New Jersey Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Marijuana Legalization

The constitutional amendment charges state legislators and regulators with writing specific rules.


Voters in New Jersey, where the state legislature allowed medical use of marijuana in 2010, today said the state should extend its tolerance to recreational use. With 58 percent of precincts reporting, more than two-thirds of voters favored Public Question 1, which amends the state constitution to allow the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of cannabis, but only after state legislators and regulators write specific rules.

New Jersey, the 11th most populous state, joins 11 other states that have legalized recreational use since 2012. It is the first mid-Atlantic state to legalize marijuana and the third on the East Coast to do so, along with Maine and Massachusetts.

New Jersey's constitutional amendment, which takes effect on January 1, charges the state legislature and the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which also oversees the medical marijuana industry, with writing rules for growing, processing, selling, and possessing cannabis for recreational use. Legal consumption will be limited to adults 21 or older. Retail sales will be taxed at the standard state rate of 6.625 percent, although the legislature could allow municipalities to impose additional levies of no more than 2 percent.

Gov. Phil Murphy and New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney, both Democrats, supported Question 1, which requires state legislators to approve rules they had struggled to pass on their own. In four polls conducted from mid-April to mid-October, Question 1 was favored by 64 percent of voters on average, similar to the election outcome and the results of national polls on marijuana legalization. Supporters raised about 65 times as much money as opponents; top donors included the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, Scotts Miracle Gro, Weedmaps, and Drug Policy Action, the Drug Policy Alliance's political arm.

Legalization still depends on action by legislators and regulators, and the amendment does not impose any deadlines. It is therefore not clear when permissible possession will be defined, or when licensed sales might begin. If the legislature passes a bill right away, a cannabis lawyer told The Philadelphia Inquirer, "you could see sales in the third or fourth quarter of 2021," although there are "a lot of ifs and buts."

In Maine, where voters approved recreational marijuana in 2016, legislators did not get around to authorizing commercial distribution until this year. Licensed sales began on October 9. In Massachusetts, where a legalization initiative passed the same year, licensed sales did not begin until November 2018.

"It doesn't need to take that long in New Jersey," Chris Goldstein, a spokesman for the South Jersey chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), told the Inquirer. He noted that legislators have already written a bill that could be the basis for implementing Question 1. That bill would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to start serving recreational consumers, meaning sales could begin relatively soon. Then again, the entire state has only a dozen or so dispensaries, and nearly 70 municipalities have preemptively banned marijuana retailers.

Since Question 1 does not define the limits of marijuana possession, except to exclude anyone younger than 21, cannabis consumers will still be subject to arrest until the legislature acts. Under current New Jersey law, possessing up to 50 grams (about 1.8 ounces) of marijuana is a "disorderly person" offense punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. Possessing more than that amount is a fourth-degree crime, punishable by a maximum fine of $25,000 and up to 18 months of incarceration.

"When I became governor, we had the widest white–nonwhite gap of persons incarcerated, believe it or not, of any American state," Gov. Murphy told Yahoo! Finance last week, explaining his support for marijuana legalization. "The biggest reason was low-end drug offenses. So I get there first and foremost because of social justice."

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  1. Still afraid to call Florida I see.

    1. The AP stopped updating it 2 hours ago lololol

    2. Well people on the left expected to run away with this because Biden was up in the polls, but polling methods are no longer reliable. Biden could still win but it’s going to be tight and likely we’ll be waiting until Friday for Pennsylvania results to be finalized………USA PART TIME JOB.


    1. NJ deregulated Weed.

      Weed is NOT legal like broccoli is legal.


    1. Thank you,
      Reason should have done so; you did in their stead.
      Why Welsh is still in charge here explains my $5 annual contribution.

  4. 91 percent of the precincts? Votes? In Florida, and Trump with a 3.5 lead. Very surprising it’s not called for him now.

  5. I think Florida’s going Trump; that’s pretty obvious and 270ToWin has already put it up for Trump…two hours ago. I’m also watching the ABC map because it’s easier to navigate and has more up-to-date info, and while I would’ve called NC for Biden an hour ago and suspected the same about Ohio, they’ve swung back to “Trump may win this.”

    Also I’m annoyed that it took ABC forever to show where the hell their Texas votes were coming from; they had 50% of the results but no county-by-county? Come the fuck on!

    1. I’ve not been thrilled with Cspans map this far.

    2. The JoeIsDone site gave me pretty good assurance that Biden was going to lose NC. Unless something drastic happens, NC is for Trump.

      1. Its 49.8 to 49 percent – razor thin margin that could disappear.

        1. Razor thin margins mean less than what counties have written in, how much they are over/under performing, etc.

          Read the JoeIsDone site- its evidence is based on analyzing the Mail In Votes. He saw that the mail in votes are not high enough to overcome the expected in person differential for GOP.

          As I said, it is a model. But it is compelling, and absent major data, NC is Trump’s to lose. NYT seems to agree.

  6. 26 to go Ohio, 2.6 lead for Trump. 13 to go, NC: Trump down .16. I’m thinking that’s going to a recount.

    1. Who’s your provider? C-SPAN? I might try them if they’re updating faster. Ohio’s been static for 15 minutes for me, ever since Trump closed to within 15K.

      1. Cspan, yeah, but they’ve been slooooow. I don’t think it’s their fault though.

  7. Minnesota report: Biden up 66-33 with 25% in…but nothing from the Iron Range yet.

    Not claiming it’s in play at all, but it’ll tighten. I’m watching NC/Ohio at the moment.

  8. Az, 60 percent in, Trump down 13. Oof.

    1. AZ definitely looks bad. Maybe JesseAZ could have been out bitching at suburbanites instead of Reason Jeff?

      250k votes behind in Maricopa? I don’t see how Trump gets back from that.

      1. Did not see Arizona had already gotten that much in. That does NOT look good for Trump.

        1. I guess not all of the Hispanics got the word they were supposed to vote for him.

          And what’s this bullshit about some VA counties not counting ballots until tomorrow? It’s Election Night. You stay up until that shit’s done. It’s one night every four years, jeez.

          1. How about Fulton County GA with a convenient pipe burst that means they won’t have finished “counting” until they have seen how many votes are needed to flip GA and whether or not it is worth the risk to cheat.

            1. You get less of what you punish. We don’t punish voter fraud in this country. Not meaningfully. Maybe we should start?

              I guarantee, the election officials would rather face the criminal justice system.

      2. FYI – I believe much of what you’re seeing is early voting results and mail-in ballots. Same day hasn’t updated yet; which is why it’s been stuck at 73% for a good while. I promise you this: AZ won’t go Biden at +8.

        I think you’ll see the same results as other states, when same day results come in, Trump will surge.

    2. Question: Does Arizona still love John McCain? I’m wondering if there’s something of a martyrdom factor at play there. People tend to make idols of politicians after they’re dead and aren’t still around to dispute them, so I’m wondering if that’s partially behind the Arizona swing.

      Potentially, the bigger issue for Arizona is California Flight, but I’m curious about the McCain factor.

  9. I’ve hooked into an electoral map; Every time a state turns red, an electric current hits my nipples.

    1. Your lips to God’s ea– err, teet.

      1. You have peculiar taste, Nail.

  10. The betting sites as of today have flipped.

    T is gonna win.

  11. Trump leads 25K in NC, but there’s still a fair bit of blue left. True toss-up at the moment.

  12. Good news. They’re going to need it for the totalitarian policies that NJ Democrats are going to ream them with. Still, I can’t help but feel disappointed that Trump passed up the opportunity to do this at the Federal level as part of an October surprise package. Leaving free money on the table is very out of character for Trump.

  13. PredictIt is down. The British and international betting houses have seen huge flips as of this evening, now Trump is favored (for the first time) to win. CNN and Fox are implying that Biden is ahead, however (this is before even taking into account his Cali/West Coast electoral votes). Did Trump win the popular vote in VA by over 5%? It’s weirs, it looks like he won the vote in Virginia, but the networks are calling it for Biden. We shall see. Information overload!

    1. According to the ABC map, he’s up by 200K in VA with just over half the vote in. He could win, but there could be several ballots coming in from the DC area. Tough to say.

      1. As of now, about 2.5 Million votes have been counted.

        3.8 Million voted in 2016.

        So AT LEAST 1.3 million votes still need to be counted, if not more since turnout is high. And evidently fairfax (a major blue county) is where a lot of those votes need to be counted. A 200k lead is not a lot in that circumstance.

        1. Early returns from Fairfax have it surprisingly close. It’s probable that it being within 10 points is a mirage, but if not…this could get nuts.

          1. Indeed it is, Fairfax going about 70-30 Biden. Biden leads VA by 230K, and they’ve apparently shut down counts for the day.

    2. Don’t forget, the most problematic areas to count will generally be dominated by Democrats, even without assuming malign motives.

  14. Our first true upset is on the board.

    The Good Lord Yeezus has claimed Minnesota.

        1. Anything else of interest in there?

          1. ur benis :-DDDDD

            1. You guys are really children. Don’t ever fucking change.

  15. 2011 Arizona time – if things keep going this way it looks like Trump is not only going to win the election but take the popular vote too.

    1. It’d be nice if he took the popular vote, especially if it came off of a big haul from blacks and Hispanics. I don’t see it, though; I think the West Coast puts it out of reach for him. Of course, I could be (and often have been) wrong.

      1. The way I’m reading that map, if he gets all the ones that are leaning red then he ends up with 280.

        If Biden takes everyone else then that’s 245.

        1. I was referring to the popular vote, actually. I don’ t think he takes the popular, although again could be wrong.

          1. Well, again – Google. But they’re saying Trump’s 50.4% to Biden’s 48. I imagine CA could flip that but I don’t think the remaining states could.

    2. At least according to whatever data Google’s using.

    3. This completely contradicts Gray_Jay a few posts up. What gives?

      *Please note, I’m not tracking live results maps because I don’t want to enable that much unknown javascript in my browser.

      1. Per cspan just now, 73% counted in Az, Trump down 8.7.

        1. I mean, shit, I wish AZ went for Trump. It just doesn’t look likely.

          Yay Californians!

        2. Not attacking you, BTW. I’m just wondering.

      2. No – Arizona is firmly Blue. For some fucking reason.

        I mean the national election.

        1. Okay, that explains it.

        2. I thought it was just her tits, but I guess Sinema’s election portended a greater trend. Not great for T$, though he ain’t dead yet.

    4. If Arizona flips, I will sauté my electrocuted nipples; sell them on ebay; and give the prodigious earnings to your charity of choice.

  16. Get high on the jersey shore. No surprise there.

  17. Swing states I’d call for Trump at the moment: Florida, Ohio, Texas and Georgia if you think they’re swingers.
    Swing states for Biden: Arizona.
    Toss-ups: Pennsylvania, Virginia (!), North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan.

    The projection I feel least confident about is Ohio.

    1. According to Google, Ohio is 53% for Trump.

      1. 14 to go according to Cspan, and a 6.6 Trump lead. I’d call it, even though I suspect Cuyahoga chicanery.

  18. Osceola Cty’s the holdup in Florida. Less than 50 percent of their numbers in. Broward’s fully reported, per Cspan.

    1. ABC has them at 90K Biden, 65K Trump. If they’re only a third in and the rest are all Biden, I still don’t think that’s quite enough to tip the state, and it’s not going to happen anyway barring blatant cheating. I think we can call Florida.

      1. Yeah, I agree with you. All of the big blue blurbs are at 95-100. I think Trump took FL. Officially still 9 to go, WHOOPS, make that 3 to go, 3.5 lead. It’s his.

  19. Example # 1056721 of liberals taking minority votes for granted:

    On Fox news, the “Voice of the Voter” Biden supporter- a white woman- explained that we need to do better talking about how “injustices are connected”. “You cannot talk about Racial Injustice without talking about Climate or Environmental Justice.”

    Really? I want you to go talk to a black kid being hassled by cops in the inner city and tell them how their plight is equal to global warming. Please. Please do that more.

    1. I love how college educated whites think that talking about climate change is the way to an undereducated black man’s vote.


    2. On Fox news, the “Voice of the Voter” Biden supporter- a white woman- explained that we need to do better talking about how “injustices are connected”. “You cannot talk about Racial Injustice without talking about Climate or Environmental Justice.”

      I try to believe these people are stupidly foolish but have good intentions; however, this crap is either indicative of retardation or insidiousness. Also, stop appending “justice” to everything. What the fuck does that even mean?

      1. It means that “environmental” annoys people, so obviously appending “justice” to it will make it sound super-duper important! It’s a class-issue fam, don’t try to understand, unless you’ve had like five classes on Marx where you don’t read Marx but read people who had read people who read Marx! That’s college justice fam!

        1. Damn, can’t argue with that. The guy also has an ‘x’ in his name: how extreme!

      2. Mother Gaia has her own brand of “climate justice” that she unleashes on us lowly humans when we least expect it, she doesn’t need our help

    3. I think this is part of the problem in just trying to communicate between left-leaning folks and right-leaning folks.

      Right-leaning folks tend to look at individual events based on the individual particulars involved in those events. You used an example of an individual kid being hassled by an individual cop. What does that have to do with environmental anything? It’s ridiculous, right?

      Left-leaning folks tend to look at individual events based on systemic factors. So while it is important to take note of the individual kid being hassled by an individual cop, it is also important to look at the broader systems in which this type of interaction takes place. What systems of power led to that interaction between kid and cop to occur in the first place?

      They’re both right and they’re both wrong in their own ways. It’s wrong to focus JUST on individual events in a vacuum pretending that they are not related to anything else. But it is also wrong to focus JUST on systemic factors, as if individual agency and responsibility doesn’t matter at all.

      In case you are interested, here is one article making the case for a connection between racial justice and environmental justice:

      For the most part it does not look at individual circumstances or the choices that individuals make. It looks at trends and statistics. That is insulting in a way to the people for whom those statistics are supposed to describe. People are people, not just percentages! But there is also nothing wrong with using statistics in a purely *descriptive* manner to understand collective trends, as long as we don’t treat statistics as if they were substitutes for the results of individual choices.

      1. Jeff- this is nit picky nonsense. I could have easily said “Go talk to an inner city reverend watching his parish locked up in prisons about global warming”.

        My whole POINT is that the Black community is extremely concerned about SYSTEMIC (not episodic) racism. And going to them and explaining that they need to “connect” environmental justice- an ephemeral future-looking armageddon to the actual real injustice they suffer each day is ASSININE.

        And sorry Jeff, but if you are trying to talk to me about Environmental Justice as a thing, let alone something that ought to be linked to actual real racism, then please do GTFO tonight. I am to drunk to argue that nonsense.

        1. My whole POINT is that the Black community is extremely concerned about SYSTEMIC (not episodic) racism. And going to them and explaining that they need to “connect” environmental justice- an ephemeral future-looking armageddon to the actual real injustice they suffer each day is ASSININE.

          No, Overt, you’re missing the point. But I guess you are too drunk to even see the point.

          1. I don’t think so. It is the liberal that is insisting these “systemic” problems. Maybe that is a left vs right thing, I don’t know. But in the final analysis, you have a liberal insisting that Climate Justice needs to be up there with Racial Justice. And I’m sorry, that is insulting to Blacks.

            Even if you accept both truths- that Racial and Climate justice are things (so we aren’t even talking about a Right-leaning world view)- the suggestion that we should link them is exceedingly arrogant. Racial Justice has gained cache in this year, while Climate Justice is conspicuously losing ground. Racial disparities are impacting the poorest TODAY, while climate justice is by and large an affluent luxury for suburban white women.

            It- to me- seems an exceedingly asshole move to take this one moment of Racial ascendancy and then try to use it to get momentum for a flagging Climate cause.

            1. But in the final analysis, you have a liberal insisting that Climate Justice needs to be up there with Racial Justice. And I’m sorry, that is insulting to Blacks.

              No, it’s not that there is some hierarchy. It’s that they are not independent of each other. THAT is the point, or at least part of it. Argue against it however you want, but please at least understand the point.

              Racial Justice has gained cache in this year, while Climate Justice is conspicuously losing ground. Racial disparities are impacting the poorest TODAY, while climate justice is by and large an affluent luxury for suburban white women.

              You seem to think that linking issues of racial justice with issues of climate justice is nothing but a PR or political stunt. I’m sure there is some of that going on, but it is also the case that, to many, it isn’t a mere PR stunt, but an observation that racial minorities tend to suffer disproportionately from environmental problems, and that this isn’t just a mere coincidence. Read this for example:


              Now, that happened a long time ago, things are better now. But can you honestly say that it was the only instance?

              That is the kind of point that the lady was trying to make.

  20. Wtf is with stopping counting in Penn and Georgia ?

    1. Didn’t allocate OT in the budget? I dunno.

      The sinister implication is they’re trying to figure out how many ballots they need to find. Not good.

      AZ: 27 to go, Trump -8.7. NC: 7 to go, Trump +1.25. TX: 27 to go, Trump up 4. Ohio: 10 to go, Trump up 7.5. Whew.

      1. AZ Biden
        NC Toss-Up (lean R)
        TX Trump
        OH Trump

      2. “sinister”

        1. Fuck you

  21. CA has entered the lobby…


        1. 270towin

  22. The instant the polls close on the west coast, WA, OR, and CA all get called for Biden. No need to count.

    Meanwhile, Florida is still “in play”.

    1. Also, apparently we can’t call Texas yet, and god forbid we make a call on Idaho!

    2. That’s how the media rolls. They just can’t believe their lying eyes. Again.

      And this year they have the built-in excuse of needing to wait.

      Now that betting sites worldwide have turned Trump, I think he’s gonna win. And we’ll get to drink liberal tears for another 4.

  23. Leftists assholes puckering. It’s that sick feeling for them again, 2016 repeat, when reality punches them in the gut and brings on the tears.

    Trump won Florida by 1.5 % in ‘16. He’s now up by almost 4%. The Hispanics are voting for him, yes, the left’s racist paradigm.

    Say it ain’t so CNN…

    I’m going to enjoy the seppuku in front of my eyes.

    1. Let’s hope it comes to the media all committing ritual suicide. We’d all be better off.

      1. Make it PPV. Cure a good bit of the Debt.


    1. All is forgiven. Especially after my second glass of Ardbeg.

      1. Yes dude, love Ardbeg

      2. Uigeadail’s one of my go to’s.

        1. Saving Ardbog, or maybe Day, if T pulls this out tonight.

          Uiggy is pretty damned good at the price. I like it better than, say, what Lagavulin’s become after the fire.

      3. You two’re alright

  25. Anchor on Fox just described Biden as ‘not the strongest guy who ever lived’ LOL

  26. Chris Wallace is short-circuiting.

  27. <50%, but PA is looking okay. Biden's speeches about raping the energy sector was apparently a no-no.

    1. I dunno, the fact that the east side and Pittsburgh ain’t come in much yet tells me Pennsylvania’s still very much in play.

      1. Very true. Also, I’m being intentionally hyperbolic as I’m trying to stave of sleep. Need some good spankings.

      2. By the way, the Penguins choke on goat dick.

    2. Early, but Trump is leading in Lackawanna county; ie, Scranton.

      Where Biden “ grew up, man…”

  28. 270 calls Ohio for Trump.

  29. Iowa just flipped red at 76% reporting. Oh, those pesky, same day Trump voters…

    1. 82% and Trump is at +3.5 for Iowa.

      AZ results must be bad for Biden if they’re slow rolling them this long. I’ve never seen such a delay before.

  30. In other news, I live in the most libertarian county in KY. That’s good, I guess.

  31. A lot of treading water right now. Just waiting for results to come in.

    LOL at WA and OR pulling this strongly for Biden. More Riots Please! Also hilarious that Cspan still won’t call FL or OH for Trump.

    1. Yeah, hard to feel bad for WA and OR. You reap what you sow. Idiots.

    2. Stockholm syndrome, maybe

  32. Trump leads by half a million in Pennsylvania.

    In other news, Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) has only turned in 1/6 of its projected ballots. WTF?!?

  33. Bed time, but here’s a nite-nite for Pro-Trumpers.

    This thing is over. Tonight. PA ain’t needed. Trump takes MI and Wisconsin to wrap it up. Biden didn’t get the black vote to offset the rural.

    Ah. Sweet dreams.

    1. If I were to make a bet, it’d be that a fairly large number of blacks swung to Trump or stayed home.

      1. I not black.

        But here’s what I can at least imagine….

        I’m a black guy. I can:

        A) Vote for Trump. He hasn’t been in politics long. Employment for blacks was at an all time high before CV.

        B) Vote for Biden. The guy who authored the 94 crime bill, dooming blacks to more and longer prison sentences. The guy who’s been in DC for 47 years. The guy who opposed bussing blacks for fear his kids would grow up in a racial jungle. The guy who said “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”

        C) Stay the fuck home. I’m not tryna catch no ‘Rona for either of those mfs.

        This isn’t that hard of a choice.

        If believing that you’re entitled to the votes of an entire race simply because your name is followed by (D) isn’t the epitome of “systemic racism”, then it doesn’t exist at all, and Biden has been at the heart of every single federal bill that has negatively affected blacks for the last 5 DECADES. If blacks are truly concerned about systemic racism (however they might understand it), then they’ll reject Biden, as it seems they are. Either by simply not voting for him, or voting Trump.

  34. ABC FINALLY calls Ohio. Florida was done for Biden first, but maybe they’ll finally give up on this bullshit and make some (obvious) calls.

    1. 270 To Win now calling Texas. They’ve been reasonably good with their updates. It’s almost as if they aren’t a major media organization with a dedicated political bent.

  35. Georgia just won’t be called today I guess. Fucked by a busted water main at a single precinct in Fulton Country. I assume they’ve stopped counting?

    1. I believe that’s what the news says. Also they’ve stopped counting in Virginia, and Pennsylvania will “experience delays”.

    2. Trump is up 53.0 to 45.8 percent, with 80 percent in, and is a traditionally Red state. It’s not going to Biden.

      Even the NYT called Ohio for Trump.
      Georgia, NC and TX aren’t called yet, but are locks for Trump.

      Trump has a huge lead in Pennsylvania, 56-42% with 58% counted.

      At this rate he only needs to win either Michigan or Wisconsin to be reelected, and he’s leading in both (54-44 in Mich with 52% in, and 52-47 in Wisc with 67% in. He’s also up in Iowa 52-45 with 86% in).

      1. Which means a tie game is just him losing MI and WI while winning IA and Omaha.

        …with this clusterfuck of a year, I could believe it.

      2. There’s still the possibility of some sneaky shenanigans in Georgia, Fulton County especially.

        1. Look at the big brain on A Thinking Mind here!

  36. Not watching TV news, nor scanning news on the web, just checking here and looking at some YT vids.
    Don’t know who is leading, but the lack of cheering from the left suggests that Joe the ho is not doing well.

    1. The best way to put it without giving too many spoilers is all the news stations are calling states for Biden as fast as they can justify it; not so much for Trump.

      Coincidentally, most of the swing states are uncalled.

    2. Biden is losing every battleground state except Minnesota and Arizona. He could still come back in Michigan if he can dig up some mail in ballots.

    3. Well people on the left expected to run away with this because Biden was up in the polls, but polling methods are no longer reliable. Biden could still win but it’s going to be tight and likely we’ll be waiting until Friday for Pennsylvania results to be finalized.

      1. Trump is up 56.7-42.0 percent in PA with 61% in. That will be very hard to make up.

    4. I don’t know why people like Cenk Uygur are losing their shit tonight. Biden could easily come out on top here.

  37. ABC calls Florida.


    1. The NYT is still giving Biden a 67% chance in Georgia, even though he trails by 53.0-45.8% with 81% in. They are saying Trump has an 84% chance in NC. And they still haven’t called Texas.

      At this point, Trump only needs to win Wisconsin or Michigan to wrap it up, and he’s leading in both.

      1. NYT now has Biden’s odds in Georgia down to 56%, Trump at 85% chance in NC.

      2. I think a lot of these county officials went to bed. Figures have been static for awhile.

        All from cspan, and they use AP estimates for votes remaining. Your guess is as good as mine for how they estimate mail ballots this year.

        NC, 6 percent of the vote left, T up 1.4. I wouldn’t call it yet.
        GA, 15 percent left, T up 6.8. You’d think this would be over with that margin. Feel comfortable about it?
        AZ, 24 percent left, T down 7.2. AIUI, AZ counts its mail-in/and early ones first. I still don’t see T making up that gap. Annoying.
        PA, 36 left, T up 14.5. The catch here is, I guess Philly hasn’t really voted yet.
        MI, 39 left, T up 9.2. Only half the precincts in Wayne County have reported.
        WI, 16 left, T up 3.8. Shrug. I can’t see where the D’s make that up. Their big hitters show 100 percent already.
        VA, cspan called it already for Biden. 18 to go, T down 6.5. They’re probably right.

        Assuming NC, WI goes GOP, and AZ and NV don’t, I see Trump needing one of PA or MI to win. But he absolutely needs one.

        Who knows what changes tomorrow? At least he’s leading in all three.

        Looks like T swept NE, and lost ME totally.

        1. And as I wrote that book, GA went to 13 to go, T + 5.7. So, 2 percent came in, and Trump lost 1.1 of his lead. Seems legit.

          1. GA 7 to go, T’s lead down to 2.5.

            Ballot Printer go Brrrrrr. And why not?

  38. I sure hope Trump loses.

    It is not that I’m thrilled about a Biden victory. I am not. I think he’s a little shady and a little senile (well, maybe more than a little). I think he is going to propose some truly awful ideas. One small silver lining that might come of it is that he has the potential to take the wind out of the sails of some of the more radical leftist ideas. For example, should he win, Biden is going to propose some environmental plan that he is going to call “Green New Deal” but will be nowhere near what someone like AOC or Bernie Sanders would propose, but to everyone else, it will seem like the same thing, and there will be no appetite left to pass anything more radical. Plus, maybe if Biden wins, Republicans can pretend to care about spending again.

    But what I really want to end is the scapegoating and the blatant demagoguery that Trump uses. When there’s a problem, it’s always the fault of someone else. It’s the fault of Democrats, or the fault of the Chinese, or the fault of Mexicans, or the fault of foreigners, or the fault of “illegals”, or the fault of some other easily scapegoated group. America is great, rah rah rah, and all our problems are not our fault. I want a leader who will actually take responsibility when he screws up, and I want a leader who will level with me and not try to blame everyone else for our own problems. I’m not saying Biden is that guy, but Trump *certainly* isn’t that guy.

    I’m also greatly insulted by this insidious idea that there are “real Americans”, salt-of-the-earth types (presumed to be Trump voters) and then there is everyone else, who are inauthentically American in some way because they don’t hew to the stereotype close enough. That to be an American is defined by some cultural identity as opposed to legal citizenship. I don’t care what kind of crazy ideas that a legal citizen might have, I don’t care if they’re a raging Communist, if that person is a legal citizen, then that person deserves to be called an American just as much as a gun-toting beer-swilling Trump voter. Do Team Blue people do this sort of thing too? Well sure, but Trump and his allies definitely do, and he is the one with the biggest microphone.

    Team Red needs to learn a dose of humility, that they do not own the definition of what it means to be an American, that most of America’s problems are actually due to the choices that Americans themselves have made and shouldn’t be blamed on easily scapegoated groups. Wrapping themselves in the flag has limits too.

    1. You want someone who will make you feel good. Got it.

      Ask Biden to give you a sniff.

      I don’t particularly like Trump’s style either. What I do like is that through just existing, he’s encouraging people who we ought to trust to reveal themselves as total shitbags who deserve the scorn of all well thinking people. The modern concept of “experts” has been unmasked as a sham. Academia, large portions of tech (particularly social media), big business at large, and the media have outed themselves as partisan cunts. And all he’s had to do was win something they did everything in their power (which is not insubstantial) to keep him from winning. He didn’t have to do anything at all.

      If anyone needs to learn some fucking humility, it’s not the people who voted for Trump. It’s the people who did everything they could to stop it. Massive frauds such as that fucking impeachment. Years of investigations and mud slinging to come up with exactly dick. This list can keep going on. So fuck you with your “I just want some decency in my politics.” It’s the left that decided to make this as dirty as they possibly could.

      1. It is not just about “feeling good”. Try reading what I wrote. It is about having a leader that fundamentally respects ALL Americans. Don’t you? Do you really enjoy having a leader that treats half of the country as “enemies of the people”? Do you really enjoy having a leader that finds the most convenient scapegoat for all of America’s problems? Having a president that actually treats Americans as Americans, and not “my team” vs. “your team”, ought to be a fundamental responsibility of the job. Don’t you? Do you hate Democrats so much that you are willing to overlook even their citizenship?

        1. Do you think that Biden *won’t* treat a huge chunk of the population as enemies? He threatened to appoint Beta as “gun control czar”. I think a Biden victory results in *war*.

          Well, even if it doesn’t happen here, it’ll mean more wars in other countries.

    2. I sure hope Trump loses.

      That really says it all, doesn’t it?

      1. Like any of us should be shocked by that…

        1. I’ve never made it a secret that I loathe Donald Trump.

          1. Why?
            (Genuine question).
            Personality? Tweets? Policies?

  39. 9:52 PM PST
    NYT has it 213-174 for Biden in EV
    Fox has it 237-210 for Biden in EV, but every remaining state leaning Red (NV, MT, WI, MI, PA, NC, GA).

  40. My original call on Monday was 279-259 for Trump:
    if Trump won GA, IA, NC, OH, TX, AZ, FL, and PA and
    if Biden won WI, MI, MN and NV

    It looks like I was wrong on AZ (11 to Biden), WI (10 to Trump), MI (16 to Trump), and NV (6 to Trump), so the final tally should be:

    300-238 for Trump

  41. Barring amazingly blatant fraud, Trump gets Pennsylvania.

    1. I think Philly’s up to it.

      Thanks, Roberts! You putz.

      1. Even the likes of Roberts has his limits. I wrote off PA earlier this evening, but if it really comes down to a SCOTUS decision then I have to think it will go to Trump.

  42. I don’t understand why the national widget on this page — — was up for a brief period, and that was all. They last had overall probability of Trump’s re-election as 72%. They didn’t have anything up at the beginning, then showed it a short while with numbers and needle changing a good deal, then took it off again.

    1. Also, why have they taken states off the probabilities page and yet not colored them in on this page: ?

  43. See, his speech right now is exactly what I’m talking about.

    Because not everyone is recognizing what Trump claims is his victory on election night at the time when Trump wants to claim victory, he declares it all to be a “fraud”. Dammit, Trump wanted his party right now, and when not everyone validates it, they’re all frauds and liars and cheats! He can’t help himself. He has no sense of how to comport himself as an actual leader with an obligation to, you know, not undermine the vote itself.

    1. Shutting down the counting is undermining the vote.

      1. As is counting more votes than there are registered voters in a jurisdiction – especially a swing state jurisdiction with all the new votes counted being for Biden. I think there was one jurisdiction where every single new mail-in vote of 100,000+ votes was for the Biden ticket (every single one! not even 99,999 to 1).

    2. I mean, all these battleground states where he’s winning not being called and stopping counting doesn’t exactly make it look like there won’t be any shenanigans.

      It’s really just a shitshow all around.

      1. On ABC their bitching about the electoral collage. I guess their worried.

      2. This, counting shouldn’t be stopped, and if it is, you better have 10 cops and 20 video cameras with live feeds accessible to the public on those ballots during the down time. People didn’t board up downtowns because they thought Dems would be graceful losers.

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