Tonight on The Independents: Peter Suderman on Obamacare, Jim Epstein on Charter School Closures, Moynihan & McInnes on Ukraine & Weed, Plus the Trump vs. Nugent Game and Sexy After-Show!


Tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT; repeats three hours later) starts again with the latest from Ukraine, this time with commentary from panelists Michael C. Moynihan of The Daily Beast (Reason archive here) and filmmaker/TakiMag weirdo Gavin McInnes. Speaking of Ukraine, here's a spot from last night featuring Buck Sexton of The Blaze:

The M&M boys are also slated to comment on President Barack Obama's shiny new $3.9 trillion budget proposal, Washington, D.C.'s decision today to decriminalize marijuana, and the difference—if there is any—between Ted Nugent and Donald Trump.

Beloved Reason Senior Editor Peter Suderman will be on to discuss the latest anticipated delay in Obamacare, and the law's stubborn unpopularity among the very people it was intended to help most. Beloved Reason.tv Producer Jim Epstein will describe today's rally against New York Mayor Bill De Blasio's policy of shutting down charter schools. And Reason-comments heartthrob Kmele Foster will break down Apple CEO Tim Cook telling investors who do not believe that humankind is warming the planet to "get out of this stock."

The online-only after-show tonight can theoretically be seen at this link, and is sure to be at least PG-13. As per usual, tweet out to @IndependentsFBN, use the hashtag #indFBN, and some of your snark may be used live.