Cop Doing "God's Work" Threatens to Face-Rape Petty Crook


NYPD Sgt. Lesly Charles wants Brooklyn men to know his dick is bigger than theirs, and he's not afraid to use it to get them to stop parking their cars illegally.

A rant by Charles back in April was captured by cellphone video and provided to the New York Post by the target of the sergeant's ire:

The footage includes Charles berating a young man in the roadway near a silver BMW, telling him: "This is my street. All right? If you got to play tough, that's your problem . . . I do whatever the f--k I want."

A short time later, Charles followed the group into the nearby No. 1 Chinese Food restaurant, flanked by two plainclothes cops.

"I have the long d--k. You don't," the cop bragged.

"Your pretty face — I like it very much. My d--k will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don't f--k with me. All right?"

The unidentified 21-year-old who shot the video was arrested later and charged with disorderly conduct for refusing to leave. According to the Post, the man with the pretty face Charles would like to fuck has been arrested more than 20 times for petty larceny, weapons, and marijuana charges (though there's no information whether he was convicted or pleaded guilty to any of them).

Charles is now under investigation by the City's Civilian Complaint Board. Reached by the Post, Charles said only, "I'm just doing God's work. You know I can't comment … Have a blessed day."

Enjoy the video below (bleeped for your sensitive ears).

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  1. Stand by for cop fellators in......5...4...3...2...

      1. What about ARSE! DRINK! and GIRLS!?

  2. "This is my street. All right? If you got to play tough, that's your problem...I do whatever the f--k I want."

    Sounds like the NYPD all right.

    1. Sounds like the NYPD all right.

      Or any other common street gang representin' their turf.

  3. It sounds like this guy is trying to compensate for something...

        1. Perhaps he is somehow related to Leslie Barbara of Police Academy fame. Maybe he got hazed at the academy.

          1. Not at all, Doc. He is the real life Mr Mackey.


    1. I can't see what for if he has a penis that gets hard enough to break through the sinus and inner ear.

      1. Three words: needle dick.

        1. I guess it might have to be, but you have to admit it would be impressive in its own right.

  4. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude, I thin kI like it. Wow.


    1. A dick in your ear?

      1. I think the 'bot read "doing God's work" and and thought it was supposed to give a favorable comment.

      2. I think the 'bot read "doing God's work" and and thought it was supposed to give a favorable comment.

  5. I wouldn't take that as a threat of rape so much as colorful, tough guy language if I was getting that lecture when I was a kid. Having said that, the officer should be fired for displaying unbelievably unprofessional (hell, basically criminal) behavior.

    And get disorderly conduct off the books already. It's a broad catch-all that has no place in a free society.

    1. That's how you do tough in New York? Get that cop a pair of slippers and cast him on Broadway!

    2. What does "Free society" have to do with New York?

      1. I admit, you got me there.

  6. Aw, that's cute. Someone's been watching his The Shield DVDs.

    1. Just wait until he shaves his head to look like Vic.

  7. Lesly Charles, huh? I have a feeling this guy spent a good deal of his childhood trying to overcompensate for that. And the aggression that stemmed from that naturally sublimated itself into a career in law enforecement.

  8. I'm just doing God's work.

    in what book does god suggest Lesly's version of serve and protect?

  9. Face Fucking 4 Jesus

  10. That's fucking retarded.

  11. The plainclothes Johnnies are pieces of work for just standing there.

  12. Oh, my Gaia! That was sooooooo scary. I think even Mumia Abu Jamal would wet the bed after seeing that!

    Obviously, all cops are assholes. And obviously cops don't get first amendment rights. And obviously, there should be no cops because the average Joe would do a much better job of stopping crime than any cop who's ever lived. Especially this guy in the video and Joe Arpaio.

    In fact, there's wouldn't be any crime if all cops suddenly disappeared.

    I look forward to the day when there aren't any cops. Because everyone knows how to police (whoops! bad word) themselves and others better than all cops. Always. All the time. Everywhere and every day.

    I mean look at the rousing success Reason.commenters had in dealing with White Indian! But that's different. I mean, you put the average Reason.commmenter in George Zimmerman's shoes and bam, crime rate-zero. Happiness rate-- unicorns for all!

    Now back to fantasizing about Ron Paul donning his white cape and spreading his white hot libertarian splooge all over your pimply faces....

    1. Thanks for your input, Mary.

    2. "First amendment rights"? If a Safeway clerk acted like that dumbass did, he's get fired without so much as a by your leave. No one is saying we shouldn't have cops; we're saying that maybe dicks like that guy and others should get more than a slap on the wrist, as they currently do.

      1. You didn't know that the first amendment includes the right to make threats of imminent violence?

        1. Which is irrelevant. No one is claiming the cop should be arrested for his obnoxious comments.
          He should be fired.

    3. Courtesy C-.

    4. "Now back to fantasizing about Ron Paul donning his white cape and spreading his white hot libertarian splooge all over your pimply faces...."

      I have the weirdest boner right now.

      1. . . . weirdest . . .--

        How so? Is it hooking left or something?

    5. We'd all be much safer if this guy weren't a cop.

    6. This my blog you get? My dick rules here. So get the fuck of my block dude. You get? This is where I swing my dick around, not you. If you don't leave you'll be arrested.

      fuck you sir.

    7. Do you have a point, dumbass? What is it? A world with no one claiming a monopoly on violence in the name of the law would probably not be absolutely perfect, therefore we can't criticize cops who threaten to sexually assault people in diners? Or is this steaming pile of false dichotomy just your expression of impotent rage at not being able to form a coherent thought?

  13. Upon further review, the NYPD internal investigation has determined that there was no misconduct. Sgt Charles will receive a medal as soon as he returns from his paid leave of absence.

  14. Now that is classy.

  15. Awww, I'm not Mary. But good luck with the strawman.

      1. Don't fail it. Just give it a C so it can move on to the next blog.

    1. Strawman? If you're going to misuse words, at least misuse big words. Dipshit.

  16. I get it!! This whole thing is part of that "new professionalism" I've heard so much about.

    Of this group, who are the good cops, and who are the bad cops?

  17. "Your pretty face ? I like it very much."

    Do people raised in America actually talk like that? I couldn't help but think of Borat when I read that syntax.

    1. What type of dog is this?

      1. You mean the policeman who tried to stick his penis in my mouth was a...?

  18. That just made my day! A True Libertarian confused me for Mary Stack.

    RC Dean can vouch for me. Not personally of course. We've never met, mind you. But the two of us have generally had pleasant exchanges.

    As for the rest of you miscreants, well, I guess you guys are readying up for the big move into that Free State Project. Hence your often snippy comments.


    1. "As for the rest of you miscreants, well, I guess you guys are readying up for the big move into that Free State Project. Hence your often snippy comments."

      Not getting better. Repeat the course.

  19. That just made my day! A True Libertarian confused me for Mary Stack.

    RC Dean can vouch for me. Not personally of course. We've never met, mind you. But the two of us have generally had pleasant exchanges.

    As for the rest of you miscreants, well, I guess you guys are readying up for the big move into that Free State Project. Hence your often snippy comments.


    1. As for the rest of you miscreants--

      Hey, I'm actually pretty nice. More so in person than when shielded behind the anonymity of the 'tubes, but still pretty nice. I hope you take a moment to reflect on your comments, and that you consider retracting them. That brand of hurtfulness is simply uncalled for.

    2. I'm not a libertarian, you moronic cop-fellator. Or Mary. Same thing at the end of the day.

      1. I have a new term for you, if you want: manarchist.

        1. I'd rather be an Imanarchist.

            1. That's why I'd rather be one.

              1. Well, good luck with that plan.

                Here's another one if you fail: themanarchist.

                1. If?

    3. SOMALIA!

  20. Petty Crook? Can you back that up. He was arrested it seems but I've seen no mention of convictions or guilty pleas.

  21. So you guys were scared?

    You do agree that cops have no First Amendment rights? Of course, they should be held to a higher standard, they work for the Government! You know, that same organization which will legalize gay marriage!

    So if one Libertarian or even many are a-holes, all Libertarians are a-holes?

    Do Libertarians ever make mistakes? I know cops do. But do Libertarians?

    Oh, and finally. Let's have an essay contest: Let's judge the best essay on this following topic---"I Helped Successfully Rid Reason.com of White Indian Without Have Big Daddy Ban Him and Here's How."

    1. Why was the guy arrested though? What did he do to justify the cops arresting him?

    2. "So you guys were scared?"
      Look, your brand of stupid barely worth comment.
      But look up the 1st Amendment and explain how it has any relevance here.
      Oh, and fuck off, too.

    3. Do you think Sgt Charles should keep his job? If so, why? I'm pretty sure we can find some other tuff gai who would do his job in this economy at his salary, and who would limit his thuggishness to his immediate family. Better, maybe we could find someone who can do his job professionally without compulsion, as I do everyday.

    4. Hey, Wholly Holy Cow, how did you happen to know Mary's last name? And the connection to White Indian? Your verbosity is is also reminding me of Mary....

  22. My d--k will go in your mouth and come out your ear.[...] Have a blessed day.

    That is all.

  23. So, who is the best cop ever in fiction? Cop, not PI or consulting detective.

    1. John Spartan. Next!

        1. Correct. The most awesome TV cop is Miami Vice's Castillo, portrayed by the one and only, Edward James Olmos.

          The Groovster hath spoken.

          1. The episode where he goes full ninja is fucking great.

            "Surf's up, dude!"


            1. GMTA, Epi. Look at the link.

              1. Ha, we picked the exact same episode. Awesome.

                The fact that that episode also guest stars Sledge Hammer! as an undercover KGB spy whose name is Surf just makes it that much more awesome.

                1. David Rasche was/is underutilized as a comic talent, but he played smarm so well.

          2. NO. NO. NO. The most awesome TV cop ever was jon polito's character on Homicide. Only b/c of his epic Lincoln conspiracy rants.

          3. I dunno about best ever, but he was damned great.

            1. I dunno about best ever, but he was damned great.

              The worst ever is clearly Judd Hirsch as Delvecchio.

    2. Vic Mackey was a great character, and, in deference to you, ProL, I'll also mention Sean Connery's character in Outland.

      1. Once again, Epi, when I doubt your coolness for a split second, you pull out these gems...I hope you had a great time in HI.

        1. But doc, I haven't listed the greatest cop of all: Bruce Campbell in Maniac Cop.

          1. True, Maniac Cop is one of the true greats. I was always amazed his police blues never got gib juice on them.

          2. Bruce Campbell as a cop? What hath God wrought?

        2. I have to admit. No one would come up with that answer but Epi, and it is dead on right.

          1. My all to obvious answer would have been Frank Pembleton.

            1. I have to admit I also have a soft spot for Lenny Briscoe.

              1. There's another good. Lumier will totally fuck you up at pool to boot. He could sing, act, deliver a zinger, play pool, and temporarily put Baby in the corner. Is there anything Jerry Orbach couldn't do (other than beat cancer?)

      2. That's an under-appreciated film.

        1. Both Outland and Real Genius.

          1. Absolutely, Pro'L Dib. We have discussed Outland before. In fact, it came up when you asked about law enforcement in space. What could possibly be more libertarian than that? Besides mining asteroids that is.

            1. Funny you should say that, as law in space will be solely enforced by the judicious use of asteroids.

              1. "The ore must flow..."

      3. Vic Mackey was a great character

        The best TV cop EVAH!

    3. I hate myself for not remembering the character's name but the human detective from the Asimov Robot series is my favorite. Not I, Robot(never read that collection of shorts) the novels.

      Caves of Steel
      The Naked Sun

      1. Elijah Baley. Good one.

        1. yep. That was his name. Gonna read them again I think.

          1. Possibly the book(s) I most want to see made into film/miniseries.

            1. They could be done quite well I think without the Hollywood fx excess. But for silly dreams mine is that Dan Simmons' Hyperion is translated to film/tv well.

      2. Rick Deckard comes to mind as well, without the crappy narration. There is a difference between world-weary and bored, Harrison Ford was just bored when he did that recording.

    4. Lt. Columbo.

      1. oh..ah, one more thing

    5. Keitel's Lieutenant might be the worst cop ever in fiction,though highly entertaining.

    6. Hanzo Itami, the Razor.

    7. Fin Tutuola, obviously. Ice-T came a long way from "Cop Killer".

    8. An Olyphant never forgets: who is better, Seth Bullock or Raylan Givens?

      1. Raylan Givens. Man that dialogue makes me laugh.

    9. DI Steel in Stuart MacBride's Lagan McRae series. Not the lead but a wonderful supporting character. An unabashedly bull dyke who is constantly bucking authority, scratching herself, sexually harassing every female underling she can, and ordering people to go have a good go at it with a cheese grater, or a hand grenade.

    10. Rick Hunter!

  24. Has anyone complained to Mayor Bloomberg that Leslie Charles' dick is so big, that its caloric content exceeds the city's guidelines for mobile restaurants, or that it's more salty than McDonalds french fries? That would certainly get the Mayor's attention.

    1. That's a big Twinkie.

      1. Just don't cross the streams.

        1. Grab your stick!


          Heat 'em up!


          Make 'em hard!


  25. The cops in DC are a bunch of total jackasses. All of them black, and on some sort of a power trip. They are always yelling at people just walking around and generally minding their own business, because someone is walking in the road instead of the sidewalk, or whatever.

    I was walking somewhere near the national mall one day and one of them went off on a tirade at pedestrians, and I yelled fuck you at him from about 30 ft away, because I couldn't help it, really. He heard me and started looking around, but there was no way I would guess to pick out someone in that crowd. At the time, I really didn't care.

    I am sick of government thugs with the IQ of a retard trying to harrass the people who pay their salaries, because no way they will ever get a job in the private sector, where they have to have skills and half of a brain, along with at least 4th grade level language skills, and social skills beyond that of a primate.

  26. Oh goody, the griefer troll is back. I have my suspicions about who it might be (not Mary), but without proof it would be inappropriate to accuse. I really cannot understand the special brand of insanity it takes to hang around somewhere you obviously hate.

    1. Orel Hazard? Crayon? Danny? Dan T.? Certainly not Max.

      Curse my good memory, I haz sad I actually know these things.

      1. Hmm, well, it's a right-wing troll that likes to bag on "cosmotarians" and gays, so my guess is Slappy, Cosmotarian Overlord, or some variant thereof.

        My secret reigning theory is that it's a regular we all know. But, like I said, accusing without proof is a dick move.

        1. I do vaguely rememeber Neil and Cesar, when I first started posting here.

          1. I am of two minds on that. Neil's character was a fun, right-wing clown. He was annoying, but not a mean-spirited prick like "Wholly Holy Cow" or Slappy or any of the others "huurrr durrr APPLETINIZ" trolls.

            On the other hand, that kind of troll ALWAYS gets a reaction, so who knows...

          2. Neil was specifically designed by Cesar to suck joe in, and had the fun benefit of being a really good caricature of a neocon TEAM RED sheep with terrible typing and punctuation. The character wasn't hateful at all, and was really quite amusing.

            Totally and utterly unlike more recent trolls.

            1. My favorite Neil exchange:

              Episiarch|5.16.08 @ 11:04AM|#

              Neil, would you say that Spizzenergi's "Where's Captain Kirk" is the greatest Star Trek-themed song of all time?

              Neil|5.16.08 @ 11:06AM|#

              Not as good as the Captain Picard YTMND, Episiarch.

        2. To ask the griefer about the cop is just pointless. The subject matter only serves as a sounding board to write up on the lameness of libertarians.

    2. Does that mean that the welfare checks have went up again so that momma could turn one of those interwebs back on in the basement?

  27. Crayon! OMG! Durrrrr Hurrrr, he said Hitlary, dats punny! LMAO

    1. Crayon was an awesome troll. We'd be lucky to get him back.

      1. I miss Akira MacKenzie. I hope that his depression and anger cleared up.

        1. Dude, I remember him. I really liked the guy. Awesome posting name. I remember when he had this rant about his self esteem issues and I was trying to encourage him, and telling him to keep posting here, but have never seen him again. That has been a while, I didn't post much back in those days, the early days of my Libertarian transformation... nostalgic times it was.

  28. Charles is now under investigation by the City's Civilian Complaint Board.

    So is the board composed of civilians or is just called that because it deals with complaints from the little people?

    1. Pretty sure it won't make a bit of difference.

    2. In NYC, the CCB members are appointed by the MAJOR and ALL final actions are taken and decided by the POLICE COMMISSIONER. The Civilian Complaint Board in NYC is a FARCE. It has no power AT ALL.

    3. The CCRB Board looks like a pretty diverse group of people.

      But here is the problem (from their site): When the Civilian Complaint Review Board determines that an officer committed misconduct, it forwards the case to the police department. The police commissioner retains sole discretion over how much punishment to issue in connection with a case, and even whether to issue discipline at all.

      They are still treated differently than the rest of us insomuch as any discipline or whether or not charges will even be brought is up to their fellow officers.

      1. That needs to change.

        There should be no Civilian Complaint Review Board. There should be a special Civil/Criminal part of the court where GRAND JURY (not people appointed by the major) decide whether or not mis-conduct was committed by a police officer and a PETIT JURY (not a judge and definitely NOT THE POLICE Commish ) should decide punishment.

        1. I would even advocate that the above be done anonymously and have full subpoena power. That's probably the only way to keep people safe from intimidation when the # of charges against cops goes up tenfold overnight.

          On a positive note for those who think the economy can grow with spending on public projects: the prison construction industry would enjoy one hell of a growth spurt. Stimulus!

          1. Who would be left to staff the prisons?

  29. Life would be better if we all had to walk around naked. That way, when cops threaten people with violence like this asshole, we could just look at the tiny penis they have between their legs and understand they are compensating for their inability to please a woman (or man) with physical threats.

    Actually, I've got a better idea: we should only allow men who have 10"+ cocks to be cops. That way, all the shrimp-dick Rambo's out there who are compensating for their inadequacies like this fuckhead would be doing something they are better-qualified to do, like wash dishes at Denny's.

  30. Is anyone else hearing the Mike Tyson resemblance? The voice and what's being said?

  31. We need to install GO-PRO cameras on Cops and require that ALL Legal Contacts be taped. This would NEVER happen if the officer knew he was being watched.

    1. Actually, we need to install them on cops and every minute of the day they are on duty needs to be recorded and available for public viewing unless the officer is a warranted undercover investigation.

      We not only have a right to know what they are doing when they stop somebody, we have a right to know what they are doing every minute they are on the taxpayer dime.

      1. I think that would be too too much.

        ZERO charges if not recorded and a mis-conduct is filed.

        1. I have often advocated for cops' testimonies to be thrown out and be replaced with the recording of their cameras that will be a required part of their uniform. And if the recording device has been disabled, the cop is to be charged with evidence tampering and obstruction of justice.

          If they care about justice at all, every PD in America would endorse this idea.

          1. Yeah, but there's just no money in justice.

    2. There would be a lot of "aw the battery died just before the suspect did."

    3. I think you are overestimating the intelligence of some cops...

    4. I agree but the GoPros are a little more fragile andhave shorter battery life than you would think. I have 2 and the batteries only last maybe 2 hours. Way too easy for a cop to "forget" to change the batts.

      1. Also they tend to eject the memory card if subjected to a sharp blow from the side in just the right way.

    1. i was disappointed
      but i liked it

    2. I like the cowgirl pics. I'd hit that.

  32. Honestly, is just the slightest smidgen of professionalism from the police too much to ask for? Just the tiniest pretense of it???

  33. Cops seem to have this penis gobbling / anal sex fetish thing going on.

    When I was just a lad, barely of drinkin age, I got thrown out of a bar one night when the bar owner called the fuzz and identified me as one of the instigators of a ruckus. I don't really remember if I was or not. But being the cocky smartass that I definitely was, I walked around the block and watched until the cops were gone and went back in the bar to continue my binge. Not a really good idea, next thing I knew, even though I was being quiet and just drinking a brew, the fuzz reappeared...

    As I was being led out of the bar by pissed off cop guy and walking down the street, the cop asked me this bizarre question: 'When someone lies to me and says they will go home, you know what that makes me feel like?' Not even having a guess at what Mr. fatso loser smalltown cop was feeling, I didn't reply. So he says, 'Like being fucked in the ass'. I swear to god, he said that. I contemplated that for a moment, and said 'I don't have any idea what that feels like and don't want to know, are you gay?' and burst out laughing. I think I also continued to berate and heckle the guy. I somehow wound up sleeping in my own bed that night without getting beaten half to death or sexaully molested by the fuzz, but it still creeps me out when I think about it.

  34. Look, as someone who's lived in that area of brooklyn as a kid (Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst/Sheepshead Bay).... this is par for the course. Being told you were going to be skullfucked by a cop? YAWN. You must remember this is guido-mecca, and the guido only speaks in various forms of dicksucking/skullfucking/assraping analogies. Any sentence not mentioning sticking your enormous cock in something is unintelligible to them. Translated into English, the cop basically read the guy his Guido Rights. Move along, nothing to see here.

    1. That's New York professionalism for ya, sure thing.

    2. Let me add... Bensonhurst was famous for a long time where black dudes would be beaten up/murdered if caught alone in the 'hood. See: Yusef Hawkins. The place used to be run by the mafia, and cops were all paid-off to leave the locals alone. So a black cop in B'hurst may have a bit of a chip on his shoulder dealing with surly locals. Well, in this case, the dude has more than a chip on his shoulder.... more like a cucumber in his pants. But the point is... context. "Cops being douchebags" is always a bad thing, but frankly, in parts of NYC, the standard rhetoric is understandably different than elsewhere.

      Which reminds me of the time I got pulled over in Georgia, and the officer said, "Boy, no yankee ever drove that fast through this county...", and the guy next to me, a chicago smart-ass, said, "...Well, I think General Sherman did..." We spent the night in jail, natch. No skullfucking, though.

  35. I just saw a trailer commercial for Prometheus that had a Coors Light tie-in. WTF?? The more I see of the commercials for this thing the more I fear it will be a major disappointment.

    1. I saw the trailer at The Avengers and it looked pretty good. I may or may not have been slightly impaired though. 3D.

  36. I wonder if Officer Micropenis would have been this uppity if this had been one of those 90-people-out-of-100-carry-guns locales, somewhere in Texas, or NC, or somewhere else. Probably not, what with the militarization of law enforcement.

    I bet my .45's bigger than his service pistol though.

  37. How much you wanna bet this cop doesn't even get reprimanded? Just kidding. No one here is stupid enough think he will.

  38. Aaaaaahhhhh! When did Reason become a member of the nannystate? You bleeped it for my sensitive ears? Give me a break! Just put a warning and let us decide on our own. I nominate Reason for Nanny of the Month, or at least a runner up!

    1. Reason didn't bleep it, the Post or whoever uploaded the video did.

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