Election 2020

Trump Blames Everyone but Himself for His Defeat

Maybe voters were repelled by the very traits he has been vividly displaying since the election.


Donald Trump's presidency provided a rich trove of examples for my annual review of the year's highlights in blame shifting. The 2020 edition focuses on the question Trump has been trying to answer for nearly two months: Why did he lose the presidential election?

By Trump's account, it was not because voters preferred Joe Biden. Rather, Trump was denied a second term by a long list of malefactors who delivered a phony victory to Biden or ratified that outcome. These criminal conspirators and after-the-fact accessories included:

Dominion Voting Systems. The company allegedly produced fraud-facilitating election software that switched hundreds of thousands (or possibly "millions") of Trump votes to Biden votes. But according to a statement endorsed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, "there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised."

Venezuela, Cuba, and China. Sidney Powell, a lawyer who was part of the "elite strike force team" seeking to reverse Biden's victory, traces the purportedly rigged voting machines to deceased Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. The anti-Trump plot, she says, reflects "the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China in the interference with our elections."

George Soros and the Clinton Foundation. The chairman of Smartmatic, another company that figures in Trump's conspiracy theory even though its role in the 2020 election was limited to Los Angeles County, is "a close associate and business partner of George Soros, the biggest donor to the Democrat party," Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani darkly noted. "There are ties of the Dominion leadership to the Clinton Foundation and to other known politicians in this country," Powell said.

State Election Officials. According to Trump, Democratic election officials across the country resorted to manufacturing phony paper ballots after their initial, machine-based scheme fell short. Republican election officials, such as Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, either actively facilitated the fraud or willfully ignored it.

The 'Fake News' Media. As the president sees it, all the journalists who reported that Biden won the election or questioned Trump's allegations of systematic fraud—including employees of Trump-friendly outlets such as Fox News and the New York Post—were part of the cover-up.

Republican Politicians. Trump thinks Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) and all the other Republican lawmakers who have conceded Biden's victory were too scared to "fight." He has even less regard for state leaders from his party, such as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who have had the nerve to defend the integrity of their elections.

Attorney General William Barr. Barr drew Trump's ire by saying the Justice Department had not seen fraud massive enough to swing the election or "anything to substantiate" claims about rigged voting machines. "The 'Justice' Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation's history," Trump complained last week.

Judges. Nearly all of the 60 or so post-election lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign, whether they alleged actual voting fraud or were limited to challenging election procedures, have been rejected by state or federal judges, including Trump appointees. The pro-Trump lawsuits filed by Powell after she was ejected from the campaign's legal team have not fared any better.

The Supreme Court. After the Court unanimously declined to hear two lawsuits challenging the election results in swing states, Trump said the justices—including the three he picked—"chickened out," revealing themselves as "totally incompetent and weak." Trump, who says he actually won by "a magnificent landslide," still claims he has "absolute PROOF" of "massive Election Fraud" that for some reason he has failed to produce in court.

The only person Trump has not blamed for his defeat is the one who apparently alienated enough voters to secure Biden's victory. The personal traits Trump has vividly displayed since the election—vanity, dishonesty, irresponsibility, and recklessness—go a long way toward explaining why that happened.

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261 responses to “Trump Blames Everyone but Himself for His Defeat

  1. Wow Sullum goes for the hat trick and whiffs.

    1. A hat trick is three in a row. I’m not sure what you call 100 in a row. But here are some facts, regardless of what Sullum writes: Solar Winds was hacked on Krebs’s watch and Krebs says this election was the “safest, most secure” ever. Dominion uses Solar Winds. Dominion is owned by George Soros as of 2018 when Staples Street Capital purchased it. Dominion (a Canadian based company) has lied about its capabilities and was the voting company of choice for Cesar Chavez. (https://bradblog.com/?p=7906) Venezuelan mathematicians figured out Chavez was using Dominion machines to cheat and Smartmatic software to cheat. Smartmatic is owned by Lord Malloch Brown, a Soros board member. At Davos, Soros called Trump a narcissist and promised John Roberts would deliver a surprise. Helllooooo. That’s on video. They cheated this time, aided on the ground by Zuckerberg’s $500 million buy-some-ballots scheme. Sullum can write 1000 articles about Trump, but the fact that the Davos Team ousted Trump using their billions will be how history remembers this election. More to come.

      1. Hugo not Cesar. Apologies to both Chavezes.

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      2. did you miss the part where LA was the only place using dominion machines?

        1. Which states used Dominion Voting Systems?
          “According to its website, Dominion Voting Machines serves more than 40 percent of the U.S. population. Its products are used in 28 states including New York, California, Nevada, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.”
          It’s like you are all insane.

      3. FACT: Just thinking about smoking a Cuban cigar will make you a communist, and as a bonus, will throw an election to the other guy.

        1. FACT: Even leftwing Salon wrote about the hacking potential and the potential to completely cover it up:
          Quotes from the march 28, 2019 article:
          “A manual audit or recount based on corrupted machine-marked printouts would itself be corrupted.”
          “Another election expert, Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel of Princeton University, subsequently confirmed the existence of this stunning defect and dubbed it “Permission to Cheat.” Appel further reported that the ExpressVote XL and Dominion ImageCast Evolution include the same defect.”
          “The potential for hybrid systems to add fraudulent votes without detection was identifiedby Professor of Statistics Philip B. Stark of UC Berkeley, an expert in postelection manual audits, in September of last year. “

          1. Yes, the election was ripe for fraud, abetted by the rules changes. But the poor audit trail makes it nearly impossible to prove. A perfect crime, if you will….if it really happened, which we can’t know for sure.

            1. There was absolutely NO evidence of fraud in the 2020 POTUS election. Donald Trump is an overgrown combo of a man-child, a spoiled brat, and a schoolyard bully who refuses to recognize the fact that Biden won the 2020 POTUS Election fairly, squarely, and legally, to boot. All those lawsuits that Donald Trump filed were thrown the hell out of court for a damned good reason: total lack of evidence of fraud.

          2. At least the President don’t try to convince us that we’ve been nuked secretly by Russian hackers introducing dirty bombs into our morning boot-ups.

      4. Not so fast. The election’s not over until 1/20. We’ll see if President of the Senate Pence has the backbone to reject both slates of electors from the clearly illegal & bogus swing state “elections” on 1/6, and then there are also the many legal challenges in the works.

        1. Eat shit, loser.

          1. Nice going rage boy. That all you have?

      5. You can make up whatever you want. It doe not change the fact that 7 million more people voted for Joe. It just doesn’t. What are you going to do when January 6th comes and goes and Biden is still scheduled to be sworn in? Oh! I have an idea! How about a lawsuit? That would be genius! I can’t believe no one has tried that yet! How simple!

    2. I used to say nobody is overpaid and you get what the market bears.

      Then I read Sullum and realize that, yes, somebody are vastly overpaid.

      If bullies aren’t routinely stealing his lunch money, he is overpaid.

    3. It seems he’s doing a great job at triggering Trumpmorons here.

  2. Pa lawmakers announced there were 200,000 more votes than voters.

      1. eligible voting population in the United States

        That’s not registered voters.

        1. Oh, you know so much about American political system.

          Teach us more from “Canada”.

          1. That’s a nice fallacy you got there.

            1. True. Most Americans are so stupid they think we have 58 states, like the previous White House corrupt occupier did. Sadly many residents of other countries know far more about our govt., part of our corrupt commie indoctrination system falsely called “education.”

    1. You need to stop drinking the KoolAid.
      John Fetterman wrote:
      “Let’s be absolutely clear: This is 100% false. This is a fringe minority of PAGOP (15% of REPUBLICAN representatives) pitching a truly bizarre, hot mess.

      Their own caucus rejects it, as of this writing not one single PA senator subscribes to this hot mess.

      thank u next”

      1. “John Fetterman is an American politician serving as the 34th and current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania since 2019. A member of the Democratic Party”

        Phew, the guy who would be responsible for the “hot mess” would certainly never lie about it.

        1. I bet Tom Perez would be a totally impartial witness too.

          1. Or Stacy Abrams, who is a huge believer in accepting election results.

            1. As far as I recall, Abrams accepted the election results. She was concerned about voter suppression, which is a different issue.

              1. You recall as incorrectly as possible.

                1. “I acknowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election,” Abrams said. “But to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote has been truly appalling.”

                  Abrams, 16 November 2018

                  1. Typical for corrupt commies she didn’t “accept” but “acknowlege” the election results, a big difference. Only such corrupt commie Dem bigotry would so LIE about preventing ILLEGAL voting being “suppression” because that’s the only way the scum can “win.”

              2. She’s been going around impersonating a governor for years now.

                1. Abrams has a hard time understanding the difference between voter suppression and illegal voting, as does her sister, the judge who won’t let them clean up the voter rolls….

        2. So let me get this straight, if tRump post something on Twitter, its the Gospel truth and needs no further evidence, but if a Democrat does so, its to be question.
          Which is what the non-tRumpians have been saying all along, you guys are either brainwashed, nuts, or both.

          1. So let me get this straight, you thought that the guy everyone is blaming for fixing the election in PA, would be the best witness to avow the honesty of the election in PA.

            I don’t know if you’re just fucking stupid or simply fucking stupid, but you’re definitely fucking stupid.

      2. You just quoted John Fetterman about this?

        Did you mean to look like a dishonest hack?

      3. One day Republicans will look bac at the Trump era and they will scratch their heads, trying to figure out how they were so bamboozled by such a shitty, transparent huckster. The only answer they will find is their own willful stupidity. There is no other answer.

    2. based on data that does not yet exist…..


      “We are unclear as to what data the legislators used for this most recent “analysis.” But the only way to determine the number of voters who voted in November from the SURE system is through the vote histories. At this time, there are still a few counties that have not completed uploading their vote histories to the SURE system.”

  3. You fail to mention the biggest culprits of all; 5G bats. From this glaring omission, one can infer only your willing complicity in the scheme! Duly noted. Good day, sir!

    1. Oh bats.

      Ever hooked one while fly fishing?

      Bats are good because they keep down the mosquito population.

      Unless one gets in your house in the night. Then you have a problem. Whole family up and freaking out. Of the three the first I swatted down with a tennis racquet. The second I caught with a fishing net and released. The third, we never saw it again. Guess it got out the way it got in.

      1. … Or is waiting for the next time you fall asleep…. sleep well 🙂

    2. “…biggest culprits of all; 5G bats.”

      What about the Lizard Men? And the sub-atomic Hunter Biden Homunculi? And other ass well…

      Trump and Trumpistas have been adamantly opposed to immigrant Lizard People, who used Mind-Control beams to make voters against Trump. They have, however, welcomed with open arms (and open legs), the Amphibian People, who use Mind-Control beams to make voters FOR Trump.

      Now that Biden will soon replace Trump, we’ll have a simple inversion… Immigrant Lizard people now GOOD! Immigrant Amphibian People now BAD! (Now that Trump has shown Biden the Way of the Blame Game, not-voting-for-Biden wrong-think will be blamed on excessive GIANT WAVES of immigrant Amphibian People.

      1. Before we get a flurry of posts here from xenophobic Trumpistas slamming even the idea of pro-“R”-party Amphibian People immigration… “R” fanatics saying that ALL immigration is UTTERLY EVIL… Let me point out to you, that the Amphibian People ARE indeed “benevolent”, per the “R”-Party yardstick (“R” good, all other parties BAD!).

        Let me give you a VERY prominent Amphibian Person with the CORRECT thoughts and attitudes! I give you Pepe the Amphibian Person, stolen-IP-4Chan-Frog! Racist frog, NAZI frog, yaya-yada!

  4. Smug media cunts whose bread is buttered by their shitty, shitty paymasters. I’m not thinking of Reason at all.

  5. We blame you Sullum. And we blame Reason. You own whatever Biden does wrong.

    1. I’m sure Sullum and Reason are flattered you think they have so much influence.

      1. Just two little cancer cells in the metastasized mass.

    2. Sullum and reason won’t consider what Biden does as “wrong” because they are all secretly flaming liberals.

    3. The election’s not over yet. We still have reason to hope the Biden corpse and Harris slut won’t occupy the White House.

    4. I’ll trade you Biden’s future gaffes for Trump’s proven daily ones. Do you really think Joe would let Putin take out hits on our soldiers without doing so much as to politely ask him to please stop? Do you think Joe would shield his taxes from the public? He might stammer, but that is hardly the same as fucking porn stars for money.

  6. It’s either election fraud, massive immigration or USA citizen’s themselves who want to destroy the USA.

    There is NO other explanation to give for the absurdly visible violations of the U.S. Constitution and what this country was founded upon.

    1. Or it could be bad statistics because I cannot find a single county in PA that had 100% voter turnout. PA averaged 71% (which is a record).
      Earlier there was a piece that said PA didn’t update the voter rolls since Summer. Meaning anyone that registered to vote from Summer to election day was not in count.

      Here’s the thing, the 200K number is a lie and you have to ask yourself why would someone lie… Either to undermine the American Election (confidence in democracy is important) OR a delaying tactic for? Maybe building of tRump’s “defense” fund?

      1. Probably because you’re looking at adult aged eligible voters instead of registered voters, Jeff, which is incidentally exactly what the garbage Statista chart, you saw linked to above, showed.

    2. Actually there’s a very simple explanation.

      You people are complete morons and partisan tools.

      1. ^One vote for – “USA citizen’s themselves who want to destroy the USA”

    3. This country was not founded on fat orange bitches whining all day on Twitter instead of being competent.

      1. No, it was founded by people who were tired of being taxed and controlled by an overbearing and unresponsive government.

        Gee, isn’t that what you and your ilk just voted for?

        1. When Biden takes over in a few weeks, that would be an example of responsive government. Something tells me you won’t be cheering.

        2. Somehow “no taxation without representation” has morphed into “no taxation, and no representation.”

          Republicans offering excuses for why they deserve power despite nobody else wanting them to have it, which they exercise like babies playing with their own shit, is not what Jefferson had in mind.

          1. Yet contrary to your claim the U.S. Constitution specifically states a guarantee for Republican States.

  7. Going to drink a Glass of Wine for when ever someone bring up Kock

    1. A toast to his name, huh Jeff.
      It is rich Uncle Charles’ beverage of choice.

  8. I made a nice spinach/bacon quiche last night for my nephew who is currently recovering from surgery for a detached retina and his damn kids got into it and gobbled it all up. Now, his kids normally won’t eat anything that isn’t batter-dipped and deep-fried, who would have guessed they’d eat a quiche? Little shits.

    Is Sullum still writing foaming-at-the-mouth pieces about how much he hates Trump? How does he keep slipping out of the straitjacket? The orderlies need to up his dosage.

    1. His wife makes him work outside until he stops pissing himself with rage.
      Really, how dare Trump oppose the will of the nation’s media and its party.

    2. Quiche is for faggots.

  9. The most fitting response to Sullum’s tripe is to only have the spammers commenting on this written trash.

    Sullum is a good writer, but TDS has broken him.

    1. Election Fraud Derangement Syndrome has broken many…

      1. I like Dave Smith’s attitude about 2020 election fraud. “Did Democrats steal the presidential election? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t put it past them.” (paraphrased)

    2. Sullum is a good writer? I need some evidence for this outlandish claim.

  10. It’s funny that one reason NOBODY offers is that “Biden was such a good candidate!”.

    I can’t help but wonder how Hillary feels about this. A doddering old man who seldom left his basement decisively defeats the same candidate that she couldn’t overcome. She’s gotta be saying to herself “what the fuck!”

    1. Biden was the 2nd worst candidate

      1. NO!
        SleepyJoe is the most qualified candidate ever! You know he has to be incredibly smart, turned himself into a multi-millionaire while being a humble civil servant all his life.

        1. “turned himself into a multi-millionaire while being a humble civil servant all his life.”

          Nope — after being a humble civil servant. Kinda like a whole lot of other politicians.

        2. Aaaaaaand he got the mostest votes EVAHHHHHHH!!!!!

          All while campaigning from his basement.

          With no rallies.

      2. Poor Jeff, you’ll get your Marxist-Leninist on day, champ.

      3. Wrong. Clearly, Obama was a drag on Biden. I mean, Biden OBLITERATED Obama’s vote totals in both elections.

    2. Voter fraud wasn’t legal back when Hillary was running.

      That’s why it’s so easy to win a campaign by falling asleep in your basement before noon everyday. Who needs to campaign when you’re just going to commit fraud anyway?

      1. So your suggesting that the voter fraud also occurred during the primaries? Got any more proof of that than the nothing you have for the Presidential Election.

        1. Democrats don’t need to cheat in the primaries because they have different rules. In a Democrat primary, they have it gamed so good that the party bigwigs always pick the winner and just run a sham primary election.

          Why do you think Bernie keeps getting screwed?

        2. Well in the primary we had two people ahead of Joe Biden drop out and endorse him right before Super Tuesday…….

        3. Well, the DNC cannot get rivals to drop out of the general election as easily as they did in the primaries.

          And the DNC has had few qualms, historically, cheating with primaries.

      2. I’m pretty convinced that Obama put the word out to tone down the usual voter fraud during the 2016 election. With Clinton in office, her faction would be ascendant, and there was never any love lost between them.

        By letting Trump win in 2016, Obama figured his allies in the permanent bureaucracy and the media could hamstring Trump for 4 years and then in 2020 he could play kingmaker with the puppet candidate of his choice.

        And nobody makes a better puppet than Joke Biden!

        1. Nah.
          The LieCheatSteal party didn’t rev up their fraud machine in 2016 because they thought HiLIARy was a lock to win.
          It was used in 2012, to save 0blamocare and put into high gear for 2020 because Trump had been the most successful conservative in decades and showed what a loser proposition progressivism is.
          And Senile Joe will prove it once again.
          There was a reason, even with fraud used, that 0blama lost 3.5 million votes between ’08 and ’12, taking support for leftism down by 5% over eight years.

    3. Biden was a strategic pick by the Dems. Someone bland and uninspiring, but with a reputation as a moderate (to lure in the never-Trumper conservatives) and old enough that the leftists can bide their time and sharpen their knives for when he gets in the door.

    4. Yeah, at least this time the lefturds aren’t trying to sell that “most qualified candidate in history” bullshit. They don’t even try to pretend that Biden is any good, their whole pitch is that we should settle for him because Trump.


      1. They gave the country the least objectionable white male Democrat they could possibly find, and you people are going to rend your garments in hysterical terror over him anyway.

        1. The least objectionable democrat candidate was the one whos family was getting laid off by 3 foreign and corrupt countries while he was in office?

          1. Makes you wonder what the OTHER Dem candidates were up to, doesn’t it?

      2. Their pitch worked.

    5. You don’t have to look only at the White House for only examples of how this country will trust a blow up doll with a penis over a woman.

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  12. In this case I have to agree with Jacob.

    Trump ran a pis-poor campaign. He tried to repeat 2016 and it failed. He had so many opportunities to use the Donkeys words and actions against them, and he almost never did. He played to his base – perhaps the most loyal base ever – rather than trying to cut into the undecideds, blacks, Hispanics, etc.

    He may have gotten bad advice, but he made the calls. This is not unusual for Trump. Once he thinks he knows an issue he is resistant to change or to entertain other ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I think he did a very good job as Prez, but it was not due to his philosophy of government, it was because he had already made up his mind correctly on some key issues. New problems, like the pandemic, were met erratically.

    Biden has a philosophy of government, and it is awful and authoritarian.

    1. I hate to say it, but I think you’re right: He made too many unforced errors. He got away with them, just barely, against Hillary, but Biden was less hated, and the media headwind was exponentially more vicious.

      He had to up his game for 2020, and didn’t.

      1. Dear Big T and Brett: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen on here, and that’s saying something. The Republican convention was masterful, showcasing people of all types speaking as to why they love Trump. The DNC ran a gloomy Zoom meeting from the local Residence Inn. Trump ran rallies across the country with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance. Joe yelled at a teleprompter while seven staffers watched to make sure he didn’t say the N word. Trump got a vaccine made and kept the economy afloat while Biden sat in his basement. Here’s the difference, because you need some help: IT’S CALLED THE MEDIA. Savannah Guthrie asking “Are you still a white supremacist?” vs. Stephanopolous asking “Why are you so great, Joe?” All day, every day. Repeat that. And yet, TRUMP STILL WON.

        1. Big T and Brett Bellmore are correct.

          Mr. Trump is a fat, lazy moron who never did anything to improve his brand or broaden his appeal.

          His phony tough-guy shtick was entertaining in 2016, but it got old fast – and swing voters rejected it in 2020.

          And all of this Cult 45 crying in the parking lot just echoes the insane nonsense we had to endure from the Hillary losers after swing voters rejected her in November 2016.

          You win some, you lose some.

          Better luck next time.

          1. “I got nuthin’ so I’ll call Drumpf names.
            Also, if you don’t believe the narrative out of 430 South Capitol Street then yUr iN a cULt…”

            1. You got nothing when it comes to proving election fraud, twat.

          2. never did anything to improve his brand or broaden his appeal.

            Then how did he drastically improve his vote total among minorities and overall?

            You’re stupid.

        2. MJ, I agree the Convention was great. But the rest of the campaign was tone deaf. And, of course, the media boosted Biden. But you have to admit Trump 20 was merely a replay of 16, and circumstances had changed greatly. Trump did not adapt well.

        3. Wow what a whiny bitch you are.

          I love tough guy Republicans who spend all their theme incessantly whining about how mean the mean old media is to them. And what with all their many accomplishments!

          Trump had rallies, that’s why people voted against him. It was the covid. It was his failure to manage a crisis or even remotely attempt to manage it. It is fair and understandable that he lost, and if you don’t think so you’re in a cult.

        4. God, you are a moron.

        5. Biden won. Trump lost. Suck it up, and stop crying, pussy.

          1. Vince, when I think of great comments, “Suck it up, and stop crying, pussy” is one of the GREAT ONES.

            Biden lost by a landslide. I have heard he lost Maine and Virginia. He has severe dementia and can’t tell his granddaughter from his dead son. He seemingly has pedophilia tendencies, not unlike his son Hunter, who had his niece and some young Chinese girls on his laptop, and also shagged his dead brother’s wife before cheating on her with a stripper. And if you voted for Biden: well you can call everyone you want a pussy, but it won’t get your permanent clown nose off.

      2. He got a little over 11 million more votes than he did the first time, and no one is disputing any of his votes.
        That’s not someone that turned off past supporters, or that made unforced errors.
        Meanwhile there is ample evidence that Senile Joe, who barely campaigned at all, and stuck his foot in his mouth so often he got athletes tongue, got millions, upon millions of phony votes, to unbelievably outdraw 0blama, the left’s great messiah.
        Anyone, who honestly believes Senile Joe won, is an idiot.

        1. Malarkey.

        2. Oh but Trump never puts his foot in his mouth? Lol. You are a fucking retard. There is zero proof of fraud.

    2. At least he ran a campaign, and increased his vote totals. Biden spoke maybe 30 minutes a day, on tape, from a bunker somewhere, and somehow got record turnout.

      1. Biden realized something Trump hadn’t: You don’t need to be loved if you’ve spent 4 years making your opponent hated.

        1. And an army of MSM allies spewing out Trump hatred every day.

          1. How many Americans have to die on his watch before he deserves to be hated?

        2. His opponent spent four years making himself hated.

      2. Cry more.

      3. Trump “ran” an awful campaign.

    3. “He played to his base – perhaps the most loyal base ever – rather than trying to cut into the undecideds, blacks, Hispanics, etc.”

      And yet somehow he still managed to increase his share of the Black and Hispanic vote…

      1. But he underperformed compared to what he should/could have done. Blacks have been taken for granted and their votes bought with handouts by Dems. Trump never hit that. He never showed the Donkeys sitting on their hands when he announced the lowest black unemployment ever in his SOTU speech. He played the same white venues as in 16; he should have gone into ,ore black areas.

        Hid record helped him increase his vote share, but it could have been much, much better.

      2. Not enough to avoid losing in a landslide, though.

        1. Lol. The landslide was Dominion algorithms and Zuckerberg’s $500 million ballot harvesting scheme.

          PS Trump was just voted Most Admired Man in America: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/29/trump-gallup-most-admired-452126

          Can YOU BELIEVE IT WASN’T CHINA JOE? Me neither.

          1. Nobody cares.

    4. Didn’t he make gains with women, black, and Hispanic voters?

  13. I was going to start a drinking game where I had to down a glass of vodka every time Sullum disparaged Trump, but I found out that there’s not that much vodka.

  14. I DON’T READ any “orange man bad TDS” articles that come from Reason …its straight to the comments.

    1. To watch Jeff and his 3000 sockpuppets shitpost until he gets trolled by Lovecon and Tulpa.

      1. Fuck off tulpa

        1. Piss off, Jeff.

          1. Fuck off, faggot.

      2. Lovedicks trolls no one but himself, retard.

  15. “Trump Blames Everyone but Himself for His Defeat” Sounds exactly like Hillary.

    1. 2023 CE: “I thought the funniest thing. Why, it was only yesterday. But I haven’t seen the President since the election.”

  16. A year from now, after Biden has socialized medicine, packed the courts, instituted massive gun control, banned school choice, and mandated vaccinations, Sullum will still be writing a daily “orange man bad” article won’t he?

    1. You know when SleepyJoe does those things, it will be for our own good.

    2. “Libertarian moment”! “Most libertarian administration ever!”

    3. Trump is fated to be the Democrat’s Emmanuel Goldstein/Farmer Jones figure. The bogeyman that the Dems use to scare their voters into submission.

  17. A year from now, after Biden has socialized medicine, packed the courts, instituted massive gun control, banned school choice, and mandated vaccinations, Jacob will still be writing a daily “orange man bad” article won’t he?

    1. Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

      We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

      See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
      “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…


      He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

      All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

      Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

      Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

      We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

      These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

      1. Hey Sqrls, orangemanbad.

        1. Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He “Make America Woke”! MAW! All who are against Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad, are into MAWlessness, chaos, badness, and MAW-breaking! They are out-MAWs! MAKE AMERICA WOKE, I say!!!

          We KNOW He can Make America Woke again, because, as a bad-ass politician, He PUNISHED all of the MAW-breakers! He Hair Smeller-Feller in Chief!

          BACK from Beyond the Beyond, Beyond the Grave, it is the MAGA that Wouldn’t Die! MAGA Part II; Make America GREEN Again! The USA flag will now be… Red, White, and GREEN!

          See https://reason.com/2020/10/16/biden-tries-to-gloss-over-his-long-history-of-supporting-the-drug-war-and-draconian-criminal-penalties/

          All Hail to THE Hair Smeller in Chief!!! His Punishment Boner is BIGGER than ALL the rest of ours, put together!

          Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! We CAN smell ALL of THEIR hair, and they will NEVER think of smelling OUR hair, right back!

          Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad-Ass Hair-Smeller all right!

          Yes, we can! We CAN smell all the hair, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER smell our hair right back!

          These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can hair-smell all of the people some of the time, and you can hair-smell some of the people all of the time, but you cannot hair-smell all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will hair-smell you right back!

          1. Hey Sqrls, orangemanbad.

        2. Yes. That’s why we voted Orange Man out.

          1. Lol. You mean Soros voted him out. Not the American voter, the people who showed up at the polls with their IDs or spend half an hour trying to figure out how to make sure the security envelope was done correctly.
            Soros and Dominion and big boxes of Zuckerberg’s freshly printed ballots coming in from out of state trucks voted him out.
            It’s all unravelling and I just hope Soros lives long enough to go to jail for it.

    2. You just described a progressive wet dream; known to me as a nightmare that too many would like to see happen.

      So just how are we going to geographically divide up this country. And how long [soon] will it be before the Blues lease land to Chicoms to build their bases?

      1. Build Back Better

      2. “And how long [soon] will it be before the Blues lease land to Chicoms to build their bases?”

        I’m pretty sure they’ll just give it to them.

  18. “there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

    As long as we are talking about CLOSED SOURCE SOFTWARE (which Dominion is), then this just translates to “oh just take our word for it.”

    Anything short of making the code open source is simply insufficient. Yet Sullum sits here eating ass with these lame excuses for why we should trust something we can’t verify. Fuck you.

    1. there is also the hand recount that gave the same results as the machines….. and the auditing that is done in every state…..

      1. There was no hand recount. Lack of paper ballots and all. All they had was the same garbage data.

        1. so…… the in person election day voting in a handful of locations….. that favored trump….. are the ones you think were fishy? because the ones that favored Biden were the mail in ballots where there definitely are paper ballots. i want this to sink in…… the results you want to claim are garbage are the ones that supported Trump……

          sure, let’s throw out all the ones we don’t have “paper ballots” for…. Biden wins by a landslide….. it does not get you what you want.

          1. Aren’t you the same person who said the Dominion machines were only used in LA? It has been proven by a Princeton professor and a handful of Venezuelan mathematicians that the algorithm is undetectable unless the backend software is provided for auditing and for some reason Dominion erased/lost/doesn’t have anything even thought they are legally required to. Hmmm.
            Here’s some reading from 2019 so you understand how easily they can change ballots: https://www.salon.com/2019/03/28/new-hybrid-voting-system-can-change-paper-ballot-after-its-been-cast_partner/

          2. So when Republicans take advantage of your legalization of fraud, you’re going to keep your mouth shut, right?

  19. Just how long is Sullum going to continue with his Biden victory lap?

    1. He feels he needs to keep defending the fraud.

      1. I think it’s motivated by fear.

    2. As long as you guys refuse to admit Trump lost.

      1. It has already been established that Trump won. Your denials mean nothing to half the country and 30% of Democrats that recognize reality. You can write all the whiny articles you want about it, but we have reached a critical mass of the portion of the population that sees you’re full of shit.

        1. Blah blah blah. Lol.

  20. Jacob, your obsession with Trump is no better than his bad traits alleged. Just saying. For a friend.

    This ‘no proof’ stuff stinks of ‘peaceful protests’.


    1. “This ‘no proof’ stuff stinks of ‘peaceful protests’.”

      And Blasey-Ford’s ‘credibility.’

  21. Trump Blames Everyone but Himself for His Defeat”

    Well he must have learned from Hillary sh e is still blaming everyone else for her loss as well, she set the bar fairly low for all that follow of course I still hear how Bush stole form Gore and Kerry so that must be the thing these days

  22. Blaming other is a Trump trait that goes back a long way. I am sure it was someone else’s fault the casinos went bankrupt. It was Jeff Sessions fault for appointing a special prosecutor, the Chinese fault that the pandemic occurred, so on and so on.

    I am sure that Donald Trump will get into heaven as I can think of no person more blameless.

  23. Absolutely correct Jacob. Voters were SO repelled by Trump that 10M more voters pulled the lever for him in 2020 than in 2016. Furthermore, so many Americans were repelled by Trump that Gallup named him Most Admired Person, unseating Obama’s 12 year run at the top of hat poll. Where did Biden the Magnanimous finish in that poll? A distant 3rd, with 1/3 of the votes. As a matter of fact, Biden could not top Obama in this poll even though Sleepy Joe “conjured” up more than 12M more votes than Obama received in 2016.

    1. Sorry for the typo. Sleepy Joe received 12M more votes than Obama did in 2012.

      1. That’s the part that beggars belief.


      2. Yes, but something something outreach program managed to get an astounding additional 20 million people voting over 2016.

        That’s an awful lot of home visits. Practically a miracle.

        1. You mean you didn’t get your visits and phone calls?

          I got almost one call per day from the republicans.

          1. I get texts from the GA DNC, even though I’ve never associated with the DNC nor live in GA anymore.

            Weird that their voter outreach tactics had such drastically different results in only a few cities.

            1. If you ever lived in GA, you’re most likely voting Democrat in the runoff Senate election.

              1. If you have ever said the word Georgia, or your last name is Lopez, you are voting Democrat in the Georgia runoff.

        2. And I thought the Dems were upset that Biden had no ground game until very late.

    2. Trump is a very polarizing figure, he’s loved AND hated. It turned out enough people hated him that he could lose the election to somebody who spent it sleeping in their basement.

      I personally think he did remarkably well given how bad of press he got. But unless the Republicans do something about the media environment, it’s going to be remarkably hard for them to win another Presidential election. What they did to Trump they could do to anybody, because it doesn’t take the truth to demonize somebody if you’ve got enough media dominance.

  24. The voting machines work (hand recounts confirmed it) and foreign interference is the bogeyman, just as it was in 2016.

    Trump lost when the election became vote by mail nationally. It increased turnout and increased turnout favors the Dems. They are also better at harvesting ballots (completely legal in some states, sort of legal in others) and rounding up stragglers. Repubs tend to be responsible types who already turn out to vote on their own.

    Set the signature matching threshold at 40% with computer vision systems (or waive the requirement altogether), toss the envelopes, and voila, Pennsylvania mail-in ballot favor Trump (in a 50-50 battleground state) at a higher rate than mail-in ballots in California (where Biden had a 2-1 edge), and Wisconsin reaches North Korea levels of voter turnout.

    State election officials enabled the harvesting by setting the

    1. …bar too low on what ballots to accept.

    2. “Hand recounts” don’t mean what you think they mean.

  25. Again? We get it, orange man bad, now do some research and publish something that isn’t socialist propaganda.

    1. Where in that article did Sullum call for increasing government regulation, spending or taxation? That is what socialism is.

      1. The point of the whole article is essentially that Joe Biden won legitimately. Legitimizing the rule of a socialist leader isn’t exactly a libertarian objective, however bad Trump was, and however correct Sullums claims may be. We will see increased regulation, increased taxation, and increased spending (albeit “decreased” from this covid atrocity) over the next four years.

  26. JAKE the FAKE is a TRUMP-o-PHOBE.

    1. And, for the next 4 years, he will be called a Biden-o-phobe. No politician should be above criticism.

      1. Lol, no.
        At worst it’ll be softballs at some outrage against liberty.

        “Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing the Tagging and Chipping of the General Population. Is This A Step Too Far Asks Jacob Sullum?
        Perhaps less invasive means are available for tracking the masses?”

  27. Voters clearly weren’t repelled, as many more people voted for him then last time.

    1. Hush now, that’s the only narrative that can possibly explain the results… despite being inconsistent with the results

    2. yet, 7million more said, “fuck no.”

      1. The dead and the imaginary are reliable Democratic Party constituencies.

        1. Which party do you belong to?

  28. Trump’s successes are the Libertarian failures. Resentment goes with a failed political movement. While spouting the Constitution, Reason seam to think due process doesn’t apply to Trump. The one I like the most is that from the mothers of conspiracy, it doesn’t exist when your talking Trump.

  29. To blame anyone for his defeat, Trump would have to have conceded, which he hasn’t. Try again, Sullum.


  30. Sullum’s case of TDA is even worse than the lying left wingers at MSNBC, CNN, PBS, Daily Beast, NY Times, WaPo, Huffington Post, etc.

    1. Oops, meant to write TDS above (i.e. Trump Derangement Syndrome), but hit a wrong key.

    2. Only three weeks left for Sullum and all the rest of Reason’s fake libertarians to enjoy their wild TDS bender before they hit rock bottom and are forced to drag themselves to their meeting of Trumpaholics Ananymous.

  31. ” Blames Everyone but Himself for His Defeat”

    And you’ve never noticed how common this is.

    1. Paranoid delusions are not all that common.

      1. See: covid19 hysteria

  32. Poor Commies at unreason.

    As I told YOU, Trump is more popular than in 2016. Based on receiving millions of more legal votes than Biden that is true.

    1. Where in Georgia is the winery LC? After my vaccination I might like to stop by. What varietals do you have? I understand that some of the better vineyards are in the more mountainous areas in the north of the state.

  33. so, once Biden is sworn in who at Reason will have the task of pointing out and ridiculing every moronic thing SleepyJoe says or has said?

    Because that’s might require hiring on extra hands.

    Intellectually honest ones too.

    Consider what Biden just said yesterday, the 29th, in a video on his twitter page – that climate change will “threaten literally the existence of our planet…”


    Our planet

    Gonna get so hot that the whole mass vaporizes and flies away on the solar wind I guess…

    1. Reason is looking forward to the same four year vacation the media is looking forward to.

      1. Just don’t question their commitment to liberty.

    2. At least you know what he means. Read a transcript of any random Trump speech and tell me that you seriously think he’s all there mentally.

    3. Joe’s gonna build Reason back better.

  34. Give it a rest sullum. Your boy won. You are a deranged idiot and the poster boy for TDS.

    1. The only ones with TDS are morons like you who still support that fat sack of crap.

  35. I love that Sullum’s articles is probably generating a shit ton of web traffic from all these people who have election fraud derangement system. Keep clicking links and posting and he’ll keep writing them. Capitalism!

    1. You don’t love it, Jeff.
      In fact you’re probably really, really angry that the narrative hasn’t been very successful.

  36. Hey, Trump hasn’t blamed me for him losing the election.

    Damn it, now I feel left out!

  37. came here for the angry, rightwing-conspiratoid gnashing of teeth, and wasn’t disappointed.

    When did this site get taken over by the trash “people?” Why is there so much trash?

    1. Libertarian’s cheering on a 47 year Washington failure who was behind the largest tax increase in global history, Obamacare, and who is now promising an even bigger and better tax increase, as well as the government taking over the energy industry to save the planet.
      They got the healthcare industry.
      Then they get energy sector.
      They killed small business with COVID, and here comes some minimum wage increases to finish them off.
      And they cheated with Dominion Voting and Smartmatic vote tabulating.

      We are almost Venezuela, folks! I thought Libertarians would like the OPPOSITE of all that. And right now, the opposite of that is OMB.

      1. @mjanekelly aka sisterlover- You realize people don’t take you seriously right? You really think we’re like Venezuela? If you’re that incapable of basic distinction, your life is not worth living. Do your family a favor and end it.

      2. More! The gritty sound of National Socialist carpetbiting tantrums–from harridans or other rednecks–is solace and schadenfreude all rolled into one. Superstitious looters are the anvil you need to let go of… or drown with my sincerest approval. Either one’ll do.

  38. Do people fall in love with men like Trump precisely because of their total lack of redeeming qualities? I get the sunk cost thing. What are the cultists going to do, admit that not only does the emperor have no clothes, but they were there sucking his exposed cock the whole time? It would be less shameful admitting what you did at your bachelor party in Vegas.

    But the idea that a fat, effete, painted, whiny bitch with gold toilets is some kind of alpha male to people? I don’t get it. Must be a baboon ass thing. The more outlandish the better. It would explain Qaddafi and the Kims too.

    1. Oh Tony.

      /Bugs Bunny in drag giggle.

    2. Tony’s ideology lost August 6, 1945. Socialism in all its variants suddenly became unworkable, its dictatorships dropping like flies ever since. Oddly, Trumpistas are in the same boat. Those gadgets were designed to pulverize Christian National Socialist fuehrerbunkers. Those inhabitants invoked the bottom line in their Socialist manifesto once their Soviet buddies drew near.

  39. >>voters were repelled

    more people voted this election than ever. nobody was repelled, dummy.

    1. 81 million were repelled, moron.

  40. also, Happy New Year everyone.

  41. One would have to be blind, deaf, dumb and IGNORANT to fail to recognize the EXTRAORDINARILY WIDESPREAD VOTE FRAUD perpetrated by the Democrats, funded by Billionaires, High Tech and BIG BUSINESS! Jacob Sullum appears to be burdened by all FOUR affirmatives!

    1. @DONRS – [multiple white trash citations missing]

  42. Look at you go, trashley. Great rejoinder.

  43. Nice piece (article).

    And yet, it seems that the Prez vindicates corporate cu!ture, from doing his free speech in circles all over the place to each eccentricity and jab. But when and where things count getting down to business.

    Free speech may come off as inglorious excess that only a libertarian publication could interpret, but can you really interpret such an eccentric Republican? Well, yes, to a certain extent you can try. And maybe get it correct.

    To relate and interpret the President correctly, his use of free speech does not make him Dr. Frankenstein’s libertarian Creation but does make for a comfortable read.

  44. https://twitter.com/Rothbard1776/status/1344360623182901249?s=19

    MASSIVE PROBLEM in GA [and around the country?] w/ regard to every single adjudicated ballot that would effect any potential recounts, per witness “There was a point in that video where we showed that, Richard Barron, who had said that 113k ballots had been cast and 105k were
    2/ adjudicated. Now, that’s not physical possible, which we can prove mathematically, but at the same time, if you adjudicate 105k votes, you have to understand from a technological perspective, as we’ve delved into all the different aspects of how the vote moves along, when you
    3/ adjudicate a ballot, that old reference [THE ORIGINAL BALLOT IMAGE] that you saw, or anything like that, is COMPLETELY DESTROYED. It’s gone. You can no longer reference [it]. And when you go run a hand recount, like you did in GA, then you’re looking at the print-out of those
    4/ ballots scans. So at no point did the original voter intent enter into that process once it’s destroyed. That’s the one thing I don’t hear people talking about that’s very, very important. The original ballot that you cast, especially from an absentee point is destroyed
    5/ and replaced with a new image. With no meta-data. No trail. And even from an audit perspective, you know, it would fail, because they’re all using the same account to audit. So you don’t know who made that change. You don’t know how many times that change was made in the past
    6/ and if I had a group of two-people, the Republican and Democrat [which used to be 3 people], that were auditing something … the only thing you would see from the end perspective, data-wise, is that final audit. You would not see any intermediate audit, or any intermediate
    7/ ballot image or the original ballot image, so keep that in mind when we’re talking about adjudicated ballots.”

    Can this possibly be true? If so, how on earth did we ever let it happen? This is a major problem with regard to ensuring the integrity of our elections

  45. Typical baby killing, libertarian website. President Trump got 74 million votes with 74 million voters standing behind him. Libertarians got zero. Why do you think you’re relevant?

    1. Probably because the Republican candidate and Libertarian candidate are the same after all- LOSERS- just like you Peter.

  46. I’ve been voting Libertarian for 36 years, so I don’t have a dog in this race. There is more evidence of fraud in this election (watch the legislative hearings on NTD’s YouTube channel), virtually all of it benefiting Biden, than in all of our country’s previous elections combined. At best, we can never say who won. At worst, the election was stolen (I’m leaning toward the latter).

    1. No there isn’t. There is no meaningful evidence of fraud. There is only a psychotic fucktard president and his gullible poodles who can’t handle their god being a loser.

      You believed the stuff that comes out of Trump’s mouth. That was your first mistake. Can’t you spot a liar when you see one?

      1. Tony is Heinlein’s proof that altruism leads to self-deception.

        1. What are you, Rand’s proof that making selfishness into a virtue leaves you both self-deceiving and an asshole?

    2. “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
      ― Joseph Goebbels

  47. As soon as the 1972 LP plank became Roe v Wade in ’73, the Prohibition, American Independent and God’s Own Prohibitionist parties began shrieking and violence to force wymn and grrlz to reproduce at gunpoint, screw the 9th, 13th, and 14th and ignore the 19 Amendment. Ireland’s repeal was to anyone of average IQ proof that antichoice rednecks with green teeth–even the harridans–repelled voters. Wallace Dixiecrats and papists imported into the GOP since 1972 cost the fascisti this election. Learn, baby, learn!

  48. make america great again

  49. Well done your article. In your opinion, we all got to learn something or something. Give us some help too.Thank You

  50. The title of this article is exactly on target: Donald Trump is doing exactly what an overgrown spoiled brat and a school yard bully would do: Blaming everybody except himself for his defeat in the 2020 Presidential election.

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