School Reopenings Linked to Union Influence and Politics, Not Safety

New data suggest that school districts in states with stronger teachers unions are significantly less likely to reopen in person this fall.


School closures have affected over 55 million K–12 students in the U.S. since March as the nation deals with the coronavirus pandemic. Although numerous private schools and day care centers have adjusted to the pandemic and reopened, many public school districts and teachers unions are fighting to remain closed in the name of safety. In fact, 85 percent of the country's 20 largest public school districts have already announced that they will not be reopening schools for any in-person instruction as the school year begins.

Some have noted these reopening decisions often appear to be driven by politics rather than public health. Unfortunately, many teachers groups are contributing to this appearance. In their report on safely reopening schools, for example, the Los Angeles' teachers union went beyond detailing the safety needs of teachers and students, also calling for politicians to enact a wealth tax, Medicare for All, and a ban on charter schools. 

Similarly, 10 teachers unions across the country joined a coalition that included the Democratic Socialists of America to "Demand Safe Schools." But rather than focus on student and teacher safety, they demanded a ban on new charter schools and voucher programs as well as the cancellation of rents and mortgages. 

When a reporter asked Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser if trends in the city's COVID-19 cases justified the all-virtual start to the school year, Bowser responded, "No. I wouldn't say the attention to the health metrics is the only thing that's leading to our decision today" and that "clearly we want to work with our workforce."

New data suggest these anecdotes—and the underlying theory that reopening has more to do with power dynamics than safety—have some merit.

Education Week recently compiled data on the reopening decisions made by 563 school districts in the U.S. The data indicate a stark relationship between school district reopening plans and whether the school district is located in a state that requires union membership as a condition of employment as a teacher. Right now, school districts in states that require union membership are 25 percentage points less likely to plan to reopen with full-time in-person instruction available than school districts in right-to-work states. About 38 percent of school districts in right-to-work states have decided to offer full-time in-person instruction, whereas only around 13 percent of school districts in states that require union membership are offering the same.

The data also suggest that districts in states with stronger teachers unions—as measured by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a conservative think tank, in 2012—are significantly less likely to reopen in person this fall. In Florida, for example, the largest school districts in the state's biggest cities are only offering remote learning to start the year but, statewide, 73 percent of the school districts in the dataset are reopening full-time with in-person instruction this fall. Meanwhile, just 4 percent of districts across California, a state with much stronger teachers unions, are offering in-person instruction. 

Although these results are correlational, they make sense. Teachers unions with more power are in better positions to influence school districts not to reopen in person.

In theory, school districts in unionized states could be more likely to go fully online this fall simply because they might be in areas with more COVID-19 cases and risk. But the data generally do not support that theory. The relationship between unionization and reopening decisions remains substantively and statistically significant even after controlling for school district size and coronavirus deaths and cases per capita in the county during the month of July.

Jon Valant, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, also recently found, COVID-19 risk was not statistically related to school district reopening decisions. Valant's analysis found school district reopening decisions are instead related to people's political leanings and support for President Donald Trump. The latest data show that a 10 percentage point increase in the share of Trump voters from the 2016 presidential election in a county is associated with an 11 percentage point increase in the likelihood of a school district reopening in person this fall. Likewise, the less support Trump had in an area, the less likely that school district is to offer in-person learning right now.

Like so many other things in this highly polarized moment, school reopening decisions are likely being influenced by factors other than the safety of students, families, and teachers. To be clear, this doesn't mean teachers unions have bad intentions. Their leaders are often just trying to do their jobs by pushing for policies that benefit their members, particularly older teachers who could be at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. 

But this debate is highlighting the problems with our school finance model. Public school districts are funded primarily through property taxes, regardless of whether they meet the needs of students and families, so schools have little incentive to focus on students. 

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  1. Do any of the unions have an existing contract? Does it cover enacting a wealth tax, Medicare for all, a ban on charter schools, and cancellation of rent?

    If not, tell them to get back to work or be fired, and then follow through.

    1. Of course, in the People’s Republic of NJ, teachers unions have been very vocal about starting the year remote. You see, it is for the children. What a total fucking joke.

      If children paid union dues, the teachers asses would be in school.

      1. Around 10-12 years ago, my district’s union signed on to a new contract, and then complained to the state legislature that the contract wasn’t “fair”. The state modified the contract to pay them more than what they had agreed to, which of course spiked our property taxes up by about 10%.

        1. Ah, an exception to the 2% cap on property tax increases proposed by the Governor and passed into law by the Legislature. Always regretted that never became an amendment = 2% cap on increases. It would have been a spending game-changer for the People’s Republic.

          1. Man I can’t imagine living somewhere where I thought a 2% cap on property tax increases is a win. Where I live now there is a 1% cap on property taxes. Period

            1. The cap is on a max 2% increase on the assessed value of the property, not the tax rate.

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        2. Fuck teachers. Replace them with teamsters. The kids will sure as hell behave and the teamsters don’t expect to be called heroes for fucking over the public

          1. Teamsters? PFFffftt! Teamsters are gay…

            Give ’em to the Engineers! If you’re hankering for real over-the-barrel kind of action, the Engineers are the gang. They won’t apologize, either. They’ll laugh in your face!

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    2. Teachers are just as likely to go out to a bar or beach with weak mask compliance as the rest of society. Personally, every young teacher I know is high energy, sociable, and loves to party, meaning that there are for sure plenty of teachers in those Florida beach scenes the news keeps playing . So this whole ‘Nam draft act they’re putting on is complete BS (except, perhaps, for teachers who truly are at risk). Teachers wearing a grim reaper outfit to shame the PTA and imply that they’re out to murder them is just offensive.

      1. Almost as offensive as dragging kids out of grammar school to walk the streets ‘resisting’ Trump in November ’16.
        Even in SF, some of those kids parents voted for Trump.

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      2. And claiming teachers don’t care about kids and instead are only politically motivated isn’t?

        1. Did you go to public school? Teachers don’t care about kids. That goes triple for the union.

    3. “……demanded……. cancellation of rents and mortgages.”

      Go buy that big, expensive house. The teachers got your back! Haha.

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  2. School Reopenings Linked to Union Influence and Politics, Not Safety
    New data suggest that school districts in states with stronger teachers unions are significantly less likely to reopen in person this fall.

    Uhh, like we couldn’t detect this from the outer reaches of the solar system.

  3. This generation is so poorly educated. No wonder the only thing they want to do is burn loot riot and murder.

    1. seems strange sensible people are insisting the conformity factories reopen immediately …

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      2. It’s all about the wine moms needing their me time.

      3. Well, they either need to start doing what taxpayers are paying for or shutdown and stop collecting the taxes. Obviously, most here would prefer the later. But if we’re going to be force to keep paying for schools and teachers to not show up at work, we ought to be complaining about it especially when the rationale given does not hold water and instead is more union gibberish and SJW virtue-signalling.

        1. “Well, they either need to start doing what taxpayers are paying for or shutdown and stop collecting the taxes”

          You could fire every teacher and close every school, and your taxes wouldn’t go down one nickel. Don’t be so naive.

  4. Look, you hardly need ‘new data’ to describe this phenomenon. When a bunch of teachers in red tee-shirts waving signs and screech in your face about anything, , you know there’s a union thug lurking in the background.

    When we thought it was a good idea to give cops the same union cover as teachers, why did we act surprised when unarmed bodies started piling up?

  5. To be clear, this doesn’t mean teachers unions have bad intentions.

    Yes, they do. They are actually trying to prolong and exacerbate the pandemic. I’ve dealt with too many of them online to think they mean well. They benefit far more by paralyzing the economy as a pretext for socialism. If they spent as much time and effort protecting their elderly & obese as they do berating people for wanting to return to school, they could actually have saved some lives. But that’s not the goal. These lockdowns are hurting kids far more than helping, with a plethora of dangers including mental illness, increased obesity, malnutrition, abuse, and reduced scholastic and career opportunities. They know this. They say things like, “I don’t know anyone who gained weight. Just create a gym in your garage.” It’s so cynical and hypocritical. However today the way to fight it isn’t to criticize the government or politicians (or your allies), but to battle the partisans in the trenches online.

    Medicare for all would similarly be a disaster. They would shut down all the hospitals except for COVID and party aparatchiks and everyone else will be dying in the streets.

    Do you agree? Preach, sister:

    1. Hah, you beat me to it, even to the quoting. I was going to say:

      “To be clear, this doesn’t mean teachers unions have bad intentions.” There is plenty of other evidence regarding their bad intentions.

  6. I can only hope this puts a nail in the public sector unions proverbial coffin. Nothing pisses off parents more then having to raise their own kids.

    1. Please take that sentiment with you to the polls in November.

  7. Should the Democratic Party shun teachers unions, Reason?

  8. I did a regression analysis on COVID-19 deaths in a state vs. urbanization, % over 60, Republican affiliation, and Democratic affiliation. I added age and urbanization to remove the correlation between party affiliation and age and urbanization.

    Amazingly, the political affiliations was the strongest correlation with the death rate. A 1% increase in the number of people that call themselves a Republican results in a .17% decrease in death rates, and .05% for Democrats. A 1% increase in urbanization for the state correlated with a .05% increase in the death rate. Having more people over 60 did not correlate in a statistically significant way.

    Outrageously, that means that there is a .22% increase in death rates for a 1% increase in the number of people that do not consider themselves an R or a D. Maybe the polarization is good??Maybe those of us that are neither are very bad??

    1. Are you sure you controlled for more Democrats being in more urban (crowded) areas?

  9. be fun to watch another Air Traffic Controllers brawl but Teachers instead

    1. ATC was a federal matter, this is a state one. You’re not going to see a blanket firing.

      1. aw. makes sense.

      2. The feds don’t need to fire them, just cut the federal funding that goes to the union members.
        Send tuition vouchers useable at public or private schools without distinction, and stand back.

        1. “Teachers, you all fucking suck now do everything I demand of you.”

          1. Or just do your fucking job. I mean what a concept.

          2. If, as the progtards assert, children have a right to a public education, then teachers are essential and need to get back into the classroom. Just like the essential workers who have made their cowering at home for the past five months possible.

            Otherwise, parents across the United States are going to discover what progtards don’t want them to: that public schools are unnecessary and they can educate their children better at home, with tutors, or in a private school.

            1. “that public schools are unnecessary and they can educate their children better at home, with tutors, or in a private school.”

              Bull Shit.

              If that were the case, why all the clamor to open the schools back up.

              Public school systems are actually telling parents NOT to send their kids to public schools, and those that complain the most about public schools are bitching about public schools being closed.

              We just might survive a global pandemic. But we will not survive this type of logic.

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  11. There is a good reason that the union teachers may not go back to work even if the health risk is low. These union teachers will get their pay although they may not be teaching. Unions are a plague on the economy in thi. As an ex-union member I know how it works to jack up prices of labor all over this nation. Auto unions have the strongest unions with the most control over the companies they work for. For instance they will pick the weakest union employing company, the one with the least amount of cash reserves. That is the company they will strike. While the union members are on strike they draw strike funds from the union and the union assess the union members that are not on strike (and nonunion members) an extra fee to be payed to the members of the other company that s on strike so they can stay on strike longer. Then when that companies capitulate and finally sign a contract the union uses that contract to get even more concessions form the other company. But money is not the only concessions the companies have to agree to. In some cases the union has for example a number a person running a stamping machine of parts that they have to stamp. Then when they go back to work they turn up the rate of the stamping machine so that they can do in a few short hours what they were to do in all day. When that number of parts are made the union member goes home or wherever that the union member wants to go even to another job.
    This is the mechanism all the unions use to get their contracts.

  12. “New data suggest that school districts in states with stronger teachers unions are significantly less likely to reopen in person this fall.”

    Betting the ‘teachers’ will still draw pay…

  13. I’m still in favor of if a senior in high school can’t read or do math at grade level then all the teachers that student had from 1st through Sr year lose 5% of their pay. If 20% of the class isn’t up to par you get no money that year.

  14. This is all well and good, but the correlation runs the other way just as strongly.

    The places that require the most locking down are cities. And the larger cities are all run by liberal democrats.

    That being said, my district is one of those largest districts, and the teachers union here is the primary reason that the schools are not open. I was at my son’s middle school today, and the staff (non teachers) were unanimous in their frustration that the teachers were not coming to work at the school. One of the grade-level principles was there, and he said that he didn’t understand why they couldn’t come to work and teach from their classroom. “Nothing is more socially distant than being the only person in the room all day long”.

    The union put their foot down on even making the teachers come to school.

    And although it is not decisive, and it is not mentioned directly, there is definitely an undercurrent of wanting to do the opposite of what Trump wants.

  15. The administration at my kid’s private school hastily cancelled school after Governor Useless (D) recommended school not open for another 6 weeks.

    Parents, who were all polled (twice) went apeshit, and we sent hundreds of letters to the administration and board of trustees.

    The result? Get. To. Fucking. Work. School will start on time, and in person.

    The board wasn’t having their “But this is a death sentence!” bullshit, and neither were parents. It’s amazing what happens when organizations serve their community directly, rather than a bunch of suits sitting around a conference table weighing the political ramifications.

    1. Must be nice. I work for a charter school, and the principal is furious. She wants her school open, no bs, but the school district is insisting on splitting the kids into two groups, supposedly so they can social distance better. So, we’ve got half the kids Monday and Tuesday, and the other half Wednesday and Thursday, with friday for remote learning for the whole class. At least the teachers are working. Any parent who needs to work is still screwed. My school is a charter school in one of the wealthiest counties, so there are not as many two earner families, but still.
      And the bullshit policies the schools are being made to implement! All the hallways are now one-way only. The kids were also broken into even smaller groups to allow increased social distancing in the lunchroom- meaning the kids are only getting 15 minutes to eat! Every single person who enters the building has to have their temperature taken- boy does that help things in the morning when all the kids show up and try to get in at the same time. We set up a completely new, second nurses station just for anyone who has a fever. All the younger kids have been isolated just to their classroom peers, so recesses are shorter also, in order to increase social distancing- outside, among the safest group from a disease that only kills .05% of the people who do catch it. Then, there’s all the plexiglass installed to keep young teachers safe from young students- I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work, but once again I’m calling bullshit.
      I could go on and on. It’s nonsense on stilts.

      1. My sons’ private school is the same way.

        1-way hallways. Plexiglass everywhere. Taking temps. The whole 9 yards.

        It’s a bit much, but I figure if this is what they feel like they need to do in order to open, do it. It’s better than the kids at home any longer. 6 months is enough.

        At least they going.

        The first week and change are what they’re calling a soft start. Some kids on odd numbered days, the others on even numbered days. But that’s simply so the kids can become accustomed to living in 1984 before they allow all of them in at the same time.

        Given that kids are shown over and over to not be vectors (for kids this whole thing wound be a complete non-event were it not for the pols fucking everything up), this seems like a huge waste of money, but I’d rather that than the kids being home for longer.

      2. The local public schools are starting with online school for the first two months.

        My kids private school is open five days a week. Masks are worn all the time, even at recess. When I drop my kids off at school I am to wear a mask while I stay in my car. Kids stay in their seats, with masks on, facing straight the whole time. No turning their heads. Lunch in their seats. Teachers instruct with masks on. No extracurricular activities. If my child has any kind of symptom that is related to coronavirus they have to stay home until I can provide a doctor’s note.

        I do have the option of virtual learning with live stream of the class and I’m going with that for now. I can change my mind every two months.

        Our county has a population of 270,000. The county recommends online school if there are more than 28 cases per day on a rolling 7 day average. I think lately it’s been 40 cases a day.

        40 times 365 days equals 14,600 cases. That equals 5.4 percent of the population in a whole year. So far our county has total confirmed cases of around 4000 with 92 deaths.

        Are these numbers reasonable to keep schools closed? Or open them with zombie like students?

      3. Honestly, as far as hybrid solutions go (because not all parents are on board with full on in person, either), that makes more sense than my district. I send my elementary students to school for 2 hours a day. Its ridiculous.

        My middle schooler I moved to full time because the hybrid solution made no sense (almost by design). I overestimated how much full time masks would bother my kids. They’re doing fine.

    2. Hell, even the Atlantic is starting to question the no school opening line:

    3. Why would they believe it’s a death sentence apart from the fact that anywhere people gather in large numbers people start dying?

      1. No, a small percentage of people start dying but the majority don’t. The same is true of the flu and any virus to be truthful.

        1. So there are a quarter million extra dead in America compared to normal years for the past six months and counting. Pretend the president had a (D) after his name and maybe the number will penetrate your conscience.

          1. Subtract from that quarter million the reduced number of flu deaths and nursing home deaths counted over the same period last year. Yes, I am suggesting that nearly all nursing home deaths and most flu deaths are being attributed to WuFlu. That is your real number.

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  16. Here in Fairfax County, Va. they’re not going to open the schools, but for around $300 a week, you can send your kid, up to 6th grade, to the school building, where there will be people to supervise them and give them lunch.

    1. Yeah, they’re doing that here, too. Why teaching them also, as long as they are in the building, somehow spreads the ‘rona is beyond my comprehension.

    2. There is similar talk in Frederick county. So far we’re stuck with a hybrid model where they do in person Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday with Wednesday off and virtual for the other 2 weekdays. Suffice to say, this is a nightmare for working parents of children below high school age. My daughter could do the virtual days at her grandparents, but that split day schedule makes logistics difficult since they live 1.5hr away. The Karens (with heavy-handed orders from Northam) won by negating any possibility for regular schooling despite being offered an all virtual option. We have been facing the real possibility that one of us would have to quit our job to make sure our daughter gets to go to school. This is despite the fact that we’ve both worked continuously throughout the pandemic

    3. Harmeet Dhillon and the ACLJ is suing an Arizona school district regarding this. You should contact her.

  17. The longer schools remain closed, the more normalized alternative means of education will become. For parents and students burdened with subpar “remote learning” scenarios through their public school districts, “public education” becomes associated with something even more broken than it may have been before. Prolonging school shutdowns would seem to have a corrosive effect on public education (and, by extension, on teachers’ unions) in the long term.

    1. This is true. This may well be a watershed moment for school choice- it’s just too bad that an entire generation of children were robbed of their future in order for it to happen.

      1. Not so sure they’re being robbed of their future as you say, at least not wholesale. I think a little “de-schooling” across the board would be a good thing, and furthermore I think even a year “lost” could be made up for fairly easily. The process of making up may even sharpen resourcefulness for teacher and taught alike. Possibilities for constructive transgression abound in many forms, and the shrewd ones will figure out how to avail themselves of them.

        1. It’s BS if I don’t get a tax refund.

  18. Today was the first day of school in my county. Schools were not going to require masks until last night, our Governor put a mask mandate in place (which is largely ignored) three weeks ago for any county with 4 or more cases, we have 8 cases as of yesterday, but that is only about 0.07% of the county population. In fact in Montana only two or three counties have 1% or more (all under 2%) of the county population as active cases. Not sure where he got the arbitrary 4 or more cases number from or why it isn’t done by percentage of the population. Oh wait I do know, because he is running for the Senate and needs to get as many votes as possible in Missoula, Silverbow and Gallatin counties because he’ll get his ass kicked in just about all the other counties, so he has to “do something” (by which I mean make the progressives happy in the urban areas while not pissing off the rest of Montana).

    1. The mask fetish is simply astounding at this point.

    2. I hope he’s not requiring they wear it all day. At least here they weren’t stupid and cruel enough to do that like the assholes in Ontario.

      Kids should not be in masks.

      More adults acting like shit heads.

      1. Do you even understand what the masks are for?

        1. It sure isn’t to stop the prevention of the spread of the virus. I’m leaning towards the virtual signaling of compliance.

        2. Masks are to allow people to get closer to one another.

        3. Why don’t you tell us? Because there is little evidence they work. A few very short term, very small sample size studies, that were correlative and had no control group to show causation. Also, the same time the US numbers were going up again, so we’re a number of countries that require mask wearing, so it would appear that real world experience doesn’t support mask wearing.

          1. So they’re to block some of your mouth spray from getting on other people. Seems like a perfectly reasonable application of physics to me. At any rate, you’d hate to be wrong and not cautious enough and kill other people because you’d prefer to have an incredible bitch fit over a minor inconvenience, I’m sure.

            1. Do you commonly spit violently while you speak?

              Also, what happens when the saliva droplet in which the virus is suspended evaporates? Virus stuck on mask, and is ejected out into the air and potentially on to someone with the next exhalation, sneeze, or cough.

  19. That’s an awfully long article about schools and the opening-thereof without mentioning Georgia.

  20. Duh.


  21. Our schools teach White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support the White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive third-world immigration and forced assimilation in every White country and only White countries.
    Their teachers never tell them, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!“
    Those teachers claim to be anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    1. Someone needs to spend a week in dog whistle class.

      1. Why is it the only people to hear dog whistles are people like you? No one else hears dog whistles, is it you are secretly a racist and assume everyone else is to? That’s my bet.

        1. So the point of my post is that the guy above didn’t use any dog whistles okay thanks.

  22. Unions protecting the interest of workers over evil overlords who want to send them to die to score a political point. Sounds like unions are working to me.

    1. You’re completely wrong.

      What kind of a stupid comment is that? Is it possible people still don’t fricken read the simple data about this virus? Most teachers do not fall under the demographic most vulnerable. The likelihood of death is low and remote.

      Schools and daycares have been open in Europe and Canada to various degrees and months. Care to provide me a link to story telling of mass death?


      Open the damn schools.

      Bunch of cowards.

      1. Was “what kind of stupid comment is that” rhetorical/

        It is Tony after all.

      2. Maybe we could be opening schools if you Trumptards hasn’t extended this nightmare with your petulance.

        1. Classic blame the victim:

          This isn’t the fault of mother nature, which we widdle humans arrogantly continue to believe can be controlled by just the right bureaucratic oversight, it’s the fault of people who refuse to listen to bureaucrats!

        2. You’re right. We should have nuked China on New Year’s Day. Silly us.

    2. The workers in question here are members of teachers union, are almost exclusively employed by the government. But you say that their employers are evil overlords…so we agree on something.

      1. Pandemic deniers are evil if evil means anything.

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  24. It seems public teacher unions are causing Covid-19. Safety matters, we must wear face masks everywhere and remove public unions everywhere.

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  26. Yes, of course its political.

    Notice how private schools are opening? Because they have to. They won’t get paid unless they do. No tuition, no teachers union means no one gets paid unless they open. So they are.

    Public school employees expect to get full pay no matter if they open. So they are all A-OK not working. And please spare me the “we work harder virtual learning:. You don’t . My experience from the spring was try virtual, doesn’t work, give up and pass everybody

    1. Notice how many private schools are re-opening virtually, with no in-person classes?

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  28. That’s a well-fed bunch of socialists. Nobody missing a fat paycheck or a meal.

  29. I just sent in the paperwork to unenroll my kids and homeschool for the year. I think a lot of parents, even those who previously supported the public school system, are pulling their kids. Frankly, I see no benefit to virtual public school. There are online schools who are vastly better at virtual learning for families who want to go that route, private schools that are open and in-person, and finally, it will be much easier to homeschool younger kids than to try to keep them on a computer from 9:00 to 3:00 every day.
    If public schools want to act like they’re not essential, well, I think the public will oblige and send their support and children elsewhere.

    1. Will you get a voucher to pay for another school, or for home schooling? Any talk of homeschooling must address this issue. No public school = no taxation to pay for public school. Rand Paul has a bill to address this from the federal level, but most dollars are extracted from property and other local taxes.

      1. Ha, no, not in my state. But I think that as more parents switch to private or homeschooling and see benefits over public school, there will be increasing political support for bills like that.

  30. 1. The issue is not political; it is about health and opening safely, as we see school after school re-open then have to shut down, creating even more chaos and a longer delay until normal schooling is safe.
    2. Unions reflect the will and interests of the teachers; it is teachers and parents behind the demand that schools not be re-opened, in the current pandemic environment, so that Trump can have schools be childcare so he can force parents back to work. To say where unions are strong, there is resistance to re-opening is to mistate the case Where teaches have a voice, there is resitence to re-opening for the wrong reasons when it is not yet safe.
    The calls for Medicare for all have to do with the fact that blacks and minorities are suffering disporportionately and universal healthcare would help eliminate the desparity. These are ideas, as in: this is what we need.
    Billionaires have made over 600 billion (ie 600000 millions) since the pandemic began and so have money to fund schools preparedness without hurting them a damned bit. Thus, a wealth tax is the fairest way to fund making schools safe and ready. It would just take a fraction of the billionaires new wealth to help make schools safe for children returning.

    Are libertarians now taking up the cause of billionaires over school children?

    1. 1. The criteria for re-closing schools which have re-opened are political. Do we close schools for a flu outbreak? The lethality of WuFlu is close to flu, why the disparity in response? Politics.
      2. Unions reflect the will of union leaders. Even the president of the CTA admitted this in a speech several years ago. Many rank and file teachers are afraid to oppose their leadership for fear of being shamed by political lackeys and abused by union thugs.
      3. (I am providing numbers for your other points. You are welcome.) “Medicare for All”? What happened to Affordable Care? Disaster. Ask about single payer in Canada and especially the UK. A better solution is to free the health care market. Blacks and minorities were well on their way to parity with whitey before the Great Society/War on Poverty of LBJ (huge racist, btw). Now with broken families, blacks are again behind the curve. BLM wants to destroy the nuclear family; given the result so far, this is a clearly racist goal.
      4. Wealth tax might get you some extra $$ for a year or two. Like Ron Paul said about abortion restrictions, the amount of surveillance necessary to enforce a wealth tax would create a horribly oppressive state. Goodbye private property, and your freedom with it.
      No thanks, slaver.

    2. The schools do not HAVE to shut down. Government leaders have CHOSEN in many cases to shut the schools down when there is a high number of reported cases among students, ignoring massive amounts of data showing that the fatality rate among school age students is insignificant and ignoring the fact that reports of transmission of COVID19 from students to teachers is very low.

  31. I just got back from the grocery store where I saw lots of 18 year old kids and elderly cashiers doing essential work to keep our community fed.

    Are the teachers telling the nation they are not essential and don’t have to take some risks in this crisis? Are is this about politics and demands that don’t really touch on the effect of the Covid 19 in school situations??

    In a war, we expect essential workers to be courageous and work for the best interests of the nation.

    1. In a war, we expect essential workers to be courageous and work for the best interests of the nation.

      Remember this kind of rhetoric next time they ask for a living wage.

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  33. One more reason to have universal school voucher that allow the money to follow the student.

    Give me $15,000 per student and 10 students and I’ll open a one-room school house that’ll kick any public school’s ass.

  34. Teachers unions are directly responsible for our country’s horrible and declining educational outcomes ; and these educational outcomes are the primary cause of systemic racism. This reality is negatively impacting all non teacher taxpayers. All non teacher taxpayers are overpaying for educational outcomes. The majority of union teachers are involved with the democratic party so it’s accurate to state that the democratic party has undermined the K-12 public school outcomes as well. The unions have destroyed the K-12 public school system; the factual evidence is overwhelming !

    1. i couldn’t agree more.

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  36. One should be reluctant to believe some of the cited studies without more knowledge of of the methods used and sample size. One should be especially curious about how covid risk was measured

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  38. The author produces absolutely no evidence that re-opening isn’t being opposed because of the health risks it entails. All that the facts presented really mean is that teacher unions help keep their communities healthy.

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