Police Abuse

Watch: Suburban NY Cop Points Gun at Kneeling Teens After Snowball Fight

The teens were frisked, no weapons were found.


As reported by Talk of the Sound, a New Rochelle (NY) police officer held two teens, kneeling with their hands raised over their heads, at gunpoint after responding to a report of a snowball fight. Though the date of the incident is not clear, Talk of the Sound's sources say it was last Wednesday, January 28. 

As seen in a video posted to social media, the officer approaches the teens with his gun drawn shouting "don't fucking move." An off-screen witness, presumably holding the camera recording the incident can be heard saying, "this group of guys was having a snowball fight and now the cop has a gun on them."

Cop brings a gun to a snowball fight.

Talk of the Sound writes:

The officer is holding his firearm with both hands, pointed directly at one of the youths. He then approaches the young man, briefly frisks him with one hand while holding onto his firearm.

The second video clip shows police telling the youths to get up and move along. If there was a gun on the scene it is not apparent from the video.

We know his name of the police officer but are withholding it at this time. We will say that he is a Superior Officer (i.e., Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain) and not an inexperienced officer as some have speculated.

Reason readers are likely familiar with the 2009 Reason TV video showing a Washington, DC police officer waving his gun at a snowball-fighting crowd.

Watch below:

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  1. That’s what made my face hurt so bad about the corrections-officer article. How many of us “civilians” have had a cop approach is with their gun drawn?

    I guess their training is such that any interaction with “civilians” is potentially fatal and should be approached as such.

    1. ^us. Not “is”. Sorry.

  2. We know his name of the police officer but are withholding it at this time.


    1. They are protecting his identity just like they do with anyone who is facing criminal charges so that he gets a fair and impartial trial.

      1. loltrial

      2. The identities of ‘civilians’ accused of crimes are not protected until trial, unless they are a minor.
        In fact, those charged with even minor crimes, like soliciting prostitution often have their mugshots and name posted on police websites.
        The only adults in the US who have their identities hidden when they are accused of crimes are cops.

        1. Hugh has a special sense of humor that only special people understand.

          1. My mom says I’m special! ::poops pants::

        2. I have a dream that one day sarc tags will not be needed to identify obvious sarcasm.

          1. I have a dream that one day, police abuse articles *will* be implicitly understood as sarcasm of the bad old days.

  3. If an armed bystander had shot that cop when he pointed his gun at those kids, how could it not be found justifiable?

    1. Brainwashed jury pool.

      1. Jury pool scared of police reprisals, I’d rather think. This is different from brainwashing.

    2. The beady-eyed, flapping-headed Canadian does make a great point.

    3. A bystander did shoot the cop, and thank God he did.

      But seriously, an armed response against the cops can only end badly for everyone. Much better to aim cameras at them.

      1. Except that it’s now shown that watching a cop gun down a kid holding a toy gun with a split second warning is okay. It was caught on film. Nothing will happen

        A man was gunned down in a Walmart for holding a product that is sold in the Walmart. Split second warning followed by gun fire. Nothing will happen.

        Cops are filmed doing evil and violent things all the time and nothing happens. I’m not yet to the point of armed resistance but as long as they have qualified immunity and a cop sucking jury system then their is no hope of change.

        1. Relative to pointing guns, you’re much better off. The camera is no guarantee the cop will be punished, but the gun almost guarantees your own execution.

        2. But the Tom Selleck character on “Blue Bloods” assured us several episodes ago that all “cops are held to a higher standard.” That’s the crap that the public hears and believes.

  4. They were probably perpendicular to traffic.

    1. That’s just like firing an automatic weapon, in a park, while spinning around!

      1. LOL. Where is Tulpa, anyway?

  5. Why the frisk? Why, for that matter, anything? If this was supposed to be a “Terry” stop, what was the “reasonable suspicion of involvement in criminal activity”?

    1. However much I agree with you it doesn’t ever override the FYTW clause of the Constitution

    2. According to main story Cols were supposedly called about someone having a gun. Even if that were true unless their was a gun pointed at the cop it was still a gross overreaction. I guess now if we take our guns outside of our homes for any reason now we should be prepared to shoot approaching cops on sight.

      1. A hazard of living outside of Phoenix. Guns in public are common enough here that nobody would think to call the police for seeing one, absent it being used to threaten another. Snow, on the other hand…

    3. Reasonable suspicion? Oh, that’s so quaint. Cops can demand ID from anyone at any time, and then arrest them on false charges if they refuse. The charges will likely be dropped, but since nothing will happen to the cop it’s pretty much become standard procedure.

    4. Because fuck you, that’s why.

  6. Those might have been assault snowballs. We should have a national conversation about banning snow.

    1. Unfortunately I have learned that unchecked global warming has made that impossible.

    2. if snow could be banned, i’d be a statist.

    3. No one needs more than ten snowballs.

      1. What matters is not the total number of snowballs but whether you have more snowballs, or whiter, or bigger snow balls than someone else.

    4. These aren’t the snowballs that you and I made as kids. They’re larger and more dangerous. There have been documented cases of children injured or killed by snowballs that contained rocks. Also, the quantity of snow contained in each one increases both its injury potential and the risk of hypothermia.

      The snowball lobby will tell you that this isn’t a problem. They will tell you that snowballs are designed only for sport. But now even our cops are afraid of the icepower on our streets.

      It is time to take back our neighborhoods, our cities, and our country from the snowball lobby. It is time for us to say NOT ONE MORE child lost to these dangerous weapons. Contact your representative now and tell him or her to vote “Yes” on HR 1043, the Save our Tiny Babies from the Bad Men act!

      1. Also, the quantity of snow contained in each one increases both its injury potential and the risk of hypothermia.

        climate change, obviously.

      2. You make some excellent points. I’m with you. Not one more!

    5. Time to rebrand ‘climate change’ to ‘common sense snow control’.

    6. Don’t bring a snowball to a gunfight next time.

  7. Heavily armed terrorists were holding a neighborhood hostage, when a lone police officer risked his life to defend order and the rule of law.

    Justice was done.
    Commendations were awarded.

  8. We know his name of the police officer but are withholding it at this time.

    He has a right to privacy. It’s in the Constitution collective bargaining agreement.

  9. Didn’t a cop do something like this last year? Got a snowball thrown at his car as he drove by so he stopped and started waving his gun around?

    What the hell is wrong with these people?

    1. Nevermind – that’s in the second video.

  10. Police Officers are being trained that everyone is a threat and will potentially murder them unless treated with utmost caution.

    This is just one of the entirely predictable consequences of their training.

    1. Not only that, but cops are out there knowing their fellow officers, the upper brass, and the unions will all back them up no matter how unjust and illegal their actions are. So they do whatever the fuck they want, and nothing else happens.

  11. If there is a stink, we must investigate. We must gather evidence because evidence makes us see the truth. Is this the stink of a criminal act, or is it a turd in a bag?

    I see cops who lose their way every day, and I don’t like that,
    because their ambivalence is contagious. They infect those around them. They’re like maggots. Where you find one, you find a nest.
    — Robert De Niro in Cop Land (1997).

  12. Hey, remember when progressives were freaking out after the housing bubble when people were having their homes foreclosed for not paying their mortgages?

    Do you think they’ll be equally upset about all these poor people in Detroit having their homes foreclosed for not paying property taxes?

    The difference, of course, is that people actually signed a document promising to pay their mortgages, so a failure to pay is breach of contract. In this case, thugs ordered them to give money and stole their property when they didn’t.

    Incidentally, Detroit has the highest property taxes of any major city.

    1. No, the difference is that they were unwittingly coerced into mortgages by predatory lenders who are part of the 1%. They shouldn’t have had to pay, because it was the lenders’ fault they even had mortgages, not the homeowners, who were just hardworking Americans trying to build a better life for their families and a path to the middle class.

      But it’s appropriate to foreclose for not paying taxes. People who do that aren’t paying their fair share for the positive things given to us by the government, which we all share as a community.


  13. How’s the Affordable Care Act working out for you?

    That was the question that Dallas Business Journal Publisher Tracy Merzi put to panelists at a recent manufacturing summit in Dallas.

    “Actually, it’s a little bit better than we thought it would be, strangely enough,” said Mike Winemiller, president and CEO of Briggs International, a Dallas-based industrial equipment dealer.

    “We have a bunch of Republicans sitting on the board,” he added. “We were all pessimistic ? but I think overall it’s a very viable option in the marketplace.”


    The Federal Reserve has specifically asked whether the ACA will cause employers to change their hiring plans, and most say the act is not affecting those decisions, Canas said. Nor are employers cutting workers’ hours to less than 30 per week to avoid being forced under the act to provide health insurance, he said.

    Paul Mayer, CEO of the Garland Chamber of Commerce, said health care providers, insurers and employers are coming together in ways that wouldn’t have happened without the Affordable Care Act.


    1. http://fivethirtyeight.com/fea…..obamacare/


      Just a quick google search

        1. Well, sure, but couldn’t you find a source that wasn’t from a right-wing propaganda outlet like The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Five Thirty Eight?

        2. Your links date back to mid 2013. They were written during the fear phase of the implementation.

          I know 99% of employers changed nothing about their health insurance benefits.

          1. The 538 link is from Jan 15,2015

            Washington Post is from Jun 23, 2014

            The Guardian is from Sept of 2013. A whole year and few months ago

            Forbes link is from Aug of 2014.

            Your right, They were all written in the “fear” phase of implementation. And article written tommorrow will still be in the “fear” phase as well. Everything about the ACA is fearful. The unpaid for mandates and the penaltax scare me everyday.

          2. As I said earlier this morning, it is a fiction that society exists as an entity with health or feelings or interests. This fiction is the basis for making individuals subservient to it. It is the foundation of every evil excuse for killing liberty, for the expansion of the state at the expense of the individual.

            You tell pathetic lies in support for a creepy guy who, though surely not a communist, made International Worker’s Day a holiday in the United States and named it Loyalty Day. Loyalty Day. Could there possibly be any act more contemptuous of individuals? Could he and his supporters be any more transparently totalitarian in mindset?

            98% on the Libertarian purity test? *spit*

            You are truly vile.

          3. They canceled my insurance and made me get another one that complied with the ACA. The new one cost me less after a bullshit subsidy that I did not need. It also increased the deductible by six grand a year. Piss off buttplug dude.

    2. Cool anecdote, cuntface.

    3. This is really awesome in the thread about a snowball thingy.

      We all completely agree with you.

      1. He likes to corpse fuck threads all the time. He just didn’t wait long enough this time.

    4. We get first-hand reports almost daily of companies cutting back on their workforce, reducing hours below 30/week, and employers complaining of increased cost, but we should believe Hethcock because he found a guy who says its not true.

      Got it.

      Worst troll ever.

  14. OT: Toddler Wounds Both Parents With 1 Shot From Handgun
    The weapons-grade derp in the comment threads could power a city the size of New York for 10,000 years.

    “I have no problems as long as stupid people shoot each other. They must be feeling real safe now. Just as the forefathers had predicted..which well regulated militia did the 3 year old belong to?”

    “Guns keep people safe.

    “So now people are trashing the family by deflecting that they live in a motel instead of addressing that these accidents happen with home owners as well. And whenever gun control is brought into the conversation they say we can’t do anything about it because – wait for it… “cars”. Because apparently people die in car accidents too so why do anything about guns. You can’t reason with people like that.”

    “That 3-year-old boy has the mentality of your average gun owner, or is perhaps a bit more mature.”

    1. Its a shitty, irresponsible gun owner. But the Progs only see GUN and BAN.

      Gotta love that they already have a 2 and 3 year old, she’s 8 months preggers, and they live in a motel. Something tells me leaving a gun in a purse wasn’t this couples only mistake.

      1. The fact that he keeps putting his “gun” in her “purse” seems to BE the problem here.

    2. “Helena Handbag meg ? 4 hours ago
      It’ll never stop as long as the NRA continues to fight for the right for irresponsible and/or incompetent people to own guns.”

      Get that? Irresponsible and/or incompetent people should not have rights, but there is a shady cabal of powerful, evil people who conspire to have those people killed in accidents.

      I don’t think Helena knows the meanings of the words she strung together.

      1. How are these people even incompetent? They aren’t mentally ill and nothing there says they have criminal records.

        So is her argument that stupid people shouldn’t have rights? What other rights should we take away from stupid people?

        Why not just forcefully neuter this man and woman so they don’t have any more kids they can’t afford? After all, you wouldn’t want ‘incompetent people’ to have children.

        1. They are morally bankrupt. I will leave it up to others to decide is that constitutes mental illness.

          “What other rights…” – all of ’em.

          “Why not just forcefully neuter…” – I believe they have already been down that road, and they still push for it from time to time.

          If I wasn’t in the middle of a painting job I would troll them with this article as another example of irresponsible and /or incompetent gun owners.

          Yes, I am trying to provoke someone into doing it for me.

        2. “Three generations of leftists are enough”


    The world has entered an era of “peak food” production with an array of staples from corn and rice to wheat and chicken slowing in growth ? with potentially disastrous consequences for feeding the planet.

    New research finds that the supply of 21 staples, such as eggs, meat, vegetables and soybeans is already beginning to run out of momentum, while the global population continues to soar.

    Except this isn’t true since the global population also has slowing growth rates. If food production and population growth rates slow at the same time, there’s no problem.

    The simultaneous peaking of crops and livestock comes against a backdrop of a growing population, which is expected to reach nine billion by 2050, requiring the world to produce twice as much food by then as it does now, according to a separate study by the California Academy of Sciences.

    Okay…if the population today is 7 billion and the population in 2050 will be 9 billion, why would they have to produce twice as much food? It’s been awhile since I took a math class, but I don’t believe 9 billion is two times larger than 7 billion.

    1. They’re probably claiming that billions are starving today – which I bet is magnitudes of 10 overstating the problem.

      1. What they ignore is that there are a lot of dirt poor countries today that don’t produce as much food as they should because they are run by total incompetents. If those areas improve, food yields could grow very rapidly due to the opening of farmland that is currently fallow.

        A great example is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s farm production plummeted because of Mugabe’s cronyism and the driving away of educated white and Asian farmers by the racist black nationalists in Zimbabwe’s government. Zimbabwe could be a major food producer but isn’t because of governmental incompetence.

        This argument therefore also relies on there being constant political stasis with none of the current basket cases improving in the next 40 years. History tells us this assumption isn’t likely.

        1. governmental incompetence

          And/or outright thievery.

    2. Is there a lengthy discussion on how regulation in the United States is hampering the production of all of those foods? That overregulation may be responsible for the slow in growth of their production?

    3. I am wondering when we will experience Peak Malthus?

  16. I drop by for the first time this weekend and see this. Thanks a lot, Reason.

    *storms off angry and nut-hurt*

    1. *storms off angry and nut-hurt*

      I just saw Bob Costas punch Jimmy Fallon in the nuts on the Super Bowl broadcast. I guess being nut-hurt is a theme today. Bring on the Big Game(TM).

      1. Shoot I missed the five hours of pre-game. I have Bundesliga to watch but maybe I’ll check in once in a while. And nine times out of ten it will be a commercial.

  17. I believe the cop was investigating over-inflated snowballs.

  18. While pulling a gun on a couple of people having a snowball fight is obviously going overboard and should warrant reprimand and probably termination, there is one other thing that stuck out to me:

    When hands go up, he didn’t shoot. Now if only those Michael Brown protestors had the intellectual honesty to recognize the inconvenient fact that Brown likely had no hands up.

    1. Or to recognize that it was only one completely discredited witness who made up the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ story, and other credible African-American witnesses said that never happened.

      But never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

      Let’s see if some football player today is wearing a ‘hands up don’t shoot’ sweatshirt (bonus points if it’s a hoodie).

  19. In other news Iraq is a fucking mess.

    “Iran has used Iraq as a petri dish to grown new Shia jihadist groups and spread their ideology,” says Phillip Smyth, an expert on Shia militias. By Smyth’s count, there are more than 50 “highly ideological, anti-American, and rabidly sectarian” Shia militias operating in Iraq today, and recruiting more to their ranks, all with the acquiescence of the central government.

    1. If Obumbles actually wanted to facilitate the growth of radical islam and the birth of a caliphate, what would he do different?

  20. The nature of the State is such that ostentatious and unnecessary displays of force are not only condoned, but institutionally encouraged. If the State did not appreciate such displays of force, it would be simple to reduce their frequency. A simple Bluetooth-type device could be installed in every cop’s holster. Every time a cop removed his firearm from holster (or his vehicle in the case of shotguns and rifles), it would identify the officer, time and location with GPS coordinates. If the location were other than the police station or his own residence, the cop would be required to write a report to justify his use of the weapon. All such reports would then be posted in a searchable database on the Internet. The system would also allow individual citizens to comment on the veracity of such reports.

    1. All of the technology to accomplish this is simple, inexpensive, and does nothing that would interfere with the conduct and safety of police work. The system would benefit good cops since it would immediately send a signal whenever one was so threatened that using his weapon was reasonable. It would provide an indisputable record that could document the misbehavior of a trigger-happy cop and serve as a defense for a good cop who actually used a weapon with tragic results in a dubious situation like Ferguson. It would re-assure the public the government is genuinely interested in public safety and transparency. Cops who frequently feel the need to use their weapons would be kept off the street since they’d be busy writing reports about the trigger-happiness.

      The technology is so simple and so obvious that any free society would have adopted something like this years ago. In the US, however, there is not even a database of how many times cops kill people, much less how many times cops shoot people or use their weapons to threaten people.

  21. Paul Mayer, CEO of the Garland Chamber of Commerce, said health care providers, insurers and employers are coming together in ways that wouldn’t have happened without the Affordable Care Act.

    Why should I pretend that’s a good thing?

    1. Hey man, he’s the CEO of the Garland Texas Chamber of Commerce. Is there anyone on Earth who has a better understanding of healthcare than the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of the 12th largest city in Texas?

  22. A great example is Zimbabwe.

    That’s who I thought of, too. As I recall, Rhodesia was a large exporter of food, prior to the imposition of “Racial Justice”.

    1. I remember a couple of decades ago reading about a white who ran a food distribution business in Rhodesia. He finally gave up and moved his family back to his ancestral home (Netherlands?) though he had never been there.

      He just walked off and left his warehouse full of food because it was looted nearly every night. After stealing whatever they could carry the looters would take a dump on the floor and vandalize his equipment.

      1. Racist imperialist patriarchal capitalistic oppressor driven off by local activists. aka How Poor Africans Taught Us All One Life Affirming Lesson.

    2. On the BBC World Service this past Friday, they reported that Robert Mugabe was unanimously elected to be the chairman of the African Union for the coming year (see http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-31057151). Expressing deep disappointment, one of the guests commenting on that story said that, under Mugabe, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe “went from being a food basket to a basket case.”

      1. His Nobel can’t be far off!

  23. New Rochelle, ‘eh? Somewhere, in the sunken living room of a baby boomer home, Laura just saw this report and is now yelling, “Robbbbbbbb … Robbbbbbbb!”

    1. From Milan to Minsk!

  24. Local paper seems to have a different account.


  25. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.


  26. Watching Reason clips taken out of context reminds me of Brittany Spears….’Oops I did it again’…..Just another case making Reason look like The Onion.

    1. What is the context?

      1. Sorry about my delayed response. The context being that the call didn’t have anything to do with a snowball fight. The call was for a suspicious person with a weapon who ran from the scene. The officers were covering the men who remained until such time that the confirmed that their was no additional weapons on scene. But, as usual, Reason took the whole thing out of context and ran with the story.

  27. You’ll get a bullet in the back of the neck.
    In the back of the neck right between the eyes.


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