Appellate Court Upholds Trial Court's Rejection of "[Independent] Custody Investigator" Opinion

Among other things, the investigator "appeared to accept Father’s explanation that his 2003 kidnapping conviction based on allegations of domestic violence in a previous relationship was a misunderstanding, not the result of criminal conduct," "[finding] 'credible' Father’s explanation that he 'was unfairly incarcerated based on the lies of the victim and because of the racist justice system.'"

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Mothers' Lawsuits Claiming Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center Interfered with Parental Rights Can Go Forward

The claims arise out of “UPMC’s purported disclosure of their confidential medical information to [child protection authorities] for the purpose of targeting them with highly intrusive, humiliating and coercive child abuse investigations starting before taking their newborn babies home from UPMC’s hospitals shortly after childbirth.”

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