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Think This Election Will End Up in Front of the Supreme Court? It's Already There.

Plus: Fewer Americans are watching sports, Milton Friedman's powerful TV series turns 40, Amy Coney Barrett joins the Supreme Court, and more...


The 2020 presidential election is already being litigated in front of the U.S. Supreme Court even though Election Day is still a week away. 

In a few key swing states, the rules under which the election will be conducted remain unsettled, including the potentially all-important question of when the polls will actually close—that is, when will states stop accepting mail-in ballots. Newly confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett could help decide these questions, though she may recuse herself (more on that in a minute).

The three outstanding cases involve absentee ballot rules in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Minnesota. In all three cases, Republicans are asking the Supreme Court to block state-level rules set by Democrats that allow mail-in ballots to be counted even if they are received days after the election, as long as the ballots appear to have been mailed by Election Day. In a close race, the decision to count ballots that are received in the days after the election—or, in North Carolina's case, all the way up until Nov. 12—could tip the results one way or another.

Generally, the Supreme Court has been deferential to state officials when it comes to setting the rules for elections. Indeed, that's what happened again on Monday night when the Court rejected a challenge brought by Democrats that sought to force Wisconsin to accept absentee ballots for up to six days after the election—overturning a district court ruling that had ordered the state to do so.

"No one doubts that conducting a national election amid a pandemic poses serious challenges," wrote Justice Neil Gorsuch in one of three concurring opinions released as part of the 5–3 ruling (there was no majority opinion). "But none of that means individual judges may improvise with their own election rules in place of those the people's representatives have adopted."

Gorsuch's opinion and separate concurring opinions from Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts may indicate how the Court is approaching similar issues in the Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania cases. In fact, Kavanaugh and Justice Elena Kagan, who wrote the dissenting opinion in yesterday's Wisconsin case, spent a fair bit of time in their respective opinions debating Pennsylvania rather than Wisconsin.

That's because the Pennsylvania case is different in a subtle but potentially important way. Unlike the Wisconsin case, which moved through the federal court system up to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania case is on appeal from the state Supreme Court.

In his concurring opinion on Monday, Kavanaugh went out of his way to drop in a footnote explicitly noting that "under the U.S. Constitution, the state courts do not have a blank check to rewrite state election laws for federal elections"—an interesting thing to write since the Wisconsin case had nothing to do with state courts. Roberts, too, preemptively addressed that distinction by highlighting the fact that the Wisconsin case was the result of a federal judge's "intrusion on state lawmaking process."

In Pennsylvania, it was the state Supreme Court that may appear to have intruded on the lawmaking process. Last month, it effectively rewrote the state's election laws by ordering that absentee ballots received by November 6, three days after the election, would be counted as long as there was no hard evidence to suggest they had been mailed after that date.

The North Carolina and Minnesota cases are less fraught. In both cases, Republicans are seeking to block state-level rules allowing ballots to be received until Nov. 12 and 10, respectively. But in both cases, federal courts have so far upheld those rules, so there is no issue of whether judges or lawmakers get the final say on election rules.

All three rulings are expected in the coming days. And if all of that isn't confusing enough, there's another wrinkle: Barrett was officially sworn in on Monday night and could play a role in these high-profile cases. "Recusal is never required just because a case is controversial or politically fraught," writes Jonathan Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy, but he notes that there's also no real precedent for our current moment.

The best-case scenario is that none of this ultimately matters. With huge numbers of early and absentee votes already cast, the number of ballots received after Election Day may be lower than many people hope or fear. But if the election ends up being close, the Supreme Court is already playing a role in determining the outcome.


The pandemic disrupted sports—and now Americans aren't watching as much. Television ratings for the NBA's championship series were down 49 percent from a year ago and the NHL's championship series saw viewership drop by 61 percent. "Even the usually untouchable N.F.L. was down 13 percent through Week 5," The New York Times reports.

Why? "Fewer people are watching television. More viewers than normal are choosing to watch news. Game schedules were optimized to safely complete events in a compressed time frame, not to maximize viewership."


Forty years after it first aired, Milton Friedman's documentary series Free To Choose is still a powerful argument for classical liberalism.

"It was an unapologetic defense of why capitalism was both morally and pragmatically superior to socialism," says Nick Gillespie in a new Reason TV video marking the documentary's anniversary. "Over the course of 10 hour-long episodes, the Nobel laureate economist laid out the pitfalls of protectionism, espoused the virtues of school choice, and explained why spending, not taxes, is the real measure of the burden that governments put on their citizens."

Needless to say, those lessons remain as relevant as ever during a presidential campaign between two men who are promising more spending, more borrowing, and more protectionism.


Indiana's Libertarian gubernatorial nominee, Donald Rainwater, is polling at 14 percent—lower than some previous polls that put his support as high as the mid-20s.


  • The Senate voted 52–48 on Monday night to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Her confirmation was nearly a party-line affair, with Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) the lone senator to break ranks. Barrett was sworn in later Monday night in a ceremony at the White House.
  • Conservatives dominate social media, despite cries about censorship and unfairness, according to Politico.

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  1. Think This Election Will End Up in Front of the Supreme Court? It’s Already There.


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  2. More viewers than normal are choosing to watch news.

    Political reporting: the ultimate bloodsport.

    1. Boehm of course ignored the surveys of sports fans showing up to 40% stopped watching due to sports becoming political.

      1. Boehm of course ignored the surveys of sports fans showing up to 40% stopped watching due to sports becoming political. woke.

      2. yeah, “people are watching less TV” doesn’t line up well with lockdown reality. People are watching more TV.

        1. A lot of that being porn.

        2. FFS how many people watched Tiger King?

    1. There needs to be some sort of major reform for government jobs. This seems like a bandaid that will probably not make things worse, just make the political actors in the government more obvious.

  3. <i.Game schedules were optimized to safely complete events in a compressed time frame, not to maximize viewership.

    To be fair, nothing the NHL does is to maximize viewership. I mean, drunk Susan Sarandon? WTF.

    1. Oh take me where, the hockey players, face off down the rink.
      And the Stanley Cup, is all filled up, for the champs who win the drink.
      Now the final flick, of a hockey stick, and the one gigantic scream.
      “The puck is in! The home team wins!”, the good ol’ hockey game.

      1. Face off, face off, rip his fucking face off.

  4. No ENB again?

    1. Two consecutive days I don’t have to where a cup.

      1. Good grief.


    2. At this rate we will have to learn to make our own sandwiches.

      On the plus side…. less vox tweets.

      1. PIZZA!

      2. haha! Matt Yglesias hardest hit…

    3. She’s probably taking a vacation–every once in a while Boehm, Soave, or Walker does the morning links for a week and it throws everybody off.

      1. Interesting timing for a “vacation”.

        1. Voting many times in many states?

          1. Luckily she said she’s voting for Jorgensen, and I believe everything she says, so I’m fine with her voting multiple times.

        2. She’s is prepping for her meltdown when trump wins. Hopefully she will go more catatonic

          1. That’s a lot of prep time. There’s almost no way we’ll know anything before what,, at least the seventh, if not even longer.

  5. It was an unapologetic defense of why capitalism was both morally and pragmatically superior to socialism…

    Maybe the younger Reason writers should give it a look. Am I right, fellow commenters?

    1. “Things change, modern Reason libertarianism is more sophisticated and understands that some speech is ugly and dangerous and that capitalism can be deeply unfair” – t. the B Team

    2. While it’s true that capitalism is both morally and pragmatically superior to socialism, it can be argued that the good intentions of socialism could guide the collective to a unity and equity that…. blah blah blah
      /fruit sushi

      1. Hey man, just because every time people have attempted a socialist government it has always devolved into an authoritarian hellscape isn’t a reason to stop trying!

        1. Why not? We have plenty of people to kill .

          1. “I’ve got them on my list, I’m sure they won’t be missed.”

        2. wrong people. every time.

    3. Hate-economics? In my safe space?

  6. “Conservatives dominate social media, despite cries about censorship and unfairness, according to Politico.”

    So you’re saying there is huge demand for non-left wing media? Shocker.

    1. They took data from two particular issues: Black Lives Matter and voter fraud to get the data for their conclusion.

      To me, that doesn’t seem like a very accurate way to go about things. Of course, voter fraud is going to be dominated by conservative voices. Instead of the idea of “voter fraud”, what if they went after data for “voter supression”? Then who dominates?

      Black Lives Matter posts could go either way, but all the data has been gathered from the end of August through the end of September. I’m sure the “excitement” has died down for the virtual signalers on the left, especially after protests have become riots.

      The study seems very limited, and the more I think about it, it seems incredibly stupid based on the limited issues and data.

      1. Pikachu face and all that. It’s politico. Conclusions are chosen before the research is done, and then research is decided by how to get the wanted conclusion.

        1. POLITICO worked with researchers at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based nonpartisan think tank that tracks extremism online, to analyze data from the institute’s extensive collection of information scraped from multiple social media platforms.

          I’m guessing Politico has figured out that the SPLC has become too toxic to use as a “neutral arbiter” so they’ve started using the British version of the SPLC. If you check them out, they have a big section on right-wing extremism, there’s no such category as left-wing extremism.

      2. So you’re saying Politico is being disingenuous?

      3. The science is settled, you racists.

      4. You just described most of modern academia

      5. like most science, they start with their conclusion and then start sifting for facts that fit

    2. Legacy social media like Facebook is for old people, of course its going to skew conservative

      1. I dunno. We’ve hit the stage where the Sixties generation are all retired.

        1. “I dunno.”

          Yeah you make that clear several times per day.

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      2. The right dominates in numbers – there’s dozens of right-wing tweeters sending out tweets to a dozen or so followers, there’s only a few left-wing tweeters sending out tweets to their thousands of followers.

    3. No, he’s saying that despite the suppression of non-leftist voices and promotion of leftist voices, the left is so inept at memeing that the right still dominates on social media.

  7. Her confirmation was nearly a party-line affair, with Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) the lone senator to break ranks.

    Collins knew that Barrett was unfit to be a Supreme Court justice and would ultimately lead to the senator being relegated to chattel just like all other women.

    1. or she knew Murkowski and Romney were on board with Barrett’s confirmation, so she was safe to signal to independent Maine voters that she’s woke enough

  8. “It (Milton Friedman’s documentary series Free To Choose) was an unapologetic defense of why capitalism was both morally and pragmatically superior to socialism,” says Nick Gillespie in a new Reason TV video marking the documentary’s anniversary.

    That kind of talk isn’t going to help Gillespie after the coup.

    7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

    1. That article is… disturbing.

      I’m really not very optimistic about the upcoming year, no matter who wins the election.

  9. Protests erupted in Philadelphia after police fatally shot a black man wielding a knife.

    I didn’t know Filthadelphia police could do anything these days to get the actual attention of the city’s masses.

    1. Why didn’t they just shoot the knife out of his hand?

      1. Yeah, if you can’t pay a living wage, you shou….
        Opps! Wrong meme!

      2. Or just shoot him in the leg? C’mon man!

        1. TomB already did this take.. .and better.

          1. Tell it to Biden.

      3. I get why that is retarded, but why cant they shoot a 10 oz bean bag at him at 120mph or so? Having been hit by a 5oz baseball going 80, id think that would be pretty disarming and less lethal.

        1. And if it’s not enough to stop him from charging with a knife?

          1. blow his brains out… im just saying its worth a shot.

            1. So switch weapons at what point exactly? Or are we going to train officers to carry a different gun in each hand?

    2. There’s wielding a knife, and there’s whittling with a knife, right Seattle? So which was it here?

      Meh, burn down North Philly.

      1. Yeah, huge difference between walking down the street minding your own business and advancing on police with a weapon.

        I didn’t follow it closely, but to borrow a phrase, it has all the hallmarks of “suicide by cop”.

        1. I saw the video. No way he wasn’t gonna get shot, he chased the cops around a car into the road with a knife in his hand.

          1. So whittling on cops then. That’ll do it.

            Another BLM poster child.

  10. Some reasons why 2020 isn’t like 2016.

    Because the Fourth Estate is desperate for it to not be?

    1. That is a truth. 2016, there was still some attempts to pretend neutrality. When Hillary got caught violating national security, many news organizations felt an obligation to at least try and come up with an excuse for why it could be ignored. Now, when Biden got caught taking bribes, they’ve decided to just go for a national suppression campaign.

      1. Trump got in the way of things so important to the true power structure that it had to reveal itself for the first time.

        Now that they’re fully exposed they’re all in, because they have to be.

        1. For instance, Pravda had nothing on how NYT, the WaPo, USA Today and the rest have been acting. The mask is off and now they have no other choice.

          Even Reason of all places has been propagandizing and ignoring/suppressing stories.
          Even a year ago who would’ve imagined Bailey of all people writing articles like his last two. He’s thrown his credibility in the toilet for this. If there’s no President Harris, he’s sunk.

          1. Isn’t the name ciaramella still banned on most social media?

          2. If Trump wins, we need a purge of the left.

            Enough is enough.

      2. They went into full “SHUT IT DOWN” mode because they knew from experience that ANY bad news about Biden was going to help Trump.

        At least they aren’t even bothering to make token gestures to hide their partisanship; they better pray to whatever gods they have the country DOESN’T devolve into a no-kidding civil war, because they’re going to end up as a primary target if that happens. 9News reporters in Denver aren’t hiring Antifa bodyguards because these dingleberries know the best pot shops and microbreweries.

        1. We had a lot of experience running Green Zones in hostile territory, for 20-some odd years. The Ruling Class’ll likely end up within one. The hangers-on of the Ruling Class, like those Denver reporters you mention, probably won’t get in.

          Jesus. Who says to themselves, “I want to live in Baghdad, circa 2005.”

          1. Jesus. Who says to themselves, “I want to live in Baghdad, circa 2005.”

            They really don’t think it will go like that. They think it will be easy to round up all the deplorables. And by they I mean the useful idiots, not the people actually in charge, they know better. The people in charge realize that unless they can confiscate A LOT of guns first, they won’t get very far.

            The number of hunting licenses in four states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, would comprise the largest military in the world.


      3. In 2016, Trump was a star guest on SNL, and Clinton was openly mocked for being power hungry. In 2020 it’s all anti-Trump all the time.

        1. The Left may not be able to meme, but it looks like some of them can learn.

        2. In 2016, Joe Scarborough and Trump were friends, to the point that people were concerned whether he could cover Trump fairly. I haven’t watched the show in probably 10 years, but I remember my brother describing Morning Joe as “Trumpist” during the primaries. In 2017, Trump offered to have Joe and Mika get married at the White House. Yesterday, I saw an article where Joe Scarborough said that Trump would obviously have journalists executed if he could. It’s shocking how much hatred the media has developed for Trump in the past four years, simply because he pushes back and doesn’t accept their right to drive the narrative without question.

          1. I bet you Scarborough doesn’t believe that for a second, but something is pushing him to talk that way.
            Peer pressure is a powerful force, but is it actually that powerful?

            Just look at Reason’s TDS for instance, from people who like to pose as iconoclasts. What is forcing them to destroy their credibility like this? It can’t be as trivial as fitting in, could it?

  11. Police departments can’t buy cell phone tracking “Stingray” devices anymore, so now cops are scrambling to get their hands on the Canadian version.

    It only tracks teen girls’ texts about Justin Beiber.

    1. WK is going to be pussed when he finds out more Canadians may be involved.

      1. I think you mean pissed. She’s already pussed.

    2. there’s only so many people Drake can call on his cell phone to ascertain their whereabouts

  12. Conservatives dominate social media, despite cries about censorship and unfairness, according to Politico.

    By dominate do they mean that the left can’t meme?

    1. Or argue. Look at how their horseshit falls apart here.
      In an area of free exchange they can’t defend their ideas.

      1. I defend classic liberalism easily.

        You attempt to defend Big Gov conservatism, tariffs, government overreach via overspending and huge deficits, and Aborto-Freaks.

        1. See. Nothing but name calling and strawmen.

          They can’t defend their ideas.

          1. It certainly can’t defend it’s love of child rape videos.

        2. “I defend classic liberalism easily.”

          You misspelled “lie”, turd.

        3. Classical child porn*

  13. Not A Publisher

    Twitter will preemptively debunk election misinformation
    The company wants to slow the spread with PSAs.

      1. Like folks have said. Twitter is going all in. Win and there will be not only be no consequences but twitter will likely see its current behavior given the force of law.

    1. Section 230 makes no distinction between publishers and non-publishers. Social media and other websites can mix their own content and user-provided content to their heart’s delight.

      1. Which is not something most other industries can do and enjoy the same legal protections from lawsuits, but you also argue Section 230 is not a special protection, which kind of destroys your narrative. Which is it? Section 230 is industry neutral or it allows tech companies to receive special legal protections that other industries?

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by “industry neutral”.

          As I’ve said before, Section 230 is an exemplary bit of good legislation. It is lightweight regulation, helps promote speech platforms, and treats every website from social media giants to the smallest with the same rules.

      2. Thank you for restating the problem.

        You do realize 230 can be changed, right? Just like any other bad law.

        1. Except it is a good law.

  14. “Fewer Americans are watching sports”

    Meanwhile, we are having one of the most entertaining World Series ever.

    1. Perhaps leagues shouldn’t have spent so much effort turning off their fans…

      1. Perhaps you shouldn’t view sports with a biased political lens.

        And movies, music, books, etc

        1. I don’t look at sports with any political lens.

          Perhaps leagues should do the same, sparkles.

        2. Perhaps you shouldn’t lie, turd.

        3. Hey pedo… he wants a sports without politics. That was the point of his statement.

          1. Funny how the “politics” only became an issue when it was the wrong kind of politics.

            1. Meaning any politics period is the wrong kind of political. Amazing how the same people who only a few years ago were trying to get football cancelled because of concussions now support the NFL after it went woke.

            2. Hey look it’s Shreek rssponding to criticism of his main with a sock.

            3. Is your position that the national anthem is right wing, or am I missing some other “politics” that was part of sports before this? Because that’s very telling.

      2. I watched about 30 seconds of baseball this year. When I saw that the cardboard cutouts behind home plate were “wearing” masks, I was out.

        Is that political? Or a reasonable reaction the absurdity of 2020?

    2. Thank God the blue jays weren’t playing. You’d have to boycott.

      1. The Blue Jays weren’t even allowed to play in their home stadium like all the other teams. Canada was too concerned with their safety.

      2. Because they’re Canadian. And I hate Canadians! Got it. Ha ha. Funny.

        1. Also true.

        2. It is funny. But again we’re laughing at you, not with you. You’re the butt of the joke.

          1. You are not someone whose respect I want.

            1. Then why do you try so hard for it.

            2. If you’re ok with me laughing at you, that’s fine with me.

  15. Nothing about how Reason alum Dave Weigel thinks Joe Biden thinking George Lopez has been President for four years is perfectly OK and normal?

    1. Are you also going to cover Trump’s gaffes to be fair and balanced? Like our Commander-in-Chief going on and on about our “hydrosonic” missiles.

        1. Repetitive R Mac bot is repetitive.

          1. It’s funny you got called a bot yesterday now you keep calling others a bot. Caccll didn’t work out well enough for you huh?

            1. CACLL is working just fine for me. If you want me to go back to using terms that conservative-leaning libertarian commenters here complained were unfair characterization, such as “Trump fan”, “Trump apologist”, I can do that.

              1. “CACLL is working just fine for me”


                1. Poor girl put so much thought into it and it’s fallen so flat.

              2. i’ll go.back to GFY

      1. Do you wish to compare not knowing who the President is with this?

        1. Dee really is that dumb.

          1. I like that Dave thought “Biden doesn’t think George BUSH is President. He thinks George LOPEZ is President” was a good line to run with.

            Because he did say “Four more years of George”, and this interpretation is the only valid one.

          2. OK, defend Trump’s saying that our military is developing “hydrosonic” missiles. Defend his complaining about journalists not deserving their “Noble Prizes”.

            Go ahead and embarrass yourself defending an illiterate moron.

            1. Many journalist don’t deserve the nobel prize, their work is substandard but checks the boxes. It is akin to the pulitzer, and yes there is no nobel prize for journalism per se, but a lot of journalist win it in other categories simply because the check the right boxes.

            2. And it is also telling you keep recycling just two examples.

              1. And it is telling that Trump supporters here are in denial about those examples. I can come up with a lot more.

                1. “Trump supporters”

                  What a sad fucking thing for you to care about so much.

                2. Ok but why would you? Why do you even care that some people are slagging Biden?

                  1. I don’t care that they are slagging Biden. I care about poking the bubble of the Trump Mean Girls clique that has ruined one of the best libertarian forums that existed.

                    1. “I don’t care that they are slagging Biden.”

                      No one beleives that for a second. We can see your posts.

                      “. I care about poking the bubble of the Trump Mean Girls clique ”

                      Aren’t you a grown man? Because if you are, your comment there is deeply embarrasing for you.

                    2. The White Knight
                      October.27.2020 at 2:27 pm
                      I don’t care that they are slagging Biden.

                      The White Knight
                      October.27.2020 at 10:00 am
                      Are you also going to cover Trump’s gaffes to be fair and balanced?

                    3. Was that supposed to illustrate a contradiction?

                    4. The fact that you think it doesn’t is why you get laughed at.

                    5. Why would you ask if he was going to be fair and balanced and add some Trumpisms if you don’t care?

                      Right. You care and were lying about it.

                    6. WK literally whines that if you slag Biden yoy need to be balanced and slag Trump too, then lies that he doesn’t care about slagging Biden.

                    7. Yup. And he’ll of course lie and claim he wants “balance” which is a claim I’ve already debunked.

                      He’s stuck here. He either has to explain why his “balance” is selective or admit he lied about caring when people criticize Biden.

            3. You should read better. Or not, ridiculing your stupidity is entertaining.

        2. Yes. Biden probably is going senile, and was a gaffe machine in the first place. But in all fairness, and to criticize both sides, Trump is such a moron that he was touting our missiles’ toothbrush technology.

          Both major parties gave us piss poor candidates.

          1. BOTH SIDES!!! LOLOLOL

            No one has ever bought that from you lolol

            1. Ah, the spokesman for everyone.

              1. It hurts you because you know it’s true and you did it to yourself.

          2. So in your opinion Trump is a moron? Okay, you have only cited two examples repeatedly, and this one simply not that great of an example. Hydrosonic vs hypersonic. Gee what a maroon, he misstated using words that are very similar sounding and spelling. That is totes the same as not knowing which office you are running for and what the name of your opponent is. And if the choice is between a moron and senility, I think moron wins every day.

            1. A moron is occasionally right, a senior patient has no grasp of reality and thus is much more easily manipulated and or prone to rash decisions and violence. I’ve worked with senile patients for years, and know you can never be sure when they will go off the deep end and get violent for no reason.

            2. soldiermedic76, the comment you wrote is a perfect example of being an apologist for Trump.

            3. “The closest thing is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic. It certainly was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people, probably ended the Second World War.”

              Our Commander-in-Chief. Eisenhower is rolling over in his grave.

            4. “They say ‘a wall is medieval.’ Well, so is a wheel. A wheel is older than a wall. The wheel is older than the wall, you know that? There are some things that work. You know what? A wheel works and a wall works. Nothing like a wall.”

            5. Our Commander-in-Chief speaking on the Revolutionary War: “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory,”

            6. Trump speaking about the border wall: “ “We’re building a wall in Colorado.”

            7. “ You know I ask Boris, where’s England? What’s happening with England? They don’t use it too much anymore. We talked about it – it was very interesting.”

              “I have great respect for the U.K. United Kingdom. Great respect. People call it Britain. They call it Great Britain. They used to call it England—different parts.”

            8. “Remember, new ‘environment friendly’ lightbulbs can cause cancer.”

            9. Holy shit you just blathered back and forth to yourself for hours. You should get help.

      2. “Are you also going to cover Trump’s gaffes to be fair and balanced? Like our Commander-in-Chief going on and on about our “hydrosonic” missiles.”

        How ’bout them 57 states, WK?

        1. That would be a zinger of a comeback if I were an Obama fan. But I’m not.

          1. You’re a squawking bird Dee.

            1. Unimaginative R Mac bot is unimaginative.

              1. ALSO TRUMP!

                1. It’s not my fault that for any valid criticism that can be made about Biden, there is an equivalent or worse criticism to be made about Trump. It’s not my fault that Orange Man Bad is indeed bad.

                  1. “It’s not my fault that for any valid criticism that can be made about Biden, there is an equivalent or worse criticism to be made about Trump”

                    It IS YOUR FAULT that you elected yourself the Biden Fire Chief.

                    1. This is an excellent point, there has been no dearth of Trump criticism by Reason, and if WK were actually attempting balance like he claims, his responses to said criticism would be legion.

                    2. Trump is the current, sitting President. When Obama was the current, sitting President, Reason spent a lot of time criticizing him. That is how it works.

                    3. Why would a libertarian care that President Trump gets criticized a lot by writers on a libertarian website?

                    4. “Balance” is your narrative buddy, you tell me.

                    5. The White Knight
                      October.27.2020 at 10:00 am
                      Are you also going to cover Trump’s gaffes to be fair and balanced?

                    6. Haha Dee’s getting embarrassed again and she’s to dumb to realize it!

                    7. You can tell from the post I quoted that WK was very salty when he posted it too.

                      I personally don’t care about balance but I didn’t whine at another poster and demand it from them either.

          2. So you can link to some of your derision towards a democrat president?

            1. Don’t know about links, but I’ll gladly say some derisive things about Obama or Clinton. Will you first promise to acknowledge that I said them, and not pull your, “Oh, he’s lying” b.s.?

              1. “Don’t know about links”


                “but I’ll gladly say”

                When pinned down and forced to.

                1. I don’t have a bunch of bookmarked links to my own comments. I’m offering to make nice, fresh derisive comments about Obama or Clinton, but first I want JesseAz to promise he will give me credit for doing so.

                  1. “I don’t have”

                    Yes we know you cant link to it because you dont have it, you fucking stupidly said that already.

                    “I’m offering to make nice, fresh derisive comments”

                    Lying on purpose is nothing to be proud of.

                    1. Right, so what’s the point if I’ll just be called a liar.

                      Anyway, you are not JesseAz. I am waiting for JesseAz to say that he will acknowledge my anti-Obama comments and not accuse me of lying.

                    2. So you DON’T have any links then liar?

                    3. You tell is you have no history to point to but think fresh criticism under duress is useful or valiid?

                      Fuck off dumbass.

                    4. “So you DON’T have any links then liar?”

                      To be a liar, I would have had to have said at some point that I do have links in hand. Which is not something I have said.

                    5. You might have a point if that was what I was saying you’re lying about.

                      You try so hard too, but you’re an idiot so you just make yourself look stupid over and over.

                  2. The only reason youre going to criticise Biden is because of a lame internet beef gotcha atrempt. And you admit it.

                    1. I can criticize Biden, too, if you want. JesseAz, specifically asked me for my “derision towards a democrat president”.

                      Links to my derisive comments about Biden I think I can find, since I’ve made criticisms of Biden here recently.

                      But I’m not going to say anything unless JesseAz promises to give me credit for saying it.

                    2. I can criticize

                      “So you can link to some of your derision towards a democrat president?”

                      That was the question. You answered “no but I can make some fresh criticism” yet fail to understand how this makes you look even worse.

                    3. “But I’m not going to say anything unless JesseAz promises to give me credit for saying it.”

                      I’m literally laughing out loud right now! This is one of your most embarrassing incidents yet.

              2. ““Oh, he’s lying” “

                Remember when you stole names then lied about it?

                Sorry. You made your bed.

                1. “Remember when you stole names then lied about it?”

                  There was about a week or two where I openly spoofed other people’s handles, after Tulpa spoofed mine. I didn’t lie about it at all. In fact, I openly advertised that I was doing it, which is why you know that I did it.

                  1. There was about a week or two where I openly spoofed other people

                    So you do remember when you stop people’s names and then lied about it.

                    I didn’t lie about it at all.


                    1. He absolutely lied about it.

                    2. Ok it looks lile you irrefutably lied about who you were.

                      That’s two lies tied to that fiasco.

                    3. You didn’t even link to the correct thread man. You lied about that too now.

                    4. He’s afraid to link to his name theft because he knows he lied about who he was while doing it.

                    5. Is that the thread where you pretended to be JesseAz?

              3. I have rarely ever seen you say anything derisive about Biden without prompting after others called you to task for your blatant one sided attacks against Trump (and I’ve also seen you use the defense but he is president to forgive one sided reporting by Reason). And over the past couple of years, your criticism of Obama had been much in the same thread, only after called out for your criticism of Trump. I am not certain what you did between 2009 and 2017, but based upon your current track record I am willing to make a modest wager that it was the same modus operandi. In other words you only criticized Obama after being called out for your apparently partisan criticism of Republicans.

                1. Nope. You are wrong about that.

                  So, why hasn’t JesseAz yet said that he will give me credit if I make some derisive comments about Obama. I’m ready to do it, JesseAz, but it’s up to you.

                  1. Because then you’ll accuse him of a quid pro quo and spend a year trying to impeach him

                    1. That’s funny.

                  2. “Nope. You are wrong about that”

                    Then link it.

                    Because you seem to think saying “nu uh” will work lolollololo

                  3. “So, why hasn’t JesseAz yet said that he will give me credit if I make some derisive comments about Obama. I’m ready to do it, JesseAz, but it’s up to you”

                    Lol, this is so pathetic!

              4. Hahaha! This is so pathetic to watch Dee!

              5. Wulp, it’s been all day and JesseAz has not responded.

    2. Speaking of a guy who got a lot less funny when he started getting really political.

  16. This is the article I couldn’t find yesterday

    Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields

    Seated at his kitchen table, finishing off the remains of a Saturday breakfast, Hunter Hollingsworth’s world was rocked by footsteps on his front porch and pounding at the door, punctuated by an aggressive order: “Open up or we’ll kick the door down.”

    Surrounded on all sides of his house, and the driveway blocked, Hollingsworth was the target of approximately 10 federal and state wildlife officials packing pistols, shotguns and rifles. And what was Hollingsworth’s crime? Drugs, armed robbery, assault, money laundering? Not quite.

    Months prior, in 2018, the Tennessee landowner removed a game camera secretly strapped to a tree on his private land by wildlife officials in order to monitor his activity without apparent sanction or probable cause. Repeat: Hollingsworth’s residence was searched by U.S. government and state officials, dressed to the nines in assault gear, seeking to regain possession of a trail camera—the precise camera they had surreptitiously placed on his private acreage after sneaking onto his property at night, loading the camera with active SD and SIM cards, and zip-tying the device roughly 10’ high up a tree—all without a warrant.

    Can the government place cameras and monitoring equipment on a private citizen’s land at will, or conduct surveillance and stakeouts on private land, without probable cause or a search warrant? Indeed, according to the U.S. Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) interpretation of the Fourth Amendment. Welcome to Open Fields.

    1. Seriously fucked up. Hopefully this isn’t a “Super Precedent”.

    2. People in the country have known for a long time that Game Wardens are the most powerful law enforcement entities in the US. They can go on your property and search your home without a warrent and have been able to for decades.

  17. Trump must remain the defendant in rape defamation claim case filed by E. Jean Carroll, judge rules

    1. Another bombshell.
      This is the tipping point.
      The walls are closing in.
      It’s the beginning of the end.



        (mimicking wingnut talking point for the irony challenged)

        1. What do you think you just linked to?

          Funny how she had nothing with her original phony accusation, so she’s suing for it being called a phony accusation.

        2. Post it on Twitter and Facebook. Bet it doesn’t get blocked and you don’t get your account suspended.

    2. Trying to sell a book is hard these days…

    1. Nothing stops progressive thinkers.

    2. Planned parenthood to handle the appetizers?

      1. Sounds like a good source of non animal protein.

    3. What a modest proposal.

      1. All social satire becomes true in the end.

        1. 2020, the year reality got weirder than parody.

    4. I bet vegans are delicious.

      1. Clowns taste funny.

      2. There is the native American mythos that the cosmic bakers under cooked the white people, burnt the black people, and only the native Americans are properly done. So they should be the most delicious

        1. That *would* explain why I feel so doughy sometimes. Hrmmm.

    5. That’s Impossible. Can’t we get Beyond Meat?

  18. “Conservatives dominate social media, despite cries about censorship and unfairness, according to Politico.”

    Ants do not take much comfort in the fact that they dominate my kitchen in the spring when I break out the ant poison

  19. BREAKING: 30 Cops Injured By Anti-Police Rioters In Democrat-Controlled Philadelphia

    1. Build Back Better


    Brought to you as a part of the Great Reset, which embraces a fully intersectional model and insists that by 2030, you won’t own anything (even property), and you’ll be happy.

    Intersectional fascism is coming. It’s bigger than you think.

    1. Build Back Better (my earlier comment should have gone here)

  21. UPDATE: USPS employee federally charged after discarding mail, absentee ballots into Kentucky dumpster

    1. Do you have a cite besides Twitter?

      1. This is why you get made fun of. You have enough information to find a news story with a quick search. But you’re so intellectually lazy and dishonest you can’t. You’d rather deny the existence of the information.

        1. Beat me to it.

        2. It’s impossible to parodize the real WK.

      2. Gee, a web search is so HARD, right WK?

        “USPS employee federally charged after discarding mail, absentee ballots into dumpster ”

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        2. You do realize you are not replying to me, right?

          1. You do realize they were replying to you right?

          2. You asked for a citation, one is provided and you criticize the poster. Gee really fair and open minded.

  22. Cruz: Hunter Biden attacks don’t move ‘a single voter’

    Cruz told Jonathan Swan of Axios in an interview that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s “best moment” in the Oct. 22 debate came when he brushed off Trump’s attacks on his family and turned to the camera to tell viewers that their families matter more.

    “One of Biden’s best points was when he said all these attacks back and forth about my family and [Trump’s] family, they don’t matter. What matters is your family. That may have been Biden’s best moment, actually,” Cruz said.

    Asked to clarify his view that attacks on Hunter Biden haven’t been effective, Cruz replied: “I don’t think it moves a single voter.”

    Even Ted Cruz thinks this rat-fucking was a fail.

    1. So, politicians ACTUALLY taking bribes is nothing to you. Good to know.

      1. As far as turd is concerned, it depends strictly on the party. He’s scummy in many more ways than just being a kiddy-diddler.

    2. It certainly helps that the media is now openly providing in-kind political services for the Democratic party.

    3. Suddenly we care what Ted Cruz thinks?

    4. Mostly because progressives are perfectly fine with corruption as long as it is to the right people.


    Nothing threatens progressivism more than a court that adheres to the Constitution.

  24. People are literally screaming into pillows over the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation right now.

    1. I’m…not sure she’s of age to be posting that video. Be careful.

      I’d say this is another example of Leftists acting like children, but she might actually have an excuse.

    2. She seems perfectly stable.

  25. the paper of walter duranty and the russian collusion narrative has a lot of gall to be out here casting stones at conservative media about a supposed “propaganda feedback loop.”

  26. Biden saying the wrong name (which he 100% unquestionably did) is not a big deal.

    That the media is having a meltdown denying it happened shows just how corrupt they’ve become.

    They will go full-Pravda over minutiae.

    1. Brian Stelter is literal skin covered fecal matter.

      1. Stelter not only came up with the ludicrous “he was talking about George Lopez” take, he has been “outing” pundits/reporters who do not report it that way.

        And no, you were not supposed to believe that Biden thought Lopez was president… you were supposed to take the really, really over-the-rainbow interpretation that “George” is a parenthetical aside…

        As in “This stuff about media bias really bothers me, Trog, and I think we should do something about it.”

        He doesn’t seem to understand that this interpretation makes even less sense. Mis-speaking and flubbing a name isn’t really that big of a deal outside of the realm of hyperpartisan politics. I would have just gone with that one.

        1. It doesn’t help that Jill had to correct him twice.

          This guy is flubbing shit that gets put on his teleprompter, and we’re expecting him to skillfully negotiate deals with G20 nations? Are they all going to simply indulge him like a goofy old grandpa because at least it’s not the Orange Man, no matter how awkward it gets? When he meets up with a hottie like Zuzana Čaputová, they’re going to have to spray him with a water bottle to get him to stop sniffing her hair, or he’s going to create an international incident when he proceeds to grab her by the pussy. (When you’re President of the US, they let you do it)

  27. In a few key swing states, the rules under which the election will be conducted remain unsettled

    Because of liberal activists and their judges. The rules legislatively are clear. Democrats are trying to change then through the judiciary contrary to the constitution. Reason has done a terrible job covering this.

    1. Republicans are asking the Supreme Court to block state-level rules set by Democrats that allow mail-in ballots to be counted even if they are received days after the election,

      Completely dishonest framing here. The irony is Boehm recognizes it is the politics of activist judges. But the rules were not set by the legislature. They were implemented by the judiciary. Boehms failure to recognize this is a credit to his dishonesty.

      1. I felt the same way. Boehm misrepresented the facts of the cases.

        Readership deserves better. If Boehm is the best Unreason has to offer…

        1. He’s better than I am.

    2. the Supreme Court has been deferential to state officials when it comes to setting the rules for elections.

      No. They are differential to state legislatures since means and manner of elections are bestowed upon that branch. They have often struck down changes to an election through executive or judicial near an election.

    3. And the GOP has done a terrible job getting in front of this. Biden told them months ago that he had hundreds of lawyers lined up to make sure this election was “fair”, did you think all those lawyers were waiting until after the election to make their move? No, Democratic lawyers have been hard at work for months getting the rules changed to “make voting easier”. (And entirely coincidentally to make voter fraud much easier.) Look, if you’re going to make the coronavirus pandemic an issue for voting – what’s so hard about allowing “fear of covid” being a legitimate excuse for requesting a mail-in ballot in the states that don’t already allow no-fault mail-in balloting? Why do you need to change any other rules? Why do you need to mail out unsolicited ballots? Why do you need to allow later deadlines for accepting ballots? Why do you need to relax requirements for signatures and witnesses and postmarks? “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is all – they’re using the coronavirus as an excuse to get rid of any restrictions on voting at all. Vote as many times as you’d like, even if you’re not a registered voter or even eligible to be a registered voter, vote anonymously, vote after the election, it doesn’t matter. Count Every Vote! doesn’t discriminate between valid and invalid votes.

      1. Trump is really bad at lawfare, and the rest of the GOP doesn’t give a shit or wants to take the high road.

        Agreed that these circumstances shouldn’t drastically change how elections have been conducted in the past, but they will.

    4. I thought one of the worst was when activists in Wisconsin disqualified the Green Party from the presidential ballot in that state.

      “The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday denied the Green Party presidential ticket access to the ballot, clearing the way for municipal clerks to begin sending absentee ballots to voters. . . . . In the 4-3 unsigned decision, the court ruled it was simply too late into election season to grant any relief.”

      My understanding was that President Trump won Wisconsin by fewer votes than those that voted for the Green Party–so the Democrats wanted the Green Party off the ballot so that all those lefties will be forced to vote for Biden if they want to vote against Trump.

      1. If there’s any irony here, it’s that the Greens seem to be fully supportive of bending over and raping those who disagree with them. If they were bent over and raped by the progressives in their state, that’s wrong–but there is an aspect of poetic justice. And it’s probably a foreshadowing of the Green New Deal. I maintain that the Green New Deal is unlikely to achieve any of its stated goals, and after its been repealed, average Americans will be left so disgusted with it, they won’t want to embrace anything “green” again for another generation.

        1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. “My understanding was that President Trump won Wisconsin by fewer votes than those that voted for the Green Party”

        That was the case for MI, WI, and PA. (You’ll have to scroll down a ways.)

        Somebody in the Democratic Party was paying attention…

      3. The situation is a bit different this time–I suspect a large enough number of Bernie Bros voted Green in 2016 to swing the elections there to Trump, but that’s because they were pissed about Bernie getting ratfucked by the DNC. It happened again this year, but Bernie did his part by rolling over early enough that the Dems were able to keep a full-blown party insurrection from taking place.

        Who knows what’s going to happen after this election, because Biden is going to be the last old fart the DNC runs for the big chair. The Gen-Xer Dems, who are about halfway on the woke train, simply have no energy to take charge for more than an election cycle or two, and the Millennial ones are getting all the tongue baths from the press, Big Tech, and mass media.


    They hate the Constitution.

    Critical Race Theory explicitly begins with an approach that calls into question neutral principles of constitutional law.

    It does this specifically to distinguish itself from traditional approaches to civil rights.

    We’re. Being. Played.

  29. This is the natural and predictable result of Democrats deciding that the best way to try to win an election is by changing the existing election rules overnight.

    In ten years, when 12-year old pre-teens can vote by text message, the cases will get very interesting, very quickly.


    What if – hear us out – the Constitution sucks, and is wrong about everything, and shouldn’t be the basis for running a society in the 21st century?

    1. Constitution sucks:✓

      Wrong about everything:✓

      Shouldn’t be the basis for running a society:✓

      Ummmm no duhhh, next?

    2. In that “wrong about everything” do they include the rights they “found” in it like abortion?

    3. Thankfully, there’s a way to change it.

      Or you can try using force, and see how that works out for you.

      1. Exactly. If you don’t like what it says, there’s a legal way to change what it says.

        Not our problem if you can’t get enough people on board with your stupid ideas.

    4. Looks like the Gravel Institute is the latest grifter-sourced progressive psyop.

      1. Turning Point got abandoned already?

  31. I could live without all the Politico opinion pieces.

    1. Step up from Vox when ENB is the writer.

    2. Politico is one of Resson’s many critical sister publications,along with the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Vox, Time Magazine, Jacobin Magazine, etc etc.

      Without these entities, there wouldn’t even be any content here at all.

    3. They really do suck.

  32. Testing 123

    1. PS: Joe Biden is a crook! 🙂

      Your test was successful.

  33. Don’t think tweaking mail in ballot rules is going to make one bit of difference in these states. Trump is done and all it will do is drag out the results a week or two maybe.

    1. He says, with no evidence and only resentful hopes in his heart

      1. Oh, I hate Hoe Biden every bit as much as you. Trump has blown this though.

        1. We’ll see. Irony if he loses because he, in accordance with the Constitution, allowed Governors of States to destroy their own economies through arbitrary restrictions, and allowed those same Governors to permit rampaging mobs.

          And we were worried four years ago, that Trump wouldn’t act Constitutionally…

        2. Only if you buy the prog bullshit, which fewer and fewer people are buying.

    2. 2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics. Last updated: 10/27/2020 02:56 PM Eastern Time. Michael McDonald • Professor, University of Florida

      Joe Biden does not appear to be winning. Swing states dont appear to have 100% returns on requested ballots. There are still tens of millions of Republican voters that still have yet to vote in person.

  34. Better explanations include that 1) the games aren’t as much fun to watch without crowds in the stands, 2) that the best games have been on at the same time, which didn’t happen during the pandemic–forcing sports fans to choose between watching football, the NBA finals, or the playoffs in baseball, and 3) let’s not forget that the NBA and the NFL disgraced their brands in the minds of some viewers by showing their talent disrespecting our national anthem. All three of these explanation are contributing to ratings declines to various degrees.

    1. I don’t know why none of these explanations were included when Boehm quoted the NY, but all three of those explanations are better than anything quoted in that piece.

      1) We won’t know how much empty stadiums contribute to the decline in ratings until after the pandemic is over.

      2) The fact that games are on at the same time during the pandemic is a contributing factor, but was we analyzed in comments, when we, added all the people watching the NBA finals to all the people watching NFL Sunday Night Football, we found that the combined audience of the two was smaller during the pandemic than the audience would have been for either game separately in 2019.

      3) People are also staying away from watching because they’re disgusted by the politics of the NBA (BLM and China) and the NFL. How significant a contribution this makes may not become apparent until after ticket sales go back on again after the pandemic and games are broadcast without empty stadiums again. The reasons the leagues have been patriotic in the past is because patriotism has been popular with American consumers since the George Washington Patriots defeated the Hessian Auxiliaries by a score of 905-7.

      I am not the only lifelong football who was turned off by the NFL’s politics.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. There is something decidedly grating about a team of black millionaire athletes, playing in a national sports league consisting predominantly of other black athletes, lecturing me about how unfair their lives have been on account of their blackness.

        Maybe it is just me.

        1. Especially when some of them are making additional millions selling shoes made with slave labor.

          1. That’s what rings hollow to me.

            I could buy that they’re standing up for all their brothers and sisters who weren’t lucky enough to be born fast or tall so they could become professional athletes. The guys who made it are using their platform to advocate for people who don’t have one.

            But then to turn around and take money from China? That ruins the whole thing. They’re actively engaged in genocide as we speak, and as you note they’ve been involved in slave labor forever. Say what you will about the plight of the Black man in America’s ghettos, they’re far better off than a Uighur in China. If they actually cared about human rights those tragedies would at least get a passing mention, instead they sell out and take the commie money.

            1. And don’t forget how the rest of the league treated Daryl Morey after his pro-Hong Kong tweet.

      2. The media has been reluctant to admit that wokifying sports has turned a lot of people off. The whole idea is that everyone agrees with what the athletes are doing (how could you not? Are you a racist?) and the idea that 40% of their audience would rather stop watching than be lectured to goes against the narrative.

        BLM is wildly unpopular everywhere except Twitter and a couple of lost cause cities. The problem so far has been that owners and leagues are listening to sports media, not the people who actually pay for the product.

        1. I think they’re genuinely afraid of the opinions of their players. They’re caught in a tight spot.

          Meanwhile the economic reality is about to hit the players–when the next big broadcast contract is negotiated and viewership numbers mean there isn’t as much money to go around for salaries as had been projected, the salary cap will come down.


          If you turn off paying customers, you get less revenue. That’s why the waitress is nice to us. It’s not because she thinks we’re cute.

          1. Joe Biden is a crook.

      3. No Ken, you’re not.

        It’s weird, not caring. I imagine I’ll drift back in a few years, but maybe not. I have better things to do than watch people who dislike people like me, play with a ball.

      4. Was that the first Christmas Day bowl game?

    2. People might have one or two other things on their minds these days, too.

      1. That’s usually a reason to watch more sports.

        “Well, I was gonna watch Sunday Night Football–but CNN is covering Joe Biden, and I don’t want to miss that!”

        That’s why Sunday Night Football was down as much as 70% since last year in the same week?!

        I don’t think that’s a contributing factor. If people who used to watch Football are watching CNN now, it isn’t because they care so much about CNN. It’s because they don’t give a shit about football.

        Why don’t they give a shit about football? That’s the question.

    3. 1a) the games aren’t as much fun to watch when you are subjected to visually jarring pandemic theater (beyond no/few spectators) such as personnel wearing face diapers, obvious physical distancing attempts, etc.

      1. Fan cut outs, piped in crowd noise, coaches and players fined for not wearing their mask properly, political posturing (one sided at that, it isn’t freedom of speech when you can only wear “approved messages”), NFC east sucks, games moved at the last moment because one player tests positive, NFL still refuses to address bad officiating despite all the fans knowing some teams always benefit, stupid announcers like Collingsworth and Buck, people increasingly cutting the cord and leagues still fighting against it, ESPN might as well be MSNBC (and often don’t even hide it), major players injured because shortened training season, every commercial break dominated by one political message and virtue signaling, bars closed down in many areas, many areas forbidding get togethers with friends to watch the game, people being lectured how brave millionaires are for wearing pre approved messages, the league and players attacking star athletes for voicing differing opinions or wanting to wear unapproved messaging (all lives matter, blue lives matter), non stop talk about the virus and celebrities in commercials talking about how hard their lives are right now because of the virus is making them stay home in the multi-million dollar mansions, Thursday night football (which is almost always a travesty of mediocre play and injuries), a summer without sports in which folks figured out that they don’t need them and thus are simply ambivalent about fall sports, NCAA will they or won’t they have a season, High school sports will there or won’t there be a season, the talking down to at least half of their fans, sports announcers filling dead air with inane political talk, late or no fall premiers for the new season of shows, decreasing advertising time for games, NBC thinking making a show about people lockdowned and working from home would attract viewers and advertising it during every other game break, local broadcasting rules meaning people can’t watch better games and are stuck watching local broadcast games (this is big for NFC east which sucks and in my area that always runs Vikings games, Vikings suck as well) many of which are foregone conclusions, etc.

        1. Oh and another one most sports teams based in urban areas where rioting has been mostly allowed to go unhindered and from which nothing but derision for rural and less urban areas has been the norm for years. I love the Seahawks but find Seattle repugnant right now.

          1. Oh and the AFC east is hardly better than the NFC east. In fact the only really competitive division right now is the NFC west.

            1. And possibly the AFC North.

              1. Watch out for those Lions! NFC north rules! Except the Vikings. They suck.

  35. Leftists do not suck, and are right about everything. History began in 2016. Slavery ended only a few years before that. And, now, we are all literally in the Handmaid’s Tale. The Earth is boiling and we are all frogs! WAKE UP!

    1. Economic thinking, meanwhile, seems to have become a feature of the right almost entirely.

      Confront the average person on the left with economic thinking, and they stare back at you like you’re quoting the Bible.

      1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. Economics? That is just a buzzword. A dog whistle for white supremacy. “Economic literacy” gave us capitalism, which in turn gave us wealth inequality, which in turn destroyed healthcare, abortion rights, and the environment.

        So, do not come at me with “economics.” I will not accept the framing of the oppressor. Knowledge is a white construct, and I reject it.

        1. Preach it, brother! But remember it’s not just economics, it’s all knowledge that’s problematic, reason and logic themselves are merely a social construct of the white patriarchy. If we truly want change, we’re going to have to fight this idea that there’s such a thing as reality and that an understanding of this reality is possible.

          1. “Preach it brother!”

            How do you know that Geiger isn’t a tranny, or worse, a chick!

            You’re assumption is what’s problematic. Economics, knowledge, reason and logic mean nothing as long as anonymous posters in comments sections are allowed to spew such bigoted micro aggressions. Your betters will work on real problems such as these.


    As politicians pushed the constituents throughout the summer to vote early, and by mail – driving early vote totals to exceed 2016 levels nine days before Election Day, some people are having second thoughts.

    According to Google Trends, searches for “can I change my vote” have spiked following the second presidential debate, and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

    “Can I change my vote” surges in Google search after the final debate and Hunter’s Laptop drop.

    — The Based Grandma (@TheBasedGrandma) October 26, 2020

    The last time searches to change votes surged like this was October 30 – November 5, 2016 – followed by midterms, however the recent search trend suggests longer, more sustained interest in the topic.

    By state, West Virginia, New Mexico and Idaho are the top three regions interested in changing votes.

    And aside from Florida Republicans crushing Democrats in early voting, Democrats accounted for the lion’s share of some 52 million votes cast so far this year.

    1. Nothing wrong with early voting, but if you’re going to send your ballot in a month before the election, that’s the chance you take when the typical October surprise shit comes out.

  37. WATCH: As Biden struggles to answer a question, his campaign staff orders reporters away

  38. #Repeal230

    Social media companies don’t seem to have any desire to block viral false rumors that precipitate rioting in American cities, suggesting that their commitment to censorship has its own limits.

    In the past few months they had two cases: Minneapolis and Chicago, where people made false claims about a police shooting and there were resulting riots. No change in policies from FB/TW

  39. And they’re siding with commies to do it:

    My theory is that the bulk of NT are neocons who joined the right due to a shared anti-communism. They tolerated the rest of the right’s agenda (abortion, taxation, etc.) to develop amity but never fully embraced it. They’re gravitating home after being in a post Cold War limbo.


    Nancy Pelosi suggesting we may need to expand the Supreme Court to account for the growth in U.S. population since the mid-19th century is completely hilarious

    1. Yes, expand the House.

      1. Yes it is telling she wants to increase the courts but not the direct representation arm of the government, which hasn’t grown since 1920, when the US population was nearly 300% less than it is today.

        1. The house should be quadrupled in size and the salary should be cut to $1 per year, and no benifits


    I was trying desperately to ignore this Biden-George thing. These gaffes are meaningless and I think misstatements are to be expected for a candidate doing a bunch of interviews.

    With that said, this full-court defense for Biden from the press is embarrassing.

    It doesn’t even make sense for Biden to have been referring to Lopez in the context of what he said so how ridiculous is it for the WaPo fact-checker to give the claim that he meant GWB (a better explanation) 4 Pinocchio’s?

    1. At this point, it’s a lot easier to assume the press are lying and they have to prove they aren’t, then the opposite.

  42. Is it just me, or between the Iran Deal Democrats and the Neocon ‘Republicans’, the Biden coalition is made up of people who want the US to spend billions blowing up brown people one way or another? Spend billions on a war blowing up brown Iranians, or give Iran billions to blow up other brown people?

    1. Yes. It’s the War Business, and Trump is bad for it.

      His second term, God willing, beyond leaving Afghanistan, I expect to see a removal of all troops from Iraq, and maybe Germany too. Besides Special Forces, but they don’t count. The Germany forces will likely simply move over to Poland, but it’s a start.

      We will see what happens with China. I do not expect them to remain peaceful over the next four years. So far, the Three Gorges has held. Let’s see just how bad their threatened famine is going to be. And then there’s the accounting due them for COVID.

      1. Moving them to Poland only makes strategic and tactical sense, but hey it proves Trump hates our allies basing troops where they would do the most good in a war with Russia if it ever happened (which it never will). Also, Poland is factors more friendly than Germany to US interests.

        1. I’ve mentioned this before, but when the Berlin Wall came down, my Jewish history teacher was understandably quite nervous about the prospect of what a united Germany could accomplish. Turns out he was somewhat correct, except they took over the continent under an economic system rather than a military one.

      2. Also expect a major draw down in South Korea and likely an official recognition of Taiwan, ending the farce of pretending Taiwan doesn’t exist. Also, I expect to see better ties with Vietnam, and India. Trump isn’t going to confront China by simply flying a few cold war era bombers, not even first strike aircraft anymore, through contested space, he is going to do it by building partnerships with locals opposed to China, India, Taiwan and Vietnam being the biggest of these. Japan is already on board with the US and increasing its own domestic defense spending to counter China. Trump also seems to realize Pakistan is not a real ally (or at best a fair weather ally) in the war on terror.
        Also, he is confronting Iran by isolating it and working to take its one hole card, Israel and muslim states hatred of it, off the table.

        1. And his main bargaining chip is US energy independence (and the fact we can export more oil and natural gas than the middle east now). Biden would hamper this if not reverse this advantage.
          The lessons of WWII are many, but one of the biggest is that economic might is a substitute for military might. The Sherman was not a bad tank, it was comparable in many ways to the Panzer IV, especially after the long 76mm was introduced (and contrary to Hollywood, most of the tanks the Sherman fought in Europe were Panzer III and IVs) but it’s best feature was how fast we could produce them and field them. The B-24 was less durable than the B-17 and harder to fly (though it had a larger payload and better range) and despite the fact that strategic bombing didn’t have nearly the impact on production we hoped, putting tens of thousands of bombers in the air nearly daily (and combined with Britain around the clock) drained Germany of resources it could have used elsewhere. Despite the fact that we didn’t capture working deep water ports and were always running on basically a single days worth of fuel and ammunition from June of 44 on, our huge fleet of trucks kept the supplies running to the front nearly uninterrupted, and kept getting those single day worth of supplies to the front line troops when they were most needed (we did have to slow down in the fall of ’44 but we never fully stopped the offensive and we wouldn’t even have had to slow down if we hadn’t wasted supplies in the hail mary Operation Market Garden).
          One that is rarely talked about supply wise isn’t fuel by artillery rounds, captured Germans thought the US Army had unlimited artillery rounds, they didn’t feel American Infantry was their equal (although analysis demonstrated that often US infantry was nearly equal to Germany infantry) but our artillery (and attack aircraft) were unstoppable. The US has almost always dominated in artillery and has replied on it heavily (even by the second year of the Revolution US artillery was equal to British artillery and by the third year was better). The US Army (and lesser extent Marine Corp) dominate strategy since almost it’s inception is to use infantry to tie up opposing forces and then allow artillery to destroy them, in Europe artillery was mainly used to soften up the enemy so cavalry and infantry can break them. British and French observers in the Civil War often remarked at the professionalism and superiority of artillery on both sides compared to European armies. Pershing used artillery more effectively than any European commander (and also listened to Patton when he advocated massing tanks and using them as spearheads supported by infantry rather than as support for infantry, unfortunately the US lost this mindset during the interwar years and had to rediscover it in the 1940s).

          1. Unified fire direction centers were a gigantic force multiplier for US artillery. Took a lot of work, and a titanic amount of computation to get to that point, but it was a capability far in advance of any other nation. Plus, as you note, the US was unparalleled in its ability to keep those guns fed. Other countries like the Soviets may have exceeded US artillery batteries in volume of fire, for things like initial pre-planned bombardments, but they were far less capable in adjusting fires as the engagement proceeded.

            I thought—and perhaps you’ve a more recent reference—that writers like DuPuy modelled German infantry forces at being anywhere from 130 to 180 percent more effective than equivalent sized US infantry formations? We certainly borrowed enough of their doctrine postwar. It turns out GPMGs are a better way to kill people, than a mass of riflemen. Though both suck hind tit to HE delivery.

            Judging by footage of this Armenia-Azerbaijan fight, drones are going to be a significant issue in winning the reconnaissance fight. Yet another thing that will benefit the well-equipped.

      3. Seeing as China has expanded their concentration camps and is starting skirmishes with India I think the ship has sailed on the not remaining peaceful

  43. When it comes to declining viewership of professional sports, let’s call a spade a spade. The reason it is declining has everything to do with ‘wokester-ism’ of professional athletes. People tune into sports for the action and excitement; they do not need to be lectured to.

    Memo to athletes: When you are on the job, do the job, and leave the politics at home.

    1. I don’t think the people are the New York Times are unaware of this.

      I don’t think the people who quote the New York Times are unaware of this either.

      I think the people who aren’t accounting for this as a major contributing factor seem to be people who think their jobs as journalists are to lecture to us about politics–and they find your explanation unhelpful.

      P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. Yeah, you’re right Ken.

        And Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

        1. You have no verification of that.

          Just because he bragged about getting a random prosecutor in Ukraine fired, and his son just happened to be getting millions from a Ukrainian company, and his son’s business partner says that they were funneling money to Joe Biden…., none of that is any reason to suspect any corruption.

          The consensus of the Libertarian Elect is in. Trading on your family name might be “gross”, but there is no “there, there”.

          They are all parroting this line. “Hunter was trading on his father’s name to make money”. But that is not evidence of corruption.

          I would really love to hear their explanation of the logic behind this. What exactly do they think “trading on Joe Biden’s name” means? Do they literally think people will pay just to have their company associated with the name “Biden”, however indirectly?

          The mind boggles. Nobody would pay for that. They are paying for access to power. And they would not pay to the tune of tens of millions if they were not getting results.

          1. “Just because he bragged about getting a random prosecutor in Ukraine fired, and his son just happened to be getting millions from a Ukrainian company, and his son’s business partner says that they were funneling money to Joe Biden…., none of that is any reason to suspect any corruption.”

            Just to be clear, the fact that neither Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden have disputed the authenticity or the contents of the emails is reason to more than just suspect they might be crooks. It’s enough to reason to believe that they are crooks. If they disputed the authenticity or contents of the emails, that might be one thing.

            They don’t.

            1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

              1. What part of “unverified” is unclear to you, clinger?

                1. But if Hunter Biden’s signature is on the order with the laptop, isn’t that “verified”?

                  P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

                  1. That cannot be verified. Don’t you even watch 60 minutes?

                    1. Angling for White Seagull’s job, Cyto?

          2. It’s just kinda like an executive producer credit for a movie. NBD.

          3. The US fought very few true I can try on infantry battles so comparisons are difficult. The Germans may have started combined arms but the US perfected it. CAS and artillery supporting troops in close contact meant our infantry rarely had to actually fight German Infantry on equal grounds. The few instances were the siegfried line and Ardenness. Despite initial breakthroughs, US infantry began massing and holding despite being overran critical points within hours of the initial attack. And the 4th ID was instrumental and gets far less press than the 101dt at Bastogne. And the 4th were regular infantry.

    2. When asked about why he wasn’t politically active during his basketball career, Michael Jordan replied with “because Republicans buy sneakers too”.

      There’s a reason he made enough money to buy his own NBA team, and why the NBA has never been as popular as when Jordan was playing.

      By skill, we have a ton of guys in the NBA that are fun to watch, definitely moreso than when Jordan was around. The difference is most of the NBA stars today are insufferable idiots who don’t know enough to dunk and then shut up, so the ratings plummet because they fail to recognize what people are paying them to do.

  44. Ah yes, let’s quickly review the judicial scorecard of POTUS Trump.

    3 SCOTUS Justices
    54 Circuit court judges
    162 district court judges
    21 Article I and Article IV judges

    Currently, there are 18 judges on the executive calendar awaiting a Senate floor vote. And another 30 nominees ready for a hearing.

    They will all be around for decades.

    1. Don’t forget, this is court packing by Trump. But if (god forbid) Democrats ever get the chance to expand the Supreme Court by a 5 or 10 new justices, that will be correcting for Trump’s court packing.

      And PS. Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. The real court packing to come is when they expand the appeals courts. The federal courts are severely overloaded and are in need of expansion. Even without expanding the supreme court, they will almost certainly look to double the size of the federal courts, essentially creating an entire country of 9th circuits. With partisan political judges dominating every federal appeals circuit, it is game over for free and fair elections for the next 30 years.

        Small sample – the government moved to dismiss the case against General Flynn. The judge resisted and wanted to charge him with perjury for lying when he plead guilty. (really). The appeals court initially issued an order called a writ of mandamus, requiring him to issue the dismissal, but after a full panel (almost all democrats) reviewed it, they reversed that, saying that a writ of mandamus is an extreme measure and should only be used in extremely rare situations.

        4 days later they had another case – Hillary Clinton was to be deposed in a case. The exact same appeals court panel with the exact same judges issued a writ of mandamus ordering that she not be required to give a deposition. They even went so far as to say that it isn’t fair to compare the two cases in their ruling.

        Those two petty and inconsequential decisions should let you know exactly how partisan it is about to get. There will be no fair hearing in this country in politically charged cases.


    “If time had a race, it would be white.”
    A gender studies professor discussed the racial implications of time during an NPR interview last week, arguing that “if time had a race, it would be white” and that “White people own time.”

    Speaking to host Guy Raz for the TED Radio Hour episode “Confronting Racism,” Brittney Cooper, associated professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers, expounded on her theory regarding the racial politics of time. Cooper’s conversation with Raz was centered largely around a 2017 TED talk she gave on the topic.

    1. Then why does it feel like I never have enough of it?

      1. You need to steal some from black and brown people.

    2. Blaming racism for poor time management skills is peak sjw

      1. If only. I don’t think we’ve seen the retarded peak yet.

    3. A gender studies professor discussed the racial implications of time during an NPR interview last week, arguing that “if time had a race, it would be white” and that “White people own time.”

      What. The. Fuck?!

    4. So they’re saying that white people are so powerful that they can even control the time? Can they also control the weather, or is that limited only to Jews?

    5. It’s nice of her to admit that the Shaniquas of the world are incapable of doing anything productive for the human race.


    Republicans Weaponized White Motherhood To Get Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed
    A devoted mother. A woman of faith. A nice white lady. How bad could she be?


    Governor of Death wasn’t just incompetent, but was lobbied by campaign donors to throw the elderly into contagion camps, who then sought & got COVID-victim lawsuit protections then spent money on ads praising Cuomo, but none of this matters because Trump


      New York now sends police into the homes of Jews, but no widespread condemnation from all the people who say they hate Nazis because Dem fascism is safety and goodness.

  48. Left’s Post-Election Agenda: More Riots, ‘Truth Commissions,’ Other Punishment For Their Foes — That Means You

    1. The Truth or Reconciliation Commission stuff is scary. You generally have one of those after 20 years plus of fighting, where everybody wants to go home, but no one’s won. Since there isn’t a winner that can dictate terms, bad actors can’t be punished, but people need to get on with their lives. So you have one of these Commissions, where everyone talks about the bad shit they did, the air gets cleared, and the country can move on.

      We obviously haven’t had anything like that, which makes me think these are going to be show trials. In any event, it’s a really bad sign that a former bigwig (pun intended) D.C. insider like Robert Reich is attaching his name to this kind of tripe.

      1. Truth and reconciliation won’t happen after this election, but ten years from now when the US internet looks like the Chinese internet, they’ll be a real possibility. You can’t have show trials until you have complete control over what people are allowed to see.

        1. Ultimately, this shit all starts in the universities. The college professors indoctrinate the students, the most active get involved in student government and use the professors to network into grifter NGOs, and after about 10-20 years, they’re entrenched in corporate boards and local/state governments where they can really do the most damage.

          What we’re seeing now is the fruit of about 30 years worth of the philosophy of intersectionalism come home to roost.

          1. Remember, their whole purpose in life is to NOT leave you alone (silence is violence! neutrality is consent!). There’s no hiding, because they won’t allow you to do so. They’ll seek you out and try to force you to submit.

            Sooner or later, you’ll either have to abase yourself to it, or confront it and the people executing it with violence when they come for you.

            1. Remember: the best defense is a good offense.

              You’re right Red, I don’t see them deciding in the near future to start leaving people alone.

              1. Sounds like the building blocks of a libertarian resistance.

                Some good could come from the backlash.

  49. And they will assume by demographics how you voted and act accordingly.

    Creepy Democrat Organization ‘Vote America’ Plans to Come Around After the Election to Check on Your Vote


    The greatest thing about the Trump presidency is that he forced the Democrats to stop being coy about their inexorable march to the psychotic progressive fringe. They’d done a brilliant PR job for years that hid their true intentions from regular Americans who live outside of the coastal commie bubbles. Once the permanent screaming and tears started after Trump’s election, their intentions were laid bare.

    1. True, and we are about to find out that the majority of Americans support this overt move toward more fascism and socialism.
      Lefties might wonder why they were trying to hide their true colors for so long.

      1. We’ll see. Maybe there is a majority with those views? And if there isn’t yet, we’ll import one. See, for example, Matthew Yglesias’s article in the last few weeks, advocating for a 1 billion population in the US.

  51. Did Lizzie the Lezzie do a swan dive off the Key Bridge wearing a Handmaid’s Tail costume in despair last night? Please tell me that she did!

    1. Sadly, she did not.


    NBC has added an editor’s note to this morning’s “Today” show segment that played a clip of Biden saying “four more years of George, uh…” without noting that he was talking to George Lopez

    1. Doubling down on that analysis huh? Do you think he knows how much of a clown he has become?

      I kind of doubt it. Living in a bubble like that, he probably gets a lot more “attaboy”s than he does “WTF?”

  53. “Fewer people are watching television. More viewers than normal are choosing to watch news. Game schedules were optimized to safely complete events in a compressed time frame, not to maximize viewership.”

    Yeah, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the constant virtue signaling and politicization of something that many people saw as an escape from all that bullshit.

    As for myself, it doesn’t help that I’m from northeast Texas which means unfortunately I’m a Cowboys fan. Apologies to all non-Cowboys fans, I know we’re the worst – especially the ones who still act like we’re entitled to appear in Super Bowls every year despite not being remotely competitive for the last quarter of a century. God help us all if they actually ever do become competitive again. If hell is other people then the ninth circle is other Cowboys fans.


    Cops run from rioters in Philadelphia as ATMs are smashed and businesses looted.

    Some store owners attempted to protect their stores by linking arms.

    The crowd remains violent.

    1. Interesting times. :-\

    2. A buddy in the Miami PD texted me last night asking for my reaction to the shooting, because he knows I’m a big advocate for use-of-force reforms, among other criminal justice reforms.

      I turned on CNN. No mention of it. MSNBC. Nothing. Fox? Nope. Local? Nope. I had to have him forward a tweet of the video.

      So this is what it was like in the Soviet Union, I suppose? A curated view of the world, designed to provoke a specific response. MSNBC and CNN both were talking about why the latest data about covid shows that we are on the verge of all dying, and Trump has given up and just doesn’t care if everyone dies. (not a hyperbolic paraphrase, that is really what they were saying)

      1. The big question is whether they’re covering it in western Pennsylvania.

        1. When I searched it on google this morning, the only news stories that came up were local TV stations in Philadelphia.

          Incidentally, it looks like the photo they are running of him is from his senior prom.

          He was 27.

          1. Kind of like running Trayvon Martin’s middle school picture when he was really a high-school age ghetto hood rat.

    3. Link ammo belts, not arms.

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  56. Don’t believe that it is all political, all the time for the news media?

    This morning we had NBC Today on. 30 minutes into the show, they had only done Presidential Campaign coverage – and it was primarily “why Trump is terrible and dangerous because of Covid” and clips of Biden speaking angrily.

    Then they ran the story of riots in Philadelphia. Riots in a major american city – and it waits 30 minutes.

    So they opened with “Protests erupted in Philadelphia last night in response to police shooting a black man. Investigators claim he was holding a knife.”

    Now, if you had never seen the video, you might support such language – but the video isn’t really unclear on this point.

    So they show a brief clip of people in the streets, saying “police say they arrested several people for rioting and assaulting a police officer”. That was it for the riot portion of the coverage. Maybe 8-10 seconds.

    Then they pivoted to the shooting video. They talked over the first portion of the video, talking about people reacting in horror to the shooting and saying that “officers say they ordered the man to drop the knife” … something that we actually would have heard if they were not talking over the video…. and then they cut the audio back on for the actual shots and the aftermath.

    On to reactions about police not handling it correctly and police being taken off of active duty while authorities investigate.

    That was it. Done and done.

    Riots in a major american city, and it got less coverage than yard signs.

    1. Modern journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow… until they stop moving.

      1. That was ingenious. I can’t promise I’ll never use it myself.

        P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

      2. Iowahawk is a treasure.

        1. Thank you. I couldn’t remember where I stole that.

    2. Of course they’re not covering the riots, it’s showing up in the polls.

      1. Its too late. Democrats scared the shit out of Americans by allowing rioting and burning or businesses.

        Nixon won on law and order and Guiliani became NY mayor for the same reason.

        The Lefty pollsters are shocked at early voting and returns coming in so much for Trump. Plus, there are tens of millions more Trump voters that will vote on Tuesday, Nov 3.

  57. Indiana’s Libertarian gubernatorial nominee, Donald Rainwater, is polling at 14 percent—lower than some previous polls that put his support as high as the mid-20s.

    IOW the polling is following the same pattern that 3rd parties usually follow which is to drop the closer to the election we get and people get scared away from “throwing their vote away” for a 3rd party candidate. In other news, water is wet.

    1. Yeah, you can’t get to a third party with a powerful unitary executive like we have.

      In the legislature, a 3rd party could wield the lion’s share of the power with just a handful of votes. Parliamentary systems that choose their top executive officer from parliament actually encourage fringe parties, because they can become kingmakers, flopping back and forth between alliances with the major parties.

      1. P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

  58. Not gonna lie…one positive of a Biden win would be the utter slapdown of the Never Trumpers from the Left who does not like them. Watching those sanctimonious shit birds get labelled by what they label us with would be glorious.

    But the negatives are too high.

    1. On the “nevertrump” front, I left this out of my NBC Today summary above.

      They also spent more time covering the New York billboard of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump than they did the shooting and subsequent riots.

      The introduced the Lincoln Republicans as “prominent Republicans who have taken a stand against a Trump presidency”.


      Then they proceeded to do a 2 minute interview with some guy you never heard of who apparently takes personal grooming lessons from Steve Bannon. He’s the “prominent republican” who is apparently grifting lefties for money by offering the “prominent republican opposing Trump” label as his selling point.

      He got more air time than the riots or the police version of the shooting, and he got more air time than Trump in a half hour segment that only focused on the campaign and what the candidates were doing.

      1. The Fourth Estate took their side. Now they’ll have to live with the aftermath.

      2. To be fair, that billboard is a pretty significant story. If they keep running that kind of advertising, Trump might lose NYC!

    2. How about we just wait four years and then laugh at them?

  59. I am really surprised that Pennsylvania election decision has not received more coverage here. Even more surprising – that it has not engendered much outrage.

    The court is holding that ballots must be counted as valid even if they arrive days after the election, with no postmark and without a valid matching signature. Every one of those items is in direct contradiction of Pennsylvania law. But the state court said “because covid”, so it is all good.

    Now, if that isn’t a recipe for election fraud in one of the most hotly contested states, I don’t know what possibly would be. “Here, have a big box with 2,000 ballots in it. I know the election was three days ago, and these are all not postmarked and they don’t have signatures that match the voter registration we have on file… the courts say you cannot question this and must simply count the ballots.”

    Holy crap. Wanna talk about undermining confidence in the election!

    1. Who knows how many ballots got burned in last night’s Philly riots.

    2. I think that case is coming back to SCOTUS, and the PA court will be reversed. Only the Legislature writes laws, not the Courts….is what SCOTUS will probably rule.

      1. Amazingly, Roberts did not agree with you. That was stunning.

        In 2000, that was the crux of the Florida recount decisions. Florida law was absolutely clear about a recount – it was all or nothing. But DNC operatives only wanted to recount heavily democrat areas in south Florida. It was corrupt as hell. And the courts went straight party line all the way up.

        That is where “selected, not elected” comes from. From the democrats literally attempting to steal an election by violating the law, and then complaining when the US supreme court said they only got two attempts to steal the election, no more.

        1. >>Roberts did not agree with you. That was stunning.

          not anymore. Roberts < Souter

          1. Roberts will be new RBG

            1. Is he going with Xer?

        2. Well…..I am not so sure about that = Amazingly, Roberts did not agree with you.

          My take was that CJ Roberts narrowed the legal question as he normally does, and ruled on that narrow question. Which left the door wide open for other challenges….that are now before the Court.

    3. I hate to put it this way, but if these are the rules of the game then Pennsylvania Republicans should be ready to play by them. At the very least it will expose the sham the election will be, much like how leftists are complaining that California Republicans are using the Democrats’ ballot harvesting laws against them.

      We’re actually lucky this time. Usually the Democrats cheat without detailing exactly how they intend to cheat beforehand.

      1. They chose this method because it is to their advantage.

        By allowing unsigned ballots without postmarks 3 days after the election, they will know exactly how many ballots they need. Then they have concentrated democrat strongholds of low voter turnout in the cities. Very little driving involved. You might even just have a couple of thousand “lost” ballots on hand. You’ll also have the voter rolls, so you’ll know which ballots are safe to use.

        This is not just telegraphing their move…. they give you the entire playbook.

    4. 2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics. Last updated: 10/27/2020 02:56 PM Eastern Time. Michael McDonald • Professor, University of Florida

      They have info on PA voter requested ballots and returns. Trends appear that young adults 18-24 will be mostly be voting in person on Nov 3 and most of the Democrat requested ballots have been sent in already. Unless there are a bunch of Democrats voting on Nov 3, Biden is in serious trouble in Pennsylvania.

  60. “Game schedules were optimized to safely complete events in a compressed time frame, not to maximize viewership.”

    That is a good take on the situation. The collusion between the major professional sports on schedules and television blackout rules is blowing up in their faces. They could have just said screw it show more games and spread the schedules out. Now that may or may not work because a lot of people don’t record the games to watch later. Sports fans are not like that. But with people sitting at home who knows.

    They decided to also get political and who wants that with their entertainment. Hollywood actors and sports pros are not intelligent or savvy enough to make good politicians. Their tweets are ridiculous and their bias is unprofessional. Who wants to hire a raving lunatic if that person is going to drive an audience away.

  61. >>ratings for the NBA’s championship series were down 49 percent

    very little todo with the coronas.

    1. If the coronavirus were to be factored in, ratings should have been way, way up. People have been starved for entertainment for months. No movies. No new TV shows. No sports.

      And even in that environment. Down 49%.

      The giant electronic BLM sloganeering all over the court and the stadium backdrop couldn’t have had anything to do with it… nope….

      This is the easiest marketing lesson since “New Coke”.

      1. UFC hasn’t had viewership issues. Must be luck. if you buy the sports press. is the only site actually reporting about why things are as they are.

        1. Yup, and they just took a hands off approach with it. Tyron Woodley got to do his BLM thing, and Colby Covington got to do his MAGA schitck.

          No official endorsement of either fighter by the UFC. No graphics on screen, no getting the play-by-play guy to make solemn commentary on the subject, just let the guys say what they want at their press conferences and get onto the fighting, which is what people actually pay to see. Weird how that worked out so well.

      2. I liked New Coke. I think maybe they knew Woke was going to kill the ratings temporarily … and gave in temporarily to ensure the stadiums weren’t burned to the ground


    I’m calling on all Democrats & Republicans to join me in putting the interests of our country before the interests of our political party by standing together against ballot harvesting. HR8582 would end this corrupting practice that undermines the integrity of our democracy.

    1. She is never going to make “the Squad” at this rate….

      1. At least she is honest. I disagree with Tulsi’s politics, but she is honest. And that goes a long, long way with me. Still though, I can never, ever vote for her.

        1. >>I can never, ever vote for her.

          bikini contest?

        2. Team D blew it with this one. She’s very likeable, has principles and is… uh, telegenic.

          If they had gone with her, I don’t see how Trump pulls this out.

          That being said, Biden’s team is running a brilliant campaign for not having an actual candidate. Their ads here in Florida are complete BS, but they are very good.

          1. I wouldn’t pull out either.

          2. Except remember one of the reasons Trump has to go: no more wars. That’s the one issue I agree with her on, and why she will never move up in The Party.

            1. 100000000000000%

        3. She has balls, and her opinions on foreign policy are good. The Democratic Party is pathetic.

          1. I’ll give her credit for being one of the last actual anti-war Democrats, now that the party is being counseled by spooks and neocons. She’s really far left, she’s just better at hiding her powerlevel than the other party members.

    2. Jesus, the woman is doing everything she can to burn her future in the party to the ground, isn’t she?

  63. also still waiting for the B is a Crook pieces. queue Crosseyed and Painless …

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  66. Hey Reason!

    Adblock shows 131 ads blocked on this page.

    One Hundred Thirty One.

    I do Reason on mobile and on a netbook a large percentage of the time. I’d disable adblock, but 131 different ads, tracking pixels and whatever other crap you’ve stuffed in there makes it unusable.

    Oh, wait…. it just finished loading this page. Make that 132 blocked items.

    CNN only has 22.
    Huffpo has 11.

    1. In general, this is why I use Firefox for Android (As much as I am disappointed in Mozilla’s stupidity.) as you may use uBlock Origin. It’s been many years since I’ve browsed the “mobile web” without protection.

    2. Switch to brave

  67. Do I think this election will wind up before the Supreme Court? Yes it will but it will not be Trump who brings the suit. It will be the democrats who bring the suit (remember the 2000 elections). Just look back over this lase campaign cycle, which side has tried the most to FORCE their way? Which side was out creating confrontations with the other side. In the most cases it has been the supporters of the democrats. Now I will not say these were democrats that were involved in the confrontations but the were opposed to those who are opposed to the democrats. The democrats have already let get out that they are not going to concede the election as long as there is a possibility of getting the presidency. Just how far will that go? Well just look at what happened this past summer with the anti-police demonstrations (riots in most cases). It was the democrat politicians that was supporting these demonstrators right to riot and loot and worse even though the cause of these demonstrations were the result of democrat policies (supposedly racism and police brutality) that caused these demonstrations to have to happen. These politicians could have corrected the causes of this police brutality(?) and systemic racism. The democrats had been promising for years (about 50 years) to do some for the African-American. All they did is to give them a few more entitlements when they should have been given them an economy that would have given them jobs. These democrats should have been giving these A-A better education in their communities but they got worse education and NO jobs in their ghettos. Had the democrats done what they had been promising for that fifty years there would not have been any ghettos.

  68. Do not take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would with your life, for without them, life is meaningless

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