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Investigators Say Portland Activist Michael Reinoehl Likely Fired at Police Before He Was Fatally Shot

Reason is still waiting on public records related to the shooting after a judge blocked its requests until the investigation was completed.


Police investigators say Michael Forest Reinoehl, a Portland, Oregon, activist wanted for killing another man during ongoing street battles in that city last summer, likely shot at police before he was killed by a fugitive task force in Lacey, Washington, last September.

The Thurston County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) in Washington issued a press release today summarizing the findings of its seven-month investigation into the fatal shooting of Reinoehl. The TCSO says Reinoehl refused to comply with commands to surrender and reached for a gun.

"Witness statements indicate that there was an exchange of gunfire, which was initiated by Reinoehl from inside his vehicle," the TCSO press release says. "During the exchange, Reinoehl was struck by gunfire, and he died as a result."

Reinoehl, a self-proclaimed anti-fascist, was charged with second-degree murder in the August 29, 2020, shooting death of Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron Danielson in Portland. Reinoehl had been wanted for five days when a federal fugitive task force caught up with him in Lacey. The circumstances surrounding Reinoehl's shooting were murky. Task force agents said Reinoehl either pointed a gun or was in the process of drawing a gun when he was shot. However, civilian eyewitnesses said the police didn't announce themselves before killing Reinoehl in a barrage of gunfire. None of the law enforcement officers in the task force were wearing body cameras. 

In the final weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign, President Donald Trump frequently bragged about the killing.

Investigators found a .380 pistol in Reinoehl's possession and a fired .380 shell casing in his vehicle. The casing in Reinoehl's vehicle was fired from the pistol found in his possession, according to the TCSO.

"While it is very plausible and it does match up with the statements, we were not able to find the actual round from (Reinoehl's pistol) to definitively say, 'absolutely' that he fired from that car," TCSO Lt. Cameron Simper told Oregon Public Broadcasting. "Based on our investigation, based on the witness statements, the casing in the car, and officers' statements, it is highly likely."

Reason requested public records regarding the shooting last September, but a Washington state superior court judge issued a temporary restraining order against the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC), one of the agencies on the task force, to block their release until the TCSO completed its investigation. Reason is expecting to get those records shortly from the DOC and other agencies that participated in the task force.

The TCSO has referred its findings to the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

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  1. So the cops blew away a scumbag murderer. Pfffft.

    The world is now a better place without him.

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  2. Good thing he wasn’t wearing a viking suit, then he would truly be an insurectionist

  3. No shit, pedophile bitch.

  4. Fuck it. Let’s riot.

  5. Reason is still waiting on public records related to the shooting after a judge blocked its requests until the investigation was completed.

    They didn’t wait for the trial to complete before declaring Chauvin guilty this morning. Weird.

    1. That’s because… shut the fuck up you Trumpista. That’s why.

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  7. Yeah best to wait a long while until all the facts are in.

  8. If I encounter an armed white guy with a BLM throat tattoo, I will be quick on the trigger too. You can’t get crazier than that. That is one confused snowflake. From the looks of him, he got the tattoo to get “sympathy pussy”. It probably never panned out for him and he had to pay for it.

  9. “Investigators found a .380 pistol in Reinoehl’s possession and a fired .380 shell casing in his vehicle. The casing in Reinoehl’s vehicle was fired from the pistol found in his possession, according to the TCSO.”

    He came at them with a pea shooter?

    1. Whoa, Cowboy! Pea-shooter? A .380 is a short 9mm, but only 1mm shorter (9 x19, 9 x18). If loaded with hydra-shok rounds, it passes through 11″ of ballistic gel. It will put people down, even really fat people. It is easier than carrying my sock drawer “hog leg” everywhere.

      1. 2 mm. X18 is 9mm Makarov. X17 is .380 ACP.

        .380 will make either a ~1/3 inch hole all the way through you—just like 9mm Parabellum FMJ will—or it’ll make a 1/2 to 2/3 inch hole through about 7 to 11 inches of you. Which is usually enough, FBI bleating aside. Especially if it’s repeated, as it should be. It’s lethal as fuck.

        To give Ken credit, a lot of the pistols that fire .380 ACP are awfully tiny. Like the one I carry damned near everywhere. They don’t look that nasty—mine gives a deck of cards a run for its money on size, and looks like a phone when holstered in my pocket. I also don’t get the 13-20 shots you get from a modern 9mm service pistol magazine. But I can carry it anywhere, practically.

        1. They’re for chicks to carry in their purses! It’s a backup gun in an ankle holster after you’ve used all the ammo in your real gun.

          In all seriousness, it’s about the weakest modern pistol that most people might carry, and in a “go to war”, breakdown in the rule of law type situation–like Escape from Portland was–taking a pea shooter .380 into that mess and using it offensively is . . . um . . . going in seriously under gunned. People were openly carrying AR-15s. Give me a shotgun in that situation at least, and if all you have is a pistol, the .380 is about the last one I want in that situation.

          It is a weak cartridge, and if he open fired at the cops with one, that was poorly advised–practically suicide. They had him waaaaaaaay outgunned, and if open fired on them, that’s nuts.

          1. Ken, all handguns suck. All of them. From the lowly .25—though even that cartridge has at least 10,000 bodies on it, many due to one diligent Russian—all the way to Bullet Tooth Tony’s .50 Deagle. They all rely on permanent crush cavity for their wounding mechanism, and they all make wounds varying from ~1/4 inch across (.22 LR/.25 ACP, though the .22 will go a lot further in tissue), to ~1 inch across for the newest .45 ACP loads. Maybe an inch and a half if Federal bothered making an HST for something like .50AE.

            That’s it. Think of a pistol gunshot wound as getting stabbed with a narrow dull spike, and you have the right idea. Get above ~2200 fps, with a big enough bullet that fragments, so that we can start seeing cavitation-sheared tissue, and now it’s a party. Which is what happens with good rifle bullets, moving quick enough.

            Anyway, yeah, it’s a small handgun. He wouldn’t have been appreciably better off with a bigger one, in that situation. Larger handguns enable the user to carry more bullets, and, provided the right ammunition is chosen, slightly wider wounds. Every little bit helps.

            We carry handguns because they’re easier to carry (without scaring everyone else) than rifles, and—despite the very large flaws I’ve mentioned—they still beat the hell out of a sharp stick, a club, or harsh language.

          2. Concealment is the key. How many people “open carrying” an AR used that AR? None. How many people on that same day were shot dead in the US by a small caliber handgun? A bunch.
            Most people in the US are killed with small calibers. An easy way to think about it is having a screwdriver slammed into your body, it doesn’t really matter where, it will get your attention. Your heart, lungs, aorta, and intestines are only an inch or two past the skin. I’ve seen people shot with just about everything. I have never seen anyone shrug it off. It sure looks painful. It sure sounded like they were in pain.

            1. Well, Kyle Rittenhouse did. And you can see how much that helped him…

              OTOH, he’s getting tried by 12, and not carried by six. As would’ve happened had he not had that AR.

        2. Good catch. I just measured mine, they are 17.3mm.

    2. They needed to put down their asset, cover the trail.
      Funny how none of his half dozen accomplices, working as an organized team, in the ambush assassination of Aaron Danielson were ever picked up…

      1. That’s why they have the patsy…….

        1. Throat and face tattoos allow us to “read a book by it’s cover”.

  10. Huh, we’re still talking about this? But Reason hasn’t published anything on Ashli Babbitt? Hmmmm. She definitely deserved it, so that makes sense. This guy only killed a Trump deplorable, so that makes him a hero. Right!?!

    1. Ashli Babbitt was justifiably shot while in the process of smashing Brian Sicknick’s brain into pudding with a fire extinguisher that expelled face melting pepper spray. It was a Qanon speciality weapon developed by the same guys that tried to kidnap Governor Whitmer and paid off those busty young interns to defame Governor Cuomo. If they did not neutralize Babbitt, right then and there, she would have gone home that day and posted a criminal meme that unlawfully and fraudulently deprived voters of their peace of mind, thus violating the Living Constitution!

    2. Sharyl Attkisson????️‍♂️
      Who killed Ashli Babbitt and why is the name being kept secret? I’ve never covered a case where a shooter’s name has been kept secret for any reason in all my years as a reporter. It’s considered public record; at least until now.

      1. The longer the shooter goes without being mentioned, the more plausible his amnesia will be, about who gave him the order to kill whoever passed that door.

  11. At least he killed a Trump worshipping fascist before the inbred Thurston county cops killed him.

    1. You seem angry today WK.

      1. Keep thinking that Traitor

      2. Red and Chuck have taken turns kicking the rhetorical shit out of him in various threads today.

        Jeez buddy, throw on the ‘Hub, find some Mormon Missionary porn—you just know that has to be a subset—and unwind a little away from this place. Tomorrow is another day. Combine it with a little auto-asphyxia while you’re at it.

        1. Chuck and Red are all talk.

          They’re both mormon pussies.

          1. And you’re super fucking boring.

            1. Rather be boring than a Mormon loving tool

              1. Can you show us on the Joseph Smith doll where the Mormon touched you?

                1. Comments like that are why I stick around.

  12. Yeah Reason has been investigating the police shooting of a “Portland Activist” who also happens to be a murderous thug since September. Meanwhile the murder of an unarmed woman, who had harmed no one and was surrounded by armed agents of the state, by an unidentified federal cop hasn’t piqued their interest at all. Fuck you CJ and fuck all of the “libertarians” at Reason.

    1. Agreed.

      Fuck Ciaramella
      Fuck Sullum

      Fuck em all.

      Little statist tools posing as champions of liberty.

  13. I hope he protects me, but I also hope he can protect himself

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