Iran Saber-Rattling; Fed "Transparency"; Fiddle Sticks, and More: P.M. Links


Mister we could use a man like Antonio Stradivari again.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States will begin publishing projections for the overnight federal funds rate as part of its regular quarterly economic forecasts, beginning after its next meeting on Jan. 24-25.

People still buy albums? Kelly Clarkson sees iTunes sales increase after Ron Paul endorsement. But where is Grammy winner Michelle Branch's sales boost

Arson roundup coast to coast. NYPD arrests suspect in string of arsons, claiming he was too cheap even to pay for his own Molotov-cocktail bottles. Previous post on Los Angeles arson suspect updated with a correction. 

"High-speed rail must wait for a better day," says Los Angeles Daily News editorial board, noting that the project's skyrocketing budget and plummeting job-creation figures "pushed us over the edge to oppose a transportation plan we originally supported." Perspective: I have not seen a print copy of the Daily News for several years. The L.A. Times editorial board continues to support the project, though the newsroom appears to have turned against it. 

U.S. ignores Iran warning, vows to continue patrolling Persian Gulf. U.S.S. John C. Stennis recently passed through the Strait of Hormuz, as Fox says, "en route to help with the war effort in Afghanistan" – an odd phrasing given that the Strait is the only entrance to and only exit from the [Arabian?] Gulf. Obama spokesman notes that U.S. warships have been projecting power in the Gulf for decades. 

Stradivariuses (Stradivarii?) unbowed: Multi-million-dollar violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù "do not in fact sound better than high-quality modern instruments, according to a blindfolded play-off."

Four hours left to make your Iowa Caucus bets. 

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    1. No, wait, that’s not right.


      1. I see that you’re trying to conceal your earlier disbelief in the persistence of the evening links. But I won’t forget. I won’t let anyone forget!

        1. The year is still young. And the effort Cavanaugh puts into his fancy links will eventually wear him down while Riggs keeps plugging along with his lightweight, bare bones approach.

          Slow and steady wins the race.

          1. “Slow” also means retarded.

          2. Slow and steady wins the race.

            Which is why the Samoans always beat out those Africans for gold in the track and field portion of the summer games.

            1. That gold medal in track and field wont mean Jacqueline Bisset in a boxing ring with a Somoan.

              1. Yes, because I rarely see people of African descent have successful boxing careers. Certainly none as successful as Samoans….

                1. You’re use to seeing successful careers from individuals of west African decent. Genetics vary greatly from Kenyans.

    2. Meh, I’m on vacation. But next week? It is on. It. Is. On.

  1. Stradivariuses (Stradivarii?) unbowed: Multi-million-dollar violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri del Ges? “do not in fact sound better than high-quality modern instruments, according to a blindfolded play-off.”

    First thought was, “Wow, really?” Then it occurred to me to wonder who or what was doing the judging. Professional musicians, half deafened by years of performing?

    1. The Devil bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat…

    2. No. This has been coming for some time.

      The instruments of Stradivarius and Guaneri have been studied so extensively that it was inevitable that modern makers would learn to equal them.

      1. You have brought us down to the level of the machine! Indeed, you have elevated that machine above us!

        1. And The Singularity passed without detection.

      2. The instruments of Stradivarius and Guaneri have been studied so extensively that it was inevitable that modern makers would learn to equal them.

        Indeed…the sound of these instruments is the standard that they are trying to match. The instrument is defined as “good” based on how much it sounds like that standard. But once you get in the ballpark, the human ear just ain’t processing the subtleties that might make a difference.

        The expensive antiques are played by successful, talented, rich musicians. That makes them sound better than the one your nephew plays…most of the time.

      3. See also: Henderson and McDougall bagpipes c. late 1800’s/early 1900’s vs. current Gibson, MacCallum and others.

    3. Stradivarius was a good instrument maker; good musicians played them.

      There are good instrument makers today; good musicians play them.

      Every half-assed guitar player has had a proper musician turn their $150 Yamaha into a Lute from God at least once, so they’re familiar with this seemingly astonishing fact.

      1. She turned me into a Lute.

        1. I got better.

          1. Exchanges like this one are what make hit and run the magical place that it is.

    4. I think that the test was performed by professional violinists all of whom had played Stradivarii before. I would think that they would be able to judge pretty well if anyone can. Someone has also done tests with non-players as the judges with similar results so I didn’t find this terribly surprising. I think that one of the Strads was actually the least favorite among the judges.

      1. Sort of like the blind taste tests that ended the myth that California wines could never beat French wines.

        Or the current notion that a Hyundai Genesis sedan can’t compete with Mercedes or Lexuses that cost twice as much. Or the notion a few years ago that Japanese automakers couldn’t match German luxury brands.

      2. I think that one of the Strads was actually the least favorite among the judges.

        There are certainly better and lesser Strads and other old italians, so this doesn’t surprise me. Certainly modern instruments have come a long way, but in the end instruments are highly individual.

        1. Sophia Loren is the best old Italian I know of…….

  2. Todays’ politics of division article:

    “The gap between Canada’s CEO elite 100 and the rest of us is growing at a fast and steady pace, with no signs of letting up,” says economist Hugh Mackenzie, who authored the report.
    “The extraordinarily high pay of chief executive officers is more than a curiosity. It actually is a reflection of a troubling redistribution of society’s resources in Canada and the United States, and in most of Western Europe,” he said in an interview.

    1. But there is a troubling redistribution of wealth going on here.

      1. From the link:

        putting governments in a position to claw back excesses and redistribute them as they see fit

        Makes perfect sense if you start from the premise that they’ve already been redistributed in the first place. What’s that you say? The first distribution was voluntary? A totally insignificant detail, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives can assure you, good sir.

        1. If they were serious about the moral aspect of this, they’d give the money they stole from the executive to the shareholders and employees. Strange how they don’t propose doing that.

          The difference between a government and organized crime is often hard to see.

          1. The difference between a government and organized crime is often hard to see.

            Because…there is no difference?

            1. If you squint a little and poke yourself in the brain a few times, I think you can see it.

              1. With all the money laundering, check kiting, bribery, arms trafficking, murder-for-hire, racketeering, fraud and robbery, it’s really hard to tell.

          2. Just noticed another stupid:

            ties compensation to share price rather than company performance

            Um. Isn’t that kinda the best way we have to determine company performance at the moment?

            1. No, no, no, not that kind of performance. They want it tied to two things: (1) ass-kissing the government and (2) doing stuff in the public interest, like ass-kissing the government.

          3. That’s a nice little corporation you have there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it.

        2. The first distribution was voluntary?

          Another thing none of the “redistributors” get is that wealth is first created. Instead, they talk about nebulous bullshit like “resources”. A million barrels of oil stuck in the ground isn’t wealth until someone brings it to the surface.

          1. Another problem they have, and it’s a big one, is thinking the pie doesn’t grow.

          2. No, no, no Baked, you don’t understand. The Corporashuns do nothing of value, and greedily hoard all the money, which they then dole out capriciously and in “complex” and “incestuous” ways.

            1. It all came from the serfs. We need more of them to create more wealth.

              1. You have your serfs. I’m sticking with the Oompla-Loompas. Industrious little bastards and I don’t have to pay them one thin dime.

                If they ever start slacking off, all I have to do is say “whangdoodles” and the runts get back to work toot-sweet.

            2. No, no, no…first they steal your part of the pie from you, THEN the hoard it.

              1. they

                1. Bastards are hoarding the “y”s now, too.

      2. Must act now, or the super rich will enslave us all! Especially those of us who have talked shit about them in the comfort of our faculty chairs.

    2. Was that the guy from Strange Brew?

    3. But does Hugh Mackenzie have a brother named Doug? Eh?

  3. michellebranch
    @kelly_clarkson I wholeheartedly agree. #RonPaul

    If you’re not first you’re last.

  4. I hadn’t thought of her in years, but I considered Michelle Branch a goddess when I was in college, and she did a Maxim spread. In fact, I’ll be in my bunk.

    And then go back to my bunk later this evening, and again tomorrow morning. Chew on that thought for awhile. PATRIARCHY FTW!!!

  5. Stradivariuses (Stradivarii?) unbowed: Multi-million-dollar violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri del Ges? “do not in fact sound better than high-quality modern instruments, according to a blindfolded play-off.

    Yes, but what about one made by Erich Zann?

    1. my wife used to play violin – the sonic differences between the cheap and more expensive ones were easily apparent.

      but I imagine it gets to be a limited return as the prices start to skyrocket.

      1. I had the pleasure recently of attending a student recital where violins were played. *shudder* I honestly wonder how some kids keep the strength to go on; student violins are horrific and, to me, soul deadening. If my kid wants to to seriously study the violin we’ve already decided to get her a real instrument for that reason (which is a strong possibility). Also, I honestly don’t think I could keep from going medieval on someone after listening to practice on a student violin. It’s just safer for everyone.

    2. Compared to Stradegata those ones sound like a cat being picked up with pliers.

    3. That was a viol, you moram!

      1. Like you even know the difference. You’re the guy who thinks Aristotle was Belgian, the central message of Buddhism is “every man for himself”, and that the London Underground is a political movement.

        1. Still my favorite movie insult barrage of all time.

          1. What are you talking about? You think all those things. You told me so when you were hammered.

            1. You’re doing violins to this thread.

              1. Too much sax and violins in movies these days.

                Civilizations may rise and fall but that will never be fresh.

                1. There’s always Saxon violins.

              2. “You’re doing violins to this *string*.”

          2. Still my favorite movie insult barrage of all time.

            Peter Capaldi’s entire performance in “In the Loop” gives it a serious run for its money. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

            “Within your purview?!”

        2. And the viol is sexier than a violin, with bigger strings, deeper ribs, and sloping shoulders.

          1. Chubby chaser.

        3. Anyone who would mistake a Greek tycoon for a Belgian needs his ass examined.

    4. Yes, but what about one made by Erich Zann?

      Does it have Hilbert-space pickups? Hard to get a audience that can listen to that instrument more than once…

      1. + Laundry

    5. There’s a Steve Zahn joke in there somewhere.

  6. as requested by Brett L in the morning links:

    I’m offering my sci-fi novella for free…..e-via.html

    and this is the last time I’ll spam H&R.

    1. Do it anytime you feel like putting free content. Some of us are at least curious enough to check stuff out.

    2. I dl it; looking forward to checking it out!

    3. Thanks for the reminder. It helps to have my computer in front of me.

    4. Thanks. How did you decide on this publishing platform/host? I’m searching myself for one.

      1. Smashwords distributes to Sony, Kobo, Apple, and Diesel. (No Amazon). It just saves some hassle to have it do the work.

        The Smashwords site itself is pretty lame, but they do offer coupon creation which can be useful for stuff like this.

        I do publish to Amazon separately.

        1. Thanks.

    5. Sweet. Gotten. Thanks.

  7. Your border is leaking: Canadian crosses into US using scan of passport on his iPad…..le2290029/

  8. From the Insanity in Iowa newswire:

    Chris Matthews compares anti-Gingrich ads to the firebombing of Dresden.

    And yet I still can’t figure out who MSNBC is in the bag for: Gingrich, Romney, or Santorum. Whoever presents the lowest hurdle for Barack in November.

    1. Anyone but Paul.

      1. Seems to be a recurring theme in election coverage. Latest tidbit:

        Republicans running for commander in grief

        Of course, Ron Paul is as cataclysmic as ever ? promising prunes for everybody if he’s elected: When he puts the federal budget on a trillion-dollar diet, “people say everybody will suffer,” he tells supporters. But “they should have to suffer.” Perhaps it’s understandable, as The Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson wrote this week, that Paul’s apocalyptic message is newly popular in a country exhausted by years of war and financial struggle. On Tuesday, Paul practically dared Iowans to throw away their caucus-night votes, admitting that even he doesn’t see himself as president. You know a guy is hard to please when he’s down on Abraham Lincoln. (Abe dragged us into a “senseless war,” in Paul’s view, and ruled with an “iron fist.”)

        You know what Ron Paul needs to win? More hope and change! That solves everything!

  9. Can I get an alt text?

    /droid user

    1. Alt text: This statue, located outside the practice facilities at Penn State, shows former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and his…

      1. What I want to know is why is Mr. Stradivari wearing cargo shorts?

    2. “Mister we could use a man like Antonio Stradivari again.”

      1. Too many syllables.

  10. onetime I took a bath and got all clean but the lid fell and hit my head and then I bleeded.

  11. “High-speed rail must wait for a better day,” says Los Angeles Daily News editorial board, noting that the project’s skyrocketing budget and plummeting job-creation figures “pushed us over the edge to oppose a transportation plan we originally supported.”

    That which was predicted cannot be called unexpected.

    1. There oughtta be a law about that…

      1. And Mr Robert Clayton oughta pen it.

  12. Multi-million-dollar violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri del Ges? “do not in fact sound better than high-quality modern instruments, according to a blindfolded play-off.”

    Of course they don’t. It’s no difference than wine-tasting bullshit, or CDs vs. Vinyl bullshit.

  13. Looks like young Michelle Branch took John’s weight advice. And became someone else. And Jesus Wept.

    1. Can’t view the first photo, but by context I assume you mean she lost 20lbs. Goddamn John and his fetish with 12 yr-olds.

      1. Nope, 20 lbs heavier. John likes ’em thick.

        1. If I were unlazy and were willing to search it, I think I could find half a dozen posts where John bitches about some hot chick needing to lose weight. But I’ll bow to the wisdome of the crowdz if I’m wrong.

          1. You’re wrong, Paul. John often speaks of the “Hollywood mafia” of women and homosexuals whom he thinks enforce some sort of anorexic omerta on actresses.

            1. and homosexuals whom he thinks enforce some sort of anorexic omerta on actresses.

              I’m kind of an armchair fashion buff and try to watch the big runway shows whenever I can, and I loosely follow some of the big designers such as Lagerfeld etc.

              There is truth to this.

              1. Runway models are supposed to be clothes hangers. Bad example.

                1. Runway models are supposed to be clothes hangers. Bad example.

                  That’s precisely what makes it a good example. It’s an industry largely dominated by gay men. NTTAWWT.

                2. Only because the gay men watching them want to view boyish physiques.

                  You want to sell me on buying my wife clothes, show me a runway model with some T and A.

            2. I don’t think he’s wrong when someone like Anne Hathaway is accused of being fat (in The Devil Wore Prada, where she was a humongous size 6). I get that what people think is sexy is a pretty individual thing, but I think a rather strong conclusion can be drawn that Hollywood in particular self-selects for a certain type of body-shape, one that is, well, anorexic. Contrast Hollywood actresses with Bollywood actresses, for example.

              1. Oh that’s easy, countries with an abundance of food value skinny, countries where people starve value fat.

                1. That’s an interesting point. I remember Tony Bourdain scathingly remarking that veganism is a first-world phenomenon (he hates vegetarians too, but apparently vegans are far worse). Anyway, there’s a huge cluster of those dbs in California.

              2. in The Devil Wore Prada, where she was a humongous size 6

                I really liked that movie. My favorite scene was where Streep’s character carefully explained to Hathaway why and how she came to choose the “blue” sweater. Excellent treatise on capitalism hidden in there.

            3. Beards tend to be fat, so I don’t see the gay angle there.

              1. Beards tend to be fat, so I don’t see the gay angle there.

                Typo? Surely you meant “bears tend to be fat”. Yes, that’s why they commune in separate bars. Do you even have any gay people where you live?

                1. I believe he indeed means “beard”, ie a woman who accompanies a gay man to social events to make him look straight.

                  1. I believe he indeed means “beard”, ie a woman who accompanies a gay man to social events to make him look straight.

                    If that’s the case, then it has nothing to do with the desire of the man she’s with.

                    Lagerfeld on “fat women”:…..hin-models

                    Lagerfeld, 71, was reacting to the magazine Brigitte’s announcement last week that it will in future use “ordinary, realistic” women rather than professional models in its photoshoots. He said the decision by Germany’s most popular women’s magazine was “absurd” and driven by overweight women who did not like to be reminded of their weight issues.

                    “These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly,” Lagerfeld said in an interview with Focus magazine. The creative director of the fashion house Chanel added that the world of fashion was all to do “with dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women”.

                    1. OMG, that guy is SUCH a creep-o, with him and his “muses”. UGH.

                      Funniest deconstruction ever:…..use-2.html

                    2. Damn, I gotta start working on my quads if those shorts are what’s “in” this summer.

                    3. Do you aspire to being a Lagerfeld muse? 😀

                    4. The “Go Fug Yourself” gals also have a lot of fun with Lagerfeld’s persona. E.g:

                      FWIW, I really like the double-breasted wool blazer from him that I found. (Ignoring how out of style double-breasted blazers currently are.) Great cut. Couldn’t afford it new, of course.

                    5. I’m not necessarily agreeing or defending chris’ point here, just pointing out that it’s probably not a typo.

                      The only experience I have with known beards was my brother’s assortment back when he was in the closet, and most of them were thin and highly fungible.

                    6. The two guys I know who came out after marrying had who wives were stout. I’m not sure if its accepted convention beyond that.

                      If that’s the case, then it has nothing to do with the desire of the man she’s with.

                      Makes no less sense than John’s ‘guys who prefer thin women are secret gay pedophiles.’

                    7. had who wives were stout

                      er, rearrange as is necessary.

                    8. The only experience I have with known beards was my brother’s assortment back when he was in the closet, and most of them were thin and highly fungible.

                      The only time I was absolutely positive a clearly gay man was married to a woman, the woman was exceptionally attractive and sported quite the chilly disposition. I suspected someone didn’t like to be touched…

                    9. I’ve seen that before as well. Very attractive asexual women are like creatures out of Greek mythology. ’tis a pity there monsters be real.

                    10. Maybe she was a lesbian?

                    11. Possibility, but women who are just not into sex is a more common phenomenon.

                    12. You wanted to funge them?

              2. You don’t need a beard if you are openly gay.

              3. I thought beards were made of hair.

        2. And if I am wrong. Take that, super-model lovers!

          1. Nice definition in those arms. Would love to box or wrestle her.

          2. Now we’re talking. That’s a hot bod.

        3. It’s the fact that we know the relative thick/thinness preferences of the regulars that makes this such a special place.

          1. I sense a blogpost about how you like the sausagefest… you gender traitor you.

          2. Just in case we ever have to play matchmaker for one of our beloved members of the commentariat.

            1. Did I ever tell you about my eHarmony experience, Bingo?

              1. No, please share!

                1. rather went behind my back and posted intimate details about it on her blog.

                  Sometimes I think she’s not ready for a serious relationship.

              2. I thought eHarmony was a dating site for clean-livin’ white christians?

          3. I’m glad I’m not the only woman around who thinks this.

            I may have redefined “glad” a bit there…

      2. Can’t view the first photo

        Wow, your filter is quite the puritan. There’s nothing even close to naughty in that photo…

        1. It’s not a filter issue, and if it is, the filter is broken in a way where our firewall isn’t showing its filtered. Just came up blank. I’m pretty sure it’s a problem on my end, but I get the gist without browsing to the photo itself.

    2. Honestly, the worst thing about that second pic is the horrific growth on her forearm.

    3. Did John also advice Melissa Joan Hart by any chance?

  14. The latest Intrade has Santorum surging like crazy into 2nd place with 30%, Romney dropping to 44% and Paul at 26%.

    1. The streets are running brown with Santorum!

      1. Brown and some other indefinable color…

  15. You know what’s the best thing to get us dry? A Caucus-race!

  16. Stradivariuses (Stradivarii?) unbowed: Multi-million-dollar violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri del Ges? “do not in fact sound better than high-quality modern instruments, according to a blindfolded play-off.”

    The other day I saw a show on the History Channel about two guys serching for the next new thing, and found some dude that designed a string bass instrument that can be built from a cardboard box, a few pieces of wood and string. Supposedly, out of three experts, only one was able to notice it from a real string bass instrument. It really sounded great.

    1. The place I learned to play mandolin had a display of homemade banjos, that had been constructed from a variety of found materials (fence posts, baling wire, nails for pegs, etc). I can’t imagine any of them sounded like anything great, but I thought it was really touching that someone wanted to play the banjo badly enough that they made these things. I have a mental vision of a bunch of guys sitting around getting drunk drinking hooch and using washboards, washtubs, spoons and homemade banjos to make music.

  17. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States will begin publishing projections for the overnight federal funds rate as part of its regular quarterly economic forecasts, beginning after its next meeting on Jan. 24-25.

    “Projections”? Really?

  18. Obama spokesman notes that U.S. warships have been projecting power in the Gulf for decades.

    “No reason to stop now! Am I right or am I right? Right? Right?”

  19. Try to get through this without barfing:

    1. Nothing is pure and perfect.

    2. Pretty standard “you can’t handle the freedom” tripe.

      Every argument against freedom amounts to one of two things: ‘people are evil’, or ‘people are stupid’. And while some do fit one or both of those descriptions, trying to end either of those through laws just makes this a world for the evil and stupid.

      1. And every such argument can easily be refuted by “people in government are evil” and “people in government are stupid”.

    3. Fuck, even though it appears to be missing Rooooooaaaaddzzz and Somalia, you can practically play Bingo: Think Of The Children? Check! Market Failure? Check! Safety and, conversely, DOOOOOM!? Check! If I could stomach a closer reading I’m sure there’s more.

    4. All you really need to know about the article:

      [author] Darryl Adams is a public servant,

    5. That reads like a C+ (at best) college sophmore essay. Terrible.

  20. Retired Cop Shoots ATF Agent


  21. I have been a user of Ninja Forearm Machete Blade Full Tang Knife Swords (NFMBFTKS for short, pron ‘nif-mib-fit-kis’) for most of my career, and have some that are quite nice. As a professional mercenary and vendor of ‘blood diamonds’, ‘blood coffee beans’, ‘blood Nike knock offs’, and other ‘conflict-zone’ products, I find myself in need of a good NFMBFTKS regularly.

    I was a bit disappointed for several different reasons when this product arrived at my secure compound.

    First, this product is sold by a company called ‘Martial Arts Land’, which is the same name I gave to my home in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I wish the company had done more research into other entities who are also using that name before naming their company. The post office had quite a time, seeing as the shipping label read ‘From: Martial Arts Land’ and ‘To: Martial Arts Land’. I hope they are not the people who have been getting my missing issues of ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazine, as the ‘help wanted’ section is crucial to my ability to earn a living.

    Second, when I saw the description of a ‘hi-tech’ strap in the product description, I was fully expecting something computerized and perhaps operated by hydraulic machinery that would maybe shoot spikes into the arm if someone besides the owner attempted to use it. Imagine my disappointment when it was shipped to Martial Arts Land (my secure compound in DRC, not the original shipping company, see how confusing this is getting?) with a simple Velcro strap. There is no failsafe in the weapon as-shipped to prevent an enemy skilled in the use of ninja weapons from taking this particular NFMBFTKS from you and using it against you.

    Thirdly, I did not find the handle to be particularly ergonomic. After using this product as intended for approximately 8 hours a day, I have developed ‘repetitive ninjitsu stress disorder’ in my rotator cuff caused, I believe at least in part, to the lack of adequate wrist support. I saw an occupational health ninja who agreed with my assessment and suggested I spend hours on end standing under an icy water fall in the middle of the woods in the dead of winter doing ninja poses to help it heal.

    All in all, I can see myself using this as a back up ninja forearm machete blade full tang knife sword day-to-day, or maybe on light trips to the grocery store or library, but I will not be replacing my primary ninja forearm machete blade full tang knife sword any time soon.

    Powerful Ninja Weapon
    Machete Blade
    Full Tang Knife Sword

    Velcro strap not hi-tech
    Lack of good ergonomics
    Company name ‘Martial Arts Land’ is a problem, as I as my home address is also ‘Martial Arts Land’

  22. “”en route to help with the war effort in Afghanistan” ? an odd phrasing given that the Strait is the only entrance to and only exit from the [Arabian?] Gulf.”

    What part are you confused about? They left the Persian Gulf to probably get closer to Afghanistan and our supply routes through Pakistan. Consulting a map may help.

  23. Marine faces 15 years behind bars for unknowingly violating gun law

    Ryan Jerome was enjoying his first trip to New York City on business when the former Marine Corps gunner walked up to a security officer at the Empire State Building and asked where he should check his gun.…..g-gun-law/

    1. The law is stupid and the sentence overly harsh, but ignorance of the law cannot be allowed to become an excuse or else the laws become unenforceable.

      1. The laws are already unenforceable, not to mention incomprehensible.

        1. and illegal too, let’s not forget that one.

      2. Given the numbers of rules and regulations governing trivial things, ignorance of the law is an excuse.

        1. Agreed, but seriously, a Marine should know that carrying a gun in NYC isn’t kosher.

          1. I see what you did there.

        2. We’re not talking about a particularly obscure law here.

          1. No, just extremely complicated and inconsistent.

            1. Huh? Don’t carry a firearm unless you have a permit from the jurisdiction. Not difficult.

              There may be constitutional issues with it (I certainly think so in the case of almost-certainly-won’t-issue NYC) but it’s not complicated.

      3. Ignorance of unconstitutional laws should be an excuse — some laws should be unenforceable.

      4. Unless you’re in law enforcement…

    2. Goddamn, this is like the second story this month about someone trying to follow NYC’s gun laws and getting fucked.

      1. Your mission Jim, if you choose to accept it, is to legally drive this handgun from Boston to Philadelphia. But don’t even think of sending the black guy with all the gadgets. And good luck, Jim. You’ll fucking need it. This tape will self-destruct like a BATFE ruling letter, in five minutes.

      2. You can’t simultaneously argue he was unaware of the law AND trying to follow it.

        1. He was attempting to follow what he thought the law was by trying to check the gun.

          1. Sorry, but no mens rea, no conviction.

            BTW, I posted this same story earlier.

            1. It’s a strict liability offense, as it has to be.

              I’m not sure how possession of anything can involve mens rea.

              1. Would your not knowingly breaking the law matter? Hell, I recall cops using “ignorance of the law” as an excuse for when they violated rights by taking peoples’ cameras away and arresting them.

                Why shouldn’t a regular person be afforded the same courtesy when they make an error in good faith? Oh, I know why…because it’s New York fucking City.

                1. The cops shouldn’t be allowed to claim ignorance either, I agree.

                  But if ignorance is a defense, anybody who breaks the law can feign ignorance and get away with it.

                  1. But intent is necessary to convict, so they should be able to claim ignorance as a legitimate defense, and it will be up to the jury to prove otherwise.

                    Jesus, have we gotten so far away from where we started in common law that intent is no longer necessary to convict?

  24. Why Only Violent Stalkers Should Have Guns…

    1. That one made me too pissed off to link. Overrated asshole Sudeikis dating Wilde. Any consolation though, she hasn’t been as pretty recently as she was in her first season of House.

      Looks a bit ratty here, in fact:….._1_2012_5/

      1. Looks fine to me, she was even hot as a mental patient:

        So rather than getting bent out of shape trying to think she is no longer attractive, I prefer to rationalize shooting her current boyfriend in the face. But I’m sensitive like that.

        1. ^ Lol! You got my number on that one!

  25. On the way home through Grand Central Terminal, I ran into a few dozen OWS protest*-ish-er type kids….…..25118.html

    They were “protesting” the NDAA. And the manner in which they were choosing to protest was to lurch aimlessly around the terminal during rush hour, a time when thousands of people are trying to get home in as painless a way as possible, and not particularly disposed to stop and contemplate any particular political issue. But then, saying the choice of time and venue was possibly not ideal for their message is probably besides the point, because the sum total of their message was the following chant:

    “N. D. A. A. – LOOK. IT. UP!”

    I was almost tempted to stop one of them and point out that said slogan fails to actually convey any kind of information regarding what the NDAA is (given that they expect people to “look it up!” – they seem to be arrogantly assuming no one else except them must already know what the fuck it is), nor does it offer up any particular pro/con position regarding this legislation. Just “Look it UP!”

    The temptation lasted all of a nanosecond, because a crowd of screaming idiots in Grand Central ~6PM is fortunately fairly easy to tune out.

    It also occurred to me that they seem to be taking a strangely belated interest in Civil Liberties, given their original raison d’etre was something… about finance… corporations….debt forgiveness….

    Or rather, they seem to be strangely unaware that people have already been speaking out publicly about the NDAA since it emerged. Their “yell empty slogans”-in-crowded-train-station-approach to ‘raising awareness’ is frankly sort of un-helpful in both form and substance. Maybe if they’d handed out, I don’t know, *pamphlets*? explaining the details of the law and why its objectionable? Named the congresspeople who voted in favor of it? Reminded Voters that Obama has largely expanded upon Bush-era claims of executive authority? “Oh, that sounds like it might take a bit of *work*, ick….also, I mean, like, we wouldn’t get to annoy the shit out of people doing that ‘mic-check’ routine….”

    No…. just yell some shit that 99% (pun intended) of the ostensible audience wont even understand. I only picked up on what they were saying because I’d *already* “looked it up” – or rather, managed to inform myself without any particular aid from the ‘protest’ generation.

    Also…. who here has any doubt they’re *all* going to vote for Obama in November? Seriously.

    1. You should have told them to just read this:…..singleton/

    2. They will vote for Obama despite having serious reservations.

  26. You be quiet when Newt’s talking!

  27. The influence of the American circus brought about a considerable change in the character of the modern circus. In arenas too large for speech to be easily audible, the traditional comic dialog of the clown assumed a less prominent place than formerly, while the vastly increased wealth of stage properties relegated to the background the old-fashioned equestrian feats, which were replaced by more ambitious acrobatic performances, and by exhibitions of skill, strength and daring, requiring the employment of immense numbers of performers and often of complicated and expensive machinery.

    In 1919, Lenin, head of the USSR, expressed a wish for the circus to become ‘the people’s art-form’, given facilities and status on a par with theatre, opera and ballet. The USSR nationalized the Soviet circuses. In 1927 the State University of Circus and Variety Arts, better known as the Moscow Circus School was established where performers were trained using methods developed from the Soviet gymnastics program. When the Moscow State Circus company began international tours in the 1950s, its levels of originality and artistic skill were widely applauded, and the high standard of the Russian State circus continues to this day.

    Circuses from China, drawing on Chinese traditions of acrobatics, like the Chinese State Circus are also popular touring acts. The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo has been held in Monte Carlo since 1974 and was the first of many international awards for circus performers. In the 1960s and 1970s, the circus began to lose popularity as the general public became more interested in alternative forms of entertainment such as movies, music, and TV shows. Some circuses stayed afloat by merging with other circus companies. However a good number of old-fashioned travelling circuses with their usual mixture of acrobat, clown and animal acts are still active in various parts of the world ranging from small family enterprises on the edge of survival to the three ring extravaganzas like Vazquez Hermanos Circus in Mexico. Other companies found new ways to draw in the public with innovative new approaches to the circus form itself.

    1. How about that.

  28. You all know how dunphy says that one cop got 23 years for assault and never sources it? Well, he finally did in a thread, and the disingenuous fuck left out a shitload of details that just destroy and shred of credibility anybody might have given him.

    Here is the full story on what happened

    And here is where I completely destroy him.

    I’m sorry, but anybody who thought he argued in good faith when he used this example has been hoodwinked. What a fucking scumbag.

    1. Get over it, sloop. There will be other opportunities for you to show your debating bonifides.

      1. I’m over it. I crushed him with the last round. He won’t be using that example any more.

  29. Wolf Blitzer loves saying cock-us

  30. A 7ft tall butch basketball star is undergoing a sex change – and will become the world’s tallest transsexual.

    Lofty American Greg Walker, now 25, grew up sports-mad with beautiful cheerleaders on his arm, but said he ‘always felt different’.

    Strapping teenager Greg – who has size 16 feet and weighs around 20 stone – regularly lifted weights and would ride motorbikes to mask his true feelings.…..exual.html

    1. RC,
      Pass this on to “first”; it’ll come back with a pure PR write-up.

      1. When I started reading it I honestly thought the link at the bottom was going to be a hegre-art gallery of a 7 ft tall tranny

  31. Why isn’t there an open caucus thread?

    1. I think this is it.

      1. Heh. He said “caucus”. *snarf*

        1. Yeah. I think that’s Stewart.

    2. The biggest event in libertarian history and Reason doesn’t even liveblog it.

      Lysander Spooner is stomping in his grave.

  32. How can a state so small have 99 counties?

  33. Steven Tyler has huge tits…..liday.html

    1. Dude looks like a dude who looks like a lady.

  34. Is Ron Paul president yet? WHAT IS TAKING IOWA SO LONG?

    1. Brilliant. Every 4 years, a different state picks the president.

      1. You don’t like Florida and Ohio choosing our Commander-in-Chief?

    2. I seem to remember being up until midnight last election cycle, they’re really damn slow at counting.

    3. That would just show how irrelevant the President of the United States is.

  35. Erin Burnett makes my pants tight.

    1. And she knows it.

  36. You know who else said bad things about Jews and has a birthday today?

    1. Paul is owning in Johnson and Linn Co. which contain Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Romney is winning in Scott Co. (Davenport).

    2. Cool, thanks for that.

  37. Ron Paul likelihood of victory currently at 42% to Romney’s 38% at Intrade.

    1. Intrade’s been nutso recently.

      1. Yeah, it’s bouncing around a lot.

  38. Oh god, does Santorum really have this much pull with the so-cons?


      1. Hmm, site’s taking a looooong time to refresh for me, they must be getting hammered.

  39. WTF Iowa? Santorum, really?!!

    1. I’ve been predicting this and getting mocked for it, pretty much for the last 3 months.

      Santorum is the new Huckabee.

      1. The entrance polls have Paul beating Santorum among evangelical and born again voters.

        1. Well somebody’s voting for RS. Though Politico has RP ahead by a fraction of a percent with MR and RS neck in neck behind (15% reporting)

          1. If Romney comes in third that will definitely prove that Iowa doesn’t matter.

          2. I wonder if Santorum is going to have enough momentum to be the not-Romney of the race or if this is just a repeat of the previous bubbles.

            1. It’s gotta be the bubble. There are good reasons he got demolished in his last major election.

            2. I’d imagine SC GOP voters are not going to get a thrill up their leg about a papist either.

      2. Tulpa, you should know better. Only 13% of the votes have been reported. Still a long way to go before we have a picture.

        1. Yes, of course. But people were dissing me for even conjecturing it was possible for Santorum to win IA.

      3. That’s an insult to Huckabee.

        1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

        2. Proof that Abscence makes the heart grow fonder. Huckabee’s got all the awful FP and social positions of Santorum coupled with hillbilly Marxism to boot.

          1. Personality goes a long way. Plus I don’t believe that Santorum is all that sincere in his Christianity.

            1. Feature or bug?

              Pretenders are easy to buy off and control. True believers not so much.

              1. I’ll take honesty over hypocrisy.

              2. True believers are usually a hell of a lot more dangerous

    2. What did you expect? “Welcome, libertarians”? “Make yourself at home”? “Marry my daughter”? You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new Midwest. You know… morons.

      1. You should post as “The Waco Kid” for the rest of the night.

  40. Gingrich leads in county where his wife went to college. Finally that account at Tiffany’s is paying off.

  41. Paul maintains lead!!!

    CBS’s coverage is pretty solid, in case anyone is looking for anywhere else to track it.

    1. Looks like they have the same results as Politico but with one less decimal place and without the county breakdown.


      BTW, watching CNN right now. They have a tea party “activist” on (I’d call her an ignorant cunt) who states Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee and that the GOP needs to find someone other than him to run. Dana Loesch is from the St Louis area so I’m familiar with her prior to tonight.

      Are there any networks with libertarian commentators? I went to Fox and heard the same shit.

      1. networks with libertarian commentators?

        What The Fuck is a network libertarian commentator?

        1. James Carville said Romney will be the nominee, and Republicans will end up voting for him if they like it or not.

          1. saw that too

        2. Turn your reading comprehension on. I wasn’t asking for a network libertarian commenter, I was asking if any networks featured libertarian commenters.

          A horse chestnut and a chestnut horse are not the same.

          1. I know. I was just being a dick.

            1. (Narrows eyes, clenches fist)

          2. Ever heard the Byrds song Chestnut Mare? Pretty creepy.

      2. Reason needs to start a network with all that money they have laying around.

        1. Michelle Fields reading Hayek in the bathtub?

          1. Or Salma Hayek reading Fields in the bathtub.

            1. Or Michelle Obama washing Sally Field in a bathtub?

              No, wait…

      3. To be fair one of CNN’s anchors looked to get a little testy at the dismissal of Paul and said that they should ignore him at their own peril, and tonight is evidence why. Ari Fleischer also pointed out that Paul’s strength among independents shouldn’t be discounted. Carville’s acting like a douchenozzle though, big surprise.

        1. Carville’s had his snout so deep in the Team Red/Team Blue trough, he can’t even entertain the idea of primary/caucus voters, who are supposed to be the party loyalists, going against the establishment.

      4. Dana Loesch should always be on television.

  42. Anderson Cooper’s tie is the exact same shade of blue as CNN’s graphics. NTTIAWWT

    1. Has he come out of the closet yet?


      1. Supposedly it’s an “open secret”, whatever that means.

    2. You mean Anderson Vanderbilt.

  43. This makes me a sad panda.


    1. Ugh. Tonight was supposed to be a good night.


      1. I don’t care about because it’s bullshit.

        1. Yes, they appear to have outed him as a libertarian.

      2. Anyone who has ever had a conversation venture farther into libertarianism than medical marijuna shouldn’t be surprised at the this kind of reaction.

        But yes, sad nonetheless. I cringed when I saw the headline but at least breathed some sigh of relief seeing that its just a consistent application of libertarianism without apology.

    2. Don’t liberal commentators frequently claim that smokers and obese people are victims of their lifestyle? How is Paul’s comment about HIV+ers any different?

      1. They aren’t “born that way”?

      2. It’s very simple. Smokers and the obese engage in unhealthy lifestyles and God will punish them, and until then the government should persecute the heck out of their lifestyles. Aids patientsare noble sufferers and it is hateful to suggest that their disease is at all linked to their habits.

        Someone needs to be a hate figure. The Gays no longer fit this role (unless they’re Republicans), so the vital scapegoat role has to be filled by smokers, fat people and white evangelicals.

        I mean, no healthy country can exist without some group you can look down on.

        1. If praying the rosary and shooting guns gave you AIDS, their position would reverse.

          1. I don’t think Evangelicals pray the rosary. Not that it matters.

        2. You know what other healthy country looked down on certain groups?

          1. Brobdingnag

    3. It’s dangerous to craft a separate set of rights for groups like Hispanics, African-Americans, children, employees and the homeless, Paul wrote.

      I know, right? Equality before the law is some truly perverse thinking. Exemptions and exceptions for all!

      1. XOMG RACIST!!

    4. Wow. This is completely different from the newsletters. None of the quotes say anything hateful or bad, however tactless they may be. Of course, this was written when Paul thought he was out of politics for good so the lack of sugarcoating is understandable.

    5. Juice|1.3.12 @ 9:19PM|#

      This makes me a sad panda.


      read the comments. there are several people who see through this stuff.

  44. Anyone else pleasantly surprised at how bad Gingrich is doing?

    I suppose Iowans aren’t so bad after all.

    1. I’m not surprised. He’s bad for corn.

  45. This is really shockingly close right now

    1. Story Co. (Iowa State) hasn’t even contributed any results yet.

      Of course, neither has much of Huckabee Country.

      1. It’s almost not worth watching the results come in because different counties can push the numbers around wildly.

  46. I don’t ascribe to conspiracy theories [hiyo!), but when I read “Paul, Romney and Santorum atop entry polls,” I think Paul is winning this thing by at least 2 points.

  47. What the hell is with Iowa’s county names? Des Moines doesn’t contain Des Moines, Iowa doesn’t contain Iowa City, and Cedar doesn’t contain Cedar Rapids.

    1. Why would they name a town after me?

  48. Mitt is taking this baby.
    Right for America, right for you!

    1. Mitt? No, thanks. I’m not going to vote for a Democrat this year.

      … Hobbit

  49. Politico has Emmet County going 36.4% for Other and 14.1% for No Preference. I assume that’s Paul and Romney, respectively.

    1. Crap, it’s probably Gingrich and Paul looking at it again.

  50. You can see Iowa slipping into oblivion with each vote for Paul. It’s just fading away.

    1. I was in Brigadoon as a lad.

  51. So which channel are people watching? I keep flipping between MSNBC, Fox, and CNN.


    2. ESPN. They have the best political team on TV

      1. But their MNF announcers suck ass.

        1. Other than Gus Johnson, which announcers don’t suck ass?

    3. I’m watching CSPAN cause it’s all I’ve got. They’re just taking random calls but so it’s pretty worthless. But RP is a hot topic both ways.

  52. Uh, move over Kelly Clarkson. Someone who really knows teenage girls loves Ron Paul:

    Joe Perry!!/AdmiralP…..6466256896

    1. But does he have tits like Steven Tyler?

      1. Who cares? He scored with Edna Krabappel!

  53. Fucking CNN just “lost” the feed while an active duty soldier was explaining why he was voting for Ron Paul. Cut completely out at the mention that Isreal could defend themselves.

    1. Give him the Manning treatment.

      1. Cut him before giving him his $28M bonus?

        1. No, hand him the division by collapsing in the last month of the season.

    2. The guy also had a neck tattoo. Just sayin’.

    3. saw that, unfortunate.

    4. I was watching CNN as well and am still angry about that. That was no accident.

  54. On fox news, sarah palin just chastised anyone who doesnt take ron paul, his supporters, and their reasons for supporting him seriously
    even had kind words for their “war-weariness”

    1. She doesn’t want to takes sides against anyone running.

      1. Or she actually means it about the war-wariness; she actually has a kid over there which I don’t think any of the GOP warmongers can say.

    2. And we’re supposed to care what Sarah Palin says because…?

      1. Because lots of other people seem to and some of those people vote.

  55. Are the college counties in yet?

    1. I found Fluffy’s numbers on Politico. Story Co. (ISU) hasn’t reported at all, and Johnson Co. (UoI) is at 30%.

    2. Also, every one of the counties that’s fully reported was a Santorum county.

  56. It’s over. They aren’t going to make up a 1200 vote deficit.

    1. I could better tolerate a 3rd place finish if it wasn’t for Santorum ahead of him.

    2. Where are you getting that number? Politico still has it tightly bunched.

    3. Des Moines Register has it as Santorum (13,594) 24.3% – Romney (13,204) 23.6% – Paul (12,205) 21.8%

      I weep for a world where Santorum squeezes out ahead.

  57. Has anyone made a “flood of Santorum” joke in this thread yet? I’m too lazy to scroll up and look

    1. …in your pants!

  58. And to follow up, CNN had a perfectly crisp feed to hear that batshit TV pimp with 20 kids talk about Santorum for 5 full minutes.

    They really are trying to make Santorum happen to scare the rest of America to not forget to vote for the incumbent.

  59. I don’t understand why everyone is expending all this energy tonight. You, me, Reason, Iowa… It’s like we’re all in some shared delusion that Mitt Romney is not already the nominee and subsequent president-elect.

    1. Der Alte Romney.

  60. Do these people even know Santorum is a Catholic?

    1. Romney is a Mormon.

      1. This isn’t a winner-take-all state, is it? For some reason, I can’t remember.

        1. Caucus in Iowa has no relation to what candidate their delegates choose.

          1. That’s right, I forgot. Gracias.

            1. Expect Huckabee to make a comeback in 2012.

      2. WTF? Polk Co GOP chair blabbing about how Gingrich created jobs and balanced the budget as Speaker of the House 1995-99. The first isn’t his doing and the second is a lie, of course.

      3. You added a letter there.

  61. Something going on in Iowa tonight?

    Besides trying not to blow away with the winter weather or die of boredom?

  62. Dennis Rodman Launching Topless Women’s Basketball Team…..ball-team/

    1. bouncy-bouncy? Ouch.

  63. Bret Baier just declared Newt 4th, Perry 5th, and Bachmann 6th. Then said the “top 2” are still bunched together.

  64. LOL, they just cut to the Santorum headquarters and I immediately recognized his oldest daughter from the salty ham photo.

    Proving that H&R is good for something.

  65. The blatant censoring of the military guy is already on youtube, in case any of you want an instant replay of how fucking blatant that was.
    CNN “losing the feed”

      1. CNN was already joking on-air that people thought it was a conspiracy.

      2. It looks like the picture was jumping for a few seconds before it cut out so technical difficulties are plausible.

      3. Plus they did let him get a pretty long plug in for RP, including a follow up question, before the cut out.

        1. I’m dubious.

          It’s hard to give CNN the benefit of the doubt based on their treatment of Paul and the coincidence of where the army guy was going. Saying he supports Paul is one thing. Going on to suggest that maybe Israel does need independence and that military adventurism needs to stop is essentially exactly what cable news has willfully erased from all discussion coming from Paul and Paul’s supporters.

          In other words, I’m totally bitter about what’s happening right now in the caucuses.

        2. It was great to see Ron Paul bring the soldier onstage to speak. I didn’t hear him repeat the bit about Israel that got him cut off earlier, though.

          Now Newt is saying how dangerous RP is. Iran is a regional threat, let Israel deal with it.

      4. Why did they blur out his twin towers tattoo? Did it have the planes crashing?

  66. Canada is losing 5-1 to Russia at the WJHC.
    I say Good! Team Canada is always expected to win, both by the media and the fans.
    It sucks for the players to get blown out like that, but this proves that they aren’t always the best.

    1. They are getting badly outplayed and out muscled, not your typical Don Hay team.

      Sweden Russia will be a good game for gold.

      How about that Finnish goalie going all Pekka Rinne in the last minutes of the game. Yikes.

      1. My friend was in Calgary for the Group A games. Russia-Sweden was the best game of the tournament so far, so the rematch for Gold will be a classic.

        1. Wow, Canada 2 quick ones. 6-3 10 minutes to go.

            1. 6-5.

              1. Well that ended up a close game. 6-5 Russians. I can’t believe the Russians swapped goalies.

        2. Every hockey fan needs to see a WJC game hosted in Canada. It really is a fun time and a chance to see some great games. I’ve been to Vancouver and Ottawa and had a blast.

          1. A few years ago it was in North Dakota. That was like being in Canada, because most of the fans went down from Manitoba.

            1. I remember that one, huge blizzard and the ND fans housed the stranded Canadian fans for a day or so.

              I wonder how the tourney would go in a Southern venue?

  67. Oh no, Paul is falling behind!

  68. Whoa, a flood of votes for Romney just came in from Polk Co. He beat RP by 5% despite being behind a few minutes ago.

  69. Wow, the salty ham girl has really blossomed.

  70. We should never have invoked the yummy tears thread earlier. Fuck.

  71. to put it in perspective:

    ron paul is behind one (1) delegate in the electoral college.

    no worries.

  72. Paul just invited the army guy from earlier on CNN to speak live on CNN again… he’s on.

  73. LOL, they’re letting the guy whose feed got lost speak at the RP rally…

  74. On the good side, RP managed to more than double his support from 2008. On the bad side, he ended up in third when he could have won.

    Odd results of the night. Rick Perry appears to have won two counties. Texas transplants?

  75. Gingrich is blaming his Iowa loss on the GOP smear machine.

  76. Gingrich is blaming his Iowa loss on the GOP smear machine.

  77. I was hoping RP would be No. 1 for the sheer entertainment of watching the MSM continue to spin the FUCK out of that. Now they’ll just talk about Romney being “the big *electable* winner”, marginalize Santorum again since his work is done, and continue merrily back on the path they were on before they had to massively swerve when Paul was polling first.

    I almost want to call shenanigans on this whole ordeal. Really, Santorum up 20% in like 3 days? By what means could that even happen? Where did those people come from?

    1. My guess is that they came from church groups, that’s how Huckabee managed to win in ’08.

      1. Precisely. Anyone who claims this is some sort of conspiracy is going to have to explain why there was a similar conspiracy against Romney four years ago.

  78. Ron Paul: Tonight, we are all Austrians.

    You know who else was Austrian?

    1. Conan the Barbarian?

  79. i really hate to say it, but if you look past the google problem, which in a way is really just another example of the vast homosexual conspiracy, santorum isn’t a bad-looking republican candidate. sure, we hate him and for good reason, but most conservatives will write off savage’s joke as just that and will only do a finger deep inspection.

    i mean he really is the spitting image of a stereotypical republican, and i say that as a republican.

  80. Now that’s just mean.

    Ron Paul’s campaign caused some mischief via Twitter this evening, tweeting at Jon Huntsman’s official account around 8:45 ET, “we found your one Iowa voter, he’s in Linn precinct 5 you might want to call him and say thanks.”

    The tweet instantly began bouncing around the political twittersphere, but someone in the Paul campaign must have pulled the plug; the cheeky tweet was gone within 11 minutes. Then, as if suddenly realizing that Twitter is not a medium that forgets (or forgives) deletion, the tweet was reposted shortly after 9:00 p.m.

    Jon Huntsman’s Twitter account has not updated since Jan. 1.

  81. Tim Cavanaugh: The anti-HSR editorial actually appears to have come from the San Jose Mercury News; original link here:

    You might want to fix your attribution.

    The Daily News also published an anti-HSR editorial, this past November. Link here:

  82. OK wow that makes a lot of sense dude. WOw.

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