Election 2020

Can Donald Trump Really Be This Clueless About How Elections Work?

The president's complaints about "a major fraud" present a familiar puzzle.


Donald Trump's angry, rambling, incoherent, and boastful Election Night speech presents a familiar puzzle: Does the president sincerely believe the weird stuff he says, or is it all part of a clever populist strategy? The distinction should matter to journalists, because it is the difference between a lie and a delusion. By "delusion" I do not mean to imply a psychiatric diagnosis—just the common human tendency to believe things that are not true when they fit one's self-image or preexisting opinions.

While everyone is prone to that temptation, Trump rarely seems to resist it. If a state's early election returns show him behind but he eventually wins, as happened in Florida last night, it is only because it took time for voters' love of him to be revealed. But when Trump has an initial advantage that disappears as more votes are counted, he concludes that "a fraud" has been perpetrated on "the American public."

For Trump, the ordinary ups and downs of Election Night are immediate cause for suspicion, except when they favor him. "We were getting ready for a big celebration, we were winning everything, and all of a sudden, it was just called off," he said. "We won states. And all of a sudden I said, 'What happened to the election? It's off.' And we have all these announcers saying, 'What happened?' And then they said, 'Oh.'"

Trump's explanation: "You know what happened? They knew they couldn't win, so they said, 'Let's go to court.'"

As is frequently the case with Trump, it is not exactly clear what he was talking about. But it seems he was referring to Democrats' support for expanding mail-in voting, which Trump has been attacking as inherently fraudulent (except in Florida!) for months. "I've been saying this from the day I heard they were going to send out tens of millions of ballots," he said. "Either they were going to win, or if they didn't win, they'll take us to court."

When Democrats challenge voting procedures, in Trump's view, they are trying to "disenfranchise" his supporters. When Republicans challenge voting procedures, they are trying to protect the integrity of the electoral process, even when they are seeking to invalidate ballots that people cast in good faith based on the rules announced by government officials.

Likewise, when Democrats "go to court," it is only because they know "they couldn't win" otherwise. When Republicans go to court, as Trump said he will do if the election does not turn out the way he wants, they are preserving democracy.

This kind of partisan hypocrisy goes both ways. Both major parties can be expected to scramble for whatever advantage they can get, while impugning the other side's motives and presenting their own as purely in the public interest. But Trump elevates that tradition to a new level: He routinely and recklessly accuses Democrats of criminal activity as well as sneaky legal maneuvers.

"We did win this election," Trump declared. "So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation. This is a very big moment. This is a major fraud in our nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So we'll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop."

At that point, of course, voting had stopped. It was the counting that continued, which is how elections work. If the delay in declaring a winner is longer than usual this year, "a major fraud" is hardly the most parsimonious explanation, given the closeness of the race, historically high voter turnout, and a surge in mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic—factors that were expected to lengthen the wait.

"We don't want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning and add them to the list," Trump said. "OK? It's a very sad moment. To me this is a very sad moment, and we will win this. And as far as I'm concerned, we already have won it."

Trump continued that theme on Twitter this morning: "Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the 'pollsters' got it completely & historically wrong!"

Twitter attached a warning to that post: "Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process." But even without the company's pious pronouncement, any mildly skeptical person would recognize that Trump's conspiracy theory has no basis in fact.

Last night, for example, Trump claimed "we won" in Michigan because he was ahead of Joe Biden by "107,000 votes" with 81 percent of ballots counted. But that still left hundreds of thousands of ballots that could shift the advantage to Biden. Likewise in Pennsylvania, where Trump claimed "we're winning" by "a tremendous amount."

As I write, Trump is ahead by more than 460,000 votes in Pennsylvania, but more than a third of the ballots have yet to be counted. If mail-in ballots favor Biden—a partisan tilt fostered by Trump's unfounded scaremongering about this voting method—Biden could still end up winning the state's electoral votes.

Biden is beating Trump by just 45,000 votes in Michigan, with more than 200,000 ballots left to be counted. Would Biden be justified in demanding that the count stop now, while he is ahead?

"They are finding Biden votes all over the place—in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan," Trump complained today. "So bad for our Country!" To which Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) dryly replied: "It's called an election."

So we come back to the question we started with: Can Trump really be this clueless? After nearly four years of this president's self-flattering nonsense, I am beginning to suspect the answer is yes.

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  1. I almost hope to see Biden win so you can try and write something different for once, you fucking imbecile.

    1. >Biden enjoys feeling solid objects with his mouth: How this promotes libertarianism in the federal executive branch

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    2. Same here. unreason staffers are such hacks and fucking traitors who want to see America burn that they still wont criticize the Harris Presidency even weekly. Never mind that we endured 3.5 years of daily Trump propaganda hit pieces from unreason.

      1. Joseph Stalin said “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

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      2. I’d be satisfied if they continued to criticize the government from a libertarian perspective regardless of which boots you personally enjoy licking.

        1. Can you, for a change, spit Biden’s cock out of your mouth?

          1. There there. If it makes you feel any better, at least the new president won’t actively kill thousands of Americans.

            1. Unless he forgets that he isn’t supposed to and has another Biden moment lolol

              1. IKR?

                The Democrats’ best candidate was a senior racist who put hundreds of thousands of blacks in jail.


                1. Don’t forget a serial molester and, oh yeah…corrupt as fuck.

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            2. Biden and his war hardon killed way more Americans than Trump ever dreamed of.

              Again, stop blowing him. Show you have some standards…unless doddering old morons get your dick hard. If so, swallow a bullet.

              1. So your argument is Biden will hypothetically kill more foreigners than Trump is actually killing Americans.

                1. You know those troops who died in Iraq?

                  Biden voted for that.

                  Trump did not.

                  Fucking idiot.

                  1. Iraq was originally why I hate all Republicans. They’ve given me so many new reasons lately.

                    Biden was not my first choice. Turns out he was just the only guy who could cancel the murdering orange shitsack.

                    1. well then, get ready for the massive build up of US troops in the middle east under the Biden admin

                    2. Tony..

                      Look…you can stop pretending to care that octogenarians are dying from (with?) Covid. You’re man’s prolly gonna take the white house…
                      From here on, let’s have the real Tony stand up. Not the one who uses fear (Which I never understood; not one poster here is afraid)
                      to make his political points.

                    3. My prediction is you people will suddenly start caring about covid momentarily. The good thing about having actual principles is you don’t have to keep track of what you were pretending to care about from day to day.

                      I’m for less death and more happiness. Maybe conservatives can stop screeching long enough to propose an idea to those ends, once in a while.

                    4. As far as “ideas about covid,” plenty have been proposed here and elsewhere, and there are 40,000 doctors who decry the single-minded, simpleton solution of masks & lockdowns. The dictatorial modern left hates discourse and dissent.

                    5. Tony. Now defend lockdowns after CDC stated they now believe lockdowns will kill more than covid.


                    6. by the way Tony, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what should have been done about COVID?

                    7. Tony,

                      If you prefer democrat lockdowns and statist totalitarianism over the freedom to take care of yourself and quarantine yourself, you are not a libertarian, you are a democrat.

                      Safety is not greater than freedom.

                      If you think Trump is “actively” killing people by not going full totalitarian, you are a moron.

                  2. Apparently, Iraq wasn’t that big a deal as you voted for the guy who supported it.

                    1. And you lick the boots of the party that dreamed up the idea.

                    2. You are what you vote for. I’m doing everything I can to either (a) either not vote when there are two obviously piss-poor choices, or (b) have my conscience accept that the violent ends of whoever I do vote for is partly my fault.

                      I’m sure Tony’s conscience will never accept that his candidate bears some direct responsibility already for the deaths of at least 250,000. The self-righteous always excuse their own shit choices.

                    3. “You are who you vote for.”

                      I don’t believe that at all. A vote is a civic right to choose between candidates for a public office. Somebody’s ass is going to be in the seat no matter what you do. The only moral content in that choice is whether you choose the worse of two evils or the better.

                  3. So you don’t actually care about the dead you just use them.

                2. No hypothetical necessary he’s been doing it for 5 decades.

                3. Biden will likely kill more foreigners *and* US troops, and it’s not really much of a hypothetical. Biden is heavily pro-troops in the middle east, or at least in Syria, as we know–because he criticized Trump getting the troops out of there in 2019. We also know he voted for the Iraq war.

                  And let’s not forget who was VP when Obama and Hillary were botching the whole Syria debacle. Even the leftist Jeffrey Sachs admits the horror: “[Hillary] Clinton bears heavy responsibility for that carnage, which has by now displaced more than 10 million Syrians and left more than 250,000 dead.” Some of that blood is on the equally shitbag Biden’s hands.

                  There *is* a difference between not doing “enough” to save people (as if Biden would have done anything better about COVID; we already know he was going to be late to the party form his own words), and being an active part of a plan to kill people. Fuck the human garbage politician that Biden is.

                4. So your argument is Biden will hypothetically kill more foreigners than Trump is actually killing Americans.

                  Your argument is, because someone died of kung-flu, it’s the presidents fault. News flash moron, I don’t want to president to be able to control my life in exchange for perceived safety. That’s called totalitarianism. I’m sorry you find freedom so dangerous, but the president isn’t in control of a virus, none of us ever were. And your “I stubbed my toe this morning and that’s the president’s fault” logic isn’t fooling anyone.

            3. Good point, Tony. Thanks.

            4. “Actively”? Come on, dude, that’s weak even for you. I assume you are talking about covid deaths? It’s absurd enough to blame the president for that. But even if you could, it was done passively. Trump wasn’t out there personally infecting thousands of people.

            5. at least the new president won’t actively kill thousands of Americans.

              you sure about that…? you lefties have been screeching that the virus toll will hit 500k before it ends, and with a president-elect Biden, all future deaths will be on him, right…?

            6. There there. If it makes you feel any better, at least the new president won’t actively kill thousands of Americans.

              Our current president didn’t try to ban our possessions, didn’t try to force us to buy healthcare or anything else, didn’t get us into any foreign wars, and didn’t go totalitarian on mask mandates or martial law or any other such nonsense. Essentially he allowed people to fend for themselves (which is what libertarians are all about) and then epic dumb fucks like Tony come out of the wood work and say that he “actively” killed thousands of Americans. The ignorance is astounding.

      3. I’m gonna laugh my ass off if Ga flips for Sleepy Joe and LC1789 will have to eat crow for the rest of his miserable life.

        1. I’m already laughing my ass off how many more Black Americans and Latinos voted for Trump this election.

          Georgia might go Blue someday. It was Blue before. Hundreds of thousands of people move to Georgia every year. It’s why we’re getting a House seat from Blue states with Census 2020.

          Atlanta Democrats are trying to steal the election. Trump is still ahead no matter what they try.

          Republicans are getting House seats back from Democrats and the GOP will hold the US Senate even when they had to defend more seats.

    3. So…the vote should stop in states where Trump is ahead, but continue in states where he trails? That of course makes no sense, so either trump knows it makes no sense and it is part of a deceitful populist strategy, or he is an idiot. It is one or the other. By now, most rational people know that Trump is just an idiot. And before you say anything…I did not vote for either, and my preference would be that Trump wins, but he is not allowed to talk or tweet for the next 4 years.

      1. Donald is like an overgrown schoolyard bully or adolescent who wants what does not belong to him. Another four years of Donald Trump could really take this country as a whole over the cliff, and we’ll never be able to reign in the Covid-19 virus pandemic, either.

        1. Over the cliff of unrivaled economic boom…how terrible that would be.

        2. and we’ll never be able to reign in the Covid-19 virus pandemic, either.

          we don’t need to ‘reign in’ covid, which is a virus that will do what all other virii, including the common cold, have done; exist…it will be there ready to infect at all times, impossible to eradicate, and the sooner we accept this and adapt to its presence, the better…

          what we need to ‘rein in’ (proper spelling) are power mad, panic driven politicians rubbing their hands in glee as they exert heretofore undreamt of control over the vassals lives…

          1. I for one welcome our new viral overlords.

      2. “Voting” should stop. You knew this though.

        Stop taking in new ballots after Election Day. Count what you have as of Election Day.

        1. The government should also stop taking my money after tax day but for some reason they don’t.

          1. Yeah, that’s the same.

    4. If he does it will be a squeaker.

      Right now, including the states that haven’t officially been called, it looks like Trump solidly has 268 electors,

      There are three remaining states that are leaning slightly Biden (2 under 1 % margin and 1 just over a 1% margin.

      Those three states have over 40 electors combined and will likely decide the outcome.

      Trump has already requested a recount in Wisconsin. (margin for Biden 0.7%)

      Oh, and it looks right now like the Republicans have held onto their Senate majority and they are up 5 seats in the House the last I checked.

    5. i am actually looking forward to a Biden admin. If nothing it will be interesting. You think Trump was a spectacle? I want to watch the social justice warriors and the antifa anarchists and the liberal intellectuals and the lgbtq and all the other little special interest groups in the democrats basket go picnicking on one another. It will be better than anything the UFC could come up with. This will be gladiatorial!

      1. They’ll come for you first though.

    6. Then you’d have to find some way to respond differently, you predictable schmuck.

    7. What Reason fails to appreciateis that a vote for Biden is a vote for treason. But then, libertarians have soft stomachs when it comes to treason. Too much concern about “the individual” and “rights” and all that garbage that brought the left wing disease to us in the first place.

      Our government is perfectly within its rights to frustrate and prosecute treason.

      This is the only way to deal with leftists. By closing the cracks in a “free” society that they wiggle through.

      P.S. Democracy is evil. Abolish it. I guarantee you if people weren’t allowed to vote for anyone but Republican candidates, we’d live in a much better world and a much better country. This isn’t opinion, this is objective fact.

      And you all know it. But most of you are too chickenshit to acknowledge it.

    8. The national election is a national security issue, Obama classified it as critical infrastructure before leaving office, look it up. States control the election sure but they have dragged kicking and screaming since the 2018 midterms into the 21st century by Trump’s brand new agency CISA.

      There is no pathway for Biden and Harry Reid’s voter fraud to sway this election. If you were honest you’d agree there is potential to do so with mail in ballots. I’m confident, very confident only legal ballots will decide this election. When legal ballots are counted Trump wins by a significant margin.

      Best you mentally prepare for this coming reality, screaming later is an awful sight to witness.

    9. Donald Trump confiused that voting and ….READ MORE

  2. This is completely reasonable and what any decent American should agree with.

    1. Sullum writes that water is wet, DoL agrees vehemently. Must be a Wednesday.

      1. And Chuck disagrees and calls Sullum a commie for trying to dictate the state of water, and just because 99% of scientist agree that water is wet, well, they’re just getting paid off by Soros.

        1. We all noticed you were hiding when you thought Trump would win.

          1. I come by to rattle the cages twice a month.

            1. And now that I told you we noticed it you have to lie about it!

            2. Truth hurts you does it?

              1. Truth is not something you Trump fan boiz are acquainted with, let alone qualified to lecture on.

                1. Take it up with a Trump supporter, I voted Jo, now weren’t we talking about how mad you are that we noticed you went dark until things broke your way.

                2. Trump supporter here. Everyone is qualified to tell the truth, which is why you should do it, and stop making excuses.

            3. Library closed more often due to the riots? They won’t let you in until you bathe?

            4. I come by to rattle the cages twice a month.

              Well now you can rattle your own cage after the democrats force you to participate in their socialist game.

            5. Now that you’re done with that, why don’t you go commit suicide?

        2. Why would I disagree that water is wet? Sullum’s article has zero substance.
          This verbalization of his internal dialogue has been Trump’s shtick throughout his entire presidency. Maybe in his defeat, judge the guy on what he actually does instead of continually misinterpreting his mental diarrhea. You are as bad as SQSRLY with the Trumptator fan-fiction that somehow he could avoid leaving office if he loses the vote.

          1. I know, I know, all those Trump quotes do amount to 0 substance.

            1. That is what I said. Are you drunk?

              1. Do you drink Chuck?
                Like 1 out of every 500 Mormons doesn’t obey the word of wisdom!

                Stop forcing your bullshit religion on others you goddamn cowardly scumbag!

                The only good Mormon is a dead mormon.

                1. hope the self-satisfaction is worth being such a tard.

                  1. I’m not the one defending pedophile worshippers. Why do you support pedophile worshippers? Why do you support people who are trying to force their fucked up, stupid religion on everyone? Call me old fashioned, but I like freedom.

                    I won’t let Mormons near me. It’s not worth my life or freedom, but f I knew I could 100% get away with it I’d kill a Mormon(or 15,000,000 of em). I’d be a hero.

                    1. You’re a progressive. You people are currently attempting to reclassify pedophilia from a mental disorder to a sexual orientation.

                      You’re the ones who worship pedophiles

                    2. Shitbrain of the wood chipper: I have no idea what you’re talking about?
                      I am progressive on some issues. I’m not aware of any progressives advocating pedophilia, but if there are they are not being supported by the vast majority of “progressives” or “conservatives.”
                      Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were perverts(technically not pedo’s because Fanny was 15 when Joe fucked her). Mormons worship them. Mormons are morally repugnant pieces of shit.

                      You’re a piece of shit for defending Mormons. Shame on you.

                2. Can you show us on the doll where the Holy Ghost touched you?

                  1. I’m not religious myself, but I’m not anti religion or anything. I’m anti people forcing their religion on others, so I’m anti-mormon.

                    What they believe is fucking nonsense. I don’t understand why so many on here defend them. Mormons aren’t libertarian at all despite some of them saying they are.

                    1. Or moms are exceedingly polite and don’t force anything on anyone. Not like progressives.

                    2. Rather be “progressive” than conservative. Not all but most cons are goddamn ignorant, bigoted morons.
                      I don’t know if you are or not, but you’re sticking up for Mormons so I know you’re either ignorant or morally bankrupt. Ignorant of Mormon’s beliefs or their destruction of my country.

                3. Stop forcing your bullshit religion on others you goddamn cowardly scumbag!

                  The left has a religion too. Atheist’s even have a religion. I’ve found that most people seem to be inherently religious, and force their crap on others, so take your own advice. Pay for your own safety nets, and stop trying to feed me all the equality/equity shit, that you guys so deeply and religiously believe in.

                  1. You can believe taxes and policies are being forced on you all you want. That’s not religion. I’m not an atheist, but it’s not religion. You’re projecting or something. Religion is supernatural bullshit. Politics isn’t. Not hard to tell the difference, but I guess you’re just really goddamn stupid.

          2. Kill yourself you miserable piece of shit!

            Kill your family too! Burn down your church with Mormons in it!

            1. Uh… no.

            2. Better we thin the progressive herd.

              1. That’s gonna be hard because younger people tend to be more progressive than older people.
                Cons keep ending up on the wrong side of history. Slavery, civil rights movement, gender equality… I don’t know if it’s because cons are hateful bigots or just stupid. Probably both.

        3. Yes, and water is very, very dangerous! Do you know how many people water has killed? Do you know that most people die with water in their system? I sure hope that a bigger government can do something to protect us from water!

      2. Sullum writes that water is wet, entire HnR derposphere denounces him as shill for Schweppes. Must be Wednesday.

        1. Brandybuck complains. Must be every day.

          1. And D Pizzle needlessly harangues Brandybuck. And then I pointlessly add my comment. The circle of life.

      3. Hey Chuc strangle your family and yourself with your magic underwear you fascist fucking pig! Did you say your prayers to your pedo God that doesn’t exist? Do you give 10% of your income to your criminal church? Fuck you a your goddamn family Chuck. If there is a hell you’ll be going there you pedo worshipper!

        To people that defend goddamn scumbag Mormons: what they believe is goddamn stupid and ABHORENT! Fuck people defending Mormons and send all the Mormons to the gas chamber!

        1. I did not know there were Mormon hating equivalents to the Jew hating of the Nazis.

          And now I do.

          I strongly encourage you to go try to implement that personally, but make sure there’s video of you getting riddled with bullets. I could use a good laugh.

          1. Mormons are more Nazi like than me. They distort their own history to try and look better. They outright lie about some things. They claim the Nazis persecuted them just for their religion like Jehovah’s Witnesses. That is not true.
            The Mormons are more Nazi like than me. They’re bigots. About 90% are far right loons, but not libertarian. I’m trying to defend myself and our country from them. They breed like goddamn rabbits and given the chance will force their bullshit religion on everyone. I wish more people would realize how dangerous they are. I wish the commenters on here would realize how goddamn dumb their beliefs are. How could any libertarian defend Mormons forcing their religion on everyone is beyond me.

            1. Joseph Smith loves you.

              1. This site really brings out the best of society.

              2. Don’t want that con artist pedo’s love. Fuck him and fuck Mormons.

            2. You’re a far more vicious bigot than the most bigoted Mormon.

              1. I’m bigoted towards Mormons because they’re trying to force their evil, nonsensical beliefs on everyone. Mormons are bigoted towards non-mormons because they’re trying to force their evil, nonsensical beliefs on everyone.
                It’s good to be bigoted towards Mormons. It’s like being bigoted towards Nazis.

  3. Every thing the Democrats have done to expand the voter rolls has been in pursuit of more Democrat votes — ex-felons, 16 year olds, voting without photo-id proof, extending the election past election day, extending the election before election day.

    Why would any Republican support Democrat moves to expand only Democrat voting?

    Blah blah blah — all Trump’s fault. He’s a damned fool in a zillion ways — but all these TDS efforts to point the finger at him alone just prove how real TDS is.

    1. Here’s some ideas the Dems have NOT done which would probably encourage Republican voters:
      * Help rural voters by having a lot more voting stations. How come city slickers have polling stations every few blocks, while rural Republicans have to drive miles?
      * Stop prohibiting guns when voting.

      I’m sure there are a lot more.

      Fuck TDS. Fuck Democrat apologists who can’t for a minute think objectively.

      1. Help rural voters […]


        I live over a hundred miles from my county seat in a town of about a thousand people.

        My state helped me out by expanding mail-in voting years ago, so I was able to drop off my ballot in the second week of October.

        Republicans are the ones that freaked the fuck out over mail-in voting and did everything they could to discourage it.

        1. Aren’t you the idiot who said local election officals have nothing to do with counting?


          Why yes, you are.

          1. Saw that, EE is a well know prog sockpuppet.

            1. Ah, fuck-off.

              You only think I’m a “prog sockpuppet” because (A) you don’t believe people can legitimately disagree with you, and (B) you have no idea what a moderate looks like. Hint: I’ve voted Libertarian more often then most self-described libertarians have, and I refute that label. Largely because of odious critters like yourself.

        2. I’d be willing to bet your state didn’t try to implement mass mail in voting 2 to 3 months before a hotly contested presidential election, but instead studied the best way to implement it and make sure they did their best to counter any seeming impropriety.

          Trying to institute mass mail in voting months before an election they clearly signaled they weren’t willing to lose definitely made me skeptical of the motives. Especially since covid was not a good reason to not vote in-person.

          1. I’d be willing to bet your state didn’t try to implement mass mail in voting 2 to 3 months before […]

            Seeing as I said “years ago”, it’s not really a bet, you’re just illiterate.

            1. Maybe my point wasn’t clear.

              It being done years ago in your state has no bearing on Democrats trying to institute wide spread mail in voting months before the election.

              If they had done it last year or in 2017, it wouldn’t give people the appearance of being a naked grab for vote shenanigans.

              Was that literate enough?

        3. Why do they not have a polling station in your town? My town of 1000 people has it’s own voting.

          1. People in cities live a lot closer to their polling stations.

            How close are you? Can most voters walk to their polling station in a few minutes? Think of ranchers who take 10 minutes just to get to the county road, and add minutes more to get to the polling station.


              1. Yeah!! Let me vote while on the toilet. I’d probably still have to hold my nose, but then at least I would have air freshener on hand.

          2. Why do they not have a polling station in your town?

            Seeing as I voted weeks ago, I neither know or care.

            That said? I’m way out in the boonies. It takes me ten minutes at 60 MPH to get to the town proper. I pass alfalfa fields and horse ranches on the way.

        4. You’ve been able to mail in absentee ballots for years, in both red and blue states.

          “Mail-in-voting” is something different.

          1. As much as you want it to be, it really isn’t.

      2. Disallowing weapons while voting has a long and storied history, going all the way back to Rome.

        Only the bodyguards of the elected officials (lictors) were allowed weapons in the forum where elections were held. If you wanted to fight, you did it with whatever you had at hand. This didn’t stop the Gracchi brothers from being murdered with legs pulled off benches, but it did reduce the amount of bloodshed until the waning days of the Republic

        1. Some cantons of Switzerland REQUIRED (may still do) voters to be armed. Most brought their government-issue machineguns to the polling place, as a symbolic gesture of their willingness to defend freedom.

      3. uhm….actually, more voting stations is a thing Democrats supported with extreme push back from Republicans at every point. Don’t try and rewrite history.

        1. [citation needed]
          Republicans have been pushing against vote by mail and no id required. I never heard of them arguing against more voting stations.

          1. So you’re just claiming ignorance of Republicans closing polling stations throughout the South since the SCOTUS defanged the VRA then?

    2. Any civilized person should be in favor of expanding the franchise to as many eligible people as possible. That way you maximize the legitimacy of the government that results.

      Letting the popular vote loser keep ruling is nuts.

      1. If you had the consensus you claim, you could simply change the process.

        Yet you don’t.

        1. Takes more than a majority to fix the constitution.

          1. Good luck trying to force your rules upon us. Wish you well in those efforts.

            1. It’s working so far.

              1. I can see some people deciding that working in the system is not worth the energy and…OTHER means might be needed.

          2. So you don’t have the widespread support you’re pretending to have?

            1. Depends on how you characterize +3,000,000 votes. I’m happy to fight my sincere opponents even if they were a majority. The problem is they all consume rightwing media and don’t believe in facts.

              1. I was using your characterization. You said you don’t have the necessary support to change the Constitution.

                1. Some might say it’s too hard to change in a world of 50 states.

              2. Once again you show your ignorance of how voting actually works. There was no popular vote. There were 50 popular votes.

              3. Depends on how you characterize +3,000,000 votes.

                Considering that there are 4,000,000 surplus votes from CA so far, you don’t actually have the majority you imagine anywhere else.

                Thank God for the Constitution.

                1. Chuck your god doesnt exist you piece of shit. The EC needs to be reformed. It gives disproportionate power to rural areas. Rural areas are disproportionatly far right inbred loons. I’m not anti religion, but you get a lot of folks who don’t believe in separation of church and state. If we aren’t careful we could end up in some kinda Mormon theocracy. That’s why we need to exterminate the Mormons. The world would be a better place without those fascist morons.

                  If there is a hell you and all the Mormons will be there you piece of shit Chuck. You’re a coward like all Mormons. You’re fucking dumb like all Mormons. Anyone who takes the ramblings of a con artist pepedophile as gospel is stupid. The Book of Abraham has been disproven yet Mormons still consider it gospel. You people are scum of the Earth Chuck. I know you won’t reply because you have no counter arguments and you’re a pussy. You’re stubborn like all Mormons. They can’t admit they’re wrong ever. Even if the truth is looking them in the face they have “faith” that reality is wrong and they’re right.

                  Please kill your family and yourself and make the world a better place.

                  1. I suggest a bottle of sleeping pills washed down with a triple vodka or three.

              4. You don’t really have plus any votes at all. Not after factoring out illegals, the graveyard vote, phony ballots, repeat voters, etc..

                So stop with your lies.

      2. I would be willing to expand the franchise to as many eligible people as possible, if we were able to verify that all voters were eligible and only voting once per election.

        This would cost Democrats tens of thousands of votes.

        1. There’s this thing called burden of proof here in the civilized world.

          1. You mean like photo id to prove you are who you claim to be?

            1. Tony doesn’t want to implement what other civilized nations do, he wants to implement his fantasy world and then fabricates facts about other nations out of thin air.

            2. No, not like that at all. Wow, so you people are stupid.

        2. no…there is no real substantive evidence this is a problem. Nice talking point.

      3. That way you maximize the legitimacy of the government that results.

        Well, the millions killed by the Nazi regime can have engraved on their tombstones “Here lies Aaron, gassed by a legitimate government that was elected with 82% voter participation and universal suffrage.

        Any civilized person should be in favor of expanding the franchise to as many eligible people as possible.

        I’m glad I’m not civilized. I think people should only be enfranchised to vote on what they actually have a personal stake in.

      4. 8 year old Tony spreading his 8 year old tropes and cliches again.

  4. God, the writers here are awful.

    1. If only there were other things for you to read.

      1. If only you didn’t get butthurt when people criticize Reason Mike.

        1. Hey you noticed that too!

          1. Its been obvious he is WK for a while.

      2. If there were only other places for you to comment.

  5. At that point, of course, voting had stopped.

    Citation needed. There are people in back rooms in Philly that may disagree with that statement.

    1. lol. citation?

      1. Don’t think we didn’t notice you hiding out until the election broke your way

        1. I’m not jumping for joy or anything. I’m feeling more like when a driver going the wrong way on the freeway misses you. And this isn’t over. Trump isn’t going to concede.

          1. Hey look you still know you cowered like a bitch until the election broke your way!

            1. You guys are hilarious. I get it though. With so little left to cling to, you cling hardest to what you think you have left.

              As I said, this is far from over. DJT could still win or cause the next civil war. This is up in the air much more so than what most people think.

              I haven’t even mentioned the election, except indirectly through stating the article is reasonable and that votes being counted is not totalitarianism. But I guess that’s controversial to you?

              Or more likely you need a target for your anger, and here I am, not towing the line.

              1. Hey look you posted a wall of text because you still know you cowered like a bitch until the election broke your way!

                1. Ya he knows, and he knows we know.

  6. https://twitter.com/mikeroman/status/1324065713053749252

    TRUMP Challengers being ejected from ballot canvassing in Detroit! The Steal is on!!

  7. https://twitter.com/DavidShafer/status/1324064059214495749

    Fulton County told our observers last night to go home because they were closing up and then continued to count ballots in secret.

    1. Lol, how does he know they continued to count in secret, if he wasn’t there?

      1. Because the idiots are stupid enough to keep reporting?

      2. Hey bitch that’s my job, go back to giving 5 dollar handies

      3. They can see the vote total change from when they left to when they came back in the morning you fucking idiot.

  8. And of course, the counting also stopped in PA.
    Then while there was no counting going on, over 100,000 ballots, all magically for Binden (ZERO for Trump) got added to the tally.
    And PA was where properly credentialed poll observers were refused admittance to the polls, even while Biden literature was handed out to voters in line INSIDE the precinct. (Twitter video available, but I don’t link to social media, search it if you want)
    So yeah, Trump is totally nuts to claim a little fraud.

    1. OK, so maybe just search this thread – – – – – –
      thanks Ra

    2. Biden voters are special and they sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between official polling places and random trunks of cars. Fortunately some Good Samaritans managed to track down these poor, forsaken ballots and return 100,000 of them simultaneously to the correct place.

      The question you should be asking is why do Republicans make it so difficult for these sweet, simple Biden voters?

    3. If the courts fail us, more will be required.

  9. To be fair, all the media and half the country thought 100k in Facebook ads stole the election in 2016.

    Trump doesn’t seem quite that clueless compared to that.

    1. Hahahahaha!

    2. Or all the planned Democrat stolen election claims were never mentioned today because they knew the fix was in.

      Russian Interference in election.
      Trump interference in election.
      Trump supporters stealing the election.

      1. And now you show us you believe debunkes garbage!

        No wonder you’re a prog!

        We are libertarians here bud.

        1. Where is the debunking? This is the second and final senate intel report on the matter. The first report and the Mueller report all supported this same telling of events.

          1. And now he’s mad it was debunked both sides!

          2. How did sharing internal voting change American votes dummy?

            1. Who claimed it did, cultist? I’m merely stating the facts. Trump campaign cooperated with wikileaks and GRU to steal and release property of HRC campaign and the Dem party.

              And you are apparently A-OK with that, because party over country.

        2. Libertarianism is just Diet Progressivism.

          Source: Free Trade, Immigration

          1. It’s the opposite. Progressivism is a bastard child of Marx. Just another flavor of communism. If anything, libertarianism is in the direction of anarchism, not a collective.

      2. even if true its not illegal to share that info its not a national secret.

    3. Hillary is still raging that Putin stole the election from her. What is Trump doing? Trying to out-Hillary even Hillary. Pathetic.

      1. And you appear to be whining about it nonstop.

      2. When trump organizes a special council to meet biden day one it will be totes even.

  10. How about an article on how corrupt
    The democrats are and how they are cheating and lying about this election. No? Figures you won’t defend liberty.

    1. Even with such blatant, staggering improbabilities and outright ‘mistakes’ continuously occurring for one side, Reason still doesn’t believe that the left would stoop so low as to cheat to win. Either that or they choose to ignore it.

      They also ignore that for every fraudulent vote cast, someone else’s vote is essentially taken away.

      1. Reason thinks 2+2=5.

        1. Being a progressive means proudly announcing that there are five lights.

    2. Liberty gets you Democrats. Oppose both.

  11. Meh. I have PhD poli Sci friends who said all kinds of stupid shit last night.

    1. I have fratboy friends who say all kinds of stupid shit every day of the way. So what?

      1. I have …friends


        1. Nobody ELSE can see them, but trust him, they’re there.

          And they vote. Straight-ticket Dem.

    2. I’d say the bar is actually lower for them.

  12. yeah, mail-in ballots aren’t automatically fraudulent. but allowing 17 days after Election Day (like California) for them to magically appear only invites fraud.

    1. Voting ended last night here at midnight. If it wasn’t in the post office or an official ballot box, it was too late. It will of course take time for TRUMP’S post office to deliver those ballots to the registrar of voters in their respective counties. It’s not instant. But if those ballots are not postmarked by yesterday midnight, they get tossed.

      Besides, are you so delusion that you think Trump took California and that the Democrats stole the state from him? Really? Really? What color is the sky on your planet?

      1. Really guy, one can criticize the process without it being all about Trump, get a hobby because Trump completely owns you.

        1. does kind of make you wonder what they are going to bitch about with Trump gone.

  13. Can Trump really be this clueless? After nearly four years of this president’s self-flattering nonsense, I am beginning to suspect the answer is yes.

    Trump says some shit, film at 11.

    1. Nobody knows how these things work.

  14. In 2016 Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the Presidency, in 2020 we can expect Trump to beat Hillary Clinton for title of biggest whiner after losing.

    1. He still has you to contend with.

    2. Lefties are still crying about that.

    3. Mod’s progressive allegiance comes to the forefront again.

  15. Yes, it would be unprecedented if Democrats ever routinely and recklessly accused Trump of anything.

  16. You guys know reality is somewhere in between, right? Campaigns send people to election centers as much to cheat themselves as to stop the other side from cheating. Are people not aware of how hyperpolitical the local governments who manage elections can be? Especially in higher density areas where graft at all levels is de rigueur? Not even to mention the legislatures and departments of state and their high level shenanigans.

    Trump’s side of things may be just as bad if in different ways, but it doesn’t make him completely wrong. The only good thing is it may be not significant enough to make a difference and between the two parties it probably all evens out. But it’s there.

    1. “Not even to mention the legislatures and departments of state and their high level shenanigans.”

      Yeah man!

      Another form of hypocrisy is the totally one-sided application of “The (voting) Law is The Law is The Law is THE LAW, man!!!”, and there can be NO doubt that MY interpretation of THE LAW is THE correct interpretation!

      The GOOD news is, I have put on my tin-foil hat, and brought in time waves from 2024, which reveal that most if not all of this kind of hypocrisy will just GO AWAY, from the “R” side at least, in 2024! See below!

      In 2024, the following came to pass: The Republican State Legislature of Kansas passed new laws regulating the precise rules for the design, components-contents, and manufacture of electronic voting devices for Kansas. A Kansan legislator by the name of Ima Krook (being related to various semi-distant relatives employed by the “Harlots PorkHard”, AKA “HP”, a manufacturer of electronic devices, and also receiving bribes, Ooops, I mean, campaign contributions from said “HP” as well) mandated that all DC-power-stabilizing ceramic capacitors in these voting machine circuits boards had to be colored “gray”. Gray capacitors were made by HP, while “beige” capacitors were made by HP archrival “Giggles Corporation”. Ima Krook’s fellow legislators had a good laugh at this clever, sly little trick, but then they forgot to insist that this utterly irrelevant (and corrupt) language be stripped OUT of the bill! This oversight was easy enough to make, the legislation running 7,823 pages in length. The law was passed.

      Contracts were placed, components were gathered, and electronic voting machines were assembled. The best laid plans of mice and men (as they do from time to time) failed! Some BEIGE capacitors snuck into some voting machines in a heavily Republican district of Kansas!!! Holy shit, Toto, we are NOT in Republican Kansas any moah!

      SOME evil Republicans want to plot and scheme, and disregard the UTTERLY SACRED LAWS OF THE LAND, and count the nefarious, evil, fraudulent Republican votes anyway!!!

      But the GOOD and PRINCIPLED Republicans won the day! They said, “Recall that case in Houston 4 years ago? With mostly-Democrat votes at stake? We argued then, that the letter of the law is UTTERLY SACRED!!! If we do this OTHER thing now, we will look like utter buffoons, clowns, and hypocrites”! Republicans are NEVER shitweasel hypocrites, and so, all of these votes were thrown OUT! After all, the Law is the Law is THE SACRED LAW!!!

      1. Hey look Brandybuck’s sock showed up at the same time he did.

      2. Ummm we just went to the church where it was last time. Everyone was nice and helpful. I got a sticker and a pen.

        1. What, you mean, when you voted in Kansas? Yes, I imagine that rural folks in Kansas are generally nice…

          In the big cities, they (people in general) can get kinda nasty, especially when politics gets involved! I was referring to what happened in Houston, and droves and droves of “R” commenters here showed up to argue that “the LAW is the LAW is THE LAW, man”! And they were ALL Eminent Legal Experts, these commenters! See https://reason.com/2020/11/02/a-federal-judge-just-blocked-a-republican-effort-to-disqualify-127000-votes-in-texas/

          1. No lollipop though.

            It’s a church. Everyone is nice there.

            Up here in flyover we have at least that much. The school across the street there was a very bored police officer parked there. I think they gave the kiddos the day off. I thought about bringing him a McMuffin. No, too radical I thought and just went home.

          2. Progressives are vicious, nasty, spiteful people.

        2. Also see https://reason.com/2020/11/01/republicans-are-trying-to-cancel-more-than-100000-votes-in-a-deep-blue-part-of-texas/ (from before a fed-judge made the should-be-obvious decision to shoot down this unfounded, trouble-maker lawsuit).

          When it suits THEIR side, unprincipled people will nit-pick about precisely following clauses of THE SACRED LAW (even imaginary clauses) to get THEIR way! And they never can seem to get quite right… “Does the Sacred System exist to serve US, or do WE exist to serve the Sacred System”?

          Statists are gonna be statists, though!

          1. Look it’s all good. As will become apparent, Democrats were allowed to have their way on election night. We will soon learn the best way to end election fraud is to catch the cheats in the act. Massive sting operation enacted in 2020 election. Known fake ballots are in play nationwide, as soon as any State election appartus certifies the fake ballots they’ll discover a joint intel/law enforcement task force has been surveilling and infiltrating for many months. The size and extent of the operation will be surprising, but the extent of voter fraud they show the public will shock everyone. Millions of fake ballots shipped in from you know where…Will end discussion on Joes popular vote and Hillary’s as well, all cheated.

        3. Looks to me like The Donald is going down in flames very soon, but just barely! Sad to say, the damage internationally will be next to impossible to repair, any time soon… Because the foreigners will look at how-just-barely Biden won, and KNOW that for the longer term, “Ugly Americans” are still clinging hard, to Trumpism! Relations will our allies won’t be repaired any time soon…

          For a good read on that, see this:
          The American System Is Broken
          It should not take the largest voter turnout in U.S. history to guarantee that a president rejected by the majority of the American people actually stops being president.

          1. Holy shit youre dumb. We don’t run a popular voting system retard.

            1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

              So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

              Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

              Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

              Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

              At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

              Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to ReasonNeedsBrilliantlyPersuasiveWriters@Reason.com .

              Thank You! -Reason Staff

        4. Flag, flag, flag, refresh! Now isn’t that better?

          1. So you are totally happy to clutter up the “flags” system that was meant for more serious purposes? Can I go and whine and cry to Government Almighty, as SOOO many “Small government” (He-he-ha-ha) conservaturds are wont to do, and cry “censorshit”, and demand that Section 230 be torn down? To Protect MY Baby Feelings, at the expense of REAL freedom of speech? Never mind the property rights of Reason.com, right?

            Did your MAGA-magic underwear help you to write that piece of literary genius above? And help you plot and scheme for the demise of Section 230, and appropriating the property of others? Have you changed out the batteries in you magic underwear lately? Super-heavy usage will wear out those batteries, you know!

            What’s up-Chuck?!?! Ya gonna EAT that, up-Chuck, or can I bury it in my back yard? I’m a-lookin’ fer some fart-a-lizer!
            How much up-Chuck, could an up-Chuck, chuck up,
            If an up-Chuck could chuck up up-Chuck?

          2. Flag, refresh!

      3. Nah, much simpler explanation. The Covid hysteria allowed the Dem states to mandate mail in with almost no safe guards. With Joe’s and Feinstein’s excellent Chinese partners it was easy to print up millions of ballots and then produce them “as required” to flip results. Problem is, the plot was discovered and the moment any result is certified that contains fake ballots…well use your imagination. The story ends with hundreds of Democrats operatives facing prison terms and a handful of Democrat faces facing RICO charges…you really think Trump was gonna sit back and allow these stupid Democrat criminals steal the election? Get Real!

      4. But, the difference is, in previous election fraud the Democrats never received help from foreign adverseries. Printing several million fake ballots in China is going to be their undoing…National security issue now. All prior election fraud irrelevant, the Democrats as usual went too far and now it’s gonna be biblical!

        Very much looking forward to the Democrat Alinski types and their attempts at counter narrative to “Democrats worked with China to try and defraud American voters and steal the 2020 election”

      5. Fact: national elections were designated critical infrastructure by Obama in Jan 2017.

        Fact: Trump started a new agency CISA in 2018 and they are 100% across every states processes and procedures. They will be fully aware of weak areas and States refusal to secure those weak areas.

        Given those two facts alone, understand that the election is a national security issue. Clearly 6 Democrat states have been unable to complete their elections with legal, believable results 6 days after the election. Rest assured these 6 Democrat states will receive adult supervision to ensure they able to comply.

        Once all the illegal ballots are removed Trump wins by a clear margin. Basically Harry Reid’s 1990’s style ballot harvest will not work and will be torn to pieces by the feds. All ballots without actual living person origins _REMOVED. All ballots without clear chain of custody – REMOVED. All ballots duplicated without opposite party sign off – REMOVED.

        Do you get it now? The old style dump and pump is not going to fly in 2020. This was a last, badly executed desperate act by desperate people. The DOJ started making arrests and indictments for crimes related to the 2020 election starting in September. Check the DOJ website and expect many many more.

  17. A more accurate title would be, “Can Jacob Sullum Really Be This Clueless About The Proven Existence of Widespread Election Fraud?”

    Go to projectveritas.com for the evidence.

    1. tHOsE aRe ISoLateD incIdENts!

  18. Someone needs to explain to Mr. Sullum that there is a difference between votes cast in an election and votes that are certified in an election. I believe POTUS Trump’s legal team is about to show America the difference between the two. Shades of 2000, all over again.

    1. In 2000, the question before the court was stopping a recount. The question Trump is asking in 2020 is can we stop the initial count. A big difference.

      1. There were multiple questions in 2000.

        1. One of them this time was about fixing the traffic problem on Rt.8. The other involves more housing for seniors. I was in favor of both.

      2. he only wants to stop counting non certified votes.

      3. More fabrications. In fact, Trump didn’t ask to stop counting legitimately cast ballots.

      4. 2000 was about an equal voting process retard. Gore asked for recounts only in dem heavy districts.

        Why are liberals so retarded?

      5. The only place Trump is trying to stop any count is in Michigan, where his observers are being improperly denied access.

      6. That really isn’t the question, but then, you’re a very deceptive person who can’t argue in good faith.

  19. https://twitter.com/MattFinnFNC/status/1324084637010976769

    The scene at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting center is growing more heated. The windows now being covered up. Allegations of violations. Sec. of State says she welcomes challenges.

    1. Transparent…Just like the Obama administration…

  20. “Guerrilla Radio, turn that shit up
    It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime
    What better place than here, what better time than now?
    All hell can’t stop us now”


    So it is over for Jo Jorgensen.

    I asked the Labrador. He decidedly voted in favor of my wife. The cat is undecided.

    The cat can jump 7x his body height. He considers himself the superior species. He might be right about that. Thirty minutes from now he has me trained to feed him.

    1. One of the 379 house-cats in our household is named “Chairman Meow”. I asked Chairman Meow what he thought about politics. He mostly ignored me and bypassed my questions, as any good politician would, while PRETENDING to care about my questions!

      But, instead, he DID compose for us, some fine poetry, AND put it to music!

      Love to eat them mousies,
      Mousies what I love to eat!
      Bite they little heads off,
      Nibble on they tiny feet!

      I imagine that, if I can get my favorite politician on-board with “free mice all around”, then I can get Chairman Meow to vote my way next time! As we speak, I am working on getting Chairman Meow registered to vote.


      1. Organizing libertarians is like herding cats.

        I heard that some years back.

      2. And you eat shit.

  21. Not only is he delusion, he is expecting all of his supporters to fall in line with his delusions.

    You haven’t even begun to see the conspiracy theories start to spin off yet. It’s just a matter of time before the claim that some UFOs landed in Michigan to deliver ballot boxes. It’s pathetic. The man can’t even lose an election with dignity.

    His whine makes him sound like another Hillary.

    1. His whine

      How it’s done everyone, take notes.

    2. So you decide to whine about him?

      Seriously he shouldn’t loom so large in your life as to make you beclown yourself so.

  22. When do we get to see the first picture of some Trump college kid shitting his pants over the election? Because Pants Shitting Hillary Supporter pics were so hilarious back in 2016.


    1. Fuck off SQRLSY

    2. “Because Pants Shitting Hillary Supporter pics were so hilarious back in 2016.”

      Holy shit you’re still mad that we libertarians laughed at you Hillary supporters.

      I will definitely remind you of this.

      1. I am actually vicariously embarrassed for Brandybuck.

    3. Because Pants Shitting Hillary Supporter pics were so hilarious back in 2016.

      Are you seriosuly still upset about that?

      1. Yeah, dude. Despite everything he’s ever said, he’s really a Hillary supporter.

        1. Unironically yes. Leftist lie as a matter of course. You know this to be true, but it’s inconvenient for your narrative.

          If you can’t see that Trump is the best President we’ve had since Reagen, if you can’t see that he’s holding the Marxist tide back from rounding you up and shooting you, yes you, against the wall, then you are either massively ignorant or drinking the kool aid.

  23. In 2005 the Commission On Federal Election Reform determined that the biggest danger to fair elections was voter registration and absentee ballot fraud. The commission was chaired by Jimmy Carter.

    The Democrats learned from that report and concentrated on voter registration fraud and absentee ballot fraud. Mailing ballots to everyone on the rolls while challenging the purging of those roles in court facilitates that fraud.

    You are a partisan dip-shit pretending to write rationally.

    1. You need to reread the report more carefully. It called for making registration more uniform at the state level and to make it easier to register. As for absentee ballots it noted problems where people have residences in two or more locations. This can be a problem but does not seem to be overly large. I know very few people with two residences that could get two ballots.

      1. No, it pretty much indicated that the weak spots are registration and mail ballots. As an information security manager, the first thing we establish is a chain of custody with evidence. There is absolutely no chain of custody with the fucking mail. Another thing is that the Democrats have fought in court every attempt to cull the voter rolls as required by law.

        The fact that people get two ballots adds validity to the assertion that fraud is occurring. That old debate trick that demands you “show me evidence of something occurring ” is easily countered by stating; based on your two ballot observation, by asking to “prove that something isn’t happening.” The fact that every voter fraud case is relegated to “not a big deal” status is bullshit. Those incidents; regardless of the scope, are proof that voter fraud is occurring and the mailing of ballots to all voters on the rolls in some states facilitated the opportunity to commit fraud.

        1. Again you are correct that registration and mail in ballots were identified as problems, but you fail to note what was said about either.

          As a security manager you would know that chain of custody is not a fixed term and that different levels of chain of custody are allowed dependent on the objective. A sealed envelope has been an established level of custody for ballots and other documents for many years.

          Finally we know that some fraud exists. Most recently in a NC Republican primary. The fact that this fraud was detected speaks to the fact that large scale fraud is detectable. So far there is nothing to suggest that any state contest will be tight enough that small scale fraud of a few votes would change the election.

          1. National elections were designated critical infrastructure by Obama in Jan 2017. Trump started a new agency CISA in 2018 they are across every states processes and will be fully aware of weak areas and States refusal to secure those weak areas.
            Those two facts alone, understand that the election is a national security issue.

            6 Democrat states have been unable to complete their elections with legal, believable results 6 days after the election. Rest assured these 6 Democrat states will receive adult supervision to ensure they able to comply.

            Once all the illegal ballots are removed Trump wins by a clear margin. Basically Harry Reid’s 1990’s style ballot harvest will not work and will be torn to pieces by the feds. All ballots without actual living person origins _REMOVED. All ballots without clear chain of custody – REMOVED. All ballots duplicated without opposite party sign off – REMOVED.

            Do you get it now? The old style dump and pump is not going to fly in 2020. This was a last, badly executed desperate act by desperate people. The DOJ started making arrests and indictments for crimes related to the 2020 election starting in September. Check the DOJ website and expect many many more.

        2. What the Deplorable said. Concise, too.

          Stick around. Assuming this site’ll still be here a few years from now.

    2. You’re almost there. Now the next trip is learning that Reason is a libertarian publication, and is writing accordingly.

      The problem here isn’t Reason. It’s libertarianism as a political ehtos. It cannot stop the left, it can only enable it.

  24. Michigan “finds” 138,339 ballots, all for Dementia Joe, but Trump is clueless.

    Every Democratic city in a swing state has stopped counting votes, but Trump is clueless.

    You keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means. As a matter of fact, I think your head is firmly epoxied into your derriere.

    1. Donald Trump is not clueless, at all. He’s willfully ignorant, and vicious, to boot.

      1. He’s willfully ignorant, and vicious, to boot.

        So, just like any politician?

      2. I love how brainwashed leftist haters are all programmed into this Trump=x scenario. As any reasonable person can see, Trump is an expert in media messaging and an expert in pushing the buttons of those he wishes to manipulate. 99% of the time the button pushing is directed at his political opponents. He pushes the Democrat/leftists buttons, they react in the way Trump wants them to and the result is exactly what Trump planned.

        Trump also warns people over and over again of the what is going to happen. Democrats and leftists refuse to listen to these warnings, mostly because Trump has already pushed their buttons and they are busy reacting angrily.

        In this election he warned over and over that the unrestricted mail in ballotting was a mess and open to fraud. He warned over and over again that any election crimes will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. Note recent DOJ news of people getting 5 years prison for fraud on a handful of ballots in the 2020 election.

        Elections are critical infrastructure and hence a national security issue. Desperate people like Biden and his extended family, who know they are about to face justice for decades of corrupt activity plus a number of GOP faces, have attempted a clunky obvious 1990’s style ballot dump and pump in the 6 Democrat run battleground states. Anyone who thinks they will succeed with this obvious fraud is delusional.

        Desperate people do desperate acts. This will be the downfall of the corrupt uniparty types; many Democrats and some GOP people, who allowed fraud to happen in their districts. Only legal ballots will count and then Trump will record clear wins in all 6 states.

        Trump took this gamble knowingly to expose the fraud and wipe it out for good. Anyone who thinks he wasn’t prepared for this is just a brainwashed Trump hating loser! Trump should get a third term!

  25. write about the fraud like a journalist would.

    1. He’s writing about the fraud like a Journ-O-Lister would.

      1. Woodward & Bernstein rolling in their graves.

  26. “We don’t want them to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the list,” Trump said.
    Then the Democrats did exactly that, but only in the places that flip the election and only in ratios that don’t really make sense.

    Now what?

    1. Everything that is happening was predicted to happen. Pennsylvania is going the way it is because Republicans refused to let them count votes earlier.

      1. Tony is right. Fraud was predicted.

        1. I’m going to let you have this week to cry, but your leash is short because you are a nasty soulless partisan.

          1. Tony, you’re the most partisan person here. You’re also a vicious sociopath.

            Now go drink your Drano.

  27. If the republican party had any fucking brains whatsoever to speak of, they would refuse to release the results in the precincts and counties they control before the democrats release their results. Make THOSE motherfuckers go first, or insist that all the results be released everywhere in the state simultaneously. And the republicans control WAY more precincts and counties in the country. You can’t bring a knife to a damn gunfight! If those scumbags manufacture fraudulent mail ballots, then YOU can manufacture fraudulent mail ballots too.

    1. GOP is complicit in fraud. Biden has over-performed in many red counties. They funnellled his fraudulent ballots through complicit GOP neverTrump types. Everyone is onto them they will go down also.

  28. Granted that Trump exaggerates nearly everything, and granted that he acts like a jerk most of the time, there still are some things to be very concerned about.

    Sending out 100s of thousands of unsolicited mail-in ballots makes it very tempting for lots of people who don’t care about the election to give (or sell) their ballots to “harvesters” who mark them and then hand deliver (not mail – no postmark) to the polling places, possibly long after the polls close. There have been reports of people “voting” (not just “counting”) even today, so Trump may not be completely off the mark.

    1. He was right about the spying and Russia hoax.

      He’s likely right here too. But nothing will happen.

      Pretty amazing though they call states for Biden but not Trump.

      Assuming he gets those states left, he’ll need Nevada. It all hinges on Nevada. Ever notice how dystopias always seem to end up in places like Nevada?

      1. +1 Walkin’ Dude.

  29. Speaking of fraud, Donald Trump is the only one to have already declared victory. FOX News is like totally done with him. They’re calling states for Biden before other networks. They don’t want one more 45-minute rambling insane phone call with that guy.

    1. Bidens campaign lawyer did this morning retard. The ag of penn did it Monday retard.

  30. There definitely was some hanky-panky going on.

    Amazing. Trump campaigned hard. Biden hid. And won.

    Well, their tactics over the last four years paid off.

    2020. What a year to forget.

  31. Buckle up buckaroos. Endless Covid and climate change scares for the next four years. And everyone will be eating egg rolls. The Chinese are happy right about now.

  32. I can understand Trump’s paranoia after seeing this: The Plot Against The President Full Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiwpOMwPx0A&ab_channel=EyewokenessNews

  33. Voting was suspended overnight and magically by morning 120,000 ballots appeared in Cheeseconsin and Michiganistan got 200,000 out of thin air and wait for it….all for Finger Slidin Biden, none, not one for Trump. Jacob, you tool, get back in the shed with the hoe’s and manure shovels.

  34. Purely from a political perspective, Trump has served his purpose. He is really not needed anymore. Almost all presidential second terms are a complete disaster. Trumps would have been no different. Maybe worse, given the politics of the day. Now, the democrats have the political football. Let’s see what they do with it. My suspicion is that it will be an even bigger spectacle than the last four years.

    1. Republicans should use the next couple of years to line up some good candidates, rather than the losers they had in the past.

      Ideal would be a black conservative woman: let’s see how far Democrats get with attacking her as “racist” and “anti-woman”.

      (However, please don’t dredge up losers like Meg Whitman again.)

        1. Noem.

          Haley’s been a touch proggy for my liking.

  35. i cant be the only one who wants to see Biden at the state of the union sniff AOCs hair and then stick his thumb up her ass.

    1. I can definitively say that I don’t want to see that. At all.

  36. Mr Sullum, What do you make of this? From Milwaukee: turnout is more than 100% in 7 wards, even 200%. Just scroll down to the chart of city data. Would a candidate not find this odd? https://mkecitywire.com/stories/564495243-analysis-seven-milwaukee-wards-report-more-2020-presidential-votes-than-registered-voters-biden-nets-146k-votes-in-city

  37. There is precedent to be suspicious of the results in Michigan. Why did the Democrats want Stein’s recount effort in ’16 thwarted? Could it be the vote was cooked in Wayne County and the preferred to take the loss than to see their corruption exposed? I will not fault Trump if there is a recount effort in Michigan.

  38. Why should elections be any different than any other topic?

    This motherfucker is as dumb as a box of rocks – literally knows nothing about anything.

    This election was a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to be president defeating another piece of shit who never should have been the president who beat a piece of shit who didn’t deserve to be president.

    America is a great country…

  39. JACOB SULLUM, It may not be Trump who is clueless. It may be you and all the others who are saying that there is nothing amiss here. When a hundred thousand votes can be found suddenly and EVERY ONE OF THOSE VOTES ARE ALL FOR Joe Biden that is very strange. The laws of possibilities would preclude that. Either the poll workers are totally inept which they may or there are some criminal activity. It is almost impossible that a hundred thousand ballots even if all chosen from one area would all be for one candidate.The reason I say almost impossible because that one in a million or 100,000,000 or one in that 1 billion chances that it would but I would say that the chances would be so minute so as to not exist.
    If that report of that 100,000 votes all for Biden is true then there will have to be some explanation for it.
    Then there are all the reports of ballots that have been dumped and the unrequested ballots where several have been sent to the same address with the names of people who have died or moved away. An unscrupulous person could have filled them out and mailed them in and the culprit will never be found out because the name and address was on file matched the name and address matched the database. Voter register are not kept up to date this is how cheating can and has occurred. Also in Wisconsin, I believe it was said had three hundred thousand more votes cast than there is registered voters.
    With goings on like these Trump is amiss if he does not demand a investigation in to each and every one of these report events. They all may be false but we cannot count on “MAY”, it will have to be proven. And when one looks at the crowds that Trump had at his rallies and the number of rallies and Biden hid in his basement most of that time and when he did get out he spoke to a few cars at most. Or in another case where Biden and Harris had a joint appearance one stage (staged for the TV news) where they were speaking like they were in front of a large audience as reported by CNN and not by Trump supporters

  40. It doesn’t help the Democrats and their media buddies in selling their “every vote counts” narrative that literally minutes after Fox called Utah for Biden (way way way prematurely), every Democrat run state with a Trump lead stopped counting and called a “lid” on proceedings until the next day.

    Was Utah the signal? Regardless the co-ordination in the counting “lid” was beyond coincidence and will lead the enevitable investigation closer and closer still to the eventual RICO charges that Durham and several unnamed DOJ attorneys are building a case towards and that Rudy Guiliani has pretty much stated is happening.

    Of course by morning, we find some counts had simply “faked” their “lid” and kept on counting after the GOP observers had left, others had added “mail-ins” to significantly reduce the Trump leads.

    Anyone selling you the “nothing to see here” narrative and expecting you to go away satified is delusional. The Trump electorate already knows the Democrat machine is dirty as it comes. They already know thanks to the overt stupidity at Broward in 2018 just how brazen the Democrats are. Nah, this aint going away and there is definitely irregularities to see.

    Add to that the instances of GOP observers being kicked out of tally rooms, then shutters being placed on the tally room windows and you know that transparency and Democrat are two words that cannot exist in the same sentence.

    The word on the street is, all these dumb Democrat election frauds were either known in advance or easily guessed. Trump dropped hint after warning after hint. The Democrats are too desperate to listen to warnings. So over coming weeks we will learn that there appears to have been a nationwide sting operation on voting fraud. Many dozens of Democrat and some GOP campaign and state election staff along with all their street operatives will be rounded up and charged in the nations biggest election integrity operation.

    A number of states will have results frozen until audits are conducted. Trump will not only be returned, several million fraudulent votes across the nation will be invalidated and Trump will also win the popular vote.

    Let’s see…one thing I know, I would not want to be a Democrat operative in any of these crucial states…

    1. Delusional, half-educated bigots are among my favorite culture war casualties.

      1. I love how these anti democratic, anti free speech, anti American leftists also think they are better educated and generally superior to anyone who doesn’t comply with their mandatory opinions. What we see every single time is that their hubris blinds them and then they overreach…just like they’ve done with this election.

        They’ve overreached on the voter fraud and now it’s obvious to the world. Everyone can see the ludicrous numbers they’re mounting to try and cheat a win. 105% turn out in some areas. Or 70,000 ballots just for Biden and no senate vote…It’s already dawning on the smarter ones they’ve gone too far…sadly it’s too late now…there is no going back. The entire corrupt Democrat party is going to be imploded…What will they do when millions of Trump voters hit the streets demanding a proper count? You started this leftists and you’re going to wish you never had.

    2. It is baffling how you people can think everyone is a fraudster except Donald Trump.

      1. that will be because you find pretty much everything baffling, that isn’t a leftist talking point. One day you may wake up and discover how brainwashed you are…or not.

  41. “Can Donald Trump Really Be This Clueless About How Elections Work?”

    Good point.
    You would think that Trump would realize that voter fraud is a staple of any election with a democrat running.

  42. “Can Donald Trump Really Be This Clueless About How Elections Work?”

    Yes. He’s a blustering, delusional dumbass. His supporters are gullible bigots and hayseeds.

    Fortunately, all these losers can do is watch the reality-based world develop.

    1. That fact that Biden has come as close as he did to losing to him tells you all you need to know about Biden – he is a corporate-owned tool who has shit on the regular folk his whole career.

  43. Trump is repeating exactly what Hillery was whining about in 2016.

  44. Nope, no fraud went on at all. That water main inside the building that burst when the building wasn’t in heavy use and it wasn’t freezing out. Completely normal. That it happened in the room where they were counting absentee ballots. Pure coincidence. The waterproof barrel they had on hand with which to rescue the ballots even though all the containers the ballots came in were cardboard or shitty plastic crates without covers? Stroke of luck.

    1. How long are you going to whimper senselessly about this? Why not just get it out with one good cry?

      1. Dear Reverand when the recount exposes all the Democrat corruption who will you pray to for forgiveness? Our god or theirs? You know exactly who I’m talking about.

  45. “You won”

    “I demand a recount”

  46. Lack of understanding of our government isn’t that uncommon. A neighbor and friend in her 70’s expressed surprise that POTUS cannot outlaw abortion. That the executive’s authority does not extend to making law. Can’t blame that on the crappy public education system we’re saddled with today.

    1. “A neighbor and friend in her 70’s expressed surprise that POTUS cannot outlaw abortion.”

      Have you considered leaving the desolate backwaters for a modern, educated, successful, reasoning community?

      1. Odds are, his neighbor is a p*ssy-hat wearing moron of your ilk who believes that a SCOTUS decision repealing Roe v Wade magically makes abortion disappear…

    2. Oh, you think the public education system is crappy and not specifically designed to misinform people about how the government is supposed to work…

  47. Wisconsin voting hit 90%…sure..this only occurs in the old communist countries..and the “leader” gets all the votes. This is 1960 all over again but Trump is not Nixon.

    As for the “mail in ballots” what they did was this..they scanned the voting records for registered voters who haven’t voted in years and made sure those ballots were “assisted” in voting….

    Trump gets 60K people at a rally and Biden gets 100 and he wins? WTF?

    The Dems stole this election…its obvious

    1. Quit whining, you bigoted rube.

  48. Trump just “hereby claimed” Michigan and Pennsylvania with his tiny tweeting fingers.

    How are clingers feeling about this race?

  49. Trump learned his tactics from Roy Kohn’s playbook; whenever you are losing or are accused of something, you accuse your accuser for the same thing. You attack, file a countersuit, etc. This is actually the most participatory election in history; large, record turnouts. Trump can’t face that.

    1. LOL. you act as if that isn’t the entire Democrat Party, top to bottom, except the Dems do something FIRST and PRE-EMPTIVELY accuse their opponents of the thing so it just looks like their opponents are “pUlliNg a Roy CoHN.”


  51. The leftists denying obvious fraud i understand. They are totalitarians who want power by any means necessary.
    But anyone who sincerely believes themselves to be a libertarian, or anything else, not being concerned is literally insane.
    You’ve picked your side.
    Now you’ll have to figure out how to survive that choice.

  52. It was a long night, he had been doing like 5 campaign rallies per day for the past week. Yes it wasn’t the most lucid speech of his life but it was about 10x better than anything you might crap out of your mouth in a similar situation.

  53. The alternative to honest elections is civil war. Large scale vote fraud should be classified as treason and punished by death.

  54. What about, you know the basic requirement to count the ballots while you have observers from both parties. Buuuuut instead you send the observers home and continue to count ballots for 2 hours.

    If you’re a democratic representative who KNOWS that trump is going to push back against any scent of fraud, doesn’t it make the most sense to make sure that absolutely every protocol is followed? Why do things that only make it look more suspicious?

    1. Because the Dems know they can’t lose. Their media arm has ensured that.

      Either they get to cheat for a couple of hours or they get to roll their eyes and claim “it was just a miscommunication, and anyway, there’s no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud (because we ignore every incident as “isolated,” so it never becomes a pattern).” And the media will happily carry the water for them.

  55. Hanging chads.

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  57. I’d just like to remind everyone of the Biden/Democrat/Tony standard:

    EVERY person who dies with COVID-19 (or any mutation thereof) after Biden takes office is a person Biden actively, and purposely murdered.

    I’ll be keeping track of the new mass killer’s tally.

    1. ‘After this my guess is that you will never hear about COVID again. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world COVID no longer exists. And like that… (Poof) it’s gone.’

    2. Do you sad little fucktards ever plan to take the level of policy discourse above kindergarten level?

      Fox News has turned you all into walking human embarrassments. Go fix your undoubtedly broken families and leave thinking to people who aren’t mental toddlers.

  58. Sullum is a tool.

  59. Yet another unreason clown. Your stream of random words has wasted my time.

  60. trumpski is a moron, with a 3rd grade vocabulary

    yes he does believe the things he says

    because stupid

    Occam’s razor, it is the simplest answer

    1. Shut the fuck up, faggot. You support a senile, hair sniffing, pederast, corrupt butt boy for China. Go on back to Huffpo, shit for brains.

  61. Fuck off “Reason” so now we’re openly carrying water for Demoncrat fraud? Yeah you know, its been nice, nothing “libertarian” about you at all. Bye bye. I’ll go over to Von Mises and Rockwell.

  62. The Democrats in all 5 states know they are cooked. Many are trying to escape the envitable sh*tstorm that is about descend. They took the voter fraud too far, made it too obvious and just plain forgot that Trump will call them on it.

    Now Trump is waiting for their next move. Are they gonna declare a Biden victory? That will mean they are knowingly trying to take Government under fraudulent circumstances. He just warned them all about the known fraud. The Dems and their media buddies declaring a Biden victory right now means they all get taken out. Every last snivelling media cuck and Democrat operative. Trump serves 4 years of revenge cold, very cold.

    1. Chepup = russian for Troll Farm Supervisor.

      1. Look I’m very much used to deranged leftists reacting to realities that don’t align with their deep brainwashing, often it results in accusations of “Russian bla bla”. Hell, four years of that manure and you’re still doing it? What does that say about your mental state?

        The national election is a national security issue, Obama classified it as critical infrastructure before leaving office, look it up. States control the election sure but they have dragged kicking and screaming since the 2018 midterms into the 21st century by Trump’s brand new agency CISA.

        There is no pathway for Biden and Harry Reid’s voter fraud to sway this election. If you were honest you’d agree there is potential to do so with mail in ballots. I’m confident, very confident only legal ballots will decide this election. When legal ballots are counted Trump wins by a significant margin.

        Best you mentally prepare for this coming reality, screaming later is an awful sight to witness.

  63. Q: “Can Donald Trump Really Be This Clueless About How Elections Work?”

    A: Where have YOU been the last 4 years?

  64. Ok so, Reason has gone full blown leftist, that appears to be true. And before you ask, “don’t they know that leftists would liquidate libertarians first,”, yes Reason DOES know that. Apparently, they give exactly zero craps.

    What is happening to this place?

  65. Trump will do what he always does, file lawsuits and hope the other guy gives up and runs out of money. The US Government doesn’t give up and won’t run out of money.

    1. Keeping Republican observers out of the count is prima fascie evidence of fraud. My condolences to your sponsors.

  66. Well Jacob. It is four days later. Have you seen enough evidence of fraud yet? Or have you decided to quit looking?

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