As We Wonder Whether Ohio Legalized Marijuana, Here are 3 Reasons to Legalize Pot NOW!


Voting in southwestern Ohio has been extended until 9 P.M., so it will be a while before we know if Issue 3, a ballot initiative that would legalize pot in the Buckeye State, has passed.

For more on the ins and outs of that controversial measure, read "Why I'm Voting for Legal Pot (Issue 3) in Ohio" and "Why Antiprohibitionists Are Ambivalent About Ohio's Marijuana Legalization Initiative."

And watch the 2010 (!) Reason TV video above, "3 Reasons To Legalize Pot Now!"

The original text:

As the United States enters its 72nd year of marijuana prohibition, it's time to consider legalizing pot once and for all, for at least three reasons:

1. The tax revenue and savings in law enforcement costs. A 2005 cost-benefit analysis done by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron found that legalizing marijuana and taxing it similar to alcohol would generate over $6 billion in new revenue and save nearly $8 billion in direct law enforcement costs. Pot is already the biggest cash crop in many states; bringing it into the open market would pump all sorts of energy into the economy.

2. It's going to happen anyway, so why delay the inevitable? Increasing numbers of Americans realize that pot prohibition is an ineffective and costly policy. A 2009 poll by Zogby found that 52 percent of Americans agreed that marijuana should be taxed and regulated like booze. A Field Poll last year of California residents, who will vote on a legalization ballot initiative in the fall, found that 56 percent wanted legalization. Other polls show historically high percentages favoring legalization. In a world of busted budgets, it's crystal clear that spending time and energy policing marijuana is not worth it.

3. Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies. Never mind that by virtually every measure, pot is safer and less than disruptive than booze. Pot prohibition in the 1930s was the result of hysteria, not serious threats to society. We own our bodies and should be free to eat, drink, and smoke what we want. And to take responsibility for our actions, whether we're straight or we're stoned.

Approximately 2.30 minutes long. Written and produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie, who also hosts.

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  1. “1. The tax revenue”

    Almost enough to keep me from voting for it; starve the beast, don’t feed it.

    1. And the taxes from legal dope would probably not make up for the profits from seizing allegedly dope-tainted property without due process.

    2. Sevo – I agree – the number one reason should be it is the just thing. Describe it how you will -the war on drugs is un Constitutional and or against our natural right to control our own body.

      Taxing and regulating the plant so as to give the centralized beast more money is a bad reason. The jackasses would use the money for bull shit/war/freeloading what have you.

      Pentagon spends $43 million to build Afghanistan gas station: watchdog…..JiBImwl.97

  2. I’ll be shocked if it becomes legal in OH.

    If it does, however, there will be no stopping it elsewhere.

    1. I’m not very optimistic. I do think it will happen eventually but probably not today.

      1. Results will be delayed. Had to keep Hamilton County (Cincinnati) polls open until 9 due to problem.…..ed-issues/

    2. Me too. Ohio seems too conservative to me.

      1. Lots of libs, but union libs, not pot and buttsecks libs.

        1. That is not at all accurate. You are right about the Unions particularly around Toledo and Youngstown. But it’s more liberal then you would think. Large metro areas with large campuses. Even in the rural areas not anything to do but pot and buttsex.

          1. Here’s hoping.

            They are talking about trying to get it on the ballot here in MT next year. A little momentum will help.

            1. Yeah, as I mentioned the monopoly aspect probably hurts it more than anything. Something the media has been playing up as much as possible. They didn’t bring it up all that much when Casinos were on the ballot which also enshrined monopolies in the State Constitution. The pot thing came from the people through their signatures so we can’t have that.

        2. I live in DC. Very Democrat heavy place. Also a very conservative place.

          1. Hm, that legalized MJ recently, so…o well.

            A conservative place to me means that everything enjoyable is highly restricted, like strippers and weed and drinking beer in the park, etc.

            1. You’d be wrong. That would be a progressive place.

      2. I think it would have passed without the distribution monopolies put in the State Constitution.

        1. We’ll see but I’m anticipating the continuation of widely available good quality tax free pot sold in every bar, every school,, and every church.

  3. I’ve got a question wrapped in a riddle!


    What’s round on the sides and high in the middle?


    1. You know that all cats come from Ohio? I’m serious. Lift up their tail and they’ve got a big ‘O’ right there. ‘Ohio.’

  4. Did anyone see this bullshit air on NBC tonight?

    The NLA (National Limousine Association) sponsered this pretty epic bit of evil, slandering Uber and Lyft as unsafe “digital hitchhiking”.

    1. Cabs, as we’ve known them, are done. We are witnessing their death throes.

      Good riddance.

    2. I’ve never had any problems hitchhiking, neither as a rider nor a driver.

      1. bout to say something to that effect

        hitchhiking isn’t all that dangerous

        1. My dad’s advice on hitchhiking was as follows, and it applied to being either the driver or the guy with his thumb out: If the person creeps you out, say something like “Oh, hey! How you doing? Oh, crap. I thought you were someone else. Sorry! Have a great day!”
          Honestly though, it’s never come to that point.

    3. One of the airport limo services here in NYC has been flooding the airwaves with similar stuff – like one where the Uber driver grabs some chick on the ass. Funny.

      1. It’s difficult for me to not get pissed off at these rent seeking scum bags trying to make every Uber driver sound like a rapist when 6 years ago a local girl was kidnapped and murdered by a local, licensed taxi driver and they didn’t catch him until he murdered another girl. Oh, but her privacy was completely safe! As was his, apparently.

  5. If any one is interested in keeping tabs. Will be a while for any real results. Issue 3 is to legalize pot. Issue 2 is to prohibit monopolies being enshrined in the State constitution which Issue 3 does. So going to be interesting if both were to pass.…..index.html

    1. Not looking good

      1. 65% percent anti-pot. I think the likely very large percentage of the nay-sayers who have enjoyed pot should turn themselves in to the nearest police officer and confess their sins.

        1. Yeah, it’s over. I didn’t think it would pass but thought it would be at least a little closer.

        2. Rhywun|11.3.15 @ 9:36PM|#
          “65% percent anti-pot. I think the likely very large percentage of the nay-sayers who have enjoyed pot should turn themselves in to the nearest police officer and confess their sins.”

          In CA, the vote in the ’emerald triangle’ was heavily anti-legalization; why vote for cheap competition?

          1. Yeah, I might prefer just decrim myself.

  6. How’s the vote on men-can-use-the-ladies-room law going in Houston?

    1. So far: 37 for HERO, 63 against.

      Surprises me a little. Every other proposition on the ballot is winning handily. Bonds aren’t actually real money, after all.

      1. Oh, and in other news, Bevin has evidently won the Governor’s race in KY.

        The following quote from CNN gives me hope for next year’s elections, that it may not be a HRC runaway after all:

        Bevin, a Republican often at odds with more mainstream elements of his party, managed to solidly beat Conway in a race that Bevin was not expected to win by any significant margin.

      2. As a Houstonian I’ve never seen a bond rejected by the voters other than the one to dump a pile of money into the Astrodome and set it on fire.

    2. I actually have no desire to go in the women’s bathroom.

      1. Given the relative cleanliness…?

  7. OT. Companies favored by the gov’t operate under different rules:
    Well, Mr. Musk, how many units have you shipped?

    “Only a handful are known to have been delivered.
    “There’s a lot mystery still around it, and until Tesla gives more information and we see more of these cars on the road, there are going to be a lot of questions about it,” said Ben Kallo, a senior analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co. “It’s going to take them producing in the thousands in a quarter and showing positive gross margin for people to believe it’s a real product.”…..608442.php

    1. Tesla is the Chipotle of cars. I’m going to be right soon, and it’s going to be even bigger that that shitty food.

      1. I wish I could agree, but Chipolte isn’t gov’t subsidized. So long as Musk keeps the taxpayer faucet open, I think it’s a good bet.
        I’d love to short it on some juicy info, like Tesla getting unionized, but I’ll hear about that in the morning paper and not a minute before.

        1. I shorted them this morning. I’ll give it another 2 weeks before I dump and move on.

          I shorted Zillow and Groupon today too, so I’ll be way ahead before I even have my morning coffee tomorrow.

  8. So the top 3 reasons to legalize pot are the benefit to the Treasury, the inevitability, and…I can’t remember the third reason, dude.

    1. Horny chicks?

      1. Yeah, thanks for stepping on my joke.

        1. Yeah, I feel bad cause it was so funny

  9. Ohio results as of 9:25 pm EST —

    Issue 3 (marijuana) is passing with 66% of the vote.

    Issue 2 (anti-monopolies) is also passing with 54%.

    Both of these are with 27% of precincts reporting.

    It looks like Ohio’s courts will have to decide what happens if both measures pass. Maybe issue 3 will stand as is because it got more votes; maybe issue 2 will knock out the limit of 10 farms; or maybe issue 2 will trump issue 3 entirely.

    1. Unfortunately you got the pot results backwards unless your looking at something different than me. Celebrating early?…..index.html

  10. Gillespie is excited. A little too excited, if you ask me.

  11. 65 to 35 against with 42% of the vote:…..ts_20.html

  12. Well this is not good:

    Issue 2 is passing.…..o_iss.html

    The pot folks behind Issue 3 have totally screwed the pooch.

    1. Not having followed this at all, Issue 2 seems, on it’s face, like a good thing. Any reason to think otherwise?

      1. It has it’s own issues. I voted against it.…../73400862/

        1. Argument against: Ohio voters, not the state ballot board, should decide whether an economic monopoly is appropriate or not. Issue 2 would give Ohio’s partisan [5 person] ballot board a poison pill to kill citizens’ initiatives it opposes.

          1. Interesting. Some commenters (who apparently are very against MONOPOLIES) think it could be a vehicle for challenging utility monopolies (for example).

            Doesn’t sound like it does that at all.

    2. Passing Issue 3 would have been better but at least the greedy pricks that wanted to buy the monopoly wasted their money.

  13. Guys, Sullum started the obit thread right above.

    1. Yeah, everyone will still be getting high. That’s for certain.

  14. How many states banned gay marriage before so many people became too embarrassed to admit they’d ever opposed it?

    We even passed an initiative in California banning gay marriage!

    So we’ve got more people to convince on marijuana in Ohio. Big deal.

    Incidentally, I suspect the pullback on liberal attitudes and the new push I”m hearing about behind social conservatism is an illusion. Especially now that gay marriage is off the table, I think the liberal triumph was way oversold beyond that one issue. The country wasn’t more liberal because Obama was elected. People voted for Obama because they were sick of the excesses of Bush’s War on Terror and the Iraq War. People aren’t any more socially conservative now than they were before either–certainly not just because Carson is leading in the polls. People are more or less the same as they always were on gun control, abortion, and prayer in public schools. It’s just that the weirdos in the MSM have come to imagine that everyone who doesn’t hate Christians is an extremist.

    The media’s vision of America is a smile on a dog. They see what they want to believe, and they imagine everyone hates what they hate, too.

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