Election 2020

Joni Ernst Retains Iowa Senate Seat

Democrats had high hopes of flipping the state.


Sen. Joni Ernst (R–Iowa) has clinched victory in the Iowa Senate race, beating back challenger Theresa Greenfield, who was one of the Democrats' primary hopes for edging toward a Senate majority.

Polling throughout the race was quite competitive and often showed Ernst lagging behind. A final election poll, however, put Ernst on top. She has been a fairly reliable supporter of President Donald Trump but has taken some issue with his tariffs and their impact on farmers.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R–Ga.) and Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock will advance to a January runoff in the Georgia Senate election after no candidate could claim a majority on Tuesday night.

Rep. Doug Collins (R–Ga.) came in third.

Gov. Brian Kemp appointed Loeffler to the Senate this year to replace former Sen. Johnny Isakson (R–Ga.), who retired due to health reasons. She has been a vocal supporter of Trump.

Tommy Tuberville, a retired collegiate football coach, secured victory in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday, beating out Sen. Doug Jones (D–Ala.) and flipping one Senate seat from blue to red.

Jones arrived on Capitol Hill after a contentious special election campaign against Roy Moore, who almost certainly would have won the spot were he not plagued with accusations of inappropriate sexual advances toward minors.

The seat was vacated in 2017 when Jeff Sessions became President Donald Trump's attorney general. After leaving that post, Sessions ran for reelection to his Senate seat but was bested by Tuberville in the primaries.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.) will keep his seat in South Carolina after facing an uncharacteristically competitive race against Democrat Jaime Harrison.

The Palmetto State is typically seen as a conservative stronghold. But the senator lost some popularity in the Trump era; according to a recent poll, he has an -8 net negative approval rating in the state, behind Trump himself, who is at zero. Though Graham harshly criticized then-candidate Trump during the 2016 election cycle, he became one of the president's staunchest defenders after Inauguration Day.

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper claimed victory in the state's U.S. Senate race, besting Sen. Cory Gardner (R–Colo.) and flipping the seat to blue.

Hickenlooper's positions include support for marijuana legalization, increased gun control, and creating a public health care option. He has referred to himself as a "fiscal conservative" when it comes to the debt and the deficit, and he says he is against the ballooning size of government. "I think what a lot of Americans want is better government, not bigger government," he told Politico last year.

Gardner was a Colorado state representative from 2004 to 2011 and a member of the U.S. House from 2011 to 2015 before beating Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat, in the 2014 midterms.

In other Senate news, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) won his reelection race, defeating challenger Amy McGrath. It remains to be seen whether he will be Senate majority or minority leader in 2021.

His victory is hardly a shock: The polls consistently showed him ahead in the deep red state. As the leader of the Senate GOP since 2014, he has presided over a "legislative graveyard," refusing to bring a great deal of proposed legislation to the floor for debate.

Although he is known for creating some legislative gridlock, McConnell directs a great deal of his energy toward political strategy, helping corral support for Republicans nationally and pushing conservative federal judges through the nomination process. Along those lines, he blocked a vote on Merrick Garland, former President Barack Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court, and more recently pushed through the confirmation of President Donald Trump's newest nominee to the court, Amy Coney Barrett.

This post will be updated regularly throughout the evening.

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  1. Goddamnit, will one of you designate an Open Election Discussion Thread already?

    No shit McConnell won. He’s been fantastic at filling judicial vacancies.

    Was this in doubt or something? Do you put money on the Washington Generals to beat Harlem too, Binion?

    1. He was up something like 30 points. So you’re correct, this isn’t exactly news.

    2. Apparently the Dems put $100 million into McGrath’s campaign, and Cocaine Mitch obliterated her.

      Shows the loss of that governor seat last year was really because of how utterly awful Bevin was.

      1. And with how Beshear has acted with his CV response, I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people are kicking themselves in the ass for voting Beshear.

        With the exception of suburban white women and deep blue acolytes, Beshear is reviled at this point. The next gubernatorial election cannot come fast enough.

        1. “With the exception of suburban white women…”

          That’s a pretty damned big exception at this point in American politics.

          I’m telling you, if we do end up getting an Octavian after a reign of blood, disenfranchising women is a likely result.

      2. You mean China put $100 million into her campaign…

      3. This warms my heart to hear. That leftists are throwing good money after bad, especially when it could have gone somewhere more effective, is always a treat to hear.

    3. Do you put money on the Washington Generals to beat Harlem too, Binion?


      Goddamnit, will one of you designate an Open Election Discussion Thread already?

      Yea. I’m paddling between Fox, random thread on Discord, Tim Pool’s live stream, Alex Jones’ live stream (for fun) and … Reason.
      Designated open Thread would be nice *cough* BINION *cough* GO TALK TO YOUR HANDLERS PLZ

      1. Fox is straight gaslighting for the left

        1. Yeah, they called Arizona despite none of the election day votes being counted yet.

    4. So why are all the MSM outlets afraid to call Florida for Trump???

      He’s up 51-48 with 93% of the vote in. It’s been clear since 8:30 Eastern time he had it locked up. I guess they were afraid to show Trump in the EV lead, even temporarily.

      And Biden is still way behind in Virginia, and that state was called for him the minute it closed.

      1. It’s weird. I’m following on Cspan, and I don’t think even Broward can make up the gap.

        Going to be lots of court fights after this. Texas and Ohio finally are shading red. NC is still 0.25 down for Trump with like 13 to count.

      2. Fox called VA for Biden with 60% in, even though Trump had a massive lead…

        1. I wonder if any of our resident progtards will harm themselves should Trump decisively win tonight.

    5. Now, we can only hope for a two year government shutdown with no money given to the WH to do anything.

  2. Majority.

  3. Those are the two options

  4. Next thread to post should be the open thread.

    1. Seconded.

      1. OK, motion carries. LOL.

    2. Red Tony, I’m guessing you’re the authority on the Tony timelines, any clue as to the fate of Yellow Tony and Future Tony ?

    3. Surprises so far:

      Trump winning Florida handily.
      Biden leading NC.
      Trump leading Michigan.

      Not surprises:
      Trump leading Georgia.
      Trump leading Texas.
      These are not blue states (although Texas was surprisingly close for a while.)

      1. LC 1789 hardest hit, but it wouldn’t shock me to see this place go Blue in four. And I think it’s 55/45 it does it in ’28. Just too many new left-leaning voters from other parts of the country and world.

        1. Kill them.
          Not sarc?
          Depends on the future you want…

          1. I want the future where marxists are an endangered species

        2. Trump has won but we’ll see what late night ballot fixing does for Democrats.

          1. The democrats are working hard to steal it. As predicted.

  5. Colorado is a deep blue state now, too many transplanted Californians.

    1. ^
      Attn: Texas

  6. How can we not laugh our asses off at how ridiculously far off the bullshit polls put out by the scummy vermin in the media were?

    1. It’s too early to laugh. You may chortle if you like, though.

      1. This comment got a good chortle…

      2. not really, Trump leading in FL (a lock) as well as Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin.
        Biden is leading only in Arizona and Minnesota of the battleground states.

        The news channels are still not calling Texas or Georgia for Trump either, even though it’s obvious now he will win them too. They just don’t want to show him in the lead, even temporarily.

        1. The MSM finally had to show Trump in the lead. Then they refused to give an inch on Democrat losses like Nevada.

        2. The problem with GA is Fulton County. It has not reported their results fully, and it is HEAVILY Team D.

  7. The GOP will offset this loss in AL. But they’ll likely lose seats in AZ.

    John James is looking good, though.

  8. They sure are desperate not to call Florida.

    1. yeah, it’s been obvious for an hour and a half that Trump won it.

    2. That’s because they know when they call it, it gets him within spitting distance of winning.

  9. I want to be wrong, but I still don’t want to get too excited.

    I’m getting worried about North Carolina again.

    Trump is doing a lot better than I thought he would, but I’m not ready to say that Operation Covfefe is go.

    1. He could lose NC if he wins Michigan.
      Penn and Ohio are getting very close now.

    2. Trump pulling away in FL, OH, NC and Texas. NC is close, but FL and OH are solid.

      WI, MI and PA are early for Trump, but still lots of votes to count.

  10. I’m currently in Colorado, and FUCK John Hickenlooper.

    1. He’s just another shitsack desperate to stay in public office forever.

  11. Well that’s a blow, but not unexpected. I wonder, if this is a story, will Doug Jones getting voted out of Alabama’s senate delegation also be a story?

    1. LIB. It actually made a headline.

  12. Trump now leading in Penn and Ohio, with Florida in the bag.
    And in the lead in NC.
    But trailing in Arizona, ouch.

    1. I think AZ results are the early voting. I know it says 70%+, but I think that might be mis-leading. Biden has been up similarly in other states to see the same day voting swing hard Trump. Fingers crossed that my state doesn’t turn blue this year.

      1. It’s been at around 75% for about an hour and a half now. Somehow the in-person voting is taking forever to get tallied.

  13. Pretty clear republicans won this year.

  14. If Trump wins, it looks like the big story will be about turnout. They’re saying that the number of Trump supporters turned out bigger this year than they did in 2016, which is impressive.

    To whatever extent refusing to promise not to stack the Supreme Court and going big on the Green New Deal helped Biden get the vote out, it may have driven Trump supporters to the polls even more.

    Fingers crossed!

    1. Oddly enough, if turnout is high, that’s a really good sign for Trump. It’s typically the other way, but this time there’s massive enthusiasm for Trump that just isn’t mirrored for Biden.

    2. Not really surprising. Enthusiasm wins.
      Hiding in your basement instead of campaigning doesn’t win.

    3. Ken….I think POTUS Trump wins PA. I am extremely concerned about MI. If POTUS Trump locks down GA, NC, PA….it all comes down to MI for the win.

  15. The stock market futures rising, and the ChiCom yuan or whatever the fuck it’s called is tanking like a mofo.

    That’s the sweet, sweet sound of putting America first.

    1. I dare not hope.

  16. The Republicans have at least three strong candidates for 2024.

    Pence, Haley, and Cruz. Any combination of those three will be formidable–especially if Haley is on the ticket anywhere.

    1. If Trump wins, you’re not going to get Pence or Cruz. You’re going to get Cotton, Hawley, or – shudder – Trump Jr.

        1. vs. AOC.

          Bring it on.

          1. Worst porn/best horror action movie ever

        2. A friend and I already made some Ivanka 2024 signs. Mostly for trolling purposes, but still. 😉

    2. Hahahahahahaha.

      Pence gets nobody excited, so unless the economy is storming forward like a raging bull, no dice.

      Cruz almost got bested by Beto, a guy with no resume and a silver spoon who plays a made up personna, and got schooled a TV game show host in 2016. Even people that like his policies don’t like him.

      Haley is liked by nobody but the George W Bush wing/warmonger part of the Republicans, so barring another 9/11 she can’t get the votes.

    3. Are you serious?
      Pence has less charisma than Biden.
      Haley is unknown.
      Cruz is despised.

      I’m sure they can do better than that.

      1. Pence has all the advantages of any Vice President. You think Biden is charismatic? He had a huge advantage being a former Vice President.

        Haley isn’t unknown. She’s well known–and being a WoC and a former governor is a big advantage. She’ll especially appeal to suburban women. And don’t be surprised if she ends up coming back into the Trump administration if Trump wins reelection.

        Cruz has the last name of Cruz and he can carry Texas with ease. Cruz beat Trump in Texas–and he’ll be a formidable candidate in the primaries. He’d have won the primaries in 2016 if it weren’t for Trump.

        1. Here’s a list of former vice presidents:

          Joe Biden
          Al Gore
          George H. W. Bush
          Walter Mondale
          Hubert Humphrey
          Richard Nixon

          They all later won the nomination of their parties.

          Pence is the one who is most likely to win the nomination in 2024.

        2. I don’t think Biden is charismatic. Pence is worse.

    4. Disagree. If there’s anything that Trump’s presidency has taught us it’s that the most formidable candidate four years from now will be one that we can’t even imagine today.

      Just to reinforce this point, no one on the Democrat side with two braincells to rub together bothered to run this time, because there’s no point in running against a strong incumbent like Trump. The next Republican candidate will not have to just overcome the next Democrat candidate, but also the media, big tech, the education system, the deep state at the state and federal levels, the corporate bureaucracy, most of the billionaires, foreign governments, etc.

      I don’t think typical politicians that have been playing the typical game will cut it. But then again, four years is a long time and a lot will change by then.

      1. “no one on the Democrat side with two braincells to rub together bothered to run this time, because there’s no point in running against a strong incumbent like Trump.”

        The Democrats have a shitty bullpen.

        That’s all that’s going on there.

        They thought Trump would be an easy mark. You would be nuts to think that Trump would be a tough candidate to beat–especially with Trump’s approval rating never going much over 43%, his limited funds for advertising (way outspent by Biden), and the full support of the media for whomever was running against Trump.

        This should have been a cakewalk, and Trump ran a terrible campaign.

        1. Any Democrat with any talent or ability to recognize talent would have written off the 2020 as a waste of time and/or personal capital. The only Democrat candidate to run in this primary that gained anything was Bootyjuice, for the name recognition in exchange for virtually nobody remembering anything he actually said (so watch for him to run again in 2024, maybe even successfully depending on the competition). Anyone that has a good chance of winning in 2024 likely didn’t waste their breath on 2020.

          If you want an analogy, Trump didn’t waste his time on trying to unseat Obama in 2012, he waited until 2016 to not run against a charismatic, somewhat popular incumbent. In the same way, you probably haven’t even heard of the 2024 Dem candidate, and thus you can’t possibly know what kind of charisma and intelligence he or she possesses.

          As for Trump’s campaign, but he wasn’t running against Biden. He was running against the entire media machine single-handedly, and that was after they’d learned their lessons from 2016. World war 3 was entirely artificial, the impeachment was entirely artificial, the coronavirus panic was largely artificial, and the race riots were largely artificial. Exactly what can a sitting president do when these phantoms are conjured up around him? He could try to address the nation personally, but even that was blocked by the same media that conjured those phantoms in the first place (remember, they lived through 2016 too; Trump was figuratively choked out of the media in a way that he wasn’t in 2016). Trump’s campaign was almost certainly not optimal, but I honestly can’t think of much that he could have done better.

        2. The Team Blue funding mechanism needs a long, hard look.

      2. the real danger for the Repubs in 2024 is Texas going blue. I’m shocked how close it was this time.

        1. Texas is at 770,000 votes ahead for Trump and counting.

          Trump won Texas in 2016 with almost 800,000 votes.

    5. What about the SD governor?

  17. Looks like the voter fraud in Minneapolis went off without a hitch

  18. So, the question is, what happens if Biden loses Ohio, Michigan, or Wisconsin? He’s getting boxed in at this point–especially if he loses Pennsylvania. He may need to win all three of those to win at this point.

    1. I’m still surprised to see VA counted for Biden. 56% vote counted and Trump is at 6 point lead.

      Also surprised by the early leads in WI, MI and PA. Will be interesting how they all shake out.

      1. I don’t understand that either.

        It may have something to do with the early vote that hasn’t been counted yet being presumed to be pro-Biden.

  19. By the way, where the heck are all of our dick-sucking Obamafags like Chony, Chipper Morning Wood, mtrueman, Weigel, chemjeff status quo collectivist, etc etc?

    None of them are anywhere to be found here for some really weird reason.

    1. Because they have lives?

  20. they just said $104M spent to NOT unseat Lindsey Graham? lolz

    1. They spent metric assloads of cash to not unseat McConnell too.

  21. Isn’t it time to call Ohio for Trump already?

    1. Fox just did. Of course they called Florida for Trump early, and Arizona for Biden early, compared to other networks.

  22. If trump wins the worst outcome will be Ken talking about the s&p 500 non stop 4 years from now.

    1. When the market data and what people are saying are different, the market data always deserves more credibility.

  23. So, here’s a list of people who will be most sad if Trump wins:

    1) Nate Silver

    10% chance of Trump winning? How many times can be so wrong before people stop paying attention to you?

    2) The “protesters” of Portland

    That’s gonna get closed down without an election to worry about.

    3) New York City employees

    Without a Biden led bailout, there’s gonna be a lot of pink slips going around.

    4) The U.S. backed government of Kabul.

    With Trump being reelected, they’re gonna have to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban.

    1. Nate silver sells snake oil and it lubes libertarians aholes.

    2. California state employees counting on a Biden pension bailout….

    3. How many times can be so wrong before people stop paying attention to you?

      Shall we ask nome chomsky? The idiot progressives and liberals still think he is the smartest person ever, even though he has never been right about anything, including his life’s work and research

  24. Iowa now flipping back to Trump.

    I predicted Trump 279-259 yesterday, assuming he won FL, AZ and OH.

    Trump is losing AZ (down to 268)
    but Trump is winning Michigan (up to 284)
    and winning Wisconsin (up to 294)

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  26. Went libertarian over Ernst. D and R ads were so awful and pervasive that I could not vote for either one in Iowa. Figured Ernst did not need my vote.

  27. >Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.) will keep his seat in South Carolina after facing an uncharacteristically competitive race against Democrat Jaime Harrison.

    dude won by 10. the polls were lies. let’s talk about the fraud.

  28. “Tommy Tuberville, a retired collegiate football coach, secured victory in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday, beating out Sen. Doug Jones (D–Ala.) and flipping one Senate seat from blue to red.”

    Red is the color of the Left. Stop assisting the bolsheviks in their attempt to re-write history.

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