Election 2020

No One Has Won the Presidential Election (Yet)

Go to bed.


No winner was determined on Election Day in three of the most important states for this year's presidential contest: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

That means neither President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden has clinched the election. And there's a good chance that it will be several days before one of them does.

This is not an unexpected outcome! In fact, it is exactly the sort of scenario that political scientists and media outlets—including Reason—have been highlighting for months as a serious possibility. Three major factors that combined to delay a result: a large number of absentee ballots, high turnout, and a neck-to-neck race in several swing states.

In Pennsylvania, for example, state law prohibited election officials from even beginning to count the estimated 2 million mail-in ballots until polls closed on Tuesday. Some counties decided to hold off on opening those ballots until Wednesday morning. Unless in-person votes cast on Tuesday gave either Biden or Trump an unexpectedly insurmountable lead, there was never much hope that Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes would be decided on Election Day itself.

Wisconsin is in a similar situation, with state officials forbidden from counting mail-in ballots early, as most other states do. About 1.9 million absentee ballots have been returned in Wisconsin, so unless in-person votes cast on Tuesday gave either Biden or Trump an unexpectedly insurmountable lead…well, you get the point.

In Michigan, some mail-in ballots were processed ahead of Election Day, but Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson tells Politico that it will likely take until Friday for counting to be completed.

As of 12:45 on Wednesday morning, neither Biden nor Trump had declared victory or conceded the race. In brief remarks delivered from Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said he was "feeling good about where we are" but urged patience as the votes are counted.

"We knew this was gonna go long, but who knew it was going to go into tomorrow morning—maybe longer?" Biden said.

Around the same time, Trump tweeted (Twitter quickly flagged as "misleading") an unfounded allegation that the election was being stolen.

Early results on Tuesday seemingly shut the door on the possibility of a Biden landslide, but the Democratic challenger also hasn't lost any states that were essential to his most likely paths to an Electoral College victory. With more than a dozen states still up for grabs, the only state that appears to have "flipped" from its 2016 result is Arizona, which some outlets have called for Biden.

The Arizona results could be telling, since the state was one that processed mail-in ballots ahead of Election Day. Biden supporters hoping for a "blue shift" in results as mail-in ballots are counted in places like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin may take heart from the outcome in Arizona.

On the other hand, losing Arizona's 11 electoral votes is not a critical blow to Trump's campaign either. He seems to have avoided a wipeout by holding Florida and possibly Georgia—and Republicans appear on track to hold the Senate as well.

So the outcome will take a while to be settled. Assume good will on the part of election officials and volunteers facing unprecedented circumstances. Let all the votes be counted. Have patience.

UPDATE: This post was updated to clarify the current status of Trump's tweet regarding the election.

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    1. Eric will wake up to tears from the Left.

      Trump won Eric Boehm.

      Republicans control the US Senate Boehm.

      Republicans are now within control of House especially with Census 2020 taking House seats from Blue states and giving them to Red states, like Texas.

      1. US Senate 53-47 with a GOP majority.

      2. GOP House 173 +49 wins.

        minus Democrat wins.

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      3. We’re watching an election being stolen in real time. Fraud in WI, MI, GA, and God only knows where else.

        The question is, “What is anybody going to do about it?”

        Let’s see what the courts do.

        1. Texas could count over 10M ballots by 2am.

          Suddenly WI, MI, PA, NC, NV, AZ, and GA have to stop counting.

          The ballot counters only had one job from poll closing to full count.

        2. If the courts fail us, more will be required. I hope everyone who cares about this country stocked the right…… supplies for the coming democrat insurrection.

      4. assuming Texas stays Red

  1. Remember the good old days when you knew who was going to be your President before midnight Pacific time?

    There’s third-world countries that are less fucked-up in their election systems than we’re showing right now.

    1. So should we “stop all voting”? Would that make you happy fucktard? Go to bed, you need to get up early so you can start your revolution!

      1. Whew, lad, heal thyself.

      2. No, we should put leftists down.
        You are cancer

        1. I e been saying this for years. They won’t ever stop.

      3. Yes, we should “stop all voting” after the polls close. Stop conflating voting with counting.

        1. Looks like Trump is the one conflating moron!

          1. “This is a very big moment. This is a major fraud on our nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So we’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the list. It’s a very sad moment,” Trump continued.

    2. It’s embarrassing. There is absolutely no reason, in the age of computer OCR, data collection, and modern communications, that a Presidential Election should take days to determine versus how long it took for other close races.

      We’re devolving before our eyes. And no full-body latte at Starbucks to make up for it.

      1. Texas counted 10M + ballots by 2 am.

      2. As someone who does information security for a living, there are rather a lot of reasons why we can’t do what you so blithely assume.

        Remember that the people who program any such computerized voting or vote-counting program are the same ones who programmed the IRS’s computer and will be supervised by the same people who run the Post Office.

      3. some states allow 7, 10, 14, 17, or 21 days for ballots to arrive, if they are postmarked by Election Day. Realistically they will all be received by Friday, and take a day or two to count. What’s the rush? The Electoral College doesn’t vote until December. Inauguration is in January.

        1. The longer Democrats have to “find ballots” is bad for America.

    3. “Remember the good old days…?”

      No, I don’t. And neither do you. Except in a few years when the votes wasn’t even close, those “good old days” are a fiction created by cognitive bias.

      Go further back, though, to the “good old days” when results were communicated courier. No knowing election results for days or even weeks was the norm. There’s a reason the Constitution and the enabling laws give so much time to certify election results.

    4. It was pretty obvious Trump would win by 9:30 PM PST.

  2. 85% of precincts reporting in Wisconsin – Trump ahead by 106,000 votes (51.2%)
    62% of precincts reporting in Michigan – Trump ahead by 308,000 votes (53.8%)
    87% of precincts reporting in Georgia – Trump ahead by 248,000 votes (52.2%)
    94% of precincts reporting in North Carolina – Trump ahead by 78,000 votes (50.1%)
    It’s over, fuckwad. Even with the SCOTUS-sanctioned fuckery you absolute fucking shanks were planning to pull in Pennsylvania you can’t win. Those 4 states put Trump at 273. Eat this fucking L with a spoon, and make sure to bottle your tears so that I can savor them like fine wine for another 4 years. LMFAO

    1. It isn’t over. Each precinct is not the same population. If the outstanding precincts are large pop centers, they will swing the election.

      They really should change from “% Precincts” to “% Potential voters”

      1. There isn’t a precinct left in most of those states large enough to overcome the Trump advantage in votes. The only reason they haven’t been called yet is because the media complex is as apoplectic as they were in 2016 and are trying to bury it for a while so they can see if their left wing terrorists pull enough shit to change the outcome. Spoiler: they won’t.

        1. If you look at where the voters are still out and what votes are still out GA is too close to call. It is Atlanta mail-in ballots still outstanding so heavy Dem. The Wis and Mich think they have enough mail ins to swing it.

          1. The analysis I saw shows that Trump only needs 20% of the remaining votes in Georgia to win. In Pennsylvania he needs 25% and in Wisconsin and Michigan he needs 39%. Its over.

          2. Not all ballots from Fulton County (Atlanta) are Democrat.

          3. You lost Jeff.

            1. We need an omnibus revenge bill passed to punish the democrats for everything they’ve done.

        2. There was a match of mails that had something like 9700 biden votes and 200 trump votes. The statistical improbability of that is astounding. Nobody batted an eye.

          1. Why is that statistically improbable? I don’t think you understand statistics. The results are not being drawn from a random sample they are coming from some district. If that district leans heavily Democrat and most Republican did not vote by mail you could get these results. Take a District that is 70/30 percent Democratic/Republican with an absentee rate greater than 80% for Democrats and Republican rate at less than 10% and you would get number close to this. That doesn’t mean you accusation is wrong but you can not draw a conclusion based just on the numbers you provided.

            1. Because the mail in ballots are a random sample. They come from the entire state not just one district. And since you already have millions of votes from the state you have an expectation that a random sample should be similar to any other random sample already in that trend line. There is no way a truly random sample that small can be that biased.

              1. Again the question is where the sample of the votes were taken from. If as you are suggesting the ballots came from around the state and were then randomized (shuffled) your assumption would be correct. If instead the ballots were packed into boxes as they came, then the box could have ballots from a single district or even a part of a heavily leaning Democratic district. Again you can not draw assumptions of a statistical improbability from the data provided.

            2. Why is that statistically improbable? I don’t think you understand statistics.

              Even votes from the most heavily Democratic district isn’t going to result in a 100% jump on 140K ballots and then settle back into a slowly increasing vote tally.

              If it had gone up on a steadily higher trendline through the voting, then your argument would hold. But an instantaneous leap like that opens it up for a legal challenge.

              1. I have to disagree, votes are typically added by precincts which can be mixed or heavily leaning to one side or another. This is commonly seen in election reporting when 98% of votes are in and it appears that one candidate is significantly ahead. The channels decision team may still hold on declaring a winner if they know that certain precincts favoring the loser have not yet reported. For example 98% of vote in with an expected 5000 votes left in 2 precincts, candidate A is up by 2000 votes and the two outstanding precincts heavily favor candidate B by 80/20.

    2. Hey, get off the fence, will you? Let us know how you really feel.


    3. There is the issue that mail-in votes are going to be predominantly for Biden as the Republicans have been pushing for in-person voting. When you have over a million votes still up in the air with a likely 60-40 Biden split, North Carolina and Wisconsin specifically seem to be quite likely to flip.

      1. Well this is a narrative that has been pushed by the media despite most mail in numbers for states that keep track had the split 55 to 45 for the most part.

        But keep pushing the narrative.

      2. Republican politicians have been pushing for in-person voting. Republican voters? Not so clear.

        That doesn’t prove the reverse, either. I’m just saying that the bloviating of politicians is not evidence of actual decisions by voters. I think the better hypothesis is that mail-in votes will approximately follow the pattern of in-person votes from the same areas.

      3. Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania are very unlikely to flip. The mail-in ballots are not as heavily pro-Biden as people think. There’s a fair chance Georgia could flip, but that’s based on heavily Democrat precincts not having been counted yet.

        1. WI and MI already flipped, and PA is a solid possibility as well.

          WI is probably lost (really not a lot of vote left to make up 30k), MI is almost certainly lost (now 30k difference as well with 2 very heavy blue counties as the bulk of votes left). NC likely Trump but that wont matter, even if NC and PA stay trump, Biden already wins with WI and MI.

    4. Looks like they found enough Biden votes in Wis, and now they are shipping the extra to Detroit to swing MI. It always amazes me how the Democrat stronghold districts are always the last to count “all” the votes. Never is it a big GOP district from which we are waiting to hear.

      1. not necessarily fraud. Democrats are just terrible at governing. Look at all the cities with “systemic racism” problems in their police forces.

    5. This post by Clark has not aged well…

      FWIW, I thought about the same thing when I went to bed around 2.

      1. Ya that certainly didn’t age well. Sleepy Joe wins it without PA if he holds AZ, NV, MI, and WI. MI with so many votes left from wayne is almost certainly lost to the D’s. AZ seems to be lost. NV is doable for trump with the amount of votes left and the margin, but I dont think its likely.

        WI T really has to flip back to have a chance again. The amount of votes left and the tiny margin Biden is up by make it possible. But if Trump doesnt take back WI its over. Biden gets to 270 with AZ, NV, MI, and WI (plus the 3 he will def get from Maine)

  3. Around the same time, Trump tweeted (and then deleted) an unfounded allegation that the election was being stolen.

    Pretty much a fact that officials in Philly are filling in ballots right now.

    We know that government actors are corrupt, why are we pretending that they are not corrupt when it comes to elections?

    1. Pretty much a fact that officials in Philly are filling in ballots right now.

      Like I said earlier today, the absolute stupidity of the Pennsylvania AG to say what he said about the vote count is going to give Trump the ammunition he needs to contest any final result there. Also, states like NC, GA, and AZ have been stuck at vote counts for HOURS now.

      We’re past the election stage and entering the lawfare stage. It’s going to get incredibly ugly.

      1. Apparently, in Arizona Adrian Fontes, the Maricopa County Recorder, ordered election workers to stop counting same-day votes for four fucking hours, including while the polls were still open. He just opened himself up to a AZ GOP lawsuit for those reindeer games.

        1. In other news, Abortion Barbie, aka Wendy Davis, appears to have lost her state congressional seat, Donna Shalala lost her House seat, and Susan Collins appears to actually be on track to win her Senate seat. Those are three races I never would have expected to turn out like that.

          1. GOP is +49 House seats…minus Democrats seat wins.

            from a 181 to 174 Democrat to GOP House called race.

            It appears the Democrats hold a smaller majority which the Census 2020 should remedy in favor of the GOP.

            1. Being in Michigan, my personal disappointment was that it appeared up until a few hours ago that Trump and James would win the state. Trump/James supporters were looking for that result as a symbolic flip of the middle finger to Governor Whitmer.

              It would have been nice to see Whitmer’s conduct being viewed as a large part of the blame for why Biden and Peters lost Michigan. That probably would have diminished her re-election prospects in 2022 and her career as a politician in Michigan being essentially over. (I’d like to see John James consider a run for Governor in 2022.)

              Although it’s close, that no longer appears to be happening. The only solace I can take from what appears to be a foregone conclusion to this election is that Trump did not receive the collective rebuke that the DNC and the MSM predicted. Biden’s victory will be razor thin, the MSM and pollsters look ridiculous, and the GOP still controls the Senate and the Supreme Court. I expect two years of gridlock, Harris to become president by mid-2021, and some interesting challenges in 2022.

              Whether you love him or loathe him, you have to admit that Trump has changed the identity of the GOP. Hopefully for the better.

              1. Agreed [also a MI resident]; as of now Biden is leading by about 45,000 with 96% reporting; less that 1% and possible but difficult to make up at this stage. James still leads by almost 10,000, so if that holds it is at least a mixed blessing but I concur; nothing I’d like to see more than Whitless finished in this State.

    2. Yep. They need to have the feds count the fucking Philly ballots, because those cheating bastards have been doing their best to rig it all day.

      1. SCOTUS rigged it for them weeks ago when they decided they can count unsigned ballots with no postmarks for an indefinite period of time after election day. But it doesn’t matter because Trump’s going to take enough EC votes without PA.

        1. There’s likely going to be massive ballot harvesting fraud in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin to try and swing the election Biden’s way. Count on it. That’s why the networks have held off calling PA, NC, and GA for Trump all night.

          1. And once that happens, Trump’s lawyers are immediately going to challenge the results, which is when all hell breaks loose.

            1. Luckily, the SCOTUS has its army….

              Americans to fight against Democrat voter fraud.

          2. The networks held off calling Florida for two hours after it was obvious that Trump had won, just to avoid giving Trump a lead in the EV count until California results came in.

            1. Yup.

              1. Plus, you notice that MSM people were NOT wearing masks or social distancing during the Election night coverage?

                COVID19 will be over tomorrow if Biden wins.

  4. House = (D)
    Senate = (R)
    POTUS = Trump


    1. Don’t fall asleep, riots are still going on in every Blue city.

      The Lefty propagandists in the MSM and at unreason tried to hide it…to no avail.

      1. If they just shot the rioters on sight, the democrats would eventually run out of rioters, and it would reduce the surplus democrat population.

        1. no shooting required, just arrest, charge, try, convict, sentence. Portland actually arrested a few rioters early on, but the DA didn’t prosecute. hundreds of 5 or 10 year sentences would have ended that mess early.

  5. Look, I’m not saying it’s necessarily enough to sway the state, but those of us in PA are well aware that Philadelphia elections are seldom on the up and up. The county resisted the state’s attempt to standardize election systems for a reason.

    Anyway, I’m declaring myself president.

    1. I, for one, welcome my new overlord.

      1. So, underwear on the outside?

  6. So is this the open thread that has been requested

    I say yes

    1. I believe the open thread has been declared here: https://reason.com/2020/11/03/new-jersey-voters-overwhelmingly-approve-marijuana-legalization/

      At least, it’s been more legitimately declared than the loss of one particular candidate in this ‘news’ thread.

  7. Biden clearly won. Just like I predicted. If Drumpf had any class he’d be delivering his concession speech right now.


    1. Even Faux News right now is only giving Drumpf 213 Electoral Votes. And that’s all he’ll get. Biden will sweep the rest of the states once all the votes are counted.


      1. For a parody account, you’re pretty damned smart, OBL.

  8. Gee, what should I make of leftists saying that the election results aren’t quite final yet?

    1. If Lefties says anything near a tie, it’s Trump who won.

      Georgia had a “pipe burst” in Fulton County. Some counting “snafu” in Gwinnett County and Georgia still is going Trump.

      Remember when Texas was declared by Welch to be a “swing state”?

  9. Trump obviously won it’s just that chickenshit Democrat states that are battlegrounds don’t want to certify it. So to court it will go.

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    1. I agree, regardless of the outcome their more than likely will be court challenges.

    2. Well, most of us are above voting fraud, so keep your damn ballot shenanigans job to yourself, bot!

      And how do you convey god anyway? In a truck? On a boat trailer? Freight car maybe?

      1. Once you accept Amazon as your new god, you will understand.

  11. I hate this. The longer this drags out the more opportunity for fraud, and lets not kid ourselves, there is plenty of motivation for fraud. You don’t become a life long member of the party machine to not be tempted when the opportunity to turn an entire presidential election lands in your district.

    1. Cry harder, Trumpian.

      1. Fuck off commie

  12. To all these douche GOP fanboys around here… let me drink your tears.

    1. To all these douche GOP fanboys around here… let me drink your tears ejaculate.


      1. He looks forward to the opportunity.

  13. Argghhhhhh! Voter fraud! Hahahahahaha… delicious.

  14. There is no good will in politics. Democrats have been stealing elections by organized voter fraud campaigns run by election officials since the days of Andrew Jackson.

    There is never any evidence of voter fraud because the very people supposed to gather said evidence are always partisan Democrats. Every slimy fuck who parrots that line knows EXACTLY why that is true, and they’re mocking you when they say it.

    1. Why do you hate dead people (and want to keep them from voting)?

  15. Interesting that the media dismissed the Hunter Biden PC and the Joe Biden sexual assault charges because they weren’t absolutely proven to be real, but immediately call Trump’s claims of voter fraud false. A cynic might think they are less than unbiased.

    1. Can you imagine the republican landslide if the media were actually impartial?

  16. Well, the one thing that affects me personally here in California is overturning the attempt to fuck up Uber and Lyft, so I can still get food delivered at a reasonable cost. Fuck you, Lorena Gonzales, you taxi cartel shill.


    1. plenty of Californians are old enough to remember what it was like trying to get a taxi, and what the taxis were like

  17. Looks like PA is going for POTUS Trump. I don’t see a scenario where Team D makes up 600K votes. I think POTUS Trump wins PA.

    MI…Holy Cow! This is agonizingly close. If POTUS Trump wins MI, he wins reelection.

    1. Looks like PA is going for POTUS Trump. I don’t see a scenario where Team D makes up 600K votes.

      Looks like Wisconsin is going to be the model–somehow, Biden got 100% of 140K mail-in ballots that he needed to go up. Expect the same thing to happen in PA, GA, MI, and NC. That’s why it’s been getting dragged out, and why the Pennsylvania Democrats allowed mail-in ballots without a postal stamp or verification.

      That and what Fontes did in Maricopa County in AZ by stopping the same-day vote counting guarantees that this going to SCOTUS. It’s going to be a total shitshow.

      1. Yeah. That one is statistically impossible. Even the bluest of districts don’t go 97% like that district did.

        1. The 2018 tactic seems to be in play here–stop the vote counting until they figure out how many votes are needed to cover the gap. That’s how Sinema got into office in AZ, with Fontes doing the exact same thing here again, it happened in PA in Philadelphia, and Wisconsin taking a 100% 140K bump for Biden that he needed before settling back in the steady vote increase for the rest of the count.

          Trump would be insane to not challenge this, and if he doesn’t already have an army of lawyers flooding into these areas, he might as well give it up right now.

          1. We are insane to count on ballots instead of bullets

          2. And when the lawyers get the courts to say, a la Bush v. Gore, that it’s up to States to count their own votes? And what the States say, goes?

            We are watching this election be stolen. When it does get stolen, we’re not getting another one.

            Aside, again from CSpan, but why is everyone confident that the Rs held the Senate? I see 47-47 on their little meter. Late mail-in D ballots aren’t just going to be for Biden & Harris.

          3. Joseph Stalin said “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

      2. On the legislative side, the Dems had a pretty bad night overall. Doesn’t look like they’re going to pick up the Senate, and lost their margin in the House, despite sinking tens of millions into individual races.

        If Biden does end up ultimately being inaugurated, his party is going to be in a position to get cornholed in the mid-terms.

        1. Right now projections of house is 216 to 217 D

          1. Yeah, I should have clarified that they’ll hold the House, it will just be a lot smaller than it was.

            1. Census 2020 should remedy that Democrat majority. Blue states giving up House seats to Red states.

      3. By the way, Arizona seems highly suspect. The exit polls and ballots by party are actually +R4, yet the actual show -3. Biden isn’t shifting R votes with a 5% crossover.

        1. POTUS Trump lost AZ, Jesse. He is down by ~80K votes and there just isn’t enough to close that gap that I can see.

          1. I’m talking about the oddity of exit polls vs actual in Arizona. It doesn’t add up.

            1. Likely more vote fraud.

    2. there is an important factor to remember in PA…… they did not even begin to count mail in ballots until today in most places. and this year those have been primarily people who are not going to vote for trump.

  18. Per the Washington Post’s charting, if Trump wins the states he leads in now, he’ll win.

    1. He isn’t going to. One or two of those states are going to count mail-in ballots, and those are going to go overwhelmingly for Biden. The extent to which fraud plays a role in that is anybody’s guess.

  19. Trump is down in MI with most remaining votes coming from Wayne County. Not seeing how he is going to pull this one out.

    1. Yeah, MI doesn’t look too good. I would call it grim.

      There is a very slim chance POTUS Trump could pull NV. He has a ~9K gap to make up, and there are 120K+ votes to count.

      PA still looks pretty good. Quid Pro Joe would need to win 1MM+ of the remaining 1.5MM votes to count to win PA. Pretty big hurdle.

      1. Nope, the Democrat state officials announced they have 1.4 million uncounted mail-in ballots on-hand, which will overwhelmingly go to Biden.

        At this point, whatever Trump does to these people is justified. If this election goes to Biden, we will never have another honest election again in America.

        1. “At this point, whatever Trump does to these people is justified. If this election goes to Biden, we will never have another honest election again in America.”

          Preach. We are watching this election be stolen before our eyes. I don’t have the confidence you guys do that the Senate is staying R either. I don’t expect the Courts to save us. At most, claim there were mistakes made, but not ‘Constitutional Errors.’

          So then, we will be faced with an Election that was baldly stolen from the Right. Is the Right expected to roll over and just take it? I really don’t think I engage in much glowposting here, but really, if all of that should happen, what else should be done?

          1. As ugly as it may be, the thought of legal challenges to the result keeps us one step beyond becoming the Banana Republic that this election otherwise suggests.

            1. There are going to be some legal challenges, they are going to determine that procedures were generally followed, and that’s the end of it. There is neither time nor the stomach for a lengthy forensic analysis of voter fraud before the election is called, and no such analysis is going to happen afterwards either.

              1. We’ll see. Apparently there’s a story floating around about 100,000 ballots showing up in Michigan, all of them for Biden.

        2. Given all the democrat fraud, Trump should do whatever he has to do. I would rather descend into a full on civil war than see those Marxist traitors take over.

          Get ready to rumble.

  20. That means neither President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden has clinched the election.

    I think it’s pretty likely at this point that Biden is going to eek out a win; last minute ballots will push Biden over the line in a few states and result in questions about the legitimacy of his presidency, but Republicans won’t go too far with fighting this in court. At least it looks like Republicans retain a razor-thin margin in the Senate, curbing some of the worst excesses of a Biden/Harris administration.

    What’s clear is that Jo Jorgensen has more votes than the margin of Biden’s victory in WI and MI. Congratulations, big-L Libertarians: you made a choice not to support someone whose politics aligns closely with Jo Jorgensen’s, effectively pushing Biden/Harris over the finish line.

    In European terms, Libertarians formed a coalition with Democratic Socialists; let’s keep that in mind next time the Libertarian party asks for money or support.

  21. Trump won once it was clear he would take Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. North Carolina was close for a bit, Texas was surprisingly close, and Georgia still has a slim chance to flip Blue, but even that wouldn’t matter with Trump taking Michigan and Pennsylvania.

    Democrats want to be known as the party of science. Apparently they’re not the party of math.

    1. Trump is losing MI, and he is likely going to lose PA as well. Whether those losses are legitimate or fraudulent is another question, but that’s the likely official outcome.

      1. Wisconsin is going Biden, as are Arizona and Nevada.
        Pennsylvania is solidly Trump, as are NC, GA and AK.

        Michigan is the key now, Biden up 30K votes with 8% left to count.

        1. Nevada getting close again:
          Biden up less than 8,000 votes with 86% in.

    2. The dems are really good at addition, you have to admit.

  22. We need national voting standards, and the federal government is authorized by the US Constitution to impose those.

    That means: setting deadlines for receipt of ballots by mail, deadlines for vote counting, permissible/impermissible voting procedures, counting standards, limits on vote harvesting, etc.

  23. Biden is receiving mathematically improbable, if not impossible, VBM return splits.

    I don’t care what your personal view of Trump is. We’re watching real time mass voter fraud, and none of our ruling class outside of the Trump campaign or the media class is too terribly interested in it.

  24. So many so-called “libertarians” advocating political violence.

  25. Think I’m the only person in my deep blue neighborhood who wasn’t expecting a dem tsunami as everyone seemed to anticipate. Went out for a jog and noticed a guy scowling at me, then I realized I had coincidentally put on a red t shirt. Yep, it’s that bad around here. Also, the Virginia dems are PO’d because they won’t have the same opportunity to gerrymander that the GOP did because now redistricting has to go to a bipartisan commission instead of the assembly which they now control.

  26. The current results don’t pass the smell test. FL and OH have the same diverse populations, same ability to mail and/or absentee, fully counted, no reported issues or shenanigans and Trump wins by almost half a million in each state…and we’re supposed to believe mail alone has flipped WI, MI, AZ and PA? I don’t buy it.

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