Election 2020

Angry at the Failure of His Election Challenges, Trump Calls His Own SCOTUS Nominees Cowardly and Incompetent

Trump thinks the judiciary cannot be trusted to reveal the massive fraud that he says denied him a second term.


Explaining the need to swiftly replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett this fall, Donald Trump said the Court likely would have to rule on disputes about the presidential election. "I think this will end up in the Supreme Court," he told reporters on September 23. "And I think it's very important that we have nine justices….This scam that the Democrats are pulling…will be before the United States Supreme Court. And I think having a 4–4 situation is not a good situation, if you get that. I don't know that you'd get that. I think it should be 8–nothing or 9–nothing. But just in case it would be more political than it should be, I think it's very important to have a ninth justice."

In Trump's view, a ruling against his campaign would be "more political than it should be," while a ruling in which Barrett voted the way the president who picked her wanted her to vote would be untainted by politics. That counterintuitive view looked even more dubious after Barrett's confirmation, when Trump warned the justices that siding with Biden in a post-election case would threaten their status and power. "If Sleepy Joe Biden is actually elected President," he tweeted, "the 4 Justices (plus1) that helped make such a ridiculous win possible would be relegated to sitting on not only a heavily PACKED COURT, but probably a REVOLVING COURT as well."

Trump thought Barrett should dance with the one that brought her. But in case that argument was not persuasive enough, he argued that it was in her personal and professional interest to prevent Biden from taking office. In the end, however, Barrett joined the rest of the Court, including Trump's two other nominees and three justices appointed by Republicans George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, in declining to hear two cases that sought to overturn Biden's victory.

Trump seems genuinely dismayed by those outcomes. "The fact that the Supreme Court wouldn't find standing in an original jurisdiction matter between multiple states, and including the President of the States, is absurd," he tweeted after the justices turned away Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's challenge to the election results in four swing states. "They just 'chickened out' and didn't want to rule on the merits of the case. So bad for our Country!"

Yesterday Trump upped the ante, saying the justices—including the three that he appointed—are "totally incompetent and weak" as well as chicken-hearted. "We have absolute PROOF" of "massive Election Fraud," he said, "but they don't want to see it…No 'standing,' they say. If we have corrupt elections, we have no country!"

Trump's complaint that the justices won't even consider his "absolute PROOF" implies that they would have been compelled to side with him if only they had taken up Paxton's case and/or the lawsuit in which Rep. Mike Kelly (R–Pa.) sought to overturn Pennsylvania's election results. But if the justices (again, including the ones Trump himself picked) are as cowardly, weak, and incompetent as Trump portrays them, what would have stopped them from rejecting these lawsuits on the merits?

In any case, Trump's implication that he and his allies never really got a chance to present their arguments or evidence is, like nearly everything else he says about the election, demonstrably untrue. The day after the Supreme Court decided not to hear Paxton's case, a Trump-appointed judge in Wisconsin, one of the states Paxton sued, rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit that made essentially the same arguments about Wisconsin's election procedures. The campaign's claims, U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig said, "fail as a matter of law and fact."

The Pennsylvania case likewise was based on arguments that a federal judge and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit rejected when the Trump campaign made them. Both decisions were scathing.

"Plaintiffs ask this Court to disenfranchise almost seven million voters," U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann, whom Sen. Pat Toomey (R–Pa.) described as "a longtime conservative Republican whom I know to be a fair and unbiased jurist," wrote last month. "This Court has been unable to find any case in which a plaintiff has sought such a drastic remedy in the contest of an election, in terms of the sheer volume of votes asked to be invalidated. One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption, such that this Court would have no option but to regrettably grant the proposed injunctive relief despite the impact it would have on such a large group of citizens." Instead, Brann said, "this Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence."

The 3rd Circuit opinion upholding Brann's decision was written by Stephanos Bibas, a Trump nominee, and joined by two George W. Bush appointees. "The Campaign cannot win this lawsuit," they said. "The Campaign's claims have no merit."

The Nevada Supreme Court's treatment of the Trump campaign's claims provides another instructive example. That court currently consists of six justices who were selected in nonpartisan elections and one who was appointed by a Republican governor. The elected justices include several who were appointed to lower courts by Republicans. Yet in a December 8 ruling, the six justices who participated in the case unanimously upheld Carson City District Judge James Russell's dismissal of a Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to overturn Nevada's election results.

Russell considered the campaign's "absolute PROOF" of rampant election fraud and was decidedly unimpressed. "The district court's order thoroughly addressed the grounds asserted in the statement of contest filed by appellants and considered the evidence offered by appellants even when that evidence did not meet the requirements under Nevada law for expert testimony…or for admissibility," the Nevada Supreme Court said. "Despite our earlier order asking appellants to identify specific findings with which they take issue, appellants have not pointed to any unsupported factual findings, and we have identified none."

Decisions like these, combined with the Supreme Court's rejection of the two pro-Trump lawsuits it was asked to consider, clearly show that both Trump and many of his opponents were mistaken in thinking that jurists chosen by Republicans could be expected to rule in his favor, regardless of how weak his arguments and evidence were. Trump, who has no principles beyond his own personal interests, does not know what to make of this. Since he can't very well charge all these Republican nominees with partisan bias, he resorts to accusing them of cowardice and incompetence.

There is another possible explanation, of course. Maybe state and federal judges, regardless of their political backgrounds or partisan preferences, are doing the jobs they are supposed to do, rejecting legal arguments and evidence that do not hold water. All but one of the 60 or so election lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign or its allies have failed to make headway. According to a tally by The New York Times, more than two-thirds of them did not even allege actual voting fraud, instead challenging election procedures that Trump thinks were illegal, unconstitutional, or careless. "In nearly a dozen cases," the Times reports, the campaign's allegations of fraud "did indeed have their days in court" and "consistently collapsed under scrutiny."

Given that reality, Trump is not just arguing that the 2020 presidential election was perverted by massive fraud; he is also implying that the judicial system is thoroughly corrupt, rejecting compelling arguments and persuasive evidence for no valid legal reason. "It is historically, mathematically, politically, and logically impossible" that Biden won the election, Trump insists in a video he posted on Facebook last week. "We won this election by a magnificent landslide, and the people of the United States know it." He says he is "determined to pursue every legal and constitutional option available to stop the theft of the presidential election."

There are not many such options left. Leaving aside fanciful ideas like seizing voting machines, appointing conspiracy monger Sidney Powell to investigate her own wild charges of election fraud, and deploying the military to force a rerun of the election in battleground states, the only big play remaining for Trump is challenging electoral votes when they are officially tallied by Congress on January 6. Even if the Trump allies pursuing that strategy in the House manage to get a senator's support, which is required to force a vote, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, since Democrats control the House and at least a third of Republican senators have conceded Biden's victory.

It is impossible to imagine that Trump, having exhausted "every legal and constitutional option," will suddenly admit that he lost the election. Instead he will continue to loudly decry an electoral system that was blatantly rigged against him, a judicial branch that cannot be trusted to reveal the truth, Justice Department officials who were shockingly incurious about the greatest crime in U.S. history, journalists (including many who work for Trump-friendly news outlets) who are either blinded by their hatred of him or ready to abdicate their professional responsibilities for mysterious reasons, and Republican politicians who either abetted election fraud or prematurely threw in the towel despite the supposedly overwhelming evidence that has impressed no one but the most dedicated Trump fans.

In Trump's view, nearly everyone and everything, including all of the institutions that are supposed to discover and correct the sort of unprecedented criminal activity he alleges, are conspiring against him. This is the world in which Trump demands that his supporters live. And if they do not accept this preposterous tale, he says, "we have no country!"

Unlike Trump, I have no doubt that we will continue to have a country even when Joe Biden takes office on January 20. But it will be an even angrier, more divided, and less rational country than the one Trump was elected to govern four years ago, which may be his most remarkable accomplishment.

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  1. Not one journalist nor a single FBI agent nor a single prosecutor has done anything to investigate voter fraud.
    Poulos lied about Dominion. https://bradblog.com/?p=7906
    And even a moron knows that the manner in which mail-in ballots were submitted would result in a rejection rate higher than zero percent.
    “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”

    1. Really? None? So we have hundreds of Republican prosecutors in this country, some very partisan, and none of them even investigated voter fraud? Prove it.


      1. That the one person they found who committed voter fraud is a Republican who used his dead mother’s voter registration proves my point perfectly. Thank you.
        Google has over six pages of search results denying voter fraud. It’s called censorship. But Duck Duck Go has stories:
        “Two reports that together provide more than 10 pages of statistical analysis of raw voter data signal irregularities in the votes that boosted Biden’s vote tally in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania.
        For example, in Philadelphia, the likelihood of the city’s voting outcome is as likely as someone flipping a coin 100 times and landing on heads every time, according to one of the reports.
        One point of note is that Biden strangely beat Barack Obama’s popular vote record and received several tens of thousands of more votes than registered Democrats in numerous counties. In some counties, the hike in Biden support totaled over 65,000 votes.
        In Montgomery County, where Obama/Hillary Clinton vote counts ranged from 233,000 to 256,000 votes, Biden received 313,000. Together, the 10 outlier counties provide 244,237 votes.”

        Nothing to see here, folks. Google and Twitter say it was the safest, best, most honest election ever.

        1. Those are old and long debunked. Try again. Prove that “Not one journalist nor a single FBI agent nor a single prosecutor has done anything to investigate voter fraud.”

          1. Those are old and long debunked.
            Oh? How and by who?

            Try again
            No. You don’t get to handwave his arguments away. Explain yourself.

            1. No. You provide me with proof that “Not one journalist nor a single FBI agent nor a single prosecutor has done anything to investigate voter fraud.”
              That was your original statement. Now stand by it or admit you are full of it.

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              2. The proof is self evident. No one has been arrested. Not one mail-in ballot has been questioned or tossed.
                HEELLLLLLLLOOOOOO. Do you seriously think the suitcases being pulled out from under the table in Atlanta didn’t involve illegal activity? Do you think all of this is made up?

                1. Again, the “suitcase” lie was debunked hours after it was made. And I did post already about someone arrested for it.
                  Truth is this has been looked into in great detail and there is nothing there.

                  1. “the “suitcase” lie was debunked”
                    How was it “debunked”?
                    You keep using that word like it’s some sort of explanation or argument.
                    It isn’t.

                    Who looked into it in great detail? The FBI? The DNC? Your mom?

                    1. The containers were identified as standard containers in which ballots come. The videos have been analyzed to the nth degree by multiple people.
                      The best they can come up with was one person may have run a stack of ballots through multiple times. Problem is a) Dominion can detect multiple passes and b) According to Carone, a stack of ballots is 50 – so even if run through and Dominion didn’t detect the multiple passes, we are talking 150 ballots. and c) Georgia audited the count – same result and d) Georgia hand counted, the same result.

                    2. Come on, this is Politifact, or worse, Snopes level “debunking”: Focus on whether it was a “suitcase” or a “bin”, and not on whether the election observers were lied to so that the counting could proceed without witnesses.

                      THAT part of the story hasn’t been debunked, it’s been confirmed by journalists who were lied to along with the observers.

                    3. The 5000 articles that Sullum has written has multiple comments by multiple people refuting yours and everyone else’s “evidence” over and over again. You and your compadres just refuse to listen to it.

                      We have entertained your “evidence” at every turn. Have refuted it with actual evidence at every turn. Stop being so obtuse and acting like no one has replied to any of your claims. You are an embarassment.

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                    5. Witnesses, or lack there of, is not an indication of fraud. Having interested parties witnessing is helpful, but not necessary. Should vote counting stop everytime a witness takes a bathroom break?

                      As for chalking this up to something nefarious. Apparently at some point in the evening, they finished OPENING mail-in ballots and the word was supposed to go out that they were done OPENING for the evening. Somehow, by the time it got to the observers, it became they were done “COUNTING”. Nefarious or game of telephone? We (you and I) cannot be sure which one. So we have to look to other evidence – the video.
                      As far as I can find, the only issue someone found (beyond the ‘suitcases’) is that one poll worker is seen apparently running a batch through the machine multiple times.

                      Running ballots through the machine multiple times would not get you past the audit nor the hand count.

                      Adding new ballots from mysterious places would be caught by the audit – they know how many ballots came from each of the polling places plus how many were received mail-in (and as far as I know, Georgia didn’t allow late arriving ballots).

                      Bottom-line, to convince there was fraud, you need to find compelling evidence of actual fraud (and explain how it wasn’t seen in the audit or the hand recount).

                    6. Sullum can eat a dick

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                2. LOL I love it on that site where it says “1,000,000 ballots touched by anomalies”. What does that even mean, “touched by anomalies”? Is this some Star Trek thing where some unknown alien spews tachyon beams on ballots or something? “Show me on the doll where the anomaly touched you”.

                  1. Well, Chemjeff: How about you scroll past the VERY FIRST LINE and explain this:
                    “15,017 ballots were illegally marked “Returned” between Nov 7th and Nov 16th in Pennsylvania
                    65,026 ballots were marked “Returned” after Nov 3rd, despite Kathy Boockvar reporting only 10k in Pennsylvania
                    112,516 ballots were given new return dates in Pennsylvania”

                    There are 700 entries like that, touching every swing state.

                    “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.”

                    1. In this case, the consequence is Joe Biden in the Oval office, so they’re not trying to evade it.

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                    3. I don’t see Jeffy responding to you. Not surprising.

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                3. Trump lost. Cry more, bitch.

              3. Nice attempt to dodge, but I’m not MJaneKelly. I don’t have to explain anything.
                You’re the one who challenged his statement, explain why it’s “debunked” and by who, you slimy weasel.

                1. Debunked is the Left’s term for “You are not allowed to say that because we don’t like it.” Se also: “Russian misinformation.”
                  Where’s 1789? This is actually some interesting news:

                  6,962,607 total ballots were reported as cast in Pennsylvania while only 6,931,060 were counted, a discrepancy of 170,830 votes. And the big problem: only 6,760,230 voters actually voted. Uh oh.

                  Joe did not win the election. Looking forward to the next wave…

              4. How do you expect him to prove a negative? You make no sense. Which is expected, as you are a progressive.

              5. I can’t find a single article from an MSM news organization that interviews a person who claims voter fraud, who questions why Poulos lied during his testimony, or who mentions Eric Coomer/Soros/Staples Street Capital/ or demands a runoff of the obviously corrupted Michigan vote. Can you?

          2. Molly,

            Right here:

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            1. Trump lost. Hahahaha!

          3. Individuals having to prove voter fraud is not the pertinent standard. The pertinent standard is a state or locality having to prove that there were adequate safeguards in place to prevent voter fraud. If not, then the votes should be thrown out and a highly scrutinized re-vote in person mandated. That has been the standard for national elections and has not changed due to COVID. Mass mail-out voting is impossible to adequately police and is highly susceptible to fraud. The primary purpose of a voting system is to ensure integrity of votes cast, not convenience to voters. Allowing suspect votes to count turns our country into a banana republic that would make Chavez proud. Biden will likely become President but he will never be viewed as duly elected by 75 million voters.

        2. Delusional, grievance-consumed, half-educated bigots are among my favorite culture war casualties.

          Carry on, clingers — but, as always, just so far and so long as better Americans permit.

          1. better Americans
            Kirkland loves Americans like a pedophile loves kids.

            1. I believe Mr Trump failed to win re-election because he is very popular in places where there are not many people; and he is very unpopular in places where there are many people.

              1. Trump failed to win the election because of massive, blatant and obvious fraud.
                Trump is not very popular in multinational corporate board rooms, Foggy Bottom, Hollywood, the Ivory Towers of academia and at Portland Antifa rallies, but he’s remarkably popular everywhere else.

                1. You know this how?

                  You don’t even live here you inbred white trash rural Canada

                  1. You know this how?

                    He knows this because Biden won. Duh!

                    1. You’re from Canada.

                    2. Biden won 477 counties in the election, and one bellwether.
                      Trump won 2497 counties and 18/19 bellwethers.
                      Obama won 873 counties and 18/19 bellwethers.

                      BUT GUESS WHO GOT THE MOST VOTES? It’s the demented 80 year old with a 47 year track record of failure who didn’t need to campaign because Clinton and Soros told his team “we got this” in August of 2020, and then they packed the Dominion machines with optical fake ballots. Fraud Puppet China Joe!!

                    3. See, there you go. The bottom line is, you think the election was “stolen” because you don’t like who won. Tough noogies. I don’t like who won either. But I’m going to behave like an adult about it and not throw a temper tantrum and try to undermine the democratic vote itself just because my preferred candidate lost.

                      A president’s re-election campaign is almost always a referendum on the incumbent. Trump had four years to demonstrate to the entire universe why he is not fit to be president. He lost not because the majority loves Biden, but because the majority thinks Trump is a moron.

                      So I don’t believe a word of your “stolen election” fantasies because they are not grounded in good faith, they are grounded instead in sour grapes because your guy lost.

                2. LOL. No, he’s not “remarkably popular everywhere else.”

                  And unfortunately for Mr. Trump, he’s unpopular in the one place that still picks US presidents; suburbia. When you lose the suburbs, you lose the White House. Just ask Hillary.

              2. I think it’s because he never did anything to change Democratic media dominance, and so spent 4 years fighting a headwind of hostile coverage such as no President has seen in our history. Nixon got better coverage after Watergate broke than Trump did on a good day.

                Unless Republicans break that lock Democrats have on the media, their future looks pretty dismal. At best they’ll get to play Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Globetrotters, at worse the Democrats declare that democracy has finally reached its station, and it’s time to get off the train.

              3. 75 million people, the 2nd-highest vote total ever, is “not many people”?

                1. My bad.

                  Not “as many” people.

                  Just break down the map. Trump wins TONS of rural and exurban counties with relatively smaller populations, but he fails to win urban and suburban counties with the majority of heads to be counted.

                  Most salient, he lost the American suburbs in 2020.

                  He won the suburbs in 2016. That was the difference.

            2. No one loves Biden. People do love Trump. Even before factoring in votes electronically switched to Biden, Trump got over 11 MILLION more votes than he got in 2016. To believe this election’s results is an exercise in self delusion.

              1. Biden can eat a dick

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            : : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

        3. I believe Mr Trump failed to win re-election because he is very popular in places where there are not many people; and he is very unpopular in places where there are many people.

          1. I believe Mr Trump failed to win re-election because he is a moron.

            1. And I say that while believing that Trump was still the lesser evil between Trump and Biden.

            2. I believe America failed because it sucked too many cocks

              Eat a dick Jeff

              ……….. ▄▄ ▄▄
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          2. 75 million people, the 2nd-highest vote total ever, is “not many people”?

            1. My bad.

              Not “as many” people.

              Just break down the map. Trump wins TONS of rural and exurban counties with relatively smaller populations, but he fails to win urban and suburban counties with the majority of heads to be counted.

              Most salient, he lost the American suburbs in 2020.

              He won the suburbs in 2016. That was the difference.

              1. That, and all the fraud.

        4. “Biden strangely beat Barack Obama’s popular vote record and received several tens of thousands of more votes than registered Democrats in numerous counties” — it’s not strange: Trump has greatly motivated an anti-Trump turnout, including among some Republicans and independents.

          1. Lots of people didn’t like Trump. But he got the greatest minority vote in history, more votes than he did in 2016, and had created the best jobless record ever until China sent COVID over. Dementia Joe couldn’t even campaign because he would go rogue and say something racist. Please stop spouting off tripe and pretending it’s realistic. Joe’s votes were bought and paid for. Period.

      2. Shh. You are messing up the Trump partisans’ victimhood narrative.

        1. If what Jeff was implying were accurate, yes. But it isn’t.

      3. Well, Antrim County, Michigan investigated voter fraud and found that the voting system had huge security holes, that most of the ballots had been changed in manual adjudications and that the logs of those changes had been deleted. So, at least in Antrim County it’s safe to assume that fraud happened and was haphazardly, but effectively covered up.

        Just like how cops haphazardly cover up murders by “forgetting” to turn on their body cameras. It’s obvious something is amiss, but you can’t prove it because the evidence was destroyed or not collected at all.

        1. And yet, despite the issues you claim Antrim County found, they decided their vote tallies were correct.

    2. The problem is that the way things were arranged with mail-in votes there was no auditable record of whether the votes were real or fake. Face it, the Dems helped create a system in which we do not know if fraud occurred, and CAN NEVER know.

      Election reform requiring a fully auditable record of every vote should be the first order of business of Congress. Absent that, Mitch should send the Senate home and do absolutely nothing for the next two years. No justice, no government.

      1. Mail-In ballots have been around for DECADES. You’re only claiming fraud because your guy lost. That’s it.

        1. There’s a big difference between a mail-in ballot that a voter requests, and mass mailing ballots to every address that was ever on a voter roll. Just as having unattended drop boxes on the side of the road might not be the best idea. Or using a foreign-owned company controlled by George Soros and counting the ballots on Serbian servers that belong to Solar Winds. As Stalin said: It doesn’t matter who votes. It matters who counts the votes.
          In our case, they boarded up the windows when they counted the votes…and used software with algorithms and then erased the hard drives. It’s pretty cool how well they cheated.

          1. Ok see, the fact that you went into some rant about George Soros shows just how deep into the tinfoil hat stage you are in.

            1. George Soros founded the Carlyle Group which in turn created Staples Street Capital which bought Dominion voting in 2018:
              People who know NOTHING often talk about tin hats I have found.

              1. Aaaaaaaand, your point?

                I can play “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” too.

              2. Except Soros did not found the Carlyle Group. William E. Conway Jr., Daniel A. D’Aniello, and David Rubenstein did.

                1. 1993. Carlyle Fund. Not group. SOROS founded the Carlyle Fund, wiich is the basis for the Staples Street Capital group that owns Dominion.

                  1. First, the “Carlyle Fund” referenced there is the Carlyle — note the first sentence. Second, your links proves he invested in it, not that he founded it.

                    I have to say, the far right seeing the unseen hand of Soror behind every conspiracy they dream up goes beyond absurd to border on “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” madness. It is kooky.

                    Perhaps there exists a simpler and less complicated answer: Trump lost.

                  2. “… the “Carlyle Fund” referenced there is the Carlyle Group … .”

                    1. God, I hate time-wasting morons who can’t use search engines.

                      I can find you ten more links to show the connections between Soros, Dominion, Lord Malloch Brown, and Smartmatic. But first you need to be able to actually read and process information that may not be in your filter bubble.

                  3. Citing a conspiracy web site as evidence of a conspiracy? Sorry, not impressed.

                    And does nothing to advance your mistaken claim that Soros founded the Carlyle Group (or Carlyle Fund if you wish to call it that).

          2. Software with algorithms? Well, now I’m convinced!

        2. Nothing wrong with mail=in ballots. The fact that so many people were able to vote shows this method should continue to be used.

          1. More people voting? You mean the ones who didn’t ask for a ballot, aren’t alive, aren’t Americans, and can’t get a stamp on an envelope and get it to the mailbox even with a two month lead time? Those patriots? Yes, let’s get more of them deciding the fate of the country.

      2. Fake claims that have rebutted numerous times…this why Reason should add an ignore button…

        1. You’re pulling out all the socks for this thread, aren’t you Jeff.

          Here’s a tip to help stop outing yourself, switch up the content and rhetorical style with each different sock.

          1. Jeff’s not here, Mrs. Torrance.

            1. Piss off, DOL.

            2. Lol Cheech & Chong doing the best “whose on first” bit reload ever.

              CHONG: Who is it?
              CHEECH: It’s Dave, man. Will you open up? I got the stuff with me
              CHONG: Who?
              CHEECH: Dave, man. Open up
              CHONG: Dave?
              CHEECH: Yeah, Dave
              CHONG: Dave’s not here
              CHEECH: What the hell? No, man, I am Dave, man. Will you…
              (More knocks)
              CHEECH: C’mon! Open up the door, will you? I got the stuff with me, I think the cops saw me
              CHONG: Who is it?
              CHEECH: Oh, what the hell is it…c’mon. Open up the door! It’s Dave!
              CHONG: Who?
              CHEECH: Dave! D-A-V-E! Will you open up the goddam door!
              CHONG: Dave?
              CHEECH: Yeah, Dave!
              CHONG: Dave?
              CHEECH: Right, man. Dave. Now will you open up the door?
              CHONG: Dave’s not here

          2. Socks are those things you put on your feet.

            Canada is this country on the other side of the lakes. Been there including some memorable fishing trips with the guys and some jaunts with the love of my life to Niagara.

            Was going through some things recently and found a photo of myself holding up a northern pike caught there almost half as long as me. It was delicious.

            There is much more to life than politics.

        2. You mean a censorship button? Funny how you don’t suggest that when someone writes a really long dumb song or poem to entertain themselves. Did you not notice that Whoopi Sullum is writing about voter fraud and how is never happened for the 100th time, hence the comments?

      3. The same can be said for in-person voting.
        With mail-in voting you have a bunch of ballots and a bunch of envelops that at one point were attached to the ballots. While you cannot connect a ballot to a envelope anymore, you can still audit the numbers. The number of mail-in ballots + the number of in person ballots roughly equals the sum of the number of ballots cast for all the candidates. I say roughly, because you don’t have to vote for ever race. I’m sure, somewhere, some one didn’t vote for president.
        I believe states like texas actually numbers the ballots and envelopes. The bad thing about that is someone can verify how YOU voted. That is a different type of voter fraud. If I was forcing YOU to vote for Biden (held your family hostage – or offered you a bribe), now I have a mechanism to verify that you indeed voted for Biden.
        So, by linking ballots to envelopes you now get a list of “enemies of the state”.

      4. “with mail-in votes there was no auditable record of whether the votes were real or fake” — there’s a public record of who voted; go find them and check that they did, there’s your audit.

        1. The moment you try doing that they accuse you of voter intimidation. See, for instance.

          All these guys were doing was dropping by voters’ homes, and confirming that they actually were alive. And it’s being reported as “voter intimidation”.

          Every time I’ve heard about that somebody tried to do that on a systematic basis, it got shut down pretty quick.

          1. And yet, these citizen audits didn’t actually find any instances of dead voters, just elderly citizens who didn’t like strangers showing up and hassling them… if voter fraud was as rife as people claim then wouldn’t they have some actual examples by now?

            1. There are real live people who claim they were told to go to apartment buildings and multi-family housing and pick up the ballots mailed there to dead addresses. There are hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots that weren’t mailed — they weren’t even folded. There are hundreds of thousands of ballots with a single dot filled in for Biden as if the voter was too busy to choose perhaps the first Black senator from Michigan, but they wanted China Biden elected. And then there were the tens of thousands of ballots coming from one address, or having the same last name to a percentage that is not possible. I could on: BUT NO ONE IS INVESTIGATING ANYTHING. It’s a sham, and even Dr. Jill knows it.

      5. The rule of law is over if Biden usurps office. At that point we might as well take what we want off the democrats.

    3. “Not one journalist nor a single FBI agent nor a single prosecutor has done anything to investigate voter fraud.”

      Wait what?

      Why are investigations necessary? The Trump team says it already has overwhelming evidence. If they have the evidence, we hardly need the investigation.

      Why not release some of that evidence to the rest of us so that we can be just as persuaded as you are?

      1. Could you get the hard drives from the Dominion machines used in the swing states and also the SCYTL time series data from election night? Because it seems that Dominion has misplaced or “doesn’t have” a lot of the verification data legally required of a federal election.

      2. What Trump has is overwhelming evidence of election laws being violated, often in a way that would enable fraud.

        What he doesn’t have, are judges who give a damn.

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  2. Rand Paul, libertarian leaning senator form Kentucky: Voter fraud ‘happened’ and election was in ‘many ways stolen’


    1. Rand Paul is an anti-social Kentucky malcontent and faux libertarian who goes back-and-forth with Ted Cruz for ‘most despised asshole in the United States Senate.”

      1. For your consideration:
        Maybe Kirkland is actually ENB.

        1. Just because there aren’t any non-far right fascist inbreds in the rural shithole you live in doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

          Not everyone who disagrees with you is a sock.

          I know you won’t listen because you’re really fucking stupid. You post dumb conspiracies that can be disproven with a 5 second look at Google.

          You’re an inbred white trash piece of shit.

          I am smarter than you. My life has more value than yours because I’m not an inbred shit stain living in rural shithole Canada.

          1. Fascism is a socialism offshoot, another bastard child of Marx, and therefore leftist by definition, and not part of the right.

            Now that I’ve straightened you, feel free to thank me.

        2. My point is I AM BETTER THAN YOU. If one of us had to be euthanized it would be you because you’re a stupid white trash inbred hick.

          1. Calm down Sarc, your complex is showing.

            1. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a sock.

              Where do you live in Canada? My guess is Moose Fucker riding in Northern Alberta.

              1. You’re not better than me. As I am immortal and have inside me blood of kings. I have NO rival. No man can be my equal.

                Take me to the future of you all!

                1. You had me until you said “you all”

                  1. We are princes of the universe!

                2. I’m not bragging that I’m adonis Charlie Sheen with tiger blood or anything.
                  Mother’s lament is a stupid inbred white trash piece of shit. It’s not hard to be better than him. It’s a low bar.

          2. Spoken like a true Mormon.

            1. Because Mormons are known for their goddamn bad language and hating hicks…

              Stupid asshole

              1. Didn’t know that. Just thought they might have a bit of a superiority complex thing going on. Like you.

              2. Were you cucked by Mormons in the past? Is that why you’re so bitter, hurt and angry?

                1. They are ruining our country. They want to force their backwards, nonsense beliefs on everyone.

                  They worship a pedophile con artist! Anyone dumb enough to believe what they believe doesn’t deserve to live.

                  1. There are very few Mormons, with the exception of Utah, and southern Idaho. They’re not exactly threatening to take over.

      2. Ad hominem! Oh, wait, it’s Rev. Jerkland. That’s all he ever offers. F’ing idiot…

      3. Your response is struck for being non responsive.

        Now fuck off.

    2. Rand Paul dropped the libertarian label long ago. Sadly he is not the man his father was with regards to libertarianism.

      1. ENB says all of you Ron Paul supporters are white supremacists.

    3. Why doesn’t Senator Paul release the names of the 4,000 non-citizens who voted in Nevada? If it’s true show us that evidence.

      1. Sworn testimony of a lawyer who could lose his license vs. Twitter, with nothing to lose:

        1. Couldn’t find the name of that brave endangered lawyer in that document unfortunately. Did I miss it?

          To be honest, his license is in no danger. State bars rarely yank a license unless an attorney cheats or otherwise screws over a client.

          1. His name is in the link, Jesse Binnall. They would never pull his license, you are correct. That said, Democrats love to threaten that and file multiple bar complaints against lawyers in different states they don’t know if they try and represent Trump.

            1. Uh huh. So the claim he “could lose his license” is absurd too. And only Democrats over react to their opponents filing frivolous lawsuits. Would you like to test that theory?

              1. It’s like moron land on here. Do you even know how many bar complaints the lawyers who represented Trump in Pennsylvania had against them? Or Bill Barr? Or how about the AG of Michigan threatening Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Would I like to test that theory? How? Pistols at dawn?
                Please: really dumb people go write comments on the Daily Mail and save us the pain of reading them.
                His name is Jesse Binnall. It was at the top of the link you were too dumb to read.

                1. If I had the millions to spend, I would start a lawfare campaign against my governor, Jay Inslee. I would find everything I could possibly sue him for that the state would not pay for his counsel and drag him through hell. I would bankrupt his ass. Then after he came out of bankruptcy, I would prepare a new wave of lawsuits.

                  He deserves far worse after the thousands of live he’s personally destroyed over the last year with his unconstitutional’emergency orders’. Every democrat like him deserves this kind of treatment for the lockdowns, and especially after all the shit they pulled with Trump.

                  1. Let me see if I have this right. You are upset because other people are filing complaints about lawyers you like. Nevermind that no state bar is likely to take any action whatsoever, and these complaints will cost those lawyers neither money or license. On the other hand, you think it righteous to bankrupt those politicians with whose policies you find fault. Humm.

                    Actually, what these clowns are likely concerned about is not bar complaints, but the defamation suits arising from their claims. Discovery will prove interesting.

                    Just curious, what did you say when all those Birthers were constantly filing suits claiming Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen?

                    1. No, I’m upset because democrats regularly and consistently break the law, all over the country. With little or no consequences. To the point where the rule of law is now eroded to the point of absurdity. This would upset you too if you weren’t such a partisan shill for the democrats.

                      Since the rule of law is eroded to such a degree, there is no point being bound by it. So now it’s time for punishment, and revenge. God help you progs.

                      Oh, and as far as Chocolate Jesus’ birth certificate was concerned, I never gave much of a shit since his mother is a US citizen. I was always more interested in seeing his college records, as it is very likely he committed fraud and applied for aid as a foreign student (he had an Indonesian passport).

        2. Wow, a witness statement that can’t even spell “witness” correctly, that doesn’t give one single example out of the over 130,000 examples of voter fraud it claims to have identified… what more proof do I need?

  3. Will Trump finally get the hint that DC and all the other cities need him to just go away.

    1. I’m sure he knows they need him to go away so they can implement their communist regime which is why he’s fighting.

      1. For what? His own personal Ego-run country? Just how much of the Trump kool-aid did you drink?

        1. The biggest ego I have ever seen belongs to Barack “On my third autobiography” Obama. And I voted for him, sadly. I did not vote for his senile vice president who Obama said has an uncanny ability “to fuck things up.” Now he’s too senile to do anything but be a Fraud Puppet for he oligarchs.

          1. Trump has 3 autobiographies too. And that was BEFORE he was president.

            Try harder.

            1. Trump is much older and has lead a fairly interesting life.

              1. What? Like the time he bankrupted a casino? Or the time he argued against Native American rights? Or the time he got medical aid a disabled family member needed cut off because they were fighting him over how his father’s will seemed to blantantly favor him after many influencing meetings they had on said dad’s Death bed?

                If by interesting you mean completely selfish and self-centered? then yeah. But what else do you expect from Mr. “Grab ’em by the pussy”.

                1. He came out of bankruptcy when a lot of others in the industry did not. That’s the trouble with you leftists, you post disingenuous bullshit with no context to attack anyone who isn’t part of your groupthink. Yet you give a pass to an actual treasonous crook and sexual predator (rapist) like Joe Biden. Who has never had a real job in his life and has sold this country to Comminist China.

            2. Trump has a big fat bloated ego. BUT SO DOES SAINT OBAMA.

              1. Three “I’s” in one breath made him sound quite the egotistical young president.

          2. Absolutely true about Obama’s ego! After all, the man claims to be a very stable genius who knows more than anyone about the economy, technology, renewable energy, ISIS, social media, banks and bankers, governing, trade policy, the military, infrastructure and construction, courts and the legal system, Cory Booker … .

            No wait, that wasn’t Obama! That was a different president. Let me try and remember which one.

            1. “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” — Barack Obama
              “…I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth. This was the moment — this was the time — when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves and our highest ideals.” — Barack Obama

              Communist Jesus beats Chief Bloviator every time.

              1. Yeah, that first statement was a reference to the public infrastructure on which industry depends: Let’s look at that sentence in the larger context: “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.”

                And you are criticizing Obama as being egotistical for telling Americans of his faith in their overcoming the ills that face our nation?

                Good grief. Perhaps instead of praising the potential of voters, Obama should have prattled endlessly claiming to be the greatest president ever? Or boasting of his superior genes? Or claiming to be smarter than anyone else?

                You have a very strange idea of egoism. I have no doubt successful politicians tend toward egoism, but the idea that Obama is more egotistical than Trump? Not even close.

                1. Read the 2nd quote of Obama again, doofus. He says that his election was “…the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”. The dude thinks he’s friggin’ Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm. Jesus! And the part about this being the first time (“the moment”) that people cared for sick people or hired people is just nutty. No, that never happened before the Messiah Obama came along. Please…

                  1. Reading is such a passé thing these days, but were you to do so, you would see that this sort of overblown language is not at all usual in accepting nominations.

                    Hey, I tell you what! Let’s read Trump’s most recent nomination acceptance speech, and see if he is at all bombastic! That should be a fun exercise! (https://ballotpedia.org/Donald_Trump_presidential_nomination_acceptance_speech,_2020)

                    Sigh. Defending the ego of a president who compares his performance favorably to Lincoln. So this is what the once great GOP has become.

                    1. Sigh is right. Here’s where your blabbing falls apart: over 95% of all media articles attack Trump for every word he says, and every breath he takes. So you adding to it is B-O-R-I-N-G. Whereas it’s fun to point out Saint Obama’s big humble brags because no one in the media EVER DOES IT. Can you understand that?

                  2. Good grief, MJ. First off, you were the one who first cited a presidential speech. Now you think it unfair I did the same?

                    Second, this was about the size of political egos, not your pet peeves with the press.

                    Third, Ballotpedia lists virtually every major campaign speech delivered made by anyone associated with campaign — not just Trump. Want to see speeches made by Biden or Harris or Pence? They are there too. And speeches made by many others as well. You can find every major party presidential nominee acceptance speech for the past 40 years or so.

                    Fourth, the linked page contains absolutely no editorial content. None.

        2. Better than Beijing Biden.

          1. Nope, Trumptopia, the land of idiots and sycophants still sounds worse.

        3. Clearly a fraction of the democrat pablum you’ve swallowed.

          Does that answer your question?

      2. Dude, Trump has not gotten a fair shake from DC or the media or anyone else who lives within 50 miles of an ocean, but he also didn’t become president to fight communism or support liberty or any other high-minded cause. He did it because he’s an egotist and because he knew it would work wonders for his brand. He’s going to monetize being a retired president more than any other retired president in history, and that’s really saying something.

        1. The Clintons did great at monetizing his post-presidency, largely because the Establishment loved them and so would pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech. They hate Trump and won’t do the same for him. And they will try to shut down anything he does, and keep him fighting in court for years. It might be hard for him to do as well as the Clintons.

          1. Dude, he just managed to fleece some gullible rubes for $200 million to fight his doomed legal battles. He is not going to have any trouble monetizing his post-presidential years.

  4. So the election laws WEREN’T modified illegally by the courts and state officials?

    1. If you go by Lin Wood’s extremely literal and strict reading of the Constitution. The Supreme Court’s terse dismissal indicates they do not agree with his interpretation, and consider a state’s election laws as a state’s business.

      1. That doesn’t disprove my point. Just because the cop lets you off with a warning doesn’t mean you weren’t speeding.

        1. LOL. SCOTUS decides what the constitution requires. And what it decided is that Mango Mussolini needs to take his act somewhere else.

          1. Soon, more will be required.

          2. I think we can all agree that not everything the constitution requires is a good idea. Is it really a good idea to give a few states the power to manipulate national elections by allowing voter fraud in their jurisdiction?

            This extreme, but would it be acceptable if MI, PA, WI, NC, VA and NV all passed laws that said they would always send Democrat electors to the college, no matter how their elections turned out? Is the rest of the country supposed to just accept such a thing as a consequence of federalism?

            “Eh, PA wants to legalize election fraud, that’s up to them…”

            1. That’s exactly what happened. A few states, aided by Zuckerberg’s $500 million ground game ballot harvesting and fiats, CCP interference in Georgia, and Dominion/Soros algorithms gave Biden (Who was losing by hundreds of thousands of votes at midnight on November 3) a win that comes down to under 50,000 votes in the electoral college. A lead so slim that we absolutely CANNOT review the Dominion software or check the ballots against the voter rolls. The millions of fake votes added across all Dominion machines (3-5%) don’t actually matter.

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  6. SleepyJoe will set us on the right path.

    1. DementedJoe.

    2. You are right there.

  7. The illegal changes to mail-in voting caused Trump to lose more than actual fraud.

    1. Zuckerberg’s $500 million ballot harvesting scheme was useful. But you can’t underestimate Dominion’s voter fraud skills honed for decades in Venezuela.

    2. Dont you hate it when they make it easier for people to vote and the people use that new found convenience to vote against your guy? That is the definition of “cheating.”

      1. Don’t you hate when they make voting easier than entering the contest for a free ham at the Piggly Wiggly? Why bother voting if it’s all fraud and cheating? No one votes in Venezuela anymore btw. Because it’s meaningless, just like voting in Philadelphia is.

      2. It actually is annoying to see people voting who can’t even be bothered to go down to their polling place once every 4 years to do it. They obviously don’t know or care about politics. We should be encouraging people to educate themselves about policy and politics and then act on what they’ve learned. We should not be encouraging the willfully ignorant to wield their political power over the rest of us.

        This election shows that the Democrats are the party preferred by the ignorant and lazy more than anything else.

  8. In seventy-five or eighty years people are going to read Sullum’s articles like people read old and newspapers nowadays, and they’re going to shake their heads because it will be obvious what Sullum is doing here.

    This stuff is eternal Jacob, the narrative however is not. Hope that your soul and your legacy was worth the thirty pieces of silver that you sold it to rich Uncle Charles for.

    1. The salt on display is palpable.

      Gunna cry cause your Almighty Messiah Trump lost? 😛

      1. Yes, I’ll throw a four year tantrum replete with Russian spies, a shady Special Counsel investigation and phony impeachment charges.
        Thanks for showing us all how.

        1. What we won’t have: 95% negative media coverage of Joe; all Joe’s appointees getting rounded up with swat teams and driven to bankruptcy, the Lincoln Project hate group putting up monstrous billboards of Joe’s kids in Times Square, people with baseball bats destroying DC businesses on inauguration day, Joe getting blamed for hurricanes, pandemics, global warming, and Obama’s cages. Best of all: Joe’s tweets are not only not crazy, they appear to be written by an idiot with a vocabulary of 40 words.

          1. Joe will shit himself on live TV, and Sullum will write an article on what great sphincter control Biden has and how Trump always used to shit himself.
            The gaslighting isn’t over yet.

          2. Have… have you been paying ANY attention for the past four years at what an idiot Trump has been in public, on TV, even on Twitter? (Covfefe ring any bells?)

            This is why you’re clearly neck-deep in the Trumptard Kool-Aid. You hamper on and on about every single small thing you could possibly go against Biden for, but you blatantly ignore the outright EXPLOSION of idiocy and ego that is Trump. You are, quite frankly, a delusional idiot and I honestly pity you.

            1. The difference is that Trump upsets awful people while Biden doesn’t

              1. True. And the awful people get round the clock coverage of negative Trump stories to satiate their awfulness, combined with hundreds of celebrities and other awful people virtue signaling how their hatred of Trump and disdain of all the flyover losers makes them virtuous.

    2. Oh they will not. The chances of digital data surviving that long is quite slim. All forms of digital data storage decay on the timescale of years to decades. And that is assuming the software to read the data still is around. Books and paper can easily last hundreds of years.

      1. I can still run 30 year old floppies and Vic 20 cassettes.

        1. I remember when my buddy got a cassette recorder for his commodore 64. It was so awesome. There was a game we used to play that we got the binary code for from a magazine, and we’d painstakingly type in page after page of ones and zeros, only to lose it all when the machine was turned off. For the kids, this was before computers had hard drives, and whenever you booted one up, you had to have the OS on a floppy. DOS=Disc Operating System.
          *takes a big hit of nostalgia*

          1. I remember writing a program on the VIC 20 that accidentally overwrote the character set. Fun times.

      2. *Whew!* So the Internet is not forever? Asking for a friend, of course…

    3. I stopped reading Jacob’s rants somewhere between the 18th and the 23rd. Looks like he’s planning on publishing an epic compilation so generations to come can pinpoint the moment in time when libertarianism expelled it’s last dying breath.

    4. Koch Bros. are fools. The Right will never have a winning candidate again because they suck at cheating compared to Soros and Zuckerberg and Clinton and the CCP.

  9. The Trump worshipping cousin fuckers are getting uppity. Goddamn inbred white trash hicks.

    Not all people in rural areas are inbred pieces of shit. Just most of them.

    1. Southerners especially. The rest of the country laughs at how goddamn religious and conservative they’re. They’re too goddamn stupid to realize saying crap like “southern pride” and waving confederate flags makes them even fucking dumber.

      The south is the asshole of America.

      1. Piss off, sarcasmic.
        You’re mad about Mormons. We get it.

        1. Not sarcasmic or anyone.

          What part of Canada do you live in? Most likely some God forsaken rural shithole like rural Alberta.

          Socialist asshole

          1. Socialism isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when somebody says “Alberta”, but you don’t seem very knowledgeable, so whatever.

            Lower Mainland BC. Would you like to know my race too?

            1. Probably, so he can burn a cross on your lawn.

              1. No so I could determine how fucking stupid he is. Stupid people tend to live in stupid shithole places.

                Far right racists are largely responsible for cross burnings, so if anything Mother’s Lament would burn a cross on MY lawn.

                1. Don’t feed the troll.

                2. Fascism, a bastard child of Marx, is a leftist construct just like socialism, progressivism, etc..

            2. That sucks because I fucking love Vancouver.

              The socialist comment was in reference to all of Canada not specifically Alberta. I should of been more clear.

              You’re a fucking moron.

              Remember I’m better than you!

      2. You can call us all the names you want, but at least WE didn’t legalize voter fraud; YOU did that. So conservatives now firmly hold moral superiority over you because…at least we didn’t commit fraud.

        All you can do is call names because you now have the sleepiest president in American history and you had to sacrifice any and all moral integrity you had left to get it. Now, we are going to spend the next four years talking down to you and lecturing you about how morally compromised liberals are.

        1. Sleepy is way too kind. Biden is: Stupid, demented, senile, racist, dumb, a plagiarizer, a child hair sniffer, a weirdo, a groper, an accused rapist, a phony, a career politician who never created one job except for Hunter, and he went looking for payouts from foreign countries while serving as a Vice President. He’s disgusting.

  10. Not my president

    1. What specific crime did Joe Biden commit that you can prove?

      1. Recent history has shown you don’t have to prove anything.

        1. I did not think you had anything other then a baseless statement.

          1. It’s the same baseless statements used the last 4 years, just updated.

            1. Ok, you are just a troll. Np.

              1. He’s got a point.

                1. That’s because he’s you. Fuck off tulpa

      2. “What specific crime did Joe Biden commit that you can prove?” OMG I hope whoever is acting US Attorney General appoints a special council on the way out the door. I wonder what a two year investigation into this new president might uncover.

        1. Ten percent for the Big Guy is treason if he was in office, and extortion if he were not. No one paid Crackkead Hunter unless they were getting something from Obama’s Boy.

        2. Commemorative pens for everyone!

      3. If you have to ask that question, then you don’t pay much attention.

      4. Let’s spend the next several years investigating every possible crime he could have committed. Your party approves of that.

  11. Stupid asshole

    1. Yes, you have finally given yourself an accurate assesment.

      1. Good one!

    2. You are SUCH

      1. a stupid bitch!

  12. Dipshit Sullum actually believes we are more angry about our federal government now than four years ago.

    No you fucking asshat we are just as angry at how completely ridiculous our federal government has been for decades. It was mismanaged by both parties to pad their bank accounts. When we finally got an outsider you guys spent four years attempting to destroy him.

    So yeah fuck reason Koch liberaltarians.

    1. Quit whining.

      Or not.

      Your delusional, grievance-consumed wailing is a fine soundtrack for the end of Trump and the continuation of liberal-libertarian victory in the culture war.

      1. Fuck off non lawyer.

        1. fuck off tulpa

  13. My gut feeling is that, even with fraud considered, Biden probably won legitimately, or at least as close to legitimately as we’re likely to get in these degenerate times.

    Still, I have no trouble with Trump stirring the pot and whipping his followers into a frenzy. Let’s face it, Trump already won once. Not a single piece of legislation was ever passed in support of the issues he ran on. Clearly, Trump was the alternative we weren’t allowed to choose, and if he’d won a second term, he’d have been undermined and coopted every bit as much as he was in his first.

    So, yeah, I have no problem with him undermining the legitimacy of system. I hope he tears it to pieces on his way out the door. If he throws over the table and declares martial law, I’ll be fine with that, as well. I don’t see the point of supporting a democracy that takes everything I’m interested in voting for off of the table.

    1. That’s why a lot of people voted for him in the first place in 2016. We wanted someone to go in and start flipping over tables and knocking heads.

      Trump did exactly that. And now our courts have been exposed as feckless cowards, unable to even function properly. The Democrat party turned impeachment into a partisan joke that nobody takes seriously anymore. The Democrat party itself is no longer trusted even in the role of dog catcher. Big tech is despised and nobody trusts anything on Facebook or Twitter. The deep state swamp creatures have been exposed and dragged out in the open.

      Trump did pretty much what all of his voters wanted…

      1. “The Democrat party turned impeachment into a partisan joke that nobody takes seriously anymore.”

        Right, Democrats did that by impeaching a President for using taxpayer funds to pressure a foreign government to investigate a political rival. Certainly wasn’t the Republicans who impeached a President for lying about having an affair.

        1. Let me get this straight: If you’re a political rival of the Presidet or a potential political rival, you cannot be investigated. Even if you brag about blackmailing a foreign leader with a billion dollars to get him to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a company your son worked for.

          Got it! I think I’ll announce my candicacy, then commit some crimes! They can’t stop me!

  14. OT: All of the usual suspects reporting “millions lose stimulus money because Trump refuses to sign bill.”

    He’s vetoing that bill for very good reason: It gives too much money to the Congress’ corporate and foreign masters, and not enough to the American people.

    FFS, the MSM….

    1. SleepyJoe will ride into town on his white stallions and save us all.

      1. Yes he will

        1. We’ll be drowning in hope and change.

          1. And starvation, and oppression, and tyranny. Old Joe will turn plenty into scarcity.

            It’s the democrat way.

    2. It’s true and why the RINO cucks have been kneeling to democrats and the media for decades.

      Libertarians used to understand this but they are fully engaged in the circle jerk despite never winning a real electoral vote.

      1. “despite never winning a real electoral vote.”

        You could claim it’s not real enough, but Toni Nathan got a real electoral vote in 1972, running for Vice President of the United States of America for the Libertarian Party.

        It was a long time ago, so you can sneer at it for that, but you can’t just say “never” winning a real electoral vote.

    3. Trump just signed the bill. Seriously. Not trolling.

      1. Yup. No idea if it’s the 2k per person bill or the original one.

        LOL. I mean, what else can you do?

        1. I saw where he tweeted “good news coming” on the relief bill from which you could infer more money but who knows?

          1. Evidently, the Don bitched out, and is letting his Deputy Press Secretary, Judd Deere, tweet about it. See, https://mobile.twitter.com/JuddPDeere45 for details.

            It’s a whole lot of, “Congress promised me they will do X, but I signed the bill anyway.” Maybe I’m wrong?

            1. I haven’t checked, but I imagine DJIA and the rest of the equity futures markets panoply, are acting like someone just dumped a whole tank of nitrous into the intake manifold.

              Money Printer go brrrr, yo.

              1. Plan accordingly.

            2. That’s what I saw too. The House will vote on $2000 on Monday and the Senate will “start the process” toward a vote on $2000 and he’s sending them a redline markup of all the waste they should remove. On the next bill of course because this one is signed.

    4. Of course, he didn’t veto it. He caved to the pressure to sign it.

  15. Sullum’s feelings are important guys!

    You thought no new wars was important? You thought 10 regulations ending for every new one was important? You thought the most effectively libertarian president in decades was important? You thought rising entry-level wages were important? You thought low-unemployment policies were important? You thought bringing US business taxes down to levels of other countries was important?

    No. Sullum’s feelings are what matters. Sullum feels bad about Orange Man.

    When Biden gets us involved in a war in 2021 or 2022, look at Sullum. When taxes are raised, look at Sullum. When civil liberties are gutted by leftist judges, look at Sullum. When US workers are put on the unemployment lines by government regulations, look at Sullum.

    1. Cocktail party invites are the most important thing.

    2. Now I feel bad for saying Fuck you Jacob in response to his last 29 rants.

    3. WHEN THE BORDERS ARE LOCKED “to keep us safe,” look at Sullum. When the retributions are dished out, look at Sullum. When the suicide rate and overdose rate continues to skyrocket thanks to Democratic lockdowns that destroy small businesses: LOOK AT SULLUM.

  16. > absolute PROOF

    Oh yeah? Then show it to us!

  17. Once again Reason goes out of their way to anger the idiot Trumpists who have infested the comments.

    Good job, Reason!

    1. “Once again Reason goes out of their way to anger the idiot Trumpists who have infested the comments.”

      To be fair, it’s pretty much one schizophrenic loser asshole with 20 handles, about 5 idiot mean girls, and Sevo.

    2. For the thousandth time reason Koch repeats itself without much analysis or proof but plenty of invectives that salve your poor lefty soul.

  18. Sullum is wallowing in TDS again.

    A balanced, rational analysis of what happened during the election is obviously beyond Reason.

    1. Sullum hates FACTS. He likes feelings. And opining. Plenty of opining.

  19. Can we just stop talking about Trump?

    1. I agree. It’s time to start slavishly praising SleepyJoe.

  20. Posted above but I’ll repeat. Trump signed the bill. That argument is over. Whether he got any add on to the $600 is unclear.

    1. I can only imagine the conversation in the White House as Trump was pondering what to do:

      “Mr. President, if you veto the bill, you can potentially negotiate with Congress to get them to increase the payments to $2,000. That would be a lot of work though, you’d have to work through the weekend. Plus people will think you’re mean.

      But if you sign the bill, you get to go golfing.

      Your call, sir!”

      1. Oh gosh, you are funny!

        1. Thanks!

  21. Meanwhile ot in other news commie Harris tells us she’s got fond memories of kwanza as a kid. The obvious lie along with her love of Tupac in college is a sign of some deep seated emotional issues. But she’ll fit right in a Biteme White House with all the other pathological liars. I don’t call them sociopaths for nothing. You will see when they attack another country. Unfortunately it’s us who will pay the price for others lack of foresight.

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  23. “But it will be an even angrier, more divided, and less rational country than the one Trump was elected to govern four years ago”

    I totally disagree. The near-unanimity of the judges, regardless of who appointed them, is evidence of unity, not division.

    1. Not to mention how many will be joining in with antifa burning down the rotten institutions, even if for completely different reasons.

    2. Now THAT is just wishful thinking. The judiciary has only disgraced itself and now 50% of the country openly disrespects and ridicules not only judges but the entire electoral process.

      Rather that unifying with and show respect for our institutions, 50% of the country openly mocks and ridicules them. A government that fails to command respect cannot govern effectively.

      This is a very serious problem created by Democrats as well as the cowardice of the judiciary.

      1. 30% of Democrats think the election was rigged. 50% did not know about Hunter Biden and said they may have changed their vote if they had. So we have almost universal disdain for elections, the MSM, both parties, and the judiciary.
        “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”
        We got the socialist vote Ayn Rand predicted, and they cheated their asses off to do it.

  24. Angry at the Failure of His Election Challenges, Trump Calls His Own SCOTUS Nominees Cowardly and Incompetent

    Did he falsely accuse them of sexual assault 30 yrs. ago? I thought he was surrounding himself with unprecedentedly dangerous number of sycophants?

  25. “…an even angrier, more divided, and less rational country than the one Trump was elected to govern…” One only has to read the screed from the trolls on this site to realize the truth of that statement.

  26. The comments section proves the point of the article. I hate Trump not for his policies, which to be honest, I am not sure he even has, but might like. I hate him for his fake news and division. Staring in 2012 with the whole stupid “birther” movement. Nobody made Trump bitch about the Supreme Court, where he has appointed 3 of the justices. That is all on him, and perhaps the toilet he was sitting on as he wrote that tweet. Perhaps it was a low flow and wasn’t flushing correctly. In that case, I say to all of you, keep a bucket adjacent to your toilet that you can fill to supplement the flow, and these troubles will go away.

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdTctOgwAHU&feature=youtu.be

    Get a load of this press conference in Ukraine.

  28. The Supreme Court has been cowardly. If the court had dealt with gerrymandering years ago, we would not be a divided a nation as we are now. Gerrymandering has led to more an more radical right and left candidates to win their parties primary, with fewer and fewer centrist left.

    1. It would be easy to find equal protection violations but the principle they hold onto seems to be that legislatures are owed maximum deference in designing election laws, even apparently to the extent of regimes that cement incumbent or partisan power with extreme mathematical precision. Many state legislatures and congress now simply no longer represent the majority of their constituents, and the court is just fine with that.

      One stupidity is their mistrust of computer modeling to make fair districts, which was valid decades ago but isn’t really anymore.

  29. Did you suffer childhood trauma involving orange men or something? Geez you really hate the guy.

  30. Angry at the Failure of His Election Challenges, Trump Calls His Own SCOTUS Nominees Cowardly and Incompetent

    Shorter version: Trump Admits That He Doesn’t Delegate Well.

    Do I get a lollypop too, bereft-the-left-2?

  31. The child president speaks again.

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