Drugs, Guns, and the Fiscal Cliff: Emily Ekins on New Reason-Rupe Poll

A majority of Americans across the political spectrum do not believe the federal government should arrest people who use, grow, or sell marijuana in states that have legalized it. A majority thinks adults should be allowed to own assault weapons. Two-thirds oppose raising the debt ceiling.

Those are just some of the findings of the latest Reason-Rupe Poll, which surveyed Americans on a wide variety of issues. Full results of the poll are online here.

Reason Foundation Polling Director Emily Ekins recently sat down with Reason TV to highlight a few of the poll's discoveries.

Approximately 2 minutes long.

Produced by Meredith Bragg.

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  • fish_remote||


    Gillespie...you bastard! You've been holding out on me!

  • Ryan60657||

    Agree. More of Emily Ekins. Less of "the Jacket".

  • josh||

    i concur, agree, and also approve.

  • Sandra M. Jones||

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  • Libertarius||

    Girl you shouldn't be talking to guys like me, I'm sure there is no shortage of cosmotarian hipsters in skinny jeans at Reason.

  • Tim||

    If you pause at 35 seconds Emily is making a chipmunk face.

  • Tim||

    It's not in the same spot twice but trust me it's there.

  • josh||

    was this a freak discovery or do you randomly pause video of beautiful libertarians for "scientific research"? i'm not judging, i'm actually just wondering if you have more videos of hot libertarians?

  • FucktheNannyState||

    fuck yeah, guns and drugs!

  • Sevo||

    Link to rag-trade; don't bother.

  • ThatSkepticGuy||

    . . . why would a Libertarian site sell shirts based off of Bill Hicks and Hunter S. Thompson?

  • MamaLiberty||

    Guns And Weed - Because there's no such thing as "half-free." http://www.gunsandweed.com/

    See the movie. :)

  • Paul Pot||

    Just end the drug war and there will be a significant decrease in gun violence right across the America's.

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  • Sevo||

    Peyton, meet Sandra. Sandra,...
    Oh, screw it.

  • Quimby||

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  • kavu||

    Hi Emily, can you please break out your gun ban and Newton prevention results by gender? If possible, can you do that for the third question on the full poll where people defined "assault weapon" as well?

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