Why Your Vote Doesn't Count, Obama's Failed Narrative, Four More Years of War!: November Reason Preview!

Matt Welch and Kennedy discuss what's in the new issue of Reason.


"People vote not because of what voting can accomplish, but because they like to vote," writes Katherine Mangu-Ward in "Your Vote Doesn't Count," the cover story of Reason's November 2012 issue.

Reason TV's Kennedy talks with Reason mag Editor in Chief Matt Welch about the new issue, which is on sale now. The November issue features a special election preview section that handicaps the most libertarian candidates running for Congress, an in-depth interview with budget-slashing Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), and a richly reported account of how Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) scrambles the minds of left-wing progressives.

November's Reason also includes Welch's "Four More Years of War," an analysis of the failed foreign policy that is shared by Republicans and Democrats, and Peter Suderman's "Obama's Failed Narrative," which looks at the ways the president mistakes his often-eloquent way with words for an ability to change the real world.

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About 3 minutes. Shot by Jim Epstein and Anthony Fisher, and edited by Swain.