS!! Mostly from the same fuckers that found Russian collusion believable or who were questioning the same voting machines just a few years ago.

        1. * Just a few stories that say “hey, I know this looks bad but here’s a rational explanation.” may have helped assuage suspicions.

          1. the “rational explanation” is always the one that favors Democrats

            like this: “well sure it’s possible the Steele dossier was baseless but the most rational explanation is that Trump is colluding with Russia”

            that’s how you earn the Pulitzers

        2. “Mostly from the same fuckers that found Russian collusion believable or who were questioning the same voting machines just a few years ago.”

          i’ll grant you there is partisan hypocrisy….. i found the Russian collusion narrative as absurd as the current fraud narrative.

          1. don’t know yet if there was election fraud and neither does anyone else

            do know the media doesn’t WANT to find election fraud and DID want to find collusion

            so the same media that showered itself in awards for finding Trump/Russia collusion and ignored evidence of Biden corruption doesn’t find any evidence of vote fraud? as shocking as the drunk not finding his keys under the streetlight

          2. “i’ll grant you there is partisan hypocrisy….. i found the Russian collusion narrative as absurd as the current fraud narrative.”

            You agree that people acting with the approval of the Russian government (and specifically, Vladimir Putin) hacked the DNC computers and released information with the attempt to harm the Democrats (and Hillary Clinton in particular), don’t you?

            And you agree that Trump’s people met with Russians prior to the election, with the goal of getting information useful to use against Hillary Clinton, don’t you?

        3. “It doesn’t convince many people because both recounts were just physical recounts and not audits.”

          The hand recount was an “audit”…it made sure that the initial machine counts were accurate.


      2. If the ballots are crooked, you can count them as many times as you want and still get a crooked result.

      3. Watch the video above. Hand recounting phony ballots might reveal tabulation errors but won’t reveal fraud.

        1. And all 900 military ballots in Fulton County were cast for Biden???
          If this isn’t true please post a link disputing it.

          1. Oak wood Michigan had 2000 people in nursing homes apply, vote, return ballots in a single day.

              1. I think this Nevada lawsuit has already been rejected:


                “In a detailed, 35-page decision, Judge James T. Russell of the Nevada District Court in Carson City vetted each claim of fraud and wrongdoing made by the Trump campaign in the state and found that none was supported by convincing proof. The judge dismissed the challenge with prejudice, ruling that the campaign failed to offer any basis for annulling more than 1.3 million votes cast in the state’s presidential race.”

          2. I don’t think it’s even possible to determine what the “military ballots in Fulton County” showed.

            I think military people who are overseas send ballots in to the State of Georgia. I don’t think they don’t send ballots to a particular county in Georgia. And I think the military votes from overseas get combined with other votes from overseas. Here’s an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) that:

            “There were 8,899 absentee ballots from military and overseas voters that hadn’t yet been returned to election offices in Georgia as of Thursday morning, according to the secretary of state’s office. Another 17,529 overseas ballots had already been returned and counted.”


            It would be pretty dangerous to count votes from members of the military that are specific to the county that the military members call home. If it were done that way, the military ballots for small counties would really no longer be very “secret.” And a president is the Commander in Chief of the military, so there could potentially be bad repercussions to members of the military (especially if the Commander in Chief is…to use the immortal words of G.W. Bush…a “major league asshole” like Donald Trump).

      4. if the fraud is on the front end, counting twice on the back end won’t change anything.

      5. Garbage in…garbage out.

        It took a few weeks to identify the exact method of democrat election fraud but the jig is up.

      6. A hand recount that was not looking for fraud is about useless as there was no challenge to demonrat’s ability to add.

    5. ” Look, the reality is that people have no faith in this election ”

      Where people = uneducated hayseeds, superstitious slack-jaws, disaffected bigots, anti-social clingers, inconsequential culture war casualties . . .

      1. Nobody cares what you call them. A LOT of people think this election was fraudulent and have lost faith in our institutions. That is a big societal problem. You just gaslighting their concerns is not going to make this problem go away.

        1. the voting machines not only connect to the internet, they were repeatedly updated with thumb drives

          vote totals could then easily be controlled by a central authority that knows how to adjust numbers for plausibility to avoid traps like Benford’s Law

          not saying it happened, just that it’s incredibly easy to do

          we are much, much closer to a Chavista pseudo-democracy than anyone seems to realize

          1. “…to avoid traps like Benford’s Law.”

            Can you provide me with a hyperlink that explains how Benford’s Law would show something about fraud occurring or not occurring in Biden vs Trump?

          2. This video has an excellent analysis of Trump vs Biden results in Chicago:


        2. “A LOT of people think this election was fraudulent and have lost faith in our institutions.”

          If a LOT of people were correct, wouldn’t you expect Trump’s legal team to be having huge court victories?

      2. What kind of a Rev. posts trash talk like this?

        1. The lefty fraud kind.

        2. The Rev grew up in a rural area, and spent his youth being pummeled by bigger, stronger boys. It’s caused him serious emotional problems, and instead of dealing with them in a healthy manner, he lashes out at anyone that reminds him of those boys in any way.

        3. The Sharpton kind.

    6. Dominion voting machines (system) absolutely are auditable because they have a paper trail.

      I agree that I would prefer open source software and agreed apon standards, but even the states cannot agree.

      For example, Texas wants unique numbers on all the ballots. There are pros and cons with that.
      Pro: I, as a voter, can go online, with my unique number, and verify that my vote counted for whom I intended.
      Con: If someone was coercing me, or forcing me to vote for say tRump, they could later verify that I did as I was told. So much for secret ballots.

      Dominion was not certified in Texas because of this.

      As for breathalyzer, or voting machines or even RADAR or LIDAR guns there should not be anything proprietary about them. Counting votes, molecules of alcohol, RADAR pulses etc. is not PROPRIETARY!

      1. They simply reran the ballots through the machines on the recount. They didn’t even check of the code that is canned matched the typed candidates names. We know at least one instance where it wasn’t matched.

        1. So when you recount, presumably the overcount is removed.
          You can still check the recount totals against the mail-in ballots totals + poll records.

          If the totals were wildly out of line it would be obvious.

          I assume you mean scanned matched the candidates name. I’m guess ALL the ballots are the same when it comes to top line candidates. No? If they didn’t account for that, it would mean some counties could be flipped. I know in Michigan there was one county that came in heavily Biden (by like 2500 votes) – and this was a Republican county prompting a hand re-count and the votes properly counted for tRump. They said they would have caught it anyway (the error) but flagged as such because it was a tRump county (red).

          As part of a secret vote, there will have to be room for some errors.
          I worked with a small botique retailer in NYC. On inventory, they were only 90% accurate. I mean they couldn’t count socks right… That is apparently the industry average. With electronics, we got them up to 97% – still not perfect

      2. open source software for elections is fair trade vodka for alcoholics

        programming for nearly 40 years

        ease of data manipulation is a not a desirable feature in an election

        only even remotely safe method is all paper

        no computers involved

        only basic hand calculators should even be allowed in the same room

    7. The reality is that millions of Trump supporters wouldn’t know reality if it told them it lied to them about COVID.

      I’ve been asking this question of the tin-hats who refuse to check a single fact and who think evidence is whatever they think it is, but I haven’t gotten an answer yet: How many people have been involved in defrauding the American public for the last four years up through today? I’m not asking for a single name. How many?

    8. “I trust black box software when voting as.much as I trust it in a breathalyzer.”

      That’s a really great analogy.

    9. And when the box gives you a printed receipt that can be used to verify your vote afterwards, and this record always matches? What then is left but tin foil?

  2. Some fine, objective reporting, as usual Sullum. What a stupid bitch.

    The willful ignorance and gaslighting by these leftists is just nuts. We could show a video of Joe Biden actively murdering someone, with complete DNA evidence, and Sullum would say “there’s no evidence.”

    1. There is no evidence, as evidenced by Trump campaign’s 1-40 legal record on this matter.

      If there was evidence of fraud, they would have presented it in court. There is none, and that has not happened.

      1. IANAL, but I am pretty sure that is not the way the courts work. You don’t present evidence until a slew of other issues have been determined, including standing. They may still have yet to present any evidence. I understand that at least a few of those cases failed because of standing or were declared moot.

        1. You are correct, when the court dismisses your suit, they must assume everything reasonably alleged is true AND that the remedy you seek is equitable to the harm alleged. You also have to have standing…

          If you allege that aliens ate your dingo, the courts might not believe you.
          Alleging that poll workers rolled their eyes at tRump votes, and then follow that statement with “1000s of votes not counted”, you need to connect those dots a bit more.
          Of course, if the total votes cast in a precinct match the tRump + Biden vote, then you have a hard time proving votes were dropped.

      2. Tell us, espresso: what would you accept as evidence?
        Be specific.

        1. Evidence that agrees with his existing beliefs.

        2. How about eye witness reports that thousands of tRump votes were thrown away matched up with thousands of ballots found in the dumpster out back? I’d also like to see the voter rolls reflect the missing votes – 1000 people voted, yet only 800 votes counted. Stuff like that.
          Toss in a couple of 200,000 blank ballots were dropped off at the counting facility and none are accounted for. That would help.

          1. So evidence that’s already public knowledge. Thanks for playing.

            And when you have such juvenile tics as “tRump” it pretty much eliminates any credibility. You’re going to have to do a lot more to make up for it.

            1. you know what they say

              if there’s no signed confession there’s no crime

        3. Anything a court would accept.

          1. Courts accept DNA evidence.
            DNA evidence is nothing more than statistical probability.

            1. Let me know when a court accepts any evidence from Trump campaign.

              1. In order to present evidence, a plaintiff must first survive a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. The Trump team has been losing at the pleading stage.

                1. Fastest route to the SCoTUS.

              2. The SCOTUS will decide for Trump just like bish won bush vs gore.

                1. SCOTUS didn’t decide the winner. FL did by the certified state count. SCOTUS giving Bush the win is the narrative of people that don’t want to admit that Bush won Florida. SCOTUS decided to uphold the lower court ruling and would not allow anymore appeals because of the mandate for the EC to vote.

                  Trump isn’t Bush in this analogy, he’s Gore.

                  1. Gore didn’t allege vote fraud

                    Gore asked for a different counting method than the election law specified

                    had he prevailed on every suit Gore would have won the election

                    had the Supreme Court had one more Dem appointee Gore would have been President

      3. You just validated my point, you dumb ass leftist.

        1. Your vapid comments are also devoid of evidence. You and tRump deserve each other.

          1. “tRump”

            Lol, iswydt, you changed the capital letter from T to R so it emphasizes rump! You’re so fucking clever thinking that up all by yourself!

    2. But you won’t show the video, John. That’s your fucking problem.

      You prefer to just stand in front of the room and wave your arms and claim to have it.

      1. There you go gaslighting again. Plenty of evidence has been shown but you willfully pretend it doesn’t exist. Fuck you, ass eater.

        1. What evidence? Name it. You can’t, so you resort to name calling.

          Trump says that “tens of thousands” of people who wanted to vote for him were turned away. Don’t know how they knew who they were gonna vote for, but accept it. So there are literally tens of thousands of potential witness able to testify about this manipulation. Where are all these people?

          1. There is evidence John’s a tRumpian dumbass.

          2. Where are all these people?

            They signed sworn affidavits and have been testifying in hearings across multiple states.

            I know you’re purposely not paying attention because you don’t want to see the evidence. That way, you can continue to ask dumb ass questions like that.

        2. ass eater

          Alright, this is starting to cross into “doth protest too much” territory.

        3. Lefties learned well from the Socialist cookbook…deny deny deny.

    3. You could, but that would actually be evidence, so what you’ve made up in your head that other people you know nothing about would do is fake news.

      The only willful ignorance around here is coming from all the people who refuse to believe Barr, Krebs, Raffensperger and all the rest of the dem and republican election officials who keep telling you they have found no proof of fraud and that the election was secure.

      Can’t really blame you, though. There were a lot of people who didn’t believe Trump is so broken that he thinks he proved to the world that he’s smarter than scientists by drawing on a piece of plastic with a marking pen, too. Sheep! Those morons don’t even believe that windmills cause cancer.

      How many people do you suppose it took over the last four years to plan and pull off the steal that only happened because Trump has been hammering “rigged” at your for four years and you’re too intellectually bankrupt to check a single fact? How many?

  3. More generally, Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security called the 2020 election “the most secure in American history,”

    Of all the “facts” we’re getting hit with in the media, this one alone is the most laughable.

    1. Even if there is no “widespread fraud”, even if the fairly well documented irregularities don’t amount to a reversal of the current results, there is no way you can convince me that an election system that everyone, ESPECIALLY DEMOCRATS groused about being fraught with error and potential for jiggery-pokery, suddenly became The Most Secure Election EVAH!!! in a year when an unprecedented number of mail-in (not to be confused with absentee) ballots were sent in, with election officials admitting outloud they weren’t doing any of the normal signature verifications… yeah, this was not the Most Secure Election Evah!!!… not by a country mile.

      1. On Oct 24 Biden claimed he had assembled the largest [anti] voter fraud team in world history. This team was supposedly poised on Nov 3 to deal with the any fraud but on Nov 4 any talk of fraud became a crazy conspiracy theory.

        1. Exactly. The Democrats have been on an election fraud kick for… almost as long as I can remember, then the moment Republicans said, “Hey… what about requiring some kind of proof of eligibility before you cast a vo…” there was howling and caterwauling about racism… while at the same time making continuous dark warnings, even producing award-winning documentaries about the problems with “electronic voting”. Former President Jimmy Carter even produced a major report detailing the inherent flaws of mass mail-in voting, only to reverse his own stance when the time became most convenient.

          I’ve personally been concerned over irregularities (an important difference between that and mass fraud) for years before, and when you look at how the patchwork of local election systems work, what with all the chain-of-custody issues, shoddy signature verification, outdated voter rolls– all of which shifts from county-to-county, state-to-state, there’s simply no way someone can tell me this system was The Most Secure Ever, while awfully convenient COVID rules demanded election monitors from even standing within 20′ of the people handling the ballots.

          I was really hoping that no matter what the outcome of this election, we’d finally get a spotlight shining on how shitty our election system is, but instead we get a media that dismisses any discussion of irregularities while parroting the DOHS line about security.

          Deep State actors indeed.

      2. Lets just get this straight, Democrats, who you claim are not smart enough to tie their own shoes.
        1) Infiltrated Dominion Software and skew the elections – but only in some states, not others. Florida was a battleground state and would have put Biden over the top – and they used Dominion. Clever Democrats.
        2) Actively shipped in extra votes
        3) Actively threw away tRump votes – without leaving a trace!
        4) Manipulated the voter rolls so that the dead, or their dogs could vote.

        All this, without leaving a verifiable trace. With one witness, Melissa (Karen) Carone. And they didn’t have her get mugged and killed on the way home?

        So either the Democrats are absolute masterminds when it comes to large scale organized fraud, or the election was fairly won by Biden.

        1. Shorter useful idiot. “Of you don’t have all the evidence before an investigation starts, nothing wrong happened.”

          Ignore the witness statements. Ignore the statistics bear impossibility. Ignore every bellwether metric being wrong. Ignore 4 ballot drops essentially being the reason for bidens win. Ignore these drops were so far out of statistical norm that it wouldn’t even be seen on countries like Venezuela.

          Youre a useful idiot.

          Capone was an angel falsely accused of crimes who was bad at taxes.

          1. Ignore every fact-check that some people are actually willing to do. Ignore anything you haven’t heard from the guy who told you the 2016 Iowa causes, which he lost to Cruz, was rigged.
            Ignore the lies he told you about COVID even after he told you he lied to you.
            I could to this for days.

            Every piece of garbage in your post has either been debunked or is too stupid to bother fact checking, unless you believe that every nincompoop who says the earth is round has to be fact-checked

            Here’s one I’ve been asking the tin-hats. Maybe you’ll be the first to respond. The plan to steal the election started four years ago, so how many people have been involved from then until today?

            Gullibility on a scale that would embarrass P.T. Barnum. Fake news.

        2. Democrats are stupid and got caught in a massive election fraud scheme.

          They have been running the same play for over 100 years but are too stupid to pull off electronic election fraud without leaving a massive trail.

          They counted on trump conceding which they should have known he would never do. Then the lefties used their “effective” method of calling half of the USA deplorables. Then they said there is no”widespread”election fraud as of that makes targeted election fraud tolerable.

        3. the Chavistas controlled one of the largest reserves of oil in the world and somehow created mass starvation anyway

          the least competent gov’t on Earth by almost every measure

          but EVEN THEY managed to rig their elections

          and international monitors certified them

          the bar is very very low

      3. Apparently you’re right about one thing: no matter how much trash is debunked, no matter how much stuff is fabricated, and no matter how often bi-partisan election officials, including the top elections security official in the county and the top law enforcement official in the country, tell you the election was clean, you won’t so much as check a single relevant fact because your idea of facts is windmills cause cancer and William Barr is owned by the Venezuelans.

        Go lock up your barn before Biden uses the cover of the Sharpie hurricane to take your cows. You mindless Trump zombies are an embarrassment to Reynolds Aluminum.

    2. As in, they secured a victory for Biden

      1. Notice how they set the narrative ahead of time. Trump is uniquely and overwhelmingly hated (except he gained 15-20% more votes, minimum, nationwide). It’s going to look like Trump won at the end of Election Day… but he won’t have won because (no matter the numbers) mail in ballots will favor (by yet to be determined quantity and ratio) Biden enough that he will win. And the coup de grace – Trump will refuse to leave office and threaten the peaceful transition of power (a talking point hammered repeatedly, and one I can’t remember ever hearing before an election before).

        The same people who brought you t-shirts that block virus particles, covid lockdowns that destroy lives/businesses so you don’t kill grandma (but simultaneously praise governors who sent infected patients into nursing homes…), and “peaceful protesters” demand that we accept their word at face value and without question.
        How do we know there is no evidence?
        Because they say there is no evidence.
        Now wear your muzzles and stay locked in your homes, peasants.

        1. Ignore that the mail in ballots were well above the ratio of requested ballots in the 4 primary areas skewed well above norm for Biden.

          1. 100% voter participation and 110% biden voter satisfaction are just facts of life. Deal with it!

        2. We all expect there to be inaccuracies from time to time in these threads, but rarely does a post so long manage to not have a single word that either hasn’t been debunked or is so insane that no sane person would bother with it. 2.7M votes flipped for Biden comes to mind just kidding even that trash was considered and then debunked about a zillion times by everyone but Alex Jones.

          Since you’re so sure of yourself, here’s one I’ve been asking of all the people who think fact-checking is a Commie plot to get citizens to take a vaccine full of nanobots that will give Bill Gates control of your mind:

          How many people did it take to pull this off?

          Fake news.

  4. Yes Jacob the place to try your legal case is in the press that has proven they will sell any lie to oust him. Fuck you lying leftist propagandist. You spent 4 years lying daily about the man and anything he or his administration did but I should trust you now, pass.

    The Democrats did everything in their power to weaken election integrity but you are either too stupid, dishonest or partisan to know that. Maybe if you were an honest journalist you might have a clue.

    1. He’s not an honest journalist. He’s making too much cash money selling his integrity.

      1. Brown envelope journalism is as libertarian as it gets.

    2. >>either too stupid, dishonest or partisan

      why limit to one?

    3. There have been 40 some-odd court hearings. You could, you know, try their case there. Wonder why they won’t?

      1. They have been. Many have been dismissed as moot despite the lawsuits having been dismissed for standing prior to the elections. It is a catch 22.

        If you bothered to research you would see this.

    4. Dear Social Justice,

      Reynolds Aluminum called to ask you to stop embarrassing it.



  5. So he doesn’t admit defeat yet says right up there he would accept defeat if the election were fair.

    Oh well I have long ago decided that nobody here can be trusted to write a truthful word. Enjoy your time with Biteme and his band of merry sociopaths as they trample what is left of our rights.

  6. Remember the Dems trying to flip Trump electors, the years of RUSSIA!!! conspiracy theories, Hillary saying Trump was illegitimate up until 2 weeks before election day.

    Remember that, dipshits? Fuck you.

    Die, Reason.

    1. Open wider, clinger.

      Or not.

      Your betters will shove more progress down your delusional, bigoted, half-educated, worthless throat either way.

      1. Your progress is a parasite that will consume as much as it can without killing the host.

        1. Pretty sure Kirkland lives in the colon.

      2. Suck a dick, you dumb shit.

        The Good Reverend needs his mouth washed out with soup. What a “disaffected” bitch you are (the Reverend’s favorite, overused word).

      3. Kirkland, he’s got a point. The fact that you can’t recognize it says a lot about the degree to which you’re an idiot.

    2. Still with the Hillary comments… Man you guys hold a grudge. About as bad as the Arabs complaining about the Crusades.
      Face it, Hillary was the 2nd worst choice for president. No need to try to elevate her.

  7. Even Barr says theres no evidence. what more do Trumpers need?

    1. Barr is a swamp rat.

    2. For Trump to win. Only that will satisfy them at this point.
      As Ken pointed out yesterday, they’re willing to blow up the entire constitutional foundation if it means keeping Biden out of office. They really believe Biden is the harbinger of nation-destroying communism, or something. They really believe Democrats are so evil and cunning that they created this master plan to use absentee/mail-in voting procedures to deliberately fabricate votes and undermine the entire election in order to push Biden over the finish line – THEY are the real villains here, not the Team Red kooks completely willing to trash the democratic basis for the peaceful transition of power with their outlandish claims.

      1. YOU have destroyed those institutions. And I noticed you fucking Democrats never provided any actual evidence that the vote was secure, which seems like it would be a basic function of any election.

        You just rant, and bitch, and moan, like the fucking ass eater that you are. How many times did your lying bitch-ass vote? HOW MANY?

        1. The Department of Homeland Security said it was secure. And if there’s one thing Democrats can bank on, it’s the word of a DOHS official. Nothing but Gilded Truth comes from that department.

          1. Bank on that, and Trump’s legal team getting thrashed 40 times in court in the last weeks.

            1. I do bank on it. DOHS is the most important agency in the country. And the PATRIOT act is going to finally get the respect it deserves. I’m happy to see Michael Moore finally coming around.

        2. If I had not read your other comments, I would think this is parody. That is how nutty you sound.


      2. First of all there is no constitutional right for the people to vote for the President. Electors are supposed to be appointed by the legislatures. Second everything Trump has done is constitutional. Gore challenged his results for 37 days. It’s only been 30 for Trump. Why are you so against making sure through the courts that the election was free and fair? What are you trying to hide? Why did Biden have “the largest [anti] voter fraud team in history” assembled and waiting on Nov 3 of the possibility of fraud was nonexistent?

        1. Plus the Founders added a constitutional solution to election problems. 12th Amendment and the House votes.

          Either the SCOTUS throws out millions of mail-in ballots and/or punishes Democrats for election fraud in other ways OR the Republican state legislatures pick Trump electors to punish Democrats for massive election fraud.

          I prefer the SCOTUS throw out millions of mail-in ballots because that means Senator Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by a 50% majority taking him out of the runoff election. The Democrats are going to try the same stuff for the Georgia runoff election.

        2. No
          “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct”

          The legislature could have said “get a beaver and have it flip a coin”

      3. “They really believe Biden is the harbinger of nation-destroying communism, or something.”

        I love this part the best: the man who *insisted that his name* appear on $1,200 welfare checks is our protector from socialism.

        1. Poor lefties. They know in their hearts that a second trump term is inevitable. Their crazy just prevents reality.

      4. The establishment is as powerful as the tides. You need to be part of it to be loved and nurtured. Close your eyes.

    3. they want to steal the election….. it is about outcome, not reality, to them.

    4. Actually he didn’t.
      A DOJ spokesperson stated:
      “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election.”
      The spokesperson continued:
      “That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated.
      “The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.”

      1. They never said “no fraud” they just said “no significant fraud” Big difference. I’m sure there are some double voters out there and some that shouldn’t have voted (even signing a provisional ballot could put you in jail).

    5. You should read the DoJ statement today. You’d learn the press totally fucked his statement over.

  8. The media hates Americans

    1. The media also hates America and what it stands for.

      It explains why the media pushes royal family nonsense on Americans and covers up for Commies in China.

  9. “Tens of thousands of times all over the country,” the president claimed, eager Trump voters showed up to cast their ballots for him, only to be told that they had already voted. ”

    I wonder if there could be some other explanation for this???

    He was encouraging people to vote by mail and then try to vote in person for NC. Maybe some of his cultists in Wisconsin actually listened to him as well???

    1. “All over the country” means Wisconsin?

      1. “All over the country” means Wisconsin?

        All over the country includes Wisconsin as well as other places.
        What’s your point?

        Trump literally told his voters to vote by mail and them show up and vote in person…..that could explain why trump voters were turned away from polls — and that would be much more logical than what he is alleging.

        No one should be taking seriously the accusations of a person openly advocating voter fraud

        1. I haven’t heard one case where a Trump voter actually did that. On the other hand Stacy Abrams is soliciting people from out of state to register to vote in Georgia. Dems have also been caught paying for votes. I get it you’ll never admit the Dems are evil commie bastards but at least admit they’re as bad as the other side.

    2. the false narrative here is people who were on the mail in list who showed up on election day….. the filled out provisional ballots. and almost no provisional ballots were rejected this year. (meaning no other ballot had been sent in.) these were people who, for whatever reason, did not mail in their mail in ballot….. there was no fraud.

      1. Democrats went from republicans will steal this election….to
        The elections went off perfectly….to
        There was not Election fraud…to
        Election fraud has not been wide spread…to
        There is no evidence of wide spread election fraud….to
        Orangeman bad….

  10. You aren’t wrong on anything, but are you just now coming to this realization, that he’s unhinged? It’s been on full display for 4 years now. He’s asked his AG to prosecute and arrest his political rivals because they were political rivals. He’s separated children from parents and has seemingly lost the ability to reunite them. He called a pandemic a hoax that will be gone right after the election because it was a conspiracy against him. He’s defended white supremacists, he used unmarked military against protestors, he’s casually revealed classified information, he’s cozied up to dictators all over the world, and more. Heck, he suggested ingestion of bleach!

    Dangerous? He’s been dangerous for 4 years, creating real damage to this country. And now, many in national security are concerned that some national secrets will be for sale once he’s gone. Really…that isn’t a possibility from a conman who is only interested in his own bank account?

    Here we go. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    1. Wow you literally accused him of everything the Dems have done.

      1. It’s always projection with the lefties. That’s why they get so frightened when they’re out of power, they know what they’d be doing.

    2. Jackland, WTF does any of that have to do with who won the election? Focus.

      1. The article I responded to has nothing to do with the election and everything to do with Trumps authoritarianism. Read.

        1. Lemme guess, jackass: It was a CNN article, right? And we’re supposed to read your mind to figure out which one?
          No wonder you can’t find cites that back your lies.

    3. “…Dangerous? He’s been dangerous for 4 years, creating real damage to this country…”

      Where did he touch you, jackass?

      1. Sevo they can’t get off the “fascist” real damage crap.

        Our Norms!!!! How shall we fix our Norms!?!!?!

    4. “”he’s casually revealed classified information,””

      Perhaps he didn’t know what the “C” meant.

  11. So Sullum why did the six swing states suddenly stop counting at the same time which is completely unprecedented? The counting was stopped in Atlanta for a burst pipe which was actually a leaky toilet.

    1. Trump campaign got video last night from State Farm Arena showing why they stopped the vote count update at 11pm. The election fraudsters in Atlanta were introducing fake ballots into the legal ballot stream between 11pm and 1am. They could introduce ~4,000 fake ballots per hour per machine and 5 machines were running.

      The Georgia Secretary of State placed video monitors in the area and they wont release that video.

      The Democrats had no idea the state farm arena surveillance video was running! HAHA. It shows 4 camera covering what the SoS video didnt show.

      The election staff used black tablecloths to hide fake ballot containers in the room until all the observer were told to leave.

      Nothing says election transparency like boxes being hidden from view and observers being kept 50+ feet away from election officials.

  12. I am pretty sure he will not create an alternate universe and insist that all right-thinking Americans live in it to satisfy the demands of his ego.

    Here’s the problem I have with you guys. ‘Normal parameters’ *is* these idiots creating an alternate universe and insisting we live in it to satisfy the demands of their who.

    What the fuck do you think 20 years of nation building is? Rent control? Redistribution. Reparations. Expanded welfare. Patriot Act. On and on and on.

    Best you can say is that you’re trading being blinded by one illusion for a more familiar one. Still blinded by illusions

    I do not fucking get why someone you age, Sullum, would want to return to what we’ve been doing for the last 30 years – even if you don’t like what Trump was offering.

    1. You are conflating policy disagreements vs creating one’s own reality and dismissing anything that goes against your preferred goals as being fake/lies/a conspiracy

      Your point is stupid.

      At this point apparently the only people not part of the “Deep State” conspiracy against Trump are anyone with a last name of Trump or Kushner.

      1. 20 years of ‘nationbuilding’ is not a ‘policy disagreement’.

        It’s wilfully blindness to reality.

    2. It’s sure been fun to watch so-called libertarians dream for a return to the status quo.

  13. Interesting that he chose Facebook as his venue. You know, the one that is supposedly so censorious against conservatives.

    It wasn’t intended to persuade anyone. It was intended to stoke the fires of his right-wing bubble base living on Facebook.

    1. My (baseless) theory is Trump was hoping that Facebook would block his video, so that he could shout bloody Section 230 murder about being blocked.

  14. “Trump has set a bar so low that almost any randomly chosen hack can easily step over it.”

    In fact, Sullum has set a bar so low that almost any randomly chosen hack can easily step over it.

  15. Just here for the comments…easier than visiting the nut house…

  16. you’re supposed to be the people who ferret out and report on things like fraudulent elections.

    1. Historically, uncovering conspiracies and scandals in the government is more of a Washington Post and NY Times thing.

      1. Not anymore…

      2. Lol. God you’re so fucking stupid.

        1. The typical amount of substance from Jesse we’ve grown to know and…that’s all.

          1. But he’s right you know.

    2. But if there’s not a fraudulent election to root out and report on, what are they supposed to do?

  17. The guy’s always kind of scared me. I don’t care if he chooses to believe that he really won- as long as he leave.

    1. >>The guy’s always kind of scared me


    2. as long as he leave.

      What do you think is/was going to happen? He was going to order the military to defend him in the WH? That they would do it? That Congress and the American people were going to say “Well, he’s sitting in the chair and he’s got a pen and a phone so we have to do what he says.”?

      If that’s truly what scares you, why does it matter which exact ass is in the chair? Would you feel better if Bush did it? Or Obama? Or Biden? Or Harris? Would it be OK because they’re more level-headed?

        1. Again, wrong within normal parameters.

          1. Everybody’s ok as long as everything goes according to plan – even if the plan is horrifying.

    3. Trump will leave after his second term. He won election 2020 after all.

  18. Blast from the media past:

    What people liked about Obama’s relationship to technology is that it was so much like their own. Obama was relatable and with-it. He clutched his smartphone as much as anyone. He could make a post go viral and deserve it. But maybe what America needed from 2009 to 2017 wasn’t a cool dad to tweet and stream alongside its citizens. Maybe it needed a guardian to watch and safeguard it against its own worst habits.

    Ok, Boomer.

  19. I did not vote for Clinton, but the last four years certainly have validated O’Rourke’s expectation that Trump would be wrong outside of normal parameters. I did not vote for Biden either, and I am confident that he will be terrible, but in predictable ways. And he will lie, also in predictable ways.

    So have you learned your lesson now? Don’t vote for anything but the same old shit, it’s just not worth the risk. Sure, maybe you’ll get peace in the Middle East and troop withdrawals from far-flung countries and unparalleled economic growth and an attempt at deregulation and draining the swamp, but you’ll also have to put up with a bunch of rude, crude, vulgar, outlandish behavior and the destruction of the social norms just aren’t worth it. I mean, how can you look up to a politician that acts that way? How can you properly honor and respect, revere and worship such a foul, nasty, wretched creature? No, no, give me a normal politician every day.

    1. Yeah, one might argue that Trump was wrong in various cases “outside of normal parameters”. But in other cases, I found him correct outside of normal parameters as well. Even if Trump lacks the intellect to articulate why he was correct, his instincts on certain issues were in the exact right place.

      It seems we’d rather have a president who’s happy to engage America in… endless war, but be spared the civic horror of a mean tweet about Wolf Blitzer.

      1. Moreover, one would presume that if you were a third party, desparate for any foothold against the TPD, you’d be at least modestly sympathetic to an “outside the normal parameters” candidate in every but the most principled of positions.

        Even many of the people who criticized Johnson for his Alleppo moment said he should’ve responded with “Doesn’t matter where you’re talking about, I won’t bomb/deploy troops there.” Reason seems to be unable to find even that level of principled commonality.

        1. Libertarianism asks for things that are… by definition of the current state of affairs is.. “outside of normal parameters”, and you’d probably get a pretty wide consensus in the media and establishment state actors that libertarianism is “wrong outside of normal parameters”. I come to Reason not to be sung a lullaby about getting a president who will finally be correct within “normal parameters”.

          I’m not going to shriek about every criticism of Trump, because the man certainly deserves a fair share of it. But when the criticism becomes increasingly empty– as Brad Easton Ellis noted that some offhand rude comment makes becomes the above-the-fold story in the NYT, you know something in our media industrial complex is off.

          1. So much this. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling, just better articulated.

  20. Fuck you Sullum. After they kicked the poll watchers and most of the poll workers out of Georgia 4 workers pulled boxes of ballots out from hiding and continued counting. That vote counting “stop” and secretive continuance occurred in the 3 other major swing states and we’re supposed to believe something similar didn’t happen there?


    1. To be even more precise Sullum, go bugger yourself sideways with an oversized rusty camping spork.
      The full video and explanation.

    2. I saw the video. If you ignore the commentary from the lawyer – who is not an eyewitness – all you see in the video are individuals hauling boxes around. We don’t know what’s in the boxes, we don’t know if they are actually counting uncounted ballots or tabulating already counted ballots, or preparing the arena for counting the next day, we really have no idea what they are actually doing.

      It would be nice to see the entire security camera footage from the whole day to understand more about what happened there.

      Also, it seems a little odd that this supposed conspiracy to process thousands of fraudulent ballots was able to invent a fake story like “water pipe burst”, but could not invent a way to get the security cameras turned off.

      1. You mean the automatic motion sensing cameras owned by State Farm Arena and thus not under their control? Gonna go with they expected Trump to fold like Nixon or were too stupid to realize they were active.

        1. If they could invent an excuse like “the water pipe burst” in order to kick out the poll watchers so they could conduct their secret counting in secret, why couldn’t they invent an excuse like “there was an electrical short in the camera system” in order to turn off the cameras?

      2. We can see people scanning ballots after they drove off the observers, and said they were not counting ballots.

        Isn’t it suspicious they counted ballots in secret?

        Who counts ballots in secret?

        1. Yup. You dont need much evidence to illustrate election workers violating georgia state law by purposely getting rid of election observers to count ballots.

          Fulton county vote totals are getting tossed and georgia is adding 16EC for Trump.

      3. I suspected as much, but thanks for saving me the trouble of having to watch the video just to find out it is a video of people moving boxes around.

        1. But *what kind of people* move boxes around?!

        2. So you’re just taking Lying Jeffy’s word for what the video shows and not watching it yourself. Then tomorrow you can claim ignorance about the video.

          1. Lefties are too stupid to realize that state farm had cameras in addition to secretary of state video.

            Tables with table cloths to hide things is enough for me. If you hide stuff during an election, your county loses its total vote counts as punishment.

  21. The dude is a tool. This is the single most pathetic display of childishness by any president ever. There is not corroborated or verifiable evidence that enough fraud and errors occurred to switch the election. A few points here and there, as with ANY election, but not enough to overturn the results. Not even close.

    This is pure conspiracy theory. Throw out a dozen different talking points, keep moving between them to avoid having to admit that they were all discredited and debunked. Point A gets debunked? Move on to B. When it gets debunked, go on to C. When you get to E then go back to A. Claim the debunker won’t address the issue by claiming they already debunked A. It’s called the “Gish Gallop”. Baffle them with bullshit. The judges and aren’t being baffled, but his supporters are drowning in it.

    EVERY CLAIM has been addressed, debunked, or explained. But he keeps coming back to the same ones. Like the “mysterious” surge of mail-in votes at midnight. Well duh! How many times do we have to explain that no mail-in votes don’t get counted until midnight?!?!?

    And the Dominion conspiracy is fucking nuts. Show us an actual Dominion voting machine used in this election that has that magic Biden switching mechanism in it. He can’t because they don’t exist.

    Trump’s problem is that he’s never lost in his life. He’s always had his dad or his politician friends to bail him out and or fix things for him. Now he doesn’t know what to do, no one to call on except nutjubs like Guiliani and Powell. No higher power to bail him out.

    1. From what I understand no one has been allowed to forensically examine any voting machine.

      1. There is a hearing tomorrow morning on whether that will be permitted in Georgia. Time to quit singing it and start bringing it.

        1. “”Time to quit singing it and start bringing it.””

          The time to start bringing was a couple of weeks ago. In less than two weeks the real election takes place.

    2. Hillary cant beat Trump. Mueller cant beat Trump. Impeachment cant beat Trump. Kungflu cant beat Trump. Massive Democrat election fraud cant beat Trump.

      Oh yeah, unreason cant beat Trump.

      1. Trump is best, dude. Let’s see who is where on January 21st.

        The problem is he and people are gonna cost Republicans the senate. Of course, you’ll just scream “fraud!!!” but the real problem is you and your boy.

        1. Fucking autocorrect. Trump is beat.

          Y’all can get your laughs out of that one.

          1. Well, he is best too. He can be both

    3. Notice the “debunking” is done by the lying media that were proven liars before the election?

  22. Look at all the butthurt sore losers who can’t admit it. Get over it snowflakes. Fuck your feelings- your orange king lost and bigly.
    Get fucked.

    1. your orange king lost and bigly.

      Again, not everything is about Trump. Most of ‘the butthurt’ would be fine with or prefer a Gabbard or an Amash presidency. What’s being lamented is not the defeat of a king, but the return to status quo.

      But I’m well aware that nuance, reading plainly stated facts, or otherwise interpretting things in the absence of (your own) feelings isn’t your strong suit.

      1. Nope, everyone who thinks something fishy went on or believes their lying eyes when watching the Georgia video, is obviously a Trump felating subhuman piece of shit. /s

        Goddamn the leftist trolls here are the worst.

    2. Snowflakes is the right word. For four years they’ve been mocking snowflakes on the left, but were unable to realize that they are EXACTLY THE SAME.

      That lefty snowflake chicks wailing and screaming on inauguration day 2016? Yup, expect to see hundreds of her inauguration day 2021.

      Literally no difference.

      1. One brand of snowflake is trying to destroy Western civilization.

        One brand is trying to destroy it.

        Which do you prefer?

          1. Let me put it another way.

            The only kind of snowflakes we should be worried about are the progressive kind.

            The rest are harmless at best.

            1. I just didn’t understand your comment.

              One brand is trying to destroy western civilization.

              The other brand is trying to destroy it.

              So both brands are doing the same thing?

              1. This really needs an edit function ><

                "Save" civilization is what I meant to say.

        1. Shit! Fuck! Shit.

          Uh….number 1?

    3. Constitution strikes again!

  23. The left is never going to love you Reason.

    I’m glad Trump came along now. I didn’t vote for him in 2016, but he has caused so many to tear off their masks so we can see who they truly are that I felt compelled to vote for him in 2020.

    Personally I’ll take the guy who has tried to pull troops out of our endless wars, even if he hasn’t been successful because the Permanent State has rebelled against him. I’ll take the guy who attempted to roll back the regulatory apparatus. I’ll take the guy who showed that Republicans didn’t have to roll over and beg forgiveness every time the Left accused them of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, etc…

    Do I agree with everything Trump does? Of course not. Do I hate parts of his platform? Sure. But I’ll take him over the party that purports to want to end the Bill of Rights.

    This isn’t about Trump, this is about whether or not the people retain any power over DC and their cronies at all. And right now it looks like Reason has fallen in line, lest their Google rankings get torpedoed.

    1. Pretty much agree with your entire comment.

  24. Half of the people who commented on this piece believe that Trump won the election. Strange!

      1. It was not cool when Al Gore did it. It’s cool with Trump doing it. After all, Trump’s trying to save America from toxic Marxism. Gore was not.

        That’s the difference that matters.

      2. good god no! ~~ every girl

    1. Half the people in this comment section know that the only thing that can save America from drowning in progressive vomit is 4 years of Trump.

      Any means are justified keeping him in office. I could care less if the election was clean or not. Trump and his lawyers are fighting the election result so hard because they know what’s at stake, and they are patriots.

      They probably won’t succeed, but their loyalty to America is such that even if there’s the slightest chance of overturning the election result, it’s worth pursuing.

      I wish them well. So brave. So patriotic. If any of you really cared about liberty, you’d be cheering on Trump.

      1. Even with the ongoing imperial presidency, there are limits to how far Trump (or any president) can go without Congress and the courts. All of the pearl clutching about how Trump is the only thing saving America from Biden. The country survived eight year of Obama and if anything, Biden is more centrist. He’s a career politician, not Che Fucking Guevara. And for those willing to flush every institution down the toilet for the sake of staving off the four Biden’s of the Apocalypse, tossing out the rule of law seems great if your mob is in charge. It’s not so great when the other mob is running things. A functioning market economy and a civil society depend on stable institutions. An at least semi-literate populace doesn’t hurt either. Democrats and Republicans today. Hutus and Tutsis tomorrow.

        1. You’re not responding to someone who believes in the rule of law to begin with. I wouldn’t waste your time.

        2. Biden’s not in charge. I doubt he makes it to the 20th. It’s a Harris administration we’re talking about.

          1. Yep. Too bad you rednecks with green teeth didn’t think about that back in May, June, July or August. Linseed Graham Cracker’s class act turned it into another Irish election to Repeal Amendment 8. It couldn’t’ve happened to a more deserving lot of brainwashed cretins, thanks to Libertarian Party spoiler votes.

        3. The fact that Congress and the courts aren’t stopping this farce goes to show how deep the rot has spread.

          Yes, the country survived 8 years of Obama. “Survived” is the operative word here. What you’re saying is the equivalent of “Oh she survived being raped by four men, so she can totes handle being raped by two, she’ll be fine.”

          Biden doesn’t have to be Che. He just needs to take his orders from Che.

          This is, again, the fundamental problem with classical liberalism. It sees the “law” as an impartial neutral referee between independent actors. This is a view created by the misnamed “Enlightenment”, and it flies in the face of both history and common sense.

          The purpose of the law is to uphold civilization and the institutions and ideas that make civilization possible and workable.

          “My mob” is trying to stop the barbarians getting through the gates, and your wringing your hands and crying that we’re being mean in dirty while doing so. No shit. That’s what it takes to keep the savages at bay, because they sure as hell aren’t caring about niceties either.

          You’re going to have some kind of mob ruling over you. Which would you rather have, a Marxist boot on your throat, or a patriotic boot on the Marxist throat? I’ll give you a hint: your better off with one over the other.

          Are you smart enough to guess which?

          Probably not. You are a libertarian, after all.

          1. Problem is Trump lost the election. No matter how bad you wish it or how bad you think it’s gonna be he can’t be president next year.

            The thing that will save us from progressives is the senate, but Trump and his toadies are working on screwing that up.

            1. So libertarians should’ve voted for Trump?

              You can’t have your cake and eat it too, bevis.

              But it’s nice to see you have such devout faith in Top Men picking your ruler.
              Enjoy the New Normal, comrade.

              1. Screw off, nardz. I’m less collectivist than you are.

                I’d prefer that Biden not be president and I detest Kamala, that horse is out of the barn. If your boy Trump had done what he did policy wise while exhibiting the self control of a 5 year old, he’d have won easily. But it was beyond his capability, so here we are.

                The senate really matters now, and you mugwumps are gonna fuck that up. If we end there, comrade, it’s you not me.

                1. Weird then that you argue like a state supremacist stooge who’s fallen 100% in line with the groupthink.
                  I get it – you hate Trump. He threatens your masculinity or something.
                  Instead of trying to convince people not to look at glaring irregularities, maybe man the fuck up and admit it’s possible Trump is right.
                  But you’d rather have the illusion that flatters your insecurities – that Trump is a big bad orange man but the noble senate will protect you and pat your head.
                  Go fuck yourself. If you’re ok with disenfranchising and belittling Trump voters, I’m just fine with whatever happens to you.

                  And the main point is that you’re one of the assholes crowing about “Trump didn’t reach out to libertarians enough, so we don’t owe him our vote. Don’t tell us how stupid and immature we are.” And now you want Trump voters to save the senate for you, their principles and faith in the integrity of our institutions be damned.

          2. I realize that this forum is dominated by Americans who–as a general rule–cannot conceive of life outside of America. Pro tip: most of the world’s population lives outside of the United States. If the U.S. devolves into perpetual tribal warfare between collectivists and fascists, people will leave. Just as a wall cannot people out, it cannot keep them in.

            Empires rise and fall. So it has been throughout the ages and so it will continue. I am smart enough to live without any boot on my neck, smart enough not to be duped by nationalistic nonsense. Patriotism? Marxism? Two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

            1. “Patriotism? Marxism? Two sides of the same authoritarian coin.”

              The dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Not even progressives believe that nonsense.

            2. You people love your commies dictatorships.

              We americas saved you from national socialists, international communists, socialist fascists, monarchists….

              Of course you hate us. America fights for freedom. Its dangerous for slavers.

          3. Note to foreign readers: this, again, is the same brand of fake alternative that brought Positive Christian National Socialism to power in Germany in 1933. The difference here is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights so puzzling to the woke gnosse do not permit Kristallnacht laws or Laws to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich (by halting elections).

            1. Governors have been behaving like tyrants issuing orders not approved by legislatures that restrict our freedoms. You can say they are doing so for a reason, but they are still doing so. You want to see a great example of a Tyrant? Look at the video where Cuomo is belittling members of the press over if NYC schools will be open. Shear contempt for the press and anyone challenging his authority.

              Some people blame the virus outbreak on Trump because he didn’t act like a tyrant.

        4. If you can’t see the phase shift going on in 2020, you’re in for quite a rough time.
          Sticking your head in the sand won’t save you.

        5. “centrist” is a weasel word. We may have survived the Obama presidency but a whole lot of Libyans didn’t. And Biden may not be a card carrying communist but only because he needs bankers and serfs to continue running his corrupt rackets. He’s also personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and creating millions of refugees. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of lives wasted thanks to his enthusiasm for the WOD. That’s what we call centrist in the U.S.

  25. Trump has set a bar so low that almost any randomly chosen hack can easily step over it.

    That may be so. We’ll see how a strategically chosen hack does.

    1. Any randomly chosen hack can easily step over it. The democratically-chosen hack broke his foot in preparation for stepping over it.

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    1. Boy pal? You wouldn’t be referring to Elliot Page would you be?

    1. Narcs here is fixing to have an aneurism, like Milo did when The Don ditched him. I’ll try to miss both these lewsers.

      1. Hank, 1935 misses you.
        Go home.

  27. Let’s remind everyone that for there to be this massive voting fraud that Trump claims, it would have be be covered up by hundreds of local elections officials (both R and D), about a dozen Secretaries of State (both R and D), the FBI, the federal office of election security, the DoJ, and almost the entire Federal Judiciary. And all of them must cover it up while there are many very partisan people out actively looking for evidence of fraud.
    Or, alternately, Trump is lying.

    1. Or, alternatively, you are full of crap. Your ignorance is astounding. Your conspiracy haunt is pitiful. You exhibit an inability to comprehend the massive evidence submitted thus far as you gaggle in a world of ignorance of facts and truths! Pathetic!

      1. Nice substance in that response.

    2. And, none of them have any interest in the million dollar reward that is on the table.

      Seems likely.

    3. The media lies before election 2020 and suddenly start telling the truth….or
      A few politicians and election workers hive mind an democrat fraud scheme based ln decades of democrat election fraud schemes.

      Or thousands of average people risk jail time for perjury by filing false affidavits about democrats committing election fraud.

      Trump for the win.

  28. That’s one of the things I like about him!

    This is like you saw the play or movie Gaslight and used it as an instruction manual.

  29. It’s perfectly reasonable that there at big batches that are overwhelmingly for Biden. It is not plausible that there are big batches that were >99% for Biden. Until the it’s a reasonable explanation, reasonable people have to conclude there was massive fraud.

    In any case, the major election problems were lack of auditability, lack of voter verification, and unlawful changes to the election procedures.

    It’s fine to argue that there were irregularities but we can’t do anything about them. But if you want to argue that this election was lawful, fair, and without fraud, then you’re either an idiot or a partisan.

    1. There’s no doubt there was massive fraud.

      80 million for Biden? Nope.

      1. “80 million for Biden? Nope.”

        Wrong. Trump actually got ~150 million votes. 70 million in favor and 80 million against.

        1. I’m sure your mom thought that was clever.
          She lied.

          1. In her defense, her mom’s probably as dumb as she is.

  30. Who the hell are running these election processes, subcontractors? The entire process is garbage. Totally lacking ballot chain of custody, spikes in counts that are totally improbable, hidden cases of ballots pulled out and counted when the room was vacated, 1.8M ballots sent out with 2.5M ballots returned … this is pitiful.

    Surprise! You are disenfranchised!

  31. The best place to hide the facts of a conspiracy is in plain sight where they can be ridiculed.

    President Trump, himself, filed a new lawsuit in Wisconsin against the state’s Elections Commission, alleging “unlawful and unconstitutional acts” by officials and mayors:

    Specifically, the lawsuit alleges the following key unlawful acts:

    – Directives by the Wisconsin Elections Commission undercutting Wisconsin’s Photo Identification Law.

    – A Plan by the Mayors of Wisconsin’s five largest cities (Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Green Bay and Racine) and funded by an out-of-state organization known as the Center for Tech & Civic Life to implement a new form of balloting in Wisconsin using un-manned, absentee ballot drop boxes without adequate or uniform chain of custody standards and security protocols contrary to the Wisconsin Election Code.

    – Directives by the Wisconsin Elections Commission that facilitated the unlawful, un-manned absentee ballot drop box Plan by endorsing illegal drop boxes (which were then ultimately used throughout the State in the election), failing to adopt uniform chain of custody and security protocols for the ballots in the drop boxes and failing to ensure public access to the process.

    – Directives by the Wisconsin Elections Commission to election officials to tamper with witness certifications on absentee ballot envelopes which facilitated the counting of unlawful ballots in the election in violation of the Wisconsin Election Code.

    “The United States Constitution prevents the rules in a Presidential Election from being changed at the last minute by un-elected bureaucrats and local politicians who may have a more narrow interest in the outcome of the election. We have alleged in our Complaint on behalf of the President that the Wisconsin Elections Commission and other state and local officials in Wisconsin broke the Wisconsin Election Code and ran an unconstitutional and unlawful election. Nothing is more important to our national fabric and future than integrity in our electoral process. This lawsuit is one-step in the direction of fairer, more transparent, more professional and ultimately more reliable elections in America.” Bill Bock, lead counsel in the Wisconsin federal suit for Donald J. Trump.

    “Today’s federal lawsuit in Wisconsin reveals an apparently coordinated effort to push a new form of balloting upon Wisconsin voters that was not protected by uniform chain of custody and security standards and protocols. Regrettably, this is the same sort of conduct we have seen across many battleground states that Democrats knew they had to win to defeat the President where the rules of the election were changed at the last minute and guardrails against fraud were simultaneously lowered.

    We hope that the State Legislatures in every affected State will take up this battle to protect the voters in their State. This is a solemn responsibility the Constitution entrusts directly to State Legislatures. The time for full scale investigations and resolve to uphold the Constitution is now, and President Trump is committed to fighting corruption and ensuring free and fair elections today and into the future for every American.” Jenna Ellis, Senior Legal Adviser for Trump 2020 Campaign and Attorney to President Trump.

    1. President Trump, himself, filed a new lawsuit in Wisconsin against the state’s Elections Commission, alleging “unlawful and unconstitutional acts” by officials and mayors:…

      If President Trump was interested in Wisconsin following their election laws, why wasn’t this lawsuit filed before the election (or at least on the day of the election)? These alleged acts occurred before the election…

  32. Welcome to the New Normal, these are the people you’re helping seize absolute power.


    And they think they’re the good guys.
    “Put the mask on, or else.”

    1. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1334575700477698050?s=19

      LOS ANGELES MAYOR ERIC GARCETTI: “It’s time to cancel everything.”

  33. https://twitter.com/michellemalkin/status/1334635202371485698?s=19

    #SuitcasesFullOfBallots Nothing to see here, move along…

  34. Hmm


    People who deny any evidence of election fraud exhibit a rhetorical strategy known as “election fragility,” which is deployed when one knows there is evidence of massive election fraud and a lack of political stamina and political humility necessary to cope with that fact.
    People denying election fraud often benefit from the election having been stolen. This makes them complicit in the fraud. Their fraud complicity is a feature of their political privilege. They deny fraud because they can’t have their political comfort disrupted.
    Election fraud is systemic. It is the ordinary state of affairs, not an aberration, in elections. The question is not “did election fraud take place?” but “how did fraud manifest in this election?” Anything that maintains the ruling class’s political comfort is suspect.
    Election fraud isn’t diminished by reforms; it is merely hidden, thus making it harder to detect and more pernicious. Election reforms reproduce fraud in new ways because they are only undertaken when it’s in the best interests of the fraudsters to appear to be reforming things.
    Asking for proof of election fraud denies the lived experience of fraud of those defrauded by it. Proof is the standard and tool of the fraudster. Counterstories told by the defrauded are unjustly excluded from evidence as a form of epistemic oppression and political violence.
    People who benefit from a stolen election are motivated to maintain the fraudulent election’s status quo. They cannot bear having their election equilibrium disturbed or disrupted and will lash out in election fragility when this equilibrium is threatened.
    People who benefit from election fraud are also socialized into a culture of accepting fraudulent elections that benefit them. Though they very rarely speak of it openly, there is a political contract in place between them that leads them to accept fraudulent results uncritically
    The election status quo is comfortable for most fraudsters by virtue of the fact that it maintains their political advantage. They will therefore remain silent about election fraud and deny that it is widespread, systemic, and damaging to the lives of the defrauded.
    Election fraud silence is violence.
    Election trustworthiness is a social construct. It is constructed by those who have been granted the power to authenticate elections, and those people are chosen primarily by people who win elections and who benefit from election fraud.
    People who are defrauded by election fraud are disenfranchised and politically oppressed. This provides them with insights that political and fraudster privilege blind those with fraud complicity to. Election fragility is therefore a form of willful ignorance, or ignore-ance.
    Fraudulent elections are elections!
    Illegal ballots are ballots!
    Switched votes are votes!
    It’s ???? not ???? defrauded ???? people’s ???? job ???? to ???? educate ???? you ???? about ???? election ???? fraud. ????
    It’s not enough not to commit election fraud, you have to be actively anti-election fraud. There is no neutral. We’ll never end systemic election fraud until we’re actively anti-election fraud. Anti-election fraud begins with confession.
    I define a “typical voter” as someone who benefits from election fraud while doubting election fraud and claiming to be against it—a voter who “gets it” or “isn’t complicit.” These typical voters are not anti-election fraud and do the most daily damage to defrauded voters.
    Many people are appearing in the comments under the tweets in this thread votesplaining that there’s no evidence of electoral fraud. This is just their election fragility showing.

    1. Tip of the iceberg.

    2. All those pixels and not a single iota of actual evidence. I thought psycho-babble was the specialty of the critical race assholes, but I guess the right can do it too.

      1. LOL!


    3. Whoever the twit was who wrote “White Fragility” would have a brain melt realizing how handily their rhetoric could be turned around. Amusing.

  35. The Don was hired to bail out half of a looter kleptocracy. Unfortunately it was the girl-bullying, asset-forfeiture looting, race-suicide, National Socialist, ku-klux faction of God’s Own Prohibitionists, same as George Waffen Bush. All it accomplished was to demonstrate once again, as in 1932 that its product is the only thing on earth that makes the communist half of the looter kleptocracy look good by comparison. The commies–numbers increased by Linseed Graham Cracker’s Army of Ghawd–copied parts of two LP planks–Roe v Wade and No Cages for Plant Leaves–and again beat the nazis.

    1. Can’t argue with this.

      1. Well it is incomprehensible so…

  36. In 1999 during the run up to “Y2K” the Internet was abuzz with people who were absolutely convinced the world was ending at the stroke of midnight. People spent vast sums on “preps” and on Y2K forums the “preppers” ridiculed the “sheeple” who didn’t see a pending apocalypse. Even after the power stayed on and Y2K was a nonevent, there were still preppers who doggedly refused to accept reality. Regrettably, there’s nothing as tangible as electrical power staying on after Biden is seated. Many of the Trump conspiracy theorists will go to their graves believing he was robbed.

    What hasn’t changed? True believers are unable to accept that anyone who doesn’t believe them is acting in good faith. In the pre-Y2K days, nonbelievers were accused of (among other things) being government agents. Seriously. It apparently was unbearable to consider the possibility that a rational, thoughtful person could look at the evidence around Y2K and conclude “no big deal.” The inability to accept another position as held in good faith is pretty much like wear a “I’m in a cult” t-shirt.

    I remain open to the possibility of fraud but am underwhelmed by the so-called evidence. And while I’m loathe to agree with the odious Bill Barr about anything, even he’s thrown in the towel. Although in fairness… he is a government agent.

    1. Nobody said the world would end overnight. Has the world not been tipping toward absolute tyranny since 1999?

      1. Lefties are desperate. They convinced the idiots in the world (about 1billipn people) that kungflu was more dangerous than most viruses and tried to nuke the US economy and then steal and election using a democrat wet dream (mailin ballots).

      2. Yes. They did. Not sure if you were around 20 years ago, but the Y2K preppers absolutely thought civilization was ending effective the first few hours of the year 2000. Oh, and the world is always sliding towards authoritarian rule. Despite what any government says, they always seek greater control over the populace.

        1. I remember that. I have a cousin who was one of those. He had a whole bunker set up in his basement. I suppose the generator has come in handy a few times.

          Everyone should have at least a basic plan for natural disaster such as…a zombie apocalypse.


          We lost power for 12 hours this week. Best part of the week. My son and I taught my wife the basics of chess. She wins every game now.

  37. Ever since I learned that five thousand DEAD people “living” in Chicago voted for JFK back in ’62, I’ve known there were issues with our election laws and practices.
    WHY have the dems been intractably opposed to Voter ID, at least even to REGISTER? “it discriminates”. Yeah, right. So does haivng to physically GET to the [olling place. Voter ID would preclude anyone voting fsix times.. like that woman in Ohio, convicted of exactly that. Maybe SHE now understands that’s a “big deal”.

    I’ve known the history and previous “use” of Dominion voting machines for some time. Venezuela? NO WAY could those wonderful people vote in that dirtbag by a landslide, four times in a row. They are NOT stupid. Just defeated by the machine tht runs them.
    Trump is right, and even if nowhere near enough “anomalies” are found to flip the elctioin results, his points ramain valid. HEs known about this for decades, I’m sure.

    1. If Trump didn’t want dead people voting he shouldn’t have killed so many people.

      1. “If Trump didn’t want dead people voting he shouldn’t have killed so many people.”

        If you wanted someone to credit your posts, lefty shit, you should stop lying.

      2. At least Tony’s an honest lefty. Here he admits he’s ok with dead people voting because Orange Man Bad.

        1. How many people does a president have to kill before you start thinking he’s bad?

    2. Chicago. Been run by crooked politicians and gangsters forever.

      The Disciples and Latin Kings still run a lot of it.

      I should not. True story. Went downtown on the El one night with a couple friends on an adventure. Two guys and one girl. I was high school yeshiva kid. Took off the kippah and stuck it in my pocket so as not to attract attention.

      We made a mistake and got on the wrong train to go home. South instead of north. These two girls looked at us and said “you in the wrong color neighborhood”.

      So we get off next stop on the platform. A gang, bandanas the whole deal comes charging up. At least a dozen. Reached in my pocket and there was the kippah. I don’t know why but put it on.

      So they circle us and the leader starts asking questions. “What you doing here?” I told him. “What is that thing on your head?” I said “we were Jews in school studying the Bible. A rabbi school” That caused him to step back. He had never seen one before.

      He made a circle with his hand and they went back down the steps.

      I am not the most observant person but I will never lose faith after that day.

  38. Faith in elections? Most of the mouth-breathing proletariat only has faith in Democracy! if the outcome matches their righteous predestination (or what their bible study/antifa group told them is justice).

    1. Good thing the USA is a Republic.

  39. If what I have read here and in other issues of “reason” is the main ideas and ideals then the supposed “libertarian party” has gone full r e t a r d just as the dems and rinos have!
    YES there is FRAUD in elections, has been since Hamilton. This past November showed its ugly face. This is now not about Trump but the elections via false mail in ballots. This made it super easy to cheap. Now if you honestly believe this was a fair election then you need to packup and head to China or North Korea! And don’t let the boor hit you wear God split you on the way out!

  40. It’s kind of funny how back in 2016 so many thought Trump was “The Man”. Who would have thought he would turn out to be the biggest snowflake in the history of snowflakes.

    His problem was that he forbid his followers to vote by mail and the rest of the country decided to mostly vote by mail. Trump didn’t quite understand how to get a handle on the massive vote by mail. He could have easily increased his total vote count had he told his minions to mail their ballots in. But it was too overwhelming for him to process. So he lost. No big deal. Just go home and prepare to pack up.


    1. Oh, one more thing. I give Trump an A++ for his embarrassing speech. Nobody but nobody can speak better about Trump than Trump himself. He is good at he looks stupid good. 😀 😀 😀 😀

      1. I hope your TDS is fatal; you certainly deserve it.

      2. “He is good at he looks stupid good”

        Speaking of stupid.

      3. Snowfalkes. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    2. TDS requires 100 layers of masks over your mouth..so says fauci

  41. Somehow the danger seems pretty mild considering that we made it through 4 years with him in charge.

    1. Except for the hundreds of thousands of dead people.

        1. Such a glorious success story. We should just give him the election.

          1. Such a lying piece of lefty shit. You should die a long and painful death.

            1. Why does everything you believe involve other people dying long and painful deaths?

              Ever think maybe you’re the problem?

              1. Maybe you only read my responses to lefty shits like you.
                Ever think you’re the problem a painful death could cure?
                Fuck off and die a painful death, lefty shit.

      1. “Except for the hundreds of thousands of dead people.”

        Except for lies by lefty shits.

        1. Keep trying to overthrow the US government and we’ll get to test the notion that the 2nd amendment means you can beat the US Armed Forces in a debate over freedom. If only all the schoolchildren and churchgoers didn’t have to get holes put in them to pay for that test.

          Do you people have any political beliefs that don’t involve making everything terrible for everybody?

          1. Do you ever post without at least one lie? If so, I’ve never seen it.
            Make your family proud, your dog happy, and the world a better and more intelligent place; fuck off and die a painful death, lefty shit.

          2. Lefties are funny. They think the US military will support killing American patriots, the likes that fill the ranks of the US military.

            I for one look forward to local federal military installations and georgia national guard armories supplying patriot armies against The Commies in the blue cities.

            Kungflu food supply problems were a gentle reminder of how reality works.

            1. “I for one look forward to local federal military installations and georgia national guard armories supplying patriot armies against The Commies in the blue cities.”

              I look forward to the Second Coming. But I’m not holding my breath. What you’re looking forward to has about the same chance of occurring in the next 8 weeks.

          3. I mean, the Viet Cong did.

            So did the Taliban.

          4. Also we wouldn’t be making things miserae for you if you would just leave us alone.

            If you left us alone as you built your socialist Paradise in the cities then the rural rump would feel no need to try to seize the reins of power for their own self protection.

            What is it that compells you to kill pepe who don’t want you to save them?

            1. What the fuck are you even talking about? Do you even know, or are you just regurgitating empty sentimental nonsense? What are you being forced to do? It’s not Democrats trying to tell you how you should be allowed to express your sexuality.

      2. Hmm, hundreds of thousands dead because of a disease that Trump didn’t use as an excuse to seize power to control the country over


        Hundreds of thousands dead across the world due to the deliberate decisions of Obama?

        Which do you think is worse?

  42. Game over

    There are no winning moves from here.

    1. We are heartened that you’ve appointed yourself as arbiter of the matter!

    2. Constitution strikes again.

      Biden concession speech will be hilarious.

  43. “Asking for proof of election fraud denies the lived experience of fraud of those defrauded by it. Proof is the standard and told of the fraudster. Counterstories told by the defrauded are unjustly excluded from evidence as a form of epistemic oppression and political violence.”

    – James Lindsay, PhD

    1. Ah the author of “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct.”

      1. Were you hoping some didn’t know is was a hoax?

        1. So is the quote above.

  44. We’re not a tinpot dictatorship because we’re not a tinpot dictatorship, which is true until it isn’t.

    The cult babies want to see the very Supreme Court justices appointed by the terrorist currently staging a coup attempt to install him. The future of humanity depends on the good judgment of a far-right fundamentalist who speaks in tongues.

    1. “We’re not a tinpot dictatorship because we’re not a tinpot dictatorship, which is true until it isn’t.”

      You and that turd in your mouth are a lying piece of lefty shit.
      Fuck off and die.

      1. I like my autistic friends to be the smart kind.

        1. Is that turd your autistic friend?

    2. Tony, this election is unauditable, by design.

      Are you ok with that?

  45. Seriously, what does Trump have to gain with these lawsuits, regardless of whether or not there was any fraud? He is not getting a second term.

    1. $170 million so far

      1. Talk about a “fraud.” If Trump is as smart as his supporters think he is, he knows the writing is on the wall but he’ll still pound the podium for your donations.

        The best part is that his supporters really do believe him when he says he is not doing it for himself, but for them. A fool and his money….

        1. Projection since that is what democrats do. Hillary lost and democrats asked for money.

          Trump is still tour president for 4 more years.

          1. “Trump is still tour president for 4 more years.”

            I don’t think Donald Trump will be giving tours of whatever home he’s in for the next four years. He really doesn’t like commoners.

    2. Watch the banned state legislature hearings. Its Article II time!

  46. Rural and small town ballots (where the majority are Trump supporters) can be totaled more quickly than those in large cities. So of course Trump was winning for awhile. But as soon as the large city counts began to catch up, Biden surged ahead. Also, there are always more irregularities in the large cities; lost or misplaced ballots and so forth. But the fact is, the exit polls and the final counts both indicate Biden is the winner.

    1. Haha. Funny stuff. Watch the banned state legislature hearings to see how average Americans expose the massive democrat election fraud scheme.

      1. I’ll send you a $250 gift card for your favorite restaurant if you can prove using reliable evidence that Trump was ahead by 15.2% in Pennsylvania prior to the mythical vote dump. Keeping in mind that Trump only won PA by 0.72% in 2016 and that Democrats have a +7% lead in voter registrations. And that 6 of the last 7 presidential elections in PA were won by the Democratic candidate.

    2. When you demonize voting by mail, you can’t expect much of the mail-in ballots will be for you.

    3. In theory the cities should actually be added up faster; Their resources scale with population, and they’re less dispersed.

      The reason we’re used to more irregularities in the large cities is that the large cities are corrupt, and have been from the start.

      1. Rural areas have corrupt mayors and sheriffs. This was conclusively proved in the documentary “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

        1. Who knows how many Chargers they used up in that show. I have seen estimates over 200.

  47. “The style of the video—which jarringly jumps back and forth between segments in which Trump is looking directly at the online audience and segments in which he is looking to his left- reflects his disjointed argument”

    Is this different than many news broadcasts or late night talk shows? There’s plenty of things to pick on when it comes to world’s worst “dictator-wannabe”, but changing camera perspectives? Do you think that basically every film since Battleship Potemkin is “disjointed”? When this is the first argument of your post, it really makes it hard to take the rest of it seriously.

  48. The Comments show that those with TDS attack Trump and trivialize voter fraud.
    The comment show that those who pretend not to have TDS hate Trump.
    The that the TDS name callers go to bed hating and wake up hating and are wasting their lives feeding hatred.

  49. The Jones Cult killed less than one thousand Americans.

    The Trump Cult has killed more than 280 thousand Americans.

    “How could one man’s increasing paranoia have driven so many people … in four years, into a seemingly pointless sacrifice?”


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