College Debt

Elizabeth Warren’s Plan To Cancel College Debt Is a Giveaway to the Well-Off and Well-Connected

The Massachusetts senator wants to spend $1.25 trillion on a plan to wipe out student loan debt and make public tuition free.

Free Speech

The Panic Over ‘Social Media Addiction’ Threatens Free Speech

Classifying heavy internet use as medical addiction leads to bad policy and inferior patient care.


Social Security

Social Security Will Be Insolvent in 16 Years

So we're probably only 15 years away from Congress deciding that's a big enough crisis to do something about it.



Terminal Patients Got Drugs Without FDA Approval. It Added Years to Their Lives.

The Right to Try movement, which recently became federal law, allows doctors to prescribe experimental treatments that haven't been approved for sale by regulators.

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CBD Is Still Banned in States With Legal Weed

California Public Health officials confiscated $140,000 worth of cannabidiol-infused beverages from an LA warehouse.

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