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On Election Night, the Real Winner Was Drugs

Plus: Presidential results still unclear (but Trump declares victory in a few states anyway), California approves Proposition 22, and more...


Drugs are winning the war on drugs. It's the morning after the 2020 election, and the result everyone is waiting for—will Donald Trump best Joe Biden, or vice versa?—is still a mystery wrapped in a clusterfuck. But there was one absolutely certain loser last night: the war on drugs. If Americans across the country provided a clear mandate for anything this year, it's ending the hold that drug prohibition has on our country.

Of nine drug decriminalization or legalization measures on state ballots last night—including two addressing hallucinogens and one covering all illegal drugs—not a single one failed. These were decisive victories, too, not close calls. And unlike some previous waves of pro-marijuana votes, which were concentrated in predictable areas, successful anti–drug war measures in 2020 spanned a diverse array of states.

Ballot measures making marijuana legal for recreational purposes passed in three: Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey. South Dakota approved both recreational and medicinal marijuana. In addition, Mississippi voters approved a medical marijuana measure.

Measures to OK consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms got a green light from voters in the District of Columbia and in Oregon.

And Oregonians also approved Measure 110, partially decriminalizing all illegal drugs.

These drug measures didn't just eke out wins.

In D.C., more than three-quarters of voters approved Initiative 81, declaring "that police shall treat the non-commercial cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of entheogenic plants and fungi"—those that contain ibogaine, dimethyltryptamine, mescaline, or psilocybin—"among the lowest law enforcement priorities."

In Arizona—which rejected recreational cannabis legalization in 2016—voters were 59.85 percent in favor of legalization this year compared to 40.15 percent against.

In New Jersey, the proportion favoring legalization was even higher: 67 percent of votes were in favor, with 33 percent against.

In South Dakota, 69 percent approved the medical marijuana measure. And with 85 percent of precincts reporting, the recreational marijuana measure was up 53.4 percent to 46.5 percent.

Montana saw nearly 57 percent of voters approve recreational marijuana legalization Initiative 190.

Meanwhile, in Mississippi, voters said yes to two medical marijuana measures: one allowing it for people with terminal illnesses and one allowing it for people with "debilitating medical conditions." The more-liberal latter option (Initiative 65) saw 74 percent of voters in favor.

Even Oregon's measure to decriminalize non-commercial possession of all drugs saw a sizable margin of victory. Nearly 59 percent of voters approved with 80 percent of precincts reporting. And nearly 56 percent of voters approved of Measure 109, the Psilocybin Services Act, which authorizes the Oregon Health Authority to start "a program to permit licensed service providers to administer psilocybin-producing mushroom and fungi products to individuals 21 years of age or older."

The drug measures weren't the only encouraging sign from the 2020 election.

Lots of props go to California voters, who struck a blow to California's disastrous anti-independent contractor law A.B. 5 by approving Proposition 22—apparently seeing through a massive campaign to convince voters that the ballot measure was an evil corporate ploy to mistreat workers. The win is a victory for rideshare and delivery drivers and the many people who use their services, as well as for companies like Uber and Lyft.

Californians also rejected measures to expand rent control and to bring back affirmative action in school admissions. They approved Proposition 17, which grants paroled felons the right to vote.

Meanwhile, an abortion banning measure in Colorado failed.

And Nebraskans legalized gambling.

If we stay out of national political races, it was a fairly decent night.

As of this morning, the contest between Biden and Trump is still far from being determined (which was to be expected)—though this hasn't stopped Trump from nonsensically and despotically declaring victory.

"Frankly, we did win this election. As far as I'm concerned, we have already have won," Trump said in an early morning speech. He added: "We'll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court—we want all voting to stop."

Voting has stopped, of course. ("No state will count absentee votes that are postmarked after Election Day," notes the Associated Press.) It's the counting that's still taking place, and could for some time.

"Four key battleground states—Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan and Georgia—began Wednesday with tens of thousands of absentee ballots uncounted," reports CNN this morning.


• For the results of key Senate and House races, see here and here.

• Voters in Arizona agreed to raise taxes on the state's high earners; voters in Illinois did not.

• Louisiana passed an amendment saying the state's constitution does not grant a right to abortion access.

• California voters rejected a measure to end cash bail.

• Voters in Alaska rejected ranked-choice voting, as did voters in Massachusetts.

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  1. Drugs are winning the war on drugs.

    Crumbs of self determination to the people.

    1. ENB and unreason mean deregulation not legalization.

      Weed and Shrooms wont be as legal as broccoli.

      1. They will be some day. But only because they’ll regulate the crap out of broccoli.

        1. It’s a consumer rights thing. Consumers deserve to know that broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, and other imposter vegetables are all the same species. A temporary ban on all varieties of species Brassica oleracea until we figure out what’s going seems to be in order.

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      2. ACA mandates purchase of broccoli.

    2. Hello.

      Oh well.

    3. From the WSJ today: “Psilocybin is a naturally occurring chemical in more than 200 species of fungi that can cause visual and auditory hallucinations and an inability to discern fantasy from reality.”

      So mushrooms are like media?

      1. Kind of, only the media distorts reality enough to make people commit suicide and acts of violence towards other at much higher rates.

        1. Time for the War on Media!

    4. “Rich folks smoke Dokes.”

      Huxley had his soma. The favelas have whatever they want. Not like they matter, until it’s time to vote for the Party.

    5. It’s the little things. The very… very little things.

    6. Until Biden becomes teh anti drug president all those gains will be lost

    7. Had Trump simply eliminated cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug (as I’ve been urging him to do for four years), he’d have won reelection in a landslide.

      1. It was surprising that he didn’t promise to do that, or do it before the election.

    8. Biden claimed to be winning, too, but I don’t hear Reason criticizing his demented Nazi ass.

  2. Doesn’t look good for POTUS Trump.

    Team R will retain the Senate (most important).

    1. You get a tree, it’s a nice one. We get the forest.

      1. I’ll take the Senate over POTUS Trump, Pod. Here is what it means.

        No SCOTUS packing.
        No doing away with electoral college.
        No blue state bailout.

        1. That’s fine. I’m not greedy. My nuts were in my stomach last night. Better maybe for strategic reasons if Democrats are forced to compromise.

          1. Actually you are greedy. Demands for the property and work of others are never ending

            1. Don’t you worry sweetheart, the billionaires are still making 9 out every 10 dollars.

              1. The ones that voted for Biden?

              2. Democrats are going to see to that!

              3. Ah, you mean the new friends and allies of the Dems, which arrangement is totally because the billionaires have suddenly become altruistic and not because the Dems are whores? THOSE billionaires?

                Corporate kleptocracy, locked in under the guise of social justice, for ever. Better hope your Party connections are solid, or no dacha for you!

          2. “That’s fine. I’m not greedy.”

            You’re a stinking pile of lefty shit, and a thug besides. Fuck off and die.

        2. Only worthwhile if the USSC reigns in legislation by EO.

        3. I am not seeing this great Senate lead the rest of you are. Keep in mind that these late ballots being magically discovered, aren’t going to just be for Biden. I can easily see 50-50. With Collins miraculously winning. That’s not a bulwark against losing the filibuster or court packing.

          This election is being stolen in front of your eyes, and they’re going to get away with it.

          1. I actually think Team R will wind up adding one seat (54-46), when all is said and done.

            1. CSpan has it 47-47, right now. As in projected winners. James has a 1/6 point lead in MI, Collins is up 8, Tillis up 1.8, Perdue up 4 in GA.

              All of those, except probably Collins, could easily go D. In fact, I’d expect it if votes keep being found. And that gets you 50-50.

          2. So you guys are really gonna run with this “the election was stolen narrative”? Do you remember how foolish the crying Hillary supporters were in 2016? Do you want to become them? Man up and accept the reality. Look, I am very surprised at how close this thing is. The liberals wanted a moral victory, and they didn’t get one. Looks like Biden will eke this thing out, but this wasn’t some huge repudiation of Trumpism. If it wasn’t for Trump’s collosal fuck-up in handling covid, he probably would have won easily. And it looks like the Dems will not control the Senate, at least not until 2022. So there is gonna be at least some gridlock, which is great. Gridlock is what libertarians want.

            The fact is the country is very divided, split down the middle, and we are gonna have to learn to live with each other. Politics isn’t everything and don’t let it dominate your life.

            1. You gotta figure out how you can continue being a contrarian after the last year of defending Biden for the most part. Who are you going to complain about now? And don’t pull the “i didn’t vote for him” canard because you’ve basically defended every aspect whenever someone attacked him on policy or the personal.

              1. I never defended Biden, Jesse my dear. Only in your small TDS mind does criticism of Trump equate with supporting Biden.

                1. Yes you did sweetie.

                  a) You attacked literally anyone who agreed with a single Trump policy as a cultist.

                  b) You ran into every thread about his son and said there is no there there

                  c) You’ve tacitly endorsed most of his policies throughout every thread you’ve argued against Trump’s policies in comparison to his.

                  1. Jesse, you are a cultist. You have never, or at least never to my knowledge ever criticized Trump, even when he says and does things that were blatantly at odds with the constitution and law.

                    What do you have to say about him declaring himself the victor and insisting (legally cast) ballots not be counted after Nov 3rd? Any thoughts on what having a president who actively disparages our elections as fraudulent means for the long term health of a republic or future peaceful transitions of power?

                    Nothing? That’s what we thought.

                    1. Nothing is what you will soon be

                  2. Do it Nardz, you pussy ass bitch.

                    1. Please don’t encourage Nardz. He seriously seems like the type that would actually go out and shoot up a school.

            2. I figured it was going to be a tossup, but the fact that the battleground states all halted vote counts for several hours, followed by instantaneous, 100% jumps in vote reporting totals for Biden, is what’s making this look shady. That’s the common denominator and why they’re going to be challenged. If it had shown a steady rise for Biden in those totals, like when the panhandle votes in Florida started coming in hard for Trump, it would have been a lot harder to question.

              The fact is the country is very divided, split down the middle, and we are gonna have to learn to live with each other. Politics isn’t everything and don’t let it dominate your life.

              I’m giving you all the rainbows for optimism on this one. I honestly don’t think it’s going to be that simple, given how the media has turned elections into existential struggles for ratings.

              1. “…but the fact that the battleground states all halted vote counts for several hours, followed by instantaneous, 100% jumps in vote reporting totals for Biden, is what’s making this look shady. ”

                That. An honest loss is a loss. It happens.

                Theft, OTOH, can’t be tolerated. Or it just happens again and again.

              2. Hilarious how obviously Donald primed you all for this. The rest of world called out his gas lighting and priming, and you guys still fall for it.

                hook. line. sinker. every damn time.

                1. How the fuck did he “prime” anything? Noticing instant 100K-plus jump in MI and WI after counting in critical battleground states was halted for several hours is “priming” and “gaslighting”?

                  Meanwhile, you’ll clearly be happy that the chances of putting troops back in Syria and several more years in Afghanistan just went up exponentially.

                  1. He kept insisting the election was going to be fraudulent, with 0 evidence, and here we are with Trump cultists insisting the election is fraudulent with 0 evidence. Yeah, this is a real head scratcher.

                    1. He kept insisting the election was going to be fraudulent, with 0 evidence, and here we are with Trump cultists insisting the election is fraudulent with 0 evidence.

                      Noticing instant 100K-plus jump in MI and WI after counting in critical battleground states was halted for several hours is “priming” and “gaslighting”?

                    2. You think news org websites’ vote tally are 1:1 representations of reality at all times? Or do you think they are periodically updated?

                    3. Stop deflecting.

                    4. That’s not a deflection, it is an admission you have to make in order for your “evidence” to have any basis.

                    5. That’s what the courts are for, dumbshit.

            3. Chipper, are you really going to run with the “Donald Trump screwed up Covid-19” narrative?

              1. Maybe the mask Biden chains to his face will shut him the fuck up.

              2. Well, he did, didn’t he?

      2. “We”
        Mr. neutral.

  3. WHERE ARE THE LINKS ABOUT TRUMP? Have we forgotten about him already?

    1. Why do you keep bringing him up?

    2. BDS is setting in for the long, dark winter.

      1. The Fist/STEVE SMITH cuddle-rape platform wasn’t enough to sway the swing voters, sadly.


    At 4:30am, At 94% reporting Trump was safely up 109k in WI, as he had held all night.

    By 4:44am, at 95% reporting, Biden suddenly had 137k votes infused, passing Trump and flipping WI blue.

    1. I can’t find the post with something similar happening in MI.

    2. Opened someone’s trunk.

      1. Like I said yesterday. You’re watching an election being stolen in real time. The clerisy, the media and the establishment bureaucracy are pulling out all the stops.

        2016 was the last somewhat free election America in its current configuration will ever have.

        1. “You’re watching an election being stolen in real time”

          Yes. Now what are people—what are You—-going to do about it?

          1. what are You—-going to do about it?

            Ask the Canadians?

    3. Yeh for sure something is up.

      As it stands, Uncle Creepy has 270. Somehow Trump has to get one state back.

      1. Of course something is up. Texas counted over 10million ballots by 2am. Trump is about 670,000 votes ahead in Texas.

        When Trump was ahead in votes by 10%+ in swings states, all counting stopped and now Biden is 10%+ ahead of Trump.

        It does appear that predicted precincts percentages left do not appear accurate. At least for NYT election coverage.

        1. Democrats are big on tradition; they have just automated this process that started LBJ on his path to destroy the country with the ‘Great Society’:
          “The runoff vote count, handled by the Democratic State Central Committee, took a week. Johnson was announced the winner by 87 votes out of 988,295, an extremely narrow margin of victory. However, Johnson’s victory was based on 200 “patently fraudulent”:608 ballots reported six days after the election from Box 13 in Jim Wells County, in an area dominated by political boss George Parr. The added names were in alphabetical order and written with the same pen and handwriting, following at the end of the list of voters. Some of the persons in this part of the list insisted that they had not voted that day.

          The reason NV and PA stopped counting is to calculate how many votes they need to manufacture to assure a in. That and wanting to be “the deciding state”, for some reason.

          Not seeing where any of the (PA) democratic poll guards have been arrested for denying certified poll watchers access to the polls.
          Not seeing where the (PA) democrats passing out Binde leaflets INSIDE the polls were arrested.
          But the PA results will totally be honest and valid, the democratic AG said so yesterday when he announced Biden had won.

        2. Do you guys really not understand how this works? The mail-in ballots lean heavily Democratic and they are counted after the election day ballots.

          1. The ballots in swings states DONT lean heavily Democrat, which is why they are very close races. Otherwise they would be blowouts for Biden.

            Arizona just had their total votes outstanding reset to 86% from >98%.

            Same thing happened to swing states in 2016. Hillary didnt have enough time to manufacture enough ballots so she conceded. President Harris knows what’s up with ballot manufacturing.

            1. I see you are gonna double down on the crying. Well, knock yourself out.

              1. No team everyone!

          2. The mail-in ballots lean heavily Democratic and they are counted after the election day ballots.

            It’s a guess that mail-in ballots “lean Democratic”, not an independently verifiable fact.

            And do they “lean 100% Democratic”, as some updates to voting totals suggest?

            1. They do now, NOYB2.

            2. mail-in ballots lean heavily Democratic

              This is what I don’t understand. In states where they mailed them out, this would not make sense, they should shadow the overall electorate. In states where they were requested, this would not make sense unless there is some great divide between the parties over who is willing to expose themselves during a pandemic. This is spurious.

              1. It is a problem Republicans need to fix.

  5. Louisiana passed an amendment saying the state’s constitution does not grant a right to abortion access.

    Hopefully it doesn’t read as granting any right.

    1. Funny how their constitution didn’t say anything about abortions before, and doesn’t say anything about abortions now, except for a statement that nothing else it doesn’t say about abortions grants any rights to abortion access. Like there might’ve been something in the nothing, and now there’s nothing in the something.

      1. Abortion now, abortion tomorrah, abortion forever!!!

        /Pelosi, standing on the steps

  6. The fraud is blatant.
    Time to fight, actually physically fight, or liberty is lost forever.

    1. Trump made an ass of himself last night. Don’t feed the progressives floating. Trump is likely going to lose by a very slim margin. Republicans did okay in the Senate.

      1. That is how I assess it as well.

      2. The fraud is blatant.
        Denying that only makes their coup easier.
        It’s a fucking joke.

        1. This election was decided on well over a year ago, after the last coup failed. They’re going to keep counting “ballots” until (President Harris) wins.

          1. This election was decided on well over a year ago, after the last coup failed.

            4 yrs. and, now, arguably 3 coups.

        2. Fighting the fraud, if you can prove it, is impossible. Focus on the battles you can win. Focus on the Governor’s races in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. People will have a hangover the next four years and Biden is not exactly overly popular. If the economy tanks, or fails to strengthen the Democrats are in a weak position. They aren’t in exactly a strong position right now, period.

          1. If Americans let this mail-in ballot fraud work, we will never have a fair election ever again.

            1. I agree. 2016 had a couple of nasty shocks for some very important people-Brexit and Trump. All of a sudden the carefully crafted globalist agenda looked a lot more fragile than the elites in both the US and UK had long believed. Every effort had to be made to slow down the rise of nationalist populism and, having retaken the prize of the Presidency, they’ll never let it be fairly contested again.

              1. Nailed it. Normies, can you now see the forest for the trees?

                1. No, they’re still insisting on denial

          2. If they are winning by fraud it doesn’t matter how popular biden is in 4 years. It also effects down stream elections.

            1. Democrats counting the votes will have all future elections 98% for Democrat candidate.

              Stalin would be proud.

      3. Trump made an ass of himself last night.

        In all fairness, it was Tuesday.

      4. Trump made an ass of himself last night. Don’t feed the progressives floating.

        I don’t see the problem with him proclaiming victory; some of these results are going to be challenged in court, and it’s a good start for that. Worst case, he loses and he turns out to be wrong.

        1. It’s a holdover from the old milquetoast wing of the GOP. Where it’s not really important if you win or lose, but that you do it politely, and always take the high road.

          Fuck that. Call theft, theft, and let’s see what the courts say.

          1. Exactly. I’m sick of seeing tired grey haired old men roll over as the progressives steamroll the country into socialism.

        2. It is funny just two days ago I was being accused of being pro Trump and never disagreeing with you, Jesse, Nardz etc. Also, it isn’t burying my head in the sand or even saying accept it. I agree, if you suspect fraud, investigate, find evidence (it will be hard to do, but if you can, so much the better). What I am saying is win state level races to make fraud harder. Don’t come screaming out of the gate it was stolen. Wait until you have solid evidence not supposition. Fight smart. Right now the left is wallowing in everyone screaming “it was stolen” look at the totally a libertarian, trust me, idiot DoL. Fight the battle on your choosing, not what the enemy wants you to do. Right now screaming “stolen” just makes you look like sore losers. I would rather focus on investigations to produce evidence and focus on winning state races to make the rules less prone to fraud. That’s not giving up the war. It is fighting it on my own terms.

    2. Do it pussy.

      1. Nothing worse than a schmuck that served in the military and still thinks totalitarian is the way the world should work. Shame on you, you should know better.

        1. Counting votes is now “totalitarian”. Shame on you. Take a civics course and an American history course.

          1. Maybe you could make some more comments making fun of people shot in the face with rubber bullets. Try reading some history written by people who fled communism instead of those who participated.

            1. I have no idea what you are talking about.

              1. LOL! You must have been spoofed went you waxed poetic about how police crowd control amused you. Just keep being yourself, dude. It is fun to watch.

    3. trump wants to stop counting legally cast ballots in states where he is currently ahead, and keep counting them where he is behind….. you might be on to something.

      1. The sad thing about that statement is it is exactly what Gore did in 2000, and the Democrats did in Washington and Minnesota.



    1. Six states have stopped counting votes
    2. These states have Trump currently leading
    3. These states ARE ALSO RUN BY DEMOCRATS


    1. You are playing right into the hands of the progressives.

      1. Do you somehow think rolling over for their blatant takeover of the US isn’t playing into their hands?
        They’re not hiding it.

        1. Accepting it and moving on to the next fight is where you should focus your energy. The courts are much more friendly to the constitution, the GOP will likely hold the Senate. Biden eeked out a win and 2022 the GOP has a decent shot at the House. And Republicans maintain control of most states and 27 Governorships.

          1. Meanwhile, we’re probably not leaving Afghanistan because of this, Biden will increase the corporate tax rate, bail out California, Illinois, and New York, implement the Green New Deal to the extent that he can, and will ban assault weapons.

            I’m all in favor of positive thinking, but for me this isn’t really about who controls what. It’s about policy. The policies we get with Biden will be very different from what we would have had with Trump. Who wins and who loses only matters to the extent that it makes a difference in policy.

            1. The assault weapons ban is DOA with Republicans in control of the Senate, as is most of the Green New Deal and any drastic tax hike.

              1. Bullshit, Soldier. First, the R’s don’t have the Senate, yet. Second, even if they do hold on, barely, you don’t think, for example, Susan Collins will cross the aisle to vote for some of those proposals? She’s a dead woman walking, and frankly shouldn’t have won this race.

                She is not going to stop the loss of the filibuster. Nor is she likely to stop any form of judicial expansion. Kill enough kids—I’m sure their supply of incels has replenished from 2019—and she’ll ban ARs. And so on.

                There isn’t going to be a next fight. The rules are going to change that much.

              2. Yes. I would have rather seen Trump win, but if Biden is going to win, this is the best outcome we could have expected. Biden will be at roughly 270. The slimmest of margins possible. He doesn’t have a mandate and he doesn’t have the senate.

                Whether or not you like McConnell on policy, he’s pretty good at blocking the Democrats.

                1. He has a mandate if he says so,
                  and all the “social” media say so,
                  and all the press says so,
                  and all the school teachers say so,
                  and all of Hollywood says so,
                  etc, etc.

                  1. Nah. They still want to win elections in 2022 and especially 2024. All of those people can deny the reality, but the reality is the reality. If Biden positions himself to the left of where he campaigned in the general the Democrats will lose “bigly” in 2022.

                    1. Yea, they’ll steal this election but will totes not steal any more

                    2. They didn’t steal anything. Maybe step away from 8chan for a little while.

                    3. Because elections usually have new votes come in in the middle of the night that are—literally—six digits for one candidate and Zero for the other. Sure. Even Obama, he of the precincts with ‘100 percent voted, 100 percent for Obama,’ is going, “Dammmn!”

                      Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

                2. Are you always merely a contrarian? You’d rather have trump win after diriding anyone who agreed with him in any way?

                  1. No, I’m merely not an in-the-bag partisan like you are. I have similar positions to Reason on trade and immigration. If I don’t try to sway the party that is closest to my position on other issues to my position on those issues then what chance do my positions have?

                    I’ve gone through this with you about a million times. I don’t know how else to say it. I’m not going to convince the Democrats on taxes, spending, guns, etc. So why bother? Preaching to the choir on here about how Democrats are bad accomplishes nothing. It’s better to focus on explaining to Republicans, who seem to at least talk like they value personal freedom, how their policies are anathema to personal freedom on things like immigration, trade, and spending. After all it wasn’t that long ago that at least on trade and spending Republicans embraced personal freedom.

                    1. I wonder about any faith in the GOP. I like a divided government, provided they avoid shutdowns and other unnecessarily interruptive failures. But the last 4 years has exposed the GOP as a philosophically empty conspiracy for power, rather than a poltical party. They litterally did not bother to write a party platform for this year, instead just saying that they support Trump’s policies, which are also largely undefined. They have been caught over and over with Russian money in their pockets, and have blocked 10 or 11 election security bills, all while repeating and amplifying foreign propaganda. They had a duty during the impeachment that they completely failed to meet, whether or not you feel Trump should have been removed. Etc. etc.

                      I’m not a fan of democrats by any stretch when it comes to policy, but it seems they have become the party of law and order, when it comes to constraining the government with its own laws.

                    2. But the last 4 years has exposed the GOP as a philosophically empty conspiracy for power, rather than a poltical party.

                      Fuckin’ LOL at this claim. The Democrats literally control the nation’s cathedral institutions. They run the education complex from top to bottom, mass media and Big Tech colluded to suppress negative information about Biden, global megacorps are parroting their political agenda, and even divisions in the military branches are pushing intersectionality and critical race theory in their employee training.

                      In no universe is there any “conspiracy for power” when the only institution the Republicans have influence over is their own voting base.

                    3. So the GOP controlling all of the executive, all of the judiciary, and half of the legislation wasn’t enough? No, no, it’s Twitter that’s the real seat of power! Do you hear yourself? Crazy.

                    4. Yes, being able to appoint judges is a “conspiracy for power.” You might want to take off the headphones and listen to yourself for once, cuckooboy.

                    5. a philosophically empty conspiracy for power

                      I think that’s what all political parties are. Successful ones, at least.

                    6. Lacking of a philosophy, extreme cynicism, disregard for reality, and disrespect for the law is what makes them a conspiracy to gain and keep power as opposed to a political party.

                      The appointment of judges is normal politics. The appointment of blatantly unqualified political loyalists and the bad faith arguments made in the hypocritical mess of delaying Garland vs confirming Barrett is what makes it obvious that power is far more important than principles.

                      And just on the tactical side of things, playing little games in the Senate and with voting access isn’t a good tactic for the odds of our country surviving as a democratic republic. What happens when the Dems retaliate? Fair play and all that. If the supreme court does get expanded one day, the blame should lie on Mitch and the GOP.

            2. Biden ain’t doing shit, it’ll be Harris doing those things, and probably others you haven’t thought of.

              1. The real question is who will Kween Kamala appoint VP once she amendment 25s Basement Bunker Biden.

                1. Pelosi own the House, and I can’t imagine she’d that the job. Hillary and AOC are power mad, and far too dangerous to have as VP.

                  1. Pelosi owns the House, and I can’t imagine that she’d take the job.

                2. AOC isn’t old enough to be VP.

            3. iden will increase the corporate tax rate, bail out California, Illinois, and New York, implement the Green New Deal to the extent that he can, and will ban assault weapons.

              I don’t see the Senate agreeing to any of that.

              Biden/Harris will do enormous damage to foreign policy, hurt minorities, hurt growth, create stifling regulations, and make bad trade deals. But he can’t fundamentally change the country without the Senate.

              The focus going forward should be to expose Biden, Harris, and the Democrats for the nasty, incompetent fools that they are.

              1. I can. All they’ll need is one or two defectors. Assuming the Rs hold it.

          2. If you don’t realize that successfully cheating Trump out signifies something much greater than simple election misfortune, then you’re woefully unprepared for what’s coming.

            1. This is almost as bad as the progressives whining in 2016. We have checks and balances for a reason. Yes, the Democrats played a little fast and loose with all the early voting, but I don’t think this is anything close to a progressive takeover. Republicans need to figure out early voting, build on Trump’s success with South American Hispanics, and build on his success with blacks and blue collar workers. It is obvious the blue collar doesn’t trust Democrats anymore.

              1. Team R needs to figure out financing. They got totally gobsmacked.

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                  1. Thanks for your partisan support, spambot.

                2. Get the media to cover for all the money laundered from China?
                  Not sure that’s an option for the Rs

                  1. No, but FNC will see increased viewership.

              2. “Yes, the Democrats played a little fast and loose with all the early voting, but I don’t think this is anything close to a progressive takeover.”

                Your head is in the sand. You come off as a bright guy here; I’m sure you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

                1. Playing defense while behind sucks, but it is the only way to stay in the game.

                2. Fight but fight smart. Resist but resist smart.

                  1. I’m with you. Going with “the election was stolen” isn’t going to get us anywhere good.

              3. If there is actual fraud then it needs to be looked into. its hard to prove but what has Trump got to lose and we all have a lot more to lose than Trump losing the presidency, Trump will be fine either way we won’t

            2. Fraud, fraud, fraud! But it was his turn (again)!

              1. Nobody assumed that it was “Trump’s turn”. People are simply worried about the prospect of a Biden/Harris presidency.

                Given how close this election is, how states have changed voting procedures on the fly, and how results are coming in, there are legitimate questions about fraud.

                1. Make it a 2012 ass kicking, and I’d be thinking, “Whelp, looks like the American public has chose Free Shit over Freedom. Oh well.”

                  Have it close like this instead, with a slew of election irregularities, all somehow going for one team, and that’s something different.

                  If fraud is accepted now, it will happen again. Why wouldn’t it?

                  1. The Republicans just need to up their fraud game then, I guess.

            3. That’s the real problem: turning the country into a Chicago-style kleptocracy.

            4. If you don’t realize that successfully cheating Trump out signifies something much greater than simple election misfortune, then you’re woefully unprepared for what’s coming.

              I’m sure there was a significant amount of fraud. But Trump also made big mistakes. The system is what it is and everybody needs to figure out how to win within it.

              Next time, Republicans should use the Democrats’ racism against them and nominate a highly qualified outspoken conservative minority woman.

              1. Next time???

                Wake the fuck up.

                1. So you have just given up? It is all over, turn the lights off as you leave? Me, I am willing to always fight for liberty. But you do you. Guess it is all over if you are any representation of the conservative fighting spirit.

          3. You go ahead and put your head in the stocks as we charge straight into banana republic territory. Do you really think the dunks or large portions of the administrative state give a fuck about the niceties of law? Just look what they did with a non-binding memo to colleges.

            1. Keep your powder dry. Pick your battles and don’t give them an excuse. Right now the right is the British in the opening days of the Somme. The question is does it keep charging heavily defended machine gun nests or does it admit the obvious, regroup and find a new strategy. If the right keeps this up, they play right into the progressives narrative. If they accept it and plan for the next battle, they have a shot at winning the next battle. It fucking sucks but sometimes when you are losing by three touchdowns with under five minutes left in the 4th quarter you pull out your star QB and put in your backup and plan for next week.

              1. If Trump loses there won’t be another fair election.

                1. There haven’t been “fair” elections going back to Van Buren establishing the Albany Regency.

                  1. There’s honest graft, and then there’s the Third World. We’re getting closer to, if not actually arriving at, the latter.

                    Identify it, root it out, give the courts a chance to punish it. But you can’t just ignore it or make excuses for it.

                    1. lc made a good point that Texas districts were able to get 10 million votes tabulated and reported in one night. California, with its massive population, was able to do the same thing.

                      The idea that PA, AZ, NC, GA, WI, and MI couldn’t do the same thing is a disingenuous one.

                      The other aspect of this is how massive the voter share in California would be in a national popular vote. It wouldn’t matter what happened in the other states because any advantage a Republican candidate had would get wiped out by Cali. Leftists like to complain about Wyoming voters having more “power” than the ones in California, but it’s a flat-out lie. California would be able to swing elections all by itself if the electoral college didn’t exist.

          4. There will be no ‘next fight,’ Soldier.

            The Rs are going to barely hold the Senate, if not have a tie. A lot of you guys are thinking that close, undecided Senate races somehow aren’t going to be affected by the Presidential ballot fraud we’re watching right now. Even if they hold the Senate, you are relying on Susan Collins to hold the line.

            You are still thinking in terms of evolutionary changes, when you should instead be recognizing that you’re watching a revolution in how the United States governs. A revolution from shady, maybe, but still American—where pigs get fat, but hogs are slaughtered—to something more Third World, like the President Marcos-types were used to doing.

            “You get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish.” There doesn’t look like there’s any punishment to the fraud we’re witnessing now. Why does anything the line won’t be pushed in subsequent elections?

            1. No, I don’t see it happening. The Republicans will win the run offs in Georgia, it will likely be a 53-47 Senate. Not enough for Collins to impact it. Romney is looking at Utah today and saying “oh shoot (because he doesn’t cuss) I best for the line for the next two years or they will throw me out in the primary. Tester is looking at Montana and realizing he will have to buck his party or face a tough race in 2022. The census is likely to award red states more seats. Yes the president has way to much power, and I wish it weren’t the case. But focusing on a fight you can’t win will end up losing you the war.
              I am not trying to put a good face and a shit sandwich, because that is what the next four years will likely be, but I am being realistic. Short of a miracle, nothing is going to change Michigan and Wisconsin. But it is also evidently clear that Trump outperformed in the upper midwest and the returns in Nevada gives hope. Arizona is also going to be a lot closer than it looked last night. Focus on building off of the positives (few but they are there). If the right fights this tooth and nail, screams about stolen elections, it will just make it harder to win in 2022 and 2024. Don’t accept the defeat in an oh well, that is the way it goes but focus on the fights you can win. And refocus on how you win next time. The results show that people didn’t reject conservatism but did reject Trump’s style. Biden, I should say Harris, AOC and Pelosi will likely over play their hand. How do you stop them? How do you capitalize on it?

              1. I don’t know what source you’re using, but for the Nth fucking time, CSpan has the Senate 47-47 right now. The Rs are not winning all six extant races. I make a case upthread that they may not win 3 of them.

                The same 90% Biden surge of ballots that are coming in, are also coming in for Democrats in lower races. You are counting on a Senate majority that may not be there.

                But a bigger issue is that your attitude towards blatant fraud—it’s not there, stop whining, save your ammo for the next fight—-is only going to result in even more fraud the next go round.

                1. Collins is going to win Maine, Tiller is going to win North Carolina. Peruse will likely win Geogia C-Span hasn’t called Alaska, where Sullivan has a huge lead. The Republicans look good in the Georgia run off next month. Even if they lose Michigan they will have the Senate.

                  1. And there hasn’t been a real surge in Georgia or North Carolina. And even if Perdue doesn’t win 50% it goes to a run off. Focus on the run offs.

                    1. Focus on the state races in Michigan and Wisconsin to change the rules so the fraud can’t happen again.

                    2. There are apparently 200k absentee ballots left in NC, Biden needs about 70% of those to take NC. If 80% of those same ballots go for Jody Cunningham (thus electing him) it won’t surprise me.

                    3. Okay be all doom and gloom and give up, while accusing me of giving up. If this is the backbone of conservatives, you are right we are fucked. I prefer if you are knocked down you get back up. Not cry and whine and say it is all over.

              2. I am not trying to put a good face and a shit sandwich, because that is what the next four years will likely be, but I am being realistic.

                I think Biden/Harris may end up hurting Democrats in the long run; those two are not good standards bearers for progressive causes, and their policy ideas are idiotic.

                1. Institute broad amnesty for every undocumented newcomer in the US, along with expanding the judiciary, and it’s not going to matter very much how bad Biden is at governing.

                  1. Do you think that Senators like Tester are sitting at home thinking “I can do whatever I want” after seeing Trump win Montana by 15% points and Republicans sweeping every state level house for the first time in over a decade, when he knows he has to face those same voters two years from now? Voters who are pissed by last night?

            2. That may be true, but I don’t think it is obviously true as many here are assuming. Time will tell.
              What do you want people to do about it? Take up arms? At this point anyone doing that will be seen as dangerous kooks by the vast majority.
              I hope there are some investigations into some apparent irregularities, but coming right out of the gate with “the election was stolen” isn’t going to convince anyone who doesn’t already think that.

              1. Exactly and it appears like they are giving up while accusing those of us who say find the ‘fights you can win and win them’ ‘Stop this from happening again’ of rolling over and showing our bellies.

            3. Also, I am saying punish them, but do it smartly. Screaming about fraud before you have solid evidence is giving them exactly what they want. Now when you do find evidence, if you do, it will be twice as hard to convince anyone. And so you have made the progressive takeover that much easier. This defeatist attitude will insure exactly what you are predicting. Good job. You have convinced me it is all over, there will be no more fair elections because you have played into their hands and have just admitted defeat by saying it is all over. And kind of proven ll the lefterians correct that it is all about Trump, not actual policy.

              1. I see all those screaming it is all over if we don’t win as the summer soldier that Thomas Paine derided. This is your winter of despair. Do you cross the Delaware and attack Trenton in the dead of winter, or do you abandon the cause?

          5. Soldier, are you some kind of Democrat plant trying to mollify people into accepting fraud? Typical old school Republican all too ready to roll over and die because it’s uncomfortable to confront reality.

            1. You mean typical American willing to accept the results of an election?

              There is 0 evidence of fraud at this point. All there has been are states flipping as mail in ballots get counted, which is exactly what was predicted by every person who bothered to write any analysis of this election.

              Trump, and Trump alone, has insisted that we accept whatever tabulations exist at midnight on Nov 3rd, which is not law at all.

              So, are you a fan of the constitution, or of Trump? Because you can’t be both in this case.

              1. Fuck off DoL. You fucking proggie NPC who pretends to be a libertarian.

            2. That is funny. Go back two days ago when people like Tony and WK was calling me a Trump cultist. I misused the word accept it. If you can find evidence of fraud, by all means use it. But screaming it was stolen just gives fodder to idiotic leftist pieces of shit like DoL to smear you. By all means investigate, find the evidence, and if you find it fight it. But don’t scream “it was stolen” until you have the evidence. Crying this is the last free election and we will never have power again, and if Trump doesn’t win, it is all over, to me is rolling over and showing your belly far more than saying proving fraud is nearly impossible, and let’s focus our energy, as conservatives and libertarians in stopping the progressives and getting better rules to make fraud even harder.

        2. It is funny just two days ago I was being accused of being pro Trump and never disagreeing with you, Jesse, Nardz etc. Also, it isn’t burying my head in the sand or even saying accept it. I agree, if you suspect fraud, investigate, find evidence (it will be hard to do, but if you can, so much the better). What I am saying is win state level races to make fraud harder. Don’t come screaming out of the gate it was stolen. Wait until you have solid evidence not supposition. Fight smart. Right now the left is wallowing in everyone screaming “it was stolen” look at the totally a libertarian, trust me, idiot DoL. Fight the battle on your choosing, not what the enemy wants you to do. Right now screaming “stolen” just makes you look like sore losers. I would rather focus on investigations to produce evidence and focus on winning state races to make the rules less prone to fraud. That’s not giving up the war. It is fighting it on my own terms.

  8. I don’t think it’s looking good for Trump right now.

    In addition to Pennsylvania, he needs to win either Michigan or Wisconsin.

    I’m looking at all the precincts in both states that haven’t reported yet, and the ones that haven’t reported in Michigan yet are Wayne County and Oakland Count–precincts that are clustered around Detroit and were already trending blue. That means Trump probably won’t win Michigan.

    Trump has a better chance in Wisconsin, where all the precincts that were trending blue have already reported. The question now is whether Trump can make up 20,000 votes in the rural precincts that haven’t reported yet. That may be a tough sell, but Trump needs that in addition to Pennsylvania to win.

    1. Ken, I agree. MI is probably lost. MI was the stake in the heart for POTUS Trump. Still need Cass county, though. Looks bad.

      Quid Pro Joe needs to capture roughly 1MM of the remaining 1.4MM votes in PA to overcome POTUS Trump’s lead. Unlikely.

      The only good that comes out of this is that Team R retains the Senate, so there will be a restrain on Quid Pro Joe and Kamala, when she takes over for Brain Damaged Biden.

      PS: Joe Biden is a fucking crook. Impeach!

      1. Kamala Harris is worse.

        There’s no upside to Biden winning, and there’s no upside in impeaching him either.

        If the Republicans hold the Senate, that’s a consolation prize. We’re not going home with $25,000 but here’s a case of Turtle Wax.

        1. It will buy time, Ken = If the Republicans hold the Senate, that’s a consolation prize.

          In two years, there is another Congressional election.

          1. What are they going to do to us between now and then?

            The bailout of the states is time-sensitive. If Trump was elected, there wouldn’t be one–and California, Illinois, and New York would have had to slash their payrolls.

            If Biden bails them out now, that spending will not be cut. If Trump were elected, that bailout wouldn’t happen.

            If Biden wins, that issue is over. There isn’t anything electing a Republican congress in two years can do to change it.

            Will Biden follow through on Trump’s agreement with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan before the end of April? If Biden doesn’t withdraw, electing a Republican congress two years from now won’t do anything to change that.

            Just like in business. Whether what you’re doing is profitable isn’t the only thing that matters. It also matter when it’s profitable. If it wasn’t profitable in time to pay your bills, then it doesn’t really matter whether it was profitable at all. If we don’t pay our bills today, the bank will take the farm. And if a check comes in the mail two years from now, well that won’t really matter.

            If we don’t refuse to bail out the states now, those governments and their spending will remain huge until the next recession. If we’re not out of Afghanistan by the end of April, we may never leave–and those are just two examples. The Green New Deal will make less and less sense in the future, as the efficiency and cost of batteries and solar panels improves over four or eight years. These issues are time sensitive. Life is time sensitive. When these issues are decided, they’re gone.

            When the antitrust cases against Google and Facebook result in a consent decree in which Google and Facebook agree to start regulating speech, whomever is in the White House will write those rules. If Trump were in office to write those rules, they would have something to do with protecting the speech of conservatives. If Biden is in the White House when those consent decrees are entered into, they’re going to be about stopping conspiracy theories (like that he and his son are crooks) and it will target conservative speech online: support for a border wall is xenophobic hate speech. Opposition to gay marriage is hate speech for being homophobic. Opposition to abortion is hate speech for being misogynistic. And opposition to affirmative action is hate speech for being racist.

            Once those consent decrees are entered into, there won’t be anything that a future Congress can do to change them. They’re negotiated between the Justice Department, et. al. and that’s overseen by the president and blessed by the courts.

            Time sensitive. All of it.

            1. Why do you think Republicans have any incentive to bail out bleu states under Biden? They didn’t do it to help Trump, why would they do it for Biden?

              1. The turtle knows how to pull his head in and resist. He did it for two years under Obama.

                1. Democrats like Tester are looking at their states right now, and saying “oh shit”. Senators like Romney and Murkowski are doing the same thing.

              2. Draft it as a broad-based economic stimulus bill, and not just as a CA/IL/NY bailout. Make it 4T or more. Money Printer go BRRR, and those fuckers will pass it.

                There, that was easy.

      2. “Quid Pro Joe needs to capture roughly 1MM of the remaining 1.4MM votes in PA to overcome POTUS Trump’s lead. Unlikely.”


        You need 2/3 of the Senate to impeach, or you’re just wasting everyone’s fucking time.

    2. Trump has an outside shot with NV. Not likely, but possible. They have less total votes in compared to WI and MI.

      Seems like this is going to end up 270-268 in favor of Biden. I said on here that if Trump has to defend GA and AZ that’s bad news. Looks like AZ would have been enough to be a tipping point.

      1. Up until Arizona I think everyone felt Trump was winning, after that it became increasingly clear he was playing defense. His speech last night was just asinine. Hopefully the RNC can recover. Keep the worst of progressives in check. Make a greater appeal to blacks and Hispanics. If they waste their resources on fighting a lost fight, they are done for the foreseeable future and so is the country. All those screaming on here today about a stolen election aren’t helping. They feel like they are holding the line, but they are playing directly into their adversaries hands. Washington’s greatest strength as a General was in realizing when he needed to cut and run to fight another day. Right now the conservatives on here are Washington dug in on the heights of Brooklyn. Do they decide to withdraw in the middle of the night, or do they fight a symbolic losing battle.

        1. Republicans are already (rightly) moving away from Trump’s speech last night. The challenge for the RNC is going to be finding a way to alienate Trump the person without alienating his policies and blue-dog base.

          If they had nominated a decent human being with Trump’s policy positions they might have won handily. And that’s coming from a person that doesn’t like Trump’s positions on trade and immigration. But those are winning issues for the moderate Democrats that Trump won with in 2016.

          1. Exactly. Fighting the vote totals only makes it less likely they can recover. The RNC ground game is impressive as hell. Now they need to focus on early voting and gains among minorities, well keeping their growing strength with the blue collar. The narratives are changing. The Democrats are no longer the party of the working class, that is obvious. They are having trouble with Hispanics and evidence that they are weaker with blacks than at any point since Johnson. That is where they need to focus.

            1. And reaching out to libertarian lenders like me. A small change in Jo’s vote in Michigan and Wisconsin, and Trump won re-election. Libertarians need to work on getting that message across to Republicans. Maybe focus less on foreign trade (I know) and open borders (focus on compassionate borders, with enforcement) and more on individual rights such as freedom of speech, religion and gun rights. Also, work on convincing Republican elite to abandon the war on marijuana. Their voters already seem willing to give that up, now the party needs to. The libertarians have a chance to pull the Republicans more in their direction if they are willing to be pragmatic (I know libertarian and pragmatic is often an oxymoron). And the Republicans have to see that moving in that direction will help in the upper midwest, not hurt them in the South, help them in the Rocky Mountain West and help them in Nevada.

              1. Certainly there are libertarian positions that Republicans can win with. Ending the war on drugs (at least what are perceived as mild drugs like pot, shrooms) seems like a no brainer the way that ballot initiatives are going even in red states. Ending actual wars was a winning strategy for Trump, if they can get the rest of Republicans on board that would further eat into the Democrat votes.

                As much as I disagree with them, I think you’ll see the Republicans continue pushing for more trade restrictions and less immigration because those issues resonate with swing voters in the rust belt.

          2. I should add that Trump lost the politics surrounding COVID, badly. He was right that we didn’t need to shut down the economy, but he never articulated his position in a way that resonated with voters, in my opinion. He never once said that we can’t give up our liberty for security, that it’s not the government’s job to take care of you, or that YOU know best how to take care of yourself not the government. Any of those positions would have been winning messages with voters that are growing weary of being locked down.

            1. Yes, his COVID messaging was terrible. But I don’t think last night’s results say that people rejected his policies. Florida especially.

            2. Covid was 4th or 5th on most exit polls on concerns of voters.

          3. If they had nominated a decent human being with Trump’s policy positions they might have won handily.

            Who else in the Republican party was supporting those policies? Trump got the nomination precisely because he was the only one making the case for them. The party base had been trending populist since the Tea Party election wipeout in 2010, but the RNC would have been perfectly fine with nominating a jobber like Jeb or Rubio if the base hadn’t forcefully made it known that they didn’t want a neocon platform anymore.

            1. Nobody was. That’s the problem the RNC is going to have to deal with. Trump found a winning platform, but he doesn’t have a shred of decency. It might not matter to his rabid fanbase, but you can bet that it matters to people in the middle. In an election decided by tens of thousands of votes or less, personality matters.

              1. Someone that ENB quoted said that Pence was Trump without the online shitposting; this is probably why he emulsified Kaine and Harris in the VP debates.

                We’ll see if the RNC takes that lesson and moves towards running a populist platform with a lighter touch that might appeal more to moderates. I don’t think Pence has the charisma to be a nominee in 2024, but we’ll see how the mid-terms play out. Regardless, I’m pretty confident the days of Republicans supporting military adventures and corporate job outsourcing as long as they get their tax cuts are done for the foreseeable future.

                1. Let’s hope they do, and build on his growth with Hispanics, blacks and the working class.

            2. “Who else in the Republican party was supporting those policies?”

              Tucker Carlson.

  9. Voters in Alaska rejected ranked-choice voting, as did voters in Massachusetts.

    Because we are living in a binary world, and they are a binary girl.

  10. Pieces of shit in Arizona voted for a non inflation adjusted tax increase. Dumb assholes.

    1. Is that about Trump dissing McCain?

      1. Honestly don’t know. The exit polls here showed that the electorate here with both in person and mail in voting was 52% republican. It doesn’t make sense. It probably has more to do with californians moving to Scottsdale/Phx over the last 4 years.

    2. Massive amounts of Californians fucked up Commifornia and are moving with their politics to AZ, GA, TX….

      1. GA? HA! You said GA couldn’t be lost. Let me guess, it’s only close because of fraud or something. Maybe foreign interference?

    3. Shenanigans in Arizona apparently.

      Markos Moulitsas
      Arizona should not have been called. It’s not over. via @azcentral

    4. Alex Berenson
      1/ How messy is Arizona? No one even knows how many ballots are left. How someone there explained it to me:

      “[Votes by mail] received by county recorders in advance of election are typically reported first. Next reporting is in-person day of voting…”

      2/ “Then, in the days following the election, typically, the early ballots that were not mailed in, and instead were dropped off at the polling spots, are verified and counted.”

      We know mailed early ballots lean heavily pro-Biden; in-person voting favors Trump…

      3/ But what about those drop-off ballots that haven’t been counted? If they favor Trump as much as in-person voting, he probably wins. But if they lean Biden or are evenly spilt, Biden wins. Maybe the Trump camp has some real insight here, or maybe it’s just guessing and hoping.


      So Arizona hadn’t counted the ballots dropped off at polling places until today. 500k votes, Trump is already surging again.

    5. that was extremely disappointing. the worst part is that there was not any reason for it. the justification was to increase eacher pay, but they already got he increased teacher pay without a new tax….. how this holdover was able to pass on it’s own, i will never understand.


    According to the exit poll, Trump did better in 2020 with every race and gender except white men.

    Change from 2016:

    White Men -5
    White Women +2
    Black Men +4
    Black Women +4
    Latino Men +3
    Latino Women +3
    Other +5

    1. The cuck vote came out!

    2. But somehow I’m sure this fits the narrative that the only Trump voters are those who want to implement a repressive white patriarchy… right?

    3. Politico:
      Flipped Biden states were more white than the nation as a whole.
      Flipped Biden states were less wealthy than the average American household.
      Flipped Biden states had fewer four-year college graduates than than the average state.

      AFAICT, Joe’s handlers had the good sense or good fortune to keep him from calling them deplorables.

      1. And they will need to keep that up, as well as keep Pelosi and AOC and the squad from doing the same. And keep Harris from doing the same. If not, it is obvious from last night that their victory was razor thin. They lost seats in the House, they failed to take the Senate. They failed to add on at the stage levels. The courts have shifted dramatically in the past four years. And Trump has time to appoint and get approved more lower court justices. The Democrats don’t have enough strength to pass anything close to their wishlist (court packing and AWB is DOA) higher taxes may occur but they will be a lot less than they want. The Green New Deal is not likely. Trump has no reason to sign any stimulus bill with funding for the states and after January, Mcconnell doesn’t have any reason to push for one in the Senate. This isn’t 2008. This is 1992. Voters in Michigan and Wisconsin, Trump voters, are pissed this morning. Harness that, get laws passed to stop what happened last night with mail in voting. Harness that energy to win the Governorships back.. harness sit to win back the House. Harness it, as much as I am tired of the perpetual election cycle to push in 2024. The Republican have a strong bench. A minority, or and or female at the head of the ticket has a real shot. Harris is unlikable. Biden won’t finish this term Pelosi will push for legislation that is DOA in the Senate but will turn off moderates and conservatives.

        1. They’ll have the EPA, HUD, ATF, etc

          1. So how do you stop it if you don’t prove fraud? How do you convince people to resist if you act just like the Russia Hoax, screaming in the air proggies you mad fun off all this time? You are playing into their hands.

        2. They only had the power to lock the entire population in their homes and blatantly steal an election, but…?

        3. It’s not 1992, it’s 2020 – and the deep state is installing a cabal, not a president

        4. They drove people out of business by edict, they let people riot with impunity, and they changed election rules at the last minute.

          Thank God we have the rule of law to oppose their power…

          1. It’s funny, isn’t it, Nardz? People keep thinking that afterwards is going be just like other Democratic party victories this time. After rioters were allowed to run rampant, state Governors purposefully nuked their own economies, and LOLtastic fraud gets treated as nothing unusual.

            Why would things go back to ‘normal?’ Because they always have in the past? Because we simply can’t or won’t think they could turn out any other way?

            1. It’s pure denial.
              Put your head in the sand.
              It’s bullshit, and it’s why we’ll have re-education camps and mass democide before they admit what happened

              1. It is funny that you want to give up if you don’t get your way. Fuck, I thought you had a backbone. No shit isn’t going back to normal, unless we fight to get it back to normal. If all you do is scream ‘it was stolen and now it is all over’ it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. If you want to investigate, I am fine, if you find fraud expose it and fight it. It is fishy but without evidence it just looks like sore losers. And that is what moderates see, sore losers. No, don’t be Romney or McCain. Fight in ways you can win. Fight to make sure that you stop the progressives. Fight at the state level to get new rules so that any suspected fraud is less likely. Fight to find the evidence of the fraud and make sure it was fair. But don’t scream it is all over and it was stolen. That is just giving up.

      2. He called them clowns instead.

  12. …though this hasn’t stopped Trump from nonsensically and despotically declaring victory.

    The tanks will be rolling any second now.


    I still absolutely cannot believe that Trump won Zapata County 52-47 in the Rio Grande valley of Texas which he lost to Clinton 65-32%

    There is no other national Republican in America who could have done that. Just incredible

    1. It might explain an 8,000 vote difference in Nevada.

      1. Nevada is surprising.

    2. “I still absolutely cannot believe that Trump won Zapata County 52-47 in the Rio Grande valley of Texas which he lost to Clinton 65-32%”

      I can’t believe he did that, yet managed to lose Arizona as badly as he did.

      1. Exactly, the AZ story didn’t smell right. This wasn’t an election where traditionally red states were flipping blue. That, plus Trumps better than expected performance amongst hispanics and old people- both of which are plentiful in AZ- should have made that a win, or at a minimum very close. To call it as soon as the polls closed, like it was Massachusetts, made no sense whatsoever.

        And, low and behold, this morning, when ballots are actually counted, it looks like Trump has a better than even chance of winning it after all.

        1. I’m still curious if it’s some sort of McCain martyrdom. Politicians, especially those who were veterans, get more popular once they’re dead or just out of politics, and McCain as an anti-Trumper might have turned off many Rs in the state.

        2. That state had a 96 mile long Trump parade


    Blunt but accurate verdict from last night: electorally, America actually is pretty on-board with the new GOP-style populism but has had enough of this Trump bullshit.

    In a funny way it’s the worst possible outcome for the activist woke left.

    1. Trump was an ass last night in his speech. No it’s, ands or buts about it.

    2. I don’t read it that way at all.

      It’s about the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the economy.

      People overlooked his tweets and his abrasive personality. It’s amazing that he did as well as he did. He made the pollsters look like idiots again.

      1. The pollsters were the biggest losers last night but I am not certain with Biden looking like he will win most will see it that way. Also, good job to the Democrats removing the Green Party from Michigan, while leaving Jo on the ballot. I wonder how last night would have gone with ranked choice voting. Trump needs to leave with a little dignity (much less after his stupid speech last night but some).

        1. I don’t think he should leave with dignity at all.

          He should make himself a turd in the punch bowl.

          Order the troops home from Afghanistan.

          Expose the FBI and the CIA to an unprecedented amount of sunlight.

          Keep fighting to get rid of DACA.

          “What this situation requires is a really futile and stupid gesture”.

          1. Pardon everyone in federal prison.

            1. Pardon Snowden

            2. Pardon at least non violent crime marijuana felons.

          2. Sure . . . provoke prosecutors in advanced states and federal officials — Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice — in a Democratic administration. Trump’s self-preservation instinct may override his dumbassery In this situation, causing him to mope and fail to cooperate but also to pull his punches on the way out in the hope of avoiding bankruptcy, prison, and the prospect of a lousy rest of his life.

          3. I dont think most of those would be a bad thing to do. I mean not fight tooth and nail, screaming about stolen elections. Use his remaining power wisely. Ending Afghanistan would be a good thing. Exposing the FBI and XIA would be a good thing. Screaming about stolen elections would be the dumbest thing he could do. That is what I mean by leaving with dignity. Don’t be Al Gore, be GHB.

            1. Head in the sand. Got it.

              1. No, investigate but don’t scream fraud unless you can prove fraud. Don’t challenge vote totals without evidence. Yes, challenge to make sure you have access in Michigan (where it was blocked) and Pennsylvania. But fight the smart battles, and work to get the people on your side. Looking like a sore loser, which is how many people see you and others, is likely to make any evidence Trump actually finds, less convincing to the American public. Asking to make sure you can look at the votes, to make sure everyone was counter properly, without screaming it was stolen is likely to create empathy. And then when you do find evidence (if you do) then the public is more likely to be on your side. Yes, it is always a place of disadvantage because of the dishonesty of the media. Buy screaming it was stolen before counting was even done makes the media’s water carrying even easier. Good job. Scream and fight and lose. Or wait, be patient, fight smart and build empathy. People distrust the media and don’t exactly trust progressives. Screaming “it was stolen before you have solid evidence or even evidence beyond supposition, isn’t going to win you any allies. Attacking anyone who doesn’t scream “it was stolen” doesn’t win you allies. Trump is right to sue because his campaign was denied access in Pennsylvania and Michigan, however, by screaming about stolen elections, he has allowed the media to paint this lawsuit as another attempt to get votes tossed so he ‘can steal the elections’ people are burned out on politics. Let the dust settle and find where you can win.

              2. Additionally, everything Ken listed would be great for Trump to do and likely would undercut the Democrats and generate empathy and be good for the country. That is dignified, in my opinion. Doing what is good for the country to make it better without looking like an ass in the process.

              3. I get it you like proving idiots like Kirkland right. Got it, you don’t want to win, you just want to be seen to fight. Okay. Good job, you are proving Kirkland and DoL were correct about everything they accused you of and have decided to wave the white flag if you don’t get your way on a long shot.

        2. He should immediately send the National Guard to Portland.

  15. Voting has stopped, of course.

    Someone has never been to Filthadelphia.

  16. Why such accurate numbers about drug votes but not presidential races?

  17. “Turnout rate: 66.9%”

    This is why Team Blue looks poised to steal this election, and Team Red doesn’t get why. The whole purpose of the Mail-In voting drive is to win elections WITHOUT fraud.

    As John has said previously, the election turns on voter turnout. There is a reason Biden didn’t have a big election-day ground game. Because election “day” is now 21 days long. While Trump was focused on big crowds that would rush to the polls on election day, volunteers all across NC, PA, MI and elsewhere were churning out votes every day.

    If you assume a roughly even split of voters, that 67% participation rate means that each TEAM has about 10 – 15% of the nation as potential voters. For TEAM BLUE, those voters are generally packed into dense urban environments. Who needs fraud, or a massive ground game on election day when a couple moon-eyed millennials are happy to go door to door in North Carolina for three weeks?

    As I said, while there is potential for fraud- especially in PA- TEAM RED needs to wake up to the fact that Mail-In voting is here to stay, and they are playing a whole new ball game. And if they don’t we are going to see much of the nation flip blue.

    1. Overt….Team R needs to overhaul funding as well. The Team Blue funding mechanism was incredible.

      1. I remember a time when Team Blue was abhorred by money in politics.

        Now they’re running the racket.

        1. And which “team” led the charge for more money in politics? Remind us, please.

          1. You mean the fight to allow everyone the ability to join groups or write books that criticize candidates? Oh right freedom of speech only applies when it favors your side. You are just another progressive NPC.

      2. Team D has wall street and Hollywood, and probably a lot of foreign money (remember that Gore was caught taking money from China).

        Team R can’t match them in fundraising, and needs to find better ways of harnessing what they have. I don’t think their messaging was particularly good this time around.

    2. The problem you’re ignoring is all the publicly known cases of ballot buying or harvesting such as the democrats in Texas. Youre okay with that?

      1. JesseAz….Nobody is ignoring anything. AZ is lost. That killed his chances.

        POTUS Trump will likely win PA. Ok, fine.

        POTUS Trump will probably lose MI and WI. That hurts.

        1. AZ outstanding ballots just got reset from >98% down to 86%.

      2. Normalcy bias is a bitch to overcome, Jesse. I certainly don’t want to admit that the US is closer to PRI-dominated Mexico than it is to the elections I watched in my youth, but it’s looking that way.

        Your election is being stolen right in front of you, and you are being told that it’s your fault. How galling.

      3. “The problem you’re ignoring is all the publicly known cases of ballot buying or harvesting such as the democrats in Texas”

        I am sure there is going to be fraud. I am not ignoring that. My point is that if you focus on the fraud, you will lose. I have told you this numerous times before- how a GOP controlled county, with a GOP lead election office, saw its majority ripped away. You can complain about fraud all you want, but it was done with math. The Democrat machine- funded by billionaires and tech wizardry- knows exactly where the ballots are. They don’t need to “invent” 10,000 ballots. They are sitting there, ready to be returned at the local university. And at the local senior center.

        They call this ballot harvesting for a reason. When only 67% of the potential ballots were returned, if your volunteers can go to all the local colleges and all the homeless shelters, etc etc, they can get another 3 – 5% of THEIR potential votes harvested and they will win.

        I *want* team red competitive because I find them a better alternative to team blue. That isn’t going to happen if they do not accept that the rules of the game have changed.

        1. ^this. The funniest thing is the same people screaming fraud are also saying it is all over, America is done but then accuse me of giving up, while I say find the battles you can win and win them to make sure it does not happen. Investigate by all means, find evidence and then call fraud but don’t scream it is all fraud and give up. Choose your battles and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Or become Washington state.

    3. Its one thing when states open up more remote voting, but another when they discourage people from voting in person. Ds claim that Rs do this at the local retail level, but this time the Ds went wholesale, and convinced the nation that going to the polls was like viral suicide.


    A side effect of COVID that few are talking about yet: Now everyone knows that you don’t need a 50%-mortality bioweapon to disrupt a country and its economy. All you need is a 1%-mortality bioweapon.

  19. “Presidential results still unclear”

    Biden will be declared the winner shortly. Possibly even today.

    Another correct prediction from this supposed “parody account.”


    1. #ImpeachQuidProJoe!


    I mean LOOK at this graph for Wisconsin

    I’ll zoom in just so you can see the part where Biden votes came out of NOWHERE


      OK. So both Michigan AND Wisconsin have VERTICAL LINES where Biden votes are injected in.


      1. What do you propose to do about, bigot? That will be different from the way in which you have been losing the culture war for decades, I mean.

        Try to lose with dignity. Otherwise, mocking you is maybe too easy.


    “Milwaukee was supposed to report at 1am. Than they delayed until 2pm. Than delayed until 3am.

    At 3:30am, Biden over comes a 4.1 lead.”

    1. Sounds like a fun ride.

  22. I voted for Jo, but will admit I am upset Biden will likely win. Fuck. I didn’t exactly want Trump to win so much as I don’t want Biden-Harris to be in charge of writing regulations for the next four years. At least the Senate looks like it remains in the GOP to check any new laws and the courts will act as a check as well.

  23. It seems it’s that third box or totalitarianism, folks.

    1. So are you an FBI agent, or are you about to end up talked into a fake plot by one of them? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

      1. You’re a totalitarian coward

        1. I have actual documentary certification that I am not a coward. Unlike you Nardz, I do not have violent fantasies of defeating my enemies, because I have already lived that. Go get your dick sucked or whatever you are in to. You are losing it.

          1. So you are going to post your 214?


    AZ early am update. Maricopa County overnight was a pickup of ~50,000 votes for Trump. Biden lead is now ~90k with ~520k ballots out there. A 60-40 Trump split of those ballots would put Trump ahead by ~10k. Trump has been winning the count 60-40 or better since late last night.

    1. That’s a big deal.

      1. Yes, and I haven’t seen it discussed anywhere else. Makes me wonder if the situation is really as he says it is?

        Also, just looking at the margin and the remaining vote (depending on where it is from, etc.), it sure seems like NV shouldn’t be counted out either?

        1. The problem with Nevada is that the two places where the precincts haven’t already reported are Reno and Las Vegas (Washoe county and Clark county)–the two places that are already trending blue.

          That will probably be more of the same. In Reno, because it’s a town where government workers dominate the population and in Las Vegas because hospitality unions dominate.

          Trump’s best hope is Wisconsin. I need to take another look at Arizona.

          1. Trump advisor Jason Miller is saying they will win AZ by “closer to 30k votes.”

          2. It’s really a shame that he couldn’t get NV this time. That their hospitality based economy being decimated by covid restrictions, combined with his improved performance amongst hispanics and the extremely strong support he has among the desert survivalist/rancher set, couldn’t overcome the power of the union and/or identity politics.

            Also disappointed that it seems the MN Iron Range counties didn’t flip as was hoped. Not sure how anyone who makes a living in (or wants to be able to go back to making a living in) any sort of resource extraction industry could look at Biden at think he was the better choice. That also seems to bleed over into the WI counties bordering Lake Superior, which have strong geographical and historical connections to that area. Douglas, Bayfield, and Ashland counties (WI’s iron range) all went blue- some of the only non-urban counties without some other factor, like a relatively large university presence or an indian reservation, to do so. Haven’t looked at the numbers, but I have to image they likely would have made the difference.

            1. It’s a strange world.

              California voted against affirmative action.

              California voted against raising property taxes on commercial real estate.

              California voted against rent control.

              California voted against abolishing cash bail.

              These are conservative positions. So, why did these people vote for Biden?!

              1. My smart Dem friends couldn’t tell you anything about Biden’s actually policies. It’s just Orange Man Bad.

                It’s not like the national campaign has been about rent control.

                1. So, if they’re voting their natural inclinations, then their natural inclinations are not incompatible with conservative positions on those issues.

                  1. Because Trump is not a conservative. He is a borrow and spend moron who thinks a dictatorship would be pretty neat (just kidding, …unless…hahaha, just kidding, but no really…?).

                    1. Trump has not shown inclination to dictatorship. He can sue, that is his right and he should be allowed to investigate to make sure the ballots are all correct and correctly counted. If he still loses and doesn’t give up, then it is a different story. Fuck. How hard is that for people to understand?

    2. Like I said last night, the difference between AZ and the other states is that counting of the in-person votes was stopped for four hours by Fontes in Maricopa County. One of the common denominators in all this is Democratic election officials halting counts for several hours.

      The instant jumps in votes in Michigan and Wisconsin make the whole thing look shady as hell; no one would have questioned a rising climb on a normal vote reporting scale, but the several-hour halts in vote reporting in all these battleground states are way too suspicious. I guarantee that kind of leap for a Republican, it would be getting 100% scrutiny by the media.

      It’s absolutely critical for the Republicans to challenge these instant jumps now, because to not do so is an indication that they’ve accepted them as SOP from the Dems going forward. We all know the Dems would do just that if the situation was reversed.
      The Rep party base is going to be mighty pissed if they don’t at least make a concerted effort to fight it.

      1. There was also a strange situation in Atlanta, where they suddenly stopped counting ballots because of a broken pipe?!

        My understanding is that someone ordered them to go back to work counting ballots.

        1. Actually the broken pipe was at a voting precinct in Atlanta, which caused voting delays so they kept that precinct open for extra time past polls closing. And then they stopped all vote counting around midnight to send people home.

      2. Investigate, challenge but don’t scream fraud and stolen election until you have evidence. And work to get back the Governorships of those states to get rules passed to make this less likely. Fight smart not the way your opponent wants you to. And screaming fraud last night was exactly what the left wanted. It makes any evidence less likely to be accepted. When you are in a hole stop digging.

        1. Pence handled it correctly, Trump didn’t.


    will get the 270 he needs. But the “socialist” attacks worked – while we rolled our eyes. A rejection of elites. And as someone who’s read polls for 40 years – its all broken. People don’t want to hear it – but we have to come out of our silos and talk to GOP voters

    1. I wonder if he will make the connection between rejection of “elites” and said elites being so wrong about the polls.

      1. Does it matter if the “elites” gain complete control over all our lives?
        If they can get away with this obvious theft, they can do anything to us.

        1. So, don’t let them. But don’t fight the battle the way they want you too. Screaming it was stolen is fighting it the way they want you too. It allows them to paint you as sore losers trying to overturn the will of the voters. Find evidence and present it in a calm manner. They want you to scream, they want you to riot, it plays into the narrative. Look at what happened and how you stop it from happening again. Take your anger and make it constructive.

          1. Trump was the middle finger to elites like Romney, but he was a flawed hero. He beat himself a lot. We need Trump’s passion with Pence’s instincts. Find those people don’t let this momentum die by giving up or screaming about it.

  26. Of course UnReason ignores the biggest story of all (like they pretty much always do): the polling was probably the worst it has ever been in history, far worse even than it was four years ago.

    For weeks and weeks on end, the scummy left wing vermin in the media have been confidently
    declaring this would be a “blue wave”, a democratic clean sweep. While much remains to be resolved, we know indisputably that it was absolutely nothing of the sort. The reviled Mitch McConnell still has almost the same majority he did before, and while Jokerface Pelosi still has a majority as well, it looks like it will be the same or even slightly smaller.

    If Sleepy Joe does manage to manufacture enough fraudulent mail ballots to eke out a victory, thank God at least he don’t get one single radical, far left, constitution hating judge approved for two years.

    1. Yeah, regardless of how this election ultimately turns out, a lot of the political advisors, talking heads, and polling companies need to be fired.

      1. Why? If Biden wins, they accomplished exactly what they were paid to accomplish.

        1. My thought as well. Suppression polling is a real thing, and we just had a demonstration that it works.


    Twitter is censoring
    ‘s tweet but he raises a legitimate question. 138,339 votes were added in Michigan late last night, and not a ***SINGLE ONE*** of them went to President Trump? Give me a break.


    It’s interesting that this video was not flagged for election misinformation.

    1. And someone I know was banned from Twitter for 24 hours because he made a joke offering rides to the polls on Wednesday.

  29. The president wants the rest of the votes counted in Arizona, because he’s losing, but says he’s “won” Pennsylvania and Michigan, where there are hundreds of thousands of votes still outstanding.

    Biased bullshit like this just confirms the TDS diagnosis. Let’s rephrase that:

    Biden wants the rest of the votes not counted in Arizona, because he’s winning, but says Trump “won” Pennsylvania and Michigan, where there are hundreds of thousands of votes still outstanding.

    Goddam. TDS sufferers are so goddam un-self-aware.


    The only thing we did on Election Day was tell them how many votes they needed on Election Night.


    Can anyone explain to me a *single* logical reason as to why multiple states, where Trump was leading massively and that are vital in determining the outcome of the election, decided for the *first time ever* to just randomly stop counting votes on election night?

    1. To allow time to print, fill out, and sneak in the correct number of fake ballots?

      Oh, wait, you were looking for a legitimate reason. I got nothing.

      1. That IS legitimate; to quote their trainer LBJ, “I stole that election fair and square”.
        From 1948 –
        The runoff vote count, handled by the Democratic State Central Committee, took a week. Johnson was announced the winner by 87 votes out of 988,295, an extremely narrow margin of victory. However, Johnson’s victory was based on 200 “patently fraudulent”: 608 ballots reported six days after the election from Box 13 in Jim Wells County, in an area dominated by political boss George Parr. The added names were in alphabetical order and written with the same pen and handwriting, following at the end of the list of voters. Some of the persons in this part of the list insisted that they had not voted that day.

        They are just using computer modeling now to calculate how many ballots need to be “found” to win.


    “Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy”

    On election night in Portland, hundreds of protesters shut down the streets of SE Portland. They confronted Portlanders at their homes, including a family with a “Biden Harris” sign.

  33. America looks to be choosing wars and more slave-manufactured cheap goods over a guy who interrupts too much. Well done, assholes.

    1. Vanquished, bigoted clingers are among my favorite culture war casualties.

      Maybe you should pray on this a spell.

      1. You lost, bigoted asshole.

      2. So you support endless wars and slavery. Noted.

      3. Well, then the left no longer needs you. Have they scheduled your execution yet? I’d like to be there.

    2. No, America is split between those two.

      Our elites have chosen wars and more slave-manufactured cheap shit.

  34. The lesson to be drawn here is that hoping you can ever change things is a futile hope, the Deep State is firmly in control and there’s no use fighting it. Get ready to send the boys back into the quagmire of the Middle East because that’s where the money is.

    1. Get ready to send the boys back into the quagmire of the Middle East because that’s where the money is.

      That’s honestly my biggest concern here, followed by the Uniparty continuing their decades-long sellout of the country to China. While we were all distracted, Trump vetoed the Patriot Act into oblivion (seriously, that’s the biggest surprise coming out of yesterday. None of the public had a fucking CLUE that it happened, and that’s arguably the most defining piece of legislation to be passed in this country in the last 20 years. Did Amash even mention it after the House suspended the vote on the Senate renewal?), effectively ended ISIS as an existential threat to the Middle East, brokered several recognition agreements between Israel and Muslim nations, along with Serbia and Kosovo, and was poised to pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan before the neocon/neolib alliance in the House ratfucked him on the funding to do so.

      Going forward, there’s a serious threat now that the Iran/Muslim Brotherhood symps in the Democratic party are going to undermine those agreements with Israel, while neocon/neolibs will keep finding further excuses to keep operations in Afghanistan going. If it does get confirmed that Trump is going to lose this thing, if I’m him, I tell the House to go fuck themselves, reallocate funding from other defense projects, and get all of our troops in Afghanistan home before Christmas, irrespective of whether the House takes it to court or not. Make it a public announcement with a hard deadline to get the enlisted ranks excited about it, and put some leverage on the Dem-symp generals to follow through or risk morale going into the toilet.

      I don’t seriously believe he’d actually do something like that, but it would be a nice “fuck you” to the Uniparty.

      1. I’d like to see a few members of the FBI/CIA/DOJ cabal in orange jumpsuits, as well, but that ain’t happening either.

        1. I want to see him say, “I’ve ordered our commanders in Afghanistan and CENTCOM to get all of our troops there home by December 20th. If a single soldier has their boots on the ground at 12:01 am on December 21st, every one of those commanders will be fired.”

          Between the axe over their head, and the pressure from the NCO and junior enlisted ranks to get the fuck out of there, the generals will be far less likely to drag their feet.

          1. Cue Fall of Saigon, excuse me, Kabul.

            Fuck it; it was going to happen anyway. Might as well get it over with.


    Struggling to recall the last election where a Democrat was solidly leading before I went to bed with 90%+ of the votes counted only to wake up to see the Republican eked out a win at the last minute

  36. Here’s to Oregon and it’s support of the heroin and cocaine voting bloc.

    1. Portland is overrun with homeless drug addicts who, apparently, vote.

      1. You joke, but that’s actually quite prevalent there. There was apparently a survey taken of the Antifa cells last year that found something like 80% or more of their members were addicted to some kind of hard drug, typically heroin and/or cocaine.


    Correction: We’ve deleted an earlier tweet that referred imprecisely to the role of the news media in the U.S. presidential election. The news media projects winners and reports results; it does not declare the winner of the election.

    1. Trump has caused a great many masks to drop. Quite a legacy in itself, and it’s unlikely history will remember him for it.


    “With Nevada elections results too close to call the morning after Election Day, there is going to be a one-day pause in the releasing of any new vote totals.” This is getting ridiculous.


    You can’t suddenly quit counting votes in only the major swing state Trump is winning, then have hundreds of thousands of votes drop in the middle of the night, in an instant, with 99% going to Biden – and still have election integrity.

    I’d say the same thing if it was reversed.

    1. OK, you’ve said it. I’ve said it. Now what?

      1. To the barricades!

      2. This is kind of my point. Screaming about it doesn’t win anything and just makes you look like a poor loser. Focus on how to stop it, focus on finding evidence, focus on fighting progressive policies. Focus on winning 2022 and 2024.

    2. There is some shady shit going on with MI, WI and AZ. I’ve never seen AZ stop counting votes. And the 100k+ votes that come in at 99% clip for Biden…and nobody in the MSM questions this at all? We all know if this happened for Trump, they’d be screaming at the top of their lungs.

      1. Bro, you just don’t understand mail-in ballots bro.

    3. Looks like Biden knew what he was talking about when he said he had the best election fraud team ever.

  40. Can we please partition the country or add 50 or so new states and go back to federalism?
    This garbage isnt sustainable for much longer.
    Too bad republicans arent willing to put their ass on the line like the dirtbag left.

  41. I’d have to look it up, but one thing about POTUS vs. Senate races is:

    are the EC swing states that are being stolen also states with a non-safe, contestable Senate seat up for grabs? You can’t steal votes to flip a Senate seat to the Dems if they already have a Dem senator or their senators aren’t up for reelection this time.

    If GOP holds the Senate, and natural causes take Biden, getting Harris’ VP confirmed is going to be a trip. They’ll try to keep him past the midterms because of that, and if Harris takes over with less than 2 years in the term they get to run her twice as an incumbent.

    1. No senators up for election in WI this time around.

  42. All of the numbers that you are seeing from Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, NC, Virginia and PA are meaningless. The only thing that matters is the final numbers. All of those numbers include tens of thousands of mail in ballots that are all going to be audited and potentially challenged. I wouldn’t pretend to be an expert in the election laws of any of these states. But whatever the law is, it is not “if a vote is counted on election night, it counts no matter what”.

    If nothing else all of those votes will be audited to ensure they don’t come from someone who voted in person or from someone who is dead or no longer lives in the district. I don’t care how lose election laws are in a state, no state can get away with counting votes twice or votes from dead people or people who have moved out of state. This is in addition to whatever other technical requirements like signatures matching the state may have.

    The bottom line is there is no way to say who won this election. Are all of those 140,000 mail in votes that appeared last night in Detroit and put Biden in the lead in Michigan legit? We will find out. It is going to be a long war of attrition vote by vote.

    I have no idea how that will end, although either side could end up on top. Regardless, the Democrats are not taking the Senate. So, whatever happens, their dreams of packing the court and sending everyone to reeducation camps are not happening. Having a sick and deeply unpopular Biden win the Presidency without the Congress or the courts or the power to do much or anything close to what his brain dead base dreams of him doing while also being President in a position to take the blame for everything is likely one of those cases of prayers answered causing more tears than prayers unanswered.

    1. I don’t see the in-depth auditing of votes happening, John. There simply isn’t time. The electors have to be certified and vote by Dec. 14. I see instead a series of half-assed attempts to hand wave the votes as valid, and rubber stamp the results.

      Hopefully you’re right, and I’m wrong.

      1. There is lots of time and Trump has lots of money and resources. Look at all of the counting and recounting they did in Florida in 2000. You can do all of that and more. And they will.

        1. Trump campaign already sending me requests for money emails to fight, if needed.

      2. DOJ is part of the permanent government that wants Trump out, and he didn’t fire everyone in time, so corrupt PA officials are going verify everything.

        1. They can’t just verify it. There has to be a rep from both parties there and they can challenge it. If they just ignore the rules, the whole thing ends up in court. It is not that easy as you say it is. It is going to be a long and brutal process.

          1. They are throwing out GOP monitors, claiming “intimidation”.

            1. All of the monitors got back in. The recounts will not be done in private.

              1. We found these ballots without postmarks in a warehouse two days after the election. You are welcome to watch us count them.

                1. Whose names are on those ballots? Are they signed? Do the signatures match what is on file? In Michigan they have to. Is the name a person who is on the voting rolls? Is that person still alive? Do they still live in the district? Did they vote in person as well?

                  You don’t just count the ballots. It doesn’t work that way.

          2. It was pretty fucking easy to destroy tens of millions of people’s lives with lockdowns

      3. Regardless of what happens, this is the Democrats’ big revenge for Trump and the best they can hope for is an unpopular President who had to win by cheating and a narrow majority in the House. Boy that is a long ways from the commanding heights of 2008 isn’t it?

        The thing to consider is the long term decline of the Democratic Party. It’s last high point was 2008. Even that was below its previous high in 1992 which was in turn below what it had in 76.

        After 08, the 8 years of Obama were one long bloodbath for Democratic office holders culminating in 2016. The Dems won back some of that in 18. And now if Biden wins, this will be a new peak. How does a senile Biden who had to win by fraud and won’t have the Senate compare to 08? And this is the peak. The midterms will likely be a disaster. This high tide is much lower than the last and the next low tide for the Democrats is likely to be very low.

        So, things really don’t look as rosy for the Democrats as they want to pretend. The other think about a Biden win is watching the Democrats have to live with a weak, stupid and deeply unpopular Biden as President without having the race card to play like they did with Obama will be fun. It will also be fun sticking that senile stupid old man with every single tactic the Democrats used against Trump. But hey, they can always get him to resign for health reasons and put Harris in. Good luck with that.

        1. You need control of the CIA, FBI, and media to use the same tactics against Biden.

          1. I mean politically. And Biden isn’t popular and isn’t black. He won’t be able to get away with telling the Senate to fuck off the way Obama did.

            1. I get what you’re saying, but that’s academic. He has the mass media and BigTech running full top cover for him and his party now, and it’s fully locked in. Anything he does is going to be supported by those two entities, who will run a full-court press to ensure that dissent against his actions is squashed.

              This isn’t like 2010, where social media was still a free-wheeling enterprise and non-leftist perspectives could get organically signal-boosted throughout the marketplace of ideas. These entities learned in 2016 that anything cleaving from the left-wing consensus needs to be proactively suppressed before it threatens to upend their agenda. That’s going to be the MO going forward.

        2. The Democratic party is just a means to end for the ruling class; if they can make our votes not matter, neither political party will matter. They just need cover for a couple of more years.

          1. I don’t think it is quite that simple.

            1. Long game: go ahead and wear the Democratic party down, if every step of that consolidates their power. They won’t need a party.

              1. If they didn’t need a party, they wouldn’t have wasted their money on buying the Democrats.

                1. They needed it. I don’t think they will continue to need it. Useful, but ultimately disposable.

      4. Come on Gras. I get what you’re saying but he has to fight to make sure it was a clean election.

        1. Gray.

          1. Agreed. He must fight. Ignore anyone who thinks he’s acting like an asshole by doing so.

            Fight with the courts. Fight with every legal means possible. Audit every last damn disputed vote, and fuck anyone who thinks that’s voter suppression.

            The alternative is far worse.

            1. He absolutely HAS to fight, and loudly, otherwise it’s an abandonment of the millions of people who turned out for him. Rolling over for the progs without even putting up a fight tells all those people that the GOP doesn’t care about their support. Those voters didn’t vote for the GOP; they voted for Trump and the party of Trump. All the support among minorities who put their asses on the line and subjected themselves to some atrocious racism from the left- all of it dries up, and the GOP will never get it back, because they’ll be be just another bunch of lying sacks of shit who used them for their vote and then threw them away. Trump may lose the fight and lose the White House anyway, but the ability toake big gains in the midterms and hold on to that massive support relies very heavily on him fighting.

    2. I find your observations about objecting to the votes that have already been cast reassuring.

      “Regardless, the Democrats are not taking the Senate. So, whatever happens, their dreams of packing the court and sending everyone to reeducation camps are not happening.”

      I wrote more or less the following to soldiermedic up top:

      Some of the most important things Trump was doing were time sensitive. If Biden bails out California and New York’s pension systems, refuses to withdraw from Afghanistan in line with Trump’s peace agreement with the Taliban, pulls the sanctions away from Iran, enters into a consent decree with Google and Facebook to regulate away “conspiracy theories” and “hate speech” like opposition to affirmative action . . .

      There isn’t anything electing a Republican congress in two years can do about those things once they’ve happened. And all of those things are extremely important. I’d like to think the Republicans won’t cave on our gun rights if another mass shooting takes place between now and two years from now, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      Trump was this close to getting reelected to do some really important things right–and a Republican Congress two years from now will be two years too late for some of them.

      1. It is an enormous lost opportunity if Trump doesn’t win. But, it is not a very big win for Democrats. It is more of a disaster averted from their perspective. But, I don’t see Biden being able to do much more than undo some of the things Trump did. He won’t be passing any Obamacares or changing much of anything without the Senate.

        And without the Senate, I don’t think he can bail out California and New York. If the Senate won’t pass it and the Democrats shut the government down, I can’t see the rest of the country even in Democratic states supporting bailing out those two states. He might be able to bully the Republicans into doing it, but it is going to be a very tough fight. Remember, Trump changed the Republican Party a lot. A lot of real crap weasels like Flake and Corker are no longer in the Senate. This is a much better Republican Senate caucus than it was in 14.

        1. I sure hope you’re right.

          Meanwhile, Trump may go down as the most libertarian president we’ve had since World War II.

          All of this is because of the fucking pandemic.

          1. The funny thing is that Trump picked up a ton of Hispanic votes. If he loses it will be because he lost support among old white people. The Obama coalition is dead. The Biden coalition such as it is depends on the fickle nature of a few suburban old white people who thought Biden was a nice guy. Yeah, that sounds stable.

            1. I have lots of friends who are anti-Trump. None of my Biden-voting friends could give me a reason they actually voted for him. It was all “ARGLE PUSSY BARGLE GRABBER”

              1. Trump has been credibly accused by twenty some women of sexual assault. Sounds like they gave you a reason.

                1. So they vote for the person who has been accused of rape by a former employee? That makes a lot of sense. Fuck that is a stupid talking point.

          2. One other thing, if Arizona or Nevada go Trump, then doesn’t need Michigan or Wisconsin to win. He just needs PA, Georgia and NC, where it looks like he is winning beyond the margin of fraud. So, I would not be surprised if he wins. There is just no way to say.

            1. The only uncounted ballots in Nevada, far as I can tell, are in Reno and Vegas–places that are going blue because of government workers in Reno and hospitality unions in Vegas.

              I don’t know what’s wrong with Arizona.

              I’ve hears people say all kinds of crazy things about Arizona–like that it’s about Trump resisting the order to fly flags at half staff when McCain died. I have no idea about Arizona.

              1. I wrote this up top, but it bears repeating:

                It’s a strange world.

                California voted against affirmative action.

                California voted against raising property taxes on commercial real estate.

                California voted against rent control.

                California voted against abolishing cash bail.

                These are conservative positions. So, why did these people vote for Biden?!

                You can say the same thing about Arizona if they vote for Biden. They are not progressives.

                My understanding is that this Mark Kelly, who won the special election in the senate for Arizona is really popular, and he may have brought a lot of Democrats out and made it seem okay.

                He’s a former astronaut, a combat veteran as a pilot, and I guess he was the husband of Gabby Giffords.

                He’s like the next best thing to Pat Tillman and John McCain.

                When I see a guy like that win as a Democrat, I don’t start thinking that Arizona has turned its back on conservatism. The Democrats ran what should be a conservative icon. What are you gonna do?

                1. I would like to think the Democrats could be run by people like Kelly claims to be. But you know as well as I do, he will go right along with the lunatic left the moment his vote counts for anything. They always do. I can’t remember the last time a Democrat didn’t turn out to be worse than anyone imagined when it counted.

                  Yes, the country is conservative in many ways even California. Those people voted for Biden because culturally they want the Democratic brand even if that brand means lawlessness and homeless people shitting on your front lawn. Culture is a powerful thing.

                  1. At the very best, he’ll be a Democrat version of Susan Collins.

                    She doesn’t want to be a Republican, and she’d switch parties if she could.

                    1. You are fucking dreaming when it comes to Mark Kelly. He’s a gun-grabber that will vote the party line every time.

                    2. This. He’s Gabby Giffords’s husband, for Christ’s sake. Have you watched Kelly campaign with her these last few years?

                      No, Sinema was a symptom; Kelly’s the proof. AZ’s been infected with Californians.

                    3. I do not believe that Arizona has become a state of gun-grabbers, and I believe that his seat will be in trouble all the time if he doesn’t pander to his constituents the way Susan Collins does.

                2. Maybe you should update your model of the world if you’re surprised by the results in California. There’s a lot of sentiment against property taxes in CA, because the housing crisis has meant that property values. The property tax laws that were up for vote date back to the 70s.

                  Also, the reason the cash bail measure failed was because it was a deeply flawed measure. It would have replaced cash bail with an algorithmic solution, which in general have been proven to be racist and classist.

                  1. I’m . . . um . . . extremely familiar with California.

                    I’m the guy trying to explain to people that Californians aren’t anywhere near as progressive as their politicians.

        2. The senate won’t hold strong on not bailing out blue states without a trump like personality out there to draw fire for them. Most politicians can’t stand up against the amount of vindictive media backlash that trump can.

          1. The backlash of their constituents means a lot more than the backlash of the media. Not a single Republican voted for Obamacare. And there wasn’t any Trump around then. And this Republican Party has more backbone than that one.

    3. This is sort of my take too.

      Of the 3 entities in the toss up, R retains 1 (arguably the most important of the 3), they’re still behind in the second, but gained seats, and list arguably the least important of the 3 by the slimmest of margins.

      At least that’s the way it looks. Of the 3 goals (winning in those 3 areas), they accomplished the most important of them, which is to retain the Senate. That means no court packing, and that’s the part that matters most. It also means none of the fanciest toys Blue wants, like massive bailouts for states, GND, etc.

      Whether rightly or not, this isn’t a night in which one can say Republicans lost, but a night Trump lost. I hope the media is happy, because what they’ve gotten is anything other than their desired Progressive Mandate™️. They accomplished their primary goal, but it also appears that the rest of their goals are dashed. There will be none of their wildest fantasies being enacted with a R Senate.

    4. We may have to have two slates of electors meet to vote in each of several states, and both transmit their votes, so opening the envelopes can be deferred until we find out which envelope is legit.

    5. John….I think you’re putting too much stock in votes being challenged, and tossed. Do I think there are voting irregularities? You bet. Are those irregularities enough to toss the ballots? I don’t think they’ll toss the votes. I really don’t.

      But as you say, there is a difference between votes reported on election day, and votes certified to Congress.

  43. The democrats are already in the process of ballot stuffing overnight and today. They decided long ago they wouldn’t lose and were prepared for this in the democratic run states. Sadly they may pull it off, but we do not have to accept the results if they are false.

    Clearly Trump was going to win. Clearly democrats will cheat not to lose.

    1. A. this might get ugly and violent

      B. as someone else said, if the GOP isn’t getting violent over (what they see as even if you don’t) millions of babies being murdered, they won’t get violent for this.

      1. The GOP doesn’t riot, and they don’t do bloody revolutions. It’s not going to happen, because for the most part, the right still sees the left as people. If Republicans won’t even cut Democrat family members out of their lives, they certainly aren’t going to shoot their Democrat neighbor. You have to dehumanize a group to get most people on board with killing them.

        1. This. Too superior a mind set that can’t go to that level. Keep it that way.

    2. Is this bullshit going to be the new “russian collusion” for the next 4 years?

      1. Nothing says clean elections like mystery ballots coming out of Detroit and Milwaukee. Pure as the driven snow.

        1. You guys can perceive a conspiracy here, where literally 0 evidence exists, but actual messages sent from Roger Stone to Guccifer 2.0, Julian Assange, and Trump himself all relating to the stolen document dump somehow is nothing? How difficult it must be to be you.

          1. Speaking of seeing conspiracies where none exist. Do you still think the pee dossier was factual, too?

            1. I think it is irrelevant when I have the Mueller report and final Senate intel report on Russia that all confirm that Trump and Trump campaign are traitors.

              1. Yes, selling out the country to China and protecting your crackhead son’s access board appointment in the Ukraine is what true patriots do.

                1. Still waiting on some evidence of that. Unverified emails containing the words “the big guy” are not convincing, especially when there is no corresponding financial record of these crimes, despite Biden making his finances very transparent for us voters.

                  Why won’t Trump release his returns? The IRS already said he can release them at any time, despite his lies that an audit prevents him.

  44. It seems like there are a bunch of questionable vote totals that have changed the way the race is going. And most of it looks like it’s in Biden’s favor.

    Have the Republican politicians grown balls during the Trump years? Enough to call these shenanigans out?

    Or do they keep quiet and try to fight other battles? Or are they secretly okay with this because they never really liked Trump in the first place? If they keep quiet, do voters remember and punish them in the next election?

    1. Why do you think a next election would be run any differently, Knutsack? If there are no meaningful consequences to this blatant fraud, why won’t it just be repeated? Probably expanded, too.

      1. Well, I don’t think this is the first time there has been fraud, but it seems like Rs have been willing to let it go. There hasn’t been a big fight over it. Will that change this time?

        1. We can only hope. The principled loser thing Rs like to do just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’re too close to the abyss. Rs only maintain a shit status quo, but I have my fingers crossed that a Ron Paul with Trump’s charisma will appear out of nowhere and actually save shit. Or a Pinochet… At this point I’d settle for that vs a Mao. :/

  45. So I woke up to find we don’t have a winner yet. Also, regardless of who wins, I hear Nate Silver might be looking for a new job.

    1. Nate Silver has been wrong about everything since 2008. He got one thing right; that Obama would beat Mccain. Wow, what a limb that was to crawl out on. I can’t believe him being wrong now would cause the idiots who follow him to stop now.

      1. Trump over performed.

        And the fact it’s this close despite the entire cultural and political system stacked against him is pretty amazing.

        There’s no question in my mind something is up and Trump has a duty to at least look into it. Don’t concede. Remember when Hilary screamed Biden shouldn’t concede under no circumstance? Yeh well, Trump should do the same. Make sure Samsquanch, Gary Cooper and the little alien cast votes illegally.

        1. didn’t cast votes.

        2. All he has to do is hold in in PA, GA and NC and then flip Nevada or Arizona and he wins. Michigan and Wisconsin don’t have to matter.

        3. What I don’t want to see is Trump and his supporters debase themselves like the Democrats and the left have. I don’t want to see violence or property destruction because I want it demonstrated we’re better than them… that we won’t do “anything” to win.

          1. You will see property destruction, just not from the rs

            1. I still predict that the riots will melt away if Biden becomes president, just like the anti-war movement did when Obama hit the scene.

          2. If the Republicans didn’t hold the Senate, I would be on board with the by any means necessary crowd. But without the Senate and with Biden winning by obvious fraud, let them have the White House. It will be a completely pyric victory for them. It will be fun watching the resident leftists and phony pox on both sides dickheads around here try and defend Biden and pretend he is anything but a complete disaster.

            1. Republicans holding the Senate is a huge relief, in my mind. I still want to see Trump re-elected, but without the Senate, Biden/Harris won’t be able to force through the most destructive aspects of their agenda (at least for another two years).

          3. Honestly, it’s either peaceful secession or violence if we even want to hold the line on freedom where it is now, let alone improve it.

            One election more or less just kicks the can a few years. All the demographic trends say split the country up or we’re doomed. The alternative being killing a bunch of people in a civil war and FORCING freedom on them. Peaceful divorce is the better route.

            But I suspect it will come to violence, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Killing your would be oppressors is NOT an immoral act. It’s the right thing to do. We’re (hopefully) not there yet, but the day will come if we don’t split up peacefully.

        4. And the fact it’s this close despite the entire cultural and political system stacked against him is pretty amazing.

          I guess even the right can play the victim card?

          1. That is not playing the victim card. It is true. Do you deny it? Why does someone stating a fact bother you so much that you call it the “victim card”?

            I get it that you are delirious over the prospect of Biden being President, but that doesn’t change the facts as they are.

            1. For the same reason that Hillary supporters couldn’t look in the mirror and realize why they lost an election 4 years ago and instead tried to blame everyone but themselves.

              I get it that you are delirious over the prospect of Biden being President, but that doesn’t change the facts as they are.

              You don’t know anything about me. Someone can be critical of Trump and not support Biden.

              1. So because Hillary lost an election, every election therefore must be legitimate? Or because Hillary lost an election it is somehow not true that every powerful institution in America hates Trump and tried to get him run out of office?

                You do realize your response makes no sense right? Not to be judgey but that is the sort of thing crazy people say.

                And I know exactly what you think. You tell us every day. And you have been cackling like a jackal hoping and praying for a Democrat to be President again for years. You are not fooling anyone. And the chances of your being critical of Biden as President in any meaningful way beyond “but Trump was worse” are about the same as my getting a date with Scarlet Johanson. You know that and I know that. So let’s just stop pretending.

                1. Alright, I’m done with you. It’s pretty clear that you’re not in an emotional state to have a rational discussion. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life.

                  Keep going with the narrative that this election was stolen, that your candidate bears no responsibility for losing, etc. Maybe your side can win in 2022 and impeach Biden? Seems like a winning strategy.

                  1. The truth hurts I guess. If Biden ends up President, feel free to prove me wrong. You can always be honest and critical of him. I will be happy to admit I misjudged you if you are. I just think the chances of that happening are very slim. But, only you can prove me wrong. So do it.

                  2. And no one said Trump bears no responsibility if he loses. That doesn’t change the fact that the entire culture and institutions were against him.

                    And if the Republicans impeach Biden, you will have a heart attack. So for your sake, I hope that doesn’t happen.

                    1. If everything looked legit I don’t think people would be trippin’ the way they are… But 100k plus votes coming in for Biden and ZERO for Trump… That’s not even possible in the bluest of blue areas. There’s too much shit that looks dishonest to take it on faith it’s all legit.

          2. I would hardly call that ‘playing the victim card’. It’s simply an observation of reality. As Michael Moore said, the corporations hate Trump, establishment politicians hate Trump, the media hates Trump…

          3. It is funny you think that is a victim card rather than a matter of pride. I love it that those people are against him and siding with someone that they are so against. If you were not such a conformist asshole, you would see it that way as well.

            1. Yeah, such a conformist. I’m a member of a party that commanded 1% of the vote this round! I must be really bad at this conformity thing.

  46. The 2022 election starts today. I’ve already fielded a call from a former Tea Party stalwart about resurrecting that organization locally. If the election is stolen, (or thought to be), then anger should produce a Red Wave in 2022 comparable to the Blue Wave of 2018.

    1. “anger should produce a Red Wave in 2022”

      I suspect the media will call it a Red Tide. (-;

    2. Ppl talked about Trump running in 2024 too if he loses… He might. This is gonna be a real proper mess!


    Why does
    not want you to know that 100k+ absentee ballots were found and NOT A SINGLE ONE was for Trump? That seems like critical information… and it’s factual.

    1. Do you think that these election map widgets are powered by a crystal ball that magically updates with exact counts every time a vote is cast? lmao

      1. That’s what I’m thinking about. Was there a number attributed to an actual person reporting them that said all those votes just for Biden came in at that time? Or could it be just that somebody entered figures wrong an hour earlier?

        1. I’ve wondered this myself… But I want a real, verifiable explanation that makes sense. Because this has now happened several times and it is fishy as fuck.

  48. On Election Night, the Real Winner Was Drugs


  49. Maybe I’m getting old, but the idea of legal drugs does not provide much solace from the idea of my country turning into a corrupt sh*thole

    1. At least you can be high while the nuclear family is destroyed.

      1. You really think senile corporatist Biden is looking to destroy the nuclear family? How so?

    2. I think part of the problem is that decriminalization of drugs has been coupled with a failure to enforce “quality of life” laws against, things like littering, vandalism, vagrancy, etc.

      1. Yes, our victory is diminished somewhat by the knowledge that the issue isn’t decided solely over principles of freedom, but largely as regards permissiveness. But that’s the way it always is: You have to join up with differently-motivated persons to get anything done involving cooperation.

      2. It’s because governments, especially at the local level, don’t know how to govern anymore.

        You have in individual, or group of individuals who pop a tent up in a public park, poop all over the place, throw used needles, assault people, rip off the surrounding houses, cook meth inside the tent strewing toxic chemicals around a place where children might play (but probably don’t because now it’s a homeless camp), and the moment someone stands up and says, “hang on, maybe we should do something about this” you’re shouted down by everyone screeching “it’s not a crime to be homeless!!11!!”.

        No, it’s not a crime to be homeless, but it is a crime to assault people, throw garbage, poop, used needles, steal, and damage property. Again, it’s the case of things we used to know that we’ve forgotten, combined with things we don’t realy know but claim to be cock-sure about.

  50. If Biden wins, I can’t wait to see what new comment will be made by John & Co when we all try and compare Biden to Trump. So in 2008 it was BOOOSSSHHH. Maybe it will be ORANGE MAN BAD.

    Regardless, if Biden wins I can’t wait for all the butt hurt comments.

    More importantly, I can’t wait (either in 2021 or 2025) until the comments are a lot more coherent and rational and no one will complain about all the articles written criticizing POTUS. Just remember; readers of a libertarian magazine repeatedly complained about the number of articles written criticizing the POTUS. Personally, I’m so excited to read articles criticizing Biden and I’m even more excited when John compares Biden’s (or whoever in 2024) actions to “pissing on the american people” after four years of ORANGE MAN BAD.

    1. It will be fun watching shithead like you suddenly decide that corruption, wars and incompetence are a okay. If you had any brains, which you don’t, the thought of four years of shilling for and defending Biden would not be a pleasant one. Good luck with that dickhead.

      1. You seem to be suffering from Biden Derangement Syndrome already. I hope you get better.

        1. A guy who is senile, on the Chinese payroll and might be President because of massive election fraud, what is to worry about that?

          If Biden wins, it is going to be a fun four years watching that old fucker disgrace himself and losers like you defend him. Hey, you can always run him out of office and put Kamala in.


          1. I’m not sure how the US can survive a President that disgraces himself daily. That will be something that we’ve never had to deal with. The end is near!

            We won’t be defending Biden, John. That’s the difference between us and you. We have principles beyond which letter is at the end of the candidate’s name.

            1. The difference between you and I is that I am honest and you are not. You aren’t honest enough to overtly defend Biden. You will just excuse and defend him while pretending not to. It will be a long parade of double standards and false equivalency. I would have more respect for you if you just were honest and defended him. Instead, you will do so and claim you are not. It is as pathetic as it is transparent.

              1. Come on, John, what has he ever said that would make a reasonable person think he was likely to reflexively defend Biden? Get a grip, man.

            2. From 2009 until 2017, you and your people defended Obama’s unilateral invasion of numerous countries, targeted assassinations of American citizens, widespread spying (on journalists, members of Congress, and foreign leaders), suppression of unfriendly media, kids in cages, and cozying up with hostile powers in Iran, China, and Russia, while shipping U.S. jobs overseas.

              So please don’t fucking lecture us about “prinicples.”

              1. Me and my people? LOL

                1. Says the proud member of the “bake that cake you Nazi” club.

                  1. No party is perfect. I sided with Jorgensen on around 90% of the issues, and Trump around 60%. I didn’t side with any candidate this election on 100%.

                    If you were me, which party would you choose?

                    1. No party is. Voting is revealed preference versus stated preference. Your vote says what of your beliefs are important to you and what are not. And anyone who votes L doesn’t really care very much about religious freedom or freedom of association. If they did, the bake that Nazi cake position would be a deal breaker.

                      I disagree with those priorities.

                    2. And anyone who values having a somewhat sane person in possession of the nuclear football would not vote for Trump.

                    3. Some Republican governors also deemed churches non-essential during COVID, so…

                      Freer immigration is all about freedom of association, so…

                      You’re right. No party is perfect.

                    4. And anyone who values having a somewhat sane person in possession of the nuclear football would not vote for Trump.

                      We just had four years of him carrying the football, and the nuclear holocaust you were expecting never happened.

                    5. Hasn’t happened…yet.

                      This is the same argument you get from habitual drunk drivers who haven’t killed anyone yet.

                    6. Yeah, just like you dumbfucks were claiming that killing Soleimani was going to start World War III.

    2. Put a bullet in your head before someone else does it for you

      1. You really are nuts. You need some time away from the computer, bub. You ever get outside? You got anyone in your life to talk to?

        1. You do the same as he.


    According to the exit poll, women and people of color make up the majority (59.6%) of the Trump coalition again in 2020.

    1. I’m so fucking sick of all those black and Hispanic White Supremacists!

      1. Right? “White supremacists” are turning out to be more diverse than the “anti racist” crowd

        1. The real lesson: that stat, like all evidence we have, doesn’t align with Trump legitimately losing.

  52. If Trump loses, there are two things that everyone should understand.

    1) The media is a joke.

    Anyone who has just become politically aware over the last four years may not know that the media didn’t used to be like this. There’s always been a certain amount of pro-left bias, but it was never full blown anti-president like this. The press was more objective in covering the Nixon disgrace than they were in the Trump years. Meanwhile, the press’ attacks against Trump appear to have had very little impact on the voters’. People thought Trump was abrasive, but even people who hated his tweets and his personality voted for him. His popularity was far higher than his approval rating, and that represents a failure of the media to influence the voters. Instead, as the Gallup polls I always link show, the media’s behavior has simply denigrated themselves in the eyes of the American people. There are few people in American society today that are less popular than journalists.

    2) Voting for third parties when the threat of an authoritarian and socialist president is clear is really a stupid thing to do.

    To demonstrate this, I’d point to my fellow libertarians who are trying to reassure us that Biden winning won’t be so bad–because the Republicans have maintained control of the Senate.

    I’m not saying that anybody who voted Libertarian for president shouldn’t reassure us that it’s not so bad because the Republicans held the Senate. I’m saying they should take what they’re saying to heart. If the fact that the Republicans are the only thing saving us from the worst of the Biden administration’s authoritarian and socialist policies, then for goodness’ sake, why don’t you consider using your vote to protect us from someone like Biden instead of making a statement with your vote?

    1. If Republicans are saving us from anything… what would Republican carpet bombing look like? Seriously, Ken, divided government/gridlock is exponentially better than either party controlling the executive and legislative branches. But that’s not the real problem. American politics are stupid because the American people are stupid.

      1. They’d have been a lot smarter without the pandemic, and their unwillingness to buy what the media was selling wholesale suggests they’re smarter than we thought.

        Beagles are ranked among trainers as among the dumbest dogs, but when trainers rank dogs by their “intelligence”, they’re really ranking them by trainability. They think an intelligent dog is one that always does what it’s told without hesitation.

        Doing whatever you’re told is a sign of stupidity in my book.

        This, on the other hand, shows intelligence:

        She’s breakin’ the rules!

    2. Ken is correct.

      Virtually all of the news media (including Fox News and Reason) and social media are partisan Democrat propagandists who deceitfully portray themselves as objective and honest journalists.

      Joe Biden is a crook who can no longer complete a sentence.

    3. Although I voted for Trump, I voted libertarian on the local level. But if my state was up for grabs I probably would have voted all red (I just can’t stand most of the GOP in my state. They are mostly country club RINOs)

      I am a bit peeved at the people who voted Jo in states like Nevada

      1. I’d like to think that the libertarians in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada weren’t reading Reason.

        1. They got their decriminalization for some drugs, in some states. What more could they want?

      2. I voted for a Libertarian Tax Collector in Harris County TX.

    4. I voted Trump, but it was a debate between Trump, Jorgensen, and West for me.

      BUT, on the other hand, I’m not in a swing state, and all votes are protest votes unless cast for the winner. If I were in, say, Pennsylvania, the choice would have been easier.

  53. The statement about California rejecting replacing cash bail is technically correct but fails to provide the proper context.

    I voted against the measure because it replaced cash bail with an algorithmic method, an approach which often ends up being racist. Indeed, this was the reason that ACLU and NAACP chapters came out against the measure.

    1. Bail is stupid. If a detainee is a continued danger to himself or society, or poses a flight risk, he should be detained without bail. If he isn’t, there should be no detainment.

      1. The point of bail is to reduce flight risk.

        1. And to prevent the shithead from committing more crimes while the far-from-speedy trial works its way through the cloaca of the judicial systeml


    Check my math. Trump is currently up 680,000 votes in PA. If they have 1 million votes left to count, Biden would have to win them 84-16 to close the gap.
    Quote Tweet

    · 8h
    Pennsylvania has more than 1 million votes left to count, said Gov. Tom Wolf in a Twitter posting early Wednesday #Election2020

    “I promised Pennsylvanians that we would count every vote and that’s what we’re going to do,” Wolf said

    1. Last I saw (an hour ago), Trump was winning PA by 10% with 79% of the votes counted, while late last night Trump was winning PA by 15% with about 60% of the votes counted.

      Per my math, Biden would need to receive 75% of the votes (among the remaining 21% of votes that still haven’t been counted) in order to win PA.

      While most of the mail in ballots were for Biden, the only way Biden could overcome that deficit is if the vast majority of uncounted votes are in deep blue Philly.

      Interestingly, six Republican counties in PA decided to wait until today to begin counting their mail in ballots, which will help increase Trump’s tally.


    Mexican-Americans are following the Italian American trajectory

    Immigration, frustration, then economic success, followed by becoming Republican

    1. Yeah, it appears the Reason’s love of Mexicans is going to start to come to an end. It was a nice bromance while it lasted.

    2. As people become more Americanized, they become more like average Americans, and as America becomes more Mexican-American, Mexican-Americans become more American.

      It’s like this with every group. This is why American style multiculturalism wins and French style forced integration loses.

      1. Have you guys seen the problems they’re having in France right now–after that teacher was beheaded (by one of his students?) for showing those Charlie Hebdo pictures of Mohammed during a class about free speech?

      2. Forced integration? What? Have you actually seen a banlieu? The French could barely do more to wall off their MENA minority if they tried.

        Banning the hijab is not forced integration by any means.

      3. The problem is America becomes more Mexican too… Sure you get an averaging over time between the 2 groups, but Latino immigration has done nothing but push this country to the left. If we’d only let in educated ones from Cuba, Venezuela etc the effect would have likely been the opposite, but Mexican floor sweepers just don’t seem to “get” Thomas Jefferson 🙁 It is what it is.

    3. It’s going to be one hell of a mind-fuck if the Democrats become the party of white suburbanite professionals and the Republicans become the party of middle-class Hispanics and blue-collar whites.

      1. I think that is what is going to happen. If this election proves one thing, it is that Hispanics don’t buy the left culture war bullshit anything like suburban whites do. And Hispanics are not religiously devoted to the Democratic Party the way blacks are. So, they are going to vote based on their economic and cultural interests, which is going to be more and more Republican as time goes on.

        It will be one hell of a mind fuck if in four years the Republicans take all three branches of the federal government because there just were not enough old, suburban white people around to save the Democrats.

        1. The black vote was disappointing.

          1. He gained a lot, but blacks are doomed to live on the plantation forever for a lot of reasons.

    4. That Mexican ancestry Americans voted for Trump does not mean they will vote for other Republicans. Trump is a fairly unique candidate.

      For that Zavala and Starr County Texas exit poll, that’s been bandied about as proof of the long-awaited GOP dream that socially conservative Hispanics will vote GOP now, what were the splits on other GOP races there this time around? Like Hegar v Cornyn?

      1. That Mexican ancestry Americans voted for Trump does not mean they will vote for other Republicans. Trump is a fairly unique candidate.

        I suspect they liked his caudillo energy more than anything else. I don’t see them voting for an average Republican, though.

        The one thing the Dems are going to have to confront is the fact that a lot of borderland Latinos don’t consider immigration as the end-all and be-all, especially after they’ve established themselves. They’re a lot more worried about jobs and healthcare than anything else.

        Mass immigration is mostly a goal of liberal yuppies so they won’t have to mow their own yards.

  56. All of the TV news media (including Fox News) showed electoral college vote tallies all night long indicating that Biden was winning.

    That’s because the news media declared Biden the winner in many states immediately after their polls closed and even before 1% of the votes had been counted. In sharp contrast, those same media outlets waited until >90% of the votes were counted in many different states (notably Florida and Texas) before declaring Trump the victor of those states.

    All of the news media declared Biden the winner of Virginia at 8PM (immediately after VA polls closed) and gave Biden all of VA’s electoral college votes at that time, and yet Trump was winning the VA vote count from 8PM until well after midnight.

    Meanwhile, when I went to bed last night at 1AM eastern time, Trump was winning MI by 10+ points and WI by 7+ points, with most votes counted. But this morning I now see Biden is barely winning in both MI and WI. What happened in those states overnight?

    It also looks like Democrat governors stopped the vote counts in most of the still contested states.

    1. The Virginia totals were odd all night.

      They declared Biden the winner even when Trump was leading. They said it was about the all the votes they assumed were coming in for Biden out of the Alexandria area–and maybe they were right.

      Still, you should call a state for one candidate when the other candidate is still leading–not unless you want to throw kerosene on the conspiracy theory fire.

      1. not unless you want to throw kerosene on the conspiracy theory fire

        That is exactly what they want to do. Makes it easier to gaslight, which the media have perfected as a political tactic.

      2. I watched Rhode Island a lot last night because it seemed so weird. It was called for Biden basically immediately but with 35% of the vote in it was lead by Trump and all 5 counties were red. Then all of a sudden each county would turn blue and it is now at 59% for Biden. It is like they counted all the Republican votes first and then counted the Democratic ones. I really wonder if the votes are labeled based on registration or something and this is what they did.

        1. It makes sense when one is talking about counties that reliably go one way, but I saw it inside the came counties too in other states. Very weird. Maybe smaller towns got their info in first as is typical?

  57. >>Trump declares victory in a few states anyway

    the ones he won, yes.

  58. The real issue here should be about the media. They were wrong on so many levels and it is obvious at this point that the majority of outlets were in the bag for Biden. Whether the votes were screwed with or not, the constant barrage of misinformation from the press created a climate where nothing can be accepted at face value from the reporters. There are no facts when the press is compromised so badly.

    For the record, I voted for Trump but I still don’t give a crap if he loses as long as the Congress is split. If the Senate is turned, we are all well and truly fucked.

    1. Media and pollsters are the real losers again.

  59. And Pit Bulls! Now legal in Denver after 31 years.

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