Senate Votes To Acquit Trump on All Charges

While some Republicans conceded that the president acted inappropriately, they concluded that his conduct was not impeachable.


The Senate on Wednesday acquitted President Donald Trump of both impeachment charges, ending a monthslong battle that did little more than clarify the intense polarization between Democrats and Republicans in Congress and around the country.   

Trump was impeached by the House in December for abuse of power over his role in attempting to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy into announcing investigations that zeroed in on Trump's domestic political foes. The House also charged Trump with obstruction of Congress after he refused to turn over various documents and used executive privilege to prohibit certain witnesses from testifying in the inquiry. 

In a near party-line vote, senators rejected the abuse of power article 52-48 and the obstruction of Congress article 53-47. The only defection was Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah), who broke with the GOP and voted to convict Trump on the former charge, making him the first senator to ever support removing a president from his or her own party. The move undercut Trump's argument that his impeachment was completely partisan and not supported by any Republicans.

The saga began with an August whistleblower complaint detailing a July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelenskiy. During that conversation, Trump asked Zelenskiy to "do us a favor" and probe former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter—a request that was widely seen as an attempt to bolster his own 2020 re-election chances. In addition, Trump pushed to have Zelenskiy announce an investigation into a highly criticized theory that Ukraine, rather than Russia, executed widespread election interference in the 2016 presidential race. Also in July, the White House withheld millions of dollars of congressionally authorized security assistance to Ukraine without explanation; it was disbursed on September 11, following the release of the whistleblower complaint.

In September, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) announced the start of an impeachment inquiry. In October, the House passed formal rules for the proceedings. A series of witnesses testified in closed-door depositions and again in public throughout November and December, culminating in the House's December 18 vote to advance impeachment against Trump.

During the House hearings, members of the GOP accused Democrats of trampling on Trump's right to due process by collecting the initial testimonies outside of the public eye; Democrats countered that the private setting allowed them to hear from witnesses without allowing them to coordinate their stories. These rules for impeachment inquiry hearings were set by House Speaker John Boehner (R–Ohio) and other Republicans in 2015. 

GOP lawmakers continuously challenged the reliability of witnesses, most of whom painted a consistent story of Trump behaving inappropriately. Bill Taylor, the chargé d'affaires in Ukraine, said that it was "crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign." Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, claimed that there was a well-understood quid pro quo between the two leaders in exchange for a White House meeting. 

As the impeachment moved toward a Senate trial, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) referred to the proceedings as "the most rushed, least thorough, and most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history." The Kentucky Republican lambasted Democrats for not even attempting to subpoena witnesses and documents by using the courts. It's a legitimate objection to the second article of impeachment. As Reason's Jacob Sullum notes, the House's case "suffered from an arbitrary, self-imposed deadline," driven largely by political motivations as opposed to practical ones.

While Trump's lawyers initially focused on proving his innocence, they pivoted to downplay the impeachable nature of the offenses after national security adviser John Bolton claimed that Trump directly tied the security aid to the investigations.

"Nothing in the Bolton revelations, even if true, would rise to the level of an abuse of power or an impeachable offense," said Alan Dershowitz, the retired Harvard professor turned lawyer for Trump. "Even if everything in there was true, it constitutionally doesn't rise to that level," echoed outside lead counsel Jay Sekulow. Dershowitz would go on to argue that a quid pro quo put forward by Trump in attempts to secure his re-election could not be impeachable because politicians believe their electoral success to be in "the national interest."

Also under scrutiny throughout the trial was whether impeachment requires the violation of a criminal statute. "It certainly doesn't have to be a crime," said Dershowitz in 1998—a position he would go on to retract in his 2018 book The Case Against Impeaching Trump. During Trump's trial, he refined his position further, asserting that the offense must be "crime-like." Legal consensus heavily favors Dershowitz's original position, with even McConnell acknowledging that impeachment does not demand the commission of a crime.

Ken Starr, the ex-independent counsel whose report led to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, argued that impeachment proceedings are not valid unless they achieve broad bipartisan support. That claim fails to withstand historical evidence: impeachments have always been partisan affairs, including the one Starr helped facilitate.

Democrats throughout the proceedings stuck to a rehearsed script, continuously citing evidence that they say shows Trump leveraged his office for personal benefit. Although the minority party clearly knew that an acquittal was almost certain, impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D–Calif.) made an appeal to the center during his closing arguments as he tried to rebut claims that the impeachment was wholly partisan. 

"History will not be kind to Donald Trump. If you find that the House has proved its case and still vote to acquit, your name will be tied to his with a cord of steel and for all of history," he said. "But if you find the courage to stand up to him…your place will be among the Davids who took on Goliath."

Some Senate Republicans have conceded that the House proved Trump acted improperly. In a statement, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R–Tenn.) provided the argument that is perhaps most emblematic of where many of his colleagues stand.

"There is no need for more evidence to conclude that the president withheld United States aid, at least in part, to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens; the House managers have proved this with what they call a 'mountain of overwhelming evidence,'" he wrote. "There is no need to consider further the frivolous second article of impeachment that would remove the president for asserting his constitutional prerogative to protect confidential conversations with his close advisers."

In the end, Trump didn't have to convince Senate Republicans that he was innocent. He just needed them to say out loud that it doesn't matter.

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  1. The move undercut Trump's argument that his impeachment was completely partisan and not supported by anyone in the Republican party.


    1. Mitt Romney distinguished himself for all time by being the one and only member of the President's party to ever vote for the President's impeachment. What a way to go down in history, the first Party traitor in history, Democrat or Republican.

      1. The idiocy to believe what the media is saying is hilarious. It is completely predicated solely on the belief that the democratic view is the moralistic one. No where in his comments did Romney list out the evidence that caused his decision, because there is no evidence, only hearsay and supposition.

        They are now comparing him to mccain for his aca vote. Again, the prediction that only a vote with Democrats is the correct vote.

        This isnt even an appeal to morals at this point because that at least assumes a moralistic discussion.

      2. Choosing principles over party loyalty is considered the biggest sin of all by the peanut gallery in this comment section. It is a profoundly anti-libertarian ideal.

        1. But Mitt said he wanted to hear more evidence, he didn't get to hear more evidence because his own collegues voted not to hear witnesses. So after saying that: "It's important to be able to hear from John Bolton for us to make an impartial judgement" Romney is making a partial judgement after he has already acknowledged there are not enough facts to convict.

          I never thought Romney would break his oath after swearing to do impartial justice.

          1. Unfortunately, I ended up hearing Romney's (long winded) excuse for what he did.
            God told him to do it.

            1. Yeah whatever, you loon. Your self-worth is completely tied in with how well the Republican Party is holding onto their power over the lives of people. My question is how did Romney end up being the only one with any principles? I know Rand suffered trauma that knocked the last shreds of libertarian thought out of his brain, but what about the other supposed principled characters in the GOP,, wait, I got nothing.

              1. "My question is how did Romney end up being the only one with any principles?"

                That's called "begging the question".

            2. "God told him to do it"

              It's a Mormon thing.

        2. The principle eunuch refers to is carrying water for progressives.
          You'll never have any friends, eunuch

    2. Dude, you’ve been told before - you’ve missed the button in a bookmark section of your browser. It’s, not Take care!

      1. Does it hurt, 'dude'? 'LOL'.

  2. Nancy was ripping the speech to fashion into a white flag.

  3. >>The saga began with ... an August whistleblower complaint

    you forgot the "when Adam Schiff wrote" middle part there

    1. The saga really began election night 2016. It hasn't finished yet.

      1. Completely agree = It hasn’t finished yet.

      2. the Elite Class freaking out about everything every second of the day has been the most entertaining part.

      3. OK SQRLSY.

  4. WHAAAAAAA?????

  5. Remember back in 2012 when Romney was a Pure Evil magic underwear wearing religious fanatic who stuffed women in binders?

    1. Dogs, dogs...
      there's dogs on the roof!

      1. ...and chickens in the basement!

        1. Nobody likes you

    2. All other sins pale in comparison to just how Bad the Orange Man has been. Repent, cast stones at the Orange Man and all will be forgiven.

    3. And a hedge fund capitalist predator.

    4. Romney should be disavowed by all mormons

    5. Yep.

      And now he’s a beacon of moral virtue.

      Politics is such a fucking scam. I can only lament that we are forced to, at the very least, pay for this charade.

  6. """History will not be kind to Donald Trump. If you find that the House has proved its case and still vote to acquit, your name will be tied to his with a cord of steel and for all of history,"""

    History has not been unkind to Bill Clinton. Most people can't name one democrat senator that voted to let Bill off the hook.

    1. Half of history has forgotten that Clinton actually committed a crime. See every fucktard leftist or Jeff (hes not a leftist remember).

    2. Fucking Goliath? Trump is now Goliath?? Schiff is a whore.

  7. So this fabricated impeachment farce brought to us by the dishonest Democrats is over. Good.
    And it's still precious that Binion thinks the Democrats brought these charges in good faith.

    1. Binion also writes for the Huff. Post. He thinks whatever the DNC, ThinkProgress et al. tells him to think.

      Great bunch of "libertarians" here.

      1. Ya and Dalmia is a "progressive libertarian" but it's the best we got?

      2. Does he write for huffpo? If so, what is he doing being featured so prominently at an ostensibly libertarian website?


          I'm not going to try to add a second URL, but his LinkedIn page lists both unreason and huffpo, so yeah, same guy.

  8. Don't worry. Romney won't be a republican long. At 95% against, his voters are going to rip him to shreds, and no way in hell the democrats are going to take him in. Shame he let his thin skinnedness get in the way of doing what he and everyone else knows was the right thing to do.

    1. Sadly, senators serve 6 year terms.
      (unless recalled?)

      1. Maybe Romney will have a stroke ... of fortune, and find something more lucrative than politics.

        I'm sure CNN would love to have him, vegetable or not.

        1. He is super rich already. $250 mil from what I saw. Don’t think he is too worried about that.

          1. You can never have enough money.

      2. Can't recall senators or representatives, after they are elected they can only be removed by a vote of their own house.

        1. Wait, what?
          Vote of their own house?
          So 52 - 48?
          Hasta la vista?

    2. I doubt the Democrats will embrace Romney either, this is the end of his political career.

      1. He probably figures so what. He is 72 and more money than he can spend. Maybe time to go out and he just wants to go out with some fireworks.

        1. Like a suicide bomber

    3. The worst part is Amash will now never be the next Flake. Romney jumped him.

      1. I don’t understand how people leaving government on principle or for any reason is seen as some kind of failure by some people. It was not supposed to be a lifetime appointment. Citizens were expected to serve for a period of time then go back to civilian life.

        Flake is apparently teaching at Harvard now as a resident fellow. He probably gets paid more there than congress.

        1. So he's still on the dole

  9. Somebody head over to quora to discuss this ahahahahahahaahahahaha

    1. Say Hi to Neutral, Non-Partisan Mike while you are there. 🙂

      1. LMFAO

      2. Fuck mike jones - he’s all that is wrong with humanity. I wonder if he is OBL...

      3. Actually it was a kinda cool website when it started. The idea was you could ask any question like “how do you calculate the distance to the moon ?” and then people from the community could give you answers.

        It didn’t turn out that way. I am not going there.

        1. The Well was also worthwhile. For a while.

    2. Already did. I’m the one asking what Romney was thinking.

  10. It PROVES that The Donald can NOT sin!!!

    We all now DOUBLE-PLUS-***MUST*** KNOW that the REAL Truth and The Way, is to OBEY Trump the Father, JesseAZ the Son, and the Holy Republican Church!!! Mitt Romney has SINNED!!! All (except sinful RINOs) must now BAN and SHUN Mitt Romney!

    Repent NOW, all ye sinners!!!!

    1. You misery is lovely Hihn. Thanks for not depriving us of the pleasure of your tears.

      1. ^what he said

        1. TOTAL SURPRISE!!!

          Tulpa lines up to suck Trump-dick!!!

          More news at 11:00!!!

          1. Ahahahahahaha even more of your butthurt I love it ahahahahahahhaJ

            Cry more old Mex!

          2. Total surprise, squirrel says dumb shit!

          3. Total surprise, R Mac has NOTHING even vaguely funny, insightful, or informative in ANY way, to add to the conversation!!! But, still, feels COMPELLED to thread-shit! R Mac, runner-up to Tulpa, for worthlessness!!!

            More news at 11:00!!!

            1. Sqrlsy - your website is shit. Stfu

            2. SQRLSY One
              February.5.2020 at 7:33 pm
              [...]"More news at 11:00!!!"

              At one time you were somewhat annoying but occasionally made a valid point.
              And then you and that hag lost, Trump won and you turned into a fucking maniac victim of TDS.
              Your head's up your ass already; stuff this up there so your head has some company. And quit bothering the adults with your blathering.

              1. "And then you and that hag lost..."

                I voted libertarian, asshole! Who'd you vote for, Hitler or Stalin?

          4. Squirrelly, you’re the one fantasizing about that.

            Now you CAN suck it.

  11. Oh how proud Team Democrat must be today. A complete farce.

    The challenge now is to minimize the fall-out to the Republic.

    1. No challenge at all; re-elect Trump, take back the House, and increase the Senate majority.
      Republic saved.

      1. The bureaucracy will still need a thorough culling

  12. ""The saga began with an August whistleblower complaint detailing a July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelenskiy""

    How could it be true when Pelosi said they have been working on it for 2 1/2 years?

    The saga began on Nov 8 2016.

    1. Technically, it began with a complaint detailing incorrect second and third hand rumors about the call that were completely discredited by release of the transcript.
      Read what you will into the administrative change to allow wild conjecture to replace "first hand knowledge" in a complaint.

  13. Any guesses on how long it is until Team D starts murmuring they want a second bite at the Impeachment Apple? I have the over/under by July 4th.

    1. That's the best way to lose in November.

      Perhaps they should consult with about what to do next.

    2. This is clearly coming back in Donald's second term. I suspect we'll have more impeachment talk, but it won't be until July 2020.

      Though I'll concede there's a chance of a massive November upset. It would be a huge upset to unseat Trump but elections can get wacky.

      1. I think they are going to lose control of the House. That will end all the impeachment nonsense for at least two years. If they manage to get it back in the midterms, they will no doubt go full retard and we will go through this nonsense again.

        1. Maybe. But holding the Senate is an absolute must. I'll ditch winning the House to retain the Senate. Then the Article III Project can begin in earnest.

  14. Perhaps one could say Romney was brave for being the lone guilty vote from the party of the president. However, that also says he's braver than all the dems in the senate in 1998.

    1. No Romney was not brave, he voted for one article of impeachment, and not the other. Trying to keep one foot in each camp is hardly brave.

      1. Nah, I disagree with you there, even though I think Mitts guilty vote was wrong. His not-guilty on obstruction was because he thinks the Democrats should have waited for the courts. He's not stupid enough to think that's going to take any any of the sting out of his guilty vote.

        His guilty vote was because he hates Trump's guts.

        1. No - his guilty vote was because, in his own words:

          The President asked a foreign government to investigate his political rival

          The President withheld vital military funds from that government to press it do so

          The President delayed funds for an American ally at war with a Russian invader

          The President's purpose was personal and political

          Accordingly, the President is guilty of an appalling abuse of the public trust

          What he did was not 'perfect'. No - what he did was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights, our national security interests, and our fundamental values. Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of one's oath of office that I can imagine

          1. And god told him to do so.
            Thanks, JFree, for supporting someone you'd never support if he wasn't also, shall we say, lacking in logical thought.

  15. So they took a swing and missed. Great, four more years of this impeachment bullshit.

  16. Reason Writers Hit Hardest

  17. This will be out of the newscycle and forgotten by Friday. In a year journalists will be the only people who remember it happened.

      1. Yes. They will think he was convicted. That will be what comes out of the memory hole.

      2. They are remembering it wrong already. I had ABC on and ABC's George Stephanopoulos was already trying to spin it as a Democratic win because Romney voted to impeach on one article. Chris Christy pointed out it was a personal animosity, and nothing else.

        1. They are remembering it wrong already.

          I was going to say they won't remember it wrong. Their recall will be accurate, they will just have encoded it wrong.

          1. encoded it wrong.

            Like an Iowa caucus app written by journalists who thought they could learn to code?

        2. Binion did it right here in this very article:

          “ The move undercut Trump's argument that his impeachment was completely partisan and not supported by any Republicans.”

  18. I totes didn't see this coming.

    Damn. What a shocker. I thought they would get the votes. Romney was on board. Romney! Democracy is dead. The Republic. Dead. Niedermayer. DEAD!

    I'm gonna have to rethink how I process politics from now on.

    Oooo nelly.

    I really thought the walls were closing. That the Democrats really had him cornered. All that fire and brain power! I mean did you see how much Pelosi meant business when she tore up the speech.


    /pulls pants down shits on San Francisco sidewalk.

    1. *Laughs hysterically*

    2. Nice rant! A+ if you didn't even think about wiping.

    3. Defecating on the sidewalk, in San Francisco? Look who thinks he's special!!!

  19. "the first senator to ever support removing a president from his or her own party"

    So... all impeachments follow party lines? Can we stop pretending otherwise?

    What happens when Trump actually does something nefarious? Boy cried wolf and all that.

    1. "What happens when Trump actually does something nefarious?"

      If he does so, he gets a pass. Thanks, Ds, for making Trump bullet-proof!
      You fucking idiots...

  20. In other words, Democrats fell only 20 votes short of conviction?

    Why are we parsing this?

  21. At what point did Pelosi know that she fucked up?

    1. The day after Trump's inauguration?

    2. When she gave in to her party. Pelosi tried to avoid this embarrassment but was forced by experienced young radicals in her party.
      Unfortunately for her, it will cost her the post of leader of the party, Speaker of the house if they can keep the House, which I doubt, or minority whip if not.

      1. IN-experienced

      2. "...When she gave in to her party. Pelosi tried to avoid this embarrassment but was forced by experienced young radicals in her party..."

        Pretty sure this is correct.
        Unless you are on the donor list, her staff is told to ignore you.
        Remember, she lives a couple of doors over from Steyer, but her husband has been 'instrumental' in getting approvals for AmerIndian casinos through no connection to her; no, not at all (kinda like DiFi's husband managed to get his developments approved). And then the Pelosis run a vineyard in Napa valley with non-union help.
        This is a woman riddled with bad plastic surgery, not to mention bad or totally absent ethics and honesty.

  22. To paraphrase Frank Zappa, "folks, brown lipstick doesn't look good on anyone".
    With only two exceptions (safe exceptions, hardly brave), both sides are just a bunch of sheep lining up to butt-snorkel their party leadership and financial backers rather than actually represent America.
    And Americans are not voting by the millions.
    I wonder why....

    1. Well, people, you ain't even got no
      Deal at all
      'Cause what they do
      In Washington
      They just takes care
      of NUMBER ONE
      An' NUMBER ONE ain't YOU
      You ain't even NUMBER TWO

      1. The Persuasions do a great cover of that song.

      2. The Thingfish....I have that album. 🙂

    2. Yes yes, the only possible reason anyone could vote not to convict Trump on ridiculous charges brought in a partisan kangaroo court is because they're bought off by the NRA or some shit.

      You should consider snorkeling without a snorkel. And a rock tied to your buttplug.

    3. Zappa was trash. Everything he ever did is garbage.

      1. Even his wife?

  23. The acquittal is a good thing. Get this out of the way, and we can get started on the next impeachment.

  24. So, the record on US Presidential impeachments now stands at 3 impeachments and ZERO convictions.

    Anyone with half a brain should have seen this outcome long before the house even voted out the bill of impeachment.

    1. So now you will hear the dems start complaining that impeachments are useless and we need another way to remove a president.

      1. Give it time. Democrats will be calling for Trump's ouster by military means shortly.

      2. If only we had some periodic job performance review conducted in a diplomatic fashion, where the people of the United States could provide their input. It would give them the option to elect alternatives if they think there's been malfeasance by the office-holding official.

        1. The problem with this proposal, of course, is that the people might not arrive at the right conclusion. Decisions of this gravity can only be handled by Top Men.

          1. Maybe just let minorities and trannys vote?

            1. Are all trannies tops?

            2. Does the tranny vote count for the opposite party of the one they mark...

          2. And said Top Men must pressure foreign governments - by any means available - to announce 'corruption investigations' into that alternative candidate. In order to distort and corrupt that election.

            Good thing we don't have any political inclination or will to hold said Top Men accountable.

      3. Already have another way, and been discussed... as far back as 2017 when they were still cooking up charges.

        But there is another provision in the Amendment that has received much less popular attention — one that could allow Congress to play a role in removing the President. And no, it isn’t impeachment. Instead, a little-known provision in Section 4 empowers Congress to form its own body to evaluate the President’s fitness for office, eliminating the need for the Cabinet’s involvement in the process (emphasis ours):

  25. Schumer is bitching that the worst thing about the State of the Union address was that it looked like a reality TV production and that Trump "sounded like a carnival barker." Is that what our senators have been reduced to—literal tone and concern trolling? ????

    1. Oops, I guess emojis get converted to question marks in the comments. Where's the damn edit button when we need one?

      1. Where’s the damn edit button when we need one?

        Being coded in Iowa?

  26. Stand by for the march of the sore losers.

    1. The birdbrains will be out in full force: Binion, Boehm, Brown.

      1. Oddly enough, Gillespie has been the most evenhanded of Reason's writers on impeachment. While he seems to be far too informed by the other idiots, he also sees how stupid the whole process was. It's remarkable that he hasn't written major articles on the subject

  27. I can hear Suderman crying from here

    1. No, that's you projecting your butthurt. Trump was busted, impeached and he will quite possibly face criminal prosecution for this once the DOJ is liberated.

      1. Are the walls closing in? Is it the tipping point? The beginning of the end, you pathetic piece of shit?
        How many times have you lost in the last 4 years, loser?

        1. EmoLuMEnTs!!!!!!!!

      2. We know. It hurts. Best to just take up scream therapy in your backyard tonite. Just keep screaming until the mental pain and anguish go away, or your neighbors shoot your lefty ass for noise pollution.

        1. Sarcasm alert.

      3. Lefty, suck it. Soon it’s going to get real bad for treasonous faggots like you.

      4. Please keep your trump porn to yourself

    2. Tears streaming down his face as he swipes right on Grindr, desperate for comfort.

  28. I don't trust Romney. He once said that Russia was our biggest geopolitical rival.

  29. Enjoy another 5 years of Trump Billy you effete limp wristed little poofter.

    1. Wtf is a poofter? Sounds gay.

      1. noun British Slang.
        Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a male homosexual. Offensive. an effeminate male.

  30. That was a long way to go simply to increase Trump's poll numbers and sink any hopes Biden had of winning the Dem nomination.

    1. Yeah, not a lot of people (aside from Ken Schultz who nailed this yesterday) have commented on that aspect. Joe Biden is done. You can stick a fork in him. Oh, he'll limp along and grab 10%-15% of the delegates, but he won't be the nominee. He'll want enough delegates to play Kingmaker.

      The people of Iowa listened to the sordid details of Biden's corruption, and rendered their verdict. Iowa Democrats do not want Biden as their POTUS.

      1. That's completely delusional.

        1. Uh huh. We'll see.

          Regardless.....see you in November at the ballot box. Can't wait to vote out that son of a bitch Andy Kim, who is one of those imperiled freshmen Team D assholes who won in 2018 in a Trump leaning district.

        2. According to the numbers from the caucus...its not.

          Let your own idea sink in... According to people like you and rev/hihn Iowa is a mostly white, backwards thinking, intolerant, bigoted, redneck bastion.

          Well, a bunch of intolerant, bigoted, rednecks just chose a gay guy over the man perceived to be the favored nominee just a month ago.

          1. Technically, they chose an antisemitic jew first, and a gay second

            1. Their 3rd choice was a pale old lady who identifies as faintly colored

      2. The whole origin of the Ukraine impeachment nonsense looked like it would tank Biden. The more they focused on Trump wanting an investigation, the more people are left scratching their heads and wondering if Biden is corrupt. I didn't see how it couldn't hurt Biden unless they actually dug in, investigated, and managed to clear him of wrongdoing

        1. And now we'll see where it goes.
          Senate is subpoenaing Biden's travel records

      3. If you think Biden is done, you didn't follow the dem nomination process last time.
        Just because they claim to have reduced the power of the super delegates, do you really believe they will leave selecting a nominee to the people?

        1. No, but I think they've flipped to Buttigieg

  31. That wascally wabbit.

  32. So when do we get Sullum crying about how this will lead to the downfall of the U.S.?

    1. Funny you should ask...

      1. Just saw it pop up. I was was busy working when it came out. And I mean work, not writing down gobblety gook.

    2. Awkward.... Trump's defense was that America was being torn apart by impeachment.

      1. English, do you read it motherfucker?

        1. He can read it. comprehend is another story.

        2. Does he look like a bitch?

          1. “Does Marcellus Wallace look like a bitch ?”

            There is no right answer to that question.

      2. Ow we can focus on America’s real enemies, the democrats.

        1. The Democrats are merely an inferior vassal-state ally of the administrative state.


  34. He just needed them to say out loud that it doesn't matter.

    I'm no Trump fan, but that's not fair. Saying "It doesn't rise to the level needed to remove an elected president from office" is not the same thing as saying "It doesn't matter."

  35. A vice president of the United States went to an ally nation and threatened to withhold aid if a prosecutor who was investigating a company that hired his son wasn't fired. It was a conflict of interest on SOME level, even if the prosecutor was indeed corrupt.

    The next president informally asked the PM of that nation to "look into that" without offering any conditions. And he was impeached over that, even though the PM was on record saying he felt no pressure. EVERY SINGLE human being involved in that call took his remark to be casual conversation, not official diplomacy or diplomacy.

    It was a farce, and on that libertarians on this site would not have supported if Trump was an illegal immigrant or downtrodden drug dealer. Consider how often the feds coerce and pressure innocent citizens to do their bidding, any shedding of tears over "abuse of power" by the dems was hilariously insincere. James Comey still working when the FBI tried to frame Omar Mateen's wife.

    1. Completely delusional.

      1. You should recognize delusional, but you've swung and missed a couple of times this afternoon.
        Probably about as good an effort as should be expected.

    2. Bonkers.

      1. You two looking in the mirror?

    3. Comey is a commie.

    4. Don’t forget: Ukraine did not know the aid was being delayed until the story broke in the media. That’s something people forget all the time.
      The whole thing is a farce.

      1. Well, IF they'd have known, they would have been pissed and that's enough for 'the whistle-blower'!

  36. "...The move undercut Trump's argument that his impeachment was completely partisan and not supported by any Republicans..."

    Man, that's some serious straw-grasping right there.

    1. Pays better than sobbing on your shower floor.

      1. Was that intended to mean anything?

        1. I think he was referring to what the Billy "Bitchboy" Binion is doing at the moment, along with all the reeing rejects who can't handle that they lost in 2016, without even the courtesy of a participation trophy and a reacharound.

          1. Yes, thank you.

            1. Should have said "the straw grasping here pays better than..."

  37. Which troll is "a leftist"? New or is this Mary, Shreek, Hihn.

    1. Any chance he's a cartoon?

        1. Whether he is or not I'm reading him like it's parody.

          Viewed with that lens it all makes perfect sense.

    2. I like it.
      More tears!

      1. I just miss ones that would actually put effort into it. The new ones are lazy.

    3. Its either Pod or Jeff (since jeff is so adamant he isnt a leftist)

    4. Probably OG/Pod. Same mewling, passive-aggressive posting style.

  38. Well, that's interesting: Seems one of McCainRomney's advisers, Joseph Cofer Black, is on the Burisma Board of Directors. He and Hunter's time there overlapped.

    Fancy that.

    1. that is interesting indeed...

    2. Romney's prostrations to get the Secretary of State job sure seem more understandable now.

      If you can't get your cronies their payout then what good are you?

  39. Oh, shit. Billy, quick, check on Alaska!
    Did he give it to Vladimir yet? He could totally have already done it! Would we even know if he did? There could be Russian nukes pointed at the Puget Sound right fucking now! Billy! What are we gonna do? Billllllllyyyyy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. If I was Trump I would serve my second term as President and then run for the Senate just to keep fucking with the Dems.

    1. Better, appoint himself to the SCOTUS.

      1. He certainly has enough experience with lawsuits to qualify.

        Would be good. Every case would end with a settlement and non disclosure agreement.

        I like that.

    2. There is actually precedent for something like that. I think John Quincy Adams won a seat to Congress after his term in office.

  41. Do we have any timeframe of how long the tears will keep up?

    Is this going to go on through his fourth term?

    1. What tears? Dear Leader keeps giving rich liberals like me a tax cut. Ka-Ching!

      1. "What tears?"
        Yours, shitstain.

  42. Mitt Romney is such an idiot! All he had to do is vote to acquit and he could have kept his cushy job in the Senate. Now he’s going to get primaried by someone in the TeaDear Leader Party. What a doofus!

    1. You lose cunt.

  43. You go Team Red!

    1. You lost again, loser. Grow up and pay what you owe.
      Oh, and fuck off.

  44. Really dumbfuck #1000 move by the Ds is done.

    What’s #1001? You know it’s coming. They are the epitome of if you thought that was dumb “hold my beer”

    1. How long until the house votes to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate how the Senate didn't vote guilty?

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  46. And Binion just blatantly lied. trump did not ask “do us a favor” and investigate Biden, he specifically asked to look into Ukrainian involvement in 2016 and Crowdstrike.

    This is the level of dishonesty seen thruout the whole affair

    1. He mentions that occasionally, but only to completely disregard Crowdstrike as "debunked." It's either that or lying in claiming that anyone has said Ukraine attempted more to mess with our election process than Russia.

  47. Looks like the Trump sucking commentators are working up a to an insane Romney derangement syndrome.

    Romney doesn't have to stand for re-election until 2024. He will be in the Senate long after Trump is booted out of the White House and jailed for his crimes.

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  51. This sloppy attempted hatchet job is thankfully over. Elections this year, do the whiny Libertarians here have a candidate with any appeal to even 1% of the population? I voted for Gary Johnson in spite of his horrendous VP choice. No one they have will get 1/2 the vote Johnson received.
    This year it will be Trump as much as Libertarians want to criticize you've got headway on lower taxes and regulations. More important is judicial nominees that are more in line with Libertarian interpretation of the Constitution than at any time since prior to FDR.
    Democrats have gone full on socialist, the so called moderates are not moderate and real moderates are gone. It used to be the party of civil liberties but now they are the party that divvies up people based on any characteristic they can find and wants a special program for them.

  52. What's going to happen to Trump after he leaves the White House in 2024? Cause you know the Dems aren't gonna be satisfied until they've gotten him somehow.

    1. The Great Orange Whale.

    2. Ask Pinochet. You'll need a Ouija board, but that's the general idea.

  53. Trump will probably be impeached a few more times. Democrats got nothing better to do with their time.

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