PPParty Time! 

Turns out some of the federal government's PPP loans ended up going to people who didn't need them quite as badly.


Although it didn't technically qualify for aid, carmaker Lamborghini has benefitted from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the federal government's $670 billion effort to save distressed small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within days of receiving $1.6 million in PPP loans for his construction and logistics businesses, Lee Price III of Houston bought himself a 2019 Lamborghini Urus for $233,337, plus a $14,000 Rolex watch and close to $5,000 worth of entertainment at a strip club and various bars around town. In early August, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed fraud charges against Price for allegedly filing applications with banks claiming fictitious payroll expenses in order to qualify for a PPP loan.

His scheme was audacious but hardly original. The DOJ had already brought similar fraud charges against Miami man David T. Hines, who had allegedly spent his ill-gotten PPP loans on a new $318,000 Lamborghini Huracán EVO.

These purchases, needless to say, were not what Congress had in mind when it created the PPP as part of its $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act in March. The program was supposed to keep small businesses afloat by offering them loans that would be forgiven on the condition that most of the money was spent retaining staff.

While the program has been a lifeline for many businesses that were forcibly closed by stay-at-home orders (and have since had to contend with anemic demand and extensive social distancing regulations), PPP loans seemingly went to a lot of people who didn't need them quite as badly. Loan recipients include companies founded by members of Congress and prominent D.C. lobbying firms. Presidential adviser Jared Kushner's family businesses, including their media and real estate concerns, received PPP loans, as did the clothing brand of rapper and aspiring president Kanye West.

Early on, the PPP was criticized for being too prescriptive about how businesses should spend the money they received. Congress addressed those concerns with a subsequent bill giving recipients a little more flexibility.

But there was seemingly little it could or would do to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to make personal purchases of luxury goods. With the DOJ announcing new fraud charges against alleged PPP hucksters almost every week, there's a lesson here about the tradeoffs inherent to doling out federal relief funds: Making sure money goes only to the truly needy requires rules and red tape that ultimately slow down the process; doling out money too quickly means it might end up paying for bottle service.

The federal government somehow managed to provide relief at a snail's pace to people who didn't need it.

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        PS Joe Biden is a crook

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      Elizabeth Nolan Brown
      Ron Paul brought libertarians a wave of racist dingbats who like liberty in only a few areas, from which we are still digging ourselves out. Good the fuck riddance

      1. Ouch. I just hurt myself laughing at that.

        1. She should be fired first thing Monday. Jezebel could use her talents.

      2. What a clown she is.

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      3. Husband didn’t like her sandwich I guess.

      4. She appears to be coming to terms with the fact that Libertarians don’t want her commie ass, at any price!

      5. She’s truly become an embarrassment to Reason.

      6. Libertarians have a problem with smart, strong women?
        Elizabeth may sound weak and dumb here but it’s probably just that time of the month.

      7. Let’s get some action going on when she decamps and where she lands.

        1. She’s aiming to land at the NYT or the Atlantic.
          She deserves to be writing at Teen Vogue or Buzzfeed.

          I don’t she’ll actually decamp. Orangemanbad has led to a great libertarian apostasy here at Reason, and an abandonment of all their principles.
          You can count the actual libertarian writers here on three fingers and I’m being generous with two of those.
          She’s the face of the new Reason.

      8. What the actual fuck

      9. Why is she so angry?

        She makes libertarians look bad.

        Maybe she can write an article explaining what the fck a “Racist Ron Paul Libertarian” is.

        1. White males.

        1. “That girl just turned more people off to liberty than Ron Paul turned on. Still cannot understand why libertarians work so hard to get everyone to run away and hate us.”

          “because they are more concerned about making sure everyone knows they hate both sides than they are about promoting their ideas”

          1. “They are one step removed from the Lincoln project anymore”

          2. ENB doesn’t hate both sides though.

            1. True, but the comment itself was regarding Reason in general.

            2. Wrong , she hates Republicans AND Libertarians.

      10. Jesus, and she keeps digging deeper throughout the thread.

        Akin to my question about why CNN evidently thinks Jeffrey Toobin is irreplaceable for them, is Elizabeth Brown that essential to the editorial staff at Reason? Really? It’s so impossible to find another vapid Buzzfeed-esque alum to comb Twitter all day for her output? One who won’t shit all over Ron Paul?

      11. How did you leave this out?

        “a whole lotta “Ron Paul libertarians” were never libertarian in the first place”

        1. and THEN when she realizes how fucking db she was she CHANNELS THE REV!!!

          “Creep crying about this assholes. Your growing irrelevance is delicious to the rest of us”

          I think you mean “Keep” Liz lololol

          1. AHAAHAHAH

            “Your growing irrelevance is delicious to the rest of us”


          2. Yes, Rev is my sock.

            1. This explains much.

            2. *scales fall from eyes*
              Of course! It’s all so clear now.

              1. Actually, if anyone is ENB’s sock here it’d be White Knight.

      12. It’s a twist on the Ron Paul newsletter fiasco, the offending parts of which, by standard account, were written by Rockwell–something ENB should know.

        “Reason magazine reported that “a half-dozen longtime libertarian activists – including some still close to Paul” had identified Rockwell as the “chief ghostwriter” of the newsletters,[20] as did former Ron Paul Chief of Staff (1981–1985) John W. Robbins.[28]

        If there’s anyone to “blame” for paleolibertarianism bringing the right wing into libertarianism, it’s probably Rockwell. Might as well blame Murray Rothbard as well, but at some point you start hollowing out libertarianism itself and it becomes liberalism–and if you want to do that, people are right to question your support for libertarianism itself.

        Ron Paul’s biggest influence on libertarianism will probably always be bringing young anti-war people to libertarianism during the War on Terror. They weren’t responding to any of Ron Paul’s newsletters from before the internet when they flooded in to support his campaigns. They wouldn’t even have known about those newsletters if it weren’t for Ron Paul’s critics dredging them up.

        What we’re really talking about here is being fashionable. ENB doesn’t like being unfashionable, but fashions come and go–and libertarian reality has a way of asserting itself over time despite not being as fashionable as the left. We stand up for the rights of people we don’t even like. That’s who we are, and it often makes us unfashionable. The left also has a vulnerability of their own–a habit of imagining that they’re fashionable when they’re not. Was it really only weeks ago that they were trying to sell us on the fashionability of defunding the police, disrespecting the national anthem, and the looting and arson of “protesters”?

        You know what else is supportive of paleolibertarianism and militias, too? That’s right, the Second Amendment. Our support for the Second Amendment makes us vulnerable to accusations of being pro-militia, too–but so what? The Second Amendment is an integral part of our freedom, and hollowing out libertarianism just to protect ourselves from false charges of militia related racism would make us other than libertarian.

        Libertarians can’t be the ultimate victors in a never ending fashion war, but we have the advantage of being right on the issues. If being right has gone out of fashion, maybe work on that. Why do people not know or care whether what they believe and say is actually true anymore? Is it because they want to be fashionable? If that’s the case, libertarian capitalism–grounded in the realities of free minds and free markets–may be the enemies of fashion. Maybe ENB should read some Virginia Postrel and focus on glamour instead.

        1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

        2. Yes, fashion is the key word and the worst thing about the politics of people like her is that she thinks values are subject to changing fashion. Hence the comment someone pointed out above where she gleefully cackles about Ron Paul supporters “growing irrelevance”
          Those are human beings she is talking about and she rejoices in the idea that her side is crushing their voices. How amoral can you be?

          1. I forget which writer’s tweet someone linked to recently, but in the comments, she was bragging about how many people she muted because they disagreed.

            1. It was ENB of course. And just last week.

          2. “Hence the comment someone pointed out above where she gleefully cackles about Ron Paul supporters “growing irrelevance”

            Is there a big surge of lefties into the libertarian movement I haven’t heard about?

            Do they imagine this trying to appeal to the left shtick of theirs is working?

            1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

            2. No, but there’s a big surge of ostensibly libertarian journos into the progressive movement.
              For ENB that’s exactly the same thing.

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  4. Meh. If we are willing to provide free money to millions of people in excess of what they were actually paid, and thus discourage them from ever going back to work, why not buy everyone a Lamborghini?

    ps. Mr. Price could have thanked us tax payers by capturing his $5000 strip club experience on video.

    1. He was just trying to provide stimulus for the strippers!

    2. My stimulus program idea is called “SUVs for All”.

      Everyone deserves safe, comfortable transportation.

    3. Wait, what? Strip clubs are open?

      Well, if anybody deserves some PPP it’s hot chicks dancing around in their underwear for money.

      What of the strippers? This is essential stuff.

  5. The Trump admin did it’s best to hide all details as to who was receiving any of the relief money. Initially no details at all, and then after an outcry, only details if you got more than $150K.

    And this from an administration that has done its best to remove any guardrails of oversight anywhere:

    “Government watchdog groups say they have little faith in the administration conducting oversight of the program, noting Trump has ousted numerous inspectors general and has broadly resisted efforts to add transparency. When you don’t have proper safeguards, such as timely disclosure and effective inspectors general, then all these things look more suspicious and raise more questions,” said Larry Noble, a former general counsel at the Federal Election Commission. “When you see these people getting assistance quickly and they have contributed to the campaign, then it is going to raise questions.”

    1. Gravy train!

      1. No one cares about your high school nickname fatty.

      2. “Dog chasing a covered wagon”
        Wait,,,, that’s Chuck Wagon.

        “Gravy Train makes the beef gravy your dog is craving”

        or something like that

      3. If you two weren’t compulsively arguing for more government money programs; your cherry-picked narrative wouldn’t look so horrifically hypocritical.

        1. Where did I argue for more government money programs?

          1. I’ll grant you 50% credit; You’re nowhere to be found on discussions of more government spending – but always found ditching on Trump for anything actually. And preserving money spending programs isn’t exactly “for more” but undeniably “not against” the spending program.

            The White Knight
            September.27.2020 at 12:38 am

            This should be kinda obvious, but just destroying Obamacare without any plan to replace it with a new healthcare framework would be a disaster.

      4. $273 million out of 2 trillion was awarded to more than 100 companies who donated to the Republicans?
        Wow, that’s like the fucking average disbursement amount. How terrible.

        Seeing as close to 5 billion was awarded to over 410 companies that had donated to the Democrats, this must mean they’re even crookeder, huh? Strangely Buttplug’s article is quiet on that.

        But wait, there’s more:
        “The Trump-connected companies obtained the aid through the Paycheck Protection Program, which extends a lifeline to small businesses struggling to navigate the pandemic. Fast-food chains like Muy Brands, oil and gas companies and white-collar firms were all granted a slice of more than $659 billion in low-interest business loans that will be forgiven if the money is used on payroll, rent and similar expenses.”

        Oh shit! They were all using the program as intended, the fiends!
        What a scandal.
        Still better word it like they were getting the whole $659 billion just to be safe.

        Of course: “There is no evidence the companies received favorable treatment as a result of their ties to Trump, and the businesses account for just a fraction of the overall spending under the program.”

        But that still won’t stop us from writing an entire column of insinuations for credulous fucks like Buttplug and White Knight to spread around.

        “Party political announcement Biden2020 / The Associated Press”

    2. Hi plug

    3. “When you don’t have proper safeguards…..”

      Haha. That’s funny. Some overpaid government losers got cut out of the gravy train.

      The horror!

  6. I must mention that we already had a paycheck protection program in place. It was/is called unemployment insurance.
    All that was necessary was to pour extra funding in there in expectation of a lot more applications (because the governments closed down the economy). That way no new rules were necessary, and a few temps could handle the spike in applications.
    Clearly the PPP was to make the “employment” numbers stay up as far as possible, and to provide government employees with job security.

    1. Ultimately, if the government is going to be handing out money, it’s probably preferable if it goes to keep people working, rather than paying them *not* to work.

      Best of all would be not causing the businesses to shut down in the first place, but good luck with that. :-\

      1. PS: Joe Biden is one corrupt ass motherfucker.

        1. And Trump has gone to unprecedented levels to try to keep us from having an evaluation of how corrupt he is. I’m sure that bothers you too being just a general good government guy, amirite?

          1. Oh. 3 years and 30 million dollars wasn’t enough to investigate him? An impeachment hearing wasn’t enough? An adversarial house with suboeona powers the last 2 years wasn’t enough?

            1. Why won’t Trump release his tax returns, as major party presidential candidates typically do?

              1. We’ll go with the easiest answer. “Because, fuck you.”

                The voters decided that they didn’t care that much about his taxes or we’d be talking about Queen Clinton’s reelection chances.

                1. Oops, forgot

                  PS – Joe Biden is a corrupt swine.

                  PPS – His twat wife makes me want to jam a fondue fork into my ears every time I hear her speak.

                  1. C’mon man, Jill’s a DOCTOR for chrissakes.

                  1. Huh. Seems like the kind of story that a libertarian publication would cover. Any idea if there is such a publication?

          2. I’m not voting for either of them.

            Did you have something coherent to say to counter my claim that Joe Biden is corrupt as fuck? Or is your only response “but Trump!”?

            1. She’s a squawking bird named Dee.

              1. Oops, thought this was a response to White supremacist knight. Shreek is just a troll.

          3. lmao… Well in the topic of discussion and the recent debate and Trump demanding to re-open the economy and not let the cure be worse than the cause. Right in the face of a completely supporter of federal lock-down’s.

            Seems the only ‘corruption’ going on in this discussion is you.

      2. Turns out – not so much. Since instead of keeping people working its going towards paying for Lambos.

        1. I can’t say that I’m exceedingly shocked that some people abused a government handout. And of course I was talking preferences and ideal outcomes, not that I’m dumb enough to think that government programs will have the effects intended. Which is why I said my ultimate preference was for the government to get out of the way. 😀

          PS: Joe Biden finger fucked a campaign staffer against her will.

    2. The point of PPP was to keep people paid while attached to a temporarily closed business.

      1. Ah, well, that’s disappointing. I’m not sure how that ranks against unemployment boosts, then.

      2. The big question should be; How does an institution that doesn’t create intrinsic value “pay” value for creating nothing of value?

        Oh yeah; I know – they steal it from “banks” the value someone else has created and saved for themselves.

  7. With the DOJ announcing new fraud charges against alleged PPP hucksters almost every week, there’s a lesson here about the trade-offs inherent to doling out federal relief funds: Making sure money goes only to the truly needy requires rules and red tape that ultimately slow down the process; doling out money too quickly means it might end up paying for bottle service.

    Um…no shit, Britschgi. This article is mostly about people who intentionally defrauded the government, and the DOJ hauling their ass into court. Which they are doing is remarkably quick time. The funds were disbursed in April, and only 6 months later, they’re busted. In terms og ‘government time’, that is fast.

    PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

    1. Joe Biden might be corrupt as fuck, but here’s the current weak case to prove it:
      – While he was Vice President, an email talking about setting up a meeting with a Ukrainian businessman. His campaign denies the meeting ever happened, and there’s no other proof that it did. The source of the email is a bunch of pro-Trump partisans, one of whom is known to have been associating recently with a Russian agent.
      – After he was out of office, an email possibly talks about giving him 10% (or 10 somethings) in a Chinese business deal. One partner in the deal, which failed, says Joe Biden was involved, another says he wasn’t. Meanwhile, Trump has had a Chinese bank account and also explored Chinese business deals. The source of the email is a bunch of pro-Trump partisans, one of whom is known to have been associating recently with a Russian agent.
      – His son, Hunter, is a scumbag who cashed in on his last name, and he flew on Joe Biden’s government airplane when his father was Vice President. Meanwhile, several of Trump’s family members are semi-officially acting as members of his administration and his campaign at the same time.

      1. Got youre such a fucking leftist hack.

        The emails about deals go back to 2012. Many of hunters deals go back to straight out of college with MBNA.

        Youre such a dishonest person Jeff.

        1. Not a leftist, a libertarian who will be voting for Jorgensen.

          Hunter Biden isn’t running for President. The email that allegedly mentions Joe Biden as “the big guy” is from 2017.

          1. “Not a leftist”

            You just play one on!

          2. Hunter Biden got millions of dollars for no obvious reason other than his name.

            Is it legal to bribe officials indirectly by writing checks to their kids?

            Reminds me of Clinton’s defense that it’s not a bribe if the business venture fails.

            1. It does indeed seem to be legal to bribe indirectly.

              1. Nope.

                1. OK, cite the law that was broken.

          3. Ah, I see. 2017. Ancient history then.

            1. For it to be an abuse of office on Biden’s part, someone would have to prove he used his office, while he was in office, to arrange the business deal.

              That may be the case, but there’s no evidence.

              1. No actually there is plenty of evidence.

                1. Such as?

      2. Oh. And please tell the class how an unsecured, forgivable loan arranged by China starting in 2015 is no big deal.

        1. It is a big deal, but not at the level of catching Joe Biden red handed. The loan was offered to Hunter Biden’s business venture. Joe Biden has no proven association with that venture.

          Joe and Hunter Biden are separate people. I’m not sure you’ve got that figured out. When Hunter did stuff, that stuff doesn’t stick to the guy who is actually running for President, unless someone comes up with more evidence.

          1. TWK…There are two options here.

            One: Quid Pro Joe was so gullible, he was totally unaware his crackhead son, or his brother were cashing in on the ‘Biden Brand’.

            Two: Quid Pro Joe was aware his crackhead son Hunter, and his brother, were both cashing in on the ‘Biden Brand’.

            Maybe you can tell me…which of those are ‘Ok’ by you?

            I maintain that both are pretty fucking bad. The way the Biden’s went about profiting, using the financial vehicles that they did shows highly unethical motive.

            PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

            1. Neither is OK with me. But we are talking about lack of ethics and honesty.

              Nothing illegal can be pinned on Joe Biden at this point, so, for example, Trump’s anger at Barr and the FBI for not rushing to prosecute Joe before the election is unreasonable.

              And JesseAz and other pro-Trump partisans doing a victory lap is premature.

              1. “Nothing illegal can be pinned on Joe Biden at this point,”

                But you still think Trump offered a quod pro quo lololoo

                1. He did. There was even a transcript of him doing it.

                  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA





                    “NOTHING ILLEGAL”


                    QUID PRO QUO 100% LOLOLOOLOL

                    1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

                  2. The White Knight
                    October.24.2020 at 1:46 pm
                    He did. There was even a transcript of him doing it

                    There’s video of Biden admitting he interfered in an investigation while Vice-President.

              2. But we are talking about lack of ethics and honesty.

                Which is ok with you? For a government agent? FFS, when I was working for the government my ass could have been handed to me for accepting a gift worth $25 dollars and the mantra was ‘perception is reality’ when it comes to misconduct.

                Different rules for your elite, I guess.

                1. It’s not OK with me, but I already was not voting for Joe Biden and I have never been a Joe Biden supporter.

                  1. Barring all the support you give him here of course.

                    See that’s the thing. You stupidly think you can play “correct the record” by stating your biased opinon then simultaneously claim not to care.

                    1. Dee’s a leftist that lies about being a leftist.

                    2. Learn about Venn diagrams and set theory, then come back and we will talk.

                    3. Why are you telling us your agenda?

            2. Question, lets suppose option 2, Joe was aware his family, or son in particular, was cashing in on his name.
              First, there is no way Joe could have stopped him other than asking Hunter to change his last name.
              Second, are you saying that the Trump organization doesn’t cash in on Trump’s name? They are separate entities right? I mean, as Trump organization goes after buildings in Moscow, Trump, the President is dealing with the shit storm that is Russia. I mean, Trump wouldn’t have soft spot for Putin would he?

              Trump’s lack of leadership abilities is reason enough to dump him.

              1. “First, there is no way Joe could have stopped him”

                This is moronic.

              2. You don’t cash in on your last name unless you have something concrete to offer.

                That something was access to Biden. Access where Biden would do the thing you wanted done. You talked to Hunter, Hunter talked to Joe, things got arranged.

                If all Hunter had to offer was the Biden name then no one would pay attention to him.

                1. Secondly there is a way Joe could have stopped him – stop working with him to the benefit of Hunter’s contacts and stop taking payment for that work.

            3. Biden didn’t even know Hunter flew to these countries on Air Force 2 with him! He snuck on the plane!

              1. Yes, but it’s okay because they probably didn’t sit together or something.

          2. “ Joe Biden has no proven association with that venture.”

            Isn’t that the whole point of delegating to your son?

      3. “The White Knight
        October.24.2020 at 11:15 am
        Joe Biden might be corrupt as fuck, but here’s the current weak case to prove it”

        What kind of blithering fucking idiot thinks a man survived 5 decades in politics uncorrupted?


        1. There’s a difference between a politician’s being corrupt, and being able to successfully catch him doing something illegal.

          1. I see you avoided the question.

            1. She does that a lot.

          2. Sure. But we don’t have to catch him doing something illegal.

            We just have to *think* he’s corrupt.

            That, by itself, is justification enough for not re-electing him and kicking him out of government.

            If I have someone working for me who I *think* is stealing, I don’t wait until I have concrete proof and turn him into the cops. I simply let him go.

            1. “If I have someone working for me who I *think* is stealing, I don’t wait until I have concrete proof and turn him into the cops. I simply let him go.”

              Wow that’s dumb. In this scenario, maybe your fears of theft are correct, but the person you think did it didn’t.

              Consequence: you lose an employee you can trust while keeping an employee you cannot. And of course, the stealing doesn’t stop.

              1. But I can’t trust the employee – because I think he’s stealing.

      4. Well, there was the whole – while in office, mind you – deal where he openly brags about using his influence to get a foreign prosecutor fired. Which just so happened to benefit a foreign company. A foreign company that his son – with no relevant industry experience – sits on the board of.

        1. There’s also video of Hunter admitting that his last name helps him get all these jobs.

          1. No doubt. That is unethical, but apparently he and Joe skirted breaking any laws.

            1. Still harder lefty.

              1. Shill. Ducking autocorrect.

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        2. He has a cover story that has some credibility: getting rid of the prosecutor was US policy and backed by allies. That doesn’t mean, of course, that it didn’t work out that it benefited his son, too.

          1. Oh my fucking goodness what a reach.

            You’re becoming your own parody.

  8. “Making sure money goes only to the truly needy requires rules and red tape that ultimately slow down the process”

    If slowing down the process removes all fraud we could just give government workers unlimited vacations and allow drinking on the job. Ultimately cheaper than adding additional departments to support new regulations.

    Or just accept that if you give out money to people then there are those who will take advantage. At least the DOJ seems to be handling these particular cases quickly. In other places, like the USDA, (i know someone who works there) people get away with it for years and they don’t even investigate cases of fraud under something like a quarter of a million

    1. Also, I’m hopping on the Biden is a crook bandwagon. Because he is a crook.

      1. Indeed, the crooked allow their kids to trade on their political position, the truly honest fellows give their kids jobs in their administration.

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        2. Jobs in the administration allow for oversight.

  9. Just two more days until we have what is very likely to be our first truly solid pro – U.S. Constitution Supreme Court in generations.

    I’m quite excited about this, to see what that will be like for the first time in my lifetime. Let’s get ready to get work on really rolling back Big State!

    1. “Let’s get ready to get work on really rolling back Big State!”

      Indeed! I hope they start with huge defense budgets, bailouts to farmers, e-verify, locking up thousands in concentration camps, etc., right?

      1. Concentration camps?

        1. “Concentration camps” is a fair label for how illegal immigrants have been being held. Loaded terminology, but not inaccurate.

          1. And he’s also literally Hitler lololololol

            1. Well, the “concentration camps” date back to the Obama administration, so that would mean both Obama and Trump are literally Hitler. Maybe like a two-headed Hitler like in that Rosey Greer movie.


          2. ““Concentration camps” is a fair label”

            Is it now?

            Under what circumstances is someone detained in these camps? Are they rounded up from their homes, like the Japanese Americans or Jewish Germans?

            Are they forced to stay in these “camps” with no hope of exit until a war is over, or they are liberated/killed, as in the case of Japanese or Jewish concentration camps? Or unlike such camps, do the detainees always have options to get out?

            You always seem keen to pick semantics over the hyperbole of the Trumpers. Let’s see if your maybe you are being a bit hyperbolic here. Because as near as I can tell, if immigration detention centers can be called Concentration Camps, then so can any prison or refugee camp, for that matter.

            1. Who built the cells????? lol… 🙂

              1. excuse me; the cages!!!

            2. “Concentration camp” was not my wording (see above). I just said it was accurate, but “loaded”.


                1. “Fake”? I said “accurate” but “loaded”.

          3. Wholly inaccurate…see Overt’s post above.

        2. Forget it Jake, it’s Block Yomomma town.

        3. public schools

      2. It was the Democrats that locked people up in concentration camps in the US.

    2. If Barret counts toward that, it would be only 3, including Gorsuch and Thomas.

    3. Keeping in mind that true originalists don’t see a “right to privacy” in the bill of rights.

      How about fundamental rights:
      Yep, more “Morse v. Frederick” (The “Bong hits for Jesus” case).

      We will have law and order… mostly order…. for sure.

      1. Keeping in mind that youre wrong, and true originalists see privacy in the 4th.

      2. I prefer some semblance of order to terroristic riots and blood running in the streets. Sue me.

      3. “secure in their persons” without a ‘warrant’ is the key. But as it is with ALL supposed ‘rights’ they never were and never will be *personal entitlements* but instead ‘restrictions’ on our government that correlates to lines the government isn’t allowed to cross.

  10. Lamborghini Urus

    Never heard of it. Looked it up. Sad.

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  12. One more element of Trump administration failure and corruption to be cleaned up beginning in January.

    1. His second term is going to be great just like the first. The left is finally going to be destroyed permanently.

      1. Yep, the world is so much better now.
        Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, hell, how about Europe or any of the other continents, how’s our relationships going?

        Oh, you mean domestically.
        In recent years, has our country been more divided? I’ll give you that Bush and Obama were divisive, but nothing like tRump. Hell, even Bush doesn’t like him.
        Republicans talking about armed conflict, domestically should their savior tRump, loose the election…

        Yep, real improvement.
        tRump is not a leader, never will be.

        1. “Yep, the world is so much better now.”

          It is. And frankly, I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t because we don’t elect a Preaident of the world.

          “Oh, you mean domestically.
          In recent years, has our country been more divided?”

          You decided to go to war with half the country because you lost but it is someone else’s fault, go with that.

          1. Interesting podcast I listened to the other day. Talked about internal and external focus of control. “But it’s not my fault” is external focus of control. And stereotypically it’s much more prevalent on the Left. Internal focus of control means individuals take responsibility for their own situation. Does NOT mean external factors don’t affect them, they just take responsibility for their own situation, regardless of how “unfair” it is.

            But Trump has dialed into the external focused conservatives. Even with four years on power, two of which had the GOP in control of Congress, Trump is still blaming other people, and his base is eating up. That’s the real secret to the Trump supporter, what makes them different from other conservatives. The typical conservative will still vote Trump because the other guy is a bozo, but only the Trump supporter thinks he is striking a blow at the people who done him wrong, that Trump will take responsibility for everything so he doesn’t have to.

            1. And now we get the prog sockpuppet once again blaming other people for the cities his crew burned down, then doing stupid amateur psychology.

            2. ANTIFA is comprised of conservatives?

            3. Brandybuck, blithering idiot.

              Your takes are consistently stupid.

    2. I almost want Biden to win just to see your followup. Everyone else knows Joe Biden is a crook — what will you do when he proves it?

    3. So many failures. Like muslim nations and Israel continuing to make normalization. When Kerry proclaimed it impossible.

      1. With advanced U.S. fighter jets thrown in as a sweetener of the deal for the Muslim nations.

        1. You misspelled Muslim dictators. I doubt we’re making peace with the people.

          1. Would you or wouldn’t make an alliance with Stalin to defeat the Nazis?

            1. There are alliances of convenience, and then their is fawning over every tinpot dictator that comes along.

              If Trump were around in WWII, he would be saying how Stalin is terrific, a great leader, a strong leader, people respect Stalin because of his strength, a terrific strength, he is proud to be Stalin’s friend.

              If Trump were a journalist he would be Walter Duranty.

              1. Lololol shill harder prog!

                1. Obama literally bowed to the Saudi king and gave billions to the Mullahs, but somehow Trump “is fawning over every tinpot dictator”.

                  These guys literally don’t think before they write.

              2. I think bringing an alliance between Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, QATAR and Israel together–and letting U.S. defense contractors send them a tremendous amount of military hardware–has a definite purpose, and that is so that they will defend themselves against Iran so we don’t have to.

                The alternative to making nice with vicious dictators in the region is not peace with Iran. The alternative to making nice with vicious dictators in the region is a U.S. led war with Iran.

                Meanwhile, Trump did nothing when Iran targeted the shipping of our allies through the Strait of Hormuz.

                Meanwhile, Trump did nothing when the Iran targeted our ally’s Saudi oil production facilities through their proxies.

                Meanwhile, Trump withdrew our forces from out of harm’s way when Turkey invaded Syria to come after our Kurdish allies.

                The only time he struck back was when the Iranians targeted Americans.

                This has made it obvious to Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, that the United States won’t protect them from Iranian aggression–so long as the Iranians don’t target Americans. And that message was sent on purpose. It meant that if they wanted security against Iranian aggression, they better make alliances with others in the region who share their concerns about Iran–and that meant Israel.

                Now, we won’t be the primary guarantor of security in the region for long, and we may not be the primary threat for war with Iran either. Trump has relieved us of both of those burdens by maintaining friendly relations with those vicious dictators–dictators who would have been in charge of those countries regardless of whether Trump was friendly with them–and you want to fault him for that?

                If getting the United States out of the responsibility for the security of the Middle East requires us to shake hands with vicious dictators, then anybody who refuses to shake hands with vicious dictators is either too much of a neocon ideologue or too irresponsible to be the President of the United States. Cancel culture has no place in foreign policy.

                1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

                2. P.S. How do you propose we get out of Afghanistan without shaking hands with the Taliban?

                  Or in your world, do we have to stay there forever because it’s never okay to shake hands and call it a day?

                  Or maybe you think we have no responsibility for what happens after we leave, and Trump shouldn’t even have tried to bring peace to Afghanistan beforehand?

                  I can’t think of a reasonable or rational explanation for why someone would both say that it’s wrong to shake hands with vicious dictators and say that we should withdraw from Afghanistan.

          2. Fair enough.

        2. Lol FIGHTER JETS!

          You know WK knows Trump won big with this one.

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          2. After the beating Dee took yesterday, I’m surprised she didn’t take the day off from posting her gibberish.

            1. I’m no aware of having taken any beatings.

              1. That’s because you lack insight. Believe me, you embarrassed yourself Dee.

              2. Lol, okay.

          3. Are you saying the UAE is not getting nice, shiny F-35s as part of these normalization deals?

            1. Haha you’re dumb.

              1. God he’s so dumb lolol

        3. With advanced U.S. fighter jets thrown in as a sweetener of the deal for the Muslim nations.

          Explain why you thonk this is a problem, if you do (you are unclear) because I don’t.

          1. Honestly, I think it’s a mixture of cancel culture mentality and Bush Jr./Obama era neoconservative thinking.

            Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would never work with Putin to destroy ISIS in Syria–because Putin is a bad man who opposes gay marriage. That’s part of what Trump was talking about when he was talking about America first. I feel for the LGBT of Moscow, but if working with Putin is the best interests of American security, we should work with Putin anyway.

            George W. Bush and his neoconservative friends wouldn’t make nice with vicious dictators unless it was absolutely necessary for economic or other reasons–and that’s because they thought the rest of the world would only want to be democratic and free like America if we set an example for them and refused to consort with the vicious thugs that created the kinds of terrorist movements we were fighting in the first place.

            Trump has made a laughing stock of both their houses with his Reagan era and Bush Sr. era realism and pragmatism, unifying our allies against Iran and together in peace like no one has seen since Bush Sr. led a coalition of Arab states together against Iraqi aggression, even while Saddam Hussein was lobbing SCUD missiles at Israel. I didn’t think I’d ever see a feat of diplomacy like that again in my lifetime–and then Trump happened.

            I’ll criticize Trump for his immigration and trade policies as fast as anybody, but for goodness’ sake, he deserves a tremendous amount of credit for his foreign policy. If Biden wins, we can only hope he won’t undo it.

            1. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump actually *deserves* one.

              PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF.

              1. Trump regularly announces his victories before they are a done deal, such as the Sudan deal which isn’t yet approved by their legislature. And CACLLs eagerly give him credit for things half done.

                1. Why do you hate Canadian children?


                  1. Because he’s a douchebag.

                2. The White Knight
                  October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

                  It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it..

                  1. Yup! That I did!

    4. “One more element of Trump administration failure”
      — The law written 87% by Democratic Politicians ans 100% supported
      — The same law-premise that the Democrats are filibustering right now; not because they don’t support it; because it’s not BIG ENOUGH…

      As such; I see your Anti-Trump crusade as nothing but an argument for the sake of targeted defamation. Leftism at it’s finest.

  13. The Daily Mail had a story today on the Strand Bookstore owner in New York, who got 1 million in PPP funds but still laid off workers, and bought 115K in Amazon stock.

    And oh, her husband is Senator Wyden.

    1. That may be the best use of that money from an economic perspective.

      I’d rather we just kept our own money than have the government spend it, and that’s the irony that’s getting lost here.

      The problem being described here is people spending money the way they want instead of doing what the government wants them to do. We could achieve the same thing by slashing the spending and the taxes. Taxes and spending are the problem, however, rather than people spending the money they get the way they want.

      Doing something stupid like keeping people on the payroll for a while longer when it’s smarter to lay them off and buy stock in the business that was putting you under before the pandemic anyway–that might very well be the smart thing to do with that money. . . . smarter for the economy than what the government wanted him to do with it.

      The idea of Keynesian stimulus is that if you take money away from people and businesses and give it to the government to spend, the government will spend every bit of it instead of saving it like people and businesses will do in a crisis. One of the problems with that is that all spending is not created equal, and the government will spend it in ways that get them reelected rather than do what’s in the best interests of businesses and consumers.

      This may be stimulus in a descriptive sense, but the government giving businesses money to spend is the opposite of Keynesian stimulus. It’s better to take the money out of the government’s hands and give it to businesses to spend than it is for the government to squander it. Businesses and consumers spending money as they see fit is better than central planning even if both of them are inferior to cutting taxes and spending.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    2. Senator Wyden is a Democrat, which is a reminder this boondoggle was a bi-partisan, “both sides of the aisle” effort.

  14. > Turns out some of the federal government’s PPP loans ended up going to people who didn’t need them quite as badly.

    Is there anyone awake who is surprised by this? Well other than the woke Lefties?

    1. “woke Lefties?”

      You misspelled “people Brandybuck agrees with politically”

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  16. These purchases, needless to say, were not what Congress had in mind

    Were they not? I mean, it was easily foreseeable that any program giving other people’s money away on short notice would be rife with fraud.

    I no longer consider easily foreseeable consequences to be unintended.

    1. 97% of cases brought by federal prosecutors are plea bargained. They only go after people who cannot afford a defense. This is why corrupt politicians like Pelosi, Biden, Clinton, Schumer et al cannot be brought to justice. No prosecutor wants to get in a courtroom against the millions these corruptocrats can spend to defend themselves. It is no wonder that many feel they can commit fraud because they know the punishment won’t be severe or they can defend against it.

    2. “I no longer consider easily foreseeable consequences to be unintended.”

      Agreed. We need a new term that describes these types of consequences as not only obviously foreseeable, but also describing those who openly refused to see reality as the idiots they are.

      I’ve tried to think of something, but thus far have failed….

    3. Not spending the bucks on maintaining non-working employees on the payroll just means the loan is not eligible to be forgiven.
      If these “crooks” repay the loan, it’s all good.

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  20. Every-time there’s a CARES act or Farm Subsidies story the lefty-cheerleaders show up in full Anti-Trump mode *pretending* their Democratic politicians hasn’t been cheerleaders (and general the very writers) of the CARES act and Farm Subsidies. Only that there wasn’t enough [R]-votes to stop their own destructive legislation.

    Truly and entirely blinded by leftism.

  21. If a business was to close due to temporary closure they DESERVE to go out of business not deserve to STEAL from someone else. Part of being a responsible business is saving for liability overhead and deciding if borrowing (from a bank) WILL be in the best interest.


    In today’s UN-Constitutional mob-ruled government; the decision becomes THEFT which is CRIMINAL.

    1. Same goes for farming — If one “invests” all their money in a crop of wheat and the wheat market collapses that is just PART OF the nature of supply and demand; it doesn’t entitle one to go STEAL.

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  26. I’m shocked that big government bailouts are abused, SHOCKED!

    Gee Reason lets lockdown harder rather then just letting everyone open up. More bailouts!

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