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Kamala Night at the DNC: The Party Anoints Harris and Brags About Biden's Crime Bill

Plus: Court rules for Robert Kraft in massage parlor video case, Trump talks QAnon, and more...


Crowning Kamala Harris. Former President Barack Obama stole the show on the third night of the Democratic National Convention, reminding Americans that while his words might sometimes be empty, he is very, very good at delivering them. Obama was initially supposed to offer the night's closing speech after Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris talked, but the former president chose to speak before Harris as a symbolic "passing the torch" gesture. The media and the Democratic base have been eating it up.

"It's Kamala's party now," declared Politico.

Hold on tight—with Harris' history of flip-flopping to suit voter moods, it's going to be a bumpy and unpredictable ride.

As it stands, Harris is currently painting herself as a criminal justice reformer. Last night, a voiceover introducing Harris even described her as having fought "to end mass incarceration."

That would be news to the countless Californians she fought to lock up or keep locked up. As we noted last year, Harris's record as a "progressive prosecutor" is one of continually cracking down harder on "quality of life crimes" like drug use, prostitution, and truancy.

Criminal justice confusion

Overall, Democrats seem confused about which way they want to go on law and order issues.

The 2020 convention has seen some nods to "racial justice," policing, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Black Lives Matter, but only in a prop sort of way. There's been no substantive talk on criminal justice policy and policing reform, and no indication that a Biden-Harris administration would be anything different than business as usual on that front. Even as Democrats make nods to change, Harris, Biden, and other prominent party members speak of new arrest and incarceration regimes they want to put in place—for guns, for speech, for sex, and more.

Out of one side of their mouths, they talk of ending racist and discriminatory policing and our over-reliance on jails and prisons to solve social problems—and almost certainly would support some minor but still important reforms on this front. But out of the other side of their mouths, they push policies that would lead to more surveillance, more legal tools to use against Americans, more ways to extract fines from people and cage them, more reason for contact between law enforcement and those they're policing, and more opportunities for violence, abuse, and targeted harassment of ethnic, racial, religious, and sexual minorities, and others who historically have borne the brunt of U.S. criminal law.

(The quintessential example of this is how anti-"hate crime" statutes are now being used to escalate punishments against people who commit an offense against police or their property, even inadvertently, or vandalize something with an anti-police message.)

Joe Biden and the Violence Against women Act

During Wednesday's night's DNC proceedings, various voiceovers and speakers mentioned Joe Biden's role in the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act—widely considered one of the biggest policy disasters in modern U.S. history and a huge driver of our country's mass incarceration problem. Of course, they didn't mention the crime bill by name, just one specific part of it: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). But despite its nice-sounding intentions, several aspects of the VAWA were just as problematic as the rest of the cursed legislation.

Along with the Jacob Wetterling Act, a component of the '94 crime bill that required the creation of sex offender registries, the VAWA "laid the foundation of the current, overwhelmingly carceral—and increasingly overwrought—response to sexual violence," write Judith Levine and Erica Meiners in their new book, The Feminist and the Sex Offender. It "answered feminist demands for more law enforcement but ignored their pleas for more services for survivors, funding the former over the latter two to one," and "married anti-violence feminists to the violent state."

Among VAWA's "chief provisions were mandatory arrest in domestic violence situations—including dual arrests if the cops couldn't figure out who the aggressor was—and 'no drop' prosecution, which prohibited the alleged victim from retracting charges," they point out. "In some jurisdictions, the district attorney began to subpoena women to testify against their partners or jails them until they comply. By 2013, a Queens, New York, prosecutor told Time magazine that less than a quarter of victims cooperated. Moreover, child protective services sometimes charge mothers with neglect or 'failure to supervise' for allowing the children to witness their mother's abuse."

Before domestic-violence specific bills came into fashion in the 1980s and '90s, people who abused their spouses and partners were simply arrested and prosecuted under general battery and assault laws. There was probably room for improvement (though the idea that sexist cops simply didn't care is way overblown). But the need to Do! Something!—driven by faulty research, well-funded feminist campaigners, and a whole lot of moral panic—led to massive new interventions in people's lives even when they didn't want it and to more abuse victims being arrested and jailed along with their abusers. There's also strong evidence that policies promulgated by VAWA were likely to lead to more abuse, especially for already disadvantaged groups.

(Aya Gruber's new book, The Feminist War on Crime, is a great place to read more about all this. I also plan to write about the failures of the VAWA in more detail at Reason very soon.)

Biden's heart was probably in the right place here. But like so many "helpful" '90s crime laws, his policies ended up putting more people in danger and shuffled more Americans into the state's web of surveillance and control. And while the VAWA may make Democrats feel all warm and fuzzy, their choice to repeatedly highlight it (not just last night but as part of Biden's whole campaign) shows neither Biden nor the rest of them have learned much since the 1990s.

powerful Pandering and—Perhaps—a Small signal of positive change

Joe Biden, Protector of Women fits in well with the general theme of last night's spectacle, which was full of generic odes to the Power of Women while simultaneously portraying the government as their necessary and true protector.

Speakers including Harris highlighted how hard U.S. women had to fight to be allowed to vote (codified in the 19th Amendment 100 years ago this week) and ways in which the government—long ago and still today—have been the biggest oppressors of women and minorities. I guess the DNC expects us to believe Biden-Harris will be the exception. But we've seen no indication of that from their long political pasts.

In any event, last night's DNC—which was hosted by actress Kerry Washington and included speeches from Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.)—was thin on substance but rife with generic pandering to women. But a few moments of non-schmaltz did manage to eek through, including heartfelt videos featuring children and families caught up in Trump's crackdown on immigrants.

Of course, Democrats, including the Obama administration, have a lot to answer for on immigration policy, too—and the DNC immigration videos were also a reminder of this. One featured 11-year-old Estela, whose mom was deported in 2018, reading a letter to Trump. But Estela's mom "was first deported during the Clinton administration, then flagged for deportation again under the Obama-Biden administration," notes the Washington Times.

But maybe, just maybe, the Trump administration's unending exposure of our immigration system's horrors and progressives' growing concern about them could actually lead to growth here.

"The issue where it was apparent Democrats have come the farthest in four years was immigration—the policy area that might be least hospitable to abstractions after four years of Donald Trump," notes Slate.


Politics 2020:

• "The 2020 election represents an ongoing demonstration that America's governing apparatus is trapped in the embrace of the rotting corpses of once-dynamic political organizations," writes J.D. Tuccille. "Democratic and Republican Party hearts and minds may have died, but they refuse to loosen their grip on political office—and on voters."

• Jeb Bush wants the president to "kick Q'anon supporters' butts."

• Here's what Trump had to say about the sex-trafficking conspiracy theorists:

• A number of anarchist pages and accounts were reportedly kicked off Facebook yesterday:

• Facebook is also cracking down on Q-Anon accounts.

• For Reason TV, Qinling Li talks to transgender activists fighting for sex work decriminalization in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

• School reopening decisions are being driven by teachers unions and politics, not public health, writes Reason's Corey A. Deangelis.

• An appeals court said Florida can't use secret surveillance recordings against Patriots owner Robert Kraft and other workers and customers caught up in 2019 massage parlor prostitution stings.

• Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty casts doubt on Democrats' latest round of gun control dreams.

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  1. …while his words might sometimes be empty, he is very, very good at delivering them.

    And that’s all we ask of our president.

    1. What about sexual fantasies?

      1. You aren’t fooling anybody with that Earth Skeptic sock puppet, Rufus. Keep your sick Justin Trudeau fantasies out of this.

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    2. Hello.

      How can you dig anything put out by Harris and her maniacal giggle?

      I can picture her preparing torture tools with that giggle.

      1. Another sexual fantasy?

  2. Donald Trump hasn’t grown into the job because he can’t.

    Mueller saw to that.

    1. Guess Trump has no personal agency.

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            Second. L O fucking L.

            How about you stop pretending to be a victim all the time, stop arguing dishonestly, and act like an adult.

            1. OK, so then you are not interested.

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          Can you?

          1. Stop making him rhyme Tulpa, it is creepy.

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      3. Hey, the Democrats made a show of crying when McConnell stated his priority was to make Obama one-term. Trump is just as justified making a similar complaint.

        1. Sure, but complaining is something people with no personal agency do.

    2. Reason cane close to mentioning the attempted overthrow of our Democracy.

      1. unreason assists Lefties in the overthrow of this Constitutional Democratic Republic with all their propaganda nonsense.

        Luckily, since 2016 more and more Americans are fighting back and tuning the Lefty media out while voting for great politicians like Donald Trump.

  3. Democratic and Republican Party hearts and minds may have died, but they refuse to loosen their grip on political office—and on voters.

    The quest for power and control is all that was ever there.

    1. Trump is the first President since Reagan who actually tried to keep some of the promises he made to get elected. Yet somehow that means the “hearts and minds of the two parties have died” whatever that means.

      I loath that sort of snide bullshit. I don’t like the Democrats and thinks a good number of them have gone batshit crazy. But, I don’t think their hearts and minds have died. They just disagree with me. It takes an incredible amount of self importance and narcissism to go through life thinking everyone who disagrees with you has quit being a full human being.

      1. Aided by tribal politics and industrialized partisanship. Getting easier all the time.

        1. That and the internet. The internet gives you access to creatures like our resident pedophile posting below and the various other leftist troll accounts. If the only Democrat you ever interacted with were the ones who post here, it would be awfully easy to see Democrats as something other than human.

      2. “Trump is the first President since Reagan who actually tried to keep some of the promises he made to get elected”

        Thank god. Otherwise we’d have some massive federal programs called No Child Left Behind and Obamacare.

        1. Bush never said a fucking word about NCLB when he campaigned in 00 or 04. Bush would have never gotten the nomination much less the White House if he had said he planned to let Ted Kennedy fun US education policy. And Obama never said shit about Obamacare. It wasn’t he won the election that he decided that no crisis should go to waste and was going to destroy the healthcare system.

          Your two examples are exactly what I am talking about.

      3. There was a time when retired Presidents stayed out of politics and acted as senior statesmen. Why is no one ripping Obama for violating that unwritten rule?

    2. This is my biggest complaint about the D’s they seem to want to control more than R’s They want to micromanage commerce. government and your life. Some of it is for profit some to feed the power boner.
      The current lockdown/mask dictate is proof of their perversion and power, it’s purpose is two-fold; blame the pandemic on Trump (think Bush and Katrina) and keep Biden hidden from the public.
      They have field generals in state government, academia, and the media and foot soldiers in BLM, Antifa, and college campuses

      1. See the link below about DiBlasio’s wife. They want that control because it creates more opportunity for graft and corruption.

      2. Don’t forget the masses of Ds (and Rs) that WANT to be controlled and told what to do. And, of course, like seeing others told what to do.

  4. There’s been no substantive talk on criminal justice policy and policing reform,l

    Except the Democrats have passed legislation in Congress reforming police action and Pelosi mentioned all the legislation which so much better than “talking about it”. You can know a mfer by his enemies and the cop hate our fucking guts even more than cops hate libertarians.

    1. The Democrats haven’t passed shit. They have done nothing that changes anything. Sorry, voting for a bill that you know will die in the Senate and never become law doesn’t count. Meanwhile, Trump in a single executive order did more to reform police than the Democrats have done in 50 years. The Democrats controlled the White House for 8 years with the Chocolate Jesus and didn’t do a single fucking thing to reform the police or the justice system. Trump got the first step act through Congress and did literally everything he legally could via executive order.

      It looks to me like the last thing Democrats want is any reform or improvement. If they did that, they couldn’t use it as a wedge issue to motivate morons like you.

      1. Besides, police reform can only mean I gfully happen at the local level, where police policy is made. The feds can’t really do very much in that front.

        And every big city in America where policing is a problem has been run solely by Democrats for the last 50 years.

        New Orleans

        All of them and all of the others have been democrat havens for longer than most Americans have been alive. Minneapolis, for example, hasn’t had a republican mayor since the early 70s. Chicago since the 30s. New Orleans since the **18fucking80s**.

        Yet somehow Democrats that have contributed GREATLY to the problem, including Harris at the local AND state levels In SF then CA, and Joe “I don’t want my children in jungle schools” Biden doing everything he could from the federal level to militarize police departments and jail as many black and brown people as possible, are somehow the fucking saviors?

        Give me a goddamn break.

        Get fucked, Team Blue. My name isn’t Charlie Brown, and I know what you’re gonna do with that football.

        1. But THIS time will be different.

          Signed, Lucy (Kamala)

  5. Joe Biden, Protector of Women fits in well with the general theme of last night’s spectacle, which was full of generic odes to the Power of Women while simultaneously portraying the government as their necessary and true protector.

    Time to dust off that Life of Julia graphic. Democrats know that women at heart want to feel simultaneously powerful and cared for.

    1. And occasionally ravished, I mean “raped”, by some he-man type.

      1. Harlequin Romance

  6. Jeb Bush wants the president to “kick Q’anon supporters’ butts.”

    Or, you know, accept their votes.

    1. So a bunch of private citizens believe in some kookie things. It says everything you need to know about Bush’s or anyone else upset about this towards freedom and government power. People believe things I don’t like, the government needs to put a stop to it and we need to “kick their butts”.

      1. If we excluded all crazy, irrational, ignorant, and delusional people from the political process, that might leave just a few dozen.

        1. And the crazies end up being right more often than you would think.

          1. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

      2. Trump’s response wasn’t any different than what Democrat politicians have been saying about Antifa for the past 2.5 months. “I don’t know much about them, but I understand where they’re coming from.”

        If we’re going to do “both sides” here, noting that each side isn’t going to do much to put their screws on their extreme wings, so long as that wing actually votes for them, seems rather obvious. At least, for now, the QAnon kooks haven’t been rioting, shooting people, and trying to get innocent people fired from their jobs and kicked out of schools.

        1. Not quite. The Democrat response to Antifa was to deny its very existence and paint anything to the contrary as a kooky conspiracy theory. To achieve the equivalent, President Trump would have had to say something along the lines of “There’s no such thing as QAnon supporters, and any assertion to the contrary is a conspiracy theory meant to denigrate the good people protesting against pedophiles in government”.

      3. Democrats courted the 9/11 truthers for years. Nobody complained for the most part.

      4. Trump isn’t just passively letting them believe kooky things. He actively endorses Loomer, a prime QAnon kook. It’s legitimate for other Republicans to ask him to not do that, for the sake of Republican Party credibility.

        1. Lol

          The least credible poster here with advice on “credibility”

          1. Yes, let’s talk about me instead of the issues.

            1. You brought up crediblity.

          2. Lol Steve Bannon just caught defrauding you rubes, again. Yet another Trump campaign member and confidant busted for fraud.

            When are you guys gonna understand that Trump does not care about you, or even like you. He and his buddies see you as a pool of suckers they can separate from their money. Nothing more.

            You’d think this would be obvious once the president and his family were barred from operating a charity in NY after getting caught defrauding a veterans’ charity. Or when Trump was sued for operating a fraudulent university. Or when Trump was sued for fraud in a development deal in 2004. Or when Trump was sued for recommending a multi level marketing company as a good investment without disclosing that he was being paid by the MLM.
            Or when Trump started appointing people last seen in politics during Nixon’s downfall.

            The writing is and has been on the wall. Just look up and read.

            1. Ken and John are no doubt correct when they say below that the timing of the prosecution is meant to cause embarrassment. The accusations, which must be proven of course, are dooseys: using money collected for building a great wall for “ cosmetic surgery, a luxury SUV, a golf cart, payments toward a boat, home renovations, jewelry, personal tax payments and credit card debt”.

              Wonder if Trump will start tweeting about how he doesn’t know Bannon very well.

              1. Roger Stone – Obstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tampering – Arrested and found guilty

                Rick Gates – Financial fraud and lying to the F.B.I. – Arrested and found guilty

                Paul Manafort – Tax evasion, bank fraud, failure to disclose a foreign bank account and witness tampering – Arrested and found guilty

                Michael D. Cohen – Lying to Congress – Arrested and plead guilty

                George Papadopoulos – Lying to the F.B.I. about conversations with people he believed were working on behalf of Russians – Arrested and plead guilty

                Michael T. Flynn – Lying to the F.B.I. – Arrested and plead guilty

                Steve Bannon – Fraud, money laundering – Arrested, disposition pending

                Are we missing anyone from Trump 2016 campaign? Just a series of coincidences, I’m sure.

                1. I’m sure there will be more to come. Even better, as soon as Drumpf loses the election, he’ll be arrested for treason.

              2. I called it. Trump is distancing himself:


                “President Donald Trump distanced himself Thursday from Steve Bannon’s efforts to crowdsource private funds for a border wall, saying it was ‘done for showboating reasons” and “inappropriate.’”

                It would be interesting to go through your list, and see which ones Trump now distances himself from and which one he now bad mouths.

                1. “But Trump hasn’t always been so sour on the project. The New York Times reported last summer that the president gave the group his ‘blessing,’ according to former Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach, who sits on the board of ‘We Build the Wall.’”

        2. THe Democrats actively promote BLM and Antifa. How many buildings has Loomer burned down or people has she shot?

          Loomer is a kook who doesn’t even hold office. The Democrats have members of Congress who are open Anti Semites and rising stars in the party in Omar. The Democrats also have DA’s and in the case of Keith Ellison, a state AG and former chair of the DNC who openly support and refuse to prosecute Antifa. Joe Biden has multiple aides who donated to a fund that bailed Antifa rioters out of jail.

          Antifa and BLM are the mainstream of the Democratic Party today. They are as much of a part of the Democratic Party as the SA was of the Nazi party. They are nothing but the armed wing of the DNC. But hey, you keep lying and pretending some woman no one has ever heard of and is running for Congress is totally the same thing.

          1. Sure, but what about Trump’s endorsement of Loomer. That was the topic being discussed.

            1. It is utterly insignifcant compared to the actual radicalism of the Democratic party. Who cares that he endorsed Loomer? As explained below she doesn’t have any policy positions that are that radical and she doesn’t even hold office. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party continues to embrace and support actual radicals who are doing actual harm to people. Antifa and BLM is who the Democratic Party is. So, no wonder you want to talk about Loomer.

              1. Deflection denied.

              2. I’m not a liberal or supporter of the Democratic Party, nor BLM or Antifa. Can we talk about Trump’s endorsement of kooky Loomer now?

                1. The fuck you aren’t.
                  Quit trying to gaslight us, it isn’t working.

            2. What policies is she pushing based off of QAnon?

        3. Like you give a shit about preserving Republican Party credibility.
          Fucking concern troll.

          1. You know… this may actually be the return of neutral Mikey. Sounds like his bullshit. Especially with the no meaning, join quora type shit.

            1. You might be on to something here.

            2. Yea, I pegged that a long time ago.

              Dark horse candidate: sparky the dumb

              But 3:1 odds it’s liarson

              1. In the end, it really doesn’t matter

          2. I certainly did not intend to give the impression that I am concerned about the Republican (or Democratic) Party’s credibility. I was quite plainly criticizing Donald Trump’s lack of thoughtfulness.

            And, again, instead of talking about the issues, it’s right away directed to be about me.

            1. You brought up credibility.

              1. And you still cannot stay on the issue. Hilarious.

                When you pick a side, and decide to defend everything that side does, you will find yourself doing illogical and dishonest things by necessity. Like reverting to ad hominem and deflection when the argument for your side is weak.

                Which in the case of Trump and Trumpism is always.

                1. So. Much. Projection.

                  1. I’m on the side of reality, that’s it. The problem between me and all the fake libertarians and GOP’ers is that they are not interested in understanding or even knowing what is real anymore. So much of the current GOP platform (insomuch as the party even has one now) is based on outright falsehoods, ignorance, myth, and bigotry.

                    I was a registered Republican and elected precinct committee officer until the party decided to be the full time party of dumb asses and rubes and nominate Trump. And here you all are, crying about Hillary or Obama or Mexicans or antifa while the president appoints his family to high positions, uses his office to pimp products, alienates all of our closest allies and cozies up to dictators. And yes, is a goddamn Russian stooge, traitor, and lifelong conman sued successfully for fraud several times.

                    The divide in the US is no longer left/right. It is smart/dumb.

                    1. And as I keep pointing out, if you keep getting beat by a bunch of dumbasses, what does that make you?

                      The mere fact that Trump pisses off so many self-styled “smart” people is a big part of his appeal, pathetic grasping of MUHRUSHA included.

                    2. Haha. Pimping guilt and grievance is “smart”?

        4. “I don’t know much about the movement, other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate.”

          How funding dare trump not recognize an internet conspiracy. Lol.

          Loomer is running in a D+8 district whose D candidate is proposing terrible policies far more harmful than someone who has repeated internet rumors fuckwit. Is Loomer proposing legislation based on QAnon? No? Who the fuck cares. Your side has a plethora of crazy conspiracies. Guam tipping over. 9/11 truth bullshit. Green new deal. Antifa being fake. Etc etc.

          1. No no, he does think they’re fake, he just thinks the people that say they are antifa that commit violence aren’t really antifa.

            1. Actually, there hasn’t been one comment posted by me defending antifa or denying they exist. I’ve had the son of a good friend of mine attacked by antifa goons.

              1. Then condemn Antifa and the Democratic Party with it for supporting them. You don’t do that and you never will. Why? Because you are a lying sack of shit who doesn’t mean a single word you ever say.

                1. I condemn antifa and Democratic Party support for them.

          2. It is a bit pathetic for a President to admit he isn’t up on the news, especially a topic concerning someone who he is endorsing.

            Loomer is proposing a lot of policies, actually. Anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant.

            1. Because he must do a full background check before endorsing the woman who won the primary. I guess Democrats are better then that right? So, they knew all about Omar being an anti Semite and having married her brother to defraud the immigration system before they endorsed her. And the Democrats knew all about Keith Ellison being pro antifa and the various DAs in Portland and other places who refuse to prosecute left wing rioters.

              1. If anyone needs a background check, it is Jill Biden. WEhy? Because if Brain-Damaged Biden does win, she will be shadow POTUS.

                It is shades of Edith Wilson all over again. That did not work out well.

              2. She’s not just any candidate. She’s the candidate in the district where Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residential address is. You’d think that he might be aware of what his own candidate for representative has been up to. And what she has been up to is a whole lot of extreme anti-Muslim positions, and trespassing on private property, and being so offensive she got her self kicked off of food delivery apps.

            2. QAnon isn’t relevant news fuckwit. It is a distraction.

              1. That you had to resort to personal insults shows your lack of any legitimate response.

                1. Not really.

      5. A majority of American voters believe in some kooky things.

  7. “But maybe, just maybe, the Trump administration’s unending exposure of our immigration system’s horrors and progressives’ growing concern about them could actually lead to growth here.”

    Exactly. The best thing to happen in the past few years is that the Democratic Party has almost completely embraced the open borders agenda promoted by billionaires like’s benefactor Charles Koch.


    1. I don’t say it often enough: Thank you for your service. When everybody jumps to Twitter’s command and runs off chasing the latest shiny squirrel, you’ve kept your eye on the ball and stuck to the original point. Keep preaching the gospel.

    2. Does someone have the picture of all the Dem presidential contenders raising their hands for open borders in the first debate?

  8. I don’t know much about the movement, other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate.

    At once transparent and opaque.

    1. It’s an art.

    2. Leader of the Free World, Troll in Chief. Sigh.

      1. I’m so happy he upsets you.

        1. So many trivial things upset him. Bless his heart.

          1. This is hilarious. Several commenters here are getting upset, resorting to swearing, and rushing to defend Trump’s endorsement of a nut job. And I’m not upset at all.

      2. make up your fucking mind. Do you want a king like figurehead or not?

        1. I want a competent, adult chief executive.

          1. I suppose brokering peace talks between NK and SK, Israel and the UAE, and Afghanistan and the Taliban while pulling US troops out of our longest war is child’s play.

            You don’t want an adult president, you want someone you can feel proud of.

            1. Are we doing a victory lap on North Korea already?

              1. That he got them talking at all is an accomplishment in itself. No president has been able to do it, yet you’re not satisfied that 65 years of continuous Sabre rattling isn’t completely finished in 3.5 years.

                You’re fucking hopeless.

          2. so why do you care what he says? If all you want is a CEO focus on what he does. But you focus most of your daily life on what he says.

            1. It would be the same if Trump were a CEO of a company I invest in or work for. I’d be concerned that he has such lack of judgement that he is endorsing kooks.

        2. Says the person who cheers whenever this king interjects himself in legal proceedings, issues executive orders, and asserts he has “Total authority. TOTAL….I take no responsibility.”

    3. At once transparent and opaque.

      How gouache.

  9. “Biden’s heart was probably in the right place here.”

    True… he has a heart for power and authority coupled with a skill for reading the political winds.

    1. But where were his hands?

    2. To be fair, Biden is not that good at reading political winds.

  10. Facebook’s removal of anarchists and antifascists today has seen the deletion of pages…

    Look, do you want Facebook to meddle in elections or to not let elections be meddled with? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.

  11. DNC convention was so popular they had to reimage some of their live stream participants into multiple boxes… needing just 30 boxes filled.

    1. Surprised they found 27 people.

      1. Me too. Biden almost got 3000 earlier in the year. Must have been a really boring convention.

  12. Facebook is also cracking down on Q-Anon accounts.

    Jesus fucking Christ, do we really think Q-Anon is moving any needles?

    1. No. But Facebook’s lawyers finally convinced them that hosting Antifa pages that were organizing riots and other interstate crimes was probably a very bad idea. They couldn’t just kick off Antifa. They had to kick off someone on the right as well to try and look even handed.

    2. Scare tactic du jour. “Russians” was getting old.

    1. A vaccine that doesn’t cover the dreaded WuFlu and wasn’t required before. What changed?

      1. They stated their rationale in the article: “preserve healthcare resources”

        Enforcement of public health measures, including requiring vaccinations, is one of the most legitimate functions of government.

        And it’s not just some liberal cause. I believe it was just yesterday that Trump was arguing that immigration from Mexico should be blocked because they have a poor record on vaccination. (I don’t know if that is actually true, but it’s not important to the point that vaccination is a legitimate government function in the eyes of conservatives.)

        1. With regard to regular flu, nothing has changed since last year. So, either they were negligent before or are taking an unneeded precaution now. They owe the public an explanation of which that is.

          1. State of Mass: “Here’s your explanation: fuck you, that’s why”

          2. I’d say they were negligent before. All the public school districts my kids have attended required vaccinations.

        2. 4000 kids died last year. The choice to get a vaccine was theirs and their families. There are 56 million school age children.

          You are an authoritarian.

    2. That should stop the Covid in its tracks.

    3. Clever. Since the flu provides an annual “pandemic” event, the MA elites can continue deploying emergency powers forever.

    4. so take your kids out of school. there are much better online teachers out there than the mediocre crowd in your town.

    5. Cool… less kids in public schools to be indoctrinated.

      These school closures and alternate learning are a real mistakes for Lefties. Like most of their plans, this will backfire.

      More kids learning from non-Lefty sources will mitigate Millennials being taught in the ways of the Communist Party.

  13. …Qinling Li talks to transgender activists fighting for sex work decriminalization in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

    The currently unassailable power of the transgendered should make this doable.

    1. Transgender sex workers? To hell with decriminalization. How about some truth in advertising requirement?

      1. Sounds like someone’s gotten more than they bargained for a few times. Know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  14. DeBlasios wife has spent 1.5 billion over 5 years for the government department created out of thin air for her. The spending includes basically payments for a political staff so she can run for Brooklyn president next year off of the government dole. 2/3rds of the money is unaccounted for. Most of the “public measures” she oversees lack informational updates on goals, spending, and accomplishments. I see a future president in this one.

    1. Scratch any dedicated socialist and you will find an ordinary bum and thief. For all the talk about “the people”, it always ends up with the people’s money going into the pocket of the socialists.

      1. The Proletariat need someone to look up to.

        1. Have to look up. They’re in the deeeluxe apartment in the sky.

      2. Reminds me of that montage in “American Gangster” where Frank Lucas is handing out turkeys to people in Harlem, all while his drug product is playing a huge role in tearing the community down even further than it already was.

        1. Politicians and mob bosses have a lot in common.

      3. The entire movement is about getting something for nothing, they’re just leading by example.

    2. Tammany Hall 2.0

  15. School reopening decisions are being driven by teachers unions and politics, not public health…

    Almost like public education is a jobs program.

  16. An appeals court said Florida can’t use secret surveillance recordings against Patriots owner Robert Kraft and other workers and customers caught up in 2019 massage parlor prostitution stings.

    But if investigators want to continue to get off to it, knock yourselves out.

    1. Also, that was just last year?

    2. Why the hell does Robert Kraft need to go to a rub-and-tug to get his rocks off?
      Can’t he afford a mistress or a hot tub full of top-shelf call girls anymore?

      1. Going to a seedy strip mall in full view of everyone to see mamasans too old or unattractive to make a living as escorts may be part of the thrill. allegedly

        1. Ah, doing it for kinks.

  17. …Brian Doherty casts doubt on Democrats’ latest round of gun control dreams.

    But keep pushing it, by all means. 2016 should remind them that a presidential election isn’t a lock when you fundamentally misunderstand middle America.

  18. I like how trump is getting castigated for not knowing about QAnon like that is a bad thing. Meanwhile democrats are running on a platform of systematic racism, anti racism, white fragility, the lies of hands up don’t shoot, etc. They are pushing the conspiracy if the USPS. 3 yeara of Russian collusion based off a debunked Dossier. They claim all 170k civil deaths are trumps fault while praising Cuomo. 83 nights of riots and a doubling of murders in major cities is called peaceful protests…

    But yes, let’s focus on a statement tbe lresident doesn’t know what QAnon is. That’s the important thing.

    1. QAnon is the most important thing ever, yet the President and indeed most of the country has no idea what it is. Yeah, that makes sense.

      1. This election’s Pepe the frog.

    2. If you want to make crackpot conspiracies less popular maybe don’t act like their weirdo loser proponents are important dangerous rebels who said too much already.

      1. That is a good point. Maybe qanon does have a point.

        1. I’m unclear as to what is meant when people say “qanon kooks”?
          What are these crazy beliefs they have?
          Because if we’re talking about the existence of a Deep State and powerful social circles engaging in child sex/prostitution/trafficking…

          Maybe white knight will explain what’s so crazy about their “beliefs”

          1. The part where they do it all in secret lairs under government buildings sounds like something out of Game of Thrones. But other than that I havent heard anything too farfetched.

            1. they may not have secret lairs, oh wait they had an island and an airplane that even the secret service wasn’t allowed on

          2. Demons. Satanism. Are those not so crazy?

      2. Maybe that’s the play. Leftist media trying to increase the popularity of a conspiracy theory with the right so that they have something to talk about.

    3. Democrats are going to lose and they know it. Well, the smart ones do. And by “smart” I mean not complete fucking imbeciles like the MSM, unreason staff, and the useful Idiots.

  19. More bad economic news.

    Jeff Bezos has accumulated more wealth this year ($77.2 billion) than Charles Koch has in his entire life ($56.9 billion).

    As Koch / Reason libertarians, we reject the idea that the economy should work only for the benefit of a select few billionaires. Instead, we demand an economy that works for all billionaires.


    1. All billionaires matter.

    1. Send you virus laden breath into an upwards plume
      to spread it further in the room.

  20. “I am excited that we live in a world where a black woman like me can be a powerful leader”

    I suggest working on your low self esteem before deciding who you’re going to vote for. Just a thought.

    1. In the past only white men could throw innocent people in jail and only white women could whore their way into important jobs. Today, a black woman can do all of that and more.

      1. MLK would be so proud.

    2. It worked for Obama. How many I’s and Me’s were in his speech last night?

  21. Steve Bannon indicted by US Attorney.

    The Trump Crime Family lives on. What is this? 9-10 indictments and 8 convictions?

    Obama – no convictions.

    1. Another bombshell.
      This is the tipping point.
      The walls are closing in.
      It’s the beginning of the end.

      1. Thank you so much. I love it.

    2. Trump fired Bannon. He hasn’t worked for Trump in years. Meanwhile, one of the deputy general counsels of the FBI under Obama pled guilty yesterday to lying to the FISA court to renew the warrant against Carter Page. Even when given a free pass, the Obama Administration still managed to bounce a blank check.

      1. Clinesmith was also on team Mueller.

        But Buttplug has Manafort for something that happened almost a decade before trump. Roger Stone for a process crime. A low level staffer in Papadopolous with a minor process crime where he forgot a date, spent all of a week in jail.

        I mean, that says it all right there. Fabricating evidence means nothing, we have low level process crimes and stuff that happened before Trump ran for President!

        Meanwhile he still ignores actual evidence of Hillary’s campaign doing what they accuse Trump of.

    3. Chuck Colson of Watergate fame was sentenced to prison for possessing a single FBI file on a political rival.
      But a President used the Director of the FBI, the Deputy Director of the FBI, the Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to gather dirt on members of the opposition political party in an effort to ensure his former Secretary of State wins the Presidency?

      But: Obama – no convictions
      Funny that.

      If only John Dean had used active duty CIA and FBI people to spy on Nixon’s political opponents instead of the retired Hunt and Liddy.

      1. FISA warrants were obtained because Trump Tower was operating as a US outpost for the Kremlin.

        Trump and team are treasonous. They traded future favors to Putin for election inteference.

        1. FISA warrants were obtained because Trump Tower was operating as a US outpost for the Kremlin.

          That is a complete fucking lie. Under oath everyone admitted there was no basis to believe any Russia collusion. Andrew McCabe admitted before Congress that there was no basis for the warrents. The FISA Court wrote a blistering opinion saying they had been lied to and there was no basis for the warrents.

          Everyone here knows the truth. So, stop telling lies that everyone knows to be lies you worthless pedophile piece of shit. I see you got banned again and have a new screen name. Stop fucking posting child porn links you sick garbage.

        2. LOL. And Reason prefers to talk about QAnon.

        3. What about the space aliens and Elvis?!!!

        4. So your rebuttal is to make shit up.
          For a fifty-center you’re a total failure.

        5. A troll says what?

        6. “FISA warrants were obtained because Trump Tower was operating as a US outpost for the Kremlin.”

          Yeah, I remember Trump telling Putin he’d ‘have more freedom after the election’, right?

    4. We already know Obama has no convictions.

      1. the same critique was leveled at Loki by Agent Coulson.

  22. Senate committee made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner, two others to federal prosecutors
    The Intelligence Committee detailed its concerns in a letter to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., in June 2019, an official said.


    1. The walls are closing in!!!

      Don’t you ever get tired of being retarded and believing everything the media feeds you? You still believe you are going to get Trump one of these days. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at losers like you. It really would.

    2. So a pack of highly partisan coup plotters “made criminal referral”?

      Yeah, that was totally legit, lol.
      Who are you even trying to kid, you ban evading piece of shit.

    3. Let me guess, you’ve only read the Vox headlines on the 962 page Congressional report. It doesn’t say what you think it says.

    4. The desperation, just like the thirst for small children, is wafting off of you like heat from asphalt in the summertime.

      1. I have a feeling that people are starting to think Trump is going to win. J.D. Turcille’s article yesterday about how everyone hates both parties reeked of the sort of desperation you are talking about. Trump is going to win but that is just because everyone hates these horrible parties. That article had all the emotional maturity of a 8th grade girl who just got jilted by her boyfriend.

  23. This morning on NPR I heard a little fluff piece on Kamala Harris about how she gave a shout-out to her sisters in AKA, her college sorority. Seems that AKA’s motto is “Service To All Mankind” so of course the lady talking about how wonderful Kamala is just had to go there – she actually said that with Kamala’s history of public service, she’s the embodiment of that slogan about serving others.

    Are you fucking kidding me? “Kamala” and “service” are two words you never want to use in the same sentence because everybody knows Kamala got her start in politics by servicing Willie Brown. How fucking tone deaf do you have to be to start yapping about Kamala’s record of “service”? Goddamn! You gotta get a new word cause you sure as hell can’t use that one!

    1. They think that because they won’t say it, no one else will. They really live in that big of a bubble.

    2. It’s a cookbook!

      1. More like:

        Name of her sex tape!

    3. I don’t know about all mankind, but I heard the service she gave to Willie Brown at least was legit.

    4. I’m a little surprised AKA let her join

    5. AKA? Is that The American Kennel association?

    6. Service to All Manhood.

  24. Shocked to see a Fox and Friends interview this morning at a cafe in Long Branch, NJ. After the first guy, a Trump supporter, they turned to a woman who said she was a Democrat but leaving the party and
    “I’m for Jo Jorgenson” – shocked it didn’t get edited out.

    1. Going from the Dems to Jo Jorgenson isn’t really much of an ideological move.

      1. Huh? You think Libertarians and/or Jo endorse all the economic nonsense spouted by Dems, AOC, Bernie, Kamala, Joe, etc. etc.?
        If so, the Libs have really shit the bed in getting their message out to conservatives. Or conservatives only hear what they want to hear.

        1. Libs are 80% on the anti racism bandwagon as a means to power. Jo endorsed said movement.

          1. Doesn’t make Libs “going to the Dems” ideologically. One various issues, Libs will be agreeing with progs, conservatives, moderates, etc.

          2. Jo Jorgensen is light years better than Brain-Damaged Biden. She gets my vote. Besides, I live in the People’s Republic of NJ, which is the bluest of blue People’s Republics.

            1. Trump could win it…

        2. Promoting marxism should be disqualifying to anyone who cares about liberty.
          Full stop

    2. From the Republican perspective this is good, and it’s good that Jorgenson is pandering to the left. Taking votes away from Democrats is exactly half as good as bringing votes to Republicans, and half is better than zero.

  25. Off topic but a serious question. Why isn’t Reason or any other outlet beside Fox covering (or at least mentioning) the Portland assault and the Clinesmith guilty plea?
    In Portland a man came to the rescue of a transgender woman who was being robbed and beaten. He was chased down by protesters jumped in his truck while being assaulted, crashed, drugged out beaten again and knocked out by a blind-side roundhouse kick. With the vic been a trans women this should be red meat for the mass media. The problem? The good Samaritan is white, the attacker is black and well known BLM activist.
    I’m not on social media, those of you who are please, PLEASE send that message wide and far. This cannot be buried.

    1. The contrast between reason’s coverage of a single day of rioting in Charlottesville, where they lost their collective shit about the evil “alt right” for weeks and it’s coverage of months of rioting and violence in Portland is pretty stark. Basically, reason doesn’t give a shit about far left violence. It won’t endorse it the way Jo Jorganson will, but they won’t condemn it either. They will just pretend it doesn’t exist or at most write some “but both sides are just as bad” false equivalence when confronted with it. In Charlottesville, Antifa showed up and started a riot during the course of which some nut alt right guy ran his car through the crowd. Reason refused to blame Antifa for starting the riot and creating the conditions that brought that act on, and even refused to condemn to cops for not acting and stopping the riot before someone got hurt. Nope, it was all about the evil “alt right”. The left, in reason’s view is never responsible for anything.

    2. Why isn’t Reason or any other outlet beside Fox covering (or at least mentioning) the Portland assault and the Clinesmith guilty plea?
      You just listed all the reason’s why.

    3. Why no coverage of the Portland protest? Well, it’s just some peaceful youths ‘resisting’ Trump, right?

      “Portland protesters set fire to county government building”
      “PORTLAND, Ore. — Protesters in Portland broke out the windows of a county government building, sprayed lighter fluid inside and set a fire in a demonstration that started Tuesday night and ended Wednesday morning with clashes with police, officials said.
      The fire at the Multnomah Building damaged the county government’s office of community involvement, where Oregon’s first gay marriage took place and where protective gear has been distributed to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, said Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury…”

    4. It’s because their primary concern is the defeat of President Trump in the upcoming election. Whatever else they care about is a drop in the ocean compared to that.

    5. P.S. Nancy Rommelmann is providing excellent coverage of the protests in Portland.

      Her report from yesterday was another excellent installation in her series.

      The exceptions, here, just serve to prove the general rule.

      They used to run a series here where the staff would share with us how they were voting and why. I bet they don’t do that this time.

      1. She does good work. I enjoyed her prose in yesterday’s article. Good writing

  26. The projection was off that charts with Barry.

    Wonder what Michael thought of it.

  27. The shape of the stimulus bill has changed dramatically.

    The Democrats in the House were proposing $3.5 trillion in spending with $1 trillion of that to bail out the states.

    The Republicans in the Senate were pushing a $1 trillion bill that would send $150 billion to the states IF IF IF they used it to reopen their schools.

    The White House ended that whole discussion. The alternative to the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion stimulus plan is no longer the $1 trillion plan pushed by the Republicans in the Senate. The alternative to the Democrats’ plan is nothing–and the Democrats in the House who are running for reelection in districts that voted for Trump in 2016 are getting really nervous. If the Democrat in your district can’t stuff your pockets with cash in a crisis, what’s the point of voting for the Democrat?

    In that spirit, 100 House Democrats just sent a letter to Nancy Pelsoi demanding that she put up a skinnier deal for a vote:

    “We cannot keep saying take it or leave it because we know very well at this point the Senate has left it,” said Rep. Cindy Axne (D., Iowa). “I’m calling on Speaker Pelosi to bring up a revised federal aid package when the House is in later this week to continue our efforts to secure a deal that will help the millions of Americans still in need.”

    . . . .

    The new proposal, referred to as the skinny bill, is expected to cost about half of the earlier $1 trillion legislation, in an effort to appease GOP senators worried about the price tag of the federal government’s efforts in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

    . . . .

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) previously estimated that roughly 20 Senate Republicans opposed the earlier, $1 trillion package and might not be amenable to any additional funding.

    This is all because President Trump extended unemployment benefits bypassing Congress. Let me be clear, if what he did wasn’t unconstitutional because Congress ceded their authority to the president in past bills, then they should take that authority back. President Trump’s actions on unemployment have been compared to President Obama’s unconstitutional actions on DACA, but I’m starting to think of it more like President Obama’s unconstitutional assassination of Osama bin Laden.

    I don’t want the president to do anything unconstitutional, but assuming Sullum’s arguments about the unconstitutionality of assassinating Osama bin Laden were absolutely correct, if you feel compelled to violate the Constitution on something, make it on something like killing Osama bin Laden . . . or maybe make it about preventing the Democrats from bailing out the outrageous unfunded pension obligations of California, Illinois, and the state of New York.

    Republicans in the Senate might have capitulated to spending $1 trillion to bail out the states if that were the price of making sure the unemployed in their state kept collecting unemployment benefits through election day in November. And constitutional or unconstitutional, the reason they no longer feel compelled to consider the Democrats’ outrageous $3.5 trillion bill is because President Trump extended unemployment benefits without any input from the Democrat controlled House.

    Like I said, if you feel compelled to violate the Constitution, please make it on something like killing a $3.5 trillion spending bill.

    1. P.S. Where are our resident dweebs to complain that the two parties are just like each other because neither of them are fiscally conservative libertarian capitalists? I know you’re out there.

      1. To be fair, they have a point specifically when it comes to spending. There’s a practical difference between spending around $6 trillion and only spending $3 trillion in total on bailing us out of a government induced economic disaster, but there’s little difference in principle.

        I completely agree that the Republicans are still the lesser evil on spending because they’re trying to drive the speed limit as they’re driving off the cliff, but unfortunately they’re driving us off the cliff all the same.

        1. Put another way, as long as Republicans are in charge, there’s still a hope of somehow getting out of this mess in the future, whereas the Democrats will leave us without such hope. It’s just that Republicans aren’t getting us out of the mess right now.

        2. You seem to have missed the point that the alternative to the Democrats spending $3.5 trillion isn’t $1 trillion anymore. The Republicans’ alternative to spending $3.5 trillion may be to spend nothing. Some of them are pushing a $500 billion spending bill, but McConnell, who is demonstrably not a principled fiscal conservative, “estimated that roughly 20 Senate Republicans opposed the earlier, $1 trillion package and might not be amenable to any additional funding.”

          20 of the Senate’s 53 Republicans opposed the $1 trillion package back when that was the only way to get unemployment benefits extended. Now that unemployment benefits have been extended through election day, even fewer of them feel compelled to vote for any new stimulus. In fact, McConnell is saying that if he ever holds discussions on another stimulus bill, it won’t be until sometime after the Republican National Convention, which shows his sense of urgency, here, or, rather, his lack thereof.

          Having said that, spending $500 billion is vastly superior to spending $3.5 trillion, and not spending the money on states, whose governments are shrinking in size due to the lack of sales taxes and other revenue during the recession, is vastly superior to bailing them out–all from the perspectives of libertarian capitalism and fiscal conservatism.

          Because a perfect solution isn’t one of the choices doesn’t mean that some of the choices aren’t better than others, and the solutions the Republicans are proposing (sometimes nothing) are vastly superior to the ones the Democrats are proposing.

    2. And constitutional or unconstitutional, the reason they no longer feel compelled to consider the Democrats’ outrageous $3.5 trillion bill is because President Trump extended unemployment benefits without any input from the Democrat controlled House.

      He basically took whatever leverage they might have had and tossed it in the trash, and they know he’s going to gleefully take any credit for another TrumpBux bill they might pass.

      1. Contentious negotiations are won by the party with the most leverage, and President Trump robbed the Democrats of most of their leverage when he extended unemployment benefits without them.

  28. “Indigenous Activists in Myanmar Clash With UN Over Proposed Park”
    “The proposed park, intended for conservation, could displace residents of 225 villages and disrupt their largely agrarian lifestyle….”

    How dare those people make a livelihood when we can turn this into a ‘green’ park for eco-tourists to feel good about themselves?

    1. There is a BBC series on Amazon called Dangerous Roads. In it, various Brit celebrities drive these super dangerous roads all over the world. One of the episodes is about a road in Nepal. They get to the end of this road and it turns into a footpath. The government is in the process of extending the road. The only opposition to it is from the various mountain climbers who come to Nepal and are angry that what has been a footpath to the base of Everest will now be a road a good part of the way. The people who live there want the road for things like being able to get to a doctor by a car or a bus rather than walking or on a donkey. The mountaineers, who are all rich westerners, couldn’t give a shit less about that. How dare these people stop living in isolated poverty. Don’t they know their place?

    2. Its not unusual for the U.N to kick people out of their lands to “preserve” it by making it a world heritage site. some decades ago they kicked the Batwa out of their indiginous lands in Ugand to make it a world heritage site. the Batwa are still suffering to this day. When the UN says they want to make something a world heritage site don’t let them. The UN has done more harm to more peoples than the U.S. has done to native Americans. In some places they won’t let locals build a water pump for their well and claim they should be proud of their heiritage of having to us a bucket and a rope, I saw a UN woman representative actually stated that on TV, they are Evil

  29. “California could soon require ethnic studies class for high school graduation”
    “SACRAMENTO — Aniyah Story, a junior at Oakland High School, says she’s always felt like an outsider reading textbooks about American history in class.
    She rarely sees positive depictions of people who look like her, a person of Black and Filipina descent. What’s more, Story says, the unsavory facts of history are repeatedly glossed over to emphasize a “Eurocentric” viewpoint and minimize the enslavement of people of color…”

    So can these poor people take ‘whining’ instead of math?

    1. Does her textbook have anything in it about the 16,233 dead and 47,166 wounded American soldiers who paid the price to liberate the Philippines from Japanese domination?

      1. There’s a lot of evidence, however, that the U.S. didn’t need to invade the Phillippines, by passing it instead. But MacArthur needed to be placated so Marshall green lighted it.

        1. Beware the gruesome photos on this Wikipedia article about the Manila Massacre.

          Rather than being pissed off about glossing over the unsavory aspects of American history in her textbook, she should probably be pissed off about the behavior of the Japanese invaders.

          Does her textbook not say anything about the American liberation of the Philippines?

          1. Liberated twice once from the Spanish and then the Japanese. Philippines in the Philippines still remember but not once they are a generation removed in the U.S. and taught to hate everything about the U.S. in U.S. schools

        2. The USA needed as many friendly staging points for supplies to ready for the invasion of Japan.

          Its a lie that the USA didnt need to take back a friendly place like Philippines so close to Japan. Taiwan was closer to Japan but it was NOT expected to be friendly.

      2. Or how her Spanish ancestors enslaved the natives of the Philippines.

      3. Something tells me she doesn’t give two shits about her Philippine ancestry. And if she wants to see positive images of black people she should watch more TV, especially the ads.

    2. She rarely sees positive depictions of people who look like her, a person of Black and Filipina descent.

      Frankly, it’s because there aren’t any important Black/Filipina mutts to speak of in American history.

    3. She is free to read whatever books she desires. Sounds like she is lazy.

      1. Pretty sure her desire is to tell OTHERS what they must read.

    4. “Math is hard”, said Barbie.

      “Math is racist”, said Black Barbie.

  30. The media and the Democratic base have been eating it up.

    Isn’t “the media” and the “Democratic base” the same thing?

    1. More like the media is a subset of the Democratic base.

  31. A school district in Tennessee is trying to force parents to sign a form they won’t monitor their children’s virtual classes. I think “fuck off” would be too weak of a response to this bullshit.

    1. So the teachers are pedophiles? Would be my first go-to when questioning why teachers don’t want the parents to know what they’re doing with their kids. Of course, the teachers are going to claim that it’s for fear of the Bible-thumpers objecting to their kids being taught science, but that’s old news and all the Bible-thumpers already know their kids are being taught science. What they don’t know is that their kids are being taught that 1+1=whatever you feel it should be and don’t let the evil racist white man tell you any differently.

      1. I thought you were kidding and then I saw this

        “RCS strongly discourages non student observation of online meetings due to the potential of confidential information about a student being revealed.”

        1. What confidential information are they sharing with an 8 year old that they can’t share with the 8 year old’s parents?

          1. The actual curriculum one might suspect. It’s not something you get exposed to at the PTA, I’d guess.

            That, and you might be tempted to discover what type of teacher your tax dollars are paying for. Union employees rarely want to be observed by the public, go figure.

            In some fairness to the teachers, I’d guess some parents might be tempted to yell at them over the connection in front of students too which uhh…yeah. Parents aren’t golden angels themselves, after all.

            1. If that’s the concern then ban the parents from participating in class, not observing it.

              My question was mostly rhetorical, I know they’re not sharing anything that should actually be confidential. The teachers, like most union employees, are doing everything they can to avoid any kind of personal responsibility for their work.

    2. It’s like they’re doing everything they can to create a whole lot of new homeschoolers.

    3. They should just slap a NSFP (Not Safe For Parents) of PG<16 (No one over the age of 16 admitted) warning on the transmission.

  32. Joe Biden and the Violence Against women Act

    What did Creepy Uncle Joe do this time? Oh wait, you’re talking about something else. Nevermind.

    1. No charges of sexual conduct against (D) are valid absent five witnesses, and a video. Thought about charging (R) however, are acceptable as absolute proof.

  33. “It’s Kamala’s party now,” declared Politico.

    And she’ll cry if she wants to.

  34. But despite its nice-sounding intentions, several aspects of the VAWA were just as problematic as the rest of the cursed legislation.

    I bought 2 droids from a VAWA a while back…

    1. hoagies and tastycakes at the local VAWA

      1. And gasoline, now.

        I’ve always thought that a “Wawa Jawa” uniform would be a good idea.

        1. can’t believe they didn’t do that 8 times already.

    2. VAWA seems to almost rhyme with DOMA. That act’s not too popular nowadays either.

  35. That’s pretty much the past 50 years in the American west.

    With the caveat that industrial tourism has ruined some of the Holy Sites more than mining and ranching ever did. See Moab, UT.

  36. Their tough on crime stance was the only good thing about democrats. Now that’s gone they are useless.

  37. The Dems want their law-and-order reputation back, after over a month of prominent Dems (including Joe Niden!) criticizing President Trump for sending federal agents to protect a courthouse from “peaceful protesters”.

  38. But maybe, just maybe, the Trump administration’s unending exposure of our immigration system’s horrors and progressives’ growing concern about them could actually lead to growth here


    That’s some funny shit right there.

  39. For fashionable people this fall, navy is the new black, orange is the new red, and “Q” is the new MAGA hat.

    I’m just sayin’.

  40. Obama the asshat seems to forget his shove it down your throat style and comments like I WON and Elections have consequences as he admonishes Trump for not being full on bipartisan! Are all liberals as dementia ridden as Biden that they can’t remember what Obama said and did? Only thing he left out was sea rising from climate change being Trump’s fault but likely because mr. 1% himself is racking up seaside properties, hoping they become new Atlantis’s I guess. Only 10 years to go according to genius AOC.

    1. I smite you! Thou shalt not take the name of Obama thy God in vain!

  41. When are John Brennan and James Clapper going to speak and give their blessing to the nominees and the National Security Agenda of the DNC?

    1. Once the Chinese Communist Party is done writing their speech.

  42. that Zuri Davis tweet is cringe-inducing. wtf wait til after lunch to post that woke bullshit, why start the day off that way.

  43. ‘Did you see what he was wearing?’ New York Post goes digging for dirt on man beaten bloody and senseless by Portland BLM thugs

    1. The Post is a worthless rag, and it is reprehensible that they imply he deserved to be beaten by thugs. Having said that, how has it been established that they were “BLM thugs” rather than unaffiliated thugs?

      1. Caw Caw, caw caw

      2. al Qaeda and ISIS have a lot of unaffiliated thugs too

        1. If they are unaffiliated, they are not ISIS or al Quaeda, by the definition of the word, affiliation.


    China is one of the world’s largest film markets, even under temporary restrictions, and it is possible to screen Mulan there successfully, despite Disney making less off Chinese cinemas than it does off American cinemas. Disney, even prior to the pandemic, has taken painstaking steps with the PG-13 movie to ensure its mass appeal to both Chinese and Western audiences. With its all Asian cast, the movie is striving for deeper and necessary cultural authenticity, but with it comes the politics of cultural differences.

    Along with catering to a wide audience, it can’t be ignored that China has a huge influence over Hollywood. From the controversial decision to change the Ancient One in Doctor Strange from Tibetan to Celtic to removing the Taiwanese and Japanese flag from Tom Cruise’s jack in Top Gun: Maverick, China’s influence over Hollywood is profound. With China’s influential and financial power over Hollywood, it is no wonder that Disney would push for Mulan to be seen in Chinese theaters.

    1. It’s fine, we’ve known this since Hollywood had it’s fling with NAZI. Or was that just a Coen brothers film?

  45. One Key Democrat Group, Black Live Matter Thugs, Now Roaming the Streets Hunting Another Key Democrat Group — Transgenders — To Beat and Rob

    1. So, does Black Lives Matter typically organize protest events in the middle of the night, with no speakers, no placards, and on some random street instead of in a public plaza or park or something.

      Maybe, maybe those are just violent thugs that have no affiliation with Black Lives Matter.

      1. The evidence says they are BLM. If they are not BLM, then show some evidence that BLM has repudiated them. We have no evidence they are not BLM and their own words that say they are.

        Your claim that “BLM doesn’t do that” is fucking pathetic. They do do that. We have then on film doing that. This is what BLM is. This is who you are as a Democrat. This is what you and your party support. Either repudiate it and the party or fucking own you dishonest piece of shit.

        1. Wow, so have to unpack several things you just said:

          – Where is the evidence they are affiliated with BLM? You wrote “the evidence” — what is it?
          – A BLM repudiation is a legitimate thing to ask for. Not repudiating them, though, still does not amount to affiliation or endorsement.
          – I didn’t make the claim “BLM doesn’t do that”. I asked the question of what evidence there is that the people in the linked video have any affiliation with BLM. It is an argument not so much about BLM as it is about use of guilt by association, and constructing an intellectually lazy narrative.

          1. A BLM repudiation is a legitimate thing to ask for. Not repudiating them, though, still does not amount to affiliation or endorsement.

            Yes it does. Someone is acting in their name. If they refuse to repudiate it, there is no reason to think they don’t endorse it.

            1. Nobody was acting in their name in that video.

        2. Also, just highlighting that once again you cannot have a discussion without throwing in personal insults.

          1. It is not an insult if it is true. Stop lying and people will stop calling you a liar.

            1. You called me “a piece of shit”. You can look through every comment I’ve ever posted here — I never speak to people that way.

      2. in a lot of these videos the perps are shouting BLM while they fight/vandalize/arsonize/what have you.

        1. Shouting “Black lives matter!” is shouting a slogan. It does not establish any affiliation with our favorite Marxist organization.

          1. please, now you’re just reaching.

            When you see a bunch of punks dressed in black shouting in people’s faces and shoving them to the ground and yelling “BLACK LIVES MATTER, BITCH” . your first thought is “oh this has nothing to do with the black lives matter movement i guess.”

            1. Well, he needs to see the signed membership card!

              1. If it’s not notarized it doesn’t count.

              2. The secret handshake too.

              3. There have been two links, among t he dozens posted in the past few months, where a speaker said something offensive at an actual Black Lives Matter event. Both times I acknowledged that what the speaker said was offensive.

                Note there have been see links posted of anyone DOING anything offensive at an official Black Lives Matter event. Only offensive speech.

            2. I would say the opposite: claiming that someone’s shouting the slogan, “Black lives matter”, establishes an affiliation with the Black Lives Matter organizations is reaching.

            3. Sounds like white supremacy to me!

  46. wouldn’t it be easier to admit Biden / Harris is a living joke?

    1. I’m going to need a doctor to check him out before I accept that he’s alive.

    2. They are a joke, in a lot of ways. It’s hard to believe the Democrats bench is so narrow these are the best candidates they could put in the race.

      Can we also admit Donald Trump is a joke?

      1. dude you are so lame.

      2. similar to Dole / Kemp but at least those guys had juice …

        1. Wow, did you just dredge up Bob Dole in a comment? Huh.

  47. Biden’s heart was probably in the right place here.

    fuck you ENB.

  48. Steve Bannon was just arrested for defrauding “Build the Wall” donors.

    This prosecution is likely to be highly controversial to say the least.

    Audrey Strauss, the acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, I believe is only acting until the Senate confirms a new appointment, which hasn’t been made yet. She took over by default when Geoffrey Berman was fired by President Trump. She was his deputy attorney.

    She is also known for having gone after Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, who was also working with the Trump campaign on campaign finance.

    It is highly suspicious to see her go after Steve Bannon at this point in the election cycle. Steve Bannon could be one hell of a fund raiser, and taking him out of commission at this point in the campaign probably hurts President Trump’s reelection chances–regardless of whether Bannon is actually guilty of anything.

    It makes sense they would do this on the day of Biden’s acceptance speech–since the news media will be focused on that instead of this highly suspicious prosecution.

    Occam’s razor suggests this prosecution is politically motivated.

    1. Of course it is. Apply the standards being applied here to the Clinton foundation. They would never prosecute Bannon if he were a Democrat everyone knows that.

      1. And the U.S. Attorney making the case doesn’t even have a future in the role. She has nothing to lose–and everything to gain if Biden wins.

      2. It’s sickening.

    2. My question: Did AG Barr know this was coming? Or did he get totally blind-sided as retaliation for the earlier dismissals?

      1. It’s all speculation, but after Sessions, especially, I think Barr understands that his primary responsibility is watching the president’s back. I think this is one of those moves where they don’t care if it gets out that this was all a set up after the fact because 1) If Biden wins, it doesn’t really matter and 2) the objective isn’t really a conviction. It’s distracting Steve Bannon from raising money and doing his voodoo to get Trump reelected.

        We’re in the first quarter of the Superbowl, and they took out President Trump’s star wide receiver. Whether he’s actually guilty of anything is beside the point.

        1. Trump will pardon Bannon and probably should.

          At this point, until a bunch of Democrats get indicted for their federal crimes by the S.D. NY US Attorney general’s office, I am leaning toward everything that office says about Trump supporters is a lie.

          The Attorney General hopefully fires every federal employee in that Southern District office after Trump gets reelected. It’s like the FBI, some of these agencies need to start from scratch.

    3. Southern District of NY US Attorneys office.

      Corruption central. This office has a horrible track record of politicizing their office as a weapon.

      1. They’re the ones that came after the commenters here by way of that egotistical ass, Preet Bahara.

        1. As it stands, three debates are scheduled for October and Biden’s campaign’s statement on it is that Biden is “looking forward” to it.

          I agree with John and others that Biden is declining mentally, on top of already being prone to gaffes.

          Where I go further is that I also think Trump is also declining mentally, on top of not being that bright in the first place.

          So, the debates will be a depressing display of how poorly the two-party system is serving our country.

          1. Sigh. That was supposed to be on the comment one more down.

            1. Honest mistake, don’t worry about it buddy.

              1. Thanks, Mike!

  49. Justice department media releases

    Look at the various spying indictments unsealed.
    These press releases are a day behind, so no mention of Bannon arrest yet. The indictment was issued by the Southern District of NY, so be ready for some corruption coming from that office.

  50. One thing about the Democratic Convention, it sure burned Biden’s bridges on “I can’t debate Trump on account of the coronavirus.”

    1. Was he going to argue that?

      1. If he tries to get out of the debates using some other excuse then the answer is yes.

      2. As it stands, three debates are scheduled for October and Biden’s campaign’s statement on it is that Biden is “looking forward” to it.

        I agree with John and others that Biden is declining mentally, on top of already being prone to gaffes.

        Where I go further is that I also think Trump is also declining mentally, on top of not being that bright in the first place.

        So, the debates will be a depressing display of how poorly the two-party system is serving our country.

        1. Agreed. Trump is definitely declining, and it’s been getting worse the last couple months.

  51. Uber/Lyft about to shut down in CA in tonight:
    Best take on this:

    “Paul Matzko
    Or it’s an example of how progressive fetishization of an employment model created during the 1930s around industrial workplaces is a mismatch for alternative modes of work created eight decades later and dependent on digital platforms.”

    I’m surprised Twitter hasn’t banned this as hate speech yet.

  52. So serial fondler Joe Biden is cast as a protector of women, and serial jailer Kamala Harris is cast as a champion of the incarcerated.


      Protector, pedophile… the words sound sort of similar.

      Also, I challenge ENB to watch this footage of Uncle Joe and still say that those Q people don’t have a point.

    2. Every day is opposite day at the DNC!

    3. Serial abuser of women Trump approves.

      1. Not just women, he basically admitted to raping underage beauty contestants!

        1. You.
          And ask turd above you why he got banned.

  53. I am excited that we live in a world where a black woman like me can be a powerful leader

    We live in bizarro world. A ‘black woman like you’ can’t be president. Nor can a ‘white man like me’ be president.

    1. Beyond a skin color and sex that’s shared by a huge swath of the entire planet, what precisely are the similarities between the two that make her glad?

      Since she liked the video knowing that Harris hurt people, it seems odd that a lie about that fact would be more heinous.

      I mean, a black man was already President. Is a black woman being vice President anywhere close to as big of a deal? I mean, at this point shouldn’t you need to run on your record like anyone else, and at what point do your genitals and skin color stop being the most important factor?

      I fully expect Democrats ten or twenty years down the line to run a transgendered dog (a man who identifies as a bitch) for office as inevitably they’ll run out of ‘firsts’ to energize their base. They just need that long to shift the overton window to cover consensual bestiality. What they run past that point is anyone’s guess. Can you nominate ‘the environment’ for President? Maybe by write in?

  54. why is my post awaiting moderation? wth

  55. So… another Jo Jorgenson piece when? Do we really need more blather about how bad Kamala is?

  56. she is so underwhelming, the Dems version of Paul Ryan

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