Democratic Convention 2020

Democratic Convention: Dems Want to Stop Gun Violence, but They Can't Say How

When they do specify "common sense" gun reforms, the proposals would do little to stop gun violence.


The Democratic Party led off tonight's installment of its national convention with a video lamenting the scourge of gun violence. It is a problem that has been rising this year, though longterm trends since the early '90s show gun murders per capita as a significantly smaller problem for America now than it was then.

Whenever it happens, however often, gun violence is as devastating a tragedy as one can imagine. The segment ended with a statement from former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, herself a victim of gun violence. Yet this part of the evening offered no specific policy recommendations beyond stressing the party's commitment to ending this source of human pain.

There is a reason for that. The "common sense gun law reforms" that the Democrats have been pushing for years—generally things like toughening background check requirements, banning certain classes of weapons for cosmetic features, or limiting legal magazine sizes—would in nearly every case have no actual effect on any of the heinous gun tragedies that drive the public outcry against them.

Instead of specific policy recommendations, the video spotlighted the pain of shooter drills, a dilemma caused less by the actual threat of school shootings than by the fear of them this video is trying to instill. It brought up the particular pain brought to black and brown communities by gun violence, but evaded the question of how asking the American police to enforce laws against possessing certain kinds of weapons might affect those same communities. (The Democrats' vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, is all for forcefully taking back peacefully owned weapons if the law decides to ban them.)

The politics of these stances is easy to understand. A majority of Americans now want stricter laws on gun sales, and the issue has traditionally energized the party's base. (Though this year's urban riots making clear police's inability and/or unwillingness to defend individual's lives and property might make individual gun ownership seem more sensible to many Americans across party lines.) But when it comes to policy, doing anything effective and constitutional about the problem of gun violence is a lot harder. Hence tonight's lack of specifics.

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  1. What they want is to repeal the second amendment and forcefully confiscate every firearm in the country except those carried by their own bodyguards.
    God alone knows what evil they intend to do to the country if they ever succeed.

    1. An attempt at this would result in a great deal of gun violence.

      1. But only once; and since those killed would be either cops or non-democrats, it’s a big win-win for the fascists.

        1. So then the people in.the innee cities are either cops or non-Democrats?

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        2. What percentage of guns do you think they would manage to grab before they ran out of cops, either from them getting shot or quitting the force because they refuse to go door to door getting shot trying to confiscate guns?

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      3. Amen to that. And it wouldn’t work. Remember when the Soviet Union fell? Guns appeared from everywhere in Russia. The Bolsheviks never got them all. They would get even fewer here in the USA.

    2. What a crock of shit. Everyone knows they couldn’t and wouldn’t. Some whackos have that in mind but you saw just how quickly Beto fell from grace after saying that.

      Imagining the “evil” they’d do to this country….wow. Look around us moron! Is this paradise with Republicans in charge?!

      1. Dems 2016: “Sure is a nice country you’ve got there, hate to see what would happen to it if you voted for another party”

        Four years of deliberately engineered violence and several thinly disguised coup attempts later…

        Dems 2020: “Look around us moron! Is this paradise with Republicans in charge?!”

        You guys are essentially the mafia, huh.

        1. No, the mafia has some smarts.

      2. >you saw just how quickly Beto fell from grace after saying that.

        He lost to Cruz in Texas. Not exactly a national repudiation. My lefty mommy friends (in Texas) all love him and his confiscation ideas.

      3. “Is this paradise with Republicans in charge?!”

        Yes, and just as much so as when D’s were in charge. I live in a safe and prosperous country. I have ample food all year round, lots of free time and wonderful things to do with it. We live in the golden age of technology and medicine. It is the closest thing to paradise humanity has ever know. And it has been that way for awhile no matter how much Republican and Democrats try to tell us otherwise and convince us they will solve all our “problems.” And what problems we do have, we mostly solve without government intervention which is always a decade behind public opinion.

      4. It was, but then a communist trained Democrat political pac started burning down major cities.

  2. Democrats spread lies. It’s all common sense if your nickname is Beto.

    But thanks for all the tds Koch heads.

    1. Ah Beto! Hadn’t heard that name in a while. Was thinking about who Harris might pick for VP if Joe’s dementia becomes too obvious before the election-Beto is probably first in line.

      1. Seriously? You think a white male has a chance?
        Where have you been?

        (And Joe’s dementia is way too obvious now)

        1. But Beto will get the prog soccer mommies’ panties wet. Hormones beat wokeness.

      2. I can picture Beta as vice president right now. Harris would bring him everywhere she goes on a leash, on all fours, in a gimp costume. She will never acknowledge that he’s there no matter how many times she’s asked questions about it. If she can promise me this during the Pence debates, she has my vote.

  3. Gen-Z and the Millennials are behind a Silent Generation/Baby Boomer ticket. Weren’t they wishing all those people would just hurry up and die up until a few weeks ago?

    1. It’s actually old Baby Boom and young Baby Boom. Baby boom gen was born from 1941 to 1964. Biden was born in 1942, Harris in 1964.

  4. When Dems tried to “do something” about gun violence in 1994, it led to mass incarceration.

  5. Meanwhile, Republicans don’t want to stop gun violence and oppose research into it.

    1. What possible research is there?

      You sound like one of those damned fool climate alarmists who tell us the science is settled and there is 97% consensus, yet still want billions in research for … what?

      1. He is referring to Republicans resisting the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from researching gun violence because it isn’t a disease. The CDC botched COVID and should really focus on the area it is supposed to have expertise.

        1. They also botched vaping, and dietary cholesteral…. Almost like they should stick to communicable desieses

    2. The research and data are crystal clear on the demographics of gun violence. Even big-city mayors like Groot and Wilhelm know it. None dare mention its name. None dare talk about solutions.

    3. Meanwhile, Republicans don’t want to stop gun violence and oppose research into it.

      And, the next time the DOJ needs more money to research gun violence and a Republican approves a budget, they’ll be abandoning their principles… again. Both sides!

  6. I wish knowledgeable writers would stop using the phrase “gun violence”. It is nonsense. No one says “fist violence” or “car violence” or “knife violence”.

    1. Of course there’s no such thing as “fist violence” or “car violence” or “knife violence”. Those are all peaceful acts of protest.

      1. Also, guns are sentient, evil objects that can kill on their own. There is only one documented case for cars.

        1. +1 Christine

          1. What’s Maximum Overdrive? Chopped liver?

            1. Maximum Overdrive was alien control.

        2. Bender – “I can’t keep running people over, I’m not famous enough to get away with it.”

        3. Killer K.I.T.T. was a close one though.

          1. Did it have a beard?

    2. Yet. They have to pass one solution at a time. Look at Britain, first they confiscated guns then went on to common sense knife control.

      1. Only professional chefs need pointy knives.

    3. Hey now, the Brits regularly complain about knife violence.

  7. It’s not like they’re going to propose locking up most of their urban constituency for a decade or two. . . .

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  9. offered no specific policy recommendations beyond stressing the party’s commitment to ending this source of human pain.

    Meh. A typical formulation for most of their “solutions” to anything is a simple, but passionate, statement of the problem.

  10. A majority of Americans now want stricter laws on gun sales

    They keep saying that, but this “majority” mustn’t want it very badly. If the majority of Americans so desperately wanted gun control, we’d have it.

  11. Here’s why there’s gun violence.

    An 11 year old boy was killed by a stray bullet in a shootout between two crews in D.C. The three men arrested already had pending felony firearms charges against them, but had been released pending a court date.

    1. That is not gun violence. That is democratic ‘justice’ policy at work.
      One way to stop the school to prison pipeline is to kill off the students before they get to prison.

  12. I wish Reason had half a mind to be as hard hitting on Republicans as they are on Dems. What have Rs done in the 4 years of Trump’s reign to improve….anything…

    I guess tax cuts for the wealthy that only jacked up the debt a full 10% (2 TRILLION) with absolutely nothing to show for it.

    But I’m sure the fiscally conservative “libertarians” in this comment section will somehow defend that…

    1. I gather you are a renter, do not own a regulated business, have no 401k, and are unaware of the role of Nancy Pelosi.

      1. It’s funny how he’s pretending that congress and the Dems bear no responsibility for the two trillion, and that Trump didn’t fight to keep it from going twice as high.

        The Media Matters shills here are so dishonest.

      2. You have to excuse him. He gets all of his news from Vox and twitter aparently

    2. What in the blue hell do tax cuts have to do with liberals and their gun grabbing?

    3. Well for one thing Trump hasn’t started any new wars. This is a big deal. First President who can say that since I think Carter. Dems are so marinated in violent neolib ideology that starting wars and provoking regime changes is a given for them; they don’t even notice their own behavior. Foreign policy was barely discussed at their “debates.”

      1. Because they know that Biden would be at a loss in negotiations with Xi or Putan.

  13. In order to stop gun violence I recommend that the democrats progressives and socialists hange themselves, or slit their wrists instead of shooting themselves

  14. My theory has always been that Democrats like the gun violence. It keeps cities in a constant state of anarchy which discourages the wealthy from moving back in, which some of them would like to do. If the wealthy moved back in they might get ideas about voting the Dems out.

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  16. Solving gun violence was never the goal. Sticking it to those dirty OTHER people who like guns was always and always will be the ultimate point.

  17. Harris, is all for forcefully taking back peacefully owned weapons if the law decides to ban them.)

    That’s “taking”, not “taking back”. You can’t take back something that was never yours.

  18. The majority of Americans do NOT want stricter gun laws.
    Literally millions of Americans have voted with their wallets and are first time gun buyers.
    There has been a lot of schadenfrude about how liberals are amazed at the hoops needed to buy a gun for defense against peaceful protestors.
    If anything, gun control is dead as an issue as these millions of new gun owners don’t want their legally acquired possession confiscated

    1. More specifically, a plurality of Americans vote against stronger gun laws, and another large chunk doesn’t care that much. A small tiny minority however wants stronger gun laws.

  19. “the video spotlighted the pain of shooter drills, a dilemma caused less by the actual threat of school shootings than by the fear of them this video is trying to instill.”

    Same policy as COVID-19.

    1. Yeah, the irony of a bunch of people wearing masks while weeping about kids practicing hiding from a shooter is too much to bear.

  20. “Gun violence” versus . .. violence? The absurdity of that distinction should indicate the person making it, is phobic.

    How else can explain such an irrelevant distinction? More people are beaten to death every year than killed with rifles and shotguns, but facts are immaterial to the phobic.

    What is phobia? An irrational fear in proportion to the risk involved.

    THE A.P.A. should make “Gun Control” an official diagnosis.

    1. They’re speaking to a constituency who increasingly seem to see willful destruction of public property (as long at that property is a courthouse in an urban center and not a snack bar in the middle of nowhere) as “free expression”, and wearing a red baseball cap as an act of violence.

      Nonsensical distinctions may be the new normal in leftist dogma.

  21. When they de-fund the police, won’t they then be sending out a bunch of social workers and “conflict de-escalators” to go confiscate the 20+ million AR-15s (most of which aren’t registered) that are legally in civilian hands? Do they plan to just go house-to-house in rural states?

    I can’t wait to see the showdown between some 27 year old 135 lb vegan man-bun on a fixed-gear bicycle trying to explain to a guy in a Molon Labbe shirt why he just needs to accept that 2A and the Supreme Court are wrong and that gun owner sees as his “inalienable rights” don’t actually (and never actually did) exist…

  22. I considered selling my guns to the government, but after a thorough background check I’ve determined that they have a history of violence and are a danger to everyone they interact with.

    It would be irresponsible of me to let someone like that have a firearm.

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