Joe Biden

Yet Another Shady, Hypocritical Document Hoarder

Plus: The editors field a listener question on college admissions and affirmative action.


In this week's The Reason Roundtable, editors Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie consider the revelation that, like former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden also had a stash of classified documents in his private office and residence.

0:23: President Biden also had classified materials in his house

10:35: House GOP introduces the Curriculum Review of Teachings, or CRT, Transparency Act

31:33: Weekly Listener Question:

I have long held what I consider to be a libertarian position on college admissions and affirmative action: that private colleges ought to be able to control their own admissions policies and that those who don't like those policies can seek admission elsewhere. I am somewhat surprised that I do not find any libertarians making this argument. It seems to me that if the Supreme Court makes a determination that affirmative action is illegal, as well as other types of arguably discriminatory admissions policies such as preferences for alumni and attempts to achieve geographic diversity in the student body, then we are in for a tsunami of lawsuits in which every damn college applicant in the country who is turned down by her top college pick will argue that she was the victim of discrimination. Where does it end? I'm an alumnus of Wesleyan University. I always accepted that racial diversity is a laudable goal in assembling a student body, as is geographical diversity (although I read recently that a desire for geographic diversity is just a scheme to keep out Jews; I didn't know I was antisemitic), or a distribution of interests in the arts versus the sciences, or a wide variety of extracurricular activities. So it touched my heart when today's New York Times ran a headline, "If Affirmative Action Ends, College Admissions May Be Changed Forever," with a picture of my dear old alma mater, Wesleyan. What does the panel think? By what logic are the details of private college admissions policies a matter for the courts? How does the Constitution say that the courts need to make these decisions? How did we get here? And again, where will it all end?

47:21: This week's cultural recommendations

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