Reason Morning Links: Pirates, Bankers, UFOs, and Zombies


– Rebellion in Thailand, in Georgia, and in Moldova.

– The "largest bank failure in the nation so far this year."

– The Navy frees Capt. Richard Phillips from Somali buccaneers. Looking at the larger problem, Lester Hunt makes the case for private defense against pirates, and Nathan Hodges talks with a fellow in the private defense business. Johann Hari argues that some of the people dubbed pirates are engaged in a sort of private defense themselves. On the Big Picture beat: Is piracy an overstated threat?

– Goldman Sachs tries to silence a blogger.

– State and local governments raise funds via fees.

– Bad regulation drives out good.

– "Ten Things I Hate About NPR"

– Area 51 insiders spill the beans.

Paging Oliver Sacks.