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Violent Crime in Baltimore Plunges After City Ditches Prosecution of Prostitution, Drug Possession, Other Minor Offenses

Plus: The "infrastructure plan" that isn't, the Institute for Justice challenges cash seizures at airports, and more...


Decarceral experiment in Baltimore gets results. After a year of foregoing prosecution of certain nonviolent misdemeanor crimes, Baltimore has seen a serious drop in violent crimes and property crimes, too. Between March 2020 and March 2021, violent crime in Baltimore dropped 20 percent and property crime dropped 36 percent. Homicides were also down slightly (13 fewer compared to the previous year).

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced in March 2020 that her office would dismiss all pending charges for drug possession, prostitution, trespassing, open container, public urination, paraphernalia possession, attempted distribution of drugs, and minor traffic offenses. It would also stop prosecuting new cases for these offenses—a decision born out of the desire to thwart COVID-19 spreading through jails.

Mosby's office dismissed 1,423 pending cases and dismissed 1,415 warrants related to these offenses between March 2020 and March 2021. Now, the change will be permanent.

"The police are going to follow what they've been doing for the past year, which is not arresting people based on the offenses I mentioned," Mosby said at a March 26 press conference. "Clearly, the data suggest there is no public safety value in prosecuting low-level offenses."

Of course, it doesn't necessarily follow that halting prosecution of some nonviolent offenses actually caused Baltimore's widespread drop in violent and property crimes. For instance, the pandemic and business and school shutdowns alone could explain the decline. But the fact that the pandemic and shutdowns have corresponded to rising violent crime rates in many other U.S. cities casts doubt on their power to explain Baltimore's decrease in both nonviolent and violent offenses.

In any event, Baltimore authorities are keen to continue the experiment. "We leave behind the era of tough-on-crime prosecution and zero tolerance policing and no longer default to the status quo to criminalize mostly people of color for addiction," said Mosby in a statement. "We will develop sustainable solutions and allow our public health partners to do their part to address mental health and substance use disorder."

Mosby's office will be partnering with Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc. and other community groups, including the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) Baltimore, to help provide a range of services to those who need them.

"The decision not to prosecute drug and nonviolent misdemeanor crimes meant a huge paradigm shift for police, Commissioner Michael Harrison said in an interview," according to The Washington Post. "Officers who made drug arrests saw prosecutors dismissing the charges at the jail, and so the arrests mainly stopped. Mosby said there were 80 percent fewer arrests for drug possession in Baltimore in the past year."

Overall incarceration in the city of Baltimore "is down 18% during COVID and the data reveals there has been a 39% decrease in people entering the criminal justice system compared to this time last year," the city says.

A study from the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office and Johns Hopkins University researchers found that of the 1,431 people whose charges or warrants were dismissed at the start of Baltimore's criminal justice experiment, only five were rearrested for any crime. In addition:

The data showed that 911 calls about drug use, public intoxication and sex work (a proxy for public concern) did not increase following the policy; rather, from March – December 2020, there was a 33% reduction in calls mentioning drugs and a 50% reduction in calls mentioning sex work compared to the prior 2 years.

Professor Susan Sherman of Johns Hopkins says, "The fact that we saw drops in 911 calls and recidivism for these offenses shows us that communities are less impacted by these announcements than one might assume. The trend is different for other offenses during that time period. The policy is therefore making a positive impact on communities."


The Institute for Justice (IJ) can move forward with a case challenging cash seizures at airports by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents. From IJ:

When travelers go online to find out whether it is legal to fly with cash, the government tells them that there are no restrictions on traveling with any amount of money on domestic flights. What it does not tell flyers is that, upon seeing cash, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners will detain them and turn them over to law enforcement, who will take their money without any cause for suspicion and without filing any criminal charges.

Now, a Fourth Amendment, class action lawsuit filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ) to end these unconstitutional practices by the TSA and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will move forward in federal court after a judge rejected the government's motion to dismiss.


President Joe Biden's "infrastructure plan" is just another omnibus spending and regulation measure. The $2 trillion proposal from the president would "force non-union workers to pay union dues even in states that have explicitly said that's not mandatory," as Eric Boehm pointed out in yesterday's Reason Roundup. It would allocate $10 billion for a Civilian Climate Corps, $174 billion in subsidies for electric vehicles, $12 billion for community colleges, and $25 billion "to help upgrade child care facilities and increase the supply of child care in areas that need it most." Some $5 billion would go to violence prevention initiatives. And that's only some of the spending unrelated or tangentially related to infrastructure.

In terms of spending on infrastructure, Biden's plan is less concerned with what works and more concerned with launching a massive jobs creation program, as Reason's Christian Britschgi notes:

The president said in his speech today that his American Jobs Plan would replace the 10 most economically significant bridges in the country, but otherwise omitted details about what specific projects he'd like to fund.

Biden's transportation infrastructure plans are "vague because the focus is all on the second-order effects of transportation, not on actual transportation," says Adrian Moore, vice president of research at the Reason Foundation. "It's all about what's going to happen for equity or climate change or suburban development."

Indeed, one can see that in the very name of the American Jobs Plan, the title of which does not mention infrastructure. That's more than a rhetorical point. The focus on jobs, and particularly unionized American jobs, means that Biden's $2 trillion spending plan will buy a lot less infrastructure than it otherwise could.


• More on the Matt Gaetz saga, from me, from the Washington Examiner, and from The Daily Beast.

Reason's Peter Suderman serves up weird, delicious cocktail recipes:

• New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state's new marijuana legalization measure into law yesterday.

Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler corrects the record on a repeated Biden claim about the new Georgia voting law:

• "Police investigators say Michael Forest Reinoehl, a Portland, Oregon, activist wanted for killing another man during ongoing street battles in that city last summer, likely shot at police before he was killed by a fugitive task force in Lacey, Washington, last September," reports Reason's C.J. Ciaramella.

• Psychology professor Kevin Nadal and the Anti-Defamation League's Steven Freeman debate hate crime laws on the excellent Jane Coaston podcast, The Argument.

NEXT: Biden's Infrastructure Plan Would Overturn 'Right-To-Work' Laws in 27 States

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  1. Decarceral experiment in Baltimore gets results.

    Criminal justice industrial complex just started down a slippery slope.

    1. Thank whatever deity that you believe in. Or not.

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    2. But what about the Rule Of Law?

      1. What about changing the laws?

    3. Baltimore, Homicides by year

      2010 223
      2011 196
      2012 218
      2013 233
      2014 211
      2015 344
      2016 318
      2017 343
      2018 309
      2019 348
      2020 335

      Just the facts, mam.

      1. I’m impressed it stayed mostly flat. How does that jibe with Baltimore population over the period? I assume the reporting criteria was consistent over the period as well?

        1. Year # City* US*

          2010 223 34.8 4.8
          2011 196 31.1 4.7
          2012 218 34.9 4.7
          2013 233 37.4 4.5
          2014 211 33.8 4.9
          2015 344 55.4 5.1
          2016 318 51.4 5.3
          2017 343 57.8 5.7
          2018 309 50.5 5.7
          2019 348 58.6

          * per 100,000

          1. City population

            2010 620,961

            2020 575,584

            declined 7.3%

            1. Appears consistent; the murder rate in Baltimore is roughly 10 X the national average.

              So of we were to take out the stats of several such metropolitan areas [I will get around to doing that when I’m retired or just really bored], I suspect our homicide rate would be pretty close to that of any European country, maybe better. Beheaded French school teachers notwithstanding.

              1. Neat! Thank you very much for answering my question.

                It’s amazing, how their population has declined given that US population went from 309M to 331M over that 10 year period. Though now I understand where a lot of those new Maryland license plates around here, came from.

                Over 50 homicides per 100,000 population places you firmly into ‘Abject Shithole’ territory. Per charts like this one:

                But I’m sure crime is dropping now. As sure as ENB, who decided to use that stat to headline this article.

                1. We’re number one! We’re number one!

                  — St. Louis

              2. So of we were to take out the stats of several such metropolitan areas


                1. Well, arrogance aside, let’s have a go at it; I did run some of those numbers and truth is: subtract the [intentional] homicides from St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, New Orleans, Kansas City, and Memphis; these areas account for a total of 1,481 murders a year [2020]; their cumulative rate per 100K population is around 35, while the national average for that year is 5.0; subtracting these would impact the national average, but only to about 4.6 [so my premise is indeed fanciful, unless we ramp up our arrogance and include the top 30 murder capitals which becomes academic to the point of sophistry]; point is, the homicide rates of places like Baltimore are 11 times the national average. The crime is simply so concentrated in these localities as to render them all but unlivable, except for politicians, cops, and hoodrats.

                  And I will leave it to you to tell us what all of these places have in common in terms of politics and demographics.

        2. Flat? The increase in 2015 was massive. It stayed up after that. It must be those dastardly white supremacists, just like Chicago!

      2. Curious to know what happened between 2014 and 2015 to cause the number of murders to increased by over 50%.

        1. Violent crime spiked in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015, which touched off riots and a crime wave that has resulted in an increase in murders. The city recorded a total of 344 homicides in 2015, a number second only to the number recorded in 1993 when the population was 100,000 higher. This was the highest murder rate on a per capita basis ever recorded.[11] Baltimore had seen 211 murders as of August 19, 2015, which equaled the total number of murders that occurred in Baltimore in all of 2014.[12] On July 10, 2015, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fired Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, saying his presence had become a distraction in a city that needs to focus on ending a dramatic spike in homicides.[13]

          1. The cops enacted ‘smile and wave’ policing after Freddie Gray. I can’t blame them. Evidently the citizens of Baltimore (and the writers at this magazine) want it this way, so why fight them?

            Amazing how dramatic the climb was.

            1. At the rate they are going, there will be no one left there but politicians, cops, and hood-rats. That is beyond dismal.

            2. A major factor probably. Baltimore PD has had problems for years now though. While the rest of the nation was seeing a fall in homicides in the 90s, Baltimore remained mostly stagnant. This was in spite of something like 100k arrests per year (for anything and everything).

              Not all PDs are created equal. Baltimore PD is immensely, insanely corrupt. Some good folks in there for sure, but keep in mind that Freddie Gray (who, granted, was a known criminal and bad guy) was arrested for a legal knife and died from a ‘rough ride,’ which is common practice. Planting drugs, constant aerial surveillance, cops exchanging ‘favors’ with prostitutes, cops running drugs and guns into the prisons…hell, just google “Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force.” Baltimore honestly might have the most criminal PD in the country.

              That kind of brings us back to the article – if you want to fix policing, a good start would be to focus on property crimes (including trespassing, contrary to the current policy highlighted here) rather than wasting time on things like extensive traffic policing. I don’t know about fixing the laws. Step one would have to be changing the legislative cycle to something less frequent, as opposed to legislators crafting law year round and bloating the city legal code. If you want to fix the crime epidemic you’re probably talking about ending section 8 (if we are to retain welfare we might consider making the subsidy a discretionary credit, applicable to any housing of choice), stop paying single mothers more (and thus keep families intact), and implement school choice. Then wait a decade and voila.

            3. Chicago had a massive climb in 2016. It went down but last year was a record breaker. Their police have adopted the “stay fetal” attitude. “Take the call, smile and wave, drive away”.

          2. Reason was particularly hilarious at the time.

          3. But the numbers never went down again. The good citizens of Baltimore enjoyed the increase and decided to keep up the hard work.

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  2. It would also stop prosecuting new cases for these offenses—a decision born out of the desire to thwart COVID-19 spreading through jails.

    More resources for prosecuting the unmasked? THERE MUST BE BALANCE.

    1. It could also be an attempt to divert attention from Mosby and her Councilman husband being investigated by the feds for income tax evasion. But that would be cynical, wouldn’t it?

      1. Even more incentive to investigate politicians.

  3. Let the doxxing and threats begin:

    Who Are the Jurors in the Derek Chauvin Trial?
    The jurors bring to the table a range of views about race and policing, some forged by long life experience and some formed after the death of George Floyd.

    1. What about their lived experiences?

    2. “Nice life you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    3. The same rag that gave anonymity to the “resistance” in the trump administration.

    4. The Times’ reporters and editors won’t change, until they find that siccing the Mob on wrongthinkers, is a sword that cuts both ways. So far, it hasn’t.

      1. What’s that you say Mrs Robinson
        Zodiac Killer has left and gone away..

        1. If you dropped killer, it would actually fit the meter of the song, like so (switching the position in the chorus because I like that as a beginning):

          What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson
          Zodiac has left and gone away
          hey hey hey
          God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson
          Antifa wants to burn your cites all to ash
          Bash, bash, bash
          Fash, fash fash

          (shit, I hope we didn’t just inspire a new anthem for trching small black-owned business to)

      2. Like Greenwald pointed out the other day, modern journalism and its sycophants doesn’t hold the powerful to account, it goes after ordinary people now because they are far easier targets, and because they clearly get off on using their platform to ruin the lives of those who aren’t on their political side.

  4. We leave behind the era of tough-on-crime prosecution and zero tolerance policing and no longer default to the status quo to criminalize mostly people of color for addiction…

    Hey, if it takes playing the race card to sell this, go for it.

    1. It makes me cringe, but at least the polices are objectively race neutral, even if all of the PR reeks of CRT language.

    2. “We found better things to do” just sounded too honest.

      1. If by “better” you mean less dangerous and more profitable. It’ll make a comeback once they start missing all the free blowies they were getting to keep those girls out of handcuffs.

        1. Man, you haven’t had a blowie until you’ve had a “get out of jail free” blowie!

  5. Officers who made drug arrests saw prosecutors dismissing the charges at the jail, and so the arrests mainly stopped.

    I can’t imagine what nails they’ll manufacture to replace the hammering itch.

    1. Lock up your dogs.

  6. ‘She’ is the brother’s widow Crackhead Hunter was fucking. Natalie is her daughter.

    EXC: Hunter Biden’s Texts Confirm Gun Was Taken, Left In Dumpster – ‘Police, FBI, Secret Service Came On Scene’.

    She has told people that I was sexually inappropriate with Natalie and thatʼs why I wasnʼt allowed in the house. She my MY THERAPIST that when in was clean and she dad a breakdown and left me for 4 days and wouldnʼt even pick up her phone. Nm y therapist told me she had been traumatized by what Hallie said. Hallie say sshe did not. Letʼs call my therapist and ask for my own piece of mind. She has told me that she wonʼt defend me she wont support me she wont allow me to interfere with her children and her life because in her exact words their is “NO USʼ”- you do you iʼll do me.

    …She stole the gun out of my truck lock box and threw in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens. Then told me it was my problem to deal with. Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids.

    …I have not been “allowed” to live with the kids for over a year now. She has told them i abandoned them. She has told them others I am a bad influence that I endanger their health that Iʼve been sexually inappropriate with Natalie that I have physically abused her that I have e emotionally abused her that I am abusive to everyone around me and that she knows that If Natalie were allowed to come visit me I would be “walking around naked watching porn masturbating and doing drugs in front of her”. NATALIE IS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VISIT me if Naomi my 25 yer old brings her she is only allowed alone with me if my father is there. How devastating is that, how completely and utterly demoralized ashamed do you think the makes me feel. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE WHOLE MY WORLD believes im an unfit uncle and cant be trusted alone my children. Even with Naomi or her sister liz present. What permanent sir do you think Natalie now carries.

    1. He also admitted to drug use in those texts.

      1. He took pictures of himself with a crack pipe.

        1. Well. He has a habit if losing those in rental cars. So wanted proof of ownership.

      2. DOL is the real deal. He has provided the evidence. Just wanted you to know.

    2. I read those, and I don’t care so much about what Hunter did, related to his abuse of his niece.

      I care about where he learned that was acceptable behavior. Any guesses?

      1. Yea but Gatz(sp?) may have flown on an Airplane with a 17 year old so there is that, never mind Hunters underage niece then

  7. Los Angeles agency votes for $36M police funding boost as crime surges

    Officials in Los Angeles voted this week to re-fund their police amid an upswing in crime.

    Less than a year after “defund the police” fervor swept across major cities from coast to coast, Los Angeles County Metro, the region’s public transportation agency, voted Thursday to boost police funding by $36 million.

    The vote passed 12-0, including a “yea” from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a major advocate of defund the police measures, who chairs the board.

    The money will go toward the agency’s law-enforcement contracts with the Los Angeles Police Department, Long Beach Police Department and Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department.

    Los Angeles has been among the nation’s leading communities in efforts to defund the police.

    The city council voted last July to slash $150 million from the LAPD budget, while voters in November approved a measure to devote 10 percent of the city’s general fund to non-police public safety measures.

    1. Minneapolis to spend $6.4 million to hire more police

      1. Minneapolis to spend $6.4 million to hire more police

        An unprecedented numbers of officers quit or went on an extended medical leave — many for PTSD claims — after Floyd’s death, rioting that led to the burning of a police precinct, and calls to end the city’s Police Department.

        In the months since then, some residents have demanded city leaders to hire additional officers, saying they’re waiting longer for responses to emergency calls amid a dramatic uptick in violent crime. Others have encouraged elected officials to end the department, saying police haven’t proven effective at reducing crime.

        1. residents have demanded city leaders to hire additional officers, saying they’re waiting longer for responses to emergency calls amid a dramatic uptick in violent crime.

          “Get Marilyn Mosby on the phone, stat!”

        2. I’ve said all along that defund the police was part of the long march. Police and military are the last institutions that the left hasn’t captured. They needed to drive out some of those pesky “free thinking” cops with the wrong ideas by making their job dangerous, disrespected with less pay. Now they’ll ramp up the spending and hire some new armed goons that are a little bit more, shall we say “malleable” when it comes to their respect for things like free speech and free association for people with the “wrong” views.

          Who cares about murder rates skyrocketing and billions in random property damage by crazy statist mobs? We have tens of millions of domestic terrorists to take down!

          1. It’s just been misguided. Police training sucks a fat one and has for a while, not to mention the ongoing militarization.

            Police need trained better and we need more social workers for calls as such (nonviolent.) But that slogan doesn’t fit on a t-shirt.

            1. Can you please out line your training plan? I’m curious.

              1. That wasn’t in his talking points email. He’ll have to get back to you.

                1. Circle back. He’ll circle back to you.

                  1. My mistake.

  8. #BidenBoom update.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $4.71 billion

    After falling out of the global top 20 last year because of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies, Mr. Koch is now the 14th richest person on the planet. He’ll easily reenter the top 10 by the end of the year as I’ve been predicting.


    1. How’s Soros doing? I’m worried about him.

      1. Fifteen years ago if someone would have told me Charles Koch and George Soros become besties and turn Reason into a corporatist rag, I would have laughed.

  9. Has American Liberalism Abandoned Free Speech? Interview With Thomas Frank
    Frank addressed the “clampdown mania” of the Internet era, expressing puzzlement over a change in how Democrats look at the speech issue now, versus how traditional liberals almost unanimously viewed the issue in the not-so-distant-past.

    “Criticism, analysis, mockery, and protest: these were our weapons,” he wrote. “Censorship and blacklisting were, with important exceptions, the weapons of the puritanical right.”

    To say the piece didn’t go over as he expected is an understatement. Although some liked it, he was stunned by the reaction from people he once considered political allies. “People were like, ‘Fuck you, Frank!’” he says, half-laughing.

    1. The biggest drama queen has the most power. Wonder system for society.

      Journalists Are “Centering” Their “Trauma” Because It Enables Them To Acquire Power

      On March 28, Washington Post journalist Felicia Somnez posted a Twitter thread describing the intense trauma she said she’d endured over the past year. An editorial policy imposed by the paper’s management had greatly exacerbated this trauma, she alleged, causing her to burst into tears during a recent therapy session and frequently lapse into spells of “vacant staring.” Somnez, a Harvard graduate in her 30s who holds one of the most prestigious journalism jobs in the country, spoke of being “silenced” by her editors, which in turn kicked her “trauma response” into overdrive and worsened her condition further. She declared that the new crop of young journalists now beginning at the Post “deserve better” than how she’d been treated, particularly on account of their being so “diverse, talented and relentless in their fight for equity.”

      Subscribe now

      If any of these buzzwords and/or phrases sound familiar, it’s because their usage now dependably instigates a swift capitulatory reaction from the people who run legacy media institutions. The editorial policy adjustment that Somnez had demanded be effectuated did in fact get effectuated, within a matter of hours. Her elaborately confessional Twitter thread — a well-worn tactic by this point — worked fantastically. Whatever the merits of the proposed policy adjustment at issue (and she may well have been on sound footing in demanding it), no one can dispute that her chosen self-advocacy approach achieved what she set out to achieve. Because increasingly, as this episode once again demonstrated, the key to coaxing stodgy old editors into acquiescence is to publicly “call them out” using a now-familiar punchy, emotionally inflammatory rhetorical style.

      We can just take Somnez at her word and grant that this professional adult journalist genuinely did undergo the debilitating trauma she described, vacant staring spells and all. It’s impossible to judge the precise veracity of these trauma-related claims anyway, given how inextricable they are with the interior mental state of the individual in question. So we’ll have to just accept that Somnez being “attacked online,” as she put it, really did result in the kind of extraordinary psychological turmoil she says she experienced. (Here’s some additional background information on the other alleged sources of Somnez’s trauma.) What can be judged, however — and what has to be judged given its rapidly increasing prominence in public life — is the wider impact of the rhetorical style used so adroitly by Somnez. Because it very clearly gets results. Call it therapeutic trauma jargon.

      Elite journalists such as Somnez are deploying this rhetorical style with escalating intensity as they mount an initiative (starring themselves, naturally) to highlight the scourge of what they call “online harassment” and/or “online violence.” An article last week in Vanity Fair — which upon publication received a raft of borderline-tearful plaudits for being So Important And So Necessary Right Now — details the painful travails of professional adult journalists who claim, among other things, that they are “afraid to open Twitter” due to all the terrifying harassment that occurs on the site. I’m going to repeat the full phrase “professional adult journalists” multiple times for emphasis, as it’s important to bear in mind that we’re talking about people in their 20s and 30s who are largely alumni of elite colleges and possess other highly-sought-after elite credentials. They wield astronomically more influence in society than the average schlub could ever dream of.

      1. Enjoy the matriarchy. It has worked wonders for the black community.

      2. Nobody likes a whiner.

        (well, that too is gone)

        1. Everybody loves a whiner these days.

      3. I’m so tired of the word “trauma.” Imagine having your head so far up your own ass, that you think feeling bad about mean tweets is trauma.

        Words have no meaning anymore.

      4. Vacant staring? Sounds like epilepsy.

      5. For fuck’s sake, get a different job if you can’t handle criticism and people not being nice all the time. Aren’t journalists supposed to be tough minded and cynical?

        1. I would love if any of these loosers sat in an engineering design review.

      6. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! ™

      7. An editorial policy imposed by the paper’s management had greatly exacerbated this trauma, she alleged, causing her to burst into tears during a recent therapy session and frequently lapse into spells of “vacant staring.” Somnez, a Harvard graduate in her 30s who holds one of the most prestigious journalism jobs in the country, spoke of being “silenced” by her editors, which in turn kicked her “trauma response” into overdrive and worsened her condition further. She declared that the new crop of young journalists now beginning at the Post “deserve better” than how she’d been treated, particularly on account of their being so “diverse, talented and relentless in their fight for equity.”

        This is 40 years of New Left and Woke Left indoctrination in schools, and decades of increasingly permissive parenting, finally coming home to roost–a cadre of solipsistic crybullies who need therapists to deal with professional criticism that was considered normal in the industry for decades, while leveraging their power as social elites to ruin the lives of ordinary people.

        I don’t think they realize, in their zeal to subvert free speech, that people might get the idea that a free press is actually a tool of the state (wouldn’t be the first time–Operation Mockingbird, anyone?), is being used to hurt them for any kind of deviance from the left-liberal consensus, and act accordingly.

      8. Elite journalists such as Somnez are deploying this rhetorical style with escalating intensity as they mount an initiative (starring themselves, naturally) to highlight the scourge of what they call “online harassment” and/or “online violence.”

        This is also the end result of the philosophical narrative that Sarah Jeong established when she wrote “The Internet of Garbage”–that ANY kind of criticism can be construed as “bullying” and that Big Tech needs to be empowered to silence it.

    2. Circle back. He’ll circle back to you.

  10. What it does not tell flyers is that, upon seeing cash, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners will detain them and turn them over to law enforcement, who will take their money without any cause for suspicion and without filing any criminal charges.

    Hey, if you have any cash at all why aren’t you chartering flights. SUSPICIOUS.

    1. I don’t know you could blow up a plane with cash.

      1. But if you had enough bills, you could “make it rain,” and the rain would clog the engines, and the plane would crash. So there!

  11. Now, a Fourth Amendment, class action lawsuit filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ) to end these unconstitutional practices by the TSA and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will move forward in federal court…

    It will be entertaining to see what twisted logic a federal court uses to justify unjustifiable theft.

    1. Oh, that’s easy. “The money was potentially earmarked for funding terrorist activity.”

      1. “They looked like a republican”.

      2. The courts just ruled that you can’t sue police officers for violating your first amendment rights even though they were specifically trained that the exact actions they took were violations of your first amendment rights. The reasoning? Because nobody had successfully been sued before for the exact same offense. That’s right, even though the courts had already ruled on the constitutionality of their actions, they had not done so in the context of qualified immunity.

        The courts actually ruled that qualified immunity applies up until the moment that a court rules that qualified immunity doesn’t apply, expanding their already ludicrous position that qualified immunity applies even when police do something illegal and unconstitutional as long as courts have not ruled in a similar case prior.

        1. If a reporter were to ask Kamala Harris if she plans to end qualified immunity and she laughs herself to death, would it be an assassination?

          1. Excellent and convincing deep fake of Kamala and Nancy. Every time I see her, I daydream about this.


        2. This is kind of a “tree falls in the forest” question. If a government and it’s goons face no punishment for blatant violations of the constitutional limitations on their power, does the constitution actually exist?

  12. It doesnt follow at all that choosing not to arrest and prosecute low level crimes will reduce more serious crimes. There is no possible case to be made for that.
    However, it does show that letting the small stuff slide does not cause serious crimes to increase. They should probably focus on that angle instead.

    1. Crime went down because everyone died from the China virus.

      1. How can you rob someone who has lost their job?

    2. Maybe the “small stuff” shouldn’t be crimes in the first place?

      1. My personal belief is that all vice crimes are garbage and just a relic of whatever the Karens were on in the past.
        I offend even libertarians with the scale of what I dont think should be illegal. My thought is, if you arent willing to have someone killed over it, it shouldnt be a crime. Even jaywalking is punishable by death if you choose not to surrender your freedom to the police.

    3. It does follow to a certain extent.

      We had a local case where a guy was arrested for carrying a box cutter (he was a stocker at a local super market). The box cutter was 100% legal, but they arrested him anyway for possession of a “dangerous weapon”. Take the guy to jail, process him and he can’t make bail.

      So then, he obviously can’t go into work the next day. Doesn’t matter, when he does make bail, the supermarket fires him(don’t want to employ a guy who carries around “dangerous weapons”-even though it was the super market that issued him the box cutter in the first place).

      Now with an arrest record, and pending trial, no one will higher him. How does he pay his rent? He doesn’t. Now he’s homeless. No money. No job.

      What employment opportunities do you thing he turns to? He turns to petty theft and selling drugs, then more and more brazen acts of theft and home break-ins. Of course, he gets arrested again.Now that he’s fully instituted into the system, his crimes become more violent.

      1. Makes me wonder about the job prospects of multiple felons in Chicago. Would you want to hire a kid that had 6 or 7 carjackings under his belt before he turned 18? States Attorney Foxx will not prosecute them as an adult until the 9th offense. Would you want to hire a kid that is willing to put a gun in someone’s face to go for a joy ride? Last year they had 1300+ carjackings, numbers are up 30% from that this year. The police “staying fetal” is not working out for the Chicago commuter or ride share
        drivers. Nobody is looking out for the Chicago taxpayer.
        Foxx raised the felony level for larceny to $1000. Did you see the videos of the packs of urban animals walking out of stores loaded down with merchandise? Stores are closing and leaving Chicago’s Gold Coast. What action is Foxx taking? She is raising the bar to $2000 for larceny. Let the games begin. There will be UHauls pulling up to stores for mass robberies.
        This guy with the box cutter. Did the police just search him randomly? Was he doing something that brought their attention? Do you think that they wanted to arrest a guy with a box cutter? Did he talk trash? There is always more to the story. I like to hear both sides.

        1. Unless he was threatening someone with the knife, I don’t see how any of that matters.

        2. With impunity. Happens in SF every day. Walk into a store, load up your shit in a basket, flip off the feckless managers as you strut out the door without paying.

        3. “ This guy with the box cutter. Did the police just search him randomly? Was he doing something that brought their attention? Do you think that they wanted to arrest a guy with a box cutter? Did he talk trash? There is always more to the story. I like to hear both sides.”

          Sure was doing something “suspicious”. He was walking home at night from his grocery store job.

          But I have to wonder, is “talking trash” now an arrestable offense?

        4. Further still,

          Larceny, theft, carjacking, threatening someone with a gun…

          Are these victimless crimes?

      2. Thanks, you have a point.
        The only thing I could think of is less snitches getting roughed up/murdered.

    4. It may, arresting one crew of drug dealers in the city leaves a power vacuum open on what was their turf inviting rival gangs to fight over control of that territory.

      1. This is a huge contributor to the violence and overdoses in Baltimore. When they started getting tough on Heroin they saw Fetanyl enter the scene. That alone was a problem, but whenever there is a big drug bust overdoses rise further because the junkies switch to a different supply of unknown potency. You’ll also see a rash of homicides a few weeks after a large bust.

        1. There are also those junkies that flock the drug dealers that have the strong stuff that is killing people. Life and death isn’t something they waste time thinking about. They just want the best bang for the buck, even if it kills them.

          1. Some of them, sure. The literature seems to suggest, for the most part, that only people who are suicidal or new are intentionally taking massive doses. Most junkies settle on a relatively functional and consistent dose, and supply instability is what kills those folks.

      2. This one could just as easily go the other way; see mexico.

    5. I visited Amsterdam when all drugs were legal. There were junkies in every nook and cranny. The black market street drug dealing was wide open. Most dealers were African immigrants, nobody was checking passports. They were like town criers, “Psst, Psst, Ecstacy, Cocaine”! They had “Methadone Buses” that would drive around and distribute. Very few cars had car stereos. You had to park your car in a nearby town and take the train in. Street crime was just non-stop. Purse snatchers, pickpockets, con men, etc. Huge packs of drunken Brits would run down the street breaking windows and smashing people’s bicycles. They went there to act like that because it was allowed.
      Even the liberal Dutch mooks figured out that allowing criminal behavior will just punish the law abiding.

      1. Even the liberal Dutch mooks figured out that allowing criminal behavior will just punish the law abiding.

        Scandanavian countries and “nice” nations like the Netherlands don’t get these lessons right away because they actually believed that Rousseauian nonsense that man is inherently good, and that an inherently good society doesn’t need to be constrained by a lot of rules because it will be the natural inclination of man to not shit up his own nest, nor those of other people, because it isn’t “nice” to do so.

        Denmark seems to be one of the few countries in western Europe that understands that nationalism isn’t a dirty word, and that people who migrate to a foreign country should be expected to fully integrate into that country, adopt its norms, appreciate its history, and not subvert or upend the delicate social balance that allows a high-trust society to exist.

        1. I visited Norway. It was spectacular. In Oslo, they thought that they could allow some immigrants in to spice things up. Soon enough, they shut it down. They didn’t have to sugar coat it. They published the rape stats on the front page of the newspaper. 85% of the rapes were committed by .02% of the population. That .02% were the newcomers. The newcomers were trying to assimilate, rape is just their way of saying “Howdy” where they were from.

    6. Everywhere that has done it has seen similar results. Portugal comes to mind. There are a few potential explanations that have been explored by crimenologists / economists:
      -Less time spent in jail reduces the odds that an otherwise non-violent offender will be hardened or make connections that lead to violence
      -Less turn over stabilizes black market power structures
      -Sometimes jailed prostitutes are bailed out by pimps, which results in debt and increases the odds that they get stuck in their position
      -Highly criminalized markets must be served by hard criminals, acting under great pressure. Both the proclivity and perceived need for violence is higher in these situations
      -Policing can be redirected towards violent crimes
      -People who need help are less persecuted and more likely to pursue help, resulting in higher rates of recovery (not sure if this is happening in Baltimore, but it did happen in Portugal).


    At the same time the Left was sneering at ordinary people for being too obsessed with money and materialism, they were using gigantic amounts of money – much of it pilfered from us through taxes and gov’t spending – to destroy our society and remake it in their image.
    For all their pious sermons about the Evil Dollar and rising above material concerns to achieve spiritual fulfillment, leftists are the most money-grubbing people in the world. Their “movement” is fueled by mountains of cold hard cash, not popular appeal.
    One suspects the decades of leftist sermons against the sins of money and materialism were largely intended to make gullible middle-class people stop valuing their income and assets, making it easier for the Left to seize them. And seize they did, on a staggering scale.
    Left-wing extremist ideas have never been popular, not even when reduced to infantile babble about giving people “free stuff” paid for by taking gold and gems from the buried treasure vaults of the Evil Rich. Those ideas are forced upon society by spending titanic sums of money.
    It took TRILLIONS in government and private spending to create the neurotic, degenerate, vicious, hapless society you see all around you today. Left-wing ideas didn’t catch fire and spread through the grassroots. They were forced on us at a cost of five figures per American.

    1. Get some real mental help, stat.

      1. Fuck off and die; make your family proud.

      2. take a long walk off a short pier

  14. In college I learned one of the most outrageous examples of the WAGE GAP is in professional sports. Fortunately we now have a feminist President who wants to do something about it.

    In the @espn interview, @POTUS Biden also says it’s time for women athletes to be paid on or with male athletes: “I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s fair.”

    Women athletes are just as skilled as men and it’s time their paychecks reflect that.


    1. Nate the lawyer does a good job of laying out the facts on this one.

      1. Remember that time the guy ranked 203 in men’s tennis beat both the Williams sisters on the same day while drunk? Good times.,,543962,00.html

        1. I bet you’re a Utah Jazz fan.

          Or are the n words on the Jazz too “woke” and uppity for ya?

          It’s laughable their stupid Mormon fans think they can beat LeBron and the Lakers in a 7 game series.

          Mormons don’t know shit about sports.

          Racist piece of shit.

          1. Steve Young went to BYU

            1. Yes I know. Fuck steve young.

              I hate the niners. He’s also a direct decendent of Brigham Young.

              Most mormons are related. Huntsman and Romney are related.

    2. I now identify as a woman basketball player.

    3. I agree. And since your average women’s team would be beaten by a boy’s high school team, they should be paid nothing.

    4. You can make the argument that women figure skaters and gymnasts should be paid more than the men. Who gets higher TV ratings? Who is more entertaining?

      Ladies soccer with, maybe, the very tiny exception in the United States during the World Cup, doesn’t get better ratings than the Men’s Team. Nor higher ticket prices. Why should they get paid equally? The local theater doesn’t get to command Broadway ticket prices, and therefore the talent doesn’t expect to get paid Broadway contracts.

    5. I am all for women playing football, boxing against men, and being eligible for the draft. When they are getting killed, we can approach the subject intelligently.

    6. “Fortunately we now have a feminist President..”

      Can you elaborate on this one?

    7. Lets have a match, US women’s vs Men, for 100% of the compensation.

  15. Oh please….Baltimore was a shithole city before this idiot Mosby; all Mosby did was to accelerate the diarrheal decline through her incompetence. But hey, yet another shit-ass blue city in a shit-ass blue state. Nothing new there.

    1. I think that all Americans should have to visit DC. Not the monuments and museums, just the ghettos that stretch from DC to Baltimore. The drive from DC to Baltimore will damage your soul.

      1. Your going to need to be more specific of the route. 95 is a straight shot and you drive through Montgomery and Howard county, not exactly known for being ghettos.

        1. Yeah, you are right. 95 was blocked for hours that day. Had to detour. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

          1. No that is par for the course for that drive. Your explanation of traveling to the surrounding counties had me somewhat perplexed though. I always thought taxpayers should travel to the Howard, Loudoun, Fairfax…in order to see where their tax money was really going to. All those rubes in places like CA demanding that they send money to DC, just to be sent back to them a few dollars lighter might rethink that strategy.


              5 of the top 10, out of 3,144 total counties and equivalent in the US. IIRC, that really kicked into high gear after September 11th. Another thing to hate that shithead W for.

              The Imperial City.

            2. Agreed. I flew out of Reagan regularly. The lift off is fantastic, you can see all the monuments, then the heinous ghettos, then out to Loudoun County where there is nothing but cookie cutter 5 acre estates and McMansions.

      2. DC has hoods, Baltimore has hoods, but passing from one to the other you mostly travel through wealthy suburbs. These suburbs are where many of your tax dollars are going. Fairfax, Loudon, Montgomery, Howard, Annapolis, Potomac…

        Brooklyn Park, Pig Town, Westport, Cherry Hill, Lakeland…south Baltimore is where you want to send them to see the poverty consequences rather than the people enriched off your tax dollar.

        1. I lived in “Hoodbridge”. For a paltry $375,000, I purchased a “fixer upper” that resembled the homes on “The 70s show”. Thankfully, I bought in a down market, huh? The house listed for over 500 just two years before.
          The best day of my life was not escaping the Chicago ghetto at 19, it was when I pointed my truck westward from that soul stealing dump on the Potomac. I haven’t been in a large traffic jam since.

          1. Man, you’re not lying. The beltway is GOD AWFUL.

            Sounds like the house worked out financially, though. Hope you made yourself a little cash for your future ventures.

    2. Just another kneeler taking a piss on the city that saved America from British subjugation.

      1. Kneeler? I visited Baltimore on my way home from Iraq. I preferred Iraq. The smell wasn’t nearly as bad.

        1. Lol what part of Baltimore? It’s not a stinky city, and BWI is in a pretty clean suburban area. The only stinky part really is Curtis Bay, or Lemony Snicket’s Curtis Bay if you prefer. That part of town has a lot of stagnant water, industrial, septic treatment, power generation…that part is kind of gross. You would have to be out of your way to see it though.

          1. I visited the harbor area my first time, we flew in at night. I thought Baltimore was great. Then, I visited for a ball game. We were taking “shortcuts” to get around traffic. It was heinous. I hate carrying a gun, but I will never go near that place without one.
            Also, the old Walter Reid is the filthiest hospital that I have been in, bar none. The field hospitals in Iraq were much cleaner and the staff were more attentive.

      2. Besides, what have they done lately?

        1. Not much. That was a bit of tongue and check humor. Someone needs to take up for charm city, but that is about all I can say for the old girl.

          1. Inner Harbor is supposed to be nice. Camden Yards is probably showing its age now, but started something really great in ballpark architecture.

            1. Harbor is very nice. Camden still looks fantastic. The aquarium is legit too. Powerplant entertainment district is awesome. Baltimore is not a valueless city – the food and music scenes are top notch. It’s just that there is soooooo much ghetto all through the city. A visit can be fantastic, but I would never recommend that anyone ever live there.

              1. Those are all very nice places. Like most cities, there’s some good points and some bad points. When I was in my twenties I spent a good chunk of my time in the city in the nicer bar areas, but never had any desire to live there. The taxes and the services they are supposed to provide, just don’t line up.

                And Camden Yards is still 100% the best ball park I’ve been too.

                1. I have been to a dozen or so ball parks. Camden was very nice. But, my whole military unit went to a Boston game once. It was fantastic. Denver is also great. I don’t watch baseball anymore but I still like to go catch a game every year.

              2. My girlfriend’s daughter just got into Johns Hopkins. What’s that area like?

                1. Learn the neighborhoods, but it’s fine. There is a straight line from Fed Hill / the harbor up to Towson which is pretty nice. Mount Vernon, Charles Village, Hampden, Roland Park, etc. Just to the west of Hopkins it gets a little shady pretty quickly, and continues to get worse the further west you go. She’ll figure it out quickly and will probably spend most of her time around Mount Vernon and Charles Village, maybe Fed Hill if/when she can go to bars.

                2. I know many families will have a nice meal together the day they move their kids into school. I recommend Petit Louis. You’re talking $40-50 a person, but in my experience meals that good usually cost double that. About 15 minutes north of Hopkins.

                  1. Thanks for the info. Her daughter is a sheltered and coddled brat from Oakland Hills so I imagine she won’t leave the campus very much before she turns twenty one. I shan’t accompany her, but I’ll recommend Petit Louis to my girlfriend when she takes that awful child out there for school.

              3. Chicago was like that for many years. If you knew where to go, it was a fantastic place. Not anymore. The “denizens of the ghetto” do not fear going to the upscale areas anymore. The police aren’t policing. You can get carjacked in almost any part of the city.

                1. My ex wife had a yooper friend who she lived with in Chicago that used to get in confrontations with all the ghetto thugs over dumb shit out there. Road rage, assaults, all kinds of shit. My ex BIL went out there one weekend and they were out driving and her friend threw a space heater at a car driven by some ghetto types that chased her for an hour before they lost them. My ex BIL, being from rural eastern Iowa, needless to say, never went back to visit again.

                  Her friend still lives in Chiraq

            2. You would probably love the sports legend museum. A weekend in Baltimore to see a game probably would not be wasted on you. Take some time and visit Annapolis too.

          2. I’m from Chicago, I feel your pain.

  16. For years the New Orleans DA targeted recanting witness with perjury charges, so people who lied at trial never came forward to admit it.

    Louisiana prosecutors have got to be the worst in the land (sub-federal).

    1. The outcome of this is positive, but people who lied and had others sent to prison because of their lies absolutely deserve to be punished.

      1. They absolutely do, but there’s a greater justice to be served. Blackstone’s ratio and all that.

        Do you think the previous DA’s goal was to hold those people accountable or to preserve a win? My ignorant of the specifics guess is the latter.

        1. Harry Connick senior won the landmark Case that said that systematically violating the accused rights by withholding exculpatory evidence did not allow for the piercing of prosecutors’ immunity.

          Prosecutors down there are national heroes. (If you are a prosecutor)

      2. Like Juicy Smooliet? he only had to blow Jessie Jackson for two weeks to be absolved of all wrongdoing.

  17. More on the Matt Gaetz saga, from me…

    Gender traitor excusing child trafficking! And yeah, what a weird story all around.

    1. It’s a saga now? When is that debunked Russian disinformation conspiracy threatening our democracy’s unity that was the Hunter Biden laptop going to become a saga?

      1. The Post’s Twitter account got blocked by DNC corporate operatives for printing a story that was true, but the NYT does a smear job based on it’s own suppositions and it’s the 6 o’clock news.

    2. Being attracted to a 17 = being a pedophile to the people attacking rico. Many of the same people think its ok for 13yos to have abortions, 10yos to permanently mutilate themselves and 16yos to vote.
      Id venture to say that most 17yo females have fully developed secondary sexual characteristics. I dont even think that qualifies as ephebophilia or the other one. Biologically speaking, theyre adults.
      Id love to know how they square the contradictions.


    I expected this gun bill to be bad.

    It’s far, far worse. A line in the sand.

    Here’s what’s in H.R. 127.

    …If you want to possess a firearm or ammunition, a psych evaluator has to talk to your current AND any ex spouses, and 2 other family members or associates.

    Your ex can disqualify you from your second amendment rights.

    …All firearms nationwide must be registered within 3 months.

    A database of all of them shall be created.

    The United States military shall have access to the database.

    …If you are granted a firearms license, you must also purchase $800 annual firearms insurance.

    If you do not purchase insurance and are in possession of firearms, you face 10-20 years in prison and a $50-$100,000 fine.

    …10-15 years in prison and $50-100,000 fine if you got any .50 cal ammo laying around.

    1. “shall not be infringed”

      I don’t think the word “infringed” means what they think it means.

      Or maybe they’re confused about the meaning of the word “not.”

      1. Broke: you’re being paranoid; we’re not coming for all your guns.
        Woke: Thank God we lied to get what we want.

        1. Progressivism, the new religion of peace.

          Quran 2:225;
          “Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts”.

          1. Mizek’s going to flip out when he sees that.

          2. Mormonism: the religion of racist morons.

    2. And I thought they were worried about mass incarceration….

    3. Think of all the money this will raise!

    4. Here’s another tidbit.

      The Attorney General shall make the contents of the database accessible to all members of the public

      What could possibly go wrong?

    5. …If you want to possess a firearm or ammunition run for political office, a psych evaluator has to talk to your current AND any ex spouses, and 2 other family members or associates.

      That feels better.

    6. Right before the 2016 election, I did a long road trip on side roads through the Midwest. 7 states. I saw very few Trump signs and even fewer Clinton signs, but 2A signs lined the highways. In some places, they were every 20 feet for miles. It really blew me away.
      You have to remember, the people that wrote that bill are out of touch mental midgets. They have never left their violent ghettos to see what the rest of the country is like.

      1. You have to remember, the people that wrote that bill are out of touch mental midgets. They have never left their violent ghettos to see what the rest of the country is like.

        I think the problem is that most of them don’t actually come from the ghetto, and so they generally don’t understand how violent it really can be. The kinds of social conditions that make up these neighborhoods are just abstract concepts to them.

        Someone here long ago commented that “the War on Guns is going to have the same result as the War on Drugs,” and it still applies. These people think they are going to hurt their enemy– blue-collar and middle-class white people that don’t vote for Democrats–with this, but it’s ultimately going to disproportionately harm minorities more than anyone else.

        Also, expect a rash of “it was lost in a tragic boating accident several years ago” responses to crop up.

        1. I agree. When I was a young Infantryman, I was teaching my platoon how to box. Half of them had never been in a street fight. I could not believe it. Being a recently escaped “denizen of the ghetto”, I was curious about what they did for fun.

        2. I’ve had several boat accidents lately.

    7. “All firearms nationwide must be registered within 3 months.”

      Yes, they will hire “only the best and the brightest” to handle the paperwork, just like the VA. Registering the legal firearms in this country would take decades.

    8. I see in my crystal ball —- Democrats in 20 years complaining this is racist because 95% of the people charged are minorities.

      1. There won’t be a Democrat party in 20 years if this is passed (and enforced).

  19. Less testing, less cases. Less prosecuting, less crimes.

    See how that works?

    Just imagine … when everything is legal, there will be no crime at all. MAGIC!

    1. C’mon man, the statistics clearly show they’re mostly peaceful violent crimes.

    2. Except guns. Those will be illegal.

    3. This graph shows the decrease is a decrease from the spike after Freddie. Lol.

      1. Please don’t bring up Freddy. That whole situation was “a pain in the neck”.

      2. St. Louis MO had a bigger percentage drop without a similar program:

        Of course, the stats on that site only go to 2018, so I’m not sure what the 2020 numbers would look like.

        1. 2020 is going to be whacked out anyway because of COVID. My hometown had a massive spike in violent crime after the pandemic started, and apparently nationwide it’s the worst it’s been since 1998.

  20. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state’s new marijuana legalization measure into law yesterday.

    He promised the state’s drug enforcement task forces a big kiss as compensation for their loss.

  21. NBC’s Lester Holt Declares It Is Not Necessary To ‘Always Give Two Sides Equal Weight And Merit’

    1. This simple concept is unequivocally true.

      When one is covering homeopathy, it is not necessary to give equal weight to scientific evidence and to the claims of homeopaths. Nor is it a journalistic requirement that one give equal weight to believers in Bigfoot and to scientists who point to evidence. One would not seriously propose that flat Earth proponents be given equal weight with NASA scientists when discussing the shape of the Earth.

      The distinction comes when we start talking about when to apply this maxim.

    2. This is true. The problem is that the “journalists” allow one side to lie completely and allow those lies to stand. If you’re going to allow a “back and forth”, you must be a neutral party.

    3. For all the bitching these people did about Rush Limbaugh, they sure are hot to adopt his methodology. At least Rush was forthright and never pretended to be anything other than a political partisan; modern “journalists” are Squealers for the Democrats but never say it outright.

  22. In this interview, Biden repeats a Four-Pinocchio claim about the new Georgia law: “You are going to close a polling place at 5 o’clock when working folks just get off.” Nope, that’s not in the law. Fact check here

    Honeymoon is over.

    1. The groundwork for Kween Kamala taking over begins.

      1. I don’t know about Kamala, but it is quite clear that old Joe isn’t running things. Half the time he doesn’t even seem to know what his administration’s policy is.

        We used to make a lot of fun of Bush for merely being a puppet and for Cheney actually running things.

        But it is pretty clear that the officials in the Obama White House viewed Obama as the face of the organization but themselves as the true power. This became apparent as we saw memoranda leaked from non-political appointees who were angered that Trump did not follow their instructions. Now that we are back to normalcy with Biden in the White House, one wonders who is actually calling the shots on a day-to-day basis.

        1. Look at Citigroup? It was a decent place to start during the Obama Administration.

          Me, I think there’s a healthy BigTech contingent within the cabal as well.

    2. Didn’t use the word lie.


    On my flight to Houston from McAllen,TX , mostly migrants on my flight spotted with these folders that have city destinations written on them with flight times, also written on the other side “I do no speak English what plane do I need to take?”

    1. Well, at least you know they have been checked for the Communist Chinese Virus and no one testing positive is allowed out in the world, right?

      1. Literal superspreaders.

    2. Wonder how many of them will fuck off out of the airport never to be seen again, only to emerge 20 years later demanding amnesty or “a path to citizenship.”

      1. Um…all of them? I wish I had your optimism that it will take 20 years for that to happen, too.

        1. For some reason, these media sob stories mostly highlight people who have lived here for two decades or more.

  24. The question isn’t whether Major League Baseball is going to support moving the All Star game out of Georgia, it’s whether the City of Atlanta is going to support moving the All Star game out of Georgia. They’ve got big plans for arranging BLM protests and they’re going to hate wasting the opportunity to showcase the fact that Atlanta is just as progressive as Seattle and Portland and Milwaukee but they may agree that sacrifices have to be made.

    1. The Dems are fighting the corporationz that are withdrawing support from the GOP and giving it to the Dems.

    2. The new stadium isn’t in Atlanta, which caused many blasted butts.

      1. Yea, but not from any actual fans.


    One year ago today the USNS Comfort ship arrived in New York Harbor.
    decided not to use it and instead piled over 9,000 covid infected patients into nursing homes. #neverforget

    1. But the indoctrinated psychotics who identify with the establishment think that Trump somehow killed 300,000 and that Cuomo deserves an Emmy.

  26. Isn’t this “Reason”? For a second I thought it “Correlation as Causality”. Murders aren’t down. And the police are specifically not pursuing crime as before, not just “non-violent” crime. That is only the STATED policy. The police themselves say they are afraid to pursue crimes in many cases. I guess in cities where the police aren’t arresting violent protestors, assaults at riots are going down too. Amazing. It doesn’t do anyone a service to try to add a “benefit” to not prosecuting “personal choice” crimes that doesn’t exist. It just delegitimizes the idea.

  27. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced in March 2020 that her office would dismiss all pending charges for drug possession, prostitution, trespassing, open container, public urination, paraphernalia possession, attempted distribution of drugs, and minor traffic offenses.

    Wait a minute: Trespassing and public urination are lumped in with victimless vices? That makes no sense. Trespassing and public urination violate private property rights and public urination could pose a biohazard threat, not to mention dispense noxious smells.

    What if someone trespassed on Marilyn Mosby’s property and publicly urinated on it? What would she say then? I know, this is basic reciprocity ethic taught to todlers, but it’s evidently strange to Baltimorans.

    I guess Baltimorans live like “Tarzan Boy.”

    1. I never understood open container laws. I can’t even imagine how that can pass constitutional muster. (Under the philosophy that specific powers are granted to the government, rather than the government having all encompassing power that is limited by a constitution.)

      Drugs and prostitution are also crimes of consent and there is a strong argument against such things.

      But trespassing? So now we can just camp out in the local mall overnight? That seems pretty dumb.

      And minor traffic offenses? Now we’re just going to run stop signs and drive the wrong way down one way streets? I can’t see how that could possibly cause any harm to others.

      And public urination? Really? So her position is that it is just fine for me to pee on the carpet at the bank?

      I am all for finding a balance that prevents lower ranking officials from abusing their power in pettyways that end up oppressing the poor and powerless. but perhaps we should put a little bit more thought into things before we take action, okay?

      1. You just have to get used to the smell of “elevator piss”. After a while, you barely notice it. It is like “Urban Air Freshener”.

    2. I have this same thought every time Reason covers one of these stories. Trespassing is by definition a violation of property rights. And yet, Reason never makes this distinction between trespassing and sitting on a bench and drinking a beer. I wonder why that is?

      1. Possibly because border control is just an extension of trespassing, making it difficult to argue for open borders and against trespassing at the same time.

  28. Chocolate.
    Irish whiskey.
    Trust me.

    I don’t know why everybody keeps saying that Suderman is secretly gay.

    1. Megan wears the pants and strap on in that household.

    2. I will not be drinking at his house.

    3. It sounded interesting to me until I looked up Negroni to find out what kind of liqueur it was only to find out it’s apparently a mixed drink that contains gin. Nasty, horrible, disgusting gin.

      1. I assumed he meant Campari.

        But it still sounds both horrible and twee.

    4. Hold all that other stuff and pass the Irish whiskey

      1. I’ll take the whiskey and have a piece of dark chocolate on the side.

    5. Taking advantage of recent marijuana decriminalization, I see.

      That looks like some of the crap I came up with to eat when I was baked.

  29. Overall incarceration in the city of Baltimore “is down 18%

    So is there less crime or similar less prosecutions?

    Also is the decrease against a 10 year average or merely compared to the spine in crime after Freddie Grey?

    1. It would be amazing if true. Other cities, like Chicago, Memphis, and others, have seen horrifying rises in violent crime over the last two years, but Baltimore’s violent crime has dropped? And they’re also engaging in heavy de facto decriminalization—not just for drug crimes, but malum in se crimes like theft and assault? So that previously violent people aren’t being incarcerated, but are set free to continue their criminal lifestyle.

      My suspicion is that they’re not a tremendous outlier, and that Baltimore no longer deserves to be called Bodymore. My suspicion is that they’re cooking the books, and ENB is silly enough to take their claims at face value.

      I also know that Brandolini’s Law applies. Hopefully someone who does study criminology as their day job, and isn’t a paid propagandist, can cut a wake through what I suspect is a lake of bullshit.

      1. Check out the CWB blog. It is a neighborhood blog that reports the crimes in Chicago that the media isn’t covering. They had 32 murders last year by felons out on bail. I think they have a dozen already this year by felons out on bail. It is shocking. The judges let everyone walk several times before they will lock them up. Only 10% of the murders result in prosecution. Those that are prosecuted usually get 10 to 20 years, they are out in 5 to 10.

  30. I posted a comment on the Rommelmann article yesterday that got trolled by the pants-shitter that stalks me through the comments.

    My comment was meant to provide some anecdotal evidence that even people exposed to actual white supremacist rhetoric in their youth can easily overcome those prejudices. Knowledge washes away ignorance, but so many lefties are simply spreading more ignorance.

    My atheist father reviled his grandfather, who drug him, as a child, to Klan meetings. I only exist because the love between my father and his best friend during his time in the Navy, who happened to be black, was strong enough that Crawford risked his life hiking out and then leading medics back to his paralyzed buddy after they were caught in an underwater explosion that killed the other half of their 4-man team because they came under fire when they attempted to surface after setting charges on a bridge.

    Trolling such a personal story is pathetic. When it is done by someone with a mind completely closed due to prejudice, the irony inherent in ‘progressive’ ideology is exposed. Intolerance of intolerance is just more intolerance. It will never move society forward.

    1. We have no reason to believe a liar like you.

      Your family are Klan members. Your church is racist.

      Your grandfather was at least christian. The klan was a christian terrorist group.

      Your church lies and you lie. You’re probably a klan member Chuck.

      Kill all the mormons!

      1. Remember, this is sarcasmic. His life isn’t going well lately and he wants attention… any attention. Positive or negative.

        Don’t give it to him.

        1. Keep thinking that ya hockey hating hoser.

        2. Even for whoever is making all of these socks, this is pathetic.

        3. It really isn’t sarcasmic, I promise you.

          1. So it’s you, or you’re sarc?

            1. I have not always agreed with Zeb, but he posts in good faith, and I find that my distance from Zeb on an issue is a good measure of my own rationality towards that issue. I am well aware that I lack the ability to abide apologists for the failures of socialism.

              Not sure about sarc. From his internet personae, if me and sarc went out shooting together, one of us might not come back.

              1. It’s not hard to kill dumb mormons like you Chuck.

                I’m not sarc, but I know he’d waste your stupid ass

    2. That’s a hell of a story, Chuck. And testament to how the Armed Forces were one of the very first means of breaking down cultural segregation in our society.

      Arguing with someone like the person who socks all of those characters like KAR, is a waste of time. They’ll never change their mind; either because they’re paid not to, or they’re simply too stupid to entertain the possibility that they may be wrong. Hateful garbage who, in the past, would be that weird guy nobody liked in town or at work. Modern communications allow them to spread their idiocy beyond their pathetic little bar stool or flophouse.

      (Abusing them sure can be entertaining to read though.)

      1. I wish I got paid to call mormon fascists like Chuck out.

        Chuck’s the narrow minded one. Too stupid and arrogant to entertain his church isn’t perfect despite all evidence to the contrary.

        There’s no point in arguing with mormon loving fascists like you. Because I don’t have Trump’s dick down my throat I must be wrong about everything according to you fascists.

        1. Still boring sarc.

        2. Hi KARen!

          1. Pussy

            1. Stupid pedo traitor bigot

      2. My dad was an excellent athlete, which is why he was recruited to be a Navy diver. Having such a shitty family led him to look for other values in personal relationships. He and Crawford had already bonded over football before they ever faced combat together. As much as serving together broke down barriers, cultural segregation took one of its biggest hits when audiences were exposed to the prowess of black athletes. You have to be pure evil to hate Walter Payton.

        It is a shame how professional sports has become infected with wokeness. Since the 60s, sports had become a place where it was demonstrable that race really didn’t matter.

        1. I know your racist ass doesn’t like the “woke” uppity blacks expressing themselves. You think they play sports exclusively for your entertainment. However they have a right to criticize racists like you.

          If you and other racists stop watching they’ll still be fine.

          1. Poor little KAR lost the love of that Mormon boy so long ago and now just cannot let it go.

        2. “Since the 60s, sports had become a place where it was demonstrable that race really didn’t matter.”

          Just ask Jimmy the Greek…

          It is a damned shame. I see no reason to support, with my money or time, a group of people who’ve made it clear they dislike people like myself, and think we’re suckers for having cared so much about their sports activities and achievements. Fuck ’em. I get a lot more done during weekends now.

          1. I agree. I miss watching football……in the 80s. It doesn’t even cross my mind now.

        3. Walter Payton was the greatest man to ever play football. I lived in Chicago during the Payton days. Race relations were terrible for the city due to busing but Walter Payton brought people together. When segregation was forced, kids found common ground in Payton and the Chicago Bears. We need more Walter Paytons these days but those days are long gone.

          1. We need more Walter Paytons these days but those days are long gone.

            The love for Walter Payton warms my heart. He was humble and gracious in a way that is no longer acceptable. Those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s know that race relations were continually improving during that time.

            Rodney King’s assaulters brought it screeching to a halt. Then that other running back’s trial destroyed it.

            1. It continually improved until Obama was elected and any opposition to the democrats was deemed racist.

            2. Chuck can’t stand today’s black athletes. He thinks those uppity n words need to be quiet and know their place.

              Racist mormons

            3. I met him twice as a kid. He entered the stadium through the same doors. We would line up and wait. Talk about star struck. He would show up early and shake hands and talk to people. He would just take his time, he was truly a man for the fans. There is just nobody like him. His thighs were bigger than my chest!

          2. What’s that you say Mrs McCaskey?
            Walter Payton’s left and gone away…

    3. “Trolling such a personal story is pathetic”

      Goddamn you’re pathetic. If you don’t want your klan member relatives called out DONT MENTION IT MORON!

      “When it is done by someone with a mind completely closed due to prejudice, the irony inherent in ‘progressive’ ideology is exposed. Intolerance of intolerance is just more intolerance. It will never move society forward.”

      It is ironic because you’re the one with a closed mind. You refuse to acknowledge your church’s lies or your lies. A quick Google(or whatever fascist search engine you use) will quickly show you the book of Abraham has been discredited and Smith was a pervert con artist.

      I don’t speak for anyone other than myself. This has nothing to do with “progressives.” It’s about stopping evil fascists like you.

      Enjoy your stay in hell bigot

    4. You can lie all you want to Chuck. Its obvious that your family were Klan members, you belong to a bigoted and racist church, you may be a klan member, and you like sports as long as there’s no uppity blacks who don’t know to just shut up and dribble.

      Racist coward.

      1. Haha. Aww, it’s adorable that you’ve added some pathetic virtue signaling to your insane rants. Such a hero!

        Maybe next you can whine about how much the rich pay in taxes? Stunning and brave!

        Haha. What a doosh.

        1. Sorry I tell the truth about racist mormons.


          1. Coward

    5. Nice story, Chuck. And for what it’s worth when I see that asshole post it is just an immediate flag.

      1. Ken Kesey must being rolling over in his grave seeing a Mormon loving fascist like you use his book for a name.

        Change your name asshole!

  31. China, on the other hand, can keep doing whatever the fuck it wants.

    Urgent Policies Needed To Steer Countries To Net Zero, Says IEA Chief

    Birol called on the U.S. to lead the way on setting out a national plan, called a nationally determined contribution (NDC), for cutting emissions strongly in the next 10 years. He also urged governments to put in place strong policies to discourage drivers from buying SUVs, which make up nearly half of all cars sold in key economies.

    1. There was some weirdness yesterday about using some form of social justice environmental credit score to enforce this. Basically, all of the major financial players are pledging that they will enforce environmental targets via their lending and finance practices.

      That’s not…. Ominous….

      1. They want you to be a serf, with themselves as manorial lords. It isn’t enough to own half of the world’s wealth. These fuckers want it all. Or close enough to all.

        They don’t care—in fact, it’s a feature!—if the bullshit they spray to convince you that the above state of affairs is great for you, is logically inconsistent.

        China generated more electric power from coal, than the US did in its entirety. But we’re the problem.

    2. People shouldn’t be allowed to buy things they want.

    3. This reminds me of the nuclear disarmament movement of the ’70’s – a bunch of communist-front groups packed with useful idiots calling for the US to unilaterally disarm.

  32. Changing your short hairstyle is like changing your face. When you find a hair style that suits you, it will not only make you look more attractive, but also make you more confident. I will recommend the 5 most popular hairstyles this year, I hope you can find one that suits you!

  33. So, am I racist for not being 100% convinced Deshawn Watson is innocent, or a misogynist for not being 100% convinced of his guilt?


    1. According to the left, yes.

      1. Nice strawman.

        Most “progressives” I know are waiting for all the facts, but find it hard to believe so many women would make up allegations like this.

        Do all conservatives hate blacks and gays like you do?

        1. Most “progressives” I know are waiting for all the facts


        2. >>find it hard to believe so many women would make up allegations like this.


    2. Is his lawyer Jewish? Because true, false, or some combination thereof, I’m absolutely convinced that his lawyer is a shyster shakedown artist and truly the worst actor in this drama.

      If he is Jewish, does that make me anti-semitic, even if I don’t know who the lawyer is?

      1. Is his lawyer Jewish?

        Doesn’t matter if you hit a station wagon full of nuns.

        I’m not going to link to it. You’ll either know it or you won’t.

    3. Deshaun probably isn’t 100% innocent or 100% guilty, but it appears to be exactly what I posted about it a few weeks ago – though I admit the chances of him being 100% innocent are greater than those of him being guilty.
      Buzbee is basically an Avenetti clone.

    4. Depends. Which party do you swear allegiance to?

    5. Never heard of the guy.

    6. Who’s making the claims against you, and what to they want from you? Because to hell with things like objective truth; everything is evaluated through individual lenses made from bias and personal privilege.

      Goddamned Dark Ages we’re about to enter into.

      1. We’ve already entered it, shit’s still cheap enough, for now, that most people don’t realize it.

        Very little of the thinking that brought about The Enlightenment is socially acceptable, and enforcement of this is increasing by the day.

  34. Negroni.

    Fucking racist, Suderman.

    1. You belong to a racist church moron

      1. Youre a stupid faggot. If you ever come to kenosha, let me know

        1. Make sure he gets the worst quality cheese curds on the gastronomic portion of your tour

        2. You’re a Mormon loving fascist.

          If you come to the northwest tell me pussy

          1. Are you going to pump his gas extra slowly?

            1. We’re not allowed to pump our own gas in Oregon.

              It’s really dumb

        3. I will not return to Kenosha until they bring back the AMX!


    BREAKING : Arizona Senate leadership announced it has hired a team of independent auditors to complete a comprehensive, full forensic audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, including a hand recount of all ballots.

    1. Hand recount… Not helpful.

      Audit of the chain of custody and authenticity of the ballots, on the other hand….

      1. They have made claims they will do a sample telephone audit of those who voted like the Voter Integrity Project did.

    2. This took 3 months as Maricopa election board fought them in court to allow the audit.

    3. Encouraging to see at least something happening. It may be too little too late, though.

  36. What is the deal with all of the sock puppets here lately?

    We’ve always had our fair share of trolls. Some, seemingly mentally ill. Some seemingly paid to push an agenda and manned by multiple people.

    But lately it is quite the blizzard. Is this organic? Or is there a push by NGO’s underway?

    1. Sqrsly is going through some things.

    2. Dunno but the newest asshole has joined sqrlsy as the second auto flag/refresh.

    3. There’s a big push apparently, because the election is still being viewed as illegitimate by a large number of voters and the figures aren’t changing.

    4. Seriously. There can’t be as many Trump fellating fascists as there are on here.

      I’m 80% sure Red Rocks and Chuck are the same person.

      1. I’m 80% sure Red Rocks and Chuck are the same person.

        That’s because you’re a hicklib faggot with AIDS.

      2. Since you’re a known coward traitor liar pedo bigot, even if you were correct here, no one would ever believe you.

    5. It is really something, isnt it.

      Maybe theyre trying to convince us that moderated forums are superior. I cant say they arent convincing.

  37. That cocktail sounds like shit. People should be free to drink it though.

    If the mormons had their way booze would be illegal. They want to expand the war on drugs. They’re fascists and Nazis.

    Libertarian and mormon are oxymorons. They’re big govt social conservatives.

    They’re too arrogant and dumb to realize they’re wrong. They will never stop, so we must stop them.

    Slaughter the mormons. Even mormon children because most will grow up to become Nazis.

      1. I still think there’s a small chance that he could Matt Welch.

        1. I highly doubt the reason staff cares what an inbred, uneducated, bigoted hillbilly like you thinks.

          Fuck off fascist

          1. FFS guys, it’s sarcasmic and you’re giving him the attention he craves. Some idiots need to be reputed, but just ignore this one.

            1. He mis-socked with Sqrsly/WK already. He probably has quite a few socks to go through still.

      2. Ya got me! All the non Trump worshippers on here are socks for the same person.

        Nevermind Biden got more votes so it’s more likely many of the fascists on here are socks.

        Keep thinking I’m WK or whoever. You’d rather do that than actually engage in conversation.

        1. Haha. I don’t care if you’re a sock or not. And who in their right mind wants to “engage in conversation” with a genocidal moron?

          What a doosh.

          1. Pussy

            1. Coward traitor liar pedo bigot

    1. Why new facts often don’t matter once a belief system has been established. We’re going to see a lot of this as information about the George Floyd incident and the November election slowly trickle out:

      “For a lot of Democrats, I don’t think [they regard lies such as Biden’s as] even lying, in the sense of knowingly telling an untruth.
      They believe it.
      They’ve worked themselves into such a state of hatred toward Republicans that the master truth–that Republicans are white supremacists attempting to establish a white supremacist dictatorship–makes all details irrelevant.

      As in my anecdote above about giving water to voters–those who raged at me never referred to the specific fact at issue, but just battered away at the master truth.
      There is no doubt whatever in my mind that they believe it.”

      I think Mac is correct for most rank-and-file Democrats. Leftists and especially leftist leaders operate somewhat different and might be aware of the true truth, as it were, but for them the ends justify the means.
      What are their ends?
      Some believe they actually will be benefiting humanity by taking power, but others are just in it for the power.

      I have no idea what the proportions are, but that’s the division I see.

      1. Sucks the Canucks Flames game got cancelled last night because of Covid. This after a week of Habs games getting cancelled.

        Of course you don’t care because you’re one of those lame canadians who doesn’t like hockey.

      2. LOL.

        People will change their belief system, or as I called it the other day, their “framework” on which they hang new facts. Two things though, it’s tougher to have people adopt a new framework when they already have one, laden with facts. And the new, preferably fleshed out already with all those old facts, framework has to make more sense to them, a lot more sense, than the old framework did.

        1. Problem with most mormons is they will be disgusted by someone suggesting their “framework” isn’t 100% perfect.

          I see you’re opening up to the idea that mormons are horrible people.

          1. Obviously I have never met all Mormons, but I can still safely say:

            Every Mormon is a better human than KAR.

            Who continues to be a coward liar traitor pedo bigot.

      3. My wife finally convinced me to watch The Handmaid’s Tale. She had read the book before the left started using it as a rallying cry. She says that they’ve added some stuff to the show that wasn’t in the book that moves it closer to the narrative, but other than the religious aspect (which would have made it more analogous to the right when it was published in the 80’s) most of the show looks a lot more like what progressives are trying to do to society.

        I wonder how many of the freaks that ran around in those costumes actually watched the show and thought about it’s warnings.

        1. On the surface the Handmaid’s Tale appears to be a woke circle jerk about a Protestant theocracy, but when you look deeper you see that it’s actually aimed at Islam.

          In the first place the Republic of Gilead’s doctrines are nowhere to be found in actual Charismatic, Fundamentalist or Evangelical theology, but they are present in all Islamic sects (even “liberal” offshoots like Isma’ilism or the Dervish).

          And actual historical Protestant theocracies like the Evangelical Dutch Republic (Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Provinciën) and the Puritan Commonwealth of England were nothing like Gilead at all, but Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and Pakistan certainly are.

          So rather than being a fantasy persecution wank for rich, white feminists, perhaps it was a stalking-horse to secretly promote anti-brown-man sentiments amongst the Wine Moms and Vodka Aunts.

    2. I did business in a “Mormon Town” regularly. Every Wednesday, they had a street party downtown. There was always a band and a keg. They were very nice people and they did not care that we non-Mormons had a beer. Hell, they bought the keg.
      Perhaps they didn’t send you an invite?

      1. Nobody that knows sarc invites him to an event with alcohol. He gets sloppy drunk and hits on the young ladies.

      2. I Call bullshit

        1. Liar

    3. Hi KARen!

      1. Pussy

        1. Coward

  38. Violent Crime in Baltimore Plunges After City Ditches Prosecution of Prostitution, Drug Possession, Other Minor Offenses Stops Policing, And Measuring, Violent Crime


  39. “AP Interview: EPA head removes Trump-era science advisers”
    “WASHINGTON – In a move he said would help restore “scientific integrity,” the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency is removing dozens of scientists and other experts from key advisory boards named under President Donald Trump, saying they were overly friendly to industry.
    EPA Administrator Michael Regan, in an Associated Press interview, said the “reset” of the Science Advisory Board and Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee will return EPA to its time-honored practice of relying on advice from a balanced group of experts. He is clearing out the two important panels, although current members can apply for reinstatement…”

    A return to the ‘we don’t need to consider the costs of what we decree’ crowd.
    Thanks, TDS-addled shits!

    1. Isn’t there always a purge after a coup?

    2. This doesn’t bother me too much because it’s been standard practice for a half century.

      One of Trump’s biggest mistakes is that he and his appointees didn’t clean house after they got in, and left a lot of eventual saboteurs in place.

    3. Lysenko Lives!

    4. I like the “a balanced group of experts”. When you start out by defining “experts” as “people who support the watermelon agenda” a balanced group is making sure you have equal numbers of whackos, scam artists, morons, communists, Luddites and anti-Americans.

      1. Bingo!

        1. Bingo! Dead mormons!

          1. Coward pedo liar traitor bigot

  40. New documents filed in the George Floyd case give new information about the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s findings in Floyd’s autopsy.
    Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, say Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system. “If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3,” Baker told investigators.
    In another new document, Baker said, “That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances.” But then Baker added, “I am not saying this killed him.”

    The Democrats who control Minneapolis and Minnesota knew this. The Democrats who control Portland and DC knew this. But they had their rioters destroy cities and terrorize citizens, because Trump.

    1. They were willing to destroy their own cities. That says everything. My town is the same size as Minneapolis, it was a very quiet year for us after gassing BLM and chasing them out of town.

  41. I’d never actually had autonomy over my hair before. Or my person, for that matter. The haircut was symbolic of taking control of my life. Maybe that’s why I haven’t grown it out since – and that was almost 20 years ago.
    The red color, on the other hand, was a disaster. Because I’m naturally blonde, the dye didn’t ‘take’ and it turned a disturbing shade of pink. Living in a rural town in Alabama with short, pink hair in the 1990’s was not a comfortable thing – everyone assumed I was a punk-rock dyke.

    1. Bots are getting a little too gabby.

    2. Her story doesn’t even make logical sense. You won’t cut your hair because it’s a symbol of your autonomy. Fine, whatever. But then you’re helpless to fix the color of your fucked-up dye job?

      This woman—if she existed at all—would have a vote that equaled yours.

      1. “doesn’t even make logical sense”

        Sounds like a bog standard Woke life testimony to me.

    3. So, once a month, the carpet matched the drapes?

      1. Heh…gross

  42. Really disappointed this post wasn’t headed with a picture of Bunny in Hamsterdam.

    1. “Got that WMD!”

      “I heard that shit’s the bomb!”

  43. Baseball season is back. I wrote something a few months ago about how Sinclair Broadcasting was rebranding Regional Sports Networks that carry so many baseball teams–changing them from Fox Sports [Florida] Fox Sports [Kansas City], Fox Sports [San Diego] etc. to Bally Sports [Florida], Bally Sports [Kansas City], Bally Sports [San Diego], etc. The change was supposed to come with both sports betting catering to your area, as well as a direct to consumer subscription, so you don’t need cable to watch your favorite team’s home games anymore.

    Sinclair Broadcasting walked that back since I posted that long ago. Now, they’re saying that the direct to consumer subscription won’t be available until before baseball season in 2022. Meanwhile, as I look on my Roku player and the app store on my phone, the change in the app that was supposed to happen yesterday still hasn’t happened yet. I was really looking forward to this being another nail in the coffin of cable and broadcast television, especially as it pertains to their news networks.

    There are other options, although they may not work in your case–they may not work for you at all. Some people purchase a subscription to, which only lets you watch away games, and then use a VPN, either on their router or other device, that lets them change their IP address to somewhere out of town when they want to watch home games. It’s astounding to me that Sinclair wasn’t already way out ahead of this, but I suppose they had to come to believe that cable customers really were evaporating and that the streaming services really wouldn’t pony up for the RSNs before they’d give people the option to buy a subscription directly.

    In some ways, in some markets, it seems to me that both Sinclair and MLB is colluding against consumers. I know someone in Las Vegas who has terrible problems watching any games of this favorite team at all–despite the fact that that Las Vegas doesn’t really have a home baseball team. The issue there is that the Oakland A’s, the Angels, the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers, the Giants, and Padres all claim Las Vegas as their home town for blackout purposes.

    That means you can’t watch any home games on from an IP address in Las Vegas for any of those teams. However, because the list of teams that claim Las Vegas as their home town includes almost every team in the National League West, you can’t watch your favorite team when they’re on the road and playing most of the teams in your division either. You can’t watch the Dodgers play at home, for instance, and you can’t watch them play in Arizona, in San Diego, or San Francisco either. If your local cable company doesn’t broadcast Dodgers’ games, there isn’t any legal way to buy access to those games at any price.

    This is a function of trying to force local cable companies to charge their former monopolized customers to pay through the nose for a subscription to cable, and it’s nice to know that the writing is on the wall for cable. If it were no longer necessary to subscribe to cable to watch your favorite baseball, basketball, or hockey team, fewer cable subscribers would be underwriting the garbage that passes for news on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and NBC, and how I wish that drain on their revenue were unplugged today rather than a year from now.

    1. All I know is that whatever the price for my Royals package is, it’s far too high.

      1. pay it or they won’t extend Whit Merrifield

    2. Baseball season is back.

      Hard pass

  44. I can’t tell if this take on Baltimore crime is intellectual dishonesty or just naivety.

    You can make a lot of crimes disappear by reducing police presence and response. One scumbag robbing another doesn’t even register as a crime if there aren’t cops around to notice. And even crimes involving citizens can be disappeared by not filing reports, etc.

    But it’s harder to make a dead body disappear. And you can tell crime isn’t down in Baltimore by the basically unchanged – and very high – murder rate.

    1. Ok David Simon

      1. Coward

    2. “But it’s harder to make a dead body disappear.”

      Suicide, accidental death, pin the body on an outlying suburb’s jurisdiction: all sorts of tricks to CompStat your way to a lower murder rate. Which you have to imagine they’re already doing, and the violent death rate is still this high.

      1. Covid death, again? Jeez.

    3. In Brazil before the Olympics, the police went on a killing spree in the favelas. There were so many bodies lying around that the government was paying bonuses to Cops that disposed of the people that they killed.

    4. Yeah, my city has been doing a great job on crime…by never showing up to take down the report when you call in property crime. They straight up tell you they are not going to come now, at least. They used to pretend they were going to come out.

  45. not prosecuting crimes does not mean crime has gone down. people know when their police are useless and they quit reporting crime. this nation is now becoming like all other commy nations where the public no longer trust the police state and those who defend themselves get prosecuted while criminals roam free. this is no Liberalism this is stupid

    1. Note Crime in California has gone thru the roof with non prosecuting DA’s. many DA’s are saying they may not even prosecute hate crimes against Asians. I think they want chaos so that the public screams for more authoritarianism.

      “Its a Trap”

      1. Reperationing less than $950 worth of the white man’s ill-gotten gains is no longer considered a crime so they got that going for them.

      2. “Its a Trap”

        AKA ‘getting Ackbarred’

        1. Your racist church has you trapped bigot!

          1. Coward pedo liar traitor bigot

  46. A friendly reminder for all the readers: don’t forget to tip your troll by hitting the little button that looks like flag in the upper left corner of their post. That’s how they get their $.50.


    1. Just because someone calls you out on your fascist Mormon bullshit doesn’t make them a troll or means they get paid.

      Why do you hate jews Chuck? I never heard the K word till I lived in Utah and I heard it all the time there.

      I wish I got paid to call you oút on your bigotry.

      1. gm chrysler you’re boring.

    2. Upper left?

      1. Heh.

        1. Upper left temple is where I’ll stab you

          1. doubtful coward

  47. Major Colvin was right all along!

    1. How can you watch a show made by that “prog” David Simon?


  48. Well, yes…if the people know that the city is not going to prosecute for crimes like drug possession, prostitution and urinating on the sidewalk, you would expect calls to the police about these activities to go down. Why call if you know nothing is going to be done about the offender?

    1. It wasn’t worth calling about the hookers on your stoop ten years ago. You had to beg the cops to take a report about a theft. I can’t imagine it’s any better now.

  49. >>Between March 2020 and March 2021

    every statistic was skewed.

  50. also, Opening Day.

    1. I don’t get you Dillinger. Sometimes you seem righteous because you like hockey, baseball, simpsons, and don’t mind hating mormons.

      But other times you’re a fascist. What gives?

      1. not fascist. hippie. I love everyone.

        1. You sure don’t seem like a hippie

          1. you’re thinking of the other me there are subtle differences.

      2. You don’t get anything you shitstained underwear basement dweller. We all know you’re a sock because you’re too chicken to post on your regular account. That’s why you get regularly fisted on this forum.

        1. mad.casual posted an interesting comment in yesterday’s thread that bears reposting for those who don’t look back:

          this was my response:

          They still manage to effortlessly present themselves as something better, even in the presence of Mormons, than the rabid stupidity that KAR effaces.

          That’s because it isn’t real. It’s one of the raging lefties who refuse to fuck off no matter how many times their stupidity is exposed. It’s a parody of mockery, which is why it presents as so shallow and callous.

          KAR popped up shortly before the election within days of an argument where I thoroughly discredited SQLFKR and jeffy’s blatant misrepresentation of the Reichstag fire and mocked their Trumptator fan-fiction.

          KAR has expressed knowledge of stuff posted years ago. I was living in Portland when I started posting in the comments, he supposedly lives in Portland. He posts specifically about my church. He posts invective about Rommelmann, someone for whom I have expressed admiration. He expresses disdain for particular commenters who I have frequently interacted with. He is the anti-me.

          His entire schtick is to make it unlikely that others will respond to my posts and alienate those who do. To believe it is a unique person, you have to disregard the odds of a flaming asshole who never expresses any libertarian thoughts and flings insults like a 12 year-old in a CoD lobby choosing not only to read the blog for the Libertarian magazine, but also be so invested that he starts commenting. And then come back week after week and comment almost exclusively on my posts. Seeing as there are a whole group of proggie fucktards that post regularly already, it seems highly improbable. Somebody jealous that SQLFKR was getting attention went all in on that Pants-shitter’s Veto. Why me?
          Chase off a newer guy writing serious posts. Which one? Anybody’s guess is as good as mine.

          1. I hate Rommelmen because she’s a Portland hating cunt.

            Keep thinking I’m Sqrls or whoever.

            You’ve never discredited me because that’s impossible. You wear magicunderwear and worship a perv god that’s been disproven.

            Just because all the Trump worshipping fascists on here love you doesn’t mean shit.

            Anyone with a brain knows you’re a stupid racist fascist piece of shit.

            1. “KAR popped up shortly before the election within days of an argument where I thoroughly discredited SQLFKR and jeffy’s blatant misrepresentation of the Reichstag fire”

              You’ve never discredited me because that’s impossible.

              I never said I discredited KAR, just referenced when KAR showed up. It clearly hit a nerve. It’s why people call you kneejerk leftists. You react spasmodically when challenged.

              Fuck off, jeffy, you insufferable cunt. Your mom would cut off your supply of cookies if she knew you were posting threats of rape and murder.

              1. Just because all the Trump worshipping fascists on here love you doesn’t mean shit.

                And what the fuck is that all about? Normal people don’t come to anonymous internet forums to feel loved. I read comments to get news and then post to express outrage and/or humor. If I was seeking validation, I would go to a massage parlor. For $30 I can get tiny hands that make my dick look huge.

                You seriously need some fucking therapy.

                1. It’s just an expression ya stupid Mormon.

                  I need therapy? You’re the delusional one. You worship a perv god who obviously doesn’t exist and refuse to acknowledge your religion has been discredited.

                  If you don’t like being called out for being an evil, racist, bigoted pussy then don’t attend and financially support an evil, racist, bigoted church.

                  Pretty goddamn simple

                  1. Fuck off, jeffy. You outed yourself.

                    1. Sure if it makes you feel better to think I’m Jeff go ahead and think that.

                      I’ve been told I’m WK, Sqrls, sarcasmic, but Jeff is a new one.

                      Or maybe not every person who isn’t a Mormon loving fascist isn’t a sock.

                    2. You’ve never discredited me because that’s impossible.

                      You outed yourself, jeffy.

                    3. Sure. Maybe it’s that multiple people have noticed your racist, Mormon bullshit?

          2. ” To believe it is a unique person, you have to disregard the odds of a flaming asshole who never expresses any libertarian thoughts”

            I don’t claim to be a libertarian, but I’m more libertarian than you.

            You want the mormon theocratic Utah govt to FORCE phone manufacturers to install and activate anti porn filters.

            Mormons are big govt social conservatives. Even if you have more libertarian views than most mormons and your church you still financially support the LDS church.

            I’m not a libertarian, but I’m more libertarian than you.

            1. radical individualist is a contradiction, pants-shitter. You aren’t anything except flagged and refreshed.

              1. I don’t claim to be a “radical individualist,” but if you wanna think I’m Jeff go ahead.

                Doesn’t change the fact you’re a racist who worships a perv god who doesn’t exist.

      3. Awwww, how cute! KARen’s looking for friends!

        What are you, like 12?

        1. Older than you pussy

          1. See how easy it is?

            You seriously need some fucking therapy.

            Flagged for review
            Chuck P. (The Artist formerly known as CTSP)
            April.1.2021 at 5:11 pm
            Fuck off, jeffy. You outed yourself.

            Flagged for review
            Chuck P. (The Artist formerly known as CTSP)
            April.1.2021 at 6:54 pm
            You’ve never discredited me because that’s impossible.

            You outed yourself, jeffy.

            Flagged for review
            Chuck P. (The Artist formerly known as CTSP)

            1. HAHAHAHAH! The loser even loses at losing!

              1. Hahaha. I know you read every thing I post.

                I get your garments in a bunch.

                Racist fascist pussy

                1. Traitorous coward

  51. I’ll tell you what’s criminal. Ruining perfectly good whiskey with chocolate and banana,

    1. Gotta do something with the Jim Beam Honey or whatever your cheap buddy left after the party. I’m not sipping that shit.

  52. “Crime plummets when thing is no longer a crime”


    1. baby steps

  53. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state’s new marijuana legalization measure into law yesterday.

    All is forgiven.

    1. “dude what were we just talking about?”

      1. I used to play chess stoned. It was inevitable that at some point I would be waiting minutes for my buddy to move and then suddenly say, “wait, is it my turn?”

        1. some cartoon or SNL or Jim Breuer or something did clip of a stoner-game show called “WHAT Were WE Just Talking About?” my s.o. says it at least once a day

        2. Sure you did ya mormon klansman. Sure ya did.

          If you weren’t raised LDS and converted as an adult you’re really fucking dumb.

          At least people raised in the church have the excuse of being brainwashed from birth.

          Any adult who doesn’t immediately realize the LDS Church is bs if fucking stupid.

          1. Man, the steaming pile of shit is ending up with half te thread ‘flagged for review’.

            1. Have a drink Sevo!

              It may cure your BDS!

              It won’t cure your senility though… 🙁

              1. You still having sex with that Biden doll you made from your boyfriends prostate massager?

                1. I see you still have Trump’s dick down your throat.

                  I hate Biden, but at least he’s not a fascist like Trump.

            2. Which pile are you referring to? I can’t see it.

              Were WE Just Talking About?” my s.o. says it at least once a day

              Flagged for review
              April.1.2021 at 5:07 pm
              Man, the steaming pile of shit is ending up with half te thread ‘flagged for review’.

              Flagged for review

              1. Ok mormon klansman.

              2. More stuff to flag.

                Does the frustration of knowing your insults go unread give you a boner? Because, again, you really should get some professional help for that.

                1. I know I get your garments in a bunch. Why would you reply if you didn’t read them? You lie about everything so of course you’re lying about this.

                  First thing I learned living in Utah: Mormons lie. Second thing I learned: they’re terrible fucking people.

                  1. lol – the only truly accomplished liar between you and Chuck is you.

  54. Important questions: how many violent and property crimes go unreported because the “light on crime” approach disillusioned people to reporting crimes? Then, we cannot ignore the issue of the riots, which would have an even more chilling effect on reporting to the police. Come on, these are basic questions here.

  55. Are people selling drugs? Yes. Even if you sell drugs “legally” the violence associated with drug dealing on the streets doesn’t go away, Or did that magically disappear? Liberal Logic at its finest. Say , I thought this was a liberatarian site?

    1. A substantial fraction of the violence in drugs is a direct result of the illegality.

      Compare to other drugs such as cigarettes or booze. How many shootouts have CVS and Walgreens employees gotten in? Has the local brew-pub gotten visits from Budweiser thugs about moving in on their turf? If anyone tried that, they’d go to the police and the papers to let everyone know. You can’t do that when your product is illegal, so it ends up with violence.

      There is also the fact that you reduce the income of the street gangs and drug dealers. There’s less to fight over and less money to buy weapons and pay people to fight.

  56. “In terms of spending on infrastructure, Biden’s plan is less concerned with what works and more concerned with launching a massive jobs creation program”

    don’t forget propping up industries that cannot support themselves – 1/6th of the total is dedicated to “manufacturing”, which is far from an infrastructure issue, but is dominated by unions. purchasing a little political power, are we??

  57. “Violent crime drops after cops stop going after them”


    Meanwhile 2020 saw massive spikes in homicide and car jacking and some uptick on Asians by black vagrants, but you guys go ahead and ignore it.

    Also, tell me more about how private cops can take over if cities won’t grant them or their officers liability protection.

  58. This is the worst article I’ve seen on this site.

    “Baltimore has seen a serious drop in violent crimes and property crimes, too.”

    No, idiot. Baltimore has seen a serious drop in violent and property crimes RECORDED, because hurr durr when the police stop enforcing all the laws, OF COURSE the crime stats are going to look down!

    Where do you people even come from?!

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