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Liz Cheney's Expected Ouster Shows the GOP Stands for Nothing but One Man's Whims

The main qualification of Cheney's likely replacement as chair of the House Republican Conference is her willingness to indulge Donald Trump's election fantasy.


Although Rep. Liz Cheney (R–Wyo.) easily survived a February attempt to replace her as chair of the House Republican Conference after she voted to impeach Donald Trump, she is expected to lose her post on Wednesday as punishment for her continued criticism of the former president's fantasy that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.), who supported Cheney in February, now favors replacing her with Rep. Elise Stefanik (R–N.Y.), who is willing to indulge Trump's fanciful belief that massive, orchestrated fraud deprived him of his rightful victory.

The comparison between Cheney and Stefanik speaks volumes about the extent to which the Republican Party has devolved into a personality cult that elevates Trump's capricious demands above any principles or policies it once claimed to support. Prior to Trump's post-election fantasy and the Capitol riot it inspired, Cheney was a more reliable ally than Stefanik, voting with the president 93 percent of the time, compared to Stefanik's score of 78 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight. Cheney is also notably more conservative, receiving a lifetime score of 80 percent from Heritage Action for America, compared to Stefanik's 48 percent. But what matters now is that Cheney thinks Trump's lies about the election need to be called out, while Stefanik is happy to reinforce them.

After the election, Cheney quickly lost patience with Trump's wild, unsubstantiated claims about rigged voting machines and falsified ballots. And when those claims motivated hundreds of Trump followers to attack the Capitol on January 6, she joined nine other Republicans in voting to impeach the president for triggering the riot by stoking a phony grievance for months, culminating in the inflammatory speech he delivered in Washington, D.C., that day.

"The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack," Cheney said before the impeachment vote. "Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution."

Although he voted against impeachment, McCarthy agreed that Trump was at least partly responsible for the violence. "The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress by mob rioters," he said on the House floor a week after it was invaded by enraged Trump fans. "He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding."

McCarthy, who unsuccessfully urged Trump to intervene as the riot was unfolding, later retreated from his criticism. "I don't believe he provoked it, if you listen to what he said at the rally," he told reporters on January 21. "I thought the president had some responsibility when it came to the response," he told Gray Television's Greta van Susteren a few days later. "If you listen to what the president said at the rally, he said, 'demonstrate peacefully.' And then I got a question later about whether did he incite them. I also think everybody across this country has some responsibility."

McCarthy nevertheless stood by Cheney during the attempted ouster in February, delivering a passionate speech in her defense around the same time that the Wyoming Republican Party was censuring her for supporting Trump's impeachment. But since then, McCarthy has been increasingly irked by Cheney's refusal to drop the subject, which he views as needlessly divisive and inconsistent with her leadership responsibilities.

"The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!" Trump declared on May 3. Cheney fired back on Twitter: "The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system."

In a Washington Post op-ed piece two days later, Cheney warned that "Trump is seeking to unravel critical elements of our constitutional structure that make democracy work—confidence in the result of elections and the rule of law." She noted that McCarthy has "changed his story" about responsibility for the Capitol riot. "The Republican Party is at a turning point, and Republicans must decide whether we are going to choose truth and fidelity to the Constitution," she said. "We Republicans need to stand for genuinely conservative principles, and steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality."

From a libertarian perspective, Cheney's "genuinely conservative principles" are a mixed bag that includes not only fiscal restraint and opposition to "ridiculous wokeness" but also immigration restrictions, support for waterboarding (which, according to Cheney, does not qualify as torture), and a highly interventionist foreign policy. (Trump responded to Cheney's criticism by calling her a "warmonger," which is irrelevant in this context but nevertheless completely accurate.) And Cheney's op-ed piece was off-putting to the extent that it implicitly praised her own courage. "We must be brave enough to defend the basic principles that underpin and protect our freedom and our democratic process," she said. "I am committed to doing that, no matter what the short-term political consequences might be."

Still, Cheney, once viewed as a potential presidential contender, clearly is sacrificing her political interests for the sake of principles that are worth defending, including respect for reality, for the democratic process, for the rule of law, and for the peaceful transition of power. At a time when the GOP could and should be playing a useful role by resisting the Biden administration's reckless spending and extravagant ambitions, she is calling attention to the dangers of joining Trump in an alternate universe where he won re-election.

Meanwhile, Stefanik, Cheney's likely replacement as the third-ranking Republican in the House, has planted herself firmly in that fantasy world for crass political reasons. She supported the quixotic lawsuit that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed in a vain attempt to overturn the presidential election results. Shortly before the Capitol riot, she claimed "more than 140,000 votes" in Fulton County, Georgia—more than one out of four ballots cast there—"came from underage, deceased, and otherwise unauthorized voters," an allegation for which there is no basis.

Even after the riot, Stefanik voted to reject Pennsylvania's electoral votes for Biden. And in an interview with former Trump strategist Stephen Bannon last week, she said she "fully" supports the Republican-led "audit" of ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, where prior reviews reaffirmed the election results, saying "we want to be able to fix and strengthen our election security and election integrity."

Aside from her willingness to bend reality so that it conforms with Trump's self-flattering delusions, what does Stefanik have to offer as a Republican leader? "Elise Stefanik is NOT a good spokesperson for the House Republican Conference," the Club for Growth declared on Twitter last week. "She is a liberal with a 35% CFGF [Club for Growth Foundation] lifetime rating, 4th worst in the House GOP. House Republicans should find a conservative to lead messaging and win back the House Majority."

By contrast, Cheney's CFGF lifetime score, which is based on votes that reflect a commitment to fiscal discipline, low taxes, restrained government, and economic freedom, is 65 percent. It is clear that resisting the Democratic agenda counts for less in the GOP's priorities than kowtowing to one man's whims.

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  1. Your TDS wasn’t attractive when Trump was POTUS; dragging it out now simply shows the degree of your obsession.

    1. Your abject refusal to desert your fascist chief is the real TDS.

      1. Lol. God damn. Think only dol has it worse than you. He was defending hunter of all people.

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      2. “Your abject refusal to desert your fascist chief is the real TDS.”

        TDS-addled lefty shits like this continue to claim Trump is one thing or another, without ONE bit of evidence.
        Your constant lying proves you to be a TDS-addled lefty shit.

        1. “without ONE bit of evidence.” +1000000, gang mentality.
          I find it amazing how lefty-cult mentality tries so hard to point all their own major characteristics onto everyone else.

          LEFTY PROJECTION 100%.

        2. Explain then why Trump is getting his way after throwing a temper tantrum about the GOP legislators who didn’t get behind the “Big Lie”. Censures and now throwing Liz Cheney to the wolves for honesty. It’s not a whim; it’s revenge and just like before the same players are fueling the fire, promulgating the Big Lie, enacting laws to restrict voter rights and suppress voting, and supporting a sociopathic liar throwing a hissie fit like a 4 year old. The GOP is making a statement against the party – fail to fall in line and you will be severely punished.

          1. The Big Lie is that the election wasn’t stolen.

          2. Are you another racist who thinks that minorities are not smart enough to get an ID? Seriously this is 2021, get a grip.

        3. Who knew proggies loved neocons
          so much.

      3. Shut up bitch

    2. TDS is better than TFS (Trump Fanatic Syndrome). Your lover is a loser. He lost by over 8 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes. He then tried to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. He should be in prison rather than in your wet dreams.

      1. Wow. Gaslighting by the left has gone to over drive.

        1. It would be gaslighting if you were right and they were lying. But the opposite is the case. If you want to figure out why, tell me where you get your “news” and I’ll tell you where the facts are instead.

          1. All the sockpuppets are out for this one.
            Sullum must have lit the bat signal.

            tell me where you get your “news” and I’ll tell you where the facts are instead”
            Tony gets his “facts” from his alma mater, the University of CNN.

            1. The writers at reason don’t give two shits what you backwards hillbillies think.

              They’re your betters.

              1. Says our resident antifa punk….

                1. Thanks!

                  You still into Qanon?

                  1. So what the Hell is Qanon?

          2. “It would be gaslighting if you were right and they were lying…”

            Which is exactly the case, steaming pile of lefty shit.

      2. “TDS is better than TFS (Trump Fanatic Syndrome). Your lover is a loser…”

        Assertions from TDS-addled shits are really not worth much, TDS-addled shit, and your romantic fantasies really don’t interest anyone.
        Do the world a favor and give your dog a palce to piss; fuck off and die.

      3. If Trump lost the popular vote, why are the Dems so worried about audits and recounts?

        1. Now, there you go, asking logical questions again. No wonder they hate We, the People who actually support The Parchment.

        2. Shh. It’s like when a woman leaves the restroom with her skirt tucked into the back of her pantyhose. You’re not supposed to notice, let alone say something.

        3. If you are referring to the Arizona audit, I think they are worried about more “stolen election” FUD being spread by Cyber Ninjas.

        4. This is nuts: “One audit official said workers are examining the fibers in the ballots to determine if the paper contained bamboo, deemed a potential indicator of counterfeit ballots from Asia.”

          1. Well, checking for the right type of paper is one of the key parts of detecting counterfeiting. This seems like the normal media “take a normal thing and phrase it as insane”.

        5. The audits already happened and this audit which is totally not a real audit like the others is going to somehow defraud the totally legitimate election by adding Biden votes to make us saintly Dems look bad!!!!!! Also Trump was mean and orange and what choice did we have?!!!!? WE LITERALLY SAVED THE DEMOCRACY But yeah, the audit isn’t real and we’re only predicting that the results will turn up fake Biden votes that were somehow put there by the CyberQanoNinjas WHO LITERALLY TRIED TO INSTALL A DICTATORSHIP ON JAN 6 in front of the 24 hour surveillance. *deep breath*

        6. In key “blue” districts 90% of those eligible to register did so. 80% of registered actually voted. These stats are way outside of historical norms. They can be explained by the brand new “votes” industry. Everybody was taking money for SAFE AND SECURE and YOUR VOTE COUNTS. The money was coming from foundations and NGOs. Less than 4% of SAFE..or YOUR VOTE..was spent in Republican districts. That could be ok, except that much of the money came from government in the first place. It shouldn’t be spent on the democrats (the government party).

      4. Ed likes progtard fan fiction.

        1. TRAITORIf you’re not a christian Mark then what are you?

          Do you just hate gays because you’re a terrible person?

          Hopefully the Biden administration weeds anti-American extremists like you out of our military.

          1. The Biden Administration IS anti American. You and your kind should be cleansed from this country.

            I am a patriot, you are a traitor, and you are a closet Mormon.

      5. Faggot Ed here dropping the mask of being anything but a State supremacist, passive aggressive tyrant.
        Ready to die for your masters?

        1. So you hate the gays too Nardz?

          How often are you called an Uncle Tom or House N word?

          Do you have any black friends?

          1. “Faggot” isn’t necessarily a reference to sexual orientation, it comes from the Latin root fasces- the bundle of sticks Roman lictors used as a rod to beat citizens with.
            This is also where the word fascism comes from, which “faggot” as used above references.

            1. That faggot does need to be beaten with sticks.

          2. Mitt Romney and Donny Osmond still pray for you.

      6. Cannot happen soon enough. The incarcerated cannot serve as POTUS.

    3. While ‘Big Tent Party’ would probably make for a good porno flick, it doesn’t meet the ‘bare’ minimum for a political duopoly. There should be a minimum amount of synergy amongst the fearless leaders. Otherwise form your own party… in fact you should form your own party either way!

  2. Yeah, I think the impeachment vote, and her remarks concerning it, are easily sufficient cause to remove her from any leadership position.

    “”The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack,” Cheney said before the impeachment vote. “Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.””

    That’s foaming at the mouth insanity.

    1. That’s a completely accurate retelling of the events.

      The reason the GOP is mocked around the world currently is that they have such a hard time living in the shared reality the rest of us live in. GOP positions today mostly require a trust in the word of high level GOP politicians and media types, and an equal distrust of scientists, math, things you can see with your own two eyes, things that have been taught as American values for generations, etc.

      Trump aspired to make himself president even when he lost an election. Jan 6th was his last and most desperate attempt. And yes it was clumsy, and dumb, and embarrassing, but it was real. IT still happened. And while it happened, Trump did nothing. He could see it happening from his fucking bedroom window, and he was, for the first time ever, silent. For hours. Insider reporting so far is that he was positively gleeful while his vice president was running for his life. He was being begged by his staff to call it off. Say something! He could not understand why they were upset. This was the plan, after all.

      Anyway, Jan 6th and the apologists are disgusting and traitorous and the most dangerous thing to threaten the continued existence of our democratically elected republican government.

      1. The problem is half the commenters on this site are just as traitorous but not as culpable. They were gladly cheering on the sidelines much the same.

        1. I’ll never not laugh at the humorous irony of people mocking the hysterical actions of other with hysterics.

        2. The most hilarious example being the dude who is Canadian, but somehow feels he has a dog in the fight.

          1. No, the most hilarious come from a TDS-addled pile of lefty shit who whined for months that some cop was murdered with pepper spray.

          2. This crazy fuck is just obsessed with me, isn’t he.
            I’m never going to do you White Knight. It’s time to move on.

          3. Hey fag, still being stupid?

            1. Hey traitor, still a Nazi?

              1. Nazis are leftist so you. And you’re confused. I’m a patriot, you’re a traitor. All conservatives are patriots. Just like everyone of you faggot soyboy progs is a traitor, and should be lawfully killed for it

          4. This is hilarious. I can see that Mother’s, Sevo, and a bunch of the other usual suspects responded. Dudes, I’ve permanently muted you all — if you don’t like me, do the same to me.

            Especially you, Sevo, the guy who kept posting “flag refresh” comments. Flag me permanently and move on with your life.

        3. It’s ok if it’s in other cities and federal buildings right ?

          Funny when you are burning federal buildings in Portland its about.

          As for the rest of the world, you know that world that mocked Obama and Biden. Yeah sure. Hey why did the Labor party lose?

      2. Like hell it’s accurate.
        1) He was a guest speaker at a rally organized by others.
        2) He urged people to protest peacefully.
        3) The administration had urged capitol security, (Controlled by Congress!) to increase their security preparations, and been blown off.
        4) Again, capitol security is controlled by Congress, I can only imagine the outrage if he’d sent troops in under his own command.
        5) As soon as he learned what was happening, he sent out a message urging everybody to stand down and go home.
        6)Yeah, I’m done with anonymous ‘inside sources’. So done with them.

        She really believes that crap, she’s in the wrong party.

        1. She really believes that crap, she’s in the wrong party.

          You are proving Sullum’s point. Liz Cheney could be the most doctrinaire Republican on every ideological issue that Team Red cares about, but because she has a different opinion about the actions of *one man* in the party, then that alone is sufficient to toss her out. Her position on tax cuts? Abortion? Gun rights? None of that matters. All that matters is her view on Trump. That is the modern Right now.

          1. Running her fat mouth and undermining her caucus on the pages of WaPo, instead of exercising leadership and bringing her caucus together is what is going to get her fired. If you can’t get control of your people without whining about it in a liberal rag, you’re not fit for the position.

            1. Undermining her caucus *about what*? Did she suddenly state her support for higher taxes? Support for legal abortion? Support for gun bans? Nooooo, it was about Trump. It was all about Trump and it continues to be all about Trump.

              1. You know Trump’s not the president anymore, right?

                This is all just a distraction so low-information voters will stay obsessed with how terrible Trump is and not pay any attention to what an absolute disaster the Biden Admin is.

              2. GOP is just there to play the foil for the Dems while rubber stamping their agenda, but you go ahead and defend them.

                1. “GOP is just there to play the foil for the Dems while rubber stamping their agenda, but you go ahead and defend them.”

                  Got any evidence for that pile of bullshit? Didn’t think so.

                  1. He’s right though, Sevo. I would have stuck an “e” at the end of GOP, but the sentiment is correct.

            2. Exactly. The Republicans are interested in winning elections. Cheney bringing up how principled she is and how awful all her colleagues and the voters are is why she’s being removed from leadership.

              Who could have seen that coming?

              1. So she’s being fired for telling the truth. What a party!

                1. Right, the Democrats have never been interested in smoothing the way for their preferred narrative or candidate because they thought it would win them an election…..I forgot 2016 was all Donald Trump, Bernie Bros and Vladimir Putin.

                  It’s in the nature of party politics, so spare me the “only republicans” childishness.

                2. “the truth”

                  Lol, Tom Perez isn’t the Voice of God, Jeff.

              2. Flake, amash, McCain, and the other conservatives democrats like jeff and dol support.

              3. “Cheney bringing up how principled she is..”

                You misspelled ‘continuing her feud with Trump’, but TDS-addled shits can’t spell.

                1. That’s tongue-in-cheek so you can dial it back. I can believe that Trump and Biden are both awful Presidents and that Liz Cheney is getting what she deserves at the same time.

              4. They sure aren’t going to win any Presidential elections with the party split between Trumpers and traditional conservatives. Trump has handed the Democratic Party one party Federal rule. At least as far as the Presidency.

                1. Ballot printers and lack of election integrity is what “has handed” the Democratic Party a one party federal rule.

                  94% Biden favor on 600,000 votes in a swing state???? Many investigations have shown there was massive fraud… WHY is nothing being done about it??? Same reason nothing was done about CHAZ or Violent Protests — Media Censorship controlled by Democratic Politicians, Witch-Hunts pitched by Democratic Politicians (Did we all forget about the IRS scandal???).

                  Democrats are Nazi’s. They are pushing to turn the USA into a National Socialist Country… Now… Go look in every dictionary ever written… WHAT IS A NATIONAL SOCIALIST?????

          2. Yup. And look at the highly emotional responses all these cultist are having to this perceived traitor in the party. Telling on themselves, again. As I always say, they rush in to prove their critics right.

            1. The irony of this post compared to every one of your posts today. Lol.

            2. “these cultist”

              “Heretics!!! It’s Heresssssy! Burn them! BURN THEM!!!”

            3. Hahaha…… you’re such a lying hypocrite.

              1. Haha you’re a traitor!

                1. A Nazi traitor? 🙂 Funny how you try so hard to make that sound like a bad thing.

          3. The problem isn’t so much what she’s saying about Trump as it is about the fact that she’s still talking about him at all. Trump left office months ago, yet Cheney is still spending most of her time yapping about Orange Man Bad instead of pushing Republican legislative priorities.

            1. It’s the fact that she’s speaking about it at all, especially in an OpEd. It doesn’t inspire confidence in her leadership. She’s making herself irrelevant by opening her mouth and displaying that she doesn’t have the confidence of her conference.

              She should be publishing OpEds on how terrible the Biden agenda is for middle class Americans, and handling in-house problems in house.

            2. Which priorities would you suggest she promote? Everyone in the Republican leadership except Moscow Mitch has made the pilgrimage to kiss the Orange Man Bad’s ring. The GOP put forward no platform in the 2020 election except loyalty to Trump. The man is still bloviating about a “stolen election” which argument Republican ruled states are using to strenghten and pass voter exclusion laws. Exman is the elephant in the GOP’s present and future. He will not be ignored. He is seeking primary challengers to those Republlicans he thinks are insufficiently loyal. They will have to run on the idea that this was a stolen election and the Titanic never hit an iceberg.

          4. Her position on tax cuts? Abortion? Gun rights? None of that matters. All that matters is her view on Trump. That is the modern Right now.

            I wanted that bitch gone when she collaborated with Democrats to block funding last fall to get our troops out of Afghanistan, based on a cooked-up spook report.

            1. Jeff has been pro war the last 4 years.

              1. Another lie from Jesse. Unsurprising.

                Jesse has been pro-lying for quite some time now.

                1. No, he tells the truth. Unlike you. One of the many reasons you are so hated here.

          5. You repeat sullums repetition of the lefts narrative as the beliefs of conservatives…. why? If you want to figure out why she is under fire read a fucking conservative site instead of

            She won the first leadership vote and never moved on. McCarthy has said this succinctly. Yet you see Nancy, the view, and others rush to her defense and repeat their arguments. Just sad at this point. Instead of going and reading the perspective of others you repeat the warped gaslighting of your side.

            1. Oh, I see. So Liz Cheney was supposed to shut up about Trump. Once again – it’s about Trump. I presume no one on Team Red was unhappy when Liz Cheney was speaking out against Biden’s plans. But she’s supposed to remain silent on Trump.

              And I actually listened to the Federalist podcast on this topic. Gee what a surprise, a pro-Trump sycophant is trashing Liz Cheney’s leadership. “No no, it’s not a litmus test on Trump, she’s just a horrible leader!” The same leader that they just voted for 2 months prior. Sure uh-huh. It is a rationalization for what they don’t want to admit out loud – Team Red is now Team Trump and has been for quite some time now, and being pro- or anti-Trump has replaced all other litmus tests.

              My favorite on the podcast was when they were discussing whether Cheney or Stefanik was more conservative. “Eh, who can say?” LOL

          6. She’s damaging the party by attacking one of its presidents who also happens to be it’s leader.

            As usual, you just don’t get it.

        2. 1) False. Trump promoted the event for weeks prior, promising it was “going to be wild”. The event was all about Trump and his Big Lie.
          2) That is highly subjectively dependant on what you consider “urging”. He said out of the side of his mouth to “be peaceful, please”, after spending the preceeding 30 minutes using phrases like “Fight like hell or you are not gonna have a country anymore,” , “They STOLE the election from us,”, ““Our country has had enough, and we will not take it anymore,”,“You have to show strength, and you have to be strong,” etc. etc. The riot happened after Trump spoke, not before.
          3) I have not seen any evidence of this. In fact, I have seen the opposite. There still has not been a good explanation for the length of time it took to mobilize the Guard.
          4) What? Non sequitur.
          5)False. The riot breached the capitol building at 2pm. Trump continued to tweet encouragement to the mob and falsely calim that Mike Pence could stop the transition of power. It was not until 40 minutes later that Trump tweeted, not to stop the riot, but to ask rioters to not hurt the capitol police. 40 minutes, Brett. For an event that was happening mere yards away from him, and for a man who tweets nearly incessantly. Sleepy Joe fucking Biden beat Trump to the TV to calm the nation, for fuck’s sake. Why are you so invested in this Big Lie?
          6) Yeah, I bet you are.

          1. Why are you so invested in this Big Lie?

            For the same reason Ken Shultz is – truth does not matter, only power. If undermining the democratic process of the Republic itself is the price to pay to achieve power and stop the Dems, well, that is a price Brett and Ken are willing to pay, amirite? Who cares about the long-term repercussions of an elected leader creating unfounded deliberate doubt in an election that he lost in order to stir up his supporters to undermine the result. What matters is power to stop the Dems.

            If Brett and Ken get their way, we are only a few years away from an American version of Pinochet, and they will cheer him on every bloody step of the way.

            1. to the fainting couch!

            2. Lol. Says the obese asshole who wants everyone took down because he refuses to go on a diet. You and dol should date.

            3. “If Brett and Ken get their way, we are only a few years away from an American version of Pinochet, and they will cheer him on every bloody step of the way.”

              While Jeff was busy pointing fingers at Trump, his own party:

              •Illegally tapped 20 Associated Press office phone lines and the homes and phones of reporters.
              •Employed the Director of the FBI, the Deputy Director of the FBI, the Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to spy on members of the opposition political party.
              •Used a bogus file of fiction purchased by the Hillary campaign to mislead a judge so it could spy on the nominee for the other party and then pressure a probe after GOP victory.
              •After four years of alleging electoral fraud they ordered corporate allies to deplatform any dissident alleging electoral fraud by them.
              •Instituted a political purge in the military.
              •Occupied the Capitol with troops and razor wire.
              •Lied that dissidents protesting them had killed a cop, brought weapons and zipties and smeared poop in the capitol.
              •Ruled by an unprecedented number of executive orders.

              But somehow chemleft thinks we’ll believe Trump was practically Pinochet because mean tweets.

              1. Well, ML, since you have already admitted that you are going to argue against everything I say no matter how truthful it is, I don’t expect you to argue in good faith, and here you are yet again true to form. I love how you frame everything as if you are the oppressed victim living under totalitarian rule by some dictator. “Dissidents”? Are you fucking kidding me?

                1. “I love how you frame everything as if you are the oppressed victim living under totalitarian rule by some dictator.”

                  Did you miss ’16-’20?

                  1. Justin Trudeau, Mother’s oppressor, has been in office since 2015.

                2. Dissidents is exactly what they are.
                  Poor chemjeff thinks he’s a revolutionary when he’s actually Sicherheitspolizei.

                  1. People spreading lies about the election are “dissidents”? The victimhood complex is strong with this one.

                    1. No, the people spreading lies about the election are subservient simps for the illegitimate regime now installed

                3. Well, he is under the dictatorial foot of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. 🙂

                  1. The province he lives in has a NDP government. He’s worse off than people in Auschwitz were in his mind.

            4. Trump didn’t “create” the doubt.
              The results, to any honest observer, did that.
              Senile, basement-campaigning Joe, having more votes that the messiah, 0blama?

          2. For all the liberal arts degrees infesting the modern left, clearly not enough was spent on proper literary criticism (not to be confused with “his oppressive, white man perspective”).

            That you can’t differentiate between different styles and types of communication (figurative vs literal) says everything one needs know about our idiot machines known as the American education system.

          3. 1) Is he the first politician to promote such things?
            2) Odd how Dem language is never parsed so thoroughly, like Obama “get in their faces” and plenty of fighting tweets.
            3) Capital security were letting them in the building, Antifa members were directing them in the building.
            5)Who gives a fuck, he’s not responsible for them being there. He did more to quell them than any of the Dems have with a year of riots, not they you give a shit.
            6) Anonymous sources claim you’re an ass, so it must be true.

            1. Obama said something about guns and knives too…

            2. “Antifa members were directing them in the building”

              Can you back that claim up with a cite?

          4. Do you even listen to your idiotic self? Everything you said can be applied to every democrat last year with the blm riots. God damn youre an idiot.

            1. The US ruling class is waging literal war on the American people, most specifically the independent middle class, and chemjeff, espresso, Ed, white knight, and all the other leftist NPCs are just being good little idiots.

            2. Didn’t we hear, for four years, by the losing candidate, that the 2016 election was stolen, with absolutely zero evidence that wasn’t created by her?
              There is a vastly array of evidence of the 2020 stolen election, none of it created by Donald Trump.

        3. Youre dealing with two lefties who treat as truth everything the media has told them. They quote the atlantic and wapo as gospel and claim it is libertarian.

          1. At least they aren’t as dumb as Nardz.

            He claimed speculation on reason comment sections were “mountains of evidence.”

            He also posts tweets by discredited liars like Andy Ngo, Okeefe, and Dnesh “fucking moron/convicted felon” Dsouza.

            You and Nardz are pretty much the same…

      3. GOP positions today mostly require a trust in the word of high level GOP politicians and media types, and an equal distrust of scientists, math, things you can see with your own two eyes, things that have been taught as American values for generations, etc.

        The lack of self awareness in this statement is astonishing.

        1. If you can name a belief that I hold in spite of evidence, feel free to name it.

          1. That statement describes your entire worldview to a T. From the political media you keep calling “evidence” down to the party-approved slogans you keep repeating, your every word is lifted directly from the party manifesto. The fact is that the coup was successful, DC is under military occupation, and you’re still spinning outright lies in support of the authoritarian regime, just as you were lying in support of the white mobs that burned down black neighborhoods and murdered black children last year, just as you were lying in support of the entrenched bureaucracy falsifying evidence to harass disfavored persons the year before, and just as you were lying in support of the full weight of the federal government to persecuting the American people in years past. Mao himself would blush if he had you among his Red Guard.

            1. Lol

              1. Moonrocks makes an accurate statement in response to your challenge and all you can respond with is lol. You’re either a paid shill or a complete moron.

          2. Trump russia, jan 6th insurrection, actuallt most of the debunked stories from the media that you still repeat as fsct, lockdowns (you said PPP you applied for was good), 15 days to stop the spread, enhanced UI benefits… do I need to go on?

            1. Trump russia happened, as did jan 6th. Both are well documented and beyond the point of any reasonable debate. They are perfect examples of the delusions that infest the modern gop.

              I never said ppp was good. I said it was a mess and you called my criticism of it repetition of a vox headline. Jfc, you can’t even keep your party line straight.

          3. Literally this morning you said daily mail reporting what was on hunters laptop was tabloid trash lol. While defending anonymous sources in major newspapers. Lol.

            You have years of media malpractice highlighted by the likes of Greenwald and Taibbi. Yet you defend against hunter biden and actual digital evidence.

            1. Sometimes major media gets it wrong. Therefore Breitbart and Federalist are totally trustworthy news now!

          4. “If you can name a belief that I hold in spite of evidence, feel free to name it.”

            Please tell us one you don’t, TDS-addled shit.

          5. A belief DOL holds, in spite of evidence, is that the 2020 election wasn’t stolen from the rightful winner – Donald Trump.

      4. So you wanted the president to what? Roll out the military for something within the scope of police action?

        1. We wanted him to promptly issue a clear statement that he wanted all MAGA followers among the rioters to cease and desist rioting.

          Instead, he drug his feet, and when he did deliver the message he gave the MAGA rioters a little “we love ya”.

          1. Social media platforms remove Trump video urging supporters to leave U.S. Capitol

            “The president posted the video at 4:17 p.m.

            “I know your pain. I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us,” he said. “It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt.”

            The president called it a “very tough period of time,” calling the election “fraudulent.”

            “But we can’t play into the hands of these people,” Trump said. “We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special. You’ve seen what happens, you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel. But go home and go home in peace.””

            So, yeah, you got a clear statement. They censored it.

      5. Damn, can you get the dnc out of your mouth for even one post? Defending the Biden’s this morning wasn’t enough for you? What about our current trajectory is making you so wet?

        You literally repeat mainstream media as truth talking of mockery. Yet in Britain the conservative side won yet again. Meanwhile your side, media, et al keep relying on ignorance like yours to hide the truth. The New Yorker just had a piece about how a white house operative admits biden has operated fat left but relies on useful idiots such as yourself to claim he is a moderate.

        Youre such a clown. Lol.

        1. The duck are you talking to?

      6. I hope you are right and I am wrong.

        I saw a clear false flag event where anti-fa dressed as Trump supporters assaulted the police, broke in to the capitol and then left , leaving the wondering Trump supporters holding the bag.

        You feel anti-fa took the most important ACTION day completely off and do not wonder where they were on a day that we all know they opposed and would have acted upon if not for the better plan.

        You believe Trump’s older police supporting crowd suddenly became young people and suddenly became cop haters… will believe anything your influencers tell you.!

        1. “…I saw a clear false flag event where anti-fa dressed as Trump supporters assaulted the police, broke in to the capitol and then left , leaving the wondering Trump supporters holding the bag…”

          Yeah, especially that woman ‘assaulting’ the cop’s bullet with her face.

      7. It’s ok if it’s in other cities and federal buildings right ?

        Funny when you are burning federal buildings in Portland its about.

        As for the rest of the world, you know that world that mocked Obama and Biden. Yeah sure. Hey why did the Labor party lose?

      8. There were 10 objections by House Democrats to the electoral college votes in 2017. After all of them failed to get a Senator on board, Maxine Waters stood up and raised a formal objection to the election of George W Bush (??!!).

        Elizabeth Warren, among others, publicly made allegations that the voting software systems switched votes in 2016. Other Democrats promulgated the notion that the Russians had hacked into the voting machines, and that the electorate was suppressed.

        Then Hillary spent the next 5 years declaring Trump an illegitimate president put in office by an illegitimate election that was tampered with by a hostile foreign power.

        60% of Democrat voters STILL believe Russia rigged the 2016 election for Trump, including hacking the voting machines. The same machines they claim were unhacked and unhackable in 2020.

        So you can spare me.

        1. Russia did interfere on trump’s behalf. They hacked the dnc and Hillary campaign. That isn’t even denied by the trumpies.

          1. IDK which “trumpers” you have heard opine on that – probably ones that CNN or MSNBC tells you are “trumpers” – but it is known by the right side, that Seth Rich, angry at what was done to his favored candidate, Bernie, took a thumb drive of those e-mails to Wikileaks.
            And he suffered an Arkancide for his troubles.

            1. dum dum dum dum dum dummmmmmmm

      9. Sociopath. Mike drop.

      10. You are the perfect example of the mindless who MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS etc…love.

        Why in your mind was it okay for blm and antifa riot during President Trump’s inauguration? They burned a limousine, broke out windows and attacked people celebrating the new president. Did anyone other than Ashli Babbitt get killed on January 6th? If you answer yes you are completely brainwashed and hopeless.

        Blm and antifa continue to destroy, loot and burn cities they riot in. They physically hurt and kill folks not part of their Marxist and fascists ideology. Has any democrat senator or your President condemned the violence? As a matter of fact they have openly supported and encouraged it. DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE

    2. Reason goes all in for more war:

      Cheney and the Hildebeast are starting to look alike.

    3. She survived the first vote. Since then she has continued hammering Jan 6th, it was discovered she coordinated with wapo on the 10 ex defense secretary (including her dad) letter, shared internal polling data with wapo/nyt, etc.

      It isnt about her initial vote. It is her actions since.

      1. Liz Cheney’s months-long effort to turn Republicans from Trump threatens her reelection and ambitions. She says it’s only beginning.

        Setting aside that it’s in the WaPo, and so very hostile to Trump, it basically confirms what you say: She’s become so obsessed with purging the GOP of all Trump influence that she’s destroying the village in order to save it. She no longer views her job as advancing the GOP, just purging Trump, and doesn’t care how much damage she does in the process.

        The rest of the party doesn’t view the job she occupies as having that focus.

  3. What principle? Impeaching over protected speech? Seems a hill worth dieing on for a conservative. I condemned Trump’s speech and condemned Cheney’s (and the whole impeachment) because impeaching for speech is UnAmerican. Especially as his speech and the links to the riot is ambiguous at best. And he was leaving office and the impeachment was all theater anyhow.

    1. Was it theater when a Capitol Hill officer died? Or when that traitor girl got shot in the neck?

      All theater then too huh?

      1. ????To identify a Nazi, look for someone who rants about the Reichstag fire.

      2. Was it theater when a Capitol Hill officer died? Or when that traitor girl got shot in the neck?

        Apparently, it was theater when you read his post.

      3. “Was it theater when a Capitol Hill officer died?”

        No, shitlunches. It was a stroke.

        1. Yet the democrat persists.

      4. “Was it theater when a Capitol Hill officer died?”

        No, you slimy pile of lefty shit, it was a stroke.

      5. Hey fag, only leftists can be traitors. That’s why they’re on the left. Just like how you are a traitor.

        1. No Mark you’re the fascist traitor.

          Biden won the election fair and square.

          You belong in jail you un-American piece of shit.

          Mormon loving terrorist.

          White trash piece of shit

          1. You add nothing positive to any discussion.

            1. Thanks!

      6. Was it theater when a Capitol Hill officer died

        What rock have you been hiding under? Not even WaPo or CNN have been pushing the Big Sicknick Lie anymore.

        1. Maybe it was talking about the guy who got killed by a leftist in April…

      7. The officer died of a stroke that did not occur at the Capitol. Ashli Babbitt was s peaceful protester exercising her 1A rights.

    2. Trump was impeached. Twice, and not for ‘free speech’. Try and keep up.

      The GOP Senate closed ranks and refused to remove Trump from office. Subsequently, thousands of people died due to inept leadership and failure to act. It took the vote of the American people to throw the despot out that the GOP supports the loser of the presidential election and they failed to remove the loser from office. Twice.

      Remember when you go to vote: the GOP changed the tax laws to favor the wealthy and corporations, the GOP wants to eliminate ACA, the GOP didn’t want to provide coronavirus relief checks, the GOP is against funding/expanding Medicare, the GOP won’t fund public schools, seeks to tear down the U.S. Postal service, and so many other things previously held as sacrosanct by the American pubic.

  4. Even after the riot, Stefanik voted to reject Pennsylvania’s electoral votes for Biden.

    Even after the riot, she voted the way the people who rioted would have wanted her to vote?

    Sullum is duller than usual today. Coming from someone that thinks Trump is a loser and the Republican party has imploded, his TDS is still painful to witness.

    1. You’d think that would prove that Stefanik took a stand or something…

    2. Do you think the election was stolen from Trump Chuck?

      Not everyone who disagrees with Trump has TDS. I don’t like him because his fascism.

  5. OT: shadow president Block Insane Yomomma and his nasty wife aren’t done lecturing Americans about how much we suck, especially if we’re white.

    On Monday, “CBS This Morning” will air a longer interview between Gayle King and the former first lady Michelle Obama. In a portion already released, Ms. Obama discussed the statement that she and former President Barack Obama issued after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

    As Ms. Obama put it, “We can’t sort of say, ‘Great, that happened. Let’s move on.’” She continued:

    I know that people in the Black community don’t feel that way because many of us still live in fear, as we go to the grocery store or worry about walking our dogs or allowing our children to get a license.

    First of all, you haven’t seen the inside of a supermarket in nearly 15 years. Second of all, it’s a lie that all black Americans are terrified of being murdered by a cop every time they step outside their front door. You’re still just a fucking disgusting pig with a big fat ass.

    1. She must have been busy painting her toenails when capitol cops shot Miriam Carey in 2013 to have objected.

    2. Has that wookie ever told a story about being profiled?

    3. I saw some of the preview… For those thinking ages secretly a man it certainly looks like she has pecs not boobies in the interview. It’s the weirdest cleavage I’ve ever seen

  6. >>The comparison between Cheney and Stefanik speaks volumes about the extent to which the Republican Party has …

    … chosen to seek the truth. Supposed to be your asshole job.

  7. As the article well notes, Liz Cheney is not the best example of an American Statesperson and yet she is being elevated to status of a martyr. All for the whims of one man who seem driven by grievance. She is likely well aware that the short term loses will pay off as she is today’s Margaret Chase Smith. History will not speak well of those that indulged the former President, but will of Cheney for this alone.

    The former President has no loyalty and those pushing out Cheney will likely be the next to face his wrath.

    1. “As the article well notes, Liz Cheney is not the best example of an American Statesperson and yet she is being elevated to status of a martyr…”

      Only to TDS-addled shits with adolescent ‘thinking’ abilities.

    2. Damn you’re a soft headed idiot. The main reason Cheney is out is because the republican masses aren’t tolerating RINO bullshit anymore. Cheney and pals need to go. Then we need to get rid of the democrats.

      1. No we need to get rid of fascist traitors like you Mark

      2. Cheny’s not a RINO, those supporting the former President are the RINOs.

    3. Amen to that – it’s blind rage and revenge. WHAT has Trump got on these guys? Did Epstein leave Trump blackmail material in his will? Are all the radical right republicans spineless? Why are so many people blind to the transgressions of a sociopathic liar? He’s gone folks: stop giving the clown oxygen.

      1. What Trump has on these guys is just the fact that most Republican VOTERS support Trump, and so long as that’s true, dumping on Trump is political suicide for Republicans.

  8. It’s fine- GOP is a cult now, full stop. If you’re not willing to indulge in every lie, you’re on the outside.

    1. But the party that denies the riots of last summer, calls antifa a myth, and whose senate leadership bowed down to their knees in recognition of the death of a career criminal are totally rational, right shitlunches?

      1. Hilariously stupid, coming to a libertarian website and asking people who criticize the gop must therefore be democrats.

        1. Free speech.

          Isn’t that what you puff out your chicken chest to crow loudly? If someone has an opposing opinion, you feel entitled to shame, cast metaphorical stones, name call, and feel free to generally type disrespectful commentary. Hypocrite.

        2. I didn’t call shitlunches a democrat.

          and De Oppresso Liber = ohlookmarketthugs

    2. You want cult? Look at the media and fact checkers around Joe. Look in the mirror first.

      1. Yeah, all those joe flags flying off of priuses. Total cult. Totally even. BOTH SIDES 1!11!!

    3. “GOP is a cult now, full stop”


      Our fifty-centers are sounding more like a Spanish Inquisition each day.

      1. Neither party is without blame, but the unrelenting greed, corruption, and gamesmanship must end. No one is empowered to strike at another’s reputation and livelihood for imagined slights. No one is entitled to defame another because they failed to prevail in a free and fair election.

        Trump was poorly raised, has significant personality disorders and has been unsuitable to lead for a very long time. He has a pervasive history of squandering his father’s money, failed business deals, criminal enterprises and associates, and faces multiple civil actions and criminal charges.

  9. Come on though. Liz Cheney is the scum of the Earth. No one here should mourn her ouster.

    1. It’s beyond comprehension that Reason would bend over backwards to support someone with her track record of big government conservatism and war mongering because her political party does not want to include someone they view as bad for winning elections.

      1. “Nation building” on the US taxpayer dime is apparently good for Keynesian economics or central planning.

        1. If Keynes knew all of the stupid shit people do in the name of his economic philosophy text, he’d have burned the manuscript. I can’t wait until they liberals come for him since he was a believer in the White Man’s Burden who worked in the India office in his youth. I think the only thing saving him is his homosexuality.

          1. If Keynes knew all of the stupid shit people do in the name of his economic philosophy text, he’d have burned the manuscript.

            ^ So much this.

      2. Reason’s really bee about supporting the status quo since at least Obama.

        Really, it’s the overall editorial direction under KMW.

      3. That was the weekend narrative in the news. Sullum is just doing his part.

    2. I’m not fan of Trump, but I’m definitely not a fan of a neocon scumbag like Cheney either.

  10. Isn’t it weird that one of the most despised GOP members of all time is suddenly some sort of hero for standing up against Trump? Even though she’s ALWAYS been against Trump because she’s a neocon?

    It’s almost as weird as the left suddenly loving GW Bush.

    1. Remember a few months ago, the left hated Ellen Degeneres for appearing to be friendly with W? Remember when Mitt Romney was literally Mormon Hitler?

      I guess normalcy is an ineffective Republican party full of old, white, warmongering neocons who never met a third world country they didn’t want to bomb.

      At least those guys don’t do mean tweets, and keep their shady self enrichment deals behind closed doors, like civilized scumbags.

    2. The aristocrats and their lackeys are congregating in the Democrat party.

    3. Bush… the lesser of two evils… Dick Cheney ran the show and Dubbya was a sock puppet. At least he wasn’t sociopathic and evil – just dense. It’s more pity than loving him. Bless his heart….

  11. Oh Look. The Libertarian case for warmongers. Maybe Liz can head up the ticket next time.

    1. Her dad can be the Vice President again!

      1. Here’s the ticket: Clinton/Cheney 2024

        1. Bill, Hill, or Chelsea? Dick or Liz or Mary? It’s mix and match politics!

  12. I guess this is all part of returning to normalcy: placing warmongering neocons in positions of political power.

    Sullum’s TDS is obviously degenerative. He’s basically incoherent now. This article doesn’t even make any sense. Cheney votes with Trump 93% of the time, and Stefanik votes with Trump 73% of the time, and yet Stefanik is the sycophant and Cheney is the brave and principled conservative warrior.

    Maybe Cheney’s on her way out the door because she has repeatedly, deliberately, publicly undermined her caucus and they no longer have confidence in her leadership. Maybe Cheney can just waterboard Stefanik until she falls in line.

  13. Team Red is now the party of narcissism, led by the Narcissist in Chief, Reality TV Star Trump.

    The dogma of the modern Right is: if something is not affecting *you personally*, then it is not an issue, everyone else should shut up about it, and if people persist in keep talking about this issue, it only means that they have bad motives obviously pushing some secret agenda. It cannot possibly be the issue really is an important issue worth talking about, because hey, from your point of view, it’s not an issue, and *your point of view* is the only one that matters on the planet!

    Example: ‘Election Integrity’. Passing more laws to make elections ‘more secure’ won’t affect Team Red voters so they are all in favor of it. It does not matter if these restrictions create burdens on other voters. These other voters are not themselves nor anyone they know, therefore their concerns are dismissed as meaningless. The only way a Team Red voter would complain about burdens to voting is if it happened to them personally. But if they read stories in the news about burdens placed on *other people* for voting, then it’s Fake News and who gives a shit about them.

    Example: Drug Addiction. When people’s lives are ruined by drug addiction, then it represents a moral failing on the part of those addicted. They didn’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps hard enough. They didn’t go to church often enough or they were raised in broken homes and why can’t “those people” clean up their act so that so many of them aren’t addicted to drugs. Oh and let’s give police more power to go after the addicts and the pushers, because they’ve obviously committed a crime and if it takes some time in prison for them to think about their actions and sober them up, then so be it. But when people’s lives are ruined by drug addiction in the form of oxycontin, when it affects them personally in some way, THEN it’s an outrage that Perdue Pharma would prey upon unsuspecting victims. What is needed for those addicted to drugs is not moral condemnation, but sympathy and compassion, as well as government action, not to send the addicts to jail, but to sue Big Pharma for exploiting and destroying the lives of those poor poor victims. When drug addiction happens to *other people*, they deserve moral condemnation. When drug addiction happens to *themselves*, they deserve compassion.

    Example: Police abuse. Police don’t generally abuse their powers in middle class suburban neighborhoods. It only happens to *other people*. The police that Team Red knows are all friendly nice people who occasionally pull over Grandma for forgetting to turn off a turn signal or something. They are not armed thugs of the state who put people into chokeholds and kneel on people’s necks. So when that happened to George Floyd, it must have been because he deserved it in some way. Because the police that *they* know are all composed of Officer Friendly’s! And when people continue to complain and demonstrate and yes sometimes riot over issues surrounding abuse of police power, it can’t possibly be that they have a legitimate complaint. Because from their point of view, there is nothing to complain about! It must be instead that they have some dark secret motive drenched in Marxism to destroy the country.

    Team Red used to be the party of ideas, but now they are the party of narcissism. They will only listen to people who reaffirm their place at the center of the universe, continue to affirm that they are Real Americans and True Patriots and whatever addled belief that originates in their privileged minds represents The Correct Opinion regardless of how incoherent or unprincipled it is.

    The sooner that Team Red can divest itself of its narcissism, aided and abetted by its Narcissist In Chief, the better.

    1. lol your paintbrush is broad. and confused.

      1. He’s just smearing shit with his fingers. There’s not even a brush.

        1. Then we must hope that he someday outgrows his habit of eating the paint.

          1. Why? Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll choke on it.

      2. “lol your paintbrush is broad. and confused.”

        Don’t overthink the issue; that’s simply abysmal stupidity.

        1. you know … I try to not be not nice

      3. He’s given up debating and is just copypasting straight from his Media Matters talking points cheat-sheet.
        Can’t blame him. It’s hard managing a bunch of socks and getting your ass handed to you rhetorically each day.

    2. “Team Red is now the party of narcissism”

      Obama switched parties?

      1. Jeff thinks he is part of the educated elite.

      2. Only if his teleprompter told him to do so.

    3. Nothing says narcissistic personality than asking healthy people to stay home so you lower your risk from covid instead of you know… a diet.

      You also advocate for others to contribute to welfare and charity instead of doing it on your own accord.

      1. How is that narcissism? It’s a public health measure. Your brain has done been pickled, son.

        Yes, we have an obesity problem. Your simplistic ape brain thinks this is because the entire United States, in millions of individual free choices, decided to become lazier. We are the fattest country, thus we must have terrible morals!

        God forbid we entertain the notion that we live in an environment, and are thus affected by it.

        I don’t know why that’s a politically controversial thing. The more I think about it, the more I think the big problem with the world is stupidity.

        1. I will second that notion. There is at least 20% of the population of the U.S. that sends money they need to spend on rent and food to a sociopath who doesn’t give a damn about them and will never give them so much as the time of day for their fealty.

          1. Actually the money taken in taxes is destroyed upon receipt.

            Not sure if that makes you feel better.

    4. Gosh Pedo Jeffy, it sure is a relief that we have the completely flawless and perfect democrats to save us from evil Trump.

      1. Corporatism and forever war are a small price to pay for deliverance from mean tweets.

        1. You can do away with them all by simply never voting for Republicans.

          1. Lol, what the hell. Did Biden’s fifty year record mysteriously vanish when he became president?

            Tell me again how Trump was a warmonger comparatively.

            1. Only as long as there was something in it for HIM.

    5. “Example: ‘Election Integrity’.”

      Pissy Democrats complaining about “burdens” on voting that pale in comparison to the burdens they themselves impose in multiple states they control. Where is it easier to vote, Georgia, or New York? Which has more early voting options, easier absentee ballot access, even after this legislation?

      “Example: Drug Addiction.”

      Pissy Democrats always denying people have individual agency, when accepting that you’re responsible for your own actions is the first step to changing what you do.

      “Example: Police abuse. ”

      Pissy Democrats whining about rare police shootings, when the real threat to the people those communities are the people the police are shooting. Even to the point of riots over somebody being shot while in the middle of attempting to commit murder!

  14. This is Pravda-tier spin. A more accurate headline would read:

    Liz Cheney’s Expected Ouster Shows Politicians That Stand For Nothing No Longer Have A Home In The GOP

    1. Oh she stood for something alright, endless occupation of Afghanistan.

      1. House Democrats, Working With Liz Cheney, Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan and Germany

        This is the piece of shit that Sullum, Tony, chemleft, White Knight and DOL are defending.

        1. No one here is defending Liz Cheney’s policies. I certainly don’t support her pro-war tendencies. Republicans can choose whomever they want for their leadership. What I am saying, and a lot of other people are saying, is that it says something about the modern Team Red when they are going to fire someone from leadership for not bending the knee to Trump.

          1. Amen and what follows is WHY. Why are they eating their own for free speech and free voting will?

  15. It’s clear this article is completely wrong and doesn’t get the big picture here. Cheney is a warmonger like her Daddy, she wasn’t ousted after the impeachment vote, but she decided to never be a team player for the GOP even now that Trump is out of office. That is what happened, not some weird fantasy that you think everyone in the GOP is MAGA or Trumpophile. They are clearly not.

    It’s that she realized quickly her odds of reelection in Wyoming are so bad that she would rather burn the GOP down. It may be that she’s positioning herself to be independent knowing she burned too many bridges.

    In any case, don’t cry for her, or any of the neocon warmonger shits who still inhabit the GOP. They caused all their own problems. Running McCain and Romney showed they couldn’t win on a neocon platform anymore. It was so obvious. They also never could win over Blacks or Latinos because they were the country club set. They paid lip service to conservatives and blue collar workers and minorities, and they are attempting to hold onto power, but their rich base went to the dems and nobody else wants them around.

    1. But Trump – the actual country club owner – DID win over more blacks and Hispanics, by margins that would, without massive voter fraud, have guaranteed his victory.
      It was often predicted that an increase in the minority vote, as big as Trump got, would give him the win.
      That it didn’t happen is another of the reasons we know the steal took place.

  16. Bye Bye Neo-con. Don’t care why she’s gone, just know the world got a little safer for wedding parties.

    1. By wedding parties, do you mean in the mid west or the mid east?

      1. DC needs to enforce its dancing ban somehow, why not with the pointy end of a hellfire missile.

        1. We have the Hellfire K – no warhead, no collateral damage.

        2. They should hire John Lithgow to handle it.

  17. And this isn’t about “sympathy for Cheney”. I doubt anyone here (well, except maybe for Jesse) really cares about what happens to her specifically. It is more about what her ouster says about the state of the Republican Party now. We have two major parties: one pushing bad ideas, and one enthralled in a cult of personality. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an adult party pushing liberty-friendly ideas?

    1. Lol. Youre the one crying for her dumbass. I’ve never supported a Cheney. You have. And solely because your elitist media told you to.

      1. He really is a moron.

      2. Jeff is a disgusting human being.

    2. And stop pretending you’re a fucking libertarian. You don’t understand it at all. Youre a socialist globalist.

      1. And a child rape enthusiast. Remember when he said the US has no business restricting known child molesters from foreign countries from coming here?

      2. Why don’t you just admit you are a Team Red mouthpiece who comes here just to parrot right-wing narratives. Do you think you are performing some sort of service to us all by your continuing to spill right-wing bilge here?

        1. Answer me honestly, are you paid to comment here?

          1. Does it matter how I answer?

            If I answer “yes”, you’ll say “aha I was right all along, you’re a paid shill!”

            If I answer “no”, you won’t believe me and will continue to believe that I am a paid shill.

            You’ve said already that you are going to argue against me no matter what I say or do. So, believe whatever you wish. It makes no difference to you what the truth actually is.

            1. That sounds evasive.
              Are you paid to comment here?

              1. Believe whatever you wish to believe, because nothing I can say will change your mind anyway.

          2. Hey, trolls have to pay the bills too, y’know. They aren’t paid to think. They are paid to disseminate misinformation and sow division. Half don’t even know what they are typing: it’s a bunch of symbols their nation doesn’t even use in their language. Side-eye on you Russia – and corporate special interests by the hundreds.

      3. He is a free market guy. He thinks he should have the privilege of going to the market and being about to take things for free.

    3. “We have two major parties: one pushing bad ideas, and one enthralled in a cult of personality.”

      TDS-addled shits see everything through the lens of Trump; remove that obsession, and they have no reason to live.

      1. Yah…but if Trump dropped over dead today, what new useless criminal faction would they center their squabbling on?

  18. Talk about miss-direction, David Copperfield could not have done it better. The only connection between Trump and why she is being ousted is she is pushing that narrative (and with the help of the dems and their allies in the media). While the rest of the party want to move on and unite behind taking back the congress and stopping the radical national socialist…I mean democratic party agenda she has become a one track record…Trump Trump Trump. Yes, the former President has every right to be a part of the Republican party future but outside of the press and the dems he is not being mentioned that much except by her and her few supporters. And anyone who does not follow her she accuses of being a lackey for Trump.

    1. This is the only point worth mentioning. Liz Cheney can’t stop bringing up her brave vote so she doesn’t get to be the leader of the party she is actively undermining.

      You’d think they were throwing her out of Congress.

      1. The voters will be doing that.

      2. That’s exactly what they are doing. They drive out the people they don’t like who diverge from their programming. They start with shaming, move into defunding by the party for the ‘offender’s’ reelections, snipe them with public commentary that undermines their credibility and reputations, take away committee assignments and positions of authority, and make unflattering personal comments about the dissenter themselves and their families.

        1. Which party do you think you’re describing?

  19. And when those claims motivated hundreds of Trump followers to attack the Capitol on January 6, she joined nine other Republicans in voting to impeach the president for triggering the riot by stoking a phony grievance for months, culminating in the inflammatory speech he delivered in Washington, D.C., that day.

    GFY you jackbooted thug. I bet it really warmed your heart to see the FBI throw all of those Trump voters in jail for the horrendous crime of strolling around the Capitol in MAGA hats

    BTW…..Why did the census show that millions less voted in 2020 than the official tally?

    1. Be reminded the census was abruptly cut off before the actual work was finished. It’s another dodge to defund states’ federal allocations of people in Congress and federal funding. ON guess whose watch? An arbitrary and capricious date for completion was set with full knowledge the census would be incomplete.

  20. Trump’s Big Lie concerning the election is absolutely appalling and should be enough for anyone to permanently reject him as anyone who ought to be anywhere near the levers of power.

    But that is not the worst Big Lie out there. The worst Big Lie is the one that politicians, from both teams, spread every election season, with phrases like “This is the most important election in our lifetimes” and “If the other team wins, America is finished”. THIS type of lying leads to the false belief that if the other side wins, America will be catastrophically ruined, therefore, any means are justified in order to stop that from occurring. I mean, if the literal existence of the Republic itself is at stake, wouldn’t a little bit of rioting or election fraud be justifiable? Or worse? THAT type of hyperbolic catastrophization of every election is the far more dangerous lie, because it creates the moral justification in the minds of supporters to commit these types of crimes, whether it be election fraud, storming the Capitol, or what have you. But irresponsible politicians from both sides cannot resist the personal benefits that they reap when they engage in such shameless demagoguery. That is fundamentally why I can’t support either Team Red or Team Blue. Both sides profit from this Even Bigger Lie, and both sides continually degrade and undermine the Republic itself when they do that.

    1. So, wait – you’re saying the 2016 election was hacked by Russians but the 2020 one was unhackable?

      1. I think you missed the point of my comment. Please re-read it.

        1. Your posts have no point. It is repetition of the narratives and sophistry.

        2. “I think you missed the point of my comment…”

          I think your point was quite obvious, and stated, and you are too fucking stupid to understand.

        3. Your point was that the Russians hacked 2016, but 2020 was the fairest election ever.

          What a piece of work you are.

          1. I said nothing about the Russians. You are ridiculous.

      2. The investigation showed there was Russian ‘meddling’ in the 2016 election. Trump’s investigation by Team Mueller was summarily shut down by Trump. There were also indications of international meddling in our 2020 elections which are still being investigated.

    2. It is amazing watching the non lefties all repeat the exact lefty talking points.

      1. They do nothing but regurgitate Democratic Party talking points but somehow they’re Libertarian party voters and totally not Democrats.

  21. It’s amazing that Trump has so much control of the GOP that they voted to kick him out.

    Sullum, it’s not Trump. Republicans are tired of GOP politicians being democrat simps.

    1. Basically. Trump was the first, in a long time, to fight back on anything.

      1. And it was all based on sociopathic entitlement issues, and lies, lies, lies. He turned to inciting insurrection; that failed as well. Stop giving TRUMP oxygen: counsel for BOTH parties. Live in the now. Biden is now POTUS, it’s now HIS agenda – just like every other POTUS before him.

        1. Mick 2, you’re a moron. I know, I’m just one of the litany of voices telling you that…but they are all honest.

    2. Sullum is an establishment simp, so he has to signal

    3. This is something that the Progs are fighting tooth and nail to not have to acknowledge — that all of those millions of voters were looking for someone like Trump, and he responded to that job opportunity. People like Sullum, Cheney and Pelosi are terrified of the fact that Americans are getting over the Stockholm Syndrome that the Democrats have been cultivating for all these years.

  22. >>attack the Capitol on January 6

    lol is Sullum dating Chemjeff?

    1. The most well-armed class of people in the country and possibly the world attempted to overthrow the government by sitting on Nancy’s desk and waving American flags at each other.

      1. And the only round fired came from a rent-a-cop on Pelosi’s side of the door.

    2. Dol called dibs on that fat ass.

  23. “Liz Cheney’s Expected Ouster Shows the GOP Stands for Nothing but One Man’s Whims”

    Actually, it shows that elitism has no place in the GOP, and Liz Cheney’s contempt for average Republicans, 75% of whom believe the election wasn’t fair, disqualifies her from a leadership position in their party. Apparently, the Republican party belongs to Republican voters rather than Liz Cheney, oh the horror!

    If only a Democrat somewhere would denounce a leader for showing contempt for the opinions of average Americans. They can’t do that–because being contemptuous of average Americans and their opinions is a huge part of what being a progressive is all about. Can’t wait to see how well that works out for them in November of 2022.

    1. That’s right. It’s the job of politicians to mindlessly pander to whatever their voters want, no matter how false or stupid it is, right?

      So I guess Ken has no objections to Democrat politicians pushing the Green New Deal. I mean, it’s what Democrat voters want, right? Who cares what an idiotic economy-destroying idea it is. Those Democrat politicians wouldn’t want to show contempt for their voters, would they?

      If your opinion is that the 2020 election was stolen by MASSIVE FRAUD and that Trump was the real winner, then you deserve to have your opinion mocked and ridiculed, JUST LIKE the opinions that the earth is flat or the moon landing was faked. Because they are all FALSE. It doesn’t matter if left-wingers or right-wingers hold those false opinions. False is false.

      It is part of the job of politicians to occasionally stand up to their own voters and tell them that, in particular situations, what they are asking for is wrong. That is what I learned in civics class anyway. That the reason why we don’t have a direct democracy is because the will of the mob is often fickle and driven by emotional ardor, rather than by sound and rational judgment, and politicians are there to provide a check on the passions of the mob. That so many Republican politicians continue to pander to their mob is the far more disturbing part of this whole affair.

      1. You keep defending the party with ‘superdelegates’.

        1. That’s another reason why progressives are America’s most horrible people.

        2. I’m not defending “superdelegates” or any specific thing. I am enunciating a general principle – sometimes the mob is wrong, and it is – or ought to be – the job of politicians to tell the mob when it is wrong. Politicians should not merely be empty vessels into which voters pour in their opinions. Politicians are supposed to show a bit of judgment and reason in their decision-making. This is true whether it is a Team Red or a Team Blue politician.

          1. So . . . *now* you support the Electoral College?

      2. I learned in my civics class why we have a bicameral legislature and that the House is suppose to reflect the voter’s will more directly then the Senate. It’s why they are elected every two years and why there are hundreds more of them then Senators. So not really disturbing, as much as, that is how it was designed to be.

        1. Except it made more sense when the Senators were chosen by the state legislatures.

          Back then there was a more substantial distinction between the House and Senate. Now, it’s more like a speed bump in passing legislation than a true difference.

        2. It would be more interesting if one chamber had only the power to repeal laws, or some other negative feedback mechanism on the continual growth of legislation.

  24. BS — it has little to do with Trump and everything to do with being tired of RINOS that view surrendering to Democrats as their life goal.

  25. If the Democrat reaction to Jan 6 had been to round up conservatives and throw them in camps*, I get the feeling that Sullum would volunteer to bring the cattle prods

    *possibly the only reason they didn’t was due to the inconvenient fact that there were no deaths directly attributed to the worst atrocity on American soil since the Civil War

    1. If the Democrat reaction to Jan 6 had been to round up conservatives and throw them in camps

      That was the reaction of many of them.

    2. Well, Trillion dollar state controlled trains ARE on the agenda.

  26. I see Reason is still pretending that Time Magazine article boasting about how the election was rigged never happened.

  27. Talk about missing the mark….Sullum. Former POTUS Trump is just that: former.

    This is half about leadership skills, IMO. Congresswoman Cheney blew it, and her vanity and pride won’t allow her to take a hit to her ego because she wants to be ‘strong’. To be a leader, you need to have the ability to motivate and inspire the troops behind you. She is not doing that. That is her own making.

    Liz Cheney is conducting a slow-motion, political self-immolation. So let her finish.

    The other half is that the Team D media is playing up (gleefully hyping) strife and conflict of their political opponents.

    1. The other half is that the Team D media is playing up (gleefully hyping) strife and conflict of their political opponents.

      The fact that she can’t see this after them hyping John McCain for all those years for doing the exact same thing should get her removed from her post for that lack of self-awareness alone. Trump did the same thing by slagging Rs on Twatter all the time, but Liz has deluded herself into thinking she has just as much stroke in the party as her Daddy. She’s been too sheltered and gotten by for far too long on who she’s related to, rather than what she’s actually accomplished.

      After 2010, GOP politicians need to wake up to the fact that, if the base doesn’t like you, you’re going to have a hard damn time keeping your perch. I’m expecting Romney and Kinzinger to switch parties any day now.

      1. Kinzinger seems to have an actual spine. Pretty sad when a guy committed to country over party is purged while an actual moron babbling about jew space lasers is welcomed with open arms. The GOP is only hurting itself.

  28. Another story about the police killing a guy resisting arrest, yet still no story about Ashli Babbitt.

    Also no story about how the Jan 6th protesters are being held in solitary confinement, something that usually gets Reason all fired up when it’s used against violent criminals. But apparently it’s okay if they are political prisoners.

    1. Just normal criminals right now.

      Your sympathy for criminals is undoubtedly holistic, and not reserved for terrorist cultists. How do you have time to be on the internet what with your lifelong passion for criminal justice reform I’m sure?

      1. “Your sympathy for criminals is undoubtedly holistic,..”

        Your lack of sympathy for protester murdered by the cop is clearly the result of you being a partisan steaming pile of shit.

        1. I have far more sympathy for the terrorists than you people have ever experienced for a sick dog or child.

          These people are victims. They are victims of propaganda shat into their brains, much of it shat deliberately by nefarious actors foreign and domestic. She is a victim. She’s a sad victim. And so are all the rest.

          Just like a black hoodlum who robs a Walgreens is a victim of poverty. We still throw victims in cages when they commit crimes.

          1. Yes, yes, Judge Smails. We know how much sympathy you have.

          2. Yes, you are a partisan steaming pile of shit, we get it.

      2. Wait – you don’t think we should defund the police then?

  29. Lol. This is a literally rehash of wapo. Bulwark, etc.

    There have been many conservative pubs saying why this narrativr was wrong, yet sullum would rather ask a Democrat what the issues between Cheney and the GOP are.

  30. I need the editors of Reason to know that every time an article mentions Trump in the headline I will reduce my yearly donation by a dollar. Think if it as a virtual swear jar.

    1. LOL! And I will increase my by $2.00. Consider yourself “Sworn At”.

      1. Consider yourself a TDS-addled shit.

  31. Accusing Trump of inciting violence is ridiculous when all the evidence, facts and the law says otherwise. Trump has left office – if he wants to yammer still that the Earth if Flat, or he’s still a 2 handicap, your job is not to listen to him or attack him; it’s to attack and defeat the democrats in the mid terms by calling for debate and then defeating THEIR policy arguments. You are no leader if you think spending every waking moment talking about Trump or your ex spouse, will defeat the democrats in the mid terms.

    1. Bingo!

  32. Imagine the shame of being a leftist who is now a bedfellow with a Cheney. Oh daddy Romney, save us with your reason and morals. Sorry I thought you were a plutocratic buffoon in 2012. Turns out these things are relative.

    1. Turns out – you just don’t have any principles.

      1. Binders full of women Tony.





      2. I find principles are best reserved to people smarter than I, those who know how the universe intends our ape species to live.

        I started realizing the Republican party was evil at its core around 2003, but subsequent study shows it goes pretty much all the way back in an unbroken line to the first slaveholder holding the first whip.

        1. So . . . No principles for anyone then.

          1. Show me some good ones, not the self-serving tripe that passes for them on this site.

  33. The problem with Cheney isn’t that she disagrees with Trump, it’s that she AGREES with him! They both agree that the only things of importance are Trump and Trump’s obsession with losing the election. Cheney can’t talk about anything other than Trump.

    Oddly, if the party wants to get rid of Trump’s influence, they’ve got to get rid of Cheney.

    Maybe the Republicans will realize that Trump is the albatross around their necks that cost them control of the Senate and let him fade into the sunset. Nah, any sentence about politics with the word “realize” is obviously ridiculous.

    1. The reason she can only talk about Trump is because her only other issues revolve around warmongering, which has fallen completely out of favor with the Republican base.

      1. Trump said that Dick Cheney’s Iraq War was the worst foreign policy move ever. While Trump may have exaggerated (Woodrow Wilson’s entry into WW I was much worse), he was right about the war and Liz can’t stand having the country continually reminded that her father is responsible for the deaths of over 4000 US servicemen in a hopelessly stupid attempt to change Iraqi culture.

    2. Oddly, if the party wants to get rid of Trump’s influence, they’ve got to get rid of Cheney.

      That’s basically their complaint about her, is that she won’t shut up about Trump. Cheney’s not a stupid person, but she clearly took the wrong lessons from her Dad’s early career association with John Boyd and his acolytes.

  34. There’s something remarkable about seeing anybody on the left defend a neocon jerk-off like Liz Cheney. Like a lot of other Republican never-Trumpers, her opposition to Trump was largely about his refusal to invade more countries, and his efforts to get us out of places like Afghanistan and guaranteeing the security of the Middle East. If the only good thing Trump did was marginalize neocons like Liz Cheney from leadership positions in the Republican party, libertarians should thank him for that. And Liz Cheney is as neocon as the day is long.

    “Why Liz Cheney Couldn’t Sell Neoconservatism To The Tea Party”

    —-HuffPost, January 14, 2014

    Liz Cheney is a neocon, elitist, warmongering piece of shit, and she probably won’t survive as a Republican in Wyoming for long.

    1. Who on the left is defending Cheney over her *policies*? I see a lot of people, and not just on the left, who think it is lamentable that Team Red has fallen so low as to kick out people from leadership for having the temerity to disagree about the actions of one man, regardless of what her ideological views are on any topic.

    2. She is all those things, and one of the few Republicans left who won’t continue to lie to the American people about how the election was stolen.

      Keep judging other people from the fucking slime gutter, Ken.

    3. You hit the nail on the head…the GOP went down hill as soon as Bush took over..the cold war was over..time to focus on taking the cold war state down brick by brick. CIA..should have been shut down, foreign bases other than naval bases should have been closed. and a focus on shutting down the Great Society and New Deal should have been executed. A much smaller Federal Govt that keeps out of our homes and States was needed…but we got neocons and neolibs who destroyed our industry and killed a hellva lot to Americans and poor people in other countries…Cheney is a cheerleader for this wing of the GOP..a wing that needs to be kicked out

  35. Wait a minute. “His ‘Whims'”? Resorting to the query template of president (former) Clinton, “It all depends on what the meaning of ‘Whim’ is?”.`If it means basing his beliefs on the evidence contained in the Election Lawsuits brought against the results in many different electoral submissions that were summarily dismissed, ask yourself this question: “Dismissed based on what? None were dismissed based upon evidence having been presented and heard in open court. All were dismissed based on “Standing”. Understandable? Only to those with an open mind. To those with an empty head? Not so much.

    1. Plenty were dismissed due to a total lack of any evidence.

      It’s not a frivolous thing to spread lies about the validity of elections in the United States.

  36. First, we can hope that Donald Trump’s diet and exercise regimen leads to some serious health problems that will lead to his family deciding that he can’t participate in politics, run for president, or even post on social media.

    Second, unlike Richard Nixon, whom many Republicans thought was being railroaded by the Democrats, Trump has billions of dollars at his disposal to spend. If Trump thinks you are not in line with his agenda, he will find someone to run against you and dump millions into the campaign.

    At the same time, the Trump agenda is actually somewhat less conservative than the agendas of Ronald Reagan and both George Bushes. Certainly, Trump is far more populist on foreign trade than the prior three GOP presidents, and Trump is not interested in nation building.

    Further, Donald Trump has succumbed to the conservative social agenda that Ronald Reagan fashioned. Before Reagan, many Democrats were pro life, while many Republicans were pro choice. Now, if you believe in a strong defense, oppose unions, and favor low taxes, opposing semi-automatic rifles and supporting Planned Parenthood will still make you an exile from the GOP.

    1. Sounds more like Soros than Trump, to be honest. Or DeBlasio.

    2. Search for historian Randall Balmer. He has documented and has personal involvement with the evangelical movement in the 70’s. He claims that abortion wasn’t even the issue that really motivated the formation of groups like the Moral Majority. According to Balmer, it was the IRS going after the tax status of “segregation academies” that really worried them. These were the private schools that started popping up after Brown and the desegregation of public schools was plodding along slowly. Some whites were so fearful of sending their kids to schools with Black children that they left public schools entirely in favor of these private religious schools that could still exclude Blacks.

      But, eventually, the IRS ruled that non-profits couldn’t call themselves charities and take advantage of 501(c)3 status while being so blatantly racist, and the courts backed them up on that. Until those court rulings, abortion was mostly seen as a “Catholic” issue by evangelicals. But it was much more palatable to get whipped up over abortion and the sexual revolution than integration of public schools, so a movement was born. (Pun intended)

  37. Beyond all the horseshit, there is a simple fact.

    The Republican party can’t be allowed to occupy the White House ever again. No sane adult would let that happen. Nobody who cares about democracy would let them win a free and fair election, because they intend to do away with democracy.

    It’s really a race. Can the Republican party become too fucking stupid to win elections, even in a system they rigged for them to win forever? I think they can do it. They are getting stupider by the minute.

    1. “Nobody who cares about democracy would let them win a free and fair election, because they intend to do away with democracy”

      Hey, Tony finally just admitted that he believes the election was frauded fortified too.

      Obviously, he doesn’t care, because democracy is too important to let… actual democracy happen?
      Oh wow…

      Kindergarten-level political comprehension there.

      1. Republicans stole 2000. They stole entire states. They stole the Supreme Court. They stole 2016 with the help of fucking Putin and tried to steal 2020 with violent insurrection.

        How many times do they have to admit to what they’re doing? No, they can’t be permitted to win again. Joe Biden didn’t need to cheat, but if had, he should have.

        1. “Republicans stole 2000. They stole entire states. They stole the Supreme Court. They stole 2016 with the help of fucking Putin and tried to steal 2020 with violent insurrection”

          You’re a dangerous lunatic and a liar. Everything you said is Reichstag Fire-type facist agitprop, that is so discredited not even their progenitors would repeat them.
          Only insane clownshows like you still believe.

          1. There’s no point talking to you until you resolve to consult reliable sources of information. That’s not Facebook or FOX News or Stormfront. Glad to help.

            1. Only insane clownshows like you still believe.
              Glad to help.

        2. Republicans stole 2000. They stole entire states. They stole the Supreme Court. They stole 2016 with the help of fucking Putin and tried to steal 2020 with violent insurrection.

          You live in a padded room, don’t you?

          1. Sometimes it gets so hot in there he has to take his mask off.

            Seriously, though. Tony can’t tell the difference between aggression and non-aggression. He isn’t qualified to have an opinion on cheese sauce.

    2. Wait, now you’re saying the election was hackable?

      But that would mean there could be doubt about the security of the 2020 election!

      Or are you saying the election isn’t hackable – in which case there’s no way the Republicans could have rigged it for them to win forever.

      1. Yes elections are “hackable”. What is your point? That if something is possible, then it is reasonable to believe that that something definitively occurred?

        It is *possible* that Bigfoot exists, or that the Moon landing was faked. Some people actually believe this. Is that reason enough to declare these hypotheses as valid ones that deserve further serious consideration? Or, instead, should we insist upon actual affirmative evidence for these claims before running off on a wild goose chase to find Bigfoot?

        1. turns out the election in Maricopa county was literally hackable because the router wasn’t air gapped, and that’s a big fucking deal because up until now the claim that the network was secure

          In an election that wasn’t a corrupt joke like this one was, a voting machine connected to an unsecured network would be automatically considered invalid

          1. If the ballot chain of custody goes like….

            Step 1 Collect Ballots
            Step 2 ?
            Step 3 Profit

            A rational person who values election integrity doesn’t conclude, oh well…just because something bad COULD HAVE happened doesn’t mean it did!!!!

          2. You are merely pointing out how fraud MIGHT HAVE occurred. This is not the same as proving that fraud DID occur.

            I can postulate all sorts of plausible ways how the moon landing MIGHT HAVE been faked. None of those scenarios actually proves that the moon landing actually was faked.

            1. But you oppose attempts to investigate to see if any evidence exists.

              1. I don’t care but they are not going to find anything. There really is more evidence for Bigfoot.

                There have been how many recounts, investigations by voting commissions, grand jury in GA, attempted lawsuits thrown out for consisting of nothing but allegations and nothing to back it up?

                But hey if people want to investigate, knock yourselves out.

                The stop the steal meme may be a good idea for keeping the base energized but it is preaching to the choir for the GOP. They should go in a more positive direction.

                How about smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty? Nahh

            2. “I can postulate all sorts of plausible ways how the moon landing MIGHT HAVE been faked. None of those scenarios actually proves that the moon landing actually was faked.”

              The arguments that conspiracy theorists use usually do seem plausible at first, particularly if you are inclined to believe them. But they almost always get debunked fairly easily once subjected to real skepticism.

              Unfortunately, it seems that debunking conspiracies rarely works to persuade people that believe in them. The usual response from a conspiracy theorist to being shown evidence against their pet theory is that the evidence has been fabricated as part of the conspiracy! It’s a perfect Circle of Protection. The best that debunking a conspiracy theory can do is reduce the chance that others not yet convinced will fall for them.

        2. Or we could you know, investigate.

          Rather than wave our hands and yell SHUT UP!

          1. Or we could you know, investigate.

            It’s almost funny that you seem to think that no one has investigated voter fraud in 2020 or for decades prior. And that you don’t know that found negligible numbers of cases to prosecute relative to the total numbers of votes cast. When was the last audit or recount in this country that changed totals by more than a few hundred votes out of millions cast?

  38. You don’t have to be a brain scientist to understand that Cheney’s basically calling the vast majority of the RNC white supremacists. And you don’t need to be much smarter than a retarded mile to understand how that would turn the entire RNC against her. I’ve never been a republican and never will be but you don’t even have to be a republican to see that her troubles are all of her own making. She gambled and lost. Get over it.

    1. She refused to go along with the lie that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, despite the requirement that her party put on all its members to sustain that lie.

      Not a lie about whether Santa is real, a lie about the legitimacy of the most powerful government on earth. The very kind of lie that kills democracies and turns your house and 401k into party confetti.

      We used to call such a thing bravery. Actually, we used to call it a basic minimum requirement for any functioning adult in public service, but bravery will do if you like.

  39. “Cheney is also notably more conservative, receiving a lifetime score of 80 percent from Heritage Action for America, compared to Stefanik’s 48 percent”

    What Sullum is doing here is called concern trolling.

  40. Our party has no say in the matter. Reason ought to put aside TDS and let the Republicans do what they want within their own party.

    1. Little old Reason has the power to let or not let the Republican Party do something?

  41. Liz Cheney is a warmonger and torture apologist. If Trump is responsible for her demotion, that’s +1 for Trump. Trump also relegated the Clintons and Bushes to the political dustbin. That +2 more points. But yes, Trump’s post-election meltdown means he should concentrate on playing golf.

  42. The Republican party may as well rename itself the Trump party, as it has lost all of its credibility, direction and legitimacy. That so many people are willing to go along with this does not bode well for the future of this country. Ethics, honesty and facts no longer matter to a significant portion of the electorate. Frightening !

    1. MidnightMike’s here to offer up a TDS-addled shit’s view of the union.
      Yep, ethics, honesty and facts were certainly in evidence before Trump, right?
      Did you keep your doctor, you pathetic piece of lefty shit?

  43. Quotes around “audit”? Bad boy, Jacob.

    1. Quotes around “audit”? Bad boy, Jacob.

      The Florida (of course) company doing the “audit” has zero experience doing anything like that. Its CEO was on record with statements supporting conspiracy-thinking about the election, not even semi-legitimate “doubts”. They tried to keep their methods secret, and reports have come in from observers of sloppiness. There are valid concerns that they won’t follow the law (either out of ignorance or intent) regarding voter privacy and making sure that ballots aren’t damaged or altered.

      Even one of the Republican state senators that voted to conduct this “audit” has said that he regrets his vote because it is making them look stupid. It absolutely deserves the scare quotes.

  44. Cheney is a darn neocon war monger who never say a federal deficit she didn’t like like her old man. Federal Reserve? Never talks about it. Patriot Act…its a “good thing.” Wars…yep sounds good. Crony capitalism..yep..can we get rid of subsidizes? Nope can’t do that…cut govt..nope can’t do that. Close down most federal agencies..nope can’t do that.

    Jake has left his sanity if he thinks this Bush light is a conservative. What do conservatives want? Sound money, free markets, limited govt and peace..none of which this neocon supports..get rid of her.

  45. But she does support Israel so that must be the ticket

  46. I think that the only reason that Liz Cheney supports Israel is the hope the Israel can get us into another shooting war, preferably with Iran.

  47. The most Republican (limited government) President ever elected in the last century and an astonishing amount of lefty media whores trying desperately to stain the very concept of ‘limits’ on government?????!!!!!!

    1. Small government because Mexico was going to pay for his giant wall, right?

      1. They were paying for it with the “stay in Mexico” policy. The end of that policy is costing the US more trillions.

      2. ‘limits’ — Article I, Section 8 ….. “To provide for ….. repel Invasion”.

        Funny; How limited government to lefties means no national government at-all when it comes to striking points against Trump.

        Geez at least use the unlawful signing of the Cares Act excuse. The Trump administration was far from perfect but the fact you pick one of the few items a national government actually exists for is pathetic.

        1. Somehow I don’t think the Sanchez family is what they had in mind by “invasion”.

          Looking around I see help wanted signs on every retail establishment. I am getting work done on the house and can’t get the contractors out because they don’t have enough workers. A lot of Americans are never going back to work. Perhaps easing up on immigration policy would be a good idea.

          1. Even before the pandemic, the birth rate among the native-born population was dropping well below replacement. Immigration and the birth rate among recent immigrants has been the only thing keeping the U.S. population growing and replacing the retirees in the workforce. If the immigration restrictionists really want what they say they want, then they’ll have to find ways to encourage more native-born Americans to have more kids. Otherwise, the problem of not having enough working-age people to support all of the retirees will get much, much worse.

            1. Funny how no-one even pays attention anymore to the obvious that the working-age people are now SLAVES of retirees since FDR. Democratic “Big Plans” to re-enact slavery so profound it would’ve made the plantation owners blush.

              Keep “planning” that slave population.

              1. Besides over-wrought talk of working-age people being “SLAVES” of retirees, what have any Republicans ever done about it or at least proposed to do about it?* George W. Bush was probably the closest to doing something about it when his administration floated a kind of semi-privatization of Social Security, but that went nowhere fast even among Republican seniors. If you really want to blame someone for current state of the system, look no further than Saint Ronald the Great Communicator.

                It was under his leadership that he and a Democratic Congress followed the recommendations of a commission led by Alan Greenspan and ‘reformed’ Social Security by increasing the age for full benefits and moved up scheduled increases in the payroll tax in 1983. (Among many other changes.) That is what led the SS Trust Fund to increase in size dramatically in the hopes that it would get the system through the retirement of the Baby Boomers.

                It was this that probably fooled people into believing that their taxes are what would pay for their benefits. But the SS Trust Fund didn’t invest in the open, free market like a pension fund does, but only in special Treasury bonds at low interest rates. In other words, the general spending of the federal government was including money borrowed from the SS taxes that are obligated by law to pay for SS benefits. These bonds do represent a legal obligation for the Treasury to pay the SS Administration so that it can pay benefits, but that just means that SS benefits will continue according to existing formulas until the Trust Fund runs out or until Congress changes the law, whichever comes first.

                And Trump did the least of any GOP President about this problem, having promised seniors in 2016 not to touch SS or Medicare. So be sure you include all Republican politicians in your claims about government making “SLAVES” out of working-age people to pay for current retirees.

                *Remember that Social Security was enacted during the Great Depression (1935) when poverty among seniors was over 50% due to the crash, depression, and failing banks wiping out the lifetime savings and value of land for so many. It was pretty easy to convince people at that time that such a massive level of poverty among the elderly should not be allowed to happen again.

                1. And which party pitched the idea of the Federal Reserve Act (Gov control of money) not even 10-years before the Great Depression??

                  That’s Right; The Democratic Party! Sure, sure the Republican Party isn’t perfect. That’s hardly an excuse to put the devil in charge.

        2. Are you making a pro-small-government argument or a constitutional argument? If you’re going with the latter, find a dictionary.

          1. Funny you inserted the word ‘small’ and I used the word ‘limited’ and now you’re going to tell me to go look up a word you inserted yourself.

            1. “Funny you inserted the word ‘small’ and I used the word ‘limited’ and now you’re going to tell me to go look up a word you inserted yourself.”

              If people on the right would consistently distinguish between ‘small’ and ‘limited’ government, then you might have a point. I don’t know what you think the difference between those terms is, perhaps you should explain.

              1. Lets just cut out the fat and get to the meat of it.

                “Funny; How limited government to lefties means no national government at-all when it comes to striking points against Trump.”

  48. Cheney was voted to keep her post after the Trump impeachment vote. This is a separate issues. Cheney no longer agrees with her party on many issues, has lost confidence and should no longer lead. It happens everyday in many organizations. It happens in Great Britain with a certain regularity, a vote of no confidence and they get a new Prime Minister. Get over it, it is politics.

  49. Byron York’s take on why Cheney is in bad odor with GOP caucus is that she undermining the focus on opposing the crazier wants of the Biden Administration. Instead she keeps picking at the scab of Trump’s final few weeks in office for her own self-aggrandizement. The leadership of a congressional party caucus ideally should be publicly on the same page as far as strategic messaging but Cheney is acting like a backbencher and going her own way.

    1. Instead she keeps picking at the scab of Trump’s final few weeks in office for her own self-aggrandizement.

      That’s really twisting things. Trump won’t shut up about his fraud claims, his biggest fans in Congress won’t admit the violence from his supporters on Jan. 6, and Kevin McCarthy completely changed his tune on Trump and the riot in order to keep Trump and his biggest fans happy. Liz Cheney just won’t go along with trying to sweep all of that under the rug.

      The leadership of a congressional party caucus ideally should be publicly on the same page as far as strategic messaging but Cheney is acting like a backbencher and going her own way.

      What you want is what McConnell and McCarthy want. Try and ignore the damage Trump did to our democratic institutions, yet use those unsupported fraud claims to roll back things done to improve equal voting access (including 30 years of Republicans making absentee voting easier) in an effort to stem the tide of demographic changes that will reduce their ability to manipulate the electoral system, and move on to opposing everything Democrats want to try and do.

      Republicans have been the opposition party even when George W. Bush and Trump were in office. Opposing Democrats is all they have left as a strategy, and lower taxes for big business and the wealthy and deregulation are all they left for ideology. Even the culture wars are just a means to whip up the socially conservative base and distract them from how their policies are ineffective at improving the economic lives of most Americans.

  50. The Democrats stand for nothing except Nancy Pelosi’s whims.

    Why else would she stay Speaker of the House?

    1. Apparently she is a very effective politician and not in a nice way.

  51. To me, the telling fact is that they want to replace a 92% in favor of Trump legislation vote with a 75% in favor of Trump legislation vote just because Cheney hasn’t kissed Trumps ass. We have to get beyond this cult of personality.

    1. Edit: 78% not 75%

    2. I’ve seen reports that the people who are engineering Cheney’s expulsion are not even a tiny bit happy about the prospect of Stefanik being the replacement.

      The whole leadership is lousy, is the problem. So you kick one bad leader out, they tend to get replaced by somebody as bad or worse.

      1. It is really just a symptom of a fractured GOP. If they had their act together none of this would be happening going back to Trump getting the nomination.

        It is amusing to watch what is happening in Arizona.

        I am planning to sell bamboo paper detectors on eBay for $399 each. Made in USA of course.

        1. The problem is that they systematically disagree with their own voters about what sort of act they should have together. That’s why they got Trump, not simple incompetence, unless you mean they were a bit in competent at running their bait and switch, and not locking up the nomination process beyond the reach of the voters to dictate an outcome.

      2. She’s probably the right person for the job according to some analyses. Saying all the right treasonous things with her mouth while clearly not believing a word of it.

    3. It’s not about % in favor, but axing people who oppose on the wrong points. You can pretend all you want that Trump isn’t popular and that he doesn’t drive turnout, but he does. Unless he doesn’t want to, he’ll be the 2024 nominee. You’re not going to get rid of him, nor are you going to get rid of more populist libertarians and conservatives like myself who want to shrink government but also realign it with the interests of citizens first. Right now, we can’t even form a coalition majority that puts US citizens first.

      Until citizens come before foreigners and illegals, black lives won’t matter, the American dream won’t be achievable, and all our problems will continue to worsen as America’s influence wanes and China bullies the world into submission.

  52. She’s a warmonger, I don’t care why she’s loses her chair. Her Trump opposition is perhaps her *only* redeeming virtue.

  53. Pretty sad to see a “libertarian” publication defending a Neo-Con war monger, whose father should be in prison. Bush and Cheney were a million times worse than Trump. And he won that election.

  54. I’m glad we’re still TDS memoryholing everything to maintain Orange Man Bad, but the GOP caring about what Trump thinks is not being responsive to the whims of “one” man. Assuming zero fraud on either side, they’re responding to the whims of 75 million voters.

    I’m not defending politicians, but keep in mind that the only reason they get anywhere is because people keep voting for them or choose not to vote for someone else.

    1. Everybody who’s ever lost a presidential election shut the fuck up and didn’t try to overturn the results.

      The only possible distinction here is that Trump and his supporters are the most emotionally fragile of any Americans in history.

      And frankly, I’m tired of their whining. Just get out of politics. You’ll be less anxious, and you clearly can’t handle it.

      1. Everybody else didn’t have statistically impossible results and election rules unconstitutionally changed in single party jurisdictions during a pandemic.

        1. “Everybody else didn’t have statistically impossible results and election rules unconstitutionally changed in single party jurisdictions during a pandemic.”

          What statistically impossible results? What election rules unconstitutionally changed?

          It’s easy for you to say these things, but it is really hard to take it seriously when you do after dozens of lawsuits dismissed and nothing verified challenging the results.

  55. Sullum has the mind of a child.

  56. Trump or not; the seed of Dick Cheney needs to go.

  57. No more Cheney’s , please!

  58. She’s still young, at least compared to the rest of the gerontocracy. Given time, Republicans like Amash and Cheney will be sought out for their publicly breaking with Trump and escaping his taint.

  59. So the Republican leadership is punishing someone for disagreeing with the great leader. This, it seems to me, used to be primarily the domain of the Democrats and other “woke” folks — “shaming” all who disagree.

    The more they claim to be different, the more they behave the same.

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