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Mark Meadows: 'We're Not Going To Control the Pandemic'

Plus: Libertarian mayor cancels speeding tickets, businesses don't fear Biden presidency, Senate prepares to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, and more...


With just over a week to go until Election Day, is the Trump administration signaling its surrender to COVID-19? "We're not going to control the pandemic," White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday. Instead, Meadows said, the administration will "control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas."

Of course, the White House does not control how soon a vaccine will be developed. But the administration does seem committed to its message of nonchalance about a disease that has killed more than 225,000 Americans already. Meanwhile, the coronavirus has again penetrated the executive branch's inner circles: Five of Vice President Mike Pence's aides, including his own chief of staff, have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days—but the veep (who tested negative on Sunday) hit the campaign trail for stops in Florida and North Carolina this weekend. Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease expert at George Mason University, told the Associated Press that Pence's plans to continue campaigning while the virus spreads among his close contacts is "grossly negligent."

Trump, meanwhile, continues to push the message that America is "rounding the corner" in its fight with the virus even as the number of infections has surged once more. More than 85,000 new cases were reported on Friday, breaking the single-day record set during the so-called "second wave" in mid-July.

Cases are also rising sharply in Europe, where several countries have implemented new restrictions on social gatherings. Ireland has already reimposed an economic lockdown in an attempt to bring the virus under control.

A more competent administration would be arguing against repeating that sort of economically destructive—and ultimately ineffective—strategy, and would instead use its bully pulpit to encourage people to take necessary precautions like wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings. Such mitigation strategies should be presented as alternatives to lockdowns that would help reduce transmission and protect the economy, not as concessions to the tyranny of public health experts.

Or maybe Santa Claus will deliver a vaccine, but that seems unlikely.


The Libertarian mayor of Plymouth, Ohio, has dismissed all speeding tickets thanks to an obscure and Ohio-specific arrangement in which mayors are allowed to serve as judges for traffic violations and other minor offenses. Mayor Cassaundra Fryman says she wants to abolish the "mayor's court" in Plymouth, but in the meantime she's putting the weird quasi-judicial power to good use.


Though he's running on promises to hike taxes and increase federal regulatory power, the prospect of a President Joe Biden isn't worrying businesses as much as you might expect.

"Credit that not to who Mr. Biden is, but who he isn't: Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, senators with a much more adversarial approach to business who lost to Mr. Biden in the Democratic primary, or President Trump, whose administration has been marked by economic-policy unpredictability," The Wall Street Journal reports.

Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, projects that the stock market will continue to climb even if Democrats sweep November's elections.


With just eight days remaining in the campaign, former vice president Joe Biden is in better shape than Hillary Clinton was four years ago.

But Trump still could win, even if the path is narrow.


  • The Senate is set to vote Monday to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. The 48-year-old judge will become the fifth women to serve on America's highest bench.
  • Health Secretary Alex Azar is reportedly pushing to fire Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), over Hahn's unwillingness to bend FDA rules for a potential COVID-19 vaccine.
  • "I view this department as one that probably never should have been stood up," says Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.
  • Sometimes democracy is pretty great:

CORRECTION: This post has been updated to correct an error in identifying Saskia Popescu.

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  1. With just over a week to go until Election Day, is the Trump administration signaling its surrender to COVID-19?

    The pandemic will be over in a week. They would be crazy.

    1. Hello.

      “Jake Tapper: “Why aren’t we going to get control of the pandemic?”

      Because we can’t. It’s a VIRUS that is ALREADY IN CIRCULATION.

      1. That’s the amusing part. “Look at all these countries that have limited the spread!” Yeah, because 1) they can implement social controls that would be impossible to execute here, 2) they aren’t dealing with a national obesity epidemic that gives the virus a rich field to harvest, and 3) the minute they lighten up and start letting people back in again, the virus is going to start hitting them full-force.

        Japan has kept their numbers down, but interestingly enough has implemented nowhere near the level of control the doomers wanted to implement, they’re far more hygenic and healthier than we are, and their contact tracing is completely different from what Fauci and Birx recommended for here–they only tracked symptomatic, not asymptomatic, cases, and thus they have a population that’s built up immunities from being exposed to milder strains.

        The fact that the virus is surging again in Europe shows that an open society is inevitably going to be playing defense, not offense, when it comes to combatting highly contagious illnesses.

        1. “they’re far more hygenic”

          Which includes having no social stigma about wearing masks to prevent the spread of germs.

            1. Poor bot.

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                2. Pretty sophisticated bot programming, huh?

                  1. award-deserving lol

                  2. We’re laughing at you not with you Dee.

                    1. That means I’m doing something right.

                    2. No it means you’re a joke.

          1. “Which includes having no social stigma about wearing masks to prevent the spread of germs.”

            Aw, did your mommy say it was OK to go out today?

          2. I see we’re going with begging the question here today.

            Feel free to cite studies prior to March of this year that showed wearing masks of any particular construction prevented the spread of viruses.

            1. Don’t see as how I need to do that since I didn’t advocate for mask mandates. My statement is commentary on the partisan war between Teams Blue and Red, which has politicized every little thing including whether someone should or should not wear a piece of cloth over their face. It has made us collectively stupid, and you CACLLs are happy participants in the stupidly fest as you demonstrate right here by trying to jump into some absolutist argument about masks.

              1. You’re desperately deflecting here.

                1. Not really. I’ll let De Oppresso argue with you.

                  For those of us who are not partisans, we can acknowledge that masks help a but are also not some magic bullet. Those of us who are not beholden to Team Red or Blue don’t need to hold some stupid extremist view on the issue.

                  1. Not really. I’ll let De Oppresso argue with you.

                    His own link didn’t even back it up.

                    For those of us who are not partisans, we can acknowledge that masks help a but are also not some magic bullet.

                    But that’s not what you said.

                    1. “His own link didn’t even back it up.”

                      Not my problem. Take it up with De Oppresso Liber.

                    2. “But that’s not what you said.”

                      Yup. I made a commentary on Japanese society vs. American society, and you have tried to turn that into an argument about masks. I’m not biting. Argue with someone else, who had a strong opinion on the subject.

                    3. Not my problem. Take it up with De Oppresso Liber.

                      Take it up with reality.

                      Yup. I made a commentary on Japanese society vs. American society, and you have tried to turn that into an argument about masks.

                      Which includes having no social stigma about wearing masks to prevent the spread of germs.

                  2. I’m not beholden to either team, and I will not acknowledge masks help at all until presented with sufficient *experimental* evidence that masks reduce viral transmission rate.

                    (The large body of experimental literature in the last 100 years on masks and viral transmission shows no effect at all).

            2. 2009 study.


              “We estimated that, irrespective of the assumed value for the incubation period (1 or 2 days), the relative reduction in the daily risk of acquiring a respiratory infection associated with adherent mask use (P2 or surgical) was in the range of 60%–80%.”

              1. We concluded that household use of masks is associated with low adherence and is ineffective in controlling seasonal ILI. If adherence were greater, mask use might reduce transmission during a severe influenza pandemic.

                Not exactly a hard endorsement, there.

                It also shows use in households, not in public settings and outdoors at large, which is what has been the narrative being pushed the last six months. Try again.

              2. This doesn’t exactly support your thesis, either:

                However, clinical trial data on the ability of face masks to reduce respiratory virus transmission in the community are limited to 1 published prospective trial, which showed lack of efficacy (12).


                1. That lack of real, actual data, over several decades of various pandemics and epidemics, is likely what led the New England Journal of Medicine to inadvertently admit that universal masking is useless for preventing community spread–because that prevention of transmission was only possible in limited, highly-contained and controlled settings where contingencies could be accounted for, and masks made of specific materials designed to limit viruses from passing through.

                  If any old mask was effective at preventing viral spread, hospitals wouldn’t be wasting money on N95 masks. It’s also why 70% of COVID patients have reported that they wore masks all the time–yet they still caught the coof.

                2. “However, clinical trial data on the ability of face masks to reduce respiratory virus transmission in the community are limited to 1 published prospective trial, which showed lack of efficacy (12).”


                  Every time someone tries to get experimental evidence, there’s no effect. Oh sure, their model predicts some fanciful result – meaningless until verified.

              3. Hahaha, Lying Jeffy’s done it again! Posted a link that doesn’t say what he says it does.

                1. Yeah, except chemjeff hasn’t been around for days, maybe weeks. Doesn’t stop you from employing the tired CACLL trope that all the commenters here who are critical of Trump are all the same person.

                  It’s a stupid trope, and betrays your lack of seriousness.

                  1. Shut the fuck up you squawking bird.

        2. I think Japan is making the same mistake that Blue states are making. This virus wont “go away” until everyone is exposed to it.

          You either die, get ill but recover, are asymptomatic, or not infected.

          How does this virus stick around when much of USA uses masks and stays away from others?

          We are all potential permanent carriers.

          1. >>You either die, get ill but recover, are asymptomatic, or not infected.


          2. New Zealand is making the biggest mistake, setting themselves up as a sitting duck.

          3. Japan is going to be in a much better position to handle future cases because they never bothered worrying about locking down asymptomatic people. The asymptomatic ones have already had a low-grade form of the virus and their chances of getting sick down the road are far less than someone who’s been sitting at home for the last six months with a vacuum bag over their head.

            1. They are also a lot less likely to catch other things as well. Sitting in quarantine will protect you from COVID, but everything else as well. Our immune systems require being exposed to things on a regular basis in order to stay strong. We get sick sometimes, but 99% of what enters your body does nothing except bolster an immune response.

              But if you avoid everything, your immune system ramps also deflates and you become vulnerable again. New teachers, parents with first kid in school, and front desk workers in doctors’ offices understand this very well, in that their first year, they get sick from things they haven’t encountered since they themselves were in school. Additionally, all one must do is take a look at what happened to Western natives when Europeans showed up with bacteria and viruses that they’d never encountered. The surest way to inactivate an immune response is to never use it.

              1. I’m really looking forward to New Zealand getting its shit pushed in by this thing when they open back up, and that rancid bitch Arden being caught completely flat-footed by it.

        3. I blame Trump’s lack of leadership for the new surge of cases in Europe.

      2. Nobody in the history of the world has ever stopped a respiratory pandemic virus – or even tried. This is the message that Trump should have been pumping out all along.

        The goal posts have been moved repeatedly since this thing first hit. At first the expectation was that we were going to have to live with it but take measures to keep from overwhelming the ICU’s. Now all the talk, or implications, is about actually stopping it, with or without a vaccine. The current proposed vaccines need to be transported from factory to syringe at -94 degrees F and nobody knows, if they even end up working, how long such immunity would last. Suppose it’s 3 months. How long could we, or would we, want to attempt to maintain a system of 4 times a year inoculations, possibly with a multi-shot regime each time, with something that has no shelf life in the real world?

        Meanwhile, Biden’s plan is to crawl into a hole and pull the opening in after you.

        1. Lunatic Lefties are throwing out 2022 before we can recover.

          Like those who survive rabies and have an irrational fear of water, Lefties have a fear of their Socialist tyranny being rejected.

        2. His message has been that Obama’s SARS performance was terrible. Trump set the standard which Trump failed to meet.

    2. unreason staff are so stupid. They cannot even understand basic American English.

      America also cannot “control” Flu and Colds each year.

      Kungflu will be with us at <1% death rate and <10% infection rates with masks, social distancing, and Lefty hysteria never changing that reality.

      220k Americans deaths while infected. Far less killed by the virus.
      650k American deaths from heart disease every year.

      1. Boehm is such a fucking tool. I mean, this guy is lame.

        1. Does Boehm normally do the Roundup on Monday?

          I wouldn’t notice, except I wonder if ENB using Twitter this weekend to take a crap on a decent chunk of Libertarians affected her status here?

          Probably wishful thinking. Especially as the Jacket chimed in later in that timeline with this,

          “I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is more fundamentally, deeply, profoundly libertarian–no modifiers needed or allowed–to her core than my colleague @ENBrown”

          Keep hemorrhaging readers, guys.

          1. Elizabeth Nolan Brown is Cruella DeVil.

            My new nickname for ENB: The Lesser Cruella

          2. You’re a racist!

          3. What happened?

            It’s ok. Looks like we’ll be hazing Eric.

          4. Ron Paul brought libertarians a wave of racist dingbats who like liberty in only a few areas, from which we are still digging ourselves out. Good the fuck riddance

            Ron Paul attracted a wave of socially and emotionally needy political children who liked to signal to their friends how hip they were by voting 3rd party. You’d think <5% of the popular vote and fewer electoral votes than Ron Paul, in a year he didn't run, would clue them in. Fortunately, this year and for the foreseeable future, they're more ignorable than Jill Stein. Good fucking riddance.

          5. I can tell you, ENB has done more to push Libertarians away from unreason.

            Libertarian ideals stand for themselves, which is why you can pick out non-Libertarians like ENB.

            She has no idea that you have Libertarians who are racist but dont want government to have racist policies like Democrats. Because its a personal opinion.

            Plus, ENB supports Democrats who are literally the Party of slavery. Her opinion of who is racist needs a bunch of work.

            1. Reason used to have racist cranks like Sheldon Richman writing for them, who were still more Libertarian than ENB. Incredible she castigates anyone else’s limited view of Liberty; for her it begins with selling pussy and ends with killing the baby

            2. That’s what bothered me so much about her remark.

              Libertarians accept the fact that you can’t legislate people’s feelings. That you have every right to be a racist. Hate in and of itself is not an act of aggression. It’s an opinion, a FEELING. Now, you want to petition government to enact racist policies? That’s another story.

          6. See You Next Tuesday, Liz

        2. At least he’s actually out digging up stories to post rather than just copy/pasting his Twitter feed. Be grateful for small blessings.

          1. He’s digging in the DNC’s garden, but you’re right: baby steps.

      2. That he trotted that out says a lot I’m afraid.

        And we all know the figure is over stated.

        In any event, it’s a trailing stat. Moving forward the IFR is clearly acting in line with the flu more and more.

        In effect, Eric is saying because it killed 220k people, we have to continue these measures regardless of trade-offs because 220k and maybe another 220k are on the way.

        Meadows is trying to jolt people back into fricken reality but Eric wants people in masks because he actually believes it ‘stops the spread’ and probably thinks it ‘saves lives and businesses’.

        Has he bothered to look at the graphs of places who have had mask mandates in place? Infection rates tend to go up and there’s a very good scientifically sound reason for that as in Kroop’s article from AIER below I linked to explains.

        Plus masks keep people in fear. Viruses don’t give a shit about policies or Eric. They’re fricken 1.5 BILLION years old. How people think a stupid mask SEVEN MONTHS IN works blows my mind.

        Quebec – who is also led by a bunch of buffoons now talking about third waves – you know – to continue they’re cruel and unusual measures – peddled a mask mandate on July 18. Rates have shot up. And lemme tell ya, with us entering the peak of flu season (unusually low so far according to Health Canada) and people heading out to shop for Christmas in malls all masked up this is a disaster waiting to happen. Either the government keeps that lie going or they will shut down.

        Try and tell me Eric the current prevailing actions are remotely rooted in any kind of science. At the moment public health technocrats deny herd immunity is even real. Sounds like a bunch of Creationists are in control.

        Put on your fucken big boy pants already people.

        It’s preposterously absurd.

    3. Odd that a libertarian would suggest that a government could anything if it just tried hard enough. Failure only means that there are not enough restrictions on behavior?
      What if an administration tried to eliminate the many deaths caused by falling through behavioral regulations along with a program to eliminate gravity?

    4. It’s not surrender, it’s accepting reality. We aren’t going to control the pandemic. We may modify its course a little bit, but at this point it’s pretty clear that it is not remotely possible to contain or eliminate the virus. It’s fucking absurd to try to pretend otherwise.

      1. We weren’t going to contain it to begin with (a sentiment I believe you shared). The instant we found out there were asymptomatic carriers and no test, containment at a national or global level was a myth.

        1. The diamond Princess cruise proved that Kungflu has a 10% infection rate and <1% death rate even when people have multiple morbidities.

          1. We knew that in January/February 2020.

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        2. No, I never thought it was containable. I might have forgiven people for thinking it might be at the beginning of march.

          1. I give anyone grace for any opinion till about the end of April, particularly with what the media and CDC was selling, which was a frenzied fear of the unknown and the idea that this was some kind of alien invasion that could wipe out humanity.

            AIDS was about the same way for anyone who remembers, particularly when you first heard that it crossed over out of the homo community and heteros could get it too. All bets were off and people were avoiding public toilets and bathing in DEET.

            Then to top it off, you hear Fauci tell everyone that he purposely lied about masks because he didn’t want people using up the inventory, saying it wasn’t contagious to humans, and that two weeks of national shutdown would solve the problem. Shit…. when you have your trusted expert lying to the public and/or being that wrong, the credibility is gone.

  2. “Because it is a contagious virus”

    And after months of claiming it wasn’t contagious!

    1. “Two weeks to flatten the curve”

      1. I was assured by unreason propagandists and their MSM cohorts that nuking the economy, masks, and social distancing were the best move.

        Luckily, Trump being reelected means that more and more Americans dont agree with Democrat hysteria.

    2. It’s not surrender. It’s cynical fatalism. The same opinion I’ve had since the beginning. You ARE going to get it. Just like measles fifty years ago. Until there is a viable vaccine, these lockdowns and masks are just delaying the inevitable. This is the truth.

      Flattening the curve was a good idea initially. However, the Democrats are arguing now that we will have to stay locked down until we have full vaccination. This ignores the reality that a vaccine might not even be possible and could take years to develop.

      1. “However, the Democrats are arguing now that we will have to stay locked down until we have full vaccination.”

        Or until Biden/Harris wins. You’ll be amazed at how fast this crisis goes away then.

        1. Actually it will probably get worse if they take all three branches. Small business owners, that are no longer allies of the National Socialist Party…I mean Democrat Party and other industries that do not support them in mass will feel their wrath. They will use Corona/Wuhan as an excuse to make draconian regulations that go after these groups, and they will no longer have the Trump DOJ to protect them.

        2. Well, you cant have Americans not working to pay those higher Biden/Green New Deal taxes.

          1. You can for awhile. And so long as they can keep printing money and promising people won’t starve if you vote for me, many if not most will capitulate.

            There are many roads to absolute power, but the best is to create or sell an imagined a crisis and promise that government will save the day. And that is exactly how we got FDR’s New Deal, most of our Cabinet departments, ACA, and how they are pushing the entire left platform of “Deals”.

            Once you put the federal government in charge of doling out the cash and preventing collapse, you aren’t going to sell economic independence ever again. And this is how since at least 1980, Dems have been scaring old people that the Reps will take it all away and they’ll die.

      2. Until there is a viable vaccine, these lockdowns and masks are just delaying the inevitable. This is the truth

        It’s not even delaying the inevitable, really. 70% of the people who have gotten sick reported that they wore masks all the time, another 10% said they wore masks most of the time. Note, though, that the media only reports on those who didn’t wear it and got sick. Even though young people are FAR more likely to get over this fairly easily and not die from it, they’re focusing on the marginal cases where young people did die in order to keep the free-floating anxiety churning. They’re deliberately pushing a narrative that not wearing a mask will kill you and everyone around you, even though the statistical evidence says otherwise.

        If the face diapers were as effective as Fauci and the technocratic class was claiming, those numbers would be reversed because people who didn’t wear them at all would be FAR more likely to catch it, and die from it. But that’s not what happened. So the Democrats and the media are resorting to furiously denying reality, because they think they’re going to get electoral advantage from it.

        1. “So the Democrats and the media are resorting to furiously denying reality, because they think they’re going to get electoral advantage from it.”

          Well, they have been, haven’t they? Why change now?

          I never, ever thought I’d see Governors willing to nuke their own states’ economies, for months on end, just to increase the chances of voting out the President from another party. And it’s got a damned good shot of working!

          1. We’ll know for sure if Fauci comes out in February saying, “Wearing a mask all the time is more likely to get you sick. We’ll get through this quicker if we focus on symptomatic rather than asymptomatic cases and testing everyone under the sun, because the latter have developed immunities and treating them is a waste of resources for those who actually need it.”

        2. 50% of those hospitalized in New York were already staying home too, and 83% weren’t working.

        3. The only thing I can say to that is one meaningful counterpoint: people lie. They especially lie about embarrassing things.

          I think it was SuperFreakonomics that covered this in relation to seat belts. Gross analysis of accident statistics found seat belts were almost completely ineffective at stopping child injuries. However, crash tests found seat belts were extremely effective. The most likely source of the difference was that people were lying. “Of Course” the child was seat belted in the crash.

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  4. Apple rolling out gender-neutral Santa Claus


    1. The big day is here, little bitch! In just a few short hours, Amy Coney Barrett will officially be an associate justice of our beloved United States Supreme Court!!

      I hope the whole lot of you: you, Pedo Jeffy, Chony, sarcasmic, Welchie Boy, Goth Fonzie Wop, Mango, Lizzie the Lezzie, MacAdoodle, Rico Soave, Dipshit Scumbagetta, Bailey, Ciaramella, all the rest of the little junior grade Obama mommas are all well greased up and ready to get that ginormous ‘L’ rammed right up your big fat asses!!!

      1. Just wait until Trump gets to replace Breyer and Thomas on the SOCTUS.

        The tears are glorious!

      2. What’s going to happen to you next week when the Con Man gets his shriveled little mushroom dick handed to him by an addle-brained older man and his dizzy sidekick? Are you going to go back into your mom’s basement for the rest of the year?

        And don’t insult ENB. She is a better man than you can ever be.

        1. More of dildo’s obsession with Trump’s penis.


        2. Shes too old for you.

    2. Santa is a jolly old elf, not a jolly old dwarf.

    3. The only way the mullet-groom emoji could possibly be any Poe’s Law self-parodying is if the tux were printed on a t-shirt.

    4. Gender neutral Santa is a perfect liberal mascot

      1. Also, a decent band name

    5. Did anyone tell Mrs. Claus?


    Ron Paul brought libertarians a wave of racist dingbats who like liberty in only a few areas, from which we are still digging ourselves out. Good the fuck riddance

    Creep crying about this assholes. Your growing irrelevance is delicious to the rest of us ????


      I’ll throw Murray Rothbard in here, too, who influenced Ron Paul. My father worked with him and thought be had some lousy instincts.


        I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is more fundamentally, deeply, profoundly libertarian–no modifiers needed or allowed–to her core than my colleague
        Quote Tweet

        1. Well they certainly aren’t doing a very good job of demonstrating any of that supposed libertarianism.

          1. Not if, like the CACLLs here, what you desire is Trumpist nationalism dressed up in libertarian clothing.

            1. White Knight continues his hateful crusade against Canadian children. You’re a special kind of sick, Dee.


              1. Yup, despise them Canadians, with all that politeness and sense of humor.

            2. America is the best nation in the World. Libertarians should want to protect that by regulating who enters the USA.

              Non-Americans allow their Socialist nations to be fucked up and then want to fuck up America with Socialism.

              1. Cubans on line 1 for Mr. Lovecon.

              2. Eastern Europeans on line #2 …

                Seems to me majority of immigrants that flee socialism don’t want it and understand it’s evil nature better than most.

                1. Your citations fell off.

                  I have American demographics on my side.

                  Guess which states have huge 1st Generation populations and are Blue states (Socialist states)?

                  Guess which states have 2nd/3rd Generations from Socialist states and are Red states?

                  1. Oh, god. This moronic, shaky nationalist, racist argument again.

                    Go ahead and cite your “data”. I remember when Geraje posted those half-asser statistics that “prove” that brown-skinner Latino immigrants are all hankering for American socialism.

                    1. Can you post without using lazy, insulting, dehumanizing buzzwords like racist, nationalist, misogynist etc to describe anyone who disagrees with you? Or stupid made up tribalist acronyms? Because if so, you haven’t demonstrated that ability on several weeks.

                    2. If someone calls a female member of the Reason staff a “cunt” I’m going to call them out for being misogynistic.

                    3. Oh but if they call a male staff member a cuny 9r cuckold that is not misogynist. So because she is female they can’t insult her? Did you entertain the idea that calling her a cuny had nothing to do with them hating women and nothing to do with them hating women? And just with their opinion she is a cunt and that if she were male they would use the same insult?
                      Sorry but all you do now is post buzzwords to demonize anyone who disagrees with you. You try to shame them into silence, you have done this to me recently as well. It demonstrates nothing but a dehumanizing tribalism which you pretend to be opposed to hit seem all to willing to embrace.

                    4. She’s nothing but a squawking bird named Dee, and should be treated as such, Soldier.

                    5. No, SM, no he can’t.

                      I don’t know why you all engage with White Seagull. It’s only purpose is to squawk, and shit all over threads.

                    6. You are a better person than me, and an example of how people should behave here.

                      I would appreciate it if you would equally speak out against the behavior of JesseAz, R Mac, Nardz, Sevo, and others. I would gladly stop acting like an ass if they would, too.

                    7. “It’s only purpose is to squawk, and shit all over threads.”

                      That is a side effect. White Knight’s purpose is to poke holes in the bubble that is the conservative commenter echo chamber, and daily “unreason” bitchfest.

                    8. I have called them out, as they will all tell you and have argued with them without insulting them. and did you ever stop to think that their criticism of you is because your criticism is always one sided while you pretend to be neutral? And that you are at least partially guilty of what they accused you of?

                    9. “I would gladly stop acting like an ass if they would, too.”

                      White Knight has no agency and his behavior is controlled by others.

            3. You make an excellent point. I think that Ron Paul is definitely best known for his embrace of “Trumpian Nationalism”.

        2. If that were true, Nick wouldn’t have to say it, especially like that.

        3. Says more about reason than it does libertarianism.

        4. Nothing says totally libertarian like having somebody be required to verify that somebody HAS libertarian credentials.

          …then again, with this site, Stossel is the only one I buy as actually being libertarian.

          1. I’ve read many of the writers here, pre-Koch, and I don’t doubt their ability to write knowledgeably about Libertarian issues. I also think they know who signs their checks.

            Soave had a decent interview of Betsy deVos this weekend.

            1. I’ll keep saying it, for as much shit as Robby Goodhair gets in these comments for his equivocations, he’s clearly the best investigative reporter they have on staff by a country mile. Unlike most people in the career field at large, he doesn’t let the social media mob drive his stories, he actually examines the evidence and talks to people, and doesn’t let his preconceptions determine the story.

              Most of the Reason staff are commentary producers, not reporters. Nothing wrong with that, because it’s been that way for a long time. But when they have someone who does the work of actually digging into things, he should be credited for that. Balko was the same way before he went full woke-tard.

              1. Yes, Robby is one of the few remaining bright spots at Reason.

                1. Hes too damn inconsisitent and lazily falls back to the Both Sides false equivalence crutch waaaaay too often. But otherwise, yes

              2. Yeah I used to cringe when I saw Robby’s by line but now his articles are the first I read (after Stossel).
                And I notice fewer and fewer long term posters are defending Reason anymore. I’ve been reading Reason since 2003 and it amazes me to see long time posters being accused of being racist Trump Bots by people I’ve never seen post until recently.

            2. What do you mean pre-koch? The Kochs have been funding reason since the mid 80’s.

              1. But they haven’t gone overt with control since, when did CATO’s leadership get changed? Then.

                Maybe it’s because one of the brothers kicked it, and the other was a lot more open borders/zero US tariffs, and oh yeah, drug laws are kinda’ bad too?

                1. Koch signaled his total commitment to global socialism with the Soros partnership.

          2. Nancy Rommelman definitely has libertarian instincts and actually practices journalism.

            1. She’s also not a staffer of Reason. Technically, neither is Stossel. Soave is as close as they get, but he also bought that the Kavanaugh accusations were “credible”, so I will always have doubts about his intellect

              1. Dont forget unreason staffers supporting taking down historical war markers and statutes of prominent Americans.

                I was assured that Lefties would only take down the “racist” ones.

            2. It is sad when the guest writers are more libertarian than the editors of a libertarian magazine.

        5. Poor Nick, having to lie like that just because one of the kids keeps breaking the neighborhood windows and torturing all the dogs and cats.

      2. Murray Rothbard did a lot of damage, perhaps irreparable, to the Libertarian Party. More than anyone he promoted changing it from a practical political organization to a purist debating club.

        1. Rothbard identified the true nature of the state, as a gang of robbers and thieves, writ large. Can’t have that if you want to form some libertarian-leaning socialist not-so-minarchist state.

          1. Very grandiose. I remember when I was 17, walking around with a copy of “Atlas Shrugged”, and making grandiose libertarian purist pronouncements.

            1. Here’s my pronouncement: GFY

            2. “Libertarianism, how childish”

              No longer content to be a defender of her virtue, White Knight becomes ENB.

            3. Haha. Yeah. While making grandiose non libertarian pronouncements about higher taxes on the greedy rich at the same time, I’m sure.

              Oh man, now see, I didn’t even wanna do that. Everyone else piles on, you don’t need anymore, but you do draw that out.

              I’ll try to live with the guilt. Haha.

    2. I’ve said it quite a bit recently but ENB is a lying cunt. She just needs to admit she’s a leftitarian who only gives a shit about woke culture and prostitutes. She isn’t libertarian on any other major idea and just runs interferences for the left leaning side of the party to excuse the lefts authoritarian impulses.

      Her marriage to Vox is just the icing on the cake which she refuses to bake.

      1. Tell ENB to make you a sandwich…

        1. I’d rather just make it myself.

        2. I never found cunts make good sandwiches anyway.

          They always put too much passive aggressiveness on it.

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          2. Wonderful CACLL misogyny.

            1. We’ve used the same word against you and other leftist males. You don’t seem to understand it is gender neutral.

              1. Just ask your local Brit ex-pat.

                1. Dee is probably xenophobic towards Brits too.

                  1. Nah, love Brits!

                    1. But Brits love to call everyone Cunts. So they must all be misogynists right?

                    2. Haha Dee got owned again!

              2. Plain as day misogyny is plain as day misogyny no matter how much you try to spin it.

                1. I love women.

                  ENB is a cunt. She has earned the title.

                  Has nothing to do with thinking men are better than women.

                  Nearly everyone is better than ENB as a person. She is a true piece of shit.

                2. GFY, cunt

            2. “CACLL misogyny”

              The White Knight
              October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

              It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.

              1. Lol. Dee is such a fucking joke and she doesn’t even realize it.

          3. You haven’t met the right pair of them then, LC. Wink, wink; a nods as good as a wink to a blind man…

      2. ENB and the other non-Libertarian media types are liars because even the Communists of China are okay with prostitution. The Party Elites need whores too.

        You can pick out the LINOs because all the “freedoms” they advocate all have strings attached.

        Its why unreason staffers never advocate for repealing the Controlled Substances Act to make all drugs 100% legal because (1) the Constitution needs amending to ban products and services (2) they are ignorant of Constitutional law (3) they don’t Americans to have full personal responsibility.

        Deregulation of certain drugs is the vote buying tactic of Lefties.

        1. Or they are aware that practically, making drugs legal overnight is never going to fly, so they stick to talking about realistic possibilities.

          1. HAHA. unreason staffers being pragmatic towards holding onto constitutional rights. HAHA

            Thanks for the good laugh today.

            They really upped your programming to protect unreason.

          2. Hey Dee, how many Reason staff are voting Dem in the next election again?

            1. I cant wait for ENB and her bots to go offline once Trump wins reelection by such a margin that Democrats cannot use voter fraud to steal this 2020 election.

            2. 5

              1. Well, actually not five. Five among staff and other associated who are not staff.

                1. Now how many have stated they are voting for Trump? And Jorgenson?

      3. “Libertine, not Libertarian.”

        The circling the wagons around her on Twitter by many of the staff, was amusing to see.

        1. The fact that media hacks use Twatter at all tells a bunch about them.

          They so long for the days that media types were the Gate-Keepers.

          Twatter helps them regain the glory!

          1. That’s why I see you regularly condemning CACLLs for linking to right-wing journalists on Twitter. Your consistency on this issue is admirable.

            1. poor bot. All these meanies talking smack about unreason.

            2. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.

              1. Incoherent bot is incoherent.

                1. Dee gets called a bot, then starts calling everyone else bots.

                  I know you are but what am I!

                  Seriously Dee, you’re a joke.

                  1. The hilarious part is that I never called her a bot, and now she’s randomly lashing out.

                  2. Caw caw!

                2. You poor programmed entity to protect unreason’s unreasonableness.

                3. Simping for leftists can certainly produce that effect.

            3. regularly condemning CACLLs

              The White Knight
              October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

              It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.

      4. Anyone less right-wing than loveconstitution1789 is a lefty in JesseAz’s world.

        1. How cute, the leftitarian thinks this is a winning argument that is in no way accurate. Hilarious. You literally tried to create an epitaph for your perceived opponents dimwit.

          1. unreason staff still think Libertarians are NOT the Centrists on a political spectrum and moving Left-Wing does not make one a Communist.

          2. I think I made “a winning argument that is in no way accurate.” Where in the heck did you learn to write English?

            1. Your recent posts are definitely losing anything resembling critical thinking. You are resorting to made up acronyms that no one finds insulting and buzzwords like racist and misogynist.

              1. CACLL is meant to be accurate, and only has the side benefit of sounding like the word, cackle.

                1. It is sophomoric and tribalist and frankly room temperature IQ level humor.

                2. And it is meant to dismiss without critical thinking or intellectually honest disagreement any who disagree with your stands. It is intellectually lazy and othering anyone who dares disagrees with you. It is a form of self fellating where you have convinced yourself that you are better than your intellectual opponents therefore you can dismiss them without any attempt at meaningful interactions. Considering a number of the ones you have labeled as such have been posting for over a decade under the same handle it frankly seems as if your aim is to create a conformist, intellectually pure libertarian movement that never strays from your preferred views. In other words an authoritarian impulse to enforce only your views of libertarians and to shun or worse anyone who strays from those arbitrary stances.

                  1. Ergo, there very thing you claim you hate about Trump and his supporters. It is also telling that you created the acronym only to apply to those to the right of you but have not created aan equivalent acronym for the left leaning posters.

                  2. It’s a pathetic defense mechanism in response to repeated pummeling.

    3. who like liberty in only a few areas
      A bit of projection?

    4. ‘Racist dingbats’ is code for people who think importing third-world shithole attitudes doesn’t improve American diversity and would rather participate on a meritocratic basis and judge people on their individual character. They also don’t want to know who anybody else wants to fuck and think that people who mutilate their bodies to match their ‘identity of the week’ are crazy. She hates them because she knows she is a groupthink whore who has only got as far as she has being a woman in the majority male Libertarian scene.

      Just another continuation of the woke-fest identitarianism that Jorgensen has incorporated into the platform.

    5. Jesus fuck, the sheer level of cope in that tweet string would fill up the Grand Canyon.

      1. And the one thing that Brown seems to be overlooking here, is that the reason a lot of Ron Paul supporters migrated over to the libertarian side was precisely because of how the GOP fucked over Paul at the 2012 convention, and then watched Romney proceed to roll over and show his belly in a general election that was quite winnable.

        Most of those people ultimately came to align themselves with libertarianism because, when you get right down to it, they want to be left alone, thought the philosophy provided something of a safe haven for that, and had become disenchanted with the GOP for being controlled opposition instead of acting like it wanted to win. The exodus of the neocons from the GOP after Trump was nominated, which is where most of the discontent with the party lay, likely meant that those same individuals became more comfortable with migrating back into the GOP, since the few remaining Bill Kristol/Lincoln Project types had become thoroughly marginalized and were no longer influencing party policy. McCain’s death likely helped in this as well. A lot of those voters saw him as a quisling who was more focused on bombing foreign countries than helping out Americans at home, and getting asspats from the media for being a “maverick,” yet who still tried to destroy him when he had the chance to gain real, actual power.

        1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

          unreason staffers hate that Trump has made the GOP more Libertarian-ish, which is the main reason neocons and other RINOs are now siding with Democrats.

        2. I started moving libertarian because of my disillusionment after Bush. McCain and Romney cemented that disillusionment. Reason is driving me away from mainstream libertarian thinking. And ENB and shikha are some of the main causes of my disillusionment with the LP (and Bill Weld and Amash).

    6. Whose “riddance” is she celebrating? Paul’s? Seems rather ghoulish. At some point the PTB need to recognize she’s asking to be canned. Next she may accuse the staff of sexual harassment.

      1. “At some point the PTB need to recognize she’s asking to be canned.”

        That’s how I interpreted that string of tweets. Judging by Gillespie’s contribution, it’s not working.

    7. Ron Paul was the most libertarian member of Congress since Davy Crockett.

      1. The real reason that lefty libertarians hate Ron Paul is because he is strongly pro life, and mildly anti-illegal immigration.

  6. But the administration does seem committed to its message of nonchalance about a disease that has killed more than 225,000 Americans already.

    While everyone else continues their message of nonchalance about the untold economic and psychological impact of the response to a disease that has been blamed for the death of 225,000 Americans.

    1. Is that nonchalance or an admission there limitations on what an administration has the autho to do, or even what a government has the ability to do, even with unlimited authority?

      1. Limitations on what government can do? You shut your goddamn whore mouth! If government can control the climate of the entire planet, surely a little ol’ pandemic is a piece of cake.

    2. Don’t worry! Biden plans to put “a lid” on it!

      On the other hand, look at the numbers coming out of Europe now, where I’m sure ENB thinks they are taking it seriously.

      1. And some of Bidens staff got sick.

        1. Harris has disappeared from public.

          If either Biden or Harris get Kungflu, they will hide it because they social distance and wear masks. It blows their stupid narrative up.

    3. And nonchalance among Reason writers about the impending election of perhaps the most anti-libertarian U.S. Vice President (likely to become President) of all time.

      I’m no Trump fan, but the relentless trashing of Trump while the real danger of a Kamala presidency looms large is about as closed-minded as can be.

      1. There’s only a chance of 16 years of Biden/Harris measured against the devastation of four more years of Trump. And who knows, chameleonic Harris might need to pander to libertarians for all of her presidency.

  7. Image change alarmist (the Greta and doomsday ocl wing) is not grounded in science.

    But it may be grounded in The Science.

    1. Uh, the Science has been settled for about 20 years. I honestly don’t know why we even have scientists anymore.

      1. They haven’t learned to code.

      2. They aren’t scientists. They are Trump loving racists if they don’t believe what the narrative says about Climate.

    2. Climate change*

      1. Oh, I dunno. I think autocarrot may have gotten that one right. Remember, there’s only two months left for Britain to turn “siberian” in climate the way the Guardian claimed it would fifteen or so years ago. All Bush’s fault, of course.

        1. Better archive that shit before they disappear it from the site.

          Forbes had an article that came out several years ago, that described a pandemic with 2 million dead as a “mild” one. Interestingly, that’s the number of people who have died from COVID worldwide. They took it down from the site a couple of weeks ago, but some smart people managed to archive it before they did.

        2. They warn that 8,200 years ago climatic conditions brought widespread crop failure, famine, disease and mass migration of populations that could soon be repeated.
          The history of Bedrock is a cautionary tale.

    3. Go take a look at CO2 levels on Mauna Kea. They’ve proceeded to rise like we didn’t shut down most of the world for a few months this year.

      Something’s causing CO2 levels to rise, but it isn’t us. There’s a lot of this we don’t understand. But we do understand that much of the West’s economy and growth can be controlled or stifled by the measures the CO2 Doomers want to impose.

    4. It’s snowing in Chicago today. Lucky for us when events go opposite of predictions its only weather and never climate change. My Prediction, 2020 will be declared the hottest year ever.

    5. You mean we aren’t turning Earth into Venus the way NASA Scientist Michael Mann argued we were almost 25 yrs. ago?

      1. Don’t forget when “scientists” said is was going to be Global Cooling.

        1. The *same* scientists saying we’re all going to broil now.

          They’ve been predicting that the world was just about to end since before I was born. I don’t mean they made the predictions then, I mean that the world was supposed to end the first time in 1973.


    One of the clearest and most important sentences you’ll read, showing how US media really works, from WashPost op-ed by

    ** “We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.” **

    1. Well Reason’s kept silent of them, so they’re doing their part.

    2. This is the inevitable result of J-schools deliberately establishing curriculums dedicated to churning out activists who treat the news as an advocacy effort for a single political party, rather than merely reporting events. They begin with a pre-determined narrative and create a story to fit that narrative, while ignoring the information that doesn’t fit or doesn’t advance their political agenda.

      Expect journalists to become a targeted class, once the Right finally comes to grips with the fact that they’re dealing with an inherently hostile entity that’s dedicated to their subjugation.

      1. “Expect journalists to become a targeted class, once the Right finally comes to grips with the fact that they’re dealing with an inherently hostile entity that’s dedicated to their subjugation.”

        This. It will be horrible for everybody. A free press is extremely important—see, that First Amendment thing. A free press that only works for one side, and is complicit in establishing regulatory barriers for competition from the other side? It’s going to be viewed as much less important, and easily discarded. We will all be worse off.

        Oh, professional journalists? “Targeted” doesn’t mean that people will start being mean to you on social media only. Ask your Mexican brethren what they think being targeted means.

        It will be horrible, and we should do everything possible to prevent it from starting.

        1. Dont forget…the 1A “freedom of the press” means printed speech being protected. Not some special group of journalists.

          Its like the 2nd Amendment and only militias having their Arms protected.

        2. Oh, professional journalists? “Targeted” doesn’t mean that people will start being mean to you on social media only. Ask your Mexican brethren what they think being targeted means.

          Pretty much. Anyone down there who dares try to take on the cartels soon finds themselves to be on the receiving end of high-power silencing materials.

          It’s rather ironic that, with all the Central American immigration that’s taken place in the last 20 years, it’s not the immigrants but the white liberal bourgeoisie that’s become the most comfortable with emulating the social systems practiced south of the border.

  9. Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics”

    1. The Morning Briefing: Drooling Joe Biden Sent Back to Basement Just 9 Days Before Election

      WATCH: Joe Biden confuses President Trump with George Bush.

      “4 more years of George, uh, George…”

    2. They lie so much and are so corrupted it can no longer be suppressed. It’s some kind of subconscious desire to let people know.

      It’s like an Edgar Allan Poe horror short-story.

      1. Pathological liars have difficulty keeping all the lies straight because nearly everything is a lie.

        Biden has old man brain disease added in, so no wonder he is fucking up so much.

    3. I’ll give him points for honesty there.

    4. It’s a level of honesty I never expected.

  10. Other respiratory illnesses nosedive in counts… almost like everything involving a sneeze is classified a different way…

    1. I see Lefties are trying to use Kungflu spikes in Texas as a last minute election scare tactic.

      It’s El Paso and that County…run by Democrats. Not all of Texas. More people are getting Flu and Colds, going to the hospital getting tested, and being positive for Flu AND Wuhanvirus.

  11. Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease expert at George Mason University, told the Associated Press that he thinks Pence’s plans to continue campaigning while the virus spreads among his close contacts is “grossly negligent.”

    Something tells me Saskia is going for the basement dweller.

    1. Why else would an infectious disease expert be pontificating about legal matters? And since when is person shares uninformed opinion news?

  12. Mandatory was under an open investigation by the FBI before ever joining Trumls campaign. Normally this would send the FBI to do a defensive briefing to the campaign and not as a possible entry vector to spy on a campaign. These were not normal times apparently.

    1. Manafort. Hate keyboard updates and autocorrect dictionary deletions.

  13. How is that Hunter Biden nontroversey going, Peanuts? I can only find it on It seems to need some more 24/7 pumping on the Tubes it seems.

    1. You explicitly out yourself and most MSM as dishonest turds and what exactly are you asking?

    2. Youre arguing for one party rule and a compliant partisan media. Hilarious.

      1. History, what have you taught us about single-party rule?

        History: Once power is sufficiently consolidated, everybody but the handful of alpha-psychopaths at the top are fucked.

        But surely just the clingers are fucked? Not the loyal supporters that helped bring about the Progressive Utopia?

        History: What part of “everybody” do you not understand?

        1. “But surely just the clingers are fucked? Not the loyal supporters that helped bring about the Progressive Utopia?”

          If only Comrade Stalin knew?!

    3. Trump will be reelected.

      Lefty propaganda didn’t work…again.

    4. Good thing the media and BigTech went into full “SHUT IT DOWN” mode to protect their political party.

    5. Hunter’s an interesting story. It’s a known fact that he’s a cocaine addict, and he was fucking his dead brother’s wife within a year of his death, while he was still married to his first baby mamma. He’s had two wives and three baby momma’s, paying child support to a stripper.

      He’s exactly the kind of guy I’d want on the board of my Ukrainian natural gas company, that’s for sure. Nothing rotten there.

      Joe Biden’s life is a Greek tragedy: he lost two of his three sons, and his last living one is an embarassment. But, hey: he’ll probably get to be president for 8 years before he dies! I hope his long political career makes up for it all. We know it’s too late to go back and spend time with Hunter.

      1. There is a purposeful reason(s) why that family has had so much tragedy.

        The first wife and daughter died in a traffic accident. What are the details of that. Who was at fault?

        Beau Biden died of brain cancer and obviously that is what Joe Bide has had for decades.

        Hunter is a crack head who is fine with committing crimes.

        Is it ironic that Joe Biden is against oil when his Father was an oil man?

  14. More than 85,000 new cases were reported on Friday, breaking the single-day record set during the so-called “second wave” in mid-July.

    85,000 newly dead and Trump thinks we might be turning a corner?

    1. Um….cases reported =/ deaths reported

      1. Too late. I made up my mind as soon as I saw the number and the headline insinuations that we have not, in fact, turned the corner.

        1. And those 85,000 are only the ones we know of. How many more dead have we not discovered. It may be good to check in on family and friends.

    2. Dead?


      1. COVID is an automatic death sentence.

    3. It’s literally worse than Hitler invading Pearl Harbor.

      1. Not as bad as the US nuking Berlin to end WWI!, right?

        1. Well, America should not have started WWII by attacking those nice National Socialists in Germany.

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  15. Higher corporate tax rates, more fiscal spending, and lower tariffs .. will result in annualized S&P 500 EPS growth of 13% through 2024, similar to our baseline forecast ..

    Lower tariffs? Someone’s being optimistic.

    1. Hard to grow EPS by 13% when the first thing he does is reduce EPS by 10% with higher taxes.

  16. Just a reminder on some local news… muslim nations continue to normalize relations with Israel in talks with Trump’s cabinet. Expected to have more deals before the end of the year. Normally libertarians applaud this news

    1. Meadows claims 5 more nations are in discussion to normalized relations.

      1. Let’s for a moment imagine how many articles there would be here at Reason on this topic, if Obama had achieved it.

    2. It will also end, cold, if Biden wins. LIBERTARIAN MOMENT!!!

      1. The Eternal War State is super libertarian.

    3. Kushner should be up for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes.

      1. No, Kushner is a zionist who is using these peace accords to solidify the Zionist apartheid in Israel. Mid-east peace is just going to enable the genocide of Palestinians and set back their attempt to regain their homelands from their oppressors. *I have actually seen progressives make this argument as to why the peace accords are evil.

  17. I’m confused. “Discredit social media”? I thought they were just common carriers that don’t publish anything themselves to have their own credibility to be an issue.

    In a related story, the New York Post’s official Twitter account has been locked since Oct. 12…

    A right-wing offensive is underway to discredit social media companies just days before the election.

    1. Weird how ENB misses all of these tweets.

    2. Liberals, and ENB, think censorship of conservatives makes these companies credible.

  18. With just eight days remaining in the campaign, former vice president Joe Biden is in better shape than Hillary Clinton was four years ago.

    As much as I can’t stand him, I hope at this point Trump wins just so we inch one term closer to horse race reporting being less trusting of polls. (The libertarians’ cases for voting Biden in swing states aren’t much better than my reasoning here; get off my back.)

    1. I’ll be glad when this election shit is over.

      1. Will it really ever be?

        1. Probably not.

          1. Our roller coaster ride is only beginning. Bush v. Gore will be thought of as a minor tiff, compared to the Supreme Court madness in several states, we’re about to see.

            1. Lefties are about to get real upset when certain election dates are held firm by the SCOTUS.

              November 4-December 14, 2020:Counting Popular Votes and Filing Certificates of Ascertainment . U.S. Code (3 U.S.C. §6)
              December 8, 2020: The “Safe Harbor” Deadline. The U.S. Code(3 U.S.C. §5)
              December 14, 2020:Electors Vote in Their States Monday after the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years is set (3 U.S.C. §7)
              December 23, 2020:Certificates Must Be Delivered to the Designated Officials Certificates of electoral vote results must be delivered to above mentioned officers by the fourth Wednesday in December, in 2020, by December 23(3 U.S.C. §12).
              Failure to Deliver Certificates by December 23. President of the Senate by registered mail(3 U.S.C. §12, 13).
              January 6, 2021: Joint Session of Congress to Count Electoral Votes and Declare Election Results Meets

              1. California mail-in ballots say they need to postmarked by election day, and received within 17 days of election day. Seems fairly safe, since mail takes at most 2 or 3 days to get anywhere in the state.

      2. Nov 3, 2020 starts the election cycle for 2024 so no Democrat can ever be indicted for criminal activity.


    Russian President Putin says he saw nothing criminal in Hunter Biden’s past business ties with Ukraine or Russia, marking out his disagreement with one of President Trump’s attack lines in the U.S. presidential election.

    1. Once again Putin points out that Biden has a lot in common with the Ruskie way of governing.

    2. Are you fucking kidding me? NBC is now taking Putin at his word that there was no funny business going on? If Putin had a humorous bone in his body, he’d put out a statement that he was misquoted – he didn’t mean to say “Biden”, he meant to say “Trump”.

  20. It wasn’t just our resident Pedo who claimed the biden assassin was a trump supporter. Most of media buried the fact that he was a bernie bro.

  21. Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, projects that the stock market will continue to climb even if Democrats sweep November’s elections.

    Gee, you think so Goldman? The market set all-time highs under Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and the Con Man. It’s like it expands with GDP.


  22. The 48-year-old judge will become the fifth women to serve on America’s highest bench.

    Yet ironically the one who ushers in Handmaid’s Tale dystopia on America.

    (I realize I said last year that it would be Kavanaugh, but this time the facts are with me!)

    1. In The Handmaid’s Tale the takeover by the totalitarian state was preceded by a viral epidemic. What is the chance of that happening?

      1. Wasn’t it nukes?

        1. Not sure why nukes would make women infertile, but I might be confusing it with some other piece of crap dystopia.

          1. Radiation poisoning could sterilize womens eggs. They are born with all they will ever have.

            Same can happen to mens sperm but radiation can ionize the testies to be infertile.

      2. If there is going to be a cultural backlash to the libertine ways of the Far Left, historically these backlashes go way the fuck too far in the other direction. I don’t find it inconceivable at all that a hypothetical Right-wing Octavian, brings back things like strict Judeo-Christian ethical norms, and disenfranchisement of women.

        It won’t be fun.

  23. Garbage human has dying father. Garbage human spends the last time she will ever have with said father berating him about politics to the point he gives in and gives garbage human what she wants to the last time he has with his garbage child isn’t ruined by her hatred of the GOP.

    Garbage human.

    1. I read about that family a while back. This final chapter is vomit-inducing. An utter ghoul reveling in her ghoulishness.

  24. Judge Barrett will make a fine SCOTUS Justice Barrett.

    Judicial scorecard for POTUS Trump

    Three (3) SCOTUS Justices (33%)
    Fifty-Four (54) Circuit Court Judges (30%)
    162 District Court judges (28%)
    ~20 Article I and Article IV judges

    Oh yes, and there are another 15 on the executive calendar, with 20 more ready for hearing. When all is said and done, there will be 180 District Court judges (1/3rd of the judiciary).

    They’ll be around for decades. 🙂

    1. A pro-Constitution Supreme Court, for the first time in my lifetime and most of our lifetimes. It’s hard for me to even fathom, but I can’t wait. Whatever blackmail leverage Obama and his scumbags in the Deep State have on John Roberts, it won’t matter any longer.

      I’m super fired up. Let’s finally start rolling back this insane, our of control government of ours!


        1. You abortion-loving baby butchers are already united. What are you on about?

      2. If Trump wins….I would hope he gets a shot at replacing Breyer.

        1. Hopefully Thomas retires too, so Trump can replace him.

          1. There, I disagree = replace Thomas

            1. Thomas has made noise about wanting to retire for awhile. Give him what he wants. Justice Cruz has a decent ring to it.

        2. In all likelihood he would. Breyer is 82 I believe- more or less the same age as RBG in 2016. Probably ~90% likely the next president replaces him one way or another.

          I also agree that Thomas will probably step down near the end of the term if Trump wins re-election. If Trump loses, Thomas will probably hang around for at least 4 more years to see who wins next time, but if Harris is re-elected, he’ll probably say “screw it” and walk. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to hang around until he’s dead, forgoing enjoyment of his final years, out of spite like that witch RBG.

    2. Plus, Trump gets to replace Barrett on the 7th Circuit.

      1. Nomination has already been made.


      1. Yes he is so devious by using his Constitutional authority to appoint judges he is literally destroying the Constitution. Ergo the only answer is to change the rules.

  25. Cases are also rising sharply in Europe, where several countries have implemented new restrictions on social gatherings.

    So authoritarian measures don’t work ENB? Then stop advocating for them.

    1. A more competent administration would be arguing against repeating that sort of economically destructive—and ultimately ineffective—strategy,

      Trump has advocated against lockdowns for months halfwit.

      And masks are not the panacea you idiots continue to claim. See the Denmark report or any study prior to March of this year. Look for correlation in data for mask policies and infections rates, it doesn’t exist.

      Stop wishing for comfort through ignorance.

      1. Just a damn minute! Jackass found a hospital in Snake’s Navel, ID that was maxed out!
        Oh, and it ‘wasn’t NY’, as if that had to do with anything.

        1. but cases are doubling in the Dakotas!
          almost like it’s cold and flu season in the cold weather states again.

          1. Harvest is ending and livestock auction season is starting. Record cold temperatures across the Northern Plains and early snow (I’ve been feeding since mid October and breaking ice since mid October and most other ranchers I’ve trqked to are doing the same, many have been rnching for decades and say this is extremely early for both). Gee people are gathering together again after a summer of being isolated because of the nature of our work and spending more time indoors, who would have thought infection rates would go up?

  26. Boehm….Maybe you can tell Readership how we can ‘control’ a virus. Your ignorance on science (and economics) is legendary.

  27. “businesses don’t fear Biden presidency”

    This is the fundamental point I’ve been making for the past few years. Sure, maybe the Democrats were a working-class party decades ago. Now, however, they’re the party of billionaires. And since Koch / Reason libertarianism exists to make billionaires even richer, we must support Joe Biden.


    1. Businesses might nor fear Brain-Dead Biden raising taxes, but this shareholder sure in hell does.

      And Brain-Dead Biden is going to fuck with our 401Ks.

      PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF

      1. He promises to raise the corporate tax by nearly 40%. how could any business analyst think this will have no effect?

        1. it’s all about the stimulus. federal debt based bailouts keep the big corporations going, and the debt comes due after the current crop of execs cash in and retire.

      2. DOW down 800 points today.
        The reason big corporations don’t fear a Biden presidency is because they can absorb the added cost while their smaller competition will be stifled. Fucking Reason and lefterians seem not to understand that regulations and Taxes are fixed costs and the larger you are the easier it is to offset fixed costs.

  28. US trade deficit up to $67.1 billion in August, 14-year high


    1. You really don’t understand economics, do you?

      1. I have a trade deficit with my local grocery store…

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    1. Weird, last week Reason wasn’t accepting posts from The National Pulse.

  31. Health Secretary Alex Azar is reportedly pushing to fire Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), over Hahn’s unwillingness to bend FDA rules for a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

    The FDA’s red tape should be celebrated! They’ve never fucked the autonomy of the American food/drug consumer.

    1. Remember what happened when W lifted regulation for aids drugs? It was a hellish nightmare with millions of people dieing, o wait a minute, it led to the drug that reverts aids back to hiv.

  32. “I view this department as one that probably never should have been stood up,” says Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.


    1. A building that has probably been sitting empty for months. But utterly crucial to the education of children.

  33. Who will make Scranton great again?

    The economy there is good enough they had a documentary crew follow a paper company sales office around for 10 years.

    1. “It’s true.”

    2. No wonder it wasn’t funny, it was a documentary.


    Cancer surgeons in Ontario are reporting a sharp rise in the number of people coming to hospital with advanced cancers. It’s an unintended consequence of the sudden shutdown of non-urgent health-care services during the spring wave of COVID-19.

    1. Better than getting the ‘rona!

      1. but they still count as COVID-19 excess deaths.

    2. Ontario really fucked over it’s healthcare for Covid.

  35. A Russian mayor needed an opponent so his election looked legitimate. No one would step up except the woman who cleaned city hall. Then she won.

    In Russia, clock clean you.

  36. How did an article from the Washington Post show up in Reason, under Eric Boehm’s byline?


    Jill Biden TWICE says “Trump” under her breath to remind Joe who he’s running against. Watch CLOSELY!

    1. That clinches it. I’m voting for Jill Biden. She knows what’s what.


    Want to see less racism and sexism in classical music? Stop calling Beethoven by his last name.

    1. What is this I don’t even…

    2. So get on a first name basis with him like the Clockwork Orange guy?

  39. Can you fucking believe Brain-Dead Biden has called a lid for the next week? Un-fucking-believable.

    PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF

    1. “If you’re a good candidate, you don’t have to campaign”

      This is what I saw last week on my FB feed.

    2. He can’t be trusted to answer questions about the laptop emails without screwing himself further. And he will be asked those questions in front of someone’s camera.

      It’s amazing.

      1. And fossil fuels. But Reason assures me his statements on Fossil Fuels is no big deal.

  40. Food trucks:

    Sweden: Syrian national who raped 12-year-old girl in a public toilet sentenced to gender talks; avoids deportation and jail time

    1. I’m sure the victim is satisfied with this outcome. I mean, after all, from a certain perspective, he was just giving her a cultural education as well!

    2. How is it possible there are no men in Sweden who can settle this judicial matter?

      1. They are all dead from Kungflu.

      2. All the ones with enough balls to stand up moved to the US a long time ago. Actually I have read peer reviewed journals that suggests that those most likely (possibly genetically linked) to be non-conformist and risk takers were the most likely to immigrate to the US from Europe during the 19th and early 20th century, leaving behind those most likely to be conformist and go with the flow types.

    3. I don’t understand this. The 12-year old girl did not have a father? In Alabama, the guy would have gone missing for his last two social service meetings, and not reappeared until the coal mine was re-opened 35 years from now.

      1. I don’t understand this from a culture that brought us the Blood Eagle and three centuries of Viking raids. Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar the Boneless, Haraald Bluetooth, Eric the Red, Haraald Fair Hair, Eric Bloodaxe and St Olaf are twisting in their graves at what their cultural descendants have turned into.

        1. Sometimes it makes me ashamed of my Scandinavian ancestry to see what had happened to Scandinavia. Scandinavian Culture was a culture of independence and as close to libertarian principles as any could be during the medieval days but has become a font of conformity and wokeness.


    New York now sends police into the homes of Jews, but no widespread condemnation from all the people who say they hate Nazis because Dem fascism is safety and goodness.

    1. The Atlantic actually ran a piece this weekend (albeit with a nod to Orange Man bad narratives) scolding progressives for misusing the word Fascism. It even correctly pointed out that Trump is not a fascists and that conservative thinking is not Fascism. It didn’t take the extra step of pointing out that some progressives are closer to true Fascism, but it’s a start.


    It’s completely bizarre that Biden is making himself this scarce from now till Election Day.

    Someone, please, save this tweet in case Biden loses, and the left and Never Trump start to blame Russia.

    Hillary didn’t campaign in key battlegrounds. Biden barely campaigned *at all*.

    1. Fox News Poll: Trump gains in Ohio, Biden ahead in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

      Even the Lefty polls have Trump taking Ohio and gaining in PA, WI, and MI every day.

      BTW: early voting is not going Democrat in swing states like they hoped.

      1. A number of pollsters are increasingly confirming their compatriots over biased polling that doesn’t agree with actual data. They are stating if Trump wins the polling industry is over.

        1. It should also be noted the polling firms condemning the bias are the ones who most correctly called the 2014, 2016 and 2018 elections.

          1. One of the universal condemnations is the over sampling of Democrats as compared to actual party registration, e.g. the actual data doesn’t support the polling models assumptions. Maybe the polls are right and Biden wins comfortably but it doesn’t feel like that. I can see Biden winning but it is going to be closer than the polls suggest. I question any poll that had Biden winning comfortably in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Texas. Especially the last one. Also, I question any poll that suggests Lindsey Graham is in danger of losing in South Carolina (not because Graham is popular but because an incumbent Republican in South Carolina losing to a progressive Democratic Challenger seems highly unlikely).

            1. Most poling companies enjoy confirmation bias. I guarantee that if polling information has Trump winning more state than in 2016 or that increased early voting benefits republicans, it is rejected.

              Republicans control a majority in the US senate and Trump was elected. The polling companies were wrong… a lot, so they are doing something wrong over and over.

              One fact over looked is that nearly every registered Democrat who wants to vote does. Yet they still lose all around the USA. Many polls are designed to reinforce the bias and convince voters to vote with the supposed Democrat trend.

              Georgia is NOT a swing state. This lie just gets disproven over and over.

              Republicans almost control the 2/3 state legislatures requirement to hold a constitutional convention.

  43. In 2018, scientists established the global marbled crayfish population was descended from a single female and didn’t need males to reproduce.

    Science’s war on men continues.

    1. These are actually natural crayfish.

    2. They make the best po’ boys.

      1. Which we all know are white supremacists

  44. The notion that the American people can learn to live with a non-deadly, somewhat contagious virus closely resembling a cold, and posing absolutely no threat to nearly 99% of all people, is unthinkable. Beyond the pale.

    What the fuck happened to this country?

    1. Progressivism…that is what happened.

      1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. It doesn’t closely resemble a cold. Or a flu. For a mild case yes. But people are dying over this, in four times the numbers of an extremely bad flu season, and an even larger numbers are debilitated in the hospital. A few for months. With permanent effects after they recover.

      I have a friend who caught it and recovered in a week and is doing fine. I know others who have died. The main difference is age. The very young and old are most susceptible. But age is no guarantee. Anyone could catch a bad case and be hospitalized and die.

      That’s the problem with this disease, it has such a long incubation stage with wildly varying effects. It’s easy to spread and it’s a fucking crapshoot if you live or die when you get it.

      1. You don’t get these odds at craps.

        1. Pass / No pass works for both Craps and Covid.

      2. Well this is just a lie. In 1967 the equivalent population of the US died at a greater rate than Covid.

        Likewise the young have died from Covid at much smaller rates than the Flu. Something you seem to be ignorant of. I mean, this is just wrong:

        The very young and old are most susceptible.

        The young have not died from this at any statistical rate, unlike the Flu.

      3. The very young and old are most susceptible

        What the fuck? The “very young” are not the most susceptible. In fact, they’ve had the smallest number of cases of any demographic.

        Fat people over 70 are the most susceptible. The numbers bear it out no matter where it’s cropped up.

        1. yeah, kids are at much higher risk from the flu than from COVID-19.

      4. A crapshoot? For everyone under the age of seventy, the survival rate is approximately 99%. And, for those over the age of seventy, there is a 94%-95% survival rate. Individuals over the age of ninety (an age I will never live to, I’m certain), have an 85% survival rate.

        “Anyone could catch a bad case and be hospitalized and die”

        And anyone can get struck by lightning and die. Or, mauled by a bear and die. Or get hit by a cab crossing the street.

        That fact that “anyone” can die does not mean everyone has the exact same chance. And, they do not.

        Enough with the panic.

        This is not, and has never been, a “deadly” virus.

        1. It has been a very deadly virus, several times worse than the normal yearly flu. But if you’re healthy and under 65, the risk is minimal. So there was never a valid reason to shut down the economy, which is made up almost entirely of healthy people under 65.

          1. Even if you are unhealthy, and over the age of 65, the risk is still minimal.

        2. Why was a cab crossing the street?

          1. ::ba dum tiss::

      5. This post is so fucking stupid, I really don’t believe you know anyone who has died of it. Permanent effects? Fuck you. Very young susceptible? Fuck you. Anyone can die? Fuck you. Crapshoot? Fuck you.

        Brandybuck can vote, people. Think about how scary that is. He probably won’t because anyone too lazy to learn even a minimal amount about COVID is probably too lazy to fill out a ballot by a deadline. This isn’t voting for American Idol after all…

      6. The very young are not susceptible. At all. Not even a little. Remarkably so, in fact.

      7. The very young aren’t at all at risk according to any data. They are the least at risk.

        1. The risk of death for those under 18 is 0.003% according to the CDC numbers. That is three out of every 100,000. (3/100,000) * 100= 0.003%. Doesn’t seem very susceptible to me.

        2. Friends of mine, 68 & 72, both got it. And the flu at the same time. They are now doing well.

  45. Mark Meadows has announced that the Trump Administration has given up on Covid. The President says he is tired of hearing about Covid. I say lets help him out by voting him out. Trump can go back to his golf course play all day and he will never have to hear about Covid again. In return, all I ask is that I hear about him again.

    PS. Trump is a grifter

    1. PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

    2. I cannot think of a single Covid-related thing that I want Trump to “do for me”.

    3. PS:

    4. the Trump Administration has given up on Covid

      Somehow Masturbation4ever thinks that libertarians will believe that this is a bad thing.

    5. Trump can go back to his golf course play all day and he will never have to hear about Covid again.

      Can you guarantee that? How about at my kids’ schools, my local grocery store, or my local church? Can you vote me out of having to hear about COVID too?

      1. No I can’t. Unlike Trump most of us can not retreat behind walls. You and I will have to deal with the world as actually is.

        1. And what should Trump or the government actually do to stop a novel airborne zooligical virus that is now endemic? Or even what could they have done that would have stopped it when it first appeared? Testing might have better tracked it and that is all testing would have done. Unless you forced people to get tested and forced everyone to isolate and even then as it is zooligical you would somehow also have to figure out a way to stop it from spreading to domestic and wild animals and then to humans.

          1. Trump should ask Joe Biden for his plan. It is obviously so much better. /s

          2. There is a multitude of things that could have and should have been done. Would they have all been successful, no. But some things might have worked and might of contained the problem. The current administration simply had no plan and just flopped around like a fish out of water. Could a Biden administration do better, who knows? What we do know is they could not do worse.

            1. What we do know is they could not do worse.

              No, we don’t know that at all, really.

            2. Name one not empty platitudes. And we did try multiple different things in different states and none worked because it is impossible to stop a novel, airborne zooligical pathogen with a low mortality. Even if it had a high mortality, you don’t control it so much as it burns itself out.
              It is telling you don’t make a single thing and even admit there is a strong possibility most (if not all) would fail. Doing something just to be doing something generally makes things worse rather than better.bseebthrbreorting on how British health system is now saying that the lockdowns will kill more people than COVID would have or Joe the WHO is saying the same thing. Just doing something results almost always in the law of unintended consequences.

              1. Several health policy experts and disease experts in the US are also saying the just do something lockdowns and face mask nonsense will likely kill more people than COVID ever would have. But you are so right we should try everything, who cares about collateral damage anyhow?

  46. “Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery”

    Uh huh, Boehm. Was this too local?!

    1. Great. Now you’re xenophobic against Asians too.

      1. Considering where the “murder hornets” they probably came by way of Canada.

        1. Damned Socialist Cannucks!

          1. Yes, lc1789 is going to tell us all about how immigrants from socialist countries want to turn America into a carbon copy of the socialist countries they are leaving. I assume that includes Canadian immigrants, not just brown-skinned socialists from our southern neighbors.

            1. Poor unreason bot.

              Citations fall off.
              Misquotes people.
              Tries to defend cunts that work at unreason.

              1. Its fun to count all the Canadian socialists who left canada and hate America freedoms so they support democrats.

                Seth rogan
                Jim carrey

    2. Haven’t you found another ‘cite’ from some lefty rag telling us an anonymous source says Hunter didn’t meet with that guy at 5:25?

      1. And by “anonymous source”, you mean James Gilliar, who isn’t even one bit anonymous.

      2. Free tip for the Trump campaign: if you want people to take Tony Bobulinski seriously, don’t undermine his credibility by having him show up as your guest at the debate.

        1. You mean like how the Democrats invited the people testifying in the impeachment to the state of the union? Or the ones 0ushingbthe Russian Collusion narrative?

  47. Nope not what was said it’s been twisted again by real grifters on the left and liberaltarians. But Trump is more likely to win now as we see the absolute corruption of the democrats and their media bootlickers.

    Ps Joe Biden is a crook

  48. berating one’s dying father for his politics is not something i’d brag about openly, but then again i’m not a complete psychopath.

    1. Liberals had a great weekend overall. Throwing rocks, eggs, and pepper spraying Jewish kids was just the cherry on top.

      1. I wonder what Lefties will call it Kristall…something?

    2. LOL–that whole video smacks of shitthatdidnthappen, or at the very least, “I’ll tell my idiot daughter I voted for her candidate just to shut her up so I can die in peace. Meanwhile, I actually voted for Trump.”

    3. Since when does dying mean you have to stop voting? /Chicago voter

  49. “Credit that not to who Mr. Biden is, but who he isn’t: Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, senators with a much more adversarial approach to business who lost to Mr. Biden in the Democratic primary, or President Trump, whose administration has been marked by economic-policy unpredictability”

    This gets some things right and some things wrong.

    Biden is obviously much better than Sanders or Warren from an economic perspective, but that’s like saying getting punched in stomach is better than getting shot in the face.

    Contrasting the predictability of Biden to the unpredictability of Trump is getting it all wrong. If what Trump did on China, NAFTA, ObamaCare, deregulation, and tax cuts was unpredictable, it was only because people didn’t take him seriously when he said what he would do if he was elected. If anything was unexpected about that, it’s that Trump actually kept his promises.

    The “predictability” of Biden, here, isn’t about the likelihood of him doing what he says he’ll do so much as it’s about what he’s saying he’ll do–particularly in regards to the Green New Deal. The stocks in the S&P 500 associated with green technology can expect a $2 trillion infusion of Biden’s Green New Deal into their revenue stream over the first two years of his presidency. It isn’t the predictable part that they like. It’s the part about the $2 trillion.

    Those who aren’t in those industries and understand that Biden is planning to raise the corporate tax rate to pay for this stuff aren’t so impressed by the predictability. Support for Biden in various industries varies more or less along those lines.

    Incidentally, the market this morning is taking a hit for two main reasons.

    1) As cold weather moves in, the number of new coronavirus cases is increasing, which increases the likelihood of lockdowns in the short term future.

    2) As we move past the 168th hour of Nancy Pelosi’s 48-hour deadline to get a stimulus deal done, it’s becoming clear that neither President Trump nor the senate Republicans will sign off on a stimulus deal if it includes a substantial bailout of the states of California, Illinois, and New York and their outrageous unfunded pension liabilities.

    As a federal taxpayer, if you don’t want to be forced to bailout state employee pensions in California, Illinois, and New York, you better vote Republican for president and for senate–because those Republicans are the only thing keeping that from happening, and if the Democrats take both the Senate and the White House in November, your future paychecks will go to finance the pension benefits of state workers in states you hate and where you can’t vote.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. If what Trump did on China, NAFTA, ObamaCare, deregulation

      So basically you got nothing.

      1. Only about twice what we’ve gotten from any POTUS since Silent Cal, turd.

        1. That’s why I thought he was a parody account, but maybe he’s really that stupid.

          P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    2. I’ll take unpredictability and lower tax rates every time for my business.


    A great piece by

    I, too, spent years saying it was a good thing to eliminate gatekeeping. I, too, was deeply wrong.

    Media gatekeeping by moral, cultured, educated people is a a necessary pillar of a functioning democracy.

    1. We need to be told what to think by our betters.

    2. I guess Eric’s perfectly comfortable with his new role as Judas Goat. Hope he doesn’t forget that the devils break their tools when they no longer need them.

    3. Wow. Read the comments on this post. Unreal. Our country and our freedom is doomed. They’re basically admitting that they want communism.

      This is the same crowd that was cheer-leading when Dan Rathers when he pushed false information. There is no proof that the Biden hard drive is forged. You would think some news organizations would actually investigate and prove either way. Instead, they just ignore and censor. Kinda like Reason…

    4. Media gatekeeping by moral, cultured, educated people is a a necessary pillar of a functioning democracy.

      Except democracies inevitably fall apart, precisely because the “gatekeepers” eventually follow along with whatever the mob supports, irrespective of the long-term effects.

  51. “A more competent administration would be arguing against repeating that sort of economically destructive—and ultimately ineffective—strategy, and would instead use its bully pulpit to encourage people to take necessary precautions like wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings.”


    DEMONSTRATE RIGHT NOW ERIC HOW MASKS WORK. Or else shut up already about this piece of superstition.

    I’ll be waiting.

    ONE HUNDRED BLOODY years of evidence show they don’t and WON’T work. But here’s Reason peddling pseudo-science.

    No, the administration is correct. And this is a casedemic now. Not a damn plague.

    Here you go:

    1. And here’s an article showing how appallingly stupidly ignorant the mainstream pant shitting hysterical reaction to this virus is:

      Has Reason put out an article showing context?


    We obtained text messages showing that Hunter Biden wanted to avoid registering as a foreign agent as part of a deal with a Chinese energy company


    1. Wait…. Didn’t we just spend millions going after people loosely associated with Trump trying to prosecute them for exactly that? It was such a major scandal. Huuuuuuuge deal.

      I guess that was then. This is now.

      1. Things change.

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      2. Isn’t this frightening?

        The passionate censorship and total abrogation of any honesty and integrity throughout the entire media-political class, just because orangemanbad.

        They’ve sold themselves to Cthulhu to stop Vinny Gambini.

        1. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a no-shit attempt or two to kill Trump by now. Without him, all of this goes away, and it’s back to Business As Usual. His opponents have been tossing aside previous norms of civil behavior, why not that one too, when there’s so much at stake?

          1. despite their reputation as out of control frat boy partiers, the Secret Service is actually very good at their jobs

  53. Today’s 2020 Election Polls: Biden And Trump Neck And Neck In Georgia And Texas


    Now Biden is not going to win Georgia or Texas but it is consistent with him polling +5 over Hillary in 2016 in other states.

    THE DOTARD IS DOOMED (in the other states).

    1. Why wouldn’t the same media that’s been running interference for the Dems for the last four years keep running interference now, when saying that Biden is polling high gives cover for when they’ve finally “found” enough ballots to put Biden over the top?

      1. The funny thing is the liberal bias in polling is estimated at plus 3. See most recent elections. So a poll showing a tie is bad. The pedo is just dumb.

        1. Hil-Dog won the popular vote by 2.5%, idiot. Everyone knows the Dem has to overperform by at least 4% to insure a win in the electoral college.

          1. Dummy. All 39.51 million California residents could vote for Biden and he would still lose to Trump.

          2. Nobody WON the popular vote; nobody broke 50%.

          3. “Hil-Dog won the popular vote by 2.5%, idiot.”

            Does not mean shit, turd.

          4. Your comment would make sense if we didn’t have the EC. So maybe not call people idiots when you don’t understand the basics?

          5. Hey, idiot–California made up that entire margin of error all by itself. Take that state out, and Trump won the popular vote.

        2. Yup. Biden was up 17 points weeks ago, according to MSM propagandists.

          Now Biden is nearly tied in swing states and Georgia?

          Translation: Trump is winning reelection and Georgia will still not be a swing state.

          1. Translation: the polling companies actually have to start resembling reality, instead of being propaganda pieces.

            1. The polling companies are still fighting the reality but I personally think, the Democrat strategy is shifting to contesting Trump’s reelection win.

              They want a close race in the polls, so that “Trump stole it”.

              It will come out that Biden was NOT ahead in polls that matter and that can undermine the lie that Trump did not win via voter support and the Electoral College.

    2. it is consistent with him polling +5 over Hillary in 2016 in other states.

      Is this 5 points over where she would’ve needed to be to win, 5 points over where she was when she lost, or 5 points over where she was when they claimed she wasn’t going to lose?

    3. I just have to laugh every time when leftists get all excited that Georgia and Texas might be in play this time!

      I normally take every reported state level poll and add 5 percentage points to Trump’s reported results. If a swing state is within 5 percentage points, Trump is going to win it. Solid red states like Georgia and Texas where the Democrat is within striking distance will be routs for the Republican.

      And the offset correction may be closer to 10 percentage points now.

      1. Yes these same polls suggest that Daines (an incumbent Republican) is in a statistical tie with Bullock in a Trump state and that Lindsey Graham is in a statistical tie with a progressive Democrat in a sure Trump state. They could be right (especially in regards to Montana because we are contrarions who do have a history of splitting our vote but Bullock lost a lot of popularity with his Presidential Run and his cozying up to out of state progressive donors), but it seems highly unlikely.

      2. Texas really is in play because of the change in demographics. It all depends on how Hispanics vote and how many Texans really believe Joe will end the oil industry. I live in a diverse but still predominately white suburb and I know many people that voted for Trump last time that either voted Biden, third party, or just didn’t vote for president this time. Almost everyone that voted for Hillary last time will vote for Biden this time. Not everyone that voted for Trump last time is voting for him this time.

        1. Yes because everyone knows Hispanics are a homogenous group who must lean Democratic. And Texas has always had a large hispanic population and I wonder how many of your suburban friends state they voted for Biden to avoid ridicule but secretly voted for Trump. Anecdotal evidence and generalizations based upon group identity. Really?

        2. I would say that anyone talking about politics in an aggressive way is a Biden supporter. Everyone else states they are votimg for Trump or says whatever wont get their business burned downy Biden supporters.

          Nixon won a landslide and I would bet that many supposed (I cant even remember who the democrat was) democrats voters actually voted Nixon.

  54. “Such mitigation strategies should be presented as alternatives to lockdowns that would help reduce transmission and protect the economy, not as concessions to the tyranny of public health experts.”

    Except they ARE concessions to tyrants.

    “Libertarian” magazine supports allowing the government to run your lives.

    Seriously, libertarianism, if this is what it is, is a fucking joke not worthy of the respect one gives Marxism.

  55. Wow.

    Libertarian magazine, and the editor has turned the morning roundup into a full on DNC election campaign ad.

    I love the “don’t worry, democrats will only hurt businesses a little bit” sales pitch.

    1. The hit to our 401Ks will be very substantial. That financial transaction tax is a doozy.

      1. Yet the biggest booms in history were under Clinton and Obama – the latter running March 2009 to 2019.

        1. Wow, all good things are due to Obama. Good to know.

          But no bad things are due to Obama.

          That is logic, apparently.

          Well, if we’re lucky, Biden wins and dies of a heart attack then Harris dies blowing some random dude who promised her a shiny nickel.

          1. To be fair, Obama got the USSR to collapse after telling Gorbachev to “tear down that wall”.

            1. well, Reagan actually said it, but the Russians knew Obama was on the way

        2. Above you literally say stock markets don’t matter…

        3. “Yet the biggest booms in history were under Clinton and Obama – the latter running March 2009 to 2019.”

          Is turd simply a liar or an ignoramus:
          “…But the contrast in economic performance between the two presidents is undeniable. Obama’s multitrillion-dollar spend-and-borrow policies produced 2 percent growth. In his final year, Obama handed off to Trump an economy that was limping at 1.6 percent.
          After only 18 months in office, Trump has elevated growth to 3 percent on an annual rate and the latest projections are that the growth rate for the second and third quarter (which ends Sept. 30) will be over 4 percent. One might say all it took to get the economy really crackling was getting Obama out of office…”

        4. you’re conflating “boom” with “slow recovery”


    1996-1998: MBNA Corp.

    Fresh out of college, credit-card giant MBNA put him on its payroll as “senior vice president” earning more than $100,000 a year, plus an undisclosed signing bonus. Delaware-based MBNA at the time was Biden’s largest donor and lobbying the Delaware senator for bankruptcy reforms that would make it harder for consumers to declare bankruptcy and write off credit-card debt.

    1. 100K a year isn’t that unusual. Starting out as a senior VP is.

      1. At that moment? Fresh out of college and 6 figures?

        No. Not typical.

        Maybe if you had a degree in microchip architecture.

  57. Has Covid killed off the flu? Influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe

    1. It kills everything!


    In August and September, more than a million people dropped out of the workforce. 80% of them were women.

    When women give up their careers, the choice is almost never truly a free one

    1. Something, something, .. non-essential workers.

    2. I’m sure the teachers unions will let us know, this is all just sexism, and not at all their fault.

    3. They can squawk all they want about sexism and other irrelevancies. The mistake was allowing the shut down of schools for something that affects kids less than the flu.


    Psst: Mark Kelly dressed like Hitler. Martha McSally didn’t.

    1. Mary Kelly and Ralph Northam….perfect together.

      1. Super odd how the “Racist” party doesn’t have folks in blackface, klan outfits, and Nazi outfits while the “tolerant” ones does.

        1. Plus, never let Democrats forget that the Democrat Party literally fought the US Civil War with a reason being slavery.

          1. Then Segregation for almost 100 years.


    I organized a cleanup in Los Angeles, where we picked up 50 tons of trash.

    Yes, 50 tons of trash.

    This is what democrat policies have done to California.

    They ban straws & pretend to care about the environment, yet their cities look like thisRed exclamation mark symbol

    Vote straight Republican.

  61. “the White House does not control how soon a vaccine will be developed”


    We’re likely to have a vaccine early next year. This normally takes many years, sometimes decades.

    1. No we’re not. The FDA seems to be convinced that Trump is going to be re-elected so they have vowed to fight any attempts to expedite a vaccine. They insist that “the science” requires that any new vaccines go though the same multi-year panoply of tests for safety and effectiveness as every other new drug.


    Campaign ad: Joe Biden declared a lid for 9 days. Even Joe Biden knows the country needs less Joe Biden.

    1. That is the single most arrogant thing I have ever seen? Stop campaigning because he thinks the election is in the bag. Fuck Biden and the mule he rides.

      1. Cut the mule some slack. Job market’s tough right now.

      2. it’s not arrogance, it’s desperation.
        people were starting to notice that his crowds were more accurately described as small gatherings.
        people were starting to notice that he could barely read the teleprompter.

        1. ordinarily when the presidential candidate is in poor health or in danger of making more bumbling gaffes, the VP candidate takes the spotlight and gets more combative on his behalf.

          but Harris has been MIA as well, because she’s unlikable and it’s risky to put her in the spotlight too.

    2. The election is over, moron.

      Over 1/3 of the votes are in and 99% of the rest have made up their mind already.

      Trump is the most polarizing POTUS ever and all Biden needs to do is sit back and spend the $177 million in donations he has remaining.

      1. They have made up their minds.

        Trump for 2nd term.

      2. Sure. Its the guy in office and not the resistance formed 3 months before he took office. Stick to child porn.

      3. >>The election is over, moron.

        you stocked on kleenex?

      4. campaign funds are pretty much irrelevant this time.
        there’s never been an election where people are swayed less by TV and radio commercials.
        there are no campaign events to organize, just a few Trump rallies.
        people already know who Trump and Biden are.

    3. Thought he had an appearance in Georgia, Tuesday?


    If I were a Biden supporter and noticed the American Flag has become the defacto show of support for Trump, I’d be concerned.

  64. “Chileans have voted overwhelmingly in favor of drafting a new constitution to replace guiding principles imposed four decades ago under the military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet”
    “The free-market principles embodied in that document led to a booming economy that continued after the return to democracy in 1990, but not all Chileans shared….”

    Not to worry; the new arrangement is bound to make sure that all Chileans will be equally destitute.

    1. Where have you gone, General Pinochet?
      A nation turns its lonely skies to you.
      Woo, woo, woo.

    2. It’s largely a function of the pandemic.

      The same thing is happening all over the world for more or less the same reasons–the pandemic and its impact on the economy (even the economy beyond its borders–has made people pissed off at whomever is in office.

      It isn’t about the policies per se. They’re just pissed off and scared, and they take it out on whomever is in charge.

      1. Chile’s been having Socialist riots post-Pinochet and pre-KungFlu for awhile now. The bug hasn’t changed things that much, on that front, though it’s likely made those demonstrations more strident and popular.

        College students want free shit, the world over, and think that if they stomp their feet enough, they can get it.

        1. The activists are always there–just like they are here in the U.S.

          The question is why are the college kids and the activists suddenly getting traction when they never did before?

          The answer is the pandemic and the economy.

          When your GDP is falling by 14%, you’re not getting a lot of support for the incumbent. One of the great things about markets is that market signals make people behave as if they possessed more knowledge than they do.

          When people vote, they do not behave as if they were knowledgeable like they do when they’re participating in markets. Things are going bad? Let’s change the leader. Things are going awful? Let’s blow the whole thing up!

          1. They had traction before, Ken. They’ve been sliding towards Socialism and away from ‘Chicago Boys’ free market reforms, ever since he stepped down. Note the Nov. 2019 date on that report.

            I’m left with the conclusion that it’s just something inherent in Latin and South American political culture, exceptions like Pinochet and maybe Bolsonaro aside. Maybe the Catholic Church is largely responsible for it?

          2. no classes, no work, no bars to hang out at, no sports to attend in person, and a beefed up weekly stipend, plus being hailed as heroes by social justice friendly mass media for their mostly peaceful protests?


    Every single time @KamalaHarris is criticized, people run to their megaphones to scream “RACISM!”

    Don’t you guys feel gross doing that? Because you are. It’s gross. Imagine the people who experienced the ugliness of REAL racism seeing how you’re trivializing and cheapening it.

    No one wants to think about that though. You just know that screaming “racism” is effective emotional blackmail and few can call you on it. Who cares if you drown out the real racism and dilute the meaning of the word. Crying wolf gives you power and that’s all that matters.

    It’s disgusting how you harness race and the emotional power behind it to use it as a weapon. The irony of it is that it is the same kind of tactic that led to the atrocities of the past that you love to perpetually complain about.

    Who is helped (other than yourself) by erroneous claims of racism? If you are constantly wrongly accusing people of racism, whose life has improved? How has society improved?

    It hasn’t. You’ve made it exponentially worse, drove unnecessary division, and made the word meaningless

    You have lied about racism so much and so often that it will be hard for people to believe you when the wolf actually shows up for real.

    You should feel gross. Because you are.


    1. @Every single time @KamalaHarris is criticized, people run to their megaphones to scream “RACISM!””

      Not really. Some of the time they scream “SEXISM”.

      1. that anti-Harris rhetoric is almost all sexist, not very racist at all

  66. For the sake of sanity, I want to reiterate my case for the statement that, “Joe Biden is a crook” here:

    “A repair-shop order from April 2019 contains Hunter’s name and what appears to be his signature. The shop owner supplied a subpoena showing the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI in December 2019. And the Biden campaign hasn’t said the emails are phony.

    . . . .

    According to the emails, both Bidens were in line in 2017 to benefit from a deal with CEFC. One email appears to identify Hunter Biden as “Chair/Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC.” It also refers to financial payments in terms of “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?”

    Fox News says it has confirmed the veracity of the email with one of its recipients and that sources say the “big guy” is Joe Biden. An August 2017 email from “Robert Biden” (Hunter’s legal first name) crows that the original deal was for $10 million a year in fees, but that it had since become “much more interesting to me and my family” because it included a share of “the equity and profits.”

    —-Wall Street Journal

    I have two questions about this for Hunter Biden and Joe Biden:

    1) Do the Bidens dispute the authenticity of the emails?

    2) Do the Bidens dispute the content of the emails?

    So far, to the best of my knowledge, neither the Bidens nor the BIden campaign have denied or disputed the authenticity or the actual content of the emails.

    They have denied that the Bidens are part of a human trafficking ring, but that doesn’t speak to the questions of whether the emails are authentic of whether the emails say that Hunter Biden made a deal to be paid millions of dollars by Chinese interests and to hold millions more for “the big guy”. The Biden campaign has also denied that the deal actually went through in various ways–but again, that doesn’t address the question of whether the emails are authentic or whether the contents read as reported above.

    We’re in the court of public opinion. Even if this were a case in criminal court, however, if the Bidens willfully refused to dispute the authenticity or the contents of the emails, that would be more than sufficient reason to accept the emails as presented. Until Joe Biden denies, or disputes the authenticity of the emails and their contents, as reported above, it is entirely reasonable to believe that Joe Biden is a crook.

    Even if America elects Joe Biden as president, we should not do so without forcing Joe Biden to at least respond to our questions about the authenticity and content of these emails. If is dismaying to see the news media not only ignore these two questions, rather than ask them, but also to actively suppress their existence and dissemination–without insisting that Joe Biden at address their authenticity and contents. To the end of forcing the media to ask the tough questions rather than ignore them, I will continue to plainly state that, “Joe Biden is a crook” with every engagement, and I’d urge my fellow Americans to do likewise.

    If Joe Biden isn’t a crook, then why won’t he deny either the authenticity or the contents of those emails?

    P.S. It’s because Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Keep flogging that Hunter Biden fake scandal because no one is listening.


      1. Keep lying, turd; it’s all you got.

        1. Isn’t that a parody account?

          1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

          2. Could be, but it’s got turd’s tells.
            BTW, Hunter is a pimp.

    2. the Left is hoping that after four years of ginned up allegations against Trump, people will assume the anti-Biden info is a smear campaign too.

  67. Trump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t Win

    Shut Down DC’s ‘Strategic framework for action following the 2020 election’ sketches out their plans for rioting and attacking American institutions and life unless and until Joe Biden is installed as president.

    1. “Do it, faggot.”

    2. we’ll see a nationwide strike at least, as well as a renewed round of mostly peaceful protests in every city over 200,000

  68. Hunters Sue Game Wardens for Installing Game Cameras On Private Land without a Warrant

    Two landowners and hunters from Tennessee are suing the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) for installing trial cameras on their property without their probable cause or a warrant.

    According to documents released by the Institute for Justice, Terry Rainwaters and Hunter Hollingsworth are suing “to be free from unreasonable warrantless entries and digital surveillance of their private properties.”

    The suit claims that officers from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) are known to enter private land and search for potential hunting violations. They don’t have probable cause to believe a crime is being committed, and they don’t ask permission from either property owners or a court. Instead, they trespass, wander around as they please, and take photos and videos. They even install cameras so they can keep watching the properties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    1. Court Says Police Can Install Cameras On Your Property Without Warrant If Your Property Is A ‘Field’

      U.S. District Judge William Griesbach ruled that it was reasonable for Drug Enforcement Administration agents to enter rural property without permission — and without a warrant — to install multiple “covert digital surveillance cameras” in hopes of uncovering evidence that 30 to 40 marijuana plants were being grown.

      This is in response to the two defendants in the case seeking to have footage from said surveillance cameras thrown out in their court case on unreasonable search and seizure grounds. Judge Griesbach made this ruling on the recommendation of US Magistrate William Callahan, who based his position on a US Supreme Court Case ruling that open fields were not covered under the 4th Amendment and didn’t require a warrant. Perhaps ironically, this ruling was made in 1984, a time when the prevalence and sophistication of such surveillance equipment wasn’t what it is today.

      1. I can’t find the link, but there is also a story about a no-knock raid to recover a police game camera the landowner found on his property and took down.

      2. Wait…I was assured by Democrats that weed is legal.

      3. Keep in mind that Border Patrol and ICE assert the same right to place cameras on private land, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that your Fourth Amendment rights only apply to your home and curtilage.


    Sleepy Dementia says there’s a “Dark winter” coming.

    Trump says “The best is yet to come”.

    Which do you prefer for your families future?

    1. Trump says he wants America to get back to normal. He got Kungflu and is fine.

      Biden says that he wants government to control getting “back to normal” and you have to do it the Democrat’s way.

      Trump is winning bigger than he did in 2016.


      Biden says America is an ‘idea’ that was ‘never lived up to’

    3. Trump could order the tide to go out, but the tide will only go out when it wants to.

        1. It’s an interesting look at the thinking of someone who equates motivating the actions of a group of independent individuals, with someone trying to command a natural phenomenon.

          Inspiring leadership is what we want from people sitting in The Big Chair. It’s many Libertarians, and other political bystanders, who equate leadership with someone like King Canute.

          Shows you a lot about how they think.

        2. but the tide will only go out when it wants to.

          WTF could that even mean? The tide goes out on an exact schedule dictated by celestial mechanics.

          Brandydrunk couldn’t remember the quote about the wind and the mountain from Mulan correctly, so he went with that piece of garbage?

  70. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Biden leading Trump by 14 points, his largest advantage ever in the survey. Among seniors 65 and older, Biden led by a startling 27 points, marking a 23-point swing in his direction in one month.


    Too bad Peanuts. All that trolling gone for naught.

    1. Among seniors 65 and older, Biden led by a startling 27 points


      1. Not enough bold and caps for a fucking ignoramus, turd.

        1. Sevo is here. Let the Trump circle-jerk commence!

        2. Good thing President Hillary Clinton agrees with Lefty polls.

      2. and if you believe that…

  71. > even as the number of infections has surged once more.

    It has surged. If you look at the graphs you see that we are getting the first surge since summer. The third surge. How big will it be? Dunno, but it’s there.

    The problem is that EVERY WEEK SINCE APRIL the media has been telling us there’s a new surge. No numbers on Saturday or Sunday, so they look big on Monday and they report that. Or they report the highest number of cases yet, based on *cumulative* data.

    It’s the boy that cried wolf, and the media has cried wolf way too many times. No one cares anymore, they’re numb to the scare mongering, and so will ignore this one just as we’re entering into fall when the new season starts.

    We’ve got a sensible plan, but politician will implement it. The plan is: wear a mask when you’re outside, keep a social distance of six feet, get testing rolled out especially to “essential” workers. It’s easy to do. But the current administration fucked up on the testing, we got it too late and it still won’t allow cheap at home tests. The next adminstration promises to lock us down even tighter, but that leads to lockdown fatigue and people will go partying and raving just as show of defiance.

    It’s a plan we can live with. Wear a mask and social distance. But both sides are playing games. One side wants heavier lockdowns and the other side is playing footsies with the deniers. As always, the truth is in the middle.

    The real numbers to be looking at are hospitalizations. The death toll is grim, but not the number to be looking at. Hospitalizations is the key figure.

    We want infections. But we want them at a slow controlled rate to slowly build up herd immunity as we wait for a vaccine. Especially since games are being played with the vaccine. Remember, the original goal before all the governors got visions of power was to flatten the the curve. We have done that.

    1. Keep in mind too that they report on “the surge” in a particular state. Cases are surging in Texas! Cases are surging in Arkansas! Cases are surging in Wisconsin! Cases are surging in North Dakota! There’s always some state or another where cases are surging – they don’t report so much on the other 46 states where cases aren’t surging or where they’re declining.

      1. The entire media response to COVID for the last 6 months has basically been one lie of omission after the next.

    2. .. build up herd immunity ..
      You aren’t keeping track. The latest word is that herd immunity doesn’t exist.

    3. “The death toll is grim, but not the number to be looking at. Hospitalizations is the key figure.”

      No, the death toll is the key number, and unfortunately, many who are classified as dying of Covid were NOT killed by the virus.

      Many doctors are urging many who test positive for Covid to go to the hospital. That’s why daily Covid death rates declined throughout the summer (even as hospitalization rates increased).

    4. there was a second surge in the summer, 2-3 weeks after the mass protest super spreader event.

      there’s a third surge now as cold and flu season returns, and as was long expected. fortunately the virus seems much less deadly now (or treatment has improved and the most at-risk have already succumbed or are taking better precautions).

      1. But they tell me deaths declining isn’t a good thing because reasons.

  72. I’m calling my shot: those of you think Biden will be out, if elected, by Memorial Day are wrong. The Constitution only lets you run for POTUS twice, but you can serve 10 years if you take over someone else’s term. They will drag Joe out for two years if he lives, so they can run Harris as an incumbent twice.

    1. Chauncey Gardiner approves.

    2. Get ready for Biden announcing a 24-month lid on making any appearances and then the Dems announcing that Biden inexplicably committed suicide.

    3. The constitution allows you to run for POTUS as many times as you like, so long as you don’t win.

    4. Why do the Democrats want to run Harris? Hell, if Biden’s incapacitated before the electors meet in their respective states, I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to select another president-elect rather than let Harris take up the job. If Biden dies before election day, they’ll let his corpse rot until someone “discovers” it after the polls close.


    You can have trouble getting a job in food service if word gets out that you’re an unreliable or crooked employee, but here’s Hunter getting huge paydays, year after year, for selling influence – with no demands for a refund, nobody putting out the word he’s a grifter.

    Granted, kleptocrats and malevolent foreign agents don’t usually post Yelp reviews, but there should be SOME detectable communications warning that Hunter falsely claims he can sell you access to Joe Biden and open doors into the U.S. government.

    1. It’s not a false claim. He delivers.

  74. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

    Hunter Biden sent the following text to a family friend where he shares that someone is accusing him of being sexually inappropriate around her daughter. This is why Hunter claims he is not allowed to be alone with that person:

    In another text message from Hunter to a family friend, Hunter shares that his mother, Jill Biden, propagates the claims that Hunter is sexually inappropriate around the children and VP Joe Biden is aware as well:


      A mother accusing Hunter Biden of inappropriate contact with her child told Joe Biden she would call the police if Hunter came near the minor again.

      Joe and his brother, Jim, wanted to silence her.


        Why doesn’t some German or French company hire Hunter if he’s such a great businessman? How does he always end up getting paid by China, Russia and Ukraine?


          When they ban you for posting a Hunter video they say it’s because they didn’t give permission to post them but when they ban you for posting a Hunter email they say it’s disinformation.

  75. “Congratulations to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who just agreed to adhere to a cease fire effective at midnight. Many lives will be saved”


    I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Donald Trump, but they’d sooner try him at the Hague for war crimes.

    They’ll give the Peace Prize to Yaser Arafat, despite his terrorist activities, but Donald Trump was embraced by average Americans on the right–and I guess that’s the unpardonable sin.

    1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. And Hunter is a pimp.

    2. Really Jared Kushner should win it. He may be the most accomplished diplomat in recent American history before Trump’s term is over. But that would make too many lefty heads explode.


    Footage and pictures of Welsh supermarkets and shops cordoning off entire areas with items deemed to be “non-essential” continued to flood social media over the weekend, as it appears the government there has now even banned books.

    1. That’s because it’s YOUR fault the virus is spreading and that censorship is now part of the non-pharma plan of attack to fight this virus along with masks, lockdowns and social distancing.


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  78. I remember when he said it’d be gone by Easter.

    1. I remember when lefty shits like you claimed there’d be MILLIONS!!!! dead.

    2. See, that is what the Peanuts don’t understand.

      Old folks watch the news all day long and hear his constant lies. Fauci is like their favorite doctor. COVID kills the elderly and they have moved 15 points to Biden.


      1. All the elderly are now dead.

      2. That’s probably true to an extent. But to me, one of the greatest successes of Trump is getting a generation of younger, working class people (many of whom never would have bothered voting for anyone before) fired up for Trump and, by association, the Republican party. If Republicans are smart, they will try to continue the Trumpist movement after he’s gone- be the party of blunt, libertarian-ish, fuck your feelings, America first, populist conservatism with a strong online troll game. I don’t love all those things, but they have created a brand for Republicans beyond old people, pro-lifers, small business owners, and bowtied beltway intellectuals for the first time in my adult life. Let the Dems have the Lincoln Project-type big government Republicans and the old retired leeches on society. Now that “old people” are getting to consist largely of boomers, I don’t think that they will be as reliably conservative of a voting bloc going forward anyway. Boomers are selfish AF and will only be worse in their old age, demanding society cater to them and take care of them “because they’ve earned it.” Fuck them.

        1. There’s quite a bit in this post that rings true.

          Who do you see taking up Trump’s mantle though? Keeping in mind Trump is nearly unique with how ubiquitous he’s been in the public eye going on 40 years now. I can’t think of another, younger figure with that kind of exposure and broad class appeal. Maybe an athlete? An actor or musician?

          The closest pop culture phenomenon I can think of, would be someone like Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashian spawn. None of whom seem terribly political.

    3. he meant next Easter


    Proof smear-merchant Sacha Baron Cohen’s hitjob on
    is a total fraud.

    “She’s 15, she’s too old for you” was dubbed in during post-production.

    You can see in this clip from his film “Borat 2” that Cohen’s lips aren’t even moving when he’s supposed to be saying it.


    I thought I was as cynical as you can be when it comes to Democrats, but even I never expected that we’d see a day when they’d try to tell you how many family members you may have for Thanksgiving, and where on your property you’re permitted to gather with them

  81. Is Reason being paid by the Biden/Harris campaign to run all of these pro Biden anti Trump propaganda articles (i.e. advertisements)?

    Perhaps Boehm can explain how/why Sweden’s daily Covid death rate has remained below 0.33 per million since July 30 (and has averaged about 0.22 per million), while the US rate has ranged from 1.79 to 3.42 since May 26 (and has averaged about 2.40 per million, more than ten fold higher than Sweden’s).

    Sweden didn’t shut down business or schools, and hasn’t mandated mask wearing in public.

    1. Because for some reason god loves Sweden.

    2. Georgia also has no masks mandates, with businesses and schools open.

      Only 7,800 deaths while infected in almost 9 months.

  82. the administration does seem committed to its message of nonchalance

    Everyone call him a fascist for the last three years are losing their shit because he’s not being enough of a fascist about the virus. gimme a break.

    1. if only Trump had shown strong leadership skills, like Gov. Cuomo in New York. imagine what the USA death rate would be then.

  83. “I view this department as one that probably never should have been stood up,” says Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

    Damn she’s consistently been one of Trump’s best appointments. You can tell because of all the vitriol and hatred she gets.

  84. >>Mayor Cassaundra Fryman

    Winner. Speeding tickets are a tax on free expression.

  85. also are you dummies going to answer the call on Biden being a crook? you have seven days …

    1. For unreason, the Ends justify the mean.

  86. Biden’s blunders: From claiming 200 million Americans have been wiped out by Covid to forgetting the Declaration of Independence

    August 8, 2019: He tells the Asian & Latino Coalition in Des Moines, Iowa, that ‘poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.’

    He attempted to clear up his statement, adding: ‘Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids — no, I really mean it. But think how we think about it … mWe think how we’re going to dumb it down. They can do anything anybody else can do given a shot.’

    Later that day he tells a crowd: ‘We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.’

    August 9: Biden was accosted by a right-wing Turning Point USA staffer at a rally in Iowa. ‘How many genders are there?’ He asked.

    Biden replied: ‘There are at least three.’

    The reporter said, ‘What are they?’

    And Biden responded: ‘Don’t play games with me, kid.’ Biden then shook someone in the crowd’s hand before turning back and saying, ‘By the way, the first one to come out for marriage was me.’

    August 10: Biden says he was VP when the Parkland school shooting took place, even though it occurred in 2018.

    ‘Those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president,’ he told a reporter.

    A campaign official clarified that Biden meant the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, in December 2012.

    August 24: Biden mistakes New Hampshire for Vermont.

    Speaking in Keene, NH, he said: ‘I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it?’

    September 2: Biden appears confused about the definition of a magazine for a rifle, telling supporters in Iowa: ‘The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them, it’s absolutely mindless.’

    By definition a magazine holds multiple rounds.

    September 25: Biden forgot the name of the last Supreme Court nominee under President Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

    ‘Back when, when they were holding up before Trump got elected, they were holding up, uh, um, the nomination of the president put forward for the Supreme Court,’ Biden rambled.

    ‘Merrick Garland,’ Kimmel said.

    ‘Merrick Garland, a really fine man,’ Biden added.

    November 2: Says he’s in Ohio when he’s in Iowa.

    November 20: Biden claimed that he had the backing of the Senate’s only black female Senator during a Democratic debate.

    ‘I have more people supporting me in the black community that have vouched for me because they know who I am… The only African-American woman who’s ever been elected to the United States Senate.’

    Senator Kamala Harris corrected him, saying: ‘That’s not true. The other one is here!’

    December 5: He called a voter a ‘damn liar’ and ‘fat’ after he asked if his son Hunter earned a job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company as a result of his father’s high office.

    ‘You’re a damn liar, and that’s not true,’ Biden snapped at him. ‘I’m not sedentary. You want to check my shape, let’s do push ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want to do, let’s take an IQ test.’

    He continued, ‘But look, fat, here’s the deal.’

    February 9, 2020: Biden called a 21-year-old woman a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’ during a Q&A in New Hampshire.

    Asked by the economics student Madison Moore about his poor performances in the Iowa caucuses, he asked if she’d ever attended a caucus. Moore said she had and Biden hit back: ‘No you haven’t! You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.’

    February 24: In South Carolina he said: ‘My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.’

    During the same speech he claimed to to have worked with Chinese leader ‘Deng Xiaoping’ on the Paris Climate Accord – Deng died in 1997.

    February 25: During the final Democratic debate he claimed that ‘150 million people have been killed since 2007’ by guns. If that were the case, half the American population would be dead.

    March 1: He calls Fox News host Chris Wallace ‘Chuck,’ and then claims it was because he’d had a recent interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.

    March 3: He confused Super Tuesday with ‘Super Thursday.’

    And during the same speech he botched the Declaration of Independence, saying: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing.’

    March 4: He confused his wife with his sister on stage at a rally in California.

    ‘By the way, this is my little sister Valerie!’ Biden said while grabbing his wife’s right hand. ‘And I’m Jill’s husband,’ he went on while reaching for his sister’s.

    March 9: ‘Together, I think we can win back the House,’ Biden said before correcting himself. ‘We’re gonna keep the House, increase it and flip the Senate.’

    March 10: Biden pledged to ban the ‘AR-14,’ (instead of AR-15) when challenged by a worker who accused him of ‘trying to diminish our second amendment right and take away our guns.’

    April: He appeared to forget Barack Obama’s name while discussing Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

    ‘Because they invaded another country and annexed a significant portion of it called Crimea. He’s saying that it was president – my boss – it was his fault.’

    May 22: Biden tells radio host Charlmagne the God that ‘if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.’

    August 31: Speaking at a steel factory in Pittsburgh, he stumbled badly over his words, saying: ‘COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years. Look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s uh, I mean think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.’

    September 15: Biden says that wealthy people were able to stay home during lockdown because ‘some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.’

    Speaking to a group of veterans in Tampa, Florida, he said: ‘The American public, the blinders have been taken off. They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer.

    ‘They’re saying: “Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.”‘

    September 20: Biden said that 200 million had died of coronavirus, confusing a million for a thousand.

    ‘It’s estimated that 200 million people have died probably by the time I finish this talk,’ he said.

    September 21: He botches the pledge of allegiance, saying: ‘I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, under God, for real.’

    The correct text is: ‘I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’

    October 12: He appeared to forget that he ran against Mitt Romney in 2012.

    ‘You may remember,’ Biden said when telling reporters he was opposed to Democrats criticizing Amy Coney Barrett’s faith, ‘I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor.’

    October 24: He tells a virtual meeting: ‘We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.’

    October 25: He got confused about who is president, calling him, ‘George.’

    Speaking at the ‘I Will Vote Concert’ Biden said: ‘Four more years of George, er, George, er, he – we’re going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world.’

    He was aided by his wife Jill who appeared to mutter ‘Trump,’ under her breath while Biden struggled for the words.

    1. dailymail link

    2. >>He was aided by his wife Jill

      she better get used to it.

    3. Cool. Now show your lack of partisanship by doing Trump. I’ll help you get started: our Commander-in-Chief talking up our “hydrosonic missiles”, journalists not worthy of their “Noble prizes”.

      1. And show your lack of partisanship by creating a sophomoric acronym akin to the one you created to dismiss and dehumanize right leaning posters for left leaning posters. Walk the talk, because right now I see nothing unpartisan about you, you have gone full in for the left.

        1. And have resorted to their tactics of labeling everyone who dare challenge you some form of -ism, rather than intellectually honestly engage their points.

      2. Ooh, zing!

      3. Unreason cant Go a day without something about Trump.

        I wanted to include Joe Biden, since he wont be talked about after he loses to Trump.

  87. With just over a week to go until Election Day, is the Trump administration signaling its surrender to COVID-19? “We’re not going to control the pandemic,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. Instead, Meadows said, the administration will “control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas.”

    So Reason has started to perpetuate Hoaxes now? You can tell it’s a hoax by the lack of context for the quotes. He is talking about the virus and he is correct. You can’t control the virus, you can only control how you respond to the virus.

    1. His wording though. He said “we’re not going to control the pandemic” not the virus. Managing the pandemic is what most people want the government to do to a greater or lesser extent.

      It doesn’t make a difference what he said. It just comes at a bad time for Trump who is not getting good marks on the subject.

      1. The government can’t manage a pandemic. They can try to make a single person quarantine if they bring the plague…or whatever.. into the country. But once its a pandemic, its too late.

        Why is that so hard to understand?

        1. Sure you can’t eliminate the virus which is worldwide anyway so it would come back eventually. We are among the worst hit so it is endemic now.

          He goes on to talk about what the government is doing to manage by supporting vaccine development and other treatments. So those things are what people think of. They are tools to manage and fight the disease. Pandemic means more than how many virions are floating around.

          It just wasn’t a smart thing to say because it gives the opposition more ammunition.

    1. From the news article it looks like they shot for home runs NEJM and JAMA. The insinuation is they didn’t like the results but who knows maybe there were problems with methodology or study design.

      1. Or that journals tend to reject negative studies which is a huge problem in peer review for the last decade, and that the NEJM had long been accused, with much evidence, of publishing based upon partisanship and supporting their preferred narrative.

        1. They also have a long history of having to retract studies because of faulty methodology or even outright fraud, so the methodology argument seems less likely.

  88. On Sept 11, the CDC published a study that found 70% of those who tested positive for Covid reported that they ALWAYS wore a mask in public during the preceding two weeks, while another 15% reported OFTEN wearing a mask in public.

    But of course, CDC never highlighted that very important finding in their study, never issued a press release to inform the news media, and never responded after a Federalist article (and then Trump) highlighted the study’s findings two weeks ago. Several news outlets even criticized Trump’s correct statement as being wrong.

    Last year, the WHO issued a report stating that mask wearing didn’t reduce the spread of influenza.

    1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      1. Did i acidently flag this comment be clicking to ride a pop up add?

        1. Does flagging a comment go to the same moderation purgatory as using more than one link?

  89. “Business owners are Ok with higher taxes and more regulations”

    Says no actual business owner EVER

    Reason is ridiculous

    1. Many established businesses are very happy to have lots of regulations that help shut out new competitors.

      1. Which is the argument you would hope that a libertarian magazine would point out.

      2. And kudos for making a salient point with out labeling someone a racist, misogynist, nationalist etc or using silly made up tribalist acronyms.

  90. We’ve known since March it was impossible to “control” the pandemic. Literally all the experts wrote as much then. The articles are still up.

    “We can stop the virus” is the big lie sold to blame Donald Trump for not stopping the virus.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

      When you’re shut the economy down and you’re sheltering in place, wearing masks when you go out only 1-2 times a week, you’re not “controlling” anything except yourselves. Clearly, the virus doesn’t care.

  91. THIS is Peak Reason Roundup:

    A) Castigate the Republican for Not usurpinf power to controll the uncontrollable thru quashing ALL of our personal and economic freedoms nationwide

    and then

    B) Cheer the excusal of speeders, one of the easiest ways to control accidental deaths, injury, and property damage ever devised, in podunkville

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  93. A government official admitting that there is something that they cant control is the real hero here

  94. Haha

    The bus driver just shot his pants and let go of the wheel.

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  97. Common sense. If it was “controllable” it wouldn’t be a pandemic.

  98. Congrats to Meadows for the hard truth. It has already spread around the world. Treatments and vaccines are the answer until immunity is built up.

  99. “President Joe Biden isn’t worrying businesses as much as you might expect.”

    And why would they? He’s not even a coin’s thickness from being a neocon after all.

  100. “In El Paso, Texas, hospitals and ICUs are at 100% capacity and a convention center is being turned into a field hospital.”
    Images of hospitals full to capacity are powerful — no words needed.
    Indeed, a runaway pandemic can bring a Democratic wave, with Trump helpless to do anything about it. He firmly boxed himself in by downplaying the virus.

  101. “In El Paso, Texas, hospitals and ICUs are at 100% capacity and a convention center is being turned into a field hospital.”
    Images of hospitals full to capacity are powerful — no words needed.
    Indeed, a runaway pandemic can bring a Democratic wave, with Trump helpless to do anything about it. He firmly boxed himself in by dismissing the virus.

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