A Thursday Bonus Reason Roundtable! Live From Reason Weekend in California

Plus: did the editors sing Happy Birthday to Adam Smith?


It's a surprise bonus Thursday episode of The Reason Roundtable! Peter Suderman is in the driver's seat this time, alongside editors Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and special guest Robby Soave, who taped this episode live during the recent Reason Weekend in Pasadena, California. Enjoy!

1:13—President Joe Biden and persistent inflation

14:20—The CHIPS Act, and never-ending government subsidies

27:08—Irrational re-editing of children's literature

38:48—Cultural recommendations

Mentioned in this podcast:

"Biden's 'Economic Plan' Is Industrial Policy That Will Be Terrible for Workers and Consumers" by Peter Suderman

"Inflation Isn't Going Away" by Eric Boehm

"Is Inflation Sneakily Starting To Rise Again?" by Eric Boehm

"America Needs a Better Kind of Capitalism" by Veronique De Rugy

"Politicians Use Subsidies To Squeeze Semiconductor Manufacturers" by J.D. Tucille

"Now the CHIPS Act Is Going To Subsidize Child Care Too" by Eric Boehm

"Kat Rosenfield: Why It's Important for Novelists To Speak Freely" by Nick Gillespie

"Save Roald Dahl Books From the Dreaded Sensitivity Readers" by Robby Soave

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Audio production by Ian Keyser

Assistant production by Hunt Beaty

Video edit by Adam Czarnecki

Music: "Angeline," by The Brothers Steve