Leaving Aside Trump's Role in Provoking the Capitol Riot, His Reaction to It Was Enough To Justify Impeachment

He betrayed his oath and duties as president by hesitating to intervene and refusing to unambiguously condemn the violence.


After last month's assault on the U.S. Capitol began, CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported, "White House officials were shaken by Trump's reaction." She said they described him as "borderline enthusiastic because it meant the certification [of Joe Biden's election] was being derailed." Sen. Ben Sasse (R–Neb.), in an interview two days after the riot with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, likewise said "senior White House officials" had told him Trump was "walking around the White House confused about why other people on his team weren't as excited as he was as you had rioters pushing against Capitol Police trying to get into the building." Sasse described Trump as "delighted" by the violence.

You may not credit these second- and third-hand accounts of Trump's mood as his followers, outraged by his fantasy of a stolen election, stormed the Capitol to stop Congress from certifying Biden's victory. CNN is not exactly friendly toward Trump, and Sasse is a longtime critic. Their reports were based on information from unnamed officials who cannot be asked to confirm or deny making the comments attributed to them. Yet as the House members who are prosecuting Trump for inciting the Capitol riot emphasize, these accounts are consistent with Trump's public behavior after the protest he convened to "stop the steal" turned violent.

The question of whether Trump intended to provoke a riot would be crucial if he were criminally prosecuted for his conduct on January 6. It matters less in an impeachment for "high crimes or misdemeanors," which are not limited to statutory violations. But regardless of his intent before the riot started, Trump was strikingly reluctant to intervene after it began, and his irresponsibility at that point is independent grounds for impeachment. His reaction betrayed his duty to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed" as well as his oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution."

The rioters started fighting with police and breaching the security barriers around the Capitol at 12:53 p.m., nearly an hour into Trump's inflammatory speech at Ellipse Park, where he urged his supporters at the "Save America" rally to "show strength" against an "egregious assault on our democracy" by marching to the building where Congress was about to anoint "an illegitimate president," warning that "our country will be destroyed" should Biden be allowed to take office. Video shows that people in the audience began heading for the Capitol during Trump's address, which started just before noon and concluded at 1:12 p.m.

About an hour after Trump supporters acting on his imaginary grievance began their attack, he tweeted a video of his speech. Why not? After all, as he later told reporters, his remarks were "totally appropriate" and had nothing to do with the riot.

Half an hour later, after Vice President Mike Pence had been rushed from the Senate floor to save him from rioters who wanted to "hang" him because he had refused to reject electoral votes for Biden, Trump took the time to tweet this: "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution." He was referring to the erroneous belief that Pence had the unilateral authority to overturn the election results, a claim Trump had repeatedly made in his speech at the rally.

"Once we found out Pence turned on us and that they had stolen the election, like, officially, the crowd went crazy," a man charged in connection with the riot said in a YouTube video. "I mean, it became a mob." Far from urging calm, Trump chose this moment to egg on the mob by reinforcing the rioters' ire at the man they were threatening to kill. And he did that after he was informed that Pence had been forced to flee.

Even after members of Congress had been ushered out to protect them from Trump's enraged supporters, he was still focused on challenging Biden's electoral votes. Around 2 p.m., he mistakenly called Sen. Mike Lee (R–Utah) while trying to reach Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R–Ala.), one of the senators who had backed objections to electoral votes from battleground states. Lee handed his cellphone to Tuberville, who spoke to the president for a few minutes. Trump was "trying to convince him to make additional objections to the Electoral College vote," CNN reported, but "the call was cut off because senators were asked to move to a secure location." Yesterday, Tuberville told reporters Trump "didn't get a chance to say a whole lot because I said, 'Mr. President, they just took the vice president out. I've got to go.'"

As that incident suggests, Trump was remarkably blasé about his supporters' violent invasion of the Capitol. "There is no evidence that President Trump called Vice President Pence, Speaker Pelosi or Senator Chuck Grassley—the first three in the line of succession—or anyone else in the Capitol to check on their safety during the attack," the House impeachment managers note. Although "members of the House and Senate from both parties," including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.), "urged the President to intervene," Trump did nothing until 2:38 p.m., an hour and 45 minutes after the riot started.

"Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement," he tweeted. "They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!" He reiterated that message 35 minutes later: "I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order—respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!"

As the House managers note, "these tweets were, obviously, totally ineffectual at stopping the violence." They argue that Trump's belated calls for peace "did not reflect any substantial effort on the part of the President of the United States to protect the Congress."

Finally, more than three hours after the riot had started, Trump posted a short video in which he said this:

I know your pain. I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. This was a fraudulent election, but we can't play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. We love you. You're very special. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil, but go home and go home in peace.

Trump thus reinforced the delusion that motivated the riot even as he called for peace, which he did not because violence was morally wrong but because it was a tactical mistake that "play[ed] into the hands of these people." The Capitol was declared secure about 15 minutes after that video went up, nearly four hours after the riot started. The joint session of Congress resumed around 8 p.m., completing its ratification of Biden's election early the next morning.

Trump summed up his feelings about the riot in a tweet he posted at 6:01 p.m. on January 6: "These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!"

Trump's considered view, in other words, was that his supporters' deadly violence, while perhaps regrettable, was an understandable response to a terrible injustice that he invented. To Trump, the ardor his supporters had demonstrated was something to be remembered with pride. Instead of unambiguously condemning the riot, as he finally did a week later in a five-minute video released the day he was impeached, Trump expressed his love and appreciation for the criminals who had invaded and vandalized the Capitol, assaulted the officers defending it, killing one of them and injuring many others; threatened to murder his own vice president; forced members of Congress to run for their lives; and caused an unprecedented interruption of the Electoral College vote tally, committing an "egregious assault on our democracy" in the name of stopping one.

Given his attitude, it is not surprising that Trump hesitated for so long and ultimately did nothing meaningful to stop the violence or protect the Capitol. These were his people. While they may have gotten carried away, they were motivated by their dedication to him, which is the noblest cause Trump can imagine.

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  1. You have to wonder, at some point, if Sullum is being sarcastic.

    1. I actually asked myself that before clicking on the article.

      1. How could anyone read that and not think “The Libertarian Case For Thoughtcrime”.

        Even ENB and Boehm should be feeling uncomfortable reading that headline.

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        2. Profoundly true! The Commander In Chief was AWOL in the midst of insurrectionists breaching the walls of the Capitol Building. That is unforgivable. Dereliction of duty and cowardice written all over his non-performance. Try him in a military court!

          1. Wasn’t a military issue. Was a law enforcement issue. So, let’s try Nancy Pelosi in court since her own police force failed. And where was *she* during this time? Not leading her troops, that’s for sure.

            1. I wonder why Capitol Police opened the doors and let those protesters in? Is that Trump’s fault too?

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            3. And we could look back at Hillary when she hesitated to the detriment of the Benghazi soldiers who died!! Why isn’t she in jail?!?

          2. The Capitol building should really have its own police force that is not answerable to the President.

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            3. I assume that was sarcasm, since the Capitol building DOES have its own police force that’s not answerable to the President. Gotta use [/sarc] to make these things clear.

              In fact, they’d actually have a better case for insurrection if Trump had sent troops to the Capitol without advance approval from Congress. I wonder if that was the point of mounting such a feeble defense, to bait him into doing just that?

    2. Possible, but leftists are very adept at flexible doublethinking. They’re entirely capable of believing tripe like the headline.

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    3. I think he’s just an addict. Like how with meth heads all roads lead to the next hit, for Sullum everything in life revolves around the next Orange Man Bad article.

      Trump quietly golfing until he finally keels over from heart failure would be about the worst thing Sullum could imagine.

      1. And yet it is the most likely outcome. People just love to borrow trouble.

        1. My last paycheck was $2500 for working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 8k for months now and CDG she works about 30 hours a week. and I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless.

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    4. No, not sarcastic. Just washed up. He is going nowhere in his career, Unreason is his pinnacle. Pretty fucking sad.

      1. And it’s all Trump’s fault………… somehow……….

    5. Disaffected, bigoted, half-educated, deluded Trump fans are among my favorite culture war casualties.

      Open wider, clingers . . . you will be swallowing even more progress arranged by your betters.

      1. Get bent.

      2. Nice comment, Rev. Did your religious school leave out the humility part, or is that not required when you’re a ‘better’?

        1. His religion is Progressive Orthodox.

      3. fuck off sarcasmic

      4. The most offensive thing about you is how trite, boring, and predictable you are. Yawn.

      5. Guessing you represent the Church of Lugubrious Green Twatwaffles ?

      6. big·ot


        a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

      7. Come say that to my face. You’ll find out who the better is real quick.

      8. The Rev so obviously gets off on the idea of forcing his vision of “progress” on the unwilling.

        Better living through slavery!

      9. Bigot says what?

    6. Shorter Sullum: “You know, that Big Brother thing really isn’t THAT bad. LIBERTARIANISM!!!”

      1. Sullum’s path to Libertopia passes by a granite monument on which are carved the words:


        1. Flag. Refresh.
          Stop posting you racist bigot!

          1. Why are so many commentators asking for their comments to be flagged, and using exactly the same language?

            Could it be they’re all the same person?

    7. I remember a Seinfeld episode about this where they all get arrested for inaction…

      1. Because they didn’t confront a mugger armed with a gun.

    8. No, just a partisan idiot. Does anyone think that the Secret Service was going to let Trump anywhere near the violence? Not happening people, he was still the President. Also the breeches started long before the speech was ended. Trump never said to attack the building, to breech the building, to take anyone hostage or kill anyone. If people did this, they did it on their own. Also there were multiple breeches, in multiple areas, some allowed bye the capitol police, other repelled. No one person was going to quell the riot. I would guess Trump was also in shock, none of his other rallies ever had any violence. The FBI knew there would be an attack yet turned down more help. There was coordination in the attack, people actually on headphone if reports are correct. More than likely the inciters where professional agitators in the crowd, that melted away when the trouble started. Left wing agitators were arrested and let go without charges. All the Democrats have proved was there was a riot, and no one has disputed that fact. The one thing I saw from the video is the woman killed was cold bloodily executed. A man in a hood type covering walked up past the Capitol Police, pointed a gun at a woman on the other side of the window and pulled the trigger. The Capitol police did not seem surprised or even flinch. The editing out of exculpatory words and phrases shows what a joke this whole thing has become, it is a show, not a trial.

      1. Trump was AWAOL as insurrectionists breached the walls of the Capitol Building. These were people he inspired, and who would have likely backed off if he bothered to speak them and the nation. But, his voice was absent until hours passed and the damage was done. His inaction as Commander In Chief was cowardly and resulted in violence and loss of life that could have been avoided. He, and the inept Law Enforcement plan to confront the expected rioters,
        bears blame for the loss of life. Nobody should have gotten inside the Capitol Building!!

        1. Trump was giving a speech some ways away, when the first “breaches” were occurring.

        2. Hello, new leftist moron. Was your brain “AWAOL” when you typed this nonsense? You don’t need to reply, because it is obvious that you are a leftist, so of course your brain is AWOL.

        3. Haha. Damn, you people need to be lead so badly. Pathetic.

        4. lol:

          First – he incited.

          Then, his speech didn’t incite, but all his speaking up til that point did.

          Now, it’s that he wasn’t on hand playing super cop.

          Goal posts moved.

    9. Not even a smidgen of sarcasm.

      Sense we are talking about dereliction of duty it does seem apropos to mention the lightbringer.

    10. I wonder the same about you.

      The republicans in the senate know that Trump was in control of the mob; they begged him to call them off.

      As I have said before, jealously guarding the constitution from domestic threats is no vice. Sullum is a red blooded patriot who knows the threat that Trump is to the constitution.

      Trump would have made himself president that day, had Mike Pence not done the right thing, or if the mob had prevailed and prevented cert. That was his goal. It is obvious to all normal, non cult members.

      1. The republicans in the senate know that Trump was in control of the mob; they begged him to call them off.



          Worse. Instead of calling off the rioters, Trump was still actively trying to get Senators to overturn the election.

          1. Whoa, are you legit citing CNN ? …… kinda surprising coming from you.

            Not only did you actually provide a trustworthy no-nonsense citation for once, you’re also finally showing that libertarian instinct to parse through the bullshit and read between the lines. Respect is earned WK, you know that and man I never thought I’d say this to you, and I mean this without a single HO2 molecule of sarcasm— you’re not as dumb as everyone says.

      2. Trump would have made himself president that day

        Amazingly enough, that’s not how government works.

        Here, let me put it into terms you can understand – there are no Golden Snitches in real life. You don’t win the game because you caught the Golden Snitch.

        Same as you do not get to be King of England because you manage to steal the crown jewels.

        Having possession of the Speaker’s Podium does not make you part of the government.

        There’s no magic in real life.

      3. DOL, you have posted a lot of stupid drivel, but I think you have outdone yourself here. Keep up the good work.

      4. lmao

        Sullum is a red blooded patriot who knows the threat that Trump is to the constitution.

        Just… lmao. Thank you for that – it’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

    11. Why? He is writing blog posts covering current events. Not his fault there are people here who are extremely sensitive to criticism of Donald J. Trump. Not sure why there would be people like that in residence on a libertarian website, but here you all are.

      1. Some of us care about having actual legal standards. Sullum clearly does not.

        1. There is a legal standard. Congress can bar Trump from future Federal office on the basis that he abused his holding of such an office.

          1. Great, now do everyone in Congress.

      2. There’s plenty to criticize Trump for. But When the “criticism” routinely repeats lies perpetuated by a de facto state media, and when the political processes themselves only benefit a political faction that is even more prone to anti-libertarian actions than Trump, then it’s kind of a red flag.

      3. “…Not his fault there are people here who are extremely sensitive to criticism of Donald J. Trump…”

        Nor his fault that TDS-addled lefty shits like you are here. Not sure why on a libertarian site, but here you are, crapping up threads.

      4. Libertarians are not worried about critiques of Trump, libertarians are concerned with the very in-libertarian argument that a person “made” others act, or somehow controlled them through some meaningless blather.

        People control themselves, and their own responses, no one makes you do anything, unless they employ force or power over you. Did Trump tell the crowd to attack the building ? If not, then fuck off.

        1. Yes, this. Well said. Lefties cannot grasp this.

      5. You’re unsure why people on a libertarian site don’t believe in fair impeachment standards?

        Maybe that says more about you that it does about people on this website.

    12. “You have to wonder, at some point, if Sullum is being sarcastic.”

      If not, the TDS-addled shit needs a water-proof keyboard to avoid shorting out from his spittle.

    13. I’m amazed at his ability to type with his tongue up the asshole of the establishment.

    14. For some reason everything for the last four years is Trump’s Fault. Grow up people that do this kind of thing are on their own no one incited them. Bombs were planted the day before. Half these people are Soros people who are paid agitators. Give it a rest. He incited nothing. For four years he has been called a dictator for helping working class people and bringing peace to an area where they said we could never have peace . Biden has bee in a couple of weeks and ruined everything that benefitted the working class. You figure it out.

      1. Yep – according to leftists, Trump is a God. He can control viruses, the climate, mobs of random people, he has even reportedly been able to control Dem elected leaders such as Cumo.

        He’s just amazing.


    15. No question.

      The last article was so stupid I was suspicious. This one is over the top.

      No question. He is clickbait trolling at this point. Posting house manager’s notes as if they are his own work.

      Not that he isn’t all in…. Just that this is clearly too dumb to be serious.


    16. He said in his speech “peaceful and patriotic protest” Trump tweeted to end the violence when it was happening and Twitter banned him for it. There are some that wanted the violence just for this sham impeachment. I would expect Libertarians to be more faithful to the law, free speech and the people who got violent being responsible for their own actions.

    17. My exact first thoughts.

      Now do Obama’s reaction to the Michael Brown shooting. Since we can impeach former presidents now.

    18. Impeach Trump for not doing enough?
      Great Idea!
      Let’s start convicting people for what they DIDN’T do!
      And let’s do that to everyone ! – It will save so much time and effort.

  2. Just shut the fuck about it already. He’s not getting convicted, and no his reaction to it is not impeachable.

    Go back to pot, strippers, etc and leave politics to people who actually understand it.

    1. The point is to thoroughly humiliate a lying POS who recruited a lynch mob to come to Washington DC and overthrow a rightful election.

      1. He’s been humiliated plenty already but, sure, we could use some more of that.

        1. I think we all knew that getting humiliated was your kink, but I’ll pass thanks.

        2. Remember folks, Chipper claims he has not a team.

          1. I have noticed how “No Teams” he is.

      2. “Rightful election” – yeah, right.

        1. We know. Trumpists think that elections are only legitimate if your preferred candidate wins. Since Trump lost, you automatically consider it fraudulent.

          1. Tell me more about Russian collusion.

          2. I’ve noticed how leftists cannot understand how an individual can think this impeachment is a political sham and still not be a Trumpist.

      3. He’s plenty humiliated. Move on.

      4. How where they going to overthrow the election?

        1. It shows the fragility of the left that a few fat townies larping around an office building gives them legit nightmares.

          1. I would honestly be surprised if they remembered having ‘nightmares’, except during interviews about it.

            1. Which congress-scum broke out in crocodile tears on Tuesday? Pathetic drama-queen display.

              1. Which congress-scum broke out in crocodile tears on Tuesday?
                Wasn’t it the one, who made objections to the Electoral College certification, at the similar Congressional session, when Trump’s first victory was being adjudicated?
                You know, the one that they’re claiming was, this time, an effort to foment a coup d’etat.

          2. They were seconds away from taking over the whole US!

            1. Tony makes that claim.

            2. Yes. We really dodged a bullet. Otherwise, there would be violence in cities across the nation and troops surrounding the Capitol building enforcing the newly established regime.

      5. Buttplug is lying if course about what Reichstag Fire 2021 actually was, but he is right about the point being to humiliate.

        Humiliation is basically the point of all propaganda and an excellent way to stave off rebellion.

      6. “…a lying POS…”

        He was replaced by Trumps, turd.

      7. The ‘mob’ organized itself.

      8. I thought the point was vindictiveness, keeping him from running again, and sending a message to any other outsider who thinks they want to come in and mess with The Establishment.

    2. Yes, he’s not getting convicted because the Republican Party is too corrupt to vote for conviction.

      1. The Democratic party is too corrupt to vote for anything other than conviction. Fortunately, they don’t have quite as much political power as they would like just yet.

      2. lol – a corrupt political impeachment trial brought to you by Democrats, but it’s the Republicans who are too corrupt.

        Grow up dolt.

  3. Those goal posts are really heavy. If you keep moving them like this, you are going to hurt your back.

    1. It’s not a problem. The goal posts are mounted on well-greased wheels.

    2. Lift with the legs!

      1. It’s okay, ENB’s husband lent them the goalpost mover from his work, and they’re using Gillespie’s truck.

        1. Laughing at imagining Gillespie being caught dead in a truck.

          1. Emo Fonzie needs one to move his hog when winter roads are slippery.

      2. The knees, the knees!

  4. How much money is this ceremonial impeachment going to cost us?

    1. Better that Congress waste time on this theater than on passing another relief bill which will, through inflation, raise prices on everything.

      1. No actually, better that they stop doing both. Which you would know if you were a Libertarian.

        1. Show me where an impeachment violates the nap, fucking poser.

          1. Show me where he made that claim, TDS-addled lefty shit.

          2. Um…forcing someone to outlay tons of expenses to defend themselves against frivolous charges would seem to violate NAP.

        2. No one seriously believes Congress could go more than a few hours without doing *something* to satisfy their itch to spend taxpayer money.

      2. You talk like team D wasn’t planning on doing both.

      3. Already done. Inslee has already divvied up WA’s share of the $2.2B plunder. $70M for undocumented immigrants, which is roughly equal to child and food assistance — TOGETHER.

        1. That guy couldn’t run a two car funeral.

      4. They’ve already passed it.

    2. PREACH!!

    3. Exactly $0, that’s how much.

      The salaries of members of Congress and their staff are the same regardless of what gets debated and voted on.

  5. You mean the part where he published a video telling people to be peaceful and go home?

      “Go home with love and peace, remember this day forever“Donald J Trump

      “there will be blood in the streets”Loretta Lynch
      “Who says protests have to be peaceful“Chris Cuomo
      “There needs to be unrest in the streets”Ayanna Pressley
      “Protesters should not give up”Kamala Harris
      “I just don’t know why they aren’t uprising all over this country“Nancy Pelosi
      “You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome“Maxine Waters

      1. It looks like the left finally got the revolution they’ve been gunning for since the last 50 or so years. Too bad they’re on the business end of it.

      2. Again, PREACH!

      3. It takes a special kind of derangement to think that “protesters should not give up” is somehow a call for violence.

        1. When those ‘protesters’ were setting fires, looting. burning down a police station! … laying siege to a court house….
          yeah.. how could telling them not to give up be thought of as a call for violence?

        2. Did you happen to miss all the violence they were performing when Harris told them that?

        3. It may take a special kind of derangement, but those people are up to it.

  6. The cuck has come completely unglued. Fire this fhcking idiot.

  7. His reaction betrayed his duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” as well as his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

    Might want to think a bit before you establish that as your standard. Are you sure your boy will be able to live up to that standard?

    1. The illegitimate president Biden will have a different standard, of course.

      1. He’s “illegitimate” because you didn’t want him to win, I suppose?

        1. Probably in the same way Trump was called illegitimate for 4 years.

    2. C’mon man. We have double standards for that

  8. Your idea even if it has merit is not incorporated into the bill of impeachment issued by the House, so the Senate should in no way consider it.

  9. Sullum, I am so sorry for what Trump did to you.

  10. “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution.”


    1. Why are you still pretending to be Buttplug? We can all tell it’s you sarc.

      1. Is that really sarc? It kind of makes sense.

    2. turd only likes ’em 12 or younger!

    1. Debunked!

    2. And that article was written by a anti-trump fool. Proud of the fact that they did it. That is how the election WAS stolen!!

    3. They have you idiots believing that more people voting is somehow unfair.

      Maybe even criminal.

      Probably not even legitimate if black people vote at all, right? What with all the T-bone steaks they’re gonna buy with their free government goodies.

      Who’s with me? We can’t be free until we only permit the right sort of people to vote!

      1. That’s just the veneer the seditionists put on the incomplete description of their actions.
        “Protecting democracy” would be efforts to get voters of both sides to cast ballots, but the conspiracy, as it was partially explained, was aimed at getting only those voters, legal or not, who were predisposed, or convinced to vote only one way.
        That article also glossed over the use of the rehearsal rioting, to hold as a threat over the heads of those, who were afraid of more unrest if Trumps’ legitimate votes were allowed to reflect the public’s true wishes.

      2. Racist Tony.

        Stay classy bro!

  11. When we gonna talk about the Time Magazine article Sullum, Reason and company?!?!?
    Truth be told, I only come here now for the comments section, so no need to answer Sullum/Reason. I figure at some point you will go the way of Yahoo and disable your comments section and this site will be a ghost town.

    1. One day it will just be gone. No explanation or excuses.

    2. They’ll get on that right after they cover the Ashli Babbitt story.

    3. What is there to talk about? Why are you so outraged that Trump’s attempt to steal the election was stopped?

      1. Calvinus, you really think that there were no issues with how election laws were changed in several states? Here’s a clue, the legislative branch makes and amends laws, not the executive and judiciary.

      2. Whose sockpuppet in this one?

      3. As is usual for leftist seditionists, the time-line is distorted to make it seem like Trump was complaining, about the ability for mass mailed in ballots to work fraudulently, before these plotters got state laws and regulations unconstitutionally altered.
        And those complaints are the only “evidence” of Trump “attempting to steal the election”.

  12. Poster child for TDS.

    1. +100000000

  13. While I am generally opposed to pathologizing political opinions, Sullum is having a really hard time. This is his second primal scream within as many days claiming that it’s all Trump’s fault. He’s treading into “protest too much” territory. I hope reason has a generous EAP plan, because he needs to go cool his heels at a facility somewhere and calm the fuck down. He should take Suderman with him.

    I’ve grown weary of the non-libertarian take on the Trump presidency consistently emanating from this allegedly libertarian publication. These are published temper tantrums, complete with attempts to engage in post-hoc rationalization. Who gives a fuck about Trump’s “mood?” Is that something that our Senate should be discussing? His fucking mood?

    Look, like it or not, Trump didn’t violate the law, and suggesting new limits on and consequences for free (if irresponsible) speech is so anti-libertarian that I literally can’t even. I don’t give a shit about the Senate trial except that I (along with many of my fellow ‘Muricans) am so tired of everything being about Trump and I am prepared to move forward into the shit-show that will be the deeply anti-libertarian Biden/Harris presidency. You remember Kamala Harris, right? The one who cackled and promised more and increased protest and violence on the left? Whatever, I guess her comments weren’t irresponsible enough for Sullum to come at her.

    Get some counseling, Sullum. And if this is the kind of contribution we can expect from you going forward, please get a job at the Washington Post.

    Reason needs to review the ranks of their writers. This is quickly becoming a center-left publication, and it’s deeply disappointing to me. I’m an immigration attorney, and perhaps it’s time for some people to get together and create an alternate online publication for actual libertarians. I’m sure Tony will show up, but no comment thread is complete without a recurring guest-star troll.

    1. agreed good post.

    2. “…Get some counseling, Sullum. And if this is the kind of contribution we can expect from you going forward, please get a job at the Washington Post…”

      Or he could make the world smarter and his family proud by fucking off and dying.

    3. My sentiment exactly. Thanks for your post.

    4. Trump absolutely did violate the law, no matter how desperate you cultists are to deny reality.

      1. Tell us in precise terms how he violated the law. We all know you can’t do it.

        1. He got elected.

      2. Unicorns exist, no matter how much others disagree.

        See – I too can make up things!

    5. He should take Suderman with him.

      This was the cherry on top, A+ post.

    6. Well said.

  14. Also, he’s already been impeached, so no need for a defensive article on that.

  15. He betrayed his oath and duties as president by hesitating to intervene and refusing to unambiguously condemn the violence.

    I’m going to take a moment and… for the sake of argument, agree to this 100%.

    If “hesitating to intervene and refusing to ‘unambiguously’ condemn the violence”… explain to me, in absolutely unambiguous language, why several dozen major politicians aren’t out of a job?

    1. THANK YOU.

    2. Should read ‘if hestating [blah blah blah]’ is enough cause for official sanction, explain to me…

      You get the idea.

    3. Hear hear!

    4. came to say the same. Silence is violence now not saying anything is incitement. Georg O’rwell must be grinning ear to ear saying i told you so.

    5. Or several hundred…

  16. I only read half of the article title before guessing who wrote it. What a one-track mind Sullum has. It’s hard to take Reason serious as a libertarian-friendly publication with this leftist tool as one of its editors.

    1. Why read half? You only need to read the author to know what the article says. Sullman is a one note retard who’s only evidence and thought are “I don’t like trump”

  17. Does this motherfucker have an AI spitting this shit out?

    Somebody help this poor bastard.

    1. Seriously, someone needs to stage an intervention.

      1. I wonder if he is out of alcohol or pot or something he is going through terrible withdrawl here.

        1. My guess is Sullum died in the Capitol riots and the rest of the editors are seeing who can go most outlandish under his surname.

        2. No, he’s just a whore

  18. He’ll keep turning in more drivel like this as long as you dopes keep commenting on it.

    For now, just ignore Sullum articles.

    1. this is probably the best path going forward. We should totally ‘Wallstreetbets’ his ass! Lets put a squeeze on him by having zero comments on his articles with the exception of the work from home bots.

      1. I’m in.

      2. But will the Shoprite folks show up if no one is here commenting?

      3. The problem with that strategy is that the morons, who agree with him, will still comment, and leave the impression that all REASON readers are as big a bunch of idiots as Sullum is.
        Casual readers of this site will leave with a distorted impression of libertarians after reading only the comments of lefty shits, because there won’t be any of us calling them out for being that.

    2. Well nobody actually reads his rants anymore.

    3. Like Shika articles, and others. Reason’s site is basically “read the headline, jump to the comment section for cogent discussion (if you can wade through the shitposters)”

      Most of the Reason article text could be lorem ipsum for all I might notice. Are they still paying people to write these articles?

    4. That’s funny you think that Sullum reads the comments section, or does things because of alt-right commenters here. He is writing about Trump because there is an impeachment trial happening, today.

  19. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported, “White House officials were shaken by Trump’s reaction.”

    BTW, I’ll bet that’s a lie. She tweeted that. With no references to which officials. CNN is on record repeatedly lying. Anything referenced to CNN should have a warning tag, a-la Facebook, that the information contained herein is disputed by experts.

    1. this^

    2. By “White House officials” she meant one of the housekeepers and a gardener.

  20. Do we think the other writers and the editors at this “libertarian” publication read the comments? Are they at all interested in the opinions of their readers? Or are we incidental?

    You know, they would not have their posh homes in tony neighborhoods without all that ad revenue and subscription income. I’m cancelling mine and asking for a refund for this year. And I’m either going to start a new site or find one. Lower readership will lower ad revenue.

    Let’s use market forces to shut this bullshit down.

    1. How journalists see themselves: Scruffy but saintly truth-tellers.

    2. “Are they at all interested in the opinions of their readers? Or are we incidental?”

      The only opinions they’re interested in are those of rich Uncle Charles and his fat brown envelopes.

    3. Are they at all interested in the opinions of their readers?

      No. We are an embarrassment to them and they openly wish we would go away. But they get libertarian cred for tolerating us.

    4. “Let’s use market forces to shut this bullshit down.”

      Reason used to get a sizable contribution; the last year, they got $10, so they know I didn’t forget.

    5. Subscribing to Glen Greenwald is the best $50 I spent last year.

  21. Trump supporters are too scared to fight Biden supporters on enemy terrain so they attack their allies here at Reason. Ironically, if they actually were courageous, they would have fought before the election (like I did) and Trump could have won and he wouldn’t have to resort to inciting insurrection. They are responsible for their predicament.

    1. What are you babbling about sarc?

      1. Gosh if only you had fought the enemy with this persistence, Trump could have won. You have only yourself to blame.

        1. They’re not “the enemy” shithead, they’re people who disagree with us.

          Try not to be a fucking Nazi ok?

          1. Gosh if only you had fought Biden supporters with the viciousness that you now attack Trump’s supporters like me, Trump would have stood a chance. But you didn’t and it’s too late now.

            1. I’m sorry you’re upset that I won’t fight your battles for you, maybe if you weren’t so ineffectual and histrionic you’d have won.

              That said, I’m not looking to be a Nazi and declare everyone who disgsrees with me as “the enemy” so I guess you’re stuck losing elections.

              1. If you’re saying Sullum is an ally, I agree.

                1. I’m glad you seem to have accepted that you’re by yourself on this “the enemy” thing, Nazi.

                  1. I’m glad you seem to have accepted that Sullum is an ally. The people here just like to argue and insult for the sake of it. But that’s why you keep losing.

            2. “Gosh if only you had fought Biden supporters with the viciousness”

              Ah yes, resorting to calls for violence like a good little Goebbles.

              1. If only you had fought with this viciousness against the enemy, Trump would have stood a chance. Fighting your allies here in your safe space is just cowardice. And it explains why Trump lost. The election wasn’t ‘stolen’.

                1. “If only you had fought with this viciousness against the enemy”

                  Ah yes, resorting to more calls for violence like a good little Goebbles.

                  1. The fight today is online with intellect and bravery not at the capital with force and cowardice. That’s why you lost and will keep losing. Now dig yourself in deeper to prove my point:

                2. “If only you had fought with this viciousness against the enemy, Trump would have stood a chance…”

                  If only you had a second brain-cell, you’d realize what a jackass you are.

                  1. Trump was brave and smart. The problem was that too many of his supporters were hypocritical cowards like you and he knew it which was why armed insurrection was his only option. And it’s why you’ll keep losing unless you learn how to fight the enemy not your allies.

                    1. If only you had a second brain-cell, you’d realize what a jackass you are.

                    2. If only you attacked the enemy before the election with the same vicious persistence that you now cowardly bicker with your allies, Trump could have won.

                    3. If only you had a brain-cell, you’d realize what a jackass you are.

            3. “Trump’s supporters like me”
              Fuck off, you’re too stupid to astroturf properly, so you’re not actually fooling anyone.

              The children’s internet is over there. ===>

              1. Trump lost because you fought his allies like me instead of the enemy. The election wasn’t ‘stolen’. You have only yourself to blame.

                If you are genuinely interested in fighting the socialists, I can help you. If you want to continue to cowardly make excuses for your losses, then keep up this childish nonsense:

                1. The children’s internet is over there, sarcasmic. ===>

                  1. Gosh if only you had fought the enemy with the persistence that you now cowardly attack your allies, Trump wouldn’t have had to resort to incitement of insurrection.

                    1. The children’s internet is over there, sarcasmic. ===>

    2. I’m not sure what you mean, exactly, by this comment.

      When Biden supporters were quite literally on the street, burning things down and in some cases, murdering people, we expected our local politicians (and some national ones as well) to: intervene and ‘unambiguously’ condemn the violence.

      When they not only failed to intervene, but went as far as encouraging the violence, and then eventually even giving it material support, we realized quickly that fighting back was analogous to fighting the police.

      Under normal circumstances (when things are ‘wrong within normal parameters), if an unruly mob attacks me, my family, my home or my property, I would normally have the ability to defend the aforementioned (legally) with the full weight of self-defense laws at my back.

      Instead, it was made quickly apparent that fighting back was seen as the equivalent of shooting a police officer. Any attempt to defend yourself was met with swift, retributive justice.

      So there’s no way in hell I was going to go ‘fight Biden supporters’ in a situation where if I failed to defend myself, I’d likely end up in a body bag, or if I was successful in said fight, I would likely end up in a 6 x 9 cell.

      We essentially had a national Kristallnacht for most of 2020, where if you were the right kind of violent protester, the cops stood back and watched your occupied property burn, but if you were the wrong kind of protester, you were shot in the face or arrested.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean, exactly, by this comment.

        “They did it too. Prove I said that you liar.” HAHA nah.

      2. BLM were never Biden supporters.

        1. Wrong. There were *some* BLM that weren’t Biden supporters, but many were. My street is lined from block to block with BLM and Biden posters, 100% of which exist in the same yard.

          We now know, from a certain article that BLM was instructed to ‘lay low’ in an attempt to help Biden get elected. They dutifully did so which then caused BLM to angrily tweet to the Biden administration, demanding to know why they had been excluded from talks with civil rights leaders.

          Of course, the fact that BLM got fucked by Biden administration just adds to the lulz.

          But on the Venn diagram of political support, there’s considerable overlap with BLM and Biden. Obviously not 100%, but the overlap is there… because BLM and Biden were useful to each other.

          1. Stop equating BLM with terrorists, assmunch.

            All BLM wanted was fewer cops killing people with impunity.

            You’re participating in a racist, fascist attempt to characterize them as somehow just as bad as Trumper terrorists who tried to overthrow the US government. Because that convinces stupid people to keep voting Republican, somehow.


            1. BLM had to scrub their “About Us!” policy goals a few times to get rid of the communism. Someone had to tell them to stop calling themselves “comrades” in their own fact sheets.

              Black lives matter, but BLM is a communist organization, and your accusations of racism are a failed ploy to guilt and shame people away from treating it as what it is. Because you’re a closet communist.

              1. It’s not a crime to be a communist.

                1. It’s a political crime.

                  1. I think being a Trumper is a political crime.

                    No communist tried to overthrow the US government who wasn’t working for the Russians.

                    Trump also worked for the Russians.

                    1. “I think being a Trumper is a political crime.”
                      Assholish opinion from TDS-addled lefty shit.

                      “Trump also worked for the Russians.”
                      Lie from TDS-addled lefty shit.

                2. It’s a crime to have a revolution, which is their stated goal.

                  1. Indeed. And idiots that they are, they decided not to make guns a part of their culture.

                    They’re not a threat to win a single election anywhere, let alone take over.

                    1. They’re still part of the democrat base.

                    2. Oh please, they hate Democrats more than they love their mothers.

                    3. And then they vote for them, like most democrats.

                3. It’s a good thing public dishonesty and stupidity aren’t illegal; shitstain would have gotten a life sentence.

              2. We are feeling many things as we awaken to a world without Fidel Castro. There is an overwhelming sense of loss, complicated by fear and anxiety. Although no leader is without their flaws, we must push back against the rhetoric of the right and come to the defense of El Comandante. And there are lessons that we must revisit and heed as we pick up the mantle in changing our world, as we aspire to build a world rooted in a vision of freedom and the peace that only comes with justice. It is the lessons that we take from Fidel.

                From Fidel, we know that revolution is sparked by an idea, by radical imaginings, which sometimes take root first among just a few dozen people coming together in the mountains. It can be a tattered group of meager resources, like in Sierra Maestro in 1956 or St. Elmo Village in 2013.

                Revolution is continuous and is won first in the hearts and minds of the people and is continually shaped and reshaped by the collective. No single revolutionary ever wins or even begins the revolution. The revolution begins only when the whole is fully bought in and committed to it. And it is never over.

                Revolution transcends borders; the freedom of oppressed people and people of color is all bound up together wherever we are. In Cuba, South Africa, Palestine, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, Grenada, Venezuela, Haiti, African America, and North Dakota. We must not only root for each other but invest in each other’s struggles, lending our voices, bodies, and resources to liberation efforts which may seem distant from the immediacy of our daily existence.

                Revolution is rooted in the recognition that there are certain fundamentals to which every being has a right, just by virtue of one’s birth: healthy food, clean water, decent housing, safe communities, quality healthcare, mental health services, free and quality education, community spaces, art, democratic engagement, regular vacations, sports, and places for spiritual expression are not questions of resources, but questions of political will and they are requirements of any humane society.

                Revolution requires that the determination to create and preserve these things for our people takes precedent over individual drives for power, recognition, and enrichment.

                A final lesson is that to be a revolutionary, you must strive to live in integrity. As a Black network committed to transformation, we are particularly grateful to Fidel for holding Mama Assata Shakur, who continues to inspire us. We are thankful that he provided a home for Brother Michael Finney Ralph Goodwin, and Charles Hill, asylum to Brother Huey P. Newton, and sanctuary for so many other Black revolutionaries who were being persecuted by the American government during the Black Power era. We are indebted to Fidel for sending resources to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and attempting to support Black people in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina when our government left us to die on rooftops and in floodwaters. We are thankful that he provided a space where the traditional spiritual work of African people could flourish, regardless of his belief system.

                With Fidel’s passing there is one more lesson that stands paramount: when we are rooted in collective vision when we bind ourselves together around quests for infinite freedom of the body and the soul, we will be victorious. As Fidel ascends to the realm of the ancestors, we summon his guidance, strength, and power as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for universal freedom. Fidel Vive!

                1. Lessons from Fidel: Black Lives Matter and the Transition of El Comandante

                  if you wonder what BLM would like to see happen, read along as they celebrate the life of Fidel Castro: “Revolution transcends borders; the freedom of oppressed people and people of color is all bound up together wherever we are. In Cuba, South Africa, Palestine, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, Grenada, Venezuela, Haiti, African America,”

                  What they want for America is what they saw in Cuba, Palestine, Haiti, Venezuala! I’m stunned frankly that Zimbabwe was not included in this list. Remember in Zimbabwe white farmers were beaten and burned alive by M’gabe supporters and their farms were confiscated and doled out to “the people”. These actions predicated a famine in Zimbambwe, a nation that had been one of the leading exporters of food in Africa. Seems that none of “the people” knew how to or cared about farming, so no food was grown. This was, of course, the fault of racist colonizers, somehow even though they had mostly fled the country or been murdered.

            2. Mostly peaceful terrorists.

            3. “Stop equating BLM with terrorists,..”

              Yeah, quit being honest. Shitstain’s feelings are hurt.

            4. To protect their autonomous zone, the militants had their own team of roving “security,” like at the CHAZ. They openly carried rifles and pistols. Neighborhood families felt terrorized; some have left.

              SEE ALSO

              Portland’s rage-addicted radicals don’t care about facts, just excuse to riot
              The RHAZ widened its territorial expanse by the day. The militants added additional barricades farther out from the red house to act as a buffer. Graffiti marked their new land: “Hang your landlord.” “Landlords get the wall.” “Kill a cop.”

        2. Seriously sarc we know it’s you not Buttplug.

        3. turd never posts honestly. He’s just too stupid to understand that and hopes you are too.

        4. More like “generic Democrat candidate supporter”.

    3. Shorter AddictionMyth:

      Everyone who doesn’t argue exactly as I do exactly where I do are cowards.

  22. Trump should run for governor of Ohio.

  23. This is because Trump grabbed Sullum by the pussy.

    1. Wow – Best. Comment. Ever.

      Also explains everything.

    2. Correction: Trump said Sullum lets you grab him by the pussy, implying consent.

      1. LOL

  24. Let me preface my statement by saying that I am not in Trump fan and on balance I think he was a crappy President. But Trump bad, therefore everything opposite good is infantile thought.

    But the only thing worse than this impeachment fiasco by the Democrats is those that support it and media (Listen to this Reason) that support it and refuse to report honestly about it. I get the Democrats doing this to drum up their base, even though it is morally reprehensible. At least they have a goal. Pathetic job Sullum. 1 star.

    1. In what possible way is impeaching Trump “morally reprehensible”?

      1. TDS-addled lefty shits are just fine suspending the rule of law so long as Trump is the victim.

      2. To honest, moral people it is morally reprehensible. To dishonest, morally depraved leftist like you, it’s great.

      3. It damages the first amendment right to free speech and it’s being done by a hypocritical class of Pols who have said far worse things to drum up their own bases. Morally reprehensible? Check and check.

  25. this has gotten silly Reason your TDS is showing time for you to get therapy.

    1. Trump supporters are the ones who actually show obvious derangement.

      1. TDS-addled lefty shits always lie like this.

      2. lmao, lmao, lma-f**king-o

  26. Condensed version: Trump should be impeached because he’s a big ickypuss.

    Did I get that right?

  27. Trump started his ineffectual riot quelling too late? I don’t know. I laughed out loud at his video calling for peace, the audacity of peppering it with election complaints.

    Trump’s a dirtbag, but if we impeached every dirtbag in office in DC…

    Yeah, actually that would be pretty nice, come to think about it.

    1. We really need to just automatically impeach every incoming President.

  28. Jacob Sullum is not a libertarian.

    Libertarians do not complain that the state us not authoritarian enough.

    1. Even libertarians endorse government force in response to force.

      1. “force” lol

        1. Watch as he lies about a cop getting murdered.

          1. an unarmed, non-threatening middle-age female protester was shot by a cop

            we are now on Day 35 of the Ashli Babbit riots

            1. And a cop died of a stroke a day after the protests; scared him to death, seemingly.

              1. You are a reprehensible human being.

                1. You are a lying, TDS-addled lefty shit.

            2. “Non-threatening” my ***.

              1. Did she make faces at him, TDS-addled lefty shit?

              2. My, my, Calvinus, what a pussy you are. No wonder you are a progressive piece of crap.

              3. Poor little guy. Must be tough worried about a boogeyman around every corner and under every bed/couch/chair/etc.

            3. She was forcibly entering the Congressional chambers.

              1. You are just looking for justification to shoot unarmed civilians you don’t like. I wouldn’t worry about. Fascists generally don’t need justification.

              2. She was forcibly entering the Congressional chambers doing anything at all WK can use as an excuse for killing her.


        2. The rioters killed a police officer.

          1. *Citation Needed.
            The details matter.
            What are the specifics of his death?
            What authority are you basing that claim on?

          2. The rioters killed a police officer rioted.


      2. Tell us again about how they murdered a cop with a fire extinguisher, sarcasmic.

      3. And yet you cried about police arresting people involved in the BLM riots in unmarked vans (even though they had badges with numbers and department). Odd.

      4. I know, right? Libertarians are not anarchists.

  29. If they can’t impeach Trump for what he did do, they’ll try based on what he didn’t do.

    Hindsight is 20/20.

  30. Would be fun to see Congress in 2023 impeach the fuck outta Biden.

    1. America saw it’s last genuine election ever in 2018. They’re never going to make the mistake of letting the people choose again.

      1. The people DID choose. You just don’t like the people’s choices, because you’re a Trump cultist.

        1. Tell us again about RUSSIA!

        2. “…You just don’t like the people’s choices, because you’re a Trump cultist.”

          TDS-addled lefty shits always lie like thiss.

        3. Everyone on the planet, including you and Sullum, know that the election was frauded.
          You’re not fooling anyone.

    2. From now on, every president with an opposite party House will be impeached. It’s SOP and expected by the voters now.

      1. Republicans can never have power again. It’s that simple. I don’t care whose feelings get hurt or what levers have to be pulled.

        They are clearly out to destroy the United States. They just can’t have power ever again.

        1. It’s not that shitstain is dishonest, it’s that shitstain is too stupid to understand the dichotomy between honesty and dishonesty.

        2. Sometimes you have to destroy democracy to save it.

          1. Let’s start with saving democracy, and we’ll see where we are after all the disenfranchisement efforts, gerrymandering, and electoral college are reversed or corrected.

            If the American people still want Republicans in power even when the majority actually does vote for them, then Republicans should have power, and I’ll be on my way to wherever the farthest place from the nukes is.

            But Americans haven’t wanted Republicans in power in several decades. Pennsylvanians and Wisconsinites don’t want them in charge of their states either. Yet in charge they are.

            Also, they tried to overthrow the US government after losing an election. So what was that about caring about democracy? You should be voting Democrat rain or shine if you cared about democracy.

            1. You ever notice that the more lefties enshrine democracy as end unto itself, the less of of it we actually have?

              Even beyond the “fortification of democracy” that pits a de facto state media against any and all opposition, there’s all those executive orders. And how about all of those unelected, rule by memo, regulatory agencies? And as we centralize and globalize more politically, your vote means less and less.

              And I’m curious to see how all of these race baiting white lefty college politicos feel a few decades down the road, when black and brown votes make America more religious than its been since the 1920s? And they shake you off like a case of bad fleas. Will it still be all about democracy when the reigns to the cart slip out of your hands?

              1. We are drifting toward what I would call Fascism with American characteristics: Big Tech + Big Government.

            2. “It was a crime of passion, Tony, not a disenfranchised citizen. Everyone here is extremely enfranchised.”
              -Michael Scott

        3. Tony, tell us what you think is the essence of the USA. I don’t think you have a clue, sad little leftist.

          1. Essence of bullshit, by Calvin Klein.

            The USA is whatever the people who control the USA want it to be. It is widely believed to be the forebear of modern democracy, operating on the principle that the people in control of the USA should be the people who live there.

            It sure as hell wasn’t about worshiping a mentally retarded orange cult leader, that’s for damn sure. Trump is the very person the electoral college exists to protect, in theory. Oops.

            It has other essences, which you can catch of whiff of if you ever take a break from masturbating to God Bless the USA. But can you really be a great power without some genocide and slavery? Perhaps going forward we can.

            First step, kill Nazis, don’t elect them. That’s your fucking essence.

            1. First step, kill Nazis, don’t elect them.

              As you define Nazis to be anyone who disagrees with you, this likely isn’t the best way forward.

        4. Tony is very worried about the GOP destroying American freedoms, so he thinks American freedoms should be destroyed.

          But remember everyone. Somehow Tony isn’t the actual nutball authoritarian fascist, it’s everybody else.

          1. It’s not American freedoms I want to destroy. I want to rip those freedoms from the disgusting hands of traitors and keep them for myself. It’s the Republican party I want to see destroyed. It’s doing a heckuva job all by itself too.

            1. As much as the commentariat tried, not a shred of self-awareness was felt by Tony that day.

  31. If you condemn and (and want to deter future) political violence, I can think of no worse way than to have among the worst people in America as the prosecutors: people who have nothing but contempt for this country and its founding ideals: Joaquin Castro, Eric Swalwell, Joseph Neguse, and the others.

    1. And don’t forget Trump and everyone else who tried to learn and share evidence of voting fraud were censored and canceled like they were living in communist China.

      Would you be “incited” if Biden admitted that he is planning to remove 1a from the constitution and had all media censor all opposition to his plans?

      1. But he’s going to LeGaLiZe marijuana! So while you can’t go to the gym without two masks, you CAN watch Netflix and toke up.

        1. Yeah,

          Vote for me, free hookers and booze.

          1. we’ll free the hookers, but you still have to pay them

            1. Run your own campaign.

            2. So the hookers will be free as in speech, but not free as in beer?

            3. You’ll have to talk to finance about that. We’ll see if it’s in the budget.

      2. There was no such “evidence of voting fraud”.

        1. Without subscribing to conspiracy theories as to what may or may not have happened and the lack of proof thereof…

          I’ll just say that it would be fairly easy in a mass-mail ballot state to simply “disappear” ballots for the other guy. You can count and recount all you want, and the numbers will always come out the same. But it is impossible to know how many ballots had ACTUALLY been cast, but never showed up in any count, because it was trivially easy to just get rid of them.

          For example, a postal employee making her rounds could just drop the outgoing ballots she picked up from houses with Trump (or Biden, if she leaned the other way) signs into a bag and drop that bag into the trash at McDonald’s as she gets a cup of coffee on her way back to the Post Office. What safeguards exist that prevent that? None. What audits have been done to determine if anything like this might have actually happened? None. There never will be. It’s probably racist to even suggest the possibility.

          And that’s not even involving a conspiracy or bad actions by election officials. If election officials choose to act in bad faith, determining that they did so requires significant effort and several methods would be nearly impossible to detect without additional auditable actions being added to the ballots and the processes (tossing mailed-in ballots still being the easiest and least likely to be traced). But again, no one will even be allowed to make that effort.

          We can’t even say how many illegal aliens voted in the Presidential election. Please don’t say “Zero. They’re not allowed to vote for president.”

          I want every single person who is eligible to vote be able to do so if they choose to do so.

          At the same time, I want to be able to verify that each ballot cast is cast by an eligible voter, who is voting their own ballot, in the district in which they legally reside as citizens, and that they are voting once and only once.

          I want the counting methods to be repeatable and auditable, to help ensure that only valid ballots cast by actual eligible voters are counted.

          I want the people doing the counting (or running the counting machines) to be impartial, or since there can be no such thing, at least have equal number of partisans working each step (sort of like solving the problem by “one of you gets to cut the cake, the other gets first pick”, which tends to result in *precisely* even slices).

          1. Watch the video.

            The proof of voter fraud is there. Physically recounted votes showed that the machines flipped thousands of votes from Trump to Biden in the counties audited.

            What you want didn’t happen and it won’t until the censorship ends and ithe details of the fraud are exposed by nationwide audits and bringing ALL the guilty to justice.

      3. It’s traitorous to even think there could possibly be any voter fraud and especially if you think it was perpetrated by Democrats. This is getting so surreal.

  32. Huh?

    There’s only one article of impeachment.
    You can’t make up others on the fly, and “failing to condemn someone’s actions enough” hardly rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

    1. Apparently it does rise to the level of thoughtcrime though.

    2. Exactly this. I don’t give a shit about Trump. But procedures are procedures. If the House had wanted to impeach him for these sorts of things, they should have done so. Instead, their sole article of impeachment is one that bears an extremely high burden of proof. Stop whining about the completely unforced error.

      1. They never wanted to actually impeach and convict Trump. This was all political theater. They believe there are plenty of people stupid enough to lap up their hysterical bullshit. I haven’t seen anything to prove them wrong.

    3. Even if he had condemned the actions *immediately* and with Presidential vigor, it would still not have been enough. How many times did he expressly condemn white supremacists? Kayleigh McEnany ran down a list once in a presser, showing that it will NEVER be enough.

  33. “A politician refusing to condemn violent action that he had nothing to do with should be an impeached offense”

    RIP Reason
    19?? – 2021

    When Biden signs executive order coming after our guns, you know exactly who to blame, Jacob.

    BTW, who intentionally refused to reinforce the capitol police? Who effectively escorted the protesters inside the building? The police stood down constantly as cities burned, and Trump was declared Hitler for sending federal agents to protect a federal courthouse. But oh no, Trump didn’t condemn violence soon enough.

    1. Trump was a more anti-gun President than Obama.

    2. But, I have been assured over and over again that this riot was all foreseeable.

  34. Dems aren’t condemning Antifa/BLM violence.
    Capitol police had warning something was coming. Did nothing, turned down offers of help.

    Fuck off, Reason.

    1. Most of those riots perpetrated by BLM/ANTIFA could legitimately be called insurrections. “Insurrection” is against “the government”. There is no requirement that it be only against the Federal government. The media and Democrats are such hypocrites, but I can’t say it’s unexpected or surprising.

  35. I used to donate to Reason and attend their conferences. But this article reminds me that it became like spending holidays with my idiot Progressive in-laws.

  36. Jacob Sullum: if you had devoted one tenth as many articles to all the Democratic-sponsored and encouraged Antifa and BurnLootMurder riots as you do to this Trump nothing burger, you might have some credibility.

    As it is, you have none. I am done reading your articles, I don’t care what they are. You could even come late to the game and condemn the Democratic-inspired riots, and I wouldn’t read them

    You are a classic TDS victim.

  37. As Prof Turley has argued previously, the House should have done a proper investigation, had witnesses, etc. Instead, we’re impeaching a former President based on second and third hand conjecture by unnamed sources. How is that ok? Even more disappointing is that Reason is not only ok with it but finds it convincing. Are there any libertarians left on staff?

    1. Turley is a buffoon who makes nonsensical arguments on behalf of Trump because he was paid to do so.

      There was no “conjecture” involved in this impeachment. And the House hardly needed to waste time “investigating” a crime that each of them personally witnessed.

      1. Which members of Congress were outside listening to the President’s speech? Sure they may have been witnesses to the riot, but I’d wager few if any were actually witnesses to the “incitement”. I doubt any of them were even watching it on TV.

      2. “…And the House hardly needed to waste time “investigating” a crime that each of them personally witnessed.”

        The crime of wrongthink, TDS-addled asshole?

    2. Almost all the evidence is tweets and videos. Much better then witnesses.

      1. “Almost all the evidence is tweets and videos. Much better then witnesses.”

        Evidence of wrongthink, TDS-addled asshsole?

    3. One of the sources was Senator Lee. Who objected to hearsay evidence in his name, when he was in the room and could have answered the question himself about what he said.

  38. We’ll take the votes and see if it justifies impeachment by the only criteria that matters.

    Good luck!

  39. nearly an hour into Trump’s inflammatory speech

    to call the content of Trump’s remarks “inflammatory” is basically insane. It was typical run of the mill political pabulum, nothing more.

    I suspect the author of this article never actually read the transcript of Trump’s statements.

  40. Wow…and I thought the comments over at National Review were nuts…

    1. Buzzfeed is over there. ===>

      1. Thanks for proving my point. That was easy. Enjoy the Kool-Aid.

        1. The fact that you think this article had any validity proves you don’t have a point.

        2. “…Enjoy the Kool-Aid…”

          The 6th grade have been the best 4 years of this asshole’s life.

          1. Such wit! You were missed at the Algonquin Roundtable, Sparky.

            And BTW…it is the 6th grade “has been”, not “have been”, genius.

            1. “…And BTW…it is the 6th grade “has been”, not “have been”, genius.”

              TDS-addled lefty shit is a grammar Nazi besides!
              Fuck off and die, asshole.

              1. Pettifogging about minutiae is White Knight’s stock-in-trade. I do believe we’ve discovered his new sockpuppet.

        3. The fact that you think anyone proved your point is a sad reflection of your intellect. Typical lefty. Supremely stupid and arrogant.

  41. Sullum is the new Shikha, content-wise. His writing is such emotional, unhinged garbage, it’s hard to believe it’s not just click-bait. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was- there’s not much actual thought provoking libertarian content on this site anymore.

    People need to stop engaging with his articles. When his clicks go down, maybe his pieces will get better or they’ll fire him.

    1. He’s just another brainwashed dipshit, like you.

      When you learn to refute bullshit, instead of just complaining about it when you trip over it, that will have an effect.

      1. When will you start doing that? It might be interesting.

  42. This article belongs at the bottom of the page with the Tommy Chong CBD link and other clickbait blandishments. It’s not Reason in any sense of the word. I won’t get fooled again.

  43. Here’s Reason bemoaning the media for their double standards on refusing to call out the occupation of the Wisconsin state legislature back in the day.

    “Fast-forward to the protests earlier this year against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s austerity measures in Wisconsin. Those protests involved the occupation of the statehouse, nine arrests in the first three days, and more than a few “ugly signs.” Nevertheless, they were termed “largely peaceful” (The Washington Post); “largely peaceful, with only nine people cited for minor acts of civil disobedience” (ABC News); “loud but peaceful” (The New York Times); “peaceful” (San Francisco Chronicle); “respectful and peaceful” (USA Today); etc.”

    —-A. Barton Hinkle, July 5, 2011

    Despite the Democrats flooding the legislature to try to prevent them from passing an austerity bill (the death of democracy!), no unarmed protesters were shot for trespassing on public property, and Reason didn’t feel compelled to join in the chorus with the rest of the media.

    How times have changed.

    1. such short memories

      Paul tweeted that he “Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House,” and he thanked police for “literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.”

  44. The irony is, every “This Was An Insurrection Of Massive Proportions” article I’ve seen in this publication includes a picture of: people walking up a staircase in single file, or standing around gesticulating. They can’t even find a photo that makes it look like a big deal.

    1. From a Newsweek article: Justice Department court filing has revealed that at least 134 police officers were assaulted during the Capitol riots on January 6. The document says that 81 officers from the Capitol Police force and 58 from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department sustained injuries when crowds of Donald Trump supporters breached the building

      Haven’t you watched ANY videos of that day???? Or was it all a hoax?

      1. Do you have a link to the Newsweek article, or are people supposed to take the word of anonymous commenters on the internet for anything?

        1. Not that this will convince you, but:

          But the riot was just a left-wing hoax, right.

          1. I didn’t say it was a hoax.

            Thanks for the link.

            Now can you explain why President Trump’s speech was responsible for that?

            1. Why don’t you explain why it matters to you what happens to ex-president Trump. He’s just the most corrupt politician to ever live. Since when did you give a shit about them?

              1. Shitstain has a raging case of TDS, therefore laws and rules of justice do not apply to the person shitstain is fixated upon.

                1. It’s hard to think of being TOO disappointed in Trump.

                  He was the first president to deny a peaceful transition of power. We were kind of proud of that. He destroyed that legacy, forever. Trump. Fat, stupid Trump.

                  You’d think you flag-humping cousinfuckers would be a little sad about what he did to your country. Funny, it must have always been a crock of shit.

                  Enjoy AOC being the face of the real American from here to the future.

                  1. Tony
                    February.11.2021 at 7:35 pm
                    “It’s hard to think..”

                    We understand your limitations, TDS-addled asshole.

                    1. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” should actually be applied to his cult who love him unconditionally, without an ounce of criticism, slavishly making every excuse known to man for him, and believing he’s sent by god.

                      Because *that* shit is deranged.

                      What a lot of people have is TFS:

                      “Trump Fealty Syndrome”

                    2. Trump derangement syndrome:

                      The belief that behaviors and policies you would find utterly unacceptable from any other source see just fine when the name Trump is attached to them. A form of herd-like antihero worship engaged in by people who think they are “edgy” and nonconformist.

                    3. TDS-addled shits tend to make that claim, TDS-addled shit.

                  2. He was the first president to deny a peaceful transition of power.

                    Do you not recall the Clinton to Bush Jr. transition? Vandalism? Ws removed from keyboards? Etc, etc, etc?

                    Grow up dolt.

      2. You have not yet said how Trump is responsible for the others. You’re appealing to emotion. Did you do the same with the BLM riots and the democrats who supported them?

        1. yawbus is White Knight and he’s deliberately posted an old article in which many of the claims (like Sicknick being killed by rioters) has been ruled out.

          What a dishonest fuck he is.

        1. just think, if they had kept up the Capitol riot for weeks they might have started catching up with the BLM numbers

          More than 2,000 law enforcement officers were injured in the first weeks of protests over the summer following the police killing of George Floyd, according to a report released in October

          it’s all Calvinball to them

          1. What point are you trying to make? Terrorists get a mulligan as long as you can point to someone else committing a crime sometime else?

            1. “Terrorists get a mulligan as long as you can point to someone else committing a crime sometime else?”

              Apparently the BLM terrorists got a bunch of mulligans.
              What that has to do with the 1/6 protest is a mystery to everyone but TDS-addled lefty shits like you.

              1. Everything you believe is a lie.

                1. lol let’s see if the Capital rioters whose rights have already been illegally violated by BOA get similar treatment

                  Most of the approximately 550 people arrested in Portland, Oregon, since May 29 in protests against police brutality and systemic racism won’t be prosecuted, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced Tuesday.

                  1. btw note some of those people who were not changed went on to commit serious crimes up to and including murder

                    a fact that is already the basis of several lawsuits

                  2. How many were bailed out or had fines paid by Hollywood elites, sports figures, Kamala Harris and other members of the Biden campaign staff? More than once?

                  3. Probably because they can’t prove any crimes.

                    1. lol no, they had video

                      several DAs have openly stated they will not prosecute anything they consider “property damage”

                      including arson

                      in which “peaceful protesters” first barricaded the doors

                      so everyone inside would be trapped and die

                    2. in fact it got so bad that local officers started asking to be federally deputized

                      so when they were attacked, the perps could be federally charged, so the local DAs could be cut out of the loop

                      · October 28 ·. A Black Lives Matter activist is now the first to be federally charged with assaulting a cross-deputized cop in Portland at a riot.

                      somehow I doubt that’s going to be necessary for the Capital riot

                2. “Everything you believe is a lie.”

                  You haven’t the mental abilities to discriminate between facts and lies, so we’ll make allowances regarding that comment.

            2. That is exactly what they’re saying. Violence is okay if both sides do it!

              1. I think they’re wondering why Republicans are the only ones who have to live up to democrat standards of decency and non-violence?

                1. Who else is there?

                  1. Oh,I forgot to add:

                    Perhaps they can also remember events beyond 30 or so days ago?

                    1. As far back as I can remember, everything was going to shit because an incompetent psychopath treated the greatest country on earth precisely the way he treats casinos and beauty pageant contestants.

                      In the mists of the long long ago, I see a black guy and things were good. I don’t care if he was Kenyan, at least he’s not orange.

                    2. I forgot the “insurrection is bad unless I’m doing it because I really really really don’t like the president” clause.

            3. I think the point is that “terrorists” with the correct political beliefs get a mulligan.

      3. “…Justice Department court filing has revealed that at least 134 police officers were assaulted during the Capitol riots on January 6. The document says that 81 officers from the Capitol Police force and 58 from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department sustained injuries when crowds of Donald Trump supporters breached the building..”

        Running down stairs is dangerous; they should have walked.

      4. “…Haven’t you watched ANY videos of that day???? Or was it all a hoax?”

        TDS-addled lefty shit, look at the picture at the top of the article: One protester is armed with a finger and another one with a camera!
        Now look at the armor the DNC’s shock-toop is wearing.
        I guess all those troops had their feelings ‘injured’.
        Fuck off and die.

    2. “They were just tourists! Who broke a few windows to get in! Who brought zip tie handcuffs with them, for funsies! Who built a gallows out front, for no reason at all! Who chanted ‘Hang Mike Pence’ – what they really meant was, ‘Hang Mike Pence’s Portrait On The Wall of Honor’. No Big Deal!”

      1. I’m sure you can find one person who, individually, made each one of those statements or did those things.
        Which makes you, on top of being a TDS-addled lefty asshole, a champion cherry picker.
        Are you hoping for an increase in the M/W, asshole?

        1. Gosh, chemjeff, why are you so focused on all the negative aspects of the riot? You’re a real downer.

          1. Remember last summer how you chortled when the Whitehouse was attacked and Trump was rushed to a safe room, or how you said nothing when protesters had a guillotine erected for weeks outside the Capitol.
            But all of a sudden a guy hanging Gadsden flags with zip ties and a fake gibbet is a threat to the nation?

            What a fucking poseur you are.

          2. Gosh, TDS-addled piece of lefty shit, why are you constantly posting lies?

    3. If you have not seen videos that make it a big deal then you have not been paying attention at all. The videos are everywhere.

      1. Got a link to the one where that cop shot that un-armed woman, TDFS-addled asshole?

        1. The one who was forcing her way into the Congressional chambers? That one.

          1. She wasn’t forcing her way in. A child could have crawled through that window (and I’m sure you would have cheered as the copy shot the child).

      2. Show me one that shows me something worse than the attack on the Whitehouse last summer.
        Someone got shot apparently so maybe that.

        1. Mother’s somehow never learned that two wrongs don’t make a right.

          1. When you are prosecuting a political crime then be expected to hear all the times in the recent past you failed to uphold those same values. Either you use a single standard for all politicians or you use it for none.


      “Raskin said he’ll never forget the haunting sound of a battering ram that rioters pounded against the House door. He recalled how a rioter mercilessly pummeled a police officer with an American flag pole. Other officers suffered brain damage, had their eyes gouged and one lost three fingers, Raskin said. Officer Brian Sicknick died from his injuries the next day.”

      Fuck you.

      1. “…Other officers suffered brain damage, had their eyes gouged and one lost three fingers, Raskin said. Officer Brian Sicknick died from his injuries the next day.”…”

        And TDS-addled lefty shits like you buy that bullshit.
        Raskin tried for an emmy in “drama-queen”, made claims not supported by one bit of evidence and TDS-addled lefty shits like you swallowed it whole.
        How does it feel to be such a fucking gullible useful idiot, asshole?

      2. Officer Brian Sicknick died from his injuries the next day.

        That did not happen.

  45. There is an old axiom in law that applies to due process. A person has to be put on notice of the charge or legal violation he/she has been accused of. No matter what anyone says, an impeachment proceeding is a legal proceeding, and due process applies.

    Sullum’s column turns that principle on its head. It says “Even if Trump was solely accused of incitement before the Capitol storming, he should still be impeached for what he did afterward – even though he was not accused/charged/notified of this new alleged offense.”

    For a supposed libertarian, this is a very un-constitutional attitude.

    1. Exactly. All of these offenses could have been their own articles of impeachment. I really do not understand how the House fucked this up this badly. Isn’t it full of lawyers? Shouldn’t they know to make every legal argument they can?

    2. No matter what anyone says, an impeachment proceeding is a legal proceeding, and due process applies.

      Impeachment is a political process, not a legal one.
      That’s why it’s conducted in Congress and not in a court of law, and why it’s decided by Senators and not an impartial jury.

      1. “Impeachment is a political process, not a legal one.”

        TDS-addled lefty asshole:
        ‘So long as Trump is being tried, the rule of law can be ignored!’

        1. He’s right, though. Impeachment is a political process. At that level, the only applicable law is the Constitution itself.

      2. Which is why every single impeachment was a ridiculous kangaroo court.

      3. Impeachment is supposed to be conducted before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, giving it the imprimatur of a legal proceeding.

        Can we settle and say that it is “quasi-legal” in nature?

  46. Strange that a riot or insurrection took place yet the bldg still stands. No fires. Only a cop shot and killed someone. Remember that time a bolshevik set off a bomb in the senate offices? She now raises money for BLM. Citizens are being played. Both parties scream of election fraud. Neither wants to do anything about it. If cops can and are used to help count every vagabond in the country for the census takers the nation can surly conducted an in person verification of registered voters to ensure they are real and are eligible to vote. No it will never happen. Trump certainly didn’t help in this instance. Impeachment doesn’t help. It does distract from the daily loss of individual freedom Americans face. Distracts from ending forever wars, supported oddly enough by Democrats, whom became pro-war when Trump tried to end them. Distracts from wide open borders while the folks in charge want to demand proof of a negative covid-19 test while folks carrying all kinds of diseases walk freely over the border. Distracts from more debt, higher gas prices. Both parties are responsible for what happened that day. Both parties have encouraged such behavior.

    1. Yes, the insurrection didn’t succeed. Your point?

      1. “Yes, the insurrection didn’t succeed…”

        You continually misspell “protest”, but given you’re a TDS-addled asshole, it’s expected you can’t spell.

      2. And what insurrection would that be, Grima? When Antifa was shooting rockets into federal buildings including court houses?

      3. Yes, the insurrection didn’t succeed wasn’t tried.


  47. I’m no Trump supporter, but I still don’t understand exactly what he was supposed to “do” during the riot. I don’t think he has any authority over the Capitol Police or the DC Police. Should he have ordered the Air Force to bomb the rioters?

    1. He shouldn’t have spread lies about the election because it hurt his fee-fees to lose.

      1. Fuck off Tony.

      2. Ah, that’s incitement now? Don’t you believe that Stacey Abrams is the legitimate Governor of Georgia? Why is that not a lie about the election? Try to be intellectually honest, just once.

        1. Did Stacey Abrams supporters storm the US capitol on her ordersx and attempt to overthrow the US government?

          What was that? Stacey Abrams supporters didn’t do that? Oh. One is curious why she’s being brought up then.

          1. “Did Stacey Abrams supporters storm the US capitol on her ordersx and attempt to overthrow the US government?”

            The voices in shitstain’s head here think this has some relevance to the 1/6 protesters.
            Shitstain is stooooopid in many, many ways.

          2. “Did Stacey Abrams supporters storm the US capitol on her ordersx and attempt to overthrow the US government?”

            Trump supporters didn’t do that either, Herr Goebbels.

            1. They did precisely that. You should watch some of the impeachment trial. It’s all nicely organized in video format.

              1. “Did Stacey Abrams supporters storm the US capitol — fair enough

                on her orders — dubious. Need to interpret intent, dog whistles, and silence as complicity. Also that people who originally were not planning to storm the capitol were incited by Trump’s speech, which didn’t until until after the ‘siege’ began.

                attempt to overthrow the US government? — I don’t know how anyone could believe this was the intent of Trump… Do they really think a couple hundred unarmed protesters were going to set up a puppet government?

                1. CHAZ was very explicitly an insurrection

                  they quite emphatically did not recognize any civil authority

                  to prove it, they lit up two unarmed black teens in a truck b/c BLM “security” believed the teens were white supremacists doing a drive-by shooting, while screaming shit at them like “oh you aren’t dead yet?”

                  Democrats called it a “summer of love” and refused to do anything about CHAZ for weeks and weeks

                  local businesses fled, sued the city, or both, while pathetically attempting to appease their occupiers with free food and signs bearing desperate please like “MINORITY-OWNED, CHILDREN LIVE ABOVE STORE, PLEASE DON’T BURN DOWN”

                  media (particularly Vox) maintained everything was awesome in CHAZ

                  eventually (of course) Dems paid off the left-wing terrorists

                  and 90% of the crimes went totally uncharged

                  b/c shockingly, no one involved would talk to police

          3. So, you now agree it’s perfectly OK for a candidate to claim the election was stolen. You seem to keep flip-flopping on this.

            1. Yes, it’s perfectly ok for a candidate to claim anything about any election ever. They can claim it was stolen, they can claim it wasn’t. It was ok when Gore did it, ok when Hillary did it, and ok when Trump did it. That pesky 1st Amendment….

    2. Recall he did get the national guard involved when the far left antifablm riots tried to invade the white house. And he took a lot of fire for it. So the media and democrats apparently don’t want him to use the military when it’s their shock troops.

      Anyway the national guard was called in eventually.

      1. They didn’t try to do that.

        You don’t have a right to believe lies. You have a right to get educated like a proper adult.

        1. “You don’t have a right to believe lies. You have a right to get educated like a proper adult.”

          Nobody believes your lies, shitstain.

        2. “You don’t have a right to believe lies. ”

          Sure he does. Everyone does.

          How would anyone get elected to any office if people didn’t believe their lies?

          One might be stupid to believe in lies, but people are also allowed to be stupid.

          1. Actually people don’t. We pay good money to educate people in this country, and when they get on a witness stand, their mere beliefs are only permitted to exist so long as they stay in their heads and out of their mouths.

            People believing lies is what causes wars. Usually not so on-the-nose as WMDs, but I know I have an interest in people knowing what facts are, and that’s what I’m going to vote for.

            1. “…We pay good money to educate people in this country,..”

              Unfortunately, shitstain is an example of the failure of the government to use that money to produce anything other than a fucking lefty ignoramus whose acquaintance to reality is limited.

        3. You don’t have a right to believe lies.

          Yes, you do. You have the right to believe anything you want to believe. You have the right to believe the fantastical which can never be proven correct. It’s called freedom dipsh*t.

        4. You have a right to get educated like a proper adult.

          No, you don’t. You are under no obligation to “get educated” like an adult or anything else. You can believe the earth is flat and only 5K old and you are under no obligation whatsoever to take science classes to try to learn otherwise.

          You are seriously ignorant of freedom. F**king dolt.

      2. Trump did nothing of the sort because the president does not control states’ National Guard. Governors are the ones who have the power to send in the National Guard, not the POTUS.

        1. “Trump did nothing of the sort because the president does not control states’ National Guard.

          Ok, we know we’ve got a new, TDS-addled lefty asshole, and they tend toward a mental capacity not anywhere close to ‘average’, but you’d think they (like Tony and turd) would avoid lying in such a transparent manner:
          “Ike Places Ark. National Guard Under Army Control; U.S. Troops Guard Negroes Entering School”

  48. Jacob Sullum, please give us absolute proof of Trumps imaginary grievance? You can’t, because no investigation to negate the charges has been allowed. Why not, if there is nothing to hide and only the truth to be found out? We know for sure at least 4 states elected officials ignored their States Constitutions laws at the very least, and that is not disputable. Their State Constitution clearly state only the Legislature can change the election laws and not any one elected official, even the Governor.
    For four years this man has been lied about, harassed, impeach on a known fake Steele Dossier, lied about in the news, and you wonder why he seemed less than worried about his opposition? I don’t, it seems even what he did was altruistic considering what he has been through the last few years.

    1. Hey Jake, I am not a Trump supporter, or a Biden supporter for that matter. I am a libertarian that found a lot of problems with Trump ( and even more with Biden), from executive orders, his budgets, and his signing ever domestic spying bill put in front of him. What I do believe in is the Constitution, Bill of Rights and equal justice under the law. None are being achieved by what is going on, and as a libertarian you should be very concerned about the constitutionality of impeaching a private citizen. If charges are warranted Trump should be charged in criminal court. You should also be more concerned about the lack of due process in this so called impeachment, and the precedent being set which will be detirmental to the country for decades to come. You really need to search your soul and see if you are libertarian. You are letting hate override good judgement.

      1. The process is perfectly constitutional. The Senate voted on the matter.

        He’ll get his criminal charges too.

        Don’t you think it’s not plausible that presidents get an entire month of not only being a lame duck, but being free from literally all consequences for their actions?

        They can’t be prosecuted for normal crimes AND they can’t be impeached for that month. Why is that a good idea?

        1. Good luck with that theory. The Office of Legal Counsel disagrees with you.

          1. The OLC thinks presidents get a free month of being absolutely above all legal consequences for their actions? And it’s the month right before they leave office? Surely not.

        2. The Senate voting on an issue is hardly the criteria for making it Constitutional. The Senate has passed any number of bills later ruled to have been unconstitutional.

          1. In impeachment, the Senate’s opinion is very much is the only criterion that matters. They’re the jury.

      2. No. A former President should be impeached for his conduct while he was still a sitting President. That is what is happening here. A lame duck President doesn’t get a free ride in January to violate his oath of office. What a horrible argument.

    2. Yes it absolutely is “disputable”. More than that, it’s objectively false.

    3. Investigation? This all played out in public, and was recorded widely on video and in photos.

      1. “…This all played out in public, and was recorded widely on video and in photos.”

        TDS-addled asshole: “The wrongthink is recorded!”

  49. “Trump’s considered view, in other words, was that his supporters’ deadly violence”

    This an actionable defamation, and many are likely to be sued for making the claim. There is no evidence violence by Trump supporters led to a single death.

    1. True at this point the narrative about the capitol policeman who died a day later is proving to be quite false. No media outlet has corrected their lies.

      1. None have apologized for the Trump/Russki lies, either.

        1. Because they’re not lies.

          1. You.

          2. You are pathetic. Why are you here?

            1. He’s here because he’s a Trump cultist. His only line of attack is to call anyone who criticized dear leader a (mean word) TDS sufferer. He’s the worst.

              1. That doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

                1. That doesn’t but his claim does.

      2. no evidence of the “trampling” death either

        sort of amazing when you consider Biden is militarily occupying DC for months (perhaps years, for all we know) over a riot in which only Trump supporters died, and none of them from protester violence

        1. Maybe we should write apology letters to all the terrorists.

          1. Maybe libertarians should give a shit that an unarmed woman who posed a threat to no one was murdered by a cop.

            1. Since when do you kindly ask each member of a violent mob with the stated intention of killing anyone in sight which ones really mean it before you shoot them?

              It’s a miracle there wasn’t more death, on both sides. Just be glad about that.

              What kind of retard attacks Congress without a plan to win? A retard with a death wish. How do you possibly not understand that?

              1. The Trump supporters were unarmed. Sullivan, the BLM guy had a gun. But the protesters weren’t planning to kill anybody except in your fevered imagination.

              2. we should employ the left’s standard response to rioting terrorist insurrectionists

                accede to their demand and give them billions of dollars


                1. is anyone sensing a trend?

                  fire and scorn for Republicans

                  pallets of cash for actual terrorists


                2. I’m going by your standard of how you would treat an unarmed child for trespassing on your lawn.

                  The selective empathy here is fucking ridiculous. It can only be the case that your brain is jacked into Newsmax or something where they’re feeding you poor terrorist lady shit all day.

                  1. You’re just ranting at this point, Tony.

                    1. Only a FOX New junkie could possibly care about that dead traitor.

                      I didn’t cry when we killed Osama bin Laden in his pajamas either.

                    2. Wow Tony – you’re either a parody without a conscious or just a run-of-the-mill POS.

                  2. there are unarmed children on my property literally every day

                    I wave and smile

                    because they aren’t trying to burn down my house

  50. What’s that sound I hear? The helicopter coming to move the goalposts?

    1. Now explain why BLM doing something they didn’t do somehow excuses Trumpers for doing something they did do.

      1. It isn’t that shitstain here is dishonest, it’s that s/hes too stupid to understand there is an objective reality and the steaming piles of shit s/he posts have no correspondence to it.

        1. What is your favorite source of news?

          1. It isn’t that shitstain here is dishonest, it’s that s/hes too stupid to understand there is an objective reality and the steaming piles of shit s/he posts have no correspondence to it.

            1. If you believe in objective reality, then I’m sure you are not ashamed to tell me what your objective news sources are.

              1. What are yours?

                1. I read everything. I know what’s actually going on, and I know what you people think is going on. I know it before you know it yourselves.

                  But sauce for the goose, I get actual current events information from: the Washington Post, New York Times, Reason, CNN, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, PBS, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, Drudge, Slate, the BBC and Le Monde. Give or take a USA Today.

                  Et toi?

                  1. So, mostly Democratic mouthpieces.

                  2. “I read everything…”

                    If that claim is true, you ignore every bit of truth you happen upon. IOWs:

              2. “If you believe in objective reality, then I’m sure you are not ashamed to tell me what your objective news sources are.”

                The less TDS-addled lefty shits know about me, the better.
                Suffice to say the Journal is a good start.

  51. I love how the idiot Sullum’s first paragraph quotes hostile MSM sources quoting another hostile “Never Trump” GOPe source in turn quoting un-named “senior white house sources,” followed by the second paragraph which he begins by admitting this is horseshit before sanctifying said horseshit as the Truth by invoking the Democrat impeachment ring-masters who “emphasize” that, “These accounts are consistent with Trump’s public behavior after the protest…”

    Man, that is some serious third hand, anonymous shit talk that Sullum tries his best to characterize as incontrovertible evidence. But I guess by Democrat standards, which are also apparently Reason’s standards now, this is considered incontrovertible evidence.

  52. If you didn’t want an angry mob, you shouldn’t have stolen the election.

    1. Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of all of this is people who can’t wrap their heads around the fact that most Americans didn’t want Donald Trump to be president anymore. They didn’t want him the first time!

      What fucking insane world do you people live in where he’s a good president? He isn’t even good at his day job. He’s done nothing but lose money and get bailed out by Russians his entire life.

      You were had by the most obvious con man to ever exist. You should think about why you’re so dumb and never vote again.

      1. They’re cultists. They can’t comprehend the reality that their cult leader is massively unpopular.

        1. Some cults have the decency to flee the country and drink poisoned kool-aid at this stage.

          I’m starting to really appreciate the cults that just leave the rest of us alone.

          1. other cults get billions of dollars and a free pass from DAs


            According to The New York Times, one recent Black Lives Matter online petition alone brought in $5 million in contributions, more than financial records indicate the group spent in fiscal year 2019. Black Lives Matter Global Network managing director Kailee Scales told The Times the national outrage over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody has become “a watershed moment for all black-led organizing groups.”

            1. These irrelevant BLM distractions might as well be a bumper sticker on your forehead that says “I’m a racist cunt, and by racist I mean I go to rallies.”

              1. lol by the MSM Capitol riot standards of “anyone who died anywhere near the protest for any reason” BLM has already killed hundreds of people

          2. Sarcasmic and Tony are having a little wank I see.

            Tell me again about peeing Russian hookers and how Jussie is a national hero, boys.

            1. Your media diet must be more specific than I thought. You just skip over the whole coup attempt and pandemic and go back to Jussie Smollett? Geez Louise. I don’t even know what your complaint is with that. Some black homosexual was a liar and so Donald Trump should get to be president some more?

        2. “They’re cultists. They can’t comprehend the reality that their cult leader is massively unpopular.”

          TDS-addled assholes always lie about this.

        3. Some of you cannot accept the fact that millions of people who voted for Trump were not “Trumpers” or “Trumpistas”…they never wanted Trump, and were never “in the cult”. In the elections, they simply looked at the various candidates and held their nose and voted for the candidate that offended them the least.

          We’d appreciate it if you could at least acknowledge that fact.

          Personally, I voted for Trump the first time based on one issue: SCOTUS appointments, particularly as they might relate to 2nd Amendment cases.

          Consider this email I sent to a family member during the first campaign (this relative was very strongly anti-Trump at the time, and had berated me for even contemplating voting for Trump, saying he would be a dictator):

          re: dictator…we have one now and GOP in Congress will do nothing simply because of the color of his skin. If HRC wins, they will do nothing because of her sex, and she will continue in the same vein as Obama, and by her own admission will appoint SC Justices who will gut 2nd Amendment.

          Let’s say Trump wins. GOP Congress, who for the most part hate him, will have no qualms about cutting him off at the knees–he’s a rich white man. At least we can be pretty sure abut his SC appointments and secure in the knowledge that the rest of the government is not about to let him go off the deep end.

          The point is that they GOP establishment hates him because they are the establishment (similar to Cruz only far more so). Dems hate him because they are Dems. There’s not going to be any slack for him in the press, because the press hates him. He’ll be under a microscope the entire time and Congress is pretty much stacked against him.

          You know I’ve been a straight L voter for 30 years, but Johnson sounds more and more like Bernie (73% by his own admission), and Weld agrees with Hillary on gun control; and the L party plank on illegal immigrants is pissing me off.

          Of course I won’t vote for Hillary or Stein. So I can vote L again, for two people I have strong misgivings about and whose party-line I *strongly* disagree with, or I can vote for Trump, someone I have strong misgivings about. Or I can stay home.

          I’m struggling, I gotta tell you. I KNOW KNOW KNOW Hillary will be a disaster and will screw up SCOTUS for a generation.

          [there was more about 2nd Amendment, but that’s not germane to my point here and now]

          Through his Presidency, it was not uncommon to see me write or say “Trump’s an idiot.”

          If the Libertarian Party had run candidates that did not suck up to Bernie Sanders and have a long history as gun control freaks, I probably *would* have voted L again. It’s not like a vote for Trump/Pendce was likely to be any less wasted than a vote for Johnson/Weld given the polling Clinton was pulling down at the the time. But I just couldn’t. So yeah, I voted for Trump.

          Then Jo comes out and support BLM (the organization) and started the whole process again!

          1. You supported Trump for pragmatic reasons, on the gamble that maybe this fat sack of vulgar psychopathy might be just enough of a puppet to appoint Christian theocrats to the Supreme Court like you want.

            I’m sorry for how that turned out for you.

            Why don’t you ask yourself why you support policies that require demented orange clown puppets to implement? If you found yourself in a room full of garbage people, would you not spend a minute thinking about why you’re even in that room?

            1. “Christian theocrats”

              Intersectionality and the Wokites are currently running herd on everyone’s personal freedoms, but in Tony’s STD addled brain it’s 30 years ago and the Moral Majority still exists.

              1. More like the moral minority, but they sure do. They weren’t tired of crapping all over their own faces with one embezzling gay meth-head televangelist after another, so they decided to set the very concept of morality on fire and vote for Donald Trump in exchange for some petty mean-spirited vagina policing by judges.

            2. I never said a thing about Christian theocrats. Stop projecting. I said 2nd Amendment rights. I also largely agreed with a focus on stopping illegal immigration. Not starting new wars was a bonus.

          2. Good post. If nothing else, Trump’s appointees will be better on the 2a than Hil’s would’ve been.
            That’s a good enough reason to vote for an idiot.

    2. Oh, angry mobs are perfectly fine as long as they’re the right angry mob protesting on behalf of the right things and assaulting/murdering the right (by which I mean wrong) people. You know, little people–privileged kulaks who only got what was coming to them. Not our enlightened and indispensable ruling class.

      If Democrats didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

      1. Protesters are OK. Violent mobs are not OK. You used to understand this until your cultural comrades decided to be the terrorists.

        1. “Protesters are OK. Violent mobs are not OK.”

          You mean like the cop who shot that un-armed woman? That sort of violent mob?

          1. It’s OK to kill someone in self-defense. You used to know that too.

            1. He had a gun. She didn’t. How exactly is that self defense? Asshole.

              1. She was part of a crowd that was there to murder congress and the vice president.

                1. God you’re an asshole. She was the only person murdered that day. And the people she was with were unarmed so they obviously weren’t planning on killing anyone.

                  1. That’s not what they were shouting on camera.

                    1. Oh? You’ve watched the video of her shooting?

                    2. Have they even adjudicated this matter yet?

                      I’m against people being killed for incredibly stupid reasons. But you have to admit, she kind of stormed the US capitol with an angry violent mob in order to take a giant shit on the US constitution you probably said you worshipped once.

                      Did you expect them to just let them murder Mike Pence? Is that what you think would have been best?

                    3. “…I’m against people being killed for incredibly stupid reasons…”

                      And yet shitstain is defending killing an un-armed protestor.
                      Shitstain has but a passing acquaintance with “reality”.

                2. “She was part of a crowd that was there to murder congress and the vice president.”

                  Shitstain probably knows TDS-addled assholes like shitstain who believe that steaming pile of shit.

            2. “It’s OK to kill someone in self-defense…”

              Shitstain here seems to think that someone making faces at you is ‘threatening’
              S/he stupid that way, along with many, many other ways.

              1. They broke into the capitol building to try to overturn an election.

                Self-defense of the most powerful country God has ever known. That’s what I mean. They are lucky they all aren’t stains on the floor.

                1. “to try to overturn an election… self defense (to shoot an unarmed woman)”
                  You know you’re lying, we know you’re lying. Why do you even bother?

                  “Self-defense of the most powerful country God has ever known”
                  I’m kind of surprised an aggressive anti-theist like Tony didn’t catch on fire when invoking the divine.

                  1. You really think all that happened was one poor woman wandered into the capitol and got maliciously murdered by… let me guess… Nancy Pelosi? Whatever desperate shit they’re feeding you over at… what was it again? Where do you get your news? I told you all mine.

                    1. “You really think all that happened was one poor woman wandered into the capitol and got maliciously murdered by… let me guess… Nancy Pelosi?”

                      The woman, un-armed, was a protestor, and so natch, shitstain has to invent some bullshit in the hopes his/her lies might be seen as justified by intelligent people.
                      They aren’t:
                      “…We often think Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff are being dishonest–especially when they don’t seem to learn anything from having their arguments shredded and smeared in their faces everyday for years. But the fact that they don’t seem to learn anything–knowledge wise or in terms of critical thinking–may be consistent with the hypothesis that they’re just not that bright. And we shouldn’t necessarily assume that Binion, Boehm, or Britschgi are fundamentally different from them.
                      Maybe the reason they try to make us feel is because they’re incapable of making us think. It is beyond their capabilities…”

                2. Thanks for capitalizing God. I appreciate it when you put respect on His Name.

        2. Tony, you’re a Goddamned moron. And that is your best character trait.

      2. It’s Republicans who have no standards, you lying kook.

        1. Oh, goody! A new TDS-addled, lying pile of lefty shit. Just upthread, this asshole is still pitching the Trump/Russki bullshit. We can add you to the list:

          “…We often think Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff are being dishonest–especially when they don’t seem to learn anything from having their arguments shredded and smeared in their faces everyday for years. But the fact that they don’t seem to learn anything–knowledge wise or in terms of critical thinking–may be consistent with the hypothesis that they’re just not that bright. And we shouldn’t necessarily assume that Binion, Boehm, or Britschgi are fundamentally different from them.
          Maybe the reason they try to make us feel is because they’re incapable of making us think. It is beyond their capabilities…”

          1. “A new TDS-addled, lying pile of lefty shit

            It’s sarcasmic trying out a new sock. White Knight is doing the same as “yawbus”.

        2. Your hallucinations involving Democrats as holy and virtuous angels are getting a bit out of control. I’d say you need to see a therapist, but it may be too late for that. You’d best go straight for a lobotomy.

        3. Another Goddamned moron, who like his pal, Tony, thinks that pointing out the stupidity and evil of Democrats is the same thing as professing undying love and loyalty to the Republican Party.

          Not even close, you totalitarian, collectivist pile of shit. The most noble purpose your head could ever aspire to is that of a fuzzy blob sitting well-centered on the front sight post of one of your potential victims.

    3. Your evidence that the election was “stolen” is simply the fact that Trump lost. You consider that an innately illegitimate outcome, even though it’s what every rational person expected to happen. Apparently you simply can’t grasp the fact that Trump is extremely unpopular among the American people, and this resulted in him losing the election by a wide margin.

      1. And by … “by a wide margin”, you must mean Nov 4th at 3A.M. when 600,000 ballots were counted having a 94% Biden favor?????

        You’d have to be saying that; because that is what REALLY happened.

        1. Even the precedent of half the country thinking the election was stolen, is bad.
          If someone thinks it wasn’t stolen, they should be eager to set this to rest.

          The resistance to anyone who questions the results, through disingenuous means like gaslighting, censorship, and demonizing, indicates is that the election really WAS stolen.

          1. The Democrats publicly announced, months before the election, that Trump would appear to have won on election night. They said nobody was allowed to claim victory on election night because as the votes were counted and recounted, Biden would eventually be declared the winner in a landslide.

            At this time, Biden was leading by 16 points in the polls.

            You don’t really have to do too much reading between the lines when you hear that sort of talk at the same time that the courts and attorneys general are changing election law without any legislative process.

            It is like when your kids lie to you. You might not know what happened or what they really did, but you know a bullshit story when you hear one.

  53. “Trump thus reinforced the delusion that motivated the riot even as he called for peace, which he did not because violence was morally wrong but because it was a tactical mistake that “play[ed] into the hands of these people.”

    So, Trump deserved to be impeached and, further, disqualified from ever holding office again because he “reinforced” a “delusion” and did not display sufficient moral contrition?

    This is complete gobbledygook. Nowhere in any of Sullum’s hysterically irrational articles has there been anything even remotely resembling a valid legal or Constitutional article.

    Completely bat shit insane. Sullum has destroyed his credibility forever.

    1. He’s guilty of wrongthink.

    2. No word on the punishment of all the people who pushed the “delusion” that Russia stole the 2016 election.

      1. Oh, and those people KNEW IT WAS BULLSHIT FROM DAY ONE.

        I fully expect impeachments any day, right?

      2. Up there^
        February.11.2021 at 6:28 pm
        None have apologized for the Trump/Russki lies, either.

        February.11.2021 at 7:27 pm
        Because they’re not lies.

        TDS-addled lefty assholes tend to be mouth-breathers.

  54. You’re too kind. Jacob is beyond redemption.

  55. Every once in a while I check my spam folder and wonder (what lack of) Reason is up to lately.
    So even though many entities, some of them law enforcement, report that this was preplanned, taking place while he was speaking, he is still at fault.
    That is better than a Jedi mind trick.
    Almost every time I look at Reason now confirms why I dropped the subscription.
    But Sullum, don’t stop there, maybe somehow you can be found responsible for the deaths resulting from pro firearms pieces.
    Try writing about that.
    Anyone tried to see if Virginia Postrel would come back?

  56. What none of you sad, degenerate cultists understand is that the best possible outcome for Democrats is that Trump is acquitted. He’ll just get to be the center of Republican politics for four more years, assuming the buckets of chicken and quack doctors don’t get him first.

    Republicans want him gone. Especially the Republicans who want to be president in four years. But they can’t have their fingerprints on it either, or else the cultist base will lynch them, and not even metaphorically.

    There is a big gamble that Trump could win again, given how utterly fucked the electoral college is, and many Democrats want to genuinely prevent that disaster.

    But I’m a gambling boy. I want his fat orange traitorous face on every billboard in the land, and every other Republican politician in the country lining up to bury theirs in his crotch.

    I just don’t feel that people have gotten the message, and Democrats haven’t sold it well enough: Trump is Republicans, and Republicans are Trump.

    Spread the word.

    1. “…We often think Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff are being dishonest–especially when they don’t seem to learn anything from having their arguments shredded and smeared in their faces everyday for years. But the fact that they don’t seem to learn anything–knowledge wise or in terms of critical thinking–may be consistent with the hypothesis that they’re just not that bright. And we shouldn’t necessarily assume that Binion, Boehm, or Britschgi are fundamentally different from them.
      Maybe the reason they try to make us feel is because they’re incapable of making us think. It is beyond their capabilities…”

      1. This autistic bullshit might as well be a tag that says “particularly good Tony comment.”

        1. I don’t know about “good Tony comment” but I will say predictable Tony comment.
          You ranted about Orangehitler for five paragraphs like a Pentecostal preacher on the devil.

        2. “This autistic bullshit might as well be a tag that says “particularly good Tony comment.””

          Looks like Ken has a pretty good take on turd and shitstain here.
          I didn’t write that, but it seemed a good take and has done nothing other than explain how FUCKING LEFTY PIECES of shit like turd and Tony hope their steaming piles of lefty shit might find an audience among those as imbecilic as them.
          Fuck off and die, TDS-addled asshole. Your family will thank us here, and the world will become more intelligent.

  57. Thousands storm State House February 2015..did “Cuties” ask for impeaching the Democratic Leaders in Wisconsin? If so please remind me. Trump is gone and never coming back. Biden is threatening to blockade a state (Florida) while allowing anyone to come in the US without testing for covid. The threat to liberty is today not last month…Yellen, Biden, and the rest of the usual suspects who control fiscal/monetary/foreign policy…

  58. reading the title the first thing that came to mind was “he’s just trolling you guys”

    1. No, it’s one of two things.

      Either a form of Stockholm syndrome – being captive to the leftist dominated media for so long has to take a toll.


      He’s bitter because he knows that, whether Trump the man never returns to politics, the 70+ million people who support him are going to stay around a while.

      1. There is a different between voting for Trump because the alternative was Hillary Clinton and “supporting” Trump. 70+ million voted for him, but many (perhaps most) do not “support” him and would be willing to select a different candidate in the primaries.

        1. “…but many (perhaps most) do not “support” him and would be willing to select a different candidate in the primaries.”

          I’m guessing you have zero evidence for that claim. Maybe I’m wrong; post it.

  59. Trump is again being punished for being Trump. For having the audacity of winning an election when the swamp-scum *KNEW* it was the hag’s turn.
    And then he did what no swamp-scum would ever do: He communicated directly with the populace, thereby disintermediating the media who SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER, dug up and spread every rumor, every innuendo, every lie they could about him.
    And since he hadn’t been rolling logs with those who have made a career of slopping at the public trough, he really pissed them off by not abiding by those ‘understood’ rules and managed to damage ‘face’ of some of the scum!
    Further, he cut some regulations and slowed down more, thereby threatening their patronage (and the common kickbacks).
    The HORROR of it!

    1. Voted against Trump three times (Cruz, Johnson, Jo) and would again, but in their collective freak-out Democrats managed to turn a clown into a martyr.

      1. Well the supposed “clown” successfully ran the most premier and exclusive estate properties in the world.

        1. eh, he achieved market returns

          it’s respectable, but he’s not even Mitt Romney business-wise

      2. “…turn a clown into a martyr.”

        Gee, really hated those mean tweets, right?

        1. the mean tweets were clownish

          but from the reaction to them you’d think Trump was issuing letters of marque and reprisal against his critics

      3. “Voted against Trump three times…”

        I live in CA; my vote is irrelevant, so I voted L both P elections.
        If you live in a state where your vote counts, you got exactly what you deserve. Unfortunately, so did I, so you’ll forgive me for noting that those who did so under those conditions are the assholes who gave us this and Biden.

        1. eh Democrats have their uses

          they were way ahead on legalization and some other issues

          just can’t elect them too often or they start burning shit down

  60. Does anyone know where I can find a libertarian news site? This one appears to be a little left leaning.

  61. I am looking forward to the day when the name Trump no longer appears in the news.

    1. …but the left is completely and entire obsessed with President Trump; His popular patriotic approach to make the USA great again is a direct threat to their movement to “Fundamentally Change” the USA into a failing Nazi Regime.

      1. Among the left-leaning friends of mine, they are not “obsessed” with Trump. They are tired of him and want him gone as well.

        1. He’s been out of office for 2-weeks now; but the Democrats just can’t leave him alone. Which is typical of Democrats; They can’t leave anyone alone – they’ve got BIG PLANS to “Fundamentally Change” the USA instead of making it great again.

    2. I’m pretty sure that your Inner Party will be bringing up Emmanuel GoldTrump for two minutes every day for the foreseeable future.

      Maybe if you work extra hard at fifty-centing they’ll let you turn your telescreen off.

  62. The only President to be impeached TWICE — Once for supposedly “Stealing the election with Russian Ads” and then again for “Saying the election was stolen.”

    Wait What? Does anyone notice how completely contradictory those two are? No; The REAL reason was threatening the BIG SWAMP Nazi Regime with de-regulation for the people’s freedom!

    1. Our newest TDS-addled shit is solid on the Trump/Russkis BS; check out up thread.

      1. Up there^
        February.11.2021 at 6:28 pm
        None have apologized for the Trump/Russki lies, either.

        February.11.2021 at 7:27 pm
        Because they’re not lies.

        TDS-addled lefty assholes tend to be mouth-breathers.

        1. lol… +100000000

    2. Once for supposedly “Stealing the election with Russian Ads”

      No, the pretext for the first show trial was that Trump wasn’t allowed to talk to the Ukrainian president about Hunter Biden getting paid for fuck-all by a corrupt Ukranian gas company.


  63. To Jacob Sullum, or Whomever It May Concern:

    Go Fuck Yourself.

    Sincerely, “A Person Never Reading Your Disingenuous Bullshit Ever Again.”

  64. Anyone writing a credible article on this topic should at least try to have a complete timeline of what happened. The timelines I’ve seen before fail to mention whether President Trump even knew what was happening down at congress during the period Sullum covers. (Not to mention what, if anything, FBI et al warned him was allegedly being planned for weeks.) I know that watching cable TV and jumping around from Fox to CNN and some local network channels it took a while to actually see that more was going on besides a lot of people standing on the capitol balconies and a few people peacefully walking through the Capitol caught on a surveillance? camera somehow accessed by one or more networks. We know Trump was watching television after the rally. Did he know about the violent attack to get those people up on the balcony and into the building? Or did it just look to him like a lot of people peacefully protesting someplace it might have been ok for them to be? Only later in the afternoon, did video showing the violence appear on tv. Hopefully all of that will be clarified by Trump’s defense.

    1. I live in SF.
      Some years back, I drove by a ‘protest’ at the CA State building (teachers, I think); there were, say 25-30 people there. And a TV camera crew.
      Later that evening, it was shown on TV “news”; the camera angle made it look like hundreds were there!
      First rule of judging vids: Make sure you see at least two shots of the same area by competing entities; CNN and CBS are not ‘competing’.
      Still waiting for even a *single* vid showing how that murdered unarmed woman was ‘threatening’ the cop.

      1. Heh…

        I first saw that phenomenon back around 1990 when I was in grad school. A bunch of PETA folks were going to protest. TV covered it for days. The school warned us about the danger of an assault on the animal facilities.

        About 12 showed up. I actually engaged with one as I was walking in.. they were morons. All 3 local stations showed up. They set up to do stand-ups with a long lense and had the protesters stand 2-3 wide in a column behind the reporter. So on the news it looked more impressive. Each station took turns doing the same stand up setup. They reported it as a large animal rights protest.

    2. He knew at least as much as everyone watching the news knew.

      And he kept his mouth shut for hours long after he knew what was going on.

      Reporting has him confused about why everyone around him wasn’t as happy and excited as he was.

      1. Shitstain, care to tell us to what you’re responding?
        Or should we just accept that you’re yet offering a more steaming pile of lefty shit?

  65. Oh, and if you check quickly, there’s a vid on Reason’s pop-up with yet one more teary-eyed congress-shmuck wining about how ‘threatened’ she was!
    If she lived in Portland, she might have some acquaintance with fear; the 1/6 DC protest threatened hardly anyone.

    1. “the 1/6 DC protest threatened hardly anyone.”

      You’ve put your finger on why it failed so miserably to stop the steal and prevent the electoral college from doing its business.

      1. tried to explain this in 2020

        the Right cannot riot like the Left has been doing

        media and gov’t will NEVER allow it

        a three-months-and-counting military occupation of DC was the predictable hysterical response

        even though no one died from violence, and everyone who died was a Trump supporter, including one who was clearly murdered

        Calvinball is everywhere

        charges of hypocrisy are meaningless to Dems, their voters don’t even see them, or much care if they do

        1. Hi Dave, long time no see.

        2. “the Right cannot riot like the Left has been doing

          media and gov’t will NEVER allow it”

          As long as the right feels it necessary to get permission from the media and government to stop the steal, they are bound to be as unsuccessful as they were in January.

          1. Leviathan cannot be met with force

            Dems would launch tactical nuclear strikes on right wing protesters before giving an inch

            if you want Dems to concede to your demands and give you billions of dollars you need to be an anti-American terrorist group, like Iran or BLM

            ‘Looting is reparations’: BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked the city Sunday night, as organizer claims ‘anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance’
            Black Lives Matter Chicago held a protest Monday night in which they defended looting as a form of ‘reparations’
            Drawbridges into Chicago were raised Monday night and freeway exits closed as downtown was locked down

            1. “‘Looting is reparations’: BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked the city Sunday night, as organizer claims ‘anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance’
              Black Lives Matter Chicago held a protest Monday night in which they defended looting as a form of ‘reparations’”

              It’s not only anti-police activists who believe that. There was a book reviewed here a while ago ‘In defence of looting,’ it is called. Rioting and looting is not only anti-police, it is anti-property and anti-consumerist. Leftists have been advocating these kinds of actions hundreds of years. Both communist China and the USSR used to issue special postage stamps to commemorate the Paris Commune. Before that, it was various Christian sects who would riot and loot in revolt against authority, a wealthy and corrupt church. Looting and rioting has a long and venerable tradition in the struggle of the weak and powerless masses against evil and oppression.

              “give you billions of dollars you need to be an anti-American terrorist group, like Iran or BLM”

              If you can get billions of dollars for simply being an anti-American terrorist group, you’re a fool if you are anything else.

              1. So I guess because it happened in the past and written about it must be ok and the right thing to do under circumstances today.

        3. You’re engaging a self-absorbed troll.

  66. Reason’s editorial decisions are entirely driven by the fear they will be canceled. Deplatformed and forced to move to the dark web.

    1. Or maybe after deep thought they decided that libertarianism wouldn’t be best served by following a bunch of fanatical right-wing cultists into historical oblivion.

      1. Well; NYC choosing Nazism over the USA is hardly that big of a surprise. The real question is can they keep their Nazism in NYC. Ironically *National* Socialism by it’s very terms is national tyranny.

        Conquer and Consume for the win! /s

        1. A Nazi calling Jews Nazis. How avant-garde.

          1. Nazi = National Socialism; Or are dictionaries now conspiracy theory?

            1. “Nazi = National Socialism; Or are dictionaries now conspiracy theory?”

              Shitstain gets his/her history “education” from Readers’ Digest and Parade Magazine.

    2. “driven by the fear they will be canceled” … and put into Biden’s (lefties) Nazi Camp? Like Dinesh D’Souza and hundreds of others were during the Obama Administration?

      When the left has control of the USA government it is NOT the USA. It’s a Nazi (*******National****** Socialist) Regime. State’s need to legislatively nullify National UN-Constitutional Power and Authenticate their Elections if the USA is going to survive the lefty-extremists and radicals taking over D.C.

  67. Riddle me this:

    Mike Pence had no legal authority to overturn the election results. Only Donald Trump thought that.

    So why did his supporters want to lynch Mike Pence for being a turncoat? Where did they get the idea that he did something wrong from?

    1. Um, ignorance of Nov 4th 3 A.M. 94% Biden favor on 600,000 ballots?

      1. Seven million votes.

        Biden didn’t cheat, but if he could have gotten away with it, and if he was going to lose otherwise, he should have cheated.

        Some dogs you just put down. The US wasn’t going to survive another Trump term. Biden didn’t have to go as far as he might have needed to go, but I hope he was prepared to go all the way.

        1. “I hope he was prepared to go all the way.” — as in frauding the election so bad there’d be more voters than there was actual citizens in a State? If memory serves right; they’re banging on the door of 84%. Only 16% more fraudulent votes to go and there will be more voters than people. That’ll be a tough one to sell to the people.

          “Oh we forgot to update those population counts”, lol… Which is exactly what they already did when it was noticed there was more votes than registered voters.

    2. “Riddle me this:”
      Why is shitstain still posting bullshit?

      1. I agree holy crap is Tony dumb.

  68. The Woody Allen version of Seven Days in May. You may call them nuts, but how far was an unarmed ‘insurrection’ of 500 people taking selfies supposed to go?

    1. Far enough to frighten several congress scums to work up crocodile tears on CNN!
      Protesters supporting Trump are guilty of wrongthink!!

    2. ” how far was an unarmed ‘insurrection’ of 500 people taking selfies supposed to go?”

      As far as their courage would take them. ie not that far. These people are cowards and their support for Trump is not deep.

      1. STFU keyboard coward

  69. Blah, blah, blah, orange man bad. Get over it, pal. If the Senate couldn’t convict a guy taking advantage of a 21 year old under his authority then commiting perjury and obstruction of justice during a sexual harassment case, then they sure as hell shouldn’t convict here when there was no actual crime. This impeachment is an assault on democracy. If Trump wants to run again, the voters should decide.

  70. Two things:
    This whole kangaroo court is unconstitutional enough that the Chief Justice won’t have anything to do with it. It like trying to depose a king that is already in exlie because your panties are in a bunch.

    The whole January 6 thing was a planned false flag with actors driving the events.

    IF you are too stupid to see both these easily obvious points, you have no business writing a column for a major website.

  71. “He betrayed his oath and duties as president by hesitating to intervene and refusing to unambiguously condemn the violence.”

    Yet when he intervened in Seattle and condemned the violence there, you criticized him.

    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    1. “Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.”

      When you’re a jet you’re a jet all the way.

    2. history will record Trump ordered all right-wing militias to attack the Capitol police, kidnap Congress, and burn the Constitution, but were single-handedly fought off by AOC in a three-hour CGI fight scene with lots of high kicks

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  74. Now do Obama’s reaction to the Michael Brown shooting. Since we can impeach former presidents now.

    1. President Obama wisely had the department of Justice order that the local police and prosecutors remain silent for a couple of months. This was wise because the information that the entire hands up don’t shoot narrative was wrong might have been harmful. That information may have inflamed white nationalists.

      Also, having the DOJ intimidate local police so that they would not protect property or even prevent groups from blocking the interstate prevented much violence by the police against the people.

      1. Another reaction to the 5 Dallas police officers killed during a BLM riot. 5 more than were killed at the Capitol

        The president has tried to walk a fine line between acknowledging the grievances of activists protesting police shootings of black suspects, and trying to cool some of the anger directed at police officers. Now he also faces complaints that he is partly to blame for creating a culture that some police say demonizes officers.

        “The man responsible for the murders [in Dallas] was Micah Johnson, but having said that, I do think the president by his inaction has contributed to a climate where these things can happen,” William Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, which represents about 240,000 law enforcement officers, said Sunday. “This president and his administration absolutely do not have our back and make our jobs more dangerous.”

        1. So impeach him right if this is the standard?

        2. “…5 more than were killed at the Capitol…”

          Unless you count the guy who died of a stroke a day or so later; Tony and various other TDS-addled lefty shits sure do.

      2. eerily similar to how Democrats systematically suppressed black voters under Woodrow Wilson with the help of complicit local press and prosecutors

        always the same tune, only the words change

    2. The murder where Obama has no wiggle room is the one where he targeted a teenager in a drone strike just because he’d already murdered the kid’s father.


  75. Watch the video.

    The proof of voter fraud is there. Physically recounted votes showed that the machines flipped thousands of votes from Trump to Biden in the counties audited.

    A valid election didn’t happen and it won’t until the censorship ends and ithe details of the fraud are exposed by nationwide audits bringing ALL the guilty to justice.

    1. no software should ever be used to tabulate votes


      not even so much as a graphing calculator should be allowed in the room

      every line of code is a vulnerability

      every decade the number of lines in the typical voting software application more than doubles

      and worst of all it’s all proprietary, cannot even be inspected

      vote reform needs a Butlerian Jihad

    2. The banana republic senator Warnock just got indicted for election fraud.

  76. Shorter Sullum:

    “No matter what, Trump must be impeached!

    Orange Man Bad! Orange Man Bad!
    Orange Man Bad! Orange Man Bad!
    Orange Man Bad! Orange Man Bad!
    Orange Man Bad! Orange Man Bad!
    Orange Man Bad! Orange Man Bad!”

  77. The Democrats screwed up, their lies are being exposed right now in the trial phase of the impeachment. The editing of the videos is the best proof of their lies that could ever exist.

  78. Trumps defence is smokin.

    1. Questions? My ass!

  79. Man this is lame. At this pint why not just post “Trump deserves to be impeached because he is a narcissist” over and over? That at least, is in indisputable fact and really what everything in this article boils down to.

    As I’ve said every time, we need standards to impeach, and those standards should be any unconstitutional executive order or declaring a false emergency or misusing emergency powers. So ya, that includes Trump… And every other president.

  80. Meanwhile no articles on the Lincoln Project? Come on JS you can do one…guess old Steve Schmidt just resigned…George Conway stepping back from their obvious federal violation of Jen Horn’s twitter account and old John “Estab Grifter GOP consultant” and favorite “anti-Trump “republican” Weaver exposed.

    Not one word….interesting..

  81. }}} president by hesitating to intervene and refusing to unambiguously condemn the violence.

    What PLANET are you ON, you imbecile leftist parrot?

    He attempted to tell them to stop via Twitter, and Twitter SHUT DOWN HIS ACCOUNT. FB did the same. Literally within an HOUR or two of the far far less violent**protest movement** than pretty much EVERY BLM protest of the last year…

    And this is REGARDLESS of the fact that YOU CAN’T IMPEACH A PRIVATE CITIZEN. All the freaking previous Law, AS WELL AS THE ORIGINAL, FOUNDER-SPECIFIED, STATED REASON FOR ALLOWING IMPEACHMENT, make it blatantly clear that this action is nothing but a Bill of Attainder, and totally, UTTERLY ILLEGAL.

    Wow, Reason has apparently been taken over by Leftist shills.


    1. The commies that staff unreason outed themselves years ago.

      They lie and lie.

      They hate that Trump is more popular than ever and more and more Americans want to fix American corruption by Democrats than let it continue.

      Trump is the best and last President the USA will have until civil war 2.0 is resolved. Democrats hates that they started this new civil war and are losing just like they lost civil war 1.0

    2. Sullum has had to replace several keyboards since they shorted-out from his spittle.
      Sullum is a TDS-addled lefty shit.

  82. His reaction betrayed his duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” . . .

    Trump was not the Commander-in-Chief of the Capitol Police. He was not the head of White House security. So… it’s a massive stretch to accuse him of failing to perform his duty there.

    . . . as well as his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

    The Jan. 6th insurrectionists/protesters/rebels/rioters/whatever-you’re-calling-’em in no way threatened the Constitution. Sooo, really stretching here too, boo…

    The rioters started fighting with police and breaching the security barriers around the Capitol at 12:53 p.m., nearly an hour into Trump’s inflammatory speech at Ellipse Park…

    Capitol Police report that they were warned ahead of time and still turned down Federal help for security. There are further reports that capitol rioters planned their assault/incursion/invasion/siege/storming-of-the-castle/pick-a-noun weeks in advance.

  83. This is just poorly reasoned out.
    He’s not supposed to be on trial for “being a bad guy”. Fine, he’s “a bad guy”.
    He did nothing he couldn’t have done in 2016 had he lost as a private citizen.
    Impeachment is a mechanism for removal from office for abuse of power, for offenses so grievous waiting for an election would cause irreparable harm.
    “Not calling off protestors” is absolutely nothing like “not calling off the marines”.
    Even if they HAD been instructed to take the capital by force, which of course, they weren’t.
    This is a private act, irresponsible though it may be.

    (Furthermore, I think it’s time to end the “killing one of them” line, as we now know Officer Sicknick was not bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher as previously reported and shamefully propagated without confirmation.)

    1. “Impeachment is a mechanism for removal from office for abuse of power, for offenses so grievous waiting for an election would cause irreparable harm.”

      If removal from the office that they currently hold was the only possible goal of impeachment, then the Constitution would not have included a ban from future office as an option. It is straightforward reasoning from there to say that this remedy can be imposed even if the person impeached leaves office before the trial.

      “He did nothing he couldn’t have done in 2016 had he lost as a private citizen.”

      This is simply not true. As a candidate that loses, he would have had no one in the executive branch backing him up. Calling the Secretary of State of one of the states he lost wouldn’t allow him to talk about how that official might get in trouble for not supporting his allegations of fraud, while having the authority over the DoJ to back that up and make it sound like a threat. The fact is that Trump was President while he was making all of his statements about how he could only lose if there was massive fraud, how the Democrats were planning to steal the election, and then talking about how his Vice President would be able to disallow disputed Electoral Votes. This makes what he did far more dangerous than if he had lost in 2016 and said the same things. It means that he said all of these things in order to hold onto power. That should be disturbing to everyone, but Trump fans are fans, after all.

      1. Were you assuming I was a fan?
        All the italicized words you use were about his speech to supporters, which is again, a speech to supporters.
        Tossing out chest-thumping stuff about Pence being his VP is immaterial, he’s addressing supporters not the Marines, the Secret Service, the Post Office, or any other government branch he has authority over.
        Is “Staying in power” more villainous than “seizing power”? Maybe a little I guess?
        The phone call is reprehensible, but are you suggesting the Georgia officials had reason to fear conviction in the two and a half weeks he remained as President?

  84. Trump did not provoke a riot. Evidence showed it was planned. Evidence showed the FBI knew about it. The Democrats decided to not call witnesses and both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell knew the information there would be a riot, and did not want to testify. If that Capitol Policeman really died of injuries, it was the fault of Pelosi and McConnell.
    We also have evidence one of the first people arrested was a leader in the Antifa movement and let go without charges.
    We also learned Trump Tweeted for peace as early as 2:30 pm, the Tweet was presented into evidence. We also learned the Capitol is under the authority of the Capitol police and DC police and the President, by design, has no authority. That makes total sense we don’t want Presidents having House Reps and Senators arrested.
    In MY OPINION this was a total setup to try and disgrace Trump and prevent him from ever running again. It was a total disgrace, harassment of a private citizen. As a private citizen Trump should have been charged in criminal court, and as a felon could not have ran for President. But of course that would never happen.

    No Grand jury would have indicted on the evidence, no prosecutor would have prosecuted on the evidence, no jury would have convicted on the evidence, and no judge would have allowed the fake evidence into the trial. Also as many lawyers have opined, lawyers (impeachment managers) would have been held in contempt and disbarred. The hate Reason writers have for Trump is inexcusable. Reason is no longer a supporter of the truth. Reason is now part of the political problem.

  85. Sevo are you capable of any thoughts besides verb, noun, TDS-addled shit? Put together a coherent argument for a change. Fucking cult member

  86. Here is what world-renowened legal ethicist Jack Marshall wrote.

    He’s a hypocritical, ignorant moron. “But regardless of his intent before the riot started, Trump was strikingly reluctant to intervene after it began, and his irresponsibility at that point is independent grounds for impeachment.” is garbage. The President has no power to order citizens to stop protesting, or doing anything. If they are breaking laws, law enforcement officials are empowered to stop them. The same people who kept calling Trump an autocrat suddenly decided that it was in their interests to argue that he should be impeached for not being an autocrat. Moreover, the argument is a Catch-22: if Trump did not oreder the riots, and he did not, then he couldn’t order them to cease.

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