Gerrymandering Illinois redistricting congressional districts elections midterms 2022


Gerrymandering Is Making Elections Less Competitive

Cynical single-party gerrymandering contributes to and is driven by the hyperpartisanship that defines American politics right now.


Housing Policy

Marc Andreessen's High-Tech Fix for the Housing Crisis Lets Him Keep Being a NIMBY

The venture capitalist's $350 million investment in WeWork founder Adam Neumann's new venture Flow is supposed to help renters build community and equity. They'd be better off if we just built housing instead.


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Enes Kanter Freedom on the NBA's Relationship With China: 'We Have To Expose This'

“While we’re dribbling the ball on the other side of the ocean, people are losing their loved ones, lives, and hope,” says the former Celtics center.

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