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Biden's Infrastructure Plan Would Overturn 'Right-To-Work' Laws in 27 States

In his speech on Wednesday, the president called for the passage of the PRO Act, a grab bag of policies that labor unions have been pushing Congress to pass for years.


Buried inside more than $2 trillion in proposed spending on everything from highways to child care, President Joe Biden's "American Jobs Plan" would also force non-union workers to pay union dues even in states that have explicitly said that's not mandatory.

Biden glossed over that detail in Wednesday's speech outlining the particulars of his "American Jobs Plan." He made just a single reference to the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which passed the House earlier this month, calling it a bill that would "help workers organize."

In reality, the PRO Act strengthens unions by telling workers to pay up. Among other things, the bill would amend parts of the National Labor Relations Act to allow the federal government to stomp out the so-called "right-to-work" laws that forbid unions from forcing non-members to pay a share of union dues. If passed, the PRO Act would roll back the rights of individual workers, who would no longer get to choose whether they want to financially support a union.

Passage of the PRO Act is obviously a major political priority for labor unions—Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, recently described it as a "game-changer" in an interview with NPR—because it wold provide a new stream of revenue even as the overall number of unionized workers continues to decline.

But it is a strange way to pursue Biden's ultimate goal improving America's infrastructure as a form of economic stimulus.

"We view this measure as a significant threat to the viability of the commercial construction industry," warns Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of America, an industry group. He predicts that passage of the PRO Act would usher in more labor unrest, and observes that it is difficult to complete large-scale infrastructure projects when "work is idled, workers are unpaid, and projects go uncompleted."

It's also a move that seems to misread obvious economic signals. Not only has the number of states with right-to-work laws been growing, but those states have seen manufacturing employment grow more than twice as fast since 2010 when compared to states without right-to-work laws. If Biden is seeking an economic boost for the country, he'd push to let all workers enjoy the freedom to choose whether to support a union or keep more of their paychecks.

Beyond the right-to-work provision, the PRO Act is a grab bag of policies that would help tip the scales towards unions. It would force employers to turn over employees' private information—including cellphone numbers, email addresses, and work schedules—to union organizers. It would accelerate the National Labor Relation Board's official timetable for union organizing elections in non-union workplaces. And it would codify so-called "card check" elections, removing the protection of the secret ballot when a workplace votes to unionize.

The White House says Biden's "American Jobs Plan" will give workers "a free and fair choice to join a union." But in calling for the passage of the PRO Act, Biden is actually taking that choice away from many workers who currently enjoy it—and transfer money directly from workers' paychecks to labor unions' bottom lines.

"The PRO Act does strengthen unions, but it does so mainly by giving unions more power to force recalcitrant workers to fall in line," says Sean Higgins, a research fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free market think tank. "The Biden administration wants to strip workers of their right for their own good."

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  1. Promises made, promises kept.

      1. US Strategic Command, is that you?

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        2. No. That’s a transcript of Biden’s last attempt at English.

    1. Education Department says its goal is to make sure borrowers in default get their tax refunds…………MORE DETAIL.

    2. In his speech on Wednesday, the president called for the passage of the PRO Act, a grab bag of policies that labor unions have been pushing Congress to pass for years………….MORE DETAIL.

    3. Yup! NO more mean tweets! Who cares if these laws are overturned. The tweets aren’t MEAN!!!!

    4. Were those “promises” or “threats”?

  2. Our sister company had a vote last fall to decide to form a union. 20 for, 150 against. The US working man knows the truth about unions.

    1. The failed progressive utopia, Chicago, is a union town. Nuff’ said.

    2. Most union members are government workers, usually in SEIU or the AFT.Not all of them are Democrats – those who are not are in the back, keeping quiet.

      1. Wow, I had no idea. That is not the case in Chicago. It is like a cult. I have a few dozen friends and family in the unions. Whenever they talk about the GOP they are on the verge of a stroke. Truly, red faced and spitting. If they think that you support the GOP, they will stop speaking to you. They honestly see you as the enemy of their union “living wage”. They parrot whatever is said on MSNBC or CNN. The last 4 years under Trump has taken several years off of their lives. It is painful to watch them damage their health.
        Before I call home, I watch a few minutes of MSNBC or CNN and I already know what they will be saying. “Trump is getting impeached”, “Trump’s kids are going to jail”, Trump is going to jail”, “Russian collusion”! They don’t look at the mess in their backyard, it is too difficult to accept. You can set the phone down, get a sandwich, and they will still be spewing the words of Maddow when you get back.
        Like an abused child, they ignore the terrible acts of the Chicago politicians and blame Trump, Bush II, or Bush 1 for any and all problems in Chicago. If you ask them what Obama did for Chicago, they look at their shoes. They can’t come up with anything. The truth is, Obama never did do anything for Chicago. He never voted on anything. He was elected, then he ran for President. This country elected Chicago politics to the White House.
        The best part is when they say “I should have left when you did”. Then they tell me how long they have before they can leave and spend their pension elsewhere.

        1. Whenever they talk about the GOP they are on the verge of a stroke. Truly, red faced and spitting. If they think that you support the GOP, they will stop speaking to you. They honestly see you as the enemy of their union “living wage”. They parrot whatever is said on MSNBC or CNN. The last 4 years under Trump has taken several years off of their lives. It is painful to watch them damage their health.

          *Caution: Personal ranting*

          Not even just the GOP. Visited my MIL in FL last week. She retired on her IL teacher’s pension to a gated community. Sicknick’s death and Insurrection charges were being discussed on whatever news outlet was on TV. I said that if they could’ve made murder charges, they would’ve, and insurrection charges are even less tennable a priori *and* post conviction. No mention of Trump, GOP, or anything supporting the rioters/protestors actions, just factual acknowledgement that there isn’t enough evidence to convict let alone widthstand appeal.

          She went on a rant about rural, anti-union, GOP-voting, Trump-loving hicks. She didn’t quit until my FIL pointed out that she was on the verge of an similarly untenable option of tossing out her SIL, but not her daughter and grandkids over the news. Hilariously, half the aspersions cast applied just as well to her non-Union husband (who’s retirement is substantially larger) and her daughter.

          Mrs. Casual rightfully pointed out that I was being rude. I pointed out that I was disagreeing with the news and that I drove her and the grandkids straight through when her parents got the vaccine after they refused to come up for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Xmas because they were worried they’d catch the coof staying in a hotel.

          It’s like union membership is some infectious mental disease. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the next invite to sit in the FL heat with nothing but Coors Light in the fridge.

          1. insurrection charges are even less tennable a priori *and* post conviction

            It’s not like they incapacitated the VP, burned the Capitol to the ground, and the EC votes still hadn’t been certified. The certification happend pretty much as scheduled, ergo, no standing and convicting everyone who delays any government function by a couple hours of insurrection is insanity.

          2. Haha. They bitch about hicks and drink coors light. Classic.

        2. Ever notice that the most vocal union supporters are the foul ups that would have been fired from a non-union company except for the fact that the union protects them? A place I worked for was union on the manufacturing floor. Every morning they would have a meeting to discuss who would do what. Their most senior guy used to like to inspect incoming parts. If you got that job, you could bring the cart into the break room, grab some coffee and sit there checking parts and watching television. This guy would hide the cart, leave the plant to do personal business, come back and sign the paperwork that the parts were good without checking a single part. About 80% of the time he lucked out. When he didn’t luck out, we didn’t find the bad parts until final assembly. This made us miss shipping deadlines. Since he signed the paperwork, we couldn’t go back to the vendor to have them make things right. I was the junior engineer, as a result non-conformance reports were my problem. I documented over $100,000 in losses for new parts or re-work of bad parts. When it was announced that there would be no profit sharing that year, guess who yelled the loudest?

          1. That’s why much of the auto industry went to the Japanese in the 1980’s. Now that the Japanese have opened plants in the US, they are generally non-union plants. I will agree that unions had a place in the early days of the industrial revolution, when working conditions were horrendous. However, as always, they became abusive after a few decades and existed to only create management/labor animosity and more union jobs. I don’t care if someone wants to join a union or not – if a company can remain profitable using union labor, more power to them. However, I draw the line when they try to force others to join against their will.

        3. I’m glad they cannot. They’d just shit up a different place. Dogs that are not house broken should never be allowed inside.

    3. And now you get to pay union dues anyway – – – – – – – – –
      Who says elections have consequences?

      1. Union dues mandated by the Government are a tax. They are taxing non union workers who very likely earn less than $400K /year. A Biden LIE. Consumers paying more due to this infringement are being taxed by Biden. Only morons could believe in “Biden the lying Fraud”

  3. Yet another example of Joe Biden’s pledge to restore unity in this country. What, you thought by “unity” he meant *voluntary* unity? Next you’ll be thinking by restoring “peace” he’s not talking about the peace of the grave.

    1. ^THIS; What most people should’ve figure out by now is that “unification” under government is one of the worst words in political history.

      Communism = The *forced* unification of human resources.
      Fascism = The *forced* unification of religion / color.

      Democrats live in a “unification” utopia while compulsively and consistently remaining ignorant to it’s horrific history. They also like to pretend government *law* isn’t equal to Gov-Gun *forced* against anyone’s own will. I guess those “people” just aren’t people at all. Democrats are selfish beyond comprehension and their funnest game-plan is ‘projection’ of their own mentality onto everyone else.

    2. You nailed it – “uniform diversity”! A Liberal Progressive or “Progressive Liberal” simply do NOT exist – totalitarians by nature the difference between them and all the other totalitarians who went before is that THESE are the utterly “brilliant and benevolent” ones by their own admission.

  4. Ray flippin’ Charles could have seen that coming. Non-union members paying dues to the fat cats at the unions. It is indentured servitude. Just some more of that equity Biden is bringing to the worker.
    It is time for those non-union members to grab a few aluminum bats and smash some union leaders skulls in. Oops, I dropped my hammer. Aww geez, did it fall into that large, expensive piece of equipment?

  5. Free loaders paying up and you find something to complain about. You boys should have your estrogen levels checked.

    1. Always good to hear from left-wing totalitarians. Thanks.

    2. Go blow a handgun.

    3. Free loaders paying up and you find something to complain about.

      HAHAHAHAHA! That comment will get some panties in a bunch.

      Back on track, I see. Your parody was slipping yesterday.

    4. A person that is working is a freeloader? Interesting. If the union turds are collecting money and not providing anything, wouldn’t they be the freeloader?

      1. What the unions are providing are campaign contributions to loyal Democrat politicians.

      2. Haha. Yeah, the union leader said it would “generate revenue”. Looters always talk like that.

    5. There’s really no requirement that unions negotiate on behalf of non-union members.

      In other areas, requiring payment for services not agreed to would be called a “scam.”

      1. In other areas, demanding labor and the fruits of those labor with the sole recompense being noble guidance would be called serfdom or slavery.

      2. Or taxes…

    6. “Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.”

      Neal Stephenson

      1. “self-righteous sixteen-year-olds”

        *Thinks back wistfully … farther … much farther …. no, I mean really far … farther than that ….. yeah, that’s it … good times.*

    7. Strazele: If you’re a union supporter, you love work rules that have 4 guys standing around watching one guy work. You’re either one of those 4 freeloaders, or the one fool working.

  6. Boehm….Didn’t you support Biden for the 2020 election? Yeah, you did.

    Tell Readership why they should not have absolute contempt for you.

    1. I’d love to see some libertarian complete the following sentence:

      “Biden is terrible, but I’m still glad that Trump lost because . . . ”

      And they should, obviously, make sure that the facts and the form are solid.

      I bet they can’t do it, and the observation that they didn’t expect Biden to do what he said he was going to do is probably a better defense. I don’t think any of the awful thing we’re talking about are things that Biden didn’t promise to do on his campaign website.

      1. “Biden is terrible, but I’m still glad that Trump lost because . . . ”

        because watching Biden walk up stairs is fucking hilarious.

        because listening to Biden fumble over the word ‘the’ is fucking hilarious.

        I have pages of this stuff…

        1. I can give you three reasons why Biden is better than Trump…

          1. No more mean Tweets.
          2. Fewer press conferences.

      2. Because when they invoke the 25th amendment and Harris becomes president, I can tell my progressive and liberal friends ‘I told you this shit was the plan in July of 2020, and you said ‘No way’.’.

      3. … because Biden doesn’t broadcast mean tweets!

        1. I should have said good answers.

          I’d love to see some libertarian complete the following sentence [with some good explanations for why we should be glad that Biden won].

          1. And, let me guess, you are the judge of “good” reasons.

            1. Doesn’t surprise me that you have no conception of a higher power, but if the reasons are good, it shouldn’t matter if Ken sits in judgement of them. Quite the opposite, “divide the baby in two”.

              1. Because watching the country collapse in slow motion for thirty years made me want to just get it over with?

                1. Facts

            2. White Knight, ChemJeff and others seem mystified that there are things called facts and logic. They seem to think being right or wrong is completely arbitrary–which is absurd in the literal sense.

              Here’s a hint: People are wrong for two basic reasons, White Knight: either they’re wrong on the facts or they’re wrong on the structure.

              Is your answer based on facts?

              Does your answer violate a logical fallacy? Do you understand that even if your facts and premises are true, you can still be wrong because the structure of your thinking is wrong–because you clearly perpetrated a logical fallacy?

              General Premise: Bad thinking is based on falsehoods and/or logical fallacies.

              Specific Premise: The answer to the question Person X submitted is based on falsehoods and/or logical fallacies.

              Conclusion: Therefore Person X’s answer was bad rather than good

              That’s the logical structure. It doesn’t violate any logical fallacies. If the premises are true, then the conclusion is true, and if you disagree with the conclusion based on the structure of the argument–then you are wrong–regardless of whether Ken Shultz, Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler, or a Nobel prize winning scientist says so, feels so, or thinks so.

              Do you understand that?

              So, in order to attack that argument, you need to go after the premises and the facts–and guess what? The facts and premises are true or false regardless of what Ken Shultz or anyone else thinks about them, too. There isn’t anything about my personal subjectivity that makes an argument good or bad.

              That’s what a good argument looks like–it has true premises and it doesn’t contain any logical fallacies–comprende?

              Give me a good reason why, from a libertarian perspective, a libertarian would say, “Biden is terrible, but I’m still glad that Trump lost because . . . ” Finish the sentence with something factual and logically consistent. I dare you. I can’t think of a good way to end it–although plenty of others have used sarcasm–in a way that suggests they agree with me. They seem to agree, IOW, that there isn’t a good libertarian reason to be glad that Biden won.

              And keep this bookmarked for future reference, White Knight. If what you’re saying is factually incorrect or logically inconsistent, you’re just telling us about your feelings. That’s all ChemJeff ever tells us about is his fucking feelings. He can’t seem to tell the difference between facts and feelings or logic and stupidity. Can you? I just spelled it for you–and the difference has nothing to do with my opinion about anything.

              P.S. Aristotle


              Read that. Learn something important today. Stop making a fool of yourself for cryin’ out loud! Stop picking picking your nose at the dinner table and wondering why people are treating you like a cretin.

            3. Yes.

              But you’re not a libertarian so no need to answer.

            4. Well, let’s hear yours.

          2. Because now everyone else will get to see what we have known for years, that democrats want to take our guns, our freedom and our money. This is the best thing that could happen for Liberty.I give it 2 years , Kamala will be President, the whole economy will be on it’s knees, books will be burning , war will be raging and kids will be reciting socialist doctrine as part of their kindergarten curriculum… Talk about forcing people to take sides! Fence walkers are going to be flocking to the libertarian party candidates and anyone else who will speak up for freedom once they see what happens with this clown and his commie friends running the show.
            Get the popcorn ready Libertarians, this will be funny..

      4. Biden is terrible, but I’m glad that Trump lost because Trump spent every day of his Presidency trying to drive partisan division and hatred in this country, then capped off his term with a campaign of lies about stolen election culminating with MAGA rioters attempting to violently disrupt the peaceful transition of power.

        1. See, this is the problem that I have. Trump was a horrendous human being and horrendous leader. His actions were tremendously divisive and hate filled. Biden is terrible president, and though scummy, not nearly on the level of Trump. Biden himself really isn’t a divider as he really isn’t anything, honestly. The problem is Biden’s supporters are massively divisive and filled with hatred.

          So, I am faced with having to choose whether a divisive, hate filled president is better or worse than having an empty vessel of a person being driven by supporters bent on division and hate. It’s a shitty choice.

          I’m happy Trump’s gone, but I’m terrified that the left is in charge.

          1. Even this is a misportrayal, a false dichotomy that presumes unification to be an unmitigated good or having no intrinsic costs along the lines of “not locking down will cost lives”.

            It assumes that ‘divisiveness’ is some quantifiable sum, that some words or actions are empirically more/less divisive than others, and that divisive words/actions can’t serve a larger and more immorally unifying people (or vice versa, unifying people with the larger goal of immorally dividing them). That Hitler can’t be simultaneously and with equal accuracy described as divisive against the Jews and unifying of Germans of all occupation, sex, or nationality.

            1. The fact that you had to try a pedantic semantic challenge based on a strawman position to my comment is really all the proof necessary to soundly establish my point. Thanks!

              1. No mad.casual just shit in your mouth, you swallowed it and happily asked for seconds, you fucking moron.

          2. I’d argue a President lying about a voting rights bill, referring to it as Jim Crow 2.0 is unbelievably divisive. Even with him knowing that he is lying.

        2. You know, without question, that there was not significant fraud in the swing states? Even though there were no significant investigations undertaken with testimonies under oath, there were significant statistical anomalies, and a significant number of people who did swear under oath about witnessing fraud. Moreover, mass mail out of ballots, which was the case in large cities in swing states, are notoriously subject to fraud and intimidation. So, you know that Trump’s assertions regarding election fraud were all lies?

      5. Because MSNBC is tanking?

      6. Let us also consider that none of this would be on the table if not for the outcomes in the Georgia run-off elections.

        Elections that Reason was studiously silent about.

        If it were just Biden over Trump then I could see them being surprised, but considered in combination with Georgia their actions say they wanted all of this to happen.

        Progressives in (threadbare) libertarian clothes.

      7. I’m glad that Trump lost, but also wish that Biden would have lost too. Neither are worthy to hold elected office. Instead we have a different fool cast in the role. Biden is more malleable for the corporate media and ruling elitists than Trump was. The jokes are different having new play actors in office, but the reality is that both suck.

        1. You must be a sock for one of the writes here.

          Because that was a pitch perfect ‘both sides.’

          1. If I felt the global crony-corporate media that covers for China and Iran and needlessly demonizes relatively tertiary world leaders like Putin, were the problem, by his own statement Biden is objectively the poorer choice. The only way Trump is the worse choice is if I believe the patently absurd notion that Western colonialism/patriarchy is exclusively owned or commanded by DJT (and not in any way by JRB) and is somehow the definitive or primary problem around the globe.

          2. Nah. I also wish they had both lost. I mean, I also wish I had a trillion dollars and a stable full of unicorns. That not having been one of the actual available options, I’d prefer Trump had won over Biden.

      8. “Biden is terrible, but I’m still glad that Trump lost because . . . ”

        Trumps is mean and says mean things.

        1. Trump makes feminized men feel insecure, which is the greatest of sins.

      9. Biden is terrible, but I’m still glad that Trump lost because the woke imperialists showed all their cards, installed a brain dead zombie puppet, and now have nowhere to hide.

        Buy bitcoin and whiskey, it’s going to be one hell of a fall. Our empire has no clothes, but they do have a money printer.

    2. Exactly. He should not be writing ANYTHING on bad things Biden is doing. He wanted the liberal things by voting for Biden.

  7. “It’s also a move that seems to misread obvious economic signals. Not only has the number of states with right-to-work laws been growing,….”

    It isn’t a misread. That is the entire point. Unions are losing support across the country. Therefore, they must compel support.

    1. Those are just Republican talking points!

      What are you, an insurrectionist?

    2. Reason seems to be going out of their way to misunderstand the motives of the Democrat party.

      1. lacking capacity to understand.

  8. The Biden administration probably wouldn’t be sticking their necks out for this stuff if they expected the filibuster to survive. If the Senate parliamentarian didn’t think the minimum wage was justifiable as a budget reconciliation measure, why would anything about the right to work pass the same test? Meanwhile, last week, Biden dared the Senate Republicans to use the filibuster–just so the Democrats can get rid of it.

    All of this was not only foreseeable but also foreseen. To whatever extent you are complicit in Donald Trump losing, you are complicit in all of Biden’s policies that wouldn’t have passed if Trump had been reelected. And any libertarian who isn’t yet nostalgic for the days when we were arguing about Trump’s tweets, rather than bemoaning the awfulness of Biden’s authoritarian and socialist policies, is either delusional, dishonest, or stupid.

    1. I didn’t tell anyone else who to vote for, nor did I give financial support to any GOP or Dem candidate, so I don’t feel at all complicit in Trump’s defeat. I believe the one who is complicit was Donald Trump himself. The suburban ninnies wouldn’t overlook his mean tweets and he initially bungled the Chicom-19 situation.

      1. Donald Trump seems to have performed better at the polls than his approval rating–in plenty of districts and states–which strongly suggests that plenty of people voted for him despite disliking him personally. Being a grown up means sometimes dealing with people we don’t like because the consequences of not doing so are bad.

        Donald Trump isn’t responsible for what we choose to do. Because we don’t like Trump or the Republicans, certainly, wasn’t a good reason to hand Joe Biden a tube of K-Y jelly, pull our pants down, turn around, bend over, and let him and the congressional Democrats have their way with our libertarian capitalist asses.

        It’s understandable for people to say that they didn’t know what Biden was planning to do–despite broadcasting his intentions on his website. It’s quite another to insist that we’re not responsible for avoiding the foreseeable consequences of the choices we make unless we specifically said we wanted the negative consequences.

        I was talking to someone about automated cars the other day. He said that in all the cases of accidents with automated cars he’d read about, the accident wasn’t the fault of the automated car but the other driver. As a motorcycle guy who often weaves through heavy traffic both on the streets and the freeways of southern California, I’m here to tell you that taking responsibility for the negative consequences of your own errors isn’t enough. If I didn’t take the responsibility to avoid the foreseeable negative consequences of other people’s mistakes, I’d die a dozen times a year!

        If the negative consequences of other people’s mistakes are foreseeable and avoidable–and we fail to avoid them–whether it’s our fault doesn’t really matter, no matter what the traffic laws, the insurance companies, or our friends say. If the traffic court, the insurance company, and our friends and family all agree that the accident wasn’t a result of our error, we’d be just as dead or paralyzed anyway.

        In other words, the important question isn’t whether the negative consequences are our fault. The important question is whether those negative consequences are foreseeable and avoidable. If they’re foreseeable and avoidable and we choose not to avoid the accident, we are willingly subjecting ourselves to those negative consequences–regardless of whether they’re our fault.

        Were Joe Biden’s policies foreseeable? Were they avoidable?

        Yes and yes!

        Are there people out there bemoaning Biden’s awful policies who could have urged people to vote against Biden because of those policies but failed to do so?

        The correct answer is yes, and if they haven’t figured out that they subjected themselves to these consequences regardless of whether they wanted those consequences, they really need to do so. You say you didn’t want to drown, and the freak wave that hit your boat wasn’t your fault? So what if it isn’t your fault! Did you go out there without a life jacket, a way to call for help, or the ability to swim? Whether it’s your fault doesn’t even matter. This was foreseeable. This could have been avoided.

        1. For your average voter, yes. It’s a semi-reasonable excuse to say you had no idea what he had planned, because the leftist media made sure any negative information was obscured, downplayed, “debunked,” or just plain not covered.

          If you’re a journalist, like Boehm, you have no excuse and no cover, because you’re the one who did all of the above. Journalists had a duty, and has the resources, to research and cover these issues and chose to play the Orange Man Bad game and be useful idiots for the democrats. The wholesale destruction of the American middle class lays entirely at the feet of people like Boehm.

          1. I’m not a spiteful person and I take no pleasure in the suffering of others, but I will kind of enjoy the salty tears of impotent rage of my white, affluent, liberal, professional class neighbors when our idyllic, semi-rural suburb gets urbanized in the next few years. As you say, it was foreseeable and foreseen.

        2. Alternatively, you could make the leap to understanding that when a psychopathic clown is your party leader, maybe your ideas are bad too.

          1. So then, why are you still a democrat?

            1. Because Republicans are an existential threat to the human species.

              1. Jesus, move out of Oklahoma already you boring fucking drama queen.

              2. Tony – you’re “I’m good, my opponents are evil” argument is getting old quickly. Grow up or GTFO.

                1. *your

                2. Good and evil are stories we tell ourselves that we made up out of thin air.

                  Climate change, on the other hand, is going to kill us all.

                  1. No its not, they’ve been saying it for years, and every time they’ve been wrong. Don’t be a chump, think for yourself for a change, and don’t go repeating the lies.

                    1. What, so as long as the species doesn’t die, you’re right?

                      You haven’t read a single credible scientific source on this topic, ever, have you?

      2. Many of the answers to the question posed in the title, “Can I regrow my hair using the Lisa Rinna Hair Growth Formula? “, are not actually what is used in this hair loss product. The ingredients listed on the bottle and information provided by the company itself are misleading. Many ingredients can be harmful to your health. It is especially important to be wary of prescription drugs. None of these ingredients are contained in Lisa rinna hair Growth Formula.

      3. Trump gained at least 10 million votes and improved demographic performance across the board, but keep being a useful idiot and spewing the leftist narrative.

        1. Agree. It took cheating of epic proportions in swing states to beat Trump.

          1. “Trump beat Trump by driving voters away” is among the most idiotic talking points possible, as it’s directly and overwhelmingly contradicted by the data across the board.
            If one wants to buy into the bullshit results as legitimate, which some very much do regardless of credibility, “Trump was so hated it drove tens of millions more people to vote just to get rid of him” is at least arguable, even if it does require a huge leap of faith.
            But creech, and others, go with an argument that cannot be supported in any way.
            Guess it’s just “their truth”

    2. All Boehm is doing is criticizing a bad policy of a guy for whom he might have voted. What’s so unusual, or wrong, about that? You didn’t like Trump’s trade policies, yet you voted for him, because he was the better choice. Then you criticized, rightly in my opinion, his trade policies. That makes sense. Was Boehm complicit in getting Biden elected? Technically yes. And you were complicit in getting bad trade policy enacted. So what? You do the best with a set of imperfect choices.

      1. Trade policy was the same either way.

        The policies we’re talking about with Biden wouldn’t have been enacted if Trump had been reelected.

        There wouldn’t be a bailout of the states in the $1.9 trillion stimulus.

        There wouldn’t be a $3.2 trillion infrastructure deal (with the Green New Deal folded into it).

        Those are just a couple of examples. He hasn’t really revealed his big gun control policies. He hasn’t lowered the age of Medicare entitlement yet.

        These things wouldn’t be happening if Trump had been reelected.

        The trade policies would have been the same either way.

        When I said that Trump stunk on trade (an issue that would be the same with or without him) but we should vote for him anyway, that’s fundamentally different from discouraging people to vote for Trump–and then complaining when they policies that wouldn’t be enacted are enacted because people did what you wanted and voted against Trump.


        1. His position also assumes honesty and/or ignores dishonesty or feigned opposition in service or support of more overarching aims or policies. It is a false dichotomy that assumes there can be no greater evil than the two choices, that a lesser evil can’t be chosen in support of a greater evil; that the Prisoner’s Dilemma somehow only applies to or produces morally good outcomes.

          Criticizing Trump on free trade because you think free trade is good is a different assertion than criticizing Biden on trade because you think a One World Order is good. Even if “both sides” are criticizing their own guy on the exact same policy, honestly and intelligently or not, one is done in service to an evil greater than either of the two narrow options.

        2. You’re missing my point by focusing on my example of trade. The point is that it’s not incongruent to favor a candidate because he’s less onerous than the other choices, and then complain about some of the policies (even if they were totally predictable). Boehm found Biden less onerous than Trump. He never said Biden’s policies were perfect. And he most likely still feels that Biden was the better choice. I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying about people like Boehm being complicit in Biden’s ability to enact bad policies. He’d probably admit as much, and explain that he still feels Biden was the better choice. Just as I admit I was complicit in electing Trump and his bad policies in 2016, even though I still feel he was the better choice. You probably feel the same way. That’s not news. We’re all complicit in the negative aspects of the candidates we favor.

          1. You and I seem to be acknowledging and embracing the choices we made.

            And I’m not seeing a lot of that from libertarians who were complicit in Biden being elected–and all that entails.

  9. Good. Don’t get the benefits of a union without being in it. Should call it the “stop moochers” clause of the act.

    1. And if they didn’t want and didn’t ask for the benefits of a union? Oh, yeah, that part is still compelled.

      Get fucked.

    2. Please provide a complete list of union benefits received by workers in a non-union shop.

      1. Last time I checked, the non-Union workers at Mercedes and Honda plants in Alabama had pretty generous compensation packages.

        1. Which says nothing about what they would not be receiving in the absence of the union.

          The question was about union benefits they might be receiving.

          Is it reading comprehension or honesty that is your issue?

          1. They wouldn’t be receiving any union benefits. Do you believe that Mercedes and Honda would have built these plants where they are if they knew they would have to deal with a unionized workforce? I don’t. No plant – no wages or benefits. Period.

        2. And they didn’t need a union to get them. Go figure.

    3. So you prefer forced to join a union against their will.

      Real class, shitlunches.

      1. It’s pathetic how you buy the bullshit uncritically like you never even thought about it. Like you simply outsource your brains to talking tits on FOX News.

        1. It’s pathetic that you think someone should be forced to give dues to an organization that isn’t necessarily acting in my interest or supporting my political views. Like you simply have an overwhelming need to be a submissive.

          1. Nobody is being forced, except now people are being forced to work for lower wages enforced by politicians lying to you about how it’s for your own good.

            You wouldn’t be forced in this way if you weren’t so stupid as to fall for their nonsense.

            1. Nobody is being forced

              That’s a lie and you know it.

              1. Well, now they’re being forced. Employers and employees are being forced to refrain from freely entering certain routine union contracts. These laws take freedom away. That’s what they do. You don’t know what you’re in favor of.

            2. Tony, your moronic statements betray your abject ignorance. Since you incorrectly have chosen not to commit suicide, at least shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.

              But please, DO kill yourself.

    4. Fine by us. People who aren’t in the union should be able to negotiate their own contracts, separate from what the union wants. You know, individually.

      Want to work for 20% less than the union guys for whatever reason? Fine. Want to get paid more hourly and accept a less expensive benefits package or none at all? Fine. Work at a straight hourly rate? Salaried? What if someone wants a 401k match instead of a full pension? Fine, fine, fine . . .

    5. And if someone paints your house without you asking, you should be compelled to pay them for it? Even more on point, if someone asks if you want your house painted and you say no, you should be compelled to pay them when they paint it anyway?

    6. Don’t get the benefits of a union without being in it. Should call it the “stop moochers” clause of the act.

      That’s not what the act calls for. It doesn’t call for non-contributors to have their benefits stripped, it calls for them to contribute whether they want the benefits or not.

  10. Biden is not interested in an “economic bump” for the country. That’s pretty obvious by his disasterous policies this far. Biden is interested in paying off the people who delivered 80 million votes, and consolidating power and control so the democrats can ram through devastating policies like the GND.

    Every single executive order and bill so far has been nothing but a Trojan horse for the GND, including HR1. The GND is their Trojan horse for socialism.

    Boehm, stop clutching your pearls and acting surprised. You spent the past year playing the Orange Man Bad game, being a useful idiot for the democrats. You own this, there is no getti g around it. Eat your cake.

    1. The Trojan Horse is an effective model.

      You assholes want to propagandize climate change mitigation and universal healthcare into oblivion, just to be assholes? Fine, we’ll hide it in some “infrastructure” bill. Try and crap on roads and bridges, you evil cunts,

      1. I really hope you keep pushing, so we can finally have it out with your kind. It will be good when your in a pile with your fellow travelers in a landfill. Face down.

        And you won’t be the victim. You will be the perpetrator that was executed by patriots, in self defense.

  11. Biden isn’t seeking an economic boost for the country he’s seeking it’s destruction.

    1. Ownership. they want ownership.

      1. Equity for me, none for thee

  12. >> It’s also a move that seems to misread obvious economic signals.

    wow dude … “seems to misread” lol … in over head.

  13. What about the traffic problem on Rt 8? If he were just going to fix that kind of thing fine.

    But nooo. Bunch of payoffs and worthless pork.

    And what is with this electric car thing? Someone needs to tell him we already have those.

    Now flying electric cars. That would be cool.

    1. people can’t keep their phones charged as it is. there would be cars falling from the sky

  14. Unconstitutional and never going to happen. So out of sync with reality

  15. Biden and co are clearly making payouts to loyalists and lobbyists, crony corporatists and other government teat suckers.

    Anybody who voted for Biden is now on the traitor and seditious side of the equation.

  16. It is always interesting to see people who want the country to return to the old days and ways, except for unions. When unions where present people got good wages and benefits. Now there gone and people complain about wages and benefits. When unions were present companies had to have reasonable work conditions. Now your Amazon package might have a piss stain because the employees are not given bathroom breaks.
    A good capitalist system has unions The company and workers figure things out so the government is not needed.

    1. Biden sucks. There, I said it. Someone had to.

    2. Forced and voluntary. If they’re so great, people will join them willingly. Or do you think people are too stupid to know what’s good for them?

      1. Nobody has ever been forced to join a union, anymore than someone is forced to work for a certain employer.

        1. Lmao you’re brain dead.

          Not only are people in all kinds of industries in certain states forced to join unions…

          But private companies are also forced to jack up their wages and labor costs on public projects, thus the total cost of the project, to the same ridiculous level as these lazy, unskilled, freeloading, union workers in states that force the Davis-bacon act on their businesses.

          The only thing more worthless than the unions are their dumbuck, lazy, piece of shit laborers.

          1. No, employers and unions were freely engaging in freely drawn contracts until Republicans intervened to force them to adopt another system. Only Republicans are doing any government forcing here. You don’t know what you’re talking about because you don’t think, you just adopt party platforms wholesale.

            1. Agree. However, those freely drawn contracts resulted in bankruptcy for two US automakers. They should have been allowed to go through normal bankruptcy without government bailout, which would have forced a renegotiation of those contracts, including retiree benefits. So, I don’t have a problem with unions, if a company can stay in business with them. My problem is when these companies are bailed out using taxpayer funds, particularly for union retirement and healthcare benefits.

              1. Bailouts, meh. Nobody was ever bailed out for being a shitty company that paid too much salary to workers. For being the cause of a global financial crisis while being vital to the survival of the economy? Sure. Nobody liked that deal. But it all got paid back so who gives a shit.

                Stop electing Republicans who cause all these problems in the first place, that’s what I say. The fact that they spend the other half of their time taking freedom away from people, including lately the right to vote itself, should make this all the world’s biggest no-brainer for a libertarian.

                1. Tony, they got bailed out by the taxpayer…man up and own it. Pretty sure overpaying for union labour is part of the problem.

                  1. Goldman Sachs has unions?

    3. Where are you asserting that unions went? Point to a municipality of more than 1,000 people where there are no union members working or residing. You can’t. The American Postal Workers Union (which also represents some private package delivers) renders this impossible. Outside of specific buildings, you can’t point to any place that’s exclusively non-union and, even then, they likely pay/paid union postal, utilities, and construction workers. If unions went away, it’s because of the unions/union leadership.

      1. Maybe there’s some non-union Indian Reservations. Should we make them sign union contracts or kick them off their land?

      2. Notice the reframing of ” basic universal income” in this case…moving everyone up to Union scale…

        Handing money out has always been popular.

    4. ‘ A good capitalist system has unions The company and workers figure things out so the government is not needed.’

      FFS…… no. A company offers jobs and a compensation plan. Job seekers either accept that plan, or they don’t. The government should not be involved.

      The end.

  17. Read following report to learn how a single-mom with 3 kids was able to generate $89,844 of annual income working in her spare time online from her home without selling……www.scansweb.com

  18. Communism has many ways. The end is always failure.

    The Fed cannot force States to overturn RTW laws.

    Dictator Biden doesnt care. Or doesnt know his name or where he is…


    1. Yup. But not only can the feds force states to eliminate these corporate blowjobs, this isn’t just a public works program. It’s a reformulation of how capitalism works. Biden is, much to the surprise of many leftists, simply tossing Reaganism into the shit bin where it belongs.

      Name one thing it accomplished for this country. One fucking thing, two near-depressions and a coup attempt later.

      All it was, was corporate ass play packaged in white cultural grievance. Now you morons are left muttering about Dr. Suess and you can’t even come up with a coherent thing to say on economic policy. It’s fucking great.

      1. No, you’re just too stupid to understand anything logical. You’re just a pathetic asshole who bases their own identity around taking it up the ass.

        A pathetic Marxist faggot. Nothing else to you.

        1. I base my own identity around being smarter than everyone else. The man-on-man action is just a bonus.

          Every heterosexual I know is miserable.

          1. I’d sure be miserable if I knew you in real life.

  19. Someone has to be punished for coming up with this Orwellian horseshit label alone. “Right to work.” They’re taking you people for morons. They think you’re idiots. Just look at the bullshit propaganda they pull on you. It’s so ridiculous they can only believe you to be the most gullible idiots on earth. It means literally the opposite of what it says. Even “right to life” doesn’t come with a dead fetus at the end of it.

    1. How about “Right to Work Without Compulsory Union Wage Extractions”?

      1. Laws like these obliterated unions. Stop believing the shit they shovel down your throats.

        1. People not wanting to be in unions obliterated unions. If your product is so bad that nobody wants to pay for it, the solution is not to have the government force people to buy it anyway.

          1. So why did we need to pass laws to forbid union security agreements between employers and employees? Why do we need to take away private parties’ freedom to make their own contracts if the trend was happening organically?

            1. What was taken away was the unions’ ability to continue to take funds away from people who didn’t want to be in unions. That is literally what ‘right to work’ laws do.

              Would you like it if people who chose to drive electric vehicles were forced by the government to pay Exxon a couple grand a year as if they were still buying gas for an internal combustion engine vehicle?

              1. He probably would. He’s that stupid.

              2. These laws FORBID employers and employees from entering these union security arrangements. That is the only government force going on.

                I realize that libertarians can’t tell their assbows from their elholes when it comes to workplace rights, but you’re the one in favor of imposing government will here, not me. You don’t have a right to work at your specific employer of choice and then make all the rules. You don’t believe that with respect to any other topic. You’re just doing plutocracy here.

                1. These laws FORBID employers and employees union management from entering these union security arrangements. That is the only government force going on.

                  Fixed that for you. It permits individual employees to make their own decisions about whether or not to join a union in order to work at a specific place. Nothing forbids individuals from joining unions, and nothing forbids them from refusing membership. If the union wants members, it should work to appeal to them by offering services employees actually value. Your insipid quote above amounts to “The government is forbidding people from forcing union membership upon others!” That’s a good thing.

            2. Also those ‘security contracts’ were by their very nature exclusionary. Name one good reason why I should have to join a union if I don’t want to.

            3. Google the Davis-bacon act you fucking retard lol

    2. Yes lots of us love paying for campaign contributions to candidates we don’t support with our money taken from us. Keeping wrapping up your quagmire replies in pretty words.

  20. Paying union dues when in a union is futile. Why would I pay union dues when not in a union? Democrats are nuts.

    1. Why pay taxes for NASA when you’re never going to Mars?

      1. Nobody pays taxes for NASA. We pay taxes so the government does not send guys with guns to put us in cages.

      2. He doesn’t realize it, but Tony is making a strong point for reducing the size and scope of government. Why should people be paying for the government to spend money on stuff they don’t want?

        1. He’s too stupid to understand that.

        2. People don’t know what they want.

  21. The left is trying to completely ruin America as fast as they can before the midterm elections get here. I hope the SCOTUS protects states rights from these lunatics.

  22. Note: “the so-called ‘right-to-work’ laws that forbid unions from forcing non-members to pay a share of union dues” in English would read “the so-called ‘right-to-work laws that forbid unions to force non-members to pay a share of union dues.”

  23. First the moronic media keeps saying the plan will be paid by increased corporate taxes. No the taxes are to sop up the inflation. The plan will be paid for by the Federal Reserve Printing money and lending it to the Govt at artificially low rates. The Fed can’t control inflation anymore because trillions in debt come up each year and need to be rolled over. This is deficit spending to infinity. Thank you Fed and a GOP that didn’t kill that beast decades ago.

    As for unions..raising the cost of good via labor monopolies while running inflation leads to a very bad place…1970s level. If anything we need to outlaw public sector unions asap…private sector fine as long as no one is forced to join. that is called liberty something the bolsheviks in DC and the media want to destroy.

  24. If his plan is to force me to pay for a service I don’t want then my plan is to oppose him. I’ve never volunteered for a campaign in my life, but this would make me come out for the other guy all day.

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