Joe Biden

What Will President Biden Do to Us?

The Reason Roundtable war-games the domestic policies of the likeliest next administration.


Did you notice at last week's final presidential debate that the candidates actually talked about concrete coronavirus-related policies for more than a half-minute there? The discussion was not without its head-scratchers, but at least the most pressing issue facing 2020 America got chewed on a bit. Though it didn't quite answer the question: What would a President Joe Biden do, exactly?

Such dominates the conversation on today's Reason Roundtable podcast, starring Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, Matt Welch, and Katherine Mangu-Ward. The gang digs into the former vice president's likeliest actions on COVID, education, health care, state bailouts, economic regulation, cancel culture, and much more. His opponent, ol' whatshisface, also comes up a time or two.

Audio production by Ian Keyserand Regan Taylor.

Relevant links from the show:

"On Obamacare, Biden Repeats Obama's 2013 Lie of the Year," by Peter Suderman

"Trump and Biden Are Both Misleading Us About COVID-19," by Jacob Sullum

"Joe Biden Has No Realistic Plan To Reopen Schools," by Robby Soave

"Trump Is Wrong About Military Distribution of a COVID-19 Vaccine," by Sam Rutzick

"Mark Meadows: 'We're Not Going To Control the Pandemic,'" by Eric Boehm

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"Biden and Trump Offer Competing Tax Proposals, but Both Ignore Economic Reality," by J.D. Tuccille

"Joe Biden's Proposal To Double the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour Won't Help Small Businesses," by Christian Britschgi

"Joe Biden's Economic Policies Would Cost the Economy 4.9 Million Jobs by 2030, According to a New Study," by Billy Binion

"Voting Is Overrated," by Katherine Mangu-Ward

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  1. He will Steve Smith us.

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    The median household in the United States was $68,703 in 2019. In ZIP codes above that level, Mr. Biden outraised Mr. Trump by $389.1 million. Below that level, Mr. Trump was actually ahead by $53.4 million.

    1. The New Feudalism

      Another way to look at this, however, is that the lockdowns have created a new feudalism. The workers/peasants toil in the field, struggling for their own survival, unable to escape their plight, while privileged lords and ladies live off the labors of others and issue proclamations from the estate on the hill above it all.

      Consider a restaurant at which I dined one week ago in New York City. The mask mandate is in full force except that diners can take them off once seated. The staff cannot. The wait staff of restaurants wear plastic gloves too. Here you have diners enjoying themselves with food and drink and laughter, many of whom work at home and have faced relatively less economic deprivation, which I assume given how much this class of diners is throwing around on evening revelry.

      Meanwhile, you have this wait staff and the kitchen staff too with their faces covered, their voices muffled, and forced into what seems to be a subservient role. They appear like a different caste. Society has decided to treat them as the ranks of the unclean. The lockdowns have turned a dignified equality that once existed between the staff and customers, all cooperating together to live better lives, and turned it into a theater for feudalistic absurdism.

      The symbolism of this troubles me so much that my own dining experiences have been changed from a time of socializing into a vision of tragedy that breaks my heart. Think for a moment about the main victims of lockdowns: working classes, the poor, people who travel for a living, those working in arts and hospitality, children locked out of schools, people who can’t just convert their office jobs into living-room jobs. They were never asked their opinions on policies that destroyed their lives and degraded their choice of profession.

      The main victims do not typically have Twitter accounts. They do not write academic articles. They do not write articles for newspapers. They aren’t talking heads on TV. And they sure as heck aren’t economically protected with a tax-funded job in a public health department in a state bureaucracy. They are out there getting food to the groceries, delivering things to your front door, hopping around in restaurants to make sure you get your food. They are in the factories, the warehouses, the fields, the meat-packing plants, and also in the hospitals and hotels. They are voiceless and not only because their masks impede their ability to communicate; they have been robbed of any voice in public affairs even though their lives are on the line.

      1. I agree with Mike Rowe… the biggest tragedy of this thing was calling 60% of Americans “non-essential”.

        1. I’m stumped by the Biden ads featuring the unemployed hairdressers who blame Trump for not shutting down the economy hard enough.


          1. Hair dressers (not)= intellectual skills

          2. when you make more on unemployment and you’re woke, of course you criticize Trump

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        2. My dad used to hate Mike Rowe, he thought Dirty Jobs was a Hollywood elitist making fun of working class (based upon the commercials). My brother and I had him watch a few episodes and his actual views, background, advocacy for more vocational and agricultural education in schools and promotion of tech schools over traditional universities. Now he loves Rowe.

          1. I don’t blame his original views on ignorance buy upon the fact that for most of his lives shows like Rowe’s really were exactly what he thought Dirty Jobs was. His entire life he had seen the media push a narrative that blue collar were stupid, uneducated and ignorant because of their lack of a college degree (BTW my father wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford it and instead rose to the top of his field based upon his intelligence and competence but he hated being in leadership roles so avoided taking most supervisory roles).

            1. He is also a natural libertarian who is turned off by the libertarian party and thus has never joined them and has questioned why I would align myself with them even tangentially.

              1. <iHe is also a natural libertarian who is turned off by the libertarian party

                Just like the rest of us.

              2. The idea that libertarianism should be under the auspices of a single political party always bothered me.

                1. It definitely does nothing to advance the movement.

                2. Except that was never the goal of the libertarian party.

                  Be whatever you want or be an I don’t know.

      2. “Here you have diners enjoying themselves with food and drink and laughter, many of whom work at home and have faced relatively less economic deprivation”

        Probably some teachers among them, just happy to be alive for a few months longer before having to return to certain doom in the plague-infested halls of the public school system

        1. The magic masks will protect them.

          1. Only if they’re MAGA masks.

      3. To be fair, some of the elites do want everyone to stay home and get unlimited government cheese (or checks). But most of those elites do not understand where stuff like food and energy and internet actually come from.

      4. “robbed of any voice in public affairs ”
        Really? My impression is that in the cities where lockdowns are most pronounced, these folks are predominately Democrats.
        So they voted for the people who imposed the lockdowns; their voice is certainly being heard.

  3. Do we have any guesses as to which member of the Reason staff masturbated during the strategy session?

    1. Only if Gillespie had tweezers available.

    2. The science is settled! Regular masturbation protects against prostate cancer. In fact, the federal government should subsidize businesses that allow men to masturbate at work. We already have private milking stations for nursing mothers.

        1. Nicely done.

          1. I have to credit, I believe, Scott Adams for that one. Maybe James Woods though

        2. Very funny.

      1. Since feminists insist pads and tampons should be subsidized, then they should advocate the same for pocket pussies and tengas. For equality.

      2. The Toobin Plan? Or the Rudy Plan?
        “Rudy, Toobi, fresh and fruity?”

  4. Did you notice at last week’s final presidential debate that the candidates actually talked about concrete coronavirus-related policies for more than a half-minute there?

    Speaking of this, in my youtube feed, I got a very slickly produced ad/psa about the superiority of the Cuban healthcare system over America’s.

    1. If by healthcare they mean a middle-brow bureaucrat yelling party platitudes at you, then maybe.

    2. In Cuba you make 25 bucks a week. Doctors make 50 bucks a week.

      Good luck starting a business and getting ahead.

      1. In Cuba you make no money. Companies pay the government for your labor and the government gives you what they think you need. Its not slavery though, because reasons

  5. IF it happens that there is a President Biden, what he will do is first to take the oath of office, then carefully read over the amendment 25 statement Kween Kamala hands him, and ask if this will affect his pension or his graft.

    1. Nah, they will prop him up for a couple years to have Harris as a 10 year President.

      1. Weren’t you telling us there was no way Trump could lose?

        1. Wasn’t me. I doubt the polls are any more accurate than COVID predictions, but don’t know what will happen next month.

        2. I think Trump will lose, but only because the fix is obviously in.
          Since Tammany Hall every American election has had a little bit of fraud, but this one will be at banana republic levels.

      2. Why do you think they’d want her? If they did, wouldn’t she have run better for the president nomination?

        1. even the Democrats didn’t want Harris.

          why do you think the Biden campaign is hiding her from public view too?

  6. President Biden, should that come to pass, will be a footnote in history to a President Harris regime. That is the one you should be focused on because watching her cackle that evil Joker laugh when asked questions, knowing she doesn’t have to answer because the media carries water for the democrat party, was truly frightening. That was a woman who truly believes she will be above the law and knows you will not.

    1. Intelligence agencies, the permanent government, the media and entertainment industries, major corporations, Wall Street (which is giving 4x as much to Biden as Trump), and tech giants all on the same side, which is the side currently restricting any info that makes a Dem look bad.

      Yea, free minds my ass, Reason. But at least we get food trucks.


        Among other things, what this excellent NYT data survey shows is that the social & cultural circles where national journalists live are almost exclusively pro-Biden, with almost no Trump support. You’d have be so gullible to believe that has no effect:


          “One Upper West Side ZIP code — 10024 — accounted for more than $8 million for Mr. Biden, and New York City in total delivered $85.6 million for him — more than he raised in every state other than California.”

          1. Hill dog will tell you money doesn’t equal winning.

      2. No food trucks allowed in my progressive/crony town.

  7. We’re fucked either way, no matter who wins. The big question is if we will get the courtesy of a reach around.

    1. >>We’re fucked either way, no matter who wins.

      you’re going to wake up and it will be another Wednesday. everything will be fine.

      1. You’ll either have President Harris or engineered rioting and a coup.
        Either way things won’t be fine.

        1. Either totalitarianism or we fight back.
          There is no path that maintains liberty without violence at this point.

          1. A Trump victory will reduce the amount of necessary violence and keep us in the fight for liberty.
            A Trump loss will increase the violence needed and decrease our chances of retaining our freedom.

            1. the only violence will happen if Trump is reelected.

              conservatives will wait a few months for Biden to be committed, then get ready for a record mid-term rout of the widely unpopular Harris, secure in the knowledge that the Supreme Court will block the worst of the Biden/Harris cabal’s plans. (since the Senate will remain Republican, no packed Court for you!)

        2. Nah, on Wednesday morning, Donnie will pick up Princesses Amy and Brett, plus Neil and Clarence on Marine One, and fly them to the WH lawn to the Press Corps briefing where they will simultaneously announce why Donnie won and that there’s no need to do a recount or investigation. Amy will be sitting on his lap, glowing with pride. Donnie will then tell Mike to hand him the box, and he’ll open it to reveal an engagement ring. He’ll propose to her and she’ll blush.


    Really wild to see Silicon Valley, professional media, alphabet agencies and Dems assemble into a giant, grotesque Voltron in real time while telling everyone that the other guy is the hegemonic, overwhelming threat and doe-eyed naives buying it

    Perfect lockstep between the centers of information dissemination and manipulation is just one of those things we have to accept under these extraordinary circumstances

    These powers will be instantly and completely dropped once Biden wins and then we’ll move Giga-Leviathan left


      One of the clearest and most important sentences you’ll read, showing how US media really works, from WashPost op-ed by

      ** “We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.” **

      1. love the diversity at the Wapo…when you have Boot and Rubin as the “conservatives” you have to ask just who would be running the Biden admin…same old same old…maybe they will pull out Timmy Geitner, Ben Bernanke and the res of the usual suspects..hell every journalist spouse seems to democratic party hacks and in the same group….these people are pure evil..globalists who believe America exists to enrich goldman sachs and settling old world grudges..

    2. a giant, grotesque Voltron

      Biden operates from a module which dangles from the lower torso and unfortunately gets sacrificed when Kamala activates her Black Hole generator.


      Whatever Trump got in the way of was so important the true power structure had to reveal itself for the first time. Crazy ass thing to witness in real time.

      My guess would be a combination of stopping the TPP, avoiding new wars, and generally slowing the globalization/open borders/oligarchy taking full power from nation-states agenda.

      If you get in the way of war profiteering and enabling the super-rich to get richer, you gotta go.

      See also: Tulsi, who was hated for backing Bernie but the knives and 24/7 character assassination didn’t really come out until she kept getting in the way of Syria invasions and such.

      1. Bingo — the Lincoln Project neocons have made it very clear how committed they are to conservative Republican principles. So committed they will back Joe Biden and his tax hikes and state bailouts and Green Raw Deal if they have to.


    New videos and incidents every day. The state and city of New York are specifically and openly targetting Jews and no one seems interested in speaking out or doing anything about it.

    Someone needs to compile a list/record of all these incidents.

    1. Only fair to make those more likely to be infected wear some kind of badge or something.

      1. Someone needs to compile a list

        I know a guy named Schindler that may be able to help with that.

        1. I know of a woman named Golda who was pretty good about lists too, for those who would target Jews.

    2. Aren’t you kind of doing that already?


    Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about China. The media have suppressed the story, but it’s real and it matters. Voters have a right to know the details. Bobulinski sits for an extended interview Tuesday night at 8p ET on #FoxNews

  11. Joe Biden’s endless wars
    The only thing coming on if Biden wins is another round of hopeless foreign interventionism and nation-building

    In just over a week, the Empire hopes to strike back. Joe Biden personifies the foreign policy of endless war that Democrats and neoconservatives pursued for 25 years, from the end of the Cold War until the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Biden voted for the biggest and most foolish intervention of that era, the Iraq War of 2003. He has not so much repudiated this act as tried to exculpate himself for it, claiming that in voting to authorize military force he didn’t think military force would be used. This is not credible on its face, and not the way anyone understood the vote at the time. It was as clear a vote for war as any vote has been since World War Two.

    1. My support for Trump, tepid as it was, over Clinton was based on his non-interventionism. This time around it doesn’t seem so important. This year has made it clear that America’s days of foreign adventuring have come to an end, and the chickens are coming home to roost. This will be true regardless of who becomes president. There’s still plenty of money to be made hawking weapons around the world, and that’s also true regardless of who holds the presidency.

  12. Quid Pro Joe must feel very, very confident that he is going to win the election, since he has stopped campaigning.

    What does Sleepy Joe know that the rest of us don’t?

    1. Oh yeah…almost forgot.

      PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

      1. Not even in the same league of corruption as Donnie Disaster and his Darlings. But you know that.

      2. Donnie is WAY more corrupt.

  13. Bidens first act will be to make Reason editors publicly denounce the majority of libertarians as racist as they cave to woke culture.

    1. When are you planning to cave? It can’t be long. You’re already too cowardly to post under your real name.

  14. lucky for us there will never be a President Biden

    1. +1000000000

  15. If you want to know what Biden will do to us, I suggest you go look at his website. From promising to violate our gun rights to the Green New Deal, it’s all there in great detail.

    1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. somebody’s *bound to be* writing it up for tomorrow’s postings.

      2. “P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.”

        But that’s not why you’re not voting for him, is it?

        1. No, I did not vote for Jill Biden because I do not know what she stands for.

          1. “I do not know what she stands for.”

            I blame our commie media.

  16. Oh, man. Just wait until Reason sics ENB on President Biden in the Roundup. It’s going to be a bloodbath, amirite?

    1. If by bloodbath you mean a stain in some panties, then yes.

    2. I’ve yet to see an ENB article that’s in any serious way complimentary of the GOP over the last months. ENB is clearly Democrat-leaning, and has the doxxing and pro-AOC records on Twitter to prove it.

      1. Tom Parez and Nancy Pelosi are Democrat-leaning compared to ENB.

  17. “What Will President Biden Do to Us?”

    Stupid question.

    Vote for him him and FIND OUT!!

  18. You mean President Kamala? Biden’s brain is so far gone he thinks George Bush is still president?

  19. Moot point since there will never be a President Joe Biden.

    1. Trump’s best chance now is to pull a Jeffrey Epstein using the ‘death’ of his wife to garner sympathy from the rubes who would fall for such a stunt.

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  21. Like President Obama who came into office during a fiscal crisis, President Biden will likely come in during a crisis with the pandemic and the resultant economic crisis. I suspect that a majority of the his first term will be restoring order and that will limit any ability to so anything grand. That said he could do a number of things that would be substantial. Stabilize the ACA, oversee administration of a Coronavirus vaccine, get immigration reform started, rebuild our foreign policy. A President Biden legacy will likely not be some single accomplishment, but rather restoring confidence in the office of the Presidency.

    1. The lust for power of the totalitarian left is disgusting.

      By restoring order, you mean clamping down on dissention.
      By stabilizing aca you mean cementing the takeover of our healthcare system to line the pockets of insurance companies and big pharma.
      By rebuilding our foreign policy, you mean giving in to the totalitarian regimes that fund our corrupt politicians and pundits to suck the economic vitality out of the american working class furthering the decent into some form of feudal oligarcy.


      1. By restoring order I mean a functioning government that the founders envisioned. Not rule by incompetency and narcissism.

        1. You are a complete failure in your understanding of what the founders envisioned and an utter moron.

  22. What will Biden do to us? He will amuse us for a while. It’s clear that with some 50 years of experience, he’s learned to work a room.

    To me the seminal (most important) event of the last few weeks was the dueling Town Halls. Everyone, including myself, assumed that Trump, with his experience as a celebrity TV personality, would beat Biden hands down at the ratings. But Biden won. That was the final nail in Trump’s coffin. The public are fed up with his shtick. His presidenting days are coming to an end.

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  24. Jo Jorgensen is on the ballot in all 50 states.

    Libertarians are not defeated.

      1. Stupid. A useless counterproductive gesture.

        1. Funny, but that’s my opinion of a vote for Biden or Trump.

        2. it’s not a gesture. it may be useless. it’s definitely not counterproductive since I don’t want Trump or Biden to be President.

          An election is when you cast your ballot to indicate your preference, and the people counting the ballots (hopefully) tally those votes correctly and the new media (hopefully) reports those results.

          If you vote for someone you don’t want, that’s counterproductive, since your true preference is neither tallied nor reported. It’s not like one vote is going to sway who wins.

  25. Moot point since there will never be a President Joe (2)

  26. Why has Reason gone ALL IN for corrupt Joe Biden?

    Such a shame.

    1. Because of course Joe is just SOO libertarian LOL

    2. Because the writers are progs, pretending to be libertarians. Reason, like much of the media has been coopted by the left to further their totalitarian takeover.

  27. Biden’s agenda if he wins (and the likely effects):

    1. Repeal the Trump tax cuts on corporations and high income individuals. (Tanks the stock market)

    2. Start enacting the Green Raw Deal. (no impact on the weather, slush fund to reward big Dem donor green tech companies.)

    3. National mask mandate and shutdowns on large gatherings, especially churches (no impact on COVID-19 spread)

    4. A new round of gun control laws and a new assault weapons ban (no impact on crime, most everyone stocks up ahead of time)

    5. Issues new national education guidelines on diversity and the historical crimes of America (brainwashes a new generation of mostly peaceful protesters for when the next conservative gets elected President, pushes homeschooling to record highs)

    1. Think that about sums it up. Also packs the supreme court so SCOTUS is now a clown gathering of kangaroos.

    2. If elected biden, the harris, screws our basic rights, incomes, freedom, and sucks the life out of the national economy.

      It is appalling that anyone would vote for that corrupt, antilibertarian trash.

      He is senile, dirty as hell, with a vile family. And harris is no better. But totalitarian wannabes and sychophants on the left so desperately want to destroy conservatives that they couldnt care less about the severe negative impact on the average citizen.

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  30. Great libertarian discussion of what more the government should do to us.

    Maybe they should do some stuff for hurricane prevention too. Yea that will work.

  31. Vote Trump. Yeah, he is not great, but biden is an absolute nightmare.

  32. Somebody tell me the “Interrupting Cow” joke. Sounds hilarious.

  33. In the next Roundtable, can the contributors show us how to pronounce Trunalimunumaprzure? Having no luck scoring some from doctors and pharmacists.

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