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The Donald Fires Himself; Cell Phone Ban; Fed Follies, And More: Reason Evening Links


This is what they'll do to us if we don't irradiate them first.

Donald Trump withdraws from his own debate. The frequently bankrupt real estate mogul and birth certificate specialist wants to keep open his option on a presidential run, so he's ankling his moderator gig in the upcoming Newsmax debate in Iowa. 

National cell phone ban is coming. National Transportation Safety Board unanimously recommends that all state governments prohibit drivers from using portable electronic devices while driving. The NTSB has spent the last 10 years trying to stop cell phone use and texting. Former Reasoner Radley Balko tells U.S. Snooze: "These laws aren't about safety; they're about symbolism."

Why the apes will rise against us… Researchers in Japan plan to use monkeys to monitor radiation emitted by the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Fukushima University professor Takayuki Takahashi will fit 1,000 animals from 14 monkey colonies in the forests of Minamisoma with collars containing radiation meters and GPS transmitters. 

Speaking of balding apes… Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke still has his steady hand on the tiller. The Federal Open Market Committee says the economy is still "expanding moderately," but not enough to raise interest rates to a level that accurately reflects the cost of hiring money: "While indicators point to some improvement in overall labor market conditions, the unemployment rate remains elevated," the FOMC reports from its alternate universe. "Household spending has continued to advance, but business fixed investment appears to be increasing less rapidly and the housing sector remains depressed. Inflation has moderated since earlier in the year, and longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable."

Speaking of that inflation that isn't happening… USA Today reports that household electric bills have increased by about $300 since 2007, the highest rate of energy price inflation since the 1970s. 

Higgs Boson, is that you? Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider say they're close to pinpointing the Higgs boson, a particle predicted by standard physics but so far never observed. Identifying the particle could help explain why some objects have mass, how others have only energy, and whether Razzles is a candy or a gum. 

NEXT: Ronald Bailey on Why the Durban Climate Change Vows Are Made To Be Broken

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    Romney progressive porn film discovered.

    1. Is this Mittens and his, ah, significant other?

      1. damn you


        My eyes! I see it when I close my eyes!

        John, have you no shame?!?

        1. I mean Restoras, have you no shame!

      3. Gay! you dick!

        1. Fucking auto complete-was supposed tone “gah”

          1. Shit! I can’ t do this on an iPhone

            1. You have, however, followed one of RC’s iron lawz

      4. Eye bleach! STAT!

      5. Jabba’s barge scene interpreted by the Huts.

      6. Gor is a wonderful place.

      7. I’ll have to floss my brain after that. Thanks a lot, restoras.


    This is way cool. Camera captures light in motion.

    1. I couldn’t see it.

    2. I thought all cameras did that.

  3. The article about cell phone bans said it was sparkec by an accident in which a 19 year old kid was texting before running into a school bus. Why don’t we just ban 19 year old idiots from using phones and let the rest of us mind our own business.

    1. How about just that kid?

      1. Anecdotes are obviously exactly what we should use to make law for the entire country.

        1. Clearly the simplest solution is to increase the age of majority to 55 and place all minors under the care of the state. At 60, everyone gets to go into a state-funded retirement home. That way all we need is good parenting for the perfect society.

        2. Was it a white girl? Otherwise, it doesn’t count.

      2. he won’t be using a cell phone anymore, he died. So, no need for a law as the problem solved itself.

        1. b/c crashes always involve a single vehicle, right?

          1. no, because losing my liberty always involves other people doing stupid things.

    2. On a morning radio show in Pasadena the first caller on this topic was adamantly in favor of a cell phone ban. He thought the fine for violation should be something like $5000. He was calling in on a cell phone as he drove.

    3. Why don’t they just ban ALL communicating while in cars? Surely that would be safest for the children.

    4. Great take on the cellphone ban from Karl Denninger. Can’t get much closer to Reduction ad Hitlerum, though, with the title:

  4. Wait, electric bill have increased by $300 on average? How much are people’s electric bills? For mine to increase by $300, it would have to more than triple.

    1. I think that is $300 per year not month.

      1. Oh yeah. It does say that, doesn’t it?

        Still, electric bills come monthly.

        1. Which is about once a month more than I come!

          1. Oh, come on, you know that’s not true.

    2. Depends on where you live. In Seattle, with electric stove, electric heating, and electric dryer, my electric bill is about $50/month in the winter.

      In Connecticut, in the winter when I had a condo that had electric stove, electric heating, and electric dryer? Sometimes $450/month.

      1. I tend to forget that some people use electric heat. Though with oil and propane where they are now, it looks better and better. Fortunately, I have access to lots of free biomass.

        1. Natural gas is plentiful and future prices are expected to continue their decline.

          1. $50 a month. i shudder to consider how small your living space is.

            are you one of those belltown hipsters in a tiny condo?

            1. It’s actually a good size (850 sq ft), but it’s an apartment. I get heated by the other apartments around me, I’m only there from about 9PM to 9AM each weekday and so turn off all the heat and lights all day.

              Shit, back in Manhattan I never turned the heat on, ever, because of being heated by the other apartments.

              1. It’s actually a good size (850 sq ft)

                Someone has clearly never lived in flyover country.

                1. I’ve lived in a 4000 sq ft home, and tiny, tiny apartments, rob. Maybe I should have qualified “it’s actually a good size for the city”. My first apartment in Manhattan–that was small.

                  Now, my second one…that was huge and awesome.

                  1. yea, that’s decently sized… FOR THE CITY

                    i live in a suburb and have 3200 sq/ft not including a 3 car garage, and a nice sized lot, too

                    i shudder to think what that would cost in seattle

                    seattle would be awesome for a single guy imnsho

                    although it is the most unlibertarian place on earth

                    god knows your mayor sucks, your police chief sucks, your PD is mediocre, your city council are a bunch of loons, etc.

        2. Funny you should mention propane, Zeb… I happen to sell propane and propane accessories.

          And I tend to spill it on my junk, which would account for my narrow urethra… well, that and drinking beer all the damn time.

          Dammit, Bobby! Where’re my vise grips?

      2. Depends on where you live. In Seattle, with electric stove, electric heating, and electric dryer, my electric bill is about $50/month in the winter.

        Sheeeit, in the winter in DC, with gas heat, gas water heater, only an electric stove and dryer, our bill never drops below $100. I’m takin’ it up the ass man, takin’ it up the ass…

    3. Live in Houston. Have AC. Presto! $300 electric bill in the summer.

      1. Best check you will ever write.

        1. This city would be far, far smaller without AC.

          1. Minneapolis would be far, far smaller without heat.

            1. Minneapolians forget how to make fire?

              1. I’m pretty sure he meant to say AC.

          2. Apple is building a store here with a glass south-facing wall and glass roof. The thing is going to be impossible to cool in July. Unsurprisingly it’s based off of a very successful design they used in New York City.

    4. My electric bills run $400 to $500 a month. Welcome to the joys of living in Hawaii (and having kids who can’t be bothered to turn the fricking lights off when they leave a room).


    Anne Wintour is one ugly broad. Why is it that everyone associated with the fashion industry who is not a model is wildly unattractive?

    1. I don’t know, but when I get home later I think I’m going to have to take a closer look at those pictures of Miss Venenzuela 2002.

    2. That first cover looks like a Bedazzler threw up on that model’s chest.

    3. Sheesh, John, harsh. She’s no raving beauty, but compared to the average woman of 62, she’s hot.

      1. Helen Mirren disagrees

        1. So does Madonna.

          1. Oops. I thought you said 82.

          2. You mean the Motie?

          3. Both of those women are also way above average for their age, so neither example changes my point.

  6. The cellphone laws are stupid, but you are still an asshole if you talk on the phone while driving. Sure you may be unaffected. I am sure that lots of people are quite capable of talking and driving. But, especially when it comes to driving, no one thinks they’re the asshole.

    1. Nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole

        1. Heh, I just picked this album up, mainly for Roadrunner, natch.

    2. Depends on how long you’re talking. If it’s just answering the phone and saying “I’m on my way, three blocks away, bye” that’s OK, as it’s no longer in duration than many other distractions every driver deals with. Of course the blunt instrument of the law is very unlikely to differentiate between truly dangerous cell phone use and benign kinds.

  7. “This fellow said, ‘I was so depressed last night, thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, social security, retirement funds, etc., I called a suicide hotline and got a call centre in Pakistan. When I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.'”…..268149.ece

    ? Newfoundland and Labrador Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie tells a joke while swearing in provincial cabinet ministers.

    1. Newfies are something special; the only staples that travel on their ferry is beer and diapers.

      1. I spent a few weeks in St. John’s, Newfoundland a few years ago. The people are very friendly, if a bit unintelligible. I don’t get why other Canadans scorn them so much.

    2. I lol’ed

  8. Higgs boson walks into church, priest says “We don’t allow your type in here.” Higgs replies “But without me, how can you have mass?”

    1. [Dramatically points towards the open door]

      1. You go for his legs, I’ll do the high tackle.

        1. The bartender sez “What do you want to drink?”

          A faster-than-light particle goes into a bar.

    2. They didn’t object to the boson, they objected that he wanted to marry his boson’s mate in church.

      1. The strange quark replied…”charmed I am sure”

        1. Neu, I’ll bet you’ve been saving those…

      2. Particle physics gives me a hadron.

        1. Higgs bosom.

          1. I’m part of this conversation, too!

  9. Im a firm believer in the candy/gum duality theory of Razzles.

  10. In the USA TOADY article about the cellphone ban, it said this call was prompted by a “horrific” crash in Missouri in which a kid busily ignoring a then-extant law prohibiting texting rammed into a semi; two school buses which were found to have had faulty brakes then crashed into the resulting pile of rubble.

    Obviously a law the Yraffic Fairy would have prevented this tragedy.

    1. So [leaving aside the bus breaks and considering only the collision w/ the semi] your argument is this:
      b/c someone will always break the law – thus a tragedy not prevented – we should have no laws.

      1. ^Satire?
        I hope.

        1. No, Mike S. is our Tulpa while Tulpa is gone. Contrarian for contrarian’s sake.

    2. I guess we have to pass a law banning faulty brakes on school buses too.

      Big Friction has been dodging regulation long enough.

    1. You want to replace Japanese currency with the letter “T?” What is this, Sesame Street?

      1. I believe you’re seeing triple.

  11. Anyone else red-faced with epistemological rage that the fundamental “Higgs” idea is that particles have a mass-accumulating or mass-denying other-particle-relational property that in some way precedes their mass (or masslessness) and yet manifests only as mass (or masslessness)?

    Yo, fuck the Platonists.

    Obviously there could be some detectable field/object in the energetic/particulate space that’s reserved under the name “Higgs.” But it can’t be superfluous.


    1. End times man, end times, drink up

    2. I’m gonna tell you what I told that wheel chair guy. It’s turtles all the way down.

    3. I’m gonna tell you what I told that wheelchair guy. It’s turtles all the way down.

      (mutter spam filter mutter mutter)

  12. The enviropocalypse goons are hard at it lately. First I get this email with the subject line “The planet is dying” and a vague intro of Jar-El and the dying Krypton allusions:

    Dear friends,

    Our planet is dying and big oil companies have key nations in their pockets, blocking any chance of a climate treaty. We have 48 hours until UN talks end — let’s call on the EU, Brazil and China to lead us towards a deal to save the planet! Click here to sign the urgent petition:

    Our oceans are dying, our air changing, and our forests and grasslands turning to deserts. From fish and plants to wildlife to human beings, we are killing the planet that sustains us, and fast. There is one single greatest cause of this destruction of the natural world — climate change, and in the next 48 hours, we have a chance to stop it.

    The UN treaty on climate change — our best hope for action — expires next year, but a dirty and greedy US-led coalition of oil-captured countries is trying to kill it forever. It’s staggeringly difficult to believe, but they are trading short term profits for the survival of our natural world.

    The EU, Brazil and China are all on the fence — they are not slaves to oil companies the way the US is, but they need to hear a massive call to action from people before they really lead financially and politically to save the UN treaty. The world is gathered at the climate summit for the next 48 hours to make the big decision. Let’s send our leaders a massive call to stand up to big oil and save the planet — an Avaaz team at the summit will deliver our call directly:…..g_us_2/?vl

    Things are becoming desperate — all over our planet extreme weather continues to smash records, leaving millions homeless and without food or shelter. We’re rapidly reaching our point of no return to stop runaway climate change — we only have until 2015 to start making drastic reductions to our carbon pollution.

    Yet despite this very real urgency, the world has failed to mobilise against the fossil fuel captured democracy of the US. Not only content with wrecking the Copenhagen talks and the Kyoto protocol, they are now building a coalition of climate treaty killers to put the final nail in the coffin of international negotiations in Africa.

    Our only hope to turn things around lies with Europe, Brazil and China — they can make a deal happen, but they need to do it together, and that’s where we come in. Europe is tired, it’s fought long and hard on climate and needs a public boost. China has already agreed to binding commitments, is sensitive to its international reputation, and could lead further if we give it an encouraging push. And Brazil is hosting next year’s earth summit — making them eager to set the world up for climate success. Let’s build a giant global call to bring our champions together and build a green dream team. Sign the petition now and forward this email:…..g_us_2/?vl

    The crazy focus on short term profits that motivates countries to stall and scuttle action on a climate crisis that literally threatens the survival of all of us cannot be tolerated. Fortunately, our movement has the power to intervene in this process and demand change. Let’s stand together and inspire others to stand with us for a safer, more humane world.

    1. Then I see this gem in the Independent, referenced from a Russian scientist.

      Deadly Methane Release Accelerates

      The general response from all of the environuts is that we’re doomed, Doomed, DOOOOOOMMMMMMMED.

      I think they’re headed for a severe mental break. Thoughts?

      1. Igor Semiletov, of the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that he has never before witnessed the scale and force of the methane being released…

        And anything unwitnessed in an individual’s lifetime is clearly an unprecedented event.

      2. Deadly Methane Release Accelerates

        I blame Taco Bell.

        1. I was going to say that sounded like a big inadvertent fart joke.

    2. They thought they had the perfect thing to achieve what they wanted: climate change. And it looked like it was going all the way. Now it’s unraveling faster and faster and they’re seeing what seemed like a sure win slipping from their grasp.

      So, of course, what do they do? They do it harder. They’re not the brightest.

      1. Am I a delusional narcissist, or just an enormous dumbass? You the viewers get to decide!

        1. Your propensity to re-enact the plot from Single White Female leads me to vote for borderline personality disorder.

    3. Brasil isn’t in the pocket of the oil industry?

      One word: Petrobras. Fuck along, now.

      1. Shhh! Don’t give away the secret!

    4. I want the world to burn in fire, then drown in syrup, then finally be digested in a supermassive vat of acid. YUM!

    5. Those are some big pockets.

  13. Ron Paul Catches Newt in Iowa

    Look out, Newt Gingrich, the dark horse is about to overtake you in Iowa. Rep. Ron Paul has evaporated Gingrich’s lead from 9 percent to just 1 percent in a new Public Policy Polling survey. Gingrich came out with 22 percent in the poll to Paul’s 21 percent and Mitt Romney’s 16 percent. That wasn’t the only bad news for Newt: his favorability rating with Tea Party voters plunged with Tea Party voters from 35 percent down to 24 percent. Paul’s overall favorability soared to 61 percent.

    1. Those new ads are kicking Gingrich’s ass.

    2. How anyone in the Tea Party could support Newt is beyond me.

      1. Many of them like killing some brown people, that’s how.

        1. Don’t think that’s it.

    3. Much to Gingrich’s dismay, the Mule’s rise to power was unpredictable.

      (Tulpa, I’m so stealing this from the sifi newt thread)

      1. Asimov forgive you!

  14. “Wild monkeys have been enlisted by Japanese researchers to obtain detailed readings of radiation levels in forests near the troubled Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant.”

    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Ah, but what could go right? I want my monkey butler, damn it!

      1. STHU. You love the sound of your own voice more than anybody else on this blog. You think your so witty and urbane and cool, but your just a dumbass.

      2. A super strong mutated monkey? Are you mad?

        We’ll have to scour the islands clean with fire.

        1. I can control them, I know it! Just like my good friend Moreau!

          1. When they rip the flesh from your bones and parade around with your skull, I’ll be the first to say “I warned him! But he wouldn’t listen! There are some things man was not meant to know!”

            1. Pfft. That’ll never happen. Cornelius assures me.

              1. Man will never live with ape.

                1. Don’t be absurd. Warty already lives with your mom.

                  1. Now that’s funny

                2. Man will never live with ape.

                  NB4 first family joke.

          1. And I thought you were going to mention Congo. Son, I am disappoint.

        2. We’ll have to scour the islands clean with fire.

          We’ve done it before.

          Stupid copy/paste fail.

      3. Don’t worry. It’ll happen on it’s own. Life…ah…ah, life…finds a way.

        1. men + mutated monkey = dinosaur?

  15. I love how incidents used by anti-gun idiots never have any relationship to whatever their arguing.

    “Officer Peter Figoski died early Monday morning at Jamaica Medical Center after he was shot in the face during a robbery in East New York, the mayor told reporters at LaGuardia Community College, where he was attending a conference on healthcare jobs.

    “You don’t need armor piercing bullets for hunting. Last time I saw a deer wearing a bullet proof vest was a long time ago,” he said.”

    Because cops generally wear face armor? And WTF are these magical non-armor piercing bullets hunters use?…

    1. “Does that bullet in the face hurt?

      CAUSE IT’S KILLIN’ ME! Hahahahahahahahahha!”

  16. “they’re”

  17. I’m not sure I can handle this new development you call “Evening Links”.


    *scratches ass, waves off commenters, sits back down on porch*


    *shakes fist*

    1. Not all of us wake up before the crack of noon.

  18. Fake Baby Bumps are the new Thing…..le2269888/

    1. It was bound to happen when the fashion industry embraced maternity wear as the new fad. Do you know how hard it is right now to find a shirt that is tight around the waist?

      1. Not for dudes. Slim is in. I’m not a fattie, but alas I’m def. not a “slim fit” guy.

        1. It especially sucks because I am really short with huge tits. If I don’t wear a shirt with a tight waist, I look like a pregnant teenager.

          1. Pictures, Banjo, pictures…

          2. It especially sucks because I am really short with huge tits. If I don’t wear a shirt with a tight waist, I look like a pregnant teenager.

            Is it weird that I find both of those options hot?

            1. i’m sorry. what were you saying. i was a bit… um… preoccupied for a bit

      2. WTF is with those “hang a curtain from your tits” things women have been wearing? No human being could possibly look attractive in them.

    2. *puts hand on belly without asking*


    3. I want to buy somebody one of those and then go out drinking and smoking with her. I want to see the look on peoples’ faces when a woman who looks 6 months preggers does three shots of Crown while holding a cigarette.

      1. I like it! At first I was befuddled why this exists but now I get it. Bestest, most practical, least stupid use for such a device.

  19. ABC ditches Amanpour at “This Week” and replace her with the Snuffleupagus..

    She was terribly and deserves to go, but bringing back Snuffleupagus instead of putting in Jake Tapper? How dumb are ABC news execs?

    1. Maybe she’s going to go work for her hubby’s boss when he announces his independent presidential run in a few weeks.

  20. Speaking of that inflation that isn’t happening… USA Today reports that household electric bills have increased by about $300 a year since 2007, the highest rate of energy price inflation since the 1970s.

    That is the effect of all those “green energy” projects.

  21. Cracked 64: The Top 8 Everything of 2011, Photo
    This is a photo of Chris Jeon, a math major at the University of California, in the midst of joining the Libyan revolution. But why on earth would a promising young college student risk life and limb to enlist with the underdogs in a bloody foreign war? Does he support the cause? Does he have personal ties to the conflict? Did Gadhafi grief him in Battlefield, and he’s come over for some IRL payback? Nope. In his own words:

    “This is one of the few real revolutions … I just thought I’d come check it out. Just go and see what happens. At spring break I told my friends a ‘sick’ vacation would be to come here and fight with the rebels.”

    And in a sense, that is incredibly badass. Dude joined a motherfucking revolution like a pick-up game. When the other rebels shout “FOR LIBYA!” or “FREEDOM!” Jeon’s in the back shouting “AIN’T NOTHING ON TV THIS WEEK.”

    But in another, equally real sense: That’s a bunch of bullshit.

    One of the things absolutely killing our culture right now is irony. Everything is done half-assed, wearing a wry smirk and an ugly cardigan. That way if it doesn’t go over well, you can claim total immunity to criticism because “It was all ironic, bro.” And now that excuse applies not only to finger mustaches and shitty theme bars, but warfare?! I’m not sure if I should be horrified that young people are now apparently willing to die for a quick joke or relieved that the line at the Artisan Grilled Cheese Truck is going to be shorter next year.

    1. “This is one of the few real revolutions … I just thought I’d come check it out. Just go and see what happens. At spring break I told my friends a ‘sick’ vacation would be to come here and fight with the rebels.”

      Almanian covered this up-thread:
      “Does that bullet in the face hurt?
      CAUSE IT’S KILLIN’ ME! Hahahahahahahahahha!”
      Exactly the amount of sympathy due Chris when things turn out other than ‘ironic’.

  22. Who’s interested in doing a College Bowl Pick-em? I’ve got the reason H&R Bowl Pick-em ready to roll.

    Here is the linky.

    Password is: liberty

    1. I’m in. Thanks for setting that up.

        1. Go ahead rectal. As long as you stay on your meds (which you seem to have done lately), you’ll not destroy it.*

          *As commissioner, I could kick you out if you go batshit insane.

          1. Hmm, that was a joke. I know zip about sports.

    2. I put in my picks.

      I will destroy you.

      1. BTW, I can’t believe how many people are picking Houston after that disgusting show of bullshit they let loose with in their final game, and fuck everyone who picked against Georgia. They led LSU for an entire half!

        1. I need to decide whether or not I want to do the weighted scoring or straight scoring.

          What do you guys think?

          1. Honestly it’s six one way, half a dozen the other as far as I’m concerned. I really don’t care either way. Whatever you want to do.

            1. Then I’m gonna do straight scoring. That keeps a-holes from picking shit games at 17x the value of bigger ones.

              1. I joined. Picked the same results as the one I just filled out for my fiancee’s lab pool which is a weighted scoring one. In my experience picking the crap games for higher value is stupid as they are usually two shitty teams and it’s kinda random who wins. Then again very few games this year are as mismatched as Boise St.-Arizona St. so it’s all luck really (vegas has most of the games around or less than a field goal and those guys know what they are doing).

                1. Cool. I’m seeing the #’s go up quickly. We’re at 10 already. After I post it on the Morning Links, we’ll have a boatload.

                  And I recognize most names, but not all. We’ll have to take roll sometime soon.

  23. Speaking of that inflation that isn’t happening… USA Today reports that household electric bills have increased by about $300 a year since 2007, the highest rate of energy price inflation since the 1970s.

    Obama’s plan to make energy more expensive is working better than expected.

  24. Trump will whore himself for ANY attention he can get. The race is already a circus as it is! Trump is a windbag and full of hot air? all that fuss and guffaw will drop like his blood pressure after a double-tap shotgun blast to the head. Watch him get his and see if that hair is even real when the guns come out on the Zombie Walk of Fame at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot…..trump.html

  25. New study purports to show that differences in math skills between genders are cultural:…..biological

    I read as many comments and as much about this study as I could find, and I can find no mention of the fact that countries pushing “gender equality” actually remove certain types of questions from their standardized tests to achieve the balance they predict. For a study that purports to refute a well researched phenomina as the greater IQ spread of males as compared to females, you’d think they’d have included this variable.

    1. I love the tallest dude wearing the Mugsy Boegues jersey. They smell like frat boys to me, but I’ve lived in college towns for too much of my adult life.

    2. Idiots.

      Are you doing the College Bowl Pick-em, PantsFan?

      Link is here. I sent a group e-mail to the J sub D league as well. This one’s no limit on players (I think).

      Password: liberty

      1. When I get back to my main computer.

        1. What, is the one you’re on reserved for H&R and ‘batin?

          1. It has no passwords saved.

            1. I’m just kidding. I was worried you’d spilled a bag of milk or something on it and were waiting on it to get back from the shop.

              1. We don’t have bagged milk in Manitoba.

      2. “Offensive or obscene names may be removed permanently. 30 character max.”

        No Penn St. jokes then?

        1. As if the name you went with isn’t offensive enough to anybody that actually had to take classes to get a degree?

          1. I was gonna add a minor but hit the character limit.

            1. Now that’s a Sandusky joke!

  26. I thought that photo was of Trump’s Debate.

    The one in the pink-orange suit is a good likeness for Gingrich.

  27. National cell phone ban is coming.

    Did I miss the constitutional amendment that gave the NTSB unilateral law-making powers?

    The NTSB says stupid shit all the time. Most of it never becomes law.

  28. DC resident fined $2000 for throwing trash…in the trash.

    That city needs to be flushed down the Chesapeake and out to sea.

    1. I’ve always been more in favor of the “glass parking-lot” approach, myself.

  29. Speaking of that inflation that isn’t happening… USA Today reports that household electric bills have increased by about $300 a year since 2007, the highest rate of energy price inflation since the 1970s.

    That’s dirty pool. Energy and food prices are excluded from inflationary calculations because their prices are heavily affected by factors which have nothing to do with monetary policy.

    1. “Energy and food prices are excluded from inflationary calculations because their prices are heavily affected by factors which have nothing to do with monetary policy.”

      True, but both prices certainly have to do with federal policy.
      I give you, oh, ETHANOL!

  30. Haha. Suck it, Penguins fans.

    1. I WAS IN ATTENDANCE. Why were there so many Wings fans there?

    2. Jets beat the Wild!

  31. I think I found a new favorite cover.

    1. That’s actually very good.

      I know it’s not in English, but this is certainly in my Top 5 covers:
      Life On Mars.

      And you should get in our Bowl Pick-em.

      1. That’s a good film.

      2. That was beautiful.

      3. You’re going to think I’m a gayhomofag, but this not-english song actually just about brings me to tears everytime I hear it.

        1. But did you know she was singing about being gang-fucked by man eating plants and octopi? It is Japanese, after all.

          1. ok sloop, I joined your sports thing-a-ma-jig, I don’t know what the fuck I am doing, but I’m the type of person who has lots of beginner’s luck, so ignorance is on my side. You fuckers are going down and what not.

            1. Yay, Banjos! Oh, and I’m gonna beat your ass good.

  32. With the end of the pledge drive, was this the final Evening Links?

    1. That pledge drive ain’t gonna end until they get to 500 donors.

      1. They’ll just declare mission accomplished and move on.

  33. Yay! We got Banjos!

  34. I realize there’s some hinkiness in the USA Today energy bit. Despite the diabolical dexterity of my ordinarily adaptable prose stylings, I can’t seem to phrase it right: The paper appears to be claiming that the (average?) customer is now paying $300 more per year than s/he was five years ago. The paper’s own chart seems to suggest that this growth is from a base earlier than five years ago, however. Any suggestion that the price of electric power is going up $300 per year is unintentional. Also USAT says the cost is due in “equal” measures to increased use and increased price per unit. Anyway, there’s a handy link so you can check anything I’ve garbled.

    But I’m overruling Tulpa’s objection that energy and food prices are too volatile to provide insight on overall inflation. They’re only excluded from “core” CPI measures, and I don’t concede the logic of the exclusion: Life is volatile. So are prices of plenty of items. I don’t see why masking the volatility is any less distortive of your purchasing reality than it would be to leave in data the BLS considers noise. It’s not minor information: Food and energy are a lot more important to people on a daily basis than consumer durables.

    1. It’s not minor information: Food and energy are a lot more important to people on a daily basis than consumer durables.

      The removal of those items has always seemed politically motivated to me.

    2. By Tulpa’s logic anything made with cotton would also have to be excluded, as the volatility in the price of cotton has been staggering over the last half-decade.

      Of course, Tulpa’s also fine with drones spying on Americans even though they are stationed at a military base and have viewing capabilities orders of magnitude better than any set of binoculars.

      1. What do you have to hide?

  35. Can someone please explain to me how these guys got convicted? They had signed consent forms and taped pre-scene interviews. Was it just an anti-pornography jury?…..19729.html

    1. Your cisgender privilege is showing.

      1. I just think it’s wrong to let a very young child take hormones that stop their sexual and physical development. They’re not capable of making a sound decision like that at 7 or 8 years old. And any parent that would do that ought to be beaten with a sack of oranges.

  36. Hey, sloopy. Check this one out:…..f=obinsite

    Perfect storm of police stupidity and blatant disregard of public safety.

    1. Wow. That’s Grade-A stupidity. I wonder if they’ll charge the guy with the pot for the cop getting shot? That’s usually the way it works.

      And I promised to lay off the cop stories so much. I’m gonna have to rely on you and a few others to carry the torch.

      1. I usually average about 2 a week. But I don’t think there’ll be any lapse in the quantity overall. We love us some bad cop stories around here.

        My favorite part of the story is when the cop who was shot starts firing randomly around the house.

    2. 1.All guns are always loaded.
      2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
      3.Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
      4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

  37. Wild Flag is a bunch of old ladies?

  38. National Transportation Safety Board unanimously recommends that all state governments prohibit drivers from using portable electronic devices while driving.

    Technically that means outlawing tollway payment transponders, too.

    Technically, EVERYTHING in a car is portable. So the radio, CD player, clock, turn signals, headlights, etc. should all be prohibited.

  39. I don’t understand the NTSB’s rationale behind recommending a ban on even hands-free cell phones. How is using a hand’s free phone any more distracting than having a conversation with a passenger in the car?

  40. Ban of cell phone when driving can reduce the car accident but beside that we have to keep in mind the importance of cell phone. We must find out an alternate of hand use cell phone. I think we should take help from technology. I heard that FMCSA also Bans Professional Drivers from Using Cell Phones from http://blog.tenthamendmentcent…..hone-ban/. This is not great news for drivers because cell phone is an emergency device for transferring information. We should find out some alternate.

  41. I think it is too much of banning wireless phones or hands free communicating devices. But, the people have nothing to do if this law is implemented all over the states. I think they are just looking after of drivers being safe.

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