What's the Libertarian Answer to New York's Migrant Crisis?

Plus: A listener asks the editors to name America's unsung or undersung heroes.


In this week's The Reason Roundtable, Matt Welch and Katherine Mangu-Ward welcome back Nick Gillespie and Peter Suderman to the show. The editors examine the unfolding migrant crisis in New York City before denouncing the city's new law cracking down on Airbnb and other short-term rentals.

1:56: Migrant crisis in major cities

24:16: NYC kneecaps Airbnb

34:27: Weekly Listener Question

48:55: Memorable moments from the political gerontocracy

Mentioned in this podcast:

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"How Immigrants Make America Great Again (and Again and Again)," by Nick Gillespie, with Alex Nowrasteh and Benjamin Powell

"Don't Blame Airbnb For New York City's High Rents," by Allie Howell and Jared Meyer

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"The Government Is a Hit Man: Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs," by Nick Gillespie

"Libertarians Have Won the Culture Wars, Even Though Universities Are 'Constipated, Stultified,'" by Nick Gillespie

"Santa Monica Evicts Airbnb: The War on Homesharing," by Zach Weissmueller

"Did NYC Just Kneecap Airbnb?" by Liz Wolfe

"County Where It Took 50 Years To Approve New Subdivision Bans New Airbnbs," by Christian Britschgi

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"Some Critics of the Ruling Against Biden's Censorship by Proxy Have a Beef With the 1st Amendment Itself," by Jacob Sullum

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"Social Security, Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog, & Alan Simpson: Ultimate Enema Man Remix," by Nick Gillespie and Austin Bragg

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