Election 2020

Trump Lost Because SCOTUS Answers to the Constitution, Not to Him

Trump’s judicial humiliation is now complete.


Outgoing President Donald Trump and his most fervent liberal critics seem to share one thing in common. Namely, they both appear to believe that Republican-appointed judges will be knee-jerk supporters of Republican politicians in court. The U.S. Supreme Court's actions last night should disabuse both sides of that simplistic and wrong-headed view.

On Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a frivolous and error-riddled lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to directly intervene in the 2020 election by throwing out the results in four states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin—that went for President-elect Joe Biden. On Friday night, the Supreme Court wiped that nonsense from its docket with the eagerness of someone wiping dog excrement from the bottom of a shoe.

"The State of Texas's motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution," the Court's order declared. "Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot." In short, SCOTUS answers to the Constitution, not to Trump.

Two members of the Court, Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, did note that, in their view, the Court is duty-bound to let parties file a bill of complaint in a case that falls within the Court's "original jurisdiction," a category that, per Article III, includes "Controversies between two or more States."

But Alito, joined by Thomas, also said this: "I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief." The other relief sought by Texas in this case was the judicial invalidation of the election results in four battleground states that voted for Biden. Therefore, what the Alito/Thomas legalese means in plain English is that Texas and Trump lost 9-0.

"This is the big one," Trump tweeted on Wednesday, referring to the Texas suit. It sure was, though not in the way that Trump meant.

"If the Supreme Court ultimately rejects the far-fetched lawsuit that was filed this week by Texas, as I suspect it will," I recently wrote, "Trump's judicial humiliation will be complete."

With this case dead and buried, Trump's judicial humiliation is complete.

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          1. Ahhhahahaha. That’s se kind of proof. Just more people making unsubstantiated claims. Dude said he knew theachines didn’t work. A forensic check was done, and all the proof they have is what some dude said? That’s the big leak? I take bigger leaks than that when I piss. There’s 9:30 of my life I’ll never get back. That must be how the courts feel too.

            1. I take bigger leaks than that when I piss.

              That’s what they make diapers for.

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              Fucking moron.

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    2. “Trump’s judicial humiliation is now complete”

      I too would be very upset if my husband had a crush on Trump!

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  4. Seems like Reason is going all in on the last round of Trump bashing.

    Do we expect them to pivot on Jan 20?

    1. Sure. They’ll always oppose the incumbent administration.

      1. Hahahahahaha… oh wow!

        1. Syd is right. You’d know that if you’d read Reason during the Bush or Obama admins.

          1. No he isnt. They supported many aspects of ACA for example.

            1. Also supported using public accomodations law to protect gay marriage

              1. Is there anything libertarians support that isn’t about the right of assholes to put their boots on the necks of minorities?

                1. Is there anything Tony isn’t whiny and salty about?

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                2. Sigh

                  I have hope that you will learn something here.

                  From the LP website.

                  There is no room for racists and bigots in the Libertarian Party. If there are white nationalists who — inappropriately — are members of the Libertarian Party, I ask them to submit their resignations today. We don’t want them to associate with the Libertarian Party, and we don’t want their money. I’m not expecting many resignations, because our membership already knows this well.

                  The Libertarian Party Platform states, “We condemn bigotry as irrational and repugnant. Government should neither deny nor abridge any individual’s human right based upon sex, wealth, ethnicity, creed, age, national origin, personal habits, political preference, or sexual orientation.”

                  The Libertarian Party is tolerant and accepting, supporting civil liberties, gay marriage, and freedom of religion for all, including Jews, Muslims, Christians, and atheists. The Libertarian Party supports open borders, civil liberties, racial diversity, and free trade — things that white nationalists abhor.

                  1. But Tony doesn’t seem to care about definitions, because they limit the buzz of being offended by everything.

                  2. Also, what are you wasting your time on, Echo?

                    1. I have no idea why.

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                  3. Oh and the L Party is not as homogeneous as you describe it. A solid share of Ls dont support the open borders nonsense, and that is also fine. But idk, its awesome to read here because despite everyone being a clown, they also have great thoughts. I dont judge clowns. I might be one.

                  4. This is exactly what is wrong with the LP leadership these days…sorry white supremacy is perhaps the biggest boogieman the LP is so scared of being accused of. Seriously what elected offical supports taking the bill of rights away from anyone who isn’t “white” whatever that is these days? As for open borders..many libertarians do not agree iwth that or abortion. Civil Liberties as defined as liberties the govt dispenses are bull shit. There are natural rights but not civil rights or liberties…as the only rights are ones that preexist govt. “Racial Diversity”..what the hell does that mean? Equal results based on race? Why the LP is so scared of being accused of “racism” as that is the go to slur the left uses against anyone these days is beyond me. F the wokes…the LP should be for sound money, free markets, limited govt, and peace. Govt should not discmrinate but guess what you as a individual can discriminate all you want..that is called freedom. Please LP stop this acting like a little wimp and tell the wokes to f off. Anyone who does not believe in free markets or sound money should be kicked out of the LP a lot quicker than someone who “oh my gosh” believes nation states with strong borders protectd natural rights better than well Kalifornia… JC…what a bunch of pansies.

                    1. Good thing you are not a member then.

                    2. @Echospinner -Titus didn’t write anything incompatible with libertarian ideals. Ideals which are based upon the NAP principle, making any move towards positive rights by the government an infringement on NAP.

                      Or, in case that doesn’t make sense to you, any government action/legislation that requires action on my part violates my individual rights and is therefore anti-libertarian. And many of woke culture’s ideals do ex a ctly this – require action on behalf of others, in clear violation of NAP.

                  5. I’ll have to check back later to see if libertarians start caring more about people going hungry than they do the right not to serve gay people at bakeries.

                    1. Ill chafe lack baiter to sea, if biblertarians tart scaring whore a trout…

                      Man, your meaningless babbling, dude. 😀

                    2. People have been going hungry for millennia. There have always been ‘the poor’, there will always be ‘the poor’. No system, no matter how inclusive or supporting, has ever resolved this.
                      How that confers with the bakery issue, other than they are both food related, is a broad brush stroke. The issue is not the right to not serve gay people at bakeries, it is the right for ME to not serve gay people at MY bakery if I don’t want to. Everyone is then free to call me intolerant, homophobic, Cismatic or whatever. I still shouldn’t be forced to serve gay people if I don’t want to.

                    3. There’s a huge difference between ‘caring about’ and ‘think the government should do something about’. There are lots of worthy causes in this world – very few of them are ones government should be involved in or are even capable of solving.

                      Libertarianism is about acceptable *government* activity. It is not a comprehensive totalizing world view, but a philosophy of government.

                      In fact, government screws up poverty reduction. Poverty in the US was in decline *until* the government stepped in. Poverty has been flat ever since LBJ declared war on it. The only proven anti-poverty measure is free markets.

                    4. The bakery would work the same way too. Market driven. If I insist on only selling to a certain faction because of my beliefs and not theirs then that is my choice. But say the market shifts and more people follow the code that goes against my beliefs, at some point I may have to rethink my strategy in order to make a living at my bakery. Feeding my family may take precedence over my religious principles.

                  6. Isn’t it pretty intolerant and bigoted to not tolerate bigots and racists?

                    1. Yes it is, and breeds division, not unity.

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                  7. This from an organization that endorsed Marxist racialism in its last party platform.

                  8. There is no room for racists and bigots in the Libertarian Party. If there are white nationalists who — inappropriately — are members of the Libertarian Party, I ask them to submit their resignations today. We don’t want them to associate with the Libertarian Party, and we don’t want their money. I’m not expecting many resignations, because our membership already knows this well.

                    If the libertarian party plays this card much, there will be a mass exodus. Guaranteed. A key tenet of the libertarian party is freedom of association. That means you are free to be a racist and bigot. That means freedom to discriminate is built in. And that's fine! Even the late Walter Williams wanted it so. He was completely fine with black groups forming black groups and white groups forming white groups - free to associate with whoever you wanted to. Now people might say that this makes the libertarian party racist/bigots etc. But make no mistake the democrats and the republicans are equally so. Particularly the democrats, who have put forth a stance that black people can't make it on their own in the united states without help from whitey. Therefore, affirmative action, Netflix representation, and all manner of white guilt hate groups sprouting up to entertain race hustlers who have found that it can be quite lucrative to grieve and claim racism unbated while mixing in marxist themes like "systemic racism" and marxism for race.

                    The Libertarian Party Platform states, “We condemn bigotry as irrational and repugnant. Government should neither deny nor abridge any individual’s human right based upon sex, wealth, ethnicity, creed, age, national origin, personal habits, political preference, or sexual orientation.”

                    Sure. A pro freedom, generic, statement this is, while not elaborating on "human rights." Notice this above statement didn't mention, through omission, that the LPP supports freedom of association. Meaning they don't want active anti-discrimination laws passed. Such as affirmative action, or marxism for race representation.

                    The Libertarian Party is tolerant and accepting…

                    The LP is tolerant and accepting until they find someone they don't want to tolerate. Such those looking to implement laws that are not "libertarian." This is why I would avoid words such as "tolerant" or "bigotry" in labelling people. Everyone is intolerant and bigots. Everyone. And overuse of the word has resulted in it's meaning decayed, into really just "someone that doesn't agree with you."

                    The Libertarian Party is tolerant and accepting, supporting civil liberties, gay marriage, and freedom of religion for all, including Jews, Muslims, Christians, and atheists.

                    This is not really true right? The LP would support these groups only, when they put their beliefs and ideologies second. So the LP is supportive of them if their beliefs are in line with the LP. So Muslims that want Islamic law implemented. Not allowed. Jews looking to implement in law, Halakha ( הֲלָכָה‎ ) should probably pack their stuff and go abroad, rather than live in a libertarian state. Christians that want "In God we Trust" on national currency should probably GTFO under a libertarian state. Atheists are probably ok for libertarians. So when you are looking to make your culture reflective of your beliefs (and thus law) then no, the LP is not tolerant of you at all. I would say federalism would be better in these instances than libertarianism. Quite simply, because the country is not homogenous.

                    The Libertarian Party supports open borders, civil liberties, racial diversity, and free trade — things that white nationalists abhor.

                    In other words, the libertarian party is pro freedom. Until people want to exercise their freedom to limit freedom to put things in line with their culture. The problem with open borders suggests that people don't have a culture, or that culture's can readily mix which isn't the case because this normally causes conflict. So what are borders really? They are the boundaries of culture and I guarantee you, the libertarians have a culture too.
                    Take a libertarian family and drop them in Iran and see what happens. Mom will be wearing a hair covering in no time at all whether she likes it or not. Dad will be selecting his haircut from a list of approved haircuts and growing a beard, etc, etc. So I think you can see where I'm going with this. People have their own culture and people want boundaries. Imagine 20 million republicans wanted to immigrate into the united states. Libertarians (left leaning ones) and democrats would immediately be open to border control and immigration laws.

                    1. Agreed. Though I’d add on that last part:

                      The Libertarian Party supports open borders, civil liberties, racial diversity, and free trade…

                      That the libertarian philosophy absolutely does not support any of that other than free trade and one doesn’t need to be a white nationalist to disagree. In fact, the only reason to equate disagreement with these ideas to the abhorrent white nationalists is to use emotional manipulation to hide the lack of logic.

                      Open borders violates NAP as it violates property rights. Civil liberties implies liberties only ordained by government, whereas libertarians believe rights preexist government. And racial diversity must be forced which violates NAP.

                3. Hey, Tony, how literal are we being today? Like actual boot on actual neck? Or hate speech, like “I wish them niggers wuz all dead”? Or “hate” speech, like “White culture needs to defend itself from progressive extremism”? Or just any preference a larger race group might express over a smaller one?

                  Seems I remember that libertarians endorse independent thinking and speech, even if it might offend someone. Like you.

                  1. What is a ‘race group’ and how does it express ‘preferences’?

                    That’s the problem with both racists and anti-racists (but i repeat myself). They’re racial essentialists that think race is some core characteristic which defines how we think and what we want. It’s not. Race is an arbitrary social construction with no relevant biological basis. There is no ‘white culture’, and racial groups don’t have preferences. Only individuals have preferences.

                4. What is it about you lefturds that compels you to lie 24/7? Is it just force of habit?


                5. You mad bro?

            2. Yeah, that claim is a joke. They mostly kissed Obama’s ass for eight years. I do expect them to be a little tougher on Biden, because they don’t overtly worship him the way they do the Mofo.

              What most of them really want is for Kamalaka to take over as quickly as possible.

          2. “or Obama admins”

            That’s not even remotely true.

    2. Saying what they attempted was unconstitutional is not Trump bashing, nor is it supporting Biden. It is an honest assessment of the legal merits.

      1. “With this case dead and buried, Trump’s judicial humiliation is complete”

        I bet Damon popped a chubby writing that. Jeff here obviously did reading it.

      2. I thought this lawsuit was bullshit from the start, but the tone of this article is kinda over the top.

        1. Yeah, even I agree with you this one went too far with the gloating. The justices ruled that Texas didn’t have standing according to the constitution, but it wasn’t unconstitutional for Paxton to file the case and put it in front of the court.

          It served a purpose in a way. Now, there is a clear cut list of Congress members and others who backed the lawsuit. For any Republican who thinks they went too far and tried to throw American democracy under the bus, they now know exactly who not to re-elect.

          1. The is no line in the Constitution that says certain suits are prohibited, but it does say that standing is required. So Texas filing a suit without standing is as close to unconstitutional as it can be. And Texas knew there was not standing. It was not even close.

            1. Lawsuits routinely get tossed because of a lack of standing on behalf of the plaintiffs. Dozens a month. Hundreds a year. It’s as common as rainy days.

              Are all of them unconstitutional, or just those filed by the other political team?

              Quit being ridiculous.

            2. To be accurate, I suppose it should be referred to as Texas Attorney General Paxton’s lawsuit. The Texas Solicitor General distanced himself from the whole thing, and there are no doubt a lot of Texans who never approved of it.

              1. Except one of the defending states legislature joined in.

                1. And I hope, next time they are up for re-election, the Pennsylvania voters punish the legislators who joined an effort to toss out Pennsylvania’s Presidential election votes.

                  By the way, you are pulling a classic JesseAz, and fudging what actually happened in your retelling. The legislature didn’t join; a bunch of Republican legislators filed an amicus brief. That is not “joining”, and it is also not an act of the legislature.

                  1. Except for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Pennsylvania is very red.

                    1. Conservatives can still resent their own legislators trying to take away their franchise.

                  2. Commies like unreason staff lie. People hate their ideas so they lie to cover up the truth.

                    Why would democrats gets to challenge election results when they lose but republicans challenging election results based on election fraud is considered sedition? Insert commie dogma and you have your answer.

                    1. I didn’t say a word about sedition.

                  3. And I hope, next time they are up for re-election, the Pennsylvania voters punish the legislators who joined an effort to toss out Pennsylvania’s Presidential election votes.

                    You want them to impeach the PA judges who violated the constitution and allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal votes to be cast in contravention of the rules set forth by the legislature?

                    1. If that’s what the people of Pennsylvania want to do. Not sure why they would be upset that the rules were changed to make it easier for people to vote safely during a pandemic.

                      I’m not a constitutional scholar, so I’m not sure Paxton’s reading of the Electors Clause is correct. It may be that the Founding Fathers intent is that, of course, it is OK if a state’s courts or governor make some minor changes and the legislature doesn’t object.

                      If the strict reading is correct, then the governor of Paxton’s own state violated the constitution.

                    2. WK – the courts have never been allowed to take over legislative duties as it would put them in a bad spot if anyone sues due to their decision being unconstitutional or whatever. They shou I do recuse themselves I suppose, but in any event, this is why we have separation of powers and one of the reasons courts were never intended to make legislative decisions.

                  4. “And I hope, next time they are up for re-election, the Pennsylvania voters punish the legislators who joined an effort to toss out Pennsylvania’s Presidential election votes.”

                    By and large it was these same idiot Republican Legislators that voted for (and passed) Act 77 of 2019, which was the unconstitutional law that added mail-in balloting, which caused all the ruckus in the first place.

                    The real question is, will these same morons figure out that they need to fix the stupid shit they implemented with Act 77?

            3. Filing a court case is never unconstitutional you raging fuckwit.

              1. I said that it was “as close to unconstitutional as it can be” not that it was unconstitutional.

                1. He couldn’t just civilly disagree with you. He had to call you a “raging fuckwit”.

                  Did people like JesseAz have mothers to teach them how to behave?

                  1. “…He had to call you a “raging fuckwit”.”

                    Well, he knows MG – what do you expect?

                  2. I look forward to clubbing you with this.

            4. Note that the Texas SG would not associate with the suit. To anyone that understands anything, that is a HUGE red flag.

              1. Yes, a huge TDS flag.
                This idea that Republicans opposed to Trump do so out of any kind of principle, other than a personal dislike, is sophistry.
                Lots of Republicans don’t like Trump, and want to see him defeated, with as much willingness to be as dishonest and outright criminal as members of the LieCheatSteal party.
                They sure aren’t conservative.

          2. But you’re just fine with democrats asking to jail Paxton for the suit, changing elections rules outside the legislature, no vote integrity, or any other means in which democrats can be advantaged.

            On top of that you have not uttered a single complaint against budens platform. So on January 20 let’s see of you will have integrity and remain quiet regarding expected abuses that were known today.

            1. “you’re just fine with democrats asking to jail Paxton for the suit”

              I’m not fine with that, but also wasn’t aware that it had happened. I believe you, though; both major parties have their slingers of asshole rhetoric.

              1. It’s literally the premise of the article to which you replied, but we all know you’re far too lazy to read anything, and far too stupid to understand it even if you had.

                1. It *literally* is not. I don’t think Damon Root is a Democrat, and he didn’t call for Paxton to be jailed.

                  1. Nobody cares what you think, shithead.

            2. “changing elections rules outside the legislature”

              Texas’ own governor made changes to election rules outside their legislature. If this lawsuit had succeeded, it could have led to Texas’ votes being thrown out.

              1. ‘Texas’ own governor made changes to election rules outside their legislature.’

                many states made changes to the election process based on the botched covid response; North Carolina is another Trump state that by the logic of the TX lawsuit, would have had to pitch mail in votes as well…who knows how that would impact the outcome…

                1. The true believers literally just ignore that fact, they don’t understand it first of all and secondly they are more likely to believe that Hugo Chavez bought off the future SCOTUS nominees than that they just fucking lost cause Trump is a dick and his team of lawyers sucks.

                  This suit and the reaction to it are the best proof ever that true Trump cult followers are the #1 most “feelings over facts” which is ironically their rallying cry.

                  1. If the states aren’t going to follow their own election laws then why have election laws at all?

                    1. Democrats are corrupt shitbags who hate the constitution and its limitations.

                      There is zero constitution right to vote for president. Its recent tradition to use popular vote but the state legislatures pick the electors. Massive democrat election fraud and election law violations negates that popular vote in every us state.

                      The founders gave us a remedy and thats the 12th amendment. Democrats hate the constitution so of course they hate that trump will win a second term via the 12A.

                    2. “Its recent tradition to use popular vote…”

                      Oh, really.

                    3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1796_United_States_presidential_election

                      In which John Adams was elected.

                      Method of choosing electors in your home state of Georgia: “Each Elector chosen by voters statewide”

                    4. How will Trump win a second term via the 12th Amendment once 306 electors vote for Biden?

                  2. Tell us more about those 10 indictments coming from the Mueller investigation, shreeky.

              2. Only an idiot could think that a successful lawsuit “could have led to Texas’ votes being thrown out.”
                The changes in question removed virtually every safeguard against fraud, which was used, overwhelmingly to produce a fraudulent result.
                Texas’s changes didn’t fit that bill.

            3. “no vote integrity”

              Not fine with that, either, but there was plenty of vote integrity across the country.

              1. Like suspending signature verification, suspending voter registration verification, suspending post mark verification, allowing ballots with no signatures or post marks to be accepted and cast…

            4. “On top of that you have not uttered a single complaint against budens platform.”

              Not true. I have said more than once that I hope that the Georgia recount results in Senate gridlocking Biden’s spending plans. And who is working hard to fuck that up: Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and Donald Trump.

              1. Im just glad biden conceded before he had to talk publicly about hunters criminal activities.

                1. Wait, now you are so delusional you believe that Biden conceded? You’ve moved beyond hoping Trump v Biden is going to come like the Great Pumpkin?

                  1. It is pretty clear to me that LC1789 has been playing us for 4 fucking years. I only noticed this in the last few weeks. There is no way in hell that someone could be this delusional. I would not be surprised to find that Shrike is running him.

                    1. “There is no way in hell that someone could be this delusional”

                      You’ve apparently missed most of the posts by white knight and other leftists.
                      And also Reason.
                      But you do you, man.

          3. It’s always good to know who all the bad Republicans are.

            1. Also, if Trump calls a Republican a “RINO” it’s a pretty good bet that Republican has some integrity.

              1. To the extent any Republican has any integrity.

                1. Sure.

                2. Empty statement. A car is always fast to the degree a car attains any velocity at all.

              2. Mccain was piece of shit and a RINO.

                Romney is a RINO and a piece of shit.

                Remember when the lefty narrative was that Trump was a RINO. You heard that unreason staff called Trump a person with integrity.

              3. Also, if cytotoxic sucks a Republican’s dick it’s a pretty good bet that Republican is a Democrat.

          4. We’ve learned that stealing elections is OK and we can go ahead and assume that we will have precisely zero non-stolen elections from now on.

            Which means bloodshed is not really much different than voting now.

            1. We’ve learned that our nation’s judges have some integrity, and won’t let a sore loser steal an election. We’ve leaned that there is a sizable minority willing to throw democracy under the bus and follow an authoritarian leader.

              1. We’ve leaned that there is a sizable minority willing to throw democracy under the bus and follow an authoritarian leader.

                We’ve also learned that a lot of libertarians think America is a democracy and will happily support blatant voter fraud caught on camera as long as it advances Marxism. Like cytotoxic, for example.

                Oh, yeah, cytotoxic became chemjeff became The White Knight. Remember that.

              2. Democracy was thrown under the bus by going forward with these fraudulent results.
                I know you commies like the idea of “by any means necessary” but don’t try to fool even yourselves with the concept that this “election” represents democracy.
                Article 4, Section 4 now reads : “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Banana Republic Form of Government.”

            2. GO for it bro, start shooting your neighbors. You can do it. You are the alpha male. Go throw on your Nine Line T and some fingerless gloves and yellow shades and get to work.

              1. Poor lefties. They dont know how the civil was 2.0 they started…again will end.

                Pussies like unreaspn staff starving in cities cut off from supplies.

                You would think they would have learned from kungflu supply problems nearly starving blue cities.

                1. Civil war?? Who will raise, train, arm, command and pay an insurrectionary force?

              2. Seems to be mostly your boys out there LARPing as specops and getting their stupid fucking brains blown out by armed citizens with only the most basic training in firearms. Fuck around and find out like Garrett Foster, motherfucker.

            3. We’ve learned that stealing elections is OK

              More broadly what we have learned is that the legislative bodies in many states don’t matter (be it PA or TX) because not one of them exercised their right to establish and maintain election rules and procedures in their own states. The were either:

              1) scared of COVID
              2) too busy planning their next campaign
              3) lazy
              4) feckless
              5) all of the above (and then some)

              So all that really matters is who gets to sit in the Governor’s mansions and who sits on the state supreme court (and *maybe* federal circuits) since they can just change election rules at the drop of a hat and at the 11th hour with exactly zero pushback from their respective legislatures. And – unsurprisingly – a lot of people complaining that the TX lawsuit was a “direct assault on democracy” don’t even realize that democracy in a huge portion of the country is already dead and has been for some time.

      3. Ignoring the issues of the electors clause proves Reason no longer cares about the constitution. They used to be against judicial or executive changes in elections.

        1. Paxton’s reading of the Electors Clause to suit his ulterior motives

          If it is strictly literally true that election law changes can only be made by legislature, Texas and many other states besides the four were in violation.

          1. law changes can only be made by legislature

            Where would anyone get that idea? Especially these days.

            1. A strict, literal reading of the Electors Clause. It might be the correct reading (I don’t know, I’m not a constitutional expert), but it certainly is the reading that would have gotten Paxton what he wanted.

              1. We’re doing plain language interpretation of constitutions and laws now? cool cool

                1. Nah, just us autistic types.

              2. Lefties think dec 14 gives biden the win, haha. The constitution spells out elector votes dont mean shit until the joint session of congress count.

                Remember in 2016 when democrat congressmen contested trumps electoral win?

                12 the amendment here we come.

          2. in a couple of states, they extended the deadlines to receive mail in ballots…. you could have an argument here, but this was prompted by a warning form the postal service so the secretaries of state probably were withing their rights…. (which is why the supreme court upheld it.) but it ended up affecting insufficient ballots to make any difference, so it is a moot argument. one other sent mail in ballots to all registered voters, but the legal challenges to that failed long before election day. (and, it was not a state even remotely close.) most of the changes this year were, in fact, passed by the legislatures….. many of them before covid even existed.

            two states with extended receiving of mail in ballots of insufficient quantity to change the election.
            one state that mailed ballots to everyone that was never competivie.
            every other change approved by the legislatures.

            1. Lying thru omission is a famous lefty tactic.

              Read the legal actions. More claims supported by the constitution. Which is why lefties know biden aint stepping foot in the white house on 2021.

              1. you mean the legal claims that have all been laughed out of court? claiming something does not make it true.

            2. “…every other change approved by the legislatures.”

              Which is the root of Pennsylvania’s problem. Act 77 of 2019 (decisively supported by comically brain-dead Republican legislators) added a third class of electors, mail-ins, to the two classes prescribed in the state constitution. Oooops, can’t do that with a law, you need a constitutional amendment.

              1. not according to the Pennsylvania supreme court…… or anyone else before people wanted an excuse to overturn the election results.

                1. not according to the Pennsylvania supreme court…… or anyone else before people wanted an excuse to overturn the election results

                  Maybe the people and legislatures will give a shit about protecting the sanctity of their election laws and voting rights now?

                  If you get beaten with a sketchy move/play that’s in the gray area of the rulebook, you petition the refs once. If they say “no” then you resolve to shut down the possibility of your opponent making that play next time through.

                  1. the only thing that was taken to court did not impact enough ballots to make a difference…… it was not the reason trump lost…… everything else was changed by the legislature.

                2. And courts never make mistakes…..

                  1. all of them? every time?

                    1. You seem to be stuck on how the courts decided, but courts are often wrong. And I would say the odds of them being wrong increase exponentially when they are reviewing decisions they made (in PA for example).

        2. Why you worried about Reason, Jesse? If you really believe all the shit you say, you should be right now in DC armed and ready to go against SCOTUS, right? Why waste time on Reason? GO ALPHA MALE GO

          1. Poor lefties. They dont know how civil war 2.0 ends in 30 days.

            The blue cities are cut off from supplies and starve. Giving up like the democrat pussies that they are. We know this because of kungflu showing us how city folk are pussies in the survival game.

          2. Hey remember when your boys chased down a teenager armed with an AR15 and tried to beat him with a skateboard? GO ALPHA MALES GO! LMFAO.

            1. Since youre probably a fascist and into living vicariously remember when the Russian soldiers raped all those Nazi women, killed their men and owed their country for 45 years?

              1. If fascists kill commies, they aren’t doing anything wrong.

      4. So when Texas files suit and the Supreme Court shoots them down, referring to this as Trump losing doesn’t qualify as Trump bashing?

        1. Trump did speak in favor of the lawsuit and tried to join it:


          I do agree that his blog post goes a bit too far with the bashing.

      5. “Saying what they attempted was unconstitutional is not Trump bashing…”

        Well, it’s that AND an outright lie.

    3. “ Do we expect them to pivot on Jan 20?”

      Yes. In fact they’ve already been running articles critical of Biden. Once Trump is gone, and hopefully irrelevant, they won’t have to talk about him anymore. However, he’s still the president and he’s attempting to overturn the election. Seems relevant to discuss, no?

      1. They weren’t nearly as critical when Biden was up for election. Now, it is just face saving.

        1. Give it time.

          1. Like the 8 years they spent gargling Obama’s balls only to fly into histrionics about budgets and regulations when Trump got into office?

            OuR kUrDIsH AlLiES!!!!!

        2. There is a LOT to criticize about Trump, and he does have a talent for getting all attention on himself.

          1. Yeah, Biden just isn’t that bad in comparison. He probably doesn’t even write his own tweets.

            1. He probably doesn’t. He almost certainly has a press relations person who does it for him, which is normal for a high-level politician.

              1. And it’s so refreshing to have the president be a normal politician again. I know I’ll be sleeping better at night.

                1. Glad to hear it, Tulpa.

              2. “…He almost certainly has a press relations person who does it for him, which is normal for a high-level politician.”

                Yeah, Obo hid behind many, many people, as does Biden. It’s just great having opacity again, isn’t it?

                1. If you are Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln, no better person to write your tweets than yourself. If you are Trump or Biden, probably best to have someone else speak for you.

                  1. Biden is fortunate to have an army of 50 center sockpuppets like you to speak for him, cytotoxic.

            2. The Biden strategy worked. He did not try and out Trump Trump. He let the swing voters decide that they had enough. He gave the impression of a calm experienced leader.

              While a lot of people think there was fraud I think that impression will fade over time just as the Obama birther and 9/11 conspiracy theories have for most. There will still be adherents but most will just shrug their shoulders.

              1. “…He gave the impression of a calm experienced leader…”

                And TDS-infected imbeciles fell for it.

                1. Joe Biden is well known for his serenity.

                  1. And having a bitchen Trans Am.

                    1. And we can’t forget about the child groping.

                2. What’s more likely? Anyone who contradicts you sister fucking fascists has TDS?

                  Or you sister fucking fascists are America hating morons?

                  The latter.

                  Sevo, JesseAz, and FucksSister1789 are America hating traitors!

                  1. You really seem permanently butthurt about the mere existence of conservatives.

                    What hit you so hard?

                    1. Even funnier is that lefties are always wrong.

                      They knew hillary won and trump beat her.
                      Lefties knew mueller would get trump and he had zip.
                      Lefties hoped they could remove trump and they failed.
                      Democrats cheated and they still lost in MI, WI, PA, NC, GA, AZ, NV
                      Democrats lost house seats.
                      Democrats couldnt take the Senate.
                      RBG died and trump replaced her with barrett and two other justices.

              2. No it’s worse than that. They use the tactic of pretending to go along because if they have to provide proof they look like fools…but they will still say all the same conspiracy BS to their buddies to seem like they are still tough, or roll it out on here 5 years later when their next failcoup is attempted. Note that they still talk about Benghazi and shit like that.

                They still for example think this is not over and that implies still believing all the BS that Powell tried to “prove.”

              3. Will the tides recede and the oceans begin to heal again too? Lol. Jesus fucking Christ.

          2. No, you’re just a dishonest cosplay L. You ignore any good one has done even though the plans for the other are far worse. You dismissed Israel muslim normalization as no big deal. Youre not a libertarian.

            1. Normalization of relations of several Muslim countries that already had peaceful relations with Israel isn’t that big of an achievement, especially when you find out it came with lots of arms sales. It is something the pro-Trump camp trots out while ignoring all the other ways he has destabilized the world and our own country.

              1. It actually was a terrific accomplishment. Morocco now joining in.

              2. he has destabilized the world

                Really? How did he do that, by not starting any wars like other Presidents did when Top Men told them to?


                1. hE AbANdOnEd oUR kURdiSh AlLiES!!!!!!!

              3. Nonsense. This is the biggest step forward for peace since the end of the cold war.

                The big question now is will this trend continue under Biden, if he wins, or will Biden terminate it. My money is on the latter, but if Biden is able to keep the peace process going, I’ll be impressed.

            2. You’re an American hating fascist traitor Jesse!

              1. Lmao

        3. They were plenty critical of Biden. Just not critical enough for you.

          1. Lol. Go find us all the GND articles the last 2 months you pathetic fuck.

            Prove me wrong. Find one critical comment you’ve had on biden prior to the election. Just one.

            1. We were talking about Reason articles, not my comments.

              As far as my comments go, you’re the one making the accusations so the burden of proof is on you. Was I personally critical of Biden? I honestly don’t know. I certainly never praised the guy. But in your mind a lack of criticism equals support. So by the same logic the fact that you’ve never posted your opposition to gang rape means you’re a rapist. Fuck off, rapist. See? I can do it too.

              1. Lack of critisism equates support.


                1. Fuck off tulpa

                  1. Lol as I said before, you seem obsessed with people whose names start with a T 😀

                    Im not your wet dream character though, I am really just another evil person that makes you mad and salty lmao

                  2. Hey sarc, remember you outed this sock like 3 weeks ago? Maybe lay off the “everybody else is Tulpa” you drunken pedophile.

                    Oh yeah, in case anybody forgot, sarcasmic sticks his erect cock into his underage daughter’s pussy.

                    1. Lolz. Looks like you forgot. 3 weeks ago I was Chemjeff and then SQRLSY, dumbfuck. Why reason tolerates you shitting up every thread with your sockpuppet army and identity/handle stealing is beyond me. Fuck off you fat, creepy loser.

                    2. What a sick fuck sarcasmic is.

          2. Unreason apologists are funny. They lie more than unreason commie staff which I thought was impossible.

      2. In fact they’ve already been running articles critical of Biden.
        is there something that made those articles invalid beforehand? It’s comical how the Hunter’s laptop “non-story” turns out to be a story after all. I look forward to all the justifications for big tech’s and media’s quashing of the initial NY Post story when it becomes the pretext for trying to shove Joe out the door.

        1. The laptop story hasn’t changed much. It’s other news about Hunter, not related to the laptop, that is coming out.

          1. It’s “coming out” that this has been a story for some time, at least in terms of the investigation? Sure, that makes the fourth estate look much less like a fifth column.

            1. Certain liberal news outlets most certainly downplayed any bad news about Hunter Biden, and lots of other conservative outlets covered the story, and even played up the story. The story was out there for anyone who was interested to follow.

              There are plenty of news sources out there for anyone of any political bent, nobody is able to practice mind control over the American people.

              Trump did really well in this election and got a lot of votes, as he tweets about every day.

              1. There are plenty of news sources out there for anyone of any political bent

                We got country AND western!

          2. It has been validated that an investigation is ongoing. You and DoL claimed it was Russian misinformation when the story came out.

            1. The “investigation” looks shady as hell. Hunter Biden either did or did not pay income taxes on the earned income. Why would it take two years to figure that out?

              1. The income tax angle is trivia. The real issue is Hunter being Joe’s bag man to collect bribes from CCP-controlled companies.


              2. Tell us more about how Trump, who has been in a permanent state of IRS audit for a decade, needs his tax records examine by the Attorney General of New York shreeky.

                1. Wow – a guy who has been uder IRS audit for more than a decade yet no charges filed leading one to assume nothing was found. Seems like it was a waste of time and only serves to prove this guy was both unfairly targeted and innocent.

                  At least that’s what reasonable people would assume if the guy was just a regular person without a public profile.

            2. No, I didn’t. I said there was some evidence of Russian misinformation, but I was reserving judgement.

                1. Not my fault you cannot understand nuance.

                  1. “some evidence of Russian misinformation”

                    I’m not confident you can even tie your shoes in one try.

              1. I said there was some evidence of Russian misinformation

                Which was utterly and completely untrue. It’s hilarious that you had to lie to downplay your Russian conspiracy delusions and still this was the best you could do.

              2. “some evidence of Russian misinformation””

                No further reading necessary. TDS detected. Can’t possibly be anything else. Know how I know? Because Trump is objectively, let me stress again, objectively awesome.

                This is what you don’t get, WK. Republicans = good guys, Democrats = bad guys. People shit on you because you only seem interested in sticking up for the bad guys.

                Shame on you.

        2. WarEagle the SEC fucking sucks! You realize the rest of the country makes fun of you sister fucking hicks right?

          The south is the asshole of America.

          Not all southerners are bad, but if the south was nuked the world would be a better place.

          Nuke Utah too. All Mormons are bad and need to die.

          1. Even Donnie and Marie?!

            1. Yes

              1. Damn, that’s harsh.

                1. Remember how funny cytotoxic thinks it is to kill Mormons the next time he’s clutching pearls about evil right wingers talking about using guns to defend themselves against his black bloc friends.

                  1. I’m trying to parse the logic of your sentence and all I can come up with is that you think two wrongs make a right.

                    KillAllRednecks is nuts, but that doesn’t make it right for right wingers to go around looking for confrontation and shooting people.

                    1. KillAllRednecks is nuts…

                      Nah, he’s just your garden variety racist/bigot. No doubt he’s a POS, but he’s not mentally ill. Even the the vast majority of the mentally ill are aware enough and smart enough to not be racist idiots. KAR isn’t even self aware enough to recognize he’s a racist bigot, but his screeds prove it true.

                  2. Mormon defenders and enablers need to go too. They’re part of the problem. Mormons are goddamn scumbags and you’re too by sticking up for them.
                    When are you so called “libertarians” going realize liberty and the LDS church can’t coexist. Mormons are outbreeding everyone and will force their horseshit beliefs on everyone when they out number us. They won’t stop having so many kids or stop forcing their disproven beliefs on everyone, so they need to be exterminated.

                    I’m a goddamn hero for pointing this out.

                    1. Dude!
                      You sound like you’re mistaking Mormons for Muslims.
                      Wanna talk about outbreeding and disproven beliefs?

          2. What exactly is your issue with Mormons? Did Brigham Young bang your great grandma and forget to leave fifty cents on the dresser for her?


            1. They’re trying to force their bullshit, ridiculous,disproven beliefs on everyone. They breed like fucking rabbits so they’re comitting genetic pollution because anyone dumb enough to believe their nonsense shouldn’t have kids let alone ten!

              1. They don’t force anyone. They knock on your door. If you’re an adult who’s not interested you say, “Not interested”, and close the door and they leave you alone. Works the same with Girl Scout Cookies, school fundraisers, etc.

          3. Go drown in a fucking sewer you shitbag. If the fucking South is so goddamn horrible, why the fuck do you want us to stick around?

            1. Haha did I upset you? I’d be happy if you inbred, deep fried, sister fucking, religious kooks left. The south is the asshole of america.

              Conservative southerners are almost as bad as mormons, so fuck em.

              1. Yea, I doubt you believe the shit your flinging, fucktard

      3. So reason useless panderers with no real convictions. Biden didn’t change a week ago. This shit was quietly ignored for the election and they amplified trump. So fuck off with the both sides. They chose their narrative. They can’t 180 now.

      4. We all know that voter fraud exists. To what extent is the question. We have all seen the videos etc… There were some unusual goings on this election. Is no one at least passively interested as to exactly how much fraud is taking place? I keep hearing that there is a perfectly good explanation for all this. However, no specifics are ever given. I’m tired of being told there is nothing to see here move along. I want to know whats going on. It surprises me that I seem to be in the minority on this.

        1. Biden clearly got more votes that were not legit. The question is how many? A few thousand, a few hundred thousand, a few million, or several million? Were there enough to change the electoral count in swing states and give trump another four years? We will never know.

        2. We all know that voter fraud exists.

          Nope. There is no fraud. And if there is, it’s not significant fraud. And if it is, it wasn’t enough to change the outcome. And if it was, you can’t disenfranchise 37 gorillion Americans by enforcing election laws.

          1. Frankly this country could benefit from some disenfranchisement.

          2. There is no fraud.

            That’s just stupid. Given the total number of votes, there is literally zero chance no voter fraud happened.

            And keep in mind the government telling you there was zero fraud also cannot be trusted with the death penalty, so their credibility shouldn’t be held as perfect in other endeavors.

            Shorter version: grow up.

          3. “…it’s not significant fraud. And if it is, it wasn’t enough to change the outcome.”
            267,255 people notified the USPS that they moved outside the state of Georgia, which means they are no longer eligible to vote in the state, yet, 14,980 of those people voted in the 2020 election in Georgia, 100 percent of them illegally. All identified.
            The size of the current margin in the Presidential race in Georgia has Joe Biden listed as having approximately 12,000 votes ahead of President Donald Trump.

    4. Over the last four years, I noticed that every time Hillary Clinton commented she was roundly put down. I hope we will all do as much for Donald Trump when he make public comments.

      1. Trump (and millions of Trump supporters) will be in your face more than ever.

        1. And will be even easier to dismiss than they already were, which is saying something.

          1. So easy to dismiss that you just HAD to read my post AND write a response.

            1. Lol. Shorter jomo(sarcasmic) “Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?”

      2. Trumps second term will be the same-same for commie propagandists at unreason and the MSM.

      3. I noticed prior to Obama leaving office there was an unwritten rule that former presidents stayed out of politics and didn’t speak about other administration’s decisions.

    5. They’ll only do a half pivot because their real formula is to just bitch and moan about everything.

      But since Reason is nothing but a bunch of liberal hacks masquerading as libertarian, they will still treat Biden with kid gloves, probably ignore much of the corruption and ass eating that will come out during his administration.

      1. Are you aware that Nick Gillespie literally said on the Reason Roundtable podcast that he preferred a Trump win over a Biden win? Have you seen how much Gillespie talks about Biden’s spending plans?

        1. You mean where they largely ignore them while Boehm had a dozen articles claiming covid spending was on Trump?

          1. Casual posts tossed of on this blog are not “articles”.

            1. Duh. Right?

        2. Who listens to anything the lying commie unreason staff say?

          The crazy thing is that unreason would get more business being the only the libertarian free speech website in the world. Unreason chose to be a commie site instead.

          1. When they say they are for Biden, they are telling the truth. When they say they are for Trump, they are lying.


            Because no real libertarian would ever criticize Trump or publish articles that portray Trump in a negative light. The instant reason did that they outed themselves as a left wing publication, merely trying to pretend to be libertarian as part of a fiendish Marxist billionaire plot to surrender this country to low IQ brown people.

            Sounds legit. Everything I just said was fact, not opinion.

    6. Oh no, orange fan sad.

      Cry more snowflakes.

      1. Why in almighty *fuck* are you reading — and posting comments on — a libertarian site (given your presumed political leanings), marginal retard?

        1. Because (gasp) outside of the Trump bubble, and in contradiction to your Hannity-fed beliefs, many people do in fact seek out information from other sources and not just the one that says what they want to hear.

      2. Poor unreason bots.

        Constitution strikes again!

      3. This from cytotoxic’s 4th sockpuppet in the same thread.

    7. Of course they will. A day late & a dollar short, like a bunch of shitheads.
      Trump-and-the-GOP v. Biden-and-the-Dems was a no-brainer, as far as libertarian preferences go. But some new, arginally retarded, infantile, bullshit-woke, recent-Vassar-grad contingent must’ve wrested control from the (supposed) adults running this libertarian mag. So we got a lot of “They Both Suck!” and “Here’s Why Trump Is Bad!” horseshit lo these many months, and continuing w/ this piece of shit article.

      1. Because no real libertarian would ever criticize Trump or publish articles that portray Trump in a negative light. The instant reason did that they outed themselves as a left wing publication, merely trying to pretend to be libertarian as part of a fiendish Marxist billionaire plot to surrender this country to low IQ brown people.

    8. Unreason ignored what republican were doing to expose the massive democrat election fraud. Then the media focused on the texas lawsuit. Once that was rejected for lack of standing, unreason went back to declaring biden the winner.

      The commies at unreason really believe biden will be president. Just like they believe gore would be president and hillary would be president.

      Dec 14 is the EC vote but those vote mean nothing until they are accepted by joint session of congress in january 2021. The SCOTUS is hearing one case about democrat election fraud and the texas case was not it. Alito signaled alignment with Thomas which means thomas, alito, barrett, kavanaugh, and gorsuch are ruling against biden but who know which case they will use.

      Based on past democrat hopes, the SCoTUS will destroy democrat dreams when they least expect it.

      1. The Texas original jurisdiction action was the only single suit that purported to question enough votes to change the outcome of the election. Where in the pipeline is another lawsuit with the potential to flip the minimum three states that would make an Electoral College difference?

  5. Here’s your return to a “normal presidency”, they’re bringing back Susan Rice.


    Perfect choice for the Democrats: willing to lie to the public (Benghazi), will “unmask” political enemies in intelligence reports to the media (Flynn), and a war-boner on top of it all. Probably end up being Kamala’s VP once they unload Biden.

    1. Even if you are correct about Rice’s actions ( and you really aren’t), they still pale in comparison to trump’s idiocy in office…

      1. What part of saying Rice was sent out to the public is incorrect? I’ll wait. She only repeated a false claim on every single Sunday show. And she was hands-on in the surveillance matter.

        1. She said something based on the intel she had, and in reality (in actual reality) the statements did not have any effect at all on the situation. I mean, even if she had just decided to straight-up lie (which she didn’t), it’s not like it made a bit of difference in the world.

          As for surveillance, sure the admin was surveilling Russians and happened to hear them talking with some Americans. I think that us Americans probably should understand that if we talk to foreigners who might be surveillance targets, our convos might get picked up.

          Anyway, as a personal matter, I am all for the incoming Biden administration hiring anyone who gets conservative panties in a bunch!

          1. She lied. She knew she was lying. You’re going to now channel Hillary with “what difference, at this point, does it make?” Really? Of course, the statement had impact. If you’re going to lie when it serves no purpose, then you are damn sure going to lie when it does.

            Anyway, as a personal matter, I am all for the incoming Biden administration hiring anyone who gets conservative panties in a bunch!
            What a principled approach. You should apply to work for Joe.

            1. I just want you to respond with a comment about how trump has never lied about anything. Are you going to argue that he will not lie with it serves his purpose? Please respond, I truly want to know what you think.

              1. I never claimed that about Trump, but this is about Rice. They’ve ALL lied at some point, but your contention is that Rice’s lie served no purpose. Then why do it? This woman is part of the same ole, same ole that this place claims to take issue with. Perhaps I was wrong about that. The Obama holdovers are coming back along with a contingent from Big Tech.

                1. I didn’t say it served no purpose, I said it had no effect. What I mean is that no one died relying on her “lie”.

                  On the other hand, a president playing-down a deadly virus might make some people less vigilant about protecting themselves from said virus.

                  1. I want to unpack your earlier statement here.

                    You said “Rice’s actions… still pale in comparison to trump’s idiocy in office”

                    First off, what “idiocy” of Trump is worse than what Susan Rice did? And I don’t want a bunch of “implying”. Real world examples please.

                    1. (please say covid-19)

                    2. The two actions being discussed were “lying” (such as it was) and “surveilling” Russians who happened to be talking to Americans. Against that, I would put the 3000 Americans who died yesterday and also trying to get an entire federal election overturned.

                    3. Explain to me how those Covid deaths are Trump’s fault and not the state governors, because, you know federalism.
                      Also tell me what actions to prevent pandemic deaths Trump was legally allowed to take, that wouldn’t exceed his authority or violate the constitution.

                      Also, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that the election was beyond sketchy, and needs to be subject to an immediate congressional investigation.
                      Trying to defend your interests in court is completely right and proper. Remember 2000?

                      You’re the such a bien pensant. You need to take a break from CNN.

                    4. “Explain to me how those Covid deaths are Trump’s fault and not the state governors, because, you know federalism.”

                      It was a tough situation, made tougher by the fact that the “leader” of the nation down-played (his own words!) the deadly virus and openly mocked people who wore masks. Then, he started holding mass rallies that his own CDC said were superspreader events.

                      Yeah, I do blame trump for the deaths, you can see why.

                    5. Trump didn’t violate the constitution by instituting a federal mask mandate to combat a virus with a 1/10 of 1% fatality rate, so he’s responsible for every death in the country since last October. All reality-based people know this. Also church services and Trump rallies are “superspreader” events. A superspreader event is kind of like a superpredator from the Biden crime bill, only you can’t call it a nigger behind closed doors with your buddies. Race riots however are immune from viruses.

                    6. Of course you decide to someone connect trump’s mismanagement with Biden. Just remember that we have 15 cases, going straight down to zero!

                  2. ‘On the other hand, a president playing-down a deadly virus might make some people less vigilant about protecting themselves from said virus.’

                    if anyone is less vigilant after all the media hysteria over this less than lethal virus, that’s on them…

                    1. I agree, I still wonder how some people are so stupid as to trust the current president’s word on a scientific question. Anyone who listened to the president’s nonsense only has themselves to blame for getting sick. However, as for other people they infect, I would also have to blame the president since it was absolutely a foreseeable consequence.

                    2. You all make Trump seem like a god with power beyond anything any president has had before or will ever have in the future.

                      It may crush your fevered hatred to know this, but the vast majority of people do what they think is right for themselves without ever knowing what the President said about it. And that’s true of all presidents. The average person simply doesn’t care about politics to the point they follow what the president says on every single issue. The average person likely doesn’t even know who Barrett is.

                      But I’m sure in your mind that’s President Trump’s fault too, just like the weather, wildfires, virus spreading, and a host of other things. Cause he’s just all powerful.

              2. Trump’s lies are told as part of an effort to keep civilization going.

                His enemies lies are corrosive to civilization.

                There. That’s the distinction that matters, now that a commie traitor fuck like you could ever understand.

                After all, who needs civilization when you can have Free Shit and Feelz, amirite?

          2. You know that’s a good point. How will the lc1789s of the world react if liberals start using the now-popular idea of “governance by owning the libs” method against them?

            Cue Nardz threat of violence in 3…2…1..

            1. You have a death wish.
              Good luck.

              And, typical of leftists, you project your own intents onto others, as your inability to distinguish threats from assessments demonstrates.

              Know this: your life doesn’t matter.

              1. Have you decided whether you will be doing more than whining about violence and the 2nd Amendment? It’s getting kind of sad watching you shake your fist at everyone here.

                1. I recommend suicide for you.

          3. She said something based on the intel she had,

            Would that be the “intel” that said “hey, we have to cover for Hillary’s incompetence at all costs”?

            She lied. She knew she was lying. Fuck you for trying to excuse that shit.


      2. I’m ok with Rice and Trump both being reprehensible fucking idiots.

        1. Let’s see if you’re more honest than the cosplay Ls here. Was trumps foreign policy better than Obamas?

          1. Liberal here! I actually think trump’s foreign policy wasn’t too bad on the whole, as he didn’t start any major conflicts. That said, the last four years have been very quiet in the foreign policy realm, so trump kind of had it easy. I would also add that I thought his love affair with Kim was pretty disgusting, but it had no effect one way or the other.

            I think that the Biden administration could easily take a similar path on foreign policy, so I see no need to continue the trump administration for that reason.

            1. that said, the last four years have been very quiet in the foreign policy realm

              The Taliban peace deal, the Abraham Accords, the Serb-Bosnia peace deal, the Sudan peace agreement and Trump’s rapprochement with the DPRK might have all played a part in that.

              1. They might, sure. No reason the Biden admin can’t keep that going.

                1. Have you seen his record?

                  1. His record is that of any long-serving politician: give the voters what they want. Americans are generally fine with peace these days…

                    1. The people really, really wanted to bomb the shit out of 7 middle eastern countries and start a ground war in Syria while he was vice president. I wonder what made them change their minds? Do you think they’ll change them back?

                    2. Trump hired John Bolton, who wanted to bomb all those same places. Somehow, trump resisted. I suspect Biden will resist as well.

              2. No president in US history has achieved as much for international peace, without the use of force, as Literally Orange Hitler.

                If Trump had been a (D) the UN would be building a statue of him.

                1. Unfortunately for trump’s re-election chances, only history can really make that assessment. My own guess is that, notwithstanding foreign policy, trump’s legacy will be extremely negative since the big issues affecting his own country were so poorly handled.

                  Personally, I would be pleased to see his legacy be one of s**t since he is such an offensively moronic creature.

                  1. big issues affecting his own country were so poorly handled

                    Corporate tax cuts and certain regulatory cuts, which were long overdue, resulted in sustained historically low unemployment.

                    1. “Sustained” is doing a lot of work in that sentence. I guess if COVID keeps killing 3k per day then there will be plenty of job openings, at least!

                    2. I used that word to contrast it with other low levels of unemployment that were usually shorter lived. It would have kept going for years longer if not for the lockdowns, or until taxes and regulations were increased again.

                    3. True. The job market may never recover from the deaths of those 3,000 retired 85 year olds living off social security and medicare in the nursing home where governor Cuomo decided to warehouse Covid patients.

                    4. Too bad trump’s mismanagement made those lockdowns necessary then! Remember, we should always be playing down the deadly virus so as not to scare the market!

                    5. lol Watt – blaming Trump for Cuomo’s actions. So according to you, Trump not only controls his base, but also controls those who openly and actively oppose him.

                      How on Earth do you believe he has so much power?

                2. “No president in US history has achieved as much for international peace, without the use of force, as Literally Orange Hitler.”

                  Sure, as long as you completely ignore pissing off each and every one of our allies.

                  This is especially rich coming from a Canadian, who doesn’t even have to field a real army because the US does it for him.

                  1. The globalist caste are enemies, not allies.

                  2. Yeah, when the Australian landing craft hit Manhattan Beach then you Trumpistas will be sorry!

                  3. I wouldn’t criticize the Canadians too much for the US military umbrella. It’s not like Canada has a choice in the Monroe Doctrine.

                    Anyway, the moron president would even call the Canadians smart since they are supposedly not paying their fair share just like his taxes!

              3. the last four years have been very quiet in the foreign policy realm

                No, it’s been the last 3 years. Trump’s first year involved all kinds of bullshit with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Remember? And then it got really quiet. Because Trump stopped playing the game.

            2. “That said, the last four years have been very quiet in the foreign policy realm, so trump kind of had it easy.”

              Funny how not bombing people at the drop of a hat makes the foreign policy realm quiet.

                1. Yes, to be fair, quality should count for more than quantity. Obama murdered 2 American citizens including a 16 year old boy extrajudicially by drone strike and displaced 2 million people in Syria, and he did it with far fewer missiles.

                  1. Yes, I am aware of the killings of U.S. citizens Anwar Al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, and 16-year-old Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi. I read about it here at Reason, even though several commenters here say that Reason never criticized Obama.

                    1. This. I find the idea that Reason never criticizes Democrats to be the most idiotic idea around.

            3. Not good enough. Trump’s foreign policy was the height of awesomeness, objectively. Fact, not opinion.

              Comme traitor detected.

              1. Too bad his domestic policy screwed up so bad!

                1. I don’t have to listen to left wing twits.

    2. Still on Benghazi?
      From the wikipedia page:
      “Despite persistent accusations against President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice, ten investigations—six by Republican-controlled congressional committees—did not find that they or any other high-ranking Obama administration officials had acted improperly”

      1. Anyone wanna tell him about wikipedia?

        1. Well, do you have another source that contradicts that information, or do you just wanna play nana nanna boo boo?

            1. Developing talking points that get your view of the incident out… The entire article doesn’t mention an intent to deceive. Only later did the evidence point to something outside the video. So what? At worst, they interpreted the data wrong. BFD

              1. What difference at this point does it make?!

        2. I cannot say every article in wikipedia is 100% correct, but I can say, every article in which I have personal knowledge of, have been 100% correct…. OK, 98% correct. Be extension, I assume every article, especially those of public interest (lots of people editing or trying to edit) are backed by referenced documents.
          If you find an error, you are free to correct it, with the appropriate documentation.

          1. I can say, every article in which I have personal knowledge of, have been 100% correct

            To be fair, the realm in which you have personal knowledge consists mostly of darkweb child porn sites, shreeky.

            1. All leftists are pedophiles.

              Fact, not opinion

  6. As I keep writing, the refusal of SCOTUS to take shit on the constitution does not mean they are not partisan hacks. Only time and well reasoned (even if I disagree) opinions will determine that. The census case is their real first test.

    1. That you are already starting the scotus hate says you are nothing but a partisan hack yourself.

      1. True, but rarely I am wrong about things. I hope my assessment of the SC is one of those times.

        1. “rarely I am wrong about things.”


          1. She seems awfully smart to me.

        2. You were wrong about the lawsuit being unconstitutional, or that Paxton should have assumed it was. Off to a bad start today. What’s your daily quota.

          1. I said that it was “as close to unconstitutional as it can be” not that it was unconstitutional.

            1. “Almost unconstitutional” isn’t a thing, shreeky.

    2. Nah. They aren’t hacks. Potential target dummies, for sure, though.

  7. “Sullum’s starting to look a little too obvious Damon, so you and Eric are going to take over…”

    1. Are you from the sister fucking part of Canada? Like northern Alberta or something?

      Sister fucking America hating fascist!

      1. You’re pathetic and your shtick is getting old.

        Seriously, is there some rule somewhere that says only Americans are allowed to comment on US politics or is this just proof you’re a xenophobe as well as a racist?

        1. How am I racist? Please point to something racist! Mormons are a religion not a race. Anyone dumb enough to believe their backwards beliefs deserves to die. Especially when they’re trying to force their bullshit on everyone.

          Southerners are not a race. Not all southerners are bad. Just the far right religious nuts.

          Mormons lie to make themselves look good and their enemies look bad. Are you Mormon?

          1. You’re right. You’re not really a racist, just a bigot.

          2. And a xenophobe for some reason.

            To answer your question, I’m not Mormon. In fact I’m agnostic,so not religious at all, just tired of you shitting on threads with your bigoted screeds.

  8. The sooner he is out, and reason starts policing sleepy Joe, the better.

    1. Reason polices nothing they just fling shit around to see what sticks. It’s what binds them together with their more violent progressive counterparts.

      1. You’re a certified moron if you think libertarianism is progressive-lite.

        1. You celebrate the GND, increased taxes, more global interventionism… but they might let you smoke pot. Youre lefty lite. It isnt even a question anymore.

          1. Except I’ve never said those things, but keep on making stuff up if it makes you happy.

          2. Because nothing is more libertarian than thinking “you have to agree with me or else” right Jesse?

            1. Hey remember 20 lines up from here when you were saying that legally challenging the election results was undemocratic and unconstitutional? Because nothing is more libertarian than thinking “you have to agree with me or else” right sarcasmic?

        2. who are you to insinuate that Reason is libertarianism.

          1. It’s the most libertarian publication I can think of. Is it perfect? Being that it’s run by human beings, no.

            Got any suggestions for a site that is more libertarian than Reason?

            1. A libertarian site with higher traffic? No. But more libertarian? There are at least a few. Hell, Lew Rockwell’s site alone is easily more libertarian. How about Cafe Hayek? The Libertarian Institute? The Independent Institute? Any cursory look will tell you that all of these blogs and websites are more libertarian than Reason.

              1. I do check out Cafe Hayek daily, and I can say with certainty most of the Trumpistas on this site would call Don a leftist for being critical of Trump.

                1. Are you talking about commenters? Like the ones here?

                2. nvm, I read that as “that site” instead of “this site” for some reason

                  So, Cafe Hayek is more libertarian than Reason?

                  1. It’s one guy, while Reason is a bunch of contributors plus some syndicated person here and there. Cafe Hayek is the thoughts of an Economics professor. Talk about apples and oranges.

                  2. After thinking about it, I’d describe Don as an anarchist who understands that government is inevitable, so he wants to limit it to very basic functions. He’s libertarian by default.

          2. Because it is, and that’s the problem with it.

            Libertarianism has very simple internal logic. Government bad. President bad. Never mind who’s in office or what their policy is, if a President does something, it must be authoritarian, because Hayek and Rothbard said everything government does is authoritarian.

            What we’re seeing now is a whole slew of libertarians who can plainly see why Trump is good for this country trying to reconcile libertarian logic (such as it is) with Trump’s obvious, let me repeat, obvious qualities as a leader.

            Hopefully they come to the same conclusion that I did, that you cannot be a principled fighter for freedom in a world where half of the political world actively hates freedom, seeks to extinguish it, and believes all means are justified to accomplish it. You can’t fight fair when they other guy fights dirty.

            1. Wrong. I won’t bother to correct you because you obviously don’t care.

              1. No, I don’t really care about the opinions of morons, traitors, and sexual deviants.

                Only thing I care about are facts. Like the Democratic Party is evil and anti-American. Fact.

                But facts don’t matter to you.

                1. I see. All Hail Dear Leader or die. Gotcha.

                  1. Nothing wrong with loyalty to the right leader.

                    1. Hermann Göring approves this message.

                    2. Hermann Göring approves this message.

                      Right, because Trump is literally Hitler,

                      Damn you’re stupid.

        3. You’re a certified moron if you think it isn’t.

          Certified moron.

      2. Wow, that is exactly the post election strategy of tRump and his allies.

        1. tRump

          ROTFLMAO! tRump! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          Get it guys? Like RUMP! LOL!

  9. So why is Boehm posting his bitchy posts on the courts ahead of Root?

    This editorial staff is a mess.

  10. Two members of the Court, Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, did note that, in their view, the Court is duty-bound to let parties file a bill of complaint in a case that falls within the Court’s “original jurisdiction,” a category that, per Article III, includes “Controversies between two or more States.”

    But that’s not what Article III says. There is a federal statute that uses that language, but what Article III says is:

    In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.

    Note, that says a state, singular.

    1. The “to controversies between two or more states” line is in there, though, one paragraph before the line you quoted. But, yes, you quoted the “original jurisdiction” paragraph.

      Not sure what the relevance of your comment is, though. This case involved more than one state.

      1. Oh Wow, TWK made a post not critical of the bad orange man.

        Better check the dead are not rising from their graves to vote again.

  11. Enjoy the dead Arab and African civilians in all the new wars you’re getting, Reason.

    Enjoy the selling of us all out to China, Reason.

    Thinking the suit was pointless is one thing. Glee over a corrupt, doddering old man winning to put Wall Street back in charge isn’t free minds or free markets.

    Fuck off and die, Reason.

    1. Enjoy, Reason.


      I’m loving the replies to every one of these stories from Democrats who are like, wait shady payments from a foreign country to the son of the president? We no longer care!

      1. There were open celebrations of chanukah yesterday in the UAE. Reason would prefer we keep funding Iran under Biden.

    2. Enjoy, Reason


      It began when, as a CNN journalist, she expressed indignation that someone had leaked Biden’s comments to
      . When people mockingly said that the only information journalists should report abut Biden is what’s officially approved, she thought they were serious & agreed.

    3. Enjoy, Reason

      “[P]lease have keys made available for new office mates: Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden,” the email states.

      Hunter Biden also requests keys for Gongwen Dong, whom he describes as an “emissary” for Chairman Ye Jianming — the chairman of CEFC Chinese Energy Co.

    4. Enjoy, Reason.


      This really might be the tweet of 2020.

      A Facebook comms guy saying he won’t link to a story but will still fact check and censor.

      His previously employment includes Democrat politicians and organizations.

      And of course story turns out to be true.

      1. Facebook just took down Scott adams.

        1. So did YouTube. But its private industry cooperating with government instead of government itself, so that’s OK.

          1. It looks like YouTube took down one of his videos, and he labeled that as “shut me down”.

    5. Fuck off and die, Reason


      The Hunter Biden story was actively suppressed by ⁦
      ⁩, FB & virtually all media—the same ones now lecturing us on how the election was fair. We can argue re voting procedures, but let’s be clear: this was nothing close to a “fair” election.

      1. Perhaps you can forgive us for being a little skeptical about questionable claims from people whose ranks include those who insist Obama was born in Kenya, the Clintons have murdered hundreds if not thousands of their political opponents, Democrats eat infants to maintain their youth, Soros was a Nazi, JFK Jr. is running Trump’s campaign, Scarborough murdered an intern, Cruz’s father conspired to murder JFK, windmills cause cancer, COVID-19 is a hoax, child slave are being sold from and murdered in the nonexistent basement of a popular Georgetown pizzeria — gosh, I could go on for hours.

        1. Please do!

          1. My wife tells me I usually do. :/

        2. “Obama was born in Kenya”
          So checking to see if a would be POTUS is legally qualified for the office is a questionable claim? Got it.

          “The Clintons”
          They absolutely have murdered people. It’s a fact. The media covers it up for them because most Americans are dumb enough to believe, “If the press didn’t report it it didn’t happen.”

          “Democrats eat infants”
          Never heard that one. I suspect you made that one up.

          “Soros was a Nazi”
          Never heard that one. I suspect you made that one up.

          “JFK Jr.”
          Never heard that one.

          “Scarborough murdered an intern”
          Yup. He did.

          “Cruz’s father”
          Never heard that one.

          “Windmills cause cancer”
          Lefty false flag.

          “COVID-19 is a hoax”
          It kind of is? I mean the actual virus is no doubt real, but considering the country is going into hysterics over a virus that’s fractionally more lethal then the flu during an election year, you don’t find that at all a bit odd?

          “child slave are being sold from and murdered in the nonexistent basement of a popular Georgetown pizzeria”

          If you read the “Cheese Pizza” email, they are very obviously talking in code. Whether that code means anything having to do with pedophilia, I can’t say, though it wouldn’t surprise me, since lefties love socially corrosive sexual behaviors.

          1. I’ve not seen Soros called a Nazi, but people on these comments call him a Nazi collaborater all the time. He wasn’t.

            1. Soros fucking talks about it in interviews

              1. He was 13 at the time.

                Fuck off you anti-Semitic lowlife.

                Nardz is an un-american fascist as well as an anti-Semitic piece of trash.

              2. Nope. He does not.

                In fact, he was a nine-year-old Jewish boy living in Hungary when German forces crossed the Polish border.

                The claim that he was a Nazi is a lie and an anti-Semitic canard.

                1. He was something around 12, disguised as the son of a non-jewish local official’s family, and was sent around the neighborhood to deliver the orders to the Jewish families that they were to vacate immediately, taking only what they could carry with them at the time.
                  He later spoke of this as “the happiest time of his life”

                  1. Ah, I see you did not actually read what he said. The claim, which you take completely out of context, describes the joy he takes in his father, an escapee from a Siberian prison camp, using his experience and intelligence to avoid capture by the Germans even as he helped others escape death.

                    Don’t you think it might be worth while to actually research a claim before you falsely accuse a child Holocaust survivor of being a Nazi? Instead, you know, of simply repeating some anti-Semitic falsehood you read on the internet?

    6. Maybe they’re just tired of Trump, you know?

      1. Die, Reason.

        1. Another Trump sycophant in need of some post election Prozac.

          1. Reason is cheering the election of someone who objectively opposes everything they claim to stand for.

            Do you seriously expect more freedom under Biden/Harris? You are an idiot if you do.

            Die, Reason.

            1. I expect Biden/Harris to be terrible in a way and quantity that I know and understand. Trump is terrible in ways that I don’t understand and find revolting. I truly don’t understand what you people find so appealing in the guy.

              I assume it’s a cosmo/yokel thing: I also hate modern country music, find NASCAR boring, and while I have multiple firearms, I don’t worship them.

              1. Lower taxes, less regulation, no new wars, constitutionalist types on the bench. It’s truly mind-boggling why anyone here might like that.

                1. Ok. But explain your support of him prior to any of those things you can cherry-pick with 20/20 hindsight. An authoritarian, big-city, narcissistic, corrupt, swamp creature was what you voted for in 2016. And the unwavering support for four years on this commentariat – shouting down any and all dissent belie your reasoned summation of his presidency.

                  1. Some people just want a strongman in charge. *shrug*

                    1. those would be Dems in places like CA, NY, PA, and so forth. It’s amazing how little strongmanning Trump did, despite all the pearl clutching that was really Hitler reborn.

                    2. I think that most people see our choices as binary only. The thinking goes: “I hate the progressives therefore I must embrace conservatives.” Sprinkle in the natural tendency for people to seek confirmation bias (along with an internet happy to oblige fringe ideas) and we have the recipe for the partisan shit-show currently infecting this country.

                    3. He’s a cult of personality with followers who are beyond irrational. That’s why people liken him to a strongman.

                    4. Everyone is a strongman compared to you sweetie.

                  2. It’s not hard to explain: the other viable alternative in 2016 was Hillary. If you’re going to out corrupt, swampy, narcissists, she’s in the discussion. The woman sold the influence of her office as SoS.

                    This time, it was Biden, whose own swampy corruption is coming to light, now that it’s safe to treat the story as, well, a story.

                    1. So you voted for the lesser of two-evils…and then immediately embraced…evil? I get voting for Trump over Hillary in 2016. I even get voting for Trump over Biden in 2020. What I don’t get is the passionate and unwavering support day in and day out for such a flawed individual over the past four years.
                      It’s like screwing an ugly girl: You do it but you don’t brag about it as some sort of crowning achievement.

                  3. But explain your support of him prior to any of those things you can cherry-pick with 20/20 hindsight.

                    Support is a strong word, but I didn’t really, let’s say, appreciate him until he started doing some of the things on that list. I mean, he’s unusual in that he got SOME things right instead of the typical nothing.

              2. You identified it. I went over this yesterday with them. The GOP doesn’t even bother to have a party platform. They only espouse to support trump and oppose liberalism. That’s it. Hated of the libs, and all the other culture war acouttrements.

                But I also find modern country terrible, nascar boring, and own guns that do not get their own shrine, so maybe we just aren’t real enough americans to get it.

                1. You knew Bidens platform dummy. You knew it was worse than the 4 years if activities under Trump. Stop making up stupid excuses for why you support democrats.

                  1. “No Donny, these men are nihilists. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

                    No platform, no principles, nothing but empty hate.

                    1. “no Donny these men are cowards.”

              3. Amen – Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Johnny Cash have been helping get through the pandemic – fuck the modern shit (although Chris Stapleton isn’t too bad)

              4. Lowered taxes and regulations are terrible. Normalized relations in the ME without military involvement are scary.

                You are literally arguing for the fucking status quo. Y

                1. Jesse you embraced Trump from day one and have been on this site every day defending him and shouting down any and all dissent. He could have started a war, screwed your mom, and raped your dog and you’d still be looking for reasons to support him. Your adoration is noted. No further comment necessary.

              5. I expect Biden/Harris to be terrible in a way and quantity that I know and understand.

                Awful within the normal parameters. Which is why we’re never going to get a Libertarian president, they’re not normal. Normal is a professional politician who knows how Washington works, whose ass you gotta kiss, which palms you gotta grease and backs you gotta scratch, which logs need rolling – you know, all the usual corruption and self-dealing that we love so well nobody dare attempt to change it or ignore it.

                Get outta here with that “outsider” bullshit – all the professional politicians attempt to run on that platform of being “a different kind of politician”, one who “cares about the little people”, but a real outsider like Trump doesn’t stand a chance. It’s almost if there’s this shadowy “Deep State” made up of all the schmoozers and hangers-on, the contractors, the consultants, the influence peddlers who make shitloads of money off the government and like things just the way they are, thank you very much.

                Attempting to change how Washington works is a very bad idea and you should just get that shit right out of your head, let the professionals, the experts, the Top Men run things and you just run along and don’t bother your pretty little head about things you don’t understand and know nothing about. Every 4 years we’ll give you a choice of voting for Tweedledee or Tweedledum, a turd sandwich or a giant douche, and that way you can pretend you were given a voice in democracy, a choice in who your ruler was going to be, despite the fact that no matter who you vote for you’re getting fucked up the ass.

                1. I voted for Jorgensen this year and Johnson in 2016 so your lecture may be misdirected.
                  Just because Trump is an outsider doesn’t make him the best choice. Tweedledee, Tweedledum, and Manchild-Shitstain-of-a-human-being isn’t what we need as a line up.

                2. And few people supported letting the “Top Men” run things than Libertarians. The party and their lame-ass publications.

                  The only plus is that libertarianism will hopefully be purged out of actual discussions for being the braindead ideology it is.

                  1. Thank you! Finally someone said it

            2. They cheered the election? I must have missed something. Ohhhhh… You mean they accepted the election and didn’t get on the boogaloo conspiracy bandwagon like you? Well then I guess if your mind is so simple as to interpret “Nope, not buying the conspiracy.” as “Woo hoo! Go Biden!” then yeah. I see how you would feel that way.

              1. Yes. You cheered trumps loss. Go to the threads you pathetic fuck. The loss meant biden won.

                Are you honestly this fucking stupid? Not once in those threads did you even remotely give a valid criticism of Biden. That is also called tacit support.

                1. I never saw you remotely criticize gang rape. That means tacitly support gang rape. Why do you support gang rape?

                2. I never cheered the Trump loss. I jeered at you and the rest of the crybabies. There’s a difference.

      2. Yea, an outsider to the corrupt political establishment who prioritizes the country and people over global caste is just so offensive to proper people’s delicate fucking sensibilities.

    7. Because Reason has been enjoying all the dead Americans over the past year so far! trump’s legacy is going to be s**t.

      1. Damn you’re dumb.

    8. “Enjoy the dead Arab and African civilians in all the new wars you’re getting, Reason.”
      Hows negotiating with Iran going? Syria? I understand we are giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban – hope they are ready to shift gears to Shari Law. As for Iraq, seem we are just going to give that to Iran.

      Oh and then there NKorean. How’s negotiation go there?
      The tRump foreign policy shit show.

      1. Yup, dumb idea to attempt to make peace with a nuclear power.

        Enjoy the man who has been wrong on every issue for the nearly 50 years he’s been in public office.

        1. “Yup, dumb idea to attempt to make peace with a nuclear power.”

          Wow, what tough warmonger talk! Peace bad, war good, right? Avoid peace at all costs, because peace is bad! Had any nuclear wars lately, warmonger? HOW do you know that nuclear wars are so wonderful?

          1. As a rule I ignore morons…but what the actual fuck are you babbling about here?

            1. “Yup, dumb idea to attempt to make peace with a nuclear power.”

              I am babbling about evil empty-headed war mongers, is what I am doing! Peace bad, war good? If that is sarcasm, it should be labeled as such! You really ARE an evil, war-and-power-lusting, death-and-destruction worshipper, aren’t you? War-worship and death-worship are too serious, to make jokes about!

    9. Dude. If MAGA hats made in China weren’t so readily available, it would be easier to take people seriously that are so suddenly worried about China.

      1. lol – because buying a single product manufactured in a given country automatically signals support for everything that country’s government does.

        1. it does when that “single product” is HATS FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN WHICH IS SUPPOSEDLY ABOUT FIGHTING CHINA

          1. lol – no, it doesn’t. Do you think others who get hats made in China also agree with everything China does? what about other products likeelectronics? Is Apple communist? All their employess, only management, or maybe just the purchasing agents?

            This is just dumb. Your point is stupid. It has been pointed out to you. Learn from that and move on, as by continuing to defend it, you’re looking dumber and dumber.

    10. Enjoy a rigged electoral process that electronically switches votes and is not amenable by SCOTUS, reason. How you think you’ll shove a Libertarian candidate through this mess, I can’t begin to imagine.

  12. So I hear that Trump is VERY soon going to deliver that long-awaited concession speech! Advance copy below!

    My most-senior inside contact at the White House has surreptitiously slipped me an advance copy of the lame-duck POTUS’s concession speech. Without further ado, here it is:

    Friends, non-foreigner-type True Americans, and all who Make America Great Again, lend me your ears! I come to bury Biden, not to praise him. Biden and his minions stole the elections, and we must dishonor that! To Make America Great Again, we must invent the most fantastic, fabulous, YUUUGEST BIGNESS EVAH SEEN, in the ways of truly factually fictitious, but Spiritually and Metaphorically True, NEW Republican ballots! Because I have directed My Generals and My Scientists to research the current and past performance, efficacy, and patriotism of one-party states, versus multi-party states. As I have directed them to, My impartial, unbiased, data-driven council of My Generals and My Scientists have determined that yea verily, one-party states work better! Therefore, we must all strive for the Glorious Day, when America becomes a one-party state, under the One True Party, the Republican Party! (Pause for applause, to be continued).

    But for now, the courts have sided with Biden and his camel-toe, and Antifa, BLM, and all the Marxist terrorists. We must let the courts have it their way, with mayo on the side. I mean, with Mao Tse Tung on the side, but without the Proud Boys standing back and standing by. Thank you, Proud Boys, for having stood by me. Also, thank you, Steve Bannon, Vladimir Putin, Kim Ill Dung, and Pepe the Stolen-Intellectual-Property Frog. Pepe, watch out for Miss Piggy, she and her “pre-nuptial contracts” will clean your clock, just like Melania is set to clean mine soon! But I digest.

    So we can’t disrepute what the nasty courts have said, or there might be civil war. Sad! The courts aren’t very American these days! And if you don’t like what I just said? Well, I’m sorry that you feel that way!

    So congratulations to Biden for having stolen the elections! This is America, so we must properly honor the decisions of the courts, in a dishonorable way! Biden can come and live with us in the White House, per the wishes of the courts. He can pour our covfefe for us, for Steve Bannon, Pepe the Frog, and I, and Jill can make sandwiches for us. We promise to call him POTUS, and her, First Lady! POTUS of covfefe, and First Lady of sandwiches, that is! Hey Biden! Get yer butt over here! Pepe needs some covfefe!

    That setup will get us by for a little while! Meanwhile, we can schedule the NEW run-off elections, this time without any fraudulent so-called “Democratic” votes being allowed, and we can do this RIGHT the next time!

    Meanwhile, congratulations to Joe Stalin-Biden, on being elected POTUS of pouring covfefe for Pepe!

    1. That was a lot of effort to put into something that’s not even slightly interesting or amusing.

      1. That’s how I feel about Trumpster-to-the-dumpster. He put a LOT of money and effort (mostly other people’s money, as usual for Him) into getting elected, and then into NOT getting re-elected. And NONE of His Bullshit was even vaguely interesting or amusing! Stupid and evil usually is NOT interesting or amusing! So I am not surprised, except maybe a wee tad, at the utter, bottomless depths of His depravity!

        1. You’re no SugarFree. Well, nobody is. And that’s a good thing.

    2. That’s a whole lot of words, that nobody will read, when “I just ate some poo for breakfast” would have sufficed.

      1. Trump wrote Trump’s speech, not me! “I just ate some poo for breakfast” (metaphorical poo at least) for Der TrumpfenFuhrer would be VERY honest for Him! So yes, you ARE correct, for once! Der TrumpfenFuhrer metaphorical poo = “I am The Chosen One” is just ONE of MANY examples of His metaphorical poo!!!

        I’m pleased to see that you see things my way, for once! Are you actually growing up, and getting smarter, Weedhopper?

    3. I stopped at “Metaphorically” – there is no way that word comes out of tRump’s mouth.

      1. I didn’t think anyone could top the idiocy of SQRLSY One’s screed, but then you come along with a 2nd grader taunt of tRump.

        Congrats. You’re an idiot.

  13. https://twitter.com/rachelbovard/status/1337405995425947654

    Big Tech companies actively gate-keep the flow of information on which free societies depend, and they do it at an unprecedented scale. This much corporate control over “truth” ultimately distorts independent thought and directly undermines the democratic social order.
    Quote Tweet
    John Roberts
    · Dec 10
    Posing this question: If @Twitter and @Facebook censor a news story that ultimately turns out to be true, what does that say about the role of big tech in our democracy?

    1. “If @Twitter and @Facebook censor a news story that ultimately turns out to be true, what does that say about the role of big tech in our democracy?”

      It means that people who give a d**m ought not to get their news only from Facebook. The thing is, they pretty much already do.

    2. Shorter John Roberts/Fox: “If Twitter and FB work to censor a story and the rest of us do likewise, what does that say about this new tech/media nexus for our democracy (republic)?”

      JFC; it’s not like he and others were blocked by big tech from treating it like a story. That’s a pathetic deflection on Roberts’ part.

  14. The election results are certainly questionable (see Wisconsin turnout, Pennsylvania pro-Biden mail-in ballot percentages out of whack with the rest of the nation), but absent proof of massive fraud, the results will stand.

    The Texas lawsuit was laughable — results in other states don’t affect how the Texas Electors will vote. Maybe that was the point, to create a poison pill for the National Public Vote Initiative — to set a precedent that a state can’t be worried about how other states vote….

    1. Questionable is in the eye of the beholder. Think of all the rural Americas who voted for Trump even though he seems to hold them in contempt. He complained when he had to visit their states. His action lead to tariffs on their produce. He would harass undocumented farm workers they need to operate. Why did they vote for him? Isn’t that as questionable as anything in this election?

      1. Why do blacks overwhelmingly support Democrats who perpetuate the government programs and shitty schools that keep them down?

        1. Because Democrats welcome blacks and listen to them and their concerns. Tell me how many black Republicans in Congress, or in the current Administration. Trumped nominated a bunch of judges and justices how many were black? When black athletes wanted to peacefully protest during the National Anthem, Trump called their mother the “b” word. What did the Trump supporter say, it was those big cities (filled with blacks) that cheated and stole his election. Who stole Georgia, why that black women, Stacy Abrams.

          Why do blacks vote for Democrats, because Republicans hold blacks in contempt.

          1. I can see that point of view, but the “help” the Democrats give to black people is a road to hell paved with good intentions.

            1. And yet you were happy biden won. Fuck off. You don’t get to play this shit. You had no verbal disagreement with Biden or his policies the last 5 months. Youre a dishonest piece of shit.

              1. I never saw you remotely criticize gang rape. That means tacitly support gang rape. Why do you support gang rape?

              2. “Youre a dishonest piece of shit.”

                So not criticizing Biden every day makes him dishonest, but clinging to theories that have been disproven in 50 courts is totally honest on your part.


                1. Considering that he only posts to negatively reply to something a Trump patriot said, it’s pretty safe to assume he’s a dishonest lefty traitor.

                  Just how the world works.

          2. Democrats run to call every black conservatives an aunt Jemima and uncle Tom. They also work to kill tens of thousands of black babies every year.

            1. I’m sure you’d be very happy with the results of many more unwanted “urban” children born to poor “urban” single mothers every year. You’d be right in front, donating your time and money to the charities that would need to support these would be kids, right?

              I’m also sure you object to abortion on very deeply held beliefs about when life begins, and totally not because some monster put Rush Limbaugh on repeat in your crib years.

              That’s Jesse for you, just the biggest humanitarian around.

              1. Don’t pawn your cruelty off on others. Just go swallow a bullet.

                1. Here is the compassion of the “pro-life” on full display.

                  I can always count on the dummies to emphasize my point for me.

                  1. Well, sometime the weak member of a herd needs to be culled.

                    1. Come and do it yourself then, coward.

                      Oh, you’re full of shit too? I’m shocked.

              2. I’m sure you’d be very happy with the results of many more unwanted “urban” children born to poor “urban” single mothers every year.

                Well, it’s not exactly an accident that Planned Parenthood clinics are typically found in ghetto neighborhoods.

                In Denver, there’s actually one right across the street from George Washington High School, lol.

          3. Yup. Not using blatant slurs or wearing hoods are the only concessions they’ve made, and they’re not happy with how unappreciative ‘blacks’ have been about it.

            Don’t you dare suggest Nathan Bedford Ford might not be the most deserving historical figure to have a monument to! Being a racial terrorist is part of their heritage!

            1. Umm….historically Democrats were the party of slavery and racism, even going so far as to try to kill the 1964 Civil Rights Admendment. The southern voters you now seem to dislike used to be consistently Democrat supporters. They were rscists, but affectionately called Dixiecrats when voting for Democrats.

              1. I am proud that my political party has repudiated its sordid racial history, root and branch. Are you proud of how eagerly your party stepped into the breach?

                1. I’m not Republican, but I’ve yet to meet one that is racist. Maybe the imaginary ones you know are, but I know a lot of real ones and not a single racist among the bunch.

                  Also, I don’t recall the Democrats really giving up racism so much as enshrining it by destroying inner city schools and inner city neighborhoods with policies that hurt the very people they claim to represent.

          4. “Because Democrats welcome blacks and listen to them and their concerns.”

            When Ice Cube brought up ideas to improve the black community, the Dems didn’t give two shits. But Trump did.

            But you’re making an argument that it is foolish for Republicans to do anything to ever benefit black Americans.

            1. And then they shit all over him for working with Trump.

              1. It was other blacks who gave him the most shit. Face it, blacks are currently part of the Democrat apparatus. And people don’t vote with their heads, but rather with thier hearts. Just look at religious conservatives and the working class love for Trump. A man who holds them in nothing but contempt.

                1. ….as opposed to Democrats who deeply hate all religious folks and expressly state so.

          5. Because Democrats welcome blacks and listen to them and their concerns.

            During election years, anyway.

        2. Maybe it is because Republicans are welcoming to racist groups (I’m willing to bet that 100% of the KKK members voted for tRump – at least the ones smart enough to figure out how to vote).
          Maybe it is because Republicans actively try to disenfranchise them – seems when they purge voter rolls its much more active in ‘black neighborhoods’
          Maybe it is because Republicans have historically favored punishing criminals with harsh sentences rather than social programs that tend to mitigate that. Head start pre-school. Free or reduced breakfast and lunches, teacher pay (to attract teachers), but the moment someone suggest that Bill Gates or Sorros or Warner is not paying their fair share of taxes….
          Lockheed Martin is doing just fine.

          1. teacher pay (to attract teachers)

            The districts with the biggest education shortfalls are overwhelmingly democrat. It’s not even close. So obviously the republicans are responsible for teacher pay in these areas.

            And there is zero evidence that Head Start has any impact on graduation rates.

    2. Except there is proof of massive fraud. It’s just being ignored, because reasons.

      You’re usually a smart commentator but this is one of the dumbest posts I’ve seen you write.

  15. Never dear, Letitia James has already promised trump a day in court!

  16. EDIT: er, Never Fear!

  17. https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1261393441352634369

    May 15
    NBC Fact check: Coronavirus vaccine could come this year, Trump says. Experts say he needs a ‘miracle’ to be right.

    1. Why would we need a vaccine? Cases are at only 15 and falling to zero!

  18. Your new best bud, Reason


    New Jersey Democrat Demands Pelosi Strip 126 Republican Congressmen of Their Seats Because They Opposed Election Fraud

    1. Will never happen, but those dipshits are going to be called out on their unamerican bullshit for years to come. Reverse and completely invalidate millions of votes in four States??? That is upper level stupidity – it’ll be a few days but I won’t be surprised when some of these assholes come out with “I didn’t mean it!”

      1. They’re trying to franchise actual voters and erase illegal votes. Which is the job of election officials.

        Again, we know voting is a fraud. So, why not just use guns?

      2. those dipshits are going to be called out on their unamerican bullshit for years to come

        lol- what a delusional imagination you have.

        I mean seriously – if you wish to be a good critical thinker, write down all your predictions and place them somewhere prominent so you see them constantly and can verify later if they come true. And if they don’t, spend some time thinking about why you were wrong and what you can do to prevent being wrong in the future. This is a tough and painful process, but will lead to a level of self awareness you may be lacking.

  19. Well, now that Sean Hannity has certified Biden’s victory by saying “the election now safely in the rearview mirror” and the SCOTUS double checking the bottom of their shoes before entering the high court for any more Trump doo-doo, we need to check-in with LC, The SCOTUS Whisperer, on the Supreme Court’s next big decision.

    1. If Hannity has accepted the results then hopefully the talk radio maroons will follow suit.

        1. Because he has influence?

  20. The special counsels Trump and some congressional Republicans are pushing for to investigate a) fraud during the election and b) Hunter Biden aren’t about to change the outcome of the election, but they would be a thorn in the side of the Biden administration during his first two years in office–especially the one going after Hunter Biden.

    We’ve seen three public examples of Hunter Biden’s apparent influence peddling, from the contents of his laptop to his father publicly bragging about shutting down an investigation into the Ukrainian company whose board he was on, and his activities at MBNA.


    Now that we know that the U.S. attorney’s office in both Delaware and the southern district of New York are investigating him because different banks flagged his transactions for suspicious activity on separate occasions (presumably for fear of being accused of money laundering, facilitating, etc.), appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden should be a no-brainer from a political perspective.

    From a legal perspective, there’s always a danger of launching something like this half-baked and the prosecution suffering for lack of a legitimate foundation. On the other hand, look what they were able to do to Flynn with something that had no credible basis whatsoever. They made him plead guilty to something that probably wasn’t even a crime. And Hunter Biden has had so many shady dealings with so many shady characters, the chances of not finding something are pretty low. The chances that something won’t shake out are really low.

    And the objective isn’t really to put Hunter Biden and his dad behind bars anyway. It’s to throw a monkey wrench into Joe Biden’s legitimacy and his ability to sell his agenda and implement it. Biden has openly advocated some of the most shocking and radical proposals we’ve ever seen in American history. People were right to contest the validity of his election by every means for that reason. That’s also the reason we should keep throwing shit at Biden and his presidency from every direction.

    Biden is openly advocating Medicare for All, a war on guns like we’ve never seen before, and the Green New Deal on his website(s). Contesting Biden’s election was just the beginning. Anything we can do to undermine his ability to implement his agenda is probably a good thing and justified on that basis. If he doesn’t like it, maybe he should announce that he has no intention of trying to implement a “public option”, his Green New Deal, or instituting his national gun confiscation plan. He won’t do that because he fully intends to pursue those policies to the best of his ability pending the outcome of the senate elections in Georgia.

    Fuck Joe Biden.

    1. Fuck Biden perhaps but fuck the tech/media nexus that went out of its way to ignore this when it had some relevance. Now, it serves as a backdrop for efforts to shove Joe aside. Whether Edith Wilson 2.0 can muster a defense remains to be seen. What’s worse is how many who will howl “Joe’s gotta go” called the story everything from Russian propaganda to outright fiction a couple of months ago.

    2. MyPillow is best for absorbing tears…

      1. Tears have nothing to do with it. You need to work on your reading comprehension.

        The Green New Deal, Biden’s war on guns, and the profound stupidity of Medicare for All has everything to do with it.

        1. Please see my prior comment!

          1. Bullet.

            Go swallow one.


            1. Tough words from a tough internet guy! Please let me know if you also intend some sort of 2nd Amendment solution to the current election controversy like Nardz does. He refuses to respond when I ask him if he really means it…

              1. So Watt is telling us he’s cool with outright corruption as long as the right team is doing it.

                1. 1 Watt is all he can muster.

                2. I have yet to see actual evidence of said corruption, and so have the courts that have seen the “affidavits”. Anyway, please let me know if you are also planning a 2nd amendment solution, or if all you will be doing is whining!

              2. Watt, I intend to laugh when you swallow a bullet.

    3. Last time I checked on those Republican investigations most turned up as zeros. Can you name anyone that got more than a slap on the wrist? Anyone in prison? I think that Hunter Biden can rest easy. There will be a lot of noise, this is bigger than Watregate, worst scandal ever, and then Republican will quietly issue the report, nothing found.

      1. “Last time I checked on those Republican investigations most turned up as zeros. Can you name anyone that got more than a slap on the wrist?”

        I thought I addressed that.

        The reason to launch a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden isn’t to put either Biden in prison. It’s to undermine the Biden administration’s legitimacy and its ability to enact his horrible agenda.

        1. And I responded. I suggest that Hunter Biden not worry. Do the Republicans have more than accusation? Maybe they can get Melissa Carone to testify again. I am guessing an investigation of Biden is more harmful to Republicans.

          1. Well, they have more than the idiotic Mueller investigation has with the plus of not having FBI agents violate the law.

          2. “Do the Republicans have more than accusation?”

            I listed five examples.

            Two in regards to the Ukraine.

            One in regards to MBNA.

            One transaction that made a bank report him to the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware.

            One transaction that made another bank report Hunter to the U.S. attorney’s office in the southern district of New York.

            That may not be enough to get a conviction, but it’s certainly enough to warrant an investigation.

            Why was it necessary to repeat all of that?

            1. I think the operative words here are “not enough to get a conviction”. So not enough for any prosecutor to really care. Just enough to harass Hunter.

              1. “I think the operative words here are “not enough to get a conviction”. So not enough for any prosecutor to really care.”

                You’re saying that if there isn’t enough of a reason to secure a conviction, then there isn’t enough of a reason to justify an investigation?

                That doesn’t even make sense.

                In the United States, a special counsel (formerly called special prosecutor or independent counsel) is a lawyer appointed to investigate, and potentially prosecute, a particular case of suspected wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest exists for the usual prosecuting authority.


                P.S. The idea that Hunter Biden’s apparent influence peddling shouldn’t be investigated because it might annoy him is also ridiculous.

                1. No you suggested there is not enough to convict. This is usual for most of the Republican investigations in the last few years. They throw out accusations, produce little or no evidence and then write a report that says nothing happened.
                  My point is given the track record Hunter Biden has little to fear. I think he knows that too as he as been all to willing to cooperate. He has not whine or gone to the courts to hide his tax records.

                  1. I supported naming a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden with five pieces of evidence–and listed them twice. Do you really still not understand that? Do you need me to list them again?

                    And you still don’t seem to understand that the standard for launching an investigation is lower than the standard for a conviction. That’s really basic. If you don’t understand that, it’s because you don’t want to understand it. The standard for arresting someone is lower than the standard required for a conviction, too.

                    Are you a new immigrant to the United States or something? Do you not understand the difference between reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and beyond a reasonable doubt? Has your hatred of President Trump made you forget everything you used to know about anything else? There’s a term for people with that condition.

                    1. Again you are bringing up things, not me. Where in this tread I have I mentioned President Trump.

                    2. I asked a question.

                      Why would someone pretend or imagine that the standard to justify an investigation is the same as the standard to justify an investigation?

                      TDS is one explanation. Was that not it?

                      Do you have another explanation? Why should we pretend that five pieces of evidence, all highly suggestive that Hunter Biden was peddling influence for his father, isn’t enough to justify an investigation?

                      “Reasonable suspicion is evaluated using the “reasonable person” or “reasonable officer” standard,[4] in which said person in the same circumstances could reasonably suspect a person has been, is, or is about to be engaged in criminal activity; it depends upon the totality of circumstances, and can result from a combination of particular facts, even if each is individually innocuous.


                      What sort of reasonable person looks at the five pieces of evidence in the Hunter Biden case and comes away with the reasonable belief that there is not enough evidence for an investigation?

                    3. “Why would someone pretend or imagine that the standard to justify an investigation is the same as the standard to justify a investigation [conviction]?”

                      —-Ken Shultz


    4. And the objective isn’t really to put Hunter Biden and his dad behind bars anyway. It’s to throw a monkey wrench into Joe Biden’s legitimacy and his ability to sell his agenda and implement it.

      So you want to use the FBI as a tool to thwart the president’s agenda. Hmm. Where have I seen that movie before.

    5. The ends justify the means.

      1. Can’t tell if sarcasm.

        I invoke Poe’s Law.

        1. Not sarcasm. Fact. Biden is a disaster.

          All means are permitted in staving off disaster, no?

  21. They dodged the constitutional question over the electors clause. This site used to care when elections were changed outside of the legislature. What the fuck happened?

    1. Orange McBadman happened.

    2. I think the site has been pretty clear (at least, Volokh’s portion has) about how courts tend to not want to throw out votes even if the voting rules were technically not valid. Even if the legal changes were illegal (not that I think they were), courts are not going to throw away non-fraudulent votes that were cast based on reliance on those legal changes.

      1. I mean, if a citizen voted and later had to cure their ballot due to a procedural error, there is no reason to just throw their right to vote out the window.

        1. They cured ballots unequally focusing only on democratic voters. That is at the heart of the lawsuits. In Pa they did it prior to the election in violation of state law.

          1. Likewise a lot of the curing seems wrong as no addresses and incorrect birthdays were still accepted even on cured ballots.

            1. First of all, curing was on a county by county basis. Some counties updated the on-line system. Some counties notified voters directly, Some counties notified parties and candidates. The counties that didn’t notify were mostly Red counties – and since most mail-in votes were Democrat, it was probably an attempt to disenfranchise Democrats.
              To “cure” a ballot, you had to vote with a provisional ballot. So a “cured” ballot went through all the rigor of an in-person vote.
              I can’t find hard numbers, but it looks like the total rejected mail in ballots – nation wide – was about 21,000.
              Its not clear how many of those were cured.
              Still, not enough to overturn Biden’s win in PA.

          2. Who is the “they”? In PA the decision whether to allow curing was at the county level. That means that if a more Republican county decided not to allowing curing, it’s on them (not on the Dems).

            1. Well put.

              1. Again, prepare for sham elections from here on out. Republicans made the mistake of playing by the rules.

                Will not happen again.

                Would be a shame if all of the Dem votes in certain precincts went missing. Truly a shame.

                1. Gee why don’t we just forget about elections and hand them the keys to the country what with their unparalleled respect for the rule of law.

                  The only cheating that went on was Republicans disenfranchising people as usual. Your conspiracy theories are lies. So even if two wrongs did makes right, there isn’t even a first wrong.

                  “I get to rape you because I was raped.” Narrator: he wasn’t raped.

                  1. “Gee why don’t we just forget about elections and hand them the keys to the country what with their unparalleled respect for the rule of law.”

                    We JUST did that, son.

      2. The Supreme Court was specifically asked to not change votes. If they don’t follow through with some of the other challenges even after jan 6th to overturn judicial changes, this country is done for. The ussc will have basically said constitutional issues on voting have no standing prior to an election and moot after meaning there is no constitutional enforcement for fair and just elections.

        1. “The ussc will have basically said constitutional issues on voting have no standing prior to an election”

          This doesn’t seem right. Part of the reason state-level suits were tossed on laches was because the parties could have asked for judicial scrutiny before the election but didn’t.

          1. Except they did, you useless fuckwit.

            1. I am certain you have citations to actual cases filed?

              1. Yes. They’re on the bullet you’ll be swallowing any day now.

                1. Any day now? Is that like when trump kept saying he would release his healthcare plan in “two weeks” over the course of his entire 4 year administration?

        2. Jesse, there is a clear constitutional method for dealing with potential voting irregularities after the fact: the state legislature decides to choose that state’s electors instead. There is no need to get any federal court involved. In fact it would be unhealthy for democracy if every election resulted in court cases and unelected judges throwing out ballots here and there.

          SCOTUS is right not to intervene in a matter like this, when there is a clear constitutional remedy available to every state to address whatever failures, real or imagined, appeared in the voting system.

          1. Yea, courts are totes not the place for law

          2. lol – so you’re saying that even is the PA SC violated election law, it’s OK because they can still be considered fair arbiters of their own behavior making using federal court intervention unnecessary.

            If this same logic wax used 70 years ago, Jim Crow laws and segregation would still exist today.

    3. Now do Texas and Georgia.
      Are you like three days behind everyone else or something?

    4. Ya, I want Trump out, too, but this was a terrible decision. Every state has a vested interest in who is president and SCOTUS is supposed to arbitrate disputes between them. Thomas and Alito are correct, SCOTUS is abdicating their actual responsibility and the proper answer is to hear the case but don’t injunct anything because the merits aren’t likely to overturn the election (and an injunction would cause the same damage to the Dems that failing to injunct would against the GOP).

      So ya, don’t throw out the results, but a ruling on merits might actually help the situation… Ruling on standing is a cop out that won’t do anything but fan the flames.

      1. Standing is a necessary component of the case or controversy requirement of Article III. It goes to whether a federal court has subject matter jurisdiction.

  22. The “standing” bullshit isn’t in the constitution.

    1. If there is no standing requirement to get a case before the Supreme Court, they would be inundated with cases, no?

      1. It’s not in the constitution.

        You can make other statements about your preferences all you want. They don’t change what is and isn’t in the constitution.

        1. Soooooo you think the founders wanted to allow states to sue other states for any reason at all and the SC would have to accept all the suits?

          1. The words in the constitution don’t change based on what you or I think about whatever.

        2. This is true, but you’d have to argue that not only should the court be required to embroil itself in a national election (which is hardly in the spirit of the constitution) only to inevitably rule against Trump anyway on the merits of the case. You can’t seriously expect them to throw away the standing principle at the moment it would be eminently handy to invoke.

        3. The judicial power of the United States extends only to cases or controversies. Right there in Article III. A lawsuit is not a case or controversy unless it is prosecuted by someone with a stake in the outcome.

    2. There are a lot of things that are common practice that aren’t in the constitution. Swearing witnesses to testify under oath is not in the constitution. I suppose you think we should stop doing that too?

      Standing is a concept that keeps the courts from wasting time hearing claims from parties that aren’t affected by the matter at hand. Without that throttle, the court system would be overwhelmed by bullshit cases.

      1. The point is that Root’s headline is false. Nothing else.

        1. Yeah, like I said in my first post up there, the information-to-trash talk ratio on this article is very very low.

    3. Standing is necessary to the existence of a case or controversy as those terms are used in Article III. That goes to a federal court´s subject matter jurisdiction.

    4. Yes it is. The judicial power of the United States extends only to cases and controversies per Article III.

  23. The Supreme Court declared the US constitution moot. They’re ruling is that the people and states have no standing to seek redress of grievances if the court finds their case inconvenient, nor inalienable rights, and are rather serfs than citizens.
    They have invalidated themselves, and left it up to The People to exercise our 9th amendment rights outside the judicial branch.

    The contract is broken.
    The US ceases having a legitimate government once Biden is sworn in.

    Unconstitutional lockdowns, organized political terrorism, unconstitutional and fraudulent elections.

    2020 is the reason our founders articulated and included the 2nd amendment.

    1. That is of course not what happened.

    2. Oh, and I just wanted to add that your invocation of the 2nd Amendment is kind of funny. You internet tools aren’t going to do anything related to the 2nd and you know it.

        1. Oh please, if I was wrong in my assessment, by all means detail what you mean to do! As a liberal, I would actually LOVE to see a bunch of overweight militia members tangle with my local SWAT team!

          1. Careful, if you tell them they are going to get killed playing soldier, RMac will come along to gasp at how mean and violent you’re being.

          2. LOL – that would be the local SWAT team you’re calling a bunch of racist NAZI’s and wanting to be defunded? Yeah, I’m not so sure they’re on your side.

            1. You are accusing the police of failing to do their jobs? What are you, antifa?

        2. Hi, what do you mean to do about it? Or are you just going to shut up about the 2nd Amendment?

      1. Your obituary will be the most fun one to read.

        1. Those are tough words. I am curious whether you will be backing up your convictions with action? I asked Nardz, but he so far has been too afraid to answer…

        2. damikesc.
          Stop posting.

          Just go do it.
          You’re wasting time.

          If you actually believe the shit you say, and if all your various forms of threats are real, why are you wasting time on Reason?

          Trump needs you. AMERICA needs you. Go do it.

          1. jomo, please remember…you go down the river, not across the road.

            Just to make it more efficient for you.

      2. Does shooting their own dicks off count as a second amendment solution?

    3. If State legislatures believed that their power was usurped by executives or courts, they could sue.

      1. They could also pass additional laws clarifying what election officials are and are not allowed to do, thus disallowing actions they object to.

        1. They DID that. The laws aren’t exactly unclear on mail-in voting in many states.

          It was ignored ANYWAY.

          1. This is an honest question. I just looked over the complaint that Texas filed against PA, WI, MI, and GA, trying to figure out exactly which laws they say weren’t followed in those states, but I couldn’t find many specific references. It mentions PA extension of mail in ballot deadline, but as far as I know those late ballots were segregated and too small in number to change the outcome. It also references a SCOTUS decision striking down an extension of WI’s deadline. But that’s all I saw. I readily admit that I didn’t read Texas’ complaint in full, though.

            Can you point to the actual state laws PA, MI, WI, and GA are accused of violating?

      2. If State legislatures believed that their power was usurped by executives or courts, they could sue.

        According to Watt and others, only the state supreme court can adjudicate and it’s unlikely they will decide against themselves. They may even deny a hearing as it’s all moot now.

    4. It’s pure hilarity that people are so poorly handling losing this election. Citizens are getting kicked out of their houses, hospitals can’t handle the sheer numbers of people dying, and Trump is either golfing or refreshing OAN to find threads of conspiracy theories to tweet literally all day long.

      It’s not like we’re losing FDR man. I think we’ll survive with Donald Trump tweeting nonsense from Florida instead of Washington.

    5. What a fucking pussy this guy. Cry more

    6. Nardz.
      Stop posting.

      Just go do it.
      You’re wasting time.

      If you actually believe the shit you say, and if all your various forms of threats are real, why are you wasting time on Reason?

      Trump needs you. AMERICA needs you. Go do it.

      1. Eat a bullet, jomo.

  24. https://twitter.com/DrewHLive/status/1337622909834104833?s=19

    DC: Multiple brawls break out between patriots and Antifa/BLM on the streets of DC tonight

    Many BLM and Antifa have retreated behind police protection as a result


    1. Well I hope the Patriots are OK. They need to be ready to play the Dolphins next week.

      1. I could picture Edelman kicking some Antifa ass.

  25. The system had its chance.
    It is corrupt beyond internal repair.
    The federal government has lost legitimacy.
    It is up to us to decide whether we submit to tyranny or follow the founding fathers’ example.

    1. You can’t even point to a case of material provable fraud.

      The Texas case was crap because Texas can’t tell Pennsylvania how to pick their electors. That IS in the constitution. Just like Pennsylvania can’t tell Texas, who also made changes not approved by the legislature. Hell, the Texas legislature didn’t even meet this year.

      1. This is what proves the lie that all these jackoffs like Nardz “only really care about election security”. Because every single state made some changes with regards to their election procedures due to COVID. I have yet to see any one of these “election security” concern trolls express any concern at all about how, say, Vermont or Idaho modified their election procedures. Because those states aren’t in doubt in terms of their electoral outcomes. It is the same type of concern trolling that Team Red does about “out of control spending” when a Democrat is in charge. They don’t care about spending per se. They only care about it as a means to bash Democrats. Same deal here. They don’t care about election security per se. They only care about it as a means to get Democrats to lose.

      2. You don’t view the constitution as a binding contract?

      3. “Material provable fraud”

        And what would that be, bevis.
        Give a specific example.
        You just brush off the internal inconsistencies of the results and irregular behaviors such as stopping the count inexplicably in a few locations, after which large margins for Trump reverse to large, sometimes almost impossibly so, margins for Biden. You have no curiosity about odd behaviors on video and stories that change, taking the latest media and politician spin as gospel.
        You hate Trump and Trump supporters. Fine. But know that you’re going to get the totalitarian government your running cover for the same entities who destroyed tens of millions of people’s lives with covid hysteria/lockdowns and “peaceful” protests.

      4. Who’s fucking side are you on, Bevis? I honestly can’t figure it out

    2. Nardz.
      Stop posting.

      Just go do it.
      You’re wasting time.

      If you actually believe the shit you say, and if all your various forms of threats are real, why are you wasting time on Reason?

      Trump needs you. AMERICA needs you. Go do it.

      1. You really think you’re safe – that the almighty government will preserve and protect you from any and all dangers, and that they’d never act against you since you’re so devout.
        Keep thinking that.

    3. Nardz is an un-american fascist traitor and should be ignored.

      1. If I were unamerican, how could I be a fascist?
        Your grasp of concepts is woefully inferior.

        1. Exactly. The more right wing you are, the more American you are.

          Fact, not opinion

  26. Rumor now is Trump is going to set up a “shadow” government to mirror the executive office!! I can’t wait to see how many “shadow” secretary of defenses he can fire in the next four years.

    1. We tend to drone strike illegitimate shadow governors in territories under our control.

      So I’m saying that seems like a good idea.

      1. Before anyone’s panties get overly twisted, this is what’s called humor. Humans of average intelligence or greater often engage in this practice.

        1. Which explains why Trump is so bad at it.

        2. If you have to explain you’re using humor, you’re doing it very poorly.

          1. Or the audience around me is full of people with less than average intelligence.


      2. We? LOL you think you’re in the club.

    2. “…I can’t wait to see how many “shadow” secretary of defenses he can fire in the next four years.”

      Yeah, your TDS is likely to be permanent.

      1. Yeah, TDS to point out that Trump’ cabinet was a comically dysfunctional shitshow.

    3. I hear he is planning to take the White House curtains and light fixtures with him to decorate the shadow Trump House.

      1. Very Clinton like – did they return the silverware?

        1. IDK but Hilary took off with the whole wine cellar.

    4. Progressives and liberals have this false belief that democracy decides what’s happens, and practically everyone goes along with it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Really, that’s just a simplification for people who can’t deal with complexity, so they reduce human thought and behavior to a hierarchical construct.

      People just don’t work that way. It’s not human nature. So democrats fantasize about “winning” the right to shove one-size-fits-all solutions to controversial, multi-dimensional problems, but all they win is more, escalated conflict.

      In a way, Trump’s “I really won!” Is their rationalization, just like progressive’s rationalization is “We’re not using government to force people around! They practically all love this!” One rationalizes away democracy, the other rationalizes away being an asshole.

      1. Republicans separate refugees from their children. The single major policy push they go for every time is obscene cash grabs for the richest 0.1%. They simply ignore the biggest problems humanity is facing. Their pandemic policy was to expose as many people as possible to the virus. You would be better off giving someone $150,000 a year to take shits on your face.

        Good lord with the zombie lie that Republicans just want to leave people alone.

        1. Remove the asshole from your own mouth before you remove the asshole from your neighbors. Lactations 12:13.

          1. No, I support exactly as much government presence in our lives as Republicans do, except plus a moral core and a belief that science is real.

            1. And yet, whenever you open your mouth, everyone can smell asshole.

              Aim higher.

              1. What like to the stratospheres of ethical virtue where libertarians live?

                How many poor people’s lives do I have to egregiously destroy before I can approach that level of beneficence?

                1. You could start by dropping the Karen routine.

                  1. Isn’t prayer just asking to talk to the manager of the universe?

                    1. I thought it was like voting: we all scream at god and wait for him to do what’s best for everyone’s screams.

                    2. That was pretty good.

                2. Tony, Libertarians are fucking clowns without a workable ideology.

                  You’re just a smiley-faced fascist. Congrats.

    5. Trump did a pretty poor job of running the government, I don’t see him doing much better with a shadow government.

      1. He could just have cardboard cutouts made of his cabinet members and staff and just walk around the office bossing and moving them around.

        1. He spent much of his Presidency in the residence watching TV. He can certainly do that as he runs his shadow government.

  27. https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1337763926155595776?s=19

    If, during an election, tech giants take unprecedented steps to censor the internet to prevent the spread of incriminating reporting about a candidate, then of course that candidate, upon winning, should turn key government posts over to them.

    Anything else would be ungrateful.

    1. Maybe just try a better candidate next time? Idk dude.

      1. Democrats picked one who got zero hard questions from the media a group that collectively tanked any discussion of where he got his millions or why his son was under federal investigation.

        So yeah when you corrupt the media and your enforcers threaten violence in the streets I guess that is your definition of a better candidate.

        Why do you persist in being a fucking idiot is it the drugs or are you just naturally stupid.

        1. “and your enforcers threaten violence in the streets”

          How do you feel about the threats made in these very comments regarding possible responses to the “stolen” election?

          1. Do not confuse threats with promises.

            1. Calling it a “promise” implies that the execution is guaranteed. Since Nardz isn’t answering me when I ask if he is serious, I cannot find any guarantee here.

            2. damikesc.
              Stop posting.

              Just go do it.
              You’re wasting time.

              If you actually believe the shit you say, and if all your various forms of threats are real, why are you wasting time on Reason?

              Trump needs you. AMERICA needs you. Go do it.

          2. Watt your side has spent the last six months burning shit down.

            Threats on a message board pale in comparison to that.

            1. Your side?

              You keep challenging the very idea that election fraud could have brought Biden a victory, and you’re here pretending that you aren’t a leftist traitor fuckwit?

              Get out of here with your bullshit.

        2. Maybe try a better candidate next time? It also helps to have some sort of plan for governance for the next term. Other parties do this thing called a “platform”. No, you don’t defend on it, at least not literally.

          1. Stand, not defend. Weird autocorrect.

        3. Perhaps you underestimate what the American people were willing to tolerate to get rid of Trump.

          1. what the American people were willing to tolerate to get rid of Trump

            Etched in stone at the entrance of Biden’s presidential library.

            1. Nothing left to do but be pleasantly surprised.

      2. If Russian Facebook trolls gave Trump the election of 2016, then I guess media censorship gave Biden 2020.

        Gee, delegitimizing presidents is so fun and easy!

        1. Framed another way, media companies prudentially responded to a foreign attack. Republicans don’t have a god-given right to free Democrat-smearing services from Russia. Forcing Republicans to tell the truth isn’t a handicap.

          1. I’m just glad Americans couldn’t read DNC emails this time, or Trump would be president again. And that’s what’s wrong with republicans, to be sure.

            1. What’s wrong with Republicans is that they think they are entitled to in-kind campaign contributions from foreign adversaries in the form of leaked private emails, while they don’t even publish their tax returns. It’s the corruption and the cheating, on top of the death and chaos. Also you can’t throw a rock in their direction without hitting a child molester. And the kleptocratic policy and systematic destruction of democratic norms. And the aggressively malicious hostility to science. And the theocratic pandering. And the not-so-tacit alliance with neo-Nazis.

              1. But you know Hillary sent work emails on a private account.

                1. Hillary Clinton is a great leader solely because, in her private life, she made a career of sucking Bill Clinton’s dick. Otherwise, you would have never known who she is.

                  I really don’t see why I should have to listen to her, either.

                  1. You don’t have to listen to her. You don’t even have to contemplate how many tens of thousands of people would still be alive if the electoral college were on the shitpile of history where it belongs and she had been president. The TV has an off button.

                    1. I really don’t think Hillary Clinton would’ve affected the pandemic outcome at all, but if you can demonstrate that, go ahead.

                    2. If presidents going out of their way to be as unhelpful and destructive as possible in a ludicrously psychopathic way doesn’t actually make a difference, then I guess it doesn’t matter who’s president. We’ll just have President Warren and I’ll be happy and you’ll be status quo.

                      See who says we can’t bridge our divides.

                    3. There’s a difference between presidents having limited constitutional authority a pandemic, along with false accusations of racism for closing a border during a pandemic, and a president who seeks economic policies that punish economic success and growth just because poor people are jealous.

                    4. I might go for democracy if it didn’t mean being ruled by poor stupid people.

                    5. Ah, it’s not hunger that makes poor people want food, it’s jealousy. Of course.

                    6. You’re some of the fattest hungry people I’ve ever seen.

                    7. Ah yes, the poor, society’s coddled. And the only reason you don’t give up all your money and become poor so you too can live the good life is because you have too much self-respect, presumably.

                      An obesity crisis obviously means the poor have too much food. If anything, we should starve them a little.

                      It’s just like everyone says, nobody’s got a better handle on things than the smug moral ninny who mistakes wealth for virtue.

                    8. I do have too much self-respect to avoid income, that is for sure.

                    9. Victimhood is never a good look, although I know it’s all the rage nowadays.

                    10. I might go for democracy if it didn’t mean being ruled by poor stupid people.

                      Churchill said something like “Democracy sucks, except for every other form of government.”

                      Democracy was an epithet when the Constitution was written. The word appears exactly zero times in all the founding documents. Also, before the 17A , senators were chosen by the states. That meant they could have an election, or the person could be appointed by the state government to represent them. It was intended as a check against the democratic House.

                      All the checks and balances have failed anyway. The founders thought the branches would compete for power and in the process slow everything down. It doesn’t appear that they anticipated the branches going along to get along as long as they amassed more power and more power.

                    11. I think that was a great oversight: it’s really easy for different branches of the same monopoly government to collude against the people.

                    12. They weren’t fans of party politics because it turns into what we see now.

    2. Hi, I’m still waiting to hear from you about whether your 2nd Amendment comment meant something or whether you were just being an impotent rager…

  28. But muh private companies.

    Fuck off, Reason


    Published Aug. 12, 2020
    Updated Sept. 22, 2020
    SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook, Google and other major tech companies said on Wednesday that they had added new partners and met with government agencies in their efforts to secure the November election.

    The group, which is seeking to prevent the kind of online meddling and foreign interference that sullied the 2016 presidential election, previously consisted of some of the large social media firms, including Twitter and Microsoft in addition to Facebook and Google. Among the new participants is the Wikimedia Foundation.

    The group met on Wednesday with representatives from agencies like the F.B.I., the Office of the director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security to share insights about disinformation campaigns and emerging deceptive behavior across their services.

    Discussions between the tech companies and government agencies have occurred periodically over the past four years. While some of the companies have made a practice of sharing leads about disinformation campaigns and other election threats, the efforts have been haphazard. The effort has broadened as the November election approaches, and the tech companies and agencies have tried to coordinate more frequently.

    1. The private sector working for the good of the country is a good thing. What would you prefer it do? Help Russia cheat?

      1. When governments and big business shake hands, the people always win. I’m sure they’re doing this out of an altruistic sense of duty to the American people.

        1. I’m used to seeing a lot of un-libertarian stuff on these boards, but the idea that government shouldn’t collide with industry to make policy? Who are you, Bernie Sanders?

          1. Corporatism: the control of a state or organization by large interest groups.

            Corporatism is the worst side of capitalism. When people talk about the evils of capitalism, they’re usually referring to this.
            Sure sometimes they can contribute to policy discussions in a positive way, but those collusions are generally self motivated.

            The libertarian idea is that government should be so small that corporations can’t leverage their influence to get preferential treatment.

            1. Which is equivalent to saying we should have no rules that corporations have to lobby away to begin with. You solve the problem of malfeasance by making malfeasance legal.

              Also it’s hard to figure how it becomes undesirable for corporate interests to capture government once government consists only of the monopoly on violence but none of the restrictions on corruption. Seems like all that happens is government becomes exceedingly cheap to own.

              This poor logic makes sense when you realize that you’re talking about a political philosophy actually bankrolled by the extraction industry.

      2. OMG Tony!!!! Quit saying the name of the ‘R’ country. Every time I see or hear its name I’m terrified so badly I wet myself!!!

        Bet the same thing happens to you, huh?

        1. I like how it makes Trumpers reflexively paraphrase Jan Brady for some reason. From back when sitcoms were wholesome and had no black people, I guess.

          1. The Cosby show was great.

            1. Of course even the conservatives’ token black guy turned out to be a serial rapist.

              What is it with conservatives and being outlandishly deviant sex offenders? Because they think psychiatrists’ jobs aren’t easy enough?

              1. They haven’t learn the nuanced rape apology and enabling of democrats.

                1. Did the Democrats let a serial kid rapist be speaker of the house? Did the Democrats let a serial kid rapist be president?

                  Now you’re getting tedious.

                2. They let a rapist be president. Again, aim higher.

              2. That really broke my heart. He was such a great comedian.

          2. Ever notice that the kids bathroom had no toilet?

            And what ever happened to Tiger the dog?

    2. Yikes. This sounds almost like a trust.
      Collaborating on disinformation trends so that 2016 doesn’t happen again? Not a good look.

    3. Yes, and? What precisely are you complaining about here?

  29. In any case Georgians better be concerned about their upcoming senate runoff elections. Democrats will certainly attempt to cheat their way into a senate majority.

    I would hope libertarians would oppose the two far left candidates but anymore I assume they are batting for team blue. Probably to keep from being deplatformed by their hosting service.

    1. I thought Trump’s lawyer told everyone not to vote? Does he have a coherent message on the Georgia Senate elections?

      Both seats were safely in the bag for the GOP, but the treasonous retards who keep spewing “Civil War!” and “our country is finished” have probably fucked it up, and wouldn’t be surprised if both seats go Blue now.

    2. Don’t worry, Republicans have pre-cheated in all the usual ways. I think they even removed some polling places in black neighborhoods since the general election. You know to make it fair.

      1. Leftists seem to think that any measures to restrict voter fraud only affect black people. Why are you all so damn racist?

        1. Why do you think a political tribe that requires you to constantly lie about your motives is the correct one?

          1. Speaking from experience?

  30. Thank god we don’t have a living, breathing, it-can-say-whatever-I-feels constitution, amirite?

  31. Congratulations, Damon, on your delicious, savory defeat of BadOrangeMan! You may be justly proud of your role as an Arbiter of Truth in preparing the way for the ascension of the new Caesar, Scranton Joe Biden Empress Kamala.

    Now let the prosecutions of the wicked unWoke and the glorious Wars On ______ continue with alacrity. Long live the Empire!

    I hope you receive everything you have coming to you. And forever wear your mask proudly!

    1. Wonder if Damon will volunteer to do his job within drone-blast distance of any of Biden’s future victims.

      1. I’m not a proponent of drone strikes, and I would point out that trump recently bragged about using a drone strike on that Iranian general.

        1. Trump ran his campaign on increasing drone attacks on “terrorists” and their families (in contravention of international law), killing far more civilians overseas than Obama ever did, a campaign promise he actually fulfilled but doesn’t get credit for from his supporters, ironically.

        2. I’m actually glad Trump killed that mfer.

        3. And what about that nuclear scientist IRG guy? Notice Iran hasn’t said anything about it for a while. Something about a robot gun.

          Whomever (ahem) did that got away clean.

      2. Nah. Running around soon-to-be proliferating war zones is a job for reporters. Damon is a Senior Editor.

  32. But muh private corporationz!!!

    Fuck off, Reason.

    Biden transition is quietly putting Google and Facebook employees into its transition landing teams.

    1. Trump’s secretary of the treasury was a hedge fund manager. His secretary of defense was an oil CEO. His chief policy adviser is a sleazy real estate heir and also his son in law. Since we’re making judgments about what sort of person is appropriate for jobs in public service.

      1. Look at Biden’s cabinet and you’ll see the same.

        What hedge fund tried to silence the NY Post when it wrote a story that would hurt Biden?

        Take Biden’s wizened dick out of your mouth.

        1. The good thing about being me is I don’t have to defend a single goddamn thing Biden does because the only thing I and 80 million other Americans cared about was that Donald Trump stop polluting the White House with his toxic mental illness and covid.

          1. Yes, I realize that’s all you cared about, because you dumbshits have no future-time orientation whatsoever.

            1. I just wanted there to actually be a future.

              1. You’ve never actually read a history book, have you?

      2. Since we’re making judgments about what sort of person is appropriate for jobs in public service.

        Not regular people, that’s for damn sure. We need professionals and experts and Top Men to scientifically regulate the great mass of humanity. For their own good, of course. Excelsior!

        1. Why don’t you hire the random guy who seems like he’d be fun to have a beer with to build a deck in your back yard before you decide whether credentials and expertise matter in governing the world’s most complex and powerful institution.

          Then explain which of Trump’s diseased sycophants you’d actually want to have a beer with.

          1. A president does not need to have technical or extensive political experience. All they need are leadership skills and the ability to build a team.

            What Trump sorely lacked was the latter because it was always about him and his idea of leadership amounted to loyalty and do what I say or you are out.

            1. Your idea of leadership is giving into the left no matter what.
              Not worth much.

              1. Okay, Nardz, so what’s your idea of leadership?

          2. If “credentials and expertise” mattered, Obama never would have been President.

      3. His secretary of STATE was an oil company CEO. if we’re gonna endlessly bitch about shit let’s at least get it right.

    2. I would. Those are highly efficient well run companies. Why not get their help in organizing the transition.

      1. Wait, you mean the two companies who became virtual monopolies thanks to CIA funding?

        1. I don’t know anything about CIA funding.

          I never use Facebook. I do use Google. Google scholar is a good resource for my work. I have other resources as well. I use duck duck for general internet. I hardly know about the other stuff like Twitter or tik tok.

          So it does not feel like a monopoly to me.

          1. Well, we all know how legitimate feelz are.

    3. The Secretary for the new Department of Truth and Wokeness will be a plum cabinet appointment.

      I’m going with Jack Dorsey and his wise man’s beard for that one.

  33. Meanwhile Putin, Xi, and our other adversaries could not have planned this better themselves. Trump is doing more to fracture this country than they could possibly have achieved.

    1. Yea, 4 years of #Resist, #NotMyPresident, and #PutinPuppet haven’t harmed us at all.

      Y’all started it. Welcome to a taste of your own medicine.

      1. You mean Jo Jorgensen started it? I voted for and backed her.

          1. That nice professor lady with the bangs.

      2. It is kinda Trump’s fault that not everyone is willing to submit to leftist totalitarianism without a fight, and if you’ve ever read echospinner’s comments before you’ll know that there is nothing more horrible to him than self-assertiveness and fighting back against the left.

  34. If only those Justices understood the law as well as Trump…this is worse than the epidemiologists not listening to Donald dove the pandemic…

  35. Slim owns the NY Times

    Billionaire Carlos Slim And China’s JAC Motors To Manufacture Cars For Latin American Market

  36. well this one seems to have struck a nerve with the orange worshiping butt monkeys. how dare you expose them to reality?!??!

  37. But I was assured that ACB was going to be nothing but a rubber stamp for Trump!!! And Kavanaugh is a frat boy who is SURE to support Mr. Trump. I mean, everyone said it.

    Are you suggesting the justices might actually be legal scholars who think for themselves? Nonsense. We need to pack the court with people who like our policy or SCOTUS will hand the election to Trump! Oh wait.. shit… this is fine, it’s fine. They can find other reasons to slander the fifth woman to sit on the court in over 200 years.

    1. There wasn’t enough meat on the bones for them to work with.

    2. “But I was assured that ACB was going to be nothing but a rubber stamp for Trump!!! And Kavanaugh is a frat boy who is SURE to support Mr. Trump. I mean, everyone said it.”

      It may not be the truth but it is damn sure what Trump thought he was getting and his motivation behind nominating them.

  38. “Republicans are gonna cheat next time to get them back!”

    An actual ethical assertion by people who think they deserve to govern.

    “You just can’t win elections honestly anymore, so I guess we’re gonna cheat.”

    And other pearls of wisdom from the great conservators of American principle. I believe it was Montesquieu who said “Whoever smelt it dealt it.”

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  39. While I agree that most of the lawsuits have no merit to date I think I’d rather see Reason talking about the obvious election fraud that has been going on longer than my lifetime. One side stopping the count to see what they need to come up with and then magically finding those boxes of votes in odd places is not coincidence. If it was real then how many of those votes never found from 20 years ago were crushed in the trunk of some random car in a scrap yard?
    If Republican precincts wake up they’ll stop turning in their votes until cities like Chicago can manage to get theirs counted to 100%. Only then will we see an outcry. You can order online and have delivery tomorrow but we can’t finish vote counts for weeks? BS.
    It’s especially sad “libertarians” are OK with the fraud since it’s bipartisan to keep moving the goal posts to keep 3rd parties out of the game. I swear some so called libertarians are our own worst enemies.

    1. Stop trying to bring back Jim Crow you goddamn assholes.

      A vague feeling in your tummy that black people cheat at elections isn’t evidence. It’s racism.

      1. I think your buddies in Sacramento just tried to do that..bring back racial quotas to assuage their guilty white consciences and large percentages of Asians rejected that…

    2. They should just hire FedEx to design the system.

    3. this is one of the more absurd attempts to claim fraud out there. the elections always take weeks to be finished. the press always tries to “call” them as early as they can, but the ballot counting has always taken this long. (and there are famous examples of the press looking foolish for calling it wrong….. because what the press says is not what determines who won.) and mail in ballots, which there were more of this year, always take the longest to count….. because of extra verification steps to prevent fraud. and when it is all over, the political parties get a list of everyone a ballot was counted for. (making it absolutely impossible to add extra ballots or ballots for someone who had not actually voted without being caught.)

      vague innuendo based on ignorance is not “evidence” of anything.

    4. You can order online and have delivery tomorrow but we can’t finish vote counts for weeks? BS.

      That is literally the law in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania. It is illegal to count absentee ballots until the day of the election.

      1. All those systems that let you order online and have delivery tomorrow are majorly dependent on computers running … algorithms. Now, thanks to Sidney Powell’s tireless work we know algorithms are scary.

        1. Oh, I misunderstood that comment. I thought Myk was complaining that ballots could be requested online and returned right away but couldn’t be counted for weeks afterwards. No he was complaining about the lethargy of the vote counting process itself. Yeah it is really slow. It is pretty stupid that here in “the greatest country on the planet” the voting systems seem stuck in some time last century.

          1. Why is it that lefty shits choose handles that are immediately shown to be bullshit?
            I’m guessing that’s a result of a very low IQ and a hope for acceptance.
            No, you stinking pile of lefty shit, you are not an ‘individualist’ at all; you’re a run of the mill lefty shit.

            1. Time for your nap.

              1. As much as it makes me vomit to agree with anything out of your commie traitor mouth, you may have a point. Sevo just accused me of being a leftist the other day.

                Apparently in his world “I dun likez libertarianisms so dat make me um Marxist lolz”

  40. SO how many objections to Electors can trumpistas make, how many days can they stretch it out after Jan 6
    Can Mitch make it last until after Jan 20 2 hours at a time?
    That is a lot of objections to Electors

    1. How many times can we fist your ass?

      Get ready.

    2. A bus pulls up to a stop in rural GA. The driver opens the door to let on lc1789 and Nardz.
      “This bus isn’t going anywhere until you can prove to me that it isn’t going to blow up” says lc1789, as Nardz nods approvingly.

      “Well, the bus hasn’t blown up before, and neither has any bus I ever heard of” says the driver. “Do you have any evidence that the bus will blow up?”

      “I KNOW it will, because I saw this TikTok video where this stripper says it definitely will” says lc1789, who is getting very upset that the bus driver is not accepting his claim. “Plus, her friends tweeted a link to her video, and thousands of others have also re-tweeted that link, so it is basically proven already.”

      The bus driver is skeptical, and most of the people on the bus want the bus to just start moving forward again, but he reluctantly agrees to watch the TikTok video, as he is beginning to fear that lc1789 and Nardz might act violently if he doesn’t go along with their demands.

      After watching it, he pauses for a second, and says “Well, she claims it will blow up, but I don’t see or hear any actual evidence, and again, the bus never blew up before…”

      “LC1789 becomes visibly upset. Nardz starts reaching into his jacket. “But she has posted this same video to 50 different sites for analysis!” he bellows. “What more proof do you need?”

      The bus driver asks “Well, what did those 50 sites say about her claim and her evidence?”

      “They of course rejected it,” says lc1789, “but that’s because they are all in on this conspiracy to cover it up. Duh.”

      “Enough screwing around,” growls Nardz. “Let’s just kill everyone on the bus.”

      1. Uh, did your manuscript get rejected everywhere? Or did you find an outlet stupid enough to publish that?

  41. Team Red is having their “Pauline Kael” moment.

    1. Jeff is having his fat moment. Except he bought Colin’s changed swirled non fat Ben and Jerry’s and it sucked.

      So disappointed.

  42. I love how coastal elites and big business was in on the fix to deprive a NY mulitmillionaire of the presidency


  43. Wasn’t it Texas that filed and had nothing to do with Trump.

    Also. It just meant they had no standing.

    But clearly SCOTUS doesn’t want to get involved. They probably want the House to deal with it. Which is what Trump probably wanted anyway.

    1. Texas filed, but Trump heavily praised and promoted the case, and had a lawyer file a request with the Supreme Court to try to join it. It ended up rejected before his request was considered.

      1. “…Texas filed, but Trump heavily praised and promoted the case,..”

        And, therefore, as a fucking TDS-infected shit, your assholish claims are other than assholish claims?
        Make your goldfish proud; fuck off and die.

        1. I’m starting to suspect, Sevo, that you are in fact a left wing troll masquerading as a patriot to make the rest of us look like idiots.

          It’s the only reason I can think of for you calling me a leftist the other day.

  44. The CCP are in the system.

    Odds Trump invokes the Insurrection Act?

    1. Er no. Even trump isn’t that stupid.

      1. I’m not sure it is safe to use that logic about anything anymore.

        1. Tell us about “masks” again, self-appointed monitor of human activity.

    2. It may be justified, but I don’t want it. It has to be a LAST resort. (Not based on Trump losing, but based on how close we would be to literally being run by China.)

      Sadly I’ve seen some Trump supporters in favor of it. They are going insane with rage. That is not something anyone should WANT.

      1. I don’t think most Trump supporters view it as a good thing though. Just a few crazy Twitter comments because Twitter brings out the garbage side in people.

        1. There is literally no worse response than letting the left get away with stealing the presidency as a means to absolute power after they’ve done in just 2020, not to mention the several years before.
          Unfortunately, I think that’s the most likely outcome.
          We are truly on the verge of Soviet America.

          1. I am afraid of that too, but I think that there are a few (dwindling) paths that are better.

            Basically if Trump declares martial law it will be viewed by the media as Truman dropping the bomb times 1M even if no one dies. He should do it only as a last ditch to save the republic move that could result in everyone hating him, not because some overeager, stupidly militaristic voters want him to do it.

            1. Of course there is also the distinct possibility it could backfire since the military appears to be corrupt as well.

            2. “declaring martial law to save the republic”

              Please read up on the election of 1876. It was a corrupt shitshow. WAY worse than whatever happened in this election. And yet the Republic endured.

              That is how controversies are resolved in a pluralistic democratic framework. It is not always crisp or elegant or perfect, but it is far better than the alternative.

              Declaring martial law over Dominion software conspiracies, affidavits that rise to the level of hearsay, and bullshit statistical analyses, would be destroying the republic, not saving it.

              And c’mon, Trump is not going to do ANYTHING that would result in “everyone hating him”, even if it was the right thing to do.

            3. Martial law is not a reasonable remedy for the election issues. It would rightly provoke a violent reaction. Demonstrations , like the million MAGA March, are much more effective. They need to be frequent, cause significant discomfort to Congresscritters, and remain peaceful. Add a few hundred thousand vehicles to DC traffic and they’ll feel the pain.

              1. Peace will not work.
                The left will not stop, it must be stopped.
                They got away with destroying millions of people’s lives with lockdowns and closures precisely because they’re not afraid of kinetic opposition.
                Either you get violent, or you submit to totalitarianism.
                That’s it. That’s the choice.

                1. Nardz is on record right here, right now, advocating widespread violence. No ambiguity. Literally a criminal post.

                  1. Jomo here admits to being totalitarian and advocating violation of the US constitution.

                    Not criminal, but worth noting for anybody who might like to take it up with him/her.

      2. Now you are starting to see what a lot of us have been seeing for a while now. Trump has corrupted both the right-wing, and the left-wing too. 10 or 20 years ago there is no way that even the thought of using the Insurrection Act in order to “resolve” a contested election would have even been countenanced at all. Did the idea even emerge at all in the Florida 2000 recounts, which were even closer than this?

        THIS is why Trump had to go. Not because of policies. But because of what he does to stoke the fires of demagoguery and division. Everything he does, demands 100% loyalty on the part of Team Red and 100% opposition on the part of Team Blue. Our system of government is not designed to operate like that. This isn’t a parliamentary system where if one party wins, they get absolute power. Our system of government *requires* that people in charge compromise with the opposition in order to get things done. Trump fundamentally does not understand that and does not care to understand that, but he is dragging the entire GOP along with him with promises that he can rule without compromise. And when he doesn’t get his way, it’s not because of how the system is set up to begin with, it’s because of the “deep state” or some such nonsense.

        1. “…Trump has corrupted both the right-wing, and the left-wing too…”
          Cites from TDS-infected shits might suggest there was other than TDS-infected shits lies.
          We get none, TDS-infected shit.

        2. The political class and media have been corrupted by the concentration (usurpation) of power in the Federal government and particularly the president.

          Power corrupts. Devolve power back to the states, localities, and the people and the corruption would decline. But power concentration is like a ratchet that resists reversal. We are inexorably, but slowly, heading to totalitarianism. Trump clumsily and unknowingly pushed against that concentration at times, and that is why he is hated by those who wield power and fear losing it.

          1. Not slowly anymore

        3. We’re not saying Trump CAN rule without compromises, we’re saying he SHOULD rule without compromises.

          The Democratic Party is a criminal, evil organization, bent on destroying America itself, root and stem. That’s a fact, not an opinion. You can’t compromise with that.

          This is why I’m down on libertarianism. If you were to suggest, for example, that a one-party Republican dictatorship would do more for freedom then anything the Libertarian Party has ever done, libertarians would lose their minds and wring their hands about pluralism and multi-party democracy, like there was anything ever good about such things.

        4. “Now you are starting to see what a lot of us have been seeing for a while now.”

          Nobody respects your opinion or believes anything you say.

          And btw, the Dems would pull martial law in a second if they thought the military would go along with it.

          1. And yet here you are, respecting my opinion enough to respond to it.

            I think both Team Red and Team Blue are fully capable of declaring martial law, sure. That is why I reject both of them.

            1. Well, one reason why.

  45. The old saying will still hold: Losers, take the fucking walk

    You pieces of treasonous shit did everything you could in hopes of overturning the democratic process.

    Get fucked, maybe next time an election bill comes up, dont send it to “Mitch’s graveyard”, thinking you are going to coast to another EC handout victory.

    Also, maybe next time support a candidate that:
    -people like
    -has reading level above 1st grade
    -hasnt failed at literally everything he has done except “have daddy’s fortune”

    fucking losers through and through, LMAO

    1. Biden just conceded to trump tonight. Hahaha

      Democrats are so weak.

      1. Source? Can’t find but would love to see it.

  46. Somehow I think Damon Root believes that Donald gives a fuck.

    After four years of the Democrats making unfounded assertions about him I’m pretty sure he just wants to give some back.

    I think that the only place he has it wrong is that the Democrats don’t give a fuck either. The only people who care are the people who take this shit seriously.

    I’m not one of them except when it comes to “our” endless wars. Welcome to the Harris/Biden administration and new enemies both domestic and foreign to be bombed into the stone age.

    I’d rather put up with an administration that’s wrong on some things than one that’s wrong on everything.

    Also I stand by my prediction that whoever is sworn in on January 20th, 2021 will have a bunch of Democrats trying to remove him from office the very next day: Kamala really wants to be pezidink and she has lots of friends willing to help her.

    And Biden really is a senile old fart who wasn’t up to the job before he got dementia.

  47. Also love how the traitors of this country are all crying in their keyboards, with hopes of secession, civil war, and treason because their unpopular candidate proved to be unpopular

    I mean when the hag lost, the dems vowed to work against trump and impeach him at a moments notice…that was with winning the MAJORITY of votes in the country

    Now the fat fuck loses, the EC badly, and the pop vote even worse than last time, they want war because their cult leader daddy got bent over in front of the nation, and we are all watching him get spanked.

    I think most of us would agree that the left’s ideas of socialism and totalitarian leanings would make them dangerous…but it seems the right have gone full retard with the “if my unpopular candidate loses, I’ll shoot you if you dont acknowledge he is the rightful winner”

    Sorry guys, you fucking losers lost. Grow the fuck up, take the L like you earned, and try harder next time around kiddos

    1. “…leader daddy got bent over in front of the nation, and we are all watching him get spanked.”

      This is what an advanced case of TDS looks like.
      To this TDS-infected shit, Trump didn’t lose and election and appeals, he was ‘spanked’.
      Did you cream your jeans when you imagined him getting ‘spanked, TDS-infected shit?

      1. you lost, you TDS infected shit.

        hey maybe you could say TDS a few more times?

        you might have TDS (TDS-derangement-syndrome) at this point, as it seems to be the only thing you can say, and you just blast it on repeat

        you fucking lost, you piece of garbage loser, take the fucking L, and eat it

        1. “hey maybe you could say TDS a few more times?”
          Maybe, as a fucking TDS-infected shit, you could cream your jeans many more times in your imaginary ‘spanking’, TDS-infected shit.
          BTW, I didn’t lose; the US lost, but to a TDS-infected shit, that’s just fine, right, TDS-infected shit?

          1. Leftist detected. Masquerading as patriot.

            Go fuck yourself, traitor

    2. oh..secession was the hot topic in Cali after Trump won or don’t you recall that?

      1. And remember all those H-wood lefty shits planning to emigrate to Canada?
        Remember them? Did even a single one find their way to LAX? Nope; instead, the (as an ‘oppressed’ minority) took turns delivering the ‘orange man bad’ speech at the company sales meetings:

    3. Poor lefties. They really believe biden won.

      Gore “won” too but was never president. Biden just conceded to trump. Ahaha

      Biden loses one Court case and gives in.

  48. Hillary lost and we got four years of ridiculous media/DNC/non-profit attacks on a duly elected President not allowing him to do his job. IMpeaching him for upsetting the neocon/neoliberal foreign policy commies and trying to find out if a major candidate was corrupted by a foreign power (wow just like Obama did to him). No fan of Trump but the little bolshevik “boys” in the media were treasonous to a tee. Now the other side can’t act the same way? You don’t get it..its way beyond the normal two party demonizing the other to win an election and then after winning working with the other side…way beyond that. To each the other side is the enemy and not to be worked with in any way. The left created this situation (actually the cultural marxists did). Now lets have four year of Hunter Biden’s ties with Red China and what they have on Corn Pop…that would be justice..

    1. we got four years of ridiculous media/DNC/non-profit attacks on a duly elected President not allowing him to do his job.

      Can you specifically point to any “attack” that prevented Trump from “doing his job”?

      1. It’s been pointed out to you several times.

        1. No, really. What prevented Trump from “doing his job”? Was there some reporter standing between Trump and his pen that prevented him from signing some EO? What?

          1. Shove them goal-posts, Jeff; you got nothing else.

            1. I’m not shifting anything. Those ARE the goalposts.
              Let me repeat: This is the claim:

              we got four years of ridiculous media/DNC/non-profit attacks on a duly elected President not allowing him to do his job.

              So, what is an example of one of these “attacks” from “media/DNC/non-profit” which didn’t allow Trump to do his job?

              1. Let me repeat: This is the claim:
                “…we got four years of ridiculous media/DNC/non-profit attacks on a duly elected President not allowing him to do his job.”


              2. The fact that leftists still participate in our political discourse is proof that he wasn’t able to do his job.

                1. I question, Mark Question, whether a YUUUGE chuck of conservatives have ANY decency, morality, or sense if history left in their rotted minds, at all! You are basically calling all non-conservatives “leftists”, and ax-grinding for a 1-party state! Do you have ANY idea how absolutely HORRIBLE 1-party states have performed, compared to multi-party states? Go live in North Korea, bootlicker!

                  1. Oh yeah, multi-party states filled with woke nonsense, sexual deviance, drug dealers and traitors controlling the political discourse. How wonderful.

                    Nothing wrong with a 1 party state if it’s the right party.

                    1. Name me ONE such state that got it right? North Korea, maybe, bootlicker?

                    2. That’s like saying libertarianism can’t work because there’s never been a libertarian society. Completely specious argument.

                      Let me ask you something. If a one party dictatorship was completely inevitable and unavoidable, which party would you prefer? Republican or Democrat?

                      “Neither” by the way, isn’t a valid answer. Your only two choices are Democrat or Republican.

                      I have a strong suspicion I know which one.

                    3. “Nothing wrong with a 1 party state if it’s the right party.”

                      And you can’t name me ONE such state, besides North Korea, bootlicker? WHO is living in a fantasy land here, bootlicker?

                      “…sexual deviance, drug dealers and traitors…” You condemn… Could you get off of your dishonest, mendacious, dictatorshit-worshipping ass long enough to condemn Der TrumpfenFuhrer, who fucked a porn star while His wife was pregnant? Have you ever STUDIED UP on the greed, egomania, and bottomless evil… Yes, evil… of Der TrumpfenFuhrer, who will lead You to Your false Paradise?

                      See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
                      “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…


                      He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

                      All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

                      Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

                      Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

                      We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

                      These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

              3. Russiagate. Fraudulent impeachment attempt. Treasonously withholding evidence IE; Hunter’s laptop.

                Your turn. Validate your 12 years of nonstop whining and tantrum-tossing about the imaginary “obstruction” Obama faced, keeping in mind that your bullshit about him winning an imaginary “mandate” to be a Constitution-proof Dictator isn’t fooling anyone.

      2. “Can you specifically point to any “attack” that prevented Trump from “doing his job”?”

        Jeff, would you like to be confused with an adult, or would you rather continue to post shit like this?
        It is possible that you are so fucking stupid that you hope that others of even average intelligence would accept that as a possibly valid question, but that assumes you are ‘intelligent’ enough to connect cause and effect.
        Naah; assume abysmal stupidity.
        Fuck off and die.

      3. Jeff you may remember last January when Trump was being irresponsibly impeached, distracting him from the start of the plague. Despite this he wisely cut travel from China, then Europe, and soon initiated Warp Speed. He also oversold the advice from Fauci etc to calm the populace and prevent panic – this aligned with his nature to downplay negative info and make grand pronouncements that were gross exaggerations. Nonetheless, the virus was bound to spread despite any measures anyone might have taken.

        What is remarkable is how much Trump got done despite the Russia hoax etc.

    2. Now the other side can’t act the same way?

      Sure they can, if they want to be just as juvenile and stupid as the other team. Yet one more reason to reject the Team Red/Team Blue duopoly.

      1. The only ridiculous and juvenile side are the democrats.

        1. Have you missed the past month of right-wing temper-tantrums?

          1. “Have you missed the past month of right-wing temper-tantrums?”

            Please define “temper-tantrums” Jeff. I’m sure that assholes of your political persuasion will agree; intelligent people not so much.

          2. https://twitter.com/DrewHLive/status/1337893474327203840?s=19

            DC: Christian Trump Supporting Couple physically assaulted and maced by Antifa/BLM militants

            1. Do you think that pointing out a left-winger acting poorly somehow invalidates my point?

              1. No, your claim is bullshit to begin with.

              2. Again you may have missed 4 months of rioting, looting, vandalism, and arson carried out by extreme leftists.

                I can understand how you missed it, since it was so lightly discussed in the MSM.

                1. Once again: pointing out left-wingers behaving badly doesn’t negate a month of right-wingers behaving badly.

                  1. It’s a false equivalence. Republican bitching and moaning and lawsuits is the civilized way to bring about goals. Vandalism ,looting, assaults, rioting, and arson is uncivilized, illegal, and should be punished accordingly.

                    I’m sorry you don’t see the difference.

                    1. I didn’t say they were behaving badly in equivalent ways. That both Team Red and Team Blue throw temper tantrums when they lose *in different ways* doesn’t negate the juvenile antics of either one. They are not equivalently juvenile, but they are juvenile nonetheless.

              3. Actually it does. Left wingers commit violence to destroy civilization.

                Right wingers commit violence to save it.

                A distinction you don’t seem to care about. So why do you hate civilization?

                1. “Right wingers commit violence to save it.” – Jefferson Davis

                  1. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only killed communists.”
                    ― Rafał Gan-Ganowicz

      2. RESIST!
        Not my president.

  49. I’m glad to see Tony buttplug Jeff molly and their socks doubling down on stupid. It confirms how insane the left is.

  50. Trump got blown out badly by a senile old man and then threw the most humiliating temper tantrum in history lol

    1. TDS-infected shits focus on their TDS rather than the result.
      Yes, we got a slobbering, senile nut-case; are you proud of yourself, TDS-infected shit?
      You got what you deserved. Unfortunately, the rest of us got it too.
      Fuck off and die; your family will celebrate your funeral, asshole.

    2. I didnt know hillary was running in 2020.

  51. This article and most of the comments are left-wing tripe. If the Democrats had run a functional adult I might think differently. The supreme court simply did not want to get involved, the fraud was quite obvious. I hope all you freedom-loving individuals are happy when Biden is in office. His primary campaign promises are to eliminate as much freedom as possible.

    1. the fraud was quite obvious.

      So obvious that it couldn’t be proved in any court anywhere?

      What exactly is the basis for this OBVIOUS FRAUD?

    2. Liar

      fraud was obvious

      but unprovable

  52. The Soviet Law and Courts:

    The regime immediately placed itself above the law and gave the head of the Communist Party powers similar to those enjoyed for centuries by the tsars. The new government replaced elected officials with its own leaders; it decreed that suspected enemies of the revolution should be eliminated without trials; it expropriated land, banks, insurance companies, and large factories; and it promulgated its ideology and suppressed opposing speech.

    The civilian repression was accomplished through the regular courts.

    The court system was designed to ensure party control of judicial decisions at all levels. Juries—which had shown considerable independence under the tsars—were abolished, replaced by a trial court consisting of a judge, who was selected by party officials and who almost always was a party member, and two carefully chosen laypersons, who were under pressure to agree with the judge. The system was designed to give the outward appearance of popular participation without actually involving it. Control over judicial decisions also was exercised by allowing easy appeals through higher judicial levels to the supreme courts of the Soviet republics and the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union


    1. Do you even realize that some of what you write about the history of Soviet Russia can apply to what Team Red has been doing? McConnell et al. haven’t exactly made it a secret that they are quite proud of all of the judicial appointments that they have rushed through the Senate these past several years.

      1. “Rushed”? The fuck you going on about, Shamu? McConnell is responsible for Reid getting rid of the filibuster for judicial appointments, the Democrats losing the Senate, and then filling up empty seats over the last four years that Obama couldn’t even be bothered to fill?

        1. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6115454801001#sp=show-clips

          Here is McConnell himself bragging about stopping Obama’s nominations when he took over the Senate in 2015. In the same interview he brags about how many judge vacancies he and Trump have filled. It’s not even a secret.


            Shut the fuck up, Jeff.

          2. 1) None of that constitutes “rushing” judicial nominees
            2) McConnell warned that would happen when Reid stupidly got rid of the filibuster
            3) Are you really going with this “packing the court” stupidity?

            1. It was McConnell’s intentional strategy to “pack” the judiciary with conservative judges, once he became majority leader in 2015. He deliberately slowed down or stopped Obama’s nominees, in hopes that a Republican would win in 2016; then, when a Republican did win, he tore down the last few remaining impediments to Senate confirmation of judges and confirmed conservative justices at a record pace.

              Trump appointed, and the Senate confirmed, judges at a record pace. See for yourself:


              Faster pace than Bush, Clinton, Obama – all two-term presidents.

              1. It was McConnell’s intentional strategy to “pack” the judiciary with conservative judges, once he became majority leader in 2015.

                How could he have known he was going to be majority leader, fat boy? Did he have some crystal ball or clairvoyance power that allowed him to prepare this grand strategy you claim he had?

                I do remember him warning the Democrats that getting rid of the filibuster was going to bite them in the ass eventually, and it did. Using your enemies’ weapons against them is how warfare has been conducted going back thousands of years.

                Faster pace than Bush, Clinton, Obama – all two-term presidents.

                So your complaint is that he spent four years filling empty posts with non-leftist judges?

        2. Here is an article describing McConnell getting rid of “blue slips”.


          Under Obama, Republicans used blue slips to slow-walk or derail Obama’s nominees. But when Trump was elected, McConnell got rid of the blue slips to prevent Democrats from using the same tactic against him.

          You are right that Harry Reid weakened the filibuster, for his own gain. But McConnell took that and went even farther.

          1. And McConnell warned the Democrats that it was going to come back and bite them in the ass. So what exactly are you complaining about?

            1. That McConnell took that and turned it up to eleventy.

              1. So you’re only mad when the right does it?

          2. The most laughable part of your complaint was comparing the GOP over the last four years to the Soviets. I guess that “MUH RUSSHA!” tantrum finally wormed its way into your skull, too.

            1. Because that happened. There is a factual basis for declaring that Russia sought to interfere in our 2016 election, and found a welcoming partner in the Trump campaign. I have linked the actual pages from the actual reports that contain the actual testimonies and documents that show that this happened.

              You can have whatever opinion you want, but if you do not allow good, real information in your brain, you will never make good decisions, and will continue to be surprised and angered by the world around you.

              1. I don’t take conspiracies theories based on a piss dossier sourced by a Hillary symp, and fabricated FISA warrants seriously.

          3. Silly Jeff. One side is trying to save civilization.

            The other is trying to destroy it.

            It’s not about what’s done, it’s about who does what.

    2. Democrats dont see whats coming. They dont get that Alito signalled alignment with Thomas and thomas is siding with trump just like he sided with bush against democrat election fraud in 2000.

      SCOTUS wants states to be divided so their EC can be voided giving the hand off for the 12th amendment vote. Its a bullshit pass the buck move but its a trump win too.

      1. The EC votes wont’ be voided. 12A wont come into play. Trump still loses.

        1. You also thought he was going to be impeached if you just kept saying it over and over.

          How’d that work out?

      2. That’s funny. You and others here keep saying “We’ll win the next one.” But Trump keeps losing case after case after case after case after case after case after case after case. But the next one is the one that will put Trump in the white house, right? Keep dreaming.

        1. It’s funny how you Commie dumbfucks keep inventing these numbers of cases Trump has “lost” when he only has four suits and all of them are still ongoing.

          Keep lying, shitstain.

          1. Don’t worry, you’ll win the next one. But of you don’t, don’t worry too much. By 2028 the USA will be a communist nation joining China as a communist super power, right?

            1. Obviously not, because as you and your cult have reminded us every second for the past five years, by then Putin and Trump will merge together to create SuperHitler and establish a worldwide concentration camp for all MUH BROWN PEEPLES.

              1. Cult? I’m in a cult? I think not. I’m not the one who voted for Trump or even Biden. As usual I voted for the Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. How about you? Trump of Biden?

                And I don’t think that Putin would ever team up with Trump. I’m pretty sure Putin thinks Trump is beneath him and wants nothing to do with him.


                  Oh, okay.


            2. You poor dipshit. Revelations that China has paid spies all over the world, and your dumb ass propagates for them for free.

              No wonder you’re so bitter.

  53. https://twitter.com/CTruthforTrump/status/1337957904272543744?s=19

    #ChinaJoe admits in leaked footage that they “beat the living hell of out us across the country”…

    Cautions to hold off on #DefundThePolice efforts until after the Jan 5th #Georgia runoff….

    #BidenCheated2020 #ScumoftheEarth

    1. What do you conclude from that audio recording?

      1. Are the imaginary Russians colluding with Trump through that recording, Jeff?

    2. I’m having trouble viewing past comments, have you responded to my question yet about how your tough words concerning the 2nd Amendment are just the rages of a tool?

      1. Your life doesn’t matter, watt.

        1. All leftists should be in camps.

          1. Paraphrasing Chairman Mao now?

            1. He not your hero all of a sudden?

              1. I’m not the one advocating people be sent to camps.

                1. Your and your Chinese-powered cult are literally the ONKY ones arguing for that, Maoist trash.

        2. Your words don’t seem to matter…

          1. Or perhaps it’s you and your spoonfed opinions that constitute absolutely nothing.

  54. https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1337896794550902784?s=19

    Are emails about Hunter’s enriching himself by corruptly trading on his father’s name and influence in Ukraine and China still “Russian disinformation” to be ignored, or is it OK to report it now that the election is safely over and admit that it’s real?

    1. Hmmmm. Maybe that means Trump won the election.

      1. Opps I was wrong. I just checked the election results and Trump lost by a landslide.

        1. You using Commie Core?

          Because even if we count Biden’s fraudulent votes, it’s still pretty fucking dar from a “landslide”.

          1. Hmmmm, if I remember right, trump called his victory in 2016 a landslide win. Biden beat him by more than he beat Hillary, so this win must be a LANDSLIDE. Trump lost bigly!

            1. WOW, screaming “WAH DRUMPF!” didn’t magically change math. Just as it didn’t magically change science or history.

              Imagine that.

              1. Wow, what a sore LOSER. Just because orange man is a LOSER, you come up with lame responses because you feel you are a LOSER too. LOSERS are funny this year, but you same LOSERS were so happy with yourselves before the election. But that was before you realized you were LOSERS. Sorry LOSERS.

                1. Oh, my. What an impotent little tantrum. So desperate to have the last word because you’re such a bitter, insecure failure. Like Joe Biden.

                  You should go clean all that shit off of your pants.

                  And mouth.

                2. Hey, how does it feel to be part of a cult that LOST an election it rigged not once, but TWICE.

                  Like the LOSER you are?


  55. Poor commies at unreason. The constitution strikes again!

    1. But Trump lost. Can’t wait to see Trump leaving the white house in cuffs.

      1. Speaking of cuffs, remember the time you posted child porn and got banned shreeky?

        1. Hahahaha. No, I don’t remember that. Do you remember trump losing bigly?

          1. Nope.

            Cuz it didn’t happen.

            Unlike you and Joe Biden being pedophile trash.

            1. It didn’t happen? Read your papers, it’s in there. 😀 😀 😀 😀

              1. Really? The Electoral Process stops applying because some propaganda tabloid declared “IT’S OVER!”

                Someone better tell Dewey and Gore Jr!

                😀 😀 😀 😀

                1. Looks like he lost again. It’s over. But just out of curiosity. How many times does Trump have to lose before you realize he’s a loser?. One and done.

                  1. It’s so funny how you jumping up and down and shitting your pants doesn’t magically change reality, no matter how much you do it, loser.

                  2. It’s also funny how you’re so bitter and enraged and pathetic you literally stayed up all night thinking of ways to bitch at me on a four day old post.


  56. Joe biden and kamala rouge just conceded to Trump.

    Poor unreason.

    1. Oh oh. Somebody had a wet dream.

      1. Why, were you dreaming about gangraping a kindergarten with China Joe?

        1. Oh oh, you must be another wet dreamer.

          1. Nah, your pedo fantasies are all yours.

            1. Ok pedo guy

              1. Nah, your pedo fantasies are still all yours.

                And your co-LOSER, Biden. No wonder you’re so obsessed with pretending he won, you’re obviously hoping he’ll legalize pederasty and bring back Cuties.

  57. “Trump Lost Because SCOTUS Answers to the Constitution, Not to Him.”

    That’s all that needs to be said.

    1. Because it’s the literal opposite of reality and all your dumb Commie ass knows is Big Lie strategy?

      1. Lol @ Big Lie strategy. If that’s true, I guess democracy and the legal system is corrupt and a fraud.

        1. Nah, that’s only when Democrats LOSE the elections they rig, per Hillary and CNN and your lying ass.

  58. I m from India and fan of Donald Trump.. I like his hair.. But he lost.. Still I am his fan.. https://reviewsuncle.com/

    1. Dude you like the idea of his hair. If you ever actually saw it up close or touched it you would probably throw up and that pretty much applies to all things Trump.

      1. I like the way he combs it back and forth and back and forth on top of his head. And it costs 75K a year to make that happen. 😀 😀 😀 😀

        1. So, a fraction of the cost of one weekend of Obama golfing with Tiger in Hawaii.

          Except Trump’s hair isn’t paid for with stole ntax dollars.

          1. We’ll, if he claims it as a deduction on his taxes, then tax payers are paying for it.

            1. “WAH The Government not stealing from you to give to me is stealing from ME!”

              Shut the fuck up, Commie.

  59. But Trump lost. Can’t wait to see Trump leaving the white house in cuffs.


    1. Hold your breath while you wait for Biden’s loss to magically become a win because Democrats threw a tantrum and insisted that cheating really hard means they get whatever they want.

  60. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8915975/Biden-lost-record-number-black-male-votes-Trump-early-poll-data-says.html

    The drop in black support for Biden was especially prominent in the Midwest and it comes despite Trump receiving some backlash for his response to Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.

  61. Say, would Reason or any of its Marxist Koch-suckers in the comments care to opine on Rita Hart’s continuing challenges despite having lost in a certified recount?

    1. Or hey, maybe we could discuss Anthony Brindisi having lost by 12 votes, only for exactly 12 votes to be found almost a month after election day? MOST FRAUD-FREE ELECTION EVAH!!!

      1. Liar

        55 ballots were found and we don’t know yet what they are

  62. https://twitter.com/TheBabylonBee/status/1337895135745617924?s=19

    Help At Last: House Relief Bill Will Provide Free ‘Going Out Of Business’ Signs To Small Business Owners

  63. https://twitter.com/JoeConchaTV/status/1337772441918189568?s=19

    This sub-headline is the most Media-in-2020 thing ever:
    “NBC News:
    Hunter Biden, president-elect’s son, says federal prosecutors probing his taxes
    The probe was revealed weeks after an election in which President Donald Trump and his allies made unfounded and baseless claims of corruption regarding Hunter Biden and his father”

    1. Obviously federal prosecutors probing his taxes is part of the Trump conspiracy because they are at his beck and ca…bahahaa…nope couldn’t quite get it out.

    2. OMG, send that link to Trump. That totally proves that Trump won the election. The supreme court must see the data.

    3. Here is another article for you, Nardz:


      I especially liked this part:

      Investigators did not reach out until recently because of Justice Department practice against taking overt investigative actions in the run-up to an election, one of the people said. The people familiar with the investigation insisted on anonymity to discuss an ongoing probe.

      1. It’s hilarious how completely you missed the point.
        It’s ok to not be intelligent, chemjeff, just don’t be so resentful about it.
        You be you.

        1. Well, I’ve heard the whines from more than one right-winger around here that NOW THAT THE ELECTION IS OVER, IT’S OKAY FOR THE MEDIA TO TALK ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN’S CORRUPTION, and dark sinister claims that the media purposefully buried the current tax story about Hunter Biden in order to help Joe.

          Well, as it turns out:
          1. The pre-election story about the “Hunter Biden Laptop” is a completely different story than the current post-election story about Hunter Biden’s taxes, and

          2. The reason why the Hunter Biden tax story didn’t get coverage during the campaign was not because of the media spiking the story, but because of the DOJ’s own policies not to publicize these types of cases in the heat of a political campaign. You know, the DOJ that’s run by Barr.

    1. I saw Aleck Jones is hosting rallies and the Proud Boys are stabbing people. Sounds like your cup of tea.

      1. “the Proud Boys are stabbing people.”

        No, it was proud boys who got stabbed by an antifa.

        1. Fascists got stabbed by anti-Fascists? Sounds good to me!

          1. Right. Because you’re Communist terrorist trash who thinks anyone who doesn’t want you as dictator is a “fascist”.

            You really wanna stab a totalitarian, go open your wrists.

            1. MyPillow is good for absorbing tears, comrade

              1. I’m sure you’re extremely familiar with it’s absorbency of tears (and other bodily fluids), Commie shitstain.

                  1. Yes, you’ve made your scatology fetish very well known.

          2. That would amount to Antifa stabbing Antifa, which would be great for the human race, but highly improbable.

            Though I doubt your 1/2 Watt brain even understands how bad mob rule by Antifa is.

      2. “Commies murdering people in the streets is a fundamental part of limited government!” -sarcasmic the Perpetual Dumbfuck

      3. Coming back, I’m curious what source you have that caused you to spread their propaganda, sarcastic?
        Because last night after it happened, clear video and photo evidence was available and widely shared.
        So who got you to parrot their lie?

        1. Having the wrong information is not lying.

  64. so much crying.

    1. Yeah, Democrats won’t shut up about their inability to win elections they rig. But then, these are people who STILL cry because the Soviet Union collapsed.

      1. “Filing a lawsuit because Democrat states flagrantly violated the Constitution in order to rig an election is Unconstitutional!”

        Even for Damon Root, this is fucking stupid.

  65. semi OT: Apparently CA has over half of the needed signatures to recall Newsom, then they can start verifying them.

    The fact that the process for removing tyrannical governors is incredibly more stringent than the process for preventing voter fraud should tell you all that is wrong with our system of government today.

  66. “Filing a lawsuit because Democrat states flagrantly violated the Constitution in order to rig an election is Unconstitutional!”

    Even for Damon Root, this is fucking stupid.

  67. Either Reason staff have lost their minds with TDS, or they are trying to get jobs at far left wing CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NYT and/or WaPo.

    This website has gone downhill very rapidly, as dozens of commenters are far more libertarian, honest and objective than the vast majority of Reason writers and editors.

    1. No, we are witnessing the decay of classical liberalism into Marxism.

      You need to make a choice right now. Are you more loyal to liberty or to America?

      If you choose the former, you are a traitor.

      America is more important then the freedom to smoke ganja or to engage in buttsex. Most halfway intelligent people know that which is precisely why you people get exactly jack shit in the elections. Nobody likes voting for an obvious moron.

    2. No dude. You and the rest of the Trumpista conservative cancel culture trying to shut down myself, jeff and others are not libertarian. The only difference between you and the college kids who shut down conservative speakers is party affiliation.

      Tell me, are you proud to be part of the cancel culture?

      1. lol – you really are a baby crying victim as often as possible.

        Because people replying to you in disagreeable ways is not remotely close to trying to cancel you little child. I know it’s difficult with someone so fragile, but people are allowed to comment on your public pronouncements and sometimes they may not agree.

        To prevent further stress, grow up.

  68. Trump Lost Because SCOTUS Answers to the Constitution, Not to Him
    Trump’s judicial humiliation is now complete.

    Seventeen states present real concerns and file evidence about dubious election integrity in four other states, and SCOTUS says “you have no standing”.

    Damon Root’s conclusion: “Trump has been humiliated”.

    No, Damon, who has been humiliated is the American people and American democracy. This has nothing to do with whether Trump wins or loses, the election procedures in some key districts clearly are highly questionable and need to be investigated. If you don’t see that, you are either terminally gullible or simply partisan.

    1. State specifically these “highly questionable ” procedures that you think were used. Then go find where else these procedures were used, and for how long, not just in “key districts”. Then demand all of these should be investigated, even in places where the eventual outcome had no hope of changing. After all, it’s about “election integrity”, not who wins or loses, right? Once you do that then maybe I’ll listen. Otherwise it is just more sour grapes that Trump lost using “election integrity” as a fig leaf rationalization to camouflage the temper tantrum.

      1. “Show me the evidence! No, illegal ballot harvesting doesn’t count! Votes from dead people don’t count, either! Anyone who pays attention to the video evidence of fraudulent ballots being illegally counted is LITERALLY HITLER WAAAAAAH!”

        1. No, illegal ballot harvesting doesn’t count!

          I suppose it means what precisely you mean by “illegal ballot harvesting”. Perhaps you could expound on that.

          1. Or maybe you should stop being a lying, gaslighting, goapost-moving jackass and come up with an actual argument.

            1. Or maybe you could address the question. What specific instances of “illegal ballot harvesting” are you objecting to?

          2. Or maybe you should realize being a willfully obtuse moron is not an effective form of debate.

    2. there was no evidence


      trumpski lost on the merits

      screaming loudly is not evidence

      doubt is not evidence

      1. Screeching loudly over and over that there’s no evidence because you refuse to look at it does not magically disqualify the thousands of examples of evidence that have been submitted in court.

  69. No, it is absolutely about dragging Trump over the finish line by any means necessary so that Democrats don’t win. This is not about “election integrity” as an abstract concept. I have yet to see one comment about “voting irregularities ” in a non battle ground state. Do you think the election in Illinois or Kansas was flawless?

    1. They’ve switched the burden of proof, and will accept no proof.

      1. I know you’re an AntiFa-worshipping dipshit, but it’s hard to provide proof when literally every investigation is shut down by the guilty party.

        You probably thought the Mafia was “just an idea”, too, huh?

        1. I know you’re an AntiFa-worshipping dipshit…

          Great. Yet another moron who thinks lc is a genius.

          1. Go hurl some Molotovs and shoot some black teenagers in the name of Karl Mar- I mean, “limited governemnt”, you stupid fucking terrorist trash.

      2. So you’re really all in on unquestioning trust in The State and its corporate media, huh sarcastic?
        Totes libertarian.

    2. This dumb Commie fuck took Stephen Colbert’s “reality has a Liberal bias and will magically rewrite itself to reflect my solipsism!” proclamation way too seriously.

  70. I think all the trump humpers on here ought to clearly state whether they will be taking some sort of action due to the election “controversy” (such as it is), or whether they will be confining themselves to just whining about it on Reason.

    I suggest Nardz starts off, since he has mentioned the 2nd Amendment in his toughly-worded posts, but hasn’t actually committed to doing more than making noises with his mouth/keyboard.

    1. I think all the trump humpers on here ought to

      You love telling people what to do, don’t you? Go fuck yourself.

      1. You write some big tough words on this internet, but my question was “what are you going to do about it?”

        1. Project more, shitbag.

          1. Let the kid speak for himself, unless you also are planning to do more than whine on Reason?

            1. I didn’t REALLY mean for you to sit there and project more, you obnoxious little bitch.

              1. Lots of words, while this day the EC takes action…

                1. Yeah. Funny how you bitching incessantly hasn’t prevented dueling electors, nor the court-ordered audit which proves Dominion machines altered votes.

                  Maybe if you say “dRuMpF’S eLiTe TaSk FoRcE” fifty more times.

    2. Using force to defend your liberty is a perfectly legitimate action to resist an oppressive government according to the Declaration of Independence, the Second Amendment, and the Second Amendment’s justification in Federalist No. 29. If Nardz or the American people are ambivalent or uncertain about whether that action is justified in any particular case, that doesn’t take away from the argument that the people have a right to rebel against an oppressive government–a well articulated argument for which predated the the U.S. Constitution by 100 years.

      “Whenever the Legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common Refuge, which God hath provided for all Men, against Force and Violence. Whensoever therefore the Legislative shall transgress this fundamental Rule of Society; and either by Ambition, Fear, Folly or Corruption, endeavor to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other an Absolute Power over the Lives, Liberties, and Estates of the People; By this breach of Trust they forfeit the Power, the People had put into their hands, for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty.”

      —-John Locke, 1689

      If, indeed, the vote were as widely rigged as Nardz and others claim, that would be one hell of an imposition on the rights and liberties of the American people. You better give them a full accounting of how votes were tabulated. In the meantime, the right to rebel against an oppressive government isn’t limited to breaches of election standards. If Joe Biden manages to implement Medicare for All, a war on our Second Amendment rights, and the Green New Deal–as promised on Biden’s campaign website(s)–we’ll see a lot more people speculating about whether the U.S. government has become sufficiently oppressive to justify a rebellion.

      The militia movement’s participation numbers are thought to have topped out sometime before the Oklahoma City bombing, and that movement was a reaction to a far less controversial agenda than the one Biden is promising to enact. If Biden gets his way, expect an even broader reaction this time. Biden’s promised war on the Second Amendment alone makes the assault weapons ban of the ’90s look like a measly bumpstock ban–and we haven’t even started talking about Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. Because Biden is less radical than the Democrats in the House doesn’t mean the Americans people will accept the imposition of his insanity lying down.

      1. P.S. People’s reluctance to accept the election results is ultimately driven by their fear of Biden’s and the Democrats’ radical agenda. If you aren’t addressing Biden’s and the Democrats’ radical agenda, you aren’t really addressing people’s reluctance to accept the election results.

      2. “Because Biden is less radical than the Democrats in the House doesn’t mean the Americans people will accept the imposition of his insanity lying down.”

        A majority already have, we learned that last month.

        As for the rebellion, I just can’t wait for your screed on how cops have to be shot…

        1. A significant portion of those voters broke for Biden in spite of his policies–not because of them. They’ll turn on him the moment he destroys their standard of living with the Green New Deal, destroys their healthcare with his “public option”, and/pr violates their Second Amendment rights. Market forces don’t care about how people voted, and the legitimacy of our rights isn’t subject to a popularity contest. Anyone who imagines otherwise is ignorant or stupid.

          1. “A significant portion of those voters broke for Biden”

            Thanks for agreeing with me.

            1. You need to work on your reading comprehension.

              “A significant portion of those voters broke for Biden in spite of his policies–not because of them.”

              —–Ken Shultz

              If you think people are going to support Biden in the future after he destroys their standard of living with the Green New Deal and ruins their health insurance with Medicare for All–just because they voted for him in the past? Then you’re not only ignorant and stupid but willfully so. You’re not actually that stupid, though, are you?

              You don’t reallybelieve that the American people will take Biden’s polices in stride if they ravage our standard of living, do you? Because one or two percent broke for Biden in some states, that means they want him to squander $11 trillion on the Green New Deal and shut down all the natural gas power plants in the country? It’s just hard to believe anyone could be so stupid to believe that! Do you just have no idea what Biden is promising to do? Are you drunk?

              1. Biden won because of people voting against Trump, not because they liked Biden or his policies.

                1. Why are you telling me?

                  This Watt guy is saying that a majority of the American people “will accept the imposition of [Biden’s] insanity lying down” (my words) because they voted for him last month.

                  It’s ridiculous. You should be responding to Watt.

                  1. Christ, the majority voted for Biden. I don’t know how many times I can type that without losing my mind. Anyway, my prior comment was that you agreed that the voters supported Biden, which is more than I can say for your compatriots on this thread.

            2. Is that why Biden pissed the black and latino vote down his leg, Watt?

              1. Does it matter? He got millions more votes than trump and also something like 74 more electoral votes.

                1. Well, gee, ya whiny dumbfuck, you tell me. You piss and moan about the MUH BROWN PEEPLE vote in one breath, and then insist the Dead, Convicted Felon and Imaginary Voter that gave Biden the illusion of victory is more important.

                  1. I’m sure you have better proof of those claims than trump’s own elite strike team of Giuliani et al?

                    1. That’s SO weird. You saying the same unclever shit over and over and moving goalposts STILL hasn’t magically made the in-court evidence go away. Shock!

        2. Dead people and imaginary voters are not the “majority”

          You’re gonna have a hard time coping with that fact when you expect them to help you throw 75% of the country in gulags.

          1. I’m sure you have better evidence of those things than trump’s actual ELITE STRIKE FORCE…

            1. You mean the actual evidence that is being presented in court, versus the “RACHEL MADDOW HAD A DREAM ABOUT TRUMP SELLING AMERICA TO PUTIN!” bullshit you morons in the DNCCP are still pushing?

              1. Changing the subject doesn’t help your argument…

                1. Being a lying piece of shit who depends to gaslighting because you can’t debate in factuality doesn’t help your argument.

      3. Ken, if you’re going to go full Lysander Spooner then I’m going to expect you to be consistent about it. Biden is proposing to implement some pretty bad policies. Okay, fine. What about all of the bad policies that already exist, and have existed for quite some time? Why didn’t any of those inspire your radical revolutionary anarchist spirit? Biden plans to spend $2 trillion over 4 years on his Green New Deal. Okay, that’s bad. But the government spent $2 trillion *in less than one month* on coronavirus stimulus nonsense. Where was Ken demanding revolutionary violence to oppose this oppression?

        Why is it that only bad ideas that come from the left should inspire revolution and violence, but bad ideas that come from the right should inspire measured polite criticism and a regrettable “lesser of two evils” endorsement?

        This isn’t some anarchist cri de coeur. This is Ken willing to burn down the entire republican form of government just to stop Democrats from winning. That is shameful.

        1. Uh huh.

          Whine more about how the Constitutional process and investigation of flagrant voter fraud is “disenfranchising” the vote from Commie terrorist fuckwits like you and your AntiFa comrades from setting up your CHAZ dictatorship utopia by murdering teenagers, dumbfuck.

    3. Maybe you should ask the millions of people who keep gathering to protest in DC.

      Or you can break your foot trying to play naked grab-ass with a dog, like your child-molesting segregationist idol Biden did. Whichever:

  71. https://reason.com/volokh/2020/12/13/another-court-loss-for-trump-campaign-in-wisconsin/

    Trump campaign is now 1-60 on legal challenges. Including a case in which a judge made a decision on the merits. He found none, and dismissed Trump’s lawsuit with prejudice.

    The judge? A Trump nominee.

    Time to come back to reality, cultists.

    1. Trump has four cases in total, all of which are ongoing.

      Time to stop being a lying sack of shit who believes everything he reads on Twitter, Commie.

  72. Good article at the Atlantic about why the voter fraud claims continue to hold sway among so many Republicans.


    Bottom line: Votes for Democrats aren’t legitimate in the first place. Voting for a Democrat for president is like voting for Bart Simpson for president. It’s absurd and shouldn’t be counted with the “real” votes, the ones for “real” Americans, like Republicans and Trump.

    The author of that article claims that this phenomenon is really about “the Church of Trump” (as he calls it), but it predates that. Remember Sarah Palin’s “Real Americans” comment in 2008? That is one reason why so many Republicans liked her back then and continued to like her even afterwards. Because she represented “true America”, not the “fake America” of librul elitists living in New York City or San Francisco

    This is why Republicans are totally fine with welfare for Republicans (i.e., farm subsidies, Social Security), because it’s welfare that goes to “real Americans”; but welfare for Democrats (i.e., Medicaid, food stamps) is intolerable socialism and must be stamped out. Out of control spending on the military is fine, because the military is filled with Real Patriots who are Real Americans. But out of control spending on, say, environmental problems, should be rejected because it goes to “Fake Americans” who are probably communists anyway.

    1. As usual both you and the Atlantic get the facts wrong. You are just a hardened partisan for the democrats and you have no conception of life outside your echo chamber. The signal to noise ratio in your brain has been lowered by years of drug abuse.

      1. Thanks for your well-reasoned refutation of the facts and arguments that I laid out by invoking the dictum of logic known as the “ad hominem attack”.

        1. That’s cute. The dipshit whose only argument is, “WAH YOU’RE HITLER!” is misusing Ad Hominem fallacy.

        2. >”Church of Trump”

          >”WAAAH AD HOMINEM!”

          This is why everybody you know wishes you were dead, CultistJeff.

    2. So, a shitty propaganda piece from a disreputable tabloid that only reiterates the same “VOTE FRAUD IS IMPOSSIBLE, IF YOU DISAGREE YOU’RE A RACIST, DEMOCRATS ALWAYS WIN 90% OF THE VOTE CUZ WE’RE SO COOL AND POPULAR AND IF WE DON’T IT’S CUZ RUSSIA MAGICALLY HACKED US WAAAHHH” bullshit that nobody except morons like CultistJeff buy.


      1. Sure, that’s exactly what it says.
        Or, readers can read it and judge for themselves.

        1. Which just happened.

          Which is why you’re whining about how people have to judge Atlantic propaganda by how badly you want it to be true, not based on factuality or what it actually says.

    3. There’s literally zero chance teens of millions of voters think any vote for the other side is automatically invalid. This is the dumbest, most childish argument I’ve ever seen in the Atlantic, though to be clear, I haven’t read it in years, so maybe there’s worse these days; who knows?

  73. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1338202403405873152?s=19

    The antifa autonomous zone in Portland now has at least six barriers. The trespassers they are protecting at the “Red House” has received over $300,000 in donations even though they own a second house. Photo: Oregonian

    1. My bet is that Biden orders the National Guard into Portland shortly after his first 100 days in office.

      1. Sure. To protect his astroturfed Commie insurrectionists.

        1. No.

          The good guys won–so there is no longer a need for protest. No need for dissent.

          The first thing Castro did when he won power was to close or censor all the newspapers–even those that may have supported him before he came to power.


          Protest was okay when Trump was in office. Those days are over now. No more reason to protest. Your white knight has already arrived.

          1. Biden is still gaslighting the country as to their existence.

            They’ll just do what they did with the riots they fermented under Obama; they’ll claim that they’re “protesting” that the Democrats don’t control even MORE.

            1. If anything, expect Biden to deputize AntiFa Brownshirts as the “compassionate alternative to policing”.

  74. https://twitter.com/tomselliott/status/1338196775564435459?s=19

    .@BillGates on Covid: “Even through 2022” we should be prepared for life to not return to “normal”

    Says “sadly” it’s “appropriate” for bars and restaurants to close over the next “four to six months”

    1. Maybe that will help you trump humpers sober up a bit…

  75. https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1338111579502628864?s=19

    In 2016, the DNC’s top 5 officials were forced to resign when WikiLeaks published proof they systematically cheated to prevent Bernie from beating Hillary.

    In the first caucus of 2020 (Iowa), they cheated again, with the same goal. They blamed the state Party but it was the DNC:

    So the DNC got caught cheating when it was lead by @DWStweets in 2016. Then they played similar games in 2020 under @TomPerez.

    Don’t worry, though: I’m sure the next DNC Chair will be super honorable and scrupulous and devoted to free and fair elections inside the Party.

  76. 823 posts? So the whole “moving on” thing just not going to happen?

    1. Why won’t you mean Hitler poopoo heads just let us establish a CCP-puppet dictatorship built on rigged elections. :’(

    2. Expect two more years of this at least.

      And, again, the issue isn’t really the election. It’s Biden’s horrifying agenda. Because Biden’s agenda is so horrifying, his election is unacceptable to a tremendous number of people.

      And he doesn’t even tweet nasty things! It’s almost like the sweet way Biden presents his horrifying policies matters even less to non-progressives than the horrifying way Trump presented his excellent policies.

      1. “Sweet way”? The guy is always screaming at everyone, because he’s guilty of everything he’s accused of.

        And outrage over the election has far more to do with how blatantly fraudulent it was.

  77. https://twitter.com/MillerStream/status/1338203809114296321?s=19

    Despite the virus, US deaths this year are literally no worse than they’ve been for the last 10, and may even be on track to go DOWN.

    2010: 2.5M
    2011: 2.5M
    2012: 2.5M
    2013 :2.6M
    2014: 2.6M
    2015: 2.7M
    2016: 2.7M
    2017: 2.8M
    2018: 2.8M
    2019: 2.9M
    2020: 2.5M (as of Nov.)

      1. LOL Politifact.

        1. Yeah, they use the same CDC data as the above comment, not sure why you would believe Nardz’s CDC data but not the same data from Politifact…

    1. “and may even be on track to go DOWN.”

      Lockdowns are working!

  78. https://twitter.com/joncoopertweets/status/1338111252191727619?s=19

    The new Commander-in-Chief should direct the incoming Secretary of Defense to investigate for sedition any member of the US Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard who as a member of Congress signed onto Texas’s seditious and unanimously rejected US Supreme Court lawsuit.

    1. Nardz, just now: “How awful, those terrible libs want to punish people for sedition just for expressing unpopular opinions! They suck!”

      Nardz, a little while from now: “Time to go a-shootin’ the libs!”

      1. Uh, Nardz has already implied he is up for violence when he mentioned the 2nd Amendment. Of course, I have asked him a number of times if he is just bluffing but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Too busy loading up his magazines, I suppose…

  79. LOL the trump humpers out there all talk a big game about overturning the election, but when it comes to action they are sorely lacking! EC votes today, maybe you guys can come write words on the internet in protest!

  80. I don’t necessarily think the president’s case is true, but it’s a joke to ascribe any moral weight to the supreme court. It answers to the constitution? Laughable. We can start with it’s upholding anti-constitutional infringements on the right to bear arms, and then review 230 years of its other violations. The SC can go in the same tumbrel with the rest of the political class.

    1. The basic question is whether or not there are any limits at all on the 2nd Amendment (and any other similarly worded rights). If you admit that the government can prevent you from owning a backpack nuke (a limit on the 2nd amendment), then you admit that there are limits and that the court has to find those limits, right?

  81. The problem is SCOTUS ignores the Constitution and as arrogant people do, think only about themselves. The rule of law is no longer supported by most courts.

  82. It’s officially over. Thanks for the memories everyone.
    Here’s a little something for everyone to remember the fun and exciting election 2020!


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