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DOJ Denies Marc Emery's Transfer Request


On his Cannabis Culture blog the week before last, Canadian drug policy activist Marc Emery, who is serving a five-year sentence in federal prison for selling marijuana seeds to Americans via his online business based in Vancouver, announced that the Justice Department had denied his request to serve the rest of his term in a Canadian prison. Although the department commonly grants such requests to prisoners who meet its criteria, it rejected Emery's application "because of the seriousness of the offense and also because of serious law enforement concerns."

As Emery notes, quoting the comments of then-DEA Administrator Karen Tandy at the time of his arrest in 2005, it seems his offense was deemed serious not because he made millions of dollars by selling cannabis seeds but because he used much of the money to agitate for changes in the drug laws. Tandy bragged that Emery's arrest was "a significant blow" to "the marijuana legalization movement," since "drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on." In his blog post, written as a letter to his wife, Jodie, Emery reminisces about his brushes with the law in Canada, condemns the Conservative government there for extraditing him, asks his supporters to lobby for a presidential pardon, and imagines a 2012 GOP dream ticket of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

Emery, who has served about a year and a half of his term, can apply again for a transfer in two years. The Drug War Chronicle has more on the transfer denial here. Previous Reason coverage of Emery here.

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  1. Too bad he's not a turkey. So far, Obama has showed more leniency and mercy to that species than he has to his fellow humans.

    1. Change is hard ... even when it is obviously easy.

  2. Tandy bragged that Emery's arrest was "a significant blow" to "the marijuana legalization movement," since "drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on."

    She's probably pissed about Citizens United, too.

    1. That's a pretty interesting quote. What does 'the marijuana legalization movement' have to do with the enforcement of drug laws? As DEA admin, she wasn't hired to pass judgment on what the law should be, but to enforce what it is; that she does strikes me as a pretty clear conflict of interest. Were I president, I would've been utterly embarrassed by such remarks; I would've fired her on the spot, and found someone who could execute their assigned duties dispassionately.

      Separation of powers -- what's that?

      1. She serves at the pleasure of the president, and it seems that locking people up for SELLING SEEDS gives the president pleasure.

        1. "Gave" the president pleasure. She was Dubya's drug bitch. Barack's drug bitch (Michele Leonhart) is not an improvement.

          1. That's impossible. Tony told me that GDub was a libertarian.

            1. Tony says a lot of things. Maybe one day, one of those things will be true.

              1. Blind squirrel. Acorn. Something like that.

      2. Toss the bitch in San Quentin with the 'general population'.

    2. I'm not the first to make this observation, but it bears repeating.

      The quote demonstrates that the prosecution and punishment of Mr. Emery has as its fundametal motivation politics.

      Mr. Emery is precisely a political prisoner.

  3. A "significant blow" to freedom of speech. Evil whore.

  4. Once again we see that there is no greater threat to society than questioning the people in power.

    1. What would be more dangerous to you or me than pissing off someone with a lot of power, like a cop? Not much.

      1. Pissing off Shriek?

        1. A four year old having a tantrum maybe annoying, but hardly dangerous.

        2. How can a hummingbird hurt me?

          1. I dunno... shriek knows a thing or two about bird law.

            1. You know how a shrike eats?

              It takes small animals and bugs and impales them on sticks so that it can pull them apart with its beak.

  5. Ah, more joys of the state's monopoly on the administration of justice.

    Is there anything more fundamentally incompatible with liberty than monopoly justice?

    Sure, in a truly free society, the state could not compete and would therefore die. TFB.

    1. In this case, the state, as such, didn't have a monopoly -- he used a competing justice-provider (Canada) that decided to roll over for the more powerful one. This would also happen in whatever bizarre capitalist justice system you envision.

      You're disturbingly monomaniacal, by the way.

      1. Oh please, how is the Canada in anyway a competing justice provider in the United States? You're dangerously close to the Dan T. definition of the only legitimate libertarian action ("If you don't like it then leave").

  6. Most people are unaware of the revolutionary era measures employed by true lovers of liberty against rent seeking / king loving / loyalists.

    Inevitably, more and more people who are just sick and tired of government are going to start doing the same.

  7. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery's illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.

    Hypothetically, if I don't share my hypothetical illicit drug profits with anyone, the DEA won't ask Canada to extradite me for money-laundering and drug trafficking?


  8. Fuck these fucking scumbags. The fact that he got extradited in the first place is all kinds of vile. Isn't it nice to know that governments on both sides of the border are vicious and cruel?

    1. When the Tories say "tough on crime", cases like this are a big portion of the "crime" they're talking about. You know, heinous crimes like selling goods to willing buyers.

      1. Haven't the New Dictators long wanted it to be a crime to pay for your own health care?

        At least, I know it was long the case that Canadians who wanted to take care of their own health care needs had to go into exile in the US to do it.

        1. It already is a crime to pay for your own health care (sometimes, depending on where and what the specific procedure is) ? and that's despite the NDP never having formed a federal government.

          In practice there's little difference between the Conservatives and the NDP on health care. Our current system has broad (quadripartisan?) support. If it's ever going to change, it'll be due to a provincial revolt in Alberta or Quebec. Not because any of the federal parties started giving a damn about freer-market health care.

  9. God, if and when marijuana is legalized, the entire DEA is going to get a contact high from all the stoners lighting up outside their office just to shove it in the DEA's face.

    And it will be fucking high-larious.

    1. The stoners better apply for the proper permits.

  10. I am truly ashamed of the fact that the government of my country handed Marc Emery over to the US.

  11. Free Marc Emery and treat cannabis fairly, as a plant. Let it grow and let the people harness this wonder drug so that we may one day live in peace an harmony with the planet.


  12. The drug war is a $50B industry anually. It destroys lives, families, and neighborhoods. In Mexico, 25,000 people have lost their lives in the drug war. Law enforcement routinely violates the constitution to catch people. Violent criminal organizations have arisen to protect themselves from govt and unsrupulous participants in the drug world. Has anybody who wants to use drugs been saved by the govt?

    1. 25,000 is old news. It should be around 36,000 now and was exactly 34,612 in January.

  13. asks his supporters to lobby for a presidential pardon, and imagines a 2012 GOP dream ticket of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

    Pardon me, Obama, so I can work for your opponents!

  14. Nice little trap they've got laid out:

    To: All Students, Staff and Faculty,

    ***** will take part in the DEA's Second National Take Back Initiative that will run from 10AM-2PM on Saturday, April 30. The purpose of the Initiative is to promote
    and facilitate the safe disposal of unused or expired controlled, non-controlled, and over the counter medications. The collection site will be at the Police
    Station located at ********.

    All medications will be collected in pill, gel, cream, patch, and liquid form. Liquid products and creams will be collected in their containers. This program is
    totally anonymous. There will be no requests for identification nor will any questions be asked of the participants. Participants may remove any personal
    information from bottles or packaging prior to submittal.

    Illegal substances such as marijuana and methamphetamine are not part of this initiative. Syringes will not be collected due to the potential hazard posed by
    blood-borne pathogens.

    The ***** thanks you in advance for your support of this Initiative. For more info,
    go http://www.dea.gov.

    1. Dang Tulpa, I had you figured for a Carlow prof, your big leagues, man.

      1. r

        ins: 're

  15. To all (but not exclusively limited to) DOJ and DEA: YOU ARE CUNTS.

  16. Why did Emery get scared and plead guilty? You cannot plead guilty and then pretend you pleaded innocent. I thought he was supposed to be a fighter, but he is turned out to be a crybaby. He just got transfer to a forced labor camp called Yazoo City. No dope smoking allowed there.

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