Election 2020

Sidney Powell's 'Kraken' Is Missing More Than a Few Tentacles

The former Trump attorney's election fraud lawsuits feature the same sort of dubious evidence that has failed to impress courts across the country.


"I'm going to release the Kraken," former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell declared in an interview with a credulous Lou Dobbs on Fox Business a couple of weeks ago. She was referring to the overwhelming evidence that supposedly would validate her claim that the presidential election was stolen by Joe Biden through a massive fraud involving "hundreds of thousands" (or possibly "millions") of votes.

Last week Powell followed through on her threat by filing federal lawsuits challenging the election results in Michigan and Georgia. They are at least as hideous as the beast of legend and equally mythical.

Although the Trump campaign distanced itself from Powell on November 21, it was still presenting her as a member of its "elite strike force team" two days before that. Both the president himself and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, have repeatedly embraced key aspects of her elaborate conspiracy theory, and they continue to do so. During his bizarre press conference on November 19, Giuliani accepted and amplified Powell's story about fraud-facilitating voting machines and fabricated ballots, citing the affidavits she had collected as an important part of the president's case that Biden did not really win the election. So when we look at Powell's evidence, we are also looking at Trump's evidence.

I will focus on Powell's Michigan lawsuit, which alleges "a massive election fraud" aimed at "illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to manufacture an election of Joe Biden as President of the United States." This scheme purportedly included "the unlawful counting, or manufacturing, of hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate or purely fictitious ballots in the State of Michigan," representing "a multiple of Biden's purported lead in the State."

Powell's evidence overlaps a lot with affidavits that were already submitted in a Michigan lawsuit filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of two Republican poll watchers. When he rejected that lawsuit on November 13, Wayne County Judge Timothy Kenny said the affidavits provided "no basis" for ordering an independent audit or issuing an injunction against certification of the election results in Detroit.

In one of those affidavits, Melissa Carone, a Republican who was working at Detroit's TCF Center, the convention center where votes were counted, as an I.T. contractor for Dominion Voting Systems (yes, the same company that supposedly supplies fraud-facilitating software), said she "witnessed nothing but fraudulent actions take place." The irregularities allegedly included a cover-up aimed at concealing the "loss of vast amounts of data" and "untrained counter tabulating machines that would get jammed four to five times per hour."

Kenny noted that "Ms. Carone's description of the events at the TCF Center does not square with any of the other affidavits"; that "there are no other reports of lost data, or tabulating machines that jammed repeatedly every hour during the count"; and that "neither Republican nor Democratic challengers nor city officials substantiate her version of events." He concluded that "the allegations simply are not credible." Yet here is Carone again, presented by Powell as one tentacle of her Kraken.

Kenny found that other affidavits were based on misunderstandings, offered unsubstantiated suspicions, or failed to make specific, checkable allegations. There is more of the same in the affidavits offered by Powell.

One example of a misunderstanding was the claim that absentee ballots had been backdated to make it seem as if they arrived earlier than they actually had. As Kenny noted, former Michigan Elections Director Christopher Thomas "explains that this action completed a data field inadvertently left blank during the initial absentee ballot verification process," and "the entries reflected the date the City received the absentee ballot." Yet here is Republican poll watcher Jessica Connarn, in an affidavit submitted by Powell, darkly reporting that an election worker "stated to me that she was being told to change the date on ballots to reflect that the ballots were received on an earlier date."

The previous lawsuit also featured complaints from Republican poll challengers who said they were treated rudely and inappropriately by Detroit election workers. Powell covers that base too. In a handwritten affidavit with multiple crossouts, for example, Alexandra Seely says election workers "would not take out the log to record my challenges," so "I had to write names and ballot numbers on my own." She adds that she "was harassed and threatened to be thrown out multiple times." At one point, she reports, "they told everyone to go to lunch if they haven't ate." But when poll watchers returned after eating, "they would not allow them back in and said they were at maximum capacity."

Kenny addressed a similar complaint in his ruling. According to two affidavits, he noted, "Democratic challengers were also prohibited from reentering the room because the maximum occupancy of the room had taken place. Given the COVID-19 concerns, no additional individuals could be allowed into the counting area."

Powell's lawsuit also includes an affidavit from Trump campaign volunteer Kayla Toma, who says she received troubling phone calls and emails from "poll challengers, poll watchers, or concerned voters." These secondhand reports include malfunctioning ballot-counting machines, rudeness to poll watchers, a machine that was "preemptively shut down" by an election worker who said "they could just tell when a machine was about to jam," and "containers/coolers in the polling location which could have contained ballots."

As evidence of fabricated ballots, Powell offers an affidavit from Matt Ciantir, who says he was walking his dog on "the afternoon following the election" when he saw "a young couple" in their late teens or early 20s transfer several "very large clear plastic bags" from their van to a "running USPS vehicle." He thought that was "odd," because "they did not walk inside the post office like a normal customer to drop of [sic] mail." Rather, "it was as if the postal worker was told to meet and standby until these large bags arrived." Another "oddity" was "the appearance of the couple": "After the drop, they were smiling, laughing at one another."

Ciantir took pictures of the bags "in an indiscriminate way" because he thought they could contain "ballots going to the TCF center or coming from the TCF center." But he "didn't get a chance to snap a license plate of the van nor the couple." The implication, I think, is that the highly sophisticated conspirators who rigged the election against Trump hired giggling teenagers to transport bags of phony ballots and load them into a truck in broad daylight.

"Patriots are coming forward every day, all day, faster than we can collect their information," Powell told Dobbs. If these affidavits represent the best Powell can do, you have to wonder about the quality of the "information" she decided to leave out.

Powell, joined by Trump and Giuliani, claims Dominion Voting Systems played a key role in denying the president his rightful victory. At the heart of that allegation is a redacted affidavit from an unnamed source who calls himself "an adult of sound mine" and claims to have worked for "the national security guard detail of the President of Venezuela." In that capacity, he says, he learned that President Hugo Chavez had commissioned Smartmatic (a different company) to "create and operate a voting system that could change the votes in elections from votes against persons running the Venezuelan government to votes in their favor in order to maintain control of the government." Although Powell calls this document the "Dominion Whistleblower Report," Wall Street Journal reporter Kevin Poulsen notes, "the voting software used in Venezuela has no connection to Dominion, and wasn't used anywhere in Michigan."

Another affiant cited by Powell averred that "data manipulation by artificial means" was clear from the way that Trump's early leads in battleground states shrank as more votes were counted. In Pennsylvania, for example, "President Trump's lead of more than 700,000" was "reduced to less than 300,000 in a few short hours, which does not occur in the real world without an external influence." The same affiant cited another example of suspicious tallies in "Edison County, MI," a jurisdiction that does not exist.

Newsweek notes several other errors in Powell's lawsuits:

The 104-page suit detailing allegations of fraud in Georgia and the 75-page document focusing on Michigan both contain a series of typos, including spelling "district" incorrectly twice in the Georgia suit's opening line. In the Michigan lawsuit, the court name is also misspelled in the top line to read "Eastern Distrct of Michigan."

The documents misspell the name of William Briggs, one of Powell's key expert witnesses, incorrectly referring to him as "Williams Briggs" and "William Higgs."

The Michigan document contains a number of pages where entire sentences do not have any spaces between the words.

While mistakes like these obviously do not go the heart of Powell's allegations, they do reflect a general lack of care. We will see what the courts make of her claims. But even if the lawsuits are quickly dismissed, it probably will not weaken the faith of Trump supporters who still believe he actually won.

Update: Today Powell filed another lawsuit in Wisconsin. It names as a plaintiff Derrick Van Orden, an unsuccessful Republican congressional candidate who said his inclusion in the lawsuit was a surprise to him. "I learned through social media today that my name was included in a lawsuit without my permission," Van Orden said on Twitter. "To be clear, I am not involved in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the election in Wisconsin."

Update II: "To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election," Attorney General William Barr told the Associated Press today. Alluding to Powell-style claims, he added: "There's been one assertion that would be systemic fraud, and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far we haven't seen anything to substantiate that."

NEXT: Vaccines Don't Save Lives. Vaccinations Save Lives.

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  1. Joe Biden got more Team D votes than Barack Obama. Millions more, in fact.

    That makes me wonder. In what world does Joe Biden get millions more votes than Obama?

    1. T the first president to gain votes in the second election and lose. Because that happens.

      1. Joe Biden set a record by winning only 17% of counties in the US

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      2. 7.3 million gain, the biggest ever.
        But nothing to see here. Unlike 2000 and 2016 this was the fairest election ever because reasons.

        1. “7.3 million gain, the biggest ever. But nothing to see here. ”

          You guys keep bringing this up as if it is prima facie proof of fraud. But you aren’t alleging anything.

          Biden gained more. For you to say this is fraud, you have to somehow show how fraud allowed Biden to get more votes in pretty much every state of the union- including GOP strongholds. He also won a greater share of the electorate in these states- even the ones he ultimately lost by 20 – 30%. If Trump’s share of the electorate in KS or TN dropped by 2 – 3%, why do you guys have a hard time believing that he lost similar margins in battleground states, ultimately losing em to Biden?

          In order to believe that the total vote numbers are fraudulent, you have to believe that pretty much every state in the country- every major county, and every election commissioner was in on the scam.

          1. It would be the first time an incumbent president has ever gained votes and lost the election in US history.
            I get that you’re super enthusiastic about throwing shade on all evidence and exclusively apply your skepticism in that direction, but it’s weird you’re so committed to it and refuse to mention anything else.

            1. I know, right? Which is more important – having a defensible argument, or furthering a narrative?

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            2. “I get that you’re super enthusiastic about throwing shade on all evidence and exclusively apply your skepticism in that direction, but it’s weird you’re so committed to it and refuse to mention anything else.”

              Man, I get it. You arent used to someone applying straightforward logic to a situation, especially when it decimates every point you are trying to make with your conspiracy bullshit.

              And even worse, for you, you know Overt was one of the level headed people on here that didnt like Biden or the Dems, and knew Trump was the lesser of evils, and his level headed reasoning just gets under your skin because it makes your little conspiracy waving tantrums look even more pathetic.

              WALLS CLOSING IN yet?!

              Get over it bitch, take the L. Sorry this guys very reasonable takes completely clear away all that spaghetti you threw at the wall.

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            3. The drones have been called in. Funny how they’re so desperate to interrupt and halt substantive discussion.

              1. Any discussion over statistics is a waste of time. Its quite simple. In some states, Ohio for example. Everyone got a mail in ballot application. So they didn’t have to get off their fat ass. Some states, like PA, other people are allowed to request ballot applicatons for you. My understanding is that the Democrats asked for applicatons for all registered Democrats. Again, people could vote without having to get off their fat asses.
                Not to mention, that tRump is a very polarizing – dare I say, the most polarizing president we’ve had (at least in my lifetime). So you get lots of motivated voters – not having to get off their asses.
                As for the delusional tRump supporters, they suddenly realized the Dems were going to get their shit together so they had to get off their asses and get to the poles.

                That right there explains literally all the statistical anomalies reported.

                Now, on to the witness reports.

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                2. Trump is polarizing?
                  Has it not occurred to you that the reason Trump was elected was in REACTION to polarization by Obama?

                  Obama calling calling the midwest “flyover country”, and saying that Christian conservatives “cling to their religion and their guns” are the statements of a bigot. And, the guy who spent his entire life being called “Barry”, suddenly became a “black” man named Barack when he ran for office. The fact is, he is as White as he is black, and was raised by the White side of his family, his black father having abandoned him.

                  Obama had a very strong claim on being a unifier, being equally black and White. Instead, he chose to polarize, claiming he was black, and blaming the alleged bigotry of Whites. Which of those White people are the bigots? All who didn’t vote for him. At least, that’s how Barry and his fellow progressives see it.

                  So, did Trump divide the country? HELL NO! This country has been divided since long before the civil war, and rarely comes together on anything. Look at COVID. People say we are all in this together, and then blame Trump. Vehemently. Hatefully. Derisively.

                  What is laughable and sad at the same time, is that are people who mindlessly, incessantly attack Trump and his supporters over absolutely anything and everything, and who at the same time somehow delude themselves that they are the tolerant ones.

            4. Just because something has never happened before doesn’t make it impossible, especially when you’re talking about a sample size of around forty over hundreds of years.

          2. But you aren’t alleging anything.

            Nardz is “just asking questions”. Just like the rest of the right-wing media grifters. “Just asking questions”.

          3. Go fuck yourself. Plenty of allegations are being made.

            1. Only could sit though about half the video. If that’s the best evidence you can go choke on a bag of dicks.
              Yes, allegations of people being secretive, saying mean things about dumb tRumpians, and being secretive and and and uhm.

              The only thing she said that might be construed as fraud is that early on she mentioned seeing a set of ballots run through a machine multiple times. However, not she never said when this happened, nor did she mention if she was even trained. I say this, because one way to validate a vote counting machine is to run a batch through multiple times and verify you get the same results every time. Oh, and her hair sucks.

              No specificity. No corroborating witnesses (was she the only Republican there?)

              Literally 19 minutes of nothing.

              I used to think tRumpians were just naive. Now I’m sure they are just stupid. Hey, but send your money to tRump for his election defense fund…. somehow, marks deep down deserve what they get.

              1. Wow you’re a complete fucking moron, and lazy to boot. She explains exactly where and when she was trained, and why she was called to the machines 3-4 times an hour on both November 3rd and 4th. But I suppose getting that information out of the video would have required you to both have a greater attention span than a goldfish and the listening comprehension of a high school graduate. Guess you’re 0 for 2 on that front.

                1. 0 and 2 is a better record than Trump’s lawsuits…

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          4. “…you have to believe that pretty much every state in the country- every major county, and every election commissioner was in on the scam.”
            Have you seen the extent of the hatred for Donald Trump and the unhinged desire to see him defeated?
            The last four years should make it clear that the LieCheatSteal party, from top to bottom, would be fine with cheating in every way they could – and feel justified in doing it.

            1. From the party with the lie/cheat presidient? You know he lies all the time…. right? Cheated on SATs, his wife, taxes and apparently bank loans. His campaign promises were pretty much 100% lies – he proposed no laws that fullfiled any of his ‘promises’. And all he wanted was 4 more years… this time to get it right?
              Hows that wall coming? How about the replacement for Obama care? Peace with North Korea? Iran? Get us out of Iraq? Afghanistan? Syria? Solve the trade deficit with China? With a track record like that…. Oh, he signed Rand Paul’s tax reform… great, too bad it all reverts back in 2025… at least for the little people.

      3. And somehow Joe managed not to help any of the down ballot Dems

        1. Yeah, cause people were voting against Trump, not necessarily voting for Democrat policy.

          1. Keep telling yourself that, I’m sure it’ll make leftist totalitarianism more comfortable for you.

            1. I voted for the guy you freakin’ door knob. However, that doesn’t mean that I now have to gaslight myself about why he lost. The dude is a hyper-polarizing windbag of epic proportions. He’s still better than what the left offers policy-wise, but Trump as a person is a disgusting human being. Thus, I have no issue understanding why people didn’t vote for him or even voted against him.

              Maybe ease up on your binary group-thinking and just acknowledge reality for a bit.

              1. Where is the up-vote button?

                1. The democrats took it and did something crazy with it…


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      4. So?

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    2. Joe worked harder than Obama did, just secretly, from his basement.

      1. While sleeping.

        1. Seems that sleeping is a better strategy than pacing Twitter insomnia.

          I learned strategic sleeping in training. “Sleep when you can, eat when you can”.

          1. Eat, ’till you’re tired.
            Sleep, ’till you’re hungry.

      2. What is the Biden campaign managers name? They carried out the greatest election defeat in history and no one knows.

        1. 0 for 27 on “toss up” seats

      3. The election was not about Joe Biden, it was a referendum on Trump and he lost.

        1. How do people not understand this?!

          1. Totes dude.
            That media narrative couldn’t possibly be false, since they’re so accurate and honest.

            1. It’s not a media narrative, it’s literally what happened. Are you incapable of rational thought? Is it all just binary, tribalism with you?

            2. Of course the media is sometimes off take for example Maria Bartiromo’s recent interview with Trump.

        2. Except Trump won 11 million more votes than 2016. The highest of any incumbent in history. Plus he won 51 of 57 bellwether counties (?).

          By every metric, Trump did well if not excellent. Biden meh if not worse.

          But he won 80 million ‘resist’ votes? Not buying it.

          1. Well, unfortunately, reality doesn’t care if you buy it or not.

    3. “That makes me wonder. In what world does Joe Biden get millions more votes than Obama?”

      Using your brain for more than two seconds might have led you to the answer: The world where nearly everyone is confined to their homes and you can vote from your couch.

      1. Just like American Idol!

      2. “The world where nearly everyone is confined to their homes and you can vote from your couch.”…..

        …and they have been watching a reality TV show where the “star” is basically a 13 year old internet troll who never matured beyond that level, tripping over his dick from go.

        And they all have phones, and now instead of having to pick up a newspaper (which most of the country didnt do before) they all have newsfeeds and instagram feeds where Trump tripping on his dick is aired 24/7, each take more embarrassing than the last.

        Also he struggled to break 45% popularity his entire term. Never broke even. Least popular prez to hold office. Less popular than fucking W, jesus christ

        And these retards cant imagine, how he could have ever lost.

    4. In a world where Donald Trump is his opponent.

      1. Not in any way consistent with human behavior throughout the entirety of our history, but sure

        1. I have no idea what this comment means.

          1. I’m not surprised

            1. So, you are unable to explain and instead resort to rote condescension. Sad.

              1. No, what’s sad is the typical “libertarian” ignorance regarding basic human behavior and history.
                Voter turnout has ALWAYS shown itself as a function of voter enthusiasm.
                Primary performance, empirical evidence, sentiment polling, down ballot and bellwether results – ALL massively in Trump’s favor.
                For an “inquisitive squirrel” you seem to lack any curiosity regarding extremely insecure and opaque voting procedure, changed at the last minute using the misinformation of covid19’s nature, I assume because the result/narrative we’re bludgeoned with confirms your prejudices.

                1. Mass mailing of ballots and harvesting can plausibly account for an increase in turnout, but not to the extent and distribution we see.

                2. “Voter turnout has ALWAYS shown itself as a function of voter enthusiasm.”

                  What are you smoking? How is ‘voter enthusiasm’ measured? You waving your tiny dick in the air is not a reliable measure of anything.

                3. Voter enthusiasm was at an all time high to remove a person that more than a majority of the electorate hated with a passion. Dude, Trump was probably the most hated presidential candidate in the history of man. We had news and entertainment industries running 24/7 pleas to get out the vote and “vote like your life depends on it, because it does.”

                  You are overlooking so much of the obvious to try and find a way to pretend that the election was stolen from Trump. I get it, you wanted Trump to win and can’t stand the thought that more people wanted him gone than wanted to retain him, but that’s the reality of the situation.

                  I’m inquisitive because I don’t play this grasping at straws tribal game that you are playing. I actually look at all the information, not just the parts that confirm my bias.

                  Sometimes candidates that you support lose. That’s just life. Learn how to accept it rather than being a racing conspiracy theorist.

                  1. You are grasping at straws to bury your head in the sand.
                    Rational thought doesn’t swallow brainwashing without question.
                    The election results are internally inconsistent, but you use the handed down language like “conspiracy theorist” to dismiss it.
                    Weird that the polarizing to vote against rule only worked once in our nation’s history, but totally failed with Obama.
                    And didn’t happen in Florida, Iowa, or Ohio.
                    And didn’t affect down ballot races at all…

                    1. Are you really unable to see the differences between Obama and Trump as far as polarization goes? Seriously, if you think Obama was as polarizing a figure as Donald Trump, you honestly have no credibility or are just not a serious person.

                      Obama was polarizing from a political viewpoint. Trump was polarizing from a political and personality viewpoint. The latter being tremendously impactful.

                      I don’t know why reality is so tough for you, but at this stage, you are too much of a kool-aid drinker or you are purposefully being intellectually dishonest for whatever reason. Either way, you have shown yourself to be one to not take seriously on this subject.

                  2. So, the Inquisitive Squirrel thinks “a majority of the electorate” were enthusiastic to be so stupid as to vote simply because they didn’t like the guy, who brought about the most robust economy the nation has ever seen, and boosted average income by $6,000 a year – because of feelz.
                    Sorry you have such a low opinion of the American voter.
                    What do you think makes you so much smarter than them?

                    1. Well, a significant minority believe pedophile ring of elite Republicans and Dems are being combatted by a blow hard reality tv star who lives and dines amongst the very pedophile ring many claim he’s combatting, so yea, I’m skeptical about a few voters intelligence. But hey, 4 more years would have definitely drained the swamp.

                    2. I like how you turn understanding voting and demographics back on me. It’s a straining deflection, but an interesting one.

                      This isn’t about me being smarter, it’s me simply understanding what happened. I don’t know why people like you actively impose ignorance in order to avoid the obvious.

                      Can you honestly not see how Trump’s behavior was a driving force behind people’s votes? Seriously, can you not understand that humans are pretty simplistic when it comes to many things and that horrendous behavior from a person with the IQ of a smart cat maybe turns people off from voting for that person to be president of the United States. Especially when the one huge accomplishment he had (i.e. great economy) was now gone because of COVID, an issue that his lack of care was only matched by his lack of understanding of it?

                      Do you not understand why voters who watched the debate between Nixon and Kennedy thought Kennedy won whereas the voters who listened rather than watched thought Nixon had won?

                      Do you not understand why people put up signs in their yards for candidates?

                      Do you not understand why pop-music is the most successful of music?

                      People are simplistic beings on many things. It doesn’t mean they are stupid, it just means that they don’t always look deeply into matters.

          2. It is also lost on me.

            You are correct Joe Biden got the largest number of votes since early 1900. He got that many votes because Trump motivated people to vote. Some voted for him and more voted against him.

            1. I don’t get why this simple explanation that you laid out is so hard for people to understand.

            2. Another one, who thinks more Americans voted on feelz, against their own financial and security interests.
              I wonder why Moderation4ever has such a low opinion of his fellow countrymen?

              1. Financial and security interest? On the financial side, the super rich pay less taxes (or got more income) on the security side he messed up Iran, NKorea, and is on track to mess up Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria (pull out, but protect the oil fields… really?), while trashing the relationships with our allies oh, and lets not forget giving China a big leg up on the trade wars.

              2. It’s obvious you really don’t understand this subject matter and instead boil things down to overly simplistic, incorrect, reductive logic.

        2. All humans voted for American president? That is fraud!
          I’m sure you are talking about American voter behavior. I guess it take a polarizing, narcissistic a-hole to bring out the votes. What of it?

        3. Nardz, we all watched this unfold starting in March with Covid and then later with the BLM. The populace was bombarded with trump hate like we’ve never seen before. It was propaganda and psyop-like strategies that best trump, not cheating at votes.

          The vote rigging is a red herring for the trump supporters to focus on, when the real problem was the cia’s influence on the media, social media’s interference and censorship, corporations aligning against trump, and China infiltrating Reddit, Quora, fb, Twitter, snap, Tik Tok, and insta, with propagandists and provocateurs.

          Conservatives need to get their shit together – we look like fools chasing the fake votes.

    5. More people voted than last time you incredible dummy

      2008 Obama 52.9%
      2012 Obama 51.1%
      2016 Trump 46.1%
      2020 Biden 51.3%

      Those are the winners’ shares of the popular vote. What’s the big anomaly supposed to be here, other than Trump being relatively unpopular?

    6. Yawn. A world in which Biden is running against a boorish, incompetent cretin.

      1. Because our educated electorate thinks that is the most important thing for how the country is led.
        Wow, you guys really think the average American is dumb as a bag of hammers, don’t you?

        1. Very much so. Even the ones here apparently.

    7. trump….. trump was the biggest motivator for the young left leaning voters who traditionally are terrible at showing up for elections….. they REALLY don’t like him.

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    9. In a world where a lot of people hate trump. And in a world where there are 25 million new voters who turned 18 since 2016 and lean way blue.

    10. The fix was in. Even 30% of Dems know what unreason Jacob’s lunacy doesn’t: the election was STOLEN by corrupt manipulation witnessed to by MANY affidavits and expert testimonies. Biden’s alleged “win” was mathematically impossible to those who are informed, unlike ignorant, incompetent unreason deranged Trump haters. It’s appropriate that Jacob means deceiver because that’s what the author of this stupid piece is, a deceiver. His Trump Derangement Syndrome hate delusion knows no rational limits. We, the American people who legally voted reelected Trump for a second term but corrupt Jacob’s corrupt buddies have been trying to disenfranchise us for a month in their crooked attempts to steal the election for which they should be in jail.

  2. The former Trump attorney’s election fraud lawsuits feature the same sort of dubious evidence that has failed to impress courts across the country.

    I suppose it’s a start, admitting that it’s evidence, albeit “dubious”, rather than simply asserting that there’s no evidence at all. Baby steps.

    1. I took a dump. I name it “evidence”. Thus, I have evidence you must not claim that there is not evidence. Whining that election officials are not counting my turds is not grounds to overturn the election.

      1. I took a dump. I name it “evidence”

        What a great analogy. That’s totally the same thing as 56 cities showing over 200% turnout.
        You must be very smart.

        1. citation?

          1. random unsubstantiated tweet from someone in their mom’s basement, with a “why democrats suck” DVD for sale.

          2. If you Trump haters had a brain (as with the Biden corpse, there’s no danger of that) you’d see the massive affidavits and expert testimony of how this election was massively compromised, (e.g. the great amount of reporting at theepochtimes.com unlike the corrupt liars of the corrupt lamestream propaganda for the DNC-commies) but the blind bigotry of your Trump Derangement Syndrome prevents intelligent or even rational thought.

      2. Sounds like you eat too much ass to objectively examine the evidence. 75% of Republicans and even 30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen but you can’t even get your head out of your own toilet bowl.

        1. Except what people believe is actually not evidence.

          1. I see what you did there.

            I didn’t cite people’s “belief” as evidence. I cited the result of their examination of the evidence. That is what led to their belief it was stolen.

            1. And Donald Trump never broke a 49% approval rating. Wanna do that one now?

              1. Same poll that had Biden winning wisconsin by 17? You have to pretty gullible to believe any of those polls at this point.

                1. Gallup approval polls. Trump holds the record for lowest average approval rating since polling began.

                  1. Yup, pretty gullible

                  2. LOL, what a RETARD! You STILL trust polls after 2016 and 2020?? Multiple failures but you just don’t learn!

                    1. You don’t trust a poll (which is a survey), but you trust an analysis of a survey that is submitted as an exhibit in one of Powell’s lawsuits.


                      And before you get all whiny and bitchy, the media is not calling it a survey. It is listed in the actual exhibit as an analysis of a survey.

                  3. No one who buys polls has a brain. Utterly incompetent gullible fools. Remember, the polls said Shrillary won! They also said Dems would gain big in the House but instead the GOP picked up ~10 seats. Real accurate, ha, ha. After all the lawsuits are settled it will be the same incompetent bigotry in 2020 as in 2016. The fools never learn.

            2. No, you cited a poll about people’s beliefs about the results of the election. There is absolutely no predicate in the cited poll to people’s belief after “examination of the evidence.”

            3. if you think most people form their beliefs based on a detailed examination of the evidence, you do not live in the real world.

        2. Please link to the poll results that show that. Not some right-wing source claiming those results, but the original results.

          1. It’s actually a Rasmussen poll. It just shows what people believe, but it isn’t actually evidence of any voter fraud.

            1. But the 30% comes from some right wing website. Rasmussen themselves have no source on their website confirming that number, at least not that isn’t behind a paywall.

                1. Thank you.

                  1. You’re welcome.

        3. Not sure where you got your numbers from.
          1) 30% of the people think the earth is only 6000 years old and was created by magic. Thus ignoring all kinds of science.

          2) Can’t find your numbers anywhere 50% and 15% from this one:

          Apparently you like keeping your head in the bowl as well. Good luck.

        4. Ya a voting is the second leading cause of apathy. Who cares? Trump was good, but he still didn’t do shit for me. The gov will always suck, why identify with a side? Fucking wasting what little brain you have on partisanry of a dying country is a fools errand. Dipshit.

      3. To be considered evidence, a dump must be massive.

  3. green is not your color.

  4. Taking the presidency from Trump is worth trillions of dollars to thousands of people, and keeps several dozen (at least) from facing fear of consequences for their corruption, and the Ds+oligarchs went to extreme lengths, destroying the lives of tens of millions of people, to make fraud easier and less traceable, while the MSM and Big Tech have been constantly lying and censoring… but there’s totes no chance of fraud, despite data inconsistent with fundamental human behavior and 2 centuries worth of prior elections.

    1. All of this here.

      1. …is so much cry for just one guy (and his friend).

    2. you lost, get over it

    3. Can you name any people prosecuted during Trump’s 4 years of “swamp draining”? Not counting Trump advisors and appointees of course…

  5. Work it Sullum, baby. Shill that DNC narrative.
    The brown envelopes will get bigger the harder you shake it.

    1. The brown envelopes will get bigger the harder you shake it.

      Nah. At the cocktail parties they make him take off his pants and slide 20s into his tighty whities. It’s much more degrading, but it has the bonus that it gets ENB rock hard.

    2. Cry more. Might want to save some tears for later though….you’re gonna need em.

      1. Oh no! People are doubting your teams victory!

        1. You mean those people in your mind? The rest of the country is watching brain dead idiots like you and Trump make asses of yourselves by trying to invalidate millions of legitimate votes.

          1. Fuck off Tulpa.

            1. Lolz.

    3. Hah, you know who the big winner of the allegations of fraud is?
      Come on, one guess….

      Yep, tRump. He has gathered something like $180million. To run lawsuits in 3 states? Maybe 4. Even if he paid all the lawyers 24/7 for 4-5 weeks he is still money ahead.

      And what will he do the money? Anything his PAC wants to do. Party in Maro Largo so he can mull over his chances in 2024? Paid for! Fact finding trips around the world? paid for. And tax deductable to boot.
      Oh ye suckers.

      1. He’s too old. He may make a new party and that would be welcome, but it will be co-opted with a bunch of idiots so who fucking cares?

        How do we get out of this country with our money? That should be the question we ask right before we ask which country we should head to.

  6. People can’t seem to differentiate relevant facts from noise…having an affidavit means nothing – anyone can provide one but unless it provides relevant FACTs it’s meaningless. Providing an affidavit that says you heard other people say there was fraud is worthless. Providing an affidavit that says you saw something suspicious without providing specific details that can be verified is worthless.
    None of the court cases to date have provided any evidence of fraud. The DOJ spent the last three weeks investigating for fraud and stated today they found no evidence of widespread fraud.
    But beliefs Trump facts so we’ll hear about all the massive fraud for the next few years…but on the bright side I guess we won’t hear too much more about the Russians stealing the last election…

    1. Providing an affidavit that says you heard other people say ”

      Didn’t we just have an impeachment trial based on what people heard other people say.

      1. With actual evidence that showed what was “heard” was wrong.

      2. No quite. For the impeachment a person testified what they heard said by the party of interest (Trump) so they were a witness to what as said.
        In several of the affidavits people testified that they heard other people saying there was fraud. You need the people who actually observed the fraud to testify- not people who heard them talking about it.

        1. You haven’t been paying attention

          1. You’ve been falling for bullshit that tells you what you want to hear.

              1. The courts have some 36 times so far.

                1. Yea, courts tend to discount bullshit…but none of Trumps cases really allege fraud – those claims are reserved for press conferences and Twitter where you can say anything without being challenged…

                  1. .gov institutions are never corrupt!

                    1. Unless they provide the right results.

              2. “Prove it.”

                “Proof” to you seems to be “I saw it on twitter.”

                How about you prove some election fraud then we will talk, eh kiddo?

              3. You bought the vote rigging didn’t you?

                Wake up zombie.

              4. That’s not how it works. If you make an outrageous claim, the onus is on you to prove it. This is the legal system, not religion.

          2. I pay attention to details…facts matter

            1. Slow clap. Eat your dick.

      3. did you support having that impeachment? i would be interested if anyone who thinks we should investigate based on this kind of garbage thought the Mueller investigation and impeachment were good ideas. blatant hypocrites.

        1. No. It was just politics.

      4. There are exceptions to the hearsay rule. Especially if you hear the accused admit to or commit the crime. Hearing a friend who heard if from a friend etc. isn’t one of them.

    2. So Biden got the most votes in history by NOT campaigning? Genius.

      1. Not campaigning was likely the perfect response to moronic boat parades, truck convoys and rallies.

        1. Lol we were a bunch of idiots. I mean, I didn’t claim any of those nut jobs as one of my own. Seriously though, the US is a dumpster fire – where to next?

          1. I’m thinking the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary or Estonia.
            These countries are all currently at peace, relatively stable political situation, have not let in millions of Muslim refugees and have relatively liberal gun laws.
            They are also all governed by what we would call conservative government

  7. Sullum is such an ass eater. You fucking Democrats are just gaslighting and EVERYONE knows it.

    How many times did you sick fucks vote? How many?

    1. Who cares? Fuck you for caring. Why don’t you think about cause and effect for five fucking minutes. You want to yell about how you got fucked this election? Start with the propaganda campaign that began in March.

      Pushing this bs vote cheating is stupidest, weakest ass fuckery I’ve ever seen otherwise intelligent people engage in. Pull your head out numbnuts.

      1. I noticed you didn’t provide any evidence that the elections were even remotely secure. Meanwhile, we have demonstrated that poll watchers were kept away (if you weren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear, right?), signatures weren’t verified in violation of PA law, votes counted that had no DOB listed, in violation of law, etc.

        Your willful ignorance does not constitute a valid defense of the accusations, so try again. Now, get back to eating Biden’s ass you multiple-voting, slimy Democrat.

  8. Come on, man. You’re gonna bust their balls over spelling errors in documents that they were obviously under pressure to generate quickly? That hurts your credibility, not yours.

    The date changing on the absentee ballots is bad and should not have been done. Probably not enough to change anything though.

    The rest of it if a bunch of goofy stuff, except for the giggling couple, which is ridiculous.

    1. The Chavez stuff seems sane? The bulk of it is completely and utterly bonkers.

    2. Yes, their metaphorical balls should be busted for making sloppy errors easily caught with a checker.

    3. Spelling errors. What do you think Powell bills per hour? And for that you can not even get a spell check, you can’t get the paralegal to do a read through, mark up and fact check.

      The fact is this is generating chaff and not a real law suit. It what Trump’s legal team does, tie’s things up with no real concern for winning. The real question is when do the judges get tired of this and start to sanction these lawyers.

  9. I think the real story here is the missing Edison Co., MI. How many Trump votes are missing in that county. Attorney Powell needs to get on this right away and find that missing county. That is the key to the election fraud, find that county and the Utah monolith and we will know the truth.

    1. Votes missing in a county? Are you fucking handicapped?

      We lost. Find a real excuse you cripple.

  10. More evidence the liberaltarians of Koch reason are in the tank for Biden just like the RINOs of the cock sucking Lincoln project.

    1. Libertarians are anti-patriot. The right needs to dump them. Now.

      1. Lick that boot, slaver.

        1. Enjoy your commie overlords, idiot.

  11. Bitch is high as motherfucker. She meant to say she been smoking the Krack ….n some other shit.

  12. If there was no chance of fraud why did Biden a week before the election claim to have assembled the largest [anti] voter fraud team in history? I guess he’s just a conspiracy theorist.

    1. Cause he has onset dementia and garbled what he meant to say?

      1. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he meant anti fraud means that he was worried about fraud a week before the election.

        1. Trump had been talking about it for a year if not longer. He primed his followers from to believe that the only way he could lose a second term was if there was fraud. That’s what Joe was responding to.

      2. because someone told the old guy the plan and he gave up the ghost.

        1. Have you heard of Occam’s razor? If so, apply it to your conspiracy theories sometime, it may help you sound less nutsy cuckoo.

    2. Biden probably said that to intentionally take your goddamn sheep mind off the fact that the whole world just got brainwashed this summer.

      1. Fuck I now know how a hot woman feels around average men – never have I felt so peerless. A bunch of fucking non-thinking bait-taking, consummate ass hats you’ve all turned in to.

        I mean, everyone has intellectually sound arguments for every other government issue, but as soon as you guys get emotionally invested and identify with a side, you turn into mindless cavemen.


  13. you cite “Newsweek”. Is that even still a thing?

  14. “And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.”

     “We asked the Dominion CEO to look at the machines and he said the source code is proprietary information and to just trust him but it was fine and then he had to leave on an international flight to meet with the people who owned the company and that was fine too. So we said don’t let us keep you! Have a good flight!”

    1. Trump and his cult had every chance to make elections secure. Mitch mcconnell has had at least 3 election security bills just waiting for him to bring them to a vote. Funny that trumptarians felt that election security needed no improvements up until Trump lost.

      1. The Georgia Republicans insisted on purchasing Dominion over objections from Georgia Democrats.

        1. Yeah, well, it turns out Kemp was deep state all along.

        2. The corruption is bipartisan. Corruption often is.

      2. Trump has had voter fraud on his radar since the EO on election interference in 2018. I realize the left is probably trying not to think about it, but the consequences of that are coming whether or not the court cases go anywhere

    2. See I think this is one of the more legitimate complaints. If there’s going to be voting machines, the code should be open-source so that all may verify what the machine is actually doing.

      Maybe once this MASSIVE FRAUD hysteria dies down a bit, we can have a more somber conversation about reforms going forward to the electoral process, including requiring that the code to operate these machines be open-source.

      1. You were so close…but then you threw your hands up and said “oh, well!”

        Any election that is unable to be audited needs to be thrown out.

        1. Well, they audited Georgia.
          Most of the places did quick audits. Found literally nothing so not worth doing full audits.

        2. So is Bill Barr a part of the deep state now? Because he seems to think Powell and Giuliani are full of s***.

  15. You can only indulge stupidity for so long before it will turn on you.

    1. Every vote must count! Until they mustn’t!

  16. Former Michigan Elections Director Christopher Thomas “explains that this action completed a data field inadvertently left blank during the initial absentee ballot verification process,” and “the entries reflected the date the City received the absentee ballot.”

    So he admits that they filled out the date, something that the voters were supposed to complete and didn’t, and you’re just going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t back date anything? Well, case closed, then.

    “Democratic challengers were also prohibited from reentering the room because the maximum occupancy of the room had taken place. Given the COVID-19 concerns, no additional individuals could be allowed into the counting area.”

    Okay, so again, they admit that they wouldn’t let observers into the room, but again, you’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt that everything is totes legit? Case closed!

    “The implication, I think, is that the highly sophisticated conspirators who rigged the election against Trump hired giggling teenagers to transport bags of phony ballots and load them into a truck in broad daylight.”

    The people doing suspicious things weren’t men in black suits with ear pieces? Obviously not criminals. Case closed!

    1. “something that the voters were supposed to complete”

      Read it again. You misunderstood. It wasn’t something the voter was supposed to fill out.

      1. Yes, I mis-typed on that. But my point stands that it was something that was supposed to have already been completed, and it was “fudged” after the fact.

        1. Yes, but not necessarily fraudulently.

    2. Okay, so again, they admit that they wouldn’t let observers into the room

      That’s not what they admitted. There were always dozens of observers in the run from both campaigns, as well as independent observers. What happened here is that *some* of the observers left, didn’t sign out properly, and were not allowed back in. At no point was the counting room devoid of observers from both parties.

    3. Exactly. There’s no proof this election was clean. The burden of proof is on the people alleging it was.

      1. You might actually be dumber than Nardz.

        1. No, Mark is correct. Election procedures are not free citizens, who do not carry burden of proof. Election procedures are supposed to follow rules, and document that they did. If they cannot document, the results are not valid.

          1. And since every state has certified their results, all procedures have been followed and documented properly, sometimes after several re-counts and audits. It’s up to idiots like you to find sufficient evidence contrary, contest the results and win in court. So far you can’t even get into court. Suck it. You lost.

            1. What’s the count of dismissed lawsuits? I’m wondering if it’s bigger than Republicans bailing out of Team Trump.

            2. The pleasure your taking in seeing patriots defeated by progressives is telling.

      2. Guilty until proven innocent….

      3. The burden of proving fraud is always on the party positing the existence of the fraud.

  17. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1333926797541511170?s=19

    I didn’t even think it would be this bad

    If you had told me just 15 minutes ago, I wouldn’t have believe you

    But @Project_Veritas got the head of CNN on tape showing how they come up with baseless conspiracy theories about Donald Trump

  18. https://twitter.com/Rothbard1776/status/1333818628358205441?s=19

    BREAKING: In STUNNING testimony, Phil O’Halloran, MI resident for 34 years & GOP Poll Watcher dating back to the 1990’s, stated the following [on lack of ballot security & chain of custody] under oath, “While ballots are generally transported by two people, on more than one
    2/ occasion there was just a single transporter. At the departure point [the Department of Elections, DOE] the loading of the vehicles was rarely, IF EVER, supervised by officials. We saw NO transfer paperwork, no people w/ clipboards logging the departure and arrival times or
    3/ any logging of the type or number of ballots on arrival at the TCF Center. At the challenger conference the week before … the Director of Elections [name?] admitted that they do not transport ballots with a chain of custody. One man was even photographed carrying 100’s of
    4/ BLANK ballots under his arm in the alley behind the DOE. The ballots were in NO container whatsoever, which is required by law. The man said he had been doing this all week long. The transporters frequently arrived at the TCF Center in an assortment of cars and vans, many with
    5/ out of state plates and they did not appear to be rentals. On the afternoon of November 4th, I observed a PENSKE truck that appeared to be guarded by two men in a city of Detroit pick-up behind it. They told me that the truck was empty, but when we returned about 4 hours later
    6/ after dark at about 9:30 pm, the two men were still there behind the truck. After being barred entry to the TCF Center [around 10 pm], I returned and saw the truck leaving the Department of Elections and followed it to the TCF Center where it disappeared inside the rear
    7/ service entrance. I then encountered a SWAT team blocking my entrance to the counting board. I informed the Sergeant that if the truck I described is delivering ballots this late after the polls [26 hours later], that it would be a crime. He said that he would not search the
    8/ truck that night, but would report the incident to the DPD [Detroit Police Department]. I do not know the results of that investigation, or if one took place. I conclude that the lack of a chain of custody in the transport of thousands of voter ballots over several days is a
    9/ serious threat to election integrity and makes it impossible to guarantee the results of the election”.

    1. No one cares except you. Kill yourself, you’re the weakest link.

  19. https://twitter.com/Rothbard1776/status/1333842963831681025?s=19

    BREAKING: Female Indian immigrant and first-time Republican poll-watcher, “As an immigrant of this country, as you can tell, we had great respect for America & the elections here. We always thought it had a lot of integrity, whereas the counties were we come from, a lot of things
    2/ happen. All of that changed the day that I went there [to the TCF Center]. There was a group of people who were, like agitators, who were trying to get GOP people in trouble. From my skin color, everyone assumes that I’m a Democrat, and so they just kind of come to me. One
    3/ of the ladies was saying, “Let’s get these motherf***ers out” [witness used the phrase, MF’s] … she thought I was a Democrat. When I pulled out my tag and she looked at me, she said “Oh, you’re on the wrong side”. Witness states, “How can I be on the wrong side? This is a
    4/ free country”. Then she drops a BOMBSHELL:

    “A lot of people have talked about the ballots that were not in the pollbook or the system. I was at a table which had a full stack of this file that said *Not an EPB/S*, which is pollbook or system. They were scanning and manually
    5/ entering them. The signatures on those sleeves were exactly alike, like a bar graph. They were sequential ballot numbers starting at 2232 and the sequence was something that threw me off … most of those people were from Garden St. and they were being entered manually. I had
    6/ all of the details, last names and everything. I gave the affidavit to the Election Integrity Fund.

    The thing that bothered me was that every time a GOP challenger was being escorted out, all the poll-workers, Democrats and everyone else were cheering. That was very
    7/ disappointing because these people were just doing their job. They were not attacking. They were not there with guns. They were just volunteering their time and they were treated with utmost disrespect”.

    I cannot imagine what the millions of hard-working legal immigrants
    8/ in this country, those who came to America in search of opportunity, fairness, justice and integrity are feeling right now. After escaping from oppressive socialist, communist or simply corrupt regimes responsible for perpetuating unimaginable poverty, corruption, death &
    9/ despair … they are now seeing radical Democrats and the DC establishment embrace the destruction of American values, the Constitution, Rule of Law and free-market principles that have traditionally provided our country with the greatest opportunity for ALL to succeed. I can
    10/ only imagine that they are deeply disheartened, angered and terrified of what it would mean for these groups to succeed in their aims. We must come together to protect the vision of our Founder’s: America’s guarantee of freedom, opportunity & equality under the law for ALL,
    11. or it could all be lost, forever. I will leave you with a clip from Maximo Alvarez, Cuban immigrant who gave an incredibly moving and insightful speech at the Republican National Convention back in August in the tweet below. Please watch and share.

    1. This is more convincing than the 36 different court cases that have all failed to find even one piece of evidence supporting fraud?

    2. maybe you should get off twitter

      most of the hardcore leftists that are ruining society inhabit twitter, its pretty terrible

      its basically the same on R wing twitter, low watt bulbs trying to make a point, usually only selling it to rubes (sorry if thats you…awkward)

      it is clearly rotting your brain, man, maybe take a break from it.

      1. You’re one of them.
        Eat a bullet.

        1. Finally, the right attitude from a so-called libertarian.

          Leftists don’t deserve freedom. Put them in camps.

          1. Leftists who steal elections, sure.

            1. Don’t leave your fucking property out front in the ghetto dumbass.

              Weren’t you the one complaining of being raped when you were in jail? Ya I remember you – you’re the one who slept face down with your boxers around your ankles every night huh?

              Stolen votes my ass – you gave them away.

            2. Any leftist who engages in political activity and promotes left wing ideology.

              That’s how corrosive they are.

  20. Jacob: For an article posted on a site called “Reason” I would expect you to not only point out the weaknesses of Powell’s complaints but some potential strengths as well. You pointed out just a handful of issues from a complaint that is 75 pages long with many exhibits and affidavits. You also quoted Newsweek (of all places!) pointing out typos and formatting errors of the original filings. But you neglect to point out that subsequent filings have none of those errors. Undoubtedly, the original filings were rushed to be filed before the Thanksgiving holiday. It is humorous to me that people would rather focus on the cosmetics of a complaint rather than the relative strengths/weaknesses of its arguments. I invite you to be a little more unbiased in any subsequent analysis.

    1. but some potential strengths as well.

      You are assuming that there are any.

    2. I read the latest Michigan filing. It still had, as an example of fraud, a poll watcher saw poll workers rolling their eyes when a tRump ballot was opened. Followed by an a statement that thousands of ballots were not counted.

      Also Powell mention the servers in Europe are in good hands now…

      They had nothing to do with counting votes…. nor casting votes.

  21. Those would be the courts with scumbama and clintoon appointed judges, of course.
    BTW, liberturdians, thanks for throwing the election to Demented Gropy Joe. Hope he comes to visit your daughters.

    This comment not approved by Silicon Valley brain slugs.

    1. +10000000

      Watered down Marxism. End the LP.

      1. Nope

        We are not finished.

        1. Oh yes you are. The commies are taking over. And you helped them to do it.

    2. You’d let tRump near your daughters? Wow.

  22. Sullum is way over his quota. It’s time to send him to the bench.

  23. Maybe should just throw out one more:

    “you lost little bitches, quit whining, you look worse than the hag…take the fucking L like an adult and do better next time”

  24. Reason Foundation Ex-Senior Analyst

    I’m a gonna miss her. Shikha played a great heel and was truly a world-class troll.

    I’d a fired half the staff before her. I’d guess she was fired over something at the foundation ’cause her magazine/website content was top-notch opinion journalisming.

    1. Her job here is done.

  25. You people are grown men.

    You being emotional wrecks, much in the way Hillary Clinton wasn’t, is what we’ve been trying to tell you about. “Toxic masculinity.” A bunch of unsocialized babies.

    If you people were presidents, you’d probably avoid meaningful feelings like the plague, then catch the actual plague because wearing a mask makes you want to suck too much cock for your taste, then bring back the firing squad at the last minute. You are why we can’t have nice things. Your goddamn emotional problems.

    They have Asian massage parlors for this. Pull yourselves together.

  26. “Although the Trump campaign distanced itself from Powell on November 21, it was still presenting her as a member of its “elite strike force team” two days before that.”

    man that is some spin!

  27. I love the fact that the one election official was like umm, why am I in this lawsuit? And then the “Roanoke” of counties is included as evidence.

    “I learned through social media today that my name was included in a lawsuit without my permission,” Van Orden said on Twitter. “To be clear, I am not involved in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the election in Wisconsin.”

  28. So, the Trump campaign calling for investigations of supposed fraud has garnered…so far…$170M. And almost all of that money goes into a Super PAC he created. And it’s the type of Super Pac that he can use personally. And he’s still begging for more every day.

    “Save America is a type of campaign committee that is often referred to as a “leadership PAC,” which has higher contribution limits — $5,000 per year — and faces fewer restrictions on how the money is spent. Unlike candidate campaign accounts, leadership PACs can also be tapped to pay for personal expenses.”


    As George Young once famously said about football players, when they tell you it’s not about the money, it’s always about the money.

    So, you saps who comment here, this is nothing but the next grift from a conman. This whole election fraud thing is generating millions for him. It’s been laughed out of every court by every judge (be they Republican or Democrat), and it’s now generating death threats…from Republicans against Republicans. And for Trump, as long as money is being generated, even if it’s from idiots, you keep the con going.

    As WC Fields once said, never give a sucker an even break. And he isn’t giving you one…suckers.

  29. Affidavits.

    Our first house was haunted. Every member of my family will testify to it. Real. I am not making this up.

  30. Jacob is a fucking joke. Why is he even here, these exact same dimwitted hit pieces are on mainstream media. How about some original thoughts and perspectives. He bleats the same bullshit every single day.

    1. Dude, that is some crazy shit.

      As in, the third item (listed under Georgia) about the multiple vote dumps of 4800 is complete bunk math.

      Look at the time stamp for vote counts on 11/4/2020 19:42.
      It shows Trump with a vote total of 2,391,099. The preceding vote count at 17:12 shows 2,387,413. This is a difference of 3686. But the difference shown in the chart says its a net loss of 1783. Where the fuck did they come up with that number?

      Then they add the bunk number of 1783 to the difference in Biden vote counts for the same time stamps (which is another bunk number of 2873) and they get a total of 4656. The true gain of votes for the same time stamp for Biden was a gain of 8146. (Vote counts for the two timestamps as provided in your article show Biden to have 2301979 and 2310125, respectively).

      Am I missing something here?

      I know I am doing the right math, because if you look at the vote difference for Trump at timestamp 17:12 (2,387,413) and 16:35 (2,387,188), the difference is 225, which is what is listed in the “New Trump” column.

      Somethin’ ain’t right here with ol’ Woody Jenkins math (the guy who wrote the column in the Central City News which is where the link sends you from your original link.

    2. Not to mention that even with the totally made up bunk numbers, they aren’t multiples of 4800.

    3. Statistical analysis now apparently means making up completely fake numbers to make them fit your narrative.

    4. I would also like to comment that a perusal of data does not constitute a statistical analysis. What does statistical analysis mean to you?

      To me, it means using descriptive statistics (meaning tools that can tell us about the data that we see – contrasted with inferential which means probability statistics based on a set of data pulled from a larger population). These tools would mean the following: mean, median, standard deviation, variance, etc. And using those tools to be shown in maybe a histogram to see skew or any other abnormalities.

      There is none of this in the aforementioned “analysis,” except made up numbers – which is crazy, because they give us the data and half the time it doesn’t match up to what they calculated!!!

    5. Sweet, I can tell by the lack of reply that the cat’s got your tongue.

      Good job.

  31. “Release The Kracken” What a joke. The only Krack is the one in her ass. Republicans better just call an end to this. The only attention they will get is looking stupid. Everyone just needs to stop supporting Trump. It just confuses him about winning the election. I’ve heard him say ridiculous things like “Many world leaders have congratulated me on winning the election.” But who are the many world leaders? Putin? I’ve heard nothing from any world leaders saying Trump won, nor have I seen any letters of congratulations. Just nothing. Do you really want to continue supporting a man like that? Seems like nothing but a fantasy to me.

  32. I believe she misspoke. She meant to say “Release the Crack Pot.” That was her code word for POTUS.

    1. That makes much more sense. Ha!

  33. Sullum and all you naysayers just better get ready for the Kraken to grab your lefty asses and squeeze! I can hear the squealing now!!

    1. But doesn’t the Kraken die? I can hardly see that helping Trump win what he already lost.

    2. Oh, and look. Trump says he’s going to help David and Kelly. If he does that, they too will lose for sure. That’s proof Trump is about Trump and only Trump.

      “Will be going to Georgia for a big Trump Rally in support of our two great Republican Senators, David and Kelly. They are fantastic people who love their Country and love their State. We must work hard and be sure they win. #USA”

  34. (1) Cybersecurity expert says there was massive computer fraud in the 2020 election
    (2) More than 100 people who worked for Dominion Voting Systems have removed their LinkedIn profiles since Election Day
    (3) Parent company of Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from Swiss bank 75% owned by Chinese gov’t
    (4) Barr: No evidence of fraud that’d change election outcome
    (5) Twitter blocks links to Sidney Powell’s legal defense fund website, brands it “potentially harmful”
    (6) Twitter bans Senator Doug Mastriano after he led hearing over Pennsylvania election discrepancies
    (7) Culture War contines after Trump – Matt Taibbi
    (8) NBC News is a CIA mouthpiece – Glenn Greenwald
    (9) MSM demand Facebook, Google and Twitter censorship – Glenn Greenwald
    (10) Gab banned by payment processors
    (11) YouTube, Google suppress AE911Truth, boost ‘authoritative’ sources like NIST

  35. Its not like they kicked out R poll watchers or anything. Its not like after they kicked them out then covered up the windows to make the vote counting secret or nothing.

    Its not like 5 crucial swing states didn’t counting at the same time on election night because? At least GA made up a fake water main break.

    Its not like they changed the rules , i.e. violated election laws to accept ballots on the fly.

    Hell no none of this happened. I mean just “DEBUNKED, BASELSS I say.

    And you know CNN says so.

    1. No, they did not.

      During his press conference Thursday, Trump also claimed that his campaign had been “denied access to observe any counting in Detroit.” Referencing the TCF Center in downtown Detroit, Trump alleged, “one major hub” had “covered up the windows with large pieces of cardboard” so they could “protect, and block, the counting area. They didn’t want anybody seeing the counting.” While cardboard was placed over portions of the glass because workers inside claimed they felt intimidated by the protesters gathered outside, at least 134 Republican poll challengers were already inside the vote-counting area. (There were 134 counting boards set up, and each party was allowed one poll watcher per board.) On Wednesday, according to the Detroit Free Press, both Democratic and Republican poll watchers were prohibited from entering the center because the number of challengers already observing the process had reached a mandated capacity related to the coronavirus pandemic. By Wednesday afternoon, more than 225 Republican poll watchers were “roaming the room and observing the process—almost double the number of challengers who were supposed to be there.”

    2. Unless you want to be more specific on which states you are referring to that kicked Republican poll watchers out, I just proved you wrong.

      And what proof do you have that this mysterious “they” violated election laws. Please be more specific in your claims, so they can be easily verified. Otherwise, you can just keep repeating the general claims and keep denying anyone with evidence opposite to your claim, because you could just say you weren’t referring to that particular location, but magically somewhere else. Its called being a weasel.

  36. The Kraken is crackin’!

  37. Trump has so much more he can go to. He has a healthy fun hobby, golf. He had an awesome collection of cars he enjoyed driving. I suppose with a secret service escort he could drive again. He said he missed that.

    He still has his family and a business he should be looking after. He had four years as the most powerful person in the world. He has his health. I would think all of that would be enough.

    Sidney Powell is missing more than a few tentacles.

    1. I just watched a YouTube video of a hearing in Michigan from the lead witness from Rudy G’ lawsuit. Her name is Mellissa Carone. She claimed in the hearing that she had to move and quit her job and social media. Its unfortunate that I found her on FB and LinkedIn. She hasn’t had a job according to LinkedIn since August. Hmmm….

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