Water Declared Safe in Fracking Town, SEC Investigates JPMorgan Losses, Edwards Wants Case Tossed Out: P.M. Links


  • The EPA says the water is safe to drink in Dimock, Penn., the town made famous in the Oscar-nominated fracking documentary "Gasland." Residents believed fracking was polluting their water supply.

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission opens an investigation into JPMorgan Chase following their announcement Thursday of a $2 billion loss. The bank's chief executive, Jamie Dimon, said "egregious mistakes" were made.
  • The judge in John Edwards' corruption trial declines the defense's request to toss out the case due to lack of evidence after the prosecution rested Thursday. Defense will begin on Monday.
  • LA County deputy arrested last year for brawl with fellow deputies has been accused of kicking another deputy in the groin this week while being booked on charges of making threats against a former friend. You'll definitely want to read the details of the fight.
  • Very successful alternative currency in Canada, based on coupons from retailer Canadian Tire Corp., is in danger as the company switches to a plastic card system. Some Canadians are upset. (via Hit & Run commenter plu1959)

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