Brickbat: It Was There the Last Time I Looked


The Massachusetts State Police says it can't locate most departmental emails sent before 2018, and that may put into jeopardy payroll fraud and larceny charges against a former trooper. An attorney for David Keefe has asked a court to dismiss charges against his client because the police turned over only about 4,500 of an estimated 34,000 emails Keefe says would show he was working when prosecutors say he was absent but on the clock. Keefe is one 20 troopers charged with overtime fraud. The agency blames a change in email programs for the loss of the emails. But outside experts note that Keefe and other troopers were under investigation at the time of the switch, which placed a legal obligation of the agency to maintain evidence in the case.

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  1. AKA the Clinton Defense. The cops obviously thought “If it worked for Hilary, then it’ll work for us.”

    Maybe Massachusetts thinks the best way to “defund the police” is to do it one cop (or 20) at a time.

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  2. They won’t stop resisting handing over evidence?

  3. So the person who made the change and lost the emails will now be under investigation for potentially tampering with evidence right? Who am I kidding.

  4. “Your honor, the missing e-mails will show that my client worked even more overtime than he was given credit for and is owed an additional $367,422 in back pay.”

    1. Plus attorney fees – – – – – –

  5. But it might save the life of one child.
    Emails do not use paper, and paper is made from trees, and trees absorb CO2, reducing global climate warming change.
    So it is OK for cops to ‘lose’ emails, that is better than evil hard copies that kill the children. Besides, it is only tax money, and we can just bump up the high wage taxes and it will be OK, and the child we save will grow up to vote democrat.

  6. The probably use the same it company the irs used

  7. So the emails that prove he was working are missing…or they never existed because he wasn’t working?

    1. That’s the part that confuses me. Are the emails missing, or did they never exist because he was never there working?

      1. Article is behind a paywall so I can’t be sure, but I imagine it’s that the defendant is claiming they are missing, and the prosecutor is saying they never existed.

  8. Maybe the spambots know what happened to the missing emails.

  9. Everyone knows you can tell a cop is working because he is sending emails.

    1. I think the idea is that he would use the same computer to send emails and report his time. Working? Not necessarily. But he doesn’t have to be working. Just not doing personal stuff. Napping in a parking lot is considered to be working. I wish I was joking.

  10. Want to recover “missing” email? Just contract the (Russians/Chinese–your choice based on your preferred partisan delusions).

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  11. proving negatives always fruitful. I wonder if I’ve sent 38,500 emails

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